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File: 1433933429321.jpg (49.19 KB, 640x645, appropraiteingggg.jpg)

No. 9379


can we talk about this ugly-ass appropriating cracker?
>takes photos of herself openly mocking muslims
>steals indian culture
>wears super shitty and obvious extensions
>buys ALL her followers and likes on instagram
>brags about how 'shes famous'
>photoshops herself into oblivion
>her bought followers are so obvious just because of how below-average looking she is

No. 9380

File: 1433933500604.jpg (57.59 KB, 720x733, trnas.jpg)

is she a trans? she looks like she used to be a man.

No. 9381

File: 1433933620687.jpg (18.76 KB, 500x750, without photoshop.jpg)

shes a hambeast without photoshop. also the appropriating of black culture is real. a 2 in 1.

No. 9382

File: 1433933755449.jpg (41.25 KB, 500x696, 9yo.jpg)

lulz at her –a cup 9y/o boy tits

No. 9383

File: 1433933779102.jpg (41.14 KB, 640x640, uneven boobs lol.jpg)

her lopsided tits get me

No. 9384

ew her brows….

No. 9385

this thread will bring unwanted replies

No. 9386

her face is too long and horse-like for her to even be considered attractive. her followers and likes are definitely bought.

and by the looks of it shes spent a lot of time making sock accounts and plastering pictures of herself all over the webz to make her look famous. lol what a sad cunt

No. 9387

obvious self posting is obvious

No. 9388

aside from being incredibly racist she's not even attractive, a trait basically required to be on the same level as felice, dakota, etc. she seems more chris-chan-tier "infamous" if anything, which probably isn't what she wants, lol.

No. 9389

File: 1433934145869.jpg (133.44 KB, 312x469, HORSE7.JPG)

horse face

No. 9390

she probably made this post herself. shes a ugly nobody.

No. 9391

Jesus christ…why is one really far to the right?

No. 9392

the sad thing is her tits are too small for her to even move it to the left so that they look normal

No. 9393

Agreed. Definitely a self post.

No. 9394

why are you giving her attention? she is literally nobody, not even worth talking about

No. 9395

She actually looks like a smug, stumpy dwarf to me, but to each their own. I guess this is how people see Venus even though I think she's cute??
Anyway, I feel like OP is either this person or some stan from 2014, this is the first I'm hearing of her.

No. 9396

she's below average at best

No. 9397

im pretty sure she submitted a picture of herself to a super unpopular tumblr page and then used a spam-in app to get it to 100 notes. anyone seeing that post on tumblr must be so confused, lol

No. 9398

…or she replaces a popular pic with her own ugly mug

No. 9399

She has tumblr?

No. 9400

Fucking embarrassing.
There is no doubt in my mind she made this thread now. She's like Liana Judd crossed with Erika Camacho (or whatever her name is) and Jessi Slaughter.

No. 9401

she's a dumb bitch and an attention whore

No. 9402

She makes sock accounts to compliment herself on i Lmfao sooo hard

No. 9403

self post. you're not pretty. you're average at best. get out. this entire thread is a mess, you're not worth talking about. you're just an attention seeking 15 year old that needs to get off the internet.

No. 9404

Bruh half the cows featured on this site are more attractive than you get your basic ass out of here. This isn't Tumblr and your pathetically obvious self posting isn't going to fly here.

No. 9405

ou will go to any length to embarrass yourself across the internet. Go find some loser dude to pay attention to you and knock you up so you have someone to forever give you attention.

You're not pretty/skinny/enviable in any respect. Gtfo of here before we eat you alive.

No. 9406

She's not even vaguely attractive? I've obese soccer moms better looking.

No. 9407

File: 1433934973719.jpg (28.78 KB, 454x336, shop.jpg)

lol the shoop is real!!

notice her edgy cocaine…what a fucking try hard

No. 9408

self post. gtfo

No. 9409

I love that these threads never 404 so that when her future employer at the gas station types in her name he can see that she's a racist, islamophobic drug addict and decides not to hire her uggo ass.

No. 9410

Boy or girl?

No. 9411

M to F trans definitely.

No. 9412

Ugh. I hate that people think that being transgender excludes them from basic societal rules such as NOT BEING A FUCKING RACIST ASSHOLE

No. 9413

literally oh my god

No. 9414

OP sounds exactly like the OP of the Alex Clark thread. Just gtfo

OP samefagging

No. 9415

This whole thread smells like a salty samefag. Spiritual coachella health goth instagram hoes like this are a dime a dozen, I don't know why you're posting this particular one here. gtfo

No. 9416

Op's samefagging in this thread is painfully obvious.

OP if you had just posted the thread and left it to accumulate posts it might have succeeded, but you pushing the hate so hard makes it look like you have a alternative agenda so this thread is consigned to the dump.

Also nobody here gives a fuck about that "culture appropriation" bullshit, you need to get the fuck back to PULL.

No. 9417

alright scrolled through this entire thread and concluded OP made 96% of all posts. Stop fucking coming here to try to convince people that these random bitches are ugly, they're not you're just a psycho insecure cunt and you're using lolcow to make yourself feel better. even your stupid ass "buys all her followers" claims are the same as in the Alex Clark threads. get help.

No. 9418

She just looks pretty basic to me, I see tons of women in town here in the UK who look like her. Nothing special, just another attention seeking bimbo who wants e-fame.

OP if you don't like her, just ignore her. Don't even go on her profile, block her or blacklist.

I don't pay much attention to fuckers on the web like this anymore, they're all lulzy and all the same.

No. 9419

samefag self posting detected

No. 9420

OP detected
Try harder next time

No. 9443

You're a Tumblr SJW.
Cultures cannot be stolen.
Muslims are satanic.
You failed, and your samefagging has me gagging.
I also, don't see, how anyone would shoop themselves into that.
Now please, just go back to Tumblr.

No. 9444

It's the Internet. Just because she dislikes what you think does not mean she is a cow.
>inb4 "you're her"
If anyone is thinking that, I'll happily prove otherwise.

No. 9447

>complains about cultural appropriation
>is transphobic
haha wow

No. 9448

+ a body shamer

No. 9450

Why did you copy/paste my posts from the retarded 14 year old selfpost thread?
Are you retarded? This is the worst samefagging I've ever had the displeasure of witnessing, not because it's obvious but because you seriously think you're fucking clever about it all. You can't even come up with your own harsh comments. 0/10

No. 9458

She looks like literally everyone else on instagram so idec enough to give her the attention.

No. 9472

Fuck you libbypunk, I wrote this to you and now you want to use it to samefag hate on this girl you're obviously jealous of? Get a hobby you sad little bitch

No. 9473

File: 1433954629349.jpg (162.57 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Behold, it's libbypunk samefagging. This is a reply she wrote from one of the fake blogs she runs about herself. Fucking fail.

No. 9474

Lmfao it's that chubby attention whore libbypunk. She did the same with my comment.

No. 9477

>steals Indian culture
>steals a culture
>m-muh cultural appropriation!!!

Get this Tumblrite SJW shit off my board.

No. 9478

File: 1433957167997.jpg (64.62 KB, 680x545, do not respond to libby poster…)

I think pic related is in order once again

No. 9497

I actually don't think it's her who made this thread, I think it's one of this sites many SJWs. God, why is lolcow so full of them?

No. 9559

Because someone went and linked lolcow to haku during that fakeboi thread for epiclulzXD so we got a flood of his tumblrite SJW followers here shitting up the place. Immediately after that the board started going downhill fast.

No. 9700

They'll get triggered and leave

We should revive the pol thread

No. 9706

Cultural appropriation is legitimate: "The most simple definition of cultural appropriation is that it occurs when members of a dominant culture borrow from the cultures of minority groups without their input" (racerelations.about.com) and it can be a bad thing when they claim it as their own and other people come to believe that it is true because they are the dominant culture. It can make minority groups lose their identity, especially if the dominant culture doesn't understand the significance behind the cultural practices and why they came to be that way.

People on tumblr don't understand that though and think that some random white girl wearing clothing from other cultures is appropriation despite people of those cultures not being oppressed for wearing them. In situations that they are oppressed for it (lets say post 9/11 and women wearing hijabs) and americans people start wearing hijabs because they think it's fun and different without paying homage to Muslims who are identified as terrorists because of it, it's appropriation.

No. 9716

there are pictures of this fugly white girl wearing a hijab, though. ill post them later.

No. 9744

Yeah but 1 girl isn't enough to classify it as appropriation. It's about one culture dominating and oppressing another.

No. 9753

no1curr. and lol stop trying to push down people's throat that this girl is ugly. with your level of insecurity I can't even begin to imagine how gross you are. you've already made your point that you're a butthurt, transphobic PoC with too much jelly to function. now gtfo

No. 9758

She's actually very pretty imho.
Then why move to another country if your so scared of losing your identity?
>>and americans people start wearing hijabs because they think it's fun and different without paying homage to Muslims who are identified as terrorists because of it

Gtfo with your sjw shit no1curr. US law doesn't force muslims to wear hijabs, they chose to do it and thus chose to subject themselves to any scrutiny they receive for it. There are plenty of mudslime culture they could move to, yet they pick the US and cry about it not being just like home. Why?

No. 9766

Because moving to a new country does not necessarily mean changing your entire identity. The US prides itself on its "diversity" (aka that they wiped out the people who actually lived there, squatted there for themselves and then brought in even more foreigners) and the fact that it's supposed to be a melting pot, why not live up to that?
>Gtfo with your sjw shit no1curr. US law doesn't force muslims to wear hijabs, they chose to do it and thus chose to subject themselves to any scrutiny they receive for it.
That doesn't give people the right to discriminate them. And yes, there are anti-discrimination laws in the US. Go "muh free speech" somewhere else.

No. 9782

>>The US prides itself on its "diversity"

No we don't and we never did. We've always been about assimilation and have always had violent backlashes against immigrant populations who refused to do so and were problematic. (Like the Irish)
>>aka that they wiped out the people who actually lived there

The natives died due to disease, there was never an intentional "wiping out". The conquest of the most powerful tribes was done by the Spanish, who married and merged with the native tribes who sided with them.
>>and the fact that it's supposed to be a melting pot
This whole "melting pot" phrase didn't exist throughout most of Americas existence. The goal was "to preserve the ideal of American homogeneity" for a very long time, hence the whole yellow peril thing. In fact, the whole "melting pot of diversity and friendship hehe" didn't even start within the past century.

No. 9783

>The natives died due to disease, there was never an intentional "wiping out". The conquest of the most powerful tribes was done by the Spanish, who married and merged with the native tribes who sided with them.
Except Europeans are the ones who brought the disease over, and they did intentionally kill off a good amount of them. Don't know much about the Spaniards, so I can't comment on that without a source.
>No we don't and we never did. We've always been about assimilation and have always had violent backlashes against immigrant populations who refused to do so and were problematic. (Like the Irish)
>This whole "melting pot" phrase didn't exist throughout most of Americas existence. The goal was "to preserve the ideal of American homogeneity" for a very long time, hence the whole yellow peril thing. In fact, the whole "melting pot of diversity and friendship hehe" didn't even start within the past century.
But that's wrong.
>The first use in American literature of the concept of immigrants "melting" into the receiving culture are found in the writings of J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur. In his Letters from an American Farmer (1782) Crevecoeur writes, in response to his own question, "What then is the American, this new man?" that the American is one who "leaving behind him all his ancient prejudices and manners, receives new ones from the new mode of life he has embraced, the government he obeys, and the new rank he holds. He becomes an American by being received in the broad lap of our great Alma Mater. Here individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men, whose labors and posterity will one day cause great changes in the world."

No. 9796

I'm sorry, but if I come to talk to you and then you drop dead because you've been living in a bio bubble your whole life then it's not my fucking fault.
>>leaving behind him all his ancient prejudices and manners
That's assimilation at its core. Our attitude towards immigrants has always centered around the abandonment of the culture they've left. It's not "brig your culture here, cling to it, and get pissed that this isn't your homeland".
>>melted into a new race of men
Does metaphorically using the term "melting" equate to the term "melting pot" now? It didn't come into use until the past century, and from a play, of all things.

My point is, America has never pretended at any time to be a country for brown people. We're a country of European immigrants, all of whom were expected to assimilate into the predominant Anglo culture. These Muslims know this, so then, why complain?

No. 9801

File: 1434116397666.png (1.32 MB, 1171x922, Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.02…)

she's actually beautiful. OP you're not fooling anybody

No. 9804


> I'm sorry but if you drop dead when i come to talk to you because you lived in a bio bubble its not my fucking fault

Except, they knowingly passed dieases to the natives sometimes. They'd give them blankets infected with smallpox and the likes. It was biowarfare.

No. 9806

There is only one documented incident where disease was proposed as a weapon and it was during the French and Indian War, long after the Americas had been conquered. The Smallpox blanket was given to the Cheif and a few other higher ups, who did not get sick. Blankets were never distributed to the native population. Smallpox was contracted among some Natives during the exchange, but the biological warfare was ineffective.

No. 9853

LMAO so setting fire to their homes and crops, outright murdering natives and their food source (animals) wasn't intentional? It was a near fucking genocide, pick up a book for once and read up on it. I swear most if you people are trolls.

No. 9856

No shit it isn't a country for brown people what with killing them off or enslaving them. It turned into that though when people started fighting back for equal rights in huge numbers, making those in power (who were white) realize that they built this country and that without them they wouldn't have shit. Not only that, but most of the resources America gets are from other countries, like ones where Muslims live (Africa, Indians, Middle East, South America, East Asia) so why the fuck shouldn't the people from those countries, who suffer at the hands of American corporations not want to go to the U.S. and try and see if they become successful there? All they want is a job, home and to be able to sustain themselves. Their culture is not just tied to the land they are standing in, it's part of what has shaped them and their ideologies. That's why they keep ties to it.

Muslims not wanting to be labelled as a terrorist for wearing a Hijab is perfectly fine considering thats not what it stands for, so they should be correcting people. They don't have to assimilate into "American" culture by not wearing one to not be called one. Many Middle Eastern people who don't practice Islam still get called that. Assimilation doesn't mean shit if it doesn't do you any good.

No. 9881

Most people on this forum are unattractive, jealous women.
I'm also female, 15 years old and I'm more mature than the good majority of the spiteful bitches here.

No. 9885

Lmao no you're not or you wouldn't even be here

No. 9887

File: 1434149501516.jpg (45.86 KB, 500x476, tumblr_m9fv5wL0QV1rtkfe4.jpg)

lol that weak as fuck bait bruh.

No. 9891

Being more mature than lolcow users isn't saying much. Also you called them spiteful bitches. You should act more mature and not say things like that since you are more mature.

No. 10098

>>making those in power (who were white) realize that they built this country and that without them they wouldn't have shit.

Please elaborate. You do realize that less then 1% of white owned slaves, right? The large influx of minorities in this country is a relatively new development. For a long time, the largest ethnic minority were blacks, who accounted for a small percentage of the population, while the rest of the country was almost entirely white. Tell me, how does doing demenial labor like picking cotton or cooking pancakes build an entire country? Even then, there were more white indentured servants than there ever were slaves, and they were treated a lot worse due to how expendable they were. The constitution was written by whites, the architecture was invented by whites, and the majority of the inventions were created by whites. In fact, slaves actually hurt the success of the country. Free labor means that fewer people are to be employed, thus the wealth becomes more concentrated.
>>enslaving them
Hmm, but didn't other Africans enslave them and sell their people to us? Half of your argument stems from blaming us for participating in trade with other countries.
Do you know how many countries around the world are Muslim? There are a lot, and quite a few of these countries are wealthy. If they came here knowing that Americans host prejudice towards them, yet still refuse to give up their old cultural ties and assimilate with the rest of the population like the rest of us had to, then I have no pity for them. It's their own fault. The largest white ethnic group in this country is German, yet we have no predominant German culture. Why do you think that is? It's because they weren't fucking stupid and knew that they would need to assimilate with the Anglo culture to fit in.

No. 10099

please just fuck off. NO ONE CARES. this isn't /pol/ stop derailing with this pointless shit. god. every fucken thread these days man.

No. 10100

We are on /b/ and posting in a vendetta thread, what's there to derail?

No. 10101

bc that has nothing to fucking to with anythng the thread is about. vendetta or not dumbass. posting long ass paragraphs about you race war shit is annoying as fuck and it's happening in every thread for some reason. just becasue it's /b/ doesn't mean you can go on a tangent about anything in a thread. make a different thread for that shit.

No. 10110

lmaooo, man you must write fanfiction

No. 10111

You're just upset because someone said something you don't like. Get some balls or gtfo.

This is /b/. Hardly anything is "on topic".

No. 10121

>>Get some balls or gtfo.

No. 10131

File: 1434341191397.png (54.85 KB, 150x214, Y7BlbK5.png)


No need for an original reply. You'll think of one next time– It takes a little practice, but you'll get the hang of it anon.
Sorry your feewings got hurt.

No. 10142

a one word comment made you reply with 3 sentences. who's the real winner here?

No. 10148

damn she's pretty

No. 10149

I'm also 15 but just so you know, there's tons of people that are teenagers that visit this website and i really doubt you're more mature than us, especially if you call us "spiteful bitches".
please stop thinking you're superior than everyone

No. 10157

The thread was moved to /b/ because it's a fucking stupid as balls thread fuck you

No. 10158

>>Can't think of a constructive reply
>>Call other person a loser for pointing it out

No. 10171

real as fuck

No. 10175

>I'm not the first anon they replied to
>I didn't call them a loser

No. 10181

>not legitimately 15
haven't you guys been on 4chan enough to know what shitposting is

No. 10196


get the fuck over yourself if you think wearing dreads or cornrows is the same as 'appropriating culture'. Hair is not a culture, unless you are literally raised in an African tribe where it has some connotation regarding social status, for everybody in the modern world hair is a fucking style choice. You don't see asian people crying over 'cultural appropriation' when they see black girls with their hair straightened, you don't see scots/swedes bitching about 'cultural appropriation' when someone dyes their hair red/blonde, so why is it totally acceptable amongst ~poc~ to start a cyberbullying campaign when some poor dumb bitch gets her hair braided?

people who think dreads/cornrows/kinks/whatever are cultural appropriation = literally that bitch at prom who throws a tantrum because someone showed up wearing the same dress as her.

this girl seems like just your basic hipster following style trends from fucking urban outfitters or whatever.

No. 10225

Thats not a hambeast. Her body looks perfectly healthy and average. Youre fucked up anon

No. 10243

I agree with you, but I try to imagine what others are arguing for when they claim shit like this. A part of me feels its legitimate to get mad at the group who once discriminated against you for something as simple as hair (ex associating dreads with being unhygenic because black people are the group that predominantly style their hair this way since it can easily dread for many of them, even though they don't have to use the shit load of product or go through the same process people with naturally straight hair have to to get it that way; people using the excuse of dreads being unhygenic/ not proper to not hire someone because black people are its predominant users) and then when that group who once discriminated start using it, it becomes acceptable, fashionable and edgy, all the while not giving credit to the group in that area who had always worn them despite the discrimination because it became a symbol of their identity (rebelling against those who discriminate against you/keeping true to your roots).

In these specific situations I totally get the anger and because of the meaning the group who always donned the dreads gave to them was now changed to 2015's new edgy hair style, it can be comparable to cultural appropriation.

Man I hope this makes sense because its the only way I can rationalize their anger over some white girl wearing dreads, though if that white girl isn't racist idk why they'd be upset with her. The racist white people who discriminate against blacks for wearing dreads but wear them themselves? Yeah.

No. 10245

>hurrdurr she fat and ugly lol pathetic bitch xD
As much as this girl sounds stupid OP you sound even more retarded and your samefagging isn't helping. Her body is perfectly fine far from a hambeast or even slightly chubby for that matter. You sound like one of those fat hater that are fat themselves and project their insecurities or at least someone very delusional. The fact that you write all that shit no one cares about about this girl no one gives a damn about make you seem jealous. And retarded. You are the kind of person that are shitting that board with bullshit. Fuck off and take your petty insecurities and whining elsewhere

No. 10246

>muh cultural appropriation
get back to dumblr jfc
she may be a racist cunt or not beautiful to you whatever but that isnt enough to be a lolcow.

No. 10247

agreed. that or op is the girl herself selfposting and a nobody basic bitch starting drama to get famous

No. 10252

I find it funny how these people always want to get rid of these old racial ties and forget the past, yet they only use these old racial ties to benefit themselves. Really, they just want whites to forget their own traditions and let go of their own racial unity, but they don't want to do it themselves.

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