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File: 1455634525132.jpg (21.01 KB, 320x461, OcXktFjo7-g.jpg)

No. 71092

Can we talk about fetish and kink? Post your kinks, post hot priests.

I remember talking to some anons on here some time ago who shared my love for the roman cassock and religious kink so let's give this a shot.

No. 71093

i wish my bf would piss on me but he wont.Its not even hurting him? whats it to him to piss on me?

No. 71094

I guess you can't get someone into a kink if they're just not feeling it. Maybe he's willing to try some other humiliation stuff, if that's what it's about for you.

No. 71097

File: 1455635522460.jpg (11.15 KB, 261x382, Piss_Christ_by_Serrano_Andres_…)

Here anon, for you.

No. 71099

There's a tumblr artist who draws hetaporn and she once wrote a list with her kinks. I was surprised to know we had almost the same ones (but there all degenerate so I never talk about them)

No. 71101

Feel free to talk about them here. I'll gladly take your confession.

No. 71102

File: 1455637530858.jpg (89.19 KB, 650x366, baleinthemachinist1.jpg)

There's something about emaciated and sickly men. I love the thought of being able to overpower them if I really wanted to.

Bale in The Machinist was so hot to me. That's not acting or makeup, that is real commitment.

No. 71104

Bale was incredible in that movie. I wasn't attracted to him, but fuck, to seriously eat an apple and can of tuna a day for two -three weeks to get into that role?? i cannot even imagine doing that. He is a real method actor.

No. 71110

Definitely. Talk about suffering for your art.

No. 71111

File: 1455640317533.jpg (47.47 KB, 303x536, 2009_angels_and_demons_004.jpg)

I'll just take the liberty and post some hot priests then if you guys don't mind.

No. 71112

File: 1455640489235.jpg (108.32 KB, 1000x750, American-Horror-Story-Asylum-a…)

No. 71114

File: 1455641147014.jpg (83.67 KB, 550x413, 4ANpmRB.jpg)

Someone get me this calendar.

No. 71116

File: 1455641462242.jpg (Spoiler Image, 572.45 KB, 1280x1707, tmp_31676-1454843726729-139720…)

Realistic stranger rape scenarios, degradation, humiliation (eating ass, making a girl wear cum on her face and walk down a busy Street etc), making her wear a dog collar and leash while she eats out of a bowl on all fours, violent sadism, discrete sex in public, making her get tattoos of various kinds to mark her etc.

It gets worse than that. Unfortunately.

No. 71117

Do you like the thought over overpowering men in general or just sick men? Any other femdom fantasies?

No. 71118

I literally have none outside of vanilla sex

No. 71121

I know it's supposed to be fucked up but the scene in Asylum where the nun rapes him made me so fucking horny. He and Lily Rabe are both so hot and watching that scene made me feel all sorts of ways, especially when he gives in and cums inside her.

No. 71122

With the exception of the public stuff all of these things are 100% morally fine if you have a willing partner. Straight male dominant BDSM is one of the most normalfag-tier fetishes out there.

No. 71123

I have a huge fetish for turning innocent virgin guys on to rough, kinky sex. My fiancee was a virgin before he met me and pretty vanilla and I turned him on to all sorts of shit. Pegging, domination, insanely rough sex, hitting/biting, bondage, just to name a few.

It's been so hot seeing him turn from a blubbering virgin who came all over himself from touching my boobs, into a sexy lover who will fuck me whenever, and however I want. I'm committed to him through and through but I still fantasize about doing this to other men almost daily.

No. 71124

That's by far not the worst of it though. It gets so bad that I actually feel pretty guilty.

No. 71125

File: 1455642802869.jpg (100.95 KB, 690x1035, Orthodox-Calendar-Press-Releas…)

Fanfiction has made my #1 kink the fucking stupid omegaverse shit. Like nothing gets me hotter than the idea of someone getting so horny that they need to just have intense crazy sex for days constantly. Basically its a heat/rut fetish sans the weird bestiality portion with knotting dicks.

And I don't know if you mind homo stuff, but there's a great Video/Calendar/Photoset called Sancta Paraphilia which depicts hot men dressed at priests being very sexual and gay with men.

No. 71128

Then what's the worst of it? If you don't want to there's no need toact on fantasies, whatever those sex-positive types tell you. If you think you'll harm yourself or another person you should seek professional help and remove things that remind you of those fantasies out of your life.

No. 71129

It's not really physically harmful stuff. Though I had an ex who genuinely liked being beaten up during sex. It's more the degradation and sexualized humiliation.

No. 71130

Then what's so awful?

No. 71131

I can provide an example but it's kind of disgusting

No. 71132

We're all disgusting here.
If you want, I can repost this one really fucked up greentext about domming blonde guys one farmer posted in another thread so you don't feel bad.

No. 71133

Making her eat a mixture of dog food and piss out of a dog bowl. Fucking her throat until she pukes all over my dick, then making her swallow it all again and repeat the process, as just one example.

No. 71134

Everytime I watch that scene (and I've rewatched it many times) I get so desperately turned on, it almost hurts. Why is there no porn like that? Where they actually keep their clothes on! It frustrates me to no end that I can't satisfy this craving at all.

No. 71135

Men in general. The sick and weak factor just comes into play because it makes the scenario more realistic. I'm a petite woman and wouldn't be able to overpower most men which would break the illusion in a role play situation. I actually prefer it when a strong, proud guy is overpowered, completely against his will.

No. 71136

File: 1455644773629.jpg (95.78 KB, 540x256, ahs210timcross.jpg)

also this beautiful scene!

No. 71137

I understand 100%, would love a bf like that.

No. 71138

File: 1455644970401.jpg (42.08 KB, 800x1115, kotomine.jpg)

>hot priest

No. 71139

HOLY shit anon! Thanks for the suggestion! Don't mind gay content at all.

No. 71141

different anon but would you mind posting that? relevant to my interests

No. 71142

That's pretty disgusting but I bet you there's girls out there who'd do it, if they respected (and feared) you enough.

No. 71143

I've already done most of it.

No. 71144

File: 1455645632134.jpg (32.77 KB, 421x552, cilice.JPG)

You know what else is hot? Self-mortification. Got a soft spot for the cilice.

No. 71145

If you genuinely feel disgusted by yourself then there's therapy for that. Your sexual preferences aren't set in stone, you can change them.

No. 71146

I'm just too myopic in the girls I aim to hook up with (crazy 4channers), so it just becomes self-fulfilling.

I'd honestly be surprised to meet a girl who wasn't into violent rape stuff at the very least these days. I've mentioned it before but too many of my formative experiences were made with that sort of girl, plus pornography and it's difficult.

No. 71147

Ok, I've got another one. Or maybe it's two. Fainting. Especially if it's a man who faints. Even better if the person is then picked up and carried. Sucks that I'll never be able to carry a grown man so this will have to stay a watching only type of thing.

No. 71148

Maybe I should have gone into the medical profession. This shit is just beautiful to me.

No. 71150

Belly inflation (with cum, water, food)
Weight gain (as in being fattened up by someone)

Yes i'm fucked up I know. These are all strictly fantasy however sometimes when my roommate leaves I stuff a pillow down my shirt and pretend be pregnant. :^)

No. 71152

File: 1455647736648.jpg (17 KB, 480x351, CMZfVAUUAAAYTSZ.jpg)

Spanking, being tied down, being told I'm a good girl, light touching (is that a kink?) and calling my partner daddy are some of my kinks.

No. 71153

Light touching is lovely. Especially when it's done in a menacing, possessive way. Saying this as a dominant. I love to do that and and mix in a little pain, like light slaps or hair pulling, then proceed with the gentle caressing.

No. 71154

Why don't you just date regular girls then?

No. 71156

I love fucked up sex too much.

No. 71158

Can relate. I'd say the moral conflict has to be part of it. That's what seperates harmless kinksters from true psychos imho. Enjoy your kink dude

No. 71159

Exactly. Something about the nun talking so dirty to him and riding him while he squirms in agony, all while you don't even see a thing, turns me on so much. Especially when she says "it's like a warm, wet hug" makes me so hot. I almost moaned out loud the first time I watched that scene and I wasn't even touching myself.

I'm not big on porn anyway but it kills me knowing that I won't find anything that comes close to that scene on PornHub or Redtube or anywhere else on the internet.

No. 71160

Yeah, if you don't feel in the slightest bit guilty about putting a girl you purportedly love through that shit, even if she's begging for it, there's probably something wrong with you.

I'm torn between that white knight complex and wanting to make her eat ass and whoring her out.

Why do all girls into nerd interests have to be so absolutely enticingly perverted?

No. 71162

even if you do, the actors would be fug anyway. the more niche the porn, the uglier the porn stars

No. 71163

Thank you anon, for making me quite happy. I've a emaciated man and thought no girl would ever want anything to do with an underweight sick guy. Thanks for giving me hope.

No. 71164

>I'd honestly be surprised to meet a girl who wasn't into violent rape stuff at the very least these days

No offense anon, but you sound sheltered.

No. 71165

I've done far worse things than you in terms of sex. So I'm surprised you think I'm sheltered.

No. 71167

Omg, anon, yess! The graphic description without showing anything and his vulnerability with the bandaged, useless hands, I can't get over it. I love how well Fiennes plays that moral conflict. We need more male rape scenes like that. And before anyone jumps on my back, I'm very aware of how bad and traumatising real rape is, regardless of gender.

It's a shame that even kink and fetish porn is usually just crass and graphic instead of sensual. Maybe it's a female thing but I'm more interested in the emotional reaction of the "victim" than what's going on with their body. What's being done to the body is more of a means to an end, you know? Same with more extreme stuff like torture. It isn't appealing to me because of the blood but because of the involuntary reaction it provokes.

No. 71169

There's always someone out there who wants what you've got, even if it's just a certain niche of people. May I ask why you're so skinny?

No. 71170

Expecting that most women (outside your circle perhaps) would be into violent rape scenarios seems sheltered. You don't have to be a snow-white virgin to be "sheltered".

No. 71171

I guess what anon was trying to say is that he attracts that kind of girl, not that he believes that all girls are that way.

No. 71172

I have something called gastritis. Basically I'm missing parts of my stomach lining and eating is very painful, so I don't.
5'11" 126-130 lbs depending on the month, obliterates my self-esteem most days.

No. 71173

I hope so.

No. 71174


I am cognizant of the fact I'm wrong. But it becomes self fulfilling. To be fair I usually qualify it by saying the girls who are like that are 4chan types.

That being said when rape fantasy basically translates to rough sex it does nothing for me. It needs to have forethought and some level of realism and sadism to it.

No. 71176

Jaysus. Are you that fetishist guy who used to troll real rape victims for stories?

No. 71177

Sorry to hear that, anon. I'm slightly underweight myself but considering your height, that weight is extremely low. Would love to hold your fragile body and hurt you a little, not gonna lie.

No. 71179

Oh no. No way. I feel guilty enough as it is with consensual stuff.

No. 71180

what made you think that? he expressed before that he felt guilty about his kinks. i bet he's not the only sadistic guy on here. wtf

No. 71183

File: 1455652167549.jpg (141.82 KB, 408x500, 3615960054_a4a4a3a06f.jpg)

I might just watch The Exorcist tonight. Childhood fave.

No. 71185

Thanks anon.

No. 71187

File: 1455652363262.jpg (216.86 KB, 750x500, ZCQohbe.jpg)


No. 71188

He's qt. I haven't seen that movie in at least 6 or 7 years. Gotta rewatch it again.

No. 71190

i love him period but the way he would move his skeleton in this movie was umffffhhh.

No. 71191

what is it that you like about this? are you a regular church goer? a sinner? a choir boy/girl in your scenarios?

No. 71195

lucky bitch. i could only get one virgin to play with me. my current bf will not step out of his virgin vanilla, even after four years i just got him to cum on my face. whats worse, he can go weeks without sex, deny me, leave me high and dry (or in this instance extremely wet). i lose my shit every week bitching about it.

No. 71198

There's a niche for everything. I hate muscles, I personally prefer average to very thin men. At least with thin men you don't have to rummage through fat folds looking for their cock.

I'll probably get lynched for this, but I have a huge East Asian fetish. I would die to get gang-banged by a few asian guys.

No. 71203

>I would die to get gang-banged by a few asian guys.

As a white guy I'm not going to lie. Gets me a bit angry to read this. I don't really like Asian guys.

No. 71205

File: 1455654024896.jpg (20.66 KB, 600x600, big-bait.jpg)

No. 71207

Don't worry, I'm not white if that matters. I've dated a few asian guys and all of them have made it about me. Not to say that no other ethnicity would as well/or that they all do, but my experiences have led me to crave more asian cocks at once.

No. 71210

no one fucking cares.

No. 71211

File: 1455654648204.jpg (128.36 KB, 900x600, donald-trump-jeb-bush-feud.jpg)

My kink is watching Trump bully Jeb. Every time I see Jeb on the verge of tears I just wanna bully him harder. idk what it is man.

No. 71213

Have you explained to him why you like being a sub (i presume you are)? Have you asked him about what he likes?

No. 71214

I have. Personally, I have a very dom personality. He knows that, but he views any humiliating/degrading act to be disrespectful to me.
I continuously have probed him on his past(not much cause he was a virgin) and what he like or views. The most he wants to do is watch me jack it. I can deal with the lack of kink, but I cannot survive without sex from someone I find irresistible.

No. 71218

File: 1455655712796.jpg (19.64 KB, 371x436, jeb-bush.jpg)

me too, anon…something about his utter defeat in the face of trump's sunkist alpha ruses gets me off.

what drives me even more wild is thinking of highschool!Trump bullying highschool!Jeb, shoving him into lockers and walking off, laughing with his friends and his stacey gf.

No. 71220

File: 1455655960029.jpg (86.44 KB, 634x852, adamn driver.jpg)

Biting, visible bulges/arousal, tight clothing (not latex bondage), mutual masturbation, ass worship, handsfree cumming, nipple play, fucking in tight spaces (ie cars, bathroom stalls), fit body types like pic related

Interestingly enough I think I have a thing for smaller than average dicks since I get really turned on thinking about rapidly jerking off a smaller dude and just giving them satisfaction

No. 71222

File: 1455656282246.jpg (111.31 KB, 478x640, 1454996078317.jpg)

I wouldn't worry to much about sex, people's sex drives change throughout their lives, you are at a bad point right now but in the future it will be better.

The thing you should change is the humiliating stuff. Even if it just isn't his thing (which is fine) he should know that BDSM isn't supposed to be about disrespectibg your partner.

No. 71223

Holy fuck now I need to read something like this. Any fanficfags?

No. 71225

Thanks anon, but I've tried to instill that reasoning into him, doesn't go well.
I'm willing to have his sex as long as we are having sex….which doesn't seem to be happening so i'm stuck in the middle.

No. 71226

What was the name of that fucked up lolcow who made a pee video?

I hate her so much.

No. 71228

I was raised catholic, not super strictly so but I certainly was around catholic religious imagery in my childhood. Very early on I saw celibacy, the depiction of the suffering of Christ, the Christian emphasis on suffering in general and all those religious rites like kneeling and such appealed to my developing kinky sexuality. I'm an atheist and have been since I've consciously thought about it so I can't really explain it.
I'm mostly a dominant, sadistic person, sexually. Since I actually look down on religious people and feel superior to them, I can't easily explain the attraction. It's sort of multi-layered.

No. 71229


No. 71231

maybe you just like domming someone in power but it pertains to a religious aspect.

No. 71232

That's her. I fucking hate yukapon. She's everything about lolcows that makes me mad.

No. 71233

hot male teachers, hnng

No. 71237

You're right. I'm attracted to other people of authority but priests are special. I hate them, look down on them and yet I also see them as naive and innocent since they believe, what I see as, silly fairytales. And I of course love the forbidden fruit aspect of it…

No. 71240

oh, i know what you're talking about!

No. 71241

Destroy Yukapon. Every negative stereotype about a female on the Internet rolled into one.

No. 71243

Can I get a quick synopsis as to why Yukapon is shit?

No. 71248

File: 1455658421119.jpg (104.27 KB, 860x572, studium-priesterseminar.jpg)

Btw, this is how catholic priests are sworn in. As someone who is into submission and power exchange that shit is irresistible.

No. 71249

Awful daddy issues.
Makes pee videos.
Huge weeb.
Likes Asian guys.

No. 71250

Don't we have enough threads for that?

No. 71256

How did it go poorly?

No. 71258

Uh shit.

Ass worship, both ways
Slapping (vanilla af)
Ruined orgasms

Whatever the fuck "gentlefemdom" is. I like it

Wool leggings

No. 71260

Slapping and ruined orgasms aren't exactly gentle

No. 71261

I have this fantasy where i am a teacher who makes one of her male students into a sissy.

recently it went further and i now fantasize i get him to whore himself out to men or i make him fuck a semen covered dildo only to tell him it was his older brother/fathers semen or something.

No. 71264

Pegging is mean. There's also no way you could look at a man after you pegged him and want him to father your children.

No. 71265

i'm guessing it's because he's a former christian. fucks my shit up.
so its like the only thing i can get is sex in the most basic way.
Anything else, he ends up feeling guilty about.

No. 71266

I didn't say gentle, did I? I implied more "common" or "normal" kinks, a LA choking or spanking.

No. 71267

you sound incredibly creative

No. 71268

Silence Robot.

No. 71270

Gee, I don't know how to break it to you but I was going to comment that butt stuff feels good because of my prostate being tickled in the right way.

And it's sex, you can separate your bed relationship and actual relationship to some degree, I'd hope. Bdsm couples can do it.

No. 71271

To be fair a lot of them don't and wear collars and shit to work. 24/7 relationships are also dumb and dangerous

No. 71273

Rapist anon here. Agreed.

No. 71276

those are normie tier kinks lmao

No. 71277

I have a huge nazi fetish. Their uniforms were hot as fuck, and as a sub, their sense of discipline and superiority is such a turn on. I would die if one made me lick his boots and slapped my face with a riding crop while calmly calling me a degenerate, and stumping his cigarette on my hips or stomach or something.

Also vinyl and leather gloves are hot af, and having to do humiliating stuff.

… I'm kinda ashamed of how vanilla I am in the end

No. 71278

>… I'm kinda ashamed of how vanilla I am in the end

Don't if there one thing I despise about the BDSM-community it's the pretentiousness and their superiority complex over vanillas. Their porn is also really bad.

No. 71279

i have a super weird attraction to balls. i have no clue why. other than that clit torture, enlargement, piercing etc. really painful scarring shit.

No. 71281

It's kind of a turn on though when they call me out on being more vanilla, kek

No. 71289

public stuff and exhibitionism, chikan omorashi, omorashi in public, pissing in public, domination, dubcon, tit or face slapping, maybe some other bdsm elements too. yeah i know, it's gross and weird and i'm the reason people look down on women these days.

No. 71299

Damn anon! Nazis are also a pretty huge kink for me. I can't quite figure out why though since I'm not submissive at all. I guess it's about breaking down their pride and humiliation or sth. And those uniforms, obviously. Wearing one would turn me on a lot.

If you're attracted to women I'd gladly give you the treatment you desire. Would even authentically insult you in German.

No. 71310

Nazis were heavily anti-tobacco and smoking was banned almost everywhere. Sorry if I ruined that fantasy for you.

No. 71311

I don't think so at all. Those fantasies are hugely common among women. In fact, I think it's perfectly natural. I might not be one of those women but I definitely don't look down on them.

No. 71312

common?? not really,unless you're someone who grew up watching porn. it's not normal to want to be slapped, humiliated and piss in public.

No. 71313

There still was enough smoking going on back then. I'd say it was only the big nazi officials who took things so seriously.

No. 71315

Well I didn't mean the extreme stuff, just the desire to be dominated and treated roughly. You really can't deny that.

No. 71316

Oh my. I have a lot of pride to break, sehr geehrter anon!

No. 71317

>Kinks I've tried and liked
Mild BDSM, choking, some dirty talk, mild exhibitionism, mild ageplay, spanking, dry humping, hairpulling

>Kinks I want to try but haven't

Pegging, mild femdom, butt plugs with a tail, threesome (m/m/f or f/m/f)

>Kinks I like purely in porn or fiction

Pregnancy, breeding, slavery, rape kink, 24/7 BDSM

No. 71319

What's the difference between pregnancy and breeding?

Why do you want to try MMF? It's fucked up.

No. 71322

File: 1455664391960.jpg (15.59 KB, 500x394, n0XpMPs.jpg)

Uhh…glasses. Men look cuter/more handsome in glasses

No. 71323

Breeding is the act in process, pregnancy is the result that one (ahem) enjoys

>complaining about a fucked up kink in a thread where people confess their rape fetishes

No. 71324

>24/7 relationships are also dumb and dangerous

I read the tumblrs of couples in supposed 24/7 BDSM relationships and it just sounds so stupid to me. What if you're sick and you just want to take a break and watch a movie in bed but your dom demands round the clock dick-sucking?

And exhibitionism is fun in small amounts but walking around with a collar and chain on in a mall is gross, don't expose random kids to your kink.

BDSM relationships can be fun but there has to be a limit, if your relationship is 100% based around sex how can that be a good relationship?

A pregnancy kink to me is a couple trying for a baby, the guy getting off to the woman being pregnant (her stomach getting rounder, breasts getting larger)

A breeding kink ties into the slave kink. A woman being kept around for the sole purpose for having babies.

One is BDSM, one isn't, basically.

And the thought of having two sexy men cater to my wishes in bed is awesome, anon, sorry for your vanilla taste.

No. 71326

MMF makes men feel insecure.

See above.

No. 71327

If a man feels insecure by MMF then he isn't the man I want to be with. If you don't like it, then don't do it. Don't knock if for everyone else.

No. 71328

Oh come on, even if he's perfect and loving and makes you feel giddy inside in every other way?

I'm not even a typical robot and it makes me feel so uncomfortable that I cringe just to imagine it.

No. 71330

All good BDSM relationships have safe words for when you want to have a break or something. 24/7 relationships also usually have aftercare and things.

Men that don't enjoy MMF shouldn't do MMF. Someone who wants threesome wouldn't want that kind of men anyway.

No. 71331

Not saying you do, but I really hope you don't insist on FFM.

Too many men:
>hurrrdurrr gf should hook up with woman

No. 71332

I would like FFM. I think it would be fun for all parties.

But I wouldn't "insist" on it.

>tfw just realized what a dick I was to one of my ex's, constantly asking her whether she thought other girls in her classes when we were at college together were "cute" and whether she'd do anything with them

No. 71333

Not wanting to do threesomes isn't a total dealbreaker, but if hes going to be an ass about not doing it then I wouldn't want to be with him.

Besides, being okay with FMF threesomes but not MMF is some hypocritical bullshit.

Isn't the point of a 24/7 relationship that you're always in "scene" and therefore there are no breaks? Just the thought of being in that kind of state every single day is exhausting, but more power to those that can manage it in a healthy way, good for them.

No. 71335

I can think of a scenario where both are nazis, one the superior, the other low rank, maybe they even turn out to be part Jewish? Could be used to make them do all kinds of things. God, I love that idea.

No. 71336

>Pegging is mean
Yeah, that's why it turns me on

No. 71337

>fun for all parties

Well gee that's fucked up. Why do you want to try it?

No. 71338

I like the idea of having two girls to dominate.

MMF feels like you're competing with another guy too much.

No. 71339

I think you missed the point

No. 71340

You're just cruel.

No. 71341

I have a slight dd/lg thing, I know lolcow hates it. None of the ageplay diapers fuck me daddy ugu, I guess it's a normal d/s relationship except I'm treated like a princess rather than a slave (except for punishments ofc). I like being needy, he likes being needed.

Other than that, there's a particular kink.com video where the girl has her head in a box and anyone can do whatever they want to her. That's my biggest fantasy, basically.

No. 71342

File: 1455666018177.jpg (91.29 KB, 414x633, M36Tricot.JPG)

Just looking at these uniforms without anyone wearing them excites me.

No. 71343

>restraining her so others can use her


No. 71344

File: 1455666126212.png (60.36 KB, 480x800, idZtHXS.png)

You should suck a dick, it'd be hot

No. 71345

I could imagine playing a mother role to someone as long as they don't regress too far and start drooling all over me. I would be more of a cruel, strict mother, though.

No. 71347

and you don't think the two girls would feel like they are competing with eachother?

No. 71348

If you find mfm too competitive why wouldn't a girl find fmf too competitive?

No. 71349

No. That's not something I could do. A girl is totally cruel if she expects me to suck dick for her.

The only way I would be ok with my girlfriend fucking another man was if the fantasy is some sort of pimping her out scenario.

No. 71350

File: 1455666333881.jpg (41.76 KB, 675x451, 03SENSORYSUB-master675.jpg)

Sensory deprivation is something I definitely want to try at some point, especially under the influence certain illegal substances. Would enjoy subjecting someone else to it too, then take care of them afterwards.

No. 71351

It's worse if you're a guy because of the whole big dick thing. I'd be terrified of losing her.

No. 71352

I just want to stroke and feel that jacket and lick all over the boots. Hnnnnngh!

No. 71353

File: 1455666405005.jpg (90.63 KB, 650x887, _Federici--7.jpg)

The Italians sure know how to advertise ice cream.

No. 71354

Exactly. "It's not my thing, I don't feel comfortable doing it" is perfectly fine. "MEN ARE GROSS EW I'M NOT GAY DICKS ARE DISGUSTING" is fucking stupid.

Too many idiots fall into the second category and it's real rich when they still want to see you with a woman.

No. 71355

>girls don't have insecurities

No. 71356

lol, I know. this guy is a goldmine.

No. 71357

I'd probably get turned on just walking around in that, hearing the sound of my own steps. Instant authority boost. But try buying shit like that in Germany lol

No. 71358

It's not the gay thing. The idea of a girl being DPed is hot. It's the fear of insecurity.

Never said that.

No. 71359

>the whole big dick thing
As opposed to the vagina appearance thing, the breast and butt size thing, the tightness thing, the length of dick you can comfortably take at one time thing…

No. 71360

Do that many men really try to make you feel bad about that? Vaginas appearance is fucking irrelevant. And this is coming from someone who loves going down on a girl.

It's a troll topic.

No. 71363

File: 1455666973518.jpg (124.08 KB, 634x824, Clericalcollar1.jpg)

Nice and tight cassock. Would love to touch.

No. 71364

Serious question. Are you autistic? You comments suggest lack of ability to anticipate how someone else might contextualize what you say.

No. 71365

No. I mean I never even said something that could lead you to assume that with greentext.

No. 71366

Do that many women try to make you feel bad about your insecurity? Because penis sizes fucking irrelevant.

No. 71367

>A girl is totally cruel if she expects me to suck dick for her.

Except I mentioned here >>71324 that my ideal FMM situation is two men pampering me. There wouldn't have to be any gay stuff involved, although that is a plus.

Any reasonable girl isn't going to leave you just because she sees a guy with a bigger dick (assuming the second guy in the threesome has a bigger dick), just like most girls shouldn't think their boyfriend is going to leave them just because another girl is thinner/has bigger breasts/bigger ass.

Do you not want your girlfriend looking at porn, or hot male actors, because they would make you feel inadequate?

Men complain about "roasties" all the time.

No. 71369

What's with the stupid argument going on in here? Just drop it and enjoy the kinky shit ffs.

No. 71370

>The white part is called a collar…
>That vow of chastity
>Catholic priests officially aren't allowed to masturbate. It's still a sin.
>Obedient, disciplined
>Kind, understanding, educated

They're pure fetish fuel. Too bad most priests are gay.

No. 71371


The roastie shit is just anons desperately looking for an equivalent to the small dick insult. Eating pussy and fucking pussy is fun regardless of its symmetry.

>Do you not want your girlfriend looking at porn,

I'd prefer not honestly. I'd also do the same.

>Except I mentioned here >>71324 that my ideal FMM situation is two men pampering me.

DP stuff can honestly be quite hot. But I'd prefer the second guy to be a random not a friend.

No. 71372

File: 1455667402835.jpg (12.73 KB, 350x233, 1468679918-073-joaquin-phoenix…)

Anyway, I'll keep the priests coming.

No. 71374

Sucking dick and getting dick sucked is fun regardless of its symmetry.

No. 71375

>getting dick sucked

I thought you were a grill anon.

No. 71376

Well obviously anon! The catholic church is a closeted fetish organization.

The thought of a priest masturbating is so hot to me and let's face it, the vast majority of them do. I imagine the guilt, the mechanical way in which they do it to get it over with quickly, the cleaning up afterwards and the prayers for forgiveness that would follow…

No. 71377

fucking male hypocrisy as always

No. 71378

Read the whole exchange before getting mad.

No. 71380

Oops, got the analogy wrong. Sucking dick and getting fucked by dick is fun regardless of symmetry

No. 71381

I know a lot do. But hearing a girl openly admit she likes sucking dick is cute.

No. 71382

I like hearing guys admit they like sucking a dick too

No. 71383

I've read confessions in which they had sex and they cry afterwards. Just beautiful.

The church really is such a closeted place. There are a ton of gay priests because if you're a gay young catholic with faith, you figure priesthood is naturally the lord's calling and you'll choose to be celibate and everything will be fine. Nope.

Here's just a little taste of the rampant homosexuality (this is a gay site):


No. 71385

I'm not big on that personally

No. 71387

You should try it just in case

No. 71388

>He was young and very good looking , and cried afterwards.

Just gonna go and change my panties.

No. 71389

no, its still male hypocrisy

No. 71390

I'll not fall for that. I'd be called a sissy and my so would leave me

No. 71391

How? Both types of threesome are good

No. 71392

>I've never seen that much precum before or since

Anon, what have you done? Jesus Christ

No. 71393

File: 1455668846632.jpg (12.17 KB, 275x183, EhSzzrh.jpg)

Oh come on, even if she's perfect and loving and makes you feel giddy inside in every other way?

No. 71394


whoa what fucking movie is this?

No. 71395

To the robot shitting up this thread with his stupid commentary on every fucking post, go back to your containment thread, this is a "post your kinks and have fun" thread, not a "criticize/project/insert yourself into peoples relationships and offer shitty advice" thread.

No. 71396

I see what you did there.

No. 71397

Quills! Check it out. I found Geoffrey Rush surprisingly hot in that one as well. Also Joaquin guiltily fucks the dead Kate Winslet in front of a crucifix, imagining she's still alive. Hot stuff

No. 71398

File: 1455669210938.jpg (11.85 KB, 300x208, NgyVf5F.jpg)

Which one? I see a robot and a troll mocking the robot.

Post some nerdy guys. Put a nerdy chemistry major in thick glasses and a lab coat and I'm gone. omg.

No. 71399

File: 1455669571848.jpg (61.31 KB, 625x352, BPOilSorry.jpg)

There are confessions all over in blogs, forums. This one is more about love than erotic stories, but many blogs here are full of comments from women who had affairs with priests. There's always frustration, silent suffering, tension.


No. 71401


No. 71402

File: 1455669821728.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.82 KB, 500x667, Y9HGrYn.jpg)

you finally caught on

kink: cumslutty boys. yum.

No. 71403

File: 1455670152047.png (Spoiler Image, 140.36 KB, 1080x720, zH6Fl4G.png)

Not nerdy per se but you could imagine he's a university student in his dorm. Sigh. Those were fun days.

No. 71404

Great, now I'm sitting here reading all this priest-fucking gossip. Not gonna sleep much tonight

No. 71407

Reading this shit makes me wish I was a gay man

No. 71408

I really like being the dominant one when im having sex with a man, like, REAL dominant (not pegging though)

No. 71409

File: 1455671408575.jpg (12.87 KB, 350x178, GAY PRIESTS 2.jpg)

>Now it was like 20 years of sexual repression had suddenly exploded in my mouth because damn it was one of the most raw passionate kisses I had ever had in my life. Added to that his hands were all over me. Before we could get too far though he let out this moan and his eyes rolled back in his head I looked down I could clearly see that he had jizzed his pants.

No. 71410

Same. Except I would absolutely try pegging and don't really care for being fucked myself. Why do women have to "bottom" by default? I didn't chose to have a vag

No. 71411

File: 1455671652558.png (594.5 KB, 700x885, ff___vincent_in__14_by_takityp…)

I loooove men who have scars and are missing a body part. I love love love artificial limbs. Nothing sexier than a man with one fake arm, or a fake leg, or a huge gash across his face, or perhaps he's blind in one eye

I also love scars. I like my men to be physically damaged.

Pic related it's my prosthetic wearing husbando.

No. 71412

File: 1455671695301.jpg (14.53 KB, 350x262, OZm9EBm.jpg)

Priest guilt is best guilt. Lusting for that crisis of faith.

No. 71414

>I've read articles about priests hearing confessions from other priests practically going mad because they weren't even masturbating.

God help me

No. 71415

File: 1455671998849.jpg (20.51 KB, 240x320, alberto_cutie.jpg)

Happy to help, doing Satan's work.

You guys might like the scandalous affair of Alberto Cutie (Coo-Tee-Eh). This was all over spanish-language media. There's interviews and photos about his relations while a priest. He called the church out on hypocrisy and bullshit before he became a different denomination.


No. 71416

File: 1455672057364.jpg (95.38 KB, 400x400, 14.jpg)


Also older men are hawt as fuarkkkkk

No. 71417

I've been aware of him

No. 71418

File: 1455674020239.gif (43.57 KB, 375x251, edward9.gif)

edward elric was my first crush anon, i know what you mean
now that i'm 18, it's creepy and weird and i need to list after anime boys my own age

No. 71419

File: 1455674206084.jpg (8.08 KB, 236x323, obligatory.jpg)

Did someone says priests?
That and demons are two of my larger kinks.
I just love religious imagery. I wasn't even raised in a Catholic household so I have no idea where this comes from.

No. 71420

File: 1455674214237.jpg (57.31 KB, 470x631, 2A9F78B800000578-3165402-image…)

Unf them metal limbs.

I can totally imagine being with a dude like this in real life, I'd worship their conditions. I wonder if they'd think it's creepy or if they'd like it.

No. 71421

Glasses/prissy behavior. Basically had this fetish since my first (and always) husbando at age 8

Muscular men being dominated. Also I'm massive dacryphile. Men crying = instant metaphorical diamond dick…would get me into so much trouble irl.

No. 71422

I have a thing for guys who are shorter than me. My boyfriend and I are around the same height, but I was taller than him when we started dating in high school. I find it so sexy to be taller than a guy, especially when I tower over him. Whenever I wear heels and stand next to my boyfriend it makes me want to jump all over him.

Unfortunately, the last time I pointed out how sexy it felt to stand next to him and be taller than him in heels (which was over a year ago) , he got all mad and defensive. I guess I'll never get to play into that fetish ;_;

No. 71423

too bad like 0,001% of women think like you do.
too bad for me, anyway

No. 71424

File: 1455675484874.jpg (140.04 KB, 962x1262, 2A9F78BF00000578-3165402-image…)

Perfection <3

No. 71425

File: 1455675549093.jpg (179.42 KB, 962x1425, 2A9F797200000578-3165402-image…)

How tall are you? Can't you just date a short girl?

No. 71426

Love men with huge
hands. Sculptors, pianists, cellists, any athlete, and so on. If he can make me arch and mewl with his fingers, I'm into it.

No. 71427

mein sister. I'm into f!student m!teacher. or m!student m!teacher. or multiple male students to one male teacher…
or multiple male teachers to one female student…

No. 71429

Since I never did in school, I want to date a male teacher sooo bad. Just so I can surprise him as he's leaving his classroom, lock the door, and let him just go at me on his desk.

No. 71431

Are professors okay? Because I have a huge university kink. boarding school kink is excellent, too.

No. 71432

Moaning, not just guy moaning but myself moaning, if that makes sense? It just feels so good to be able to just groan as loud as you want while either going at it with someone or by yourself.

No. 71434

I relate, anon, though with an emphasis on guys moaning. Guys hardly ever moan in bed and it sucks.

I have a thing for big guys. Be them taller than me, muscular, or kind of chubby, I love the feel of being tiny and fragile next to them. I love the idea of a guy who's gentle but could dominate me if he wanted.

No. 71435

File: 1455677691246.png (39.94 KB, 555x555, Ki1moEL.png)

At the risk of drama, I like cucking.

I only dated one guy who was remotely into this. He wanted me to have tons of sex with other men and then go back and tell him about it, which I did. It often ended in him fucking me while I was still wet and in that playful, pouty post-coital mood. He liked having a slutty partner and I liked trying to make him jealous/possessive. I think that's another kink of mine too, hmm…

I wished he were into watching me get reamed and pleasured by other men instead of just hearing about it though.

No. 71436

I'll take it one step more meta. I love it when men are veeerrry turned on by my moaning. All I had to do to get my ex rock hard was grind up against him and moan in his ear.

Currently seeing a guy who lifts (so defined biceps, triceps, pecs, abs) but still has an adorable softness to his body. Is that a weird way of putting it? I love feeling tiny next to him.

No. 71444

>current year
>watching kink.com

No. 71456

I'm the same. Felt kind of alone with that. Wearing heels doesn't appeal much to me anymore, prefer thick boots. Unfortunately I'm hardly ever taller than a guy since I'm quite short. I like girls too but the power dynamics aren't as strong there usually, not to mention that most girls seem to be taller than me as well anyway lol

No. 71465

I don't want to sound like a dick anon but I can't help but think this shit doesn't end well if you fully give yourself over to it.

I hate the interracial dynamic behind a lot of it too.

No. 71466

Insanely hot. I'd love to be in Skarsgard's shoes here.

No. 71479

How about just being with a guy who wants to whore you out and enjoys the idea of a group of guys running a train on you and things like that?

Also, how about impregnation?

No. 71484

sorry if I'm being dumb but what's wrong with it?

No. 71488

My biggest fetish would probably be spanking. I've only been hit with a hand or belt, but goddamn, it's so good.
And I guess I have a… monster-ish fetish? Like, still humanoid, but with alien or distorted features.
Also power dynamics, whether physical or social. I'm pretty petite, so someone who's big and/or in a position of authority over me is top tier fap material.
I'm certain there's more depraved shit I'm into, I just can't think of any more right now.

No. 71501

Definitely feel you on the monster thing

No. 71505

File: 1455711619920.jpg (89.36 KB, 480x600, hnnnngggggggh.jpg)

Here's some Bowie hands just for you, anon. Hope you like.

No. 71512

I have one kink that's not much fun and that I'm very morally conflicted about. I'm very drawn to people who have been victims of sexual abuse, especially men. Hearing them talk about it and still struggle with it is very exciting to me. I love the idea of being able to push their buttons if I wanted to and make them relive it. This is not the kind of kink you can really talk about with anyone because it's just reprehensible.

I believe there's quite a number of men out there, who prey on abused women like that. I suppose what I have in common with those guys is that we need total control and a sense of superiority. Feel really shitty about that and it seems that this kind of thing really isn't that common in women. Or maybe they just hide it better idk

No. 71521

I don't actually take fetishes seriously. It is a turn-on, but I wrote that comment in a sleepy haze last night. So if I came off as a lifestylist, that's not the case at all. Not that it's relevant to a stranger, but if you're trying to say you don't like white women banging black men, I'm not a white woman and I wasn't banging any black men.

I personally find that repulsive.

No. 71522

maybe something to do with the james deen drama? idk.

No. 71523

I meant more that it's something I can't see many women respecting a guy for if he does it or gets off to it. In my experience women like a guy to be a bit protective of them around other guys.

Perhaps this doesn't apply to you, but that's what I'd expect from the average woman.

No. 71524

If you keep it in your head/just fantasy, I don't see how it's hurting anyone. Not saying you do but if you were actually trolling victims (I know of guys who do that) that would be absolutely reprehensible.

No. 71528

>thinks the average woman hangs out on chans

No. 71530

Even here most women would find a "I get off to you fucking other men" request messed up.

No. 71531

My fetish is hand holding.

No. 71533

I was walking around the other day and saw a guy leaving the gym and he was fucking huge, like 6'2+ and super built but like the actual strong type not the bodybuilder/for show type and I glanced down and he had two prosthetic legs and I was totally into it oh man. I never really thought about it being a plus but I just thought it was something really attractive and sexually appealing mixing something that people normally think of as a hindrance with such a hypermasculine figure.

Plus I find something very hot about having him be at my mercy in bed and me riding him to my own completion

No. 71536

My fetish is being in a normal, loving relationship.


No. 71538

Are you the same guy who claims to only fuck 4channer types?

No. 71539

Not only. But I've fucked a few.

No. 71540

Definitely not trolling anyone but there are certain people in the BDSM community who will seek out someone like me to make themselves relive their trauma as a weird (and usually unhealthy) way of dealing with it or punishing themselves and that is kind of hard to resist. I'm what tumblr would call a toxic person when it comes to that but unfortunately some people are out to poison themselves…

No. 71541

That's hot as fuck

No. 71544

That's a weird ethical/moral situation. I guess in that case it's technically consensual, but to be honest, I'd have second thoughts about the willingness of the "aggressor" to indulge the victim.

Honest question, not trolling. Are you socio/psychopath?

No. 71546

That's the problem, as you said, it's technically consensual. The real question is if these people CAN even give consent. I lean towards no and that's why I try not to engage with them or seek them out.

Well I'm a very cold and calculating sort of person but I wouldn't say it's quite that serious. I can see why you would make that assumption, though. I'd say I question my own motivations too much to have a disorder of that kind but I guess I can't say for sure. Definitely not lacking a feeling of guilt for being a sadistic fuck, that's for sure.

No. 71547

I'm into DD/LG. I know people are really against that on here.
It's just, I'd rather have someone else be responsible over me. I don't look like an adult, I don't act like a proper adult, I don't feel like an adult. I like to be called little girl etc.
Also due to that I don't look like an adult, the only men who are willing to date me are automatically into this kind of stuff.

>I kind of took the 'care for your inner child' part of recovering from long-during trauma, a bit too literal. (It does still help with recovering though.)

I also like weird dildos, like dragon dick dildos. And I'm also into the regular BDSM stuff, and consensual non consent.

No. 71548

You don't look like an adult? How?

No. 71552

I look like a teen at the start of puberty. It's as if I never really went through puberty. Short, child size feet and hands, small underdeveloped boobs, I don't store fat in my hips etc. Most people guess that I'm around age 13/14.

No. 71553

Are you white or Asian?

No. 71554


No. 71555

And how old are you in reality?

No. 71556

No. 71558

What's the oldest age you'd date and what's the ideal age?

No. 71559

He's grooming you anon

No. 71560

Oldest? 50
Ideal age? Depends on the person, from the top of my head I don't have an ideal age.
>>71559 I can see that.

No. 71561



Really? That sort of relationship will never work.

Do you have a job or anything like that or do you expect to be a kept woman?

She's 19.

No. 71564

Depends on the person. I'm already very reluctant to date someone above 30, but if they are very special, why not try at least? I'm not stupid, I know that 9 times out of 10 it doesn't work with such a big age gap.

I'm studying biology at university, so I don't have a proper job atm.

No. 71565

Do you have prior abuse issues or anything like that or is this fantasy unrelated to anything like that?

No. 71566

I have a fantasy of an slightly older businessman in a well-fitted suit completely taking advantage of me, forcing me to suck his cock, fucking me into oblivion and then just leaving me .. maybe with a small amount of money for the sake of degradation.

I guess it's not that weird tbh. There's just something about men in suits and in power.

No. 71567

I haven't had any relationship abuse, but I did suffer childhood abuse.
Because of that I don't really dare to make decisions without input of someone, and I'm a bit clingy, but don't have abandonment issues or the likes of that.
DD/LG just helps me cope and actually function. Other wise I'd probably be quite stressed. For me it's really taking a step in recovering from trauma, literally.

No. 71569

Someone slightly younger who is totally dependant on me in a paternal way is my ideal relationship. Where are you from roughly?

No. 71570

North Western Europe

No. 71572

Do you have an email?

No. 71574

Dude she could be 40 and unable to make proper informed decisions. 19 is technically legal in most places but not necessarily informed.

No. 71577

>you're only allowed to be into women in their 30s

Ok then

No. 71578

I respect that a lot. Honestly, I don't judge anyone for what turns them on, regardless of how arguably morally wrong it might be. It's how they indulge in it that matters. If someone seeks out the abused to form a relationship with - even if it's technically consensual and the abused person wants to engage - I have to question their integrity, to put it lightly.

No. 71579

I'm ok with professors, but there is much less of the "taboo" factor.

Boarding school a yes.

No. 71580

Lol. I'm not policing your sexual activity. I'm pointing out that being above the age of majority doesn't mean that you are able to give informed consent - esp in the case of abuse. You were implying that age in and of itself made her capable of giving informed consent. Maybe she is, but it wouldn't be due to her being a legal adult.

No. 71582

If they're not connected can a 14 year old girl consent properly?

What she's describing is just a more honest rendering of what a huge number of women desire.

No. 71590

In terms of content it's just lame. In terms of ethics it's pretty terrible, they let James Deen rape a woman in a bathroom, and they took a 19-year old's virgnity with a gangbang, but thta went wrong so they had to puta shot of aneasthesia up her vag, then they started right again.

They're a lot more terrible than their stellar reputation suggests.

No. 71591

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by not connected.

Its true that many women want that general type of arrangement (man takes the lead, etc.), but the background of abuse makes this specific case completely sketchy.

In the end, it's clearly not my business, but if she has been abused and chooses to engage in this kind of arrangement - regardless of whether she's able to give informed consent or not - she should at least be aware of the possibility that she might look back one day and feel taken advantage of by yet another guy. But hey, not my business.

No. 71595

Just don't watch porn full stop.

>she should at least be aware of the possibility that she might look back one day and feel taken advantage of by yet another guy.

I agree with that actually. I don't "hook up" with girls anymore and that's partly why.

As just one example: One of my ex's was fucked by a guy in his 20s when she was 13. She'd consistently cut herself when she had panic attacks and I wasn't around. She'd have breakdowns where she'd cry and randomly go on tangents about how much innocuous things like rape jokes would make her hate men (she claimed men of her father's generation would never do this). So I am well aware of just how bad it can get.

But, in spite of all of that, the fact I like some pretty controversial, sexually deviant stuff isn't going to go away. So girls like that are ideal in the sense you've already qualified sexual compatibility. That being said I wouldn't fuck them without some substantial relationship there in the first place.

No. 71600

Anon, no one cares about how great you are compared to the real bad guy rapists. Quit powerleveling.

19 year old anon, if you're still there: watch out, think very very carefully about engaging in this type of relationship. At the very least, wait a few years and see if you still feel the same way. You don't want feel even worse at the end. Do you really want a man with an abuse kink telling all kinds of stories about you like this?

No. 71601

>how great you are

lol, even Freud couldn't reach that far into what I wrote.

No. 71605

You sound like a sheltered misogynyst who needs the shit beat put of him.

No. 71608

Your identity is showing.

No. 71609

He'd probably just start grilling everyone about their childhood abuse. And their race. And what their bodies look like. And what age of guy they'd date.

No. 71611

where can i watch that? for research purposes…

No. 71612

This thread is full of people fetishizing the inner turmoil and depression a lot of priests go through (they're also not fetish objects who exist to be seduced), cuckolding and worse. Be at least slightly reasonable.

No. 71613

To be fair, the priest fetish people don't seem to be trolling churches and actively pursuing troubled priests IRL. Idk about the cucking though.

No. 71614

Well I'd say priests know what they're signing up for when they take that profession so it's no like that suffering was forced upon them.

No. 71615

>the priest fetish people don't seem to be trolling churches and actively pursuing troubled priests IRL.

I'm not sure. Maybe if not presented with the opportunity. But there's been plenty of posts on lolcow and 4chan from girls who admit to enjoying pursuing married men. That at least is common and destroys families.

No. 71616

That reminds me, there was a crazy lady around 60yo in my area who keeps bothering a local priest whom she claims to be madly in love with. He's reported her to the police and feels legit threatened by her, she's done some crazy shit. Let's hope I don't end up like that.

No. 71617

You sound like you blame the women for that. It takes two to tango. Also I don't believe in the sanctity of marriage nor the church as an institution and their members so there's that.

No. 71618

Lol stop trying to excuse something that is borderline pedophilia.

No. 71619

>Also I don't believe in the sanctity of marriage nor the church as an institution and their members so there's that.

So that makes it OK to get a thrill out of pursuing taken men and fucking over their wives in the process?

No. 71620

If they were, that'd be disgusting in the same way. But I didn't read anything that implied it went beyond omg hot here's some priests being sworn in.

No. 71621

Is a 30 year old with childhood abuse issues also pedophilia?

No. 71623

I don't give a fuck what other people do, I don't do anything unless all parties consent. Now stop shitting up my thread.

No. 71624

I thought she was a barely pubescent looking 19 year old, not a 30 year old.

No. 71626

That's different then. That being said you may as well say anyone who likes neotonous women is a pedo by those standards.

No. 71627

>barely pubescent

No. 71628

a good number of Asian girls fit that description.

No. 71629

The point is that you're actively, consciously taking advantage of someone's abuse.

Some people object to that, you don't.

No. 71630

Photos you saw on the Internet don't count mate.

No. 71631

I still masturbate to /d/-shit and erotica, sometimes amateur stuff, but yeah, most porn is terrible.

No. 71639

Says the guy who's so sheltered he never met a gay Asian person before.

No. 71640

oh thank god im not the only one who loves sexy priests

No. 71642

File: 1455737750469.jpg (43.87 KB, 500x500, gerard-makeup.jpg)

Definitely not just you, anon. hehe

No. 71643

I've met plenty of Asian male air stewards in SIA and CX flights, so I almost certainly have.

No. 71647

Wrong abuse fetish robot sorry

No. 71668

File: 1455741309729.jpg (54.83 KB, 391x484, 001fd04cf03a0f6e94be01.jpg)

So we've got another one! Welcome.

No. 71672

If anyone's got another movie scene or porn vid or whatever of a priest getting used and or abused, I'd be much obliged.

No. 71676

File: 1455742097663.jpg (554.89 KB, 1280x1920, borgiasjeremyirons.jpg)

Shame that show sucked. Pope Irons was still a qt.

No. 71692

Oh god this thread with all these priest pictures. I need a glass of water. Keep em coming please

My biggest fetish would have to be "deflowering" nerdy virgin boys. The idea of them not being able to handle their urges or control themselves while moaning uncontrollably just gets me so hot. Even better if they cum too fast and get embarrassed over it.
I also like being called a pervert, dirty, erotic, and etc. Or hearing things like "If people were to see you now, what would they think." So good.

No. 71693

>"deflowering" nerdy virgin boys.
Same…in theory. I've done it a few times and it's kinda hot but they are usually so boring.

No. 71697

I want to please a delicate feminine-looking guy, kiss him all over his body, his neck, jerck him off, stroke his cock while touching gently/roughly his hair, sucking his nipples and of course, I want to make him cum by stimulating his prostate over and over again.
It's hard man, most of the times these type of dudes are either gay or just too scared of me and are into small, zero muscle and overly cute girls

No. 71701

Jesus. I knew about the James Deen drama but I read that they cut all ties with him. Never heard any of the other stuff but I will do some research, thanks anon.

For the record I only watch their videos when they come up on free sites, not giving them money.

No. 71730

File: 1455753421923.jpg (69.99 KB, 503x640, jizzpriest2.JPG)

Feels good to hear that people share my fetish/kink. I've had the female equivalent of blue balls for the past few days and can't seem to find release. Gotta find a fix for that at some point.

No. 71731

File: 1455753568478.jpg (105.31 KB, 500x667, richardchamberlain.jpg)

My priest folder is way too small.

No. 71732

File: 1455753626393.jpg (26.18 KB, 372x784, fatheroldman.JPG)

No. 71738

File: 1455753747608.jpg (257.27 KB, 620x400, jeremy_irons_borgi_1970727a.jp…)

First class seat on my lap girl…

No. 71739

File: 1455753863265.jpg (13.55 KB, 462x406, jasonisaacs priest.jpg)

If there is still demand when I come back, I'll gladly post some more.

No. 71757

Me too, anon. Me too. Sometimes I'll get on Youtube and just watch timelapse vids of pregnant women bc it's fucking hot to see the stomach grow idek.

No. 71758

where is my perfect dream bf.

No. 71760

>deflowering nerdy virgin boys

I kind of think it'd be fun, too. :S

I blew my chance, though. This friend of a friend - let's call him Alex - is a cute guy, kind of weeby and retarded with women, though I guess that's the point lol. My friend - let's call him Tommy - kept telling me about Alex's lack of female contact and it occurred to me that I could seduce and start banging Alex, but I decided against it.

Well…I ended up hooking up with Tommy and we are casually dating now. Tommy is very much not a weeb or a virgin. So it goes.

No. 71799

File: 1455778446086.jpg (11.93 KB, 480x360, bA739Xo.jpg)

I have such a kink for straight guys crushing on other guys. I have to get myself off almost every time I read or think about it, omg. Probably a relic from my old yaoi days.

No. 71827

File: 1455781934867.jpg (24.34 KB, 530x269, temptation.jpg)

Sooo, not to re-ignite the kink.com drama, but are there any male porn stars worth watching?

I'm into most of that BDSM humiliation daddy dom type stuff, but I'm also into butch lesbians of the same dominant persuation. No luck so far getting one to tie me down and torment me so far though.

Also, where does everyone get their erotica? ASSTR is starting to run dry for me and there's only so much fanfic.

No. 71894

Maybe check out gonewildaudio on reddit. They've got some pretty nice DDlg type audios on there.

No. 71897

Straight (or slightly bi) guys making out is hot as fuck, no question.

No. 71902

I have the biggest mommy kink, call me mom and I will do whatever you want pretty much. I also like being a femme domme and being in charge of my partner.
And I dream about being a sugar mama, I really like spending money on people.

I just want someone to call me mommy and let me spank them and eat them out and then later go out to have a nice dinner and buy you all the nice things in the world. Ahh I got a bit turned on just by writing this

No. 71912

I like this scene in Sala Samobójców

No. 71913

I basically want this but I kind of want it to be forced upon me slowly little by little, until the other person is in charge, not in a evil sense but that they clearly know better and should guide me.

I think that's sort of a way my mind has it in my head so I don't feel as much as a slut, I even sort of like the idea of some slight little play or being dressed cutely in private.

I wanna be spanked too until I cry, kinks are weird.

No. 71914

That's hot. Not the anon above but I can imagine playing that kind of mother role. A strict, controlling, ice cold mum who punishes you. Not because she enjoys it but because she only wants what's best for you. Would make you thank me for the punishment afterwards.

No. 71915

Would just make me act up more for more punishments tbh.

gah never ever

No. 71917

File: 1455809358991.jpg (48.22 KB, 307x400, 522Priest.jpg)

Here, have a ball gagged priest.

If I ever find a pic (or even a vid omg) of a hogtied priest I'll weep tears of joy. Or another type of bondage, beggars can't be choosers.

No. 71918

Bratty subs are cute though

No. 71930

I want to feminise my bf, put a bunch of whore make-up on him, put him in a French maid's outfit and then whore him out to gross construction workers while I peg him. Then he has to eat me out.

too bad he probably won't do it though ;_; at least he's still somewhat subby

No. 71931

File: 1455812407919.jpg (30.5 KB, 620x413, Sinead_OConnor_36501c.jpg)

No. 71932

File: 1455812424123.jpg (30.79 KB, 560x695, 4photo.jpg)

No. 71933

Well if he's not even a little bi I can understand why he wouldn't want to be fucked by other guys. Takes a major masochist to subject themselves to that. The idea is hot, obviously. Would love a bi guy to humiliate like that

No. 71936

I have the same thing but it's basically be crossdressed by a butch girl and have her peg me.

basically a reverse of a relationship she would be the one in charge, not into bi stuff but masculine girls are hot.

No. 71938

Well, I haven't asked him yet, we only recently started to get more kinky, he already likes being cuffed while I ride him and I have spanked him, which he liked, so I'm pretty sure he's a sub. I think it's best to slowly explore femdom and see what both of us like.

I'm not sure if he's by or not. He has told me he had the occasional thought about guys when he was a teenager, but so did I about girls and I have no real interest in them now, so he probably doesn't either.

Oh well, it's not like every fantasy can or needs to be fulfilled.

No. 71941

Just out of curiosity: How do you define a butch girl? Is it more about her general demeanor/vibe or does she have to be physically masculine? With that I mean having a masculine build and facial features? Not talking about artifical stuff like makeup or heels here

No. 71942

>Oh well, it's not like every fantasy can or needs to be fulfilled.

Agreed. It's nice when it works out, though. Good luck with that.

No. 71943

File: 1455815323092.jpg (19.3 KB, 230x500, Silas.jpg)

Monks anyone?

No. 71944

generally it can be a mix of those.

In my mind it's a mixture of the girl looking more masculine, say like a tomboy, short hair maybe some muscles or just not that big of a girly frame.

demeanor can be either way but I think ideally its someone thats more casual and open more to speaking their mind regardless of others opinion.

so you can have say a alternative looking girl being at one end and a stereotypical butch look at the other.

but overall as lame and eyerolley it is to say the personality and the way they carry themselves is the biggest appeal.

No. 71958

I really like femdom, but it's just that the porn and community is absolute garbage. Fuck me.

No. 71961

Agree 100%, the BDSM community can really turn you off your own kinks. Also when I look for porn it almost puts me off that particular kink because it's tone so distastefully and turns it into something vulgar and disgusting.

No. 71976

File: 1455821878341.jpg (231.43 KB, 375x500, tudors_otoole.jpg)

No. 71977

File: 1455821983436.jpg (94.93 KB, 817x544, lwsm_bp_2_053_5775.jpg)

Dumping priest pics because I can

No. 71978

File: 1455822126784.jpg (39.22 KB, 458x257, zaitzkofen-e1423465036763.jpg)

Take your pick

No. 71984

I still wonder if BDSM going mainstream made it better or worse. The influx of normies was probably annoying, but being reminded of reality is probably a good thing.

No. 72021

I like pain and humiliation and all, but soft femdom when it's kinda cute but still controlling is hot as hell

like this


No. 72024

File: 1455831077558.png (102.08 KB, 480x640, 2012-02-13-475484.png)


I love a guy who can tower over me physically. I swear it's the only thing that keeps me so slim, it's my huge fetish for being dominated and feeling smol.

No. 72025

wtf is wrong with you

No. 72027

File: 1455831206652.jpg (115.96 KB, 568x460, 6fd3d1205af53d568bbb3279b304e8…)

UNF anon, you're so lucky to have even seen one, I don't think I've ever seen one in real life before

No. 72028

File: 1455831429259.gif (499.74 KB, 500x280, giphy.gif)

Love is in the air

No. 72030

File: 1455831687811.jpg (33.83 KB, 400x300, athf_ep040_04.jpg)

> being above the age of majority doesn't mean that you are able to give informed consent
That's literally what the age of majority allows you to do though, it allows you to give informed consent. Rape is rape, but that's a whole different bucket.

As for you deciding someone's not mature enough to consent…That's your opinion. If you want to change something, take it up with the law, maybe pushing up the age of consent to 30 would pacify people like you. Let people have their youth kinks. 18 and 19 is not 7 you pearl clutching paranoiac. You need to start clutching pearls over actual pedophillia, not older guys dating 19 year old girls.

No. 72032

File: 1455833241826.jpg (236.84 KB, 1280x720, 1455660024629.jpg)

>tfw literally zero qualities

No. 72034

So is this a priest thread or a fetish/kink thread?

No. 72038

That story was pretty cute. Too vanilla for me but nice writing style. Nothing wrong with soft femdom.

No. 72039

He could probably kill you with that prosthetic leg lol

No. 72040

File: 1455836334071.jpg (74.09 KB, 700x375, 0,,16507179_303,00_1454412272.…)

Was meant to be a kink thread, I just happen to have a priest fetish. There are at least 2 more people in here who seem to share that passion, though. It's a bit of a niche thing but if anyone cares for more priests, I'm here.

No. 72041

File: 1455836873629.jpg (30.08 KB, 564x705, 270ac344356960fa97c0327369ef33…)

Prosthetic anon here, I mildly like priests too, so you're deffo not alone, but they'd have to be super hot for me to be attracted.

I guess it's the whole forbidden fruit thing, uniforms, guilt, pent up sexual frustration etc.

No. 72044

I literally came into this thread because this pic was on the frontpage, and let me just say how fucking relieved I am not to be alone in my little kink. I think it started when I watched Evil Dead II at a wee young age of 11, right smack dab in my sexual developement, and Bruce Campbell replaced his hands with a chainsaw. There was just something so sexy in this damaged, hyper masculine man, and then the upgrade. I don't think the movie was supposed to be sexy haha. I'm also super into transhumanism now as well, and prosthetics with new functions and inhuman designs. It's so freaking cool/hot. Ya know.

No. 72045

*hand, one hand!

No. 72047

oh god, that first sentence, that's exactly how I dream about it to be. that it starts with me being caring and trying to take care of them and then more and more until I'm in control

yes!! when I like someone I want to do everything for them, whatever they point on I will give them and of course they would need to punished, especially if my baby likes it

it might sound weird but if anyone wants to talk more about mommy domme or femdom I have a tumblr where I collect nsfw pictures and also talk to other in the community and stay totally anonymous. it's 304cage.tumblr.com if anyone is interested!!

No. 72169

It's sort of why I like the idea of it and the appeal, its scary to give that level of control and the idea of pushing back but it being too late is a sort of scary and intoxicating feeling.

I had a look at the whole tumblr and as a guy a lot of the yaoi stuff doesn't appeal to me (why is the art for some so amazing looking) but I can see why others like it, the outfit posts are nice too very cute to see.

The only thing i can say from my pov is I would worry that you could take advantage of someone wanting to do everything for you, I always disliked money being spent on me as well or being complimented, it's odd in a sense.

still you've got another fan now, I might try to ask a anon question on it sometime.

No. 72172

I only like 2D and especially BL (because I'm a rotten fujoshit) and my huge kinks are petplay and mindbreaking. Not in a violent and angry way, but more of a sadistic love and affection.

No. 72175

Why doesn't that sort of stuff work for you in 3D? There must at least be some scenes in movies or sth? Is the 2D thing about avoiding reality?

No. 72177

>making a bait this shitty

No. 72198

File: 1455894595094.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.87 MB, 720x404, DariejXO.webm)

Being treated like this basically, though I mostly dom.

No. 72199

fuck, forgot to spoiler the image

No. 72212

I hope you're not an actual female.

No. 72219

Ummm that looks painful

No. 72220

Ha! I don't venture to /b too often, but glad I did today. I'm one of the hot for priests anons (Padre Dante fwoargh). For me it all began with Father Karras. He's the hottest, with Morrissey in the I Have Forgiven You Jesus video a close second.

I think I remember you! I'm anon whose mission is to have rough sex with Christian Bale. I'm not usually into skinny guys, but got to admit that Reznik is hot as fuck.

On the DVD extras, the director said that Bale felt a "zen like euphoria" starving himself. His body is hot in any form, but I seriously worry how losing so much then gaining weight repeatedly affects him physically.

Oh yes, oh yes!!!

I need to explore this thread then write more. I had to write now though because the OP pic is too hot. Much moistness.

No. 72221

Fuck me.

No. 72224

Some women actually like to be treated like shit.

Not me though.

No. 72225

File: 1455901158675.jpg (7.95 KB, 250x300, burton.jpg)

Ok, so I'm a priest fetishist. I don't troll churches. Fun fact, my cousin is a priest, but my kink for them started in my early teens (after watching The Exorcist), so no incest kink going on.

For me it's the idea that I want to seduce them. I want to make them "sin" and feel dirty. I want to create the turmoil in their heads. If they were up for sex I wouldn't be interested. I'm also turned on by wanting something I could never have, so a bit of masochism there.

There was a coffee ad in the UK years ago and I;ve never been able to find it on youtube. It's set in an outdoor cafe in Italy and this hot guy is reading a newspaper. This woman is giving him eyes and he's giving her eyes. She wants to make a move, but he lowers his newspaper and she sees his dog collar and he shrugs with a grin. SO FUCKING HOT!!!

My other kinks are:
*Pretending to be dead. Not in the Dennis Nilsen way where I wear white make up and wank to myself in the mirror, but pretending to be dead while having sex. I like to pretend to be dead in a non sexual setting too. I like to lie on the floor outdoors or in my flat and pretend I'm dead.
*Chrome. I'm hot for metal. Classic American cars are fetish objects for me. I've never had the opportunity to do this, but I want to rub my naked body all over the exterior and interior of one and use the gear stick as a dildo etc. No idea where this fetish comes from. I can even feel sexual looking at an amazing toaster.

No. 72226

File: 1455901301762.jpg (28.25 KB, 570x487, sexual.jpg)

See, this is porn to me. The reflection is off putting.

No. 72227

File: 1455901865162.jpg (17.19 KB, 382x392, lamb.jpg)

Liam Neeson in "Lamb".

No. 72229

File: 1455903079528.png (121.57 KB, 459x344, little_toaster.png)

No. 72232

How would having bdsm fantasies not make me female?

No. 72234

File: 1455908909571.jpg (805.1 KB, 1920x2830, hot priest hot nun.jpg)

Plugged in toaster. Hmm, an element of danger there, heh.

No. 72239

Looks hot.
>tfw i'll never find a man with a big cock who treats me like shit

No. 72241

I love you anon! Need more people who are enthusiastic about priests. Would write a longer reply but I'm on mobile rn. Will post some more pics later on.

No. 72243

I wish I didn't love this sort of shit so much.

Tfw years ago had an opportunity with a ridiculously masochistic 18 year old schoolgirl who lived a few miles away from me but passed it up out of moralfaggotry.

No. 72248


No. 72249

No. 72250


No. 72260

Why do you say I'm a robot? Stop kink-shaming me!

No. 72277

File: 1455924703184.jpg (51.1 KB, 536x800, morrisseypriest.jpg)

No. 72278

Morrissey might actually be pure enough to dress like that. At least I like to think so but who knows

No. 72280

Is there a longer version of this?

No. 72338

I loved when Morrissey was always talking about being celibate. It made me skip happily through life for years and years. I refused to believe he'd have sex. I couldn't deal with the idea.


He is not pure! He had a long term relationship with a woman and also with a man. In his autobiog I was grateful he skirted around intimacy issues, but to think Moz has sex is something which has caused me much angst. Why, Morrissey, why?

I no longer skip. I wear a furrowed brow and stomp through life with my eyes on the ground now.

No. 72340

Adding, I do love that he won that award for bad sex in literature for his novel.

Hisvsex descriptions are amusing, so I like to think he'd be clumsy yet endearing when he makes the beast with two backs.

No. 72348

File: 1455974498513.jpg (40.04 KB, 365x550, sexual morrissey.jpg)

No. 72350


he goes kinda soft on her

No. 72351

I'm huge into male virgins, uptight/repressed ones. Could be priests, repressed types. So long as they look neat (side parting, glasses, shirt) so I can mess them up.

I'm into big hands, being molested when I'm sleeping, daddy/daughter shit, nazis, babby's first rape roleplay, blowjobs for days. Despite the heavy sub tendencies if I'm told straight up what to do, and will for real refuse because I'm stubborn af, and physically fight, sometimes really rough, if they don't take no at face value.

No. 72355

>This tool bag needs a little more 1 on 1 how to train a cunt. I don't give a fuck if she does as told with just a finger point. Slap the cunt. Degrade it. At 10 years old I could have instructed a bitch like this.

lmao this edgelord

No. 72356

File: 1455983768420.jpeg (17.48 KB, 400x224, image.jpeg)

I'm more of a hentai gal myself, can't really get into irl porn like… At all

I kinda like loli, and big boobs
but girls like Tomoko who are kinda ugly cute are my favourite. I'm not rly sure why they make her a futa/have grandma titties 80% of the time but yeah

Speaking of futa, somehow I would much rather a futa there instead of a guy. There isn't really any guy I find attractive irl, except a cosplay of my anime husbando. It's really hard to find though for some reason, most cosplays of him are fucking ugly

I would like a pretty albino boy irl

No. 72357

Why does anyone who like this stuff get accused of being a robot?

Seems like farmers/femanons like it even more.

No. 72363

File: 1455986440373.jpg (30.15 KB, 396x594, 1455160641133.jpg)

Gerard way in a priest's collar gets me so wet, it's no fair.

My biggest kink is musicians. Not some dumbass high school boy who's an "edm artist" but like musicians who get gigs and go on stage and play and sing and sweat. I remember once I went to see a band and Vinyl theater opened for them and the keyboard player had sweat dripping down his face to the point it fell on his keyboard and I was so wet. I have such a groupie fetish. I want to watch them play and dance in the crowd then go find them after and throw myself at them and let them use me and maybe become their lover/gf

I also like things like dd/lg in the way that being used and treated like a princess and being punished and my boyfriend likes to do it to me but he thinks being called daddy is weird so I just call him sir or master

No. 72365

No. 72369

File: 1455989053065.gif (830.97 KB, 238x335, robertcarlylecrosssign.gif)

My thread is still alive, nice.

Love to hear so many of you say they're into male virgins and male innocence in general. Celibate, asexual, sexually awkward guys are truly divine. With that I don't mean total indifference to sex, they should have some kind of sensuality about them that's hard to define and isn't just a crude, aggressive sex drive witb the aim of sticking their dick in sth.

I'm drawn to people with a weirdly abstract, screwed up sex drive.

No. 72370

You guys are cute. Hope you find true love.

No. 72392

robots use rape/sub fantasies to justify rape and thinking all women secretly want to be submissive 1950's housewives. There's also the fact that the BDSM-community, specifically the dd/lg types, are cancerous.

farmers go a bit overboard, but it's far better than sex-positive tumblrites.

No. 72396

What do you think of men who have these fantasies but don't necessarily want to hurt women, or do it with women who are vulnerable - or who are regretful about the fact they exploited women in the past?

No. 72399

By the BDSM-community I mostly mean the people who regularly hold events, have extented discussions, keep tumblr blogs about their relationships and just basically base most of their personality around their sexual interests. They usually do stupid shit 24/7 relationships and just plain physically harmful or morally abhorrent things. I have nothing against people who liek to occasionally turn their girlfriend's bum bright red.

I don't think (most) dominant men are abusers or misogynists, I like domming my bf and I don't hate him or men in general.

No. 72400

You sound cool anon. Apart from the domming your bf stuff, I don't agree with that.

But everything you said about lifestylers and their "munches" is true. Yuck.

No. 72403

What is there to agree or disagree about the consentual, enjoyable sex I have in private with my boyfriend?

No. 72405

I think it's all too often linked to low self esteem in men.

No. 72406

Sorry but where do you find obscure shit like "baby's first rape"?

No. 72408

Not that anon but it's been documented that most men in high powered paying jobs, jobs where they have a ton of power or responsibility, shit like that, desire a role reversal. I have a dominant personality as a female, I want to be dommed sometimes.

No. 72410

Then would you also say that sub women have many insecurities?

I can only really speak for my experiences, but my bf used to be quite insecure before we started dating, now he's a total confident normie. Either way I don't it reinforces insecurity (quite the opposite actually) and I am not convinced that his previous insecurity is the original of his fetish.

No. 72411

Do you not feel sorry for them though? They're making themselves so vulnerable, and they'd go through an immense amount of shame if ever it were revealed that they had submissive tendencies.

Maybe he uses it as a coping mechanism of sorts, and the outlet it gives him means he can function more confidently in everyday life. Who knows.

No. 72415

it's a saying

No. 72416

LOL get the fuck out. People have preferences, stop projecting your insecurities.

No. 72417

it's a saying

No. 72420

She would know anon. It's her bf and they talk. That's what comes with the territory of sex in a relationship. You talk about what you like and what you're comfortable doing.

No. 72421

The fact that others would think less of them because of reasonably normal sexual interest just proves that those others are judgemental pricks, it has nothing to do with sub men.

No. 72422

Having sex period is putting yourself in a vulnerable state. I think any time you're willing to let someone see you naked and raw as fuck in a base ass state makes you a little vulnerable.
Being dominated is allowing someone else to have control over you. Being at the mercy of someone you trust is liberating in its own way.

No. 72423

I'll probably catch a bit of flak for this, but my understanding has been women lose respect for their boyfriends if they find out they have submissive fantasies.

No. 72424

>my understanding has been
>women are all the same


No. 72425

>Maybe he uses it as a coping mechanism of sorts, and the outlet it gives him means he can function more confidently in everyday life.

Wtf do you even mean by this?

No. 72426

If he feels stressed out by his job and wants to give up control and responsibility for eg

No. 72427

Some do, some don't, it depends on how you introduce them to it. Admittedly some women will think less of them, but those are not worth dating.

No. 72428

I have said nothing about his job. Why do you keep making assumptions?

No. 72429

Personally I think it's sexy. I think honesty/openness (or willing to be) is one of the most attractive features another person can have.

If that means the guy wants to be submissive, alright, I'm down. Giving a man the space to surrender his body and taking control over him for mutual pleasure would be a great fusion of trust and eroticism.

Not everyone is versatile, it's just another way to be.

No. 72442

If they have a 50s mindset, yes. Fortunately I don't. Bring on the submissive guys, I'll take them all.

No. 72452

All this subguy love as a subguy is nice to see.

Warms my cold slightly drunk getting drunker body.

No. 72456

I'm pretty boring and don't have sick kinks I guess. Just my bf being a nazi dressed in dat fine sexy uniform, commanding me around and fucking me senseless.
My bf's also similar looking to that priest of vikings, so I'm recently also fantasizing about seducing him as devout priest and persuading them into sexual stuff.

No. 72459

That's probably the alcohol anon

No. 72479

I mean Nazi uniforms are good looking, but why…

No. 72480

File: 1456043104642.jpeg (275.98 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

>all this priest kink

anons, you're giving me life. I have a huge thing for priests (raised Catholic, get off to the imagery now) and a huge thing for beasts and monsters. Coincidentally, I've been playing a lot of Bloodborne, and pic related is Father Gascoigne. He has a beast form, and I want to tie him up and ride him until he passes out. Which is also another kink of mine, consensual but rough, stamina-draining sex. Bonus points if the person penetrating is basically being used as a live dildo, and can't do anything about it.

No. 72481

File: 1456046504014.png (914.36 KB, 1000x507, tumblr_np4cuuctIT1rf03nro1_128…)

Ah yes, Father Guacamole.
So hot

No. 72483

Don't be insecure anon, and don't be a needy piece of shit who treats dommes like fetish dispebsers and you should be fine.

No. 72489

kek true I guess

eh I'd say I'm a little insecure maybe shy about it at the start, a ton of subs are thristy as fuck looking to get off.

I just get enjoyment from making the other person happy tbh, making them happy makes me happy, often makes me feel like some subgenre of music in the minority.

No. 72493

The problem is that a lot of these so-called subs aren't actually subs, they have no interest in real submission, they just watch shitty porn and they wouldn't actually do anything IRL

No. 72496

Yeah that's true plus at times it seems like a lot are in a rush just to get off then that's them done.

basically looking for what they want rather than want the other person or both want.

It's hard to find irl because I'm still stuck in that embarrassment mind set and still consider it quite personal so it can hardly be shared with every girl.

No. 72519

lol, he really is though. pretty much all of the beasts in Bloodborne are fair game. have you seen how muscular the Snatchers are? hnnng.

No. 72527

I'm a disgusting fujoshi honestly and most of kinks I like in a m/m context
Fucking machines, crying, reluctance, straight up non-con, fear, choking, light bondage, d/s, light humiliation/name-calling/degradation, and monsterboys

No. 72530

File: 1456086006357.jpg (45.75 KB, 375x436, 1436161175909.jpg)

We should be friends, anon.

No. 72534

Why not? That anons sex life sounds awesome.

No. 72540

Same anon
So much disgusting shit I like in 2d BL that I'd hate irl.
Too bad thanks to the age of Sjw half of my old fap fics got deleted

No. 72551

Yes we should. More reason for me to make a throwaway Skype to contact people on here, some other farmer wanted to contact me as well.

No. 72552

Boys with hair long enough for me to grab
I go to a lot of metal shows to find them

No. 72558

Do you stand behind them in the crowd and smell their hair? Do you touch it?

Just remembered my creepy teen years.

No. 72583

no i bring them home and fuck them and pull their hair while i do it
>inb4 slut

No. 72584

I have a throwaway skype now, it's random.farmer

No. 72607

File: 1456133925899.jpg (21.79 KB, 403x309, catholicsarefuckingnuts.jpg)

catholicism is fucking nuts. love it

No. 72609

File: 1456134359647.jpg (364.52 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-Clerical_clothing.jpg)

the gay vibes are so strong

No. 72611

File: 1456134908026.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 1432033877702.jpg)


>Father, it's never occured to me to wonder what a priest is wearing under his cassock other than a good heart. Put your cassock on.

No. 72624

I'be had a thing for cheating for years, it's definitely a power thing as well as sexual.

I very often have fantasies of my long term bf and I breaking up for some reason and reuniting some time later at a party with him having a new girlfriend, either equal to or more attractive than me. I seduce my bf easily in the bathroom while his gf is left wondering where he went. He tells me nobody is as good as me and that he wants be back, desperate heavy bathroom sex, blah blah blah ego boosting as fuck. I'm not hideous but I get insecure a lot, the idea of seducing a guy when a more attractive girl is in reach gets me off.

Irl my bf is a total angel who would probably never cheat on anyone, he doesn't get that kink at all. It's mostly something I play through my head when I'm alone with my vibrator.

No. 72639

File: 1456157787262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 406.1 KB, 1280x1920, cMZkkKQ.jpg)

I know I've already spammed this thread with my abundant fetishes, but I really want to try bondage. I don't really like pain and I prefer to be the dom most of the time but the thought of being immobilised and people doing whatever they want with me is super hot.

No. 72640

File: 1456157811673.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.38 KB, 1500x1003, yZYRJpg.jpg)

more pics

No. 72641

File: 1456157834535.jpg (Spoiler Image, 340.52 KB, 1500x1058, p3JXvWi.jpg)


No. 72642

File: 1456158640104.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.3 KB, 500x666, blud3.jpg)

I have a blood fetish

anyone else?

No. 72643

those vaginas look nasty tho, do not want

No. 72654

I go from being super submissive to doing some dom stuff depending on the mood. So most of the stuff goes both ways.

Orgasm denial, chastity belts, begging, bondage, spanking, biting, pegging /ass stuff, age play (not like baby stuff just someone inexperienced with someone experienced i guess), pet play, servant/owner, student/teacher, general dress up stuff, switching gender roles etc., wearing vibrators or having cum inside/ in panties white going out and about, being made to feel embarrassed, some play with pee (like helping the other person on the toilet), general rules and asking for permission before doing things turn me on, public stuff to an extent as well, turning on my partner in public to the point they either command me or beg me to do it somewhere no one can see us.

There's probably a lot more tbh.

No. 72676

cute but I'm way too innocent for you

No. 72682

Count me in. Seeing guys soaked in blood, injured, or anything along those lines is oddly exciting. Headaches and dudes in a daze/so in pain they can barely move, too.

I always feel giddy when a character I like gets the shit beat out of them and they're left in a bloody heap. Wish I knew where I picked these up.

No. 72717

just call it a kink pls

No. 72922

Do you like the idea of nursing them back to health or something? Or do you just like guys being hurt?

No. 72942

I don't care for the nursing back to health part, it's mostly just the pain. I used to write down what episode or page the character I liked got injured in or on. It's always in a fictional setting, of course, I'd feel fucking bad if I were watching an actual person get the shit beat out of them.

No clue why it's my thing. It's an arousal where I'm perfectly fine with not getting off because it's pleasurable to simply see.

No. 72943

Sort of. I like seeing guys with mild injuries. Maybe a bloody nose, a few bruises, a split lip, but nothing more than that

No. 72982

Athletic/strong/tough/somewhat muscular girls
And it has nothing to do with feminism
I had thought of myself of straight until high school, when I was sexually awakened by the school locker room. I had gym last period so I often I saw girls on the sports team getting changed for practice, and realized how strong some of them were. The fact that they were probably strong enough to hold a scrawny girl like myself down and have their way with me wildy turned me on.
But I'm not attracted to guys in the same way…

No. 72991

Whatever floats your boat I guess. From your description of what you found attractive it seems to me you'd be super into guys. Apparently not though
Do you think it's about seeing them vulnerable? The whole tough guy masculine facade broken?

No. 73001

I'm into men as well, just not in the same way… I don't want guys to hold me down, I'd even prefer to hold them down I think. I don't really like masculine men actually…

No. 73012

File: 1456284984816.png (474.13 KB, 430x640, 6648722197.png)

You know, that actually ties in with some other kinks I have. You might've just helped me figure out what got the ball rolling. Thanks, anon.

No. 73145

Glad I could unintentionally be of some help
In curious and if you don't mind sharing, what other fetishes tie into that?
Usually the opposite for people. At least you know full and well what you like

No. 73202

I don't mind. Some of them vaguely tie in, but one of them is a man passing out and being carried, like an anon I saw earlier in this thread, otherwise it's light sleep deprivation/watching a guy sleep or psychological torture with recovery.

No. 73211

Ok I definitely think I was onto something there. Do you have an outlet for these or are you fine with just seeing them in books, movies, etc.
Obviously watching a man sleep would be an easy one to fulfill.

No. 73304

Books, movies, TV shows, occasionally games; I'm happy with seeing them there. It usually means a lot of "Come on! You could have hurt him a tiny bit more!" but I get thrilled when it actually goes as far as I want it to, which takes a while. A constant tease, but worth it.

No. 73325

File: 1456379891374.jpg (95.33 KB, 850x600, ThreeStooges.jpg)

dental torture/ teeth pulling and dental play; flossing, brushing, playing with the tools.

the whole ritual of dentist visits is nice to think about too.

No. 73367

>I used to write down what episode or page the character I liked got injured in or on.

Holy shit, I do that too! Could you post some? Do you still have the list?

No. 73369

I really like that fantasy. I'm pretty strong myself but the idea of a girl who's stronger is pretty hot, especially if she humiliates me for not being muscular and fit enough. I guess I need a brutal personal trainer or sth.

No. 73371

I was that anon, glad to hear someone shares that fantasy. Can also relate to not wanting to be overpowered by men but being fine with it if it's another woman.

No. 73372

>Is it safe?

No. 73429

Sadly not, the computer I had it on blue screened and I never backed the file up. I should probably start writing them down again, though, I've got a lot of shows on my hands. The only ones I can recall are from The Flash: S.2 E.6 and S.1 E.11. E.6 being the episode of him being beat up to the point of unconsciousness and I can't remember E.11 that well, but I know that the Flash was writhing around on the ground from soundwaves.

Yeah, I was surprised to see it! Psychology's great.

No. 73446

No. 73476

i'm mildly into humiliation too. oh god a strong girl telling me how weak and scrawny i am would turn me on so much
i… probably should never get a personal trainer

No. 73478

i'm into blindfold sex. the feeling of not knowing what your partner will do next is exciting for me.

No. 73480

Love it. Why do I always get turned on by comedy? Love exaggerated and comical portrayals of kinky stuff for some reason. Grew up with the Addams Family after all.

No. 73501

I'm really into blindfolded making out. It makes kissing so much fun

No. 73537

Fear turns me on. I have no idea why but seeing a guy scared really gets me going. A lot of my other kinks are related to my fears as well (I have a big fear of drowning and choking is one of my big kinks)

No. 73546

The Shawn Mendes music video for Stiches made me think of this thread and your comments

No. 73558

File: 1456506902054.jpg (61.38 KB, 537x363, mielnikiewicz33100_34L.jpg)

This thread is den of succubusses lusting for pure and innocent souls of devoted christians.

I have a thing for priests and monks too, but not catholic ones.
I find orthodox monks very handsome.
They are not alloved to cut their hair.
I had met a guy, whose spiritual mentor(it was priest) wanted to have homosexual relationship with him, but it was too much of a forbiden fruit to accept his offer.

I am looking like orthodox priest as well. People sometimes genuinely take me for one. Once an old lady asked me to bless her.

I'm thinking to buy priest clothes in the future, it's quite expensive.

No. 73564

File: 1456508769432.jpg (22.8 KB, 400x309, 1219889555_1.jpg)

Receive the blessing of Russian Jesus, anon.

No. 73566

Same here. Would love to exploit a guy's phobia (insects, heights, needles,…). Unfortunately even masochists have limits unless they're completely self-destructive but those kinds of personalities usually aren't much fun.

No. 73572

Scars. On men or women. I think they look cool, like to see them, and hear the stories behind them. They make people seem tough, I guess. I had a big burn scar on my neck from a car crash last year and I'm sad it's almost completely faded because I thought it looked cool.
But never self inflicted ones/scarification. Those don't have the same appeal to me

No. 73580

My gratitude is endless, sweet anon.

No. 73590

What about some lame surgery scars?

No. 73601

Still cool. The last girl I dated had one on her stomach from an appendectomy that I thought was pretty neat

No. 73659

File: 1456575951387.jpg (11.15 KB, 194x215, beard.jpg)


I called that guy and he still has contact with that priest.
He told me he'll try ask him for a date for me next week.

No. 73664

Let us know how it goes, anon

No. 73767

Virgin guys are one of my favorites
It's not something I absolutely need, but I have taken the virginity of 3 of the 4 men I've slept with and I loved it

The first aspect I love about it is that I'm a part of them forever afterwards so to speak. They might forget future hookups, but no one ever forgets their first time. I love being that first and I love knowing I'll be in their head forever

Another is that they're just cute as hell to me because they have no idea what they're doing. I had one try to act like a pornstar and I burst out giggling and told him to just let me take care of it (I love being domn, unsurprisingly). I also love to tease, a lot. Seeing them squirm is just adorable. The best part is them going hog wild at the end. One of them was so nervous and was just letting me do all the work, but when he got close to orgasm he started moaning and bucked into me like almost like an animal

I'm happy dating the third guy and feel no need to take another man's virginity, but it's a very hot experience for me

No. 74379

Good luck anon! Keep us updated!

No. 74434

It's fun to see all these virgin-loving anons creep out of the woodwork.

No. 74445

That's ok, most people are
This is pretty hot tbh. Makes me want to try being with a virgin but i have a bf.

No. 74458

I want to take a guy's virginity but the problem is I'm a virgin too. Just one who masturbates a LOT

No. 74463

If I was dating a girl and heard she masturbated a lot I'd worry she'd grown too used to porn-y stuff.

No. 74476

Tfw girl and masturbate a lot, so i never rly orgasm when i have sex.

No. 74479

Yeah this too, just like for men it can adversely affect your libido and enjoyment of ordinary sex.

Kind of messed up. I don't think you should masturbate.

No. 74649

I usually don't orgasm when I masturbate because Prozac makes me numb and it takes too long and i get bored. My hand just sort of gravitates to my crotch and its become it's default resting place when I'm alone.

No. 74650

i only masturbate with my clit and i orgasm from my vagina when i have sex just fine.

No. 74651

Robots/androids/cyborgs, that sort of thing, statues to a lesser extent, just has to look like a man and be emotionless. I've always been crazy attracted to those types of characters.

No. 74659

get off prozac asap

No. 74715

tried that last year, nearly failed out of college, tried to drown myself in the bathtub, and had really, really, bad paranoia
so i'm stuck for now

No. 74717

Change your diet and try again. It's ridiculous what dumping carbs has done for my psyche.

No. 74730

Stop pushing that bullshit

No. 74737

You're literally encouraging anon to stay on prozac Eating your own shit is better for you than prozac.

Sorry for OT but get help anon.

No. 74738

I'm not referring to Prozac, I'm talking about the no carbs bunk you're advocating.

No. 74744

Quit shitting thread, will 'ya.
Post some more priests instead or something

No. 74746

I want to rape my boyfriend, I want to put some viagra in his drink, wrestle down his to the ground and use him like a human sex toy. I'd probably feel bad IRL and he's a 185cm tall fitizen so it's impossible anyway.

No. 74764

sleeping pills and viagra

No. 74772


No. 74800

I was more or less talking about consentual non-consent.

No. 74801

thats rape..

No. 74813

Float it by him maybe?
I don't know him, but I doubt he'd be bothered too much

No. 74829

He's into femdom, I've posted about ITT, it's just that I don't think he'd be comfortable with it, and that he'd think I'm crazy or something. It's completely irrational, we've done all kinds of kinky things, some of the things I fantasised about never happened, he never judged me. I just feel that this is the thing that makes him realise I'm a freak.

No. 74834

File: 1456778984265.gif (892.68 KB, 500x213, tumblr_inline_n85w26oZTy1sz581…)

So glad that I'm not the only one with a priest fetish. I'm only really into females but there's something about a dark-haired, dark-eyed priest that seems so wrong in all the right ways. And I'm not even Catholic…

No. 74842

Couldn't hurt floating it by him still
Worst that could happen is he says he's not comfortable with it

No. 74926

you mean like rape roleplay right? not the actual thing?

No. 75047

>dark eyes
>dark hair
Yesss, anon, yes!

No. 75078

File: 1456819140309.jpg (Spoiler Image, 157.03 KB, 800x531, tmp_5685-Il_Confessionale-1063…)

So I'm assuming we all have seen this flick then?

No. 75083

Never had the opportunity for this, but virgin guys
I see a few people have already mentioned this fetish and I have the same reasons pretty much
I like the idea of being their first, and I like the idea of being dom and walking them through it with lots of teasing

No. 75097

I'd prefer it with two guys. Any gay version of this?

No. 75116

All of my sexual fantasies are about rape, abuse, sadism, humiliating and degrading girls etc.

I wish I was just being edgy but every relationship I have ends up with me asking her if I can act out elaborate kidnap and rape fantasies.

No. 75123

Are robots allowed to post here?

No. 75169

I'm not a robot.

No. 75212

You sound like my perfect guy. Any tips for getting my dom dude more into this stuff?

No. 75221

If I'm your perfect guy, why are you with him?

t. Smug crudely drawn stick figure

No. 75331

If he already likes domming uou should just tell him that it turns you on and hope fot the best

No. 75334

Can't get into this kind of stuff at all. It's just not convincing enough. A nun with skanky makeup and overplucked brows and fake nails just doesn't work for me.

No. 75336

Sleeping pills don't work that way. If you want to knock him out you need more drastic measures. I'd say there's better and safer ways to act out this fantasy.

No. 75364

Same. I can't find her attractive at all. Wish they used a more natural looking woman. I hate the typical 'porn star' look.

No. 75477

File: 1456873875116.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.7 KB, 640x480, tmp_12166-italian-priest-8-106…)


Yeah, the nun scenes don't really do much for me. But the scenes with Monica Roccaforte who doesn't play as a nun are pretty hot though. She has a great natural bod and I think a "girl next door" pretty face.

Also it's not your typical porn flick, it's an Italian production. Link to one of the scenes with her: http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=665435642

No. 75488

File: 1456876026291.jpg (12.54 KB, 500x385, bigboss-smile.jpg)

You are absolutely golden, anon. Thank you.

No. 77015

File: 1457087010260.png (349.2 KB, 395x600, hnnnng.png)

Sorry for reviving this wild ride of a thread, but I really wanted to comment on the priest stuff.

I was raised Catholic, lost my faith for a number of years before coming back to it, but I still appreciate the imagery and the sanctity of it all.

Perhaps it's because I have a delicate sex drive and sometimes have trouble with the whole me having sex thing, I actually fantasize about gay priests. For many of the same reasons that others do– the emotionally charged, passionate, forbidden sex. Also, because I'm a recovering fujoshit.

That's not to say I don't fantasize about being involved with them myself. Especially romantically. You know, where you know that dark haired, dark eyed, stoic, kind, well-educated cutie loves you, and you him, and there's all this tension and self-torture? But I suppose I just don't see myself as desirable enough to make a priest question his faith and covenant with God.

Thanks for listening. Here's more delicious priests.

No. 77017

File: 1457087519460.gif (1009.59 KB, 500x265, tumblr_mqi4kvRuyM1rzhv5ho1_500…)

No. 77018

File: 1457087640364.jpg (21.24 KB, 396x593, tumblr_lziqdrmKIM1qjfrp1.jpg)

I'm sorry? Not sure what exactly I did to you. I thought this was a fetish thread. Do I know you?

No. 77019

File: 1457087725884.jpg (59.32 KB, 356x260, 3623a.jpg)

No. 77079

Dark haired priests are the best.

No. 77364

File: 1457167772909.jpg (46.2 KB, 500x353, image.jpg)

I'm really into femdom, guro, and non-sexual s/m gets me off for some weird reason.

No. 77763


So, i remined that friend of mine to talk to that priest about a date(me and my friend together with him) as he asked.
He also said it's less likely to go down to sex itsel on a first date, so let's keep thingers crossed about this.

No. 78648

I remembered this thread after so many people here talked about priests. I'm reading a non-fiction book about Christian nuns who left monasteries, and one of the woman in it fell in love with a priest (who fell in love with her as well haha). They both left their positions at monasteries and re-joined the normal world together. It's sweet cause the guy says he hasn't regretted a single hour after leaving.

No. 78649

Title of book??

No. 78654

File: 1457423732406.jpg (65.59 KB, 576x432, mormons.JPG)

In the same vein as priests, anyone else here into Mormon missionaries? They're just so optimistic and pure.

No. 78656

It's a foreign book, the title is "Zakonnice odchodza po cichu", it's about the lives of ex-nuns and some sociology, so not really romance, but I can translate the bits about that nun who ends up with the priest if you are interested

No. 78704

File: 1457457599151.jpg (30.81 KB, 600x450, 2a99b994d0dd51c7423fe183213958…)

a czytalas 500 zdan (jerzego bralczyka)? Super ksiazka

No. 78758

File: 1457466304126.gif (1.9 MB, 320x240, NickC.gif)

this is all I could think about when reading through this thread. lol

No. 78822

File: 1457476674442.jpg (70.92 KB, 620x403, 0517-maffly-kipp_mormon-missio…)


It is my life's goal to one day peg a mormon missionary.

No. 78838

They're so cute.

No. 78847

File: 1457481965559.png (197.81 KB, 500x250, Book-of-Mormon-4.png)

Holy shit, yes!

No. 78848

Hilarious scene but it seems like the majority in this thread would prefer to fondle the priest lol

No. 78849

I'd love me some Mormon tears.

No. 78850

Ugh, same. I got my bf to roleplay with me as a Mormon missionary once (without the pegging part). It was super hot, he knocked on our door and pretended to be a cute virgin and I got to dominate him.

No. 78853

o, nie czytalam ale brzmi ciekawie, dzieki za rekomendacje anon, postaram sie upolowac gdzies ebooka i wtedy poczytac (mieszkam za granica to nie ma szansy kupic w ksiegarni niestety). uprzejmy sage za OT

No. 78879

Goddamnit, Nic Cage is a national treasure.

No. 78880

I would deep throat the fuck out of the blonde.

No. 78883

File: 1457488097115.gif (496.41 KB, 500x270, tumblr_lkso37OCw91qebz9ho1_500…)

That's legit hot, anon.

Brendon Urie and Dallon Weekes are ex-Mormons, so I suppose they don't count, but Brendon used to be so damn pure straight out of his Mormon community.

No. 78911

I often fantasize about a femdom who constantly abuses me and pretty uses me as a sex toy.
>Sits on my face and pinches me if I'm not doing good enough
>Licks me until I already came and am in tears because she wont stop
>Makes me call her Mommy
>calls me a good girl once she's finished

Even then, I'd want a femdom who provided aftercare. I don't know, lately the idea of a dom who did a lot of aftercare has really excited me

No. 79111

You are looking for a fuck mommy. You are pathetic, really.
And now, it's time you go back to your containtment thread.

No. 79127

>calls me a good girl once she's finished
pretty sure the person you're replying to is a lesbian/bi

No. 79146

Please stay in your goddamn containment thread, robot.

No. 79147

No, they're just a sissy boy robot who needs to fuck off.

No. 79152

Being restrained, verbally abused, choked/slapped and treated like a pet (or sex object) are some of my kinks.
I also like teasing, desperation, orgasm control, forced stuff, gunplay/knifeplay/bloodplay/general violence and hypnosis a lot.
DD/lg stuff is cute, but I despise the word "daddy" and all implications of parental incest so much, holy shit.

No. 79154

why is this a problem at all? they're not disturbing the thread. plus how do you know they're a robot?

No. 79156


Geez, I'm lesbian and I have degenerate taste.

It's a link thread, why are you so angry anon?

No. 79171

>Being restrained, verbally abused, choked/slapped and treated like a pet (or sex object) are some of my kinks.
>gunplay/knifeplay/bloodplay/general violence and hypnosis a lot.

Best-in-Thread farmer right here.

Would rape/10.

No. 79218

Don't take it close to your heart when you are mistaken for a robot because of your kinks, pumpkin.

No. 79230

>DD/lg stuff is cute

'no' it's literally the shittiest fetish tumblr has come up with

No. 79387

I don't think groups of people on Tumblr sit around and brainstorm fetishes
DD/lg is nothing new

No. 79428

I'm into over feeding boys until they're chubby/have a big belly, like tubby football jock build. Most feeders are into making the feedees like, 500+ pounds which turns my stomach honestly. Just making a muscular guy pudgy and jiggly though…

No. 79562

Well this is new

No. 79571

I don't know if this counts, but I love cooking for my dude and feeding him. I like making really delicious varied and intricate dishes, and it makes my heart pop with joy to see how happy he is and how quickly he eats it. I like his full belly too and how it sticks out.

He's a muscular build tho. I wonder if this how feederism starts. I love to watch him eat <3

No. 79572

The whole 'daddy' thing makes me cringe so hard. On what level is it attractive? Do these girls want to fuck their fathers? Is it an incest fetish? I'm so confused.

No. 79573

Someone has a sandy cooch.

No. 79577

>wear cute clothes, own cute objects and be comfy
>get treated like a fragile princess
I literally see no problem with it at all, except for the "daddy" shit.

No. 79579

You are aware many girls have "daddy issues" right?

No. 79599

>I don't think groups of people on Tumblr sit around and brainstorm fetishes

but they do

>DD/lg is nothing new

provide proofs

No. 79603

>I literally see no problem with it at all, except for the "daddy" shit.

You just dislike the 'daddy-shit' because of its overt incestuous implications.

The thing that is actually wrong with DD/lg is that it is in most cases a 24/7-type BDSM relationship.
In thsoe sorts of relationships you are either admitting that you're a disfunctional adult and can't live as an independent person, which in addition to being extemely dangerous, means that you´re not even a whole person and need somebody else to complete you.
Or you are constantly role-playing, not being your true self, and I wouldn't call that a real relationship, you're FWB at best.

Another thing that annoys me is the scary number of actual little girls who follow that shit on tumblr. Like literal 14-year olds, ones that live with their actual daddies.

No. 79605

Yeah to me the whole daddy part of it is gross, I don't even like it when the hispanic part of my family call their boyfriends papi. That shit makes me so uncomfortable.
I think too many people confused age playing as a stress coping mechanism with it as a fetishthat old guy that liked to dress as a 6 year old girl that buzzfeed called trans. Most tumblr girls don't actually DD/LG, they just watch old Disney movies in onesies and take pictures of themself. That just sounds like a weekend to me, not age playing.

No. 79612

You guys are taking this too seriously.

"Daddy" doesn't literally mean her father, it means some figure who is essentially a surrogate father to her in lieu of her real dad. It's a desire to be a child again in the sense of having no real responsibilities, having this older, attentive man who takes care of you etc.

At least that's the way I read it.

>get treated like a fragile princess

I don't get his part either.

Most boyfriends like doing that for their girlfriend. Look at how caring guys become when their girlfriend or wife starts crying, it is like a father holding and caring for a daughter in some ways.

No. 79613

>women want to fuck their dads
Is this really fucking news to anyone? This is hardly uncommon or "out there"

No. 79615

They don't want to fuck their dads, at least I hope not.

They just like the idea of a father figure for whatever reason. By the way, there's nothing wrong with a girl viewing her dad as "the sort of man I want to marry". That's the stuff decent women are made of in the first place, and it's understandable if this occasionally turns into lust for him, not understandable if she acts on it though.

No. 79641

basically this.

Not ashamed to admit I have major daddy issues, absent father and whatever. So yeah, it does make me crave a father figure and I like being looked after.

But the dd/lg part of my relationship isn't sexual so that might change things I dunno.

No. 79643

All you have to do is make sure you go after a guy who is actually like a decent father should be. Strong minded, firm yet kind, deeply loving and concerned about your welfare.

Too many girls with daddy issues just go after absolute nigger trash.

I used to sleep with a girl who had major daddy issues and after a while it just felt like I was taking advantage of her, it reached a point where I just wanted to have her curl up in my arms and make all the pain go away. Girls with daddy issues need long term love, not short term stuff.


No. 79647

Beep boop back to your containment thread, robot.

No. 79759

that's literally my whole thing, muscular guys and eating, yum. It's like a nurturing thing I think, showing my love through food and seeing him so full he has to unbutton his pants drives me nuts.

But for me it never goes further than that or crosses that feeder line, like it never turns into "I want him to gain 40 pounds" or whatever. Just like, once a month cooking him all his favorite shit and bring him a bunch of junk food and watch him pig out.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for this reason lol.

No. 79762

I have an attorney fetish. Probably because the only guy who ever turned me down is now an attorney.

No. 79943

I guess calling yourself an ageplayer is easier than admitting that you're an immature bastard

No. 79945

That has nothing to do with kink. You're just a stereotypical woman. Nothing wrong with that, just stop trying to turn this into something it's not, otherwise we can categorize everything even vaguely sensual as kink.

No. 79948

>You're just a stereotypical woman.
Um, no

No. 80185

…except I don't think most women get aroused by watching men eat a lot lmao

No. 80347

That cracked me up. Love it.

No. 81832

I have a somewhat strong rape fetish & public transit groping kink. I always fantasize about getting pulled into an alley somewhere late at night and f*cked violently and left without clothes. Or just getting on the packed metro rail and feeling a guys stiff dick touch my butt. Ahhhhh ….

No. 81878

>public transit groping kink

My nigga, me too!

No. 81885

Stop watching Japanese porn.

All these women who claim to have a rape fetish make me sick. Watch what happens if you ever get molested irl. that shit isn't cute or fun.

No. 81890

>offended by other people having a rape kink because muh victims of rape

Tumblr is the other way

No. 81891

that's why it's a FANTASY, retard

No. 81892

Lol. Tumblr loves rape fetishes and other stupid shit because they're tasteless neoliberals who don't understand the value of self-control.

No. 81899

File: 1458316140462.jpg (138.6 KB, 650x453, 8033138_p0.jpg)


Wow, looks like I'm not the only anon in here into dudes getting the beat down. Blood and bruises are just really, really pleasing to the eye. The masculinity vs vulnerability aspect plays a huge part in it, too. I also love seeing guys cry (especially angry or frustrated crying). Psychological torture ties into this. It makes me feel really protective, like I just wanna coddle the shit out of them in a sexy way.

Bloody/broken noses were the first thing of this nature I was into. I have a very longstanding fantasy of making out with a dude who has a bloody nose. Now I'm all about anything to do with being injured in addition to the injuries themselves: IV drips, casts, stitches, bandages, hospital gowns, crutches.

I definitely try and keep it 2D and fictional 3D, though. I would feel way too fucked up leering at actual sick/injured people.

Thank you.

No. 81905

tbh this is pretty vanilla but I like when there's an older guy, maybe in a suit, well dressed, groomed facial hair, etc. just sort of watching me get off.

Telling me what to do, etc, and then getting more hands on, but his clothes never come off and he's more amused than anything, just watching his girl squirm.

inb4 pillow princess

No. 81921

Anon, pillow princess is a girl who is into getting oral (usually from girls) but never return the favor. I'm not sure how that makes sense when looking at what you wrote.
Tfw I watch that shit, but have had run ins with creepy guys touching me, so I don't actually want it to happen, but I still fap too it, why am I so fucked up.

No. 81947

>seeing guys cry
>frustrated crying

Please recommend something along those lines I think I would really enjoy it

No. 81992

I'm fucking obsessed with the idea of overpowering a short, skinny guy and seeing him really afraid and completely at my mercy. If I was less of a shut-in and actually mingled with people once in a while I could see myself doing some illegal shit, if the opportunity arose. Not being able to fulfill these fantasies is really getting to me. Can become an unhealthy obsession.

No. 82037

File: 1458349083038.jpg (2.17 MB, 1400x1921, 1458202030796.jpg)

Just get a (manlet) sub bf anon, it worked for me

No. 82040

Me wud love my pussy get licked by a handsome man or hot girl and fingerbanged so hard how kinky am I?

No. 82041

I actually am a survivor, and I've had the kink even before my trauma. Also it's a fucking fantasy. Get over yourself.

No. 82045

What you really want is not RAPE but a HARD sex.

No. 82047

That's just girls going through puberty and they suffer a weird form of electra complex.

No. 82053

if you can't separate fantasy from reality you've got more problems than you're claiming others have.

No. 82067

That applies to a lot of woman who claim to have a rape fantasy, but honestly I'm pretty sexually experienced and have had lots of hard & aggressive sex. It's only somewhat about being overpowered, and more about being terrified. No consensual sex could get me TERRIFIED.

No. 82113

It's a "girl on the Internet" thing. Nerdy chicks are seven different kinds of fucked up.

No. 82146

Nothing new, but I love people who fall into the ingenue category. Doesn't have to be virgins, but the innocent, happy-go-lucky type of people. There's something about watching their change of expression from the smiley-happy to simply just startled from dirty words/actions or blushing furiously, then full blown turned on that turns me on too, big time. It helps if they have a cute or hot moaning voices. Oh yesss.

No. 82162

No. 82164

Oh boy time to be a degenerate!
Corrupting a priest just enough to make him give in to lustful actions are the best, but that's mainly because it ties in to my main fetish; humiliation. I love it when a big/older/manly guy is flustered, nothing too extreme but when it's just right it gets me going. One of my favorites of this is premature ejaculation. If it's from cumming too soon during sex or from an unwilling hand job (this especially being from another man) it is just great.
Also on the list for fetishes that are the bees knees-
height differences
age gap (this is more for fictional stuff, though with in reason irl)
stoic/tough guys trying to nice/mushy and getting embarrassed by it
Guys who just had their asses handed to them or at least look like they did. I don't want to do the beating, but I sure as hell will take him afterwards. Bloody and bruised is so great <3 If he's missing an eye or limb that's fine too
Focus on the stomach from male character's that don't show it.

Unfortunately I don't like feminine/twiggy boys though, so it's hard for me to find good material/talk about it with friends.

No. 82167

> an unwilling hand job (this especially being from another man)

There's a scene around the beginning of Freier Fall like this, where he gets a handy from a male friend and acts super flustered.

>I don't like feminine/twiggy boys though, so it's hard for me to find good material

same here

No. 82175

It's a struggle anon. I don't want a boy prettier then me, if I did then I would just go ahead and fuck a girl.

No. 82176

I'm a girly guy into cd but attracted to butch/andro and alternative girls

the struggle is very fucking real.

>no fwb tomboy to call senpai

No. 82180

I know, and there just isn't enough good bara

You know, I think it'd be kinda fun to make a guy crossdress, I can't see it as sexual for myself really, but as just a fun thing to do it'd be quite nice. Pick out some nice clothes and make you look pretty Too bad I don't know how to do makeup, I'd give you a kogal transformation uniform not provided

No. 82181

I don't often see it as sexual but I like the affect it can have on other people which in turn makes me turned on I guess, plus is fun to just look cute I guess, or at least tomboyish.

sounds like fun judging by the images but I'd prefer a punk/goth alternative look.

heck even lounging round dressed up watching adventure and eating freshly baked cookies is the current dream life

No. 82184

unless you want me to act up as some sort of kogal delinquent bully calling your nerd and taking money for my smokes on the school roof.

> Oi Oi look its Tomoko

No. 82211

I have the biggest kink for when my boyfriend sucks my breast. It's especially cute when he curls up into a ball next to me and put my tit in his mouth like he's breastfeeding. I feel really insecure about it bc sometimes I want him to roleplay as a child, but it feels like he's giving me signs that he wants to do that. Ugh, it turns me on so bad though. Literally has my heart racing.

No. 82212

Don't think this is that uncommon. I have the same thing going with my bf. I rub his hair while he's curled up next to me and towards the end I'll play with him until he cums while he's still sucking

It's pretty comfy not going to lie

No. 82229

Look into inducing lactation. Maybe it will help, I mean he will have to curl up and suckle for longer if you're making milk.

No. 82260

Not her, but the person who replied to her. I'll definitely look into this. Can't believe I didn't do it before

No. 82262

I feel the same way, buy I'm afraid to have him do it for a long time in case he finds it too creepy. :(

No. 82286

Visually, I really (only) love tall guys with a husky build and facial hair. I personally think the husky type is cute as all hell, the tall part comes in most likely because I've had a lot of unpleasant things happen between myself and strange men and I like having someone twice my size around to protect me outside of the bedroom and dominate me inside the bedroom.

When it comes to kink, the only thing I never want to do is anything that has to do with tearing/breaking the limbs or other sorts of edgeplay, but besides that I'm open game. Being scared and humiliated turns me on massively (have explored certain very serious phobias in the bedroom, so psychologically it's always very rewarding), but what it comes down to is just that I only care about pleasing my dom.

An ideal evening in bed for me would be sensual foreplay in which we kiss and explore each others bodies. He'll ask me to suck him off and reward me with a pleasurable sextoy whenever I do something that feels extra good.
After I've made him cum, he'll tie me up or restrain me however much or little he likes and do whatever he wants with me for the rest of the night.
Finally aftercare sets in. Probably the most rewarding part, when we just put on a movie and cuddle on the bed till we both fall asleep.

No. 82524

Damn, anon, I feel you on all of these.

No. 82576

>height difference

But really though, cute and innocent goody-two-shoes boys who constantly insist they're not nice. Even better if they have just a tiny naughty side that they don't show often or don't like to show. And the icing on the cake is if they are doms, gentle giants who hold you down with force but not harm.
Anyone else like this specific bodytype of muscle guys too? Like, not skinny fit muscle and not quite muscular big bara, like… a sweet spot in the middle.
All of this + the guy has glasses. YES. Not the shitty big hipster glasses though, round or rectangle does just fine.
Priests are hot too, especially when they have everything else i said. Anyone in a position of authority is an absolute turn on too. Doctors, police officers, kings, teachers, and of course, nazis. Nazi uniforms are the best. Preferably all of them wearing glasses.

No. 82590

>like… a sweet spot in the middle.


No. 83245

Nazi roleplay is the best. Especially if your dude has some german or austrian roots, and you're one of the nonaryans. Nothing hotter, and if it's wrong I don't wanna be right.

No. 83641

File: 1459123741419.jpg (Spoiler Image, 286.38 KB, 828x1600, tumblr_o2wjwfpzkx1v6kk1xo1_128…)

a priest AND tentacles
this right here is two of my biggest kinks

No. 83650

>cute and innocent goody-two-shoes boys who constantly insist they're not nice.
Yes to your entire glasses wearing, ottormode gentle dom paragraph

No. 83870

how do you even find someone else into that

No. 83872

Find someone from /pol/ tbh.

No. 84685

I really like pegging but I hate that the majority of pegging porn is super femdom-y (I actually do like light femdom, but I just don't associate pegging with femdom at all) and all about humiliation/feminization/degradation. I just want to fuck a guy in the butt with a strap-on and I want him to enjoy it without it being about him "not being a real man" or some shit like that

No. 84852

What do you mean? Most people aren't tumblr, so it's not that rare. And just because you find nazis sexy doesn't mean you are one. It's a roleplay thing for bored people.

No. 84854

This so fucking much. I really want to fuck my bf with a strap on, no humiliation involved

No. 85039

File: 1459965793715.jpg (93.82 KB, 634x764, article-2592980-1CB4A9C8000005…)

Ottermode? That's what it's called? I never knew, holy shit…
i want to meet a cutie pie sweet priest with that body type and glasses. Thankfully i found a blog that can satiate everything but the glasses.

No. 85040

Step 1: put finger up bf's butt during oral if he likes, then
Step 2: use small toys like plugs and dildos
Step 3: he might have some problems with being on the receiving end, so work that out
Step 4: fugg him in the butt like there's no tomorrow.

No. 85116

Or you could just straight up ask him of he likes butt stuff

No. 85117

I like masks, choking (=feels like flying if done properly), slapping…
has anyone ever threw up while deepthroating? I always wondered if this were something for me, but I'm not sure and I think my bf isn't into it.

No. 85142

File: 1460049127285.png (646.09 KB, 1106x592, d-fro-esme-18.png)

I think the source of my priest fetish was Judge Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame, haha. I know he wasn't a priest, but religious older man in authority, how he lusted over Esmeralda. All about that.

Pretty much what >>72225 said here, making them "sin" and feel conflicted.

No. 85747

File: 1460295950421.jpg (243.52 KB, 968x644, ;).jpg)

Evzones. After the two on duty do their little dance of discipline and switch, the one in regular fatigues stands very close whispers them feed back on their routine while straightening up their uniforms. It's like one of the hottest things I've seen

No. 85753

OP here, I wasn't into Disney at all as a kid, this was the only Disney movie I'd seen back then and damn did it sexually confuse me. Not only because I was attracted to both of them but also because of the priest thing. The hellfire number was awesome. Had a big boner for Jesus Christ Superstar, too.

Haven't visited this thread in a while and I'm surprised it's still around!

No. 85754

I love how obscure this is. Can absolutely see the hotness.

No. 85756

Link? Also that pic is cute af

No. 85758


So, like this?

No. 85762

I was just amazed at how tender it was. The evzone in camos was about 10cm from the one on guard duty whilst stroking/playing with his tassel and gently straightening the fabric on his torso. Then he brushed his thumb over the guys lips and I died.

No. 85919

The world needs more rituals like that. Love it

No. 85920

I'm not going to watch that again right now, can't take it. This scene needs to be an entire movie, god damn.

No. 86314

Giving backscratches as weird as it sounds

Doesnt sound very sexy like this, but my bf just goes limp while laying on my lap and it's aomost like petting a cat. Have had him fall asleep a few times like this. So cute
Doesnt really sound like a fetish, but I get turned on by it, Especially when he gets hard from it and I can feel it digging into my leg lol

No. 86679

i'm a virgin in my 20s
i make 6 figures
i've gotten over my fedora tendencies, i think. i go with the flow and i'm still awkward sometimes but i try to own it and not be "le superior" about it.

should i admit i am if i want to make some girl's day?

No. 86690

I'm bisexual but I prefer women to the point where I don't even want to be in a relationship with a man right now. And I'm into bimbofication and a little bit into DD/LG (MD/LG?) which makes it impossible to find other lesbians into the same things. Idk dude, I just want a little bimbo girlfriend who will 69 me.

No. 86716

thisssss why is it so hot?!?
my ex was military. its really hard to advert my gaze for a man in uniform.

definitely turned about by the thought of me in a uniform like that. i fantasize about it.

yes glasses. so much.

for some reason so much of what turns me on goes to physical appearance as in clothing/hair/style ect?
really well dressed, clean, men. it doesn't feel much like a fetish though.

seeing dudes smoking? cigarettes. lip biting. licking. visual oral stuff.

i've always liked long, lean, delicate and slightly effeminate androgynous men with angelic faces. there's something sensual and taboo in a hot way seeing straight men experiment. for a long time i thought i was just into chicks & also sadistic, but it's rather the opposite.

i'd just about about die seeing my SO make out with another man. he's 1000% not about it though sadly.

and men moaning. mmm. i love loud moaning. and whispering.

also strangely turned on by my partner describing other women lusting after him, or obsessed with him. one girl who practically worships him. and him telling me he had the chance to take her, but still felt nothing for her. just him discarding all of these girls is hot. i don't feel jealous, it makes me want him more.

someone with an air of confidence, great social charisma and extremely charming. but a little broken inside. it's the ex-emo girl in me probably.

i guess its a weird power thing too. light force, holding m down, hand around my neck. hair pulling. spanking. dominate for sure. and afterwards he cuddles up into my arms innocent like a little boy and i run my fingers through his long hair.

personally still trying to figure out what gets me going. oddly low sex drive, probs from dysthymia. id like to try bondage one day.

also +1 for the sexy priests. could've used more of those when i was catholic school.

previous partners were into some pretty sick shit, but i was too virgin-y and the relationship never progressed enough for me to be open to experiment sadly.

No. 86719

>into feminization
>into MD/lg, specifically
>into nuns

Well, boil my fanny and call me a hot dog, mommy dom lesbians really do exist.

No. 86720


Yep, there's a surprising amount of lesbians into MD/lg but there's waaay more littles than mommys. Not so many into feminization and nuns but I guess that makes me a bit of niche.

No. 86721

I can only pray we one day cross paths, anon.

I think I'd be a decent switch, in that I don't mind being the lg or the MD, but lg comes much more naturally to me. And I think the only part of me that would work best as a MD would be my nursing fetish and my praise fetish.

I wish more lesbians were into feminizing other girls. I used to be a huge tomboy who hit puberty hard and didn't know what to do with my new assets and newfound lust for the popular girls, so one of my biggest fantasies is a hot, popular girl taking me on as her pet project and slowly feminizing/bimbofying me into her loyal subject. Unf.

I don't know where I got the nun thing, from. Basically, what everyone else has said priests, but in the female form, I suppose!

No. 86722

Is anyone into sexual rituals with occult shit? Did it once… really weird/interesting experience.

No. 86724

…go on.

No. 86725

Shall I greentext?

>Work at call center.

>Sit next to INTJ bara guy, more fat than muscular.
>Ruthlessly analytical and scientific about things. Asks shitloads of questions, and then WHAM lets out something really funny or profound or stingy.
>Call him a bitch one time.
>Called me a cunt immediately.
>Imply that I'm horny.
>Asks me when we're going to fugg.
>I make an appointment.
>Get to talking.
>Turns out he's a wizard.
>We make a sigil, which is something that starts out as a word and then becomes some squiggly lines. I don't have it saved anymore, sry.
>"Empower" the sigil by fugging.
>He has belly dancer fetish, so I do my best.
>Deep belly button licking happens.
>Draws sigil on my tummy.
>Sit across from each other nude in lotus position.
>Commune with spirits. I don't know how to explain it, but we met some astral travelers, a male and female. Could've been father-daughter. Hard to tell. They tell us about their magical travels. Also meet a freaky old skull-woman who tries to drain people's energy. We get rid of her, but she is still around somewhere. Wizard man says it'll take some awfully powerful magic to get rid of it completely. For now it's best not to acknowledge it.
>I moved back to Colorado. He removed me from FB. Not responding to re-friending.

No. 86728

>I moved back to Colorado. He removed me from FB. Not responding to re-friending.

No. 86729

am into occult but not sex rituals, the guy sounds hot tho if he was a chubby bara

No. 86730

Also had a deep, rough voice…

God dammit.

No. 86732

damn, now i'm mourning him with you haha. but if you're into occult in general maybe you can do some kinda ritual to find someone of a similar build or something?

bara and bearmode guys are hot af

No. 86742

File: 1460896369317.jpg (69.74 KB, 736x979, yum.jpg)

i really like beaten, bloody and bruised guys. fictional or irl. i just think it looks really hot.
i love gritty shows where i can watch attractive men get their asses kicked. hannibal, daredevil and gotham are some prime examples.

No. 86769

I'd love to hear moar!
did you use any drugs?
did you meditate beforehead?

No. 86771

lets be friends

No. 86897

File: 1461028794218.jpg (26.26 KB, 440x248, face (19).jpg)

No, but the ritual was like meditation.

>Tfw wizard bf.

>Say I'm trying to lose weight.
>Says he likes me fat. S-shut up, wizard-sempai.
>Hey, wait. You're a wizard! Can't you make me a pretty princess?
>"Yes, I can."
>ok how!
>"Write down your desire."
>ok. i want to be skinny.
>Hands me back a sigil. Tells me to masturbate when I get home and when I orgasm to imagine it burning in the horizon.
>Feel huge urge to order pizza.
>Figure he's full of shit. Still feel like ordering pizza.
>Wait a while.
>Fuck it, call pizza hut.

I only had sex with him once, I'm afraid, fampai.

No. 86904

Actual, violent, rape. Especially including very young girls (talking 7-8 yo), huge dicks shoved in every hole, pointless violence with punches, slaps and kicks everywhere.

I fantasize about being me, myself, in that abused role. Had a fwb for a while who was into exactly that kind of thing, though of course the beatings were not severe. I think the point is to go beyond the "submissive" part, have absolutely no saying, be hurt just because he wanted to, not because I misbehaved and deserved it. Not sure why.
Seems to be mostly fantasy-only, though? Because the sex with said fwb was amazing and hot as fuck, but I dreaded it at the same time and eventually stopped seeing him.

No. 86906


I'm into the same thing, minus the underage part. It seems like most guys think punching and kicking are too severe which sucks.

I found a tumblr the other day called brat-grrrrl2 and she talks about the really brutal nasty things her and her boyfriend if you want to check it out. There's also ravishu.com for stories which involve pretty much everything you're into.

No. 87022

I keep having inappropriate thoughts about my ex bf. Apparently he is now a sissy tranny faggot or whatever so I keep thinking about him getting down on his knees and giving guys head. I would do anything to watch him do that. Also I keep thinking about fucking him in his tight little boy pussy. I know it's inappropriate and he doesn't really like me, but still…

No. 87037

Am I the only huge degenerate ITT who wanks it to fantasies of physically impossible shit?

No. 87038

>wizard bf

Did smiley get a girlfriend finally?

No. 87048

I like men's feet. The thought of my bf's sweaty musky gym socks gets me ridiculously hot and if I were an utter creep, I'd just steal some of them to get off with.

No. 87052

File: 1461120668549.png (547.05 KB, 1280x800, image.png)


Sometimes there are things that really should not be shared on the internet.

No. 87076

Fuck off, it's a fantasy thread. It's nice to get things of the chest. Anon can share whatever she wants, moralfag.

No. 87132

File: 1461157196885.jpeg (34.44 KB, 450x470, image.jpeg)

You're defending someone you fantasizes about child rape. How on earth is that okay?

No. 87134

What's with this influx in pedo defenders on this board? Robots? Jfc.

No. 87138

About /being/ a child and getting raped. Original anon here, it's not like I think pedophilia is ok, or that I fantasize about other little girls, or that I would have the stomach to watch one being put through that (let alone masturbate to such a thing). I do understand being appalled, but pls keep in mind it's nothing but a fantasy

Turns out I can't stand punching and kicking either so to me it's OK nobody is willing to do it. BF is happy to spit in my face and slap, though, which is about what I can manage.

But hey thanks for the suggestions!

No. 87142

You realize that the only issue with child porn/pedo is the fact that it physically hurts children. People always take some moral ground of it being disgusting and breeding degeneracy, but the real issue is the harming of children. Loli/shota porn and fantasies don't harm anyone unless the person is mentally unsound(pedophilia is just an imbalance), in which case, they wouldn't even need the porn or fantasy in the first place to do something irrational like rape a child. It's because we treat pedos like criminals instead of trying to fix their condition and give them outlets, that they hide themselves instead of getting help.

No. 87144


Loli, shota and illustrated depictions of children engaging in sexual conduct is harmful in that it promotes the normalisation of sexual abuse committed children.
It is fact that the more visually frequent something is and the more we're exposed to it, the more normalised it becomes. Paedos are already a finnicky bunch, at constant war with themselves sexually, psychologically, emotionally. All many of them really require is a visual "it's okay to do this" to potentially tip them over the edge.

>instead of trying to fix their condition

Paedophilia is technically a sexual orientation, so you have about as much chance of fixing a paedo as you do converting a gay man straight

Really the only truly viable solution is not imprisonment but either chemical or physical castration.

No. 87151

File: 1461163261886.png (80.58 KB, 764x602, nigga wat.png)

Pretty unrelated, but the fact that I searched "Paedophilia" and these results came up is pretty weird/uncomfortable for me.

No. 87152

This. Castrate them and throw them into the woods. I honestly think anyone willing to rationalize pedophilia probably has pedophilic tendencies themselves. I don't give a flying fuck about their feelings either tbh, and I think I might just kill them if I ever encounter a situation where I find someone molesting a child.

to the pedos; if you're so scared of being seen as a criminal, and you can't stop yourself from fucking kids, just kill yourself. just do it.

No. 87160


Ew, fucking gross.
What's interesting is that ephebophilia is actually reasonably natural and normal amongst males to a degree (i.e. an attractive teenager that visually appears prepared for procreation, but is not actually all that attractive beyond their physicality because they retain the mentality of a child.).
Paedophilia…. well you could technically argue that it is of course "natural" seeing as it's a natural occurrence within humans, but "natural" and "normal" are not synonymous.

Within a societal context they need to be struck off the register entirely. It has absolutely no place within a modern society. Barring the fact that in it order for such an orientation to function it would require preying on the most vulnerable of a society, you cannot couple with a child, you cannot procreate with a child, you cannot form a reasonable emotional nor romantic connection with a child, and eventually that child is going to cease being a child. What then. Normal my ass.

I actually do feel some pity for paedophiles who are aware of what they are whom loathe their fate and make no intention to harm children, but they should probably just request a chemical castration themselves if they truly wish to intergrate.

No. 87162

>What's interesting is that ephebophilia is actually reasonably natural and normal amongst males to a degree (i.e. an attractive teenager that visually appears prepared for procreation
>Barring the fact that in it order for such an orientation to function it would require preying on the most vulnerable of a society, you cannot couple with a child, you cannot procreate with a child, you cannot form a reasonable emotional nor romantic connection with a child

Uh. I don't even know what to say besides what the fuck?

No. 87164

Also it's time to put the thesaurus away, this isn't babby's first rhetoric.

No. 87166


The fact that you believe that any of what I just typed is particularly "fancy" is so embarrassing.

You're American, right? Pick up a book sometime Anon holy shit.

No. 87169

Where did I say that what you said was 'fancy'? Is that what you think your vocabulary is? So embarassing. I said it reads like babby's first rhetoric because it probably is, and that you should close that copy of My First Thesaurus because the way you write makes you comes across as a pseudo-intellectual try-hard.

I'm also not American, whatever that's supposed to mean. I hope we're not from the same country though, it would be a shame to know I'm sharing air with someone like you. Great job on defending your very questionable post, by the way.

No. 87181

Sounds like regular talk to me. Maybe you're just a retard

No. 87261


>adult English national makes use of English vocabulary


No you legit just sound like you didn't grow up reading books.
When you're the type of person that developed consuming a wide variety of written literature, surprise, surprise, they retain this uncanny ability to engage such vocabulary when communicating with others. Same applies when learning a secondary language; the best way to learn = read books.

Or as the other Anon said, you're just retarded.

shud I speek liek dis 4 u duz it maek it ezee er
poynt 2 ware daddee tuched u

No. 87304

I agree with them. Prime example of someone who thinks they're far smarter than they are.

>"of what they are whom loathe their fate"

Incorrect use of "whom" while trying to sound smart. Should be "who".

>"What's interesting is that ephebophilia is actually reasonably natural and normal amongst males to a degree (i.e. an attractive teenager that visually appears prepared for procreation"

Incorrect use of "i.e." while trying to sound smart. It's "e.g." in that context.

>"you cannot form a reasonable emotional nor romantic connection with a child"

Incorrect use of "nor" while trying to sound smart. It's just "or" there.

>"Within a societal context they need to be struck off the register entirely."

"Within a societal context" is overwrought and unnecessary. How about "Society needs to…", or just remove that part entirely?

>"Barring the fact that in it order for such an orientation to function it would require preying on the most vulnerable of a society, you cannot couple with a child, you cannot procreate with a child,"

Horrible, pretentious run-on sentence. Completely incorrect use of commas.

No. 87306

Why are most kinky people so angry all the time?

No. 87308

File: 1461194980813.jpg (136.38 KB, 560x570, hiQpyfI.jpg)


Holy shit you are definitely an American, and I know this because I have had American's flip out on me in the past for "trying to sound smarter than I am" and you fat fucks don't seem to get that in Britain archaic English is still extremely common in our vocabulary.

>incorrect use of "whom" while trying to sound smart. Should be "who".

Whom is absolutely used within the correct context. It is literally an archaic form of "who".

"From Middle English whom, from Old English hwam, from Proto-Germanic hwammai, dative case of hwaz ‎(“who, what”)."

>Incorrect use of "i.e." while trying to sound smart. It's "e.g." in that context.

"i.e. is used to explain, clarify or rephrase a statement; e.g. is used to list examples."

>What's interesting is that ephebophilia is actually reasonably natural and normal amongst males to a degree (i.e. an attractive teenager that visually appears prepared for procreation"

^is a clear clarification of the basis for which ephebophilia functions at a visual level

>incorrect use of "nor" while trying to sound smart. It's just "or" there.

"Nor is used before the second or further of two or more alternatives (the first being introduced by a negative such as ‘neither’ or ‘not’) to indicate that they are each untrue or each do not happen."

So your argument here is "IT'S WRONG BECAUSE I DON'T USE IT".
The usage is sound. Look it up because you clearly need to revise.

>"Within a societal context" is overwrought and unnecessary. How about "Society needs to…", or just remove that part entirely?


I you think I type "overly pretentious" it's because I'm hammering out academic essays every other fucking week, actually using my communicative skills for more than just shit posting a bitch forum.
You think I'm trying to sound smart? I think you're trying to make yourself look like a fucking retard.

Sage for her rage :^)

No. 87311

>American's flip out
That apostrophe doesn't do what you think it does. And lay off the whole brit superiority complex thing, americans suck (can't believe I'm defending them) but their english isn't impoverished because they pointed out some genuine mistakes you made. Mistakes your superior intellect made whilst trying to sound fancy and being a pretentious cuntrag. Your point about their english is neither here nor there. Look at that proper use of nor. See how it isn't disgustingly wrong?

Utter cringe 100% I'm dying here from second hand cringe

No. 87313


Nope you're right, it indicates possession, but I'm typing on my phone now before bed and I can't account for Swiftkey's autocrats. Should have uninstalled it months ago because it's a pile of shit, but dat convenience.

And the British are cucks overall too, but attempting to attack my English because it still recognises archaic forms just makes yourself look not only unintelligent but massively ignorant as well, especially considering that we're the people that actually developed the language that you use in the first place.

No. 87314

Actually anon used nor and whom correctly. Sorry man I take it all back, you weren't being pretentious at all >>87311

Just ignore americans, they have weird reactions to all sorts of novel things. I had someone flip out on me for writing diarrhoea. I think the hamburgers and freedom must be clogging up their brains.

They literally refuse to believe other cultures or languages exist, just leave them be. They think the whole world is america 2.0

No. 87315

>Whom is absolutely used within the correct context. It is literally an archaic form of "who".

>Note: This rule is compromised by an odd infatuation people have with whom—and not for good reasons. At its worst, the use of whom becomes a form of one-upmanship some employ to appear sophisticated.

>"i.e. is used to explain, clarify or rephrase a statement; e.g. is used to list examples."


>"i.e., which starts with i, means “in other words,” and e.g., which starts with e, means “for example.” I = in other words. E= example."

>"Nor is used before the second or further of two or more alternatives (the first being introduced by a negative such as ‘neither’ or ‘not’) to indicate that they are each untrue or each do not happen."


>Only carry the “nor” negative through to a verb phrase. There are times when a negative mood in a sentence should be followed through with "or" instead of "nor." If the second part of the negative is a verb phrase—an action—then "nor" is correct.

>If the second part of the negative is a noun, adjective, or adverb phrase, however, the initial negative will be carried through the rest of the sentence, making "nor" redundant. In these instances, "or" should be used, instead.
>Correct example: "He never comes to practice, nor does he listen to the coach."
>Correct example: "She does not enjoy music or art."
>Incorrect example: "She does not enjoy music nor art."


Prefacing the sentence in that way is just unnecessarily verbose.




>Actually anon used nor and whom correctly.
No, she didn't.

No. 87316

Also, just to clarify, in case your attention span is too puny to read the article:


>you use "who" when you are referring to the subject of a clause and "whom" when you are referring to the object of a clause.

"Paedophiles" is the subject of "paedophiles who are aware of what they are whom loathe their fate", and "loathe" is the verb being attributed to the subject of the sentence.

No. 87318

Not the person you're arguing with but
>Whom is absolutely used within the correct context. It is literally an archaic form of "who".
It's not just 'an archaic form of who'. 'Who' refers to the subject and 'whom' refers to the object; saying "pedophiles… whom loathe their fate" is as incorrect as saying "him loathes his fate" or "I gave the book to she".

I thought anon was overreacting to your original post, but you're digging yourself deeper here.

No. 87320


Glad I'm not the only one that's experienced these things.
I had one lose it at me for using "foetus", and another for using "whilst", and all the time the argument is always the same old "Stop trying to make yourself sound smarter than you are!".

Obviously the insecurities run deep.

No. 87325


Damn I Googled it and you're right, I've been using it wrong this entire time.

Original Anon is still salty and overreacting over absolutely nothing though kek

No. 87326

They're even more horrid with ESL speakers or people with a foreign accent. I had an american friend make a comment about my russian friend's heavy accent in front of that friend and it's just…Rude and awkward. It's like they think the whole world needs to talk and write exactly like they do.

I'll get banned for this but bleh, someone has to defend you from the onslaught of hamburglars

No. 87327

I'm glad you owned up to it.

Good luck with those "academic essays".

No. 87328


Np, I have more of a backbone than the original cuck who can't own up to being wrong about the rest of the points they attempted to address :)

And oh I will, I got 93 on my last essay.

No. 87330

She probably overreacted to the vocabulary use, which isn't nearly as thesaurus-tier as she suggested, but your tone, general style, and personality comes off as incredibly pretentious. The grammar gaffes make it funnier.

>I you think I type "overly pretentious" it's because I'm hammering out academic essays every other fucking week, actually using my communicative skills for more than just shit posting a bitch forum.

>You think I'm trying to sound smart? I think you're trying to make yourself look like a fucking retard.

Thanks for the new /lit/ copypasta. :^)

That's completely different from what's going on here. Mocking someone's English skills when they don't speak English as their native language is dumb. Mocking a British person simply for using British English (foetus, paedophile) is also dumb. Mocking a native English speaker for trying and miserably failing to use "big words grammar" is amusing.

No. 87331

Did you not see my post?


No. 87332


>she think I used any "big words"

Oh dear…

No. 87334

I meant constructs that aren't very frequently used in modern English (Latin abbreviations, "whom", "nor"). Not literal big words, hence my scare quotes.

No. 87335

>she think

It's time to give up.

No. 87336


But they ARE frequently used, just not within your country.
There exists a realm beyond your borders you know. Don't be so arrogant.

No. 87337


When you need to start attacking people because of their typos, that's is when you know you've lost.

No. 87338

still waiting for a proper reply to this >>87315

No. 87339

Well, if "whom" and "nor" really are used far more in Britain than in America, then it's even more embarrassing that you're using them incorrectly.

I was under the impression that the only major divide is "while" vs. "whilst", where "whilst" is still considered common in Britain but uncommon and/or pretentious in the US. Maybe I'm wrong, and maybe the same also applies to "whom".

"Nor" is actually pretty common in both countries when used with "neither", but I think pretty uncommon and pretentious-sounding in both countries when used with other words.

You also still haven't refuted my points that you misused all 3 of them.

No. 87348

How the fuck did this discussion go from fetishes to Americans bitching about English?

If we're going to go that, why the fuck do you guys keep simplifying words such as capitalise to capitalize? Why do you spell diarrhoea, favourite, armour, valour, rumour etc. incorrectly? It's oestrogen, NOT estrogen, it's calibre, NOT caliber, spectre NOT specter, and if I see one more person write catalogue as catalog, I'm going to lose it.
Bitches be attacking other people for their language when they're already speaking and writing English in easy mode.

No. 87349

>If we're going to go that, why the fuck do you guys keep simplifying words such as capitalise to capitalize? Why do you spell diarrhoea, favourite, armour, valour, rumour etc. incorrectly? It's oestrogen, NOT estrogen, it's calibre, NOT caliber, spectre NOT specter, and if I see one more person write catalogue as catalog, I'm going to lose it.

Talk about deflecting.

It's just minor dialect drift after prolonged continental separation. Who gives a shit.

Everything I pointed out is completely invalid grammar, and poor writing, in all English dialects.

No. 87350

File: 1461198972109.png (514.67 KB, 1392x1238, Anime-Mirai-Nikki-дневник-буду…)

>"oh I'm just going to go clip these KEW-PAWNS"

>"these? Oh these are just some 'ERBS"

No. 87368

my fetish is threads being on topic. gets me so hot and bothered.

No. 87369

gb2 banging 4chan freaks with past abuse issues, anon.

No. 87370

random linguist popping in to say (more or less) all of the spelling differences between British English and American English were consciously imposed so Americans could have a distinct identity post-Revolutionary War.

Also~ anyone who bitches about language change will just look silly in the 10-15 years it usually takes for a "weird slang term" to become a normal part of the language. If you want to bitch about "proper English" learn how to speak as they did in the time of Beowulf

No. 87371

This kink thread sucks. I swear there's one single sperg camping out here just to derail.

No. 87386

And here I was, hoping to trigger som paedo fuck with my kys post last night.

No. 87392

>I'm hammering out academic essays every other fucking week
>academic essays

It's cute that you call them that. By the way, I'm the thesaurus anon, and I've been at uni this whole time. It's not just me that thinks you've got your head up your ass. Go away and write an academic essay or something, you accusing everyone of being an American is getting stale.

No. 87404

What? Don't project so hard, anon.

No. 87418


…..what do you call academic essay assignments at your uni?

No. 87420

An essay

No. 87457

I have a kink for this as well, probably because I had a crush on two bro-y jock types in middle/high school who were best friends and there were widespread rumors that they were into eachother, and since then straight guys crushing on other guys has been my fetish.

No. 87910

I dont have a daughter yet but if I ever had one I'll make sure to wait until she is 18 so we can have sex with each other.

No. 87925

File: 1461532117202.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.51 MB, 613x665, FUCK.gif)

i have a huge fetish for huge muscular furries and police/military uniforms

No. 88050

fuck off you disgusting robot

No. 88051

I've done it too, it just won't admit it to anyone. And I'm trying to quit because it's ruining normal porn for me

No. 88052

I'd like to tie a guy to a chair and give him a blowjob/handjob
Some other oddly specific desires and fantasies I have:
Being some kind of princess kidnapped by one or two rogues who have their way with me at night
Having a girl threaten me with a whip or riding crop, but not actually use it on me (can't handle pain)
Getting eaten out by a guy with a beard
Being some kind of sorceresses and having a spell go wrong and summoning a sex demon instead
Being seduced by an older, more experienced woman
Women in suits. I'm not sure what I find so attractive about it

No. 88054

I'm a woman and this is the kink thread. You're acting as if I had sex with your daughter lmao. If my daughter is 18 years and older and she wants it whats wrong?

No. 88059

No. 88061

So, did your mother rape you as a child? You can talk about it, anon.

No. 88064

:3 sorry. Meant 18 years or older.
No I wish she did when she was young thouvh! Now I want to do my future daughter a favor :3.
But it's a kink thread. You expect some sick shit and if you arent ready for this sick shit hide the thread, simple!

No. 88089

You are a fucking disease. If you are joking, seek therapy, if you are for real, please fucking kill youself.

No. 88090

You are a fucking disease. If you are joking, seek therapy, if you are for real, please fucking kill youself.

No. 88099

wow so edgy.
go away, end your life, your choice

No. 88110

>I'm a woman
Sure you are

No. 88111

:3 thank you for being understanding. Well I think I can have sex with her at age 16 now I read the laws in my country.
You need a lil bit mother love
I am otherwise I wouldnt say that dummy
Never! I have to make my dreams come true

No. 88113



Definitely a man. They try to impersonate us by using emotes all the time because that's how they legit think we type.

No. 88114

oh em gee you caught mee! :^)
>inb4 robot because im using a 4chan emote meme on a 4chan based image board
Hi newfriend

No. 88122

what if your future daughter develops standards and ruins your plans?

No. 88124

He gotta be sex god to be attractive enough to get through the border of family relationship, in order to be even close to commit real incest.

No. 88125

>Getting eaten out by a guy with a beard
I feel like I'd be distracted by a scratchy beard tbh

No. 88126

lel inbreed will always be against the law :3

No. 88138

You speak like you never had a bearded guy eat you out. Just sit on his face and work your hips, that feels super great.
Agh… this made me horny…

No. 88148

You've never seen a bearded man and wished to feel those hairs ticking your inner thighs?

No. 89641

File: 1462215879872.jpg (590.62 KB, 1399x992, 1462167141390.jpg)

Minus the homo part.

No. 96592

I know a lot of people have rape fantasies, but does anyone fantasize about having an abusive bf? Obviously id never tolerate it irl, but I get off thinking about being with a hot, charming guy who is great in public but beats me, slaps me around, and rapes me in private. :|

No. 96595

Yes, but I'd never admit anywhere but here.

There's a script I found on GoneWildAudio that I bookmarked because it made me ridiculously horny: http://pastebin.com/ihstwmYF

And here's a prompt that someone made on DirtyPenPals that was good too: https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtypenpals/comments/47aeha/25_m4f_okay_you_worthless_cunt_look_at_me_like/

And this one: https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtypenpals/comments/2uxcer/29m4f_i_want_to_ruin_your_life_and_replace_it/

No. 96598

Get therapy.

No. 96600

Er…you realize which thread you're in, right?

No. 96601

Some kinks need to be shamed.

No. 96603

Out of all the messed up shit in this thread, you pick that one? idk anon, i'd argue that it's also pretty messed up to have a priest/choirboy defiling kink, but it's a kink and they're presumably not acting on it IRL. there's a kinkshaming thread elsewhere on lolcow, maybe you should revive that instead.

No. 96607

I'm pretty vanilla, but one kink I recently discovered I have is voyeuristic sadism: I like watching attractive people in (non-graphic) pain, but not inflicting or receiving the pain myself. Basically I'm too much of a pussy to be a proper sadist lol. Shocking and spanking especially are good.

No. 96614

I already am, my therapist knows all about my masochistic tendencies but they're not worried since I haven't acted on them besides consensual rough sex.

Sex has had a dark side since humans have existed, don't be so dramatic.

No. 96633

File: 1465413857759.jpg (48.23 KB, 600x504, FatherTedCrilly_large.jpg)

There's only one priest I'd like to defile

No. 96650

I want to have a large parcel of land, about 100 acres, with a farm smack dab in the middle of it. I want a normal farm on the outside, but every morning after taking care of my animals I get to go and milk the cute boy I keep in one of the stalls of my barn (in fantasy of course).

I'd want it to be consensual of course, but the idea of having a cute cow bf to play with on my farm and then he can help me with the afternoon chores. It wouldn't be 24/7 of course but it would be nice to do something like that every once in a while.

With so much land we would be able to do anything we wanted with no neighbors to worry about. Pet play, bondage, rape fantasies, etc etc. No one would be able to hear you cry out.

I have a human kept as farm animal kink, but while I think it would be fun to be submissive in fantasy, I would have to be dominant in a real situation. I'm too anal about some things so I doubt it would work. I'd like to have either a boy who is cute and shorter than me, or a boy who is bigger than me by a couple of inches and pretty fit and strong. I'm tall so the short boy would probably be easier to obtain…

Sorry for the wall of text, I had to get it all out in one go.

No. 96658


have a grand ol time anon

No. 96742

Google 疼痛美女其の壱 ニードフルシングス. As a fellow maso-chan this pleased me greatly, especially psychologically. And there's plenty more films like that one.

No. 96799

sounds cute and a little comfy, like kink harvest moon.

I've had sort of similar but more crazy ideas as well, like the same scenario but kidnapped and trained as a ponygirl or like a pet dog in a bitchsuit.

but thats just crazy fantasy horny me who we lock away when not needed

No. 96801

File: 1465505779555.gif (1002.62 KB, 500x338, franklick.gif)

I don't know why but your fantasy is really hot, anon. Bless you.

No. 96803

Is this real?? Daaaamn. Go Italia!

No. 96809

File: 1465507493226.webm (804.59 KB, 426x426, 1458742616720.webm)

Small subs get pretty boring tbh. Knowing that I can turn some muscular guy - who in real life could beat me to a pulp - into a little bitch who withers at my feet is an extreme turn-on.

So get a buff bf.

No. 96814

File: 1465508782810.jpg (457.06 KB, 1200x674, chris hemsworth.jpg)

I don't know why, but I imagined anon OP dominating Chris Hemsworth in their sex barn.

No. 96894


I would have to agree with you on the buff guy idea. While I do admit milking an adorable little sub and putting him out to pasture would be cute, he would be pretty useless at doing farm chores. Lifting hay, carrying buckets of food around, general animal care would probably break him more than my fantasy would. But a nice strong man to dominate and whimper at my feet but still be able to lift up the feed bags would be amazing.


A farmer can dream…


Thank you very much, I've been perfecting it for a while.

No. 97347

Doesn't that make you lose respect for him though?

No. 97388

File: 1465805275803.png (Spoiler Image, 192.97 KB, 500x440, tumblr_nxe38qcbAx1rpgg5so1_500…)

anon your fantasy is so ideal, pls write more of this you are preaching to all of my kinks

it makes me glad to see other dominant girls crawling out of the woodwork. ahhh what i wouldnt give for a qt boy sub to boss around and edge all the time

No. 97394

File: 1465809644248.jpg (71.96 KB, 634x462, 30158DF500000578-3395710-image…)

My thread is still around? Love you pervs.

No. 97429

File: 1465834415741.png (418.06 KB, 857x362, devils14.png)

There is nothing hotter than a buff guy being completely helpless and vulnerable.

No. 97442

Its actually pretty nice, tbh

No. 97443

You've already made the same shitpost earlier in this thread. Amd no I don't lose respect for someone I care about because we engaged in mutually-enjoyable kinky sex.

No. 97448

Not that guy but I can completely see why men fear this.

So much porn out there these days is "white sissy boy, BBC" etc.

No. 97452

The only way I'd lose respect for a guy was if he refused to eat me out but still wanted blowjobs or goes on about how "literally all vags are disgusting and so is anyone who does foreplay". That would be an instant break up. That or trying to get me into pegging, because that's one of my absolute biggest turn offs ever and he'd be trying to convince me even after I already said that. If anything actually being willing to perform oral sex would immediately make me like him and respect him at least ten times more.

No. 97453

Femdom is not the same as cuckolding. Nowhere in this thread has anyone expressed disgust for sub men. It's just some retarded preconception s/he has.

No. 97454

I just think the racial element of cuckolding is really unhealthy. It's a small minority of white guys who are into it but they genuinely believe all white women hate white men and want to fuck black men behind their backs. It must be crippling. Men and women are supposed to support and love each other.

No. 97456

Ignore the robots.

No. 97459

It is indeed unhealthy, though it's mostly just white men fetishizing black men and their own humiliation. Which in turn is caused by the stereotype that blacks are more masculine and aggressive.

No. 97460

well, black peopel are sure more aggresive than anyone else.

No. 97462


nice race bait

No. 97463

Do white women really like black men that much?

No. 97464

I didn't meant to bait, that's waht i see all around. Only few are not going to whoop your ass over shit.

No. 97465

That plays into it though I think.

I've always been dominant and when girls tell me what they like about a guy being dominant, the logical outcome would be some braindead black thug. Keep in mind I'm talking about women who have fantasies about being pimped out and stuff like that, which is not as few as you might think.

No. 97468

Do guys not like pussy at all? All genitals can look wonky and ugly, but if it's hygienic I'm done for it. My boyfriend is/was the only person in my life I had sex with, and he was never squeamish about going down there, he's quite enthusiastic. Initially he said I should trim my area a bit (and I said told him to do it likewise), but nothing else come up how "disgusting" or whatever our private parts is.

I thought guys liked eating pussy? Yet on the other hand, I don't know how the average girl likes giving blowjobs or not…

No. 97469

Statistics from dating websites show that white women are the least likely to date interracially of any demographic group.

No. 97472

>That or trying to get me into pegging, because that's one of my absolute biggest turn offs ever
You're not alone. No girls are ever into it. I've considered going to a gay bathhouse just to feel something up my butt.

No. 97479

The thought of roughly fucking a man is a huge turn on. The only thing I'm a bit wary of is eventual contact with feces. I know there's all kinds of things you can make him do to prep himself but still. Pegging is definitely something I want to try, though.

No. 97484

Some don't like it, some find it okay and just do it because they like getting their gf off.

They who say they like usually just say that to impress women.

No. 97485

I'm into pegging, several people itt are.

Stop whining about your shitty sex life and actually share the things that turn you on, thats what this threadis for.

No. 97487

Jesus im shit at writing

No. 97492

Alright, whatever.

I'm really into human joints. I love watching skin, muscle, and fat smooth itself around bones and either stretch into a new position or ease back into place. Flesh has this really interesting elasticity to it. The way people will casually tap their fingers on a table or stretch their neck side to side feels very erotic to me in a way comparable to watching them take off a heavy overshirt or let their hair down.

Relevent turn-ons include shoulder stretching, deepened yoga poses, and stress balls.

No. 97494

I'm really into necks. Also watching someone swallow (non-sexually). Necks are fantastic. Alwys felt alone with this, I mean most people can appreciate a lovely neck but I never met anyone as fascinated by them as me.

No. 97496

File: 1465853942873.jpg (80.66 KB, 800x600, neuer800-1416052246.jpg)

I want to see Manuel Neuer get hurt badly. I just want to admire him writhe on the ground in slowmo on my huge TV. Sorry but I can't help it. Would love to see all kinds of horrible things done to him tbh.

No. 97497

Oh shut the hell up. There are tons of straight women into pegging and have healthy relationships with their boyfriends/husbands about it. Stop being such a little bitch.

No. 97507

He's into pegging, being a little bitch is his job.

No. 97527

>dreams of qt boy
>posts bara picture of hairy guy with boner.
Sometimes i'm so lost about what people define as qt.
I have met plenty of guys who once tried oral with girls, but were disgusted by hygiene and since then they genuinely afraid of oral.

No. 97532

Idk anon. I've been with guys who had awful hygiene for their dicks but it didn't shy me away from oral. Those guys are either pussies or lazy.

No. 97534

holy shit I can't believe I'm not the only one into Manu, even if I don't want to see him hurt.
Seeing him in a sub position would be good though.

No. 97541

Why you were with guys who can't clean their junk in the first place? That's disgusting.
If i was about having sex, and if my partner wasn't clean enough, i'd sent him into shower.

No. 97556

Seriously? I couldn't have predicted how they took care of their dicks before I got them naked. They were all clean and well-groomed on first notice. Not like I could change the fact that they didn't understand cock hygiene. I seriously had to instruct a couple of them.

No. 97558

In their defense, cock care's generally not a priority because male genitals aren't all that prone to infection and don't require a lot of general upkeep. Any part of child sex education that can be forgone without sacrificing health or future baby prospects generally is. I've talked to grown uncircumsised men who'd never thought to wash out smegma more than once every few months. There's probably a chick tract-era sex ed infographic floating around somewhere about things like "fluffy shaft" and "sticky dick".

No. 97560

First - how did it come they don't wash their junk regulary? At the end of a day if it's not cleaned it STINKS. Sweat down there has some kind of a strong feromones and not pleasant ones.

No. 97566

File: 1465891167923.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.02 KB, 540x960, 1465368371178.jpg)

I don't normally save porn, but I instantly thought of this thread when I saw this. Courtesy of some shitposter on /int/.

No. 97567

This guy looks like a chump

No. 97574

Bless you, anon.

No. 97578

Benis :DDDD

No. 97584

Idk that doesn't really do anything for me. I like them meek and submissive or riddled with shame.

Still if any of you got more priest stuff, keep it coming.

No. 97585

I feel really bad about it myself, believe me. It's a paraphilia in my case, I struggle with it a lot. When I'm attracted to someone I can't help but wanting to see them suffer. And Manu just happens to make me feel it INTENSELY.

No. 97590

File: 1465907101131.jpg (33.56 KB, 500x601, 0b82496e101a2e91649133df5b668c…)

My Hail Satan folder needs more material.

No. 97599

Same. Yeah, I like how fat his cock is but I want to seduce a priest to the point that he can't help himself and is utterly submissive to me. That's the appeal of the priest fantasy for me.

No. 97600

>those pants

No. 97601

I think I have a SJW kink, like I just want to fuck n chuck a hot fakeboi and have them angrily vagueblog about my after. What are the odds of this actually happening when I don't have a dick, /b/?

No. 97602

*about me..

No. 97608

File: 1465915531557.jpg (93.84 KB, 625x416, 0004RXGBD7VUOS0K-C116-F4.jpg)

Openly gay Polish (ex?) priest. Pretty sure he was sacked by the church. Cute af

No. 97609

The penis has to be cleaned more thoroughly than the rest of the body but most men just give it a quick soap and water washover and think it's sufficient. With a poor diet and improper hygiene practices, it's expected for crotch sweat to smell strongly like vinegar and bleach. Manu guys mentally normalize the smell and think "it's just what penises smell like" without ever thinking to associate it with their shitty lifestyle choices.

Both sweat and semen can be made to smell like peaches if the guy eats primarily citrus fruits, exercises daily and has a healthy body, drinks plenty of water, and cleans regularly.
Go for the guys with dyed undercuts. They're your ticket to fetishdom.

No. 97612

Eww, start a hygiene thread or sth. Gross

No. 97621

Neuer seems so gay to me. Not that I want him to be, well maybe I do idk, he just really sets off my gaydar.

No. 97641


I'm glad to see dominant women exist too! Most of the ones I see seem a little scary and rough.

I came up with my farm fantasy because I love the idea of being away from everyone. Just miles and miles of open fields, forests, streams. I could do whatever I wanted to my husbando and no one would be the wiser! I would only want to do good things to him of course, but it would be so nice.

I'm also really into plaid. Am I turning into a real life farmer? I thought I was just called one because of lolcow!

No. 97644

File: 1465938913531.gif (4.01 MB, 384x163, fyctxf.gif)

God this scene was so hot. Need more like that.

No. 97646

Well I'm a dominant woman too and I'd say I'm definitely a little scary. Not too rough, though. More sensually cruel. Would enjoy the fuck out of tormenting some qt together with another woman.

No. 97649


I won't mind the physical pain but I'm a wuss emotionally, I'm sure I'll kill myself if I get my feeling played with and stuff.

No. 97651

>I won't mind the physical pain

You say that now

No. 97652


Well not much pain too I guess, got stabbed two times in stomach once. Pain was unbearable.

No. 97655

Let's assume that's true. Where do you live?

No. 97693

File: 1466000287813.jpg (1.22 MB, 2816x2112, 1386684101553.jpg)


ummm, electrostim.

holy shit, it is fun. gentle feels nice and it can be turned up to outright painful when that is wanted.

No. 97698


Pretty far away from you for sure.

No. 97739

Wasn't planning to abduct you, just curious in which shitty country you live to get stabbed 2 times.

No. 97740

File: 1466026280801.png (65.18 KB, 300x229, jack-2.png)

Been wanting a Violet Wand kit for ages.

No. 97748


Just some shitty ME country.

No. 97751

My condolences

No. 97756


That's life for you, thankfully might move out soon.

No. 97774

God I have this fetish too and it makes me feel icky that I like it especially when my grandmother endured abuse at the hands of her husband for years. Blah.

I wouldn't ever want it in reality OBVIOUSLY but sometimes I fantasise about my bf getting angry at me and throwing me against the bed to roughly fuck me until I cry all the while calling me vulgar names like his little slut. He's an absolute sweetheart (and stupidly gentle even though I tell him he can go harder) so he'd never go for even rping it lol.

No. 97813

File: 1466069468841.png (404.92 KB, 569x721, img (14).png)

>Have 2 sisters.
>One's a pro hairdresser. Gets paid shitloads. Does hair for pseudo-famous people.
>Beauty is pain, pain is beauty. Kinda jealous of her high standards and skills tbh.

>Meet qt guy.

>Talking leads to friends, friends leads to love.
>Beauty is pain, pain is beauty. Must look good all the time. Can't reveal that I'm nothing without makeup.
>Face, eyebrows, eyelashes, blush, perfect hair, lipstick, earrings, heels. Beauty is pain, pain is beauty.

>I hate my life. I just want to stop these 1 hour rituals every day where I get my face on. I hate it.

>Neglecting needs.

>BF is actually into feet.

>He wants me to wear open-toe shoes, sandals, or no shoes at all.
>Says one of the things that attracted him was my feets.
>Well why not.

>Skip half my makeup routine.

>Moisturize feet on daily basis. File nails, simple paint job. Much easier imo.
>Aren't footfags the ones who are always getting arrested?
>Show up in sandals. Kick em off.
>BF is absolutely arrested.
>Feet things happen.
>Never done it before. Unusual for me, but I'm kinda interested. And I'm starting to like it myself.

>mfw kink saved me from crippling depression.

>tfw beauty isn't pain and pain isn't beauty.

It's communication, desu.

No. 97820

This post was.

No. 97829

I'd find a foot fetish kind of weird not unpleasant if my bf had it. I guess I don't understand it. Feet are just the thing below your ankles to me tbh

No. 97842

Do foot fetish guys care about legs? What if you've got awesome feet but don't shave your legs?

No. 97845

I guess it's individual. My SO has a thing for my feet but my legs look scarred and busted as fuck (ingrowns, not cutting) and he doesn't mind.

No. 97847

File: 1466085250524.gif (607.28 KB, 500x213, https://67.media.tumblr.com/16…)

Found some shy priest Rob Lowe for OP.

No. 97849

feetfags usually only care about feet, they don't care that much about legs.

Plenty of dudes like legs though.

No. 97882

Is the show worth watching, though? Not sure if I find him attractive, his face is a weird cross between cute and punchable. But a cassock can make all the difference.

No. 97884

File: 1466106354881.jpg (78.14 KB, 962x1200, lovethoseclassicmovies-blogspo…)

Woosh, this is gonna be a long post, but I have a lot to say, and hopefully it answers some questions.

Heh, it's embarrassing to type this out, but he regularly sucks my toes, especially the big one and middle one. He likes it when I put them on his face. And there's footjobs, but that's harder than you might think. He was extremely turned on by it even though my toes don't wrap around his dick as well as I'd like. There's a reason most footjobs you see on the net seem to be of the inner arch variety. I'm learning how to please a man with my feets. I wonder how common this is with guys? I imagine more common than with normies/non-channers because channers tend to be more open minded about sexuality. But yeah, we do the toe sucking thing whenever we feel kinky. Sometimes watching movies goes sideways because the toe sucking gets hot and we fugg. I wouldn't rule out sucking HIS toes if he wanted, but he's never asked and that's not really what I'm into. Also, hair.

It was and still is kind of weird. It's like playing doctor when you're a kid. It kinda feels wrong, but that may be my Christian upbringing talking, kek. And like I said in my original post the only thing I've ever heard about footfags is that they're weirdos who get charged with misdemeanors or whatever for "sexually assaulting" a woman's feet in the yogurt section or someshit. Honestly, I started wondering about whether he's fucked up in the head. I imagine that's why some kinks kill relationships. It's not so much the fetish itself, it's the potential baggage that comes with it.

But I dunno, he seems okay to me. He brings home the bacon. He's even cool with having kids. He's bad ass without hurting my feelings. Most dudes either pretend to be bad ass and aren't, or they go in the other direction and ARE bad ass, but they're too mean. I teared up while sucking dick once, and that's not something I wanna do ever again.

And here's the bombshell. The warm dampness of his mouth on my cold feet is kinda comfy… And I get tingly. And the more we do it I get tinglier. What can I say?

Well, if the shoe fits wear it. And then take it off so he can tongue your feetz. I think I'm becoming a convert. There are a lot of women who have entire websites and/or tumblrs to their feet. I'm too shy to post anything on the internet right now, but I kinda understand why a girl might make a career out of it. Am I swinging too hard the other direction now? Eh, fuck it. Worst case scenario I have to hide even more shit from my prude family.

I guess it's not so embarrassing after I type all that shit out. Thanks for listening, internet. Pic related, it's how I feel right now.

No. 97889

What a story. Nothing wrong with some foot sex imho. Good workout.

No. 97896

>nd like I said in my original post the only thing I've ever heard about footfags is that they're weirdos who get charged with misdemeanors or whatever for "sexually assaulting" a woman's feet in the yogurt section or someshit.

Which is really unfair, since the worst thing they do is usually just taking creepshots of girls´ feet on the beach.

There are a dozen people ITT getting off on the mental anguish of the clergy.

Feet is on of the most common and harmless fetishes out there, yet they're still universally portrayed as creepy losers in pop culture. Meanwhile BDSM -which I can you from personal experience has far more problems- is positively portrayed with shit like Christian Grey and shit.

No. 97897

>the mental anguish of the clergy

Just reading that turned me on.

No. 97899

God damn so many sadists in this thread.

No. 97905

I might be the most vocal one. Definitely not alone in here, though.

No. 97917

File: 1466118766295.jpg (104.56 KB, 808x1050, 1-courtney-stodden.jpg)

Any bi/gay girls with a thing for bimbos? I've felt weird about it for as long as i can remember, but it's the only thing that truly gets me off, and always has. It's so common among men to have this as a fetish, but i've yet to meet a girl with the same shitty taste as me. It's not like i want to look like that, i'm comfortable being a hairy flat-chested dyke, but damn what i wouldn't give to actually do it with someone with balloon tits, hourglass figure and a barbie face…

No. 97921

File: 1466124836609.png (316.41 KB, 500x313, img (17).png)

Not gay, but I kinda get it.

I'd consider myself straight, but I've bent the boundaries before.

I could imagine myself laying prostrate and this blond queen on top of me. Although in my mind it's like she has a strapon or a dick. Her fingers interlock with my finger and she's just ffffffffucking me so hard and slow it's almost torture. I don't even care if her tits are fake. It'd be like getting dicked by goddess Barbie. I'd orgasm so hard I'd fucking cry.

Huh, m-maybe I'm not that straight after all.

Ah fuck it.

Dick me, Barbie!

No. 97924

I am bi and I do have a thing for bimbos. I want to also be one. I know I'm trash but it's my guilty delight. Love trashy barbies so much that I could do anything to be one

No. 97925

File: 1466127209211.jpg (100.98 KB, 640x637, f1XTtGm.jpg)

They don't turn me on, but I find it fascinating to see girls getting surgery to look like that.

Anything is possible with science.

No. 97928

I used to get bullied by girls like that in secondary school so now I fantasise about violently fingering slappers while they call me mammy

No. 97929


Jfc. This is some stepford wives level shit.

No. 97955

File: 1466157714942.jpg (197.54 KB, 937x1200, 110103_r20390_p886-937-1200-30…)


Not into the trashy barbie type but I have a thing for these really high maintenance vintage ladies. It's more of a dominance thing, though. Love how restrictive the clothing is and how you could humiliate them when you ruin the carefully constructed facade. Love that I could overpower them. Something really hot about that but I feel like an asshole about it.

No. 97957

I used to and still do a little bit. A bimboxbimbo thing would be so hot, or like turning the other girl into a bimbo.

I'm kind of bimbo-ish apperance-wise anyways, I'm very femme and have blond hair, big boobs, and love makeup. Shrug emoji.

No. 97962

Same anon. I don't know whats wrong with me. It's like my main "fetish" I guess for porn. I don't watch much else

No. 97991

File: 1466188835459.jpg (38.65 KB, 500x400, the vampire lovers 6.jpg)

Older, more sophisticated women in general are so fucking hot to me. It's what I've always wanted to be but I also want to be dominated by one. Like, being used as an ashtray or footrest, or cleaning her bathroom on my hands and knees would be ideal.
At the same time, I love really innocent looking girls with long, light hair, preferably like a red or auburn- someone like Amy Adams. They look so fun to spoil and corrupt and I am just the right predatory lesbian for that.

No. 97994

Oh I definitely have a lesbian boner for Amy Adams. Enchanted, The Master and Doubt come to mind. Hot af

No. 97999


Goodness I love the red dress in this. What is the name of that bust cut?

No. 98001

looks like a deep u-neck?

No. 98003

was common in empire fashion

No. 98014

is it ok to post your super dirty fantasies/kinks even if you're a measly bitch who hasn't reached 20 and still has her V-card?

No. 98035

File: 1466204747270.jpg (61.22 KB, 736x460, 1464590704193.jpg)

Being younger than twenty and being a virgin doesnt mean you cant have kinks, just start posting already.

No. 98040

Sounds like a plan hahaha

No. 98041


Omg I feel the same. But can a dark hair girl be a bimbo too?

Sorry I'm not american and I really don't know much about the bimbo thing I just love how they look and I wish I could be bimbofied lol

No. 98043

Back when I was still dating, literally every lesbian I came across in my town was either sjw-lite or a major butch, and it's fucking unfortunate. I'm only attracted to super femme women or feminine androgyny, and that seems very rare with lesbians unless you get lucky.
That said, kinky lesbians should stick together. :*

No. 98044

Yes, look at the Kardashians. It's basically the way you dress, do your makeup/hair, and act. Anyone can be a bimbo!

No. 98045

The traditional bimbo has always been blonde but imo a brunette could definitely be a bimbo too. Kardashians are just one example.

No. 98047

There's a porn video I saw a couple weeks ago about this girl finding her boyfriend's side bitch over and just absolutely fucking the shit out of her with a strap-on, slapping her around, calling her a bitch, etc. and I have NOT been able to get it out of my head.
I don't particularly want to be cheated on or be someone's side bitch, but I desperately want a mean femme girl to treat me like shit.

No. 98049

I prefer butch women but have those fantasies. I would also like to be a faux bimbo.

No. 98114

That's hot as fuck. Would love to treat a girl like that but I guess I'm not really femme. Can go light femme, though.

No. 98115

Are any of you guys on Fetlife and what's your opinion on it? Got an account but haven't really done much with it.

No. 98119

I have one that I just use to look at cows profiles. I occasionally look at the groups and there's some real weird ones, like a anorexia fetish group and a castration fetish group.

Most of the people on there are nerdy neckbeards, fake doms, and pushy subs. Munches almost always suck and most of them act like they have no personality beyond kink.

simon cowell voice It's a no from me.

No. 98122

virgin!anon here

i have never been with anyone, barely even kissed, no experience whatsoever

i want to be corrupted. i want someone who completely defiles me and taints me to the core, someone who wrecks me completely and makes me their little whore and fucks me until i'm crying and begging them to stop, essentially.

i've had a thing for rape fantasy for as long as i can remember; i think i've had it since way before i even knew what sex was (if that makes sense?)

basically, dark realistic rape scenarios, preferably everything else having rape-/non-consensual undertones as well.

making me call them daddy/mommy (i know dd/lg shit is frowned upon like hell here but) and calling me baby girl/princess/kitten while choking, spanking and fucking me until i cry and calling me their little whore/slut/bitch etc.

i also have a huuuuge thing for forced gagging, bondage and anything of the sort

also, light pet play? making me wear those cute fluffy ear/tail shit and go on all four

also the whole being pimped out thing is hella hot imo (it also needs to have the whole rape fantasy thing going on, though)

also found out about the whole bimboficafion thing yesterday and felt kinda bad over how hot i found it

i think i could be a pretty good candidate because i'm a natural blonde (my hair dyed a different shade of blonde rn but i'm blonde to begin with), my boobs are kinda big for my frame i think?? (32D) and i'm an extreme femme who loves makeup and wears super short shorts that show a bit of cheek

now that i think about it i'm prob awfully kinky n slutty for a virgin..

No. 98123

File: 1466247905384.jpg (558.81 KB, 2273x2200, 1459043880537.jpg)

I don't know what your kinks/orientation is so it may not be representative of your experience.

I'm a straight female dom, and I have to admit that my experience on there was awful , I got spammed by male doms who wanted to turn me into a sub, and by sub males who ignored any attempt at conversation and basically ignored any of my actually stated sexual interests and just used me as their fetish dispenser.

Munches were not much better either, there were no femdom specific ones in my area and so I had to go to a generic mostly male dom female sub one. Everyone there was pretty old and odd, I tried to make conversation but I left immediately after some prick grabbed my boob.

I just got a sub bf with regular dating, a shy virgin asked me out and he was pretty open about sex after a whule so we just tried things and voila.

Sorry for the wall of text btw.

No. 98125

virgin!anon would like to apologize for the ridiculous wall of text i had no idea it was that long and i'm sry ;;

No. 98126

File: 1466248749313.jpg (12.4 KB, 247x250, 1457246845197.jpg)

Sounds hot tbh, though I'd be on the watch for anyone abusive if you decided you wanted to act these fantasies out Irl.

No. 98130

God, I'd love to corrupt a slutty virgin and be her mommy. Even though I'm a virgin myself lol

No. 98133

I'm a bi female dom.

Appreciate the input. Definitely know those male "doms" who are convinced all women secretly want to be submissive and the wishlist subs who care about nothing but their own kinks and basically want a dom to serve them.

For now I'm only lurking on FL out of curiosity. It really doesn't seem too useful for meeting people. You can't even search properly, just via groups.

Where did you meet your bf?

No. 98137

I didn't mean to discourage you, though there are a lot of shitheads on there you can still find someone.

Just look for groups in your area and start talking to them, participate in the forums.

I met my bf after I transfered to a new college and an old friend from high school introduced out. We were friends for about month when he asked me out.

No. 98139

slutty virgins unite!

No. 98141

I'm definitely no virgin but fuck, that's my ultimate fantasy.

I have a really shameful thing for roleplaying in bed. I've done fairly normal shit but what I like the most is vampireplay tbh, since my boyfriend and I are both fucking faggots for vampires. It's honestly just a lot of skin sucking, passionate sex, and knifeplay- with some bloodplay when I'm ready for it.
Bloodplay is kind of terrifying to me but he's really into licking my blood for some reason.

No. 98143

**KINKY virgins unite

i'm the slutty one and i'm tired sry

No. 98173

would love to watch you two nerds get it on. i'm secretly into vampires too but i pretend i'm a mature adult lol

No. 98228

Just found out my husband is a porn addicted and instead of getting upset I decided to go full on bimbo and making him pay for it. Not gonna be sorry for myself and actually using my anger towards my fetish.

Is that good or bad?

No. 98326

romantic tension between male friends

No. 98327

File: 1466366788813.jpg (177.65 KB, 550x550, 1466290367376.jpg)

Genuine love

No. 98334

My kink is couple suicide. We should meet.

No. 98336

File: 1466369350236.gif (137.04 KB, 500x595, 1466246814675.gif)


I rather cuddle and watch cute Chinese cartoons

No. 98338

We can cuddle and sudoku later.

No. 98341

Anyone else in here visit gaystrugglefuck? Always in need of some brutal material. Sucks that most stuff is too vanilla for me.

No. 98342

File: 1466370210554.jpg (37.74 KB, 418x529, FB_IMG_1464158184708.jpg)


Sounds like a plan, hope it won't hurt.

No. 98406

File: 1466424828268.gif (455.57 KB, 500x264, 20ff8e9d4025d712c4dd5ca027b2fc…)

No. 98407

File: 1466424893964.jpg (25.03 KB, 564x564, c331149e917caf9957a9e5c3efcdc2…)

No. 98408

File: 1466424917930.jpg (32.66 KB, 500x750, ee5fa0b386c4edb5cd6a98fe63fb5d…)

No. 98409

File: 1466424955767.jpg (25.76 KB, 529x306, 785676679.JPG)

No. 98411

Fuuuck. Thank you for this, based anon.

No. 98424

Oh God that looked so crazy until I saw his hand

No. 98433

Ikr? Kind of love it.
Wish I had more like this. Still hunting for convincing vids but no luck so far.

No. 98435

File: 1466440624659.jpg (101.44 KB, 360x450, georggänswein.jpg)

Archbishop Gänswein, nicknamed "Gorgeous George". Very cute.

No. 98436

File: 1466440695611.gif (24.86 KB, 200x200, badkitty1.gif~c200.gif)

Calling for good m/m recs hello militaryanon

No. 98451

Your gifs are kind of killing the vibe in here.

No. 98460

File: 1466448464911.gif (980.56 KB, 390x219, 28937924.gif)

I feel so lonely with my massive priest kink. Wish there was more fap material out there.

No. 98464

Where is this from?

No. 98471

Wish I knew. Been trying to find a source and couldn't come up with anything.

No. 98472

Here, it's cute, not fap material though.

No. 98474

Holy shit, this was cute af. Thanks!

No. 98493

File: 1466465231052.jpg (42.38 KB, 564x468, 14016153655184faf17be05ce3a2fa…)

No. 98494

File: 1466465259605.jpg (13.63 KB, 400x511, 2f6b66251962465ecf4f26f25058ff…)

No. 98495

File: 1466465274160.jpg (38.07 KB, 425x600, 0c896abe2561a9fc704669c8493e0e…)

No. 98502

EW, listen it's completelly different when this shit is glorified, this shit ain't cute, glorifying perversions isn't cute.
In fact, this was disgusting.

No. 98514

Stop being homophobic, it was a cute video and I liked it more knowing it wasn't just some gif of a fetish site. In my country gay ministers are allowed, so seeing more acceptance of such relationships on a wider platform shows acceptance on a wider platform.

No. 98518

Can't really tell if it's just a big crush or a full on kink but I had a crazy infatuation with a professor (half because he was hot/smart/nice and half because I've always been into older men). Now I'm just sort of fixated on the fantasy of being with a professor with the forbidden/risky scenario feeling. A young woman being attracted to a smart, handsome mentor figure and an older man who can't help feeling attracted to a bright, beautiful young student who would normally be off limits to him…

No. 98522

In a sort of similar vain I sometimes fantasise anout being the headmistress at an all-boys boarding school.

I'd want to spank all their cute butts with rulers, make them eat me out under my desk and give them handjobs (without orgasm) to tease them.

I really want to be a hot authority figure.

No. 98526

File: 1466503480569.jpg (124.55 KB, 769x1024, 587ed7ba-e177-47a0-9a55-1f390e…)

I guess you could say I like DD/LG but I don't. I don't like being called little girl/bunny/Princess/kitten etc for some reason. I don't like the Princess vomit spoil me shit, i just like to say daddy during rough sex simply because I feel as though it's the lowest form of submission (and it's sorta taboo I guess).

and speaking of rough sex I have yet to actually have the rough sex I dream about: spanking, hair pulling, choking!!! (never had it and I explicitly state this lol), fingers in mouth, verbal humiliation (being called a slut etc. this is probably why I don't like the DD/lg nicknames Cuz they don't get me off at all, sexually or nonsexually. baby girl and babe is a turn on and that's it), not stopping even when I'm begging for a break and so on. it's like these guys are too scared to hurt me. I am pretty small, but I can take it, especially if I'm asking for it! I like being thrown around like a rag doll too lmao, total submission is all I want, but I don't mind being dominant when I feel like it (which isn't often).

this might be a fetish and I was just asked about it yesterday by a friend. bones. not actual bones but boniness? collarbones and hip bones and also hands. hands turn me on. I think about what they could do to me and I go crazy. I adore hands like pic related. and I know how this started lol I was reading some book when I was younger and the character made some note about how through hands you can tell a lot about someone and since then I've looked at guy's hands and pretty much choose whether or not I would date/fuck them by their hands. teeth and hands can be a deal breaker.

if there are any inconsistencies blame my sleep deprivation

No. 98533

>le homophobic
I bet you are fat dyke

Faggots must know their place and don't show their shit on public.

No. 98535

Oh dear, did someone not get enough attention when they were a child.

No. 98538



No. 98548

ur gay man

No. 98561

I have a really fucked up thing for extreme emotional distress. When I watch brutal, degrading gay porn I like to imagine how depressed and worthless they feel when they're alone. Love to imagine that they're suicidal, which often isn't even far from the truth.
Especially love it when the bottom is not really participating and is just sort of letting things happen to him.

Why do I love suffering so much?

No. 98566

I am, but i still don't cross moral boundaries and not encourage public faggotry.
Only rabid self-lying liberals and fag-hags like gays expressing their gayness in public.

No. 98573

not even that anon, but you really go out of your way as to not offend strangers on the street?

No. 98595

You Me and the Apocalypse is definitely worth watching - it has some great plot twists and the humorous bits are on point too. Shame it got cancelled after it's first season really, I wanted the cliffhanger at the end to be resolved.

Rob Lowe personally isn't my thing, although I can see why others would think he's hot.

Anyway, back on topic I suppose.

No. 98597

I'm yet another virgin!anon but I definitely feel you with the whole roleplay kink thing.

TheGreyKnight did a pirate themed audio once and it was really hot - I tend to like the more subtle and coercive of the more rape-y ones, if that makes sense? Like with a lot of the threatening left to the imagination. The part 2 to the original was all mean and degrading and unlike some people in this thread I'm not very into that.

No. 98752

File: 1466661355809.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.23 KB, 500x414, tumblr_mr0pt3WK5g1s9ogzgo1_500…)

Dethroning dom/S dudes and fantasy snuff. Shit doesn't even have to be sexual, I squirt buckets from just hurting them in general.
The sheer look of indignation, fear and betrayal in their eyes is fucking heavenly.

No. 98755

the bessssttttttt

No. 98768

Same here. Sadism is what I've got instead of a normal sex drive. The look in their eyes is worth more to me than anything sexual could ever be. I'm pretty much only interested in sex when it's used to dominate and humiliate someone. Sometimes I feel like a sicko but what can I do.

No. 98911

Thoughts on macrophilia?

I enjoy the images where despite the girl being giant the guy is still confident and "in control". I can't say I never dom, but I prefer subbing, if it's an either-or proposition. This fetish, albeit a minor one for me, started when I was a teenager. I'd lie in bed and this sexual imagery would appear unbidden. I understand that's common for adolescents.

Most of the images are shit quality, being 3D or generic as hell anime shit. As for the fetish itself, guys who always want the girl to take the lead bother me. I feel like if I coddle some manlet who's into the fetish it'll turn him into one of those anime protagonists who shoots blood out his nose at the mere sight of a single tit. As much as I hate spending a lot of time putting my face on and other girly things, I feel like it gives us SOME structure in our lives unlike these nu male slobs.

Wew, that was a rant. Sorry.

Maybe it's women who are disgusted with weak men who draw these giantesses smashing and eating little men. I understand the frustration.

Eh, meanwhile I guess I have a little pile of weird images to jill off to.

TFW no tiny man to boss me around.

No. 98916

File: 1466730778233.jpg (66.96 KB, 396x594, Pete Wentz Ashlee Simpson buy …)

Short men who are powerhouses are my fetish tbh.

No. 98919

It's rough. All the short men I've known suffer from some kinda…short man syndrome, I'm afraid. And there's no good reason for it. I guess shorter dudes just have less confidence. Didn't they watch Disney movies about the cute little guy overcoming the big bad giant or something? You'd think it might rub off, but there I go ranting again. Nevertheless, powerhouses no matter the size are p cute. Maybe I'll see if I can find one, just for fun. Where would the fun be in sex if it was simple?

No. 98925

File: 1466731757204.jpg (49.64 KB, 559x596, pete-workout.jpg)

There are short men out there with confidence, who work out and look great and don't allow their height (something they have NO CONTROL OF) hinder them.

The only idiots who care about height are beta manlets and stupid brainwashed women who think the average male height is 6'2"

No. 98930

File: 1466733345170.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.82 KB, 248x232, 1444845615734.jpg)

I want to rape virgin neckbeards. The thrill of seeing them lose their spaghetti around me and have them be completely at my mercy as I rape them turns me on like nothing else. I love that feeling of corrupting my body with their filthy virgin cocks, knowing that the only thing those cocks have touched are their hands while they wank to their favorite sadpanda doujin. I've always had a cherry-boy hunter fetish but collecting socially retarded neckbeard virginities is my favorite kink.

No. 98936


Being short as a man isn't a joy ride so don't be surprised when they are less confident.

No. 98941

I went to college with a guy who was a stereotypical otaku: at least 290lbs, mouth breather, concerning interest in loli characters - you get the drill. He always made it obvious he was very in to me and 5 years on I still run into him (small town), he's still very obviously in to me and I'm ashamed at how often I've gotten off to the idea of fucking him. He's completely disgusting physically and personality wise but I think it's knowing that he's never been with anyone and a bit of vanity of knowing he probably gets off to me too. I think he'd probably have a heart attack if i ever suggested he be my fuckbuddy

No. 98942

There's nothing wrong with short men.

No. 99102

You should do it, anon. Could be fun.

No. 99113

Really? You know those types don't bathe, right? You're begging for an infection.

No. 99140


Except being short, are you a pedo or something?

No. 99261

Don't do it, anon. All it takes is 1 fuck and their egos become insufferable.

No. 99320

File: 1466880068639.jpg (68.09 KB, 749x751, 1466858126893.jpg)

No. 99336

No, I'm a woman who's 5'4" and likes men around her height.

Oh boy, you sure showed me with your r9k meme.

No. 99340

File: 1466894500198.jpg (176.69 KB, 1080x1349, 1464295205420.jpg)

Don't give them egos, it will be grosses than you think and it will only make him more insufferable, he will unironically consider hinself a player.

No. 99355

When I think of short men Asian guys are immediately what conjures up in my mind. That's partly why I feel an instinctive repugnance. I think if it was a cute short guy and not one who was a) either Asian or b) some tryhard who is always at the gym I'd feel differently and possibly attracted to one.

No. 99376

File: 1466900529937.jpg (39.9 KB, 448x640, 978e4e07-c784-4c64-bb73-2ba4f5…)

>so edgy

No. 99441

File: 1466919949016.png (8.82 KB, 200x200, doitnow.png)

Tie him up and rape him without mercy. Watch him squirm underneath you.

No. 99537

File: 1466994269294.jpg (83.81 KB, 423x810, be8439e56f2d430ae63d2eb3944880…)



>tfw prefer shorter or average height men due to better proportions and general aesthetics

>tfw all of them have an insufferable dickbag personality

No. 99552


Good to know. Women who like short men with high testosterone are my fetish.


There are short men without that personality complex. You just don't notice them as much and they just don't experience heightism nearly as much to develop that personality complex, because they're more introverted and less social.

No. 99620

same, also i have a huge blowjob fetish, i want to choke on cock, be face fucked, gag etc basically i want to be used

No. 99638


No. 99671

File: 1467076707872.png (3.79 MB, 2561x1439, tmp_12593-meguminquoteofchoice…)

>cucking me is cruel
>me trafficking people isn't
>m-muh pretending to be in control of being cucked makes all the difference
God, men are pathetic.

No. 99701

>every girl that doesn't have the same fetish as me is a robot


No. 100212

Want me to describe my life to you so that you can cum?

No. 100414

Not the person you responded to, but hotwife =/= cuckold, and he meant it as a fantasy. Not literally being her pimp and turning her into a whore.

No. 100748

>>97492 here
I empathize with the boniness thing. I had a borderline anorexic gf back in high-school and I kept ignoring the nagging in the back of my head to force her to see a doctor. I'd done as much as I could do without coming off as neurotic, she made it very clear that she didn't think she was unhealthy and that she didn't need to see a professional.

In retrospect I probably made it pretty clear how much I loved how thin she was non-verbally. I loved the way her upper ribs bulged from the top of her chest every time she raised her arms, I loved that little divot beneath her waistline, and I especially loved how I could use both hands to firmly grip her prominent pelvic wings with my forefingers and wrap my palms around to her back.

There's this big thing about curvy and soft women going around, but I really don't get the hype. I've been with heavier-set women before and looking at them or touching them feels like sorting through a disorganized filing cabinet of a person, I have to verify where something is if I want to use it and it's easy to get overwhelmed. Thin bodies, both male and female, feel a lot more rigid and ironically a lot more physically substantial.

No. 100877

>go on lolcow
>"subtly" post that you're a guy
>"subtly" post that you're tall

No. 100891

>mail here xDDD!!

No. 100904

You could have gone beyond being transparent, and said nothing.

No. 100907

File: 1467916347084.gif (651.14 KB, 373x290, 1465739155653.gif)


So females can say they're female on here but males cannot say they're male on here?

Seems kinda petty.(no boys allowed)

No. 100909

Hey, hey buddy…no one cares.

No. 100910

We know you're from /r9k/, please don't be such a raging hypocrite.

No. 100928

Lol. The same thing would happen if we were to say we're female on any other imageboard. Fuck off somewhere else and whine about it, dickhead.

No. 100956

File: 1467919234626.jpg (121.07 KB, 916x960, 8347934.jpg)

I think I'm gonna get myself a priest shirt.

No. 100963

> And like I said in my original post the only thing I've ever heard about footfags is that they're weirdos who get charged with misdemeanors or whatever for "sexually assaulting" a woman's feet in the yogurt section or someshit.

This is always interesting to me because to find news stories of feet guys doing creepy things, you basically have to cherry pick and look for infrequent stories from the Internet from places far away from you. Whereas to find 10 stories about tits guys and ass men groping, molesting, or raping women you merely need to turn on the television and watch the local news for an hour.

No. 100983

File: 1467921314737.gif (91 KB, 312x420, 1467862642876.gif)


Presumption is the mother of all fuck ups, I'm actually from /fit/(go back to 4chan)

No. 100985

File: 1467921409215.jpg (48.13 KB, 626x348, 1428495958904.jpg)

Are we on hellweek? Someone ban this piece of shit.

No. 100988

they know ur an annoying 4chan memerboy because you're attention whoring and needlessly spamming reaction images

No. 100998

I didnt presume anything. What the fuck are you on about, retard?

No. 101048

Some toad posted a thread on /r9k/ asking for backup because his kind were being viewed analytically and they found that to be a vicious attack on their beings because it came from women.

No. 102052

nah, i just like what i like. im still too ugly to even get with a person so dont worry.

No. 102053

post skype and i'll rape your throat if you want

No. 102067

File: 1468174650061.jpg (49.32 KB, 990x654, neo-nazi-racist-tat1.jpg)

I'm shamefully attracted to neo-nazi skinheads. I don't agree with them at all politically but I can't help thinking some of them are hot.

This may or may not be related to my fetish for doc marten boots and bald guys.

No. 102737

I guess it's sorta weird but I really like necks. I dunno why.
But there's the obvious pin down/tie up thing kink too

No. 102761

All these femdom farmers make me so envious of the boys involved.

I have countless fetishes of all sorts, but all I ever truly wanted was for a dominant girl to corrupt me and mold me into her perfect plaything. Although I keep trying to banish these thoughts and man up to be more of what women normally expect. Because either there's a huge selection bias here and women who actually like it are almost non-existent in real life, or I'm just not cute enough to attract dommy types.

Maybe it's a good thing. I'm a little scared sometimes of how deep down the rabbit hole I'd go if it happened.

No. 102791

This thread reminded me of a video I watched, I think I saw it on XVideos.

It was a cam liveshow that someone recorded, and it was a girl and two guys. Both of the guys were clothed but the girl was just wearing panties (I think) and they were passing a blunt back and forth. The girl was grinding against them and they were grabbing her boobs and ass and it was so hot.

I wish I could find it again…

No. 102808

I'm very submissive sexually and into some light BDSM stuff. I especially love being choked and being forced to choke on my bf's cock. Had an actual BDSM relationship once, and I didn't like it. In retrospect, it was probably a combination of not fully trusting my dom and being in a generally unstable place at the time.

My main kink is squirting. I squirt during masturbation frequently. Haven't quite gotten to the point where I'm relaxed enough to do it with my boyfriend, but we're getting there.


No. 102809

If any of the farmers with the priest kink are still in here, you might enjoy this story. Main dude is a young preacher, but still relevant.


No. 102840

I'm still here and am definitely interested in all the priest stuff you can find. Will read. If you've got more, please post.

No. 102846

>I'm a little scared sometimes of how deep down the rabbit hole I'd go if it happened.

That's just what I like. Love it when they're reluctant and a bit scared/ashamed.

No. 102847

Skinheads are huge in gay fetish porn so you should find plenty of material there. Definitely find it hot when some young skinhead guy is overpowered. Mainly like it when that macho image gets crushed. Love seeing a tough guy get turned into a little bitch.

No. 102850

Skimmed through the dirty parts. Clearly written for someone to put themselves in the priest's shoes. Reads like a male seduction fantasy to me. Not enough priest guilt and just too vanilla. Guess I'll have to keep looking or write my own.

No. 102851

Bf convinced me to dominate him yesterday. I liked it but it also felt so awkward. I can physically overpower him, which really turns him on, but I really lack spontaneity. I also feel really bad if I accidentally hurt him. Meh, I guess we need more practice…

No. 102859

I don't know if there's a name for this or it's an existing kink but it's a fantasy of mine.
I want a pretty girl to take interest in me and seduce me, which turns to her watching me get fucked by men of her choosing. She treats me like a pet, for lack of better wording, and also uses me for her pleasure and enjoys making me squirm.
Do any others girls have this kind of fetish?
Pls like girls
This sounds like so much fun.

No. 102888

I accidentally two virgins before. It was honestly unintentional but I liked that there was so much vulnerability on both sides. They get more frisky though, almost animalistic as you said lol

No. 102897

I think I'd die if it became known, I've never trusted anyone in rl enough to tell them.

I'm also surprised at the amount of virgin fetish here. I always wished something like that existed but never thought it would.

No. 102899

What height are you two? I always feel like I'll won't able to overpower most guys since I'm rather short, even though I'm more muscular than the average woman.

No. 103226

I'm only 5'3 and my bf is around 6'2. I'm also rather muscular and he's really thin, so that's why it's possible.

No. 105275

I have a size kink and I'm not ashamed of it, I guess it's because I'm only 5'3" but I'm really, really attracted to enormous guys. Like the man who plays in GoT as the Mountain, his face is meh but his body. Too bad, my area is populated by manlets and the only tall guys are either textbook fuckboys, skinny or ugly faced.
Other kink is tanned skin, like Manu Bennett's. Here I guess it's because I'm crazy pale, so the comparison kind of turns me on. I just want an enormous, tanned guy and I'll be happy forever

No. 106710

I fucking love short men. The idea that I'm just as tall or even taller than a guy turns me on so much. Still like them to be reasonably muscular, though. I hate having a guy tower over me, terrible feeling.

I have a huge crush on Buster Keaton and he was just as tall as I am. Actors I like often turn out to be short even though I don't consciously compare their height to the other actors, I guess I register it on a subconscious level.

No. 106774

No. 106803

File: 1470589646948.jpg (90.52 KB, 200x350, 1467932572410.jpg)

>36% sub
>27% dom
Alright so assuming no bot bitches what's the deal with this?
The breakup, if you will. The women that love to spank men until they cry, or the other kinds of people.

No. 106841


>liking manlets

worse than bestiality

No. 106843

No. 106848

File: 1470605110321.jpg (225.1 KB, 800x533, 1434064478260.jpg)


>MANLET actually stands for 'Master At Nibbling Little Erotic Thighs.'

No. 106928

Well, it seems to be the option with the most votes, and the best Pollmakers know that always means it's the right option.

No. 107001

File: 1470715893401.webm (2.37 MB, 720x400, kursk.webm)

Germany knows how to make a uniform.

No. 107002

File: 1470723504616.png (470.05 KB, 600x643, decorate.png)

Idk, but recently I just found out I have a huge kink for office men/salarymen. I've had this kink for a long time but it re-emerged even stronger lately. Is there anyone else here who's the same?

No. 107009

File: 1470733914939.jpg (90.11 KB, 640x1136, a5d1ffbd05653891b0318858b1ca8f…)

I want someone who's bigger/taller than me so I can dominate them okay the idea of someone smaller wrecking someone bigger is such turn on for me

I've got a pregnancy/breeding kink and Dd/Lg i just want to be called princess ;_; and size kink and the concept of being domestic always gets to me

No. 107285

File: 1470969074300.jpg (12.73 KB, 300x200, image.jpg)

corrupting important figures in society is definitely my kink. Priests, Sheriffs, ect. I want to fuck the chief of a important tribal council and make him scream out for mercy. or fuck a priest in a confessional booth during service, who tries to keep quiet. the older the better.

No. 107288

>I want to fuck the chief of a important tribal council and make him scream out for mercy
That's an oddly specific fetish

No. 107293

isn't that what make fetishes interesting though? something really niche? also being a female domme is my fetish, luckily there's a bunch of male feminists who would let me fuck them with a strapon.

No. 107296

File: 1470976780296.png (410.36 KB, 442x441, dMzSgHVz.png)

I like diapers. I have no idea where it came from. I remember looking up related stuff when I was like 7 or 8 and being aroused, although I didn't realize what it was at the time. I've never mentioned it to a partner and never plan to for obvious reasons, but fantasizing about this autistic fetish turns me on more than normal sex. Life is suffering.

No. 107319

Don't do this, it's a lot less fun than it sounds

No. 107325

Me too! Idk what it is, they're so sexy. For me it's definitely not just the suits, they need to have that extremely busy work-oriented life with mild burnout vibe.

No. 107328

Pretty much what this anon says:

No. 107362

Care to elaborate?

No. 107386

1. depending on your location it is of questionable legality

2. most of your clients will be middle aged men who won't look like the dudes in your porn/fantasies

3. the fantasies of your clients often times won't be the same as yours, so you'll do things that you don't really enjoy doing, which makes it just like a regular job

4. though most of my clients were perfectly polite, a significant number of them were no-shows which is irritating since it's a huge waste of time and a loss of money

5. some clients are huge creeps, can't no for an answer, and if you're particularly unlucky you'll and up qwith a stalker

6. the money isn't nearly as good as you think it is

No. 107400

op (from the first post) here, I don't think I would actually want to domme guys for a job. It's just the idea that turns me on, fucking a guy that's embrassed and doesn't really want it.

No. 107477

Are you actualy religious? Did you grow up in a religious household?

No. 107495

File: 1471233078592.jpeg (314.52 KB, 1262x1295, image.jpeg)

i'm the anon from this post >>107285 so i'm not sure if you're talking to me or the actual OP of the thread. I grew up semi-religous and was baptized, just never went to church. There's just something so alluring about a man who's been held up as leader getting his pride taken out of him. Weird that i'm into this, since i'm not a feminist.

semi pic related, i'm righty, but some non-white men tease me sometimes.

No. 107498

File: 1471245620923.jpg (128.67 KB, 691x471, ovaloffice.jpg)

I've recently acquired the desire to shag the president, 10/10 kink would recommend.

2008 Obama was a qt but I really only think of a generic archetype, I couldn't fantasize about the prez, the dude's married and that's worse to me than priest-kink somehow.

No. 107562

i just went through a few books on how to structure a story, so i wrote this.

is it any good? http://pastebin.com/qmvbgYkW

No. 108384

File: 1472145118796.jpg (23.28 KB, 300x450, 10_moje_sestra_vlkodlak_3.jpg)

I don't know if this counts as a fetish, but I'm really attracted to native guys. Too bad I don't have many chances since I'm Eurofag

No. 108386

File: 1472146587471.jpg (267.29 KB, 1200x677, native-american-alcohol.jpg)

If it makes you feel better, the average natives look nothing like the guy you posted and more like pic related

No. 108399

File: 1472162360572.jpg (56.21 KB, 640x480, ghost.jpg)

Two of my main fetishes:

1.) Anything sacrilegious. I used to be a very devote Christian and since I've lost my faith, anything sinful turns me on. The bigger the sin, the hotter it is; especially if it's occult-related. I have a huge priest fetish too, though it's not limited to simply dominating a priest.

2.) Fucking someone who is completely covered/concealed. I'm not really sure where this fetish came from, but I get so worked up when I see a guy wearing anything that covers him completely, so I can't see even an inch of skin. A good example is Motocross gear, Stormtroopers, riot squads, and even Daft Punk's get-up.

I thank the universe every day for the Swedish band, Ghost, who fulfills both of these fetishes at once.

No. 108401

One of my favorite porn artists has a comic about this exactly. There's an alien race that comes to earth that just loves human pheremones and they are frequently..overwhelmed. http://myhentaicomics.com/index.php/Xenobiology

No. 108410

Hot damn!

No. 108411

I've recently heard of Ghost through a friend's post and want to give them a listen. Recommend any songs?

No. 108413

File: 1472180669245.jpg (428.51 KB, 800x534, protests.jpg)

Yeah, I'd be happy to recommend some stuff! Personally, I'd recommend Cirice, Ghuleh/Zombie Queen, Year Zero, Majesty, Jigolo Har Megiddo, and Elizabeth.

They haven't really changed their sound/style over the course of releasing their 3 albums, so you can't go wrong with any of them.

Someone after my own heart! Why do you think you're attracted to a guy who is covered head to toe?

I'm really still trying to figure it out for myself, but I think it has something to do with simply being dominated by someone who's a mystery to me, that I can't read easily or at all, that I'd be completely powerless to. I'm sure there are other reasons, but I think that's kind of the core idea for me.

No. 108437

File: 1472221322341.jpg (89.83 KB, 658x480, 66d79906.jpg)

A-am i the only one imagining guys covered head to toe in armor, helmets, masks or whatever, to physically actually be part of that coverage? Like say for example Daft Punk, you'd imagine those are supposed to look like actual robots and not guys i masks, and i like to imagine any other "coverege" like that as well. As if a gas mask or some shit were supposed to be the actual face/head of a guy.

I don't want an actual human being to be under there, so i guess i'm more like the "tech" version of a furfag? It's all about anthropomorphized machines, basically. That has the silhouette of a, somewhat, human body, that is.

No. 108438

File: 1472223339407.jpg (46.54 KB, 1200x600, Slipknot.jpg)

Yeah, I know… It's always perfect when it's in your mind. Or in movies

No. 108442

File: 1472225309476.jpg (246.13 KB, 700x990, dream meme.jpg)

this sounds wonderful tbh
this take on GTS is greatly underrepresented like gentle/ loving giantess

No. 108445

Is this even a fetish?

I am trash and want to be fucked like how those submissive boys get fucked in yaoi doujin, maybe even roleplay a bit like I am a guy? I know yaoi is by women for women so it hits on a lot of fetishes/ideal situations women have, but there something really psychologically appealing about it for me which makes me want to experience it in that fantasy kind of way.

It's beyond just the process of taking it up the butt- in fact, I would rather not and am perfectly fine using my ladyparts during it, it's just the other things like the movements, situations, and tension, plus how power is divided, that I find incredibly appealing.

I am very much an adult and feel really silly finding this stuff attractive now since I stopped liking it when I wasn't a virgin anymore, but fuck, some artists really stepped up their game and draw some shit that seems so satisfying. I don't find other things like porn, hentai, or smut novels appealing either, so I am not sure what makes this so special.

I am not sure if it has to do with the fact that I felt like a submissive woman (I was treated like that was my place) most of my life and I like the idea of being on equal grounds as my male partner since I choosing to be submissive or something? I'm not trans either but I have a mentality that isn't exclusive to feeling super masculine or super feminine, I appreciate both sides. My personal sex life is incredibly satisfying and we do experiment (I have been dominant before too, not my thing) but this just seems to weird to bring up since I can't even figure out what it is. I just find it… really hot and wish I could experience that kind of dynamic.

Does anyone feel the same way, or know what the fuck this even is? I feel like I am crazy and so weird wanting this.

Sorry for blogpost.

No. 108453

File: 1472234930445.gif (455.53 KB, 480x270, anime-girl-crying.gif)

Anon, thanks for posting. I can't believe you get me… Yeah, I am trying to keep in mind that it is appealing because of the targeted audience, but for some reason my brain takes it one step further than the eyecandy and makes me want to have an experience like that. Maybe it's because guys treat guys differently than girls and I want that kind of position? My partner and I do change things up and have tried that "n-no stop" kind of thing but it feels really cheesy and we both end up laughing too much to be serious. I don't know what it is about the appeal of being a guy in those kinds of situations (again, maybe the fact that the roles are not based on being a man vs women or something?) but damn, if I imagine that's what's happening while having sex it's an instant turn on and feels so much more satisfying. I feel so weird doing it. My partner knows I used to be into yaoi and haven't for many years, but I would feel so weird bringing this up.

No. 108570

A different anon here.

Are you getting off on the taboo aspect of it? Maybe trying some roleplay as a hooker your partner's picked up, an underage teen, a student being taken advantage of by her teacher, would work for you?

No. 108576


I can't see these without thinking of the "DEATH NY SNU SNU" episode of futurama

No. 108591


Just remembered the last episode of it

>Ahhh i made myself sad

No. 108864

Thanks for your input anon, I appreciate it. Hmm I might be… I am not exactly sure. Of what you mentioned, the only thing that seems appealing is a student and teacher kind of thing, but again my mind kind of stops when I think of being a female student. Maybe I'm just fucked up, idk… I could try though, thanks again.

No. 108865

File: 1472702608321.png (646.03 KB, 744x671, 1467669936773-2.png)