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File: 1462050573893.webm (1.77 MB, 640x360, 1461963517560.webm)

No. 89130

Do you like babies?

No. 89133

Depends on what condiments are available tbh.

No. 89135

File: 1462052728640.gif (1019 KB, 500x378, 1398063546651.gif)

No. 89137

Hate toddlers and don't really like kids until around 5 yrs old. Toddlers are boring vegetables that cry a lot, after that they're still whiny and require a lot of maintenance but they're still boring…around 5 yrs old they actually become pretty nice and clever though, so they're fun to interact with.

but that's just a general view, it'd probably change if I had my own kids

No. 89138

File: 1462055795997.gif (984.36 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 89139

File: 1462056976140.gif (1.83 MB, 366x169, giphy.gif)

No. 89141

File: 1462057179846.gif (1.04 MB, 506x278, LnD8WWK.gif)

No. 89142

Toddler age is the best, you don't have to super careful with them and they're at the age where everything is exciting and new. Newborns are too fragile and do nothing but cry, shit, sleep, and eat. Anything older than toddler is when they get attitudes and need to be social.

At least that's what I've experienced from working as a babysitter and at a daycare. I would never have kids but I don't mind working with them.

No. 89144

No, I hate kids in general. They are so annoying and I can't even understand how people can find them cute.

>but you were a kid too!

Yes, but at least I was really quiet, not an obnoxious little shit who doesn't stay quiet and can't stop crying for any stupid thing you say.

No. 89153

No. 89168

File: 1462076649221.jpg (95.46 KB, 640x631, AGuvd8U.jpg)

I love children.
I worked in nurseries/schools before and im currently doing my teaching degree
I think my favourite age is 3yo to 4yo
Theyre the most adorable ones and they really make your mother instincts wake up without the constant care babies need
Also they can talk a lot and can sometimes misspace words or letters
I had this one kid who would call batman 'fatman' and trex 't-rec' i honestly wanted to snatch him off

Another child who was the same age but talked far better asked if i wanted a cuddle because i said i was cold

I cant wait to have a child and so far i love working with them

No. 89178

I fucking hate babies and children, mostly because I never particularly liked them either and was criticized a lot because of it. I have absolutely no patience for dumb little potatoes who can't understand basic things and have zero common knowledge and nearly no basic notions. I'm glad there are so many people in the world who like them, I could never raise a person from scratch like that. The blank slate purely social being thing about infancy freaks me out, I see no point or pleasure in interacting with them. Interaction for interaction's sake is not something I enjoy.
They can't hold a conversation, is what I mean.

I don't have any maternal instincts or desires either. I think that even if my biological clock were to ring, my aversion and annoyance towards infants would trump it and I would still want to stay the hell away from them.

>but you were a kid too!

Does anyone actually say this as if it means something? I used to be a stupid piece of shit too, doesn't mean I have to like or put up with terrible people.

No. 89182

we're in the same boat anon

sadly my clock is already ringing and I am torn between the irrational urge to conceive one and my utter repulsion for them.
Last year an acquaintance's wife had a beautiful babygirl and sometimes she would ask me to look after her for a couple of minutes. I had horrible thoughts and wished death upon her while cradling her and next minute I was fantazising about her being my daughter, how much I would care for her, etc. It's confusing and scary.

No. 89183

reminder that there is something wrong internally with women who don't like children

you are defective

No. 89185

hi /r9k/

No. 89187

File: 1462086825340.jpg (518.53 KB, 500x235, m5T4JYK.jpg)

Gif is relevant.

I personally like babies and children. I look after my friend's baby girls once, they're about 1 and 3 years old back then and I love every second of it. Even though yes, it can be a hassle if I don't understand their cry and or when they poop in their diapers so I have to clean their ass. But the moment they are smiling, it makes me happy too. Being around children relaxes me more than being around adults.

No. 89189

I like kids that are around primary school age because they're beyond that age of crying/vomiting/screaming etc, but other than that, no. Toddlers can be cute. I hate babies.

I also don't understand why people are so desperate to have their own children, but then again my clock won't be ringing for another decade.

No. 89194

I have a weird thing. I seem to be terrified of them, like if I hold a baby I'm scared I'll drop it, when I had to put my little brothers shoes on when I was younger I was scared i'd crush his feet, if there's a baby nwalking near my legs I'm scared i'll kick it.

Like, even pregnant women, and hurting their stomach scares me. If one is coming at me in a corridor I've been known to literally press against the wall to be as far away as possible, or in huge crowds if I NEARLY bump into or walk into one I'll be like "HOLY SHIT I'm sooooo sorry oh my god!".

I feel like it's possibly like a maternal instinct going into overdrive, but in general, like most of the posters here I don't really like them. I'm not wanting to have a child whenever I see one that does something cute, it's just "aww that's cute". I mean maybe some day, but I don't really like them at the moment.

No. 89203

I hate teens and kids but toddlers and babies are the best :3

No. 89205

No. 89212

It's not an opinion, it's fact. Having children is one of the basic evolutionary drives - not wanting children is as bizarre and pathological as, for example, having no desire to eat. I'm not that concerned about most people in this thread, as they're probably underage and of course children don't want to take care of children. But if you're in your 20s and still don't like kids, you need therapy.

No. 89218

S-s-see? This is why I hate teens. Had to look up what kys meant.
Why are teens and kids so fucking rude?
Video related is what the "worst" toddler is.
I'd love to have kids but they grow up into twerking whores or nudes taking pixyteris (weebs which includes us farmers).

No. 89219

You've probably never been around toddlers if you think that's the worse they get.

Working at a daycare really drove my hatred of them home.



No. 89221

You're an evolutionary mistake anon. Your mother, grandmother, great-grandma and so on, all the way back to your first female ancestor hundreds of thousands of years ago, managed to reproduce. But you're so broken that you're incapable of doing something that even the most primitive animals know how to do. No wonder you're bitter.

No. 89222

No. 89224

reproducing =/= loving babies
not loving babies =/= hating babies

No. 89225

File: 1462113609990.jpg (Spoiler Image, 439.54 KB, 1600x1200, 1459714691022.jpg)


Chop, chop /robot/, that's the sound of you stripping yourself of the biological imperative :^)

No. 89226

The only one who sounds bitter here is you, anon. Are you mad you're stuck at home with a kid or something?

No. 89227


Reminder that you're defective as a male of this species due to your inability to acquire, copulate with and reproduce with a female mate.
You are the loose end.

No. 89228


The kid in that video is just annoying. This one is more endearing.

No. 89229

Whoa /r9k/, thank you so much! Now I feel that maternal instinct to have children even if I have no money or time or patience or resources in general to give them a good life!
Your job is done, you can go back to watch dumb harem anime and discuss with strangers who is the best girl or something.

No. 89231

It's not just /r9k/ who thinks you're a sad case, anon. I'm not sure where you got the idea that only misogynist neckbeards on an anime forum think it's good to have kids. You should talk to your mom about it.

No. 89234

File: 1462114655592.jpg (375.28 KB, 1429x951, o-THANKSGIVING-DINNER-ARGUMENT…)


>"Whoa ho! Look who finally came out of his cave! It's a true Thanksgiving miracle!"

>"you been up there playing your girlfriend simulators Anon?"
>"so Anon, you got a girlfriend yet? I bet you got a girlfriend dontcha', what's her name son?"
>"Y'know when I was your age I had a new girl every other week."
>"Y'know Anon you just need to BE YOUR SELF!"
>"so you learnt to drive yet? You failed? Again? Ah well…. maybe yer, er, a slow starter. You'll get there eventually son…"
>"OH HEY ANON! Why don't you show your nana that thing you were looking at on your computer the other night! That folder with all the, the drawings of frogs! Wait til' you see this nana, ain't it just WILD!"
>"so Anon, I hear you decided not to go to college. You working on a job yet?"
>"Y'know I hear your cousin Jesse, he just got engaged, and he's been promoted to the head of his sector too. Ain't that just great son?"
>"now that son, is what you call INITIATIVE, you know you really just gotta get out there, quit sittin' in your room all day, go out and grab life by the BALLS!"
>"SOMEBODYS gotta provide us with a grandchild one day! DON'T LEAVE US WAITIN' KIDDO HA HAAA"

No. 89235

So much projection. I'm sorry about your life anon.

No. 89236


You're only allowed to post here if you've actually touched a woman before, and your mother doesn't count.

No. 89237

Screaming "/r9k/" isn't an argument and just makes you look desperate. Go tell your mom and grandma that you hate kids and never want to have one. They'll say things a lot worse than anything I've said here.

No. 89238


Don't be, my life is incredible in part because it is free of shitting, squalling potato-beings. I have the money and time to actually do the shit I want to do in life.
I feel sorry for you that your life is so devoid either purpose or personality you feel the only way you fulfill that pesky existentialist gap is by projecting onto the imaginary children you fantasise about one day producing despite the fact that no woman will ever go near you :^)

No. 89239



My mother has ALWAYS told me that she'd strangle me if she ever found out I got pregnant. Is this your regurgitating your own experiences of your families shame or what?

No. 89240

It's not like I hate babies/children, I just don't have the desire to have one myself. And honestly, if it came to actually wanting one in the future, I would much rather adopt.

I have crazy high standards for raising a child after watching so many other people fuck up their kids. I would rather have no children than have them and screw them up by not being there or leaving them in the hands of a stranger who screws up.

No. 89241

>my life is incredible because I can buy lolita dresses and anime merch and spend all day bitching on the internet
That's not a life anon.

No. 89242

Ah, you hate kids because your mom hates you. You should see a therapist instead of letting these issues ruin your life.

No. 89244


Nigger this isn't /cgl/. Hardly anybody here cosplays or wears lolita. You are DEFINITELY from /r9k/.

No. 89245


Even if my mother hated me it'd be preferable to being a colossal disappointment to her.
You're a fully grown adult male who has never touched and will never satisfy your own parents desire for grandchildren. Explain to me exactly what that's like friend :3

No. 89246

Because coming to da gurlz klub and whining in random threads about "DA BIOLOJIKAL IMPERATIV" is so much better…..

No. 89247

Replace weeb shit with whatever consumerist nonsense you personally use to fill the void in your life.
You have no argument besides claiming I'm from /r9k/. Do you realize how sad you sound?

No. 89248


It's not a claim friend, you are from /r9k/, and it sounds like you're pretty active on /pol/ to boot.

No. 89249

I'm an married woman with a kid, and it's lovely, thanks. But if you believed that you might have to take what I'm saying seriously, and then you would feel bad about yourself.

No. 89251


>replace weeb shit with whatever consumerist nonsense you personally use to fill the void in your life

Because going on regular holidays and travelling the world, enjoying fine dining, going out on spa days and doing Netflix and chill with my partner is so evil and wrong and my life is so devoid of essence :'(
Woe is me guys, I'm so sad. I'd really rather be at home living in a shitty, cramped 2 bed apartment, broke, with no car, no money to do anything, no career prospects, no time to enjoy to do any personal stuff or hang out with my partner. This is definitely the lifestyle I crave.


lol, no you're not. You're really not. And btw Admin does analyse post history for /robots/ like you claiming to be women so if you've created any previous posts indicating your male gender prior to today or have zero post history you'll likely get to enjoy a perma-ban.

No. 89253

>Because going on regular holidays and travelling the world, enjoying fine dining, going out on spa days and doing Netflix and chill with my partner is so evil and wrong and my life is so devoid of essence

Well yes, it is. Part of being a human being is making sacrifices to improve your community. Having kids is part of that. Life isn't supposed to be a 24/7 egocentric pleasurefest - you sound like a little kid who doesn't understand why they shouldn't have candy for breakfast every day.

Luckily I'm not from /r9k/, so you'll have to continue to see my posts even though they make you angry. Haven't you seen admin talking about how most posts that get reported for being "robots" are actually from female users?

No. 89254


You don't get to talk shit about improving your community. In a world where we're killing our very planet due to rampant over population producing more unnecessary, unneeded, unwanted humans instead of selecting a child that doesn't have a home is literally the most selfish thing you can choose to do, and you try to talk to me about "my ego". You're the one that fell for the "BUT IT HAS TO LOOK LIKE ME" meme.

No. 89255

File: 1462116601140.jpg (72.38 KB, 634x461, Just_saiyan.jpg)

It's weird that you think having kids = the only way to feel fulfilled in life.

No. 89256

I'm happy for you then. If you are a mother you must know it's hard and not everyone is made for it, there are many risks, what if you child has a disease or dies? Or dies in an accident? What if they were born with a deformity? What if they grow up to be a serial killer? What if they dissapoint you in general? Do you have enough patience to wake up at 3 am because your baby needs a diaper change? Do you have enough patience to soothe them when they cry and your head hurts?
I've lived all my life in poverty, in my neighbourhood it's normal if a girl is pregnant when she is fourteen. And I don't want to have children because I want to focus in my life, I study hard and hopefully I will have a good work with a nice house and a car, then maybe I'll have a kid, but I don't think so. And my mom is happy for me, because I'm working hard for having a better life.
Obviously, every woman has a different motive for not wanting children, but being a mother isn't for everyone.
Sage for personal shit.

No. 89258

Gosh you're angry, did I hit a nerve? Adoption is a noble thing. Most people have a strong desire to have children of their own because that's how evolution works. But adopting a child and giving them a loving home is a wonderful thing as well.

Assuming you are American or European, it's not your country that has a problem with overpopulation.

No. 89260

Why is it always women with kids who get the most upset when another women say that they don't want kids? Let them do what they want, whether they want kids or not has no impact on you.

No. 89261

This is a nice and well thought out post. It's fine to be hesitant about having children, and it's ideal to wait until you're financially stable. Yes, there are risks, and yes you have to make sacrifices. But eventually most people's desire for children ends up outweighing their hesitancy. What is disturbing is people who go on about how much they hate children and dread ever raising them because kids are sometimes annoying and they'd have to spend money on diapers instead of Starbucks and Sephora.

No. 89265

YOU HAVE NO HEART imo both are cute but the angry toddler is CUTEERRRR
but this video isnt as cute as vid related

Wait lemme post some more cute kids videos

No. 89266

Isnt it adorable???

Until it loses its virginity to a disgusting chad.

No. 89267


This is a pretty different post from your earlier "ALL WOMEN WHO DON'T WANT CHILDREN ARE DEFECTIVE" shtick.

No. 89268



/r9k/ leave.

No. 89269

Or this one :3 (even though it looks staged)

MELLOW BABIES AND TODDLERS ARE THE BEST IMO they are just as cute as puppies :3

No. 89270

I actually wanted to say n word but thats not allowed anymore …

No. 89271

The anon I was replying to sounded very young. Her desire for children will probably kick in later. There's a big difference between a teenager saying "I don't know if I want kids, maybe I will have some when I'm settled down" and an adult saying "ewww kids are disgusting I hate breeders"

No. 89273


No bitch I'm 24, and I don't want kids because I want to live my own fucking life, not waste it pouring it into another being.

>"you'll change your mind eventually!"

You sound like a gross, wasted, old soccer mom.

No. 89274

I told my mom once that I hate kids and never want to have one and she said "well, they're not for everyone"

Different strokes for different folks.

No. 89275

It's strange that you think raising a tiny human being into a happy and productive member of society is wasting your life, but chasing after pleasure and possessions with nothing to show for it at the end is not.

First I was a robot, now I'm an ugly soccer mom. What's next? Are you going to accuse me of being from PULL?

No. 89276

No you're an Ostrenga now bitch I hate you I wish I was just as famous as your daughter

No. 89277

What about all of those precious tiny humans that grow up to be murderers, drug addicts, prostitutes, etc?
Not everyone becomes a productive member of society. Some people would rather live their lives fulfilling their personal pleasures, and some find it more fulfilling to rase children and have a family. There's nothing wrong with either option.

People choose different life paths. Get over it. If they didn't, the world would be a boring shitfest filled with even more unwanted children.
Be happy with what you've got and stop trying to tell other people how to live their lives.

No. 89278

You don't have to be so rude, you know. If you think having kids is important, then go on, breed as you will, nurture and coddle them until they grow up to be responsible adults. But putting down others when they say they don't want children by calling them defective or selfish just shows how ignorant you are. Everyone has their own reasons why they don't want kids, just accept that not all people share the same views as you.

I love bobaepapa's channel. The girls are so cute and lovely. The parents seems to be a very cute pair too.

No. 89279

It's strange that you're so insecure about your life choices that someone making different ones to you gets you so butthurt and defensive. If you want kids, have them. Why does what other people choose matter?

No. 89280

Trendy white american middle class childfree detected. I bet you're liberal and think that the declining white and japanese birth rates are a good thing, because less oppressors.

No. 89281

Too many Asian babies itt. Smells like yellow fever tards. If you have an asian boyfriend you need to leave.

Real women love children.

No. 89282

i have an asian bf and we will have beautiful mixed children bc fuck u

No. 89283

this is the cutest video ever

No. 89284

Lel your child will grow up to hate it's mothers race like all mixed children born to white moms.

No. 89285


That's a minority of people, and for every drug dealer or prostitute there's a doctor or a firefighter.

Up until about 50 years ago, the great majority of people had kids, loved kids, wanted to carry on their family's good name. It's only recently, with the massive proliferation of consumerist distractions and the distancing of sex from reproduction, that you hear a significant number of people saying they hate kids and don't want to reproduce. These people don't have the willpower to switch off Game of Thrones for a while to do something "boring" like caring for a child, because motherhood takes work in order to get the reward, whereas binge watching Netflix makes you feel good for a while and you don't even have to get out of bed.

No. 89286



No. 89287

You're too much of a selfish womanchild to have children anyway. You're a genetic and in all probability ideological dead end, and perhaps it's better that way.

No. 89288

Why the mother's race in particular? It checks out with obama I guess.

No. 89289

I'm nothing close to what you think I am, but okay, keep thinking that if that makes you happier.

No. 89290

Same yellow fever loser.

Just sad that these people exist on lolcow with all the evidence staring them in the face that yellow fever is a kind of mental illness that leads to the sadsacks you see on /pt/.

White women who prefer Asian men = White women who prefer black men.

No. 89291

Children identify with the race of the father in mixed scenarios. Most of the time anyway.

No. 89292

>having an asian bf
>def yellow fever guise!!!

too bad i met him on the internet and at first i didnt even know his race but good one lol

No. 89293

You are exactly the same as white women who prefer black men.

That's the cohort of society you exist in. A racial fetishist who consumes garbage pop culture from foreign countries for snowflake points and spends your time awww'ing over videos of Korean children you think your little elliot Rodgers will look like lmao.

No. 89294

pop culture? what are you talking about lmao.
i dont care what my child will look like and wow yes that video happened to be of a korean child but i have plenty of videos of white children up my sleeve. does that mean i day dream about having white children now?
just fuck off

No. 89295

>on lolcow
>trying to pretend she has no interest in gook pop culture

Enjoy your messed up child and resentful gook husband I guess.

White men won't touch white women who have been with Asian guys.

No. 89296

I still don't see why it matters to you that some people don't want children. It has literally no affect on you or your life.

No. 89297

cry me a river

No. 89299

I'm not the one who has to settle for an asian guy because I hate myself. So no, I won't be crying.

No. 89302

File: 1462121689413.png (15.7 KB, 700x700, 1435177657935.png)

No. 89303

A low birth rate affects all of society. And the decision not to have kids has consequences for those who choose it. Who will take care of them when they are older? What will happen to their, and their family's, legacy?

No. 89304

Back to the k-pop thread sweetie.

No. 89307

Up until 50 years ago, the Western world was very religious. That probably has a lot to do with why we were more family orientated and concerned with having children. Times change and people change.
Motherhood isn't the only thing that takes a lot of hard work, and motherhood is not always rewarding. To some, a successful career that they spent a lot of time building up can be just as rewarding. Again, not everyone wants to live their life like you.

What about the mothers that sit around watching Netflix and eating bon bons all day, while their children sit around in shit filled diapers, screaming their heads off? There's a lot of dumb people who choose to reproduce and do nothing productive with their families.

Just because someone chooses not to have children doesn't automatically mean they're a lazy fuck. Your generalizing is getting a bit ridiculous.
I'm sure there were people in 600AD that didn't like kids and chose not to have them.

No. 89308

File: 1462121875659.png (445.61 KB, 540x960, 1428095754433.png)

u just wont let go huh

No. 89312

You got told. This isn't the place to gush over plastic oppas or staged gook baby videos.

No. 89314

>plastic oppas
>implying im into it
ure cute :^)

No. 89316

80% of young Koreans are literally plastic these days. That's not even an exaggeration.

No. 89317

Okay? But why does it matter to you what other people do with their lives?

No. 89318

So if everyone was becoming obese you'd have no problem with it? Or if everyone started to take meth? Some decisions pact society or are a symptom of a greater problem

No. 89321


The fact that you believe that the only way you can possibly fulfill your existence is through reproduction alone and that contributing to society through the distribution and development of new knowledge and wisdom is merely "chasing after pleasure and possessions with nothing to show for it at the end is not" is indicative of your overall intelligence tbh.

You're nothing but a sad little breeder Anon, and honestly I really don't give a fuck if that's what you chose to do in life. If that is what makes you happy so be it, but the fact you have to come in here and start screaming about how we're all defective for not choosing the selfsame lifestyle is kind of pathetic and a display of your own insecurity. Did you get knocked up early and pressured into keeping the kid or something?
If it didn't bother you wouldn't be pushing it so hard. Your parents raised you badly.

No. 89323


Because it's not a woman. It's some dude from r9k/pol masquerading as a female in an attempt to legitimatise their bitching about the degeneration of the traditional nuclear family/white race and the proliferation of equal female rights. They can't STAND to see white women out there enjoying independent careers and lifestyles instead of being back home on their back pushing out child after child.

No. 89324

Hello /r/childfree

No. 89325


It is though. Nice stats/references.

No. 89326


Hello /r9k/.

No. 89327

Your parents were breeders too you dumb cunt. Too bad your mother didn't swallow.

No. 89328

File: 1462122697748.jpg (167.65 KB, 706x483, 1350778340337.jpg)


Ooooooh I think he's getting mad guys :^)

No. 89329

It's hard to get accurate stats as most plastic surgery clinics in Korea aren't registered with the relevant international federation. Having said that it's common practice for children to get plastic surgery as a gift upon graduation.

Nice to see you're defending that culture though. After you said you weren't a koreaboo.

No. 89331


>after you said you weren't a koreaboo.

I'm not that Anon…..

No. 89333

File: 1462122925260.jpg (99.14 KB, 960x698, 13101570_1749572085313273_1330…)

Agreed. No woman would spout such nonsense, unless she was some kind of religious nut.

No. 89336

Korean men are disgusting

No. 89337

Is it just me or is the "white female with a child" in this thread screaming about how we're all defective and degenerates bringing down the white race sound suspiciously like that cuck from the /r9k/ general threads that would come in ranting about the death of the "traditional family" and how we'd all be happier at home washing clothing and shit…..

No. 89338


That's nice.

No. 89339

You're still on the robot thing huh anon? Cute. Don't read things into my posts that aren't there. It's perfectly fine for women to have a career and it's not difficult once your kids are school aged. Work and motherhood aren't mutually exclusive. What's repulsive is when people would rather use their career to accumulate luxuries and shallow pleasure than to provide for a growing family.

Imagine thinking that everyone who likes kids is /r9k/. Do you ever go outside? Or talk to people outside of imageboards?

No. 89340


If you're a white woman with a child then prove it.

No. 89341


Every time I see this fucking advert my blood legit turns cold with anger.

No. 89342

Uglier, significantly more sexist, most likely oecd group to visit prostitutes, so racist they manage to make /pol/ look reasonable.

What's the appeal in Korean men exactly?

No. 89343

No. 89344


Why are you asking me? You think there's one person in this thread or something?

No. 89345

Men in general are disgusting.

No. 89346


>look at me guys! I'm a woman! xD

>I have a vagina and everything! ^________^

No. 89347

Korean men are significantly worse.

No. 89348

I'm not the weirdo going on about yellow fever btw.

I'm not white and I'm not going to post a picture of myself or my child on lolcow. Feel free to continue pretending I'm a robot. All it does is show that my words struck a nerve.

No. 89349


If they start righteously responding to this bait they're definitely going to confirm that they're a man kek

No. 89350



No. 89351

I can't wait to get my tubes tied. Babies and toddlers and kids are cute if they are someone else's, and if I don't have to be in their presence for too long.

The /r9k/ fag ITT is kinda hilarious, I can't believe anons are falling for his bait.

No. 89352


No, even a timestamp written on your feminine hand next to a collection of cosmetics and some baby shit would suffice.

Come on Anon, if everything you've been saying in this thread is true you have nothing to fear.


Apparently I'm might be infertile from a badly ruptured ovarian cyst that went undetected for a few years and I'M SO FUCKING HAPPY.
If true I'll never have to fuck around with birth control that can potentially kill me and I can stop buying pregnancy tests every 3 months1

No. 89353

tbh kids are cute but I have no real desire to have one of my own.

No. 89354



No. 89356

I wish I could get infertile from something too. My friend got her tubes tied, and it somehow got messed up and she has awful cramps and pain, makes me really anxious to get mine done. Hopefully the technology gets better in the 6 years I have to wait to be able to do it.

No. 89357

I don't understand why everybody gets so riled up about babies. If you want a baby and can care for one, I hope you have one. If you don't want one or can't care for one, don't have one.

I don't feel particularly strongly about babies either way. Maybe I'll have one, maybe I won't. I definitely don't want one now though.

No. 89359

Wow the "totally a woman guise" Anon vanished after being confronted about proof. How mysterious….

No. 89360

That anon is very busy having more children to make up for how defective we all are. They'll be back in nine months to bask in our gratitude as we praise them for single-handedly saving the birth rates.

No. 89361

I think it's mostly people getting riled up because others are condemning certain life choices because they don't agree with them.
The tattoos thread was the same lol

No. 89362


It's definitely that fucking faggot from the /r9k/ generals. They pulled this exact same shit, starting off a unnecessarily confrontational argument about the rights and rolls of women, eventually having it descend into some bullshit about "muh continuation of the superior white race" and then buggering off when the heat gets too hot.

No. 89363

I'm the person who laid into the koreaboo. I'm someone else

No. 89364

File: 1462125457362.jpg (27.21 KB, 500x378, fuckoff.jpg)

what kind of retard comes to a female dominated board and starts telling women that they defective for not having kids?
Men are so fucking stupid swear.

No. 89365


No. 89367


>about the rights and rolls of women


No. 89369

File: 1462127213512.jpeg (731.17 KB, 2599x1841, image.jpeg)

I think I'm defective. My corgi clock is ringing loud and clear, but no bio clock has been noted.
Sometimes I feel a little sad that I won't reproduce because I know I'd have a cute and smart little pistol, but I've got a genetic bomb strapped to my chest and I can't with good conscious pass that shit down.

No. 89370


Have you considered adoption?
I know a lot of people have that issue with "but muh genes", but I think it's probably one of most noble and selfless acts you can do when you know you're in a position to provide a good, happy home to a child that would otherwise spend its life in loveless misery.

No. 89376

It's hilarious that some robot came into the thread (or probably made it to be honest) masquerading as a girl, it's so obvious that they take personal offence to women not wanting babies and wanting to date non-whites, no woman in their right mind would have been this bothered about it, only some sad small dicked loser who is bitter as fuck about not having a girlfriend.

No. 89378

I don't even get it though. I thought robots would be more the type for hit-and-quit, or a childfree relationship, so idk why they're so upset if a woman doesn't want kids

No. 89379


It's a fucking race thing, it always comes down to it with these faggots.
Everytime they see a (presumably white) woman talking about how they don't want to have a kid they see it as -1 pure aryan warrior to help in the fight against the tide of 'degeneracy', or even worse if a women actively chooses to couple with a non-white, they see it as +1 violent degenerate, impure nigger, spic or gook who are liek, totes intent on taking over the planet.

Look how this started out. At first out was just him calling women defective for not wanting to function as a domestic brood mare, and then it eventually devolved into him ranting about capitalism, consumerism and women liking Koreans being race traitors.

No. 89381

We're two separate people

No. 89385

I love it when that type of jackass starts talking about "our women" in their little rants.

I'm white and it makes my skin crawl. Like, don't loop me into your conspiracies. Don't worry so much about my "honor" or breeding capabilities.

No. 89386


Oh god I fucking know. They talk about us like we're cattle.

No. 89387

And its kind of creepy that they feel the need to protect us white chicks from all the perils of the world. Like, do I fucking know you?

If I am in actual danger, the last fucking person I'd look to for help would be a skinny ass, NEET, ijustwatchedseason1ofVikingsandthisisdeep, 16 year old who jacks off to fight club and browses r9k.

No. 89388

Why? I think I need some ofthese meds to cope with my stress

No. 89390


Are you blind or just dumb.

No. 89394

Good morning sunshine, guess what? Most humans won't stop spawning babies. Guess what? Our planet is overpopulated, so you don't make sense. There's not any imaginable concrete risk of a "low birth rate".
>Who will take care of them when they are older?
This is one of the main causes of shitty family environments. If a person doesn't want children, let them be. Forcing yourself to give birth when you really don't want to because society and people like you are always up to judge "B-But you HAVE to have babies it's a woman's duty how about your mother you don't want to give her grandchildren who will take care of you when you're older" blah blah is toxic. A person shouldn't reproduce for the mere, selfish thought of having a free caregiver to look after them when they're old. A person should reproduce when they feel the wish of doing it, when they're ready to love and take care of a small human.

Back to the topic, I generally don't like babies or children, but some of them are more likeable. It depends on their personality.

No. 89396

Low birth rates are an issue in the west. The only places with high birth rates are shitholes spawning human cockroaches. We need more good people, not savages.

No. 89397

The west spawns enough human cockroaches and savages as it is.

No. 89407

I love them. I want to have at least 5, and raise them like a good mother should. I would give them the love my mother never expressed to me. I really want babies ;_;

No. 89408

That sounds so adorable! I envy you so much, I wish I was good with children, but I'm too autistic to express my love for them.

No. 89410

This is true, but men who can't reproduce are defective as well. Go to a gym, faggot, you'll never mate in your current state.

No. 89412

Yoh obviously have never visited a third world country then. Come back when you've been robbed blind, raped in every hole and set on fire for fun because you're a woman. Tumblr would have you believe it's as bad in the west for women as it is in africa or india. Wrong. Those scum will rape you for a laugh.

And you want them to inherit the world.

No. 89413

Cute but I think I'd rather have the large amounts of freedom and extra money that come with not raising children. Maybe in 10 years it'll happen though.

No. 89416

>mfw your kids will say the same about you
This is why I hate having kids, I always treated my mum shit because of muh hormones and muh teenagery and I know my children will do the same and its fucking karma, I know.

If you want to stay happy d o n t have kids.

No. 89417

Fuck off you stupid faggot. You have no idea what your talking about.

No. 89418


Oh for fucks sake nobody wants any singular body to inherit the fucking world you scaremongering cockgobbler, we're just not fucking interested in being your breeding stock.

Are you really so stupid as to believe that the actual powers that be would ever allow that to happen anyway? Plebs like us have zero control over the fate of the world regardless of our actions.

No. 89426

I was a cute toddler take care of me

No. 89427

File: 1462158876496.jpeg (106.52 KB, 500x667, image.jpeg)

No. 89433

No it's not.

No. 89445

>noble and selfless
Unfortunately anon, I am non of those things. I never wanted kids because I am quite selfish on top of genetically defective. The consequences of being genetically defective don't end at reproduction. I'm also worried about being a shitty parent because of the cluster fuck effect my mental illness has on my life and my bf's life. So I'm just gonna get my corgi and shower it with my suffocating brand of love.

No. 89466

I don't think you realize that certain cultural memes are tied to white westerners so the less of us there are, the less this culture will express itself.

The problem with people like you is that you think the views you hold are just universal and default to all peoples. They aren't. China is already rolling back some of the communist era advances for women's rights and replacing them with Confucian ethics.

No. 89467

>me mum

Jesus Christ you sound like a stereotype of a disgusting English girl.

No. 89468

awwwww….how old are you today?

No. 89469

And you sound like a bitter fat americunt.

No. 89470

File: 1462182580973.png (631.99 KB, 671x1736, 1462142233911.png)

So you're ok with indians and ethiopians inheriting the world? Ok, cool beans. Guess you won't live long enough to see it anyway, and since you only care about yourselves it's none of your concern if eg. Germany is no longer german. Fuck culture, morals and clean drinking water.

No. 89473

ok so how about you have 10 children yourself to save muh pure white race

No. 89475

Why should white women care about white men when they don't care about us? They didn't care about Cologne or the rape gangs in the UK. Every time things like that happen none of the men even try to help them, they just look the other way. And y'all always go on about how women deserve this for letting the refugees in despite the fact that these are just random women who were going about their business. You have no idea of knowing what their feelings were on the immigrant crisis yet even 13 year olds deserve it?

Fact of the matter is it takes two to tango. Women aren't going to settle down and have kids with a man that wants to "spread his seed" and doesn't want to be faithful. Y'all love to say women always cheat, hate being monogamous, and how white women love shitskins and asians (which is complete bullshit btw) but yet all y'all ever do is fap to imaginary harems, impregnating as many women as possible, and talk about how hot non-white girls are and much better they are. You'll talk about tainted genes when it's comes to brown eyes and hair on white girls but indians, black girls, asians, and hispanics are "worthy of white seed"?

You can't expect loyalty when you aren't loyal yourself and never would be if you got a chance. Your only defense is "but other races are worse" wow good good job not being as shit as serial rapists and pedophiles.

And before you go "not all white men are bad" they most definitely aren't. My bf certainly isn't, but we're talking about r9kers, pollacks, and guys on places like trp and stormfront because that's who always says these things about white women and the white race.

No. 89476

*it comes to

No. 89477

The kind of retard who couldn't get laid if he crawled up a chicken's ass and waited. Butthurt about his lack of attractiveness and knowing that he will never extend his genetic line beyond the confines of his fleshlight, he comes here to vent his frustrations hoping it will make him finally feel like a real man.

No. 89487

He's also probably the kind of worthless cunt that expects his wife to do the majority of the child raising and housework while he sits at his computer in a miasma of BO and his own farts.

No. 89494

Do I fucking know you?

No. 89495

>go on about how the women deserve this

Yes. Because all of us are MGTOW loons.

Nobody deserves it. Even the people who support the rapefugees are usually well intentioned but brainwashed.

No. 89496

What's your favorite season of Vikings?

No. 89497

Rape supporters are well intentioned? Then I whole heartily support you finding out what it's like.

No. 89499

They're not knowingly supporting rapists. They think they're supporting people fleeing certain death, which, as anyone actually familiar with the two relevant treaties on refugee status knows, is absolute and patent bullshit.

No. 89502

I'm talking about mras and neckbeards not sjws. Although I consider leftists partners in crime at the very least.

No. 89503

Yeah I hate MRAs too but what are you going to do?

Just ignore them. I don't purposefully search for those white women who denigrate white men and claim blacks or asians are better as I know it would piss me off.

No. 89504

They've taken to shit posting on our board now so I can't exactly avoid them. Honestly it's almost funny watching them sperg out and failing so hard at pretending to be a woman.

No. 89505

Seriously. You can't ignore them when they are here, evangelizing.

No. 89506

>Do you like babies?

I would like my offspring if I ever chose to have them. But I would be very cautious about over-imposing my children onto others.

I rarely like other peoples' babies. Even if it's distinctly related to me, or a baby of a friend.
I can't blame the babies themselves for this, but a lot of my disdain for new babies comes from modern motherhood culture. I understand that hormones and mother-instincts makes people think that their babies are the largest things in life, but for me that centric behavior is really irksome. Tell a new mother that you're not interested in her screeching crotchfruit and watch her recoil in amazement that her baby isn't your priority. Babies really are useless shitting machines, and often times just living dolls for mommies to play dress-up-and-put-every-picture-on-facebook.
I never understand why a baby's death can have the same or greater emotional impact (for those who aren't hormonally-bound to it like the mother) as someone who is older and is actually more of a developed human.

I'm okay with children past the age of three though. I feel at that point they've developed into actual humans that feel complex emotions and view others as more than just extensions of their needs.

No. 89507

MGTOW types are everywhere on /pol/ now as well.

No. 89533

Nevermind that admin confirmed most of the "robots" in this thread are not actually robots…
You're just so insecure in your beliefs that you have to pretend everyone who disagrees with you is an autistic NEET.

No. 89539

I feel the exact same way and I actually do have a kid. Like, I totally respect that not everyone likes babies because I damn sure don't. The only reason I care enough about him to not see him as a complete inconvenience is just because he came out of my own vagina. I really hate talking about motherhood shit with people. It's not really that big of a deal? I don't really care that your son sucked his thumb too 30 years ago. Or I don't care that your baby just loooves Mickey Mouse. I hate going out in public with my kid just because strangers I would never talk to otherwise come up to me and HAVE to talk about babies with me.

No. 89546

No. 89547

I think I'd be exactly like you if I had a kid lol. I have a friend who has 2 boys and everytime I go to visit her it's like 5 hours of her talking about babies and her kids stupid toys.
It makes me want to kill myself. Even if I was a mom I wouldn't want to hear that shit.

No. 89560

No, it is because you sound like an autistic meet.

No. 89561

What's your favorite season of vikings?

No. 89562


No. 89563



No. 89564


Ah but we didn't say most people in this thread were robots, only that there was one specific spaz sperging out, who has apparently now been banned :^)

No. 89567

I'm the mother whom you kept accusing of being a robot, and I'm not banned. Keep dreaming.

No. 89568

File: 1462206857966.png (266.33 KB, 500x379, 7e33f565-905f-4bce-b9ee-e1e673…)

>keep dreaming

No. 89569

Quite a lot. I used to be hugely against the thought, but now that I've gotten older I want them so bad ;____;

No. 89581

I did want babies very badly for a while but now I'm scared as hell of having any. I have stepchildren and once they went through puberty all hell broke loose. Babies are cute, little kids can even be cute, tweens and teens are a fucking nightmare and now I don't want to have any simply because I don't have the energy to deal with that shit again. I'm literally counting down the years until the youngest one ages up to an adult. I still get pangs in my heart when I see a cute baby and love cuddling them but then I just remember the lastest bullshit one of the stepkids did and my baby fever immediately cools. I'll stick with dogs thank you.

No. 89591

babies look like my carpet in the summertime

No. 89615

No I hate them, I'm 24 getting married this year and I know my fiance's trailer park parents are going to want me to start popping them out asap. Sucks for them because he's thinking about getting a vasectomy hahaha.

No. 89616

Yeah. Probably my least favorite part of motherhood right now (other than cleaning up shit and being screamed at all the time by a baby Hitler) is being around other moms. They are truly an insufferable bunch of people.

No. 89617

Your biological time bomb is ticking, anon.

No. 89624

I have a laundry list of topics I prefer talking about and mom shit is on the very bottom. It's important to me, but honestly, ONLY important to me and his father. No one wants to hear about it, so I'm not going to engage anyone in conversation about him. I feel that when another mom forces me into talking about our children, she just wants to talk about hers, obviously. And I cannot care any less. So, I always feel like there's no reason for me to even talk to these people.

No. 89848

I guess in general i like kids, don't want them but i enjoy watching videos of them doing silly things and think they are cute.

No. 89877

I'm so damn sick of the "you'll change your mind" mentality women with kids have. Not every woman wants children. I'm 29 now and had this mindset since I was 17. I really never wanted kids and it's cool if people do, but they're not for me, especially since I like my income and free time to just go on random trips after work or vacation days with my SO.

No. 89880

I posted earlier but I wanted to say something. Does anyone else feel the need to biologically reproduce yet feel no compelling emotional ties in raising children?
I've thought about donating some of my eggs for money to pay off some of my debts. I would feel a little relief knowing my genetic footprint is out there, yet the baby would be taken care of by someone who truly wanted it.

No. 89889

File: 1462252831559.jpg (47.23 KB, 960x540, surprisebaby.jpg)

I have a friend from HS that just recently had twins and posts so much shit on Facebook. she posted four pictures of one of her twins in her car seats, clearly scared shitless of the flash on the camera and I laughed for a solid 5 minutes.

Why the fuck would you post pictures like this thinking people would want to see it?

No. 89890

File: 1462252910246.jpg (49.37 KB, 960x540, egadsman.jpg)

Like, look at this shit. The kid is so distraught.

No. 89893

These pictures are so funny, but why does it look like the kid has a unibrow?

No. 89894

i fucking hate parents with their ugly babies
my classmate from middle school recently got a baby (mind u we re 19 kek ) and she keeps posting pics of her monkey looking baby. all i see on my feed is that fucking baby. might unfriend her lol

No. 89895

Fucking r9k.
>the baby is cute…until the evils of Chad strike.

No. 89899

tbh im a girl and i also fear of my children turning into sluts/chads in their teenage years

No. 89902

There are much bigger things to worry about than that. Your kids are only as good as you've raised them to be. Don't promote values that turn them into walking stereotypes.

No. 89931

If I was from /r9k/ you newfaggette I'd already be banned.
>there are much things to worry about
I have the right to be scared if my daughter will become a slut or not and guess what…since STDs, drugs, rape and teen pregnancy/unwanted pregnancy by an unknown chad is huge in the average life of a slut I CAN worry about it, tumblrina.

And enjoy some baby slash toddler vidyas folks…

No. 89933

I think the solution is to kill your kids as soon as they become 7 years old.

No. 89934

AAAA this video makes me feel guilty because this reminds me how I treated my mum. I should call my mum and ask her to kill me.

No. 89935

It's not too late to make amends, anon. Call her anyway, tell her you love her. Go visit her too.

No. 89936



No. 89937

Shouldn't you be shitting out a kid rn to save the white race or whatever?

No. 89938

how? I'm not white

No. 90019

the brats in this vid got a bunch of death threats while she got a trip to Disneyland, which is amazing lmao

No. 90077

File: 1462317794123.jpg (20.89 KB, 236x359, 82263f1d8f29ab723aec1a8917bc06…)

>Single Retard from r9k comes and spews crap
>Them men are stoopyd!
You had too much tumblr, have an eye candy.

No. 90087

My mother told me that she will love me no matter what I do but I abused my mother, I cant just do that I think. I dont know if she even still wants to see me. She already had a pure shit life and I gave her an even shittier life. If she ever commits suicide I take the blame and tell everyone I killed her so I end up in jail because I know I'm the reason why she killed herself. Currently I'm studying at uni, so I guess that will make her proud since she said that she would love to see me more succesful than her (she doesn't know yet what I'm studying so perhaps I can begin an opening line with this to make her happy??) My mother was the most easiest way to release my anger just like this innocent lady. I actually do not deserve my mother and the only thing I deserve atm is a beating from her until my nerves are dead. Or maybe a stab or 100 with her most favourite kitchen knife. I am so sorry mum that you had to have a whore daughter.
>tfw she hit me once back so fucking hard after she couldn't take it anymore
She should do it again but much harder. But I bet my words were so much more painful than any push or slap I gave her because I cant count the times she was crying in her sleep due my words. I should die. I dont deserve to live. Abusers should all go to hell.

Anyways, to answer the question of this thread, no I do not like babies but I hope I will get a daughter and a son who will make me cry in my sleep. This is the only way how I can pay for my sins.

No. 90091

File: 1462325136580.jpg (154.7 KB, 605x462, 1384803039-3.jpg)

That is flawed thinking though anon. You hurt your mother and do you think you came out well adjusted for it? What makes you think that any child who does the same to you won't grow up with just as fucked up an ideology? If you truly want to do right by her you would better yourself and if you do happen to have children ensure they grow up to be even better than you are.

Try to forgive yourself anon.

Posting a babby to keep on topic.

No. 90096

From a mother's perspective, you never stop loving your children no matter how they might hurt you. I'm sure it's not too late to rebuild your relationship so long as you're getting the right help and are sure you don't pose a risk to your mother's wellbeing

No. 90104

I was a piece of shit to my mother too, I took out all of my rage and shitty issues on her and boy do I fucking regret it now that I'm older. It tears me up everyday. I've asked her over and over again if she hates me, because if she did I wouldn't blame her, and she says no every time. I don't deserve it, but she still loves me anyway. When your mother says she will love you no matter what, she means it. Please anon, please go call her and talk to her. There's still time. She will forgive you, even if you haven't forgiven yourself.

No. 90111

Do farmers even have dads in their lives?

No. 90116

File: 1462348791706.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, EjJopdb.jpg)

No. 90118


relevant cheesy folk song

No. 90125

Anon, I didn't want to cry again today but you've gone and done it now. :(

No. 90129

Seriously. Why does it bother parents so much when we don't want kids ourselves ? Is that because we decide to not join this shit club and they feel offended that we see parenthood for what it is ?

I don't see the appeal of kids. Babies are boring, toddlers can be somewhat fun but their loud voice is terrible. I'd rather be the fun auntie who flee the scene the moment the kiddo fill up his diaper or decide to paint the dog.

No. 90140

File: 1462366674329.gif (1.08 MB, 400x227, emo.gif)

I'm sorry :(

No. 90142

File: 1462367452923.jpg (84.26 KB, 960x960, 12919666_10153723727453375_326…)

I think it really depends on the kid wether it’s fun though. I have a couple of friends who had babies by now (I’m 24). There’s this one kid I would adopt immediately. She’s cute, she’s quiet, she’s intelligent, she’s funny. And she’s been that way since she was born. I mean the first 6 months she was just a little blob who was sleeping all day but that was a virtue in itself. Her mother went to concerts and parties all while she was sleeping soundly in her baby sling (with earmuffs). She’s so pleasant her parents are already planning on the second kid.

But on the other hand there are kids who are such little bastards…

If someone could give me a guarantee that I’d get a nice kid I’d sign up for it. I was a pretty annoying kid so the odds are bad.

No. 90143


They're like a fucking hive of insects, in which everybody must assimilate into the hivemind and spawn as much as possible.

No. 90146

If only anon. The worst part is how drastically kids can change as they get older too. One kid who is so smart, quiet, and thoughtful can grow up to be angsty, manipulative, and selfish. One kid who is annoying, loud, and messy can grow up to be helpful, affectionate, and fun to be around. Sometimes little shits become great and sometimes little angels become fuckheads.

I get a lot of pressure from my mother to have children. I often wonder if it's just biological imperative at the core. Deep inside they want to see their bloodline continue.

No. 90153


Their second kid could be a nightmare. When I was a baby I literally never cried unless I got physically hurt. When I was hungry I snorted. My mom said I was the best baby. Then they had my sister who was colic. Cried and cried and cried and cried all day and night.

No. 90156

the second kid will be a little terror, you just know it

No. 90160

True. Just like cute kids can become ugly adults and ugly kids can become quite good-looking (the former would be me, haha).

My parents had it the other way round. I was annoying as hell. After the first night my little brother spent in our house my mother woke up in the morning completely terrified because she thought he had died. She was used to me waking her up every two hours.

No. 90165

What is terrifying about kids is, you can parent them all you want, you can try anything, in the end you can have wildly different results and end up with a druggie who will steal from you and cause you endless problems.

I guess I wasn't that great as a little kid, kinda annoying and whiny but I decided that the world wasn't fair and that I shouldn't rely on anyone. I finished highschool, waved my parents goodbye and told them I'd take care of my own from now on (now a little bit of money on christmas didn't hurt).

So I don't want to toot my own horn, but if I were guaranteed that my adult kid would be as independant and trouble-free, I'd feel a tad more inclined to procreate. In the meantime my older bro is reaching his 30s and still lives at home and get my mum to clean up his room.

No. 90166

>What is terrifying about kids is, you can parent them all you want, you can try anything, in the end you can have wildly different results and end up with a druggie who will steal from you and cause you endless problems.

Exactly. Sure shitty parenting doesn't exactly help out kids but you could be the best parent in the world and still end up with kids who are nothing but trouble. The thing most people don't seem to remember is that kids are individuals too and no matter how much of a good person you are and good environment you provide, if they choose to be a loser it will happen. I have a friend with two kids who are two year apart. She raised both of them the same way and yet the younger one gets knocked up at 17 and has been in and out of rehab for heroin for the past three years. Meanwhile, the older one became a nun.

No. 90172

I personally think that children are annoying especially when you take them out shopping because they become spoiled littles shits who like to throw tantrums if they don't get what they want.

No. 90203

My mom took all my siblings and I out to the store to and let us look at stuff, but would not buy anything. Hammered the point home that just because we're at the store doesn't mean we'll get shit. I used to work at WalMart and most kids throw tantrums and then their parents buy them stuff to shut them up. Obviously not a good way to stop this

No. 90256

OT, Anon you can unfollow your friend without unfriending her so her shit won't appear on your feed anymore, just go on her profile and click on "Unfollow"

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