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File: 1465500356823.png (651.75 KB, 853x480, 430.png)

No. 96782

Anyone on here like the watching makeup YouTubers? Favorites? Ones you can't stand? Lesser known ones? Share pls

No. 96789

I like to watch shicurves because she makes me feel like never eating again

No. 96805

Ugh, fat girl contouring. You're not fooling anyone.

No. 96806

I can't stand the girl in OP Nikkietutorials. She looks like a huge walking pile of dough but gets relentless praise and attention. Her face-full-of-makeup has the consistency of cheesecake and she clearly has an addiction to using it to cover up her horrible skin which is likely self-induced by absolute shit diet and constant overuse of makeup. If she spent half the time she does on makeup on doing serious exercise instead she would probably look ten times better.

No. 96813

File: 1465508441075.jpg (175.98 KB, 568x543, 1464412337395.jpg)

I didn't know who she was, I just watched one of her videos and
>"OH GOSH! I forgot to wash and moisturize my face!"
>whips out a fucking baby wipe
Holy shit lmao

No. 96818

the people kissing ass in the comments and pretending to be nice are only trying to make themselves feel better. and i like how they accentuate their words, "omg you're SO beautiful!" cause they know that she is one fat, ugly motherfucker. so hypocritical

No. 96821

Check out her rave look video, it's hilarious

No. 96912

Nikkietutorials is awful. Her "tutorials" are basically all the same drag queen look. Plus the amount of foundation and concealer that she slabs on her fat face is ridiculous. No wonder her skin is so bad underneath.

I like Lisa Eldridge because she seems to know what she's talking about and Sharon Farrell because her mug is similar to mine.

No. 96913

Lisa E is one of the very, very few makeup Youtubers who know what they're talking about AND whose vids have high production value AND are classy

No. 96914

Yes, I love her historic themed videos.
It shows she has a real understanding of the art and social history of cosmetics.

No. 96987

This chick and her fug face annoy the crap out of me. If Pewdiepie and graveyardgirl had a YouTube baby that was somehow lamer and more irritating/tryhard than both of them, it would be Simply Nailogical.

No. 96991

She is trying so hard to sound like Jenna Marbles, this is so boring and annoying.

No. 96998

Something about that is just so nasty. I don't know, but it's so repulsive to look at, even though I am aware this is just for fun.

No. 97005

I think it's because it looks like growths, like some sort of fungal nail disease.
I know they were just having fun and playing about but damn if it doesn't give me the shivers

No. 97010

Does glitterforever17 count? She doesn't do makeup tutorials really… but she does a lot of retarded makeup diys.

She has the personality of a box of rocks.

No. 97013

What is this fascination some people have with eating their utilities? Why should your fucking makeup be edible?

No. 97014

Not a lot of people talk about Zabrena but she's probably one of the most helpful YouTubers that actually knows her shit. Also she has a cute personality rather that just "OH MY GOD LIKE I LOVE LOVE THIS LOOK LIKE…"

No. 97016

wow.. Is she actually suggesting you put this on your skin? It sounds like the best way to instantly get awful skin.

Also holy hell she's not subtle about her endorsements is she?

No. 97021

I love her decade tutorials! I love that it's more than just the same routine look but using blue eyeshadow for the 80's as the only substitute. you can tell she really does her research.

No. 97029

This edible nonsense is annoying, but you have to admit she's pretty creative.

No. 97034

I hate every Youtuber that uses these neon backrounds for their thumbnails. 99% of the time their content is shit.

No. 97048

She's "creative" alright.

No. 97049

File: 1465654765510.jpg (62.75 KB, 505x505, 05.jpg)

She looks like PatrickStarr with lighter skin in this lol

No. 97050

Of course the comment section is full of pre teens waiting for their period. This video is made for them who think stuffing their bras with tampons is a cool thing to do

No. 97054

The fuck did I just watch. having a period is not this complicated. I about died at the thought of having underwear with a pad already attached to it in your bathroom.

No. 97055

Stumbled on this chick a few weeks ago. Her videos are great for falling asleep to because she has 0 personality and it kills me

No. 97058

>we got kourtnehkaysdolchehkayankilehkay
>kylee jennur leep keets
>opun et… et zai kylee
This video is like MUA ASMR… the buzzing, her soft, unintelligible voice. Is she a weeb? The choice of music is so weird.

No. 97093

it's even more cringy when you realize this bitch is damn near 30.

No. 97099

People who are excited to get their period are the dumbest shits ever.


Yeah, aside from that being unhygienic… I don't get it. Having your period every month sucks a lot, but it isn't complex to take care of or deal with.

No. 97113


Something about her reminds me of those horrible toy review channels. I think it's her false sense of excitement.

No. 97122

Girl, same?? I can't stand her voice and I saw a video where she talked about limecrime and she sound so snobbish.

No. 97252

I honest to God love Stephanie Nicole. Her reviews are so savage and she seems like she really gets it when it comes to the make up industry.

No. 97262

oh my gosh she must go through a bottle of foundation every few days

No. 97284

I really like this reviewer as well (though not so much her makeup looks)

No. 97318

Geez this woman. She is a grade A makeup hoarder.

No. 97332

Wow I love this woman, thanks for linking it. She's so straight to the point and not loud and exaggerated.

Found my new favourite makeup reviewer.

No. 97334

I like her too, although I sort of side eye her for calling Jeffree Star out for bullying and being a general dick, and having a sub par make up line, all the while sucking Lime Crime/ Doe Deere's dick. Everyone has a problematic fave I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 97339

She's fugg, but knows her shit. I'll sub.

No. 97342

Discovered this girl today from this vid, love her videos. I'm glad she was honest in her reviews on Jeffree's stuff, I've been wanting to get his eyeshadow palette ever since it was revealed. I'm glad I didn't end up shelling out $45 on what looks to be like a pretty shitty product.

No. 97343

She's great, she has a real knowledge about make up and their ingredients and what that means, that I don't see anywhere else on YT. Another one of her popular videos she basically called out Kylie Jenner for using the same exact formula from Colourpop. They're made in the same lab everything.

No. 97381

She looks like a pigwoman, with or without makeup.

No. 97382

Wow. I honestly love her brutal honesty. I had issues with the "I'm Nude" lipstick when it came out and even sent the company an email about it. They told me the formula was solid and that maybe i was using it wrong.

(It was patchy and peely for me as well, so glad I am not the only one.) I am not a JS supporter and tired of so many basic bitches kissing his ass.

No. 97409


her skin looks great anon. no idea what you are talking about.

No. 97413

I never liked the palette. My main issue with it was the colour choices. They're nice colours but they're a mess to work with, it's so clashy and unless you're doing some huge rainbow type mess you're kind of just stuck with a few shimmery gold/neutrals which you can get in any basic palette for like $10.

No. 97423

File: 1465831459232.jpg (46.95 KB, 548x299, beauty-killer-by-jeffree-2.jpg)

What pissed me off about the palette is that people tried to justify the shitty color choices by saying "if you break it down into quads they're totally cohesive!!!"

ONE quad (second from left) is cohesive and the far right quad sort of goes together, but the other two quads are still ugly fucking messes that pretty much nobody could put a look together with.

I get that since it's his palette it can be a little self-indulgent but to sell something that has a bunch of shades which no one will use just rubs me the wrong way, especially when he knows how all of his fans will buy literally anything he puts out there. Jeffree is a money grubbing whore in the worst possible way.

No. 97426

Jefree has such a tasteless and horrible attitude.

No. 97436

File: 1465836139488.png (368.26 KB, 476x479, filthy-casual.png)

That palette looks like shit and after watching >>97252 review, it smears like shit too.

I never liked JS from back in his scenequeen Myspace days, but knowing that he has basically never changed his tune is worse. He is still rude, racist and sexist. He thinks because he's openly gay, he can call women bitches and cunts. He is violent too. I wouldn't put it past him to hit a woman because she stepped on his overpriced shoes.

I would never support him and I will let my friends know who do buy his makeup about his attitude and hopefully they'll learn something about his lack of ethics.

No. 97438

Yeah, makeup can fix ugly, but it can't fix fat. She looks doughy and gross, but that really is the audience that wastes their money on Jeffree's trashy makeup line.

No. 97440

Ok, so I was never into MySpace and definitely not into scene so I've missed out on a lot of this type of drama. Would I be too much of a faggot to ask for milk regarding this? It sounds like a scene thread would be pretty interesting.

No. 97441

Nah, it's all good, anon. I was 18 in 2003, so I was around just as the scene drama got big on Myspace. I think a scene drama/scenequeen thread on snow would be cool. We could focus on Js, Audrey kitching, Jac Vanek and all the other hasbeens of the early to mid 2000s.

No. 97473

File: 1465846792712.jpg (94.54 KB, 375x500, 2766720792_3232dfce6a_z.jpg)

Would be interesting but most of those people besides JS don't really do anything. Would be nice to have a thread to reminence.

Basically the biggest drama JS was part of was in his friendship triangle with Audrey and Hannah Beth. They all had a messy falling out which was broadcasted all over Myspace and a lot of "he said she said" BS. Jeffree probably instigated most of it. It was just a lot og stupid HS drama, but Jeffree has always been crude, with calling people cunts and mimicking black urban slang/ behavior (typical gay man things tbh). But he was in his early 20s and clearly never really grew out of it.

No. 97474

He's basically the epitome of the Privileged Queen stereotype.

Flamboyantly gay and aggressive, thinks he's the shit, uses AAVE as if the gays created it but is obviously racist as shit, only hangs out with people who will further his career or are just as obsessed with looks as he is, quick to lash out and will never apologize for being wrong.

If you watch >>97252 you can see a rundown of his more recent shit (not all of it), and add in just general myspace drama scene BS.

No. 97475

File: 1465847244183.png (170.82 KB, 263x410, jac.PNG)

Jac Vanek seems to be doing good for herself, she does a podcast with 2 of her friends (funny thing is they all dated the guitarist for Panic! At the Disco back when). Also she still has he clothing company, but all of her shit is basic bitch tshirts with shit like "WIFI N COFFEE<3" on them going for $50+ prices.

No. 97476

I was friends with a couple of European scene queens (mainly Hannie) who used to be huge on the internet (and real life, pun intended) and was known for abusing the myspace/fat girl angle. Now she's a trainwreck, but idk if anyone wants to hear about them.

No. 97477

File: 1465847864152.jpg (48.54 KB, 640x640, 10632189_593981627420264_35327…)

>Dated 2006 Ryan ross

I will always envy that. She dated him at his prime too.

Yeah, what's really ironic is Brendon Urie's wife (Sarah) buys Jac's merch (or does Jac send it to her for free advertisement??) Either way… Bitch has a decent ride now. She's ugly as fuck due to all the drinking and drugs, but she seems to be doing well for herself selling the most basic of bitches shirts and accessories. I would never pay $60 for a shirt like that though-holyhell.

No. 97486

He looks so twinky… 16yo me would've been all over that tho

No. 97488

I'm massively into twinks. I wish he was still doing music.

No. 97491

File: 1465852439356.gif (117.43 KB, 500x370, 15994319.gif)

A reminisce thread would be very interesting! As I said, since I wasn't into any of that stuff I feel like I may have missed out on some lolworthy stuff. Maybe a /b/ thread would be better for it?

No. 97510

Spill it, anon

No. 97512

i second this. a thread for scene queens, myspace or the 2005-2009 era?

No. 97539

Use the catalog

No. 97546

If there is a scenester/MySpace/emo fag thread please bump it. Personally I haven't seen one, though I may just be a lazy cunt.

No. 97548

I hate what this girl do to her face, she always look cacky, greasy and plain disgusting, her brows look like two dark wood sticks, her contour look like litteral dirt, her nose highlight like an iridescent worm… This mess sum up really well what our decade is in term of makeup.

No. 97551

From the title I thought it was a parody

No. 97553


No. 97554

File: 1465884898064.jpg (34.72 KB, 630x460, 1461605256407.jpg)

>look at thumbnail
>"wtf it's just a parody right"
>video starts

No. 97661

Everything about this video is terrible. Her commentary, the sound quality, her make up, her. WHY WON'T SHE BLEND HER NOSE. IT'S SO IRRITATING.

No. 97665


Is this supposed to be a parody or what? Everything is so bad. I don't understand.

No. 97666

Considering she does makeup like this for every single video, I really doubt it's a parody. If it is it's gotta be some elaborate fucking shit and for like, no payoff whatsoever.

No. 97668

This is absolutely horrendous. Such ham-handed makeup makes her look like a $5 hooker, or at best, a complete idiot.

No. 97682

>pads shorten the duration of your period!!
>cut the wings off your winged pads!!

seriously bitch?

No. 97702


More on topic: those fucking lips, holy shit.

No. 97708

There's no way she's serious. This whole account has to be satire. Trolling. Something.

No. 97735

God I can't fucking stand Nikkietutorials. Her videos are always in my recommended so I end up watching them out of curiosity. Her makeup is near drag levels of over the top, she uses fucking foundation, heavy concealer, and tv paint sticks as well (which are as thick as cement). Yet no one questions why her skin is so shitty. Also she piles on the highlighter, which just makes her and anyone else look oily as fuck, not "glowy". God, why does she have so many subscribers who look to her for makeup advice?

No. 97736

Ugh, when will people stop trying to fame whore off of the Orlando shooting. ESPECIALLY people who aren't even LGBT. It's leaving a really shitty taste in my mouth, especially from Nikki who is neither gay, nor American.

No. 97749

She isn't? She sounds like a proper yank to me.

No. 97750

Check out her older videos, she's from Holland.

No. 97809

Personally, I think it does shorten your period. Shit just doesn't flow after using one.

No. 98325

I actually really like this chick. Idk, I made props for someone that could live off their Youtube bucks, but actually continues to have their regular day job.

No. 98340

Using a tampon shortens your period in the sense that it absorbs fluid faster than a pad does, not that it magically stops your flow

No. 98546

She really got fat though

No. 98547

What even

No. 98556

File: 1466528411130.png (31.82 KB, 633x758, 1432231841847.png)

No. 98905

shoot it into the sun, my god

No. 98906

I fucking hate Xiaorishu. She and her friend used to bully Venus too.

No. 98937

>bullying a mentally ill weeb who needs a reality check

Seems harsh but justified.

No. 98938

You sound jelly

No. 98940

Didn't the "bullying" (parody video, not actual taunting… Can't say the same for Ann)video start when Xiao kinda promoted V, and then (mostly likely) Margo went haywire, blocked Xiao, and talked shit about her while using Venus's accounts?

And according to Xiao, Marge tried to bribe her friends to stop speaking to her..? (take all of this with a grain of salt as it was her words against Margo's over exaggerated version)

While petty, I'd probably do a parody video too.

Oh and friends or not, Venus was easy to mimic and "bully" as she /was/ a stereotypical weeab to the T.

No. 99116


I'm not a weeb so I don't find the idea of living in Japan with a strange man who can't speak my language and having no family to speak of particularly attractive.

Perhaps you do though.

No. 99167

Isn't that the "I don't hang out with other Asians because they are all racist including my parents" person?

No. 103250

File: 1468636805691.png (842.14 KB, 778x767, KJMJyiluz_4YwTcQjE9c8jVspEjrMp…)

Not youtube, but Makeup related. This looks like SHIT but its getting so many compliments, lol.


No. 104792

File: 1469530353598.jpg (33.32 KB, 500x500, gg.jpg)

What do you guys think of Glam and Gore?

No. 104794

/r/makeupaddiction is total shit. all their top posts are either gimmicks, pretty girls with the same instagram look, or boys/trans for SJW brownie points. god forbid you leave any criticism or they'll downvote brigade you

No. 104823


I actually do like her gore segments. Pretty cool for self taught. Her glam parts are a hit or miss, though.

No. 104876

Her "quirky" persona can be kind of annoying and kind of grating especially if i'm not in a good mood but I do enjoy her gore videos.

No. 104900

Not a beauty youtuber, but there's a girl from sweden called Babygirl0. She knows how to film and edit quite well and her personality is quite interesting, but her ddgl phase is a bit disturbing seeing as she's only 16. She won't disclose the age of her 'daddy' but I get the bibe he's in his 40s. As someone who had quite the complex of older men while I was a teen I feel worried while watching her videos. Stupid, but yeah.

No. 104901

Does anyone else think Nikkie's voice sounds like Joan Cusack? They sound exactly the same to me.

No. 104913


She has a really unfortunate face.

No. 104933

she's pretty but it smells like self post

No. 105057

I kinda like Sheslulu.

No. 105126

I really like ssinnim. Super chill person imo. As a newbie to makeup I found her tutorials very helpful. ENG subs are available for a majority of her vids as well.

No. 105135

File: 1469777998107.png (419.79 KB, 684x513, image.png)


She piles up pale as fuck poweder and concealer around her eyes for "additional glow" but it just looks so. fucking. weird. Also her level of highlighter is just beyond pretty. I understand she doesn't aim for a natural look but….gurl…don't do that. Its weird.

Also. Her hair is propably the most annoying thing in the world especially when she it combs it back reeeesaaally thightly.
Just wanna rip it off her head when its like this

No. 105148

she looks like a shitty ariana grande someone made in sims 3

No. 105157

I don't like her "aesthetic" at all, her thumbnails look awful, and I find the whole wearing the equivalent of theatre/drag makeup being normalised weird as it looks so out of place for day wear.

I was watching a Goss makeu artist video where he commented on bad trends, such as putting highlighter all down your nose to the tip and that seems to be her style.

Compared to an artist like Lisa Eldridge who always looks good without piling on the war paint so you looks like a drag artist.

No. 105196

File: 1469829213591.jpg (14.19 KB, 197x112, nt thumb.jpg)

Like what made her think this was a good thumbnail? Why is under her eyes paper white? It doesn't match her face/skin and looks completely awful.

No. 105201

When she wipes away her undereye powder she uses Mac's shimmering white powder. Thus making her undereyes look fucking weird

No. 105204

File: 1469835498111.png (625.3 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Emilysusanah is literally the WORST. She never blends her "contour" (notice the hairline), she sucks at applying eyeshadow. And those fucking horrendous nails. Half the comments on her videos are making fun of her

No. 105218

If this was some stylish stuff meant to look weird and quirky I wouldn't have a problem with it tbh, it doesn't look awful (the blush directly under the eye common in japanese fashion looks pretty nice, for example). But that's clearly a normalfag look. Awful.

No. 105220

I don't understand the general drag queen highlight trend right now. It especially looks bad on Nikki because she already has a big face and it makes it look bigger! Under eye highlighting needs to go far, far away.

No. 105694

Which good beauty Youtubers are older than 25 years? I'm looking for some new to follow. The only ones that I know so far are Tati and Lisa Eldridge.

No. 105711

If you like goth make up there's reereephillips?

No. 105746

Of course she's hopping on the Harley Quinn bandwagon, and once again it's another ~~~drag glam~~~ look.

No. 105759

omfg her makeup is so hard to look at
i dont wanna be mean like everyone in the thread calling her pigface etc but why would she do that on purpose

No. 105766

I don't know how old she is, but I really love Pony's stuff. Its more Korean/ Asian focused but she is really talented, is an make up artist some of the biggest K-stars, like CL from 2NE1. She just seems so cute and refreshing to watch.

No. 105889

hey me too! i thought i would grow to hate her dgaf attitude and memey stoner shit but now i find her endearing + funny. my main complaint about her is how poorly she takes care of her makeup, it seems like she just has loose eyeshadows rolling around in a dusty drawer somewhere??

No. 107359

Are you joking or …?

No. 108081

The amount of shit she cakes on her face at the start is unreal. Why is this type of look in right now? I hate it.

No. 108082

The amount of photoshop she uses in her thumbnails pains me.

No. 108083


Oh god… every time I see this one I cringe constantly

No. 108110

I saw the thumbnail and thought the look was going to be nice, boy was I wrong. I was suffocating while she was putting all the foundation/ concealer on her face.

No. 108124

Why does she always highlight the entire nose, making the tip of your nose white and shiny just looks awful.

No. 108134

She's coming for Rudolph's job to guild that sleigh.

No. 108159


she tries way too hard to be funny, and her "I'M A HOLOSEXUAL XD" shtick makes me want to die.

No. 108162

Is there a place to talk about organizedlikejen/prettyneatliving that isn't gurugossip

No. 108169

Her looks are so unwearable. I can't believe she's only 22. And then, after putting however many products on her face, for some reason she puts zero effort into her hair - it's either a wig, grotty extensions or just her limp, ratty real hair carelessly pulled into a high pony tail for a nice, jarring contrast.

As for you tubers I do like - nailogical is a guilty pleasure. Her personality seems genuine, even if she does lay the holosexual shit on a little thick, and she doesn't pretend to be some amazing nail guru. She's "comfy" to watch I guess.

No. 108171

She needs to keep the tension on her face as a makeup canvas. I don't think she would look the same if she didn't have all of the hair framing her face pulling it upwards.

No. 108173

god this woman is obnoxious. I can't stand her, and there really isn't anything unique or funny about what she does tbh.

No. 108180

She's 22?! With all of her intense make up, I always thought she was late 20's, early/mid 30s range. Without the makeup she looks younger. Time to set the damn brush down.

No. 108182

File: 1471915634545.jpg (126.54 KB, 640x636, blogger-image-350088328.jpg)

Here's what she looked like in 2012(?), she looks way better with this kind of makeup instead of the drag shit

No. 108186

this belongs in the cringe video thread

No. 108201

she was super cute.

No. 108208

How far the mighty have fallen, has she ever addressed her weight gain? inb4 muh thyroid

No. 108214

I don't understand why she does videos like this because I've seen her portfolio and it's much better than the stuff she puts on youtube

No. 108216

I'm assuming the stuff she does for YT is way more trendy and done for the views and money. While the actual stuff she does is more toned down.

Would make sense. I'd love to see her portfolio, do you have a link?

No. 108217


There's still some fug looks but they're 100x better than the shit she does to herself

No. 108219

Holy shit doesn't even look like the same person. I think she's gotten lip fillers too, then, in her upper lip? It's easier to tell before she puts makeup on.

Weird. What the hell happened to this girl?

No. 108222

She actually made a vid about her fillers iirc. It's not like she's trying to hide that fact.

No. 108224

File: 1471954708539.png (961.1 KB, 1704x946, Yvz0zNl.png)

I watch nailogical from time to time since I'm a huge sucker for holo. I like that she focuses solely on statement nails and admits to not knowing jack shit about makeup, when she could easily get praise for crappy tutorials and get free stuff due to her popularity.

But don't get me fucking started on graveyardgirl. She's the most obnoxious human being alive yet just won't leave my yt recommendations. Shrill, painfully unfunny and forced. And how the fuck did such a ratchet looking woman become a goddamned beauty guru??? Her teeth are just nasty, hair is never styled and she usually wears some tattered old t-shirts. Yet she apparently earns bank and even got her own makeup line??? I guess being disgusting makes her "relatable" and "down-to-earth"? But to me she's the crazy frog of youtube muas.

No. 108225

I used to love bunnys videos in 2012 when i was, well 12. She wasnt so graining and not super popular yet. I loved her shoe unboxings and fashion videos. She was still doing paranormal vlogs as well. Maybe its because ive matured or some shit but she is so fucking annoying now. I watch her old videos for nostalga and shes noticably clamer tho. I really think she puts on this whole crazy persona (well she exagerates it a lot more a lot) because kids are now her main auidence. She had a chance to be an entertaining beauty guru but she went to complete shit(underage)

No. 108226

The only reason I won't rag on Nikkie about her weight change is you can tell when she started gaining the weight was around the time her baby brother got cancer. I only occasionally watched her videos, but when she talked about it in one of them I decided to lay off. You stop really caring about shit like weight when a brother or sister gets sick.

No. 108230

She's just so gross. There's something off about her colouring, I think it's the hair.

No. 108231

I like her new hair, but god she's annoying

No. 108232


No. 108249

I don't mind Bunny for some reason. She's another comfy one, like nailogical, just not as chill. I guess I'm used to her yelling. I do think her personality comes off as genuine and not forced, and I like her style when she does bother getting dressed.

No. 108279


I love SimplyNailLogical tbh. She doesn't really do anything super unique and she's rather honest about her lack of skills and when she has 0 idea what she's doing in a video.

I also respect the fact that she still works some office job, even though she could make a living off of YT at this point. And she seems to be a decent role model for the young people that follow her.

No. 108304

She's a very unfortunate looking woman, but her current annoying persona is clearly aimed at children, not adults

No. 108305

File: 1472024560816.gif (148.01 KB, 600x405, image.gif)

>thinking 16 is mature
pic related

Anyway, bunny has the same effect on me as the gains gremlin, every time I see either one I can't focus on anything other than imagining how gross they both smell. If you don't want to wear makeup all the time that's fine, but at least brush your hair and stop angling the camera to look up your nose and at your shitty teeth

No. 108316

she's said she has a personal trainer and regularly exercises, but I highly doubt she's telling the truth

No. 108638


So the funny thing is, if you go back to her early videos she does not have a black accent at all. She somehow just… picked up ebonics.

No. 108776

I think she answered a while back in a video that she got a masters in criminology which was something she always wanted to do and YT was just a hobby. I feel even if she gets even bigger she's not going to dump a career she studied years for over a hobby. She might in the future but at the moment, I think she's going to stay as she is.

Her snapchats pretty nice though. It's mostly with her and Her boyfriend playing with their cats most of the time and it's pretty chill.

I want to love Bunny so much because her personality is so bubbly and can be strange (sometimes when she does the tv product videos it gets a little odd) but I can only take her in short bursts (maybe 5 minutes then I'm done for the week) because her voice will eventually annoy the shit out of me.

No. 108810

Wow, the difference is amazing. I do think she may be making her voice seem more "white", because the video after this one still has her accent, but not as heavy as the Kylie Lip Kit one. She's probably making it a lot thicker since the blaccent thing is so in right now.

No. 108816

maybe someday if I get popular on Youtube I too can get my hair done by a softcore pornstar <3

No. 109340

>tfw you get the latest Ulta circular in the mail and there she is doing a collab with Too Faced

Well, time to go burn down Ulta then, amirite?

No. 109341

File: 1472936892466.png (248.09 KB, 356x356, Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.07…)

pic related.
"Go big or go goth"
fuck this bandwagoning shit.

No. 109356

>Go big or go goth
What the fuck does that even mean?

No. 109409

Means someone fucked up.
"Go goth or go home" would've been better, but it would've still been jumping on a trend lol.

No. 109458

…I thought going big WAS a goth thing?

That's some mixed up sentence

No. 197359

File: 1499251607515.png (290.8 KB, 676x538, Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 11.4…)

never heard of Heidi Somers before but is she seriously exploiting auchwitz to increase views on your youtube for your own fucking vanity …fuck this ugly cunt

No. 197404

She doesn't really do many wearable looks but I love Lucy Garland, she does mostly drag makeup but she's super talented and seems very down to earth.

No. 197446

I thought her face was a mask for a moment… Actually, I still think that.

No. 197451

I like violette_fr and Tamira Jarrel a lot at the moment. Tamira isn't very vivacious so her vids might feel a little grueling to get to at times, but I like her style and disposition a lot. And I really like Violette's philosophy towards makeup.

No. 197498

The way she says 'face charts' sounds like she's saying face sharts kek.

No. 197503

Ever been to France? French women are so so ugly.

They think they are a lot more beautiful than they actually are. In fact, I think this is their real 'beauty' secret. Confidence is key. If you bullshit people into thinking you are beautiful and act like snooty high maintenance bitch, maybe they'll start believing it.

No. 197659

Parisian bitches ≠ French women anon.

No. 198008

anyone else seen this 4 year old? I feel bad for her, wtf are her parents thinking. she has all the typical beauty guru videos on her channel too

No. 198010

It's a disgusting new trend. Dumbass moms explioting their kids for views by exposing them to their trashy lifestyle, I saw a video on Insta where a mom went to a clinic with her 13 year old and watched him get fucking lip fillers WTF

No. 198013

I'm getting reeeeally tired of this so-called 'French girl chic' they're all peddling for views. Her and Justine Leconte are getting really annoying with the whole 'I'm French! That means I'm the top authority on fashion and makeup by default!' schtick.
Tbh the confidence thing is universally true regardless of where you're from, but I don't think French women are particularly ugly, or attractive, or snooty for that matter (maybe in Paris? idk). You want snooty, go to Italy. If you don't lick their arses and praise everything Italian 24/7 they don't even want to talk to you.

French women do however have some of the most gargantuan noses I've seen in my life. It's not the norm or the average by a long shot and most still look normal, but Lord Jesus when they grow 'em it's like they don't know when to stop.

No. 198015

Is it me or is she using a too light foundation? Jeez, way to kickstart the self-esteem issues.

No. 198024

French women aren't uglier than any other women, imo. They just don't let less than perfect facial features dictate their lives or get them down, instead finding unique beauty and charm in 'ugliness'. I adore that jolie-laide thing the french have going on. They could look like Quasimodo, and you still can't tell them shit. I wish american women had that kind of confidence.

No. 198025

common anon, dont you know?
bleached skin is beautiful.

No. 198032

Justine has informative videos, but she's really ugly and her sense of style is booooooring. It's petty, I know, but it seems like she thinks she's GORGEOUS just because she's French.

No. 198048

Baguette-fag here.
Actually, she's your typical basic big city bitch (Paris): condescending and vain.
Hiding behind "muh brand" and "so chic" but there are none so conformist and bland.

sage for crappy english
(sorry farmers, I'm trying to improve and reading here helps a lot)

No. 198050

If it makes you feel better, I probably wouldn't have guessed you were ESL if you hadn't pointed it out. Keep on learning, Francanon.

No. 198054


Completely agree, she can't help herself that is her nature. She needs to get out more and see how bland she really is though. She's the "What not to wear" of Paris. Informative enough for the basic things otherwise though.

No. 198068

I haven't gotten that vibe and I don't think she's ugly (even though her mouth is gross), but I mean even if she is ugly what's she supposed to do? Cry in a corner and wear a paper bag over her head and a potato sack on her body because ugly girls shouldn't talk about fashion and beauty? She's not allowed to be confident because she's ugly? Idgi.

She's basic as hell, that's true, but the way some people here think ugly people, French or not, should act is just weird… Look at all the threads on /g/ or here where girls are BAWWing about their looks and talking about all the plastic surgery they want to have… imo that's a lot more pathetic.

No. 198414

No. 198421

Smells of self posting

No. 198429

Thanks for posting this in two threads consecutively.

No. 198880

File: 1500421379395.jpg (39.91 KB, 615x409, vivalawonkyboobs.jpg)

i post my own makeup on insta but i'm not glam or anything, more weird, i just like to have fun and have an excuse to indulge my insomnia. i'd never have the balls to post a pic here though.

lmao this girl is best friends with chloe khan. who if you havent already heard of, she's that chav who got booted off x factor, had a load of scandals and sugar daddies and camming things and now is pic related

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