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File: 1611496860460.jpg (9.66 KB, 301x167, download 100.jpg)

No. 721567

so what is the worst alcoholic drinks to you?

No. 721568

all of them. that shit's haram.

No. 721569

Tastes like perfume

No. 721570

No. 721803

wine. sorry

No. 721805

Chardonnay is like disgusting butter I can’t stand it

No. 721806

i thought it would be hot for my bf to take a body shot off my cleavage but i guess i didn't squeeze them hard enough or its impossible because i just got a bunch of $60 whiskey in my goddamn navel

No. 721813

have you tasted perfume before?

No. 721816

red wine tastes revolting to me and burns more going down than any other drink, idk why. I also hate the taste of beer unless I'm already drunk

No. 721822

Cheap wine, particularly cheap red wine. My mother guzzles the stuff so I just thought I didn’t like wine at first. Turns out if you pay a little more, you can buy still inexpensive but pleasant wines that don’t taste like licking a dirty carpet.

Spirits without mixers are my idea of hell. Otherwise, I’m not fussy.

No. 721824

Unfortunately, yes
Accidentally, sprayed it in my face

No. 721829

File: 1611532494706.jpg (18.99 KB, 600x600, 51t6igLmP1L._AC_UL600_SR600,60…)

These fuckers, they are sickly sweet and youd have to drink a lot of them to feel any "buzz"
(Yall Burgerlanders chug these as challenges and get shitfaced off them while here in the UK this shit is juice to us kek)

No. 721831

File: 1611532596957.jpeg (63.94 KB, 338x450, E8F3B23E-8DE4-408A-9E05-F0B6CA…)

beer. it's the taste equivalent to how this pic looks

No. 721832

Brown liquor is probably the worst for me, I hate the taste and smell and it's strong enough to make me sick. I dislike wine and beer but I'll drink it if it's free, so I guess it's tolerable enough.

Ironically drinking tends to make me hate mixers more than the alcohol itself. I can't stand energy drinks after a few yrs of mixing vodka with Red Bull because now I associate the tastes too much, and I find juices and soda unbearably sugary thanks to drinking excessive amounts of it with alcohol mixed in. I have vivid memories of being desperate to clean my fuzzy teeth on a night out because of all the grenadine or OJ I've drunk.

No. 721838

Nonnie, why are you posting still lemonade in the alcohol thread?

No. 721841

Lmao im sorry anon but I've never seen anyone drink those other than for the enjoyment of the taste, they do nothing even for beginners

No. 721843

lmao i gotta say seagrams coolers are even worse. 3.5% apv koolaid that will give you an ache in your tum-tum from all the sugar before you can even get buzzed.

gotta ad picrel tho. never tried it but I busted out laughing when I saw it at the store.

No. 721845

File: 1611533027299.jpg (35.67 KB, 720x800, 88262.jpg..jpg)

dropped pic

No. 721865

Take it youve never heard of the "get iced" challenge. Americans really cant handle their alcohol

No. 721890

Damn couch stabbing anon is a sailor now?

No. 721930

I drink these for the taste and nostalgia really, also cheap af if you get them on cruises. Too much sugar for normal drinking though.

No. 721934

Baiju is disgusting

No. 721936

I love these because they are full of sugar. Anything alcoholic that doesn't taste like alcohol is an automatic yes if you want to get trashed

No. 721938

Sake. The first time I tried, it broke my weeb heart because it tastes awful.

No. 721942

Have you tried a really good one, though? Some are very light and can be even fruity, I like it the hint of rice taste as well.

No. 721952

File: 1611538772695.png (534.81 KB, 744x702, ozeki.png)

yeah anon there are some cute tasty ones

No. 721957

Aw man, I love their sparkling peach sake. It’s unfortunate no store in my area carries it.

No. 721982

Okay, maybe I'll try it again sometime. What would you say is the best one?

No. 722010


Tozai snow maiden is good and pretty widely available

Yuki Nigori fruit sakes are also really good.

The cheap house hot sake you get at the sushi places is not good; look for the ones that should be served cold.

No. 722127

Honestly, anything sugary but that’s speaking as an alcohol veteran. Also the Turly iced teas are awful, very disappointing…

No. 722153

Ouzo and absinthe. The minty anis taste goes horribly with alcohol.

No. 722166

File: 1611566945207.jpg (275.43 KB, 1024x768, rakjoritgakfgnm.jpg)

You know you're poor and classless if u loiter gas station to get adults to buy the squad these

No. 722180

File: 1611568973783.png (123.7 KB, 400x716, 17073511_400.png)

Boyfriend got this for me once. I couldn't finish it, taste is way way way too bitter.

No. 722286

there is only one correct answer and it is malort

No. 722304

that looks really good for mixing though, like dilute it with sparkling water and add some simple syrup

No. 722346

came here to say ouzo. but hey I'll drink anything when thirsty enough.

eurofag here, how do these even taste like? looks like a mix between an energy drink and a beer.

No. 722348

shochu. plenty of the sugary mixed stuff in this thread i find gross too, but as a unique alcohol with its own history and culture and so on, shochu is the most consistently nasty for me, where i'm happy with sake/vodka/gin/whisky/amaro/mezcal/whatever

No. 722359

any kind of hard seltzer, never was a fan of lacroix so the acoholic version is just so gross and bland that I usually have to mix it with lemon juice to make them taste decent.

No. 722438

They are soOoo full of flavor (apple, punch, mango etc) that you don't even taste the malt. Not that it tastes good, its terrible. But sweet. Like drinking liquid candy that has a weird wrong bite.
It has to be the most heavily flavored malt liquor mix out there.

It will FUCK you up. Never NEVER go 8 lokos.

No. 722439

The energy drink look is b/c they used to have caffeine in them

No. 722441

File: 1611602492465.png (279.66 KB, 1080x1080, F1289FFA-165C-4B7D-9A32-57426F…)

Bars where I live went on a big marketing push for this shit a few years ago and… it sucks. Expensive and nasty no thank u.

No. 722444

File: 1611603249199.png (258.69 KB, 1000x1000, Moonstone-Asian-Pear-750ml-Bot…)


Agree with >>722010 Tozai snow maiden is good. If you like fruit flavors, I'm a big fan of the Moonstone Asian Pear sake. It's very light, a little dry, and the asian pear flavor is delicious. I like to have a little with a sliced up apple while I cook dinner.

No. 722445

I hated it so much, it’s deceiving because the colors makes you think it will be sweet and delicious, but it tastes like the end of a banana mixed with satan’s piss.

No. 722466

File: 1611606836926.jpg (52.42 KB, 384x512, unnamed.jpg)

micheladas are a staple college drink where I live and I fucking hate it
How did we go from vodka and rum at high school age to this disgusting lemony piss when we are legal and can get any drink we want?

No. 722635

File: 1611617933548.jpg (147.94 KB, 1000x376, dragon-soop-range-shot_tropica…)

Oh god that reminds me of these monstrosities, fucking disgusting and this is coming from a energy drink addict. Taste like metal and piss. Unrelated but I know someone whos an alcoholic and lives off these which also puts me off them a little extra.

No. 723434

lemony? anon, I don't think you've had a read michelada.

I personally loved it. They have been pushing this drink in a BIG way all over south east asia and afaik it has had great success. I think it tastes the best when its summer and its super hot

No. 723437

File: 1611708587268.jpeg (53.63 KB, 480x643, B21CD004-0055-4718-B2EA-F64EFE…)

this bullshit

No. 723473

I agree with >>723434 I love Micheladas because they're salty/savory, not lemony. I used to not like the taste of beer but now that I do I still love how unique Micheladas taste.

No. 723516

File: 1611715665064.png (106.24 KB, 1000x1000, poison.png)

I could throw up just looking at the picture.

No. 723533

File: 1611718976184.jpeg (375.53 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpeg)

hell on earth

No. 723615

Whiteclaw. Sorry not sorry

No. 723714

funnily enough the sake I tried just tasted like smooth vodka, I usually can't drink liquor straight, but that shit went down smooth. cannot remember the brand name, but it was peach flavored

No. 723722

Whiteclaw leaves such a bad aftertaste.

No. 723803

File: 1611747048284.jpg (219.48 KB, 768x1024, discostan.jpg)

most fruit flavored beers but especially lemon. the flavors never mix well. if i want to taste fruit in alcohol i will have a cider instead. fruit flavored beers taste plain wrong.

No. 724008

Skunky IPAs. I can't believe people unironically enjoy them.

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