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File: 1463489032298.png (1.21 MB, 1440x2560, tmp_31331-Screenshot_20160516-…)

No. 92779

A new one because the old one died and I felt like it had some pretty good discussion going on.

But she isn't even THAT ugly? So now, if you aren't ultra girly or you have a pixie cut, "OMGZ U R TRANS??" Is that how it's going to be from now on?

No. 92780

Did you really delete the thread so I couldn't post a literal rapist? That's a new low even for tumblr.

No. 92781

It's in the last thread before op deletes it again.

No. 92782

Sorry, I made a spelling mistake and wanted to fix it. You can repost. I didn't even think anyone had replied yet, sorry.

No. 92783

Fuck, my English isn't the best. Repeated words annoy me too.

No. 92784

That's fine then. I've seen so many tumblrinas around here I don't even doubt it anymore.

No. 92785

File: 1463491452003.jpg (358.95 KB, 580x751, 1463088924903.jpg)

Make sure to watch out for this man Seattle anons.

"Jonathan “Johanna” Wolf is a convicted rapist who lives in Seattle. He was convicted of raping a hearing-impaired girl in Nebraska — he thought she wouldn’t be able to tell on him. Jonathan is now a “transwoman” (calling hmself “Johanna”) and like many tranny toilet goblins and their enablers of late has been agitating loudly for female impersonators to be given full access to women’s locker rooms, bathrooms and other spaces that should be reserved for actual women."


No. 92786

File: 1463491470922.png (12.23 KB, 352x269, 1463088991489.png)

Says the literal rapist.

No. 92787

File: 1463491533700.png (21.39 KB, 351x610, 1463089116611.png)

No. 92788

Yeah, I don't blame you. It's like they're trying to convert us into tranny lovers in the dumbest way possible.

No. 92808

>So now, if you aren't ultra girly or you have a pixie cut, "OMGZ U R TRANS??" Is that how it's going to be from now on?
As an ugly chick I wouldn't be surprised. I'm kind of glad I live in a backwoods area where this stuff isn't as commonplace but every time I post pictures of myself online I get asked if I'm trans.

No. 92811

Not that this person isn't scum, but what does their point about bathrooms have to do with their history?
There are lots of female rapists who use and continue to use female public bathrooms.

No. 92814

Well they did say no predator would go through the process of transitioning which is clearly horseshit since they're a rapist and they did.

No. 92816

Probably not much point in asking but whatever.

are people in this thread anti-trans, period, or are they specifically opposed to trans people using opposite sex bathrooms?

No. 92818

My personal opinion is that it's a mental illness excerbated by the same supporters as the gay and lesbian community. It has been proven that having SRS increases the already high rate of suicides among trans people. Clearly, transitioning is not the answer.

No. 92825


It's a mental illness. We shouldn't be catering to their delusions any more than we should be catering to a schizophrenic's belief that the illuminati is after them.

No. 92826

But where does it say they transitioned specifically so they could rape more people?
The two can be mutually exclusive.

No. 92827

I agree with the other anon who said it's a mental illness. I don't hate trans people at all, I feel pity for them.
For the ones who don't experience disphoria and don't have anything wrong with them, who mostly want to be a woman for a fetish, because they want to get with "straight" guys, and/or they think being a woman is easier, I still don't hate them but they really creep me out.
I genuinely don't give a shit if you're a guy and like wearing dresses, makeup, and feeling like a pretty princess or whatever, but you're not a woman and will never be one.

No. 92831

Sure they can be mutually exclusive, but they are not always exclusive. The argument is always that rapists would never ever do such a thing therefore no trans person could ever be a rapist. If even if someone transitions even if they are no less trans then anyone else they're suddenly "not a real transperson" so they don't look bad. No one is saying literally every trans person is a rapist. We're saying it's possible and a lot of rapists are both trans and trying to get into women's safe spaces.

No. 92833

Why are you guys losing your fucking minds over shit like pisspots? People have been using toilets forever, if you have a child with you; you help them and take care of shit.

Fucking hell, It's hilarious.

No. 92835

Have fun peeing and changing with men in dresses, but I'm not going to so you can do that in the men's bathroom. I'm sure you'll be perfectly safe. :^)

No. 92836

Are you for fucking real? Unisex toilets have existed far beyond your birth and tiny mind.

No. 92837

They don't want to go in unisex toilets though. Obviously no one gives a fuck about that and they can already do that. They specifically want to go in women's restrooms and changing rooms even when they have unisex ones. And you know that wasn't what you were talking about when you said "losing their minds over pisspots".

>tiny mind

Dysphoria is a mental illness. Even the pro-trans people know this. The only exceptions are the transtrenders that call everyone truscum and say getting a haircut makes you trans.

No. 92840

>They don't want to go in unisex toilets though. Obviously no one gives a fuck about that and they can already do that. They specifically want to go in women's restrooms and changing rooms even when they have unisex ones. And you know that wasn't what you were talking about when you said "losing their minds over pisspots".

No. 92841

Who is "they"?

Do you mean "straight" "family-loving" men that feel the need to fucking stand outside where I need to piss? Don't you think that's a LITTLE bit weird?

No. 92842

Wtf are you talking about? Unisex bathrooms are always one room that locks where I live. And the only one wanting men in women's public bathrooms are trans supporters. I don't want any men even hanging outside of it much less inside no matter if they wear makeup or not.

No. 92843

What, you cant tell that? Do you have a trans-fucking-radio going off everytime someone takes a piss?

You creepy as shit.

No. 92844

Because, you know, the one thing that really stops rapists and murderers is the womens bathroom, right? They'd never go in there if it's not allowed!

No. 92847

Because this has been going on since day one, and you guys are creepily obsessed with it.

You are scary as shit, don't you understand that?

No. 92848

Not as creepy as literal rapists and molesters, but their feefees are more important then women getting raped. It doesn't take looking at their dick to know they aren't a woman. 6ft "women" with noticeable muscles, adam's apples, five o'clock shadows, a male voice, a male walk, literal manhands that are different from female ones, and a very male type of aggressiveness are all fairly obvious, pornstar implants change nothing. The list could go on and on.

Yes actually, believe it or not while most laws don't do much it does at least discourage it a little. Especially since you can legally remove them with no questions asked instead of having to prove they were guilty. If men walking into the bathroom is illegal then people will take notice when they do. I'd rather have as little rape as possible unlike you.

No. 92850

How many people have you met to come to that conclusion?

No. 92851

None, because my state doesn't enable them and give them tons of money for it. Nor are they allowed in women's bathrooms.

You're still ignoring my point why can't they use unisex bathrooms? Where I live literally more than 9/10 public places have unisex bathrooms. And that would still bring in a threat women have never had to deal with before, but a few rapes are perfectly acceptable so a man can get an ego boost right?

No. 92855

I'm mildly retarded and can't embed the youtube link.


Bikini-clad male sex offender in women’s locker room

No. 92856

Man wearing women’s clothes exposes himself at shopping mall.


A 58-year-old man has been charged with indecent exposure after witnesses said he exposed himself to several people inside the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem, police said.

No. 92857

File: 1463511286078.png (135.64 KB, 481x617, 16g4anp.png)

This is who would be legally allowed in bathrooms and changing rooms.

No. 92858

"The story of biological male sexual predators who used nondiscrimination laws protecting gender identity to sexually assault women.

Christopher Hambrook pretended to be transgender to gain access to two different women’s shelters. He sexually assaulted a woman in each one.

Pursuant to a Canadian sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI) law, Hambrook used women’s attire to gain access to two women’s shelters in Toronto in January and February of 2012. Both times, he claimed to be a transgendered woman named Jessica. But he wasn’t. He was a dangerous sexual predator. Once accepted inside the women’s shelters as a resident, he sexually assaulted a woman in each of the shelters. One of the women was already a survivor of domestic violence. The other is deaf and homeless. Both were victimized and assaulted by Hambrook, who is not “transgender” but a sexual predator who, according to prosecutors, “simply cannot control his deviant sexual urges.” One of the victims awoke to find that her tights had been pulled down and her undergarment had been pulled to the side. Hambrook was assaulting her. She screamed. He giggled. The other woman Hambrook assaulted described how he grabbed her hand and placed it on his crotch, where she could feel his erect penis. She also testified that she caught Hambrook peering at her through a gap in the door while she showered.

Remember: these events took place in a women’s shelter, where women are supposed to be safe and protected. Because of a SOGI, these women were anything but that.

Canadian law will not allow the release of the names of the women that Hambrook assaulted. But they are real people, who were really violated because of a law just like the proposed SOGI. Their story deserves to be heard. Their story should never be repeated.

Hambrook has a history of assaulting women and girls. In the past, he served time for sexually abusing a 5 year old girl and for raping a 27 year old woman. And a SOGI made it easy for him to target and violate his latest victims, allowing this predator easy access to his targets.[1]

Noel Crompton Hall is a prisoner in an Australian prison. He was sentenced to 22 years for the 1987 murder of a hitchhiker. Once in prison, Hall began claiming to be a woman. He demanded to be transferred to the women’s jail. The Australian authorities agreed that Hall was now a woman and moved him to the women’s prison in August 1999. Hall quickly gained a reputation as a sexual predator. He was only in the women’s prison three months but was charged with raping his cellmate. Numerous other female prisoners accused him of additional sexual assaults. He may even have impregnated one of the women prisoners."

No. 92859

"The story of known sexual predators who assaulted women and girls, but now claim to be transgender and want access to the women’s facilities.

Child rapist Paul Witherspoon
Paul Witherspoon is a biological male who was convicted in 1990 for sexually assaulting one teenage girl and indecency involving sexual contact with another teenage girl. He is a registered sex offender. In 2012, however, Witherspoon was spotted wearing women’s clothing going into the women’s bathroom in Dallas, where he would have access to young girls. He was ticketed by a Dallas policeman. But Witherspoon claims to be “transgender,” and says that he has every right to use the bathroom with women and girls. He says that it is discriminatory to deny him the right to use the women’s facilities.

Nothing new about this. 1930s.

Lambda Legal, which advocates for special rights for those engaging in homosexual behavior, agrees with him. To Witherspoon and Lambda Legal, it does not matter that he is a registered child sex offender who has abused young girls—because he now expresses himself as a woman, he should be able to freely enter the women’s restroom. Even more infuriating, Witherspoon—who was sentenced to 16 years for sexual assault and six years for indecency—is still on parole. But he says that he is the one being discriminated against because some do not want him to be able to go into the women’s restroom, where young girls are in various states of undress and “available” to him.[3]

Even if Paul Witherspoon really does now identify as female, that by itself does not mean that he would not assault women or girls if he has a predilection for doing so. Many men who identify as female have done so. And Witherspoon is not the only pedophile to decide to be transgender. Matthew Harks, of Calgary, Canada, has a strong preference for girls ages 5 to 8. He claimed that he had victimized some 60 girls and committed some 200 offenses with them. But he was convicted of sexual assault against only one—a 7 year old girl in British Columbia. He is on probation now, and in 2012 he changed his name to Madilyn, announcing that he was a transgendered woman.[4] Harks would be able to go into any public women’s facility—even if little girls were inside—in any community with a nondiscrimination ordinance that prohibits segregating public bathrooms according to biological sex.

Richard “Sherry” Masbruch
Richard J. Masbruch today identifies as transgendered. But in 1991, Masbruch brutally attacked the female manager of an apartment complex. He pulled a gun on her, hogtied her, and blindfolded her. Then he used a makeshift electrical device to deliver painful electrical shocks up and down her leg as well as to her arm, warning her that this was an example of how badly he could hurt her. Masbruch then unzipped the woman’s pants and vaginally raped her. After that, he sodomized her. Masbruch was convicted of rape, sodomy, and torture, along with other counts, and was sentenced to two life terms in prison.[5]

That might have been the end of the matter except that Masbruch decided he is transgender. It is not clear from any of the news articles, nor from the court opinion, when Masbruch decided he was transgender. It might have been prior to his raping a woman. It might have been afterwards. Regardless, the State of California decided he is a woman, because he says he is transgendered. So California moved Masbruch to a prison for women and placed him with the female population. The female inmates, however, are terrified to have a male sexual predator, convicted of violent rape and sodomy, housed among them. And who can blame them? Should they have to be jailed with a biological male who committed a horrible rape?[6]"

No. 92860

I don't care about the bathroom debate but stuff like the op is what bothers me about trans issues. It feels like we're only enforcing gender roles even more now.

No. 92861

"The numerous stories of biological males, identifying as female and/or preferring to wear female clothing, who have sexually assaulted women and girls or otherwise sexually victimized them.

Many people wrongly think that there is no danger to women and girls from those biological males who wear women’s clothing. That simply is not true. There are numerous cases of males who identify as transgender females but who have been charged or convicted with raping women, as well as cases of transvestite (cross-dressing) men who have likewise been charged or convicted.

None of the examples listed below used a nondiscrimination ordinance to gain access to their victims. But they all wore women’s clothing when victimizing their victims. In fact, many male sexual predators, who prey on women and girls, enjoy wearing women’s clothing. And nondiscrimination ordinances protecting gender identity will give those who are like them easy access to women, teens, and young girls when they are most vulnerable. Consider the following:

Austin Christopher Wikels, from Dauphin County in central Pennsylvania, is a cross-dresser who regularly presents himself as “Gina Gessner.” In May 2014 he was accused of taking part in the sexual assault of a woman in her 20s. Wikels and the woman were in a hotel room together when a man and another woman arrived. The other woman had brought various BDSM items. When the victim saw these items, she apparently tried to flee the hotel room. She was forced down on a bed, stripped naked, and handcuffed to the headboard. The victim was then sexually assaulted, and then forced to perform a sex act on the other woman. During the attack, Wikels was wearing a padded bra and fluorescent-colored thong panty. He beat the victim with a wooden rod.[7]

Paul Williams is a cross-dresser from Liverpool, England, who is on probation stemming from a plot to sexually assault a woman in 2006. As part of his probation, he is prohibited from associating with minors and having pictures of girls or women. During a search of his home, police found pictures of young girls in violation of the terms of his parole. In February 2014 he was sentenced to jail for violating parole, with the sentencing judge saying that Williams is “a sexual predator who is potentially a very dangerous individual.”[8]

Senior Twitter engineer Dana McCallum, an advocate for transgender rights who identifies as a transgender woman and is transitioning to female, was arrested in January 2014 and charged with raping his wife after they filed for divorce. The charges against McCallum include three counts of spousal rape.[9]

Christopher Todd Gard is a cross-dresser who, in September 2013, assaulted an 8 year old girl inside a bathroom at a convenience store in Oklahoma City. The little girl had to go to the bathroom. A family member walked her to the bathroom, and the little girl went in by herself. Unbeknownst to the family member or the girl, Gard was waiting inside. He locked the door. Gard was wearing nothing but women’s underwear. He grabbed the girl, put a shirt around her neck, and began choking her. She began screaming. The family member frantically tried to get into the bathroom but could not because the door was locked. An employee quickly opened the door with a key and the girl ran out. Gard followed, carrying a BB gun. He was subdued by the family and arrested by the police. Gard faces charges including aggravated assault and battery, assault with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, indecent exposure and possession of a firearm during a felony.[10]

Richard Boule is a transvestite from Marlborough, Massachusetts, who is accused of groping an 18 year old woman at a gas station in September 2013. Boule allegedly walked over to the young woman, pulled down his pants to reveal he was wearing woman’s thong underwear, and said “Let’s play.” He then allegedly reached down the front of the young woman’s skirt and groped her through her underwear.[11]

Carl Dahn was arrested in August 2013 by police in Bergman, Arkansas for computer child pornography and internet stalking of a child. He had sent explicit messages to an undercover investigator, who Dahn believed to be a 14 year old girl. When the undercover officer arrived, Dahn was dressed in women’s clothing.[12]

Tyler Holder is a cross-dressing biological teenage male who abducted, raped, and murdered a six year old girl in Dallas, Texas, in July 2013. After he raped little Alanna Gallagher, he wrapped her head in plastic bags and smothered her.[13]

Donald Stuart was arrested in Effingham, Illinois, in May 2013 for child pornography. He had numerous images of young children on his computer, and it is believed that he traded images online. Stuart was also a cross-dresser.[14]

Sean Gossman is a biological male who considers himself a transgendered woman and lives in Onsted, Michigan. In May 2013, he showed up in court for his arraignment on child pornography charges dressed in feminine attire complete with a wig, makeup, stuffed bra, and halter top. Those who know him relate that he dressed like that all the time. They say that he told them he hoped Michigan would pay for his sex change operation.

It is not a crime to be transgendered. It is a crime, however, to possess thousands of pictures and movies of children being sexually assaulted. And that is what Gossman is charged with. Some of the pictures depicted children being tortured. One picture was of a baby girl with a noose around her neck and a bag over her head. Some news outlets report the baby was dead.

Gossman’s attorney pled for leniency, stating that ““The idea of being placed in a male facility is somewhat frightening for Sean Gossman, as he has been taunted and made to feel like a freak by other inmates.” One can only imagine how terrifying it was for the children he victimized. [15]"

No. 92862

"Also in May 2013, police in Falls Church, Virginia, arrested Carlos Guillermo Suarez Diaz for sexually assaulting a 17 year old girl. Diaz was dressed as a woman when he approached the girl. He asked to take her picture, and she consented. Diaz then began touching the girl sexually. She told him to stop and he fled the scene.[16]

Gavin Scott is a cross-dressing Australian who, in January 2013, sexually assaulted three female workers in clothing stores. The first victim was a 17 year old girl. He entered the store dressed as a woman, approached her, and asked for her help while trying on clothing. He asked her to assist him zipping dresses, which she did. But she began to be uncomfortable, and her intuition was correct: Scott pinched her on her bottom, then left the store. In another store, Scott crabbed a female employee’s bottom and said, “You have a nice bottom.” Sometime later he returned to that store and groped a female assistant’s bottom and groin. Scott ultimately pled guilty to sexually assaulting these women.[17]

Dean Williams, a biological male who claims to be female, was accused in 2012 of luring a woman into a sex dungeon, pinning her down on a bed, and raping her. Williams, who goes by “Nadine,” admitted he had sexual intercourse with the woman but denied raping her. The woman had 49 distinct scratches and other injuries on her body. Williams admitted he caused some of the scratching on her body, including scratches on her left breast, but claimed everything that happened was consensual. A jury ultimately acquitted Williams of rape.[18] Still, the fact that he had consensual sex with a woman, while claiming to identify as female, is troubling.

Mark Lazarus has been described as “an extremely dangerous cross- dressing sex attacker.” In 2012, he waited outside a public bathroom for over an hour until a 71 year old woman went inside. Lazarus followed her, grabbed her, and tried to rape her. She only escaped because she screamed and Lazarus panicked and fled. He was ultimately arrested and convicted of attempted rape and sentenced to jail. Sadly, he had also previously assaulted an 11 year old girl while wearing female clothing.[19]

Aaron L. LaGrand posed as a woman for several years while gaining the trust of a Lisbon, Ohio family. Believing Aaron to be a woman, the parents invited him into their home to care for their four young children, ages 6 to 13. He used this opportunity to molest them. He was arrested in 2012, but the molestation occurred between 2004 and that year. It is not clear from the news articles whether Aaron actually identifies as transgender, but it seems likely. For many years he has lived as a woman and convinced everyone that he was a woman. He went by the name “Erin.”[20]

In 2012, Steven Shepard, who identifies as a cross-dresser, attacked a woman in her apartment complex laundry room in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and tried to rape her. Thankfully, she was able to fight him off.[21]

Also in 2012, Javier Cortez was arrested for raping and abusing a young girl in Temecula, California, for more than a decade. It was discovered that he had photographs of himself in the girl’s underwear and skirt. The victim was 13 when Cortez was arrested. He had forced her to touch his penis beginning when she was 3, and he sodomized her for the first time when she was 9.[22]

Renell Thorpe is a cross-dressing biological male who allegedly broke into a woman’s home in Sacramento, California, in 2011. He restrained her, raped her, and tried on her clothing before fleeing. He was subsequently arrested.[23]

Cross-dressing Russell Williams, a highly decorated Canadian Air Force colonel, was sentenced to life in prison in 2011 for 88 sex crimes including 2 counts of murder and 2 counts of sexual assault. After each of these crimes, he photographed himself in his victims’ underwear and bras. One victim who survived was subjected to a three and half hour sexual assault.[24]

In 2011 in Canberra, Australia, a biological male wearing a blond shoulder-length wig, dress, bra, and high heels approached a 14 year old girl. He tried to remove her clothing. He had previously exposed himself to another teenager and committed a sexual act.[25]

Qasim Anwar of Manchester, England, is a transvestite man who was convicted in 2010 of raping a female passenger in his taxi cab. He carried out the sexual assault while wearing make-up, a wig, women’s clothing and high heels. He also filmed the rape with his phone. Anwar was sentenced to five years in prison.[26]

Also in 2010, cross-dresser Gavin Boyd, who calls himself “Joyce,” was convicted in Scotland of murdering 20 year old Vikki McGrand. Boyd was afraid she would reveal that he was a cross-dresser, so he killed her. This was not Boyd’s first serious offense. In 1999, “Joyce” was sentenced to 20 years for sexually assaulting a 19 year old girl.

News accounts describe this sexual assault as “terrifying,” and say that the attack left the teen girl permanently disfigured.[27]

Gordon Murray Waite, a cross-dresser, was convicted in 2010 of raping a woman in Rotorua, New Zealand. This was not a stranger- rape; she was his sexual partner. But on this occasion, he overpowered her and raped her.[28]

In 2009, cross-dresser Phillip John Ortega was arrested for exposing himself to a woman. Ortega was dressed at the time in a women’s pink one-piece swimming suit, a sweater, and make-up. He approached the woman, pulled out his genitals, and said, “Look at this.” In 2008, this cross-dressing biological male was convicted of kidnapping a 12 year old girl.[29]"

No. 92863

"The English prisoner, known only as “A,” is serving a life sentence for the manslaughter of his boyfriend and the attempted rape of a woman. He tied the woman up with a suspender belt, took her into a back room, and tried—but failed—to rape her. At the time, he was already identifying as a transgendered woman. Amazingly—despite this attempted rape of a woman—a judge ruled that housing “A” in a male prison was a violation of his human rights, and ordered him transferred to a female prison.[30]

Wesley Francis Cox, of Boulder, Colorado, is a transvestite voyeur. He was arrested in 2008 after he was caught peeping at, and videotaping, a Boulder couple having sexual intercourse inside their home. He had videos not only of that couple, but also of three women getting dressed or stepping out of showers. Cox also filmed himself in the bedrooms of two women, sexually gratifying himself with their garments. When Cox was arrested, he was wearing a woman’s bra.

According to the police, Cox would break into women’s homes, steal their underwear, then return and videotape the women. Police recovered numerous women’s undergarments from Cox’s house, including about 10 pieces from Boulder High School cheerleader outfits.[31]

In 2008, a petite 24 year old woman living in Beaverton, Oregon, got out of her shower, wrapped herself in a towel, and sat down on her bed to apply lotion to her legs. She soon became aware that a man was standing in her closet looking at her. Eric Triton Kincaid was dressed in a lacy negligee with fishnet stockings open at the crotch. He also wore a miniskirt, sheer blouse and long wig. The woman thought she was about to be raped. She screamed and Kincaid ran out of her apartment.

Kincaid was charged with first-degree sexual abuse. At trial, he admitted to being in the woman’s apartment but said he had been invited by another woman to come to her apartment for sex. He was high on meth, which had him confused, and it was only when he saw the half-naked 24 year old woman that he realized she was the wrong woman and he must be in the wrong apartment. The jury believed him and acquitted him of all charges, taking this for an honest mistake. It must have been a very frightening mistake for the 24 year old woman.[32]

In 2006, Joseph Greenquist, of Londonberry, New Hampshire, allegedly broke into college women’s apartments on the University of New Hampshire campus. Once inside, he would steal their underwear. Only one time, he did more. He saw a young college coed sleeping in her bed. Greenquist allegedly climbed on top of her and attempted to assault her. When he was arrested a short time later, Greenquist was wearing nothing but a pair of women’s underwear.[33]

Marcus Hance was a 32 year old cross-dresser when, in 2000, he assembled a “rape kit” to help him subdue and rape a 21 year old female student. His kit included a knife, mask, gloves, tights to tie up and gag the young woman, and condoms. Hance hid along a pathway near Exeter University where he knew women student often walked alone. He grabbed his victim as she was walking home from classes. She screamed, however, and a passing teacher ran to her aid. Hance tried to escape but was apprehended, wearing women’s clothing, and sentenced to 10 years in prison.[34]

In 1984, a male transvestite prisoner in a prison in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, allegedly raped a female prisoner while she was taking a shower. According to the woman, a man dressed like a woman, with “some feminine features,” entered the shower with her, held a sharp object to her neck, and raped her. It was not clear why the biological male was in the women’s unit of the prison.[35]

As these examples demonstrate, the fact that a biological male identifies as female does not mean he cannot harm women and children, including sexually assaulting them. While most do not, some do. In addition to the examples already cited, there are many other examples of biological males who identify as female, or who are cross-dressers, raping, sexually assaulting, or otherwise injuring women and girls.

In addition to sexual violence, some men wearing women’s clothing have murdered and physically assaulted women. For instance, police in Hawaii believe that Vernon Baker, a transgender, transvestite, or cross-dressing man, may have murdered Mary Beth San Juan in 2013. Prior to Baker’s arrest, the best lead was a surveillance video that captured a man in a dress and high heels using the murdered woman’s ATM card. Baker appears to be the man in the video.[36]

In December 2012, John Maatsch, a Fort Myers, Florida man, broke into a Tracey Marazzi’s home and began stabbing her as she slept. He punctured her lung, but she fought back and he fled. The victim did not know Maatsch. When Maatsch was arrested, he was wearing women’s clothing. There is no known motive for the attack.[37]

In November 2012, transvestite or cross-dresser Kristopher Lawless was charged in Bakersfield, California, with attempted murder and torture, among other things, for beating his girlfriend unconscious, tying her up, and keeping her captive for days against her will. Lawless had been arrested in June of 2012 by an anti- prostitution task force. He was dressed as a woman, with makeup, a black and red lace top, black lace women’s underwear, earrings, necklaces, and knee-high boots. He offered to perform a sex act on the policeman.[38]

Allowing biological males into women’s bathrooms, shower rooms and locker rooms places women and children in danger, even if the biological males are wearing women’s clothing."

No. 92864

"NONE" okay. :3c

No. 92865

Are y'all still going to say it never happens or can I stop now? I have seen men in women's clothing walking around if that's what your asking. But again, my state doesn't take kindly to fetishists and will escort them out if they try to go in women's spaces.

>I don't care about the bathroom debate but stuff like the op is what bothers me about trans issues. It feels like we're only enforcing gender roles even more now.

Sorry for drowning you out. Definitely, a boy that likes pink must be trans. A girl that doesn't like pink and likes trucks must be male. You don't like dresses and use power tools? No way you could ever be a woman. Man likes fashion? Obviously female

No. 92866

I think that anon is suggesting there are "passing"/"stealth" trannies, lol

No. 92867

Researchers in Sweden followed up on the outcomes of all people receiving transsexual surgery in that country between 1973-2003. This included 191 male to females. Regarding any crime, male to females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.

In other words, male trannies were nearly 7 times more likely than real women to have been convicted of a crime. They were just as likely as any normal man to have been convicted of a crime.

The article doesn’t spell out violent crime comparisons in the main text, only saying “the same was true regarding violent crime,” but they provide some tables with additional data. It turns out that male trannies were over 18 times more likely than real women to have been convicted of a violent crime (aHR 18.1, 95% CI 5.4 to 61.2). They were just as likely as normal men to be convicted of violent crime.


No. 92868

I'll believe it when I see it in a video. The only passing men I have ever seen are edited pics with certain angles and cropped out body parts.

No. 92869

Nope, I'm saying predators lurk in bathrooms no matter what and have been forever.

I'm just not understanding your views otherwise.

No. 92870

Exactly, and trans men are still men. Hence you are increasing those numbers up to at least 7 times. >>92867
Again I'd like as little rape and molestation as possible.

No. 92871

>>and trans men are still men.
Do you even understand what you're saying?

No. 92872

Yes, and all studies so far have proven me right. A man with implants is still a man.

No. 92873

Nah, you sound very silly and I'm not into your hate-boner for shiz you don't understand at all.

Enjoy those long, lonely trucking nights.

No. 92874

We're all women here you dumbass. Why would you assume a man would be arguing for keeping men out of women's spaces anyway? But have fun telling tumblr how you totally told off that evil white male who hates poor trans people. If you wanted to discuss you'd post actual arguments and studies.

No. 92877

I..I don't even know where to begin. A transgender woman with female lady parts who has been convicted of a sexual offense may not be able to rape, but that doesn't stop them from molesting, filming, peeping, or other types of harassment.
Yes, people take their small children into the bathroom, but what does that have to do with anything. Small children and the parents taking them in aren't the perverts here.

No. 92878

I really do disdain transsexuals, but the I think the entire fear of fake transwomen predators preying on real women in bathrooms is silly. The entire bathroom issue is a silly non-issue.

If you really pass, no one should be able to tell that you're "in the wrong bathroom" unless you flash your special snowflake pre-op penis and then wonder why you got booted from a women's restroom.

No. 92879

Ignoring studies doesn't make them untrue. They have the same exact rape, sexual assault, and murder rates as normal men do.

I agree with the if you really pass thing, but none of them really do. Even if they're obviously a crossdresser how can you tell the difference legally without going through their computer and personal belongings? Trying to boot out fetishists would just make them pretend to be trans and say you hate all trans people. Again why can't they use the unisex bathrooms that are already there? I use them all the time.

No. 92880

Start pissing anywhere you want to.

No. 92881

Can I start with your face? Hit me up anon.

No. 92882

Holding it in, just for you… you perverted fuck.

No. 92883

No. 92886

Please, tell us how progressive and loving your opinions are.

No. 92887

File: 1463515686517.jpeg (35.57 KB, 225x224, image.jpeg)

No. 92888

Why should I do that when you've already made your mind up?


No. 92889

You'll never change anyone's mind if you can't provide facts or at least some actual arguments.

No. 92890

The truth is, you don't care about men or women, you care about yourself and trust me; you're not too good at being that.

No. 92891

Where someone can go to relieve themselves? Is that an actual topic?

No. 92892

Are you going to at least learn how to reply? If not then gb2 tumblr newfag. And multiple women are posting so that wouldd explain why we aren't "being ourselves". We care a lot more about women then the people denying that they're increasing the chances of them getting hurt solely to look openminded.

Why are men actually women and why can't they use existing unisex bathrooms? Why should a man's feeling be worth more than a very highly increased rape chance?

No. 92893

Woman who is a lesbian comes out of a bathroom where she feels comfortable… news at 8… she's breastfeeding… OH MY SHIT

No. 92894

File: 1463516285288.png (581.19 KB, 1024x1114, image.png)

No, please do. I am capable of change in opinion. I'm sure you have some valuable opinions and facts to add to the discussion.
Or are you resorting to accusing me of having my opinion set in stone because you have very little backing you?

No. 92895

Go 2 bed.

No. 92896

It's 3pm. You're still not proving anything.

No. 92897

I did and you ignored it, I gave more than a handful of examples of men going into women's bathrooms and you didn't like it.

No. 92898

What is society planning to do to address the problem of men who assault men in men's bathrooms?

No. 92899

You've done absolute shit to refute it, that the fact that men hurt women.

Are you really that retarded?

No. 92900

I'm the one saying no trannies should be allowed. I posted almost all of the examples. Was there some sort of misfire?

No. 92901

fucking deal with it yourselves, why is it a problem for women?

No. 92902

Sort your own shit out, don't come here looking for some "sparkle of truth" you're fucked up if you believe that shit…

No. 92905

No. 92933

Wait, what's the problem with that assumption? If you accept stories like the op where cis people are mistaken as trans (which is common), the opposite must happen too.

No. 92941

This is insane. She looks like a very obvious woman. trannies ruin everything.


No. 92969

I made this thread because I used to be a trans supporter. The previous thread kind of got me to think about it more, especially with all of the evidence that pointed to sex reassignment surgery as a bad thing instead of a fix. It seems that trans people think hormones and SRS will "fix" them, but the reality is, it's exactly like suicidal people a gun. Or letting anorexics have weight loss surgery. I've come to realize that I was just blindly following what everyone was telling me and trying to be extra progressive when that isn't actually helping anyone.

No. 92975

*giving a suicidal person…

I have nothing against them any more than I have against schizophrenics or manic depressives. They're people with a mental illness that not much can be done about with our limited knowledge. I feel sorry for them, if anything. Except the perverts, but it's difficult to tell the fetishists from the actual body dysmorphics unless they have a criminal history.

No. 92981

So I posted about this in the last thread but I might as well post about it again. My ex is transitioning, and I see so many red flags:

>severely mentally ill and hasn't sought serious treatment

>really submissive, non-masculine, gender-nonconforming personality
>is a virgin and obsessed with girls
>is uncomfortable with everything about himself
>hasn't mentioned anything about dysphoria until six months ago

I seriously doubt there is anything neurologically wrong with them gender wise and I think this is just going to end up a disaster. I guess it's his choice except people are going to be all over my ass for misgendering him.

And I really doubt transitioning is going to help him with his virginity problem. He is either going to have to get super deep into the queer/kink community which I think sounds logical but I doubt is going to happen or he is SOL. Whatevs, like I said it's his decision. Maybe he can guilt a few lesbians for being "transphobic" or whatever.

No. 92988

Agreed. Also, gender is a social construct. There is nothing inherent in females that makes them what we call "feminine", or in males that makes them "masculine". These are ideas we have attributed to sex and have been continuously reinforced. There is nothing that it "feels like" to be a man or a woman. These gender roles and expectations are toxic in that they promote discrimination for both sexes (i.e. woman shouldn't do physical labor jobs, men shouldn't cry or show emotions etc). To make progress, we should be eliminating the deeply embedded gender roles within our society. Feminine men and masculine women should be able to exist peacefully, everyone should be able to express themselves however they want and do whatever they want with their lives. What is in your pants shouldn't define you. Trans people are enforcing gender roles by saying that because they are, for example, traditionally feminine and didn't fit in with the other boys growing up that they must actually be a woman, that they need hormones, breasts and a vagina because that is who they truly are. That isn't right. There is nothing wrong with anyone's body. These people just don't fit the stereotype of what we perceive it means to be a man or a woman. No matter how many hormones you pump through your bloodstream, you will never change your sex. Trans people would be better off working on accepting themselves despite what they hate about their bodies (which pretty much all of us have to do to some degree), and work on being able to confidently dress/act/etc. however they feel is natural for them.

No. 93000

Well, it's a good thing he's your ex- then. Why don't you just wash your hands completely and just stop keeping up with him? Like, why should you care if his life is slowly going down the drain?

No. 93001

I dunno, I'd say we're good friends and we actually talk a lot. I feel like he does a really good job of listening to my problems. I don't have any desire to get back with him. I guess I don't care except for people who would be mad about me misgendering him.

No. 93003

I disagree that gender is a social construct. I do agree that some things are social constructed like pink being a girl's color and blue being a boy's one. But there definitely is a masculine and feminine and it has been scientifically proven.
That being said, I definitely agree that just because someone doesn't follow those gender roles, it doesn't mean that they're any less of a woman or man. I also don't think that there's such thing as feeling like a woman or man. And while there are differences, both physical and mental, between men and women, it doesn't mean that women can't do anything that men can do and vice versa.

No. 93004

~ e q u a l i t y ~

No. 93006

Apparently there is an American remake of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" and they have made Dr Frank-N-Furter a bloody trans woman! I really think some Trans people are the least progressive if they think a bisexual MAN who cross dresses somehow has to be transgender. Trans people are so hung up on gender norms.

No. 93011

I do believe there are inherent differences between men and women, but those are related to their biology, their sex. What I mean by gender is the sociological definition, that it is a social distinction between roles and expectations linked to sex. It is widely accepted among sociologists that gender is indeed a social construct.

No. 93012

You got a more credible source?

No. 93020

No. 93152

No. 93166

Being played by a trans person isn't bad to me, but I find it weird they picked a trans woman over a trans man when Frank n furter has a very well known image as a man in drag.

No. 93179

They raped the girl before they transitioned. Also what do you think happens to a man's capacity for erection when he injects a bunch of estrogen into himself?

No. 93226

Sorry I am not a gender xpert but they all look like grandmas todayz, tzz tzz, dear what happened to the youth and ravers this stupid trend is same here in Germany as well, soo boring, I would never hang around with people who like to live a life of a grandma.

No. 93306

>remake of Rocky horror picture show
>Dr. Frank-n-Furter is trans instead of a crossdresser

No. 93307

All trannies are mentally ill tbh. It's bullshit.

No. 93315

File: 1463719062512.jpg (28.94 KB, 627x626, 1463445981750.jpg)

>implying you need a dick to be a rapist

No. 94883

File: 1464549760014.png (854.37 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_31649-Screenshot_20160529-…)

So, what do you guys think about this?

No. 94946

I'm so glad I wasn't aware of this when I was younger, when I was about 13 or 14 I looked very boyish. These people are really going to mess up some vulnerable children and there are parents who will just go along with it because they don't want to be "hateful"

No. 94949

I'm flat chested and have gotten bullied and insulted for it all my life. I love really girly things, but for the longest time I dressed only in baggy boy's clothing and cut my hair super short. I felt like I'd never be treated like a real woman and that I'd look disgusting in anything vaguely feminine without breasts. So I was basically a fakeboi, I had absolutely 0 dysphoria, and didn't pretend to be a boy or even masculine, but I most likely would've been pushed towards becoming trans anyway.

I've mentioned it before and have been told that I was basically already half male because of my chest anyway and that was a sign I was supposed to be trans. That I was "lucky" to not have to pay for top surgery. I still have a lot of issues with my chest, but if I had seen things like that when I was younger I probably would've done it.

No. 94958

Basically. Teenagers are insanely impressionable. Tumblr cukture is cancer. Girls that otherwise wouldn't have made a big deal about not being feminine are officially being labeled as trans, and they go with it because ot makes them speshul to tumblrinas.

No. 94982


Flat chests are cute. CUTE. I strap my chest down to feign what you have naturally.
I know that doesn't really change your situation or how you feel about it, but you should know that there are a lot of people out there think you're legit beautiful for what you perceive as a negative.

No. 95022

Uh thanks I guess, but I know a few people find it tolerable and even cute on adult women. Tbh that's like a guy saying "don't be sad, I'd fuck you".

No. 95864

It's a category to itself on most porn sites, so there's that.

No. 95865

I'm hoping this whole trendgender thing goes away soon.

No. 95877


I'm not looking at it like a category though and neither should you. I fucking wish I'd been born with your chest.

No. 95878

Get a boobjob then? God…

No. 95886

Small doesn't equal flat and a lot of porn sites don't even have that. Trust someone who only likes women with flat chests and small breasts, even when you search for flat and it's in the title all you get is small and medium. It's literally one out of thousands even in the small category and while searching for flat chested.

I think that might be the busty anon. Unless she quoted the wrong thing.

No. 95985

Love yourself anon.

No. 96035

Best advice.

No. 96036

File: 1464913444985.png (227.15 KB, 1440x2560, tmp_13795-Screenshot_20160602-…)

More on topic… wtf.

No. 96037

I'd say this is a good thing for people who use tinder. It'd be easier to avoid them now.

No. 96041

Ha Good point. I haven't thought of that. My question is, what are they even going to call the new "gender" options? I thought trans people consider themselves 100% the gender they are transitioning into? I'm tired of this fucking foolishness.

No. 96075

It will most likely be similar to the Facebook gender options I think. So like 50-ish random labels including genderfluid, agender etc.

No. 96139

What are your sources on that?

No. 96570

No. 96608

>really submissive, non-masculine, gender-nonconforming personality

I think if traditionally gender roles were more lax and men with these qualities were more accepted there wouldn't be as many trans women. Also feeds into what >>92865 is saying about trans issues ironically making cis gender roles more rigid.

No. 96619

Stop encouraging them to be sissies for fuck sake. The only reason they exist is because our society is so touchy-feely and accommodating to begin with. Back when wars were a regular occurrence they'd soon have this sissy crap slapped out of them.

No. 96628

The "Sissie" character mocks women though, it shows that feminity and womanhood is weak, frilly, and not deserving of respect.

To say that men who are not your stereotypical macho, arrogant type are like sissies isn't correct.

No. 96634

That makes about as much sense as saying all women should be passive doormats. And I'm sure your justification for this involves some kind of faulty evolutionary psych / naturalistic fallacy.

No. 96637

Yeah, yeah. Nature doesn't apply to human beings because muh quasi-spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Sexual dimorphism exists and applies to behavior as well as "cosmetic" aspects. Deal with it.

No. 96638

It shows it isn't worthy of respect when practiced by a man, just like masculinity in a woman isn't respected because it's pure affectation.

No. 96639

>because muh quasi-spiritual mumbo-jumbo

No idea what you're referring to with this half-thought strawman. There is no argument for pursuing something simply because it is "natural" (which in the case of gender roles is highly debatable). Also realize that any basic notion of "progress" for civilization probably involves unnatural behavior.

>Sexual dimorphism exists and applies to behavior as well as "cosmetic" aspects.

…So I hit the nail on the head, then.

Are you a man, by any chance?

No. 96649

>Also realize that any basic notion of "progress" for civilization probably involves unnatural behavior.

No it doesn't. That's where you're wrong, you've bought into the idea that civilization is an artifice. It isn't. It's ABSOLUTELY a feature of nature. Beavers create labor saving devices too, are they "unnatural"?

>…So I hit the nail on the head, then.

No you didn't. You think that sexual dimorphism applies purely to cosmetic aspects (breasts, penises). Completely illogically, you assume this dimorphism stops at the neck because it'sx more comfortable for you to believe this.

Liberals are human creationists. They believe that sexual differences and racial differences are 100% the result of environment, asides from the ones that are obvious. Those they accept because it's impossible to deny.

No. 96653

>No you didn't. You think that sexual dimorphism…

That's not what I'm talking about. You failed completely to address how these dimorphisms are AT ALL relevant to how we SHOULD behave, or how society SHOULD function. And I'm not denying shit about these dimorphisms, merely that they're on questionable scientific grounds and it's quite shaky to base your entire ideology on that.

>Beavers create labor saving devices too, are they "unnatural"?

To save some time, here's how the rest of the argument is going to go: I'm going to give you an example of a societal development that has contributed to civilization's spread (or its increase in production, or its saving labor, or whatever parameter you choose). You're going to go, "nuh-uh, that's natural too!!" And so on down the list, until it becomes apparent that what is and isn't "natural" is highly fluid and contestable.

Which raises the question of why a shift in gender roles should be considered abominably unnatural and useless to civilization at all. But I digress, and this is hardly the major problem with your reasoning.

>Liberals are human creationists. They believe…

Hmm. I see you have no concept of what liberalism entails, or that all liberals think the way tumblr posters do and absolutely agree on every social issue.

And while sexual and racial differences are not 100% environmental, it's absolutely ludicrous to believe that there is no environmental influence whatsoever. But this is besides the point, because you have not explained why we should care at all about these differences. Clearly they do not dictate the progress of civilization, as we have seen women competently take up hitherto masculine functions in society. I once again ask if you are male, because I refuse to believe a woman who benefits from such developments could have such an idiotic viewpoint.

I recommend you take up this discussion in your hugbox /pol/, or whatever pseudo-Darwinian shithole you crawled out of.

No. 96654

>how these dimorphisms are AT ALL relevant to how we SHOULD behave

Do what you want, I'm not saying these are cast-iron rules that, if you break them, you're struck down from the heavens. You can behave in whatever way you see fit, but the long term implications of abandoning one's nature are maladaptive behavioral patterns. Look at white people: We've abandoned tribalism because we think we've "gone beyond it", but nobody else gives a damn. The long term implication of acting like race doesn't matter in a world where the vast majority of people think it does is that you cease to exist as a group.

>I'm going to give you an example of a societal development that has contributed to civilization's spread (or its increase in production, or its saving labor, or whatever parameter you choose). You're going to go, "nuh-uh, that's natural too!!"

Creating labor saving devices is a part of our nature. It's a part of the nature of many other organisms too.

>highly fluid

There are those words again…

>it's absolutely ludicrous to believe that there is no environmental influence whatsoever.

Literally nobody has ever said this. Ever. Even Rushton and Jensen were clear that environment has a big influence on who we are. The only 100% binary determinists are the people who think environment shapes everything and are not prepared to accept that genes shape aspects of our nature (intelligence for one) that are difficult to stomach if you believe in blank-slate concepts of equality.

>as we have seen women competently take up hitherto masculine functions in society

And the groups that pioneer this and embrace it the most are being reduced to minority status in their countries by far more conservative and fecund groups. Demographics are destiny.

No. 100001

>Beginning in early 2017, drivers will be able to select X, instead of an M for male or F for female for their drivers' licences and health cards.

Pointless catering to special snowflakes.

No. 100045



Why does this not surprise me?

No. 100058

I had a former romantic interest that went trans on me.

He turned me into a dreaded TERF by acting better than real women, denying that he ever sexually abused anyone and crying that he was sexually abused, continually using Tumblr to grow a cult of personality based on his occult "transness," and harasses lesbians that don't want to fuck trannies.

I have nothing against FTM, though I personally think they are just self hating females, but I hate MTF and will never, ever engage or be friends with one again.

Getting belittled and abused over several months for any little thing that could be misconstrued as "transphobic" tends to wear on you.

No. 100063

At least you realized how toxic he was instead of being sucked into the tranny sympathism vortex like so many people seem to be now.

No. 100064


I just want to know why these people are taken seriously at all.

No. 100066

I was for awhile and was beating myself up like a battered fucking house wife over how "transphobic" and "horrible" I was, how it was my fault everything ended badly, how it was me who was abusive, still correcting people on "pronouns" and shit.

Was so fucking pathetic and cringy.

Eventually, he started going MORE crazy. And he got into things that I used to like, things that I used to say, like, I'm not kidding, this tranny fucker is EMULATING me from my teenage years.

its sooooo fucking creepy to watch.

No. 100984

You are mentally ill. You were not born in the wrong body. Seek help.

No. 100994

i dunno, i don't see myself as ever fully there, y'know? i was born a dude, raised as a dude, and like there are differences in socialization of chicks and duders.
well shit,i sought help and they gave me vials of estrogen. i'm guessing that pimozide is the best treatment base on that one case though, huh? :^)i mean, most docs aren't as red pilled as you are, seeing ow easily they are controlled by the jews or patriarchy, depending on who you are, anon.(GET OUT)

No. 101001

Careful? Don't kid yourself. The first US hospital to do SRS doesnt do them anymore because they didn't help their patients. Giving radical and dangerous hormones (and they are dangerous, or are you so blinded you don't see that?) and medically butchering a mentally ill person should be a crime, but it's practically the go to treatment these days. What money is there to be made by the pharmaceutical industry if actual counseling and therapies were created for trans people? Do you gove lipo to anorexics? No. You don't indulge in people's delusions.

No. 101007

what about the study of like..all swedish trannies? Male to females hace same criminal rates as regular males. Almost like…mtf…are still…male?? Crazy right? Injecting yourself with artificial hormones and chopping your dick up changes nothing.

No. 101008

Based mods banning trannies bless you. Men in dresses are still men more news at 11

No. 101010

Actually pharma is a big funder of the new trendy tranny rights orgs, i can find the sheet later im on mobile. But yes, lots of sketchy funding happening

No. 101014

I sincerely believe the current barbarism enacted on trans people will be looked back on as equivalent to blood letting. It doesnt worry you that an entire segment of the population, mentally ill gender nonconforming men (MTF) and women (FTM) are being sterilized and experimented on? And now children?

No. 101018

Because rational adults are making the choice for tubal ligation or vasectomies whereas mentally ill transgender people are being told "transition or kill yourself" by their own community and "trans is better than being gay" by society. This is the new progressive way to reinforce gender roles and gay conversion therapy. Its shocking tbh

No. 101020

Pretending to be a woman or straight up as a dood, dah menz always wants their feelings validated. No matter the subject of discussion.
Also, Get out.

No. 101021

>dah menz always wants their feelings validated
Think that's why the current tranny debate focuses on female bathrooms. They can't be VALIDATED as ~female~ in a gender neutral one!

No. 101022

File: 1467926291117.png (439.83 KB, 800x600, stefffff.png)

Can't stop shitposting won't stop shitposting, nigga.
t. never pass tranny who is bored af and found a new domain for shitposting(go home, fampai)

No. 101023

never pass tranny? so you mean, just a typical robot?

No. 101027

This remembers me of some "tranny" I know (not even sure he'll ever have the balls of going through strogen and hormones as soon as he realizes that shit's going to fuck him up) that I get the feel he's been trying to emulate me lately. And I'm starting to be worried.

He's a nice person and still haven't crossed certain boundaries of toxicism… But I still have low tolerance for bullshit.

No. 101029

where from, /lgbt/ aka /t/?
trannies do have elevated cases of depression, and all are dysphoric (unless you're a tumblr tranny in which case you're helpless).

why is it so hard for trannies to admit it's a mental illness anyways?

No. 101030

>If I wanted my feels validated, why would I come to a cesspool full of people like you?
Then why the fuck are you posting in here.

Literally. Why. The fuck. Are you. Posting in here. We are pretty much terfies in here. What the fuck are you doing here if you don't want to feel like the poor poor tranny martyr who's fighting agains the evil wommyn terfs?

You still do not want validation or attention sweetheart?

No. 101033

my brother is a tranny and he used to ask me for my bras. too bad I wear a 32B and he's a fat lard. they're all so fucking creepy. I swear MTF are like 99% autogynephiles.

they want to be accepted as one of the lay-dees. but when we don't embrace them, they pretend they never wanted to be here anyways. they're literally the same as robots.

No. 101034

File: 1467927066622.png (377.3 KB, 450x450, 1423597648188.png)

Dng, ding, ding! Tbf, you should know that all trannies wanna do these days is shitpost. Either way, I'm bored af and don't start work for a while. I don't get the triggering. We are mentally ill, but this is the shit that is said to werk. So, fuck it.

No. 101035

Honestly, why do you think you're a woman and not a man?

No. 101036

I don't think any tranny is either. Like gender neutral brs are the solution, since if you are stealth then it doesn't effect you either.
It's p much eunuch 2.0 imo.

No. 101038

I can respect that. I just can't respect the ones that come at me with their weird femininity fetish, which unfortunately is the only kind I've met. Anyways, honestly wishing you well.

No. 101040

Thanks fampai, tbh I can get down with most of the gendercrit ideology, I just don't get why the fuck there are so many trying to compensate for "muh female soul". Like, just pop tit tacs and do your fucking thing until you pass, or become an industrial musician and say you were heavily inspired by G P.O. If you like change your whole shit to be more like a girl, then that's some weird shit fams. Then again I'm an uncle tom punk bitch, so y'all can discard my onions.

No. 101148

I don't dislike trans people but I think for many it is culturally informed; that is to say, these same people would be considered 'mentally ill' in some way no matter when or where in history you dropped them, but it would manifest in different ways. If this were the 15th century they might suffer from Glass Delusion, if this were the 19th they might suffer from Hysteria/Conversion Disorder. What mental illness looks like and how it is expressed is at least partially culturally conditioned.

I think at least sometimes the dysphoria is due to overly rigid gender roles. There isn't anything wrong or harmful about being a tomboy or feminine man but some children/families can not/will not reconcile their personality with their expectations of what men and women should be like and thus induce dysphoria.

Other people I think, consider transitioning to be a silver bullet that will finally deliver them from their misery and bring them to self actualization. I know too many people that only experienced dysphoria after interacting with other trans people. Its kind of suspect, but now they have a goal (transitioning) that gives them purpose and an 'endgame' ("then I can be happy"). Know enough trans people and they will say that life continues after transition, its not like you push a button and are happy and complete on the other side, you still carry all that baggage you have to work through it, its not all roses and sunshine.

Unfortunately I do not think there are better treatments than transitioning at the time.

No. 101199

But, gender role never have been less rigid than now (I mean in 1st world countries), I think it's the contrary. Conduct rule that are not rigid enough produce confused individuals.

No. 101202

>banning trannies

Good job, new admin.

No. 101208

Is the tranny trender thing still alive and well on tumblr, or are they on to other shit yet?

No. 101597

Pretty sure it's more than alive and well. It's creeping into the mainstream.

No. 102872


but we should let them in bathrooms, they're not a threat to women!

No. 105900

I found this interesting blog by someone detransitioning from MtF


There are a lot of detransitioners out there but most of them seem to be butch lesbians

No. 106413

http://gaynotqueer.tumblr.com/ posted about being a detransitioning MtF a few years back before he got run off tumblr afaik. His stuff is still worth a look though.

No. 106421

I remember that guy from ways back! (About five years now) I agreed with a lot of what he said but he was a bit too vitriolic for my taste.

From what I've seen a lot of guys who think they are MtF trans but decide against it are guys who think that masculinity is evil and wrong. Just like a lot of women hate their femininity I think some guys could be better adjusted about their gender roles. The fact that trans activists NEVER address how gender roles affect people's perception of themselves is absolutely baffling.

No. 108880

File: 1472723146427.png (92.94 KB, 881x284, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 4.55…)

being a woman is about laughing alone while eating a sald

No. 108901

This made me laugh so hard. Do they really think this? That being a woman is THAT much different?

No. 108904

Yep, women obviously come in only one flavour. At least we acknowledge beta neckbeards, delusional trannies don't even give normal women the courtesy of existing. This one time I saw a video of a passing MtF asshole who was complaining that he HAS to put on makeup to be considered feminine and pretty… Like no shit, so do most average women.

No. 108905

>Like no shit, so do most average women.
People don't say you're a man because you're not covered in makeup or dressing ultra-girly, though.

No. 108906

They don't say it to him either, they were just his feelings about it. He looks super feminine, he's just a mentally ill retard.

Most of these people only want to transition because they think they'll automatically be a popular queen bee and get all the dick.

No. 108907

You must be not ugly.

No. 108908

File: 1472756592286.jpg (55.5 KB, 584x500, 6358423639911976801343436032_i…)

There's a reason so many of them idolize big implants, high heels, heavy makeup and Gigi Gorgeous type personas. Their idea of womanhood is a fetishistic Barbie image. Meanwhile most women are walking around with average fridge bodies, barely anything done to their hair/makeup, jeans and sneakers, because whaddaya know, having a vagina doesn't mean living in a world of sexy celebrity glamour where your biggest worries are what color shoes to buy.

No. 108926

I don't understand how sjws hate white men but as soon as one puts on a dress they start gushing?

No. 108927

File: 1472767949400.jpg (122.91 KB, 1280x1707, AP_816557704942.jpg)

No. 108973

i hate this fag

No. 108975

this person could have been a decent looking feminine guy. why did they have to take hormones? lmao

No. 109152

lmao I used to post in the same livejournal community as them. I still always want to use male pronouns because that's the person I remember. She was always posting very smart and funny shit, then went to school in NYC to become a theatre fuck tard.

No. 109167

So, who's this non-passing loon?

No. 109172

>that necklace
I guess autism speaks through fashion now.

I think his name is Hari Neff. Supposedly some top model but personally I've never seen him in anything to note. Pretty sure his "modeling career" is just another product of nepotism like so many others in the industry recently.

No. 109175

They got a role in Transparent because they needed some actual trans people in the show.
I hate that idiot face they do for every fucking picture. And i know that haircut is the only one that makes them look even remotely feminine but it's still awful. Without the fringe they'd look like Onision

No. 109178

yeah their male name/birth name was Harry. so Hari always seemed corny as shit to me. Pronounced the same as Mata Hari? lmfao. She needs her own thread.

No. 109195

Every time I see a transwoman trying super hard to be Barbie I just don't get it. Most women aren't going around every day dressed up like they are going out on the red carpet or to some skank magnet club. We wear normal clothes most of the time. They have no concept of fashion or how we put clothing together. They dress up like five year olds who got into mommy's closet and makeup.

No. 109198

I assume it's overcompensation for not having been born a biological female. Or, they think they can'take pass without all the OTT shit.

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