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File: 1621080400778.jpg (76.84 KB, 800x600, Eurovision-2021-Logo-1.jpg)

No. 807181

Back after a year break; this time in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
1st semi-final:
Tuesday, 18 May, 2021, 21:00 CEST
2nd semi-final:
Thursday, 20 May, 2021, 21:00 CEST
Saturday, 22 May, 2021, 21:00 CEST

>favorite entries
>winner predictions
>thoughts on your own country's entry(new thread in /m/)

No. 807185

I never watch/listen the songs before the first semi! I feel like I'm the only one who does this despite watching Eurovision religiously.

No. 807188

Can we talk past-favourites for a moment? I'm still in love with this song from Slovenia from last time, it's unlike anything else I've seen performed on Eurovision. I follow these two on instagram and their whole vibe is the samy cozy feel they give off on stage here, I absolutely love it.

No. 807191

For now bookmakers predict Italy, France and Malta in top three, which would make a very interesting mix for a top three as Italy came with a rock song, France a classic ballad and Malta has a "typical" eurovision flashy pop.
My personal favorites are Ukraine with a mix of electronic music and traditional singing and dark disco vibes from Lithuania, I expect them to go far but not that likely to win.

My own country (Poland) is an embarassment this year for many reasons, I have strong personal bias against the artist as he's closely linked with government funded tv channel and would personally be happy to see him not make it to the final.

Used to do that too for many many years to enjoy the surprise during live performances but this year the hunger after a year long break was just too much lol
It was so sweet and felt genuinely intimate, one of the most memorable entries from that year for sure!

No. 807193

Italy and France really? I always feel like they're
as a massive setback just because they don't perform at the semis.

How is the genre distribution this year? Sometimes one of the semis gets kinda boring when it's just ballad after ballad.

No. 807195

anons, do u know that 'murica will have its own EUROvision now…but with states. the name will still remain 'eurovision'. wtf

No. 807197

>the name will still remain 'eurovision'
For real? Well they can have it, I'm just glad they're not joining our Eurovision. Eurovision is "our" thing, I'd never want America participating (yes despite Israel and Australia competing too)

No. 807199

Top 4:
Italy! I am so excited anons, it's been too long since we last had one! Israel will most likely get very few political votes.

No. 807201

Not true anon, the name will be American Song Contest, I'm curious how they'll make it special. With Eurovision I feel like a lot of what makes it special is it's long history, which obviously will be missing here.

IDK if there are any official stats for genre distribution, but when I listened through majority of things on youtube I was under the impression theres less ballads than usually, maybe people felt like we really need to make it Fun with capital F this year after the pandemic depression.

No. 807202

Honestly, how can we complain about this since Australia started participating in actual Eurovision kek

No. 807204

>Israel will most likely get very few political votes.
Reminds me of Eurovision after Russia attacked Ukraine; I'm sure they deliberately sent two young girls to perform that year in hope people won't dare to be mean to them but they were still boo-ed a lot when they performed.

No. 807205

I mean Australia wasn't the first non-Europe country to participate, Isreal has been consistently participating for decades. Cyprus and Armenia too, a couple of more countries I think. It's just that no one wants bossy America to butt into our European inside joke, right?

No. 807207

Who remembers this, I'm still laughing 2 years later

No. 807208

I am worried that Russia will get drowned because of politics going on right now (not just Ukraine being, but also Biden).

I really enjoyed the song because it literally mocks the hell out of the way people treat women in russia, and shows how strong they are. I remember LITTLE BIG was supposed to perform before her (but COVID happened and they got replaced for w/e reason, main singer never talks about it but he shown how salty he was about it).

No. 807209

I do not understand why they need their own Eurovision when they got shows like VOICE, etc. I also hear Asia is getting its own 'Eurovision' too, which is a bit strange because there are lots of music-related comp shows out there

No. 807210

File: 1621082648939.gif (869.61 KB, 320x180, DelightfulPepperyGrosbeak-max-…)

>With Eurovision I feel like a lot of what makes it special is it's long history, which obviously will be missing here.
Yeah I agree. And not just that, also the feeling of a continent banding together. America is just one country, I doubt their version will feel as special to Americans as Eurovision does to us Europeans. I might still watch though once it's here but idk a whole lot about America or it's states.

No. 807211

I wouldn't worry about Russia, they're doing well in general betting, the song is good, they only year they really suffered because of politics was the attack on Ukraine year, after that people forgot. Nobody cares about Biden in Europe and USA is not voting; Russia always has a lot of guaranteed 12s from her "satelite countries", a lot of other countries will sympathize with the song's message and vote for it for sure, imho there's no way it will not end up in top 10.
Little Big was imho an overkill for Eurovision, theres a reason why no one really ever sends anyone super popular and they have worldwide fame already. The song slapped though.

No. 807213

Tbh Eurovision has always been about bringing the countries of Europe together in a friendly competition and rivalry. Shows like the Voice or X-Factor (shows that are also running in my own country) are ultimately about finding new talents and participants wanting to start their carreers. There's definitely a big difference in objective there.

No. 807215

I wonder, would it be even possible to have state based voting system? Do different states have different calling codes, like countries of Europe? Otherwise I imagine every state would just vote for themselves and call it a day.

No. 807220

I'm sure they'll figure out a way that works and is fair lol. Euroanons are you gonna watch America's Eurovision when it airs next year?

No. 807221

Yes, can't wait to see some Eurovision-style cowboy rock.

No. 807231


No. 807283

I've always wanted Canada to join but it's more unlikely every year.

No. 807285

Why Canada specifically? And why does it get less likely every year?

No. 807292

Because it's a Commonwealth country and Australia is a contestant. It's unlikely because of the US Eurovision happening soon.

No. 807311

What does it being a commonwealth country have to do with it?

No. 807333

In theory it'd be amazing but I think it'll disappoint purely because US TV execs never let stuff just be intentionally shitty and always try to elevate shows until they end up being UNintentionally shitty. If they just let the contestants do what they want I think it'll be amazing but if the TV people get too involved or if it's super scripted it'll be spoiled.

No. 807339

Tbh I just want Hatari back

No. 807373

File: 1621101336290.gif (3.62 MB, 540x305, tumblr_a80fc8bd77f0f10f4a44451…)

I love that a BDSM metal band can co-exist with operatic ballads and poppy popsongs and get broadcasted to 200million homes kek. One of the reasons I love Eurovision, you never know what you're going to get.

No. 807375

I feel you.

No. 807472

Because Australia is and they're in the competition. It's not fair lol let me cope n seethe.

No. 808000

> NikkieTutorials
is that cause of confirmed american 'eurovision'?

No. 808233

He's from the netherlands, so I'm assuming they chose him because he's a popular tranny e-celeb

No. 808241

Isn't VOICE from the netherlands too originally? They also got x factor, american idol, etc, why not an amerivision or whatever?

No. 808247

Nikki is Dutch dumbass

No. 808261

Are you Canadian?

>so I'm assuming they chose him because he's a popular tranny e-celeb
I think they chose him because he's easily the biggest e-celeb from the Netherlands and probably the only one who's known internationally. I don't like him but tbh I don't think it's a bad choice because he'll appeal to younger people.

No. 808395

i think choosing popular internationally people is kind of cheating, it's like if UK chose 1D to represent them. but whatever.

>favorite entries

i'm rooting for italy. they have great songs every year and aren't winning so maybe this time.

>thoughts on your own country's entry

i don't want to talk about it noone want to talk about it

No. 808726

nikki is a host dumbass. and italy's entry is boring as shit, it's what some 50 year old boomer execs think cool edgy young people music is.

No. 808814

I'd be sooo surprised if Italy wins, they keep getting snubbed and it's so annoying

I think this is the first year when I'll vote for someone else other than Italy in 4 years, I like Iceland's entry way more.

No. 809028

File: 1621262030674.jpg (336.81 KB, 1079x831, 1558042015057.jpg)

chill anon

I do that too! It adds an element of surprise to the contest.

No. 809042

lol okay then, i can't read apparently.
but still, italy's song is cool anyway. they have different genre every year, i respect that, because it's not some sad ballad every time

No. 809674

The chorus' of Cyprus' song is exactly like Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

No. 809677

Malta is like an Isreal 2018 chicken winner 2.0 but tries to be more expensive/less crazy. I don't care for this Meghan Trainorish concept.

No. 809679

If this was released when I was a teen I would've been OBSESSED with Norwegian's entry. I feel like this fit perfectly in with the mainstream music of the early 10's. I really like the song though despite how cheesy it is. I don't get why he DOESN'T FLY THOUGH? THIS IS EUROVISION HELLO? We need over the top campy props and gimmicks!!

No. 809680

Here's a recap of all the songs btw

No. 809687

The ratio of extremely polished, strategic, contemporary songs seems to rise with every passing year.

No. 809698

Romania coming in with shitty autotune… ugh no, just no.

No. 809707

File: 1621328252918.png (27.3 KB, 441x390, russianwoman.png)

What does everyone think of Russia's entry? I unfortunately hate how it sounds but the lyrics are interesting. Quite a departure from what they send normally.

No. 809709

apparently the orthodox church is trying to get the song banned because it promotes manhate

No. 809710

Oh my god, pathetic. Only the male ego could be hurt by a song about strong women.

No. 809711

She sounds good live tbh (assuming that microphone doesn't have some sort of live-autotune)

No. 809713

Kek if this is real i will legit vote for this song then.

I live under a rock or something because im dutch and i did not even know they were gonna make Nikkie a host? His english is good and im guessing he will have good charisma to because he's a youtuber but he will probably stand out a lot compared to the other hosts because he is pretty big.

No. 809715

wtf i love the russian entry now. im tempted to vote out of spite for the first time.

just checked the full song(i only saw the recap) and the dislike ratio is ridiculous.where the fuck does it promote "manhate"?

No. 809720

>im tempted to vote out of spite for the first time.
Kek same.

Tbh I don't have one song that really stands out for me this year if I go by how it sounds.

No. 809726

I cant read russian but im guessing it just a bunch of angry russian scrotes because the english comments dont seem to be mad.

No. 809729

Crazy how it's enough for lyrics to talk about women self-awareness and strenght to be labeled as "manhate"…

No. 809736

Their precious Sergey-I'm already famous in my homecountry but can't quite win Eurovision twice despite ultra slick performances-Lazarev couldn't get Russia the win but imagine if the "mAnHaTe" song does? It probably won't happen but it'd be so fucking funny to piss off russian scrotes that way.

No. 809755

Can confirm, they want to recreate it and that's fucked up.

Russians hate this song a lot mainly because they find performance cringe and that a person who's singing is not russian, and the last reason is ofc "muh feminism sucks, and why is she so ugly n dressed up like shit". I am not the biggest fan of her aesthetic and outfits, but I adore this song for its lyrics, finally calling out country's mentality at least a tiny little bit.

No. 809772

Finnish anons, is rock/metal really popular in your country or something? I'm just so surprised that a 'heavy' song like that could win a contest by public votes, that'd never happen in my country lol. I quite like the song btw.

No. 809774

Yeah, maybe less so in mainstream lately but definitely a thing here. We have exported that shit too a few years back with bands like uhh apocalyptica, 69eyes, HIM and some other shit, now I got self conscious now with what constitutes as rock.

No. 809785

Scandi countries and that area are the the home of black metal too, it's funny how they have such beautiful landscapes but also these bands

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