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No. 98769

Come on brit-fags!

Lets have a grand chat. Our we for in or out of the EU? Give reasons why. It's make more of an absolute fuckery of what it all already is :)

No. 98785

No. 98804

The Current Year Man(tm) is not as funny as he used to be under Jon Stewart (Leibowitz)

Everyone agrees leaving the EU will have an economic impact at least in the short term, but getting rich is a poor excuse for letting the elites sabotage a democracy.

No. 98811

What democracy? Around 20% of English voters got to decide who was the leading party for the whole of the UK. In Scotland we have been excluded out of how our country is run, bar a token few devolved powers. The E.U has protected Scottish citizens whilst England has not.

No. 98812

Here is an intresting article on Scotland's view of the EU Ref.
Covers points such as
1. The Scots and English think very differently about identity
2. Scots are less bothered about immigration
3. England has a different legal system to the rest of Europe
4) The ‘reclaim our sovereignty’ thing has a whole different meaning in Scotland
check it out

No. 98816

>waits for British nationalist /pol/fag to show up

No. 98825

Kinda obvious were gonna remain

Leave = chavs/lower class schm

Stay = edumacated university high class

No. 98826

I dislike the way the leave campaign spun this to non-white voters in terms of "we need to get rid of those poles and bring in more Indians/Pakistanis!"

I'll take a thousand Poles or Eastern Europeans over a single Indian or Pakistani, thanks.

No. 98827

Why is it suddenly okay to hate on Poles/Lithuanians/Romanians? They're honest and hardworking, and even the criminals only sell cocaine to Poortherners as opposed to gangraping little girls and forbidding their female children from going to school and having a normal life.

When will this overly PC charade end?

No. 98828

I hate how it's turned on people who vote to leave on being either racist because they apparently all want migrants out or "we're going into da unknown!"

It's like no one is allowed to say anything and just play sheep in fear of them getting attacked.


The polish are alright tbh, I know a few of them and despite them constantly bragging about how wonderful Poland apparently is they're hard workers.

Pakistanis… it isn't a racial issue I just don't like many of them. I'm not even white, I generally just don't like them. Most of them have fucking awful attitudes from the paper shops, taxis and the women are so pushy and rude.

Just don't like them and simple as that.

No. 98829

This video is fucking terrible. His points amount to:

>an argument used by people who want to leave the EU is somewhat incorrect

>some people who might be racist want to leave the EU
>some people who are definitely racist want to leave the EU
>you don't want to be associated with racists do you???

He dedicates a huge portion of the video just trying to prove that some Brexit people are racist.

As far as I can tell, staying is probably the better option. But this is like the most one-sided way to present the issue. Most of his episodes are like that.

I wish there were more neutral shows and producers out there, to actually give a balanced view.

No. 98830


Plus I heard if Turkey joins (they could be joining) the EU then half are going to be jumping on planes over here… shame they've got such a big country too, nicer country.

Well… at least it could stop that greasy Turkish holiday marker man using dumb white British women for visa I guess.

No. 98832


Someone coulda payed him off for this shit in hope of persuading brits

No. 98833

Same reason lefties in the UK have a hard on for ragging on white americans all the time. It helps to assert a sense of group identity if you attack an outgroup. But non-white outgroups are privileged classes who you can't say anything about, so these people stick to groups who are acceptable to attack: White Eastern Europeans, White Americans etc.

When I was a student I worked with a bunch of Poles. They're awesome, highly racist people.

No. 98834

>it isn't a racial issue I just don't like many of them.

I'm not too fond of Maghrebis or Arabs, certainly not sub-saharan Africans or Afro-Caribbeans for that matter (did you see what they did at the Luton Carnival this year?)

But having said that, there are some decent Muslims I've met. By that I mean they're decent in spite of their religion - Almost all of them Turks from places like Istanbul, Izmir, Cyprus. They're good in spite of the shit their religion teaches them to do because they're not even really Muslim in any meaningful sense.

Pakistanis are something else. They're really unpleasant people. I don't know how to describe other than that I hate them far more than I do Gulf Arabs.

No. 98835


Never been to Poland but I remember in school a teacher told me a class went for a trip and a few of the black students got called "nigger" left right and center. That was around 2003 I heard, idk if it's changed. But a Polish girl I know said Poland is full of everyone… idk if I believe her but…

No. 98836

Poland is pretty homogeneous. And yeah, they're openly racist, although I wish we could remove 90% of the non-whites in the UK I don't think you should be cruel or uncivil to non-whites. That being said, perhaps the Eastern European strategy of making them feel unwelcome actually works. With a lot of non-white groups, the kinder you are to them, the more they seem to view it as an opportunity to fuck you over.

Some Pakistani who abused white girls actually defended it by saying white brits were "racist" to his dad who owned a shop a few times, so this was his way of taking revenge.

No. 98837


I don't mind the Caribbeans as half of my family are from there (I'm mixed) but some of the older men, yardees we call them who are like druggies/creeps piss me off. But I don't like the Africans. Sounds strange doesn't it? I can bear Caribbeans but not Africans. Caribbeans are very blunt, forward but chill people. Africans just shout all the fucking time, most stink to high heavens too and somehow always seem to make shit tons of money. Always have a ton of kids too. As do Pakistanis. But then again, sounds cruel but thats their benefits on legs.

Yeah I agree with you on that, Turks are alright people. I used to live in Turkey for a year or so, they're quite nice. Not a believer of religion but they're pleasant.

Pakistanis… again not the race just how they are as people. I mean some are okay but majority just terrible.

I'd rather have more Chinese here than those. At least the Chinese are slightly more polite… Chinese here in the UK can be a bit rude such as shoving you out the way. But they're better and quieter.

No. 98838


Yeah… Poland isn't somewhere I'd want to visit mostly due to the racism. My friend did say Poland would be fine for me to visit but Poland is on my list of never to go countries along side Russia, Ukraine and probably Pakistan.

No. 98839

>somehow always seem to make shit tons of money.

Really? I thought just like a lot of sole proprietor businessmen they don't declare taxes, so they have a lot of cash to hand. That's not really rich though. I always laugh at how they wear suits. Really high v-neck and

If you're a girl it's different. Eastern Europeans are like East Asian guys. They're totally explicit in their hypocrisy regarding interracial dating ("I can have women who are outside my group but it's not ok for women of my group to date out.")

I hear some Italian men really like black girls, I've actually heard that from a number of people. Italians make me lol. Great people.

No. 98840

Pushy and rude are the right terms to describe them. All Pakis I know are really fucking aggressive, and not violent-aggressive but verbally aggressive. They love to talk over you and hold such disdain for anyone that isn't them, one guy even told me I was born 'with a silver spoon in my mouth and don't know DA STRUGGLE of being born into a British-Pakistani family', which is ironic because I fled from a war in the Balkans in the 90s and lived on pennies until I managed to get into uni, unlike him who's a 2nd gen and lower middle class. But I'm white which I guess means we're all automatically rich racists out to get them.
He spends every waking moment of his day trying to lecture me about a culture he hasn't a clue about and calls all women whores, which is something many of them have in common. Also so many of them click their fingers at waiting staff, it's so fucking rude, they're not dogs.

No. 98841

Won't pose much of a challenge, like half of Germany is Turkish now.

No. 98842


Yeah my father knows quite a few African men who makes a bit. I remember he told me he was at some company meeting then this new African guy turns up for it and my father said he was sat right next to him counting his thousands in his wallet. He smiled at him and halfway through got up and left. Dodgy.

He wasn't a well dressed man either just normal.

Oh god. Really? Yeah I've heard of that. Some Caribbean (I know loads) and Africans can be like that with their women. I know my father's friend, African guy got pissy because his daughter wanted to date an indian guy but funny because the father was divorced from his wife (black African woman) and he was engaged to a white woman. It's ridiculous.

Yeah I heard something about them liking the skin tone. Probably just talk but you never know. Men aren't fussy when it comes to pussy.

No. 98843


Kek suppose not

No. 98844

As another non-English white person living in Britain I get this too.

Pakistanis are so fucking ungrateful. The Brits literally created their fucking country for them. Without that intervention the Hindus would have, perhaps justifiably, ethnically cleansed the entire lot of them.

>He spends every waking moment of his day trying to lecture me about a culture he hasn't a clue about and calls all women whores

They have no culture. They're a made up country whose culture is literally appropriated from India. The entire world hates them. Even the Chinese, who are supposed to be their allies, hate them.

No. 98845


Oh goodness anon "paki" really? Ha. I'm not fond of them but come on.

But yes I agree, they do speak over you and good god rip you off. I remember going to the local paper shop and this rude pakistani guy who runs it used to inflate the price up everyday on items. So greedy and money hungry.

Yep. I can believe it.

Yet the UK loves to defend the pakistanis because of di preshus religion xo

I've heard it too. They all kick off about how they're treated and to be fair I hear more remarks thrown at the Chinese than I do those.

No. 98846

Oh I see, I thought you were talking about Indians. I don't know as much about Afro-Caribbeans.

Yeah, Italians will approach just about any woman I guess. That's partly what I like about them, they're really forward and confident but it never came across as threatening when I was over there. That and they don't call a woman a whore for telling them to get lost. They'll just feign heartbreak.

No. 98847

Out. I think if we do not, we are looking at something awful for the future. We're already facing border issues and they literally want to get rid of the culture of each country and make it some United States of Europe.

There's been a lot of push lately for feminism and getting women into the draft, which has happened very recently. Then suddenly, the EU pops that they want an EU army. The racial and religious tension with the muslim invasion, the secrecy of an EU army, the pushing of women to be in it for a draft, and so on just spells "We'd like a World War 3, please. Hopefully in the Mid East."

No. 98848


They're just gross people. I aint even white (well fully white) but a lot of people don't like them.

I watched that TV show Benefits Britain and there was a pakistani family on there, 7 kids and the mum at home doing the daily dole mummy struggles while the dad god knows what where. The kids were like rabid animals running around in the street road out front with the white common scally kids jumping on the old furniture parked up in the street. Romanians moved in and the pakistanis were attacking them with verbal comments as well as the white chav kids.

Funny how around 30 years ago they were the ones putting up with that and now they're just as damn ignorant.

No. 98849


Afro-Caribbeans came here in the 50s/60s when they were promised "good jobs" by the British lol. Funnily enough they were well dressed, nice and decent people. Used to have signs out of some pubs apparently saying "No blacks, no Irish" so the Irish and blacks (Caribbeans) opened up their own pubs. Far as I know they were okay, possibly some issues but no where near as bad as today.

Lmao a bit of Shirley Valentine thrown in there then?

No. 98850


There is cons and pros to stay in and to leave tbh. But most I think want in.

We're fucked either way

No. 98851

My problem isn't with the concept of the EU itself. The concept is a good idea. The principle is a good idea.

It's just… really badly led and managed. Not just typical democratic dysfunction. But full on "can't even control its external borders" dysfunction.

You have to understand the importance of the concept of the Nation, and the importance of the control of one's borders to fully comprehend what this means. A Nation that has no borders is no Nation at all.

No. 98852


My aunt wants out due to the migrants. She isn't racist or anything but it's who IS coming in. Who is coming in exactly?

For all we know ISIS will arrive and start shit. I mean I know they're everywhere but no saying what can happen.

No. 98853

>did you see what they did at the Luton Carnival this year?

please elaborate, can't find anything with google and some family lives near luton.

No. 98854

Border control shouldn't even be a matter of political partisanship. It's not a matter of left or right to say "millions upon millions of people crossing national borders at will and settling wherever they choose is fucking crazy".

Nowhere else other than North America and Western Europe would they even contemplate just allowing an entire population group to just up and migrate into their homeland and silence dissent by accusing their opponents of being "racist".

If this were China or Japan the population would be in open revolt by now for fuck sake.

No. 98855

I honestly don't think it's that, it's that polish people openly brag about sending any money they make back home, which is fucking awful for our ecconomy. Even if they work for it, which most don't, the money needs to stay here and spent on taxable things for it to improve our economy, not sent abroad.

No. 98856

>which is fucking awful for our ecconomy.

Why? Even if they spent it here it isn't going to fix the fundamental problems with the British economy. They'd just be buying goods which were made abroad from British retailers anyway. Perhaps a few more retail staff would be in business but national economies aren't built on the basis of retail industries. They're built on hard manufacturing.

No. 98857

It doesn't make that much difference, no. The problem is the attitude behind it. People don't like polish people because they're happy to brag about doing something destructive to a country that shows them kindness. They're taking the piss, in other words.

No. 98858

And this whole idea you need to inflate the population in order to have an ever larger consumer base and credit base is poison. It's accepted wisdom now that the way to "improve" the economy is to inflate the population, but if the only growth you can get is through population growth and consumptive spending, then that's not a real productivity gain in any sense.

Populations NEED to shrink. Every single sector and industry on earth is becoming less labor intensive by the day. What are we going to do with all of these surplus non-white laborers when automation guts their jobs and small businesses one by one? Structural unemployment will just increase without end. We need to be thinking long term, like Japan is. Japan allows for a declining labor force because they know the economy of a century from now isn't going to require even 1/3rd of the labor it currently does now for the same results.

One thing they never say about Japan: In Japan house and rental prices are actually falling because of their declining population. If you consider that a house is the single biggest investment 95% of people make in their lives, and that housing was vastly more affordable even for lower-middle class people 40 years ago, are we really "wealthier"?

And how is inflating the demand-side pressures that have made housing so unaffordable in the first place going to help?

No. 98859

Fair enough. But I care more about people who groom and rape white girls, blow up our transport system, demand government recognition of shariah on a civil law level, openly laugh about "taking over [our] country" far more than I do a few Poles sending their money back home. To me that means the Poles are just transient labor who won't settle anyway, which is a good thing. I wish more non-white people were transient labor tbh, but they all seem to want to settle here.

No. 98860

On that note.

No. 98862


The Poles are known to be quite sarcastic bastards tbh

No. 98863


>but they all seem to want to settle here

Benefits, education & NHS

^ lol simple

No. 98864


I love how the east wouldn't put up with the shit we have to put up with

the uk is such a soft touch

No. 98865

There was an interesting piece on the radio (BBC but I can't remember which, possibly one of the regional ones) about Japans reluctance to let in immigrants, and the low amount of refugees they allowed in this year and the strict and horrible conditions they make them live in (Brilliant idea IMO) and the presenter said something that really, really pissed me off. Paraphrased because I can't find it;

"Japan's prime minister paradoxically stated when asked why they allow in so few migrants he stated "We will consider letting in more migrants/refugees once Japan's birthrate rises.""


It's not a fucking paradox you goon. They don't want their own population to be out-bred by immigrants and vanish?! makes total fucking sense.

No. 98867

It's also a commonly repeated lie based on a false premise.

Japan does accept immigration. With caveats. Immigrants for skilled, in-demand professions such as nurses from Southeast Asia who have specialized in elderly care can and do receive work visas, the caveats are that they need to pass the JLPT and their visa is an entirely temporary arrangement. In other words, after five years are up you usually go home.

This sort of arrangement works well for both developed and developing countries.

No. 98868


I can understand though. They are their own country, they're proud of their culture and I wouldn't want them to vanish too. Look at the UK? Lol. 50 years time and we'll be praying in the afternoon at 3pm on rugs infront of our tvs and school teaching the laws of shirah or whatever the fuck he's called.

No. 98869


With all the weebs wanting to flock to japan and settle… the japs may have a problem

No. 98870

Most of them are unskilled, and as far as I'm aware Japan doesn't hand out perm residency as easily as western countries do. Even spousal visas are contingent upon certain things.

No. 98871


I've heard that too. They'll put their own first.

No. 98872


Sounds stupid but what about hafu babies? Are they actually considered residents of Japan? I know it's stupid to ask but just curious because I know Asians are a bit funny when it comes to tainting their bloodlines and shit.

No. 98873

Yeah, of course. The piece did the whole conflate-migration-and-asylum-seekers thing too, using the fact that they accepted something like less than ten refugees last year.

Sorry, it wasn't meant as sarcasm or anything. I agree with the Japanese on this.

Also makes me furious how weebs will harp on and on about loving Japan and the things they produce but take every opportunity to say their culture should change. i.e. the studio ghibli debacle recently (President explained why he thinks they don't hire that many female directors) You can't have your cake and eat it. If Japan's culture were to suddenly meet all of the little PC requirements all the weaboo sjw's had it would stop producing the things they loved.

Sorry, getting tangential now.

No. 98875

I think they get citizenship automatically. Thing is there are so few of them relative to the Japanese population as a whole that they just kind of get absorbed into the overall population inter-generationally through sheer demographic pressure.

That's why I'm not necessarily opposed to "race mixing" on principle. If it's just a few people doing it in a largely homogeneous nation it doesn't really have a big effect. The children of those couples, and their children's children and so on, just go on to marry natives.

The problem in massively diverse nations like the US and Western Europe is that it creates these sorts of different castes of mixed groups who have a boatload of issues. More or less every half-black/half-white person I've met (mulattoes) hates white people and is almost always politically active in "black causes" to a higher degree than even full-black people are. This is in spite of a good portion of them having an absent black father and being raised by their white mother and her family. It's colossally fucked up.

That being said, the decent mulattoes I've met who didn't hate white people and weren't involved in that sort of politics all had white dads. So maybe there's a trend there where the child identifies with the race of the father primarily?

No. 98876


Really? Ah I see.

Yes well it's the obvious because who else left if there to marry when you're in such a homogenous society. I guess it would just be normal.

I'm mixed anon and I am exactly as you described. My father was in and out of my life I don't have much thoughts about him. But I was raised by my mother's family who are white. In the UK though… I've never had that "o god I'm a mulatto! so confused" experience. The UK is so… clustered with tons of different people so I've never felt like that. I just stand with either side whenever its needed and treat both fairly. I know some other mulattoes have had terrible experiences especially the American ones. I thank myself luckily to have never gone through that.

But maybe so.

No. 98877

I think that's the principle reason a lot of white men hate that sort of relationship in particular. High divorce rates (well, even higher than average) and the children resulting from it are often vociferously against their mother's race.

No. 98879

>I've heard that too. They'll put their own first.

Europe - and to some extent America, but I'm not american so I can't really speak on this - is the only place in the world that teaches the idea that you should judge someone based on their "Insides" Rather than how they look, and that fundamentally everyone is all the same underneath.

Every single other culture in the world teaches that you put your family, and people who look like you first above all else. Regardless of their moral character, abilities and so on. Fucking over someone related to either in the literal familial sense or in the wider sense of community and race is the worst thing you can do.

White, middle class kids think that because they view the world like this, that everyone else must too. The idea that it could be different doesn't even occur to them, which is why they're so happy to swallow that asylum seekers genuinely are here to look for a better life and will just gratefully assimilate without causing any trouble.

Even the nicest people from other cultures still hold those ideas. But when push comes to shove, they will chose their "Group" every time.

No. 98881

>White, middle class kids think that because they view the world like this, that everyone else must too.

This is the fundamental problem. They project their pathology onto the rest of the world and assume that they think the same way they do, it creates all sorts of dysfunctions in our interactions with other peoples.

I mean, it can range from anything from trying to "make Iraq a multi-party democracy" to some white girl getting in over her head with an non-white guy and, surprise, surprise, finding out the in-laws hate her guts and want to make her life hell.

No. 98882


Maybe? I've met a lot of white guys who are open to interracial relationships tbf. Plus the adverts on tv are really pushing Black women and white male relationships these days. Even someone mixed like me is surprised tbh… not complaining but it does shock me.

I've noticed they're pushing that and the white female and asian male relationships more too.

No. 98884

>I've noticed they're pushing that and the white female and asian male relationships more too.

I think white people and asians can be just as incompatible but in different ways. Most of these weeb relationships that are notoriously well-documented on /pt/ are good examples. Just huge, intractable cultural differences to bridge - all built on the fundamental misunderstanding that the person they happened to be dating didn't come with the "cultural baggage" normally associated with their group.

But people always do. And people are generally best suited for their own kind. Not 100% of the time, but generally.

No. 98885

>This is the fundamental problem. They project their pathology onto the rest of the world and assume that they think the same way they do, it creates all sorts of dysfunctions in our interactions with other peoples.

Not even just with people of other races or cultures, it's a massive class issue too. Recently got into a really good uni (Sorry for brag) and it's fucking full of gapyahs and rich kids oh so happy to talk over lower class people like myself about issues that primarily effect us. They have so little perspective on anything outside their own bubble, it's amazing.

Recent example really sticks out in my mind; friend told me he considers himself lower middle class, not too well off based on his peers. I visited his house and it's a three story detached house with at least eight bedrooms in the middle of london. I looked up housing prices for his area and not one of them is less than 2mil. Utterly amazing.

No. 98887

Depends. It's not even an issue of temperament and culture, it's how compatible those cultures are.

For example a lot of Italian men like North African women, and Italian women love Scandinavian men. Many Scandinavian and British women also have a thing for Greeks and Spaniards etc and all of the above are relationships that are usually happy.

I've seen a lot of men lusting after Eastern European women but they usually stick to their own for whatever reason (mail order bride memes aside).

No. 98888

True, but that's the boundary where "exoticism" stops for most women (Southern Europe I mean).

/int/ memery aside, Italians and Greeks may as well be part of the same broad group as Northern Europeans. The fact both groups seem to face the same issues with pathological liberals seems to confirm this (my litmus test for who is "white" is whether or not they have a strong element within their society that believes in totally universal principles).

Beyond that, most European women don't think asian or black men are particularly attractive.

No. 98889


Hmmm possibly anon. People's own kind know? Being mixed I don't really ponder. I know it's expected "Oh a mulatto! Ah they'll end up with a black guy/girl" because that usually happens. But I guess that's the fun in it having a pick n' mix with anyone because whatever a mixed person's child comes out as will be something entirely new and biracial anyway.

No. 98890

The guy is awful in general. pandering leftist bs. "Reality has a liberal bias!!!!", my right buttcheck.

No. 98891

**buttcheek lol

No. 98892

Assuming you have a child with a white person, that child will be 3/4 white and their offspring, if they have a child with another white person, will be 7/8ths white. Parts of the periphery blend back into the majority even in heavily heterogeneous nations.

>Reality has a liberal bias

How do these people explain the rise of China exactly?

All this bombastic triumphalism of liberals is just boasting over who gets to captain a sinking ship. It's absurd.

No. 98893

I hate that liberal now means these pieces of shit and their shitty views. They literally contradict the very meaning of the word.

No. 98894

Well, the divergence goes back to the French Revolution. Liberalism's axiomatic principles are either:

- Individual freedom is an a priori good.
- Equality is a priori good.

The reason they seemingly contradict the former with the latter is because people like Rawls argued that freedom to is as important as negative liberty. Rawls justified this sort of thinking with a really flimsy "Veil of Ignorance" argument which is pretty much the bedrock of contemporary liberal ethical philosophical. It's astonishing it hasn't been critiqued more severely.

No. 98895

Can you advise on any books or background reading for this topic pls?

No. 98896

I'm not big on libertarianism or liberalism, but that's basically the distinction at work here. Although I'm not a libertarian, my favorite libertarian author is Hans Hermann Hoppe, so he may be worth checking out. His "Democracy: The God That Failed" book is probably the most effective rational/utilitarian, material takedown of democracy as "the worst form of government except for all the others" argument I've ever read.

The problem with more orthodox critiques of Rawlsian thinking is that they're all from other liberals who also happen to believe in equality as a priori good. To get to the real meat of the matter you have to read the more unorthodox, less well known authors who critiqued that very principle itself. Anthony Ludovici and Nietzsche are prominent here.

How Nietzsche ever became associated with the left is bizarre. The man explicitly stated his belief in biological racial hierarchy and described equality as a "poison" and "disease".

No. 98897

I'm a bit left-leaning myself and I have to deal with this stereotype that all liberals like John Oliver or use his same logic. He has 1 or 2 good episodes but it's basically propaganda masquerading as (usually not very funny) comedy.

The refugee episode was also awful. I am somewhat pro-refugee/pro-immigration, but the episode spent 80% of the time showing pictures of a crying refugee girl and making as many appeals to emotion as possible, instead of actually discussing different sides to the issue. Ironically, that episode actually made me more skeptical of the whole situation.

I'm not going to say it's a problem with liberals in general, since obviously there are lots of biased right-wing sources out there too, and some left-leaning news sources are a bit more neutral. And people of any political views are going to flock to the news sources they most agree with.

But now all of these "neutral" networks like HBO and comedy central have started to skew so far left in the past decade. I just want a neutral source of information without all of the pandering and in-jokes and agendas.

No. 98898

Pretty much anon the gene washes out depending who you go with

No. 98899

I reckon were gonna stay guys

No. 98900

Thanks very much anon, all noted.

No. 98903

File: 1466726800782.png (1.18 MB, 3000x2250, IISC_EqualityEquity.png)

Liberalism used to mean something else. Now you go on college campuses and you see those SJWs who sincerely believe Equal Opportunity is evil and racist and Equal Outcomes is true justice.

You know like actual socialism where you set a 100% tax rate so you can take away the fruit of hardworking people's labors and give it all away to deadbeats that refuse to contribute; or strapping rockets to Stephen Hawking's motorized wheelchair so he could cross the finish line at the same time with Usain Bolt.

>Goddamnit where's my affirmative action NBA so my 5 ft self can slam dunk Lebron James w/ a stepladder?

No. 98909


Equity is a legal term (Courts of Equity). I don't think they know what it means.

No. 98910

File: 1466729541199.jpg (71.38 KB, 600x799, scotland_fraud.jpg)

Do you think the UK government will cheat again?

No. 98912

Remain is ahead, people are reporting that the polls were off significantly (again).

Shows that people are afraid of admitting right-wing views in public. Left controls the status quo.

No. 98913

Sorry. Leave is ahead I mean.

No. 98914

I have no idea why polls and the media expected people with far right views to openly admit them lol

No. 98915

How is the second photo not equality? You're helping a shorter person who cannot physically help their height see a game.

I usually let girls that are 5'2" and under in front of me at concerts because I know it isn't their fault they are short. sjws want equality for all except those they deem too privileged. They don't understand the concept of hard work either. Not everyone is going to be good at everything.

No. 98917

Also want to add a disclaimer that I am not attacking OP anon but the photo itself.

No. 98921

The picture is a metaphor, it's not literally about short and tall people. and if you don't understand how giving someone two boxes and then only giving someone else one box is representative of inequality idk how to help explain it to you.

It's to demonstrate that liberals want equality of outcome, not equality of opportunity. Equality of opportunity is fair, equality of outcome is unfair.

No. 98927

It's a metaphor
All three did not pay for tickets so the walls will be higher IRL
>10 feet higher

No. 98928

>thread on British exit from EU
>turns into robots complaining about how all white women dating Asian dudes are delusional weebs

I thought the new admin meant actual changes kek.

No. 98929

File: 1466732636893.jpg (157.51 KB, 624x703, proud_britbong.jpg)

'Asian' in the context of UK/Europe means Pakis and Arabs from Muslim countries, not the Korean Oppas or Japanese Senpais weebs like obsessing over

Those people are a real issue in Europe

No. 98932

Relax, it's probably just some hyper-sensitive yellow fever anon who felt we were attacking her.

No. 98933

>50.1% vs 49.9% right now
Wow, this is closer than I expected. Both sides were leading at some point

No. 98944

Well, leave has pretty much won. This is really weird. Wonder what's gonna happen now.

No. 98945

BBC now forecasting that the UK will leave. Fucking baby boomers ruining everything.

No. 98947

Will Cameron resign if the result is leave? Because that would be the only good thing about it

No. 98948

Maybe. But who would replace him? Boris? Gove? IDS?

Better the pig-fucking devil you know.

No. 98950

File: 1466741288763.jpg (380.25 KB, 620x413, Brussels.jpg)

>Press F to pay respects.

It's only a matter of time before Frexit, Nexit, and so forth

No. 99081

This is really bad. I cannot believe the citizens of the United Kingdom were given the chance to single handedly fuck up our country like this.

No. 99083

This's a step to a better future.

No. 99084


No. 99087

Fuck off, Nigel

No. 99088

Here's some helpful advice. Even if article 50 is invoked tomorrow, there's still a 2 year grace period to get your EU papers locked down.


Oh BTW, don't let the door hit you on your way out

No. 99092

Every council area in Scotland voted to remain, and in N. Ireland it was a remain majority. This vote will mean Scotland becomes independent and Ireland will be united whlst England grows ever more racist and isolated.
You have left the EU and broken the UK litte Englanders

No. 99093

England and Wales fucked up our uk by voting tory and then voting to get out of the EU. We need independence from England, it is undemocratic that their votes over ride Scotlands

No. 99094

Cameron will resign, N. Ireland has called to start talks on unification and Scotland will hold another independence referendum

No. 99095

Don't understand this racism argument. Europeans are white.

Oh shut up there are less people in the whole of Scotland than there are in London. If you guys were actually represented proportionally you'd have less say than you do now. Yes, it's undemocratic. You guys have too much say.

No. 99098

Tbh i honestly thought we would stay cos so many people were in for it

Surprised we now left

No. 99104

File: 1466753369256.jpeg (43.72 KB, 587x233, image.jpeg)


No. 99105

We're going to drag these braindead SJW's and mindless students into a free, independent, and prosperous democratic Britain where children are safe and we don't have to worry about terrorist attacks. They don't deserve it or appreciate it, but they will get it.

No. 99108

This. I think they'll be a lot more appreciative in like 10+ years time tbh.

With all the FIRE AND BRIMSTONE™ going on this morning I feel like the only optimist in the world…

No. 99110

>grows ever more racist and isolated

Your kind always says it's impossible to be racist against white people. How is not wanting to be ruled over someone racist anyway?

No. 99111

Assuming there'll be much left of the country in 10+ years, the pound just fucking swan-dived into the shitter

No. 99112

>Lolcow pretending to understand financial markets

Actually sort of cute when women do this sort of nonsense.

No. 99118

You ran out of arguments, huh, sweetheart?

No. 99121

File: 1466763010478.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.78 MB, 636x352, brexit.webm)

Serious question:
What happens to UKIP now that the reason for their existence is moot?

No. 99122

You simply don't understand currency markets. They're reacting to perceived instability, and it has absolutely no bearing on your life anyway.

They aren't a single-issue party.

There are still plenty of pakis who need to be deported, plenty of criminals who need to be executed etc.

No. 99125

They've wormed their way in and will just eat from the inside out. I'm just hoping one day Farage will evaporate or something, can't stand him.

How cute of you to say.

No. 99126

Why is it ok for non-western nations to have "racist" policies, but not western ones?

UKIP is no more right-wing than the LDP for example. In fact it's somewhat more to the left.

No. 99127

Neither is okay, I don't condone it in any way. But history stands and things go out of style.

I don't care whether they aren't as right-wing as the LDP, they've sold an ideology to susceptible lower class people for their own gains, all the while uniting with them under false pretences. This could be said for other parties, but Farage isn't running the show so.

No. 99129

>But history stands and things go out of style.

Well, as it stands the rising power in the world is extremely "right wing". Nobody actually looks at what is happening to Europe outside of Western Europe and North America and thinks "wow, they're amazing. So moral and kind!" If you go on weibo most Chinese think these mass migrationary waves are the end of Western countries.

>sold an ideology susceptible to lower class people for their own gains

You could be describing pretty much any center-left party in Europe here. They make a pretense of being for the working man but they're just as, if not more on-board with neo-liberal economic policies as center-right parties are: Completely free movement of labor and capital for example. Or the idea you need to artificially inflate the population of a country in perpetuity so that GDP will grow (really just a giant ponzi scheme based on credit creation).

Why exactly do you support mass immigration anyway?

No. 99133

That is true in that aspect, but the basis of polictics in China and other East Asian countries are founded on a different basis. Plus several other factors are comprised of China's sucess to begin with. Being a right-wing nation is (arguably) only of them.

I said in my last post that other parties do this as well. It's just that in the now Ukip and other similar parties are in the spotlight.

Nowhere in my post did I say I support mass immigration, but I guessed you came to the conclusion. In honesty, I'm not for mis-information which shows up in my feed when it comes to immigration. But considering my background, I cannot side with some of the views here.

Plus other people in this thread are picking and choosing which immigrants are the "good" ones and which aren't. If the government want to tighten up, it's in their power to do so. I just want it to be done in a reasonable manner, and it to not be bogged down by all this nonsense.

No. 99135


Same here.

Every student i know wanted in the EU and people are comparing Boris to Hitler. Pfft.

Such bollocks. Even the yanks say it was a good move getting out of the EU.

Thank fuck Cameron is gone with his tail inbetween his legs.

People are overreacting and its quite frankly getting frustrating.

Also British bloggers complaining, the only reason why theyre upset if because they wont be getting their freebie europe holidays where they can prance around on camera with an overpriced cocktail in one hand and designer (lol asos) sunglasses for 2782188181 IG likes.

No. 99136

It looks like only little libareall kids and immigrants who want britain to remain in EU. Well, that figures. They go as far as calling voting for bexit a racism.
by the way 54% people voted to leave, i bet a huge chunk of people who voted to remain are immigrants themselves.

No. 99137


A polish girl I used to talk to on tumblr is kicking off on her blog. She's 23 and she's been here since she was 11. What irritated me was that she used to go on about how awful England is and how great Poland was when we used to talk. Now she's bitching and I feel like messaging her telling her if she doesn't like it then leave. It isn't racism just being straightforward. Sick of people like that here.

No. 99138


Very true all university students wanted to remain cos "m'yung n its kool to have freedum of speech m8 cos white peepul n immigrints arenut to blame doe" and the foreigners themselves.

No. 99139

Well the positive is that Scotland will be having another referendum on our independence. Lolling at little Englanders saying "take back our country", well pals you wont have a britain anymore, Scotland is out.

No. 99141

>founded on a different basis

Erm, what? What do you mean by this?

Ostensibly all politicians/leaders should put national interest first.

>Plus several other factors are comprised of China's sucess to begin with. Being a right-wing nation is (arguably) only of them.

I think you'll find China's mercantile trade policies, corporatist structure (government and industry working alongside each other) and authoritarian efficiency have been perhaps the principle reason behind its success.

>Nowhere in my post did I say I support mass immigration

So why do UKIP outrage you so much?

>I just want it to be done in a reasonable manner

It's wholly unreasonable to expect a native group to be ok with being made a minority in their own country to begin with.

>country of 5 million people

I guess you can enjoy your own grooming scandals when Sturgeon makes good on her promise to bring a lot more non-whites over though.

No. 99144

NI too. Adios fleggers, hello Republic of NI(tm)!

No. 99145

Oh yes! The world will be a far better place without England controlling Scotland and N.Ireland. Eire and Alba free at last.

No. 99146


What I was trying to get across was China can make their right-wing policies work, whereas Britian cannot - given their differing histories. No matter how it is envisioned by those with those values.

Other parties don't have Farage at the head. Also why are you assuming I'm 'outraged'? No matter how much you've pressed the idea that they aren't all bad, it doesn't make them anymore likeable. Plus none of their agendas have anything to do with me.

Statiscally that's not the case. The outcomes still remain the same, people still end up saying their own piece on immigration. And for all this talk on other races 'victimizing' themselves, some White British people have started as well. Hence the 'I'm not racist, I'm just saying it like it is.' repitoire I see a lot makes my eyes roll.

I know a good portion posting here are whites and or are right-leaning, so I'm not going to expect an differing opinion. However, this elevation over other who wanted in (no matter their reason) is ridiculous since some people who voted out did so for equally as silly reasons.

No. 99147

Odd how you English undermine Scotland yet during indyref it was all "don't go we love you". Scotland is an old and powerful country that has had alliances all over Europe, we aren't xenophobic or racist.We didn't vote conservative, ukip or to leave we are a country thats dovereignty lies with it's people and the people voted for a government that would have an indyref2 if we were forced out of the EU

No. 99151

>old and powerful country

No, Scotland was never powerful.

>we aren't xenophobic or racist

Well you enjoy becoming a minority in your own country then. I'm sure that will work out just fine for you.

>whereas Britian cannot

How exactly can Britain not make right-wing policies work? These are universally applicable things: Protecting one's own industry, being strict on net inflows and keeping them to manageable numbers, being strict on crime and so on. These are policies Britain used to employ. Hell, half of the "regressive" policies that Singapore has that liberals always whine about are remnants from the days of British governance.

>'I'm not racist, I'm just saying it like it is.'

If someone can come up with an objective, non-emotional definition for racist then I'll happily acknowledge being one. I see nothing wrong with prioritizing my own people above others, seeing as the rest of the world does it and not doing it basically means committing suicide as a group in this highly tribal world of ours.

>I know a good portion posting here are whites and or are right-leaning

What race are you?

No. 99152

Butt hurt little Englander alert.
You got what you wanted, an isolated little country with a weak pound that is run by bigots and racists. Woop de doo.

No. 99153

>little Englander alert.

I'm not even ethnically English.

>that is run by bigots and racists

Uh huh. If this is the case, why exactly do the British Home Office continue handing out British Citizenship so liberally? Why are net inflows for settlement still in the hundreds of thousands?

You'd expect "bigots and racists" to actually, you know, protect the native majority by limiting immigration after all.

>little country

Scotland is 1/10th the size of England. I don't think little or big make much difference here.

No. 99154

So you aren't a native English person and yet you are against immigration?

No. 99155

I'm against immigration to any country when the scale of it threatens to reduce the native group to minority status in under a century. Controlled, demographically manageable immigration is fine.

The fact you think it's just "normal" for whites to replace themselves in their countries for your benefit underscores how out of touch with reality leftists actually are. Learn a non-western language. Go and live in a non-western country. Perhaps you'll learn something beyond the scope of your secularized Christian universalism called liberalism.

No. 99157

"secularized Christian universalism called liberalism"?
I think you are being a tad sensationalist to claim whites are in the minority. Even with immigration the largest group is white European. Your posts show this ref' was abour racsim "don't let the blacks and arabs in". It's revolting and shows how intollerant people in England can be.

No. 99159

>"secularized Christian universalism called liberalism"?

Yes. It is not normal to adopt attitudes like these:


And to want to become a minority in your own homeland.

These sick, suicidal, pathological beliefs are the product of the slave-morality called "Christianity".

>Even with immigration the largest group is white European.

For now. All demographic projections have us heading towards minority status in basically every single Western European country eventually.

>It's revolting and shows how intollerant people in England can be.

1) What race are you?
2) Who are Whites/Europeans "racist" (a word you still haven't defined) by comparison to? Africans? Arabs? East Asians? Don't make me fucking laugh.

No. 99160

I'm in Scotland which has no christian state church, and is socialst if anything.
Many Scots have been forced to be economic migrants themselves and Scotland has experienced huge surges in immigration from Ireland, Italy, Pakistan, Poland etc as well as accepting refuggees. We don't see it as a problem, unlike you and your fellow Englanders.

No. 99161

I'm white Scottish, I don't view myself as more deserving or superior than anyone else because of my place of birth and skin colour.

No. 99165

File: 1466780715959.png (86.58 KB, 869x483, 1409847529159.png)

Yeah, your beliefs just sprang out of the ether on some quantum level, they had absolutely no antecedent traditions. Moreover these are the default beliefs (equality) that everyone on earth holds, and if they don't, they are racists and have consumed racist propaganda, unlike ourselves, who are completely independent thinkers and arrived at the idea that everyone on earth is inherently equal of our own volition.

This makes perfect sense. Don't laugh at me you bigot.

>We don't see it as a problem, unlike you and your fellow Englanders.

Why do you single out "Englanders"? Firstly, I'm not ethnically English, secondly, the English have accepted tens of thousands of refugees for settlement. More in a few years than the nations of South Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan have accepted collectively over the past 60 years. More than Gulf Arabs have collectively accepted. Or Indians. Or any other non-western state.

You have no idea how the world actually works, or how people actually think outside of Western Europe and North America. You just project your own psychology onto everyone else. Why do you think British Indians support Modi, a Hindu Nationalist, while overwhelmingly voting for the Labour Party here, for example?

No. 99168

Race isn't just skin color.

No. 99169

Posts pick of Oswald Mosley….

No. 99170

That's George Orwell, you fucking moron.

No. 99171

Exactly. I'm so sick of Europeans coming here and then doing nothing but insulting England and the English. We're so uncultured and stupid, our food is terrible blah blah blah. Yet they never leave, even though no one is forcing them to stay here or even come in the first place.

No. 99172

my bad :) it's been a long day. anyway George Orwell was a rabid right winger who hated socialism. Hardly an unbiased source

No. 99173

That describes my parents fairly well and I hate it too. It's disrespectful. Then again, I'm big on the idea of white unity. Non-Whites, who have long-conditioned hatreds of White people in many cases, don't really make distinctions between different European ethnic groups. So I feel we should stick together against outside enemies.

>was a rabid right winger who hated socialism

Are you trolling me?

No. 99178

Are you trolling?

George Orwell was a lifelong socialist who felt Soviet Communism was hijacked by a fascist dictatorship (Stalin). He fought the Spanish Civil War under the International Brigades, seriously.

No. 99179

You're right, but Orwell never called Stalinism fascism. He explicitly critiqued the corruption of the English language, through the removal of literal meanings from words and he used that exact example as an illustrative point of how it works ("the word fascism now has no meaning other than 'that which is not desirable'")

No. 99187

Tell me why people on tumblr are trying to get a petition going for another referendum?

Im afraid to even say anything on there incase i get my head bitten off because anything about leave youre deemed a trump or a nazi. Its fucking ridiculous.

Why is tumblr always full of sjw goodie goodies?

No. 99201

It's amazing that all it took for them to latch onto it is some clever marketing that it's another "progressive cause". In reality it's a decision primarily about sovereignty, which is politically neutral.

No. 99203


It's irritating. Ive got Chinese complaining about it and university students on fb i know.
Why cant they see the eu was sinking us down?

No. 99204


lol, ask them when they're going to let tens if not hundreds of millions of non-Asian foreigners settle within China's borders. That's the equivalent for them of what our current immigration system is doing.

Some East Asians are such hypocrites. FOBs are usually cool and view this shit as none of their business though.

No. 99205

File: 1466799801200.png (2.43 MB, 3016x2904, brexit_reactions.png)

You can blame the media for that.
In the weeks leading up to the vote, the Remain campaign panicked and the media started pushing Brexit == baby-eating Nazis propaganda aggressively.

I think that backfired in their face, but its seems like all the tumblr SJWs ate that shit up without hesitation.

I'm pretty sure they only care about how a potential global slump will affect the already unstable Chinese economy

No. 99208

>right wing nationalism

Amazing. Hitler was left you fucking idiots! He implemented tons and tons of policies the left is drooling over now.

No. 99209

Hopefully "Hana" on her way back to Pakistan, and taken Maryam, Muktar & Co with her. lmao.

No. 99216

Yeah. National Socialism is right-wing.

It's also the best way to run a modern state.

No. 99217

You can't classify someone as purely left or purely right. A few of his social and economic policies could be described as left-wing, but ultra-nationalism, expansionism, imperialism, and ethnic supremacy are very much right-wing ideologies.

No. 99219

Sorry, had to fix a typo.

And I think extreme nationalism tends to lead to way too many problems to be sustainable for long. Even if Hitler succeeded in conquering all of Europe, I suspect the Nazi government wouldn't have lasted longer than an extra two decades max.

Considering all the countries with National Socialist governments we know about have not lasted very long, I don't think there is any evidence it's a good way to run any state.

No. 99223

>Considering all the countries with National Socialist governments we know about have not lasted very long, I don't think there is any evidence it's a good way to run any state.

China and Japan are basically National Socialist states in de facto terms (economic interests subordinated beneath national interest, strong racial consciousness etc). The founder of the LDP actually called himself a National Socialist.

No. 99227

No it's not.

Thank you. I swear people here and other sites are like it's all or nothing.

No. 99228

>No it's not.

Liberalism: Makes you a minority in your own country and destroys any sense of social cohesion and trust.
National Socialism: Makes your country like Japan.

No. 99238

File: 1466812503970.png (39.3 KB, 876x756, brexit_aftermath.png)

>Reminder the EU needs the UK more than the UK needs the EU

No. 99239

Im speaking to a Japanese guy over on Hellotalk and he's bitching at us for leaving the EU.

"Your economy will get weaker! You will loose out! Many people will not want to visit the UK! You will be unattractive in business appeal-"

He doesn't even live here. Why are the Japanese suddenly so interested? Obviously it was all over the world our exit. But too many countries over in Asia and Africa are getting too interested. If only they knew the true pile of shit England we really were.

Yet I don't see them lot allowing tons and thousands of foreigners in for free hands out and putting up with other countries shit.

No. 99240


What do you reckon will happen next guys?

No. 99241

Nasty things will happen

Like the EU imploding while UK breathes a sigh of relief

No. 99242


kek all the way

No. 99243

File: 1466813397349.png (216.74 KB, 447x281, Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 01.0…)

No. 99268

Scotland should declare another referendum within the next few weeks, and Ireland is on the path to be united.

England I don't know, Asia, Europe and America are already halting trade deals with them.

No. 99269

His government supported mass privatisation though.

No. 99271


Nah apparently we've got 8 traders lined up already.

No. 99274

To think that Britain was founded on migration. England has German origins, Scotland had Irish and scandinavian.

No. 99276

Why are you even talking to him?

No. 99277

>England I don't know, Asia, Europe and America are already halting trade deals with them.

t. someone who understands nothing about international trade

No. 99281

File: 1466861502514.png (238 KB, 491x354, Screen Shot 2016-06-25 at 14.2…)

Apparently people want another referendum and over 1M people are signing up for it. Reckon it'll fall through?

No. 99282


What bugs me is why do people really want to even go back to the EU? Seriously though are people that pissed off they can't visit fucking Italy without spending double the price?

No. 99283


He made a post about it dishing his opinions on the matter. So I got back to him.

No. 99287

Mate. We were founded on invasion, not migration. Every population that ever migrated to our little island took over and completely decimated the original population of the place. But yeah, we should carry on with it because it's what founded the place, right?

No. 99296


No. 99304

This just seems like it won't work. If there was another referendum and remain won, who's to say leavers wouldn't just protest and ask for another referendum after that? The majority of voters picked leave. It might not have been a massive % but it was still the majority. What's the point of putting things to a vote if you won't accept the result? Just re-doing votes until you get the result you want is pretty shady.

The only time I can imagine another one being held is if something REALLY huge happened that could potentially change a lot of minds. Or, after a few years out of the EU, maybe there will be a referendum to reapply, but only if exiting doesn't go well. Even then, it'd be ages down the line. I doubt they'll do another vote about it anytime soon.

No. 99306

>Just re-doing votes until you get the result you want is pretty shady.

This is how European treaties have been passed before in various countries, amusingly.

No. 99307


Exactly. It's so pointless and the common sense of it all is questionable. These asking for another vote are the ones who wanted to keep us in the EU and while being the daft ones, they're the ones who are blind to whats happened to the country. Stupid.

No. 99309

I was a pro-remain voter and this makes me cringe. Plenty of votes are from outside the UK too and I'm sure there's a good percentage of minors who've signed it, too. It just makes remain voters look even more childish for not being able to just say, "okay, we lost that, what should we support next?".

No. 99310

Why are so many people keen to remain though besides the economy, trades and having to pay more if they travel outta the UK though?

Everyone is so depressed about it.

No. 99312

You aren't going to have to pay more though.

Listen, the bosses of large groups like EADS, Daimler etc are simply not going to allow the EU to "punish" Britain. They're going to get the same sort of status Norway and Switzerland have.

No. 99313


Ah I see.

It's just that people keep making a fuss over it on Facebook, Twitter ect over things rising, currency and I feel a bit worried. That's all.

No. 99315

I think a lot of it is uncertainty. The younger generation of voters have never lived without being in the EU, and when all the arguments for leave seemed hypothetical, they also came with the guarantee of a recession. At least in the EU, people knew what they were getting: there's no plan right now. It's all well and good to leave the EU but no one seems to know what's going to happen now and leaving that up to the Tories without the EU to stop them from passing any laws and policies doesn't create confidence in people who've never had that safety net.

No. 99316

The devaluation of the sterling is a temporary thing, traders bet on a remain victory that's why it fell off so rapidly. In the interim it will be good for trade anyway.

No. 99318


All i can say is that we got by before the 70 when we joined the EU and i think we will get by again. Hopefully.

No. 99324

File: 1466881314650.png (53.27 KB, 637x364, neverendum.png)

The guys over on /pol/ have been running a script to drive the petition up. like 90% of those votes don't even have a UK postcode, the data is publicly accessible but the media doesn't care about investigating
(stupid that you can sign using a robot script)

Their goal is to exceed the population of UK

David Cameron didn't even expect this to pass. The stupid idiot did it to appease internal party factions from defecting to UKIP before the last election.

Everything will be fine. It won't be a doomsday like Remain is predicting or a Utopia like Leave is promising. The market swings are caused by amateur investors panicking while professional traders pocket a nifty profit

No. 99325

Only 365k of the 2.2 million are votes from UK, and that's before you verify the post code:

>search for "United Kingdom"

No. 99328

This. I don't have an issue with leaving, I have an issue with the Leave Campaign (and some voters) who answer genuine concerns with the "Get over it, you lost." rhetoric. You weren't so full of yourself the day before yesterday, smh. But I don't agree with the petition, despite it being eligible to be discussed that's where it'll end. Let's just hope there's news by Monday.

No. 99330

What pisses me off is how youre seen as a piece of shit for wanting to leave. Every celebrity so far was all for remain and its all for their stupid image.

No. 99334

They say the arrogant cunt Geldof actually swung a few people to leave with his behaviour.

Couldn't even be a good father to his poor daughter.

No. 99335

Or maybe they're just not economically illiterate dipshits.

No. 99338

Still salty that democracy actually worked huh

No. 99339

>actually thinks incredibly powerful MNCs based on the continent will let Juncker "punish" Britain.

Merkel was quite clear after the head of Daimler told her to quiet down. UK will get a similar status to Switzerland and Norway.

No. 99342

File: 1466894827248.png (41.74 KB, 496x247, Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 00.4…)

81 retards on my facebook feed apparently

No. 99344

just because the majority wants it doesn't mean it's a good decision

No. 99345

I know people our age range who voted out in their 20s though? It isnt just all old people.

No. 99346

It will quite clearly miss investment through years of uncertainty and the commission has already stated that Britain won't get access to the single market easily, in which case the leave this was fucking useless.

No. 99347

Neither of those two people have British names.

No. 99348

You do know Britain had to get aid from the IMF in the seventird right? The economy was garbage back then.

No. 99349

We can only wait and see. Its only day two, fgs. Even if we stayed in the EU where we were "safe" it was still a sinking ship. Our own literally had no home or little to no help. If we have to fix things then we will just have to do that and get by.

No. 99350

Its 2016 Britain anon

Not many do

No. 99351

There will be plenty of missed investment and plenty of companies had warned prior to the vote that it would have a negative impact on the economy, to think otherwise would be wishful thinking.

No. 99352

Well what can we do anon? Weve already pulled out and i doubt another vote will happen. Most people wanted out. Cameron is fucking off. Wishful thinking and doing what we can is all we can do.

No. 99353

This. An organisation that cannot control its external borders in any way is not fit for purpose. End of fucking discussion.

No. 99354

It's not a temporary thing, the Bank of England has set aside hundreds of millions in foreign currency reserves to stabilise the pound, since there is significantly less demand for it.

A cheaper pound will make an import reliant economy (britain currently has the second largest trade deficit in the world) strain because more expensive imports will depress demand and thus lower economic growth. Expoets might be helped but they're significantly smaller than imports and production capacity for export hasn't adequately grown.

No. 99356

All those in our age group complaining about the leave are most foreigners and students.

All the people who went to my college were the typical hippy, morrisey tree huggers who preached mi rights and veganism. All had too much to say for themselves. Universities are the same up north here. Its alright for them, they probably would have fucked off to other countries to work if still in the EU and blind to the country going under. Now theyre upset they will have to shell out more when they visit. Bloggers are upset because their free europe trips may be tainted with and their fanbases will drop. Celebrities wanted in to just look good.

God its all a mess.

No. 99357

>An organisation that cannot control its external borders in any way is not fit for purpose.
>implying vorder control is a task of the EU abd bot the member states
>implying the migrant inglow hasn't significantly dropped since the agreement with Turkey


No. 99358

Do what we did before we went into the EU.

Start Britain again. Do our OWN. We did it before and we should be able to do it again.

No. 99359

Anon we have already pulled out. What do you want? Its all good showing us statistics and all but we are OUT. Live with it (lol literally).

Immigration will happen anyway regardless tbf. Anywhere and everywhere.

No. 99360

Brother is a hedge fund manager. Here's what is going to happen:

- Access to EEC.
- Existing EU migrants within the UK will be granted some sort of special visa status with an eventual path to permanent residency.
- Maintenance of a good portion of the existing eu directives.
- Visa on arrival travel within EU26.

Basically like another anon said we'll be like Norway or Switzerland. Not a huge amount will change. The EEC access is almost guaranteed as Britain is the second largest economy in Europe and simply too valuable for continental businesses to lose out on the opportunity to sell into. You'll notice the tone from France and Germany was conciliatory after the result. This is a marked contrast to how they were before.

No. 99361

Because they signed a deal with a common blackmailer who can rescind the deal at any time. Because a good portion of the traffic has moved to North African routes. Because Erdogan is sending Europe literal retards and criminals:


No. 99363

I mean if you can't admit the European Union seriously fucked up with their approach to the migrant crisis I don't know what to say to you.

Do you actually consider what Merkel and Juncker and Tusk did to be good governance you fucking moron?

No. 99364


I would have voted remain if they'd taken a tougher line with the migrants. The clusterfuck Merkel unleashed (which has left more than. few people dead and hundreds that we know of raped) is unforgivable.

No. 99365

File: 1466897399604.jpg (791.66 KB, 2048x1536, brexit_chalk1.jpg)

That's the very definition of Democracy
Feel free to install a leftist dictatorship if you want

All the mainstream media sites are reporting the revote petition has reached 2.5 mllion votes. If you want a revote, there is this nifty script you can use:

No. 99366

The EU is an engine committed to the minoritization of white people across the continent. Simple as that. I'm friends with a girl in Belgium. She can't even go out in a skirt anymore because of the harassment she receives.

Tell me this is acceptable in our own homelands in the interests of "tolerance". Go on leftists. Tell me.

No. 99367

>National Socialists seize power across Europe twenty years from now.
>Establish a new European Union committed to uniting the white race under a single banner.

I'm ok with this.

No. 99368

Was Sparta arguably the first "volkisch" state?

No. 99369

That's why a lot of people left, mainly because of the muslim and islamic invasion. I honestly feel bad for my Brit brothers and sisters.

No. 99370

I'm so scared of this shit coming to America. i really am.

No. 99371

There are plenty of young 20/30 something year olds who voted out, but of course if you don't suck muslim cock, you are xenophobic.

No. 99374

And that makes it okay? I'm so tired of this, I really am.
How are you not being xenophobic? It makes it easier to accept rather than readily deny it expecting others to agree with you.
There are minorities in this country who feel unsafe by the majority. It's a two way street, although according to people in this thread that's not the case.

No. 99375

You know it is actually okay to admit another culture is bad and you don't think it's compatible with yours? You don't have to just blindly accept everyone else's horrible customs, it's not xenophobic to recognise something bad when you see it just because it's different from your own.

No. 99377

In that aspect, I partially agree however not everyone within certain cultures exhibit them on a daily basis and some go out of their way not to bring them up?
However, thinking something from a culture is bad doesn't automatically make that whole culture bad. Again, not everyone is like this - however there are misconceptions that are brought up time and time again that have been misproven only to be brought up again. In order to truly think a culture is bad, I think displaying a good understanding of it first is best. But using your dislike to then pit against another race that has that culture is xenophobic because you're automatically associating that negativity with an individual you hardly know.

No. 99379

exactly, they're my baltic/northeastern european "friends" who have had no experience living in the UK under the EU and live a cushy upper middle class living
fuck them

No. 99380

Not all Muslims, right. The problem with Islam and all religious groups to some extent is that moderates back extremists. and they mirror the ideas that lead to that behaviour in the first place. Sure, Mr. Ahmed doesn't prevent his daughter getting an education, but he also forces her to wear a hijab. He still holds sexist and backwards beliefs about women and that shouldn't be acceptable in Western society regardless of how small and innocuous they seem on the surface. If you can tell someone is a Muslim, (And not just because they're brown, that doesn't count) they have not integrated into Western society and that means they hold ideas and beliefs that are not compatible.

No. 99382

Where in Belgium does she live? That usually happens more in urban areas like the center/shitty areas of Brussels

No. 99384

But any current approaches against extremism are heavy handed and counterproductive. And you presuming that sexist, backward beliefs do not crop up in other cultures, they're just not mainstream, acceptable culture. Most people who are not White British (including myself) know that we cannot fully assimilate into Western society fully, therefore others opt to preserve their own in stead. A lot of people disagree with this, but it's understandable.

No. 99386

No one in the US wants them living here, even liberals are secretly glad that we haven't opened our borders to them yet.

No. 99388

Xenophobia is a natural defense mechanism against alien groups. Many of whom pose a threat to your way of life in the long run. Mindless xenophobia is bad, but so is mindless xenophilia of the kind you engage in.

No. 99389

>opt to preserve their own in stead
Right, in other words act like monkeys out of spite and lack of self-respect.

Half of my family is Bosnian Muslim and if we as well as literally the majority of Christians/Jews in Europe can preserve our culture without resorting to ass-backwards tribal rituals and habits, I'm sure you can too.

But of course it's easier for us because we're 'white', but only when it suits your narrative :^) Nevermind that most people in Turkey are the same way despite their religion and nutcase leader.

>And you presuming that sexist, backward beliefs do not crop up in other cultures, they're just not mainstream, acceptable culture

Exactly, they're not mainstream unlike in a lot of Muslim cultures (you know who you are) where educating your female child is considered scandalous. That right there is the problem.

I for one am glad we had socialism, at least we're not backwards plebs using discrimination as a get out of jail free card and can actually admit it's our own fault we're lazy and poor.

No. 99390

She's in Brussels but she's since moved to a better area.

But there shouldn't be entire swathes of your cities where the rules of your own culture don't apply.

No. 99391

Then leave. This is their country. Their ancestors shed blood for it. They won't let you and your non white ilk turn it into a place where there are entire zones totally alien to our way of life. Nobody is stopping you returning to your country of origin.

t. A child of European immigrants who respects the British and wants browns who want to recreate their own countries within Britain to fuck off.

No. 99392

>But any current approaches against extremism are heavy handed and counterproductive.

Oh yeah, sure. Totally agree there.

Sexist beliefs pop up in every culture, yes. But they're far from the accepted truth like they are in Islamic societies and I don't see how it's an argument at all to bring up the fact you get a few bad eggs in any culture and then compare that to a culture which is primarily founded on bigoted ideas.

>Most people who are not White British (including myself) know that we cannot fully assimilate into Western society fully, therefore others opt to preserve their own in stead.

This is exactly the problem. This is a fifth column that undermines democracy and it's bad for the people who experience being an outsider as well. Why would anyone want to live in a culture they'll never fully be a part of?

No. 99394

They're outsiders because that's the natural consequences of racial diversity. Go back to what a nation is at its roots. A collection of people sharing common ancestry enough to bind them together.

Multiracial states are not nations. They are empires who have to manage conflict between different groups.

No. 99395

Then can you say that rallies or any initiatives have had a significant effect in this country?

It's not everyone has a choice, believe me. But people have to live somewhere. And I do appreciate what it means to be born in Britain, I just don't have to be all-accepting.

And has in the past decided to shed blood in other countries and divide tight knit communities. Please, get over yourself.

No. 99396

*not like

No. 99397

>And has in the past decided to shed blood in other countries and divide tight knit communities. Please, get over yourself.

And? Turkey fucking wrekt the entire region where I come from. Does that give me the right to destroy their country in turn? Should Iranians and Indians be flooding into the Gulf to destroy the Gulf Arab states for what they did to Persians and Indians?

Fuck off with this "muh immigration is cosmic justice for colonialism" bullshit. It doesn't fly with anyone who has more than a 2-bit understanding of world history.

No. 99398

>Then can you say that rallies or any initiatives have had a significant effect in this country?

Rallies or initiatives for what having an effect on what sorry?

No. 99399

Of course you came to that conclusion on your own, because other people aren't trying hard unlike yourself like me. Okay, laddie. I'm not even Muslim for starters.

Okay, so it's then totally acceptable behaviour. Glad we had this talk, appreciate it.

No. 99400

On preventing Islam extremism in this country.

No. 99401

Well. No. Which is kind of my point? We can't seem to shake people of their extremist beliefs so they shouldn't be allowed in in the first place, neither should people with beliefs that are likely to turn into extremist beliefs.

I don't really get why you brought them up in the first place?

No. 99402

>Okay, so it's then totally acceptable behaviour. Glad we had this talk, appreciate it.

What is?

No. 99403

I'm extremely happy for the Britbongs and cried during Nigel's speech, but what I find really funny is that during the Farage/Cameron debate, one of the main Remain arguments was that to Leave was racist because then the EU couldn't force Britain to abide by their immigration laws. I mean, when these kids talk about "old, xenophobic pricks" voting to Leave, a lot of them are indirectly talking about pro border & immigration reforms = rascism. The fact that the up and coming English generation is so willing to put their country and sovereignty at stake for refugees (caused by the West itself ofc) is exactly why England needs to distance itself from the EU and globalization, at least to regrouo its people for a while.

No. 99404

If they were 'trying hard' they wouldn't trick their daughters into marriage or send them to their respective home countries to get their clits sliced off so they could remain pure for their future middle-aged husbands. There's no room for your righteous indignation here.

>Okay, so it's then totally acceptable behaviour. Glad we had this talk, appreciate it.

Lmao of course it isn't acceptable but what the fuck are you gonna do about it centuries later? Act like a petulant child over something that happened before you were even born as if the people from that country now are in any way the same as the people who lived then? Grow up.

No. 99405

Don't even give her the dignity of a serious response.

Anyone who tries to ascribe some unique moral evil to European conduct needs to read the fuck up on what the early Muslims did to Zoroastrians and Indian Hindus and Buddhists, what the Chinese did to various ethnic groups who came under their sway (Sogdonians, Dzungars - i.e. genocide in the fullest sense of the term), let alone what the fucking Mongols did.

No. 99407

But telling one who doesn't hold extremist beliefs from one who does isn't something feasible to begin with. What do you suggest instead (sans outright blocking)? Not that I agree with this, just asking.

As if it hasn't had an effect on those countries and its people to this day. Is this is what you're trying to say?

Okay, as if I don't know that to begin with. Adding to my point above, the whole "Other races did just as bad." rhetoric is a common one, and a frequently used one.


No. 99408

>Okay, as if I don't know that to begin with. Adding to my point above, the whole "Other races did just as bad." rhetoric is a common one, and a frequently used one.

No, other races did worse. Much, much worse. Even 11th century Muslims commented on the comparative fairness of the European Kingdom of Jerusalem towards its Muslim subjects compared to the treatment of them by neighboring Muslim Emirs. The British treated ethnic Chinese in Hong Kong better than the Qing Dynasty did, likewise for the Germans in Qingdao. Hell, even the Tsardom treated Koreans better than their own Joseon Dynasty did by its end.

Incidentally, there's nothing bad about what Europeans actually did. The idea that taking land for your people is "bad" in the first place is a European one, which was born out of the Enlightenment. So, ironically enough, you're using uniquely European standards to singularly condemn Europeans for supposed "crimes" which were far more egregious, brutal and "unfair" in other parts of the world.

>What do you suggest instead

Not her, but keep immigration to demographically manageable numbers. Millions of people shouldn't be moving here for settlement regardless of where they are from.

No. 99410

Outright blocking is a valid solution IMO. Countries that are actual Islamic states subjugate other people solely based on their religions, it's common sense that we just agree that our citizens will fundamentally not get along. and it's not as if there aren't hundreds of other countries with skilled and worthwhile immigrants whose cultures are more compatible with one another. It's better for everyone involved.

No. 99411

You don't need to block them. As I said in >>99408 this is something I disagree with Trump on. It just invites ridicule when you propose blanket bans on certain countries.

The problem in essence with Muslims is just a symptom of a wider problem, which is an immigration and naturalization system that makes settling in western countries far, far too easy to begin with.

Fix it at its root. Make it difficult to actually get a work visa and settle here. That's the golden ticket.

No. 99412

Okay, so let's talk about Africa then. Africa governed its own people, (borders weren't drawn as they are today) and then Europeans arrived who saw prospect in Africa in the first place. What started as talks and trading quickly grew out of control. I'm not damning Europeans of the present, I just find it ridiculous that >>99391 can say this considering history. Yes, in comparison to what other races did then it appears minor to you, but that history is what has lead to today's Britian and the sentiments from other once British-governed countries. I'm considered European since I was born in Britain so why would I purposefully want to be very against Europeans?

No. 99413

What race are you? Are you the mulatto with the absent father?

>Africa governed its own people

Most of Africa wasn't governed by any polity, it was inhabited by hunter-gatherers. Parts of West and East Africa had primitive states, e.g. Benin, that basically functioned as loose tribal confederations. Yes, these people "governed their own people", they were also the ones who sold the slaves to the Europeans. So I'm not sure what moral point you're trying to make here.

No. 99414

>I'm considered European

A dog born in a stable is not a horse.

Would I be Chinese if I were born in China?

No. 99415

Asking my race, and then making racial based assumptions as if that's going to warrant a reply.

Sorry, it's a bit more complicated than 'hunter-gatherers'. There were factions, chiefs who passed laws and led people. As it did not resemble what most Europe countries had, a lot of the smaller details were dismissed. It's not as if selling slaves was right to do, but it wasn't always willingly. My point and the only point I've made is that countries that have been controlled by European countries still face negative effects in the current age, which you haven't denied yet.

You would be considered nationally Chinese, so your analogy here is a little. And I didn't say that I was ethnically or be considered European was I? I only said it in a technical sense. It's not like all British people see themselves as European so stop tripping.

No. 99419

>asking my race

Your race is pertinent here. You are an outsider living within Britain, as I am. Are you black?

>Sorry, it's a bit more complicated than 'hunter-gatherers'.

No it isn't. The vast majority of Africa is the interior, the only real things that could be considered "states" in any sense of the term were on the West and East Coasts.

>As it did not resemble what most Europe countries had

It did not resemble what the rest of the world had, because it was vastly less developed than the rest of the world, any any point in its history.

>My point and the only point I've made is that countries that have been controlled by European countries still face negative effects in the current age, which you haven't denied yet.

I deny that any of these negative influences are the result of European governance, since European governance left these countries with good, well-functioning infrastructures that they promptly destroyed themselves upon decolonization.

Now, if you're going to argue that Europeans divided Africa without regard for ethnic boundaries then that's fine and good, and it is a valid point, but in making this point you make an admission that multiracial/ethnic states are by definition more dysfunctional than ethnically homogeneous ones. So do you see the pickle you've landed yourself in here?

>You would be considered nationally Chinese

I wouldn't be considered Chinese in any meaningful way by anyone who actually matters, i.e. the Chinese people themselves. And no, I wouldn't. Chinese nationality is ius sanguinus, not ius soli.

Tell me, why is the rest of the world allowed to have a racially exclusive sense of their own identity but Europe and North America alone have to cede any sense of ethnic identity in service of a "propositional identity" none of us ever wanted or asked for.

No. 99424

I said doing it in a matter that you've done isn't in the best way. This is a discussion (somewhat), not a firing round. Don't expect an outright answer.

Okay, to you. That might be the case, but that's the course of the world, I've never made a point that it did not come along with issues. And there are cases where it is controlled and dealt with regardless. You have since only perceived it to be wholly negative. Both cases have their own individual issues.

But you got it, and now you're proposing solutions that aren't going to satisfy people who think like you in the long run all the while proclaiming acceptance. And it isn't as if other countries house other races. The world will eventually grow to be racially diversified. Plus we've already picked on your sentiments, you've tried to downplay them in recent years to begin with.

That's all I have to say, it's quite late and your thoughts are superceeded by your nation's actions.

The best part is that you're calling me an outsider, who are you? You're probably not British or live within the Isles, but place yourself over me because you're most likely European. That's intriguing, need to watch out for your folk. (Shame to those with these thoughts who are unlike you, though.) It's been a long hour and Britain's future is ahead, with an 'outsider' like me in it.

No. 99425

>Don't expect an outright answer.

Because you know you're vulnerable. Because you know it's pertinent. Because you know your own racial interests collide with those of the native inhabitants.

>you're proposing solutions that aren't going to satisfy people who think like you in the long run all the while proclaiming acceptance

The vast majority of white people in this country want the total inflow for settlement to be reduced, at once, to negligible proportions.

>The world will eventually grow to be racially diversified.

No it won't. The only countries on earth that allow demographically significant settlement from racial aliens are white ones. The non-white ones are going to remain homogeneous.

>The best part is that you're calling me an outsider

Of course you're an outsider. You openly gloat about white british minoritization within their own homeland under the guise of "racial diversification".

No. 99426

Absent father :)

BM/WF always seems to end up this way for some reason. Funny isn't it?

No. 99427

If it satisfies you, that simply isn't the case. I'm not mixed. But your having your field day out here so I won't stop you.

Hopefully you two will settle down in a week or so.

No. 99428

Don't worry. The first brick in the EU has been broken. That engine that has been so generous to non-white invaders is going down the drain.

No. 99435

Really? A ton of liberals are supporting and defending them, ignoring the rape statistics in Germany and Sweden. It boils my blood. And they respond with 'b-but we're all immigrants!'

Nothing wrong with immigrants, but do it legally. Obama wants to flood the country with 'refugees' with no real end game except letting islam take over. Muslims don't adapt or integrate into a country. Look at poor London.

No. 99436

>Most people who are not White British (including myself) know that we cannot fully assimilate into Western society fully,

Then fuck off. Why even leave a country to basically ruin another? I found it hard to be sympathetic to these refugees when they are the most ungrateful pieces of shits. Want to claim asylum, but refuse to accept how western society works.

Sorry mate, our woman can drive and get jobs and actually think for themselves. We don't mind gays either. I will never accept muslims into the U.S
The fact that they wanted a mosque built around ground zero was all kind of levels of disrespect. Pray at your own damn house.

No. 99440

I don't want to hijack this thread and turn it into a US centric one, but look at our politicians and the people who actually bother to go out and vote, most of them hold anti-Muslim sentiments, and most of the Democrats I know support Muslims but want them to stay out of the US. And do you honestly think Supreme Court will let Obama open the borders?

No. 99443

File: 1466924353648.jpg (657.64 KB, 2048x1536, brexit_chalk2.jpg)

Looks like not only did the David Cameron resign, but there is also drama in the Labour party:

Seems like Jeremy Corbyn is a old school socialist and never a big fan of the EU, and he barely did any campaigning to support Remain (probably secretly rooted for Brexit secretly). Many Labour districts turned out heavily for Brexit, and now the party is starting a coup to remove him.

>Left today: Supports supra-national corporate influence and the globalist elite

>Right today: Supports blue collar working class and against international free trade agreements

Funny how both have effectively swapped sides

No. 99444

What do the pink words say? Sorry, my English is not working with me today.

No. 99445

Seems like they were added later:

Yes (weak) Borders
Yes (EU) Nations

Apparently some guy was butthurt and thinks weak borders is better than no borders

>With no borders you get good people and bad people

>With weak borders you only get the bad people

No. 99448

>Airs gripes with Islam even despite me saying beforehand I'm not Muslim.

Read up before posting, I'm not going to do it for you. And I love that people alike to yourself think that's a viable option for everyone. Let your ideals not conflate with others realities.

And acting like those two things are not prevalent in other countries, why are you holding your complex with Islam over me?

No. 99524

File: 1466985273907.png (267.38 KB, 630x558, Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 00.5…)

Bunch of random Europeans signing that 2nd referendum petition got called out and stopped.

They seem pissed off their free way ticket to a new house, job and handout has been cut off

No. 99553

File: 1467011686467.jpg (100.74 KB, 1024x904, rare_disgusted_pepe_by_fazbogg…)

>How do these people explain the rise of China exactly?

No. 99554

You do realize the UK would have absolutely NO input when article 50 is invoked right? Your fate is completely in the other 27 countries.

No. 99559

File: 1467013795948.jpg (10.28 KB, 250x238, cia.jpg)

>into a free, independent, and prosperous democratic Britain where children are safe and we don't have to worry about terrorist attacks.
May I ask how exactly do you plan to achieve that? Honestly britbongs, what's the next step of your master plan? You're not going to get a better trade deal than with the EU. I'd really love to hear the solutions the armchair economists ITT have to offer.

>They aren't a single-issue party.
Tell me about their other issues.


Fucking hilarious lolcow can manages to turn complaints about "immigrants" into "they aren't dressing kawaii enough for me" tbh

>stock markets
k fam

>REEEE get out of my country! muh ancestors shed blood for it!
Did you have a stroke and forget about which empire invaded the entire goddamn world?

No. 99561

>The EU will punish it's own continental exporters to punish Britain.

Britain is the second largest market for them in Europe. End of discussion.

No. 99562

The Mongols? The various Islamic caliphates? We've already dealt with this bullshit lie that Europeans have some unique morally particular element to their history in this very thread.

What race are you? Asian?

No. 99564

>Britain is the second largest market for them in Europe.
The EU buys nearly half of all your exports. Keep deluding yourself that you have the upper hand negotiating your leave when the time comes, fucking moron.

I didn't say you were unique. I'm calling you a fucking hypocrite for complaining about someone else doing something when you're much more guilty of the very same thing yourselves. Nice to see you respond with some red herring bullshit that has nothing to do with my point. Congrats retard.

No. 99567

Yes. I'm sure the head of Daimler will allow the eu to introduce mutual tariffs. Makes perfect sense.

Fuck off you non white. You're not even a real American.

No. 99568

Yes. I'm sure the head of Daimler will allow the eu to introduce mutual tariffs. Makes perfect sense.

Fuck off you non white. You're not even a real American.

No. 99570

File: 1467022460665.jpg (39.9 KB, 448x640, 978e4e07-c784-4c64-bb73-2ba4f5…)

No. 99581

UKIP is a single issue party. Their sole purpose is to get UK out of the EU, and they still need to see brexit through because in theory the parliament can backtrack and refuse to invoke article 50 (70% of current MPs were for Remain)

Keep in mind UK joined the EEC in 1973 when it was only an economic trading bloc. In 1993 it took on a political role became the EU. Currently the European Commission are full of federalists who believe in integrating EU into a USA-style federation. This is an ongoing process w/ new legislation being passed down from Brussels and member states can't opt out without leaving the EU.

Whether or not you support Brexit, it's important to understand UKIP's primary argument is the transformation from economic union to political union was a bait and switch UK voters did not sign up for (there was a referendum in 1975 for the EEC). Apparently Farage doesn't want UK to become the European version of New York State and Brussels becoming their Washington D.C.

This doesn't mean the Leave campaign were saints. They exploited the 2015 refugee crisis to drive emotional votes. Of course the Stay campaign were out painting them as racists and neo-nazis so that wasn't pretty either.


No. 99583

I don't think they exploited it. If you don't think it's a legitimate concern I'm not sure what's wrong with you.

No. 99587


Can anyone not British fuck off out the thread

No. 99590

Agreed. The people who keep talking about this are mostly Americans. I'm not sure why? Especially since they knew JACK SHIT about this subject before it happened.

It's pretty annoying. It doesn't even affect them at all like wtf.

No. 99592

I'm an American and don't post in this thread (until now, I guess,) and I completely agree with you two. 'Muricans, please get out. You know we don't like it when "outsiders" comment on our politics that they don't understand or are not here to experience for themselves. Have some respect and let the Brit anons have their thread.

No. 99650

A Japanese pal of mine sent me a message of some Romanian he's friends with living here and they're suffering 'racial abuse' by British telling whoever they are to leave and go back.

I wouldn't say that's racism. Plus British who act like that just make leavers look awful when half against the overflow of migrants coming over aren't even racist. We just have too many of the sponging fuckers coming. I know blacks and asians who voted out.

No. 99651


Even the Japanese are getting involved. Fgs they're not even on the same side of the world as us let alone in Europe. But yet if a plague of gaijin demanded to live in on their glorious weeb soil they'd soon get pissed off at us.

No. 99652

No. 99654

Why are you bringing up imperial era japan and cold war era china era as examples? Americans hung random black people from trees as recently as the 1960's

Political correctness is going to die if Trump gets elected. Depending on your view of free speech this is either a good thing or a bad thing

No. 99658


Lol wot

No. 99659

Yeah I'm sure if 13% of china's population were black they'd be totally cool with them fucking Chinese women. All it took for those riots to erupt were a few dozen. Uighurs have been killed in scores for similar reasons.

No. 99665

That race riot in china haplened in 1989.

Let's not forget that the PLA is still occupying Tibet and Xinjiang, but we don't get tovse that, as opposed to the media circus whenever some thug gets shot in America.

No. 99666

The rest of Europe and the world is affected by your retarded decision.

No. 99690

*Correct Decision

I really didn't care about SJW/das racist apologizers until it literally became the political platform topic of this year's election. We can talk about muh terrorism scare tactics, but the truth is ISIS isn't a fucking joke, and assimilating the cultural "values" of "refugees" just means Americans giving more tax dollars, more good neighborhoods, over to the next shade of dindus.

This is incredibly relevant to Americans as the Trans Pacific Partnership basically passed, meaning MORE of our Economy will be ship-overseas, in exchange for more influence over our trade partners.

Brexit, in the eyes of an American, seems almost impossible but here it is, and I'm damn happy to see it. The EU is an insurance policy for global disaster.

No. 99699


Fuck off anon

We made the decision for our own people just like any other country would. Difference is the british people are daft enough to dish out freebies whereas other countries woul tell foreigners to go fuck themselves.

No. 99700


Precisely and we are letting of were going to allow god knows how many more in along side Turkey if they were going join which they would. Turkish work all through summer and spring but dont in winter. Hence why they make a killing in their holiday resorts. I used to live in turkey for five months when i was a teen. Found out a lot. So they would work there in summer and come over in winter to grab some British tax payer more. I can see their plan right way.

Plus the visa marriage married man shit who uses dumb british women to grab a green card so he can arrive in the UK for freebies too.

Nah they can fuck off. Lovely people at the most but nope.

ISIS lurks all over the show… It doesnt help we have asian teens getting involved with the crazy fucks online either. All those ones who have gone there, it annoys me how the soft touch police say they would allow them to come back.

To me thats just tresion. I dont think they should let then back in. One for the stupid decision making and two fuck knows what they will have on them or in them if they came back.

No. 99894

We might be having a 2nd vote anons

prepare yourselves

we might be going back into the EU

No. 99895

WHAT really???? Source, source source!

No. 99897


Didn't you see it on the news anon? It was on this morning Sky news about people protesting outside parliament. Yeah they want a 2nd vote for it

No. 99898

No. 99899

No. 99900

Yeah so anons who voted out prepare yourself to be stuck in a loophole paying for random fuckers to come over and wait on the housing waiting list for a good 10 years before you're put first

No. 99911

>They exploited the 2015 refugee crisis to drive emotional votes.
hahaha, that's your biggest problem with them? Not the fact that they literally made shit up?

No. 99913

>they still haven't learned

>leaving the EU is going to solve UK's immigrant issue
My sides. You know what, the Americans are probably more qualified to talk about brexit than you despite only reading about it after the referendum. Also >>99666

No. 99920

No theyre not anon

No. 99940

There are a fair number of EU directives that you can remove that apply to things like naturalization rights while still remaining part of the EEC.

No. 100040

Poor Jeremy Corbyn. He's the only decent leader that Westminster Labour have had in decades and he's been held up against the wall by war mongering, junior doctor hating, right wing Blairites who are getting all insecure because the Chilcot report that announces Tony Blair is a war criminal and a liar will be out next week.

No. 100046


Pfft Tony Blair should be done for genocide really if truth be told. Him and Bush should be shot after the stunts they pulled.

No. 100048

Blair and Straw also need to be tried for High Treason, according to a Labour Party member they purposefully opened the floodgates of immigration to tip future elections demographically in Labour's favor.

No. 100077

No. 100100

File: 1467343688191.jpg (9.43 KB, 250x250, shig.jpg)

>you can remove
Yeah good luck with that.

No. 100113

Leaving was good. Being independent is good, I'm sure the older generation who has actually lived through it would know, unlike those sooky people who just turned 18 or something. London stock markets higher than before Brexit, so…

No. 100116

>Leaving was good.
we haven't actually left yet

No. 100135

Oh yes the good old days before the EU, when shops sold out of date food, cities were polluted and buildings were damp,beaches were filled with debris.
If England wishes to return to the "good old days" so be it, but Scotland is staying in the EU.

No. 100141

a summary: leave voters now know they fucked up and are too proud to admit it.

i usually dont state my opinion as fact but brtiain made an unresearched, unproven decisions and failed this country massively.

if you voted leave, congrats, ur racism is stronger than your love for this country.

im outtie

No. 100148


How is it even racist? Whites voting for other whites to get out (poles for e.g)

Retainers are just pissed off because they have to pay more to visit other countries and preach rasizum to everyone who voted leave even if it wasn't the migrant issue.

Ugh I can't wait till the EU shit blows over its getting on my fucking nerves.

No. 100149


Just so you know anon we had blacks and asians here in the UK before we even joined the EU. So it's hardly a race issue it's just British are fed up to fuck of waiting for 10 years on a housing waiting list and yet random fuckers from weird -stan country get put into a brand new house first.

No. 100150


Scotland is pretty useless anyway, they can stay in the EU if they please.

No. 100151


No we'll probably get sucked back in tbh.

So British get fuck all done for them and random people from elsewhere get housed and seen to first before our own. House prices go up, less work (depending) and the country becomes more and more and more overpopulated.

No. 100154

Then don't accept people from Stan countries. Except there are no -Stan countries in Europe and most of them are your former colonies anyway. I don't see what the EU has to do with it except provide a steady supply of plumbers and au pairs. Most dolescum don't even want to do the jobs they're doing, I used to work as a housekeeper back when I was desperate and they literally begged me to ask my friends if they'd like a job. Most people willing to do that shite were foreigners, the two locals working there constantly complained and whinged about how life was unfair.

No. 100159

Our EU membership has nothing to do with accepting people from the middle east.
The reason why council housing is in a state has nothing to do with migrants, blame your own poxy westminister gov. for that.

No. 100160

Exactly, foreigners who come to britain work hard. Those Pakistani migrants anon was moaning about probably put in more hours and made more sacrifices than your average little englander.

No. 100164

Pakistanis are notorious dole cheats.

Poles and eastern Europeans generally work hard.

The only reason you hear about them so much is because it's acceptable to moan about white immigration when in reality it's the least problematic group.

No. 100165

Not only that, they're incredibly racist themselves.

No. 100208

At least in my country, the majority of religious hatred, violent crime, "dole" cheats and laziness comes from the indigenous white community. The impression of migrants we have is that they have made sacrifices to get here and they work damn hard.

No. 100211

Except if say, Germany, decides they're going to let in a shitload of Syrian migrants. Once they get German citizenship they can then all come over to the UK and there's fuck all we can do about it.

No. 100220

That's because Sweden is a country of cucks

No. 100221

I don't think your country is the one exception to the trend.

We have welfare dependency and criminality data stratified by race from the UK, US, Switzerland, Germany etc.

In every single country, even Switzerland, there's the same pattern that repeats: Blacks are the most criminal and welfare dependent, followed by, MENAs/Pakistanis and so on. Just to give you some idea. In Switzerland, a relatively safe country, immigrants are 600% more likely to be criminal than a native Swiss.

Incidentally, why should you allow someone in to stack shelves just because he's a "hard worker"? His demand side pressure on public services and the housing market alone makes him a net recipient versus his meager taxes.

No. 100222

*immigrants from sub-saharan Africa

Some ethnic groups work hard. But that's not really something that should concern us, hard working or not hard working, more racial diversity equals more racial tension, so it seems to me to be a point of axiomatic understanding that keeping a country as homogeneous as possible keeps the levels of racial tension lower than they otherwise would be.

I don't want a black/pakistani underclass and I don't want a Chinese/East Asian technocratic overclass. I want immigration for settlement limited to demographically insignificant numbers.

The other stuff, like making it a points-based system for those who are granted work visas, should just be a matter of common sense, that's not even ideological as far as I'm concerned.

No. 100230

But if everyone is afforded the same opportunities then why should there be any divisions or resentment? I guess in my country race isn't the issue, it's class and inequality that comes with it.

No. 100239

Because people are intrinsically tribal and because people and groups aren't equal. Equality is a siren song.

No. 100340

Wanna know how I can tell you weren't even born when those days were around? And don't lie and say you were, its clear you were not. Or maybe you're a chav, that would explain a lot.

Calling someone racist has no meaning anymore. Can't help but roll my eyes when I hear RAYCEESSST.

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