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File: 1627591127018.jpg (147.62 KB, 640x935, ba3d58b7681d10d5cad99cbccbce50…)

No. 867049

A place for theorizing what the world will be like in the near or far future. Which jobs will be wiped out completely because of automatization? Which positions will be most in demand? How will education change? Will degrees be less esteemed? How will global warming change the planet? Which countries will suffer from it the most? Do you see the possibility of a third world war? Will the gap between the poor and the rich grow even further? Will China dominate the world? Will the Japanese go extinct? Flying cars when? Which novel/film/other medium do you think paints an accurate picture of what the world will look like?

No. 867057

Obligatory Zager & Evans song

No. 867067

The erasure of the middle class is going to become more and more apparent, there will be us lowly peasants and the mega rich with no in between.

No. 867071

yeah, I can absolutely see this happening

No. 867098

Legit like elysium movie, everything is polluted to shit and rich have made themselves a pure isolated place. Ppl are grown in vats because everyones infertile from the pollution. You get zapped from one of 10000's satellites if you're caught doing something "bad".

No. 867114

File: 1627595896958.png (7.72 MB, 2048x1536, cosmic web.png)

Fourth industrial revolution happens and humanity might come to the realization that we need to fully merge with technology to omit some of our bad habits. That may be one solution. Once we have a better understanding of neurochemistry we might be able to make sure the grievously mentally ill won't have lives that are consumed by suffering. Those are my hopes nonnies

No. 867132

Just an exponential explosion of what is happening now. There will just be 2 companies that own everything, and end up going to war with each other. No middle class whatsoever. Neurolinks will become mandatory to compete with robos to work in certain fields and will blast advertisements directly into our brains, especially to poor people who can't afford the subscription plans. Androids will be cops.

The good things will be that eventually we will have much much better real time translation and be able to speak with anyone on the planet with ease. Real meat will become obsolete once and for all and future generations will look back on meat-eaters in the way we look back on slave owners, kek.

The saddest of all of this to me will be 80% of the amazon rainforest destroyed by 2099. We are destroying our planet and that will hurt us more than any implants, robot cop murderers, or anything.

No. 867138

Nah you gotta keep the majority in the middle or else there'll be radical change. The middle class will probably just widen into subclasses.

I genuinely only see wealth inequality lessening if parties come forward for globalism and regulating standards of practice globally. If anything covid has shown that the world is extremely connected and collaboration between regions is optimum for everyone. Obviously the big wigs that make bank on exploiting undeveloped nations will lobby against it, but there needs to be like a global workers strikes for the impoverished. One can dream

No. 867199

Rock music is becoming underground

No. 867295

>big wigs against globalism

No. 867456

I hate thinking about the damage that's been done. All the garbage and toxic waste buried underground. And the wildfires raging right this moment destroying forests and homes of animals. Maybe Yellowstone will erupt and put us out of our misery.

No. 867464

Globalism to me means equality across nations, not the current globalism of like Chinese companies in Africa

No. 867472

climate change and resource depletion will render whole parts of the world into unlivable wasteland.

No. 867477

File: 1627643147701.jpg (805.46 KB, 910x1280, gibson.jpg)

china will replace America as the number 1 super power.
Brain to computer interface allows people to control machines with their minds.
extreme weather events become more frequent.
Climate change leads to wet bulb temperatures which make it impossible to live.
Climate change leads to water wars.
rural areas will decay further and lead to everyone living in mega cities.
America descends into real fascism, (not the trump shit) as climate change, refugees, china, and a shit economy all hit it at once.

High technology and low life, its a cyberpunk nightmare

No. 867479

That is one cool book cover…is the book good?

No. 867481

I agree with all of these and would add that mass migrations will start from the countries that become unliveable due to climate change

No. 867483

File: 1627644134738.jpg (5.3 KB, 180x191, 1414085995108.jpg)

No. 867486

The future is neither Chinese nor American, it will be Russian. Russia for years has been developing it's own military technologies that are superior to anything the Chinese or the Americans have.

China is still a paper tiger and will loose any open conflict. The size of China's military and work force looks impressive until you realise that China has no way of feeding it's huge population without food imports. Cut off the food supplies and a huge population becomes a burden instead of an advantage.

No. 867489

File: 1627644802906.gif (97.43 KB, 150x150, 00215248.0003.gif)

never read it, just liked the cover.


There will be two types of migrations, external and internal, as climate change wipes out the western half of america and turns it into a desert wasteland.

I expect america will either go full fashy or balkinize



No. 867495

hypnospace is really really cool
all the kids are talking about it in school
cool skateboard tricks, amazing tips, and eating Boppo's chips

No. 867920

I predict I'm gonna die eventually

No. 868465

Solid prediction

No. 868491

Read recently in a local paper that scientists predict that due to climate change the only liveable places are gonna be Iceland, Greenland, New Zealand and the British Isles…I'm curious why they didn't mention Canada's northern parts for example

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