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No. 94780

This article is from a few years ago but I read it a few days ago and it honestly made me quite depressed.

Not sure how many of you remember loli-chan, from old /b/, but it's basically about a journalist who caught up with her years later to discover how it basically fucked up an already fucked up life. It's weird emblematic of what happens to a lot of girls on 4chan who seem to get in over their heads with attention and camwhoring, especially when they're very young:


>Loli-chan is a modern-day Rapunzel locked inside a South Miami fortress of rust and weeds on a dead-end street. She rarely leaves a guest house that sits in a jungle-like yard overrun with six peacocks and half as many junked cars. Ten paces away is her parents' place. Wooden boards and strips of tin foil cover its windows.

No. 94781

Similar story from XOJane about a girl the author knew who killed herself. The author thinks it was a good thing she committed suicide, or at least, an inevitability:


A few choice bits:

>I feel like she probably had no concept of how to be in a relationship. While we were close, our friendship started to come to a turning point when she blatantly tried to hook up with a guy I had a crush on.

>I received a Facebook message from someone I went to school with. She told me that Leah had become a "cam girl" and there were basically nude clips and pictures all her over her page.

>While most Facebook posts, at least in my feed, are pictures of engagements, weddings, vacations, children, pets and links, her page felt like the diary of a fourteen-year-old girl with an eating disorder from a Lifetime movie circa 1993.

No. 94782

Why are you bringing her up?

No. 94784

Just read the article and shit got me down.

No. 94785

I mean, is this really surprising to anyone? A underage girl posts naked pictures on the internet where grown men can easily see them and harass her - there's obviously some underlying issues that lead to it.

No. 94788

What's amazing to me is the sheer scale of it, there are so many girls on 4chan alone who do this shit. Just look at /soc/.

Most of them seem to be white though, very few asian girls for whatever reason.

No. 94792

More like it's mostly white girls who achieve the same amount of infamy, really. The rest who do this shit tend to go through similar stuff, but I guess they don't suffer the brunt of it or gain as large a following for whatever reason. Maybe because this brand of chan browsing edgelords are usually white guys, or guys of other races with a white girl fetish.
There was one, maybe two Asian girls I've read the ED articles of, and one half black/half white chick I know who had the same thing happen to her.

No. 94795

Yeah, I don't think it's solely that white girls are more "slutty". I think there's a greater demand for white girls and they're seen as more desirable so they achieve more attention/fame.

But I also think the fact asian women seem more future orientated plays a part.

No. 94796

Can people PLEASE start putting this shit in the news general?


No. 94807

Her room looks normal though?

No. 94811

>What's amazing to me is the sheer scale of it, there are so many girls on 4chan alone who do this shit. Just look at /soc/.

Seconded. I understand why these little girls do it, but the scale of it is insane. In /g/ there's a thread where numerous girls are talking about how they posted timestamped nudes to 4chan when they were 13-15 and were shocked when they got backlash for it (stalkers, doxxed and other fun things for example). They say they just "didn't expect" things to go like that when there have been numerous girls BEFORE THEM as a warning example. I can only deduce that they WANT to become "a -Chan" because they're glorified as these youthful, admired idols for whom any publicity is good publicity because they're invisible and have just as much whiteknights as they have haters. They don't realize that most famous -Chans are mental wrecks and so addicted to the attention they can't function like a normal person anymore. Just look at Spoony for example, she stays online 24/7 just talking about herself on r9k and lolcow and being desperate for attention.

No. 94812

Are you a moderator anon? Cool your autism, I'd rather have separate threads for interesting news stories than a huge general that no one will bother to look at

No. 94813


>a desire to keep /b/ free from bloated threads that will inevitably sink to the bottom of the catalogue never be seen again as opposed to placing it in a singular thread which will be regularly viewed



No. 94814

Honestly, if I had kids I wouldn't let them on any forums or social media until they were at least 18. All kids know is that they can get attention online, and their teenage egocentrism leads them to believe that nothing bad can possibly happen to them, even if it's happened to countless others before. I know when I was a kid I rolled my eyes at people talking about "the dangers of the internet".

shhh little one, it will be okay

No. 94815

Yeah, completely agree anon, the /g/ thread shocked me. So many camwhores…

There are a couple of things I can pinpoint.

- Parents giving them unrestricted access to the internet (aka liberal parenting techniques).
- Not really being raised to be wary of males (most conservative girls aren't really staunchly conservative ideologically, they just have this inbuilt suspicion of male interest and thirst).
- Low self-esteem.
- Consumption of sexually explicit media, and I don't just mean porn, but anime too. Anime is really lewd, I mean that in the literal sense of the term, and I think it screws with young people's sense of what sort of behavior is socially acceptable around members of the opposite sex.

Put everything together and the mix is combustible.

No. 94816

It's also compounded by hobbies like cosplay (at least imo). There's a line at which even if you understand the lewdness is "ironic", it sort of infects everyday behavior and the way you interact with others.

I think the underlying issue that a lot of 4channers miss about cosplayers is that girls, or at least white girls who watch anime are like this because they've become myopically attached to a form of media where lewdness is just incidental and fine. A lot of the younger ones consequently misread men and assume that men don't react to blatant sexual provocation in this way (because the guys in anime usually don't, at least not aggressively).

I know this is sounding kinda abstract and theoretical but look at it like this: White female weebs are fucking crazy, they're crazy to a degree that they make male weebs look like pretty cool, well-adjusted people. You doubt me? Look at Applemilk1988, look at Kanadajin, look at Yukapon. These are people in their 20s, they're still like this, they didn't even move to Japan with a JET program job lined up. It was purely motivated by fantasy and whimsy.

No. 94817

This is less about the news story itself than it is about "chan culture" as it pertains to camwhores and the psychology/damage behind it all.

No. 94818

>Parents giving them unrestricted access to the internet (aka liberal parenting techniques).

I had a laptop since when I was 12. Also most kids have phones + wifi these days. It's not like everyone is going to turn into a camwhore because of that.

That is a retarded article and the author is retarded too.

No. 94821

>I had a laptop since when I was 12. Also most kids have phones + wifi these days.

That's not a good thing.

>It's not like everyone is going to turn into a camwhore because of that.

That's a strawman.

>That is a retarded article and the author is retarded too.


No. 94822

I don't think social media is bad per se, I was a lonely kid growing up and social media gave me a chance to make friends outside of the school grounds and I never gave away my personal info or nudes or photos in general because even at 14-15 I knew the internet is unforgiving and there are sick fucks about who are out there to ruin girls' lives. The connecting things between all the -Chans is that they're usually brought up in a sheltered environment, are lonely and usually have daddy issues which makes them seek for older male validation online.

Camwhoring on *chans is usually the result of combined personal issues but undoubtedly they are fueled by the presence of social media which makes their behavior possible. I almost became one of those girls hanging around older males and trying to please them because they made me feel mature and somehow desired, but realized how fucked up it was for a 15-year old girl to hang around 28-year olds after I got friends of my own age. I still see a lot of 14-16 year old girls who have a bunch of guys in almost their 30's grooming them, buying them stuff and asking for lewd photos. At that time they feel flattered by all the attention they're getting but either one of the guys goes sour and shares her lewd photos, doxxes her, stalks her or the whole group leaves her out cold after she gets too old/a regular boyfriend, usually resorting to the dirty stuff I mentioned. I'm sorry girls but there's only one reason why older guys pamper young girls and it's not because they want to be just friends.

No. 94823

Unfortunately a lot of them do end up having sex with older men.

No. 94835

she used to post a lot here

No. 94837

File: 1464544591062.jpg (35.93 KB, 736x540, The-godfather-III-al-pacino-86…)

lolcow? I would have hoped she would have just left the entire imageboard scene.

>Just when you think you're out, they pull you back in!

No. 94842

she's part of the unichan crowd. she still posts there a lot and used to post on lolcow when they were shitting it up with their own drama

No. 94846

No. 94905

They shouldn't be raised to be 'wary of males', that's retarded. They should be taught to be wary of creeps on the internet, who can come in both male and female form, as I'm sure you've noticed.

And imo kids going online isn't a bad thing, they'll do that with or without you. It's more a matter of guiding them to the right places (like Neopets, Runescape and those flash game websites). I wouldn't really let my kid have a Facebook or Instagram account, especially not Instagram.

No. 94907

Your parents never gave you the talk?

That guys are going to do all sorts of duplicitous things to get into your pants?

I feel sorry for you, I received it and I feel it's necessary. It helped prepare me. Fact is virtually every guy I was ever close with had ulterior motives, and it's true for every other girl who isn't fat when they're growing up.

I'm not even one of the "all men are violent animals!" posters but this is something I'm really firm on. Young girls need to be raised with an understanding of the underhanded methods men are going to try to employ to have sex with them.

No. 94908

I'm sorry you have shit taste in men. All my boyfriends were polite and well-bred and I'm married to a wonderful guy who respects me. Not all men are animals, at least for those of us who don't live in a ghetto. It's just a matter of loving yourself and learning to say no.

No. 94913

You've completely missed the point of my post. Instantly trusting men's intentions is retarded.

No. 94916

So is my boyfriend and I dropped every guy that tried to use me to get my friends or said they'd settle for me if they had nothing else. But do you really think every 12yo with bad self esteem is going to do that? Men are focused on because most women are straight and straight women don't try to force themselves into other women's pants. Trusting any stranger's intentions is something only a literal retard or a child would do. That's why you teach stranger danger, but most children don't see their classmates and friends as strangers. We aren't talking about teens who have at least some life experience, we're talking about kids.

No. 94918

Stuck up.

No. 94978

>>Not all men
OMG! Really!? Thanks for clearing that up,here i was thinking that ALL men were rapist!

No. 94981

>was probably too ugly to be stalked or harassed

Even when married or with boyfriends, many women are still inappropriately pursued by other men. Even after they say no.

No. 94994

What makes posting on lolcow any better than posting on unichan? More females here?

No. 94997

Not my fault you're still pining after Thad.
I wish I were pretty enough to be catcalled by dirty niggers like you, I really do :( Alas, I live in an upper middle class community where most guys are educated and willing to take me on proper dates and respect me. Life truly is suffering.
Of course, but stranger danger is quite different from 'men r evul and you shouldn't trust them'.

No. 95003

File: 1464569981043.png (2.21 MB, 1352x2164, Love-Hina-Book-1-Keitaro-accid…)

girl in OP article here; I can confirm all the things you listed as definitive contributing factors. for instance, the first manga I ever read was Love Hina. I can't remember if I was 11 or 12 when I started reading it.

This image is from the first volume of Love Hina. In this chapter, Shinobu is 12, and the protagonist, Keitaro, is 19.

I read every Love Hina manga and watched the entire anime when I was more or less that age.

It's a harem anime, with literally all of the female characters falling in love with the protagonist.

No. 95006

That's all I've said, a modified version of stranger danger that includes people that aren't strangers. The other anons sounded like they were saying the same thing to me. Just like it's "not all strangers" it's "not all men" either. Teaching children to be scared of everyone wouldn't be good either.

No. 95008

Hey loli-chan. Have you managed to clean up your life in any way since then? I'm old enough to remember old /b/ and just how fucked up it was back then. Back then it seemed less epidemic than it was now, I mean really we had the likes of Togi-chan and I think Allyson camwhored once on MSN Messenger, but these days it's hundreds of girls on places like /soc/ if not more.

Do you think anime and otaku culture in general can play around with your sexuality and understanding of boundaries then?

I can remember another girl from /a/ years ago, she achieved chan status, dwarf-chan or something? She ran into similar problems as you, sadly enough.

I hope you're doing well in any event.

No. 95010

Not loli-chan but I know exposure to sex, porn, and ecchi anime at a young age definitely messed up my sexuality and perspective a ton. You can already see it affecting a lot of 12yo girls now.

No. 95011

Oh, Camel.

Shit, last I heard you'd ran off halfway across the country to hook up with some random guy.

I'm guessing that didn't end well.

No. 95012

Uh no, I've never even posted on halfchan's b. I'm just some random woman.

No. 95013

Sorry, I was confused by:

>girl in OP article here

No. 95014


Aw god I remember this shit… yeah. It was pretty gross looking bak

No. 95015

Am I the one misunderstanding now? I know I just jumped in but that's all I've said in this conversation. Sorry for the confusion.

No. 95017

I assumed you meant you were a girl mentioned in the article, I realize now you meant you're like the girls described in the article and by the anon you quoted.

No. 95020

File: 1464572368948.jpg (62.55 KB, 537x416, aa6.jpg)

hey anon-chan. i just finished my first year at art school. i'm on the dean's list for having a high gpa. i'm still bipolar, on meds. i've been seeing a psychotherapist and it's going really well. uncertain about the future but trying to stay positive and hope for the best.

i'm strangely kind of glad (???) that this thread is here because I've been thinking about translating my experience into art, specifically because as OP said my story is "weirdly emblematic" of other stories so maybe I can help other girls like us feel better, even if it's just the littlest bit.

I think at that age any media can affect your sexuality and understanding of boundaries, but a lot of anime and manga has misogynistic and pedophilic undertones, when it isn't made explicitly obvious.

No. 95021

lol @ the confusion because it took me so long to reply

No. 95023

Hey loli-chan. Glad to hear you're doing better, keep it up. Nothing is ever worse debasing yourself publicly, even if you feel like you're worthless, you have value to people around you provided you surround yourself with the right kind of people.

I think before trying anything in terms of physical art, you should try putting pen to paper. Get your thoughts in order, try to convey them in a way that's comprehensible to the target audience. What you said here: >>95003 is actually kind of illustrative of what I mean, you explained what a lot of impressionable and gullible young girls on 4chan elsewhere go through. Then you can try using art to underscore these themes and concepts in a bolder way - at least that's how I'd go about it, I don't want to second guess you because it's a good idea.

Try to speak to as broad an audience as possible though, as mentioned here >>94816 I think the influence of getting hooked on otaku subculture early on isn't something a lot of people even here give much notice to as a possible cause, but it's certainly a big part of the dysfunction described ITT (just look at /snow/ or /pt/).

I won't lie, reading your story made me feel a bit depressed. I've known a few people like you, people who unfortunately reached depths from where they'll never truly recover again, so I can relate in a more direct way.

Sorry for the huge wall of text, but I felt like going on a bit of a stream of consciousness bent because I remember you from your very first posts so I feel a weird sense of kinship.

No. 95025

As an oldfag chantard, there were defiantly a lot of cam whores who were not white, they just didn't achieve the same amount of fame.

Also, here is worst camgirl

No. 95026

If you're too strict with your parents they're going to rebel even harder. Enjoy your fucked up kids

No. 95027

I remember her.

This is just a cop-out excuse and you know it, it's used to justify totally stupid, thoughtless, permissive parenting that has absolutely no boundaries. The sorts of parents who won't even scold their kids if they're shouting and screaming in a public place. That's the sort of children bred by liberalism.

Now. There is a more nuanced point here and that's that authoritarian parenting is generally speaking, dysfunctional - think tiger moms. But behavioral psychologists in analyzing parent-child relationships generally draw them into three camps: 1) Authoritarian, 2) Permissive or "liberal" and 3) Authoritative.

It's the latter that yields best results. You give your kids freedom - reasonable freedom, that doesn't extend to allowing them to camwhore or consume porn at the age of 12 anon. But the freedom to make some mistakes, small mistakes, not mistakes that can potentially be either life-wrecking in of themselves or have the potential to lead to progressively more dysfunctional behavior over time (which porn consumption generally does).

No. 95028

Thanks anon. <3

I think you're right about needing to put my thoughts in order. At the moment I feel as though I'm trapped within a labyrinth of mirrors.

Haha, reading my own story made me feel depressed. I was also angry with the woman that wrote it because she didn't even bother to get the details about the men who groomed me right after promising me that the article was going to be this impressive feminist treatise on young girls growing up online and acting out sexually. She wrote a fucking tabloid article and she even made fun of my dog for having a tumor. Seriously, I expected her to write the kind of analysis I've seen in this thread. She only further shamed me for her own personal gain.

Don't apologize I need this ; _ ;

No. 95030

You're welcome, that's why I suggested writing first. It helps to put your own head in order more than anything else.

>I was also angry with the woman that wrote it because she didn't even bother to get the details about the men who groomed me right after promising me that the article was going to be this impressive feminist treatise on young girls growing up online and acting out sexually.

That's the nature of a lot of journalists. They troll for these sorts of stories under the guise of empathy for the person they are interviewing and basically do a clickbait character assassination instead. They're just out to raise their own profile in their profession.

Leave your email or skype if you want to chat more.

No. 95032

this thread is a mess

No. 95052

my skype is k.larraz

anyone else free to contact me if you want to as well

No. 95055

Too much sympathy for dumb bitches who bought shit upon themselves really
Kind of funny when I have the Camgirls Thread open int the next tab.

No. 95059

I guess it's easy to blame it on the patriarchy or something…

…Instead of owning responsibility

No. 95060


Anon she was a little fucking girl you dumb faggot.

No. 95061

10-14yos being stupid and not knowing the consequences of their actions? Gee who would've thought?

No. 95062


Once again people blaming the victim rather than the fully-grown paedo men who should have fucking known better.

No. 95063

LOL, had she been 18+ she would have done the same. In fact didn't she? Let's not pretend teenagers are stupid, I was one too not too long ago. Most of the younger posters here begun browsing 4chan at age 13. None of us (I hope) were stupid enough to post nudes. To blame it on the misogyny is just retarded. She should owe up. It is literally illegal over here where I live to produce cp even if you're underaged yourself. The overwhelming feminists that have been here since 2016 make me tolerate the robots a bit more.

No. 95064


>none of us (I hope) were stupid enough to post nudes

I was and did, and I suspect a lot of the people browsing here are guilty of the same behaviour.
Do you know why there's a criminal age of responsibility Anon? Do you really need it spelled out for you?

No. 95065

It's nothing about feminism or about posting nudes or whatever. It's about 10-14yos being really stupid and incapable of thinking ahead in the same way older people do. Tbh she probably would've idk much about her nor am I defending her, but saying literal children should be judged in the same way as adults is ridiculously stupid. What next, age is just a number and a 13yo + a 40yo is perfectly okay?

No. 95066

Where I live you would have gone to jail. Learn to take responsibility.

No. 95067


Do they even have internet in Gambia.

No. 95068

No. 95069

No. 95070

They do in Saudi Arabia I'm sure. At least the arabs that harass everyone they find somehow find a way.

17 and 16yos not a fucking 10yo. Did you read what I posted? >>95065 16/17yos are more than old enough to be treated like an adult crime wise.

No. 95071


Well in my obviously more civilised country they don't arrest and charge little girls for being manipulated by grown fucking men you savage.

No. 95072

They were minors. I said even if minors were producing childporn themselves (for example 14 year olds) they would have gotten punished. The law doesn't care about what you think. Also, nice race baiting.

No. 95073

Racebaiting? They were asking about internet in "less developed countries" if you spend 2 seconds on it you know what I mean.

Again 10yo, where did I say 14yo? I'm talking about literal children not even young teens. Idgaf how old any of the girls in the story were. I'm talking about literal children in any situation related to sex.

No. 95076


16/17 year olds are still children.

No. 95077

>It's about 10-14yos being really stupid and incapable of thinking ahead in the same way older people do. Tbh she probably would've idk much about her nor am I defending her, but saying literal children should be judged in the same way as adults is ridiculously stupid.
you said it here. It doesn't matter, she was just not 100% innocent in any way not even by standards of the law. Yes the men were disgusting but…so was she. And yes I do sympathize with her, but she must not blame it on
>muh animu
like she was doing here. She should just admit that she was an idiot.

No. 95078

No, not even close.

>Idgaf how old any of the girls in the story were. I'm talking about literal children in any situation related to sex.

>Tbh she probably would've idk much about her nor am I defending her

>saying literal children should be judged in the same way as adults is ridiculously stupid

I told you I don't care about her at all, I'm saying if a 10yo gets told to take a naked pic by a trusted family member that's on the same level as some dumbass attentionwhore and they deserve to go to jail? What about a 13yo? Should they be smart and strong enough to go directly against an adult or go to jail? You weren't saying anything about the men before, in fact you were practically saying they were blameless. Bitch about her all you want but don't drag literal children into this and say they deserve punishment for being forced and manipulated.

No. 95083


>not even close

Must be an anomaly then that they call sexual materials featuring individuals under the age of 18 child pornography then…

No. 95087

Wow, yeah, you're absolutely right. Nothing else leading up to the event could possibly have contributed in any way, nor should it be analyzed. It was all idiocy, nothing about accidentally and gradually exposed to sexually charged images of minors could possibly have had an impact. It's not like showing children pornography is a part of the grooming process or anything…

No. 95088

about being*

No. 95089

File: 1464590816088.jpg (387.78 KB, 800x1039, LoveHinaShinobu.jpg)

Nothing wrong with a 12 year old watching a 12 year old look like this :^))))

No. 95090

I discovered 4chan at a similar age and knew better than to whore around. Not saying they deserved the consequences, but seriously there must be something lacking in the brain department of these girls. Even at that age most people have some common sense and self control.

No. 95091

>My parents raised all of these girls

No. 95092

>conservative parenting and restrictive home electronic use will keep your kid out of trouble

I don't think this is the answer. If you simply forbid something without explaining the consequences then of course kids will be curious or think you're hiding something from them. Some straight up dislike their parents during their teenage years and rebel against any advice just for the principle of shitting on their authority.

My preteen/teen years were in the early 2000 as well. My mother was and is an absolute bitch to me about boys and sex, because she's a conservative catholic dingaling. She never wanted to talk about it and simply forbade any sexual intimacy and criticized every bf I ever had. Her lack of communication got me into a lot of shit that I probably could have avoided had I had a more supportive parent.

However, the one thing I did understand was the consequences of someone having a nude photo of me. My mother actually talked to me about that because she had a teacher friend who had nudes distributed around on the internet. And yes, my mom shamed her friend for the photos getting leaked and not the creeps who were doing it. At the time, all the exposure about creeps and sexual harassment cases (2004-07) were coming out. While I could put a bad high school bf and an embarrassing sex story in my past, I was very much aware that nudes could stick around long into the future. It's saved me bunches of times.

A few years ago I dated a 4channer, later turned robot, and after we broke up he was shitposting my doxx and threatening all over the boards. Ofc no1curr'd about being his personal army. But once he started posting regular pictures of me anons asked if he could post my nudes. I had never given him any. He faked cool by pretending he 'deleted' them, but they never existed. I'm glad I didn't trust him with that because they would have been leaked.
Ironically, some anons found his own nudes he posted on /soc/ and harassed him with it. Glad that bullshit blew up in his face, he was really deserving.

No. 95094

My parent didn't didn't regulate my internet usage nor taught me shit about sex. Do you think I'd have ended up on 4chan that young otherwise?

>Again 10yo, where did I say 14yo? I'm talking about literal children not even young teens.
All the more then. I would've noped the shit out of anything remotely fishy. As would other children at a similar age

No. 95095

>knew better than to whore around
Reminder that these are little girls you're talking about, what the actual fuck anon. Most of these girls sought attention on the internet because they were being physically/mentally/sexually abused, or something else was just fucking up their lives. You can't compare your white picket fence upbringing to theirs. Also, having a superiority complex over this kind of thing is really, really not a good look.

No. 95096

>Most of these girls sought attention on the internet because they were being physically/mentally/sexually abused
Where did this chick say anything about abuse? She watched too much anime. The end.

No. 95097

>My parent didn't didn't regulate my internet usage nor taught me shit about sex.

Cute. My parents locked me in a shed, my parents beat me, my parents hoarded so much that the house was sometimes hard to walk through.


No. 95098

Are you loli chan? No? Eat shit

No. 95099

You realize more than one underage girl has posted pictures of herself on 4chan, right?

No. 95100

I'm not going to post a fucking selfie for you, please die in a fire

No. 95101

Did you read the article? I'd hardly call the conditions of her upbringing idyllic. And beyond her, a shitload of these children do do it as a form of escapism from their shitty lives.

That being said, don't detract from the fact that you're victim blaming and lauding your own ~better upbringing over 10 year old little girls. Have some fucking shame. What are you trying to prove here?

No. 95102

File: 1464593293181.jpg (52.8 KB, 599x398, goalpost.jpg)

The point you were trying to make is that the girls had no autonomy whatsoever and it's always caused by abuse and negligence, no?

I'm sorry you didn't get positive attention from me :((

No. 95103

>abuse and negligence could not possibly play any part in any child acting out sexually

No. 95104

>The point you were trying to make is that the girls had no autonomy whatsoever and it's always caused by abuse and negligence, no?
I'm >>95095 anon. That wasn't my point at all. Not even close. I'm starting to think that there's something wrong with you. Maybe your parents should have spent more time "regulating" your time at school?

No. 95105

>I'd hardly call the conditions of her upbringing idyllic
I've read about two monitor's worth of it and it's been nothing but fluff and a pathetic attempt to make readers feel sorry for her.

>strawmanning this hard
You're really desperate to appear to have a valid argument.

Then what is your point?

>all of these girls are abused!

>uh the one we are talking about didn't
>hurr durr

No. 95106


No. 95107

>I post about the abuse
>uh the one we are talking about didn't

hurr fucking durr

No. 95108

Are you honestly just intentionally being incoherent to hide the fact you have nothing now?

No. 95109

You literally have zero reading comprehension, thanks for the laugh.

No. 95110

yea I think I understand your post now. All these years and you still don't know how to greentext properly.

You were blaming anime, not your upbringing. Fuck off.

No. 95111

It's almost as if multiple variables can affect an outcome!

No. 95112

File: 1464595431867.webm (3.9 MB, 540x360, why_pupinia.webm)

don't worry tardy hardy's the new changirl is Pupinia Stewart.

Credits: YouTube (Pupinia Stewart)

No. 95113

Can't possibly have been sexually, emotionally, or physically abused.

No. 95118

Isn't she just a troll?

No. 95119

Duh I know about basic psychology too. Banning social media in this day and age is what I would consider authoritarian. Most kids are on social media these days, and it will probably be the case in the future. Unless you have some weirdo autistic kids, they will definitely want to fit in and be on social media like their peers. I think social media is definitely a basic form of socializing for kiss these days. What are you going to do, go through their phones? You probably won't even recognize what social media sites kids use when you are forty. Otherwise if you do try, your kids not being on social media will make them look like they come from a fundamentalist religious family. It just reeks of over protectionism.

Idk why so many people treat social media like the devil. I had Facebook when I was in high school and it was a way to waste time and talk with classmates. It still is.

No. 95121

Daily reminder that loli is the one who indoctrinated Orange with her SJW insanity and convinced her to become a camgirl because she needed help getting views. Can Loli-chan have her own thread?

No. 95127


tbh I laughed when I saw who wrote the article. She's a terrible journalist who frequently tried to pull the whole "oh im a nerd but i'm BETTER than these nerds lel" schtick. She's the one who got like all the nerds in SoFlo to rally against MNT and lose their connection with Supercon because she wrote an article 'covering' a con where she basically just posted photos of cosplayers and made fun of them.

She fucked off to VICE or whatever company likes that sort of writing (aka every modern internet new agency kek)

No. 95130

>You were blaming anime, not your upbringing. Fuck off.

Is there anything wrong with that? Refer to: >>94816 - Anime is a hell of a drug and really screws with one's conceptions of boundaries as a kid. Look at the effect it has had on people like Yukapon and Venus and tell me it doesn't have a negative side.

No. 95131


I think I know who you are, maybe.
Not saying any names but, but did you date train-faggot?

No. 95132


Nobody gives a shit princess.

No. 95133

fam, we're already doing things your way ("let kids do whatever they want and hope they eventually figure it all out for themselves").

It isn't working.

No. 95134

I think it's a robot wanting pity tbh.

No. 95136

By Orange do you mean Floridianon? Because she was a slut long before loli did anything to her.

No. 95138

Arguing about how to raise kids is idiotic either way.

Parents can be completely lax and the kid can turn out like shit and people will say that the parents should've been more strict. Parents can be strict and the kid will turn out like shit and people will say that the parents should've been more liberal.

Everyone is different and nothing will truly work the same for any kid.

No. 95142

No it isn't. There's clear evidence from the field of behavioral psychology that certain parenting methods are better than others: Authoritarian and Permissive parenting methods are generally bad, Authoritative parenting methods are generally good.

>Everyone is different

Wait, I thought "we are all the same". At least that's what the anti-racist liberals say, now you're saying we're all different?

>people will say that the parents should've been more liberal.

No one says that unless the parents are truly authoritarian and dictatorial. There's a reason you don't see Asian girls falling for the same stupid traps white girls do again and again, it's because they were raised better.

No. 95143

Oh wow so farmers are big fat huge cows themselves? You should make a thread about yourself and your boyfriend on /snow/!

No. 95144

Lolichan stop. You're being ridiculous.

No. 95145

I'm not loli-chan, are you really such a myopic weeb that you can't see how watching stuff like Love Hina can warp a young kid's understanding of what's appropriate and inappropriate sexually?

Just look at the site you're on. Look at the people we laugh at. They are living, breathing examples of what happens when you let Korean and Japanese pop culture influence you from a young age.

No. 95146

Nice red herring. Stick to the original argument faggot

No. 95147

why is this acceptable

No. 95148

> As would other children at a similar age

you literally have no concept how humans work do you? you're one of those faggots who thinks everyone is the same no MATTER WHAT their situation/upbringing/genetics are.

you are the retard here.

No. 95149

>>I post about the abuse
Where? You don't fill in the name field while attention whoring so I keep track of your posts.

No. 95151

The fuck are you even talking about? I'm >>95130. I'm replying to someone who specifically denies that anime can have this sort of influence over someone, which is patent bullshit.

No. 95153

>I'm replying to someone who specifically denies that anime can have this sort of influence over someone, which is patent bullshit.
Yeah and I made that post. Your post is a fucking red herring because it does not argue with the original point I'm making at all – which is that camwhoring behavior in this instance at least stemmed from exposure to anime as opposed to childhood abuse. I'm not going to leave the original argument and change to something you're more comfortable with. Get fucked.

No. 95154

Just admit anime can screw with someone's understanding of what's appropriate/inappropriate instead of being a stubborn weeaboo.

No. 95155

File: 1464617266361.webm (227.86 KB, 640x360, you_tried star.webm)

No. 95158

ANY form of media can fuck up a person if they're already mentally unstable. Fucking Catcher in the rye made Mark David Chapman murder John Lennon and that book is pretty tame by today's standards.

No. 95161

There isn't a huge subculture built around shitty Salinger novels, that's the difference.

No. 95169

You realize a couple of people ITT, including loli-chan herself have explicitly stated that anime/manga played a part in it, right?

No. 95177


Are you seriously having trouble comprehending my post?!

No. 95179

Lolichan's opinions about things literally has 0 value.

No. 95192

There's no drama except for what happened two years ago, so.

No. 95193

There's also a reason Asian girls run off with white guys, because they don't want to be with someone like their father

No. 95194

>let kids do whatever they want and hope they eventually figure it all out for themselves
Btw I didn't say "let's never set any rules," I'm saying it's useless to set rules and not explain the entire issue and what the consequences are. Parents avoid talking about sexual-related outcomes because it's uncomfortable and they think it'll give the child ideas. When actually, not explaining why the rules are there is what causes the kids to act out in the first place.

No. 95196

The "m-muh anime" is strong in this thread. I blame /r9k/.

No. 95197

I'm sure you're much more qualified to tell us about her childhood than she is.

No. 95198

Have you ever been to a con? Even when things are normal, it still makes me uncomfortable seeing autist men go up to young kids in costume for pictures becuase she's their "waifu". And when shady things do go on, predators groom kids and fuck them, it happens more often than you think. At it's worst, it's a shady subculture built on mental illness and delusion, and the delusional ones are the ones talking to kids and making them feel worshipped online.

No. 95200

>she wrote an article 'covering' a con where she basically just posted photos of cosplayers and made fun of them.

OH MY GOD. I had no idea that's what she did! Before she interviewed me she asked me if I would go with her to this con just outside of Miami and take pictures for her because she didn't have a camera and I have a DSLR. When we got there she asked me to take pictures of any cosplayers who would agree to it. She told me the article probably wouldn't even be published.

So, she shat on me and now I find out that she used me to shit on other people. I just checked my email archives, it was called "palmcon". pls tell me if I am mistaken and it was another con

No. 95203

Except they have the sense to settle down with white guys who are at least in stable, decent jobs and don't have a rap sheet. Some white girls will date black guys who are chronically unemployed. You would never find a single Chinese girl doing that. Ever.

No. 95205

That's why I said /snow/.

No. 95206

Fuck off robot

No. 95208

Nope it was definitely palmcon. It was a brand new con in its first year. She also called a 14 year old a slut or something because she cosplayed something 'revealing' (it was a Misty cosplay).

Sorry she used you fam. The worst part was that since the editor at MNT refuses to take down articles she stayed on her high horse and changed her twitter bio to something like "come at me bros" or something and kept laughing at people who were pissed at her.

No. 95210

>"Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/."

Feel free to make it yourself though anon.
I'm sure our non-existent social media and my ex's autistic bitching about tfw no gf and his oneitis will be so interesting to other people.

No. 95212

And for the record he actually did make a thread about himself for the attention when r9k first did raids here, but it got deleted because nobody gave a shit and he broke the rule.

No. 95214

I want LC to spill more tea on OrangeCitrus.

No. 95215

Fucking sad that she called a 14 year old a whore. She basically called 12 year old me a whore in the article so I shouldn't be surprised.

No. 95216

I don't have any negative feelings towards her anymore, the whole thing was extremely petty and stupid and I'm sorry that she saw me as some sort of example for why she should do MFC. I hope she's ok. That's all I have to say, sorry senpai.

No. 95217

Did she manage to kick the camwhoring habit?

Also, loli: Do you remember clover-chan?

No. 95218


Fair enough. Thanks for responding at all.

No. 95220

I don't know, I haven't talked to her at all since I was a dick to her and we had a falling out.

I've never heard of clover-chan.

No. 95222

I often think about people I either had a falling out with or just lost contact with on the internet. It makes me a little upset, especially if they were good fun to chat to. God knows where the likes of Allyson and Togi-chan are now.

No. 95223

I've thought about contacting her but I think it's best to just leave it be. I know about her tumblr, she always reblogs stuff from one of our mutuals.

I wonder about one girl in particular, the girl who I guess was the equivalent of what I was to OC. I knew her when I was 16-18 and she was an MFC girl, she always smiled on tinychat and the camming didn't seem to affect her. So when I had to withdraw from school and needed money I thought to myself, "hey, she did it, and she seemed fine; what could possibly go wrong?" I never expected that people would start asking me if I was LC within an hour of showing my face on MFC. Bless her.

No. 95238

You were and are a whore. Keep denying bitch.

No. 95245

If 12 year olds can be whores, does that mean that 12 year olds can have consensual sex with adults?

No. 95249


Anon apparently thinks so, they're probably a paedophile tbh.

No. 95273



What about that anon's post is in any way like /r9k/ bullshit?

No. 95279

File: 1464666163245.gif (55.6 KB, 500x321, 770.gif)

Kind of sickened tbh how some of the users are laying into an 11 year old incarnation of this girl and labeling her a whore and a slut for being manipulated and sexually abused by older men who should have been in a position of trust.
Even if you want to play the "hughhhh she's accountable as soon as she's 18" card you really have no idea how big a role the formative years of precisely 12 to 18 play in a person's future development.
You don't have to have a fucking masters in childhood development to understand that the impact is astronomical, so yeah, if you're spent 6 of the unarguably most important years of your life being tricked and lied to and manipulated by paedos for their sexual approval, no fucking shit you're going to act out and display unusual behaviors later on in life. People repeat the behaviours they learned as children, and as soon as somebody turns 18 they don't just click their heels together and magically poof into normal, healthy productive little members of society.

I could get if she was a liar or a scammer or an abuser, but she's legit a fucking child sex abuse victim. wtf guys. wtf.

No. 95308

I blame the parents.
There, I don't blame the child.
I blame the parents.

No. 95348

I feel like most of the anons claiming that kids have the responsability are kids themselves.

As an adult, I'm fucking horrified by the idea of a 14 yo being molested by 19yo. At 15, I probably wouldn't have been.
It's a lack of perspective.

No. 95350

I've said several times that I discovered 4chan at a similar age. Fuck off.

No. 95360

Yes, but then you'd have to blame the grand parents for raising her parents also and so on …

No. 95369

What are you even babbling about? If you want us to believe you're an adult, try at least to be intelligible.

No. 95372

Something is telling me that quality posting like >>95238 and others blaming children is the doing of r9k and men in general.

No. 95382

Lol no. I am realistic. I fucked an older guy as well at a younger age for money (I was 12), I did it once, but I am not going to say that I was a victim because I was not. It was consensual 100% and I was a whore and I won't deny it. There is a difference between an uncle molesting his cousin and a child taking nudes online. Now do I think it should be legal? Absolutely not. But liberals who think that childeren are innocent are lying to themselves. Pretty sure there are kids in jail who raped and killed right? Are they innocent too? But I'm glad the law makes it sure that kids will be punished if they take nudes or rape. Such innocent kids etc…
I'm 23 no thank you. I in fact have the feeling most of you are the same kind of women who would scream rape the moment you regret having sex with a certain guy. Childeren should not sleep with older men but if a whore like lolichan takes nudes online then I'm sorry but then it's her fault (and of course the neckbeards who saved her pics). Absolutely nothing wrong with being a whore, but to deny it is what I hate. If she truly was a victim she would have stopped, but clearly she loves doing it because it makes easy money and easy attention. It is okay.

But you could also just blame it on everything else for your whore behaviour instead of desperate need of attention. I've been there too, it's ok Lolichan.

No. 95386

Where does my english not make sense to you?

>I have no valid arguments

>better use insults instead!
Truly pathetic

No. 95387

Yeah, sure. Old men egging on 12 yo to show their naked bodies is a-ok. Yeah, sure, 12yo can never be coerced to do stuff. Yeah sure, 12 yo should are totally aware of any consequence of what they do and never need their parents making sure they are not doing really stupid stuff. Yeah, sure, 12 yo should be considered as responsible ad fully developped adults.

Kek, you sure are dense for a 23 yo.

No. 95388

File: 1464691953139.jpeg (89.02 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

Saging because I don't think this thread should be bumped. I'm not anon below btw I just forgot to reply to these posts.
Technically it is possible. But it should definitely be punished. Like I said, if a premature whore takes noodz online she should be punished.
No, I am not. I simply do not believe in the concept that childeren are innocent. They are not. Nor are they stupid.

No. 95389

Are ou retarded? What's wrong with the way she expresses herself?

No. 95390

If you truly knew who lolichan was you'd know her parents tried to do so. Yet she came back.

No. 95392

Completely agree. There's a fucking difference between a prepubescent being groomed and an idiot thirsting for attention from strangers on the internet. It really doesn't take adult intelligence to be able to see at first sight that /b/ was (and still is) a degenerate hellhole. Every fucking warning sign is there right from the absolute beginning.

No. 95396

So much same-fagging.

No. 95397

File: 1464692471973.jpg (91.48 KB, 510x1499, samefag.jpg)

Sorry to burst your bubble but there's more than one person ITT who thinks lolichan should hold at least some responsibility.

No. 95403

At some level she is guilty but I definitely get where she was coming from.

She probably felt like shit and felt unloved and ignored in her regular life (inb4 durrhurr but her parents clearly cared they banned her, teens are stupid and don't think rationally that is why they are not considered adults) and the validation she was getting online trumped anything she was getting in person.

Imagine if you're a young girl who feels probably ugly, ignored and after posting some photos online you have a bunch of people saying how pretty you are and giving you notoriety. It's addicting. You want to have that continuous validation.

No. 95409

>Everyone is different and nothing will truly work the same for any kid.
This tbh, I was raised really well with parents that told me about everything really early and were always there for me and even payed attention to my chinese cartoons so that they could talk to me about what I was watching.
Except I was still secretly a /b/tard doing all the usual stuff and I sent my pantyshots at age 14 to some guy online who liked anime 'lolis'. Fortunately for me that guy responded and told me not to do that when I was so young and to take care of myself. Looking back on it he was probably just trying to avoid getting done for CP but if he hadn't I know I would have cammed for /b/.
I'm not saying anime is the sole reason (like other anons in this thread I loved Love Hina lol) for why kids act out like that. There is just no way to pin point one variable in the entire formation of a person and blame that for their actions, or to completely determine that your kid is going to turn out however you want to.

No. 95410


>nor are they stupid

Then why are you posting an image of Jon Venables then? You think kidnapping a toddler from a supermarket in broad daylight, molesting him, torturing and beating him to death before leaving his body to be cut in half on a railway line is intelligent behaviour?

No. 95416

>hurr why are teenage camwhores so fucking stupid?

>implying teenagers are renowned for being rational and intelligent people.

No. 95421

I just think sexting/ sending nudes etc need to be added into the conversation with kids by their parents at a young age now. Revenge porn needs to be talked about to your kids, before giving them access to the internet.

A lot of the millennials out there right now had parents that were ignorant to the internet, add that to an evolving world where social media/ chan boards/ camera phones/ etc. was starting to becoming popular, people just didn't know how to restrain themselves.

But newer parents should understand these risks now, and that conversation needs to be had. Tech is all over the place now. You need a smart phone, you need a computer, you need wifi, etc. etc. There's no more excuse to be ignorant about the danger.

No. 95448

IMO you have to have a certain personality and want a specific kind of attention to be a /b/camwhore.
A lot of teens I knew grew up camming with their boyfriends, but it's something entirely different to want to do that to an entire public of people.

I still don't really know why anyone would put themselves out there in a public forum, nor do I see the appeal. More validation? But then what do you do about the invalidating comments calling whatever it is you show ugly or negative in some way?

No. 95463

dear god, why did I google Jon Venable…

No. 95468

>implying teenagers listen to their parents

They need to start teaching about this in schools. Don't buy your kids ipads/laptops; get a desktop and put in right in the living room.

No. 95470


Next to the Moors Murders it's probably one of the most infamous crimes in Britain, I am surprised you'd never heard of the case.
Today one of the boys/men involved has been re-incarcerated after having been found with CP on his harddrive, the other one is out on a lifelong license living under a secret identity. Nobody knows who he is or where he lives, but there's a large scene of people dedicated to tracking him down and exposing him.

You should watch a documentary on the case, it's pretty interesting.

No. 95476

I relate to her.

I posted on /b/ and /v/ as a 12 year old back in 2006-7. I met a guy off of there, who was 19 at the time. He basically groomed me into being his childbride. Looking back it was creepy, but I was just a kid stuck in otaku culture so I didn't realize it. By the time I was 14 he was asking me to send him nudes and stuff like that, and we would cam. He acted like my online boyfriend and eventually came to see me when I was 18.

Well. We ended up in a serious relationship, almost moved in together. Until I found out that throughout our entire relationship, from when I was 12 all the way until 20, he was doing the same to other underaged girls. Probably close to a hundred of girls, the youngest one I saw in his logs was 14 or 15 but I'm sure that he went lower. That wasn't the only bad thing about the relationship, and yeah I KNOW, I should've known that the guy that groomed me since I was 12 was a pedophile… but I was a stupid kid who thought she was in "love" (looking back, none of that was love)

Being with him ruined my entire life. I wish my parents gave enough of a shit to stop me from going down that path. Since I've left him, I've basically been developing socially, sexually, mentally because he halted my development and socialization so badly. He didn't fuck up anything like my education or anything like that, but he left me with so many mental problems. On top of being a pedophile he was very abusive, and constantly belittled me as I was getting older for not staying the same "perfect cute loli". When I was 19 and my hips started rounding out he told me that he wasn't attracted to me at all anymore and that he wasn't going to have sex with me anymore.

Being under the care of a pedophile for 8+ years really fucked me up. The way I think is basically disgusting and sickening now.

So yeah, I feel for her and literally everyone else who can relate to this kind of shit.

No. 95485

You sound like you dealt with it better than a lot of girls though.

Some just allow the abuse to completely shape their character and sexuality and end up engaging in all sorts of risky sexual behavior.

No. 95486

Parents who buy their kids laptops and ipads at a really young age are asking for bad shit to happen. (Naming my age here) but no one owned a pc in my house until 2002 and even then, no social media sites exists until Myspace. Now kids as young as 12/13 have youtube, snapchat, etc.

Being a parent in 2016 must suck. lol

No. 95487

And this is why parents NEED to be involved in their kid's online media.

Glad you got out before it became bad, but fuck that's scary. Men are savages.

No. 95492

For real and its not uncommon to see kids under 10 have their own tablets and phones. Then their parents don't even monitor what they are looking at, my 7 year old niece was looking at fucking gore on youtube one time.

No. 95494

I'm glad I grew up with men in my life that were kind, chivalrous and treated women decently. Some of you sound like you could have used the same with the blanket way in which you describe men as a whole.

No. 95496


what's the point of being condescending and high and mighty when talking about people who were abused by men as kids?

No. 95497

My parents never cared, and then when they finally met him, they liked him.

they still bring him up, say stuff like "oh, anonnette, you couldn't keep a nice guy like him" even though i tell them about the literal child porn i found on his computer/phone.

they don't care about anything. he was able to pay most of the bills so they cared about that more than my well being. i feel like they sold me out to the highest bidder sometimes

No. 95499

I agree, fellow female! As a real female IRL I think most girls in this thread sound like man-hating cunts. You should date a nice guy instead of Chad Thundercock, like I did, because I am totally a girl.

No. 95500

well after we broke up I was sexually promiscuous online, like I took nudes for guys, but I was of age so I don't see it as a big deal. I was just curious because I felt like I missed out on that because of him, but it got boring fast. so I'm not well adjusted. At least I never got around to sleeping with strangers or doing stuff like that.

No. 95501

She's just saying a shitty upbringing skewed some of these posters' perspective of people

No. 95502

No it was pretty much notallmen.jpg

No. 95503

How so?

No. 95507


I've had similar experiences to LC and you.
I discovered 4chan back when I was 14 around the time the Habbo Raids were ongoing. I don't think I even noticed that other boards existed beyond just /b/, kids seem to have tunnel vision like that, but I remember it just being this dumb website I used to visit where people posted weird shit. Soon I began to take notice of all the "roll x decides x" threads and I thought they looked pretty fun, and one day made the huge mistake of creating one for myself.
I had transferred a few years earlier from an adjoining country into a rural, country town. The people there were so sheltered and had a penchant for singling out 'differences', and so from day-one I became a target for a particular clique of girls who made it their mission to ensure my life from that point was one of complete misery. I was a social pariah, I had no friends, people were too frightened to talk to me or sit with me let alone help me.
Hit, kicked, tripped, pushed down stairs, spat on, slapped in corridors, stabbed with pencils, burned, even set on fire. Twice. I remember during lunchtimes I would hide inside of the girl's bathroom to eat my lunch because it was the only time I got any peace, that is if I came into school at all.
That day on 4chan though, suddenly I became somebody. Like, a person. Not garbage. Not this thing that existed only for other people to take their rage out on. People actually wanted to talk me, they wanted to KNOW me. I was flooded with compliments and flattery, being told over and over how beautiful I was, how special I was, that I was actually fucking worth something. I really thought I had friends. To cut a long story short I really threw myself into the internet from that day and ended up causing quite a bit of trouble that did eventually transfer into my real life. The scariest part of it though was how fast it went from being a tool for my social necessities to like, actual irl danger shit. When you're young you just don't fucking see it at all.
I acquired a few stalkers, none so scary as this one psycho from Sweden. I made the mistake of adding him from a 4chan thread and chatting to him semi-regularly, but he became completely obsessed, "you're the last thing I think about before I go to bed and the first thing I think about when I wake up" tier shit. It escalated so slowly I didn't even really notice it happening at first, or I kept making excuses for him like "oh haha he's just lonely :)". Eventually though tracked down my home address in the UK, sent me cards, flowers, but then one day I got a screenshot of a set of return plane tickets from Sweden to the UK. He was going to come "rescue me" so we could be "be together". When I refused him and blocked him, he went full on meltdown and began spamming every possible point of contact he could find, Facebook, Steam, Gaia, IMVU (kek), my emails, subbing to WoW so he could stand next to my ingame char and harass me. He even found my boyfriends Steam and sent messages to him threatening to kill him.

For a long time I've been kind of emotionally flagellating myself for my past, but it's only really been this year that I've finally been able to look back and say "hang on, that was a REALLY fucked up situation". Obviously it doesn't excuse any of my behaviours committed past the age of 18, but looking back…. well shit. I spent the bulk of my formative years existing only in a digital world which I relied entirely for social fulfillment because past abuses stripped of me of the experiences that should have taught me how to function normally in a society. I really don't think it's any surprise that for a long time this is the only way a lot of us knew to live. The ages of 12 to 18 are SO important for psychological development; they really do shape who you go on to become in adulthood.


Hmmmm I wonder what correlation is between all of our abusers…. my oh my what could it be… hair colour? Height? Race? Oh jeez I just can't put my finger on it….

No. 95508

Well anon basically said that they knew chivalrous men, and that we shouldn't make blanket statements about them. Aka I knew some nice guys growing up…they aren't all like that! Don't be a judgemetal johnny!

No. 95509

I'm glad you got out of that situation, even if it took 8+ years, and I'm sorry you had to do deal with that shit fuck.

I went through something similar, but not as long as you. Oddly enough I met the guy on a The Sims fan forum, he was 25+ and I was like 15/16. I was so desperate for male attention at that time since me and my bf broke up, I was so oblivious to this guy being a total predator. Went on cam together and I sent him nudes as well. Later found out from the mods of the site he had been banned because he was messaging girls even younger than me and trying to do the same shit to them. I didn't realize it at until I got older and I learned about grooming and predators in general that I had fallen into that, even for about a 6 month span. Still makes me go "wtf were you thinking?"

The idea of becoming a parent in this age is really daunting. There is just no way to monitor it all, and I wouldn't want my future kids to be totally inept at using new tech, since its becoming such a necessity these days.

No. 95510

Bitch you're putting words in her mouth and you know it. She didn't say anything which told you to stop judging anyone.

No. 95511

Holy shit anon. That Swedish guy sounds so scary. Especially for a young teen. I couldn't imagine how I'd handle that.

No. 95514

>she didn't say anything about judging people!

Okay she didn't say the word "judging", but she condemned those who were using "blanket statements" about men. What are some other words to describe blanket statements?

No. 95515

I'm certainly judging you right now

No. 95516



>well Anon said this

Bitch stop pretending you're different people.

No. 95517

Don't be a judgemental johnny

No. 95519

>but she condemned those
HOW? Fuck off holy shit.

Shit comeback.

No. 95520

>so rustled

No. 95521


Eurgh thanks. I actually appreciate this because sometimes I still kind of beat myself up for it, like it was my fault for putting myself out there, I obviously deserved it, I was obviously asking for it.
That's not right at all though. It's sick that we live in a world where when a vulnerably teen fucks up online like that, instead of having those browsing who're older and know better guiding them away from their mistakes and protecting them, instead you get hundreds of vicious, hungry paedos preying on them for their own sexual gain.

No. 95522

File: 1464719706033.jpg (13.77 KB, 300x300, rolls-eyes.jpg)

>i was just pretending to be retarded!

No. 95523

I'm saying I know men who would give their lives for the women they love. When my first boyfriend tried to force me to have sex my dad, when I told him, nearly beat the hell out of him. When someone cat called me when we were walking down a high street together he turned around and made the guy apologise.

So yeah. I'm not going to hate all men. There's still good men around.

No. 95526

Aw anon I'm just glad you're okay. I've been watching a lot of try crime docs on YouTube, and I'm so glad that your story didn't end with him trying to leave you dead in a ditch.

No. 95527

>bf tried to make me have sex with my dad


No. 95528

*true crime

No. 95530


Yeah, that kind of did seem to be the route it was going aha

No. 95531

Why does >>95523 sound like a dude…

No. 95532

Waitwaitwait… so your bf asked you to have sex with your dad and you actaully asked your dad if he would do it?

No. 95533


>When someone cat called me when we were walking down a high street together he turned around and made the guy apologise.

That happened. Go back to /r9k/ troll

No. 95534

Yeah. Anyone who disagrees with you is a guy. And we're all the same person too. You forgot that part.

No. 95535

You realize the things your dad is doing, is actually sexist in of itself, right?

You sound like those white, conservative, mormon, yuppies on facebook

No. 95536

That's a really specific characterization. Mormon? Lol.

No. 95537


No dude, you really are typing like you're smuggling a porkneedle betwixt those silken thighs.

No. 95538

File: 1464720758267.jpg (36.99 KB, 400x266, 54713-m.jpg)

No. 95539

Well apart from conservative, it's all wrong.

No. 95540

nah if you're conservative and act like your dad is your prince charming you def a yuppie, ho

No. 95541

>a father defending his daughter is totes problematic!
>he should have just let her been abused then given her a lesson on sex positivity

Go back to tumblr

No. 95542

is that you [spoiler]spoony?{/spoiler]

No. 95543

Nothing really wrong with the cat calling scenerio, tbf.

However the first example is an example of backwards thinking that dad's have control over their daughters and then their husbands do. Unless anon-chan is leaving out some important bits, there is no excuse for a dad to threaten to beat up his daughter's bf for taking their relationship to the next level. If both of them are age of consent and consenting adults… Her dad is just a control freak who thinks he owns his daughter :)

No. 95544

File: 1464721417122.png (266.33 KB, 500x379, 7e33f565-905f-4bce-b9ee-e1e673…)

You know why

No. 95545

Ikr. I mean, I've yelled at cat callers and had them fucking chase me.

No. 95546

That's how I read it, too!

No. 95547

>tfw lolcow is jelly because you actually have a family and dad that care about your well being and didn't let you whore for strangers from 13 onwards

Feels good.

No. 95548

File: 1464721619201.jpg (10.01 KB, 207x160, smug.jpg)

no1 cares, attention slut.

No. 95549

Nothing creeps me out more than those decorations for little girls' rooms that say shit like "I've already met my prince. He's called DADDY!"

No. 95550

I'm still waiting for an explanation as to why her bf wanted her to fuck her dad.

No. 95551

File: 1464721732152.jpg (42.39 KB, 335x515, BfcOlk2IgAAxScG.jpg)


Haha, oh my fellow female, how foolish of me to have forgotten, teehee xD :p

No. 95553


You are a man.

No. 95554

You're reading sexual euphemisms into it because of your own issues. Most normal young kids love their parents and take from the parent of the opposite sex what they seek in a partner.

No. 95556

No, I'm pretty sure it is creepy to imply romance between a father and daughter.

No. 95557

Except that's not what is implied at all. Stop watching porn.

No. 95559

Lol it has nothing to do with porn. And it creeps me out for the same reasons as those prom pics where the dads are holding guns, or those t-shirts that say "rules for dating my daughter".

No. 95560

Look man, if that's how you decorated your kid's room then whatever. But it creeps me out.

No. 95561

Given you think kids whoring themselves out to older men over neopets and gaia online is just a normal part of growing up I'm not sure I care much about what you think.

No. 95562

It's a case by case situation. A lot are innocent but a whole lot more are a "my property/territory" thing at absolute best and a "this my 'woman' and you can't have her" at worst.

No. 95563

That perfectly sums up my feelings on this.

No. 95575

I'm glad I'm not the only one creeped out by those photos. Those 'dads' have something mental about them.

No. 95579

>parents dont monitor them


>Looking at gore

That's awful. Did you say something?

No. 95583

Well, good for you. Not all women had that luxury of chilling with a group of white knights. It's not uncommon for younger teens to be abused by older men or taken advantage of.

No. 95584

>bf tried to make me have sex my dad

Commas are important for a reason. Jfc.
And you sound obnoxious. Good for you for having a great dad and great men around your life to protect you at all times, buttercup, but not all teens and women have it good. We have to learn to stand up for ourselves and deal with shitty experiences, but keep going. Doesn't mean you hate men, but it means you become wiser at making decisions, especially about whom you associate with.

No. 95586

They probably are.

No. 95587

Yeah, that shit is creepy.

No. 95588

Oh, female anon, you sure know everything about fellow females. teehee

Fuck off to your containment thread, robot

No. 95596

Not her but
>When my first boyfriend tried to force me to have sex
>force me to have sex

That's a bit different from what you said.

No. 95600

Not even her but that's the exact opposite of what people are saying; everyone ITT, barring the 'NotALLMEN!' idiots and the one trying to blame loli-chan, has been arguing that camming at that age fucks you up. That the people that push young children to do that are perverts and all the rest.

No. 95604

And then when presented with someone who had protective parents you attack her.

Make your minds up farmers, do you want parents to be strict or do you want them to just adopt an attitude of bygones being bygones with 12 year olds having sex?

No. 95605

People weren't attacking that anon for having "protective parents". They were doubting some of the story because it sounded like it was written by a robot, and included weird shit that was never explained (like the bf wanting her to have sex with her dad).

No. 95609

Wat? I see a lot of comments sympathizing with the young girls who were groomed by creepy pedos. No one deserves that.

No. 95610

Why are you so arrogant about being low class as if it's a good thing? Nothing to be proud of especially when you've developed a trashy attitude from it. Get off your high horse.

No. 95612

No one wants 12 year olds having sex. No. That post was definitely written by a robot attempting to romanticize the 'strong protective dad who is the man i wanna marry! I wanna find some guy just like my dad!' bullshit.

Parents should always monitor their kids and younger teens.

No. 95638

Disagree with the anime point. Anime has tons of different genres aimed at different age groups. Kids should be watching cardcaptor sakura and doraemon, of course a child watching something like elfen lied is going to be a bit fucked up because of it. It's not age appropriate. This just reiterates your first point, no parental supervision.
Kids in Japan don't do this shit and they are exposed to anime constantly, the difference being that because it's mainstream there people don't regard everything as "oh it's just cartoons it's fine" and let them watch any old thing.

No. 95691

I also had an otaku groomer, like many girls here, so I'm blogging too.
I thought I was so clever and grown up and one step ahead all the time. To begin with he didn't know I was 12 (he was 18) and we were just chatting and doing normal gaia rp stuff, but in time he got weird. He would be a best friend one minute, then be calling me his little loli (ew) and asking for lewd but acceptable pics, then something would set him off and he would just turn psycho on me and call me names eg if I mentioned male irl friends. Once in one of his moods he figured out my street on Google maps, back when that seemed impressive, from what I had been talking about doing. He always apologised so much after (honeymoon period style) but fortunately I never gave in to send nudes or let him send gifts. I really thought I was some intelligent conversationist, wise beyond my years until he added my younger friend and got more thirsty and sent lots of hentai. I became aware he was doing the same with few younger girls and realised that actually his constant "i see you as an equal and a friend" thing was bullshit and he was just a paedophile collecting little girls. I ended our six years of "friendship" then. Ironically my parents only started worrying about my online safety after I started being safer.
I'm so lucky it was just a loser ped and not that scary Swedish stalker anon had.

No. 95703

>have a family who cares for your wellbeing
>still end up on Lolcow trying to brag about your upbringing
I guess some people are doomed from the start, huh? :^)

No. 95706


>like the bf wanting her to have sex with her dad

she/he/it never said that you dolt, reading comp 101

No. 95734

Can this thread already die? At least sage yall!

No. 95909

>>94997 It's cool Anon. My pillow husbando treats me well too.

No. 96057

Don't make a perfectly innocent saying weird.

No. 96071

Lbr that saying is weird enough on its own.

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