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File: 1466614334417.jpg (93.42 KB, 422x750, k8lyn.jpg)

No. 98656

Let's make fun of shitty parents! Post any screencaps or stories about people who make you question if eugenics really are humanity's only hope.

No. 98664

holy shit, those parents are evil

No. 98666

Someone needs to post that best of list of Mormon baby names. I can't remember what thread it was in, but it was hilarious.

No. 98668

No. 98674

i have an irrational hatred for parents who give their kids retarded names. if you name your kid some cutesy shit like "kayden" or a game of thrones reference or something you probably shouldn't be having kids. it makes it look like you think your kid will be a cute baby forever and won't actually grow up into an adult who has to write "McKaylylyn" on their resume

No. 98698

Dude I'm the same way. I miss the days where naming your child something stupid with a bunch of y's in place of vowels was something that only white trash and ghetto trash did.

No. 98713

>Satan approves
Here you go anon, from the ForeverKailyn thread: http://wesclark.com/ubn/faves.html

Also: Tess Holliday, fatass extraordinaire named her new baby Bowie Juniper Holliday

No. 98724

With a name like that she probably will grow up to be evol

No. 98727

I'm still waiting for parents who name their kids after memes.

No. 98731

"Alright,who's next in this pile of resumes…Pepe Doge Johnson?…"

No. 98733

It's worse when you realise that VIII in latin is octo, so they technically named their child Koctolyn, which imo sounds like the name of some sort of experimental drug treatment for erectile dysfunction.

No. 98734

I about choked on cornchips reading that

No. 98737

It's not far off:
>Parents Are Naming Their Babies After Instagram Filters

>Millennial parents are looking to Instagram filters to help name their children, according to one parenting site. The most popular name derived from the photo-sharing app was Lux, which rose 75% on the list of baby boy names compared to last year, new statistics from BabyCenter.com show.

>Ludwig, Amaro, Reyes, Hudson and Kelvin also increased in popularity for boy names in 2015, though their popularity has fluctuated in recent years. Baby girls were named Juno, Valencia and Willow.


No. 98743

You know how in some countries the child's name needs to be approved by the government before the parents can name it that? The US needs that NOW.

No. 98750

File: 1466660306631.jpg (111.07 KB, 818x856, courage.jpg)

No. 98753

I live just south of there and this is accurate. Thankfully my generation skipped the retarded spellings for the most part. The worst was a pair of brothers named Forest and Hunter.

No. 98757

Those aren't really bad names though imo

No. 98760

I really like the name Ashlyn even though it fits into that "replace the vowels with ys" category…

No. 98761

No. 98767

I wouldn't mind being called Courage Wolf.

No. 98770

File: 1466686121505.gif (3.8 MB, 365x274, 56597678.gif)

The fucking Star Trek inspired ones holy shit!
"Ye shud' naem yer daughter after that one pretty lady fella from one 'o dem Trek Star series. Think shey was called 'Judziah Datz' or sumthin'."

No. 98786

Changing the spelling of a common name doesn't make it unique. The name Bob is the same even if it's spelled B0hb. These parents are now making the job of teachers and doctors even harder and I hope they mispronounce their kid's name in their graduation ceremonies so they can feel bad. I used to think names like Laquisha were odd, but white people just took the cake.

No. 98814

These poor babies. You can like a series but don't name your dumb kid who has no choice in name after a fictional and popular hbo series.

No. 98815

>courage wolf

That is like some bad furry OC. People like this should not have children.

No. 98819

Tikki tikki tembo-no sa rembo- chari bari ruchi-pip peri pembo

No. 98821

Khaleesi is such a shit name too. I heard of someone who named their kid Karliah after the dark elf Thieves' Guild lady from Skyrim, but at least that's an actual documented irl name and not a completely made up word.

No. 98823

I once knew a girl who was named L-A. It was literally probounced La dash A.

No. 98824

I sort of like unique names. Probably because every second persons name you meet here is Ana or Marko. It's a nice change lol
But people really do go overboard while naming their kids

No. 98907


Because the dash don't be silent!!

No. 98931

Grew up with a girl who's name spelling with "D'anna".
Why though

No. 98934

M'kayla instead of Mikayla (Makayla? Mckayla? Michaela?)

No. 98949

There was a girl in my old neighborhood named Tifa. But she was born before years the game came out. As a name it's not strange. But now that it's associated with Final Fantasy it must be annoying.

My brother had a classmate named Kissie. It was not a nickname. He also knew a girl named Arthamedial. Not sure how you'd spell it. But that's how it sounded. It sounds made up. But maybe it's from mythology or something.

No. 99097

I saw someone that is planning on naming the baby Darity

No. 99106

File: 1466753900376.jpg (16.7 KB, 275x263, image.jpg)

>Fedora tipping reaches critical levels

No. 99107

Hey Balkan anon, do you remember the news report from a couple of years ago when a Croatian couple named there baby Christiano Ronaldo (both are his first name). The poor baby had a brother named Dorian Florian

No. 99134

A politician in my country named his daughters Vera Faith and Nada Hope. Basically Faith Faith and Hope Hope. Also it sounds even more tacky here because we don't even have middle or double barrelled names except for MAYBE Anna-Maria.
Then again he's a known cokehead and criminal.

No. 99142

Nada translates to the word 'nothing' in Spanish. No hope. Poor child :(

No. 99143

It's a girl thing. Girls love that shitty Daenerys character and hate Stannis.

No. 99148

I think I do. Poor kid lol

No. 99175

But have you heard of Christiano Laminni?
Fucking dalmatians…

No. 99189

There's this singer in my country who named their kids Lyonce Viktoria and Lyani Viktoria. It probably doesn't sound that bad but here it's pretty ridiculous and there were a ton of memes and shit when the children were born.

No. 99194

File: 1466795130856.jpeg (84.08 KB, 750x661, image.jpeg)

Naming child after dogs……… wow

No. 99199

It's even worse because even the dog names are shitty. Rebel Anne? Confirmed for white trash.

No. 99221

~statistically the popular Game of Thrones themed names are Theon and Arya though.

No. 99231

There's an adult in North America with the given name of Sexkissia, no joke.

No. 99256

I love ASOIAF and I think Arya is a genuinely beautiful name for a girl but I'd never name my daughter that, just because its fucking mean to give your child a pop culture name. Especially the faggots naming their daughters Khaleesi. Its a title not a name.

Those children are going to grow up the butt of some stupid joke, and hate it forever.

Who wouldnt laugh their ass off if they ever met a little Drogo or Podrick.

No. 99257

I love ASOIAF and I think Arya is a genuinely beautiful name for a girl but I'd never name my daughter that, just because its fucking mean to give your child a pop culture name. Especially the faggots naming their daughters Khaleesi. Its a title not a name.

Those children are going to grow up the butt of some stupid joke, and hate it forever.

Who wouldnt laugh their ass off if they ever met a little Drogo or Podrick.

No. 99828

File: 1467158405728.jpg (7.3 KB, 319x207, 5.jpg)

Former /cgl/ tripfag s0nicfreak wanted to prove she was a hardcore Sonic the Hedgehog fan via her poor baby's name, so she named her daughter after the series creator.

No. 99837

That's really unfortunate. At least she has a normal middle name to change to/go by instead, I suppose.

I once read an article about some parents that had their kid taken away because they named it Tallulah Does The Hula In Hawaii.

I'm pretty there was a legit neo-nazi couple who got a lot of shit for literally naming their kid Joy Aryan Nation or something. I think they literally named their 2nd kid after Hitler too.

No. 99932

>taking the kid away if the parent fucks up on day 1 by picking out a stupid fucking name

I can get behind that.

No. 99937

Living in Oakland, I've heard some interesting names. The best ones being "Peace Harmony" and "Chyna Jewels" (first and last names). Also know someone named "Baby Doll", don't remember her last name. Went to school with a Diamond, Tiara, Krystal, Mercedes, Porscha, and Queenie.

No. 99939

If you want to see crazy names, go on lesbian dating apps.

I saw a girl on there named "Unique", another named "Justus", and "Shalianne". So bad.

No. 99949

The name that really makes me angry is Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards) that some stupid person invented and somehow it caught on. Apparently it's pronounced "Nuh-vay-uh" or something. It's usually stupid trailer park teen moms but not limited to.

No. 99956

I see your Krystal and raise you Jacinta, Shakira, Rihanna Concepta and Chardonnay

No. 99957

I wonder if that's why they killed him in the TV show.

>Naming your son after a character that gets his penis cut off
>Not naming him Ramsay instead

No. 99987

I know a couple who just had an Anarchy Rebelle. She's such a cute kid but its such a retarded, awful name.
The parents don't even know what anarchy means.

No. 99998

to be fair, Mercedes is a real name before the auto brand existed. i bet they named their kid after the cars though.

No. 100003

Mercedes is actually a pretty name that was ruined by the car, such as many names have been ruined. I used to think Isis was pretty too, but now it's something else.

I know people naming their kids Bentley though. Now that is tragic.

No. 100006

I have no issiue with the name Mercedes, it's more the ignorant people that only associate with a car brand. The name comes from one of the virgin Mary's titles and is popular with catholics.
Isis is also another beautiful name, don't let Daesh taint it. There are also many women and girls called Swastika, it is a name meaning luck/well being and has been used for at least 12 thousand years.

No. 100009

Whenever I think of Mercedes, I think of the little fairy girl from Odin Sphere.
Isis is a genuinely pretty name with a great origin but it's now permanently associated with terrorists. Nutella refused to print a jar for a little girl during their custom label campaign just because her name is Isis.

At least Bentley is better than Ferrari…

No. 101223

Would it be considered bad parenting to name a girl "Malonyl"?

It's an organic compound but it SOUNDS like a legit girl's name.

No. 101224

Sounds like an organic compound to me.

No. 101258

No anon, don't name your kid that. The word sounds pretty but it's obviously a compound.

No. 101278

Please don't

No. 101279

Just name her Melanie ffs

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