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Submit all your news-related postings here, from politics to entertainment, technology to environmental to celebrity, everything's good.

When submitting please include a source citing your news.

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File: 1460324338074.jpg (51.15 KB, 634x803, 3309750200000578-3532713-image…)

Former Star Wars actor Jake Lloyd (A.K.A. "NOW THIS IS PODRACING") has been formally diagnosed with schizophrenia and moved from his jail cell, where he was serving time for reckless driving, driving without a license, and resisting arrest, to a psychiatric facility.


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File: 1460373089207.jpg (19.08 KB, 358x411, images (1).jpg)

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File: 1462759946889.jpg (21.8 KB, 589x442, 15484286-589x442.jpg)

Michael Madison kept the bodies in a garage near his apartment so he "could look down on his trophies", prosecutors said.

An Ohio man has been convicted of killing three women and hiding their bodies in bin bags.

Michael Madison, 38, was arrested in July 2013 after the remains were found in his garage near the suburban Cleveland apartment where he lived.

He was found guilty of all 14 charges including aggravated murder, rape, kidnapping and gross abuse of a corpse.

The Cuyahoga County jury announced their verdict on Thursday afternoon after a 12-day trial, and they must next decide whether to recommend a death sentence.


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Bumping this here

No. 94841

The idea of a news general is retarded.

No. 94857

This is why people dont like lolcow anymore, because of faggots like you. A news general keeps /b/ cleaner.

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/b/ is slow enough as it is. Sorry no one liked your shitty idea.

No. 95352


Thoughts on this?

I'm a staunch animal rights supporter and vegetarian, but I think they had no choice but to shoot the gorilla. The kid could have died at any time, either accidentally or if the gorilla became more agitated from the yelling all around him. He wasn't doing much to him at first, but he started moving him and throwing him around.

It's really unfortunate that he died, but it was probably either him or the kid.

The mom should get a lot of the blame here. The kid was just being a typical dumb 4-year-old, but he even said something about going into the pit to the mom, who then walked away and left him unattended.

No. 95353

Did you hear about how blacks were empathizing with the gorilla because they thought the kid was white, then it was revealed the kid was black?

Fucking lol.

No. 95355

File: 1464685829036.jpg (9.43 KB, 250x250, shig.jpg)

>not having tranquilizers on site

back to your containment thread

No. 95357

They had tranquilizers. They said it would take too long for the tranquilizing agent to kick in, and that shooting the gorilla with the dart might have agitated it even more and caused it to attack the child.

No. 95358

My bad

No. 95362

No. 95363

Tranquilizers have a tendency of enraging animals, especially big powerful ones like gorillas. Are you retarded?

No. 95870

File: 1464840053640.jpg (99.52 KB, 500x647, tumblr_n7e1l1P6YP1t3fucio1_500…)

>typical dumb 4 yr old.

No, he was a rowdy little shit who yelled at his mom about how he was going to climb into the enclosure over and over. Instead of the mom smacking him or taking him away, she ignored him and that's when he got away 'for just a second' and climbed in, as he intended and fell through the bushes, 15 feet into the water.

They should used tranquilizers, but they resorted to deadly force immediately, on an endangered gorilla. The gorilla showed no signs of aggression until the crowd started shouting. Even then, he dragged the kid over to the corner to protect him from the crowd. The crowd should have been silenced and moved immediately from the enclosure area. The mother should have been watching her goddamn kid, and the zoo should not have used deadly force.

No. 95907

this is why we need less kids; poor gorilla

No. 95972

>They should used tranquilizers, but they resorted to deadly force immediately
The couldn't use tranquilizers because they had no idea how the gorilla would react and it was possible he could kill or seriously injure the child before they kicked in. It's unfortunately procedure to resort to deadly force in situations like this. I blame this one on the mother.

No. 96149

They didn't use deadly force right away, they first tried to lure all the gorilla's back into their off-exhibit enclosure. They were successful with the females, but the silver-back wouldn't come back. He was showcasing his strength, to protect his group and his territory. Silver-backs do this by picking stuff up and throwing it around, running around with branches, rocks, etc. He was doing this with a four year old child. By the time they tried to encourage him back and the dart team got to the enclosure it had already been 10+ minutes of this. Add another 5-7 minutes of waiting for the sedation to take affect and with even more increased hostility, the zoo made the right choice.

Now the parents on the other hand…

No. 96160

so it was a choice to either save the monkey or the gorilla.

No. 96183

I love animals etc all that but shooting the gorilla was the only thing that they could do at that point. If the kid died, the whole zoo could've been closed down. Like others said the tranquilizers would've taken too much time to work. The gorilla could've turned aggressive and mauled the kid in seconds, it was a male after all, not a female.

But the point being that this kid's parents should've been looking after him and you know, NOT let him climb into the enclosure. And sometimes kids can sneak off your watch and do something bad, things like that just happen. 3-year olds aren't smart and they don't think about their actions. But this reminds me of that case in which a mother held her 2-year old son up to stand ON the 5ft railing of a hyena enclosure, and of course the child fell off and got attacked and eaten by the hyenas. That fucking barrier is tall for a reason.

The fascinating thing about this is that the gorilla doesn't seem to be aggressive at all in the video and it mentions a case in which a female gorilla protected a 3-year old who fell in the enclosure at some other zoo. Fun animals.

No. 96208

Stop anthropomorphising. Several primatologists have stated that the gorilla was not protecting the kid, and that he was displaying aggressive behaviours.

No. 96210

File: 1465058162595.jpg (76.16 KB, 1200x675, Binti-Jua.jpg)

The female gorilla case was Binti Jua from Brookfield Zoo. She actually cradled the fallen boy and brought him to the enclosure entrance while her own baby clung to her back. Interestingly enough, she is the niece of Koko, the gorilla who uses sign language.

There is also an event that occurred ten years earlier than the Binti one with a male gorilla named Jambo. He stood guard over the unconscious boy and even stroked his back, only retreating when the boy woke up and started crying.

The differences between these cases and this one was Harambe was a silverback who was displaying his strength as >>96149 described and was obviously showing aggressive traits.

No. 96500


Another shitty day in here, so weird that I'm getting used to this.

No. 96611

File: 1465408321515.jpg (50.96 KB, 634x423, 3243C7FA00000578-3495533-image…)

19-year old Christopher Plaskon invited 16-year old Maren Sanchez to attend the school prom with him. Maren Sanchez already had a boyfriend with whom she was attending the prom and so turned him down. In response to this Plaskon makes the sensible desicion to stab her to death in the school hallway.
It's since been uncovered that Sanchez did actually report Plaskon to school guidance in 2003 for being 'emotionally disturbed', however no action was taken.

Sentenced to 25 years in prison, but will be eligible for parole in 15.


No. 96612

This is so infuriating, he should get double that sentence at the very least. Ugly little fucker too.

No. 96617

File: 1465411378024.jpg (86.55 KB, 1920x1080, BUF.jpg)

It isn't right-wingers who created permissive "tariff sentencing" and the like. Just remember that.

If you want to see people like that little shit hanging from a tree, you know who to support.

No. 96623

lmao just look at that face, bubba's gonna have some fun with him

No. 96642

File: 1465417183020.jpg (48.15 KB, 300x375, brock-turner-arrest-mugshot.jp…)

Stanfard star swimmer charged with three counts of rape, and only gets three months-6 months in county jail


No. 96645

File: 1465417613638.gif (74.1 KB, 700x906, Letter-from-Brock-Turner-s-Fat…)


I want to see this little shit fucking castrated. The thing that really made me writhe was the letter his dad penned to the judge:

>"his life will never be the one he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life."

20 minutes of action
No wonder the kid is a fucking rapist when his cuntbag father treats rape so blithely.

No. 96646

>muh ribeye steaks and pretzels

U dense m8

No. 96647


I have no idea what that means.

No. 96648

File: 1465418820152.png (157.73 KB, 500x359, 1443205498600.png)

Why do liberals hate the death penalty again?

No. 96656

>20 minutes of action
His dad sounds disgusting and dumb as fuck. Aside from the gross use of "action", why is the time relevant? It could take less than a minute to stab someone to death, but taking less time doesn't make it less criminal. 20 minutes of rape is still rape, Jesus fucking Christ.

>totally committed to educating other college age students about the dangers of alcohol consuption and sexual promiscuity

Is he fucking serious? So this dirty little rapist is gonna tell people off for drinking and consensually fucking? What's his speech? "Hello, guys and gals! I, the rapist, am going to tell you why fucking a lot of people is wrong! Also, If you drink too much, creepy ass rapists like me will take advantage! Thanks for listening!"

>he now has to register as a sexual offender

If you don't wanna register, don't be a fucking sex offender.

No. 96664

I have a feeling since this story went viral there is no way this guy could show up at schools and give talks about alcohol and sex

No. 96671

He never planned to in the first place. All showmanship for the court. It was a way to avoid the rape charges so he can continue to believe it was a misunderstanding because he was drunk.

From the reports I've read the girl had abrasions and scraps on the back of her arms and hands. She probably passed out somewhere and the guy dragged her out behind a dumpster so no one would see.

Fucking judge was a real cunt too. Thought that being drunk was a mitigating factor. Seems like the judge didn't agree with the jury and made an exception to the minimum sentence. Scum bags all around. Except for the awesome guys who called the police. Seems like they not only wrestled the guy down and held on to him before the police arrived, but one was weeping because of how horrible the incident was. Can we import some of your strong sensitive men, Sweden?

No. 96685

The letter the victim wrote is heartbreaking. I was in tears by the end of it.


Scroll past the red wall of text for the letter.

No. 96709

>that easy going personality and welcoming smile
>Brock can do so many positive things as a contributor to society and is totally committed to educating other college age students about the dangers of alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity.
What the actual fuck? Is this real?

No. 96710


The judge said something along the lines of seeing a lot of himself in Brock.
Judge confirmed for rapist

No. 96762

>Seems like they not only wrestled the guy down and held on to him before the police arrived, but one was weeping because of how horrible the incident was.
This restores a little of my faith in dudes.

No. 96763


I'm not a SJW by any means but I do believe in "rape culture" in the sense of some of the things that happened in this case

> why should HE ruin his life over this?? only 20 minutes

> POOR guy, he won't have life opportunities now

> In the rape article, wow he is a great swimmer! cool guy

> fucking girl was drunk her fault

No. 96764

sorry I am ESL. also wanted to add that I am disgusted but sadly not surprised. similar to my rape case, they don't care and the blame is on you (and then they say to you "wow how could YOU ruin HIS life like that?? look what YOU did" )

No. 96767

That's awful, but sadly I'm not surprised. No wonder so many women don't press charges when they get treated like this.

No. 96768

Yeah it really is. Even the police treated me like a liar. It's funny to me when people say "oh well if she really DID get raped why isn't she going to the police?? Why is she just saying it" it's because the police makes u relive the attack for nothing mostly and sometimes even mock you

No. 96773

The judge was also a star athlete at Stanford, bros got bros backs

No. 96774

Just reading the victims letter and her talking about her experience in the hospital seemed fucking horrible. Women are raped and then pretty much violated and raped again in the hospital. And then they have to go through trial and be treated as if the entire time its their fault and lying about it. Its absolutely disgusting.

No. 96784

Not only are they treated like it's their fault, their life gets exposed and the defense makes her seem like an easy whore. It's as if you let 3 dicks inside of you, then it should be open house for every man who needs his demented tiny dick serviced.

I remember my criminal law class going over rape statistics and why reporting is so low. So many students were wondering "who wouldn't go to the police?! who wouldn't want justice!" Then we had police officers come in and explain the process, for both women AND men and suddenly many admitted they'd think twice about reporting if they had to go through rape test kits at the hospital. Surprisingly, men reporting rape is even lower because they don't want their rectum swabbed while doctors look for tears both inside and out.

MRAs think women are just whiners who want to report men because we regret a night of sex, but we're looking out for men too. No man should go through that humiliation either.

No. 96815

Athletes are constantly getting off rape crimes and sexual assault. I cannot respect people who are this entitled. it happens in nearly every sport.

No. 96816

The treatment and process that rape victims (especially women) have to go through is awful. There needs to be a better way to process dna and get evidence than basically violating them again. It really breaks my heart women even have to go through this because men can't ucking control themselves not to assault someone else and dont understand how consent works.

No. 96817

Rape culture exists. You dont need to be a sjw or even a feminist to see it. The way women (victims) are treated versus their male attacker is staggeringly different. Women are always asked where they were and what they were wearing, etc… etc…

No. 96819

File: 1465509358540.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

Men are rapists and murderers. Gimme a break. What woman is stabbing people because she got rejected? Men are taught from birth that they are entitled to women and women owe them sex. This is such a fucked up world.

It frustrates me more when these people are reported and under watch yet nothing is done about it. If I was that girl's mother, that kid would get worse than jail time with a chance of parole.

No. 96822


If I was that girl's mother, I'd already be plotting his murder on release.

No. 96826

I hate seeing comments online by people (probably guys) saying things like "oh he was just fingering her" and "it's not rape if he didn't use his dick"

The guy is getting charged for penetration with a foreign object, it doesn't matter what's going into her vagina if something is being put in there without permission or awareness it's a crime.

No. 96831


The charges read penetration with a foreign object but that actually means his dick. I don't know WHY it's written like that, but he used his dick to forcibly penetrate and rape her.

No. 96832

Feminazi get out

'Have a good day at kindergarten son!
Don't forget you're entitled to rape the girls!'

How the hell are boys taught from infancy to rape everyone? I'm pretty sure the vast majority of men have never raped anyone anon.

No. 96833

Its awful but other than collecting his DNA how can he be definitively proved a rapist?

If the evidence is in the victims vagina we need it. Its not nice but what else could work?

No. 96834

File: 1465513887863.jpg (89.76 KB, 600x763, 26c82f6e08bdf6345df419a55d517f…)


She obviously didn't say that men are taught to rape from birth, only that they're entitled to women, and it's true.

No. 96835

I want to explode at the thought that people think because a penis wasnt involved directly, it wasnt raped. she was passed out and dragged behind a dumpster and her vagina was penetrated. it doesnt matter WHAT it was– it was RAPE. What the hell is wrong with men??

No. 96836

Nigga, shut the fuck up. Are we even reading the same post? No one even mentioned infancy. But there is indeed a rape culture and it starts as early as grade school and jr high. Men need to be taught not to rape.

No. 96837

i agree that there is a rape culture but
>Men need to be taught not to rape.
this is really stupid. do you think men don't realize that rape is bad? they do, they just don't give a shit and nothing will change that. men are biologically driven to rape women because prior to civilization it was the easiest way to spread their genes. they could theoretically impregnate multiple women in a day and they did not have to worry whether the women wanted it or not. these instincts are still present, and while most men will pretend to be horrified by rape in public, they would still do it if they had an opportunity and knew they wouldn't get caught. men are rapists and making them listen to a lecture about how rape is bad will not change that. the only thing you can do is avoid them.

No. 96838

Do you live in the 50's?
Can I get a specific example of a little boy being taught he is inherently entitled to anything he wants from a woman?

No. 96844

Until women stop supporting political parties who believe in bullshit like "rehabilitating" violent rapists, then you can't talk. Shut up.

No. 96845

File: 1465516631330.jpg (48.13 KB, 626x348, 1428495958904.jpg)

So basically women are still at fault for their own rapes then? I understand what you're saying but to say rape is a biological (human) male trait is a little insane. They can still be taught not to rape instead of placing all the responsibility on women to protect themselves from men. Teach men not to rape.

Look at history. Look at the current news about women being burned alive because they refused to have sex with their captors. Look at that teenager whose life was ruined in Brazil. Men are taught from a young age that women are property and objects who owe them sex. Why is this even being argued against?

If men could legit get away with rape, they would do it. A lot of men are sensible enough to know consent is important, however many don't care. Look at all the women who were raped on a daily basis throughout history when rape laws didnt exist. And look how many still suffer even when laws DO exist.

I'm not going to do the whole 'not all men' bullshit because that's obvious, however the numbers do not lie, and these are just the known reported cases.

Not all women agree with that bullshit. fuck you. Especially not women who have been victims themselves of assault by men.

No. 96847

Women or liberals? Because it's mainly liberals in general who support any kind of rehabilitation for violent criminals. (Not saying women cant be liberals, but a lot of women are not cool with letting rapists back out into the public space.)

And why should I shut up? I don't agree with it. i don't agree with mercy or second chances or ANY kind of sympathy for rapists.

No. 96848

in an ideal world women wouldn't need to take precautions against rapists, but you can't teach a man not to rape any more than you can teach a dog not to chase squirrels, so it's the only thing you can do

No. 96854

History isn't current western culture, and neither is Brazil's or anywhere else's. rape culture exists outside of Western society, sure. I won't argue that.

I'm talking specifically about western culture. Rapists are despised by the majority of the population, and there are laws (not the best, but extant nonetheless)in place to deal with them.

Its not something out culture encourages, or tolerates as a majority, so how can it be our culture?

I'm sorry if I come across like a dick here, I'm not trying to be. I genuinely don't understand how its an ingrained part of our society.

No. 96861

You can teach dogs not to chase.
By this logic all men would be out raping us all regardless of consequence, because they can't help it. This is the same line of thinking you see on tumblr where people call all penis-in-vagina sex rape.

No. 96869

…But you can teach a dog not to chase squirrels. It's actually safer to teach your dog not to chase animals because they could run into the street or worse.

Yes, you can teach men not to rape. For fucks sake, we are supposed to be an advanced thinking species that can function better than the average dog. Stop. Making. Excuses.

No. 96872

>It's not something our culture encourages, or tolerates as a majority, so how can it be our culture?

Tell that to the violent porn that exists over vanilla porn where women are slapped, punched and choked.

Tell that to the numerous athletes that get away with rape and people expect it at this point. or the fratboys are parties who are encouraged to take advantage of drunk college women. Heck, in general, a man is called a 'pussy' if he doesnt fuck a woman by a certain age. We do have rape culture in North America. It's not as bad as Asia or South America, but it definitely exists here.

No. 96873

>Tell that to the violent porn that exists over vanilla porn where women are slapped, punched and choked.

Women enjoy those acts too. Are you stupid?

No. 96875

If you are shown what you're supposed to like over and over from a young age and what men want and expect, yeah, you make yourself like it.

Not saying that some women dont enjoy rough sex. Nothing wrong with that (as long as it's all consensual) but dont you dare depend the porn industry which does commit violent acts against women. There's a really good thread around that has the statics and the confessions of ex-porn stars and it's heart breaking.

Men are exposed to violence from a younger age and they are also taught that being sensitive or polite is 'weakness.' That in itself says something.

No. 96876

Meant defend*

No. 96877

Maybe some do. I don't know any women personally in my circle of friends that default who enjoy getting open palmed slapped in the face or choke slammed onto a couch while being violently rammed into by a dick.

No. 96878


The official charge reads "penetrated with a foreign object" - THAT MEANS HIS DICK. HE USED HIS DICK. HIS DICK WAS THE FOREIGN OBJECT.

No. 96879

The letter she wrote says that he fingered her and "humped" her, but I'm not sure if his dick was actually inside her or not. Either way, he's a piece of shit.

No. 96880

File: 1465518759316.jpg (41.91 KB, 780x439, 13335719_1176875555676423_1687…)


The guy that interrupted Brock reported that they saw him thrusting his hips into her unconscious body.

btw these are the two ace guy that caught Brock, tackled him and held him, Carl and Peter.

No. 96883

File: 1465518927516.jpg (83.07 KB, 800x1000, ad208788249brock-turner-boo.jp…)


Two handsome, young, sensitive Swedes capture the ugly, rapist beast. I love it.

No. 96885

I know most men are dirt but, fuck, these guys are top-tier dirt.
Also, after that allegation, I have no idea how Brock could even have a case. She was clearly unconscious and being raped, CAUGHT IN THE ACT. How did this case last so long? How is he not already behind bars?

No. 96887


Because we live in a legitimate rape culture, and the judge that passed the 6-month tariff stated that he would increase it due to the fact that prison would be "too severe an impact on him".

No. 96888

>Turner said he took off the woman’s underwear, digitally penetrated her and touched her breasts, but never took off his pants, the report said.

>He said that the woman rubbed his back and seemed to enjoy the activity and his “intentions were not to try and rape the girl without her consent” but to “’hook up’ with a girl,” the report said.

No. 96889


this shit is retarded (not u anon). Most rapes are done by people the victim knows, I was raped by my then boyfriend. there is no precaution you can take against this. what can women do then? not have boyfriends? no male friends? not be around their male family members. pathetic

No. 96892

Your argument makes no sense. First you say men obviously know rape is bad, so they don't need to be taught that. But then you say its an instinct they can't control, and all men feel that instinct. If thats true, wouldn't they need to be taught not to rape then?

No. 96895

Because she was black-out drunk and remembered nothing, and Brock claimed he got her consent because she never right out said "no"

No. 96897

they know rape is considered bad but they don't give a shit about it. telling them that rape is wrong will not deter them from committing rape. every criminal, unless they are severely mentally ill, knows that their actions are wrong. they continue committing crimes because it benefits them and because they think they won't get caught. no one says "teach muggers not to mug" or "teach fraudsters not to commit fraud".

the only thing that keeps men's urge to rape under control is the threat of harsh legal punishment.

No. 96900

So sorry to hear about your experience, anon. I agree. I'm sick of victim blaming. Women are called all sorts of names but men are almost never blamed for their own actions. Are we supposed to live in fear and constantly guard ourselves and our genitals from men who are below animals? No.

We NEED to make examples of rapists. A lot of countries where rape is higher is because the crime/punishments are more lenient. If you are hanging men for raping women or worse, a lot of them won't do it, but we're in good ol freedom land, where athletes can rape freely and white boys can pay their way out of a crime. it's fucking awful.

No. 96901

This is fucking disgusting. What an animal. How sick do you have to be to drag an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and touch her without her consent because you're–what?? curious? horny?

There is zero excuse for this piece of shits actions. None. The reports and the judge and everyone else giving him a tap on the shoulder are basically saying 'too bad your life is over and drastically changed. Sucks to be you' to the victim. This will make even less women speak up about their traumas with rape or sexual assault.

No. 96902

We can only hope in the few short months he's in there, he will get buttblasted to hell and back, or even shanked in the showers.

No. 96903

It breaks my heart. Glad these two caught him before he even go further with that poor woman. One of them said he was so shocked and saddened by the events happening, he cried.

Those are real men there.

No. 96904

We live in a culture that gives young boys (boys will be boys, eh??) second chances even if they are literally caught taking advantage of an unconscious woman. It's horrible, beyond awful. Anyone who sympathizes with this piece of shit is as low as he is.

No. 96923

More men should be like them, not this >>96883 faggot.

No. 96924

Not really. In some Muslim countries, rape is punishable by death, but it still happens frequently. I'm not sure what can be done.
If rape could be seen socially as just as reprehensible and disgusting as cannibalism, things would be great.

No. 96927

Brock got banned by USA Swimming from all USA Swimming events today. Beautiful.

No. 96929

It's not a transparent process to prove it though. Since shariah is just shit and was always shit.

I wish people wouldn't half assedly defend permissive courts and laws out of this bullshit "it wouldn't act as a deterrent" idea. Used effectively strict laws like corporal and capital punishment are a deterrent. Go to Singapore and see.

If you're too squeamish to kill rapists and murderers fine. I don't expect a woman to be able to set aside that innate compassion and motherly instinct, but don't interfere with men who want to make our countries safer. We have the balls to kill violent sociopathic people.

No. 96931



No. 96932

Killing them is a bit far, why not just hang them by the bollocks? Worked for my mam

No. 96933

iirc He's going to a county jail, not prison. that's the kind of place where they dump drunks for the night and lock up minor offenders

No. 96940

>le rape culture meme

Had we an influx of tumblrinas lately?

No. 96944

>"his life will never be the one he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life."

>Fucking judge was a real cunt too. Thought that being drunk was a mitigating factor. Seems like the judge didn't agree with the jury and made an exception to the minimum sentence. Scum bags all around. Except for the awesome guys who called the police.

>The judge said something along the lines of seeing a lot of himself in Brock.

> why should HE ruin his life over this?? only 20 minutes

> POOR guy, he won't have life opportunities now

> In the rape article, wow he is a great swimmer! cool guy

> fucking girl was drunk her fault

I think the vast majority of sjws take it way too far and call the stupidest things "rape culture" but wtf would you call that?

Also outright rape culture is very much a thing in places like the middle east in Africa. It's almost always considered the woman's fault and it isn't even really considered all that bad of a thing over there. Look what happened to rape rates before and after immigrants. Even the ones born and raised in Europe still have the same mentality because they refuse to take in any European culture.

No. 96946

because there were many cases worldwide when innocents had been killed over crimes they did not commit.

No. 96948

So what if they have DNA and video proof? Is it really just for mistaken identities and they'll agree to killing proved murders, rapists, and child rapists? Or are they still going to argue even with concrete proof? There's been tons of cases with more than enough proof, multiple eyewitnesses, and even partners ratting each other out, but liberals still say they shouldn't be killed. Especially if it's "an oppressed minority" they'll even blame the victim and say all the things they claim to hate and want to stop.

No. 96950


since you seem knowledgeable, I want to ask you or anything else to help me think of a short way to describe what rape culture is. I tried explaining it to my bf and I couldn't explain well enough.

No. 96951

File: 1465573328049.png (5.16 KB, 258x248, 1420343253924.png)

>tfw got kidnapped and raped in the ass when I was 7
>tfw can't even tell anyone because they'll see e as a faggot and mom will have a breakdown because her sister also got kidnapped and raped

No. 96952

That's not actually true.

And there are more innocents who have been killed by recidivist murderers released from jail. But you're ok with that

No. 96956


No support for that stuff in my country, I don't talk about it much and never told anyone about it . This is actually first time I'm talking about it with someone even on internet, feels a bit weird. I'm mostly okay but I feel less of a man because of this shit.

No. 96957

Sorry to anyone who saw my previous replies, I'm not really awake right now.

tldr: blaming and interrogating the victim instead of the perpetrator, putting emphasis on "don't do anything to make someone rape you" instead of "how to avoid rapists", trying to make the victim feel bad for their rapist "he was just having some fun", "__ is usually a great guy", "but you don't wanna disappoint his fans/family/friends do you?", "you're gonna ruin his life", etc.

I'd say to get someone to talk to but tbh help for men is extremely rare. I hope you feel better eventually anon. Hopefully this will help even if it doesn't seem like it would be active http://www.pandys.org/malesurvivors.html I just saw your new reply, but I'll leave it up in case someone else could use it. I wish I could do something help. but what can you say? You should know that it isn't your fault no matter what, especially if you were a child. The website has some links that could possibly help you believe that, and most things that apply to female survivors apply to you as well.

If you are in crisis and need someone to talk to, or if you need advice, then the following helplines may be useful:

Male Rape Support Association: 07932 898274
AMSOSA: 0845 4309371
Childline (Under 18): 0800 1111
Men's Advice Line - 0808 801 0327 (For men in abusive relationship)

RAINN: 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) (for male and female survivors)
Domestic Violence Helpline: 1-888-7HELPLINE (for men and women)

Mensline: 1300789978
Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline: 08 9223 1199

Other helplines are in the link.

No. 96959

I just read about that. Good. That swimming team took better action than the crooked judge.

No. 96960

>tldr: blaming and interrogating the victim instead of the perpetrator, putting emphasis on "don't do anything to make someone rape you" instead of "how to avoid rapists", trying to make the victim feel bad for their rapist "he was just having some fun", "__ is usually a great guy", "but you don't wanna disappoint his fans/family/friends do you?", "you're gonna ruin his life", etc.

Pretty much nailed it. When the woman is asked what she was wearing and how much she was drinking versus the male attacker who is never questioned the same way for his actions. I feel so badly for this woman and I don't even know her… I think it's because this woman represents so many victims who are publically and privately humiliated for standing up to their attacker.

No. 96967


I'd kill to feel like a normal man, I feel like I'm not worth of anything.

No. 97006

Grass is greener fallacy.

There are plenty of guy who will kill to be an attractive girl and "live life on easy mode". MRAs are somehow convinced all women have zero responsibilities and flirt their way through life. They are likely mostly failed men who accomplished nothing with their lives
>I'm not convinced anyone be any more successful as their opposite gender. What everyone needs is a silver spoon in their mouth when they're born

No. 97015


do you not read before you post? this anon was the anon who was a man who was raped( most likely) saying that they wish they could feel normal, not a woman saying she wished she could be a man.

No. 97033

>'The Voice', YouTube star Christina Grimmie Dies After Shooting at The Plaza LIVE in Orlando


No. 97035

File: 1465639743274.jpg (100.41 KB, 854x640, 1462702015862.jpg)

>be american
>get shot

No. 97037

In other news; water is wet.

No. 97067


Girl raped by Syrian "refugees" in Newcastle.

No. 97081


Fuck I live in Newcastle.

No. 97087

Enjoy the enrichment. Cameron "only" wants to bring in 20,000+ after all.

No. 97094


P-pls no, I had enough culture when I was living in Sheffield.
I thought sandniggers couldn't abide the cold of the North.

No. 97098

So what are people going to do about this?? This is awful. Are people just going to accept these raping mudslimes and sandniggers?

No. 97104

I'm just sick of this in general.
It's no coincidence that the population of Syria quadrupled indiscriminately over the last half-century. They're like cockroaches.

No. 97111

File: 1465680541679.png (86.58 KB, 869x483, 1409847529159.png)

There are some decent ones, by pure coincidence they're generally the Christians and Alawites (who some people suspect are a crypto-Christian syncretic faith anyway).

These are the people, much like the Copts in Egypt, who were actually the real native inhabitants of the Near East. The Sunniggers are basically Gulf invaders and low-IQ Phoenicians who decided to convert to Islam for the increased privileges it offered under Muslim rule.

Great news. Non-whites do indeed suffer from vitamin D deficiencies in colder climates, but it's ok, we pay for their vitamin D tablets anyway:


>So what are people going to do about this??

What did people do about Rotherham or the dozens of other Asian sex gangs that had been grooming thousands of white 12-14 year olds for 15 years on Labour's watch?

What did people do about when it was revealed the Swedish state media, police and political elite had been conspiring for decades to stifle reporting of immigrant criminality?

Absolutely nothing. Say they'd vote for someone else, but then when it came down to it believed all the agitprop about how voting for X party would make them gnatzis.

No. 97119

Please vote out Britbongs, it's our only chance. We can't resist The Schengen Area forever, soon it will be forced upon us whether we want it or not.

No. 97123

File: 1465686788376.jpg (6.42 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

It's not a solution, kid.
We'll always have Pakis.

No. 97133

No. 97162

Stories like this are why no one respects the actual meaning of the word Rape and think it can be thrown around when women regret having sex or have sex when drunk

No. 97163

>Men need to be taught not to rape
Great idea guys! Let's teach murderers not to murder and thieves not to steal!They are all clearly moral people who just don't know what they are doing is bad

No. 97164

Pakistan is not part of the agreement though. It is about free movement of European citizens.

Wonder what all the Spanish people think of beer bellied English Ukippers living it up in their retirement on their coast think of the free movement and entitlement to their healthcare.

No. 97167

I think it might be beneficial. Like you said, the people moving there are retired so they won't be looking to take jobs. Spain profits from real estate sales and having spending their UK pensions which are high compared to the local disposable income.

No. 97168

What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 97172

>Girl goes to party
>Gets drunk
>Goes outside to have sex with another drunk guy
>She passes out while having sex with drunk guy
>This guy is somehow a monster

I genuinely hope people like the woman accusing him of rape get actually raped in their lifetimes so they know what real rape is. Not this "I had a few too many to drink and I regret it now" bullshit

No. 97173

People may not be able to be taught to just never do something ever, but they can be taught to believe that rape is as abhorrent as necrophilia and cannibalism.
Basic conditioning.

No. 97193

Yet you still have necrophiles and cannibals. The difference is they can hide it better.

No. 97196


Men need to leave this board.

No. 97197

I'm pretty sure it's actually less frequent, considering you don't pass by a group of frat boys talking about the time they went to the graveyard and bukkake'd a dead body while drunk, or casually tasted a homeless man's flesh but it's okay because they were too drunk to notice.

No. 97212

Since when have you heard things like the phrases below in a necrophilia or cannibalism case?

>"his life will never be the one he dreamed about and worked so hard to achieve. That is a steep price to pay for 20 minutes of action out of his 20 plus years of life."

>Fucking judge was a real cunt too. Thought that being drunk was a mitigating factor. Seems like the judge didn't agree with the jury and made an exception to the minimum sentence. Scum bags all around. Except for the awesome guys who called the police.

>The judge said something along the lines of seeing a lot of himself in Brock.

> why should HE ruin his life over this?? only 20 minutes

> POOR guy, he won't have life opportunities now

> In the rape article, wow he is a great swimmer! cool guy

> fucking girl was drunk her fault

No. 97220

That club shooting in Florida escalated pretty quickly, the news was saying 20 people were killed and now it's gone up to at least 50

No. 97223

None of the news channels are tating it was a homophobic attack yet, just jumping on the terrorism bandwagon.
29 Year old American hates gays, got angry at two men kissing then this happened,

No. 97228

Telling them that violent rape is wrong seems pretty obvious, but lots of people don't know the boundaries of consent. People end up with the basic knowledge that rape is wrong but they don't always have the ability to recognise rape.

Non-violent rapes (for lack of a better phrase) or rapes with "negative" context are always swamped in confusion. People still say things like "but she went to his house", "but they were dating", "but she'd had sex with him before", "but she was a prostitute", etc etc. People think there's more grey area than there is. I think those are the cases where education is beneficial.

There was a TV show called Sex on Trial where they showed scenes and asked a bunch of teenagers whether they thought it was rape. It was pretty interesting to see how confused people get about consent.

No. 97230

They're jumping on the "terrorism bandwagon" because it was a terrorist act. The shooter was Muslim with ties to Afghanistan. Islam hates gays and is intolerant to the point of extremism.
It was both an act of terrorism and a hate crime. Please get your facts straight before posting here.
The shooting was literally minutes from me and my loved ones.

No. 97233

He has ties to Afghanistan because his family is from there. That's it. According to his family he was deeply non-religious, did not pray, was not fasting for ramadan, etc.

While his religious upbringing might have played a role in his homophobia, I do not think this is a religious terrorist attack. It was a terrorist attack, but not one planned by ISIS/a muslim extremist.

No. 97234

Please anon, that sandnigger pledge allegiance to ISIS when he called 911.

No. 97244

File: 1465759472158.jpg (37.85 KB, 800x500, omar_mateen.jpg)

>licensed security guard
>had a license to own an automatic weapon (insanely hard to get)
>was under a fruitless FBI investigation
>shot people in a gun free zone.
Takes duckface selfies

This worries me. Because this and Boston and San Bernadino shows us how powerless we are at identifying those lone wolves before they strike. They all appear like normal well adjusted people until news reports appear and bodies are on the ground.

No. 97246

>license to own an automatic weapon
Out of curiosity, what grounds does somebody give for owning one of these? I kind of understand handguns and stuff but what requirements are there for an automatic?

No. 97247

lel, you're already doing standard damage control tactics. Unbelievable.

No. 97248


There is no such thing as an "American", if your definition of what constitutes an "American" is "holds an American passport" then it's so meaningless it may as well not mean anything, which is exactly what the endgame of globalism is: Quasi-Empires composed of different tribal groups at each other's throats masquerading as Nations.

No. 97249

File: 1465761784566.jpg (166.33 KB, 734x814, liberal_logic.jpg)

No. 97255

He was also a registered Dem apparently, lol.

No. 97256

I think Obama tried to take away automatic guns from the common folk but of course
>muh rights
>muh America

I'm just waiting for some idiot to start saying this could have been prevented if someone in the club had a gun too

No. 97257

It could have been prevented if his shitskin parents weren't given settlement rights. That's the real issue here.

Don't even try to play this up as just another mass shooting. It's a terrorist attack. You may as well call what happened in Paris a mass shooting with nothing to do with terrorism.

Fucking Islam, you could have these people set you on fire while reciting the relevant hadith and you'd STILL say it had nothing to do with their faith.

It's the teflon religion.

No. 97258

File: 1465764222970.jpg (63.75 KB, 392x421, guncontrol4.jpg)

Nightclubs are gun free zones. You're not supposed to bring guns to establishments where alcohol is a primary revenue generator.

Murder is also against the laws. And you're not supposed to use a commercial firearms license for personal purposes. Didn't Mr. Mateen know he was breaking the law?

No. 97259


Turns out Mateen married some woman he met online 9 years ago and beat the shit out of her.

What do you want to bet that woman was a gullible white liberal?

No. 97260

File: 1465764425226.jpg (51 KB, 460x696, 1465732103471.jpg)

No. 97264

Why do they love Islam so much?

I mean it literally makes no sense if you assume their axiomatic belief is liberalism.

No. 97265

File: 1465766425396.jpg (116.84 KB, 600x779, CT9jOSIUsAESFuj.jpg)

>Among the first ones to arrive are the conservative republicans


No. 97266

File: 1465767024980.jpg (87.69 KB, 678x960, feminism_can_wait.jpg)

Because Muslims are a misunderstood oppressed minority of 1.6 billion people who will embrace progressive values and stop throwing lgbtq off rooftops one we get rid of the evil white cis patriarchy!

Now let's all get into a prayer circle and tell them that we think Islam is just as worthy as other religions like Christianity or Buddhism or Hinduism (and not superior, lol)

No. 97269

Yeah, how dare they correctly predict that importing people from alien races and cultures by the tens and hundreds of millions creates a fundamentally dysfunctional and violent society.

I think it's different from that. The only way their consistent support for Islam makes sense is if you assume they are anti-white.

Consider abortion clinic attacks. Over the past 16 years there have been 2 murders, regrettable indeed, and I won't defend Christians for their bizarre fetish of for dysgenic fertility, but even the most stupid of retards, capable of the most basic of arithmetic can see that the sheer scale of violence on the part of one religion dwarfs that of the other.

But they keep insisting there's some equivalence, simply because similar violence has also occurred, albeit orders of magnitude less pronounced, on the part of another religion.

It's like saying that the Sahara and Northern Europe have the same climate because they both experience rainfall.

No. 97270

>importing people from alien races and cultures by the tens and hundreds of millions creates a fundamentally dysfunctional and violent society

Yeah, europeans should have stayed in Europe and not go to North America in the 16th century. They really fucked that place up. The middle easterns would probably be fighting only among themselves that way.

Btw, did you know that the attacker was a man? Fuck men, we should abort them all!!!11 Kek

No. 97272


checkmate racists

No. 97273

>Yeah, europeans should have stayed in Europe and not go to North America in the 16th century

Exactly, massive demographic shifts within a particular polity or polities create massive instability, in-fighting and violence and as such should be avoided.

>The middle easterns would probably be fighting only among themselves that way.

No. Islam is an expansionist religion by design, as soon as they'd secured possession of the Arabian peninsula they began aggressive wars against Sassanids and Greeks.

No. 97274


>Norway deports Muslims, Violent crime rates drop


>'Moderate' Sunni Muslims all agree stoning homosexuals to death is A-Okay

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1le8KiPqt5I [Embed]

>Muslims make up 8% of the population in France, but nearly 70% of the prison population


>164 verses in the Koran preach hatred and violence towards non Muslims


>40% of UK Muslims want Sharia Law in the UK


>1 in 3 British Muslim students backs killing for Islam


>Six Muslim schools in the UK at risk of radicalising students


>Islam behind more than 250 terrorist attacks in the year 2015 alone


>Adult Muslims kill 132 school children


>Muslim rape gang rapes 1400 white british children


>More Muslim rape gangs across the UK


ICM Poll: 20% of British Muslims sympathize with 7/7 bombers http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1510866/Poll-reveals-40pc-of-Muslims-want-sharia-law-in-UK.html

NOP Research: 1 in 4 British Muslims say 7/7 bombings were justified http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/08/14/opinion/main1893879.shtml&date=2011-04-06 http://www.webcitation.org/5xkMGAEvY

People-Press: 31% of Turks support suicide attacks against Westerners in Iraq. http://people-press.org/report/206/a-year-after-iraq-war

YNet: One third of Palestinians (32%) supported the slaughter of a Jewish family, including the children: http://pajamasmedia.com/tatler/2011/04/06/32-of-palestinians-support-infanticide/ http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4053251,00.html

Pew Research (2007): 26% of younger Muslims in America believe suicide bombings are justified.

35% of young Muslims in Britain believe suicide bombings are justified (24% overall).

42% of young Muslims in France believe suicide bombings are justified (35% overall).

22% of young Muslims in Germany believe suicide bombings are justified.(13% overall).

29% of young Muslims in Spain believe suicide bombings are justified.(25% overall).


Pew Research (2007): Muslim-Americans who identify more strongly with their religion are three times more likely to feel that suicide bombings are justified

ICM: 5% of Muslims in Britain tell pollsters they would not report a planned Islamic terror attack to authorities. 27% do not support the deportation of Islamic extremists preaching violence and hate. http://www.scotsman.com/?id=1956912005 http://www.danielpipes.org/blog/2005/07/more-survey-research-from-a-british-islamist.html

Pew Research (2013): At least 1 in 4 Muslims do not reject violence against civilians (study did not distinguish between those who believe it is partially justified and never justified). http://www.pewforum.org/uploadedFiles/Topics/Religious_Affiliation/Muslim/worlds-muslims-religion-politics-society-full-report.pdf

Pew Research (2013): Only 57% of Muslims worldwide disapprove of al-Qaeda. Only 51% disapprove of the Taliban. 13% support both groups and 1 in 4 refuse to say. http://www.pewglobal.org/2013/09/10/muslim-publics-share-concerns-about-extremist-groups/

Palestinian Center for Political Research (2015): 74% of Palestinians support Hamas terror attacks. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/193395

Pew Research (2014): 47% of Bangladeshi Muslims says suicide bombings and violence are justified to "defend Islam". 1 in 4 believed the same in Tanzania and Egypt. 1 in 5 Muslims in the 'moderate' countries of Turkey and Malaysia. http://www.pewglobal.org/2014/07/01/concerns-about-islamic-extremism-on-the-rise-in-middle-east/

>The middle easterns would probably be fighting only among themselves that way.

Try learning at least basic level European history and then we'll talk.

No. 97275

What about those east asian muslims? They seem to be pretty happy where they are, and even have women in power

No. 97277

East asia has terrorist attacks all the time from muslims lol.

No. 97278

File: 1465768823767.jpg (583.87 KB, 560x2444, jewsus.jpg)

Uh, Indonesians? Malays? Be more specific.

All true but you need to understand Christianity is also dangerous to Europeans since it is suicidal slave morality:

>"Pray for those who persecute you."

>"Love your enemies."
>"No difference between a Jew and a Greek."

There's a clear line between that kind of thinking and "we r all the same, #saynotoracism #rapefugeeswelcome".

No. 97280

Christians also oppose gays and abortion and women's rights. Pretty much all religions are bad

No. 97282

File: 1465769201262.jpg (112.25 KB, 547x473, reactionary-poster-the-opposit…)

Most traditional pagans didn't approve of homosexuality either, nor did Neoplatonists that followed (if it weren't for Christianity, it's plausible the "official religion" of europe would be Neoplatonism).

That said, a lot of gay behavior disturbs me. The disregard for STDs, the reckless hyper-sexuality and so on. I realize there are gays that don't fit into this mold, but this seems to be the dominant "homosexual culture".


Is good provided it is used for eugenic purposes (e.g. rape-babies and retards). Is bad when it's used by reckless people as birth control.

>women's rights

All rights without attendant responsibilities are bad. There is no such thing as "inalienable rights", it's a fantasy which only makes logical sense if you believe in a God that is directly involving itself in human affairs.

No. 97283

Jesus fuck I hate men

No. 97285

Those are muslim statistics, not male statistics. Sweden's rape rate was almost non-existent before the mass immigration.

No. 97286

I hate men. They rape.

No. 97287

File: 1465769586616.png (62.03 KB, 700x658, christianity.png)

Christianity is Jewish bullshit. Always has been, only reason it half way decent is because it was influenced by Greek philosophy and Western art.

No. 97288

File: 1465769622283.jpg (28.94 KB, 627x626, 1463445981750.jpg)

Fuck off tumblrina. Sex baiting isn't going to distract from the fact that #notallmuslims is a huge joke.

No. 97289

>Sweden's rape rate was almost non-existent

You do know that most rape victims do not go to police? And that most rapes happen with people the victims know, and those victims almost never go to police? And immigrant men almost always rape people they don't know, and those people almost always go to police? You sound naive

No. 97290

File: 1465769795391.jpg (1.53 MB, 4076x1896, die_welthauptstadt_germania_by…)

>Adolf Hitler

Feel when the good guys lost WW2.

Are you denying that non-western groups (w/ the exception of East Asians) commit rape at well above the average rate?

I mean, you people seem to have no problem believing all serial killers were white guys, despite it being demonstrably true that white guys are actually less likely to be serial killers on average.

No. 97291

File: 1465769838103.png (81.5 KB, 668x621, Black-Serial-Killers.png)

Blacks are the most likely to be serial killers.

No. 97292

Almost non-existent doesn't mean non-existent. It was still incredibly low before muslims. That's what I'm talking about. How it could go from one of the lowest in the world with the most accommodating police, investigators, and judges who are far more likely to take it seriously than in America to one of the highest rape rates in the world. Almost all by strangers too. Things like Cologne didn't happen in Europe before muslims either.

No. 97293

>you people

Yeah, some groups commit more rapes. Big surprise. Doesn't mean that Sweden had almost no rape before muh shitskins. You sound just like those tumblerinas with their oppression olympics, only now it's crime committing olympics. But hey, what could I expect from an image board, kek

No. 97294

Now I'm not sure if you're doing satire of the /pol/tards or not. Good job either way

No. 97295

File: 1465770209533.jpg (117.94 KB, 1000x572, cuckold religion.jpg)

>some groups commit more rape

Much more. 86% of gang rape in London is committed by non-whites. Blind yourself to this fact all you want but it doesn't change the fact contemporary feminism posits no real solution to the problem of violent criminality, including rape, since they unironically believe genetically defective people can be "rehabilitated" and are as such at least partially responsible for all the women who have been raped (and sometimes murdered) by recidivist criminals.

The only people who posit a workable solution to make our towns and cities more safe are the people who want rapists and murderers hanging on the end of a rope: The radical right.

No. 97296

"Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

In 2003, Sweden's rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

The statistics are skewed by urban centers where the Islamic colonists cluster. In Stockholm this summer there was an average of 5 rapes a day. Stockholm has gone from a Swedish city to a city that is one-third immigrant and is between a fifth and a quarter Muslim."



No. 97297

I love angry /pol/tards. Your troupees are jiggling cutely. You're just jealous of jews and nigs because they are rich and get laid

No. 97298

File: 1465770551752.png (38.76 KB, 605x480, median-hhi-race_1_1.png)



No. 97299

It's obviously a troll/sjw trying to derail.

No. 97300

Jews, you fuck

No. 97302

>who some people suspect are a crypto-Christian syncretic faith anyway
the problem with Syria is that it was (or is) a completely religious regime. Its espoused secular constitution was to keep the ethnic and sectarian religious groups from massacring each other, or at least not give way to conflict if one became an absolute majority. Same reason why Egypt is "secular" when they have 10 million Coptic Christian population (that is relatively persecuted). Not in inordinate fashion, the current President of Egypt likes to quote the Quran in public. Not much of a "secular" leader. As for Syria, the war they're still undergoing now is a sectarian war between different clans. No matter how "Christian" or whatever Alawism is, it's still a sectarian religious faction in Syria that has some dogmatic beliefs. The minority Christian and Alawite or Shia people and clans seem more reasonable and tolerant at any moment, but whenever these clans get a majority, they have a tendency to impose their dogmatic beliefs on the population. And besides, the Assyrian Christians are getting massacred. No thanks to the Gulf States and the US, but no thanks to Russia either, who don't really care what happens in Syria as long as it satifies their geo-political goals and plays the cynical game of divide and conquer.

I don't really care who did what first, or who was there first, or who was unfairly persecuted first, the matter is this "civilization" is clashing right now with largely secular Europe, whose last vein of Christian fascism by the Serbs and Croats was stamped out righteously before they utterly decimated a multicultural, multi-ethnic country. Now these fundamentalist refugees not just from Syria, but other overpopulated fecund shitholes like Afghanistan and Pakistan are bringing their disgusting beliefs into Europe. This is what the Romans during the decline of the Roman empire must have felt when they knew their way of life is drawing to a close and they had enemies within their ranks.

No. 97303

Yeah. Couldn't possibly be that they started the whole Abrahamic shitshow or that blacks have the power of several atomic bombs in their ability to turn inner cities into third world shitshows.

No. 97304

Are you French? Are most French girls of how multiculturally masochistic their politicians and government are?

For the most part, at least France is not accepting that many refugees…

No. 97305

Why are Pakistanis so uniquely subhuman? They actually make gulf Arabs look comparatively civilised.

No. 97306

Weirdly enough, I'd feel safer going to semi-secular Thailand or Christian Phillipines than I have for going to Indonesia or Malaysia or Brunei where they have draconian laws that just reinforce the majority religion of the populace. No matter how richer one country is than the other or not.

No. 97307

Unfortunately thais and Cambodians are pretty uncivilised and rape a lot of white western tourists.

Viets are a lot better. Good people. Not arrogant despite their victories against vastly materially superior enemies too.

No. 97308

They only recently outlawed honor killings (which modern "feminists" seem oblivous about) in some of their provinces. Their population is still growing quite rapidly at 180 million. The only reason they're not rich as the Arabs is that they don't have oil.

It's beyond disgusting.

No. 97309

USA would have massacred them if they had oil

No. 97310

>Why are Pakistanis so uniquely subhuman?


highest rates of inbreeding in the world
has been that way for hundreds of years

No. 97311

I know an Arab chick who married a white guy who was an atheist. She's extremely western in her outlook and her family have all but disowned her. Some of the girls who marry white men don't seem too bad honestly but they're a tiny minority.

No. 97312

Indonesia and Malaysia are great travel destinations imho. Thailand is okay too, if you don't go to the touristy places. They have a lot of tourist-on-tourist crimes as well as thai-on-tourist, and a huge amount of tourist-on-thai too. There are a lot of tourist men raping and harassing thai women and underaged girls and boys. Sage for OT

No. 97313

I hate white male liberals on that note. They don't give a shit about white women. They're happy to throw us under the bus to virtue signal how good they are.

No. 97314

Agreed, not just in regards to "refugees", but with almost everything they support.

No. 97315

>her family have all but disowned her
disgusting. That's just the worst isn't it?

I have a Palestinian chick co-worker (Western country) that came from a Muslim family. Was born here and brought up completely secular with no religious affiliations. No hijab and nothing, and no sudden prioritized cares about the Palestinian-Israel conflict. Doesn't even pray and her family became secular too, but if they visit their relatives in Palestine or Lebanon, they follow the customs and do Ramadan or whatever.
Some Azerbaijan guy came up to her and scolded her for not wearing a hijab, insulted her and was pretty much close to calling her a whore. He's pretty educated too. Just the notion of not wearing a particular piece of clothing to cover her hair. It astounded me.

No. 97316

I've often thought if the right dropped the Jewish God shit about abortion and "whore pills" a hell of a lot more young white women would be interested in right wing politics.

No. 97317

What's more astounding about these refugees is how they're pretty much economic migrants, they don't care about being in a safe country, they want to get to a country with the most welfare.

Slavoj Zizek pretty much recounts the story of how refugees seem to just pass through his country of Slovakia.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVa4ERqz97o @10:45

I pretty much vote far-right because of this, at least until we have an agreement with other rich countries of the world, not least among them the absurdly rich Gulf countries who can easily take a share and are culturally close to them, until they are forced by agreement to take a good amount of them.

No. 97320

>Azerbaijan guy
Seriously? This suprised me they are like the most secular Muslims on the planet

No. 97323

I bet you're the type to lump in black/muslim crime statistics with all men but once a white guy goes on a mass shooting you specify them as being a problem

No. 97325

Kazakhs are the ultimate fedora Muslims actually

No. 97326

Zizek is Slovenian. Slovakia is nowhere near the refugees' route.

No. 97327

The GOP is largely run by the neoconservative faction while currying favor with the 'christian coalition' to curry their votes. Libertarians are the third coalition group traditionally too small to get anything but lip service.

Donald Trump is pretty much the least Christian GOP nominee in recent history. 3 marriages and friends with gay 1%er buddies, his nomination has upended the GOP's old order.
>Mitt Romney is still trying to build an old loyalist coalition to sabotage Trump.

Secular Muslims all over the world have been radicalized by the rise of ISIS and their internet savvy PR team.

No. 97329

Yeah you can tell whatever he may say Trump doesn't really give much of a fuck about traditional southern Baptist issues.

No. 97330

Sorry, meant Slovenia.
It's blatantly obvious why Trump is in the running. He's doing it for his own greedy interests. Never trust a demagogue or a ruthless businessman who suddenly through divine improvidence chose to run for public office. He desperately knew that the Republicans were in poor shape, he just brought effortless advertising and more PR to his own business empire. In fact, it's been reported that his revenue have improved markedly since he began his presidential run.

As for Clinton, just look at who donates to her (which includes foreign donations from the homophobic Indonesian oligarchs, Chinese industrialists and the disgusting Saudi royal family). You're a fucking prole if you vote for any of them with sincere intentions.

No. 97338

I miss Bernie.

No. 97340

Bernie was a zionist. He supported an ethnostate while demanding the US open its borders to all and sundry.

No. 97344

File: 1465782664692.jpg (673.17 KB, 2732x2954, 1465779223458.jpg)


No. 97348

Your conflating Israel's right to exist with Zionism. I hardly believe he was the latter as a closet socialist, and he openly supported a two-state solution, which is the most pragmatic solution. As for ethnostate, it's more of a tenuous religious one. There's lots of Ethiopian Jews in Israel. You can can acquire nationality through naturalization.

As for US opening its borders, it's already been this way for decades now. Reagan cynically granted amnesty to a couple million Mexicans in a sort of acquiescence. The elite don't give care about the demographic makeup or the number of people who are underemployed or unemployed. Like Marx envisioned and observed, all they care about is surplus labour and a malleable population, as long as there's no social unrest. Trump is a fraud and there have been countless reports that down along his various subsidiaries in his business empire, he uses undocumented immigrants.
I miss him too.

No. 97350

I want all muslims to fucking go away.

No. 97351

Literal pieces of human shit.

No. 97358

What's even scarier that a considerable amount of moderate muslims secretly hopes for extremist muslims to do their job (in this case, in the form of ISIS and Al Qaeda)

No. 97359

That's alright, in public I'm playing PC Patty but secretly I'm hoping more and more far right groups are gonna start chimping out. I realised I've been stripped of all my rights to complain the moment all male members of my family began defending the Rotherham men and later the Cologne rapefugees, calling it a hoax, how those women weren't REALLY hurt, how I'm being silly by being scared of them etc.

Nobody really cares about the actual issue, they just wanna look progressive and tolerant.

I hope something happens soon.

No. 97361

"The Final Solution"

No. 97362

File: 1465790093530.jpg (117.96 KB, 800x433, 1033282796-e1457412470667.jpg)

Well I mean have you seen how they "defend" white women?

No. 97384

Israel is an ethnostate. How can Bernard support them while espousing racial universalism for the West? He has defended israels Jewish essence before.

Make no mistake. It's not some whimsical thing. It's systematic.

No. 97385

>chink and mulatto

That's not all white women.

Most white guys were angry as fuck about what happened in Rotherham but can you seriously blame the muted response? People are intrinsically terrified of being accused of racism here. Absolutely terrified. You can lose your entire livelihood over it.

No. 97390

YOu talk as though violence against women and children only exists in Muslim households. This is so incorrect, eben in England whose laws and culture was influenced by Christianity Marital rape was still legal until the 80s and most Christian countrys are seen as the most unsafe place for women and gays. Look at South America, Jamaica (yes rasta is just a version of christianity).

No. 97391

>KABUL — The father of the gunman in the Orlando nightclub shooting said early Tuesday his son shouldn’t have carried out the massacre because “God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality.”

>“God himself will punish those involved in homosexuality,” he said. “This, is not for the servants” of God.

>In one YouTube video, Mateen expresses gratitude toward the Afghan Taliban, while denouncing the Pakistani government.

I guess the shooter's dad is simply a misunderstood guy who will eagerly embrace progressive values.

No. 97392

I guess he thinks stating the fact that Israel is just a zionist state, not a Jewish one will cause too much upset.
How Bernie can be supportive of Israel when it is nothing more than a right wing Apartheild state that steals land and murders Arabs and see himself as being progressive is odd, as in the UK every progressive and left politician here has criticised BiBi and Israel greatly. We need to remember that an American version of left wing is still fairly centre or even centre right by UK. and especially Scotland's standards

No. 97393

No. 97395

Classical period:

>Classical Roman law did not allow any domestic abuse by a husband to his wife,[72] but as with any other crime, laws against domestic abuse can be assumed to fail to prevent it. Cato the Elder said, according to his biographer Plutarch, "that the man who struck his wife or child, laid violent hands on the holiest of holy things. Also that he thought it more praiseworthy to be a good husband than a good senator."[73] A man of status during the Roman Republic was expected to behave moderately toward his wife and to define himself as a good husband. Wife beating was sufficient grounds for divorce or other legal action against the husband.[74]

Early America:

>"We hear," reported the New York Gazette; or, the Weekly Post-Boy in 1752, "that an odd Sect of People have lately appeared" at Elizabethtown, New Jersey, "who go under the Denomination of Regulars." The group numbered "near a Dozen" who "dress themselves in Women's Cloaths, and painting their Faces, go in the Evening to the Houses of such as are reported to have beat their Wives." The group would grab the abuser, "strip him, turn up his Posteriors, and flog him with Rods most severely, crying out all the Time, Wo to the Men that beat their Wives." "It seems" continued the Post Boy's correspondent, "that several Persons in that Borough, (and tis said some very deservedly) have undergone the Discipline, to the no small Terror of others, who are any Way conscious of deserving the same."

>From "The King's Three Faces: The Rise and Fall of Royal America 1688-1776" by Brendan McConville

Western culture has always been more moderate toward women. If you disagree please find comparable examples to the above attitudes in non western societies.

No. 97397

In 1991 marital rape became a crime in England. Before that they did not consider rape within marriage to be valid as marriage was considered the consent, and women were a husbands property. This is based on Christian doctrine, in England this also meant a women and all her posessions (homes,wealth, children!) were not hers but his on marriage.

That's just one example, but insrad of looking at irrelevant American and Roman cultures look at European Christian. or even English law and culture until the latter part of the 20th century.

No. 97398

Also in Britain and Ireland we used to either prison or detain women in psychiatric hospitals and religious homes if they behaved "sinfullY". If you had a child out of marriage, you were too pretty, too outspoken, or if your parents just didn't want you.

Look up the catholic laundries, most cities had them throughout britain. Basically these women were locked up and treated as slaves, doing the washing for the city.

Also in the victorian era. We had hospitals for women who had STD's, they were usually infected through their husbands, rape, or incest and were treated like whores before eventually being detained in an asylum. There were many cases of underage girls being in these hospitals as at the time they also though that having sex with a virgin girl could cure disease.

No. 97399

Roman and common law is not irrelevant. It's the source of the two major legal traditions in Europe and the anglosphere.

And spectacularly you've managed to miss the point by comparing these things to contemporary standards. My point was that compared to non western societies governed by principles like neo Confucianism and Islam, women have always been afforded greater liberality here.

Even in ancient Greece. A play like lysistrata would just never have made sense in a Chinese or Persian context.

So try again.

No. 97403

I'm comparing what life was like for women until the late 20th century because of Christian influence.

Women have been discriminated and oppressed because of Christian ideology and still are in many countries. Even in England a woman could not obtain a degree till 1920, and gay marriage has only just been legalised here too. Also throughout Thatcher's time there was a law that prevented schools from speaking about homosexuality.

Waffle on about ancient Rome, but it really isn't relevant.

No. 97406

>it really isn't relevant
Holy shit, read the OP post and stop backpedaling.

No. 97408

So your point is that women in the 21st century West have more rights than women had in the 15th century West?

I don't think anyone would disagree with that. If you'd read my initial post you'd see my point is that western societies have generally, as a rule, afforded women more freedom than those in non western societies. Regardless of the point in history.

I would also disagree that Rome is irrelevant when it comes to the subject of the law in the western world. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of the history of jurisprudence would understand this.

No. 97412

>b-but #notallmuslims
>W-White men are the real evil here

The fact that to even come close you have to compare it to things that happened centuries ago says more than enough.

"Sweden now has the second highest number of rapes in the world, after South Africa, which at 53.2 per 100,000 is six times higher than the United States. Statistics now suggest that 1 out of every 4 Swedish women will be raped.

In 2003, Sweden's rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2. Now they are almost certainly even higher as Muslim immigrants continue forming a larger percentage of the population.

With Muslims represented in as many as 77 percent of the rape cases and a major increase in rape cases paralleling a major increase in Muslim immigration, the wages of Muslim immigration are proving to be a sexual assault epidemic by a misogynistic ideology.

The statistics are skewed by urban centers where the Islamic colonists cluster. In Stockholm this summer there was an average of 5 rapes a day. Stockholm has gone from a Swedish city to a city that is one-third immigrant and is between a fifth and a quarter Muslim."



No. 97414

Amerifat here. I'm only curious, but are the rape victims Muslim? Demographics here show that minorities commit crimes on other minorities/white on white crime etc.

I'm liberal and shit, but I don't understand why liberals are so defensive towards Islam while always shitting on Jewish and Christians. I know Christians here can be whiny entitled cunts, but Islam is incredibly oppressive toward women. I remember opening the door for a Muslim man and his wife and he refused to go in while I was holding it open. He was thanking me, but it was incredibly awkward. God it's a fucking door. Islam is so fucking retarded.

No. 97415


No. 97416

Muslim on muslim rapes are extremely common, but are never reported because they are considered normal to them. Besides that muslim women are prohibited from contacting police, learning the language, and going anywhere without a male to guide them so they wouldn't have a chance to report it. Muslim areas are considered a no-go zone for police as well. The police won't even help Swedish women who have been raped by muslims so the chances of them doing anything even if the somehow managed to get past all of that is non-existent. More moderate muslims will be a little more light on these rules, but moderate muslims will eventually turn into extremists in areas like the muslim parts of European countries. White women are also considered by default whores "who's only purpose is to be raped" because they are non-muslim and might gasp show some of their calves sometimes or not wear a full burqa.

So that's pretty much all muslim on Swedish women rape with the occasional white tourist.

No. 97417

Not sure if this is just … right-wing? politics or a fair assessment, but if true, JESUS ANON, wtf is your government doing? It's healthy for a nation to have a tiny bit of xenophobia. I mean, we have a Mexican immigration problem here, but most Mexicans only annoy Americans by speaking Spanish and trying to get food stamps. Other than that they provide cheap labor, mind their business, clean your hotel room and mow your lawn.

No. 97419

Illegal immigrants and the cartel cause huge problems and commit a lot of murders, rapes, and human trafficking as well. But even if all we got was the absolute worst it wouldn't even come close to muslims. It's all for the sake of "tolerance" and those poor poor "refugees" most of which shop around for the countries with the best welfare, are almost all men, and are almost never considered refugees from actual definition because most aren't coming from war torn countries. As it is in Europe giving grown men iphones is much more important than all the rape, abuse, murders, systematic child rape, and etc.

No. 97420

Those attacks are mainly separist in nature

No. 97428

File: 1465834272842.jpg (275.72 KB, 846x960, fb.jpg)

so i just saw this on my Facebook feed, I live in florida.

No. 97433

Sweden, fucking step is up. Protect your people. What the fuck.. Muslims and sandniggers are literal trash.

No. 97434

>12 bullets

Oh my gosh, that poor woman.. I really hope she survives. Even if she pulls through, she is going to need therapy for life. This breaks my heart.

No. 97435

This statistics are mind-blowing. What is even being done to protect your women?

No. 97457

No. 97480

>A court in Qatar has convicted a Dutch woman of having sex outside marriage after she told police she was raped.

This time they gave the rapist 100 lashes. At least this means Qatar is finally moving towards the 19th century?

No. 97481


It's been proven that the one guy posting about the multiple shooters lies for attention online. And that link that anon posted is stupid conspiracy theory shit.

Orlando PD has said there was one shooter.

No. 97482

That's why I don't go to shitholes like Qatar and Dubai. You'll get raoed and you'll be improsed for premarital sex. According to sharis its only rale if four muslim men testify.

No. 97483

He was convicted of premarital sex, not rape.

No. 97526


Why do liberals keep sweeping homophobia under the rug when it's from one of their treasured 'oppressed groups'?

No. 97549

Because it's not trendy anymore. It's the whole "Who's the most oppressed!" games lately. Unfortunately, a group that was previously ignored (and therefore must be oppressed!) is now the flavor of the week.

No. 97675


>Police shot and killed Mohammad Moghaddam, 54, after he allegedly fired a gun in the Walmart and took two co-workers hostage around 11 a.m. central time in what police say was a workplace dispute over a promotion. The APD identified the suspect’s name, address and age late Tuesday afternoon, but did not reveal any further identifying information.

>Amarillo has recently taken in 1,000 refugees from the Middle East, giving the city of less than 200,000 the highest refugee ratio in the country, reports Watchdog.org. The refugees are coming from a “myriad” of countries, according to the Amarillo public health department, including Somalia, Iraq and Iran.


>2. Moghaddam Was Angry Because a Co-Worker Was Promoted Over Him

>3. He Was From Somalia & Lived in Amarillo With His Wife

Nothing to see here, it's just another case of workplace violence, just like the attacks in San Bernadino last December.
This is not terrorism, he's only angry about another coworker being promoted before him. Those people are still new to American culture so just be patient about the few hostage takings and shootings you might encounter.

Remember, the immigrants are not our enemy, Donald Trump is. Please vote for Hillary Clinton so we can stop the terrorist group called the NRA.

signed, the media

No. 97678

This is objectively not terrorism, though. Just an angry, obviously mentally ill, arguably entitled man. His status as a refugee is only a small part of the picture, it's not like his religion comes before him as a human being who is prone to doing awful things.
If James Holmes is not a terrorist, neither is this guy.

No. 97681

File: 1465976121577.jpg (1.03 MB, 1831x2126, trump fapping all over the bod…)

No. 97686

That's my point. Those refugees come in and they can't even function properly in a civil society.
I rather have one terrorist than 1000 immigrants who think it's okay to commit crimes when they have a bad day.

No. 97687

>>97526 Wasn't the guy a self-loathing fag?

No. 97688


Guessing he committed the shooting in order to redeem himself or something.

No. 97694

File: 1466001090675.jpg (43.13 KB, 620x372, 9d2815e07aad66c1aa23624212f367…)


>French police commander and his wife stabbed to death by a jihadist

>They were both murdered in front of their 3 years old son

>The 3 year old is the only survivor

No. 97695

>implying one bad egg represents the entire population
>wanting either one

No. 97696

That poor child.
On another note, why does that mother look like a man?

No. 97699

>implying it's just one bad egg
>implying it's 100% okay to let strangers without any documentation or police records into your country and act like a part of them won't use the opportunity to fuck shit up
I'm fine with legal immigrants because they actually have passports and legal documentation but letting millions of literal whos flood your cities just because of muh feelings is fucking stupid.

No. 97712

Batman confirmed

No. 97714


She doesn't.

No. 97726

But she does. Her jaw/chin area are wide as fuck. It's masculine.
Her right eye looks very odd, too, on a second look. Is it just facial asymmetry?

No. 97741

she looks a bit masculine, but she doesn't look like a man. the picture itself looks like what you take for your drivers license or passport and everyone looks like shit in those

why do you even care, anyway

No. 99796

File: 1467146077886.jpg (116.44 KB, 960x960, 12805900_10207957313626600_342…)


>drop off one of my bosses guest to airport

>it blows off after 2 hours

This is the second time I got away with a bombing this year, I can't take this anymore. I want this cunt gone forever from my country and his shitty religion too.

No. 99927

Jehovah's Witnesses Destroy Ancient Indigenous Temple in Mexico
>“The attack on the more than 7,000 year-old Makonikha sanctuary in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo destroyed at least a dozen stone structures used as altars in the spirituality of the Otomi Indigenous people.

>Jehovah’s Witnesses have fessed up to being behind the destruction of the stone altars, but have not taken responsibility for a hole that has reportedly been drilled in the base of a pyramid at the San Bartolo Tutotepec archeological site.

>Members of the Christian sect say the destruction was motivated by a belief that the ancient Indigenous religion involved devil worship. The perpetrators claim that they were following the word of god by destroying the temple site.

No. 99929

I'm sorry komsi
If it makes you feel better I've been to Istanbul twice and loved it, everyone was so nice and friendly and the Ataturk airport is one of the nicest I've been to. I hope all the staff and passengers who perished in the attack are in kebab heaven now

No. 99930

white assholes invading and ruining mexican heritage, what else is new?

No. 99935


Thanks komsi, this is the second time I survived a blast by pure luck. First was the blast in Taksim on March, gone to work a bit late that day and got saved from getting blown to bits by an hour, this time I drove one my boss's guests to the airport then this one happened after 1.5 hours. Not if I'll be this luck at 3rd one. I might also lose my job because of these things, I work in tourism and my company's profit is already down %36 percent compared to last summer. Fuck this country, intelligent secular people are a huge minority here right now.

No. 99936

Mexican genome is 70%+ European.

The idea they descend from Amerindians comes from a leftist social/cultural movement called the "Indigenismo" movement in the 1960s.

No. 99944

yeah I get that Spain invaded them hundreds of years ago so again, what else is new lmao

No. 99955

Never thought I'd say this but tbh commies were fantastic at handling religious extremism and fanaticism. It's why the most extreme thing Bosnian Muslims do nowadays is eat bacon-flavoured crisps and watch Big Brother while complaining about the economy. Dog bless Tito. Ever since he left us for the big brothel in the sky the church has been getting cheekier.

I don't really think any religion is inherently bad per se but give it too much power and people start dying and/or losing money.

No. 99963


If only we encountered Greeks first instead of fucking Arabs things could be so different.

No. 100333

No. 100334

Yeah, it's been happening a lot more in the recent years. Usually somewhere out in the sticks where people are mega poor and there's fuck all to do. The economy is getting worse and worse and people are starting to lose their shit, the only time it's been this bad was during the sanctions (when NATO bombed us, thank you Clinton and Ahtisaari) when random people would jump off their balconies literally weekly. There were times when we had no electricity and the govt couldn't pay for pest control so many older buildings were overrun with cockroaches.

Of course now we also have a fuckton of gypsies and refugees the EU tells us we HAVE to take care of, so while the locals go hungry and homeless they get free apartments (gypsies) and clothes+train tickets (refugees).

It's not so bad in the cities but if you live in a village or worse yet down in the highlands you're pretty much screwed since everyone is old, desperate and crazy.


No. 102975

File: 1468536995185.jpg (232.49 KB, 649x828, 3649251A00000578-3691019-Horri…)


"France has been repeatedly targeted in recent months, but it is not yet known whether the incident is terror related. The country is still under a State of Emergency following last year's attacks on Paris, when almost 150 people were murdered by ISIS and Al-Qaeda operatives. Both groups are well known for driving vehicles into innocent people, prompting fears that tonight's incident could be linked to their activities."

Are all the people asking why this happened playing dumb? Every single one of these attacks have been done by muslims. This is what happens to literally every country that invites tons of male adult muslim migrants (who are most definitely not refugees) and lets them do whatever they want, even other muslim majority countries. Nice is a very immigrant heavy area like all the others that were attacked. There will be crying on TV and #notallmuslims all over twitter while politicians claim they'll make a change and to not be "racist" or "islamophobic" while people continue to take down crosses in centuries old churches. If they really cared they'd put at least some restrictions on immigration or better yet stop inviting billions of men a year to come get free houses when they come from countries with a very strong link to terrorism. But things like Colonge will still happen and the governments will try and most likely succeed in covering it up unless enough hard evidence is spread around like what had fortunately happened.

inb4 "You can't prove that you racist"

No. 102985

I'm crying again. Over 70 persons, mostly families with children died in fear and agony. There's already videos showing the truck literally slaming into the crowd with horrible sounds and people flying.

Le pire c'est que ça ne changera rien du tout, les gens vont continuer à faire un petit #PrayforNice, il y aura la presse pour en parler une semaine, et ça sera terminé jusqu’à la prochaine fois- et c'est à nous français de vivre dans la terreur de ne pas pouvoir assister à un événement publique sous peine d'en mourir.

Sending thoughts to all my French farmers out there. I don't know in what France is heading but it's not going to be pretty.

No. 102986

File: 1468541317235.webm (5.13 MB, 256x320, nice attentat.webm)

No. 102987

Et on fait quoi? Parce que pour éviter qu'un mec fonce dans une foule en camion il n'y a qu'une solution, virer tous les Musulmans.

No. 102989

File: 1468542367779.jpg (24.58 KB, 200x255, worry.jpg)

>Another attack

I'd leave france at this point

No. 103000

I'd rather remove kebab

No. 103017

File: 1468556525493.jpg (62.96 KB, 499x499, 3SIA4En.jpg)

>mfw the same thing that happened to us 15 years ago is happening to Western Euros now
>mfw we called it but everyone accused us of racism and genocide
enjoy your Shariah, don't say nobody warned you

No. 103019

I'm so happy I left France for Belgium. I'll be even more happy when the FN finally take the power and force out all those muslims.

No. 103038

I live in Marseille and I think it will inevitably hit my town one day or another, I feel so powerless.

No. 103050

Thank fuck the UK left the EU. Not saying it cant or wont ever happen but I hope to god we get stricter on the immigration. Please jesus.

French farmers - just becareful now. Continue to be alert when youre out and stay safe.

Oh god… I almost was on a terror attack once actually. Not Isis but another group in Turkey called the PKK or something. They target holiday resorts and this was going back eight years ago nearly.

I recall my grandmother wanting to go to this market we passed on the bus. I told her "No… " she wondered why and I said I just had a bad feeling about the place. I dont know what it was but the place gave off an eerie feeling even though it was just a normal busy market. Few days later - terrorist attack and people dead.

Also happened in another part of turkey where I complained and asked to go home early. We caught the bus back to the hotel and the one just after us had terrorists on it. Apparently they dress in all these layers… Hang out at the back… Dodgy.

But things like that just made me more aware… Sometimes its best to listen to your gut and keep on guard. :/

No. 103057

>I'm so happy I left France
>for Belgium

Is this supposed to be a joke?

No. 103058

You know the UK leaving the EU changes absolutely nothing as far as Islamic immigration is concerned. You were never in Schengen in the first place, and your Muslims are Pakistanis and others from your former empire, not Europeans. Taking them was entirely the decision of the British government and no one else.

No. 103060

File: 1468581369786.jpg (35.37 KB, 640x640, 1458877286714.jpg)

>I hope to god we get stricter on the immigration

No. 103068


Yep, everyone thinks Kurds are little cute freedom angels but they are one of the most backwards people on earth. Honor killings, incest and female circumcision are still big things in their culture.

No. 103070

Still could get in anon

Isis lurk everywhere and pakistanis haul them in safe spaces anyway

No. 103080


They're as bad tbf. The things I've heard about them…

Yet everyone defends Muslims anyway.

No. 103097

>for Belgium

No. 103115

I'm sorry but I need to write in French just for once.

J'ai récemment quitté la France pour le Québec pour justement fuir la peste musulmane qui y sévit.
Les gouvernants n'ont aucune volonté politique et sont bien trop occupés à faire la chasse aux "islamophobes" et à remettre des légions d'honneur à des Quataris pour faire cesser tout cela.
Le gouvernement Hollande devrait démissionner.
Une pensée aux farmers Français, prenez soin de vous.

No. 103116

You're right but being part of the EUs acquis communitaire makes it harder to deport people and a lot easier for the slimes to use family reunification to bring more slimes over.

No. 103119

Theresa May is very strict on immigration

No. 103120

Tu votes encore FN au moins?

No. 103121

>moving to canada to get away from muslims


all the big cities are infested with them

No. 103122

Meh, I hope you're right, but usually that's nothing but talk.

No. 103125

Oui, je viens tout juste d'envoyer ma lettre à l'ambassade pour pouvoir voter en 2017 à l'étranger :)

No. 103139


No. 103142


Sirens blaring, police sirens blaring, choppers lifting off from the airbase near me. Military said they're overthrowing the government, it's fucking happening.

No. 103143

I also hope you're right, but we've been hearing that for decades unfortunately.

Based. But isn't the central government located in Ankara?

No. 103146

Fuck this shit, I'm buying an island.

No. 103147


Military seized the army headquarters and prime ministers office as of now, they closed off the Bosporus bridge and arresting police as of now. They announced that they're overthrown the government.

No. 103152

My dad was saying just today how there's nobody left in our little remote mountain cottage to tend the vegetable garden and take care of the bees.
I think this is a sign, the middle eastern chimpout is just beginning and who knows what's gonna happen next. See you losers after the radioactive nuke dust settles, I'm gonna go grow cucumbers and lettuce.

No. 103160

I thought military coups is a Turkish national pastime

Sorry, had to jest and all. At least you guys are rid of an ISIS sympathizer?

No. 103184

File: 1468623053110.jpg (195.66 KB, 1200x900, 1468618308001.jpg)

Erdogan afirming he still is in control of Turkey and calling people to stand against the coup through a skype videocall shortly before of asking assylum in germany.

No. 103186

File: 1468623291027.png (732.06 KB, 899x1195, 1468619876706.png)

No. 103188

So humiliating. Jesus.

This was a well planned, well executed military operation.

Goes to show what the military can actually do when they aren't hamstrung by a bunch of lawcucks telling them what they can and can't do.

Good work Tourkos.

No. 103189


So glad I got my shotgun last month and got groceries today. A convoy of tanks just passed my street and jets are flying low bombing stuff in Ankara from what I hear. Erdogan is fucked completely, his time has come.

No. 103215

Germany better not take him in.

No. 103216

Imagine being that woman who has to hold the phone so the fleeing president can be like "nope, it's all good".

No. 103218

Why not? I dislike Erdogan but he is genuinely fleeing in fear of his life, which is more than can be said for like, 99.99% of new arrivals to Europe calling themselves refugees.

No. 103219


He needs to be hanged for treason.

No. 103220

Merkel, Valls and Hollande first thanks.

No. 103320

File: 1468696484804.png (664.17 KB, 951x758, Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 20.0…)

So apparently this is happening Britfags

No. 103547

File: 1468821787711.webm (4.46 MB, 608x1080, pol_acolyte.webm)

Who's got the popcorn out for all the Cleveland RNC & protest shenanigans about to start on Monday?

No. 103551

File: 1468827984486.jpg (69.8 KB, 540x389, snek.jpg)

So what do you all make of this Taylor/Kimye shit? I think Taylor is a bit fat liar. Even within the bits from the snapchat videos you can hear her referencing "make me famous" yet she claims that's the line she didn't hear, also referencing multiple "lines."

No. 103557

I still can't wrap my mind around her dating Tom Hiddleston. They seem to be on 2 completely different levels.

No. 103563

Remember Taylor Swift is notorious for dating people for PR help/bearding if not both.
>Twilight is in
>dating Taylor Lautner
>JoBros are in
>dating Joe Jonas
>One Direction are in
>dating Harry Styles
>Marvel is in
>dating Tom Hiddleston
etc etc. Taylor Swift's whole thing since she's gotten slightly famous has been climbing and scratching her way to the top no matter what. I honestly think she's a psychopath or something, she's freaks me the fuck out.

No. 103566

I mean she's an annoying media whore but a psychopath is going too far…
Most of her persona is carefully crafted just like everything else about her (as is her job, being a celebrity and all). I just see her as a pretty mannequin, which is why this Tom Hiddleston thing seems so retarded to me.

No. 103573

She looks and acts like the fake generic bitch in every high school movie ever.
Since she bleached her hair she reminds me of Taylor Momsen when she started going off the rails.

Whatever personality she was trying to cultivate during her early years is long gone. She's an industry automaton.

No. 103578

I fucking hate Hollande

No. 103579

fuck I forget to delete the title of a thread I made lol sorry

No. 103580

Taylor clearly has a cultivated fake public image so something like this was bound to happen. In the videos, it's clear she and Kanye were friends (back whenever the song was recorded at least) and considering how they became friends/public frenemies in the first place is because of the 2009 VMA's, she should've been more careful around him and Kim as they're fame whores. Then again, Taylor's one too so it makes sense why they became friends in the first place. She set herself up and I don't feel sorry for her in that respect.

I can't stand though that people are shrieking "misogyny" now that she's been caught out. People aren't criticising her because she's a woman, it's because she's made a career out of tearing people down to increase her fame and tried to do it with Kanye, but fucked up by trying to screw an attention whore like him over. And now she's still trying to play the victim over "character assassination": funny, it's fine when she does it to her exes and Katy Perry in songs and interviews.

Then again, I'm half paranoid that this is a huge publicity stunt too for Kanye's song, for KUWTK and to keep Taylor's name in the press while she's not touring. The three of them are the biggest fame whores on the planet right now: what are the chances that we're all falling for it?

No. 103604

The real joke is on the people who got involved in the drama over the "I made that bitch famous" lyric from the start, honestly. Played for fools.
All these celebrities are notorious for fake scandals and other falsities. For all we know, even the "Kimye leak" was planned out.

No. 103606

>the "Kimye leak" was planned out.
It was posted to correspond with the KUWTK episode that talked about Taylor.

No. 103608

Tbh I think this is coming out now because Kanye didn't get the attention he wanted with Famous. He brought out a video with life size, realistic naked models of celebs and nobody gave a single shit about it. As annoying as Taylor is, she's still massively rich, famous and popular. Leaking the vids now was a good way to get the positive attention he's been lacking.

Now nobody is currently talking about him being a creepy motherfucker. Nobody is currently talking about Kim being famous for being famous or having a sex tape. They're talking about them outing Taylor as the snake she is, which gets them good press.

No. 103611

File: 1468856283301.jpg (16.25 KB, 494x266, taylor-swift-milk-mustache.jpg)

When I first heard about this Kanye/Taylor stuff I wondered why Kanye would even attempt this and give Taylor the chance to change her mind when the song actually came out. His public image isn't good right now and he took such a beating in the media after the incident at the VMAs years ago. He's almost 40 years old he should have seen through her. But nevermind all that now he got it on tape and I'm enjoying this celebrity milk.

No. 103612

File: 1468856609919.png (276.61 KB, 500x651, tumblr_oahttp7tR11tjap1uo1_500…)

That, and apparently she had her public statement ready-made.
The fakery of this entire stunt is ridiculous, but they're still going to get all the attention ever.

No. 103615

I love that when you google "taylor swift drama" you get taylor swift and katy perry drama, taylor and nicki minaj drama, taylor and kardashian drama, taylor and kanye drama, taylor and calvin harris drama. jesus christ that woman has been involved in a lot of drama.

No. 103637

you seem a lot more butthurt than she does

No. 103640

Why are you so obsessed with black people? Is this Racist-chan ban evading? Janitor pls

No. 103650

File: 1468872196690.jpg (1.03 MB, 1280x1919, 1468529075068.jpg)

This Taylor vs. Kanye shit is probably some fake manufactured scandal shit to sell Kanye's news song, and probably Taylor's new album in the future.

They're both extremely obnoxious tbh, Taylor with her >muh misogyny and extremely cringey girlsquad look at how many famous white girl friends I have thing. Kanye is worse, since I legitimately believe he is either an extremely good actor or seriously mentally ill.

Kanye's fans are all huge faggots, thinking he's some kind of voice of a generation or some shit.

No. 103653

People using feminism as a gimmick is getting really tiresome, first Emma Watson then Helen Mirren then Taylor. None of them have anything smart to say either, just pointlessly regurgitating 'muh rights! Muh misogyny!' all the time.

No. 103655

>looks and acts like the fake generic bitch in every high school movie

this. it's such juvenile shit. i don't give a fuck about kimye, but TS and her stupid ~squad~ clique, painting herself as America's Sweetheart, suing everyone like the typical "my daddy's a lawyer" stock character, and now trying to censor out anything in the press that could ruin that… Girl isn't mad about the ~misogyny~, she's mad to be called out for being a bitch even in jest.

No. 103658


Liked Taylor when she first came on the scene all those years ago, I could bear her. Now she's just getting cuntier.

No. 103662

Of course feminism is a gimmick to these people, they know that feminism is what the zeitgeist currently favours.

All these celebrities, Kanye included, are extremely careful about their image, I wouldn't even be surprised if Kanye planned out his 2009 VMA thing before hand.

A fucking putsch happened in Turkey three days ago, things of actual fucking consequence to the world are happening and here we are talking about the internet bitch fight between a pretty blonde girl and a black man in his forties.

No. 103666

Well that's good, right? Depends on if the SJW crowd abuse it (which I now assume they will, but it's ridiculous to think that it previously had no consequences.

No. 103669


Exactly. Its all Im seeing on Facebook in the news bar… fuck sake.

No. 103756

Some dude stabbed three girls and their mother for wearing shorts he did not approve off.
The fucking monster, I am worried that crimes like this will become more common.
Link -http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/07/19/man-stabs-french-woman-and-her-three-daughters-for-being-scantil/

No. 103758

>The youngest girl, aged 8
>sisters aged 12 and 14

What the fuck? Kids can't even wear shorts now? It was bad enough when adult women were getting shit for having legs, now it's little girls too?

I feel like people that sexualise kids are becoming more common. It used to be normal for little girls' parents to prioritise comfort over modesty because they could counter any comment with "she's just a little girl" but now they have to take into account whether people are gonna sexualise their kid.

>The mother had helped the attacker when he became ill the previous day

That fucking sucks. No matter how nice you are to some people, it'll never matter.

>He is reported to have been on holiday at the resort with his pregnant wife and two children

I hope none of those kids are girls, for their sake.

No. 103761

Remember there are millions of ordinary muslim immigrants like this Europeans are now expected to live with. And there will be more cultural conflicts in the future.

Those scary ISIS terror operatives conservatives like to scare you with aren't even an issue.

No. 103762

You forgot about Calvin Harris

No. 103772

Forgot to mention he was morrocan. That's pretty important here.

No. 103792

They've fucking anime conventions in Marrakech and this is what he takes issue with?

No. 103794

Not exactly a uncommon attitude among north Africans unfortunately

No. 104154

When exactly do the mass deportations start?

No. 104163

Another attack. This time in Germany.

If you support mass immigration, please jump off your nearest bridge.

You have played a small part in destroying an entire continent. You've created a situation where we can no longer feel safe in our own homes. And if you think any non-white person is looking at your altruism with awe and admiration, then you're in for a nasty surprise.

Now you understand why Breivik did what he did. The same people he liquidated are the people who support mass immigration even now.

No. 104165

>you NEVER hear of churches being hospitable like that
except for all those churches that now house refugees?
please go shill somewhere else

No. 104168

Has it been confirmed that they're muslim? No one on my new stations are talking about it so I have no clue what's going on.

No. 104169

No. 104170

No, but cnn says he was a 18yo German Iranian

No. 104182

He was born in Germany, and like Anders Brevick is most likely an extreme right winger. He expressed hatred of immigration.

The people here who too hate multicultarism and immigration, well this young man too shared such views.

No. 104194

Wishful thinking.

You're no better than the neo-Nazis hoping the guys is an ISIS operative from the very first news report.

No. 104199

That comes from a false report from sky news. The fact a mistranslation made it so far proves how eager the media is to demonise whites.

No. 104200

How is it demonising whites? The guy states he has been bullied and hates imigration? White people commit crimes, stating so is not racist nor does it mean all whites should be held account for this 18 year old.

No. 104208

People are pushing the ISIS narrative or the neo-Nazi narrative from the get go. This just shows how politically charged the media is these days.

>At 02:20 CEST (00:20 UTC), a press conference was held at the Media Center of the Munich Police Department, where police commissioner Hubertus Andrä confirmed the events that took place and identified the gunman as Ali David Sonboly,[16] an 18-year-old German man of Iranian descent who held both German and Iranian citizenship.

So a Persian-German Elliot targeting German teen girls.

No. 108154

Is there any fb news page like Social Hax but isn't complete shit?
Basically something like /tech/ but in news form, no click bait, and not run by idiots.

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