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No. 95577

I don't know if an appropriate thread exists for this topic or not but it's something I've been wanting to discuss for a while.

Over the years we've witnessed a gradual emergence of a new subculture, that being NEETdom. Human society has never allowed itself to develop to such a state of ease that it's been possible for these kind of disorders to emerge previously, as its only possible when an individual is placed into an environment of relative comfort and access with no direct obligations. It has become so prevalent that there are even people who consider the lifetsyle of doing nothing as a lifestyle in itself, being inadvertently supported by the abuse of a limited welfare system.
Where concerning other various disorders, analysis', criteria, technique, the entire Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has been built upon centuries worth of study and observances, but this is an entirely new frontier of study. As a result we're now witnessed a scrambling by those in the field of psychology in order to build a criterion around it.

It could be argued that this has been borne into existence as a parallel to the continued development of greater comforts; indeed what appears to be evident in human society is that the easier our lifestyles become, the greater the incidences of mental illness. Ergo, in order for humans to function as healthy, happy little mammals, it is necessary that we endure degrees of hardship and obligation.

So, basically post anything relating the NEET lifestyle here, be it anecdotal experiences, personal stories, psychological analysis', videos, images, general discussion etc., because the whole topic of p. fascinating imo.

No. 95578

Kicking this off with a video that's been circulating the internet recently; father confronts his NEET son who has apparently placed a lock on his door and sits inside his room playing Overwatch all day, only emerging to collect food or make use of the bathroom.

No. 95580


And a reversal; NEET son confronts his mother.

No. 95615

NEETS are lazy parasites and it's a joke that they even consider themselves a "subculture"

After seeing some acquaintances become NEET and abuse the kindness of their families I have more respect for any person working a minimum wage or even an under the table job

No. 95621

File: 1464729777416.png (42.95 KB, 611x587, Untitled1.png)

No. 95645

File: 1464732714056.jpg (171.95 KB, 799x433, 70349292lz3.jpg)

I've posted about him before but my boyfriend's brother.
He's a 28 year old kissless, handholdless, sexless, misogynistic NEET who's managed to fail university twice, the second time being on a games design course because he wouldn't leave his room to attend classes because he was playing games, and has been signed onto Jobseekers Allowance for like 6 years now.
When I first met him 10 years ago he was never this bad, a little eccentric sure, but fine. Over the years he's been allowed to degenerate unchecked and unchallenged, and it's produced a manchild that I truly believe is beyond help.

Over the years he's developed a lot of strange behaviours, like sometimes when you walk past his door to get to the bathroom, he'll start laughing really loudly and really obviously, like Tidus-tier "HA HA HA HA HA". Whenever somebody knocks at his door you'll hear him fly up from his desk and straight to the door, which he'll proceed to open just a crack to prevent anybody from seeing what's inside.
Recently their mother told my boyfriend to go check his room because she was afraid he was hoarding (ofc we know that he is), but he went in anyway and photographed something that really unnerved us both. On the inside of a display cabinet were his Amiibo collection, but every single one had been turned with their backs to you, as if to shield you from their eyes….

My boyfriends room is on the top floor at the end of a landing, and sometimes when we were having sex we would hear…. creaks.
One time we were 'engaged' and his brother came and knocked at the door, with my boyfriend yelling that he was busy and to come back later. Well we listened as the footsteps proceeded to subside, and then stopped. We didn't think anything of it and resumed, but post-coitus we were lying on the bed when suddenly the creaking resumed, and lo and behold his brother came to the door and knocked again.

One of the things that really bothers me is that they have this elderly grandmother who as far as I'm aware has a sizable pension/savings. She has a habit of sending them unannounced cheques in the post which my boyfriend doesn't like obviously because he wants to be independent and it's his elderly grandmother, but his brother is pretty much milking her for all she's got. He's somehow managed to fool her into believing that he's been learning to drive for the last 7 years and needs a constant stream of funds to continue his lessons. He gets the cheques, and a few days later a stream of packages show up at their door, that or he blows it all on Steam games.

His Steam stats:

>games owned: 3,619

>current account value: $28,645 / £19,784
>hours on record: 3,696 hours / 154 days
>games not played: 77%

Christmas was fucking awkward. When I came to visit he came into the living room holding 3 wrapped packages, which I assumed to be presents from his mother. Turns out they were presents to himself which he had wrapped himself, and then proceeded to stand in front of us and unwrap.
A £64.99 Malcolm in the Middle boxset, a £341.17 limited edition Gurren Lagaan boxset, and a £20.00 Mega Yarn Yoshi. What had he bought his mother and brother? A 95p Cancer Research diary. We know the price because the sticker was still attached.

Honestly guys I could tell you so many fucking stories it's unreal. I do actually tell my boyfriend to keep his axe by the bed because he has the exact profile of somebody that will one day snap and murder his entire family.

No. 95649

>Honestly guys I could tell you so many fucking stories it's unreal

Please do, when you have the time.

No. 95651

Omg what was the horrifying thing in his bedroom??? What couldn't the amiibos see?

No. 95652


Well this is a more recent one. So the guy is like, a compulsive liar. Mostly he just lies about really stupid, insignificant things, or deliberately engineers a situation to make himself seem…. I don't know… like a hero?

So last month my boyfriend had come in from the gym and his cat was in the kitchen waiting to greet him. He pets the cat for a while and then it sauntered off somewhere. Whilst preparing himself some whey, suddenly he hears the trademark THUM THUM THUM THUM THUM of his brother thundering down the stairs. After a minute, his brother enters the kitchen loudly saying "WHERE'S IZZY, HAS ANYBODY SEEN IZZY, I HAVEN'T SEEN IZZY ALL DAAAAAY".
His brother then suspiciously saunters off in the direction of the porch, when he starts yelling "OH, I FOUND IZZY, HE SOMEHOW MANAGED TO GET HIMSELF LOCKED IN THE PORCH, HAHA WOW".
The cat didn't lock itself in the porch. That's not possible. My boyfriend isn't having any of it today. He stares at him and says, "Look, I literally JUST saw Izzy. You locked him in the porch. Why are you lying" to which he turns red faced and begins denying it, before walking off without an explanation.

idk if that sounds insignificant but it's stuff like that, all the time, almost every day, it's just fucking creepy.
He's become such a point of fascination for us that we've nicknamed him Roy as code, and we refer to his eccentricities as "Roy Stories". I'm at university now and my boyfriend calls me up regularly singing the Toy Story theme, and it's then that I immediately know he's got a new Roy Story for me.


I have no idea. I'm trying to rationalise it but any way I look at it, why would anybody turn their figurines around so that their backs were to you? And in a display case of all places? I don't understand. Honestly the first thing I thought of when I saw it was schizophrenia. If I can find the picture again I'll post it.

No. 95654

Sounds like my fiances brother so much, but less creepy. I'm worried about the guy. Every single female around his age I come into contact with I try and match up with him, but he's such a fat bald neet even fat girls don't want him

No. 95657

File: 1464734079500.gif (1.38 MB, 500x500, giphy.gif)


Wow that's an uncanny situation. You probably understand the weird feelings associated with being an outsider looking in on such an situation then, I mean because you're not directly related to the guy whereas your partner is and has to deal with it.
Everytime I come into the house and he pulls another Roy Story I don't know how to react I'm like picture related.

No. 95671

I'm pretty much a neet after finishing uni, but I wouldn't consider myself that level of bad.

At worst I'm just a mix of a shutin with some anxiety/depression.

I don't even go on welfare I'm just using My savings because I guess I don't want to feel like a leech.

It's tough because I think I've developed some sort of bad anxiety around people, like I'm just a constant burden or fifth wheel.

Not into any odd shit besides maybe the odd anime, but dislike all that moe/harem shit. I just mostly read and junk.

A lot of the thing the new r9k crowd doesn't know is that r9k was never about all that pepe neet hate chads stacys bullshit.

It was just a place for people too weird for normal people and too normal for weird people, just the robots or cyborgs stuck in the middle.

but the shit I've read and heard like some wear the neet shit as a badge of honor when its just something that honestly makes me feel dead inside, like you want to just disappear.

No. 95674

I'm not sure if he counts as a NEET, since he has a doctorate, but my friend's brother is a lot like this and always has been.

Even though he did well in school and went to college, he still lives at home and is almost 30 now. I'm not sure if he has a job, because I'm not very close with the friend any more, but I know he is almost always at home so if he does it is a minimal amount of work from home. All he does all day is sit in his room and play video games (mostly RuneScape, he has played it for at least 3-4 hours daily for almost 12 years now) and watch obscure Japanese films. He has a lot of extensive collections of stuff like coins, rocks, LEGO parts, and figurines, and will become angry if you look at them too long. If you try to touch them, he will flat-out punch or slap you. It used to be tolerable when we were kids but last I've heard he was still doing this well into his twenties.

He is also a very violent and angry person. His mother and sister (my friend) are afraid of him and his father has completely given up on him. Yet they still care for him and let him live in the house. He doesn't know how to cook for himself, doesn't clean anything except for his collections, doesn't do laundry or household chores, just sits in his room all day with the lights off playing games. I think he has some kind of mental illness (either autism or some sort of psychotic disorder, I'm guessing) and it's just really weird to hear about his existence. I want to know what's wrong with him but I doubt anyone would ever know.

No. 95675


That sounds pretty much like aspergers.

No. 95676


Yup, sounds like my cousin. I actually wonder if this is my cousin since everything they listed fits the bill.

No. 95677

What did he study in school? I feel like that might be the easiest way to figure out if it's him without giving away any important personal info about him

No. 95684

I blame the parents for not putting their foot down. NEETS are literal parasites who contribute nothing to society. They spend all their time online, talking shit (they are always sexists.)

I wish we'd round them up.

>Honestly guys I could tell you so many fucking stories it's unreal. I do actually tell my boyfriend to keep his axe by the bed because he has the exact profile of somebody that will one day snap and murder his entire family.

Tell your boyfriend to move out asap!

No. 95685


Stop trying to push women on to that slob.

No. 95686


Yeah, that's pretty much the case with my boyfriend's brother. The guy basically never talks about his feelings, but we do know that after his second university venture failed, he came back with a fucktonne of social and anxiety issues.
My boyfriend has been pressuring her to hold an intervention for over a year now, but from what I understand she's so scared that he'll suddenly just snap from the pressure and commit suicide or worse, that she finds it preferable to just pretending the situation isn't happening full stop.

>tell your boyfriend to move out asap!

Yeah, he just finished university this month so he'll be getting a flat once he secures paid work.

No. 95697

That's crazy. If you are afraid to confront your own child, you have failed as a mother. In order for her to even let it get that bad, she would have had to ignore major red flags.

I hope everything works out well for you and your boyfriend, anon.

No. 95698

Am I the only female neet?

No. 95700


Do you believe that you are the only female NEET.

No. 95701

go back to tumblr, snowflake

No. 95704

Yes, congratulations!
Now kill yourself.

No. 95705

No, my ex also was

No. 95715

Are you proud of being a literal parasite and waste of a human being?

No. 95720

I was wondering why I was seeing level 51s in my Overwatch lobby 5 days after the release date.

No. 95726


Jeez I'm so glad I held off on purchasing Overwatch.
I'm still in my exam period; that shit would have ruined my life.

No. 95728

You made a good fucking decision and I'm proud of you

No. 95731

File: 1464764846560.jpg (388.17 KB, 1803x1351, 1461607116265.jpg)


Th-thanks senpai.

No. 95737

>because the whole topic of p. fascinating imo.
Lol no.

No. 95738

I'm proud of you too, at least you're trying. You still disgust me though and I hope you become a productive human being again in no time. Don't take it personally btw, I just hate the NEET mentality.

No. 95745

>NEET mentality

I really don't know what you're trying to say here.

No. 95749

>you still disgust me though and I hope you become a productive human being again in no time

That's nice but, I'm not a NEET? I'm at university. Little confused here.

No. 95750


You're probably a boring person then.

No. 95753


Honestly I don't remember. I'm not extremely close with them, although I really feel for his sister (also my cousin) and see her as kind of caught in the middle of craaaaaazines of the family. Does your friend's name start with an 'M'?

No. 95755

If you don't know what a NEET mentality is why are you here?

No. 95756

What annoys me the most is that some of them act so superior about their lifestyle. They feel like they are better than 'wageslaves' but they are only able to exist because 'wageslaves' work.
I wonder whats going to happen to them once Germany can't afford paying social benefits for these losers anymore.

No. 95766

I'm confused as to why you're accusing >>95726 of having a NEET mentality when they're in school and capable of exercising self-control.

No. 95769

Tbh I thought she was doing a ged test for some reason. My apologies to anon >>95749

Death to all NEETS though

No. 95770

I keep new this speshul ana girl who bragged everywhere online about being a pale and fragile hikki. I bet she posts on lolcow.

No. 95774


looool no I'm in my 2nd year of uni, but fanx.

No. 95782

>liking productive things and working is boring
>talking about a bunch of mentally disturbed manchildren is interesting
Shit like this is why they revel in their own stupid habits. Some people actually think being a shut-in loser is cool and quirky.

No. 95786

>inb4 she says we're samefagging

No. 95801


>what is psychological analysis

No. 95811

Something you're terrible at

No. 95843

File: 1464818920334.jpg (84.88 KB, 664x498, B4S_B3_animimalcruel_74080a_8c…)

This is going to be tl;dr as balls, so i'll cut it up into parts. (pic not mine but gives you a good idea about how it looked)

Part 1/3:

My ex bf has been a NEET for at least 11 years that i know of. When we started dating i didn't know how bad it was, and i was young and dumb, so i moved in with him. His ex-gf had just moved out, so his place looked decent enough, but it didn't take long for the appartment to look like a litteral Hoarders episode, except 10x worse.
He had a cat that wasn't house broken (i.e it shat/peed anywhere, including on the bed and on my clothes). The bed was a matress on the floor that was covered in everything between cat shit and human vomit, the floor covered with hundreds of beer cans and cigarette butts. Most of the appartment went completely uncleaned for years, but it didn't really matter, anytime i cleaned it out he somehow turned it back into it's old shitty glory within a few days. There was constant partying there (despite him being the ultimate sperg-lord he still had a few close friends), that consisted of fighting and music so loud the police was called several times, and there were strangers (that his friends brought with them), including older men sexually harassing me when i was trying to sleep because i had to get up to fucking work the next day. It was my "home", but was treated as a bus stop for random alcoholics to hang out at.


No. 95844


Part 2/3:

During the time i lived in this nightmare my parents went broke and had to move, so i couldn't rely on moving back to them, and i still went to school at the time, and only recently (5-6 years after all this) found my own appartment.
It's hard to describe how fucked up it all was, but it legitimately made me suicidal. I had constant panic-attacks, night terrors/nightmares every single night, and went into a few psychotic episodes because of him. If it hadn't been for the fact that i moved in with him, i would have started my own life at 18, not at 24.
I was constantly sick because of the extremely unhygienic living standard, but it was literally physically impossible for me to find any other place, and i concidered going homeless and selling all my stuff. He is also an alcoholic, and has lobbed his shitty fucking warhammer figurines (the heavy tin-made ones) at me in a drunken rage several times, among other things. His cat is slowly dying because of all the untreated illnesses it has.


No. 95848


Part 3/3

We still hang out from time to time, and he still clings to this fantasy idea that we are an inseperable couple, but if i would flat out say it's 100% over between us, he would kill himself. I know him well enough to be sure of that, and i've "saved" him from doing so many many times. He brings everyone down with him, and sucks life out of the few close friends he still have. No one hangs out with him because they want to, but because they have to, or he would an hero.
Don't. Ever. Date. A. Fucking. Neet. It can ruin your life. I developed OCD, depression, suicidal tendencies, psychosis and abused drugs/alcohol because i was a dumb fucker who thought i could change him, his habits and our home.

He still sits in his appartment all day long watching youtube videos and paints figurines he bought for money he should spend on treating his dying infected cat, but he's to much of a sperg to even make and appointment with the vet even though he can afford it. He only go out when someone offers him free alcohol or to shop for food. He has the opposite of social skills, last time i met him he got thrown out of a fucking pizza restaurant because he was getting drunk on whiskey and screaming about weird nonsensical political shit at the top of his lungs. I introduced him to a bunch of nice nerds that he made friends with, but none of them can really handle him anymore since it's like hanging out with an adult baby. He also occasionally sexually harass people because he doesn't know how to flirt or make advances that aren't aking to comic book level of "flirting".
I could go on forever about him, and i'm probably just shitting up the thread, but there's just an endless ammount of stories about his NEETness/autism…

No. 95854


Holy shit anon… That's…… I…. … I literally have no words. How the fuck did you even dating such a thing?! Like I know, you were young and dumb and stuff but even in my teens I think I could tell off most of dangerous sperglords….

Maybe it's becaue I'm female but I've never realized how fucking dangerous being a NEET is on males… Like fuck, one usually thinks of your typical parasite who lives of their parents or social welfare but you don't usually take into account how fucking…. How to say it? Dirty? Gross? Disgusting? Hopeless, subhuman? those fuckers can get if they aren't under constant surveillance. They become dangerous, directly or indirectly.

No. 95855

by the way, is that photo from his apartment?

No. 95859

Stuck as a NEET for a year waiting for a place in course.

Its the fucking worst thing in my life. There's no reason to get up early, nothing to do but clean the house (which I do daily and sort of obsessively)

All my friends that aren't raising infants are working and earning their degrees, getting their mortgages sorted, upgrading cars.

I've played my 700th hour of animal crossing.

Idk how long term NEETs don't kill themselves. Its not a good life.

No. 95861

Honestly. You are an actual moron for moving in with a NEET, especially after he brought strange men over to sexual assault you and dealing with alcohols. You should let him kill himself. NEETS are parasites on society.

And please call animal control, ASPCA to save that cat. seriously what the fuck.

No. 95869


Oh snap, but I haven't actually attempted to psychologically analyse anybody so the burn is null.
Chill out Anon, just relax and enjoy the discussion.

No. 95872

If you can't get yourself out, please at least get the cat out so it can be treated. Call your local Humane Society and explain the situation and ask where you can take the cat. Please. :(

No. 95874

Do you have supportive parents, that are also forgiving? It sounds like contact with this person is really toxic to your mental health. I would wish you to get out of that situation/apartment/house as soon as possible, crash with family until you can find a new place. Time and space away from him will make you see how much of a black-hole he is to your energy.

No. 95879

File: 1464853457131.jpg (44.29 KB, 780x545, 1445787394946.jpg)

More Roy Stories pls.

No. 95892

Forced NEET since January for health issues and it's driving me insane. At least I have my own apartment and small monthly income from an injury settlement. My boyfriend doesn't get it because he was perfectly happy being a NEET for almost a year before this happened. I can't even go work out at the gym or clean much without fainting. There's only so much anime to watch and games to play.

No. 95893

It took some time before i started to notice all the red flags, i guess it just wasn't apparent enough until his true inner destructiveness emerged. Appart from all the shitty stuff, he appears as a very interesting person to people who don't know him. He's a decent looking tall goth guy, and since i live in a small hick town he was sort of a novelty to me, and i fell for him mostly because of that. Everyone around me (mostly my family) focused so much on the weirdness of his looks that they became the only thing that to me deviated from the norm. I was completely in denial about all the other stuff for years.

So yeah, NEETS can seem interesting because they are societal deviants, have collected a lot of knowledge through the years of sitting by the computer all day, and have developed a quirky persona that only becomes transparent to those who are really close to them.
Nah, like i stated at the beginning, i just wanted to give a good idea about how bad it looked (googled pic). I don't have more than a few pics of the actual mess somewhere on my old hard drive.. Will look for them though. It was basically like that, just more old dishes and random objects he'd brought from outside because he was some weird kind of hoarder (like broken chairs, metal objects, old broken machine parts etc….).

No. 95896

I had already moved in when that kind of stuff started happening, and it was either that or going homeless. And i'm not gonna bear his suicide on my shoulders.

I think i'll just take the cat to my new appartment instead and split the vet bill with his ex-gf or something…
Like i already said, i found my own place recently, so at least that's sorted out. Now i just need to get the cat out of there.

No. 95898

I spent half a year waiting for a course, and I found that going to open classes at my local university was a great time killer, with the bonus of making me not feel absolutely useless. There was a huge selection - I ended up going for languages - and they were fairly cheap.

No. 95904

Female/22 here, I feel you.

This year I decided to drop out out of university, because I hate my major and I never want to do a job in that field. I decided to go into a trade, and finish my BA later (I don't have too much work left so it would be possible to do this while working).
At first, I felt relieved. I hated going to classes and dreaded every single day I had to go to uni; now I had no more classes, tests, exams, papers…

Now a few months later I hate being NEET. I hate every single day. All I can do is write applications, and when I'm not on the internet wasting my time, all I can feel is fear and axiety over every little aspect of my life. Most apprentianceships start in July to December, but I haven't been accepted to anything yet. If I fail this year, I'll have to wait another 10-15 months. I thought I could use the time to be productive, do some crafting, read all the books I want to read. But all I can do all day is being miserable and anxious as I dread the next day of my uncertain future. I have absolutely no more motivation for anything left. Every day is a micture of infinite boredome, hating myself and feeling extremly anxious.
I don't even vidya anymore because it takes too much energy and enthusiasm.

On top of that, I have to live with my family until I get accepted. Now, I love my family, but being 22 and still stuck living with your family makes me feel litke a child again. It is humiliating. I want my own space, I want to cook whatever I want whenever I want, decorate the way I want, just have a little bit of my own space in this world. What used to feel like home now feels like I am only a guest, but with no real place to go anymore.

TL;DR I hate having to be a NEET and I hope I can escape this situation asap. How people can live like this, especially when they live with their parents - I cannot understand it.

No. 95910

Oh man, you just described my life right there, only i'm 18/female.
It's been 1 year since i finished finals and everything having to do with school, since then i've been living as a NEET and i fucking hate every single second of it, i seriously cannot understand anyone that thrives for this. It's only okay the first month or so when you still have any kind of enthusiasm because you can play vidieogames or do whatever you want all day, but then that excitement goes away and it becomes a fucking nightmare.
My brother has been a NEET for 5 years or so and i've been progressively watching how he lost the motivation for everything, how he dropped his classes, and how as time passed it got worse to the point where he stays up until 8 am playing on the computer/ps4 without doing anything else or planning to do anything anymore with his life. Whenever my mother brings up jobs or taking up classes again, he stops listening to her or leaves or whatever, he literally has no other plans on life than being on the computer all day and i'm so scared of ending up like that.
I'm trying to take my drivers license and find a job right now, so i can be out of this house before the year ends. I'm anxious about going back to the real world after a year as a disgusting NEET but stories like the ones i read here and the ones i experience with my brother really give me a knock on the head.

No. 95921

I have a friend who is a 22 year old NEET and I feel so bad for her.

After high school she just stopped doing anything. She never applied for colleges, didn't try to get a job, nothing. She's just living at home and doing nothing but going on the internet and occasionally drawing all day, every day, and has been for the past 4 (almost 5) years. She can't even drive.

She's had one job, ever, which lasted for a little over a week before she quit because she was being treated poorly. I believe it was that and not just laziness, she has extreme anxiety and very bad social skills and the coworkers she had seemed like the kind of people who would pick on someone like her.

I wish I could do anything to help her. All of her social media is just constant posts about how her life is going nowhere and how she hates who she is. She's gay and her family is horribly homophobic, and she has to hear them shit all over her identity all day every day. She almost never leaves the house, and even if she does she usually can't manage more than an hour or two out before having panic attacks.

I really wish I could do something but I'm just scraping by myself right now and couldn't support someone with no job, mode of transportation, or real life. It's so sad seeing her like this, she desperately wants to start her own life but she just can't because of all her problems.

I worry literally every single day that she's going to kill herself because she really does have nothing worthwhile in her life anymore. Is there any hope for someone like that? Can you recover from being that bad off?

No. 95922

To all the people who hate being a neet: get out as quickly as you can. Trust me, one year of neetdom is nothing and it appears like it's more common these days. I've been a neet for a few years and it's the most boring phase of my life. There's no real reason to ever get up and sooner or later you'll feel like a leech.

Since OP also requested personal stories: I pretty much feel like I was destined to be a neet from the start. Since childhood I've always been very slow, I had no social skills, no interests, no talents, I was out of shape, but somehow I got good grades on no effort, so people never felt the need to fix my slowness. The majority of my life I spent without friends or passion and since I didn't miss those things (by default of not knowing them) I didn't really get what was wrong with me. All I knew was that I was different (inb4 special snowflake: just saying how I am/was feeling). I've always been a very anxious person who secretly gives too many shits about other's opinions while simultaneously being very un(self)aware and oblivious af. Since I didn't have a drive for anything (lack of interests and all) I kept slipping away more and more. I flunked all of my classes and dropped out several times out of everything I've ever half arsedly attempted. Then came the point I stopped doing anything productive (not that I was ever productive, I was able to "fake" being productive before by attending school) and funnily enough, I'm the best I've ever been, mentally and physically. Note that I didn't say I was in a good position, I was simply in a better state.

Personally I feel better because being a neet means minimal forced social interactions, which ~~~~~trigger~~~~~ my social anxiety and turn me into spaghetti. But I also see no future being a neet, because I can't and don't want to depend on others forever. So again: if you're a neet now, and you have some things going for you like a job, a hobby, a dream, supporting friends/ family/ SO: take advantage of that and get yourself back on track. The longer you wait, the harder it is to get out, if you even want to.

Thanks for reading my blog, pls like and subscribe. Sorry if it's all over the place, I had too much caffeine.

No. 95923

I personally believe anyone can recover if they really want to. You sound like a good friend, just be there for her. You can't blame yourself for not being able to help financially, but you can give advice and listen to her, which I assume you already do. Her family sounds toxic af. Send links to Gay acceptance movements, dealing with social anxiety etc.

But at the end of the day, all you can do is be a good friend, if she really is suicidal it's her choice to make. I don't think all of us are meant for this world, and if that's the case, you should respect her wishes.

No. 95924

I know, it would just be sad to see her go. She's honestly one of the best friends I've ever had. We don't talk every day but she is so amazingly kind and supportive, and she's so positive towards other people. I just wish she could apply some of that to herself but I can also understand why she doesn't know how.

She's an amazing artist and also a very talented musician. I wish she would do something with either of those fields, but for some reason her anxiety just stops her from even trying with it. Around Christmas I tried to commission something from her to help her out a little financially and she just gave up, sent me my money back, and stopped talking to me for a few days. I really just wish I knew how to help her but I think she might be beyond help at this point.

No. 95925

Is she seeing a psychiatrist? If her anxiety is that bad, she definitely should be getting some professional help with that. By the sounds of it, there's no way her condition is going to improve unless she deals with her anxiety, and can move out of her home. Is she getting NEETbux?

You sound like a good friend anon, but don't take feel too guilty and just try to be there for her where you can. I'm sure the fact that you're concerned about her means a lot to her.

No. 95926

She's on medication for her anxiety and depression but it really doesn't seem like it's working. She's tried upping the dosage and everything, but I think she needs to go to therapy and actually work things out by talking to someone else. Doubt she ever will, though.

She only gets money around Christmas so she can get presents for her friends and family. Otherwise, she'll sometimes get things she wants if she goes to the store with one of her parents but other than that she has literally no money, ever.

No. 95927

I think there isn't much you can do to help her, she sounds more like she needs some professional counseling and a therapist. This isn't a problem that is going to solve itself. You can suggest to her to get serious professional help, and support her on her journey.

No. 95928

are you me?

I'm 18 as well and just graduated high school, and I did get accepted to a uni, but my FAFSA is being verified which took up so much time, and I don't even know if I'm going there because they gave me little financial aid (because of the verification, which is still ongoing)and if I do go there, I'll start in the spring instead, or I stay here at a community college starting in the fall

It sucks so much because I don't know where I'm going, most of my friends already have a schedule for the college they're going to, I don't, I don't have my driver's license or a job, but I'm working on that.

I can't stand uncertainty, and I feel so anxious like I'm wasting my life. I don't know what I'm doing for college. If I start at the uni in spring, I'll be doing nothing in the fall until then, but if that happens, I hope to be working and studying so I don't become a worse NEET

No. 95942

Not sure if my experiences really count as NEET, but here we go:

1. After I was done with school I was working in several different jobs before I started University. Sometimes I was jobless for up to six weeks until the next job started. Six weeks doing fun stuff sounds great, doesn't it? But it isnt. All of my friends had to work so I was alone most of the time and each day I had less motivation. It was having bad effects on my mental health.

2. This is happening now. I changed things and have to wait for a deadline to pass until I can continue studying. It's horrible. I have no motivation and energy left anymore. Each day I'm getting worse.
A few months ago I got an internship and it was amazing. After a week of having a regular schedule and being trusted with responsibilities I was me again. I did have less time to spend how I wanted. But I did make sure to use that time as good as possible. I got so much done.
Sadly I'm done with the internship now and have to wait until fall to continue with things.

This proves to me that even if money wouldn't be an issue, most people need some kind of job in their life. An unconditional basic income for everyone which some people are demanding might make the NEET issue even worse.

No. 95948

I've been trapped between "live in a miserable situation" and "go back to being homeless"… it fucking sucks. Godspeed, anon!

No. 96085

>So yeah, NEETS can seem interesting because they are societal deviants, have collected a lot of knowledge through the years of sitting by the computer all day, and have developed a quirky persona that only becomes transparent to those who are really close to them.

Well, that makes too much sense. Damn, reading all of this stuff, I never realized before how dangerous this kind of people actually are… Fuck. Thank you for sharing your experience, I think I'll be warier from now on regarding those red flags. I'm sorry for all the shit you had to endure.

No. 96121

File: 1464984474051.jpg (415.92 KB, 1584x957, 7gBI95n.jpg)

It's more than material comfort because this was possible even one generation ago. It's not like first world men in their 20s in 1996 were living a noticeably worse life.

The level of comfort, access to welfare (well, somewhat depending on the country) or ability of parents to continue supporting their child into their 20s has not changed. Society did in every other way from laws, to culture, to technology, to education (K-12 too, not just college), politics, demographics etc.

>NEETS are lazy parasites and it's a joke that they even consider themselves a "subculture"

If homosexual men wanting to get/spread AIDS is a subculture, then so do NEETS/robots have their own subculture. They've made their own memes, media, slang, gather as a community etc.

Subculture does not automatically mean good.

It's a case of a subset of young men being alienated and failing to integrate into society, failing at life. Being successful is incompatible to being a robot and it's an open, but unspoken fact on /r9k/.

Just look at this image on what makes someone a normie or robot. I'm sure you can nitpick over what counts and how many points they give, but ultimately what makes someone a "normie" or "robot" is how successful they are in life.

No. 96124

NEETs regardless of gender should be executed tbh.

Worthless filthy parasites.

No. 96133

>"wizard apprentice" pic is of a guy who buys hookers and GFs with his millions of euros and has most certainly had sex with a real female before
this pic is so retarded and makes no sense

No. 96135

>"wizard apprentice" pic is of a guy who buys hookers and GFs with his millions of euros and has most certainly had sex with a real female before

I'm pretty sure most people don't know who the guy actually is. They just see an archetypical neckbeard.

No. 96151

I want /r9k/ to leave.

No. 96152


No. 96155

Wow, the american modern society is awful as fuck.

No. 96156

File: 1465003389330.jpg (53.66 KB, 640x480, hopin.jpg)

The thing I cannot understand about NEETs is their lack of concern for the future. How can a person not be a ball of pure anxiety if they have no idea how they will support themselves if their living situation changes? If I don't have 2-3 months rent saved up in case I lose my job, I eat Top Ramen every night until I do because I won't be able to sleep!

What does a NEET think they will be doing when they are 40+? The same thing? They have no dreams or desires to travel? I'm a restless person. Being a NEET sounds like solitary confinement in prison, for life. They like to think they are so fucking smart, if they were they would have a plan for when Mommy dies or when they elect Trump into office and he kills off their autism bux.

The delicious spoiler that will ruin NEET lives? Once you get to a certain age or high score, you lose interest in video games… What then NEETo? What then??

No. 96157

File: 1465004465092.png (269.36 KB, 374x414, 1459971825001.png)

Why so people here is hostil to the neets?

No. 96163

Because you're lazy sacks who are wasting our tax dollars. Is it so hard to wonder why you're unwanted?

No. 96170

I'm not a neet, only make a question.
Really in USA give money to the neets?
Sorry for bad english

No. 96173

Your English is fine anon, no need to apologise.

American NEETs do get an amount of money from the government, yes. I'm not American so I'm not totally familiar with the process of getting NEETbux in America, so maybe another anon can shed some light. In my country, most people can only acquire NEETbux if they're poor or have a serious illness.

No. 96175

I don't hate them unless they're the type that get on disability for not exercising and aren't actually sick or crippled.

But it does irk me that people who are capable can sit on their asses for no reason over their entire life when I and tons of other people are more than eligible for disability for illness/whatever still work toward a STEM degree.

As long as you are sick or aren't living on the tax dollars of decent people, I guess.

No. 96182

>They have no dreams or desires to travel?
I guess not. They don't care anymore. If they run into problems they'll either start looking for a job, kill themself or will be homeless.

No. 96195

Aaaand we finally summoned a robot.

Get out. No one cares about your memepic.

No. 96196

I think being a NEET comes from a place of little to no stimulation. In a shithole country you'd probably be killed off for being useless, but they continue to exist in modernised countries cos of living conditions. Idc about travelling neither do I care about the future nor do I think I'm smart. It's mostly the male variant who thinks they're better than normies/wageslaves. Not saying that animus = real life, but in NHK ni youkoso (OP should watch this if she's interested in NEETlyfe lol) the protagonist finally gets off his arse when he stops receiving mommybux. I figure irl, people will do the same or off themselves.

No. 96197

Sometimes I forget that my older brother is. technically a NEET. He hasn't had a job in over a decade now, didn't graduate high school, took him years to get his ged, only took art some art classes years ago at a community college. He has a lot of mental issues, for awhile we though he was going schizophrenic and destroyed his government paid apartment twice. My parents fixed it up the 1st time for him so he wouldnt get evicted, the 2nd time he went to court for it, but the landlord ended up letting him move into another one so he'd still get government rent money. I have no idea what he does all day, I'm guessing smoke pot and make cigarettes to sell to the homeless for extra change. He used to draw a lot, he was pretty good. From what I understand, in high school was was a sort of ska punk skateboarder kid that drew anime girls and got in trouble all the time. The only consistent friend he's had over the years was an undocumented homeless guy who (I'm guessing) put up with my brother so he had a place to stay. In the last year my brother kicked the friend because the friend's pregnant crack whore of a girlfriend was now living with them and abused the friend. I could go on and on with stories about them.

No. 96201

You sound a little bitter. Just because you're working towards a STEM degree doesn't mean other people's illnesses, mental or physical, are more illegitimate.

No. 96207

I think in the US NEETbux is acquired by milking mental illnesses (anxiety, add, etc) or using aspergers/autism. Alternatively its from unemployment/being poor but I think most NEETs here live off money from family/parents

No. 96213

There are NEET in 3rd world countries too. It's a worldwide epidemic.

No. 96215

File: 1465065456286.png (72.78 KB, 844x1157, 1860_520f.png)

i live in Poland, a 3rd world country in western Asia and i'm a NEET, i'm also very misogynist and i blame women for all my problems.

No. 96216

neets have been robbed of their future and are not worth ostracizing. like line workers who lose their jobs because liberal hand holding legislation has made it too expensive for their employers to stay in their country, so they find cheaper labor elsewhere and now those people who's only skills in life are these """"""dangerous"""""" or """unfair""" professions do nothing all day but lament over the fact that their livelihood can't support them anymore

and now men are born into this? being told that the things that need to be done are too dangerous to be worth doing? who does labor laws benefit if no one can have those jobs

No. 96218


not that anon but I think they meant that people who get disability for being fat fucks are the ones to be scorned.

No. 96220

>implikando że życie w Polsce jest złe

No. 96221

> start looking for a job
See, this is the part that NEETs don't understand. You can't be 30 years old, have NO job experience AT ALL, and get a job. And even if fast food would hire them, they don't have the mentality to grind it out day after day. They really do not understand this experience problem because they never lived in the real world.

> in the US NEETbux is acquired by milking mental illnesses (anxiety, add, etc) or using aspergers/autism.

bingo. Basically you find a doctor, tell him you are simply too anxious/autistic about day to day life to leave your house, get a diagnosis, fill out a bunch of paperwork, and you can get monthly social security checks. Mind you, this is barely-scraping-by money and you can't legally supplement it with a part time job (no Etsy), because you are claiming that you can't work AT ALL. A lot of people get pretty butthurt over people collecting disability checks, but it's not like these people are living it up. They live in squalor and have no freedom to do anything.

No. 96222


No. 96223

That's why I mentioned two options. 1. They miraculously secure a job or whatever makes them a functional part of society
2. They off themselves

There's also:
3. They become homeless
And if they're especially shitty:
4. Begin a life of crime. Luckily they're often autistic so they'll likely die

No. 96233

I kinda feel sorry for them.

No. 96253

File: 1465109421582.jpg (21.25 KB, 300x200, image.jpg)

No. 96257

Nope. I have somehow met many over the years.

No. 96302

This is so fucking sad, anon, please save the cat and get yourself away from this toxic person. Honestly if he kills himself over you cutting off contact the world will not be losing much.

No. 96303

the truth is edgy?

No. 96318

File: 1465154123906.jpg (27.35 KB, 640x454, 5798443515.jpg)

>We still hang out from time to time, and he still clings to this fantasy idea that we are an inseperable couple, but if i would flat out say it's 100% over between us, he would kill himself. I know him well enough to be sure of that, and i've "saved" him from doing so many many times.

Get the fuck away from this person right now. This is horrible, manipulative behavior to make you feel guilty. You are not responsible for what he does or threatens to do to himself. If he offs himself because you cut ties, that is 100% on his feeble, selfish ass.

Don't let yourself or your friends be dragged down by this idiot. Go live your life, anon!

No. 96355

Callin something the truth doesn't make it the truth.

Consider involuntary NEETS. If we start culling any group of people who are down on their luck how long until eugenics boils us down to just retards like you?

No. 96362

I'm taking ~online~ classes in illustration and drawing so I can create some kind of marketable skill for myself, and real art school is too expensive to be feasible. I've made visible progress the past year and a half, but I still feel like a filthy NEET since I'm not at the point where I can start getting work. I'm often the best student in my class, but a small sample size like that doesn't mean anything.

I'm 22 and I don't know how to drive yet, but I still manage to groom and shower regularly. Since I never leave the house I don't have many expenses, and use Mturk to try to cover at least half of them to be a little less of a leech.

I contemplate killing myself since that point where I'm good enough to shop my portfolio around still seems so far away. I think the only reason I don't is because of my family, and my dog. NEET life or anything like it is something anyone should avoid at all costs. Sometimes I pray that I pass away in my sleep when I go to bed.

No. 96363

Do you have any interest in making art for games?

No. 96364

Probably not anything like concept art until I'm much more experienced, I would be too slow to meet those kind of deadlines.

No. 96365

Can you get a PT job, anon? Mturk kinda sucks, considering the amount of work you have to put in vs. the payout.

No. 96371

PT job? Physical therapy?

I mostly do crowdsurf transcription on mturk and make 4-5$ an hour, which is shit, but it's easily accessible. I have been considering trying out for other transcription sites.

No. 96372

How was anything I said edgy? I summed up the realistic options of NEETS are they to lose their neet/mommybux. I don't consider people down on their luck or in between jobs or with a legit illness to be ~tr00 NEETS~ I was under the impression this thread was about NEETdom in relation to hikkis.

No. 96374

I only now just realized that PT means part-time. I don't have a car and my parents are out most of the day. I'm trying to save what little I can for a used car, but it'll take a while.

No. 96408

Would you still work if tomorrow most jobs were performed by robots?

No. 96424

How do you go about encouraging someone to get a job? Even just a part time one. I was in a similar NEET place a few years ago, was super depressed and hardly ever left the house. No one really helped or pushed me, but I do feel like if I had a gentle push from loved ones I could have gotten out of that rut a lot sooner. But I feel like if I'm too harsh to this other person they'll just shut down.

No. 96438

Like you say, it's a real difficult balancing act between giving endless asspats but not letting them play you for sympathy.
I lived the NEET life too, I cried alone at home for 2 years because I couldn't get a job and the best thing I ever did was going out and volunteering. Obviously nobody would have hired someone with no work experience, what was I thinking?! Baby steps was the key.
But still I can't get my NEET friend to do the same. I barely talk to her now, I used to feel sorry for her because I sympathised but now after watching her waste 6 years of her life I just feel like she's pathetic. If you find the cure let me know.

No. 96443

I was super depressed as a NEET and getting a job helped so much, even if its a shitty retail job. I'd know it make them feel better in the long run. Also who doesn't like some extra spending money? Its so hard to bring it up because I don't want to seem like a nag, or I'm looking down on them since I have been in the same situation.

No. 244687

File: 1524505139802.gif (3.54 MB, 275x155, BAFA1FAE-C4D0-4C74-9407-E0FA40…)

INB4 muh tax dollars.
> I don’t cost anyone anything.

20/female/neet due to anxiety & PTSD

Yes, I’m getting help. Psychologist every 3 weeks and meds

I live quietly with a few pets and do absolutely nothing but watch anime,read and exercise x4 times a week.

Life is reasonably comfy and I don’t have to live stressed or even feel anxious about human interactions.

I’ve worked since I was 14 and got tossed around by parents to work full time at 16.

Right now I’m being supported completely by a boyfriend that wants me to not have a job and just wants me to focus on whatever I want to do as money isn’t an issue anymore.

I both hate it and love it.
On the one hand I get to spend hours doing projects for YouTube but I don’t speak to anyone but my partner for weeks..

Both me and my partner are clean and tidy so it’s like I live in my own small tidy world
(we also have a massive backyard so I can just sit under a tree without seeing anyone and everything I need can be ordered online or delivered.

I’m planning to take a job offer next July but for now I’ll just enjoy my last neet months

No. 244715

As someone the same age as you dealing with ptsd, anxiety, and schizophrenia, and not even getting any help for it, I think you're definitely wasting your time and resources. Where are you going to get money if you become alone and have to survive by yourself? At least get a shit job for now and start saving up rainy day money and try to figure out what career path you want to pursue in the mean time.

You must be bored as fuck watching anime and exercising all day too. Seriously.

No. 244724

I lead a similar lifestyle and I'm definitely not bored at all. NEET lyfe is great if you have others supporting you. Why work if you can be productive in other ways lol

No. 244728

nta but uh
>Where are you going to get money if you become alone and have to survive by yourself?

No. 244729

Inheritance. Then once that dries out (which should be in decades if not more, thanks rich parents <3), kms. Wage life is just not for me but hey, if it works for others, why not?

No. 244730

To add, my parents are in the possession of several properties which I could rent out I guess. I'm also hoping that my art gets recognized and I can maybe earn my own money with it.

No. 244737

My brother is a neet. He's been a sad and weird kid since forever. After 8 years he finally finished college, but he has no job. He used to be an angry person, but now he just seems very sad. I have the feeling he could be suicidal.

No. 244742

You guys sound like lolcows

No. 244752

Eh probably.

Unlike rich anon I just worked hard and decided to take 2 gap years doing nothing before going to university overseas.

No. 244765

Ok, I feel like I need to talk. I am a neet. I am 27 and havent found a job yet. I will never do such things as date or marry.

The thing is: I want off this ride. God knows. Problem is, I am so, so, fucked up I just can't see a way out. It's like I am cought in a spider web, the more I struggle, more I get tangled.

I made all the wrong choices in my life. I tried really hard to pursue good education, and didn't rest until I got in the best Uni in my country. But I am so weak, my whole mental state couldnt let me finish. After trying and dropping for 7 years I gave up for good.
As for relationships, idc much about them because I've been abused, my own brother. And while I know it's lame just blame others, he did ruined my life and crushed my soul so, so many times.
I wil never be able to have a relationship or marry, because I can't stand being touched.
On the other hand, I just can't find a job, due to my lack of experience and age. I am trying, and I know I am bit doind nearly enough cuz I am so shy and sometimes I can't leave home.
My mother's getting old, and I am a burden to her. I feel so much shame in it I can't even put into words. I just havent killed myself yet because I know she would suffer even more.

No. 244770

Anon, a lot of people will probably tell you this, but if you have any healthcare coverage at all, you should look into whatever therapy you can get.

Also, consider a few things:

- You are still VERY young. Few people have their lives in order at 27 (even if they pretend they do).
- University is not for everyone and there are other options. Consider it a huge accomplishment that you got in, because it is. You gave it a try and it didn't work out, it happens to a lot more people than you think.
- You have a very negative thought pattern, probably due to depression. Again, a therapist should be able to help you with this in giving more personalized advice regarding your intimacy issues.

I know it means fuck all from some random on the internet, but try not to be so hard on yourself. You're not doing as badly as you think you are, really. Try breaking down what you need into small manageable chunks and give yourself goals to pursue. Personally, I would prioritize finding any sort of cheap/free mental health help as my first goal. It won't be easy, but if you want to get out of this rut I think it's your best option.

No. 244773

"Works for others" my ass. It fucking does not, plenty of people are forced to work shit jobs to stay afloat cause they don't have rich boyfriend and parents that support them sitting on ass and watching youtube videos. Are you that clueless or just pretending?

No. 244775

NEETs who take pride in leeching off others are pathetic, I feel sorry for their parents. They might have money but having a child who happily takes advantage of that while doing nothing with their life is depressing.

No. 244793

Can't believe I am defending them after they triggered me, but at least they are getting a job in two months and working on art. Their smugness about being able to afford the neet life is disgusting though.
I imagine had their bf broke up with them and parents decided to cut the life support they would find out very quickly ther are all about the wageslave life. Unless they are okay with starving under a bridge. Kek
Some people enjoy working, but plenty have no other choice. Only an privileged idiot can go 'am a neet cause am too special and fragile to live like others uwu'

No. 244796

Anon, don't give up, there's tons of people your age who still don't have any work experience. It's totally normal. I had an uncle who made money in the black market selling bootleg CDs and used tires until he was in his late 40s. He has a normal job now and the fact he didn't have any experience until now was alright. Most entry level places shouldn't care about your age.
Living at home at your age is totally normal as well. Tons of parents, especially in Asian and Latino households, have no problem with letting their adult children live stay, even after getting married.

Same with other anon, higher education is a totally optional thing, I tried it too, but didn't like it and I couldn't afford it. I still put it on my resume to show I at least got in, but when they request education info I give them my high school records.
I also agree that you should look into getting therapy for your abuse and thought patterns, look around your area to see if there's any cheaper or free alternative counseling as well. Most of the alternatives are harder to find, but they are totally worth checking out once you find them. Learning how to cope and rationalize everything will help you so much.

I used to be a hikkikomori myself for a few years. I developed a terrible anxiety disorder where I had an intense paranoia of being drugged by strangers and loved ones, I had to quit my part time job and I literally locked myself in my room for about 8 months. I eventually found another part time job, but I still avoided going anywhere besides work.
After 4 years, I finally got over my anxiety to where it doesn't interfere with my life 24/7 about a year ago. Socializing is still hard for me, I can't talk to people for long periods of time, even online. If I have someone wanting to talk to me one-on-one, my energy is drained for the entire week. I flake on my friends who want to hang out and we eventually find time to meet up months later than expected, thankfully they understand since a couple are just as unsocialable as me.

You still have lots of time to get on your feet, anon. Take tons of baby steps and realize getting better cannot be rushed. It's never too late!

No. 244798

>Anon, don't give up, there's tons of people your age who still don't have any work experience. It's totally normal.
It's normal in some countries but not in others.

>Living at home at your age is totally normal as well. Tons of parents, especially in Asian and Latino households, have no problem with letting their adult children live stay, even after getting married.

I do think this can be normal, especially in certain countries.

Sounds like you need psychological help.

I was in your situation once. I thought I was never going to be able to complete uni and had no future. What changed my life is going WWOFing and doing yoga. Suddenly everything clicked for me.

No. 244806

For all intents and purposes, does being a NEET mean being a shutin weeb with no soical life/romantic life/life skills or does it simply mean someone who has no viable job skills, not in education, can't get a job and lives off their parents but otherwise has normal social life and life skills? I used to be the former but now I fit into the latter- Not asking or ego boost or to prove to myself I've not a weeb, just really curious.

No. 244808

NEET comes from the phrase not in education, employment or training. So yeah you're still a NEET.

Why do you think you have normal life skills if you can't get a job?

No. 244810

Many older people with plenty of experience and life skills can't get a job either, what does that have to do with anything?

No. 244811

How did you get a social life after being a shutin?

No. 244812


I have IRL friends, have achieved C+/ B+ level communication skills, leave the house fairly often, have a boyfriend, can save money, mostly eat meals I home cook, have meaningful hobbies that arent weeb/internet related, keep my home presentably tidy most of the time, ect.

I thought lack of above was what was being used as markers for severity of NEET-ness based on posts above.

No. 244813

If my parents are okay and if I don't have to work then why should I?
Let's be real, most jobs are shit. There's nothing grand in leeching from parents, true, but I never claimed it was.

I'm perfectly happy though, it feels great having to stay in my bed with my cat when it rains, it feels great to plan the day drawing and learning at my own pace. The world is a fascinating place when you get to examine it up close. There's no stress and no anxiety when you live in your own little bubble.

Also, I get commissions almost on a regular basis and if someone's looking to escape the neet life or wage job I would highly suggest looking into 3D modeling. I only did a few subpar projects for fun and already got inquiries and 'business' requests.
There's definitely a huge demand for 3D graphics and VR and you can get some nice $$$ in a relatively short time.

No. 244814


Long story short I was a friendless loser until my third years of college when I made a few friends and started getting invited to raves/dance parties where I discovered two things: 1) alcohol makes you less anxious 2) can't get judged for being socially awkward/loser when people can barely see or hear you and it's 3am in the morning. I'm really lucky tho that I didn't have the gene for alcoholism because this is how a lot of people become alcoholics. At these raves I started meeting people who would give me flyers to their parties or add me on social media and invite me to some house party and it almost became my self-appointed job to attend every social function I could possible get invited to. Looking back on it most of them were pretty gross and everyone was on drugs but it helped me learn how to socialize on at least a basic level and rid me of a lot of social anxiety. On the downside I completely fucked up my education/internship years because I was so exited at not being a weeby loser I'm almost completely unemployable now for anything except occasionally coat check/front door jobs people throw at me out of pity.

No. 244815

Anon people are just going to be petty because you have means. I use to work 9-5, had a horribly abusive fiance and have c-ptsd.

I had a decent wage and a good job, but was fed up. I went back into education after discussing shit with my Dad. He pays for my education and an apartment. He has spent millions on art and people really will think I'm scum for relying on him during this time lol. He offered and he is happy to piss his money away on art I think he's ok to finance his daughter.

Enjoy your time. I'm coming to the end of my honours degree and hoping to start a Masters. I may only have one year left of having complete freedom lol. My Dad is very ill though and I don't envision him living long and he has a very young wife so I am trying to plan a wage for the future but I think I'm going to be given my current apartment I'm living in, so I think I'm just going to rent it out when I move down to the city with my boyfriend.

No. 244817

That sounds fun. My life is pretty boring lol. There's also not a big rafe scene. Too bad you are unemployable. Or why don't you just get a waitressing job?

Congratulations for having basic adult skills. If you are so confident in them then why do you need to ask people online for validation?

No. 244818

Congratulations on your degree and good luck with your Masters! I'm happy to hear that you have it figured out after all that you've been through.

Yeah, I'll enjoy my time while I can. Hopefully, it won't end anytime soon.

No. 244827

Sure you shouldn't, but you pretty much stating "wage life is not for me, but who an I to judge others for choosing it? uwu" made you sound like a privileged idiot and a smug asshole to boot.

No. 245351

>Let's be real, most jobs are shit.

How the hell would you know anything about that? Sounds like you are deluding yourself.

It's a good thing you're a neet shut-in because if you pulled this attitude around any self-respecting adult who actually has responsibilities and/or passion for their work you'd probably be ridiculed/ostracized.

I can tell you must be very young, though. So please, by all means, enjoy your "bubble!" Tho as someone who has "been there," I can assure you that bubble will one day pop, giving way to a deep and dark depression where the silence of your days will be absolutely deafening while you can do nothing but watch your life (and the lives of most everyone else) literally pass you by.

No. 245719

I have been a NEET for seven years, from when I was 16 years old.

It is over; it is too late for me. Stagnating for so long has made me not even human. Coupled with a lifetime of horrible abuse and hereditary insanity, there's simply no hope. And as I am independently wealthy, there will never be an impetus forcing me to change. After fighting for everything and being alone all of my life and so much suffering, I have now simply given up, and I can while away the days huddled under the covers in the comfort of my home staring at the walls with nothing and no one to stop me.

I could once write pages and pages analysing my condition and exactly why I am the way that I am, there is simply no one here any longer.

The phase in which the NEET is an alluring presence eventually gives way to this state, time and again. There is always further to fall, or rather, to fade away completely into nothing but the smallest speck, invisible and unknown, incapable of leaving even the legacy of anonymous archived imageboard posts.

This is in a sense what I have always wanted. I have come to the end point of a particular line of extremist thought and even though it feels as though there is nowhere left to go from here I know that things will continue to get worse.

No. 245725


a lot of smaller cities have dance nights at lounges/bars, look into that. But make sure it's about music and not a singles night where guys will just be hitting on you. Also check meetup.com and see what kind of clubs there are in your area. Working in restaurants in my city isn't the entry level job it usually is because there is no point in training a newb when there are hundreds of people who move here every year with waitressing experience.

If anyone here recently fell into unemployment, DO NOT sit on it. Re-entering the work force is so difficult after being jobless for two years it's demoralizing and almost dehumanizing. Even the shit tier jobs people used to get in the 90s like working in a cafe or clothing store are gone or there are like 400 applicants per opening. I can see all around me how no one really respects me, even if they like me and want to be my friend. I know my parents are disgusted by me, but won't say it out of pity. I have decided that tomorrow I will make a profile on seeking arrangments and see if some old man will take pity on me and give me a job as a receptionist in his business in exchange for handjobs. I see no other way out. All other routes have failed. Most of my friends are wageslaves themselves with no power or they work in industries I have no skills for. Applying online has just been a black hole of wasted time. My school has no job board or placement program.

No. 245726

Is manual labor out of the question for you? It's a lot easier to get ahold of than the retail and desk jobs that everyone goes for. Janitor, dishwasher, farmhand (lol), line cook, assembly etc. A lot of them suck but it really depends on the people/product involved so sometimes you can have a surprising amount of fun if you find one with a nice environment. They rarely require customer interaction so if NEETdom has made you an awkward fuck it won't affect your stability as long as you show you can be a hard worker and show up dependably. Plus once you've done that for a little while it'll better your chances of getting the cafe or clothing shop job since you'll have some recent experience and employers that can put in a good word.

No. 245727


I live in New York City so there isn't really that much manual labor industry. Hospitality is one of our biggest industries and isn't really entry level. Yes even dishwasher. I actually don't have such horrible social skills anymore, just no marketable skills and really specific work experience that doesn't really translate to any job field. I 100% did this to myself though, so not e-begging for sympathy.

Im considered going back to school to get a certificate in 3d modeling, but fuck where am I going to get the tuition $$$. Seeking arrangements I guess.

No. 245729


I would love to read more of what you've written, this is the most articulate visual description of NEETdom on this whole thread IMO.

No. 245733

I told myself if i couldn't handle the first half of the semester last year I would become a NEET for a couple of years. Luckily i did fine and I'm really glad it didn't happen.

At least you have friends and partying lol. My life is pretty boring and I'm not that close with anyone at my college. I was thinking today about how no one has ever felt jealous of my life outside of my family's financial stability.

I do have a job lined up somehow for this summer and the next. Hope I do like my coworkers and I won't get in trouble since they're underage and I'm a lot older than all of them.

I find it surprising that there's no entry level jobs in NYC. There's still a lot of people who live there without any college degrees, so they have to do something.

Did you get an inheritance or what? Hope whoever gave you the money never has a chance to regret pissing it on you.

No. 245881


>At least you have friends and partying lol

You know that one friend that all parents have? The semi-failure that never transitioned out of their 20s they invite over to the house on special occasions but also the one they point at and say to their kids " If you don't study, you'll be like auntie anon. You want to live like auntie anon?". That's where I see myself headed. Is that really such a advance up from NEETdom? The Burnout out is basically the NEET with the additional of some social skills and some social capital in the form of the nostalgic memories of others. Society doesn't look at them with as much contempt and disgust only because the burnout has existed for a while longer and their aesthetic, linguistic and cultural markers are well ingrained in american pop culture norms. My prediction is in the future the two will be lumped into one broad demographic.

No. 245912

it's a very different kettle of fish. you'd be better off in the losers thread.

No. 245913

I live in NYC as well. I got a job at a restaurant by applying and lying that I had worked for Chipotle a few months; the smaller places don't have the energy to check your history. Though granted, I had worked at delivering food before.

They might start you out at busing, but you work your way up to waiting tables very quickly. And it is most surely work, but the busy shifts go by in the blink of an eye. Training pays minimum wage; after that, I found myself making $20/hr, with part of that being undocumented (untaxed) tips. Throw in the food and sometimes free beer and it can be good fun.

Only problem that I observed would be that some of the waitresses are hard on the new girl.

Seeing as you're a fellow New Yorker, your community board might also be a good place to look for jobs, as those are people who usually have money or connections close by.

No. 245947

I don't believe neets or hikkis are happy. I've been there, it sucks. I dont know how many people truly choose that life, how many fall into it due to circumstances and then can't get out, and how many are so depressed or mentally ill that a non-hikki life is impossible. I think there are two types of hikkis though, broadly speaking, the first started on the neet-path at a young age and neutered their inter personal skills. The second find themselves in neethood due to unfortunate circumstance and have trouble getting out.

With the first the blame really lays on the parents. I think that the foundations of this phenomenon may start in childhood. Families are smaller so the don't get socialization from siblings. Parents are encouraged to direct play and schedule socialization ('play dates'), and children over all have far less freedom and independence, there is far, far less of children leaving home to play with neighborhood children. I'd wager that past generations of children got substantially more socialization. I have an inkling that hikkis may have been less likely to attend daycare too so they are very poorly socialized starting school.

As they get older their parents are so concerned with safety and school grades they don't get the social interventions they might need. Then they discover a vice, be it anime or vidya or whatever and choose to dig themselves in deeper.

No. 245954

I've been living as a NEET off my fiance's parent's money for a few months now and I can say I am 100% happy. If I had to worry about money I likely wouldn't be, but right now I'm definitely enjoying my freedom and ability to spend on whatever.

No. 245956

Fuck. Samefag, but I forgot to add, I was a NEET a few years ago under worse cirumstances and I can say I was definitely unhappy then. But I would continue now, no problem.

Also make sure you remember NEET and hikkikomori are different. NEET is just unemployed and not in school, it doesn't really have anything to do with social anxieties like hikkikomori does.

No. 245986

It was too expensive for me to travel to another country.

Think of it as paid holiday until July
I covered rent and my half of everything for a few months by overworking and just taking life in easy mode

No. 246099

Yeah but I hate how my life is so boring right now.

I don't see why poor socialization would prevent one from getting a job, especially when everyone has less socialization on average

No. 246104

It's pretty impossible to find a minimum wage job that doesn't require skills developed from a lot of socialization (talking to customers, interacting with coworkers), imo. I personally hate conversation most of the time because I don't know what to say, so the prospect of even a job interview stresses me out.

t. former NEET of two years (now just taking community college classes) with only a month long summer job under their belt

Also it's pretty interesting that stay at home significant others/spouses are considering themselves NEETs or hikkis. I guess that's the difference between the census definition used in the UK and the way it's been popularized by Japanese society (where domestic living rules you out of NEETdom).

No. 246106

lol anon, there are shit tons of jobs that require no socialization.

No. 246109

Like minimum wage level, not entry level? I feel pretty dumb because everything I'm finding open positions for are food service, call center, or customer service type stuff.

Unless you mean something like stocking, packaging, or night time guard duty, which I don't think I'd qualify for on size and strength alone. I'd genuinely appreciate it if you broadened my job search horizons.

No. 246115

Stocking and warehousing are fine for women to do since many if not most have automated picking systems nowadays, you basically have a headset you say numbers into and follow a robot forklift around to the correct aisle, then pick up a parcel and put it on the forklift and move on. Much of the work is also standing at a conveyor belt and sorting apples or something.
There's housekeeping/cleaning, depending on the employer it can be really labour intensive and fast-paced or really chill. Mine was the former and I'd never do it again, but a lot of people get lucky if the establishments are small.
You could deliver post, though your route usually starts very early in the morning.
If you have a motorbike you can work for Deliveroo or UberEats, with bikes as a woman it's a bit more difficult.

No. 246122

Thanks, anon! I didn't realize stocking and warehousing were so automized these days. There's an Amazon distribution center 40 min-1 hour away from me, so if I ever move closer, I'll just have to prepare a bunch of piss bottles.
But yeah, I think my problem is I still don't have an actual drivers' license, which a lot of non-sociable minimum wage jobs require, like the post office, Uber, food delivery jobs you mentioned.

No. 246125

this i was gonna tell you i worked at an amazon stocking place as reception and it's so fucking easy, all you do is check in palettes and scan them and then either tell a guy or a robot where to move them, the only phones you answer are from truck guys asking for entry, that's it. if you're a stock person you do the same but no phone.

No. 246142

What other anons have said about NEETdom being miserable is so true. I can't believe I'm coming up on two years of pulling out of uni. The days pass you by so quickly. I pretended at first I would use the time off to improve my mental health and develop useful hobbies and get fit but instead my social anxiety has only magnified and I piss away my days doing God knows what.

I have applied for an online diploma in early childhood services. I live in a remote area and can't drive so I have no way of studying in person. I am hoping this will be my way out.

No. 246152

You could try online transcription

Does your program have good placement? I would be skeptical. If it doesn't then it seems like a waste of time/money.

I also found that being at uni made me way productive than being home. I basically never got anything done when I was away from school. Now I still don't work on the things I want to but at least I'm forced to work on improving myself.

No. 246158

I have a NEET success story.

My best friend used to be a NEET. Probably not textbook, but pretty close. We lived together with another friend for college in a house his parents owned (away from home). He had no expenses other than food. His parents gave him over 150 a week, which mightn't seem like much, but again remember he had no rent, no utilities, no travel expenses, nothing except grocery shopping.

He dropped out of college. He was perfectly capable, but he just started to lock himself in his room playing LoL all day. Every day.
He decided he was going to make a new start and do a course he really liked in a new college. It cost a bomb. He barely went then stopped altogether.

For two years I almost lost him. He would stay in his room all the time. Didn't go to college, didn't go out to socialise unless he was physically dragged out, mostly left to eat and go to the bathroom. He lied to his parents about his attendance, he lied about failing his first year in the new college. He kept spending their money on LoL. He wouldn't shower for days. He'd set up counseling but gave up because it was too far to go. Myself and our other housemate would go in and try to get him to wake up before 1pm, but eventually we gave up because he'd get angry at us. He would've been up until 4am playing league or watching films the night before.
Socially he became very weird. He actually started being very inappropriate with me. I brushed it off as him just being funny, but he'd make remarks that were very out of character for him, he'd grab me a little too forcefully and get very in my face. He did the same with a mutual friend if she was at the house. It terrified me to see him change like this. He'd say nasty, nasty things about people and it was very uncomfortable and worrying.

This is what changed. His parents pulled the plug. They told him to come home (a few hours away) and get a job. It frightened the shit out of him. He had a job within two weeks of getting home because he swallowed his pride and applied for everything.
It's almost two years since that time and now he's opening his own shop back home and getting his own place. I'm so, so proud of him, and I'm so glad his parents gave him the shake-up that I couldn't.

I genuinely believe that NEETs need a scare like that. They need to have the rug pulled from under them.

No. 246162

>I'd genuinely appreciate it if you broadened my job search horizons.
Wtf, how about you get off your lazy entitled ass and do that yourself…

No. 246171

I guess I'm a NEET but I've made some good investments(crypto) and I manage some personal sites that generate revenue and I won't have to worry about money for a long, long time. I work little now but I spend most of my time learning new things and creating stuff. Where does that put me? Am I a NEET? Because I'm officially unemployed and not in education or training yet I don't feel like a loser at all. I can't see myself working for someone else though.

No. 246176

Yeah it's TAFE online which in Australia is a very reputable institution. It will be the equivalent of getting the diploma in person, just lonelier and will definitely require self motivation to do from home. I'm hoping though I could contact the four daycare centres near me early on to see if one would take me on as an apprentice. If I wanted to wait to study on campus I'd have to wait to get my provisional licence which would take minimum 1 year and then spend a lot of money I don't really have on fuel to travel the 90 minutes there and back to the closest institution.

I just don't know what else I can do, moving closer isn't an option.

No. 246177

File: 1525001295220.gif (1.08 MB, 400x223, 3D1EC70F-7DE7-439D-9A4B-AAC4E7…)

It’s so nice to see another Moriko Morioka in this thread

No. 246179

File: 1525001500229.jpeg (20.25 KB, 512x288, AE88BAC8-2D14-4A40-9099-6BE9A4…)

Personally I’m happy with my early retirement.

No people
Just me and video games gym and anime

No. 246193

File: 1525007039119.jpg (188.39 KB, 800x1066, highpaw.jpg)

Nice to see you too :3

Living the dream, aren't we? I don't think life gets any better than this.

No. 246201

File: 1525009900328.jpg (29.78 KB, 309x397, untitled.jpg)

Being proud of being useless…?

No. 246226

Are you not paying taxes?

Eh some people really have low standards for life and I am jealous even though there's no point. I wish I could be satisfied by just staying in my room but I love socializing, traveling, and just trying to make something of my life too much.

No. 246232

NEETS are shameful and bad for both society and themselves. I'm one and it keeps me in a constant state of anxiety and depression. It baffles me how anyone could be okay being one.

No. 246235

> Are you not paying taxes?
Of course not.

> Eh some people really have low standards for life

Depends on what you mean by having low life standards and "making out of your life" because between having a shitty dead-end job and being neet I don't see the former as better than the latter, quite the contrary. Traveling isn't a luxury either and everyone and their mother travels now, so I don't see that as something special to brag about, and I say that as someone that used to travel a lot.

I mean, I get that you and a lot of other anons don't like neets but you should all stop projecting this much lol

No. 246239

Denial, that's what letting them sleep at night

No. 246259

lol no. some of us are living as NEETS that are essentially 'homemakers' nothing shitty about spending hubby's money all day and just having to tidy the house.

No. 246260

these are the truth, I've been there and I've crawled back into real life and im working hard to stay there, hope things go well for both of you

No. 246319

I'm not bragging about traveling or saying it was a luxury, it's just something I'd like to do that I wouldn't be able to if I was a NEET. Not really sure how you could travel a lot with "having a shitty dead-end job" but way to humblebrag.

No. 246332

File: 1525045153298.jpeg (22.91 KB, 219x219, 107CEA7D-06C6-4BB4-B1D2-BF32B4…)

Let’s say I didn’t m choose being a neet and instead decided to be an insta hoe or just a normal traveller.

Either way I worked hard for peace and quiet during a really long time
I’m self reliant and I love keeping my house tidy.

What’s the problem?

No. 246336

Unless you have some kind of financial emergency, like your husband getting sick or injured and not being able to work, or a laundry list of other things that can go wrong. I'm also a housewife and this fact causes me a lot if anxiety, even though we have around 50k in the bank and are able to put away a few thousand a month. All it takes is a broken leg or something and shit can get real really fast.

If you can get away with not working that's great, but at least spend your free time becoming skilled in some field so you are capable of getting a job to help out in case shit goes down. There's a lot if decent paying jobs that you only needs two years of schooling to qualify for and it's nice having that option in case you need to.

No. 246338

>Either way I worked hard for peace and quiet during a really long time
I’m self reliant and I love keeping my house tidy.
… How does being NEET require hard work at all?

Also, if you're an Insta ho, you're making your own money. How is that even comparable to being a NEET where someone else is paying for you?

Coming from a fellow NEET, btw.

No. 246347

As in, limited social interaction overall, or just limited public-facing social interaction e.g checkout tills are a no go but interacting with colleagues in staff room is ok?
Postal worker, courier, warehouse work, online moderation e.g. Facebook workers screening for offensive content and removing it, train driver, publishing house stuff like proofreading, data collection/analyst, animal shelter work if you're ok with animals, clinical coding work, learn a new language and do translating work as opposed to interpreting, library work, gardening
There's probably more but that's all I have off the top of my head.

I was very afriad my little brother would end up as a NEET. I'm 6 years older than him so I think he thought I was too interfering. He had an awful time at school, was bullied, and later diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Aside from going to school, he was always holed up in his room playing video games. I used to go inside his room all the time and talk to him (or at him, as often was the case) & encourage him to meet his few decent friends outside of school and stuff, nagged him constantly to see a doctor over some physical health issues, encouraged him to see a therapist over Aspergers, and convinced him to go to college and then university after that. Now he lives away from home sharing a student rental property with friends he met at uni, keeps fit via MMA, makes theatre props and goes to uni societies he likes…
I could go on but I'm so so happy he didn't go down the NEET pathway.
I think just leaving this as they are does NEETs no good, they might hate you at first for staging and intervention but it's what they need rather than what they want. A lot of the time they need that gentle guidance.

No. 246351

Being neet makes me want to kill myself. I make a point to learn new skills (sewing, gem carving, baking, gardening, embroidery, wood-lathe, silversmithing) and I do the housework but it still feels so worthless and unproductive.

I hate not contributing to savings and just being a lump that sucks down grocery money without giving anything real back.

Yeah I can save money by growing our veggies and making my own clothes/repairing things we have but there’s still hours a day where I’m just stuck with nothing worthwhile to do.

I don’t like tv and laziness kind of repulses me. I don’t want to be some big fat slob who sits on the couch and never works. I don’t wanna need things and rely on my partner for them, I wanna be able to fix his car and pay st least half of our wedding.

Idk how the hell to cope with being a neet, it’s friggin torture.

No. 246353

If you have skills why can't you pick up a part-time job?

Insta hoes do work. How would you be a traveller without work?

No. 246358

File: 1525052214800.jpeg (196.11 KB, 750x1334, C5889B92-D719-4761-9817-E77715…)

Because I worked from my late teens non stop so I could take a really long holiday.

Work insurance covers everything ($x salary plus expenses in case of injury WITH medical bills covered) and I’m starting work in my field in July.

I have experience in both my old office work and back up freelance work.

No. 246360

>Because I worked from my late teens non stop so I could take a really long holiday.
Anon, that's very different from the kinds of NEETS we're talking about.

No. 246375

There are very few jobs going and anything that can be filled by a teenager who can be paid much less, is.

There are approximately 15 job seekers for every available position. Lately the only jobs going are for RNs and pharmacists. I’m a drug and alcohol clinician and grade 3 social worker, and MH/AOD services are downsizing or just shutting down because voluntary services make little impact on the ice epidemic. Shits fucked.

No. 246402

Anon why not move to a country with sponsorship?
NZ has a few openings

No. 246407

Because it takes money and connections I obviously don’t have as a neet because if I had a those things I wouldn’t be neet.

No. 246468

No. 246523

I was NEET for a while but currently in education, I will probably regress back into NEETdom after education. I've never had a job in my life and I am almost in my mid 20s.

NEETdom is only rewarding for a month max and then you run out of things to do, every day is just numbing your mind browsing the same sites and taking naps just to waste time. Indulging in whatever you want all of the time is surprisingly only fun for a while. Even trying new video games gets old.

I would not really call it a fun lifestyle but it is something I fall into due to my anxiety. I am too anxious and too much of a failure to get a job.

No. 246533

I'm not neet now but only because I work a soul crushing retail job. I once got really lucky and worked in an office and that was fun but layoffs ended that. Was neet for about 2 and a half years before this. I want to quit but I have nothing to do. I keep wanting to do things but feel bad about doing hobby stuff. Like woodworking or learning new languages.

No. 246645

I'm on a two week break from school and I left the house once because I needed food. It's just a distraction

No. 246826

are heiresses who don't have to work considered NEETs? literally asking for a friend

No. 246829

I would definitely say so. OP even says
>as its only possible when an individual is placed into an environment of relative comfort and access with no direct obligations

NEETdom often arises from the lack of an immediate need to make money. If you have a lot of money from your family it's easy to lose the drive to pursue your own career or income source. Maybe you don't care to, but NEET doesnt require being miserable, it just often happens that way.

No. 246988

I wish there was a neet club where neets could go and not be judged for being one. If we were going to judge by this thread, then neets are worse than murderers. It's not as if a lot of us want to stay that way but when you can't get a job no matter how hard you try after submitting an application after application and then you get shit on for being neet, at least having a regular human contact would be good for the psyche which is in a bad state as it is.
More than anything I wish I had a neet(girl)friend and then we would help each other out of our neetdom without being judgemental. Most neets online are guys, so you can't tell you're a female neet because to them being a girl is life on easy mode. Other than that I can really sympathize with their feelings of being a failure, the anxiety and the depression. Men are more supportive of each other, I wish it was the same with women.
This site is basically gossip and nitpicking on other women, so why am I even surprised.

No. 247151

File: 1525296961671.gif (3.39 MB, 500x281, giphy (13).gif)

22 female NEET and I hate it. My source of "income" is through flipping items on online marketplaces. The only experience on my resume are film festivals I got into, freelance gigs, and gallery shows. I do have a BA in art and I've gotten studio job offers out of state. I don't have enough money to move at the moment so I'm stuck living with my parents in a small town. I also don't have a car or license.

I actually WANT a wagecuck, 9-5 job just so I can save up for a car and find creative work in the city. But since I have no work experience outside of art, I never hear back from the labor or retail jobs I apply to in my town. And as much as I love them, my parents are enablers too. They don't want me to work or drive because of my neurological disorder. Whenever I bring up wanting to drive or work, they use my disorder against me. I understand they don't want me getting hurt or taken advantage of, but it's doing more harm than good. When did I get a job interview, I had to turn it down because my mom refused to take me there so I had to turn it down.

My plan for this summer is to create enough art to start selling at the local markets and conventions, so I can get into the local art scene. I have a small following online so I think it could work but if that fails to take off, then I'm probably going to put myself in crippling debt by taking out a loan for a car. My credit score is excellent and I have no debt atm, but I'm okay with doing that, if that means if I can find a job, even if it's below minimum wage and not what I went for school for.

What do? I feel like I have a chance to turn myself around since I'm still young and I only been a neet for almost a year now. Both of my siblings moved out when they were around 25, so I don't feel bad about living with my parents until then. But I'm bored and disappointed with my life and I feel directionless.

(Sorry for the giant blogpost but I needed to vent.)
From one neet to another, that sounds like a terrible idea, anon. I had a neet friend and I had to cut things off with him because he wanted validation for being lazy and wanted someone to mommy him. If I hate being a depressed neet, and I don't want to be friends with or date a depressed neet either.

No. 247163

don't get neet friends, it sounds good in theory but actually you'll just all stew together and pull each other down further and further. Source: sorta an ex neet here who managed to more or less become a normie. I moved countries for uni and that panic about flopping and being a failure of international scale fueled me to go for the standard young adult benchmarks. Definitely would have gone further down my reclusive ways if i didn't do that change, i only ever do things i should when under pressure unfortunateley.

No. 247176

What do? I feel like I have a chance to turn myself around since I'm still young and I only been a neet for almost a year now. Both of my siblings moved out when they were around 25, so I don't feel bad about living with my parents until then. But I'm bored and disappointed with my life and I feel directionless.

You're right anon. You absolutely have a chance to turn your life around given what you've told us about yourself and that you're only 22. It seems like your most major obstacle right now is the lack of access to a steady job, but you have enough motivation to work on art and do side hustles, so you have a hell of a lot more of a "chance" than the necroneets who have lost all motivation and social functioning.

When I was stuck because even entry level jobs wanted some work experience, I just did unpaid internships and even just asked internship places if I could do unpaid "work experience" and got some job-like things to put on my resume which helped me get actual entry level jobs. Volunteer positions might also help you this way if there are any available near you. Min wage jobs usually don't require you telling them what your last job's pay was, so you can list an intern/volunteer "job" on your resume in a vague format, and if they ask you about it be honest, but they might not ask and just see it as proof that you've had some work experience.

No. 247266

But what if we genuinely wanted to help each other out, to find a job and push each other beyond our limits? I don't have experience with having neet friends like you do so I guess I'm more likely to be wrong and at this point, I doubt I will get to form any friendship, with a neet or non neet.

No. 247437

I am a pretty extreme female NEET (dropped out before I even got to high school, never had friends except my current bf, no ambitions in life, leave the house at max once a month, etc) and honestly I don't think most NEET people will help each other stop being NEET. I am in a relationship with a NEET dude and nothing changed, if anything I am worse than I was before, I'd imagine it would be similar with NEET female friends.

It might be good to have someone you can relate to, but seriously the best person you could get to help you is someone who has their shit together and is successful in life. I don't think everyone hates NEET people like this thread seems.

No. 247573

File: 1525451140007.jpg (99.1 KB, 910x511, 1502577393332.jpg)

it's not that anyone enters a friendship with the explicit purpose of bringing the other perosn down you know? I meant well and my neet friend did too, we'd always send each other encouraging messages when times were stressful but there are only so many venting sessions about what a loser they are you can get through before you get tired of the constant negativity and all the positive messages feel like empty drops of honey in a wast sea of tar. And then you either break it off or continue to drag each other down.
Not saying that you shouldn't vent your frustrations to your friends or that you shouldn't be there for your friends when they are going through stuff, but when you both are in such a mentally unhealthy place it unavoidably becomes a spiralling echo chamber. Also while encouraging words are nice they aren't nearly as satisfying/effective as actions/physical guidance.

Hey, maybe ymmv, but that's the run down of my experience with a neet friend. I recently met up with her again and she is in uni as well but in other aspects she's still very much a shut in, it was quite bizzare, I felt myself clicking back un my old role too, did not like that lol

No. 247655

>mentally ill people
>do mentally ill stuff
are you really surprised? if it were the 70s or 80s those same guys would be hooked on heroin.
It just happens that their nowadays drug is internet. Basically drugs are escapism as well so they use internet like the druggies use their dope.

> this is an entirely new frontier of study

no because these guys in the 70s or 80s would just have been homeless junkies who nobody gives a shit about. But because they are sitting around at home and mooching off their parents and welfare and their numbers keep rising people started to notice.

>continued development of greater comforts

partially but I also believe that it comes from mostly:
>fucked up economy, basically the losers of globalism get thrown under the bus
>kids who were raised too sheltered
>kids who were overly sensible by nature
>kids who were bullied in school and ostrasized from young age already and never felt they belong anywhere
>lack of future prospects
when you are in a negative feedback loop, there is often no way out without external help and sadly nobody is interested in useless neets

Individuals like these do not just appear without a reason but they are just one of the signs of a rapidly decaying former world superpower.

No. 247662

>lazy people
there is no lazy people, just people who have troubles to find motivation to do the things that should be done.

I cannot believe what I just read because I am pretty much in the same position. Was good at school and got decent grades without putting any effort in it. People think you are a genius and expect so much of you. Then one day you just realize there is no point in doing anything anymore and give up while everyone else screams how you are wasting your potential. What is potential worth when there is nothing left you are passionate about. Most of the times I lose interest in things after a few months or years.

I don't think it is about failing at life but not seeing a reason to put effort in anything as there is no inherent connection between them and their outside world.

when you are suicidal and in the final stages of your mental health degeneration you couldn't care less about things like the future. It is just like asking how drug addicts don't care for their future. These people live for the moment and secretly wish they could die.

you can hate them forever but in their situation this is the only rational decission. Why the hell would anyone spend 60 hours per week at work and with work related activities for just paying rent and food? They just say then I would rather be dead.

hello fellow early retirees. I am glad for everyone of us who makes it. Currently still employed but waiting for my passport so I can finally quit and move to another country for good with low cost. Even if everything goes to shit and I run out of money, 5 years in freedom is still better than 50 years in serfdom. Give me freedom or give me death.

your anxiety and depression comes from your financial situation and outlook. If you had tons of money you would sleep much better and you had money to spend on stuff and hobbies to meet likeminded people.

how about we start this club. neets all over the globe unite.

No. 247673

23 years old, been NEET for 4 years except for one month of work. My mental problems get the best of me when I try to do anything productive. My biggest problem has always been a lack of motivation. I think if my parents kicked me out to try to spur me into action, I would go somewhere and just let myself die.

I never figured out how to interact with other people, or how to be comfortable around them (which is partly what I mean by mental problems), but being NEET makes your mental state way worse than whatever it would otherwise be. If you're reading this thread out of pure curiosity, please don't ever go down this path, because pulling yourself back out of it is so hard.

But to all you NEETS, good luck. I believe in you.

No. 247877

I was a neet excluding the no education part throughout high school due to deep depression, so thankful I grew up and realized how valuable time was and how destructive it all was.

To all my neets, please wake up before you are in your mid twenties with nothing to show for it :/

No. 247878

I was a neet excluding the no education part throughout high school due to deep depression, so thankful I grew up and realized how valuable time was and how destructive it all was.

To all my neets, please wake up before you are in your mid twenties with nothing to show for it :/

No. 247936

I dunno if I can agree. I'm nearly 30 and barely have any education past high school and no real employment. Life is good and yet isn't. Every time I get a job it just reminds me how much I like not having a job.

No. 247945

Long term neet here, dropped out of school at 15 and I'm 20 now and still living the neet life.

It's actually pretty comfy if you have a reliable way of making money. You can sleep whenever you want and focus alot on the smaller things in life.

It only becomes boring if you're a neet due to mental problems imo, the key to a happy neet life is lots of socialising and hobbies and a laidback outlook on life.

When people say "but you're wasting your life!", I figure I'd be wasting my life AND stressed if I worked. The only difference is I'd have a false sense of productiveness.

No. 247951

> It only becomes boring if you're a neet due to mental problems

> When people say "but you're wasting your life!", I figure I'd be wasting my life AND stressed if I worked. The only difference is I'd have a false sense of productiveness.

Thank you, finally someone who understands. I don't get how if I create things, learn stuff in my free time, even earn money with it makes it somehow less productive or valuable than say working a shit job.

No. 248070

is it neet if I was doing sex work?
>long term bf n I break up
>move back home
>mom never home because shes a truck driver
>major depressive episode/dont work/see anyone/just online all day
>made rent money fanagaling old man peen
honestly I hated this time of my life. I didn't like doing what I had to do, having been on both sides I'd rather just deal with how draining a "real" job can be. if I wasn't so completely mental at the time I probably could have figured out another way of making money but it literally was so easy to just not do anything at all so I can see the appeal. I would just think if you can sustain this type of life without that kind of work…ok but it's just so boring and sad

No. 248078

Well at least you had an income. Imo it was still work even if it's not a legal job. A true NEET would just let that kind of situation deteriorate until they got kicked out, then they usually bum with a relative until they get kicked from there and so on…

No. 248086

Personally I only think it's the people who are perfectly content (or even brag/flaunt) being leeches on society that invite disdain and judgement from others.

If you are actively trying to change your situation, well that's perfectly okay in my book.

No. 248133

This sounds like something Junji Ito would write, you're in the parts where something is off, and true terror awaits

No. 248196

I'm trying to break free from NEETdom and tomorrow I'll be taking a bunch of copies of my CV out to places. Wish me luck.
Being a NEET has made my mental health get so much worse. I can't go and see friends because I don't have any money. I can't get any new games because no money.

No. 248200

sending good vibes your way

No. 248204

I'm playing lottery, can you send good vibes my way too? If I win, I'm going to send you a cut so we can both neet :3

No. 248224

I won the lottery already and wish everyone of you people to win too.
Nobody deserves to be trapped in slave life working shit jobs until they die.

No. 248359

Instead of wishing us good luck how about sharing lmfao

No. 248365

protip: they didn't win.

No. 248366

Thank you for pointing that out, genius.

No. 248375

Says the person who bumped the thread with a comment like >>248359

No. 248597

I'm >>248196 and I thought I'd check in to let you guys know I have an interview next week. Here's hoping I get it because I'd love to do this job.

No. 248601

File: 1525894855233.gif (1021.48 KB, 372x242, Funny-gif-cat-hugging-plush-to…)


I wish you the best and all the good vibes to you!
I hope everything works out for you!

No. 248785

>I am in a relationship with a NEET dude and nothing changed, if anything I am worse than I was before, I'd imagine it would be similar with NEET female friends.

Same here anon. It's comfy to relate to people and have people around you who share your lifestyle so you don't feel shame, but they won't inspire you to break out of it. If you want to stop being NEET, don't make NEET friends.

No. 248957

Thanks anon. A lot of my problems right now is about finding steady work. I'm going to take your advice about unpaid internships and I'll see where and how that goes. Or at the very least, volunteer at a shelter. I'm hoping that things will start to look up by the end of this summer and I'll find some stability. I'm very scared of is allowing my disability to hold me back so I'm trying my best to overcome it before it's too late.

And has anyone here tried life coaching? Never been and I don't know how I feel about it. Is there a difference between coaching and therapy, aside from coaching not being covered by insurance? I just want someone to kick my butt and help me with achieving my goals.

No. 249201

I've been a NEET for about an year now. It's honestly so humiliating.

I do have a college degree, but it's for makeup and since I have no job,
I can't get the stuff to work as a makeup artist. I want to get some real education so badly, but my country doesn't reward NEETs, so I have no money to spend on classes.

I had some really bad problems with a stalker, so I can't even apply to a job on the local grocery store because I'm sure I'll end up seeing them.

I hope I can find a job or something soon, this lifestyle is so emotionally draining.

No. 249205

>college degree in makeup
fuck the hell off, that is not a real thing

No. 249207

It is in my country. Though they had to use a different name for it to be legit.

No. 249212

it's called being a makeup artist, anon. it is real profession and a subset of cosmetology.

No. 249227

I think doing something about that stalker should be your priority. I don't know how it works but you should probably try to get a restraining order against him, because I'm guessing you don't have enough money to move somewhere else. You'll most likely need evidence that he stalks you, so if he sends you things online or on your phone don't delete anything.

Then it'll be easier to find a job or do pretty much anything else. Good luck anon.

No. 255991

File: 1528052079630.jpg (16.6 KB, 320x320, 1526401634042.jpg)

i'm addicted to my daydreams. i can't ever leave them because real life could never live up to them.

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