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File: 1459711949346.png (1.38 MB, 671x1033, tumblr_moomunTBu01r1ane5o1_128…)

No. 84543

So, some guy on /r9k/ legit just cut his testicles off and super-glued the wound shut in order to escape the "biological imperative".


No. 84545

who cares.

>blah blah robots get out ree!

>makes a thread which will probably draw them here anyway

No. 84547


How is it going to draw robots here? What, you think the thread is going to get a little alert pop-up stating that a link has been posted to lolcow?

No. 84550

Clicked on two pictures. Jfc, haven't seen disturbing shit like this in awhile. Thanks for linking, OP.

No. 84552

Damn, 404'd. Wanted a good laugh.

No. 84553


Here you go.


Laughs aside, I think this is indicative of the kind of harm the 'robot' mentality can drive people to.
The OP of this thread, Knifey McBallslice, has probably poured over hundreds of thousands of words of Redpill-cum-MRA 'advice' of how women are incapable of feeling emotion, how the vagina can become loose during sex, how even if he is capable of obtaining a girlfriend that she's always going to fucking "Chad" on the side, how semen "stays inside a woman's brain forever" once she's been ejaculated inside of yadda, yadda, and this is his eventual solution. I'm surprised something like this hasn't happened sooner.

No. 84554

File: 1459714691022.jpg (Spoiler Image, 439.54 KB, 1600x1200, 1459670044527.jpg)

No. 84555

Warning: do not click this unless you're 100% sure you want to see it.

No. 84556

In other words they are pretty much just the male equivalent of radfems. How ironic.

No. 84560

I was expecting some intensely gruesome photos but that was incredibly tame.

No. 84561


I don't think i will be eating for a day or two.

No. 84562

thank god, one less subhuman we have to worry about procreating

No. 84563

Robots are mentally ill. What else is new?

At least in this case, he is taking out his crazy on his own ballsack instead of shooting innocents.

No. 84564


That's the before pic OP took a few days before committing.

No. 84566

Lol I was going to ask "what the hell am I looking at"? I was staring at that pic thinking it was going to be like "when you see it you' shit bricks".

No. 84568

fucking hell, men are stupid

No. 84571

I don't understand why he had to actually chop his knackers off. Could he not just make the decision to not act on his sexual urges and stay celibate? There are easier ways to stop being sex-obsessed, jeez.

No. 84574

I would give my left tit to be his shrink.

No. 84580


Your under the assumption that the majority of robots are operating at full cognitive capacity.

No. 84581


I for one, am glad he decided to dice up his balls. That kind of crazy shouldn't even be able to reproduce.

Lurking robots: consider what your brother has done, he made the right decision in the end.

No. 84591

Well, he gave both balls to be a mental patient, so you're going to have to give more than one tit.

No. 84593

Why do you have to be such a bitch?

You're so unkind.

No. 84594

Show some empathy. You're women. There are people far more deserving of sterilisation than some random robot.

No. 84596

Now that the robot snipped his own balls off, maybe he learned enough about the procedure to start snipping off the more deserving balls too. Win-win situation.

No. 84597

Women aren't meant to be so callous

No. 84598

men aren't meant to be able to juggle their own testicles but I guess we all branch out with our hobbies now and again

No. 84599

I didn't read the whole thread but did he go through with it? It seems he only got through the first layer of one side, chickened out, and glued the wound shut.

No. 84602

So physically he still has the balls but mentally he did not have the balls? Robots are amazing.

No. 84604

I scrolled through and scanned the thread and, judging by pics and comments, I think he removed one ball from the sack.

No. 84609

File: 1459728305045.png (140.12 KB, 359x400, wtf.png)

No. 84617


I guess you're an expert on all about what women are supposed to be huh, what with all that female experience you've no doubt had :^)

No. 84619

Holy fuck. Couldn't he have just taken male birth control or some shit

No. 84620

Thanks anon!

I think the best part was his crazy rants. He genuinely and honestly believed this was the best way yo go about it. Wonder how he'll feel when he regains some sanity later.

No. 84622

No. 84623

ha what a fool
he's going to regret that decision when the remaining teste swells to compensate for the loss.

No. 84624


lol go cut ur balls out the sack plz

No. 84626

Can this please become a new way to insult robots and shoo them away from the site?

No. 84629

You must be a guy because those photos were literally nothing. Cartel pics and vids are worse than this.

No. 84635

No. 84646

Why did you copy/paste a comment from the original thread you faggot

No. 84648

Because I found it interesting. Y do u care?

No. 84670

I just want an update from this guy so I can know that he didn't die from a massive infection of the donger.

No. 84671

This isn't sterilization though…it is basically self mutilation. I mean, this guy is obviously very seriously mentally ill, and put himself at a massive risk of infection, all because of something something biological imperative.

Like…this isn't your average Joe who wants a vasectomy. He wanted to remove his balls to get rid of his sexual urges, because he thought he would be a virgin forever or some shit.

I'm empathetic, but still interested in how his mind there.

No. 84672

Imagine his first piss after "surgery"

No. 84693

File: 1459769612734.gif (72.28 KB, 499x281, tumblr_inline_my2mo3xOX91qh9y1…)

I need to step away from the internet for a while.

No. 84696


what do radfems have to do with some insane faggot who cut one of his balls off because they told so on the internet?

No. 84698


>show some empathy

>you're women

And those two are supposed to have something in common…..?

No. 84701

haha omg like me 2!!!!11!

No. 84729

fuckin SLAYED

No. 84734

I'm loving this, all robots should consider cutting off their cojones tbh, 10/10 will make you more attractive to Stacy. Male anons pay attention.

No. 84735

File: 1459800966051.png (352.48 KB, 682x383, 1322079059150.png)

Judging from the reactions, it's somewhat comforting that you're no better than us robots, as far as spitefulness goes. Thank you, I don't feel as much of an outsider here anymore.

No. 84737


Wat? This thread is so fucking tame.

No. 84738

What is really scary is that this robot apparently took that chad and Stacey shit so seriously that cutting his balls out seemed like a good idea.

I mean, I know you're just shit stirring, but I really hope that after seeing those pics some robots had a bit of am epiphany about this whole biological imperative bullshit

No. 84744


You are an outsider, and you should go back.

shoo, shoo!

No. 84745


I hope more of them decide to mutate themselves tbh. The less robots being able to fuck and breed, the better.

No. 84747

I mean robots are known for being lonley so i doubt they are breeding regardless.

No. 84748

>man cuts off own balls because women are evil
>women show no sympathy
>"you're so spiteful bloobloo"

No. 84750


I know, I just worry that some of them might snap and try to rape some chick because of entitlement issues.

This guy was crazy enough to cut his balls out, i'm sure there are sick fucks who think the only reason rape is wrong is because "hur dur the woman doesn't get to choose who she fucks"

I'd rather them snap and hurt themselves rather than others.

No. 84752

Is that why he cut them off? I'm pretty sure that wasn't the reason but whatever fuels your cunt fire.

No. 84754

Chill fam. Maybe channel your rage into a body part and then cut it off to cleanse yourself of all that anger.

No. 84756


They don't believe rape is wrong because "some women orgasm from it so that means they secretly like it!".

No. 84758

Who was the psycho guy who thought women wanted to be raped and abandoned by shitty men? I forgot his name but he was namefagging in a thread here at one point

No. 84761

File: 1459807883562.jpg (17.37 KB, 306x306, 12512501_1675532996028830_4612…)

I was not aware that I seemed particularly angry. Dare I go as far as to say that you're the one who seems butt flustered? You're responding angrily to someone who corrected you and flinging unwarranted insults, after all.

No. 84763

it only counts as butt flustered if somebody cuts their balls off

No. 84764

I don't understand this comment? What are you trying to say? I can tell you're trying to be funny, but there is no joke.

No. 84765

If we post his name, he will eventually pop up.

No. 84766

>I just worry that some of them might snap and try to rape some chick because of entitlement issues.
There are rape cases where people felt entitled to a fuck purely because some girl was considered a bit slutty, so this isn't even a reach tbh. "She led me on" is probably one of the slogans.

No. 84768

Seriously. How do these robots want me to react? Like I'm sorry I'm not sobbing for this guy.

I just hope that he isn't fucking dead.

No. 84772

i'd feel sorry for him if he lost his testicles in some other situation but I can't muster any pity for him in the current circumstances

No. 84773



No. 84774

That's my new threshold for drama.

>but did you cut your nuts out? No? Then it isn't that serious.

No. 84775

>On a scale from bad haircut to castration, how emotionally fucked up were you?

No. 84776

True. Its a whole different animal when those kinds of injuries are self inflicted.

I am very curious to see if he will ever update.

No. 84777

tbh I don't understand why he posted it in the first place. What reaction was he hoping for?

No. 84778


probably ass kissing and or pity.

No. 84788

Wow, this guy is pretty…………………………………….. ballsy.

No. 84789


I remember watching a documentary not too long ago on violent paedophiles who had murdered their victims, and there was this one guy who had murdered a few children or something, and raped every single one of them beforehand.
Anyway he was locked up at this point and undergoing lengthy psychological evaluation and "rehabilitation" even though he'd never be a free man again, and during the interview he described the rape of one of his victim, a little girl, I believe was like 6 years old at the time of her murder. He's talking away about how even though the little girl was screaming and kicking and crying out for her mother and how whilst he understood that these are potentially signals that a person is in distress etc., he still believed deep in his heart that the little girl had led him on, and that she did in fact desire to be raped.

I believe some robots are only a step above this where concerns women and their inability to acquire sex.

I'm going to have to see if I can find the documentary because if you like me, and you're fascinated by the psychological aspect of violent crime, you'll be interested in this. I don't have a difficult time digesting it but it's hard for me to comprehend that people can think this way.

No. 84792

I'd be interested in seeing this, anon, thanks for trying to track it down.

No. 84799


Oh, I found it.
I'm not sure whether what I typed up was entirely correct, it's been a while since I watched it, but here you go.

The part I'm referencing specifically starts at 15:54.

>"I knew that I was hurting them. It took me some time, and I worked it through at a later time. I worked it over an hour, 45 minutes later, that this child was asking for it, this child wanted more, and the more that i thought about it that way the more I looked at it that there came a point in my life after 6-7 months of doing this that I didn't even have to change the thought process any more. The immediate thought process was scream, pain, excitement - they wanted it."


No. 84813

this is fucked up. Yes I'm squeamish, and a pussy but at least I own one as well as some sort of common sense. Sometimes I feel bad for severely mentally ill people, sometimes I don't (given the circumstances). I'm just.. really glad he didn't harm anyone else.

No. 84815

It is very sad. Really it it's awful, he's mentally ill and he should gotten help. But it's /r9k/. The sort of place who thinks male circumcision is literally genocide and FGM is totally comparable and probably even not as bad!1

No. 84816

I mean isn't their whole philosophby based on that?
That women can chose who to have sex with now and how horribly unfair that is?
Or maybe I'm thinking of TRP. Or any forum with millions of misogynists posting daily about how women are literally the worst, I can't fucking keep track anymore.

No. 84823


He should have, I stopped going to r9k since I started hanging here and got urged to seek help by people here. Now I feel better thanks to meds and attempting positive life changes and somehow get a girl to like me. Unfortunately she's living in another country and some other circumstances make it impossible.


No. 84825

tbh unnecessary male circumcision IS mutilation. Just because one mutilation is worse than another doesn't make it okay.

Eh, I was never a robot and observed them casually, along with wizardchan. I posted in a few threads poking fun at both types of people. Honestly, I don't understand the robot mindset. I have never been one to blame others for anything. the only thing i have in common with robots is self loathing. I don't dislike women even though it seems women don't like me. I blame myself for things that aren't even my fault. I could get rejected by somebody and immediately blame/demonize myself and I have frequent problems idolizing people. I'm doing my best to work with myself through my issues, although it's very slow and I've come to realize I'm not "as good" as other people when it comes to anything social or stress related. /end shit blog, as well

But yes, I do wish these people would seek assistance, as do many people over the internet it seems. Go to /mental/ or /suicide/ and prepare to be depressed reading there. Sometimes it literally makes me cry thinking about the general hopelessness many of them constantly feel. However, it's also their choice to lash out , and i've no sympathy for them there.

No. 84828

It males me so happy to hear that you are doing better, anon. Especially after seeing threads like this. This is like the extreme end of "your brain on r9k".

No. 84829


No. 84830

Honestly, I bet he shared it so he wouldn't chicken out.

The reactions he got didn't even surprise me: encouragement, and attention.

I bet if he really didn't want to go through with it, he would have posted to a different board. Or not at all.

No. 84831

I think the difference between you and robots, just judging by this comment, is your empathy. You clearly feel for other people and are effected by their pain. You also realize that there are things you can work on in your life.

I find that robots have this weird, overdramatic way of seeing things. They don't just feel ugly, they are "subhuman". They aren't just lonley, they are failing their biological imperative, and will never breed because of their inferior genes.

Their whole perspective is fucked.

No. 84832

I am an empathetic person but don't think I view myself 95%of the time as an acceptable human being. I hate myself for my mental state and have since I was in elementary school stuck in special ed, practicing self punishment and set myself up for failure.Drugged to shit on welbutrin by 10. I tend to like other people more than myself and I unfortunately tend to get very emotionally attached very quickly and try to live out other people's achievements I feel or know I can't do 'with'them. I like to cheer others up and be supportive but I absolutely hate myself, in both body and mind. I've never understood "love urself first" because I've never liked myself. I just can't comprehend lashing out against others for things they haven't caused.

I think that a lot of them just want to be accepted into a social group and if it means having to be a misogynistic (a term I don't use lightly) and bitter person thst practices both hate towards themselves and others, they'll do it.

No. 84833


I feel better but this girl issue is dragging me down again because of things I can't control. I really like her and wish it would work. Haven't liked someone almost in 10 years Luke this.


God damn man are you me? It's like I'm reading someone describing me.

No. 84834

Idunno anon, are you a diagnosed sperg that's fearful every day he's going to be diagnosed with something like BPD as well? Do you guilt trip people into staying your friend trying to get pity from them by letting them in on your self hatred? If so, maybe.

This has gotten far off topic though.

Robots need help, and need it quickly. They literally need a fucking intervention, hopefully from their family.

No. 84835

Why are you such a faggot? Jw.

No. 84836

Jesus Christ go back to r9k if you want to blog about your pathetic life

No. 84838

I like hearing happy updates from them. Its a good contrast against shit like the OP.

It gives me hope, as lame as that sounds.

No. 84839

I completely agree that a lot of them want social acceptance. That's the reason why so many if their memes are self depricating. It is a joke, but through circlejerking about it, it binds them together.

That's the first thing I think of when they post random dick pics with shit like "TFW you will never have this dick". They are posting it to troll, but a lot of the comments are agreeing with the shitposting OP. Its weird. Its like they troll themselves, and then become closer through the discussion.

No. 84840


I won't go back to that shitholes ever again.

No. 84841

Good choice, anon.

No. 84851

File: 1459849675532.jpg (5.36 MB, 4608x3456, 1459849363470-1054798860.jpg)


Only good feels nao

No. 84874

File: 1459870156343.jpg (26.48 KB, 412x412, 1459665202264.jpg)

B&nned 4 bein 2 extreme

No. 84887


No. 84893

i hate to drive this home but the removal of a single teste WILL result in the other swelling in size. it will do nothing to alter his sexual function or fertility as the remaining teste will take the former's place so his "castration" was a futile effort. that is unless he intended for his withered sack to foster infection and become a wealth of gangrenous tissue.

why are frogposters so dumb

No. 85149

Biology - 1
Robots - 0

No. 85161

Robots have daddy issues and farmers have mammy issues. They should fuck tbh.

No. 85162


No. 85164

I'm not a robot and I can proof it by saying he didnt cut off his balls. But I've never seen a penis so what the hell do I know.

No. 85165

File: 1460057545157.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.31 KB, 497x626, nutdeath.jpg)

I wonder what lead up to this; what was the last straw. He should really go to the doctor though, so he doesn't catch the green gangs.

No. 85168

Has there been any updates from this guy? Is he living? Does he have a massive infection of the peenor?

No. 85332

This post is just so stupid I don't know even where to start.

No. 85469

LMAO I have zero sympathy for this dumb fuck. I wish more robots would follow his lead.

No. 85490

LOL. Yeah I just googled eunuch balls. Silly me.

No. 85505

We'll never know unless one ball paul himself returns to update the world on his solitary sphere. We may never have closure.

No. 85686

The fucking cliffhanger on this shit. I'm so damn curious.

One Ball-senpai, please return.

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