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File: 1463872455602.png (904 B, 96x96, pixelavatarofmyself.png)

No. 93560

Minus the hair since I'm 90% certain I could never grow it out this way, this is me.

Warning: this will likely take you between 10-15 minutes.


No. 93564

File: 1463873930093.png (1.19 KB, 98x98, 4554.png)


No. 93569

These threads always turn into an illustrated form of self-posting and digitised self-wank though.

There's no point to them. I don't care what any of you look like in pixel format, and let's be honest, none of you give a shit about what any you look like IRL either. It's just another way of feeding your ego.

No. 93570

File: 1463875738930.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.61 KB, 400x400, 42fcb34e05d550da42713f5568591d…)

No. 93572

I just want to look at some anon-made sprites tbh. As for the rest: so? It's not like this is even among the second-worst ways to emotionally masturbate. Probably struggles to crack third-worst circle.

No. 93577

File: 1463881216240.jpeg (47.5 KB, 579x578, image.jpeg)

Blurry because I had to screen cap on my phone

No. 93580

Amen, anon.
Threads like this always end being a "omg ur so cute!" "no ur the cutest i'm uuuglyyy" back and forth and shit is pathetic.

No. 93590

File: 1463887762097.png (1.22 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

My ideal self is PT so there you have it

No. 93593

File: 1463893286190.jpg (619 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.jpg)

im hideously deformed and live in a cellar

No. 93597

File: 1463896109972.png (615 B, 48x48, pixelavatar48.png)

No. 93602

No. 93612

File: 1463922902531.png (806 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)


No. 93614

File: 1463924787917.png (998 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 93617

File: 1463928835215.png (1.03 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 93659

File: 1463951795826.png (863 B, 48x48, pixelavatar48.png)

No. 93709

File: 1464003426641.png (1007 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 93714

File: 1464007407322.png (976 B, 96x96, jhhhg.png)

No. 93727

i dont post, but i like seeing the different anons

i live in a boring suburbia where everyone pretty much looks the same

No. 93733

File: 1464018392283.jpg (11.06 KB, 91x95, pixel.JPG)

No. 93738

File: 1464020805549.png (735 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

Not my ideal self but this is pretty much me.

No. 93741

Looking good, Tim.

No. 93743

File: 1464024908926.png (826 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 93838

File: 1464057731987.png (1.11 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

This is me <3

this site is so cute

No. 93944

File: 1464122647804.png (1013 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 93961

File: 1464127474007.png (823 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

Pretty much. Maybe I should wear less black.

No. 93963

Looks like you only have one eye. Weird af.

I must have seen someone that dressed like this on either /g/ or /pt/ but I can't quite pin it down.

No. 93964

File: 1464128580374.png (824 B, 96x96, pixelavatar962.png)

sad face

No. 93987

File: 1464137192820.png (779 B, 48x48, pixelavatar48.png)

Except my hair is faded now.

No. 93997

File: 1464143764993.png (835 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)


No. 94067

File: 1464158354273.png (2.01 KB, 198x97, 7684351.png)

real on left, ideal on right

No. 94080

Sup Frumpy-chan?

No. 94121

File: 1464166099930.png (707 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 94217

File: 1464220415337.png (642 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

A smug me looking like shego from kim possible

Is that you or your ideal? You look so innocent it's adorable

No. 94228

File: 1464224761479.png (799 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 94229

File: 1464226477453.png (898 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 94234

File: 1464232173446.png (18.52 KB, 192x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 94251

File: 1464239117709.png (2.68 KB, 162x98, 345345.png)

No. 94437

File: 1464331730040.png (4.73 KB, 192x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 94461

File: 1464356555244.jpg (50.77 KB, 182x96, pixelavatarcopy.jpg)

No. 94468

File: 1464358215876.png (851 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

This is pretty accurate except I don't have bangs.

I just wish my roots could be purple with the rest of my hair…

No. 94525

File: 1464387137573.png (2.6 KB, 192x96, ass.png)


No. 94546

File: 1464405934235.png (8.94 KB, 372x189, ss (2016-05-27 at 08.25.18).pn…)

me at home vs me being a jfash fag

No. 94547

your cuter out of j-fash

No. 94571

File: 1464412487331.png (680 B, 96x96, pixelavatar967.png)


No. 94661

FTM or just wish you were butch/androgynous?

No. 98100

File: 1466236172252.png (1.13 KB, 96x96, ja.png)

I had surgery and they shaved some of my head. I look like shit lol

No. 98287

File: 1466335087809.png (1.88 KB, 95x99, pixelavatar48.png)


No. 98292

File: 1466344722351.png (882 B, 96x96, pixelavatar123456789101112.png)

current feeling: grouchy

No. 98293

File: 1466345064040.png (814 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)


No. 98297

File: 1466347827724.jpg (1003 B, 96x96, iREHNea.jpg)

No. 98302

File: 1466352991463.png (1.24 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

Me with my ideal outfit..Except my hair isn't that long, but a girl could dream.

No. 98335

File: 1466369313992.png (842 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

I look like a chipmunk

No. 98349

File: 1466376159908.png (1.26 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

I just got a haircut

No. 98358

File: 1466380834674.png (1.15 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)


No. 98368

File: 1466391450938.png (1.04 KB, 96x96, 456.png)

No. 98373

File: 1466401099697.png (1.03 KB, 96x96, pixel.png)

No. 98403

File: 1466422311984.png (1.1 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 98440

File: 1466441717183.png (1.28 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 98479

File: 1466457045888.png (857 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 98482

File: 1466459664561.png (858 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 98497

File: 1466467526034.png (811 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 98523

File: 1466496625969.png (1.94 KB, 184x100, pixelavatar_96.png)

No. 98539

left is actually cuter

No. 98542

File: 1466518968757.png (1.11 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

i couldn't click on some colours so had to approximate. My real hair is a boring black throughout. Been thinking of dying it brown though.

No. 98545

black is such a lovely hair colour, anon. not boring at all

No. 98647

File: 1466608484199.png (825 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 98650

File: 1466609077274.png (1.17 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96dd.png)


Vs when i dont give a shit

No. 98665

File: 1466621154808.png (849 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

messy wavy hair and my everyday overall

No. 98667

No. 653087

File: 1602459608590.png (819 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 654367

File: 1602599103929.png (874 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

for some reason i look sad and sick 24/7 even tho i'm fine.

No. 654471

File: 1602605130093.png (1.09 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

Glad we got this thread back kek

No. 654492

Should this be in /m/ ?
Also can I plug my gaiaonline avt?

No. 654532

I want to do this but I can't download flash on my Mac.. wtf

No. 654537

That's fine because flash is going to be defunct in a month and a half anyway

No. 654569

File: 1602611316925.png (8.45 KB, 192x192, always.png)

I will miss flash.

No. 654624

File: 1602614882041.png (1.16 KB, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 654725

File: 1602622343123.png (972 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

I'm so close to giving in and buying a cape, anons

No. 654930

File: 1602643521430.png (1014 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 655049

File: 1602656888313.png (2.83 KB, 183x104, pixelavatar961.png)

do it, anon! we can bring capes back this winter.

No. 656206

File: 1602746794077.png (4.16 KB, 192x100, ava.png)

No. 656223

File: 1602749631306.png (865 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

Big eyes. Grown out roots I'm too lazy to fix. Always wear neutral colors because I can't style for shit.

I wear a bow everyday to work with my uniform, so I included that. This was fun to do!

No. 656233

this thread should be moved to /m/

No. 656240

Yes, why hasn't a farmhand moved it already?

No. 656243

Because they're retards.

No. 656257

File: 1602752731509.png (709 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 656325

File: 1602767283616.png (1020 B, 96x96, pixelavatar96.png)

No. 656360

Moved to >>>/m/111765.

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