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File: 1458661633398.webm (7.74 MB, 854x480, call.brussels.webm)

No. 82846

The previous thread hit its limit >>35957

Let's continue to talk about how immigration 'enriches' Europe here

No. 82905

File: 1458678167331.jpg (204.05 KB, 948x434, 1424472_1549256498702291_70151…)

No. 82919

let extreme islamists operate freely so they don't feel oppressed, that'll stop them from gathering supplies, explosives, guns, support!

No. 82923

>extreme islamists
Pick one.

No. 82924

They're pretty much the same though. Both are batshit and violent to women.

No. 82925

Nice tumblr tier logic there. Do you also think that all men are rapists, all white people are racists and all women are sluts? kek

No. 82926

>do you also think all women are sluts
Wait, are we not?

Seriously though, why are so many people taking stereotypes and wholeheartedly believing that everyone in one group or another behaves exactly like the stereotype?

No. 82947

Literally what the hell is the source on that?

No. 82950

It's human nature.

No. 82992

Cause all the rapes weren't turning off the europeans enough.

No. 83717

File: 1459180805826.jpg (436.2 KB, 1400x682, rape.jpg)

No. 83730

File: 1459188862279.jpg (17.1 KB, 647x340, thinkstockphotos-477707785.jpg)

I still believe that this whole ISIS terrorism thing is a plot by a collective of national governmental bodies to train soldiers to go out and commit acts of terror to create a gradually emerging positive reaction to a large scale-war in yet another attempt to seize control and subsequently the resources within some other Middle-Eastern shithole country.
Last time this happened they did in one big blow with 9/11, and with just that they had p. much the entirety of America and most of the world screaming for blood. I doubt they can repeat the same scenario once more, it'll have be slow and steady this time, give the hatred time to really simmer and eventually boil over into a final act that will push everybody over the edge.

I wonder when the UK will get hit because you just know it's coming, and probably sooner than you'd expect.

Relieved I'm not in the South away from all that bullshit. Sumimasen, Southern sisters.

No. 83733

>this totally happened

I guess people like this also want to eliminate all christians, because mormons molest kids. And white men, because they are all totes rapists. And kids, because kids bully. And meat eaters, because muh animals. I can't believe people this stupid exist, but yet they do. How are we going to save the world from idiots?

No. 83764

The fact there are people still defending mass immigration at this stage is just sad.

No. 83765

Looks like a number of those who planned the Belgian atrocities returned to Belgium as refugees.

Also when they arrested Salah it sparked a mini riot. Lots of people calling him a hero in his neighborhood. Apparently he had been seen out and about and nobody informed the cops.

No. 83766

The largest oil contract in Iraq went to sinopec. Western leaders aren't machiavellian or smart anymore, a lot of people don't seem to realize they're just dumb generic libtards like most of the population: see Merkel for example. The woman is a fucking loon.

No. 83767

I think mass immigration from Muslim countries isn't necessarily bad, regardless of anecdotes like that or the Cologne assaults. It just has to be done more slowly and carefully than what Germany is doing, and full integration needs to be required to stay for more than like a week.


>Also when they arrested Salah it sparked a mini riot. Lots of people calling him a hero in his neighborhood. Apparently he had been seen out and about and nobody informed the cops.

Molenbeek definitely needs to be gassed or otherwise excised. It's pathetic that they're basically letting it exist as a containment zone or something. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression ends when the people genuinely want to kill you and everyone you know.

If there was a neighborhood in the US with people supporting ISIS and celebrating nearby massacres, you can bet the FBI and the National Guard would raze the place.

No. 83772

Complete integration is impossible with demographically significant immigration. Integration only works when the demographic reality is like it is in say, Japan, where resident foreigners are so tiny in number they can't even form their own communities and intermarriage essentially means your children's children will be 3/4 Japanese.

In countries where 10 to 15 percent of the population is already Muslim. Like France. It's impossible to do anything because they've established themselves as separate tribal groups within your nation and don't have to integrate because their numbers are large enough to support hermetically sealed communities of their own.

Things are not going to get better if you promote the same policies. The same lax immigration and settlement laws, the same "de radicalisation" programs that have been shown to be failures time and time again.

Unfortunately liberals have pushed us into a situation where we have to see authoritarian, imperial style government very soon, because there is no other way to govern such diverse groups of people and keep the peace between and among them.

No. 83810

>Integration only works when the demographic reality is like it is in say, Japan, where resident foreigners are so tiny in number they can't even form their own communities and intermarriage essentially means your children's children will be 3/4 Japanese.
America has seen many large waves of immigrants who've successfully integrated. It's not exactly impossible.

>In countries where 10 to 15 percent of the population is already Muslim. Like France. It's impossible to do anything because they've established themselves as separate tribal groups within your nation and don't have to integrate because their numbers are large enough to support hermetically sealed communities of their own.

That's why, ideally, you need to start enforcing those standards from the start. Before those communities form.

After they're already there… I don't really know the best answer. Some degree of integration should still be required of them, even if they've been living in the country for a while without that requirement. If they refuse to learn the language or otherwise integrate after being aware of the requirement, they should be forced to leave.

No. 83824

>If they refuse to learn the language or otherwise integrate after being aware of the requirement, they should be forced to leave.
ZOMG, you're like Hitler! You're, you're … DONALD TRUMP!

No. 83831

America's most successfully integrated immigrant groups were all largely western European Christians. So you're comparing apples and oranges to be honest. The fact is that these people are a negative net loss for Europe and inter generationally get more radical yet you're telling us we need to accept more and more of them even though you admit you have no idea what to do with them.

How about we just stop letting so many people settle here in the first place?

No. 84637


70 dead in terrorist attack targeting Christians.

No. 84652

Europe, especially my country has had a long history of either being migrants ourselves or accepting economic migrants and refugees. Migrants have blended well into our society and contribute a lot. Sorry that you think every foreigner is a lesser person than your self.

No. 84653

And how many muslims have been murdered by Daesh today? How many Palestinians abused and killed by the IDF? Or do these people not matter to you because they are the "wrong type of victim"?

No. 84664

More than those killed by non-muslims.

You're trying to tell me it's ok for black thugs to kill asian, latino, and white people just because the black community suffers disproportionately from black violence?

No. 87770

>“Thank You For Raping Me” German Socialist Woman Thanks Muslim “Refugees” In Facebook Post For Gang Raping Her


No. 87771

File: 1461462609449.png (252.79 KB, 400x616, racists.png)

No. 87794

This picture is fake.
See how some of the letters match perfectly? The sites are maybe fake too, though I think Antifa members would be capable of that kind of thinking from experience.

No. 87800

I'm sorry but if you support millions upon millions of people being able to cross into Europe undocumented then you're just an idiot who has no business in determining policy.

No. 87801

They are quite literally not refugees under the relevant UN treaties.

No. 87807

You are so gullible it hurts. Gullible shitskins join the ISIS and gullible cumskins start raping and beating up leftist women. I'm glad that gullible piss skins only marry anime characters. Please kill yourself.

No. 87935

As an American I used to just think this was a runaway government, but outside of chans it seems most Europeans I've encountered support taking them all in. I think it's stupid, but if you guys are this set on going full retard then go ahead. Doesn't bother me

No. 88006

Most are just brown people who want a white wife and to leech off welfare

No. 88019

They deleted the pic from their site later on.
>See how some of the letters match perfectly?
It's called a writing style.

No. 88031

sorry to play devil's advocate but that shit is copy/pasted. You try drawing 4 S's that look exactly the same freehand.
The P was creating by erasing the leg stick on a copied R.

No. 88032


No. 88074

File: 1461585494937.jpg (58.23 KB, 540x540, 1448233715410.jpg)

I have a question for you anons.
is your hate directed at muslims or just middle easterns in general?

I can understand the hate towards muslims or extremists to be more specific but I don't really get the hate towards any person who happens to be brown.

It's like calling all white people nazis for what actual nazis did.

Not trying to bait a race war, just curious.

No. 88112

They just copied and pasted "Racists" and replaced the C with the R which they edited to look like a P.

No. 88115

File: 1461598705960.jpg (51.42 KB, 611x388, 1461592013157.jpg)

Well at least feminists finally got their rape culture

No. 88116

Just muslims. Nothing against christian refugees because they are the real victims.

No. 88117

It is a fake. I remember the /pol/ thread in which someone edited it

No. 88118

IMO a lot of people's hate starts with "these particular extremist people are bad" and then it spreads based on negative experiences and starts to include more and more people who share characteristics (like race or religion) with the original hated group.

It's easy to recognise differences within your own race because you use yourself as an example, like "not all ___ people are ___ because I am ___ and I'm not." You get exposed to the differences and subtleties of your own race more than you're exposed to others.

It's hard for a person to know as much about somebody else's race as they do about their own, so it's easier to gloss over the individuals and view somebody else's group in very simplistic ways. If somebody's experience with another group is negative, it's really easy for them to tar that whole race with the same brush. They might lose the inclination to actually consider individual beliefs and behaviour as more and more negative experiences happen.

For example, a lot of non-muslims might not know muslims personally. Their experiences with Muslims might be just seeing terrorist attacks on the news, so all their experience of Muslims will be negative and, unless something happens to balance out the experiences or make them consider each person on a case by case basis, it might be really easy to just mark the whole group and shun them in order to avoid negative experiences in the future.

Sorry for the rambling lmao

No. 88119

The Indians in Britain integrate fine and dont cause many problems
The fact of the matter is that Islam in its current form is not compatible with the West by any stretch of the imagination.

No. 88120

>Islam in its current form is not compatible with the West
This is how I feel. I have no issue with a person's religion in principle but, if the way it's practised by a person just doesn't work with the laws or the social group it's been brought into, then it just isn't going to work.

No. 88121


No. 88123

To be more correct, It's islam what is not compatible with civilized word. I don't want to be devil's advocate, but there are very civilized muslims, like in Syria, unfortunetally majority of muslims are savages.

No. 88144

What bothers me more than the rather insignificant amount of Muslims coming in (from a male-swedish perspective, I don't get raped, they're not worse than drunks with regards to assault). Is that the pretense for why we want them here is false. It's claimed it's for humanitarian reasons.
But if it were for humanitarian reason you'd want to help as many people as much as possible. This isn't the case at all with Europe. Over here I estimated the cost per year of immigrants to be 34.433 billion USD per year. http://www.unhcr.org/5461e60d155.html
Compare that number to this. Currently we meet our part of the budget collective budget by about half. We could fund all of this shit for the entirety of Europe multiple times per year without even making a serious dent in our integration/immigration budget.

And that money is far more effective at improving quality of life if spent over there than here. The refugee to immigrant ratio is 150:1 here.

So yeah. I don't blame anyone who's pissed at political parties opposing immigration.

Also should say I didn't come up with this on my own. This guy
Did a very simple statement. He's not allowed on publicly for political reasons anymore. The only place this has been mentioned that's mainstream that I know of is a fundraising thing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHEsjQEsVyk (in Swedish though)

I'm pretty pissed at this stuff because I've been opposed the crazy parts of the left for a long time. But they at least had some sort of feasible POV in the past for things. It's very easy to see the confusion. But now there's just no justification other than "we want more Islam/multiculturalism". Or something. They're actively harming people to get it too. And neither of those things have any motivated value as always.

So yeah, go ahead and vote Trump. I don't mind. Sure, there will come more refugees because he's gonna bring the troops home, ignoring whatever the consequences are. But maybe that will prompt the governments to make a complete stop or at least fund UNHCR to try and stem the flow.
Yeah it's fake. It's pretty fucking true though. It's to this effect. And also notice it's RAF. German anti-fascist organization, meaning they have a violent opposition to the right. Our anti-immigration party which have proposed a massive increase in UNHCR spending and the most extreme they are on people who are here is to deport asylum seekers who commit violent crime. They have problem with our RF (equivalent). Worse yet they're revolutionary anarchists. And it makes social anarchists like me (well I hold many preferences really, I don't vote towards anarchism 100% of the time regardless of situation) look bad by association. /blog

I just had to write my concerns somewhere. /pol/ never cares because even if they as a group are not really prejudice against people aside from maybe religion they're far more interested in memes.

Nobody cares about solving problems anymore.
Not even politicians who would have direct gain from it. I'm voting SD now, even if they're the authoritarian right because 4 million is an number that's gonna climb and if this goes on we will have major problems with terrorism. Also I'm kinda sad things are as bad as they are. It's probably the easiest way to make a difference.

No. 88147

Not to say it can't be modified to be adapted into Western Europe, but as it stands now Islam stands for everything against our current Western Values. The brush stroke for painting people as "moderate muslims" is so weak and its only requirement is that they don't kill people. But a worrying majority of Muslims are against free speech, democracy, womens rights, gay rights, etc.

Unless they just turn around and adapt then I feel this is going to inevitably lead to conflict as European's birthrates plummet all the while Muslims are popping out litters of babies and while the EU imports millions more

No. 88149

Yeah.. Stats on sharia support is disturbing.
It's so well established too. People are too focused on the minority of Muslims. Their religion permit them to lie about their religion if it's for their safety so why not take a no-tolerance policy towards violent extremism?

No. 88157

Sunni Islam is absolute garbage.

Shia Islam is moderately better.

Ahmadis are significantly better, and virtually the entire Muslim World considers them to be heretics worthy only of death (they are basically heretics, they even think Socrates was a prophet).

Basically - the further you move away from Koranic literalism the better Islam gets. But the problem with moving away from Islam's sola scriptura is that the Koran is literally, word for word, the revealed word of Allah according to just about any form of orthodox Islam. That's different to the Christian tradition of the gospels, which are merely a revealed form of God's words/actions through the eyes of others (the disciples).

Anyway, regarding the "refugee" issue. They are not refugees under UN treaty or international law, and this is plain fact.

No. 88159

It depends. By your own narrative (I'm assuming you are a Muslim or a liberal) you say if we don't support millions upon millions of people swamping us in our own homelands, we "hate" them anyway.

So you have to make up your mind, if not wanting to become a minority in your own country is "hateful", then yeah, I hate them. If your definition of hatred is more reasonable, then no, I don't. Just because I wouldn't let my NEET friend turn up at my house uninvited stay at my place for the next 30 years without rent, doesn't mean I "hate" the guy.

No. 88541

File: 1461706231040.gif (875.38 KB, 440x330, 092398239.gif)

That's understandable, people tend to generalise since it's easier that way.
I don't think it's racist, maybe a bit ignorant but I wouldn't hate all white people if one of them cuss'd me out on the street.
but yeah, you're right.

neither actually, My mum happens to be middle eastern so I'm kind of lumped into the mix whether I want to be or not.

Not that I'm complaining, I don't really belong in either races I was mixed from(Im a widdle snowflake) but I tend to get a lot more hate from white people til they figure out my story and stuff.

As horrible as it may sound I don't sympathies with the refugees coming over nor do I think so many should be let me.
I only made the question to see what lolcow thinks of middle easterns outside of islam

No. 91220


Sandniggers strike again in Australia! Of course, the police told the victim to cover up and dye her disgusting blonde whore hair.

>"I had been standing on the platform waiting for the train when a man came up to me and spoke to me in a foreign language. He then started putting his hands through my hair and made it clear that in his cultural background there were hardly any blonde women. I told him to go away, and for a short while he really did go away."

>"But it was only to get his pals and a bit later he came back with three others. They stole my handbag and my cards."

>And if that was not enough, she said that the four had then attacked her, bashing her to the ground in a rage before running off.

No. 91223

>An Austrian judge who ruled that an 18-year-old asylum seeker who raped a 72-year-old pensioner must serve just 20-months in prison and will not be deported has been placed under police protection after she received death threats.


>Prosecutors have said an asylum seeker accused of raping a ten-year-old boy at a swimming pool in Vienna will be charged with rape, sexual abuse of a minor and slander.


No. 91235

muslims are scum imo and brown people too, it is absolutely coptic and kurdish and turkish to think brown people are normal good people. They are not. Also what is the "Brown" race? stupid term. All I know is that all brown people are savages except me
I HATE indians even if they are hindu, hispanics are shit too and they are not muslim usually
christian middle easterners are vid related, in my home country they are scum the only foreigners / minority that are good there are armenians may allah bless armenians they are very nice hard working people and they dont rape or bother anyone

No. 91343

You must be armenian…
fucking same fag stop derailing threads with your racist bullshit

No. 91357

this. Thank you.

No. 91406

>How many Palestinians abused and killed by the IDF?

20.000 since 1948, fucking nothing when conpared to muslims ruling other muslims. Get a grip on reality Fatima.

No. 91409

File: 1462899994159.jpg (20.63 KB, 250x355, images.jpg)

No. 91421

No im not armenian lel I'm not samefagging either its known im openly doing this, I want the world to know the truth about "mena". Armenians ARE good people in my home country, only good hard working people. The christians natives there are just like any "bawwww opresss minority", chimping out every where.
who is that guy in that pic tho

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