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File: 1607721885709.jpeg (34.82 KB, 452x678, 1606165527175.jpeg)

No. 692468

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated.
Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.

No. 692500

I hate coronavirus

No. 692506

The serial killer fandom

No. 692507

Queefing. Always makes me paranoid I'll get an air embolism.

No. 692508

that reaction image of madotsuki vomiting

No. 692515

File: 1607726233437.jpg (50.78 KB, 478x375, f57ff5849be0675d2d3fbbd1856317…)

Bratz dolls are hideous.

No. 692517

With the worry of sounding like a back-in-my-days boomer, smartphones. I wish phones that can do stuff more complex than calls, 360p photos and videos, SMS and Snake-like games weren't invented.

No. 692547

File: 1607728508209.jpeg (313.11 KB, 797x1099, 7DD9FD73-D45D-40EA-B5C7-4040D5…)

Thanks to them we now have garbage like this

No. 692560

when they says tiddies instead of titties. Sounds gross like a disease or something lol

No. 692561

But I loved them as a kid…

No. 692594

Bratz vs Barbies the real generational divide.

Team Barbie FYI.

No. 692596

the new beauty standard for Gen Z. I know girls are getting filler to emulate this, I remember when they were controversial for being too sexy.

No. 692597

they were just too pushed onto gen z as kids. This is why barbies were better.

No. 692599

I really can't blame post-90's kids not finding Barbie appealing. The dolls became extremely boring after Bratz cut their market share and Mattel got on board with trying to make fashion dolls despite having none of the expertise or eye for them and the fun princess dolls were seen as "boring". Compare 00's Barbies to those made in the 90's and you'll see what I mean.

However I don't think Bratz is a better alternative, those dolls looked ugly back then and they look ugly now. Gross.

No. 692601

Bratz are for hoes

No. 692603

this kek

No. 692604

File: 1607732890458.jpg (8.95 KB, 194x259, descarga.jpg)

>barbie got boring
literally not true

No. 692606

File: 1607733011722.png (1.09 MB, 638x960, bi5k2zyewia51.png)

I hate when grown ass women speak like babies

No. 692607

File: 1607733038689.png (2.52 MB, 1080x1865, EeikWq3UwAAhTMX.png)

No. 692608

File: 1607733038806.jpg (51.69 KB, 550x550, e13442ec3d8c1d3f24212a998c12e4…)

I'm pretty sure dolls have negligible effect on little girls' body image. Kylie Jenner and instagram have popularized lip fillers, not a bunch of dolls.

I didn't play with dolls at all as a kid so I have no bias here, but I think some Bratz dolls are cute af

No. 692609

>the only doll with some sort of an interesting novelty got recalled

No. 692610

>I'm pretty sure dolls have negligible effect on little girls' body image.
Wrong, think again.

No. 692612

Not where I live, in Mexico. I still have mine. I saved up money just to get her when I was in elementary lol I thought barbie having a baby was cool

No. 692615

File: 1607733288566.jpg (302.34 KB, 1536x2048, 79b096823387aa46c476f9968a3dc6…)

>barbie got boring
Say it to her face

No. 692617

>I think some Bratz dolls are cute af
Agreed. The outfits were cute and more interesting to child me than barbie honestly. I think it's just cause Bratz were more "edgy" than Barbies. I still liked both though. I also liked them cause I appreciated seeing a black girl.

No. 692618

File: 1607733333466.jpg (22.59 KB, 400x400, df3c9c2139c08175fd49e9f233971d…)

My best friend was crazy for them, it caused some friction in our friendship lol. I caved one afternoon and agreed to play with them on the condition I could change one girl's extremely slutty skirt, and when I did, I was confronted with an even skankier little black thong. I was so disgusted lol. Barbie for life.

No. 692619

aw man as a zoomer i love bratz, i had a bunch of them when i was little
monster high will always be superior, though

No. 692620

File: 1607733454745.jpg (52.39 KB, 291x400, s-l400.jpg)

I preffer asexual queer she/they green hair barbie over hoe bitch ass bratz dolls anytime

No. 692621

I had black barbies as a kid though, and darkskinned

No. 692622

They just symbolize the aesthetic that’s become popular in social media which is why they had a recent comeback as a trend, even making filters that simulate their faces. I don’t think bratz had a significant impact on the trends already in place, they just happened to fit what became popular and provide an image of “goals” for looks

No. 692624

File: 1607733743438.png (79.01 KB, 475x588, 74A49C14-C26E-41FC-B6D3-48A4B9…)

what do you guys think of my scene dolls? i never had any but to my understanding they were mattel's attempt at something like bratz, i think they're super cute

No. 692625

File: 1607733787292.jpg (930.8 KB, 2399x2399, Barbie Fashionistas 2020 PR Im…)

Tinfoil, but I think this whole bratz and winx thing was planted by their companies themselves and we'll se bratz being sold again soon.
This is why I hate zoomer 2000 nostalgia, we progressed past being a hoe in the 2000s. I hate this shit

Also picrel is how barbie is trying to appeal to the woke crowd, the barbie fashonistas

No. 692626

my mom always told me these were whore dolls but i loved them so much she bought me them anyway.
i just liked all the clothes and how the girls were all different while barbie was just one blonde white girl who wore the same boring flowery pink shit. my christian horse girl friends liked barbies

No. 692628

The day I saw barbie had become a hoe I cried. Legit, I remember the add and everything.

No. 692630

File: 1607733908328.jpg (33.01 KB, 400x750, c65c9e22d67860ced22cc6a5b20a5a…)

Nta but fuck Idk how I forgot about MH Dolls. Out of the three, the Monster High girls were the best. Draculaura and Cleo were my favorite.
I didn't say there were no black Barbies (I had one or two) but Sasha and Yasmin is Yasmin even black? were a lot more common imo since they're apart of the main group, and again, I liked the clothes more. Most of the Barbies were white.

reposted cause typo

No. 692631

File: 1607734149389.png (220.53 KB, 585x496, wydowna-spider-doll.png)

I remember finding Monster High dolls and Forever After High dolls pretty interesting. Some of them were cooler than others and some of them were kinda crazy like pic related. If I was a preteen while they were a thing I think I would had loved them, but they got popular in my country when I was in higschool

No. 692632

File: 1607734149747.jpg (19.48 KB, 300x400, Vintage-1970s-Pull-String-Talk…)

Barbie's best friend Christie was black. I had several, mid-brown to dark-skin, straight to kinky hair, "euro" nose to "african" nose, and so on. I'm not from the US either, and you could buy these everywhere. She's one of the earliest dolls, brought out the 60s. My mum had one too.

No. 692636

Midge, she was the original best friend, I think.

My cousin had a Ken who could be shaved. I had a novelty Barbie with a switch in the back of her head, which made her eyes shift side to side. My dad dubbed her Shoplifter Barbie kek.

No. 692641

omg! Is the thread image a border collie! I love border collies so much.

No. 692642

I genuinely hate age regressors. I hate when people say it's their "coping mechanism" to deal with trauma like any coping mechanism is good. It's one thing to just like cute stuff, watch cartoons or collect toys, but if you pretend to be a toddler it's fucking creepy. "Daddy help me put my sockies on, little baby can't do it on her own" you're a 20 yo woman, can't you dress yourself? I wish they wouldn't publish about their mental illness for all the world to see. And don't even get me started on them mixing their regression with sex.

No. 692644


No. 692646

File: 1607735395729.png (437.69 KB, 606x536, no.png)

No. 692648

File: 1607735602038.jpg (41.99 KB, 633x362, o7vup9rsuc651.jpg)

I had the first set (3 dolls), Chelsea was my fav. They're a mix between Barbie and Bratz in terms of proportion and styling. I enjoyed the online Myscene dress up game more than the actual dolls. Their identical faces quickly bored me.

No. 692649

File: 1607735730337.jpg (488.68 KB, 1063x1479, 81jsLtUaIaL._SL1479_.jpg)

Oh my god I loved the myscene.com games and the short little "episode" things they would put out. This is going to sound stupid but the other day I rewatched Jammin' in Jamaica just for the nostalgia.

No. 692654

File: 1607736076832.png (2.25 MB, 928x1428, Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 01.17…)

Did anyone have "What's your Flava, tell me what's your Flava?" dolls? kek.

No. 692656

agreed, agere is little more than a cover for ddlgfags most of the time

sorry for blog but i got sucked into that community a few years ago when i was 16/17 and was still reconciling with physical/sexual trauma along with having some childish hobbies. i got put onto it by a tumblr friend and the people i followed/reblogged from were serious degenerates once i talked to them in private, they would talk about sex and fetishes in their servers marked as """100% sfw""" and a lot of them admitted to having separate sexual age regression blogs. but it was supposedly "completely different from ddlg" according to them…

No. 692658

File: 1607736595012.jpg (53 KB, 425x500, mystikats_1.jpg)

nah, but i did have these furry bratz dolls. i highkey want to buy the gothy one again once i find it for sale somewhere

No. 692661

Most kids know that dolls are just a fantasy. None of my friends or I ever tried imitating them, they were basically used like OCs.

No. 692662

Agreed. I know age regression is real (my boyfriend has it from childhood trauma, but only when under a veryyy specific and stressful circumstance), but most "age regressors" are just adults who like to roleplay as literal children. I cannot take it seriously at all, it's so disgusting how they treat it like a fetish almost, even if it's supposedly "different from ddlg."

No. 692664

what actually constitutes age regression? does just feeling like a child because you're triggered by some old trauma count? because this happens to me fairly regularly even if my behavior doesn't actually change that much

No. 692671

I'm not sure what medically counts as age regression, but I can tell you how my boyfriend experienced it. He described it as almost dissociating and being teleported back to the traumatic event. When he was a kid, he experienced a very severe heat stroke and had a horrible, aching headache and fever for days. Whenever he gets a particularly bad headache, similar to the one before, that's when he "regresses." I've only seen it once, and he didn't speak in an ~uwu high-pitched baby tone~ but he referred to me as his mom and was shaking horribly. I had to comfort him and he eventually was awake again.

No. 692674

oh what the fuck, jesus…that's nuts.

No. 692778

i hate driving more and more each day. i dream of a world where all roads are automated and everyone just takes hyper-optimized and convenient transportation.

No. 692780

that's…. not normal and honestly creepy. i've had similarly traumatic injuries as a child and never "age regressed". if he's not just acting or playing it up i would seriously suggest therapy.

No. 692781

i hate how forgotten and ignored trans men are. in the midst of celebrating elliot page, i saw people rushing to go "STOP talking about him and START talking about (random trans woman)."
even when transitioning, people who were male at birth manage to overtake all conversation and make it about them.

No. 692795

I definitely see where you're coming from. A lot of people still see them as "woman-lite" because they're so used to his image as a butch lesbian. Talking about trans men, trans women, and nonbinary people do have some intersectionality, but there's also a need for their separate spaces as well. Conversations about it are often nuanced and I wish I had a chance to have them more often. I'm sure there are environments out there for it though! Imo, it's always nice to see more visibility for trans men and AFAB nonbinary people.

No. 692805

before i desisted that was always something that bothered me as well.

No. 692886

Anyone else hate the overuse of the word "minors." For fucks sake you can just say they're children or teenagers without shoehorning legal terminology into your poorly written take. Even when I agree with the argument, I lose all respect for OP the second I read that stupid ass word. I miss the days when no one on the internet disclosed their real age.

No. 692900

i use the term minors instead of children/teens because 18/19 year olds are legal adults but a lot of people still consider them teenagers, minor is to make it clear that i'm referring to people who are under 18

No. 692901

Depends on whether using legal terminology is relevant. I don’t mind if it’s used in the context of online grooming, for example. When it’s used gratuitously it just sounds like OP is trying to come across as clever.

No. 692924

I do. The term has been hijacked to strip teenagers off their responsibility and to purposefully muddify issues with them. It's just a way to sneakily group late teens into the same category as literal helpless toddlers.
>I can't be expected to answer for the consequences of my actions at 16! Sure I was a complete human trashcan that knew what they were doing is wrong but uhhh…. I'm literally a minor??? hello???
>This random fandom artist sexualized A MINOR!!!! unfriend this pedophile piece of shit (the fictional character is 17 and looks like 28)
Literally the only two use cases I ever see the word "minor" used outside of legal documents.

No. 692927

I agree. I hate the bimbo look.

No. 692979

I hate the Mexican-Americans in my area who sound like valley girls in every other normal dialogue except when it comes to a random Spanish word or name. I heard someone who has a 100% Californian accent put a huge Spanish-accent emphasis on just the word "salsa" once and the cringe ached my bones. I respect whatever you descended from but fuck off you aren't special.

No. 692980

soy mexicana de mexico and I hate this too

No. 692985

I personally always loved Bratz because they looked more creative and unique, also loved their amazing TV show. But i can understand why you feel that way. I personally always have found Barbie boting unless they got some fairy collection, stuff like that. But I always preferred Moxie and Bratz over Barbie.

No. 692989

So, they shouldn't pronounce things correctly? You want valley girl Spanish? Please anon

No. 692993

Yes, those jackets were iconic

No. 693002

File: 1607780268788.png (356.43 KB, 643x917, B12C5DDA-3C8D-440E-9C11-0E4C0D…)

this shit that I just found out about

No. 693007

File: 1607780850352.jpeg (30.29 KB, 495x381, 582DC29B-18D2-4844-81FA-1DEB6A…)

samefagging to reply
the reason kid me preferred bratz dolls to barbie is a wider variety in their wardrobe. I liked when barbie had more options than what it turned into: everything pink, pink, PINK. I wasn't even "I hate pink" NLOG, but who the fuck likes pink that much. even as a child i knew barbie's 1000% pink clothes and furniture became hideous. that's another thing I hate, how barbie became this monster whose things aren't interesting or pretty, make it fuchsia with flower shapes. hideous
Also barbie herself was boring, again because of lack of variation. I know they had different hair colors, styles, races of dolls but from the start bratz just had more diversity. as another anon said, dolls for me were like OCs not supposed to all look like me! I was a blonde kid but didn't want that

No. 693015

someone was doing this in a discord server i used to like that got hijacked by twitter users. imagine expecting anyone to memorize your stupid little chart you use to let everyone know you're speshul and different and not neurotypical as if that's uncommon, and as if normal people can't misread text either.

No. 693016

Keep seeing autists trying to make this a thing on twitter because they can't take a joke

No. 693017

>not to minimod, but
>proceeds to minimod

No. 693022

"sexual intent" on the list is hilarious. can see all kinds of scenarios, like compliments or sexting with it. literally "THIS POST IS MADE WITH SEXUAL INTENT" I'm cackling. actually it would be an honest way for scrotes to talk to women
>I'm sorry you're going through a rough time with depression. If you want to talk and take your mind off it dm me /sx

No. 693030

The handwringing over bratz is ironic since Barbie was also considered slutty once because of her makeup. Plus the controversy over her proportions.

Anyway I hate beards in general but especially "quarantine beards."

No. 693063




Affectation annoys everyone.

No. 693068

File: 1607790069040.png (752.68 KB, 796x532, Screenshot 2020-12-12 at 16.17…)

Integrity dolls are the ugliest, gay men in drag kek.

No. 693076

Overly photoshopped trooners.

No. 693077

I would purposely put the wrong meaning of my message at the end of it just to see them go insane/gsx

No. 693106

File: 1607796639393.gif (103.3 KB, 393x328, 16b86e1bed6244a4a7252e8385eb5c…)

This was pretty much the reason why I loved Bratz dolls. When I was a kid all barbie dolls looked exactly the same, even the ones made after the movies and their clothes were boring.
Bratz dolls had weird makeup, hairstyles and unique clothing(space angelz dolls for example). On top of that the fact that they were simultaneously journalists, secret agents, fashion designers and rock stars in the movies/tv series was kind of appealing to me.

I hate how all the dog breeds with these "beards" and "moustaches" look like. Whenever I get "kisses" from one it feels like I'm assaulted by an old man. I don't hate the dogs or the dog breeds themselves but I hate how they look. It's even more gross when I get licked by one after they've just had water or food and the beard is all moist and dirty.

No. 693109

People who can't stop eating without making loud mouth sounds. I have to resist from yelling and telling them to shut the fuck up. My ears are bleeding. Make it stop make it stop make it stop

No. 693118

especially people who chew with their mouths open, idc if it's rude if someone i'm eating with does that i'm going to tell them to keep their fucking mouth closed

No. 693125

>how to ruin a punchline in 2-4 characters

No. 693151

Imo, I don't see a problem with this. If /s managed to make it into the mainstream on boards and forums, why not the rest? If I encounter someone who I know it's helpful for, I have no problem using them. That's just me though.

No. 693198

>Whenever I get "kisses" from one it feels like I'm assaulted by an old man.
my god anon I laughed way too hard at this, now I can never get it out of my head

No. 693373

No. 693562

the fact that minors put "minor" in their twitter bio publicly is them just asking for pedos to flock to their profile. why has oversharing become so retarded profuse that people have to put their entire identity in their fucking social media bio before you even get to know them? yikes

No. 693654

Yes I hate that so much and on top of that I noticed a lot of minors are groomed to call themselves MAPs by literal pedos, like sweety… This term, MAP, is not for you even though it sounds correct to you… I honestly wish making yourself an open book on social media was looked down upon again.

No. 693672

File: 1607881393777.jpg (19.85 KB, 314x408, tabi.JPG)

I fucking hate these shoes

No. 693675

File: 1607881983212.jpg (324.69 KB, 1300x1314, pig-leg-in-grass-RE8T9D.jpg)

wtf? Is that some sort of pig toe loafer? Why?

No. 693681

Nta but those are Maison Margiela tabi shoes, you know how designers always have to do weird artsy shit.

No. 693682

It's kinda like a modern tabi

No. 693746

File: 1607893088918.jpg (254.69 KB, 724x1024, RuPaul Drag Race Reunion Final…)

Drag queens in general annoy me but I'm especially sick of seeing this one's ugly face

No. 693775

I work at a drag bar Trixie Mattel worked at since she started doing drag for about 5ish years. Some of the queens used to be really close with Trixie but after she was on RPDR she totally ghosted everybody and moved away. Sometimes she visits when she’s in town and she comes in super high and leaves a huge mess everywhere. Jaida Essence Hall worked/works at the same place too, she’s the complete opposite way. She’s super humble and a total sweetheart.

No. 693802

No. 693807

nobody is saying a drag queen is a woman you sperg

No. 693860

This young looking dude who suddenly appeared a few days ago and always hangs out just outside the subway entrance I leave/enter from. He always catcalls me but obviously I just walk away. It’s uncomfortable anyway though. My paranoia is making me freak out that he might eventually memorize when I specifically leave/come out (not that I’m memorable but yknow) so now I have to use a different subway entrance that’s a little farther away to avoid him ugh.

No. 693869

…. so? are you one of the people trixie ghosted? why does it matter if she left people behind? maybe she realized her scene was shitty and toxic. a lot of drag scenes are horrible. she has a right to do whatever she wants

No. 693926

is trixie trans? Or do people call drag queen she because they are referring to their characters?

No. 693932

you call drag queens her because of the character, when they are out of character, you'd generally use their boy name.

No. 694072

I hate people who simp for drag queens

No. 694073

Trixie is not going to come here and defend you, simp

No. 694075

I hate that when it comes to lolcow, unless you state you're a fujoshi or have a boyfriend, anything and anyone will impose the scrote label onto you.

Also, fuck fujoshis, your obsession with fictional 2D men is creepy.

No. 694078

Those posts weren’t about his character but about his own behaviour, though, right? Unless he’s in character all the time which sounds obnoxious as hell.

No. 694085

you're right and you should say it. also I don't understand why lolcow fujos act like being a fujo is some great political move against men or smth and will write you paragraphs of text how flicking their beans to 2d boys is the ultimate women and sometimes even lesbian liberation like stfu, if anything it would be much more "feminist" if you just did what you like without trying to find 100 excuses to why you like something like your female socialisation told you to.

No. 694097

Why do fujos get so defensive on this site? I said something in unpopular opinions a couple months ago, and a fujo replied with a seemingly angry and tinfoil-y reply. It's not just my experience though, they get kinda mad when any anon criticizes them.

No. 694116

When you critizice fujos they band up and pretend to be the bigger person by… posting more about their 2d husbands

No. 694117

It's because fictional men cannot hurt them, so fictional men are perfect by default. But male anime characters are just as ugly as real men are. They just need something to masturbate to and yaoi is extremely rewarding. So it creates an addiction. Fujoshis rarely live real romance or social life outside of manga so they are just stuck in a loop. IRL I knew plenty of fujoshis (willingly and unwillingly) and they were always the same kind of insane otaku autistic girls who don't know how to make friends so they end up with pins of their husbandos yelling about their favorite characters at conventions.

No. 694121

>But male anime characters are just as ugly as real men are.
i get not preferring them but they look nothing alike.

No. 694122


No. 694125

what? i didn't say anything about husbandos, i genuinely don't understand what the other anon's talking about.

No. 694126

File: 1607949405170.jpg (19.58 KB, 340x333, Peterparker.jpg)

fujoshis be like "men are abusive I don't like real men!!" and also be like "omg sangwoo is so hot". same with so many other characters.

No. 694327

Because the "criticism" is always akin to "EW dirty legbeards and their ugly 2D husbando rape porn how embarrassing you're just as bad as coomer scrotes" and not encouraging constructive discussion. It always sounds either like moid bait or an "a-at least my Nigel is real" cope.

No. 694396

b-but anon…that's why they are fictional characters they are you know…kinda not real..? anyway fuck that manga all my homies hate killing stalking.

No. 694407

Memes. I don't want to see a meme ever again.

No. 694412

There is this obnoxious woman on instagram who is obsessed with comparing her height to other people & celebrities and likes to emphasize on how "uwu small 4'10" she is. She also works with buzzfeed

No. 694425

Fucking assholes using cute games like some political platform, you faggot, we don’t care if you support any lives, if you think some random president is shit or wether you support or not any religion or snowflake identity, we just want to dress up our cute characters, make retarded roleplays and have fun. Why do these bastards need to spread their shit ideologies everywhere? Fucking drop dead.

No. 694437

You reminded me that not even workspaces are safe from these discussions anymore. I don't really care so much, but when someone brings up a fucking medieval style scroll about all the different genders at work and they're fucking loud about it and very obviously bothering others, I would prefer for them to get shitcanned.

No. 694446

I'm tired of american politics being everywhere, they even permeated my country.

No. 694455

I don't think anyone here calls another woman "legbeard", that's disgusting. If you don't see how 2D rape porn is disgusting EVEN if the characters are male then I don't know. It's like you don't take constructive crisicism either and immediately go into how attacked fujoshis are here, which is not the case, lolcow is hyper tolerant of fujoshis. Example, the maid thread went to shit because everyone started posting anime men crossdressing, and if I already find men to be disgusting real or not, crossdressing men are just vomit inducing. But nnnooooo, everyone praised that shit and called OP a "scrote testing the waters". Anything you don't like you call a scrote.

The only thing that makes me not hate the entirety of fujoshis is that at least you own your degeneracy, and at least their level of degeneracy is not as bad as your regular scrote. fakebois can die though.

No. 694456

this thread is not for personal issues, read the op

No. 694463

>everyone praised that shit and called OP a "scrote testing the waters"
the first posts in that thread are loli shit, maybe that's why op got called a scrote

No. 694464

Anon do you even listen to yourself?

No. 694466

File: 1608050251606.jpeg (75.62 KB, 736x733, 3CDFCA40-B7E5-40F5-B14F-42E5B6…)

Pic related was very sus, anon.

No. 694467

Nta but also another one posted shota so I say everybody gets off their high horse

No. 694476

No anon you don't understand, other women can sexualize and objectify IRL young women and enjoy it as well! In fact it's empowering and inspiring! Why yall fellow gals gotta go calling everyone a scrote around here smh

No. 694487

the fujoshis gang up again to defend their shit tier porn.

No. 694489

I posted that picture because I think maid dresses are cute, I also posted other ones because I thought they were cute but of course you chose this one. I didn't even think of this one as sexual, or the others I posted. I posted mew ichigo for god's sake, and just googled random maids to get the thread kickstarted because that's what you do in a thread. Not everyone is a scrote, please stop. Get some fucking help. I hate you all.

No. 694490

None of those posts are defending porn.

No. 694491

But they're fujoshis defending themselves.

No. 694492

You're nearing Borzoi hater-anon levels of comedic spergery here anon.

No. 694493

and of course the fujoshis are also the borzoi posters.

No. 694495

>anyone who doesn't like X prefers Y

No. 694496

How is "I posted maid dresses because I thought they were cute, but everyone started posting yaoi porn" any less spergery than

No. 694497

Is mew mew power loli shit? color me suprised.

No. 694501

Let's not pretend here then that some anons are not absolutely disgusted at yaoi porn then. Not everyone loves it, stop spamming that shit.

No. 694503

It's just a girl.

No. 694506

where is it being spammed?

No. 694508

File: 1608053077690.jpg (51.57 KB, 408x750, 796c8b2c347af2b2e01063560587a8…)

I hate the fact that in the midst of all this fighting, no one's posted about butlers, male or female.

No. 694509

There was only one NSFW-classified image (and it was spoilered) in the maid thread, the rest were just boys in dresses being pure and chaste.

No. 694512

File: 1608053402526.jpeg (357.61 KB, 626x885, 810C3AD0-D046-4437-B89B-E1BADA…)

Now this is something I would truly appreciate.

No. 694516

File: 1608053802199.jpg (175.08 KB, 600x900, 1607606337108.jpg)

If you count crossdressing as something "pure and chaste" then I just feel sad for you.
Is this picture, unspoiled from that thread "pure and chaste" to you?

No. 694517

No. 694518

maybe next time when you are making a new thread try to come off aa less of a coomer trying to fly under the radar by posting male gazey shit (example: the photo of a girl where you almost see her buttocks) while not clearly stating "yes, this is what I pull my foreskin to". Like read the room, you can go post generic moe/ecchi shit on 4chan lmfao

No. 694519


Like, this is the thing. I'm happy you can own your degeneracy. I'm even happy that fujoshi porn is less extreme than scrote porn. But we don't have the need to see it.
And you don't have to convince me this is pure and chaste because I just disagree. I'm not a prude or conservative, but that picture is indeed lewd.

No. 694521

I posted mew ichigo too tho. Does that mean mew mew power is gasp… loli porn??????

No. 694522

also how the fuck am I supposed to know a picture like that is male gazey if I'm not a male? are you retarded?

No. 694523

and you stop posting shotacon then

No. 694524

if the dumb kawoshin pic is so offensive, why haven't you spoilered it? But keep on telling on yourself lmfao
that's irrelevant tbh

No. 694525

because you didn't spoiler it either sweetheart

No. 694527

It's just a girl walking.

No. 694530

Soup. I fucking hate that retard.
And all the other retards that plague the gull board.

No. 694532

Why do you hate soup? is it because the vegetables get soggy? I legit hate soup because of this

No. 694534

Because it's not offensive.
If you think that it is, you should have spoilered it for all the innocent anons that don't go to /m. Kek
Shinji is 14. Not a shotacon. Besides, in that pic he might as well be 20 years old lmfao
>also how the fuck am I supposed to know a picture like that is male gazey if I'm not a male? are you retarded?
I don't know, are you? It's either that or you are underage or baiting. There is no other option.

No. 694535

anon you sound unhinged

No. 694538

File: 1608054679501.gif (2.35 MB, 490x264, giphy.gif)

>Shinji is 14. Not a shotacon.

No. 694539

same…why isn't he banned?

No. 694540

>Shinji is 14. Not a shotacon. Besides, in that pic he might as well be 20 years old lmfao
>b…but she's all aged up!!
a classic pedo excuse? anon, please say sike

No. 694541

I'm telling you fujoshis are unhinged if they think two 14 year olds crossdressing and touching buttocks is pure and chaste but a girl walking with a cute dress on isn't

No. 694542

Nta but everyone in this argument sounds unhinged tbh. you're all getting mad at drawings.

No. 694544

Drawings that are obnoxious and gross, yes

No. 694547

Anon, that picture of the cute girl wearing a dress is basically a creep shot.

No. 694548

How am I supposed to know? Aren't creepshots directly under the dress? That sounds like a reach

No. 694554

It's kinda funny to see this infighting happening after I posted >>694097 lol. I have my husbandos too, but why the fuck do we gotta derail entire threads about it

No. 694559

File: 1608055641733.jpeg (573.76 KB, 2048x2048, E1FDCAD3-29F4-4879-AA8F-9EBD91…)

Picrel. Pissed off by people charging so much for their shit on etsy. Who do you think you are that I’m buying a mask for 30+€ or a twilly for almost 60€ and it’s not even silk

No. 694562

he doesn't look like a child? wikipedia states that shotacon is 13 and under. But idk, I have no interest in it tbh. I just like Kawoshin, which I do not consider shotacon at all. Unless all anime ships of teenage characters are shotacon/lolicon.

No. 694566

File: 1608056039856.gif (2.18 MB, 400x400, giphy (1).gif)

sis… stop that's embarassing. You're a pedo

No. 694568

It's useless, anon. Once they switch that "fujos are pedos because they ship teenagers" gear on it's a waste of time to reply to them.

No. 694569

I hate how so many women are making themselves huge now and the Instagram look in general. All the surgery is making them look like trans pornstars who left the industry 10 years ago and are trying to hold onto their glory days.

No. 694572

Anon, let it go, anti-fujo-chan thinks everyone is too much of a peasant to reach her superior impaled ass.

No. 694575

Lmfao you wish I were. Did you come from tumblr? Since when shipping anime teens, which look nothing like actual teens or even anime children, pedo? Like is shipping Narusasu or Riku and Sora pedo too? (not that I ship those).
Anyway I cannot be pedo since I have no sexual interest in any of those characters.
I posted the Kawoshin pic since it featured them as maids and that's it. Didn't think someone will consider it shotacon tbh.

No. 694580

That's right, another win for us fujoshis, fuck people who are critical of yaoi. Let's post some more 13 year old male maids!

No. 694582

No. 694584

File: 1608057367597.png (296.76 KB, 558x522, kawoshinuwu.png)

Yeah can you believe liking something pure like this and calling us a pedo? this is totally normal. I love looking at 14 year old asses.

No. 694585

I hate having to look at yaoi because I hate having to look at any male.

No. 694586

You had to crop it for a reason: to make it look worse than it really is.
Go back to tumblr

No. 694588

>You had to crop it for a reason: to make it look worse than it really is.
Stop this retarded infight, the focus on the full picture is still their asses, jesus christ this just proves how defensive fujos are over yaoi.

No. 694590

obtuse as fuck

No. 694591

File: 1608057751815.gif (89.53 KB, 260x260, bait.gif)

Voyeuristic interest is still sexual interest, even if you don't want to participate.
Also this 'It's not actually pedophilia!', 'they're teens not actual children!', is a bit disturbing. Minors are minors. It's weird for adults to perv on minors. And this all started over a maids thread? Fucking weebs. You've been looking too much at this stuff. Teens in thigh highs, short skirts, touching asses and blushing is not pure and chaste at all.
>tfw I'm probably just replying to bait

No. 694592

I went to look at the maid thread in /m/ to see what anons were arguing about and I think I see what that anon meant. Someone please tell me, what exactly was "coomer" about the pictures of the girl maids? None of them were even close to being sexual while most of the fujo crossdressing pictures are outright sexual (plus crossdressing IS a fetish). I said fujo but ironically men love traps and crossdressers so they would probably get hard for the crossdressing pictures. Did some anons just see "generic cute anime girl" and think that only men like those things?

No. 694593

I hate normalfags, twitterfags, and moralfags of all flavors.

No. 694594

File: 1608058029799.jpg (849.64 KB, 800x1146, 1607592378389.jpg)

>Did some anons just see "generic cute anime girl" and think that only men like those things?
lol yep
>None of them were even close to being sexual while most of the fujo crossdressing pictures are outright sexual (plus crossdressing IS a fetish).
>I said fujo but ironically men love traps and crossdressers
>Someone please tell me, what exactly was "coomer" about the pictures of the girl maids?
Idk why they think this too. They must watch mew mew power and get a boner then, because unless mew ichigo is a sex icon of some sort I really don't get it.

only because you got called out on your degeneracy

No. 694597

File: 1608058119574.gif (833.82 KB, 700x400, popcorn.gif)

I love it when fujos and anti-fujos fight like this

No. 694598

I'm not even anti-fujo, I just hate how hypocrital they are

No. 694601

the only based take in this whole ass discourse

No. 694602

Reading all of this hilarious yet dumb infighting between anons makes me glad I don't waste time on any anime trash because I hate it lmao

No. 694604

Maids are objectively coomershit whether it's crossdressing or not

No. 694605

>but thread was made by a girl, who said she just uploaded pictures from google

No. 694610

Uh, No. At least not if you go outside ever or watch any kids' anime shows, such as tokyo mew mew which was mentioned itt lol

No. 694612

literally nobody thinks that 'only men like maids', but the thread was sus as fuck and kawaii ugu meidos are male tier taste anyway.
Have you never liked a teenage anime character when you were a teen because you related to what they went through, enjoyed their story as well as their personality type and then discovered that - gasp! - as you get older, you still like this story and character? The interest never was about them being a teen. Anime characters are abstract in a way, they often look and act older than their age (not talking about 1000 years old lolis obviously). I don't know how to explain it better than that.
Maybe I overlooked that the pic was ecchi/lightly erotic. My bad in that case lol. Shipping characters is not perving on teens though.
anyone can say anything on the net

No. 694613

File: 1608059059914.jpg (92.9 KB, 625x626, 24c.jpg)

No. 694615

>only because you got called out on your degeneracy
Nah never liked them. I see nothing wrong with the art you posted either.
lmao is jojo shipping art pedo too? Look at how their body is designed.

No. 694616

Nobody is talking about jojo bodybuilder types, the kawoshin picture clearly has tiny young adolescent frames. Stop

No. 694619

File: 1608059294542.png (29.46 KB, 274x469, sea-salt.png)

Nori…it's just not good. Idk if it's just this brand, but it has a gross fishy-ness (I know shocking). The texture is nice though

Also hate how my graphics card isn't compatible with any game that uses opengl. If I could use sad faces I would put one here

No. 694620

File: 1608059359264.jpg (74.3 KB, 800x600, 1607593487579.jpg)

I'm looking at the thread, and it all seems like it's just toeing the line between inappropriate and appropriate.
Anons in here fighting over one of the fujo pics because it's Kaworu and Shinji like one of the "normal" pictures wasn't a fanservice drawing of 14 year old Rei with garterbelt showing.
The maid thread is just general weeb shit, some of it degenerate and some "normal", I don't get what they're really arguing about.

No. 694621

why did you post it two times, we get it, weeb shit is trash

No. 694622

I really hate people shitting up threads with fighting because it’s always the same points over and over.

No. 694626

File: 1608059615195.jpg (7.58 KB, 235x230, 2c266252bd25deecaf8224f0791510…)

I hate old men

No. 694628

File: 1608059667337.jpg (158.67 KB, 1099x1280, tumblr_pp23vqfcHq1tzteen_1280.…)

I hate young men

No. 694630

They should honestly be banned from the internet. Tired of them posting boomer takes and creep shit.

No. 694631

File: 1608059787699.jpg (113.63 KB, 745x472, moshpits_roderickpullum.jpg)

I hate hoards of men

No. 694633

File: 1608059863521.jpg (493.28 KB, 2560x1536, Men_enjoying_music_Main_Street…)

I hate groups of men on the streets

No. 694635

File: 1608059916946.jpg (80.91 KB, 900x1200, D1024_23_054_1200.jpg)

I hate seeing a single man in an alleyway

No. 694637

File: 1608059944216.jpg (28.09 KB, 340x260, P435859342-3.jpg)

I hate fictional men

No. 694638

File: 1608060028999.jpg (41.51 KB, 500x355, tumblr_m0rwaaLEOv1qcvl3no1_500…)

I hate real life men

No. 694639

this is so specific. why not multiple men in the alleyway?

No. 694640

I know right, it’s kind of funny to see both parties go out of their way to prove the other one wrong though.

No. 694641

File: 1608060095061.jpg (103.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I hate anime men and having to see anime men everywhere

No. 694642

>inb4 this summons a 100% legit actual female anon to sperg about how this is nothing but a man hate thread now

No. 694643

File: 1608060183214.jpg (36.74 KB, 337x470, gamer-man-shooting-from-gun-st…)

I hate nerdy gamer men

No. 694644

File: 1608060209393.jpg (89.37 KB, 653x871, Chad-bachelorette-badboy.jpg)

And I hate attractive muscular men

No. 694645

i hate men

No. 694646

so twinks are a problem now?

No. 694647

File: 1608060266301.png (361.38 KB, 650x419, yaoi-anime.png)

So can I just also hate yaoi men in peace?

No. 694648

File: 1608060268471.jpg (30.6 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-155285786-612x612.…)

I hate hearing men

No. 694649

File: 1608060303193.jpg (93.7 KB, 735x1078, 87a06d21c235463d19000d78d9aec4…)

True, I hate twinks too

No. 694650

File: 1608060375726.jpg (15.2 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I hate coomer men

No. 694653

File: 1608060491374.jpg (16.92 KB, 465x338, what-do-men-want-in-a-woman.jp…)

I hate coomer women obsessed with men

No. 694654

File: 1608060522436.jpg (359.71 KB, 1200x1200, 1200x1200bb.jpg)

And I hate coomer women obsessed with men

No. 694655

that's just plain old misogyny

No. 694656

>hating yaoi is misoginy

No. 694657

Move on. Anyone else who continues is getting banned.

No. 694660

File: 1608061091243.gif (4.51 MB, 427x327, AcademicRemoteIriomotecat-size…)


Coomer girls who want coomer boys
Who like coomer boys to be coomer girls
Who do coomer boys like they're coomer girls
Who do coomer girls like they're coomer boys~
Always should be someone you really love~

No. 694665

kek anon I laughed so hard

No. 694676

File: 1608061949630.jpg (156.45 KB, 1200x890, How_to_greet_MRAs.jpg)

I hate how I can't greet men with a blade to the neck

No. 694677

File: 1608062193688.gif (6.56 MB, 600x250, anon_embracing_her_fate.gif)

Godspeed anon, you absolute mad lad(y)

No. 694681

I just got stickers of variations of this painting as christmas presents for friends, i like your spirit

No. 694682

File: 1608063137074.gif (2.11 MB, 480x360, 23844.gif)

Girls don't like boys,
girls like coom and yaoi.

No. 694685

lmao anon, thanks for the laugh

No. 694687

lmao anon, thanks for the laugh

No. 694688

File: 1608063914116.jpg (23.47 KB, 680x1003, fuckegg.jpg)

i hate overcooked hard boiled egg look this ugly piece of shit

No. 694690

How long do you have to cook them for to achieve this? I always overcook eggs but never fucked up this much.

No. 694691

Wearing lipstick

No. 694695

My 30yo sister boils eggs from 30 min to an hour every time because she always forgets she was boiling them. Always eats them because they really don't change from that monstrosity to any worse. I do 7min.

No. 694696

like 20 minutes i always forget them and this happens and im obligated to eat hard ass green egg i dont recommend.

No. 694712

People who have done DMT

No. 694750

What the fuck anon that’s such a good idea!!
I need that painting on a stamp tbh

No. 694756

I hate how there aren’t more painting like this…. WHERE ARE THE ART ANONS AT

No. 694757

Google judith beheading holofernes and get sucked into a beautiful pinterest blackhole

No. 694759

My friend just did a presentation on that painting (and related art) contrasted against art that appeals to the male gaze. It was magnificent.

No. 694761

File: 1608070359472.jpg (411.3 KB, 1280x1150, 1280px-judit_decapitando_a_hol…)

Here's the cultured woman's choice

No. 694767

I hate it when people say especially like "exspecially"

No. 694770

This is my fave version, like the colors and vibe more

No. 694773

More like wearing any makeup, period.
But yes, lipstick is really annoying.

No. 694780

My personal pet peeve is when people pronounce etc. as "eKsetera" instead of "eTcetera" as it should be. I hate this in particular because quasi-intellectuals always make that mistake. Less educated people just use "and so on", half-educated people use the Latin phrase, but use it wrong. That makes it 10x more cringy.

No. 694781

I hate people saying expresso instead of espresso.

No. 694828

Copied and revised from the last thread:

I can't stand people who don't realize we live in fucking 2020 and won't adapt for whatever bullshit reason. I understand culture and traditions but when you apply stupid stuff to this day it's unbearable.
For example, bullshit chinese "medicine" (cut your hair while you're pregnant or the baby in the womb will not receive nutrients since it will go to your hair, eat seal penis to get more erections etc), crazy christian groups who "exorcise" their mentally ill sons and daughters, people still believing circumcision is necessary (no ameritards, don't come at me, teach your sons to wash their penises, only you do that shit to your babies and fuck off) and not even let me start on muslims.
In my country people celebrate the first menstruation of a girl, some people even bring cake to the school mates during breaks in between the lessons. What the actual fuck, I'd be embarrassed to death.
you know, that stuff that makes you say "welcome to the middle ages" and you wonder how such people exist and manage to live.

No. 694838

I hate it when people add japanese words to english sentences
Hate the word "Bara" just fucking say Buff, beefy or burly,how is saying Bara any different?just because it's japanese???it sounds stupid and unsexy,also say Tied up or Bondage not shibaru or any other shit.

No. 694841

I think people just say bara because it's specifically anime beefy guys. Like, when talking about kimchi you wouldn't just say "marinated cabbage", because kimchi is specifically a Korean style of marinated cabbage. That's just my take on it though, someone who's into that kind of stuff probably thinks different.

No. 694843

Fuck, I was exorcised at my church as a mentally ill preteen and it was traumatic. It made me worse off.
I hate how people think any critique of muslims is some terrible crime too kek. But I kind of like the idea of having cake and celebrating a first period, it beats being shamed for it in my opinion.

No. 694846

I like it when it's done in between you and your mom/dad/close relatives, because in the past we had a complete 180 view about period, such as:
You can't touch plants, they will die
You can't make tomato sauce, it will become sour
You can't do your hair, washing it will cause the blood to stop and causing clumps in the uterus and you will feel pain
You can't SHOWER for the same reason.

But mom telling all of the school that you bled from your vagina for the first time? Hell no

No. 694860

english isn't a pure language at all. are you this triggered by other loan words?

No. 694862

why are you defending speaking like a weeb?

No. 694885

Who said it was pure?there are plentiful of english words that are of french,Latin,greek origin etc
I just hate how people add random japanese words to english sentences
Like "Ganja" just say fucking marijuana

No. 694889

I know you don't think ganja is japanese but it looks like that and it's the funniest shit

No. 694903

File: 1608084109542.jpeg (117.44 KB, 720x465, 4F73F547-9804-4295-8D0E-B7978E…)

The absolute state of the gay community

No. 694905

Pansexual is the most stupid, useless term ever and why the fuck do they define lesbians/gays as "primarly attracted to…", if you are attracted to more than one sex you're bisexual, the end

No. 694913

File: 1608085538491.jpeg (30.21 KB, 501x428, 55430EB9-3396-4405-8EE6-5BDE9F…)

The use of "primarily" is what really got me, like why the fuck does it have to be so "inclusive" that nothing means anything anymore, by trying to validate everyone they are invalidating the actual community… Such an unfortunate development.

No. 694920

The only extra letter of the lgb that I could accept is Asexual, since there’s actually some people out there that just can’t feel arousal.
But why don’t they just use the whole alphabet? And what’s even the purpose of repeating letters? Specially Ally it’s such a retarded take, it’s the I want to be special but I’m not gay nor mentally ill term for snowflakes.

No. 694921


No. 694926

File: 1608087021853.gif (1022.39 KB, 540x450, 9FqzC1qeibfxo2_540.gif)

wow this one is just

No. 694928

I always think it's because the bisexual label isn't special enough for them, or they're dumbasses who consider bisexuality to not include trans and enbies.

No. 694941

where did you get those, do they come in a bundle

No. 694961

i hate bugs. fuck the ecosystem. get rid of them.

No. 694977

I hate humans

No. 694979

I hate taking the bus places

No. 694981

reading this makes me feel homicidal. i fucking hate woke nonsense and the dumbfuck liberals who keep pushing it

No. 694987

File: 1608092788345.jpg (107.67 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20201215-222358__01…)

God I wish men like this would all be exposed and get raked across the coals in divorce court. Gross freaks.

No. 694994

File: 1608093145016.jpg (201.16 KB, 1920x1080, acne 2.jpg)

Pimples on the philtrum or near the lip. So tiny but always the most painful motherfuckers

No. 695005

I can hear the catcalls just looking at this picture

No. 695036

File: 1608099665620.gif (3.3 MB, 644x250, HospitableTediousCardinal-size…)

This version is the one that was painted by Artemisia Gentileschi. It's been speculated that this painting was inspired by the trauma she experienced from being sexually assaulted. Basically that painting was what she wanted to do to her rapist.

No. 695042

Excuse my autism but the everything about the layout and typesetting is cancer, too. Unreadable two-word lines with hyphens everywhere and a busy background that obscures the text. I want to strangle whoever designed this.

Also being "primarily" attracted to one sex while occasionally being attracted to the other is still bisexuality. Have these retards never heard of the Kinsey scale? You're only gay/lesbian if you exclusively fuck people of your own sex, case closed.

No. 695057

its not too hard to catfish. you be the change you want to see in the world anon

No. 695060

Somewhere between 7 & 8 is the perfect egg anon! I don't think I could ever fucking eat a 30 min boiled egg, your sister needs an egg timer

No. 695074

I know, egg perfection right there. She has one as far as I know but her untreated adhd and general stubborness keep her from experiencing the eggcelence she could.

No. 695076

i absolutely refuse to type anything other than "lgbt". i will never recognize asexuals as somehow part of an oppressed minority.

No. 695087

I only first saw people posing like pic rel in the anachan threads but I notice it everywhere now. Being flexible is a skill that takes a lot of practice but you know, time and place. 1. It's out of place as fuck 99% of the time, literally unless you're at some sort of gymnastics competition. 2. It's a literal weird flex, why do you feel the need to show off? 3. Not to sound pornsick but it just makes me think of sex. Do you really need to spread eagle in front of a bunch of kids and gross boomer men? I'd be impressed but it's kind of overridden by your complete lack of social awareness.

No. 695089

File: 1608106079648.png (791.13 KB, 554x647, why.PNG)

How did I manage to drop the pic

No. 695090

I'm bi and I would never include troons and genderblobs in my sexuality, so I guess they are kinda right lmao.

No. 695094

Makes sense. BI means TWO, not forty two. Or however many genders there are these days

No. 695109

i mean i'm not gonna start calling myself pansexual just because i thought some egirl with short hair who uses they/them pronouns was hot

No. 695115

Whenever a girl makes a habit of (literally) flexing in random casual pics I assume they learned it solely to show off and they aren't actually very into dancing or gymnastics or w/e, because people who actually do those sports get plenty of appropriate photo opportunities to demonstrate. It's an awesome skill but yeah, super weird to do in public on a regular basis.

No. 695123

But if a bi person categorically refuses to date trans/NB people then presumably they’d be called transphobic?

I remember everyone stating they were pansexual on sm 10+ years ago and explaining it as “I’m attracted to people, not genitals.” As if all straight girls want to fuck any man just because he has a dick.

No. 695127

i didn't know the pansexual label even existed more than five years ago

No. 695129

PC culture

No. 695136

It was popular among mid-late 00s emo and scene kids, like their version of NB - claiming a special label without actually putting any effort in/sacrificing anything.

No. 695155

I remember stumbling upon an emo pick me thot on deviantart that exclusively posted nudes there and claimed that she was pansexual. I was shocked as at that time I thought she is sexually attracted to literally everything, including inanimate objects like chairs, vacuums cleaners etc. I was sp disgusted!

No. 695237


i fucking hate when pansexuals say they're attracted to "personalities" or "people, not genitals" or "hearts not parts", like that's literally just the "bisexuals are sluts" stereotype said differently! "owo i'm pansexual i like people and personalitites, i'm not like those slutty shallow bisexuals who only like dicks and pussy!!!!!! i'm better!!!"

No. 695245

> pansexuals say they're attracted to "personalities"
Imagine thinking this is revolutionary. Like people of other sexualities just date the first person they find with a corresponding sexuality instead of, I don’t know, getting to know them and falling in love… nah. Only pansexuals are that deep.

No. 695246

that kind of cringe bs is why i stopped calling myself pansexual

No. 695262


Remember the "everyone is actually either pansexual or asexual because there is no way you can accurately tell someone's gender or sex and those who think they can are transphobes" discourse? Wild

No. 695269

Pansexuals are on the same level of cringe as sapiosexuals to me. "I can only get turned on by intelligence!!", and pansexuals are just "I can get turned on regardless of what pronouns person uses!!!". What does it have to do with sexuality at all?

I really hate that sexuality nowadays doesn't just mean that you are attracted to people of a certain sex. Saying you're gay means you must be attracted to anyone that identifies as a man. Shit's wild

No. 695283

I don’t know, anon, but I think asexuals have a hard time as well, most of them go through the whole
>just need a good dicking to get over it
Schtick, or at least that’s how it is for a friend of mine who has gotten into some really awkward situations with people pushing her around to get into relationships and such. Like, people don’t know just what does No, not interested even mean.

No. 695287

imo asexuals don't have it as difficult as gay or bi people but they do get a lot of unwarranted hate, particularly female asexuals. i get that it's seen as a snowflake sexuality but they're not really hurting anyone, it makes me kind of sad despite being the polar opposite of an asexual

No. 695295

As an asexual, it doesn't change anything in my life whether I'm accepted under the lgbtq+ umbrella or not. Mostly because anyone can be anything and hecking valid, but also because I'm aware that so many people have a hard time comprehending that you can have 0 sexual desire and be happy with yourself.
You either resort to lying if the topic comes up or you get questions that imply you were molested, you need to go to the doctor etc. Asexuals don't get nearly the bad treatment gays do but when you live in a hyper sexualized society it can get tedious saying no all the time.

No. 695328

>Mostly because anyone can be anything and hecking valid
I agree that there's a stigma against asexuality, but this part was cringe and Twitter-tier.

No. 695350

but “straight” asexuals exist in droves. i don’t get it and don’t really care to understand but a straight person should not be considered lgbt. asexual people are not denied jobs. they are not beaten or killed for being asexual. people might make fun of you for being a virgin if they find out? never in my adult life have i been asked if i was a virgin or anything like that. asexualphobia does not exist. therefore it has no place under the lgbt umbrella.

No. 695356

>asexualphobia does not exist.
Nta, but yeah it does. Perhaps not at the same rate, but asexual people are subjected to corrective rape and conversion therapy just like homosexuals are.

No. 695374

No. 695386

no they aren't

No. 695395

Given the number of "asexuals" who had or have sex I'd say even being mocked for being virgins isn't even an issue.

No. 695396

aside from never seeing evidence of this claim, I feel like the issues people may have with asexuals aren't directly tied to their sexuality the way gays are. like, an asexual guy is going to get made fun of for not being a chick-banging mega-chad, he might even get called gay. meanwhile a gay guy is going to get made fun of for sucking cocks and being a fag. same with girls, she'll get called a prude or immature, probably get sexually harassed by creepy "maybe you haven't met the right dick yet ;)" comments but her dyke roommate is far more likely to get her ass beat for it or called a predator

No. 695397

File: 1608139187950.png (1.41 MB, 1336x723, Untitled.png)

no/minimal makeup and a red lip is ugly

No. 695400

File: 1608139337464.jpg (137.08 KB, 992x1300, 12478531-little-smiling-girl-p…)

it reminds me of little girls stealing mom's lipstick

No. 695403

kek i never thought of this but now i will

No. 695408

agreed just had one

No. 695409

red lipstick in general is ugly. pinks/mauves>>>>>>>

No. 695413


I think red lipstick looks good on darker skin tones.

No. 695421

File: 1608140728081.png (330.28 KB, 1080x1807, frogemojigender.png)

I don't think asexuals should be in LGBT because the thing that connected LGBT was having same sex attraction and being asexual well obviously you don't have that. The T was for gay people who crossdressed to avoid being beat by homophobes on the street back in the day. Now that it's transgender I think T should be removed and just go back to LGB (no I don't agree with transgender anyway) it being a catch for all is bad
>>694903 and especially bc of what ever this is

No. 695423

I've seen a couple posts about red lipstick being ugly/unfashionable and now I agree with you guys

No. 695430

pink is fugly when you're warm toned

No. 695432

File: 1608141435166.png (572.5 KB, 640x640, FB2E6A1B-A157-4DBB-8231-CE7749…)

i agree with this

No. 695437

I agree, but I also just hate the "classic red lip" look anyway. It's clown-y.

No. 695440

Including the intersex is the most disingenuous thing in the world. Their issues are not even remotely the same and the general homophobic population understand that they have a genetic defect.

No. 695441

ayrt, I would never argue that asexuals suffer the same treatment that people belonging to the lgbtq+ do, it's just that there's a different and less visible kind of pressure mostly aimed at asexual women which should be addressed more often but is instead shrugged off.
This pressure is hard to identify because it's disguised under the pretense of false concern, e.g. "Are you sure there's nothing wrong with you? Maybe you should see a doctor?". It's constantly insinuated that you ought to change. There are various types of pressures, some are more direct and downright aggressive, but most of them are subtle making it a perfidious fight to battle.
The problem for asexuals is that no one really recognizes them aside from few woke centrals.

No. 695447

straight people are not lgbt. the vast majority of asexuals still claim to be heteroromantic or whatever. you can be recognized without claiming oppression and that you belong with lesbian, gay, bi and trans people.

No. 695458

File: 1608143595429.png (10.83 KB, 483x199, jll.PNG)

Sources pls

No. 695476

So they're obsessesed with something outside of a sexual identity.
Hot damn, I hate humanity's weird obsession with being special.

No. 695482

God I love this picture

No. 695512

Just because you don't believe it doesn't mean it doesn't happen lol. I can give sources, but it's not worth it if you're just going to ignore it, so let me know if you're being serious.
For the record, I don't actually care if you want to include them under the LGBT umbrella or not, I'm just saying they do get shit on because you're all saying they go through life like it's sunshine and rainbows.

No. 695513

Samefag, maybe what people are getting triggered about are the people who are acting like asexuals get beaten and killed at the same rate gay people do. I mentioned already that I'm not saying that.

No. 695567

File: 1608153510471.jpg (82.42 KB, 750x853, d87201c8ea4adf18688c9665dc9a57…)

I hate the egirl/eboy/gamer/whatever uglyass room decoration style where people just throw in razer or alienware or whatever glowing computer peripherals and chairs and add led lights and put some toys or display their games in the back and paste ugly posters on the wall, and all the furniture is mismatched. Your room reflects your personality and all I gather from that is "I'm a CONSOOOOOOOOMERRR and I got my inspo from reddit"
I know some of you will say it's cute, and you are entitled to your opinion but my opinion is RAGE

No. 695570


Fucking kek. I don't think I've ever heard that one before. That's a great way to describe people who subscribe to this culture of materialism and new iPhones every year.

No. 695571

I hate the wife of my brother and my stupid niece. Even as a baby she was shit. I’m glad I didn’t have to see them this year

No. 695576

File: 1608154269881.jpg (150.47 KB, 1200x767, 5d6.jpg)

It's one of the boomer doomer coomer whatever memes, it's my favorite because I think it's the one that's most true to life

No. 695603

Me too, anon, I fucking hate bugs so much, I wish they all could just drop dead right now. I honestly hate them so much that I’m working hard so I can afford a penthouse which will be a minimalist hell just so I can avoid them altogether.

No. 695605

I especially hate those LED lights. These rooms were cute at first but the reality is that poeple just do it now just to flex. Especially the teenagers.

No. 695615

everyone experiences problems in their lives. having trauma does not suddenly make you lgbt. fuck off with your lack of proof that asexual snowflakes are on the same level of oppression

No. 695619

It’s so shitty to use them to push an agenda. The only time they’re mentioned is in attempts to disprove the gender binary for the benefit of trans and NB people… they’re treated as nothing but a prop.

No. 695635

>I have sources but won't post them to back up my points unless you ask nicely
shut up and go make some superwholock fanart or whatever then

No. 695703

>having trauma does not suddenly make you lgbt.
Lmao, did you even read anything I said? I already said I wasn't trying to call them LGBT. Way to get mad over nothing.
>unless you ask nicely
Not even asking you to "ask nicely," just to tell me if you seriously want them or not because I know most of you are spergs who won't change your mind even if I give sources.
https://asexualcensus.files.wordpress.com/2017/10/2015_ace_census_summary_report.pdf (just skip to the sexual violence part)
If you want more, I'll give more, but I doubt you'll even read this much.

No. 695742

Reading the statistics for the non-consensual section, it really sounds general. As in, this looks like the same thing you'd see with any straight person. There was nothing there that stated they were raped because of their lack of interest in sex. Of course aces get assaulted. Everyone is at risk for assault. The question at hand is are they getting assaulted BECAUSE they are ace?

No. 695755

>are they getting assaulted BECAUSE they are ace?
Yes, believe it or not, it happens.
https://repository.uchastings.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1418&context=hwlj (once again, go to the asexual section)
There's a lot of accounts online from ace people who claim to have been assaulted and/or raped by people who specifically wanted to fix their asexuality, but I've only been linking studies up until now because I feel like people will just accuse them of being fake or overreacting.

No. 695772

Samefagging to share some more studies with statistics on sexual assault/rape towards asexuals.
>27% of asexual people between the ages of 30 and 45 reported pressure from their partner to have sex. 4% of the cases involved threats of rape. For 18%, “forcing” to have intercourse was proposed as a “cure” for asexuality.
Note that these results came from an Italian organization, so if it was done in the U.S., the numbers could be higher.
Another survey by ACT Aces has some statistics on sexual assault/rape as well. There's a summary for it on the first page I linked if you don't want to read the whole thing, but I'll link it anyway if you want to take a look at it.

No. 695861

I hate dark rooms with neon lights full stop, whether it's a computer room or not. I seriously don't understand how people can stand being in dark rooms with screens on, that shit hurts my eyes no matter how expensive and fancy it is. Bright, airy rooms with light colours and lots of space >>>>

No. 695923

Normal people

No. 695948

NTA but this is seriously just men feeling entitled to female sexuality and raping/assaulting them because in their mind a woman's duty is pleasuring them, not being frigid or uninterested in sex. It even mentions how butch lesbians are most likely to be the victims of sexual violence and corrective rape and that's solely because violent scrotes get so mad over the thought of women living without having to conform to the male ideal of being attractive. People really sleeping on the core issue here.

No. 695957

Why is it so hard to accept that both issues can exist at the same time?

No. 695962

Because it's not something specific to asexuality, you could be a sex repulsed woman due to a trauma but not an asexual and sleazy men would still try to "corrective rape" you into enjoying sex. It's drawing false conclusions and trying to turn it into some "see, asexuals are oppressed too!!!" question when it's more about toxic male sexual entitlement above all. You don't get jobs or housing denied due to being an asexual or assaulted on the street for being in an asexual relationship, your family won't disown you for being asexual, the only part about asexual oppression is something that all women are in danger of experiencing regardless of sexuality.

No. 695964

If you mainly get attacked, because due to your celibacy you are mistaken for being gay and you receive the exact same pushback as straight or lesbian women in general, then you are a victim of 'unjustifiable' homophobia and regular misogyny, because you're not actually gay. This a 'the boy in the striped pajamas' type of situation. Bruno is not specifically oppressed for a separate issue.
Also historically speaking, celibacy is encouraged and there have been socially acceptable and adequate avenues for people who wish to be celibate.
Meanwhile celibacy was and in many places still is prescribed to samesex attracted people. This is not an adequate solution, because samesex attracted people, still wish to have intimacy with other people.
It's not a separate issue, it's a case of friendly fire and misogyny. Women being pressured by men, while being in a relationships with them, to have sex is a universal experience and not something which happens only to asexual women. Read r/deadbedrooms for shits and giggles.

No. 696046

if i'm celibate but straight and i get assaulted for that, am i suddenly lgbt?

No. 696052

This. So much this. A man having a low or nonexistent sexual drive is always considered "a faggot" and a woman choosing celibacy is also written off as either broken or a closeted lesbian because celibacy has historically been the only option for gay people in homophobic societies. It's just an intersection of both homophobia and misogyny, not asexuality specific oppression.

No. 696076

I hate people who say "makeup/fashion/etc is art" but never ever do anything artistic with it.
I hate "wholesome" youtubers.
I hate anyone who sympathizes with or defends celebrities (with the exception of abused child stars)

No. 696156

agreed with the first point. If you're just blending in and saying I wear minimal makeup and normal clothes to fit status flow then it's not all that artistic. Not that I disagree with the other points but the first one is a big one for me too

No. 696276

I hate when games with romance options make the romances end sadly like someone dying or getting cucked (I'm looking at you dragon age origins why couldn't you let me live with my pure templar bf forever and ever, fuck you, FUCK YOU BIOWARE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I want to play the game again and get flowers from him and listen to his awkward comments aaa I love alistair so much I'm gonna cry please help)

No. 696305

what are some examples of wholesome youtubers?

No. 696326

that drawing of bugs bunny spanking lola bunny. you know which one

No. 696339

No I don't and I don't want to know!

No. 696376

File: 1608247763496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 55.91 KB, 700x741, Bugs-Bunny-Spanking-Lola-Bunny…)

oh my fucking god what is this

No. 696396

Humanity needs a hard reset.

No. 696425

Idk why I've been thinking about this so hard recently but, people who hit their kids. Like even spanking or slapping them across the mouth (idk how many parents do this but it's common in my culture). They are child abusers, and usually people who aren't mature enough to handle kids. It's even worse when I see people who were spanked/beat with a belt as kids say they grew up fine. The fact you think it's ok to do that means you did not grow up ok. I don't even understand how people can do that.

This might sound like more of a vent post, but basically I'm saying I hate how normalized child abuse is. There are better ways to discipline kids. I feel like children are some of the least protected people in our world.

No. 696427

Same, I think it's a full on cope whenever people say they were spanked and they are absolutely fine with it and will do it to their kids, bruh if you were, you wouldn't do it to them if you think about it. That shit is unnecessary no matter how you look at it.

No. 696441

>It's even worse when I see people who were spanked/beat with a belt as kids say they grew up fine.
Literally 99.9999% of the people I know irl who say that shit are completely fucked in the head and think that it's normal. Not even just in my family but almost everyone my siblings befriended so far. It's just a cope from people who lack self-awareness and were raised in an environment were beating your kids is more common than not.

No. 696477

Oh my god some fucking sanity. Thank you.

No. 696478

My dad started with spanking then escalated to holding me down to be hit. He tried to justify it by saying his father did it to him so it should be fine. As a kid it really fucked me up to know one simple miss step that would piss him off landed me getting hurt. My other sibling would cry wolf that I did something bad to somehow warrant it too. Fuck people who think slapping or punching their child will curb behavior and doesnt lead to worse beatings.

No. 696486

the lengths that parents will go to to justify hitting their kids is depressing

No. 696490

I hate the elderly. Not all of them obviously, but from my experience working in the service industry they're much more likely than younger people to be rude, entitled, and stingy with tips. For every sweet old lady there's 3 absolute fucking cunts who'll be contrary for no reason. I hate how some people think their age alone makes them more important. And of course they'll prattle on about how the younger generation is to blame for everything. Song related though I don't really listen to r/poppunkers tier emo anymore

No. 696509

Thank you for making this post. I remember my dad laughing to me one day about how his dad hit him in the face with a guitar when he was 16 years old because he bleached his hair and his dad thought he was 'faggot.' It was so depressing to hear that, and i know my dad never hit me or my sister for reasons and stories like those. He had scars from being hit by slippers and belts. Parents who try to justify hitting their children like that are so disgusting

No. 696510

Cope, my parents never hit my little brother but he still turned out to be a violent little shit who sexually harassed me. Only stopped when I started physically retaliating. He still hits my mom who's too much of a doormat to physically stop him.

No. 696512

I work in food service and most elderly people are really sweet. It's the people in their 40s and 50s that are actually the most entitled and worst to deal with in my experience.

No. 696513

Your brother being a psychopath doesnt justify kids who are hit and beat for no reason. Sucks to be you thought. your mom needs to step it up

No. 696518

1. Your brother sounds like he has mental issues, and being hit wouldn't be helpful. It would probably exacerbate it and just affirm his belief that violence it ok and the way to get what you want.

2. Most kids are not violent like your brother. Stop acting like all kids, including toddlers and the ones who are just being kids deserve to be hit. Kids don't deserve to be abused just because you went through that. Do not project.

It's honestly disturbing to see people joke about being abused. I see memes about getting beat as a child all the time on social media and I just don't get it. My mother didn't beat me, although she was abusive in other ways, and I couldn't bring myself to joke about how she treated me honestly. Maybe that's cause I realize I was abused though.

No. 696520

Unironically all boys should be beat, that's literally the only way they behave. At that age they might as well be apes, empathy and logic are non existent. I had to be around elementary students, and 80% of boys are psychopaths, not only my brother.

No. 696534

Braindead anons on here are really advocating abusing children because they have 0 emotional intelligence and can’t fathom the very simple concept that abuse is a cycle and beating the shit out of your kid almost always guarantees that they’ll perpetuate the trauma onto others. Anons that are stupid enough to think that the only way to control a child is to hit them please just sterilize yourself now because you should never be a parent.

I just left my abusive situation two weeks ago and it’s a sensitive topic for me but I’m amazed at how blind people are to their own trauma and how pathetic and entitled they are to think that their kids need to go through the same pain they did.

No. 696539

>It's ok to abuse children as long as they are a boy!
The fact you and probably some anons here really believe this is terrifying. I hope you're childfree, because if you ever have one you will for sure be another abuser.

No. 696545

File: 1608263406384.jpeg (47.47 KB, 720x540, A1453FBC-33C1-4E5E-80E9-417F06…)

I hate it when websites have their information about authors in alphabetical order instead of by date of birth-death, it’s annoying because you can’t focus on the period you want to do your research of, so then you have to waste time reconfirming the dates of the period you’re researching about matching the dates of the authors.

No. 696556

I literally hate men but you are scary anon. Please never have children.

No. 696564

what? i though the majority here doesn't support child abuse?
I genuinely haven't seen anyone reacting positive about that,except for this >>696520 KEK
I remember a situation happen on "where are they now?" thread about a girl that was groom and a very sketchy anon share her history with child abuse,drugs,sexwork with photos and farmhand delete everything because that was messed up.That make me assume child abuse is a nono was i wrong?

No. 696573

Nta, I think most anons here would be against it, but just like there are people who defend it irl and on social media, they are people who defend it here. There was an anon in the reddit thread who was saying spanking was necessary and the only way kids would learn which, ngl, is one of the reasons I made the OP post. The anons who are in favor of that kind of stuff could also just be choosing to not respond.

No. 696576

Stfu pickme

No. 696580

i hate hearing about british people. i don’t care if their food looks like shit. shut the fuck up about british people!

No. 696630

You need to pay attention more because child abuse is often in plain sight. That anon above my original post is acting like a sociopath but it’s very common to downplay abuse on social media. People joke about getting beat for not pulling out the chicken from the freezer, or comment on some video of a kid having a meltdown claiming that ‘they’d never let that happen’ and vaguely threatening random children online. They say it’s cultural or just how they were raised but it’s just generational trauma being passed down again through because they’re in denial of what really happened.

No. 696708

trying to eat chips and watch youtube, i can't hear shit

No. 696713

do you even know what a pickme is?
why the fuck would you beat a child?

No. 696739

So much this. I got slapped and had my hair pulled as a child and even now in my 30s I still don't accept it or think that it "straightened me out". People who try to justify hitting their kids by saying that "I got my ass beat and turned out fine" always have a fucked up sense of empathy, you absolutely didn't turn out fine.

I just don't understand people who have the capacity to raise their hand against a fucking child, how do you live with yourself after doing that? The only thing the kids learn is to lie better to hide their tracks and avoid punishment. It's always over such fucking pointless reasons too, like does a kid not cleaning up their room or accidentally breaking something really warrant a beating? Not hurting your child physically doesn't mean that you can't have them deal with the consequences.

No. 696743

the fact is that are basically no other punishments that will actually make them understand they were in the wrong, especially in the modern world. what are they gonna do, take away the kids ipad? lmao

No. 696749

Physically harming a kid doesn’t make them understand they were in the wrong. I’ll level with you: kids are really fucking stupid. But that only makes hitting them more immoral and pointless.

No. 696756

The fact is child abuser have no emotional intelligence, empathy or braincells. There are many ways to punish children. Believe it or not, children are not retarded robots like everyone seems like believe. Theres a reason why you retain so much information from youth. Even toddlers. Kind of like pets, toddlers will learn what behavior gets them good attention and what behavior will get them bad attention. Hitting a child is just teaching them that they shouldn't perform whatever got them beat in the first place, not because it's wrong, but because it means they will be abused, their parents will yell at them and they will end up crying. I've seen so many parents hit their kids, but their children just end up repeating what they did.

Do not be a lazy bitch who hits their kids because they couldn't afford to parent the children they chose to have. Hitting is the easy way out. Not to mention all the parents who genuinely like to be their child.

No. 696759

my mom would beat me till i pass out when i was around 11 and when we have family reunions for christmas or birthdays she brags about it like hitting me so much that my body shutdown was an achievement,so yeah everyone here making the point >ppl that were abuse and turn out fine are lying is accurate.
i hate child beaters and i hate much more child beaters that WERE beat.(hope my post doesn't count as HARD derail admin pls)

No. 696767

No other punishment than hitting them is effective? What kind of empathetically challenged edgy moid logic is this? Slight blogpost but I was caught shoplifting as a very young child and my mom actually making me apologize to the shop and berate me on how harmful stealing is was a thousand times more effective than any of the times I got slapped. Kids are not stupid, kids just don't understand consequences due to the lack of experience and raising them like cattle where they're just taught to connect pain and humiliation with bad thing only creates manipulative adults who break the rules and escape responsibilities to avoid consequences. You wouldn't hit your pet if it misbehaved, why would you hit a child?

No. 696787

Bold of you to assume people who hit their children don’t hit their pets

No. 696791

the few cow threads i visit are full of redditors. idk how we ended up following the same cows but they are so annoying.

No. 696812

I hate stupid traditions, especially religious ones.

Like, I love day of the dead, thats cool, christmas and halloween are cool too. But stupid shit like having to go to church or else you are a sinner is disgusting, having religion so present in my country is digusting and people don't even know how indoctrinated they are. I even feel guilty about not being religious myself because everyone else is and that always makes me want to go back to it.

Also having to go do customary shit after someone in your family dies and having to see people you dont care about because of this is shitty.

No. 696890

I hate religion and anything surrounding it. It fucked up my life and will continue doing so until I die because when you grow up on it, its effects will last forever. Because of that I also, to a lesser degree, dislike any form of spirituality, that includes stuff like astrology. Idc if it "gives your life meaning" or if it's fun, shit's just fake.

No. 696891

I hate when I get into an argument with friends or show any emotion of rage they start distancing themselves or act more cautious around me. It sucks how they try to do damage control and try to please me afterwards. That whole period is awkward…

No. 696932

>Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread.

No. 696969

File: 1608315826264.jpeg (48.03 KB, 828x595, C2B97AA7-8B31-4358-BF2D-1FCB6F…)

I hate how modern clothes are cut. Picrel it’s so cute but makes me look really frumpy. Those clithes look only good on extremely thin ppl and it’s driving me insane. I thought i needed an M, saw it runs bigger so I got an S. Tried it on today and it still looks frumpy asfuck and idk if an XS will make it any better…

No. 696981

Me too fellow exmuslim anon

No. 697070

File: 1608326211592.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.48 KB, 500x493, EVYiAvMWoAEPN98.jpg)

This bitch that always pops up when I'm on social media.

How stiff she is, the ugly ass dress she's wearing, how she's using her heels to walk up the stairs (why is the heel part hanging off the step?), and the fact she's always leaving the same shit. Why are you leaving behind jealousy, fake friends, and negativity in 2016? Didn't you leave that behind in 2014? Something about her is kinda funny, cute and familiar though.

No. 697075

Damn she must have some serious core muscles to be able to lean like that and not topple over

No. 697079

This is what a bad bitch looks like. Please contain your jealousy. She will singlehandedly eradicate COVID by leaving it in 2020.

No. 697092

>why is the heel part hanging off the step?
Anon, you don’t do that? I do, makes running upstairs easier.

No. 697247

omg yas slay queen

No. 697277

same anon, these clothes don’t even look flattering on skinny people either. they just make them look fat as well.

and i hate how so many clothes are cropped. they’re cropped at this awkward ass point, like exactly at the natural waist?? so they look boxy and ugly

No. 697364

I hate not having social skills. People irl constantly get mad at me but won't tell me why.

No. 697404

People who do clothing hauls but don't try on the clothes in the video. It makes me want to shake my fist in the air.

No. 697408

Same. Except I know why, but I also keep doing those things because I don't like them but I like the attention.

No. 697423

I loved Bratz dolls and thought their fashion choices were too out there but still cool back when I played with them. To me Barbie's outfits were always way too garish. The fantasy dolls I did enjoy but the non-fantasy Barbies had extremely basic bitch styling imo, just not inspiring. I liked restyling Bratz' hair and mixing/matching their outfits with the different dolls. The body image thing the anons upthread are claiming is such a reach. They sound like they have no clue what growing up with those dolls was like. I'm 26 btw

No. 697510

literally best, Bratz have nothing on them

No. 697515

I feel like I have long wendigo arms because my sleeves fit like that on almost all my tops and I hate it! I want them to cover my bony wrist! I never thought they would be intentionally fit like that and it seems so bad in the picture. I haven’t bought any clothes in years because it annoys me.

No. 697524

I hate it when rich people says "there is no ethical consumption under capitalism" to justify hoarding low quality objects, even when they can actually aford better quality items which wasn't produced by litteral children

No. 697527

I loved Bratz dolls! Me and my little sister had like a 100 between us (collected over the years..) we used to play for hours. but as we got older she would get mad at me as I used to love for traumatic events to happen like them falling off a cliff (the stairs) and then end up in intensive care with old headphone wires as hospital equipment and for the dolls to die. but she just used to like playing happy events.

No. 697540

What? You can be ethical in capitalism only if you're rich.

No. 697546

People say that whenever you call out any bad habits they may have, like sure nothing is completely ethical but some choices are way better than others but they’re too used to victimizing themselves so they try to justify why they can’t make better choices. We’ve reached this level of people being offended that we can’t even recommend positive things without turning into villains for no reason. Fine, fuck the earth because I wouldn’t want to make you feel bad for buying cheap shit from Amazon. We can only criticize the way people talk, not how they contribute to demand for products that are destroying our planet and our health

No. 697772

File: 1608424125469.jpg (114.69 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i hate whatever this is. actually i just hate furries in general

No. 697849

File: 1608435036643.jpg (186.88 KB, 1329x1811, 9c2c78b8824b2b9f7f4adec4e1fe6f…)

I hate how normalfags think Rena is just a bloodthirsty killing machine. She's not even a yandere, but of course she gets grouped with shit like Yuno Gasai and that bitch from BNHA.

No. 697851

Isn't that nostalgia critic's fursona?

No. 697861

No, but it's the character of a Youtube animator, his characters appeared on the NC's review of The Wall tho.

No. 697883

It's amazing to me that someone with that much time and animation talent would also lack the self awareness to realize their universally ugly fursona will never gain mass appeal. Even accounting for the evil horror show that the thing looks like, it's just too damn ugly. Like a five year old's fever dream. It's not interesting, just a waste.

No. 697891

File: 1608438956343.jpg (50.85 KB, 696x442, yb-696x442.jpg)

His face and vocals and lyrics piss me off. It's sad bc I love Machine Gun Kelly and they have so many good songs together, I only skip the parts when yungblud sings. I feel like yungblud tries so hard to be edgy and appeal to a young audience and it's cringe af

No. 697894

He looks like that gross emo boy in high school who hit on all the alt girls and constantly got rejected.

No. 697899

I don't mind his voice in MGK songs but his own music is unlistenable and his face is really repulsive. The pig nose and overall greasiness, ick.

No. 697908

I hate that too, Rena's such a complex character, not some stupid scrote trope. Most people saying dumb shit like that didnt even read the VN and just saw clips of the original anime, probably

No. 697915

No. 697991

This sounds very zoomer but why are Americans, especially on Tiktok, so obsessed with calling everyone ”colonizer”. In some occassions it’s actually funny but mostly it’s like ”oh your country participated in war at some point in history?? ur a colonizer lmaoo lool”

No. 697993

Because white people bad and being white you must admit to this and do everything you can to help the poor oppressed brown people, this includes constant self hate of ones skin color and cultural background.

No. 697995

File: 1608461489092.png (129.2 KB, 1298x824, trgttgeegt.png)

I wrote that same post on /a/ and got this response. Lol

No. 698001

Cool sounding buzzword. Like most teenagers who talk about poltics, they don't really understand what it means just repeat what they hear from adults or on the internet

No. 698059

File: 1608472304257.jpg (109.79 KB, 630x1200, MV5BZTZmMzY2MjktYTdlNy00NjZhLW…)

i sort of feel this way about hazbin hotel. i like the idea of it but the character designs are hideous. they have that same unedited, busy, overly-detailed design with no strong concept behind it. how can you make an entire cartoon with these things? so much time and talent wasted to only appeal to a very specific subset of autists.

No. 698065

woah, this is…a lot. I've never seen this cartoon before.
>Contrast? Don't know her
>The composition seems too crowded
>Everyone seems overdesigned to maybe sell shit in the future
>Why isn't the girl facing foward?
>Can nobody keep their mouth shut?

No. 698075

Why would you even use 4chan? It's an absolute dumpster fire these days with no decent discussion to be had. The /pol/fags drove everyone out years ago.

No. 698079

why everyone loves the spider demon? is it only because he is gay ?

No. 698092

File: 1608477669419.png (7.77 MB, 2208x1242, 545C22F3-1B46-47EE-9D64-574A4B…)

I liked him before they made being gay and slutty his main character traits, like in the “character theme” his gangster-like persona was more appealing and interesting i also loved the idea of a cute looking monster guy with multiple arms

No. 698100

He would still be an ugly stick regardless.

No. 698134

idk, still sounds like shit taste
I use 4chan because there is nowhere else where a higurashi discussion might happen naturally. I've been using 4chan since I was 12, anonymity is comfy. I have no social media and having a conversation on twitter or reddit, the biggest places for fandoms, sounds cancer inducing and I would like to keep my brain and not mash my head against a keyboard. At least 4chan is kinda funny and you know scrotes are crazy so they are easier to ignore, no one takes themselves seriously. I could try to make a thread on /m/ but ofc /m/ is for fujoshi shit only, it seems.

No. 698137

Cause gay + effeminate is seen as cool nowadays, he also loves pole dancing (canon), says he sucks cock (canon) and gives traumatized male escort vibes. The troons and crazy fakeboi fujoshi eat that shit up
Everyone is red, with white skin, wears black clothes and had blonde hair lol.

No. 698145

I hate how such ugly,infantile garbage got picked up (I doubt it's ever going to have any episodes until 2023 or whatever)and not Smiling friends which is not only enjoyable but it actually has more potential as being a strange but entertaining adult show without being being excessively crude or edgy.

No. 698147

I thought smiling friends did get green lit and haven't just fully came out yet? Damn,i enjoy that kind of weirdness

No. 698148

>Smiling friends
Even if it's ironic I can't watch it. It looks too gross and reminds me of an art style that used to be popular on tumblr.

No. 698189

>strange but entertaining adult show without being being excessively crude or edgy.
It was only a pilot tbf. But aren’t the people that worked on it excessively crude and edgy? Literal new grounds animators.

No. 698204

ITA i checked the vid u are referring to and yeah the gangsta version is nice but why mix it with gay scort violation shit? idk dont get it and thanks for the explanation >>698137 im happy i still dont get it that means im not that mentally ill,i hate hazbin hotel.

No. 698213

Because it’s D e e p
I would’ve preferred for his issues to be more about how he wanted to show he’s not an incompetent gangster and that even if he was goofy and slutty, he could be decent at managing his turf and whatnot.
But that’s not going to happen.

No. 698224

Yeah but it doesn't mean it will be any of those since im not getting any of those vibes from the pilot

No. 698322

Pilots can be way different to what the show will be though. But good for them if they can keep the toned down feel.

No. 698482

File: 1608508577112.png (179.87 KB, 700x1125, Alastor_2.png)

probably lol

i love the idea behind and the voice of character in picrel, but his design is fucking awful. all of their designs are just fucking awful. such a waste of ideas

No. 698484

idk, the ideas are not even that creative, just well thought. The designs then ruin everything they had going on.

I feel like hazbin and anything viziepop makes just screams "schizo furry edgy time". Which is finnneeeee I guess, it's one of the better tumblr artstyles by miles, but a tumblr artstyle still

No. 698486

"schizo furry edgy time" is exactly it. i mean, i'd love a cartoon about demons and hell shenanigans presented in a comedic way for adults but this ain't it

No. 698487

File: 1608509019941.jpg (69.7 KB, 560x375, monstermash101011_560.jpg)

at least it has better animation than pic related, which is just still pics talking

No. 698488

Hold up. Isn't smiling friends voiced and produced (?) By zach something something from oneyplays and hazbin hotel was worked on by i wanna say tomar? Wtf is it with oneyplays cast popping up in ot lately

No. 698492

Oney’s gf also works on Hazbin. They’re all pretty much connected to Vizie, so they’re gonna get mentioned.

No. 698495

okay but this show was so good.

No. 698498

Didn't know that! I don't really know shit about vizie to be honest and at this point i am too afraid to ask

No. 698506

File: 1608510513720.jpg (46.33 KB, 320x480, Hinabn_title_5817.jpg)

do they have connections to tessa/tess stone? the style reminds me of this

No. 698511

Im actually impressed how successful this was. I had forgotten how much of an audience there was for edge lord shit, especially in the midst of all the SJW types running around.

No. 698606

As soon as that character opened his mouth I became extremely interested in this show. I think it's a really neat idea to have a radio demon who keeps glitching out and being creepy. The rest of the cast I don't really get the appeal of. Especially that sex worker spider.

No. 698767

movies and tv shows

No. 698770

Anon, do you watch paint dry to keep busy? I'm just poking fun. I really am curious how you stay entertained though

No. 698777

Literally anything other than movies and tv

No. 698786

"Mento illness luv" is annoying and was never funny, but then again I hate 95 percent of the phrases that come out of Twitter. It's like god articulate properly. I don't care if that makes me sound like a snob lol, I'd rather be a snob than a Twitter addict retard

No. 698789

I like the voice and concept but they really missed out by not giving him a classy, neat design with some more muted colors instead of this red sparkly disaster. Would have worked with the fact that he was a charming serial killer, if vivzie didn't change that too.

No. 698843

Topkek but I also want to kill myself

No. 698850

imagine if this was made by someone with better design sense, we could have a handsome 1950s-aesthetic radio demon

No. 698859

You must be joking, anon.

No. 698893

I've been seeing the phrase "women and enbies" randomly around the internet more often and it makes my skin crawl. The minute I hear that phrase used seriously irl, I'm petitioning for the whole planet to be nuked

No. 699061

File: 1608583011420.jpg (90.01 KB, 1500x1291, 81QCaFxDXeL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Poop emoji pillows. Emoji merch in general is retarded but this is just a whole other level of retardation.

No. 699064

teenage moids. yes, i'm an adult, but i'm very small and babyfaced and often get mistaken for a teenager so i still get harassed by these shits in ways they usually wouldn't dare do to adult women. i also feel like with each generation they're getting worse and worse (is it because of the internet and widespread availability of porn?)

No. 699067

I look younger than my age too anon. I am 24 and look about 19, and all through school I always wished I looked older and mature like the mean popular girls. But I just try think that as I get older, looking younger will be more of a good thing and that most of those mean girls look about 30 now

No. 699078

File: 1608584537866.jpg (114.14 KB, 584x438, qc-cast-poster20141.jpg)

I hate this shitty ass webcomic and I hate this drawing in particular, why are they all crammed in the same spot (sorry for the bad quality, I couldn't find a higher resolution)? I know it's because Jeph Jacques is a terrible artist, but still… The focus on robots is the most retarded shift this webcomic has taken, even tranny Claire was less dumb than this.

No. 699080

How is it called? I don't remember this comic.

No. 699089

>I look like I'm 19 at 24!
Anon, most people do. And most people look the same they do at 30 as they did in their early 20s.

No. 699103


ok, but my complaint was about teen boys who think i'm their peer and won't stop bothering me

No. 699111

nta but it's called Questionable Content

No. 699118

Just tell them you’re too old for them and if they continue, talk to them like you’re their parent or babysitter. Teens don’t want another person lecturing or talking down them and will usually fuck off. It’s always worked for me when they’ve mistaken me for a peer.

No. 699204

never understood /co/'s autism about this and that boring comic about school, they're not even so bad they're entertaining, they're just dull and ugly

No. 699259

Fuckers always wake me up when I’m trying to nap

No. 699264


i've literally never felt one, and i live in a seismic zone. every time someone asks me "did you feel the earthquake?" and i'm like no???

No. 699373

glad someone agrees
her forehead is huge kek

I'm about to read the old threads so I apologize if this has been said already, but I hate modern terms, specifically "partner". Like it's not hard to say "spouse" or "___friend". Everyone's gotta be gender inclusive tho.

No. 699375

>but I hate modern terms, specifically "partner"
whenever i see someone online use the word "partner" i always read it in a texas cowboy accent

No. 699376


datemate >:3

No. 699412

For me it's not to be gender inclusive, I use partner because saying husband in my age gets you side eyedwhere I live lmao On another note, how is spouse less gender inclusive than partner?

No. 699414

datemate is the most obnoxious of them all, it gives me larping vibes

No. 699423

I hate yaoi fans because they're basically handmaidens for fictional men, fake characters are literally their nigels. Liking 2d men is a massive cope and whenever some random rabid fujoshi comes out and spergs out with their narc rage on here at least I have the satisfaction that they probably are ugly disgusting neets who don't bathe, can't socialize, and need drawings to get off their sexually frustrated selves. Proved by the fact they post deadpool shit, the most unbearable character ever lmao
>liking marvel
Literally get a life

No. 699427

Didn't the jannies tell everyone to end this already?

No. 699429

I've never heard that term before but it makes me lul
a lotta people connect "spouse" with "married" and a lotta people aren't married kek

No. 699436

>handmaidens for fictional men

KEK I hope this is a shitpost because it’s gold

No. 699893

File: 1608654975464.jpg (83.2 KB, 640x640, theedge.jpg)

I fucking hate corpse husband. I don't understand why he is so popular, his music sounds like a grainy black and white picture of sad bart simpson. His forced voice sounds dumb (a forced throat voice does not mean someone's voice is deep jfc) and his WKs who are attracted to this demon anime boy persona are retarded.

No. 699899

This argument won't stop until Lolcow is a board of asexual lesbians, huh?

No. 699908

Same anon, I wish he had his own thread bc there's other anons like us who vent about him throughout LC, mainly in the youtube thread. He's cringey af, the videos/pictures of his hands with those Hottopic rings and chipped black nail polish on one finger is shit that even the worst outcasts at my tragic high school wouldn't do. I'm revolted how every youtuber is fangirling/fanboying over him; are they scared of his fans or…? His music is fucking atrocious and I say that as a crappy music connoisseur.

No. 699911

He's ugly IRL, and some girl he's involved with will eventually leak a pic of his face. Screencap this.

No. 699914

What the fuck, this is really homophobic. I hope this is bait, because I can't imagine someone being serious thinking not liking yaoi makes you a lesbian or asexual.

No. 699917

Are you perhaps a scrote?

No. 699919

Do you have the pic?

No. 699921


hes so cringy and his music sounds like ass

No. 699922

Is it a joke? where is the punchline? because I didn't find it funny.

No. 699923

It's called a joke, anon. I'm not even straight myself, but this shit
>handmaidens for fictional men, fake characters are literally their nigels.
is giving "Man hate taken too far, attraction to males in any sense (even in concept/fiction) is now cancelled" lmao

No. 699924

This Corpse obsession is an example of people just jumping on the bandwagon just because he is currently popular.

No. 699925

That's your problem, kek.

No. 699926

then you're just an asshole who deletes her (his?) replies, alright.

No. 699930

Zoomies is simping is this guy. I don't even understand his appeal tbh

No. 699931

What'd it say?

No. 699932

I didn't delete it, see >>699923. Take a nap or something, this is way too much anger for something meaningless.

No. 699934

File: 1608656022943.jpeg (61.4 KB, 832x960, 4EB9A8D0-AFEA-43D3-992D-903945…)

That picture always makes me think of pic related.

No. 699936

Tbh even lesbian posters aren't safe. There's been multiple occasions of anons accusing them (mainly the ones on /g/) of apparently "sounding like scrotes" even though their posts are tame. Farmers just hate all horny for whatever reason.

No. 699937

Nope, I don't think liking real men is cancelled. Overly defensive fujoshis sperging about this shit however, are no better than coomers, it's sad you need alien looking 2D men to get off.

You deleted it, corrected it and reposted lmao, or else the number >>699918 wouldn't had appeared.
Stop trying to win.
Also, >go to sleep
no u

I'm done with your spergy bait, won't reply to your shit anymore.

No. 699940

We have a bunch of tradthot handmaidens among us.

No. 699941

File: 1608656306505.jpg (30.19 KB, 400x404, 3e929d9c445d912006f63a2fec3bb8…)

So, you admit I didn't "delete my response", but correct it? It's good you know how imageboards work, I guess. The fujo debate is just tired, both you and the fujoshi you want to bury are annoying, and you're constantly derailing threads.
Also, what actually is there to "win"? Is this just your way of saying you want to have the last reply? That's cool, go ahead. Ily anon

No. 699942

File: 1608656352334.jpg (165.65 KB, 1920x1080, amongusmeme-lede.jpg)

Lesbian posters are actually the most harassed by fujoshi here it seems, the other day I posted "I don't know how you can like yaoi", said I was a lesbian, and a horde of them started attacking me

pic related kek
I don't think not liking yaoi means you're a tradthot lmao, I love sex and I am pretty radfem-ish

No. 699943

dude that's still deleting it, stop sperging and shitting the thread up, that's a prime derail there

No. 699944

I honestly wonder if they're from Twitter or if they've been here a while.
I normally support man hate anons, but this particular argument keeps cropping up and they all seem very mentally ill. And like, the interesting thing is that some fujoshi actually are lesbians, but it always turns into some mix of "not your nigel" like the autistic anon upthread, or "they're sexualizing the poor men, just as bad as lolicon".

No. 699945

I didn't admit anything because there's nothing to admit, you deleted it, corrected it, and reposted it. That's still deleting, this is pretty pointless. Pls stop derailing sweetheart.

No. 699946

I just think the tradthots are against all parties because if someone posts a cute girl or a cute guy it gets the same response
>ew icky sex related stuff is icky! Don’t post anything sexual at all! You must be a scrote or a handmaid because it has sex stuff!
Then everyone gets their panties in a bunch and the derailment begins shitting up threads.

No. 699947

It seems like an /ot/-specific problem. You never get spergs derailing about derailing, attacking people or calling "scrote" over cute girls or males in /m/ or /g/.

No. 699949

>everything I don't like is from twitter
>nobody has mentioned lolicon but you bring it up
>you're autistic enough to continue defending your yaoi coom

that's your perception, not everyone has to love yaoi to like sex or whatever the hell you're trying to imply
You're the one who sounds spergy and from twitter, perhaps discord. Idk, you sound like a weird scrote who likes infighting, not because of porn or whatever, but how overly defensive you are

If you truly think the anon above is spergy and dumb, why do you continue replying? Why do you continue infighting? it does not make sense

No. 699950

It's not about posting cute pictures of men or women, it's about how you sound and how you behave. Literally insane and violent like a scrote

No. 699951

You guys are really arguing about reposting….pls

No. 699959

I love giving blowjobs and having sexy time with my partner but don't like yaoi because it feels fake and weird, does that make me a bad person?

No. 699978

File: 1608658738400.gif (9.47 MB, 640x480, EPPd.gif)

Untrue. I'm pretty sure the maid thread is what started this spergfest a few days ago.

>insane and violent

No. 699987

No, as long as you don't sperg about it for over a week.

No. 700032

>I love giving blowjobs
now this is weird

No. 700083

Anti-fujoshi anon strikes again. "Insane and violent"? Please get help

No. 700128

File: 1608662395670.jpg (24.36 KB, 288x288, 150853214.jpg)

I hate anons who moralfag over cows and completely miss the point of the site + the criteria for cow behavior.

No. 700137

I get jealous of every lesbian couple I see because the women I’ve been with all treated me like shit and I’m lonely and bitter.

No. 700141

hey it feels good in your mouth
but can I say that I love a good glans and foreskin rubbing inside my slippery mouth?

No. 700143

that goes on the vent thread and not here, read the OP

No. 700232

Samefag but I also hate schizo posters.

No. 700276

I just wish newfag anons would stop responding to her sperging altogether, it's either someone who's still traumatized over her friend from middle school who stanned Kuroshitsuji or a very salty scrote which would make sense since there have been male slanted posts in /ot/ all day and I mean come on, "handmaidens for fictional men" kek

No. 700280

Idk I'm neither of those and I find yaoi fans and yaoi itself to be unbearable ad hilariously sad

No. 700284

judge all you want but at least my fictional nigel can't abuse me or give money to onlyfans e-girls bitch

No. 700286

…sure? sorry that's still pretty sad to me, pls no bully.

No. 700291

Idk I also feel like the overly defensive yaoi fan is vulturechan, so that makes her paranoid, a raging narc, and crazy. Like imagine getting angry at someone who disagrees with you, so much that you tell them to kill themselves. Or claiming that some random person's posts are all about you and starting a massive infight. Also the yaoi fan sperg sounds like a gay guy

No. 700294

File: 1608670342064.jpg (55.33 KB, 848x480, 1580186107073.jpg)

No. 700295

>Lesbian posters are actually the most harassed by fujoshi here it seems
This actually makes no sense, I think like all of the fujos in the /fujo/ thread are lesbians save for a few exceptions who seem to be more into the otome anime husbando shit than actual fujoism. Also get the fuck back to the containment thread instead of giving attention to the sperg, we need to bump it more.

I absolutely love the leap in logic they make with the "you're just as bad as lolicon coomers" because fujos like skinny twink anime boys which of course is directly comparable to predatory male cumbrains framing their walls with 5-year old girls in ahegao. I can totally understand that someone finds fujos cringey and all that but to actually go on this weird crusade to eradicate them is a waste of time. It's a pretty harmless genre in itself and doesn't warrant that amount of vitriol.

No. 700362

I swear this Isn't bait but when gay men think because they're gay they can be uncomfortably touchy with women and call them "Cunts" and "Bitches" and be in women's only spaces because they're "not a threat"

You may be gay but you're still a man.

No. 700365

No, you're right anon. I hate that shit too and women who enable it. They're just as capable of being awful as straight men.

No. 700366

Cardi B's shitty music

No. 700369

What yaoi fan sperg? I'm kind of lost here, I don't think anyone in the whole conversation said they were a fujoshi or liked yaoi. It almost feels like this is the same anon who sperged about fujoshi trying to make…something happen. Wouldn't be surprised if she's the "vulture-chan", the aggression is very characteristic.

No. 700435

I hate the whole bullshit cope people created in my country about not having issues with bullying or racism uwu because we’re all a bunch of mixed people. I don’t know if this happens in other latam countries, but it’s fucking annoying how they all laugh and disregard all the deep rooted shit lots of kids have because “no bullying! Everyone is frens! Kids are just messing around!!!11!1
Fuck off, drop dead with your stupid ass message because you know that shit is a lie.

No. 700442

Lots of anons here like to pretend there is nothing shitty that goes on in their countries too. People are weirdly defensive about their homes, and want to appear better than they actually are to others. Like it’s their only personality trait or something. There are shit people everywhere. Most places have problems.

No. 700461

""""Gay"""" men lmao.

You'd be shocked at the amount of "gay" men who have sex and relationships with women. Not uncommon. A lot of them are hateful misogynistic assholes who like to use people and I'm sure they hate other men just as much. The only girls who don't know this are girls with "gay" best friends who are obsessed with drag queens. They need someone to affirm that they are 100% completely gay and unattracted to women, after all.

No. 700514

I hate the gay man vocal fry and question where it came from or why it happened at all. No other sexuality has a specific vocal variation.

No. 700525

File: 1608687886649.png (697.38 KB, 702x538, ed7c631.png)

I hate the fact that because of the lockdown I can't date, I miss affection

I hate how gender is so all-defining, there's no reason it should guide so much behaviour

I hate how much people on the internet tend te generalize groups (based on politics, sex, race, whatever) and act like the whole group is one hivemind with exactly the same personality traits, goals, passions, etc. while 'their group' is diverse and nuanced. It's so dumb.

I hate living in a country with practically no nature (the Netherlands), I long for mountains, waterfalls, forests, etc.

No. 700530

I honest to god thought I posted in the confessions thread and just now realized I didn’t. Sage because I’m a dumb ass

No. 700532

When I have long nails and people (especially strangers) ask me how I wipe. Why do you want to know about my bathroom habits?

No. 700533

I like giving blowjobs too. Granted, my ex never pushed my head down or anything degrading. Maybe it's because I'm weird but I like blowjobs bc I'd always stop every now and then and make him beg for me to continue. I like the look of men who are hard, horny, and absolutely desperate for you to continue after a bit of licking/touching.

No. 700536

Just share your method girl

No. 700538

is it men asking you? that's a neg.

No. 700541

No, it's not.

No. 700542

People have asked me this too and my nails aren't (usually) even that long. I think they think they're being funny while "subtly" saying that your nails are gross.

No. 700543

I don't get why people think having longer nails somehow means they get dirtier. I usually never have get dirt under mine and even then, I still wash under them when I wash my hands like a regular fucking person. They're actually easier for me to clean than short nails.

No. 700566

short nails don't get dirt under them. that's why.

No. 700567

i mean i've wondered that to myself when i see someone with long nails, but it's because i want to try long acrylics after years with tiny bitten nails and don't know if i'd be able to function with them. kek

No. 700569

I like having long nails but I can say for sure they are more prone to getting dirty and I have to be more vigilant about cleaning, it makes sense that nails with more surface area can get a lot more dirt under them.

But obviously it just depends on your personal hygiene habits more than anything, if you take care of long nails it's fine and likewise people with shorter nails can easily let them get gross. It's particularly common with men who do manual work with their hands but can't be bothered cutting nor cleaning their nails.

No. 700571

I can agree that longer nails can actually seem cleaner at times. With short nails, dirt gets under the nail much easier and can stay there for longer if you don't clean it. With long nails, depending on how long they get you won't use the tops of your fingers to grab things, so you're using your nails instead of your fingers, and dirt won't have the easy opportunity to get under the nails.

No. 700574

nothing "gets under" them, there's a barrier with the skin right there so anything your fingertip comes in contact with gets washed off with regular handwashing. dirt physically cannot accumulate under there unless you're forcing it by digging a hole in the ground or something.

No. 700576

I don't mind if it's a genuine question, but usually it's not and that's why it annoys me. If you're still wondering, I wipe my ass normally. Never had any shit under my nails. I bend my fingers back a lil when I wipe my vagina. For women that have super long nails, they bend their fingers back or wrap the paper around their hand.

I do most things like normal. I have to change how I type tho. I use the pads of my fingers rather than using the tips like how I would with short nails. Isabella Demarko also has a good video about this.
Anon, people get dirt under their nails all the time. If you're not washing your hands properly it can accumulate.

No. 700581

>For women that have super long nails, they bend their fingers back or wrap the paper around their hand.
I don't even understand why that would be necessary. I get a pretty long strip of tp, fold it and lie it flat on my upturned fingers. They're completely covered by the paper and my nails have no impact on that coverage so I've never had to worry about it.

No. 700585

you never scratched yourself by accident?

No. 700586

File: 1608697123694.jpg (51.19 KB, 720x900, 76adb39f5a2ad93a983cdf518b218a…)

When I say super long nails I mean like pic rel and longer. I do the same thing when I wipe, even if they're short, but it just depends on how long they are

No. 700590

ok but the comment "long nails are cleaner than short nails" is… false lol and pretty subjective, but short nails are usually cleaner as there's less or no surface area for anything to accumulate.

No. 700597

Yes, it is an opinion, just like "short nails are cleaner than long nails", and if it's subjective it can't be false. I'm pretty sure all the anons who said that were speaking from personal experience. The surface area on long nails also makes them easier to clean if they do get nasty. Less surface area means stuff could get "stuck" under them, especially if your nails are bitten.

No. 700598

I hate when people use "cunt" in fanfic and it's seems like it has become a trend?
I guess it's supposed to sound edgy, but I just think it's off putting given what it's usually associated with assholes and such
I am not prudeish with swear words or anything, but cunt is not sexy, I don't know.

I also hate hate hate fanart where the people involved is out of character lovey-dovey or worse, the woman is pregnant and they are happy crying or whatever.
If it's characters like idk Anna and Kristoff, then I get it, that's their dynamic
But if it's something like Ben and Rey? C'mon. They would hate fuck, not be cuddly. GIVE ME THE HATE FUCK

No. 700660

Nah I know you're wrong. I'm antiyaoi chan and
>I use the word unhinged a lot, because I like the word lol. Sorry everyone
>I've called her unhinged because of how defensive she is towards me and my silly little anti yaoi opinion
>She expects confession chan to say the word unhinged, because she expects her to be me
>confession chan never said unhinged
>Vulture chan still infights with her and says she's vagueposting when this is an anonymous imageboard
>I had nothing to do with this lol she just loves getting angry at some random words by some random anon posted on a random gossip website
I hope she finds peace and help someday.

No. 700665

Well I have nothing to do with this either, wrong topic!! But for real learn to read.

No. 700675

it's been said to death but i hate finding cute aesthetic or jfashion accounts only to find out they're into ddlg

No. 700676

Will do nonnie!!

No. 700684

File: 1608708270623.png (92.26 KB, 1016x872, ncbi.nlm.nih.gov.PNG)

NTA but this may be the stupidest fucking thing I've ever read on this site. Picrel is from an NCBI document about best hygiene practices for preventing Covid-19 transmission in hospitals.


Notice where it clearly states 'longer nails are more likely to harbor pathogenic organisms than shorter nails.' Short, bare nails are unquestionably more hygienic, and to claim otherwise is delusional. Also, please learn the difference between subjective and objective statements, you overconfident airhead.

No. 700693

I mean there's a reason why healthcare workers are required to have short nails, because long nails do harbor more germs that would harm open wound and immune compromised patients.

also I hate black nails especially the stubby ones that men have started sporting.

No. 700698

Like I said, I was speaking from personal experience and I feel like longer nails weren't any dirtier than short nails >>700543. Maybe you should learn the difference, considering you are bringing up medical documents. Nobody said it was a fact that either get dirtier, I thought it was pretty obvious that it was my own opinion. Also, I'm talking about physical "dirt" which is different from pathogens.

No. 700716

So you used the word “unhinged” in a past argument, and now you feel like there's one anon who thinks anyone else who says "unhinged" in any thread is you, so you also pre-emptively say they must be any anons you've argued with in different threads?
I hate Lolcow sometimes, this place can be schizo central.

No. 700718

I in general hate how so many of the kawaii aesthetics are co-opted by DDLGfags. I'm just minding my own business browsing cute things and then I start getting this daddy choke me nymphet shit.

No. 700766

File: 1608723360222.jpeg (283.73 KB, 750x858, 1571660687672.jpeg)

I hate when people need to kawaii-fy everything, or make it more colorful, or turn it into a completely different aesthetic.
The kawaii aesthetic just screams cheap and unbalanced to me. I really don't understand the need to make everything be a bright or pastel color, I would go crazy

No. 700784

File: 1608725821431.png (530.89 KB, 840x859, you dropped this.png)

No. 700790

File: 1608726617823.jpeg (181.49 KB, 750x749, 72EB1360-66A2-4410-A671-0AE730…)

Kawaii and anime stuff always looks so tacky so easily. I would get tired of it too quickly, just imagine cleaning up that hoarder’s nest.

No. 700801

I think it just looks ugly. A single cute plushie or a cute poster or whatever can be nice I guess, but kawaii-fying everything? Ugly.

No. 700824

I know Kelly has a completely pink (or is it just pastel? idk) home but, I think it would look really cool if she had the black tea set in the sea of her colorful house. I think if the bright colors can be balanced out then it'll look good.

No. 700837

File: 1608731959902.png (231.86 KB, 320x427, D4iI9uyU4AE3QRy.png)

dude her entire appartment is full of kawaii shit except for this sephiroth corner
if someone only told her that the teapot set was sephiroth colored, maybe it would had been saved…

No. 700843

File: 1608732541800.jpeg (65.03 KB, 409x271, 01C2FBE3-E887-4B47-8977-875E37…)

That body pillow is scrumptious.

No. 700856

I bet that some farmer here has a little corner filled with a bunch of merch for their husbando like this

No. 700911

I don't find kawaii rooms ugly and kind of like looking at cute photos online, but I know in real life they'd be full of so much dust.
I have the worst allergies set off by dust and I cannot imagine the amount of dusting you'd have to do regularly.

No. 700923

I hate pink

No. 700933

i love pink but this room looks like what would happen if pixielocks, shayna, and a troon with a diaper fetish were allowed to decorate a room together

No. 700936

this. pink isn't a forbidden color, just be aesthetically appealing.

No. 700939

File: 1608741480279.jpg (17.57 KB, 474x471, fdnjbinhguifdjnvfdhug8ryuihvnb…)

fucking facebook
>doesn't delete chat threads after blocking people
>location detection getting more accurate
>unusable with any blockers installed
>pushes app on users by slowing browser down
>blocks you for 30 months for using it too quickly

No. 700945

i enjoy looking at rooms like this but i really see them as more art pieces than a real bedroom. i'd feel so uncomfortable with this being my place of sleep. so much dust as someone else said, and if anything gets into disarray it throws the whole thing off. too high maintenance.

No. 700977

delete it anon, I did and felt so much better for it

No. 700982

It’s so busy and overwhelming but that’s obviously not an issue for these people, but I don’t understand how rooms like these evolve. When do you decide you have too much? How can such an obvious consoomer resist continuously adding shit? Did it become like this (semi) naturally or did the owner decide they needed specific things because aesthetic?

No. 700989

File: 1608745350810.png (789.21 KB, 800x600, huyrugrtb.png)

i wonder the same thing. do these people never buy anything that is not a pastel color? what if they get a gift? do they hide or throw away everything they already had that does not fit the aesthetic?
i imagine everything smells like cheap plastic ordered through chinese knock-off resellers. also it reminds me of a children's room, and makes me think something must be wrong with the owner. like they are into ddlg or have peter pan syndrome. these photos look nice but i couldn't chill in such a room without getting overwhelmed from clutter. the room looks like a store.

No. 701001

i own my fair share of cute pink/pastel belongings but this looks so… cluttered. and cheap. there's such a thing as balance even if you're into collecting things!

No. 701021

File: 1608748824580.jpg (85.85 KB, 283x424, external-content.duckduckgoo.c…)

I hate it so much when a story about some asshole scamming innocent people and exploiting the good will of others in order to gain financial power is regarded as smart, rather than a fucking dickhead.

Yes, his actions might be smart toward achieving the goal, but you know what's also smart? Caring about your conscience. If someone already lacks that, I do not find it inspiring when they "surprisingly" act like a psychopath.

Is being smart in modern society = being evil?

No. 701022

File: 1608748892398.jpeg (171.88 KB, 800x936, 1459280667-529a90a65a784ba839b…)

People who display their anime figure like this

No. 701028

i have two very expensive figures that i keep in a glass case, but man… both of them were $400, i can't imagine how much all of those are together

No. 701029

I think there's a better way to do kawaii interior. In a way where it isn't a pastel blur.

No. 701032

I feel ya I also don't get how people can idealize the movie "The Wolf of Wallstreet" so much

No. 701039

you can see this with breaking bad too. it's exemplified in the intense hatred of skyler white. how dare the nagging harpy-wife ruin her husband's dreams of being a meth lord while endangering himself and his family? how fucking dare. fucking females getting in the way of our power fantasy!
i always judge dudes who are into this crap.

No. 701046

This pic looks more like it's a display from a store and less like it's from some nerds' room.

No. 701051

I'm having ass problems but can't look for possible temporary relief online because all that shows up is anal porn. I fucking hate coomers, not gonna say I wish they all kill themselves because I'm not sure if something like that counts as a-logging, but you know what I'm thinking right now. Not gonna say it tho, nuh-uh.

No. 701063

I love scams and feel the same way. The only exception is Frank Abagnale, but he also wasn't really harming people and now uses his scamming prowess for good.

No. 701151

I'm pretty sure that's a bed on the left

No. 701340

Yeah same, they're cool to look at because a lot of effort goes into the aesthetic and I am into cute pink things, but I'd HATE to live in one. The thought of the dust alone, especially in set ups like >>700989… fucking hell. I keep surfaces as bare as possible and save the 'aesthetic' for furniture/storage/bedlinen etc.

No. 701379

ABO especially in straight fanfiction

No. 701405

Fanfiction. Most is really bad kek

No. 701407

The phrase "Just to play Devils Advocate…" No, shut up you luciferian avocado, you just lost all right talking to me. Go away. Go directly away. Do not pass GO and do not collect $200. Kush.

No. 701409

SAME. How the fuck it got so popular in the first place?
I also don't understand most AUs. Like if I am reading about characters that are pirates, or live in an amazing fantasy world… Why bringing them to somewhere boring? It can work for concept art, but for a full story… I want to see more of the world? I don't know. It's even worse when the AU is just completely crazy and OOC and then you are just writing a new story and using the characters as actors. Stop, I don't wanna read your crazy new universe if I am looking for a Star Trek fanfic.

No. 701410

I hate femininity. From appearance to behaviors.
I'm relieved I'm not expected to wear make up or heels in my workplace, otherwise I'd die a little everyday

No. 701417

The sex scenes in particular always make me cringe. The more technically well-written, the more awful they are.

No. 701427

So many 'feminine things' are just expensive/uncomfortable or time consuming. I'm all for people expressing themselves however they want to but it's also weird to me that being femme means spending money and time upkeeping a standard and basically being andro/masc means just being enough without having to spend money or do anything uncomfy or time consuming

No. 701445

File: 1608770079981.jpg (254.63 KB, 1125x2000, Ep2sC4rXMAIGIjk.jpg)

The reach is awful and there are so many fucking reposters and art thieves

No. 701459

>So many 'feminine things' are just expensive/uncomfortable or time consuming
this. i find it insane how my mom spends money every single month on waxing, doing her nails and eyebrows and buying new make up. every month. it doesn't matter she's poor and always asking me for money. not only my mom, but so many woman i know. i mean, it's their money, but it's so weird to me how this shit is normalized

No. 701474

When these online personality quizzes have two questions packed into one. Bonus if there's only >Yes and >No as possible answers.

No. 701497

People who get so autistic about hating OCs that they create their own OC just to a-log the one they don't like.

No. 701502

Wait what? People do that?

No. 701506

Yeah though it's not as common now as it used to be. I think it's mostly teens doing it but occasionally they're found in "snark/commentary" fics or anti-(whichever character's name) groups on deviantart.

No. 701698

>waxing, doing her nails and eyebrows and buying new make up
I used to do all this too before Corona, I really regret wasting all that money now. I guess it's not a waste if those things make you happy, but I think most women just feel compelled to "put in effort" and look good. A full leg/eyebrow/underarm wax is well over $100 every 3 weeks.

No. 701761

Imagine having this room, inviting a guy over to have sex with him and he sees that shit.

No. 701768

That's exactly why I said that, if you have that shit in your room it's going to look out of place and not in a good way.

No. 701799

File: 1608803019267.jpeg (818.55 KB, 2236x2880, 6A32661A-0ADF-487A-A6C6-B266EF…)

it's the weeb rendition of your moms curio cabinet, by itself it's not too offensive, locale is key.

do not put it in a bedroom, or place where the fuckening is done. it's like having a portrait of your gran watching you fuck, except a thousand teeny waifu eyes are instead bearing down upon you in judgment

No. 701827

>implying these people get laid

No. 701985

File: 1608829259186.gif (741.41 KB, 275x205, 1608341115182.gif)

>except a thousand teeny waifu eyes are instead bearing down upon you in judgment

No. 702069

File: 1608841855836.gif (3.97 MB, 480x270, v9MzVk.gif)

Perfume adverts and even more the people who're influenced by them. How the fuck do you see a pretty video of a beautiful woman or man in a movie-like setting and think "now I have to try this perfume" when it doesn't convey the scent at all. How can you be that fucking stupid to fall for an advert like that. Like if they'd talk about the notes I'd get it, but it's literally just a pretty video.

No. 702073

Oh kek I thought you meant that is was a picture taken in an actual store

No. 702074

When I see one of those ads I feel like “I wish I was a model in a perfume ad like that” but I’d never get any of the perfumes in the ads. Even if I was rich enough to have like 100 bucks to blow on a bottle of perfume I don’t think I’d ever stop using those cheap shitty 15 dollar ones. I mean, it’s just perfume. People act like expensive perfume is such a delicacy and it really shouldn’t be, they don’t smell that good.

No. 702089

>People act like expensive perfume is such a delicacy and it really shouldn’t be, they don’t smell that good.
Cope. Also it's not just that they smell good, they also smell for a much longer time than a cheap perfume. You can sprinkle your scarf with them and a month later it will still smell of perfumes.
The movie ad thing is a basic consumer psychology, sadly it works on women and perfumes are the type of product that is purchased more with emotions in mind than sound logic (like a fridge or computer parts, for example).

No. 702091

Lots of people hate the smell of perfume. Expensive can be even more obnoxious

No. 702110

I really hate perfume, even the lighter scented ones, everytime I try wearing some the smell is so overwhelming and I can't focus on anything (autism much?). I prefer natural scents like rose or coconut, at least it reminds me of things, they are more pleasant imo.

No. 702117

I just hate perfumes and any strong scents because it gives me migraines. I wish that weren't the case. I'd rather be stuck in a room of 100 people with stinky feet and armpits than 2 people with strong perfume on them.

No. 702121

I don't think they expect people to buy perfume without trying it first, but if you go to the shops you're more likely to test one you recognize/remember from an ad. Or if you're just buying one as a gift and don't care about the smell you might assume it's good because the ad has a certain celeb or a classy vibe.

No. 702412

File: 1608899035107.jpg (222.67 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_20201225_122219.jpg)

I hate this performative shit

No. 702503

I don't like the smell of perfumes made for women, I think they usually smell too sweet or too mature and stuffy. I like to wear a little bit of men's perfumes instead, not sure how uncommon that is. I like floral notes blended with something earthier like cedarwood, sage or myyrh. To me it just smells fresh and not necessarily masculine.

No. 702520

Blugh. I can't stand the smell of nearly everything in Bath and Bodyworks. It's like holding in a sneeze every time walking by there.
This chick on Etsy makes some soaps and roll ons that smell incredible. I'll only wear scents with ambers, vanillas, cedars, tobaccos, and spices, and she has a great variety that I've been given as a gift from my husband for the past few years.

No. 702609

Correct me if I'm wrong, but that tag implies that it's about lesbians and fashion, then why do they need to talk about BLM?

Why do they just say "Black trans women" instead of just black women, are they trying to say that it's women's responsability to uplift them and give them free money just because they are not fully women Their words, not mine?

That's… selfish.

No. 702611

some of the bath and body works stuff has a more masculine scent now, I adore in the stars and it's not a traditionally girly smell

No. 702763

I hate it when youtubers (or anyone really) like mrs midwest, lauren southern or classically abby try to give "advice" to women. not necessarily because of the advice they give but because of how young they are. like bitch you're younger than me, why the fuck are you telling me what to do with my life and what will make me happy in the long run? I would rather hear life advice from an older woman who has actually experienced these things.

No. 702784

>two whites discussing black visibility in public on twitter
of course

No. 702801

>I would rather hear life advice from an older woman who has actually experienced these things.
Absolutely, I've come to the realization that older women are really the only people I want to hear from. I don't want male opinions on anything (even if it's totally unrelated to gendered issues), teenagers know nothing, and women in their 20s are my peers so I don't really see them as a source of wisdom.

But yeah especially when it comes to family stuff, the less time they've been married/had kids, the less trustworthy their judgement is. And I definitely would never trust tradthots with an agenda and something to prove.

No. 702831

I'd also definitely rather hear advice from older women, but for sure getting relationship advice from someone in their early 20s feels very empty. There's no way anyone has enough life experience at that age.

No. 702839

Webp images
The word "bruh"
People who excuse shitty male behavior with "he's young! he doesn't know any better!! 1"

No. 702856

Perfume commercials are so ridiculously overbearing in their aesthetics that I kinda love them just for the romanticized vibes. Some are fun and sweet while others are dark and romantic so they try to evoke those moods because obviously you can’t smell through a screen but you might be like “wow I wish I lived life like that”
I would never spend hundreds of dollars on what amounts to smelly water though

No. 702878

>webp images
the fact these are a thing is infuriating, completely undownloadable trash

No. 703078

File: 1608999640462.jpeg (36.08 KB, 225x300, BDA2634C-089F-448C-9932-549925…)

I hate people that smoke, fucking assholes polluting the air and making the people suffering from asthma have allergies for days just because they want to feel less miserable.
How about picking a thing that will give you some sweet dopamine without fucking up others’ lungs and clogging up their respiratory system for days? Asshole.

No. 703087

File: 1609001452833.jpg (85.94 KB, 624x380, 16766.jpg)

The fact that suicide survivor or survivor of suicide means the family and friends of someone who has died by suicide. Not the person who is suicidal and survived killing themselves.

No. 703097

I hate that birth control (pill form) takes away your libido and makes you as dry as a desert. You too can not worry about getting pregnant so long as you forego any pleasure in sex! Just like a woman should!

No. 703101

Retail and fashion stores in big cities that actively hire expats/exchange students that don't speak the language so we, the customers, are expected to speak to them in English. It's not that most of us can't, we can, but that we have to speak something other than our native language to fucking store employees is absolutely ridiculous. Fuck I hate that so much.

No. 703106

>People who excuse shitty male behavior with "he's young! he doesn't know any better!! 1"
and then you look up the dude being defended and he ends up being like, 32

No. 703107

me too anon, me too

No. 703110

I hate it when companies don’t use enough protection for their goods when shipping them. I bought a beautiful edition of a book series that comes in a decorative box to hold the books - except the box had been completely crushed and corners torn in the post. I want to return it, but the item is now out of stock (of course). I’m praying it does come back in stock and if I order it again it will actually arrive in one fucking piece.

No. 703112

where are u from? that doesnt happen where I live

No. 703135

he looks at least 50

No. 703196

I hate thread OP images that are just messily-stitched-together close-ups of a cow's face in selfies, screencaps of their tweets that aren't funny or cringeworthy on their own, and outdated memes where the meme subject was drawn over in Microsoft Paint to make it look like the cow. Sadly, it seems to be the standard thread OP image format now.

No. 703235


No. 703237

I would like to read more /snow threads, but the thread OP images are so ugly it makes me gag scrolling through there. I get that's the point, but I have yet to see an image on there I don't hate.

No. 703282

Snoring, I actually get unreasonably angry at the sound. Just reminds me of restless nights sharing a room with my sibling, prodding them and rolling their deadweight about to shut them up.

No. 703285

PNP's thread pics are the worst. I also hate the ones that are a simple tweet or pretty normal looking block of text. I usually end up scrolling past it and have to go into the catalog. That happened with the celebricows thread a few months ago.

No. 703325

I hate any loud noise in the house, makes me want to sperg out. Especially tv.

No. 703345

I hate when I can hear a muffled phone conversation from the room next to mine, from some reason not hearing clearly what's being said drives me crazy, I don't even care what they are saying, I just wish I couldn't hear it.

No. 703401

Fuck, same. Especially movies where they force you to turn it up to hear what people are saying and then suddenly blast high pitched sound effects or music it makes me so anxious I feel like I'm going to puke but I can't tell people to turn it down or I look like a hysterical freak. I've probably got a touch of the 'tism fuck me.

No. 703454

I hate anons who make new threads too early.

No. 703464

It should be a bannable offense imo, should I complain about on /meta/?

No. 703477

What do you mean too early? Like before 1100 posts?

No. 703478

before 1200

No. 703480

File: 1609084209607.png (13.57 KB, 1269x103, 6564323908675121.png)

If you want, doubt the jannies will care tho.
Doing it as soon as pic shows up instead of the actual lock message.

No. 703481

It's either newfags who freak out when they see the 1100 posts notice or people who think they have a "great" thread pic and absolutely want to use it before anybody else might do it.

No. 703482

File: 1609084750999.png (395.6 KB, 836x1052, xfhi59d608331.png)

The fact that you have to wait like 15 secs in between downloads on sites like Simsdom and TSR. I get having to wait when the download links have adfly or whatever attached, but websites specifically for Sims CC don't so, it literally makes no sense. Just makes downloading CC take 10 times longer.

No. 703485

File: 1609085509768.png (1.15 MB, 1600x2296, 14ceff75e72f4c63abb1a1499b1359…)

Samefag, but I also hate sims that look like pic. I like using super realistic CC too, but this is too much.

No. 703534

File: 1609093366246.jpg (90.42 KB, 1080x718, BabySloth.jpg)

I want to kill it

No. 703538

ok edgelord

No. 703541

File: 1609094095814.png (635.74 KB, 1440x1448, 1608983159739.png)

U nasty

No. 703543

File: 1609094243944.jpeg (185.02 KB, 1242x365, C02AD8E4-C72D-4282-B9CA-205446…)

No. 703549

>using tsr
>using alpha cc
anon pls

No. 703554

File: 1609094658940.jpg (219.23 KB, 1080x1268, 2919735317.jpg)

No. 703578

I swear I only use TSR for Leah Lillith and Nightcrawler hair. Alpha CC is great though so idk what you're talking about.

No. 703586

This made me laugh out loud so hard

No. 703631

File: 1609100208355.jpeg (55.21 KB, 343x360, 16062864g04729.jpeg)

No. 703634

File: 1609100426268.jpg (65.92 KB, 750x638, 70dvlzm7tqt21.jpg)

No. 703641


That looks like every thot either in jail or porn hub

No. 703642

File: 1609101630349.jpeg (195.38 KB, 1242x1242, 07816112-FC2F-4DE7-92DC-83E27A…)

No. 703643


I thought it was just me who thinks this

I miss the days of sims 2 cc hunting and the downloads would be done in seconds

No. 703646

File: 1609101914413.png (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 986x735, 001C2044-2206-4C3C-8CE1-5AE60D…)


This is anything but appealing

No. 703668

I hate people who will do anything to seem quirky. Screw off.

No. 703682

Black simblr is wild. There’s some cute CC that comes from there but the sims / cc can be um. Over the top. Its like weird alpha overlays that litterally looks like somone scanned a person with shiny airbrushed over textured skin. But I’m not a huge fan of alpha so

No. 703695

File: 1609107062072.png (14.86 KB, 1279x83, fetishes.png)

I hate this anon and anyone else like her.

No. 703697

Twitter dudebros whose only personality trait is constantly obnoxiously tweeting about their egos and women while pretending they're progressive and not like the other guys.

No. 703700

No. 703758

When customers try to tell you how to do your job.

No. 703762

The current onision thread pic

No. 703763

All those anons who hate bratz dolls.

Best toy ever, I used to pull their feet off and make them walk on those weird ball stumps they had whilst they "cried" because it hurt. Kek. Reminder to buy some bratz dolls.

No. 703780

what the fuck anon

No. 703783

File: 1609123925768.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.22 KB, 276x400, EA10E233-87BB-4654-8410-3B3B3F…)

I somehow completely forgot they didn’t have feet and I fucking hate that so much.

No. 703787

File: 1609127745633.jpeg (1.13 MB, 2731x1552, 2E374000-EDAB-4447-883D-997135…)

I really dislike most hair trends nowadays. I swear there’s only two types of hairdressers in the US right now—ones who exclusively do beachy waves and ones who give everyone fugly mullets

No. 703788

*i should specify this mostly applies to white hairdressers I guess lol

No. 703790

Some mullets just look like regular hair with bangs to me tbh

No. 703793

File: 1609128466520.jpg (63.39 KB, 484x640, 8989b0e50ccc865239c67f77e5d46e…)

I love bratz dolls but I hate this post

Anyway MH is superior and I hate that people always forget that these existed

No. 703795

Waves are such a hit or miss, they can look good but sometimes they make you look like you just woke up and forgot to brush your hair.

No. 703797

Noo don't spoiler this it's so sexy haha

No. 703802

I hate that Wolf of Wallstreet isn't about werewolves. I got so excited and then immediately disappointed.

No. 703804

hey anon I hope you find a therapist ♥

Monster High was superior in every way and Mattel fucked up by remodeling then stopping selling them. Now we're stuck with OMG dolls and their disgusting IG model bodies.

No. 703816

Arnt bratz dolls defunct now? I heard they stopped being produced a few years ago.

No. 703836

i think most girls that played with bratz dolls were too old for mh dolls

No. 703847

I'm a zoomer so maybe that's why I had both but, I had a couple Bratz dolls and loved them. I even had one of the movies at some point

No. 703860

I really hate when men call their friend group "the boys."

No. 703888

same, I also hate when men refer to their dick as "he". both of my exes did that

No. 703895

Ugh that's so cringy. Same with chicks calling their tits "my girls". Even cringier are people who name their dick or tits.

No. 703898

Ugh my ex tried to name my tits once and started to speak about them like they weren't attached to me and like they were their on entity. It was so freaking cringy and also felt super disrespectful to me.

No. 703954

Men when they start talking about their favourite music or movies. They always pretend to like the underground and different shit which is just bad most of the time and they don't shut up about how meaningful and complex it is apparently.

No. 703956

Ugg boots and Crocs.

No. 703957

when men dance

No. 703983

I'm pretty sure they're not official discontinued.

No. 704000

i don't agree. there is a difference between lightly slapping or squeezing a child's hand and literally beating them. i was not a shitty child i did some stupid shit and my parents have pulled my hair and spanked me. yet the worst was when they yelled and grounded me. with the physical punishment it was done and over, but when they yelled it lasted forever. and they did never let it go, sometimes bringing shit up from years ago. if you know how to make sure a child does not do something by explaining it to them why it is bad then that's good. but some children who are for example violent, will learn best from violence.

No. 704001

i think men dont dance enough actually. The best dancing from men I see is from Soul Train video clips

No. 704009

A parent pulling their childs hair and spanking them is not acceptable. Idc if you're not "beating" them. It's abusive. I'm sorry your stockholm syndrome makes you think otherwise. It's also not normal at all for people (not just parents) to bring up stuff that's years old. That's manipulative.

>children who are for example violent, will learn best from violence.

Just reinforcing the idea that violence is ok if it means you get what you want. It's so backwards to punish someone for being violent with violence. How about get your child some fucking therapy if they're having recurring violent behavior.
>yet the worst was when they yelled and grounded me.
Exactly. The physical punishment didn't do anything to discipline you but the non-corporal punishment actually worked. How crazy is that?

No. 704010

okay ngl the original version of that post was 'when white men dance' but I wasn't sure if it was too raicebaity. Idk it just makes me want to punch them in the face or something it makes me feel so angry.

No. 704017

>yet the worst was when they yelled and grounded me.
>Exactly. The physical punishment didn't do anything to discipline you but the non-corporal punishment actually worked. How crazy is that?

no, what i said is "beating" is not so bad. when i got punished by yelling and getting privileges taken away, i thought it would never end. i spent weeks pitying myself and thinking my parent hates me. whereas with getting slapped i acknowledged that whatever i did made my parents mad and i should stop doing it. message taken. being locked up seemed more unreasonable and unfair than just having my wrist squeezed for eating like a pig at a guest or saying a bad word

No. 704022

File: 1609157436457.jpg (113.85 KB, 1280x720, download.jpg)

i hate how being white is turning into something you should inherently be ashamed of and turn it into caping for whatever minority is the current victim. but if a white person likes too many black artists they are "trying to be black" or "appropriating the culture" yet if they don't like any they are racist???

No. 704032

I just roll my eyes and move on. Hating a group of people as your only personality trait is, and always will be pathetic in any context.

No. 704037


In my opinion "white people" used online just refers to white american people and shouldnt be used to refer to any group of white people on the planet except like, the ones in australia and england.
there are some things that go with every western european but many of the specific reasons of nonwhite people hating white people tends to be about WHITE AMERICAN PEOPLE

I think therein lies the mistake because honestly a Polish, Russian, and an Italian is not going to fit in the normatives of the lol white people meme. In fact all of internets racial narratives are based off of American racial dynamics which makes it really strange when people from other countries internalize it

No. 704044

This is not true. I've seen a few posts about how white people in Europe think they're not racist like Americans but they are, or how we pretend racism doesn't exist here. When they say "white people", they mean all white people.

No. 704051

Oh I didn't know this happened, I was considering trying out birth control pills (ngl I was hoping they'd make my boobs bigger). I had an iud before and it made me really irritable and upset all the time so I got it taken out.

No. 704052

Depends a lot on what is actually said, though. Stuff like "white people food is bland" or "white people have no culture" is definitely American/Anglo-centric, but what >>704044 mentioned is actually absolutely true. While discrimination tends to be more ethnocentric in Europe than in the US and many white ethnic groups don't get along, let's not act like visible minorities ("poc") have it so easy here.

No. 704053

I hate the stupid people online that think being rich and famous qualifies them to "educate" people on things like medicine and science.

Why are people like the Hadids being asked about their opinions on vaccines and healthcare? Why is Jaden Smith giving his two cents about how everybody should drop out of school? Why are so many of them telling us the earth is flat? Why are we being sold essential oils and laxatives to "detox" by the Kardashians? WHY ARE PEOPLE LISTENING TO THEM?

None of these people even successfully got a general education, despite having every opportunity available to them, and they definitely don't have the specialist knowledge to match doctors and scientists have.

No. 704056

I say this a white person - white people contribute to it by being stupid. They all end up pointing at each other and just adding more fuel to the fire. Australians, Americans and British people all essentially come from the same stock so when they start shit-talking each other they just provide ammunition. Like when Americans calls British food bland and British people call American food gross without realising that the most significant difference between the cuisines is the outside influences from non-white cultures. Similarly they all call each other ugly when they have the same damn features from the same damn gene pool. Of course people are gonna run with jokes that that get handed to them on a platter.

No. 704066

Honestly, I always see it the same way as when I say I hate men kek. It's hate on the group and the privileges that come with it, as well as their refusal of accepting that they have them and the absolute tone-deafness sometimes, and not hate on the individual unless there's a reason for it (and if there is, it's often exactly because of one of the aforementioned points).

No. 704068

Ok, to preface here I'm not going to go into race sperging.
The US was initially filled with UK stock, but we've had many non-UK European immigrants here for generations now, long enough to bring those cultures in. People from all over the world live in this country.

No. 704072

Honestly most white americans here dont look anything short of anglo saxon types or mixed with multiple various white ethnicites type. they can look as close as north europeans like germans and scandanavians in some areas but thats about it
dominant white culture in the us is still wasp culture or heavily anglo saxon influenced so even europeans who emigrate here just end up having the same values and tendencies as anglo saxons anyways
which isnt really the same as europeans living in their home countries where you can really see the difference culturally and physically. just my opinion

No. 704227

I hate it when psychopaths make loners and hermits look bad. Some of us just like being alone and have no ill will toward others.

No. 704238

Fucking men writing sex scenes as if they were literal porn videos. Of course the girl loves to swallow and cums right after the scrote enters her. Sure.

No. 704242

*Most of us I'd say.

No. 704361

I hate all celebrities with a burning passion and everyone who tries to defend them.

No. 704380

Same anon
I also hate the celebrity thread. Don’t know what it is about celebrities that attracts the most batshit people

No. 704402

i hate when reader insert fanfic has genderspecial bullshit/a nonbinary reader

No. 704404

Right there with ya sister

No. 704405

I hate ASMR nsfw x listener shit. It’s so cringey especially if the dude doesn’t know how to voice act. Drama cds can be ok but only because of the language barrier.

No. 704408

Yes! It ruins the whole fucking story so much, I also hate it when the plot is interesting/the setting is hot, and you get a
> “but they said this or that!!”
To any fanfic writers out there, fuck off with that gendersnowflake bullshit, you know your readers are 90% women, specially when it’s a romantic or porn fanfic.

No. 704432

File: 1609196337001.jpeg (208.88 KB, 1242x448, C8A2A48F-E0A6-40B6-9227-DC2928…)

I hate the Pansexuality trend.
It should’ve died with tumblr.

No. 704435

File: 1609196832374.jpeg (113.05 KB, 1145x277, 0839A28A-4E9A-4FE5-B62C-C0DF08…)

wise words from a fellow farmer

No. 704441

I talked about it in another thread but I read one of those "gender neutral reader" fanfics and the self insert was so obviously written as a girl no matter how hard the writer tried to make every term vague and genderless.

No. 704464

>sapphic pansexual
ah yes, a lesbian leaning bisexual

No. 704472

i only call myself pan because i like the pansexual flag design better than the bi one

No. 704511

You're still embarrassing.

No. 704784

when non-black twitter coomers and thots have blm and/or acab in their names or bios

No. 704785

Any Twitter coomer with BLM/ACAB is embarrassing and makes no sense tbf

No. 704786

File: 1609254886786.png (5.31 KB, 2084x636, 1 6GX8bnXXUcIW7FxPpLg60A.png)

How? Embarrassing label aside, the pan flag is hideous IMO. The bi one is so much cuter

No. 704787

Agreed. Pansexuals just have shit taste.

No. 704788

true, but i'd say non-black ones are even more annoying because it just reeks of virtue signaling like "look at me!! i love black people!! i'm woke!! will you buy my pr0n now plz!!"

No. 704795

Also very true, great point

No. 704796

i know
i don't like the color purple

No. 704902

File: 1609273467897.png (574.72 KB, 658x868, 0001.png)

I know this looks autistic but I can't stand art styles (both east and western) that have huge gaps between the eyes and mouth, mainly when the mouth is too low. It looks so disproportionate and ugly, and sometimes inbred-like.

No. 704947

I hate bitches that enable sex work like sugaring and of. Like “get that bag sis!” Or “sex work is work” Type bitches. Seriously, you don’t see men trying to get each other into the industry. They even shame each other for doing it. What happened to pride and dignity?

No. 704963

I hate reader insert fanfic in general.

No. 704973

I've noticed when people create their own characters in video games they also always give them extremely tiny jaws or low mouths. It looks bad on a character older than like 8. Wide vertical spacing especially on anime faces with the mouth so low look horrendous. Also eyes too big for the skull, where it can't actually be on a 3d face because it would have to bleed into the side of the face instead of sitting at the front of it. I'm not a huge realismfag but stylization should have some grounding.

I'm open to horizontal spacing weirdness on the eyes though. I think eyes being close together or far apart can enhance a character's vibe.

No. 704993

i agree with your overall point but men probably wouldn't shame each other over doing sex work unless it was gay stuff. the majority of men would jump at the opporunity to monetize their coomerism and other men would view them as cool for it

No. 705000

This is why all sims4 Sims look inbred to me. Their cartoon style has those overly long midfaces, it's so ugly to me I never played the game, even as a sims fan.

No. 706206

I hate when I read an article related to hobbies or history there's a paragraph saying "because of the ongoing Covid-19 crisis everything had to be canceled or postponed". I'm just trying to escape the bleak reality, thanks for anchoring me back.

No. 706266

I hate seeing them everywhere,they're disgustingly overrated.

No. 706267

Hate them, lame and childish

No. 706274


No. 706280

File: 1609460889437.jpg (12.61 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 706294

Now you’re just wrong

No. 706297

File: 1609462740588.jpg (205.09 KB, 856x1280, FHT1930s-cover2.jpg)

I hate most media set between 1900-1950, except for during the two world wars.
Especially if its media about the upper classes such as Downton Abbey, Jeeves and Wooster, and the Great Gatsby. Fashion was ugly too. There were some amazing books and films produced during that era but overall I just find that whole time period boring as fuck.

No. 706301

File: 1609463614593.jpg (11.76 KB, 239x278, tumblr_1fb0888dc84a3c912d74508…)

>fashion was ugly between 1900-1950
Wow, I think this may be the most incorrect opinion I've ever seen.

No. 706314

I saw "dragons" my mind leapt to dragon tales and here it fucking is, based anon

No. 706349

Cry more

No. 706354

what's wrong with you

No. 706362

everything you mentioned is set in 1930s and prior tho. fashion changed so dramatically between decades, what don’t you like specifically?

No. 706371

Me too, I hate the forced "classy" and "mature" vibe in outfits like pic related. Frumpy looks presented as cool.

No. 706417

When it’s New Year’s Eve and you have to go to work early the next day so you go to bed at 9 and wake up at 12 to the sound of 100 and 1 fireworks that your neighbors are popping even tho you’re legally not supposed to on our street, and loud ass music from a house party across the street. Hate that shit…

No. 706540

File: 1609516142422.jpg (122.5 KB, 960x540, end.jpg)

the french language

No. 706546

yeah they should look casual and relatable instead

No. 706548

agreed. they should just put everyone in skinny jeans instead imo

No. 706552

Were you forced to learn it? I had to study French in school and hated it because it was difficult and the teachers were shit. Since leaving I don’t mind it anymore.

No. 706575

People who are making a huge deal of not drinking or not eating something. The ones who will always remind you about it whenever you go out with them and randomly tell the r/thathappened stories like 'everyone were sooo shocked that I never drink!' multiple times, to make themselves feel special. Same goes with weird wannarexics who would always tell how "people were so shocked that I eat so little!" While having a huge plate of food in front of you.

Since when it's a personality trait? No one should give a fuck about whatever you eat.

No. 706582

nta but there are ways of looking classy without looking fuck ugly

No. 706605

I read a lot of AITA stories of teetotalers EMOTIONALLY ABUSED TO TEARS!!!1 because they didn't want a glass of wine at a gathering. I'm convinced these are extremely sensitive people that feel insecure about not drinking and they are basically writing out their anxiety fantasies while painting themselves as the victim at the same time. NOBODY CARES THAT YOU DON'T DRINK. What I hate the most are the people that don't drink but treat you shitty because you do. I have a friend on probation that gets snippy with me if I mention alcohol and it's like, well, that's your own damn fault? I'm not a loser like you, I'm allowed to drink

No. 706614

File: 1609530925179.jpg (35.93 KB, 900x900, 11846807lk_12_a_f.jpg)

These ugly ass shoes that every fuckboy wears nowadays, they look like fucking slippers, people into fashion are such sheeps, they get tricked into buying expensive and ugly pieces of clothing just because they've been told it looks good.

No. 706641

This is my sister. She doesn't drink and doesn't want kids. I don't care, that's her choice. Nobody in our family gives her shit for it either. Regardless of what the topic of conversation is, it will always somehow veer into how everyone judges her for her life choices, coming up with instances where someone was clearly giving her crap for not drinking, or not wanting kids. The examples usually amount to "this person looked at me funny, so that's how I know everyone hates me." I'm starting to thinks she's genuinely delusional at this point.

No. 706652

I have a fake version of those and I think I look cool

No. 706661

I actually really like these. I wouldn't pay that much for these ones in particular, but they look very modern and comfy af.

No. 706706

what do you pair them with? i think they're kinda cool, but i'm not sure how you'd build an outfit to include them

No. 706788

"dumb bitch memes"

No. 706808

Finally, someone with the courage to say it.

No. 706823

Sucks to be you luv x

No. 706829

half of them make me lose my shit laughing and the other half I roll my eyes, so I agree with both sides. hate sanrio memes, we get it you're smol uwu (they get posted in that thread)

No. 706860

File: 1609554880796.jpg (43.92 KB, 400x258, Chest.jpg)

I hate big pectoral muscles on moids. Men should not have tiddies. I'd rather an Auschwitz-mode skelly guy over this.

No. 706862

>not liking both
shit taste

No. 706864

anon I don't think having more men that you're attracted to is a good thing. I'm ashamed and regretful of liking just one type

No. 706874

Not wanting to squeeze and lick a himbos boobs? Pathetic

No. 706878

and those instagram accounts that exclusively post before-and-afters of the "shag" haircut, it's like congratulations you have made hundreds of women look significantly worse. I hate irrationally

No. 706881

The people who wear killstar and shitty disney merch and are obsessed with disney as adults. They're always fat and act aggressive in local facebook groups. Want to bond over being "alt"

No. 706970

Oh my god yes. These are so gross. They always make guys’ feet look gigantic too.

No. 706976

I like them on women because I like that size effect. not a foot fetishist, but for the proportions and style. I like slightly masc women… "masculine" sneakers like that just look so right on girls.
when a guy wears them it's ok but the thing I hate, is guys who spend a lot on shoes. the "fashionable" men who look like every other "fashionable" guy. they usually brag about it and to me it shows a lack of caution with spending, and materialistic arrogance. they are even bigger show-offs than the rest of men.

No. 706986

I think they look really cool with techwear or otherwise dark/alt/kinda futuristic outfits. Sometimes I see people pairing them with the most basic streetwear fits and they really do look like socks in that case, like that person just didn't finish getting dressed.

No. 707004

File: 1609580519011.jpg (564.79 KB, 640x481, 19844889-23564027.jpg)

That boy bratz reminds me of someone…

No. 707313

God I fucking hate Olaf the snowman so fucking much holy shit. Holy shit, every frame he’s in, every scene, every gif, every jpeg, he’s got this painfully vacant, stupid as shit, fuckass look on his stupid lumpy face. Absolutely no part of his ugly as sin piece of shit character design is endearing. His stupid fucking legs? Who the hell makes a snowman with legs. His dumb flaily fucking twig arms? His shitty, lumpy bastard head? The three thousand percent unnecessary dumbass shitass fucking SNOW BUCK TOOTH that no snowman has EVER FUCKING HAD IN tHE HISTORY OF GOD’S GREEN FUCKING EARTH? God, I hate him. I hate him so much. So FUCKING much. Every time I see a stuffed toy Olaf or an Olaf gif or a shitty goddamn commercial, it ignites my primal rage response and I’m overcome by the need to punt this shitty little homunculus into the fucking sun. “Bhurr blur, I’m Olaf the fuckshit snow fucker, I like warm hugs”. Fuck you. Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you. You look like Tow Mater summoned a patronus. Your dumb fucking twig hair makes your whole shitty head look like a hairy skin tag. I hate your dumb fucking lumpy carrot nose and your stupid, empty googly eyes and your over-the-top goofy ass upbeat asshole personality. Any scene he’s sad it invokes all the wrath and fury of a spoiled child having a meltdown over a chocolate bar in a w*lmart checkout line. And I know its irrational. That’s the worst part. I know he’s just a shitty fucking side character in a stupid fucking children’s movie, I know it doesn’t matter, I know I shouldn’t care. But that’s part of the problem. The part where no matter the might and fury of my hatred, the locus of my homicidal intent is alltogether inconsequential. I find myself laying awake in the dark in the early hours of the morning consumed by the spirit of Wrath itself, all the force and might of a flaming hurricane directed at a bottle of piss in a ditch by the highway. The absurdity of it all burns me to my core. What better things could this energy be directed towards? And yet my disdain for this stupid, useless, insubstantial failure of endearing character design utterly eclipses the intrigue of all other pursuits. I hate him. I hate him on a level of my mind reserved for the worst of the world’s array of sinners, and I can’t even begin to justify it. Shitstick the snow dick is, for all intents and purposes, the animated corpse of all of humanity’s saccharine pretenses- every condescending, passive-aggressive statement of meaningless upper middle class suburban drama distilled into a single, hateable form. The fucking. Fuck. I have no words. There is no cuss or epithet in any language that can encapsulate the height of the emotions I am experiencing. God, I hate him so much. I hate him so, so fucking much. I want to light his ugly little dumpster body on fire. I want to graphically beat him to death with his own stupid fucking nose. I want to punch him to death. You know that weird feeling you get, when you see a picture of something so cute you find yourself overcome with the bizarre, inexplicable urge to squeeze it? It’s EXACTLY like that, except instead of cuteness it’s disgust. The wordless knowledge that his existence as a fictional work is evidence of all the failures of mankind. I find myself possessed by the will of a Holy Angel gone rogue with the belief that God has made a mistake, and I alone must correct it. This is the trial by which Samael himself fell from grace. This wild, meaningless rage. A thousand blades of shining steel cast with inhuman force in the direction of a plastic grocery bag floating on a breeze. What horrors must I have committed in a past life to be plagued by this torment now? I must Unmake this fictional snowman

No. 707317

File: 1609625002646.jpeg (134.71 KB, 750x655, 66CFA088-B8B9-4FCD-B8EC-CE44D2…)

No. 707318

nice copypasta u got there

No. 707360

I hate BTS. Something about shitty singers with generic trash music being popular worldwide irks me. They don't even sing in english which means their underage fans can't even understand wtf they're saying.

No. 707368

>They don't even sing in english which means their underage fans can't even understand wtf they're saying.
I don't get this argument. Have you never liked music from a foreign country? American music for example is listened to in a lot of countries, but a lot of people don't have the sufficient english skills to understand it. Doesn't change the fact it sounds good (not talking about BTS specfically).

No. 707371


agree with second anon. there are plenty of other reasons to hate them but you picked a stupid one.

No. 707373

Translations exist, anon.

I don’t hate BTS but I find it weird that the hyper-manufactured boybands that are out of fashion in the West are appealing if they’re from Korea.

No. 707380

I hate when writers try to romanticize real serial killers we know nothing of. Like just make a fictional one, then i don't mind. Or give him a crude backstory instead of "Oh well all started when my very loved wife became terminally ill". I don't want to feel empathy for someone who killed vulnerable people in real life, thanks

No. 707383

File: 1609631600321.jpg (78.29 KB, 735x913, pic.jpg)

this nail shape

No. 707391

File: 1609633878600.jpg (50.14 KB, 736x737, ew.jpg)

NTA but I can't stand white nail polish especially on feet like what the fuck?

No. 707398

it reminds me of a trend where kids painted their nails with a correction pen

No. 707411

i like it exactly because it looks like correction pen’s ink and it makes my inner edgy teenager squeal with happiness

No. 707432

It's funny how in the West ppl push for body positivity while stanning literal anorexic idols

No. 707438

File: 1609646705833.jpg (155.55 KB, 800x1200, 38.jpg)

Agree. I think almond and oval shapes look the best

I hate curled hair with straight ends

No. 707446

Those look like fucking teeth

No. 707498

I think curled hair looks bad in general. Natural is far more prettier.

No. 707500

like who?

No. 707531

File: 1609673905469.jpg (235.4 KB, 1057x1474, Anthony_bourdain_peabody_2014b…)

I'm not usually in the business of hating celebs but I really didn't like Bourdain. Seemed super stuck up about everything for no good reason.

No. 707532

i hate your opinion but respect the stance

No. 707533

What did you like about him? He just seemed to have reddit tier opinions

No. 707534

This may shock you, but we're not a hivemind. Typically the people espousing body positivity are not the same ones stanning ana celebrities.

No. 707537

File: 1609674647971.jpg (10.99 KB, 251x343, balenciaga-womens-toe-knit-boo…)

Could be worse. Pic related is an actual thing designed by real human beings.

No. 707539

i appreciated his openness to other culture not just food, and he was really supportive of womans issues even before metoo wokeness. i could relate to his struggles with industry and addiction. he apparently was super great to his filming crew as well which is really nice

overall he seems p reddit tier now but he seemed fairly genuine, albeit an asshole for sure

No. 707540

File: 1609675007303.jpeg (38.8 KB, 548x551, WhatsApp Image 2021-01-02 at 1…)

what about this?

No. 707542

They look like the Grinch's BDSM clubwear

No. 707548

No. 707550

He seems like a normal white guy who thought he was so much better than everyone else because he was willing to eat something a little different.

>“Do we really want to travel in hermetically sealed popemobiles through the rural provinces of France, Mexico and the Far East, eating only in Hard Rock Cafes and McDonalds? Or do we want to eat without fear, tearing into the local stew, the humble taqueria's mystery meat, the sincerely offered gift of a lightly grilled fish head? I know what I want. I want it all. I want to try everything once.”

Big fucking deal. I ate that shit all of the time as a kid in my immigrant family. Idk, I swear I'm not the kind of person who hates white people for trying new food but I really don't understand his pompous attitude and looking down at other people. And even the super white bread Republic suburb my folks live in have several authentic Mexican restaurants so his attitude is even more laughable these days. And I really do not like the kind of white person who acts like they love ~PoC~ but are soooo above middle America. Newsflash, non-whites are just as trashy and tasteless if not more so.

And like wtf is this shit:

>Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food.

I'm not even anywhere close to vegetarian but I don't mind vegans/vegetarians who aren't pushy while he acts like it's a personal affront. Never mind that a lot of Indian food is veg too. Is he offended by that?

Looking at the rest of his quotes I feel sick. It's literal Eat Pray Love "just go travel" bullshit. Sorry, it's just hard to feel bad about someone's suicide when they make a name by judging wide swathes of people. Good fucking riddance. I'm not even in the groups of people he judges (because I'm a omnivore, "traveler", and adventurous eater) he is just so fucking obnoxious to me.

No. 707553

Like really, this shit is wack:

>no matter how good a drinker you might think you are, don't forget that the Russians - any Russian - can drink you under the table

You have to live under a literal fucking rock to never have heard that Russians are good at drinking

Seriously it really seems like his work is relevant to some edgy and mediocre 20-something white guys and pickmes who want to pretend they are so much more cultured and refined than everyone else

Also i think it's so weird he made a big deal out of virtue signaling some old lady who wrote a positive review of Olive Garden when his career is based on trashing people who eat there

No. 707571

His writing was real pompous sometimes and there was a degree of fetishization, but considering his own cultural upbringing and his audience I guess I didn't find him that obnoxious. Not the person you're replying to, and I'll never have the chance to be well traveled lol but I've worked food service since I was 16 and his attitude towards cooks and chefs made me feel pretty important when I first started watching his show. It was my introduction to food culture/travel genre before Netflix.

No. 707579

Idk this guy so coming at it from a neutral stance, his opinions about vegetarianism are ironically the same as every white boomer whose favorite meal involves dry, unseasoned chicken. I’m not a vegetarian but meat is often used as a vehicle for spices and seasonings and/or a protein kick. It can be tasty in its own right but it’s not like meatless food is automatically disgusting. If you’re eating mystery meat and fish heads, why not try some plants too?

> You have to live under a literal fucking rock to never have heard that Russians are good at drinking

Kek exactly, the fact he offered this as new information makes me wonder what other shit he came out with. Breaking the news to America that the French eat croissants, perhaps?

No. 707596

I never like him after he went to Japan and decided it was really really important to talk to the guy who invented tentacle hentai. That's a good use of everyone's time

No. 707613

the dasha thread on /pt/. bitch hasn't had milk in YEARS almost. it's obvious at this point that every once in a while some mina/edwin spergs that are still obsessed with her will bump the thread with non-milk or some shitty screenshot of sockpuppet instagram accounts and that's it. i'm not trying to wk her but if there's no milk there's no milk, it's embarrassing to see what is most likely edwin himself still trying to stir shit

No. 707648

Ot but i have always liked Mina and hated Edwin, this tard also makes all of his YT content off reading lolcow lol

No. 707709

File: 1609699025306.jpg (139.55 KB, 1500x650, 8119ZpY xQL._SL1500_.jpg)

These are so good but I hate that they melt so fucking fast. I'm literally probably going to buy an icepack just so I can actually enjoy these at home and not in my car (and probably spill a little icecream on my seats)

No. 707716

>this tard also makes all of his YT content off reading lolcow
This. There are so many "content producers" doing this atm and I wish there was at least a way to make them donate towards our hosting
It's bullshit, they profit from the collective detective work of the farm anons and cause controversy that often lead to people try to shut down the farm sites, what do we get out of it?

No. 707720


No. 707732

File: 1609701079780.png (328.35 KB, 1024x575, pasted_image_0-107.png)

Tbh, I find Dream to be very overrated. Mostly thanks to his fanbase infested with creepy zoomers that obsess over and draw gore porn art out of him. It's also annoying how he is often trending on Twitter mostly for stupid reasons such as his neck being revealed. There I said it.

No. 707757

Go over to youtuber salt thread and you'll feel right at home kek

No. 707771

Do they have the mochi texture? i fucking hate it so much it makes me want to throw up I want to try the mochi ice cream because it seems interesting.

No. 707780

Nta but only the outside is mochi texture, but it works well together with the ice cream. I'm not a big fan of mochi either but the ones anon posted are so good.

No. 707792

File: 1609705824473.jpg (44.36 KB, 696x425, dfx0218-EDD-MyMo.jpg)

Ayrt, and yeah only the outside is mochi (my favorite part tbh), but it's pretty noticeable. If you don't like the texture of mochi i wouldn't recommend but, maybe you should just buy and see for yourself. Maybe you'll end up liking them?

There's also the pints, which are mostly ice cream with small pieces of mochi. They're a little harder to find though. I'm not in love with the pints, but I only had the choco flavor, and I hate chocolate ice cream so. The mochi in these is not that noticeable.

No. 707865

The fact that I can't watch videos on here while using my phone unless I convert them to mp4 form!

No. 708734

I hate when men spit on the ground. It's so disgusting it damn near ruins my day if I see a man doing it. My neighbor spat on the wooden stairs leading up to our apartment and the huge glob was there for almost a week and it made me wanna die every time I walked past it

No. 708742

I kind of hate how much I hate myself. I contemplate suicide almost everyday but it’s never gonna happen. I just don’t know what I’m really trying to shoot for anymore.
I also fantasize about life after my death. Part of me feels like I would be at peace however I know for sure it would sit uncomfortably with my family and friends.

No. 708744

I would just like to understand not only why they do this (because I’ve never seen a woman spit like that), but how. Are they actually another species that produces vast amounts of mucus? Seriously, I’ve never spat like that in my life.

No. 708798

Sexual cosplays and furries

No. 708801

I hate that self researching + ordering myo inositol, DIM and spearmint off of Amazon and diet did way more for my PCOS and endo than any gyno I've ever had did

No. 708805

The only explanation I've heard is that they "don't want to swallow their spit". Which makes no sense. It's so fucking disgusting and I want to throw up whenever I see it happen.

No. 708815

People nitpicking and insulting totally normal looking eyebrows.

It was already annoying when it was mostly women doing it but I'm seeing so many men join in now and just… it was always a catty or petty insult to throw at someone anyway but men certainly have no room to nitpick

No. 708823

People who use the term "femcel" unironically.

No. 708914

Anons nitpicking everything on women bodies, or acting like having less than attractive boobs/vagina is a health issue, like how many people conspired about camgirls having saggy boobs looks like breast cancer

No. 708922

at this point i just assume most anons doing that are scrotes, painfully underage, or, heaven forbid, both of those things. especially when the boobs or vagina they're nitpicking are relatively normal or even nice looking

No. 708936

File: 1609879192300.png (866.42 KB, 956x573, 2016books.png)

I hate how contemporary book covers are designed.

No. 708942

The retarded "beauty" culture of today. The artificalness and stiff way so many e boys and e girls take their pics now. The general lackluster and boring feeling entertainment culture has

No. 708959

File: 1609881425502.jpeg (75.17 KB, 355x860, 195B8865-8E85-4CF3-B566-84BACC…)

>The bed bed moved moved

No. 708965

Some are okay but this is an abysmal selection.

No. 708998

the pencil stubs one is really cute.
I like pencil stubs

No. 709047

The cannibals in love one is the worst. my god

No. 709937

I hate Garnet's voice in Steven Universe, her actress really sounds like she can't put any emotion wether it's anger, sadness or anything else.

No. 709952

Criminally ugly.

No. 710053

These look like art of high-school “contest winners”.

No. 710338


I heard that the margins are so thin on shitty books that the budget for the cover art is usually zero.

No. 710590

I thought that was the point, to make her look stoic and 'mysterious.'

No. 710670

Slam metal and the types who are decked in slam metal merch

No. 710698

Schizoids and people with blunted affect deserve representation in children's cartoons.

No. 711254

File: 1610236308699.jpg (35.43 KB, 230x345, 51350-lolita-0-230-0-345-crop.…)

i hate how a brilliant book about the dangers of a psychotic pedophile was misinterpreted by dumbass men who don't know how to read and helped changed culture for the worse forever

No. 711268

File: 1610238591261.jpg (10.47 KB, 295x378, 1427654244907.jpg)

So tired of these trashy ass bitches that get 0.1% native anything on their DNA test and come on twitter bitching at anything and anyone. Shut the fuck up.
This isn't racebait by the way, anyone who nitpicks their DNA for brownie points has terminal autism.

No. 711269

File: 1610238795375.png (367.05 KB, 452x377, Screenshot_2021-01-09 pitbulls…)

I hate ugly dog breeds so much. I love dogs but I don't like saying that to people because I really only love dogs that I find aesthetically pleasing. Fuck pugs, fuck all kinds of bulldogs but especially french bulldogs, fuck pitbulls, fuck those dreadlock dogs, fuck those awful griffon fuckers, fuck boston terriers.(use the dog hate thread)

No. 711390

A lot more dumbass women misinterpreted this I think. It’s either ~uwu so romantic~ or ~OwO normalised paedophillia~

No. 711394

I hate Pitbulls. Something about them is so ugly and demon-like it makes me want to put them all down. I used to live in a shit area where people left them outside and they always looked so mangled and disgusting. It got to the point where owning a pit was almost a sign of a shit dog owner. Its so odd watching dog videos and pit owners use cutesy music for such a nasty demonic looking animal.

No. 711406

File: 1610265273955.jpg (79.38 KB, 1080x581, 8b703b0dc038256d8a4e9b89260e4c…)

If I had 3 genie wishes, I would seriously consider using one of them to erase this dog breed from existence.

No. 711407

File: 1610265735663.jpg (288.05 KB, 900x922, 11.8.13-Pit-Bull-Myths.jpg)

they're cute and sweet unless abused or bred to be aggressive fuck you guys(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 711412

>be humans
>shit up entire breeds of dogs so you can use them for dogfighting and to intimidate each other
>then blame the dog breed, call it "ugly" and talk about wanting to exterminate it as if you're not the ones who ruined it to begin with, and you won't just do the same to another innocent breed of dog
This shitty species doesn't even deserve dogs, I swear.

No. 711416

File: 1610269207671.jpg (121.23 KB, 675x900, gaia-the-leopard-gecko-tracy-b…)

These gross-looking animals and the people who think owning one makes them an animal husbandry expert.

No. 711426

The mental retardation of this whole site. I cannot believe I dropped an edible and read through all this.


No. 711441

Sage bc ot
The person who made that site is a huge cow herself lmao, thanks for bringing u old memories

No. 711444

I love dogs more than anything but pitbulls should be eradicated, no exceptions. They were bred to be killing machines and they still have those features, no amount of "awww but ours is a kissing machine" coddling can take it away. Sure you could get bitten by a golden retriever or something but chances are that you won't get killed by one. Pitbulls will maim and rip your throat off while other breeds bite you out of fear or anxiety. Every time a severe dog attack happens in my area it's always a pitbull or a pitbull mix attacking either a person or another dog.

No. 711445

NTA but I need deets as an oldfag Sailor Moon fan. Looking through her site she seems like one of those early to mid 00's fansite owners who just made up lore due to missing translations (like the owner of that "The Tomb of the Little Known Senshi" site) while adding their own agenda to it.

No. 711448

I don't understand people calling them kissing machines or nanny dogs, they were literally bred to kill small animals or other dogs as fast as possible in, you know, pits. That's where the name Pitbull comes from. Just like you see sheperds trying to herd, Labradors happily swimming in water (or the toilet bowl) and Huskies wanting to run and run and run, you'll see pitbulls attacking out of instinct. And it's hard to breed that instinct out of Pitbulls after centuries of actively trying to get the strongest, most aggressive dog that looks the scariest.

No. 711451

fucking thank you

No. 711457

Ding ding ding we have a winner. She also has a ton of other sites, her most active ones are her ones about wrestling and her personal site and art. Her name is Koriander Bullard. I cant find her ED artical anymore but it basically chronicalled her sites, her being a massive web with an autistic fascination on sailor moon. She’s half black and would bitch about it on facebook. Her websites and personal work is an interesting deep dive if you wan to look into it. I remeber being fascinated with moonsisters when i was like 7 years old and just findin out abt sailor moon. Embarrassing.

It’s crazy to see how much effort she’s put into her various sites, even after 15+years moonsisters is still getting updated

No. 711501

I am also obsessed with dogs. The amount of horror stories from our local dog park always include a staffordshire bull terrier or american pitbull. They should all be culled.

Like you said they have lockjaw so when they sink their massive ugly faces into another dog or human, they only let go with a chunk still in their mouths.

One attacked my friends yorkshire terrier a couple months back. It's owner stupidly had it off it's lead and it ran out the park and started savaging this dog. Luckily a man passing by just started beating it with it's fists and it surprised the dog into attacking the man instead but he was ok. Thank god the yorkie survived with just a few bruises.

I saw it the other day and I don't understand why it's not been put down

No. 711504

File: 1610288713647.jpg (128.29 KB, 492x328, 7841516_orig.jpg)

I hate munchkin cats. Their stubby legs make me uncomfortable and regular cat legs are cuter. I also hate cats with scrunched up faces like Persian cats. They look like they're missing some chromosomes.
The worst combo is a Persian munchkin cat, so ugly compared to the superior domestic shorthair.

No. 711513

Those acrylic nails that go deep into your skin

No. 711516

i wasn't expecting those early 2000's ass webpages to load up when i clicked those links, holy shit. i love everything about them. i wish her ED page still existed, i'd love to read more about her

No. 711517

Wtf are you talking about?

No. 711538

It's ironic the the dumbest ass owners always choose the hardest dogs to handle. If you want a dog that you can control easily and that you can let off leash without worrying about it biting, just get a corgi or a chihuahua.

No. 711553

you should've posted this in CC where majority of the scrotes are lurking KEK

No. 711580

Sorry I meant when people cut deep into their cuticles to fit the nails in. It just looks like it hurts a lot


No. 711602

I've never had fake nails before, do some go that far down or is that bad technique?

No. 711609

File: 1610302909126.jpg (224.57 KB, 1080x1349, 81622206_124785272391841_69155…)

I do my own nails and tbh you're not supposed to cut the cuticles (unless they're overgrown I believe? Which is what I do when I bite my nails cause otherwise I have no space) cause it makes the chances of infection greater, and if you cut it improperly then you're probably cutting the actual skin around your nail. A lot of people still use cuticle cutters though, otherwise you just push them down. The actual acrylic/polygel and nail tips are not supposed to go into your skin at all though. You literally just put it on top of the natural nail.

No. 711616

Reddit self poster nudes being photoshopped to hell and back with a lot of them having obvious boob jobs and other work done is more toxic than IG thots, at least everyone knows ig thots are fake, men are actually expecting average women to have big perky symmetrical tits, a tiny waist, flat stomach, wide hips and big round butt naturally with perfect skin

No. 711626

Humans aren't a hivemind.
Autists like this are endearing to me tbh.

No. 711693

File: 1610313684527.png (278.98 KB, 603x670, nanny_time.png)

>be human
>breed a type of dog solely for the purpose of brutally attacking other animals in bloodsport combat
>decide two centuries later that this breed of dog is no different than those bred for companionship, hunting, herding, etc. and that it should be introduced into homes as a family pet
>casualties!(dogsperging ->>> dog hate thread)

No. 711695

so you agree that braindead humans are the real problem.

No. 711732

File: 1610317521836.jpg (62.27 KB, 332x400, bigfoot-lives-miles-aldridge.j…)

I hate that internet exposure has clued me in on so many disgusting fetishes and "communities" dedicated to them.
The fashion photographer Miles Alridge is an obvious crush fetishist. That one photo of a bunny between a woman's heels makes me feel fucking queasy, because it's dressed up as cool and "artistic" like the rest of his shit, but I know the implications. I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of those freaks that pays random women to torture animals. I seriously hope all these coomer fucks and their yes-men die in horribly painful accidents.

No. 711743

File: 1610318568288.jpeg (165.49 KB, 750x1049, 7A8B459F-6990-4861-8B8D-B8417C…)

Fetishes which aren’t overtly sexual or don’t have a strong connection with sexuality weird me out. Straightforward foot fetishes were strange to me but I’ve read that there’s science behind that and I guess it’s harmless… the crushing shit is just so disconnected from sexuality, I don’t understand the psychology.

If it makes you feel any better, balloon fetishes are also a thing. Weird, but amusing at least.

No. 711750

File: 1610319150027.png (521.85 KB, 1280x720, 313C1D28-0B50-4963-B9E8-4FDF6F…)

No. 711751

And they just gotta put their age in the title to let everyone know they're U N D E R 2 0 ! ! !
It's so gross and pandering, like legitimately even back in my pickme days I still would have looked down on that shit.

No. 711757

I've read from those people that they like to imagine themselves as the object or being that gets crushed. It's some kind of masochistic thing, but they project it onto inanimate objects and vulnerable animals.
I remember looking this shit up on Wikipedia or something because I couldn't understand it, and there was a blog post by a guy with a bug crushing fetish who said he actually loved insects when he was a kid, and it made him extremely upset when people would kill them. When he was going through puberty, he saw a girl he liked crush an insect, and it shocked/confused him. He then realized he imagined himself as the insect, and now, if he's in a room with a girl and he sees one, he tries to convince the girl to kill it.
Balloon fetishists are fucking weird, but at least they don't cause harm, I guess.

No. 711791

"nonbinary folks"

No. 711795

File: 1610323980126.jpeg (1.17 MB, 3024x3024, AB563F81-6651-4595-B0B6-E7137A…)

These poor fucking things. Can’t breathe, can’t see and ugly to boot. Absolute anatomical butchering of a “dog.” Would love to see more pug sperging in this thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 711806

They're cute but yeah, I feel bad for them.

No. 711814

Folxs and womxn bother me more because it seems like a censorship on basic words or that women is a cursed word

No. 711823

File: 1610326203794.png (531.58 KB, 575x682, downstairs power.png)

I like the Usagi/Prince Demande page

No. 711828

>and the pussy says no
I kek’d, if only we all had that super power.

No. 711849

Why was the anon banned, she told the truth.

No. 711854

Probably for starting a dogsperg conversation for the 12th time in this thread instead of using the doghate thread, idk based on the redtext

No. 711857

We have a doghate thread, there's no reason for them to be posting that here instead of their containment thread.

No. 711859

i wish we all had vagina dentata we could flex at will

No. 711882

That would be absolutely cool, I wonder if the teeth would be pointy or like the mouth’s.

No. 711889

Sharp teeth, so I can bite dicks off if I ever need to. Preferably retractable.

No. 712114

If it bit the dick off when the girl wasn't into it but still consenting, there would be so many casualties. The amount of times I had terrible sex because the other party wanted to just so they'd like me is ridiculous.

No. 712116

Wouldn't that kind of behavior be extinct by then? As in, only the men who were able to please women didn't get their dick bit off and got to reproduce. mothernature, fix this in the next patch pls

No. 712812

food people / food as a hobby

No. 712818

People who think "schizoid personality disorder" is real and not just asperger syndrome with a cooler name. You're not a iq 160 speshul emotionless mastermind for being an apathetic loner sperg, get over yourself.

No. 712824

most personality disorders aren't real, they're either other mental disorders under different names or simply medicalization of shitty personalities

No. 712826

People who say "rightfully so" or "as it should be". It always either comes out theyre pandering wannabe wokefaggots or shitty twitter retards with absolutely garbage takes

No. 712827

Id use this if only because people cant fucking read on the internet or take a joke anymore

No. 712830

>"Rightfully so"
>"As it should be"
These are old/normal as fuck stock phrases. They have no political orientation, and weren't made by Twitter or woketards.
At this rate, anons will start calling the entire English language "Twitter speak", lmao.

No. 712834


Thats not the same use of syntax or even the same context in the old way these stock phases were used. Really idk how you not see it used by obnoxious stan fags or wokefags abusing this in their sassy or explaining posts but thats not my problem

No. 712835

If you're letting retards ruin the phrases themselves for you, you should probably not be on Twitter so much, or just unfollow the annoying people.

No. 712836

Except it is, idk anon did you get a higher education? English-degree fags use those exact phrases all the time. Or just older people.

No. 712837

and no I'm not saying only english-fags use it, they were an example.

No. 712843

im talking specifically about fags who defend some psycho celebrity doing something retarded as long as they can bring it back to some virtue signaling junk like

"shes angry bc shes dark skinned black female who is unfairly underrepresented so she criticizes untalented mixed women, as it should be"
or those people who go like
"my parents were angry at him for being homophobe and a transphobe, rightfully so" like to reinforce they agree with him so people dont nitpick him just saying they were angry and thats it

personally when boomers i know say that they usually say it in a different way like in response to some question and they answer "and rightfully so!"

i dont even go on twitter anymore for this reason but theyve gone on other websites i visit so…

No. 712844

they agree with them, not him

No. 713104

virtue signalling infographics. god. i hate them so much

No. 713124

Oh god, yeah. Especially when they were made by some fucking 16 year old or something

No. 713134

I don’t understand this censorship, especially as folks is already very neutral and could refer to anyone? I guess women was changed as it traditionally refers to females, but fucking folxs… just, why?

No. 713135

are you a jealous autist or something, still sperging about this shit months later

No. 713184


Nah, I just know autists when I see them. Go back to reddit to circlejerk about your made up diagnosis. Bet you think DID is real as well and not just PTSD.

No. 713194

This is gross but When I'm pissing and the pee goes backwards in my ass

When my good panties get discharge bleached

No. 713197

>I just know autists when I see them
i'll bet

No. 713210

women using the term "hubby" incites my fight or flight response

No. 713211

Maybe she thinks she'll convince someone if she keeps saying it.

No. 713212

Drag is just annoying and misogynistic in general and nobody seems to realize it even when it's right in their face (calling women/eachother Fish etc.). It's like the new black minstrel singing instead this time its empowering womanface.

No. 713214

File: 1610502138458.gif (1.53 MB, 505x337, 1546290556_1454439726633.gif)

I think its retarded whenever I see someone insist that cow/flake is putridly, irredeemably hideous when some of these people are honestly just average and could benefit from better clothing and a proper skincare routine or better makeup. I get that nobody wants to praise cows and I'm not advocating for that. I just think that its stupid to pretend that someone is ugly just because you hate them.

No. 713215

Seconding and I hate how it seems impossible to find anyone else who feels that way. How come there hasn't been some big-ass, seething article written about this yet? I want something viral so these idiots can have a mirror held up to their faces.

No. 713218

drag kings are pretty wholesome in comparison to drag queens tbh, wish they'd get more recognition

No. 713219

sorry completely unrelated but i just saw this gif and who is this hunk?

No. 713221

Michael Cera

No. 713230


No. 713245

File: 1610506725027.gif (375.56 KB, 163x200, DBA9F2DD-CE1C-4109-92FE-CD1121…)


No. 713248

No. 713254

He is genuinely cute here wowee

No. 713256

you bitches are on crack

No. 713262

crack is wack, no, we're on cocaine

No. 713275

File: 1610510270800.jpeg (26.18 KB, 500x374, 1610242019883.jpeg)

No. 713327

I don't even hate weeb stuff as a whole but I hate almost every anime/manga that gets recommended, yes that includes farmers' recs too.

Another thing I hate is the entirety of the "mysterious brooding bad boy" trope (in every medium) and literally every character that falls under that. They're always the most unlikeable, most obnoxious, punchable characters out of the whole cast yet they still become popular for whatever reason and they're constantly pushed as the love interest in works for women.

No. 713337

I hate that trope too, but only when it comes to male characters. Female characters are less obnoxious in comparison.

No. 713378

I know exactly who you're talking about and this reminded how much I hate shounen anime.

No. 713410

what anime/manga do you like?

No. 713463

Western Genshin Impact Fandom or westie in general

No. 713507

Basically all western fandoms are shit. They either produce shit porn or complain that the media they’re consooming isn’t exactly like how they planed it in their heads.

No. 713517

the word folks in genral, especially when used by the militant left, makes me wanna break something

No. 713633

I feel this way about smol, yummy, nummy, scrumptious, bon appetite, etc. They all sound retarded and I don't understand how anyone doesn't want to put a gun in their mouths after using them unironically.

No. 713636

yes on smol (especially smol bean)! also doggo, pupper, hubby, preggers

No. 713787

when people use "itch" as a verb

the word is SCRATCH

No. 713793

Itch is a verb and a noun, wtf are you talking about

No. 713801

File: 1610577960836.png (147.98 KB, 1296x1070, itch.png)

No. 713803

My guess is anon meant "when people use itch as a verb in place of the word scratch."

No. 713806

The term "found family", it always reminds me of troons calling their polycules their new family because their relatives don't support their disgusting lifestyles.

No. 713811

LDR. I used to like her music and overall aesthetic but my tastes changed over time and she's lame now. Her music puts me to sleep.

No. 713815

God yes. Plus half of the time the characters it's applied to are… you'll never guess it… friends.

No. 713816

Maybe I have shitty friends but family is such a different beast from friendship. Parents and siblings (don't need to be blood related of course) have a completely different influence on your life from friends, even childhood friends.

No. 713820

>mfw I'm fucking nutting over all the cute boys in GI but the pearl-clutching nonbinary asexual flag avatar 21-year old minor part of the fanbase is hunting down every adult woman who so much as looks at their pure precious comfort character kinnies while avoiding confronting degenerate coomer scrotes because they know they can't be cancelled
>mfw they just decided the most popular ship is incestuous even when the lore straight out says they're not and they attempted to cancel the whole company for RTing fanart of them
Never have I wished so much that I did not speak English.

No. 713827

i hate how comic book shit is popular and how mcu/dc bs has completely taken over all media

No. 713841

Glitter in nail polish that you can feel on your nails oh lordy lordt

No. 713842

File: 1610581617593.jpeg (136.28 KB, 1080x2340, received_205179311267502.jpeg)

Fucking intersectional flags theyre just UGLY…. Pic related

No. 713843

Cosplay is cringe as fuck

but i get to kek at it at least

No. 713872

The fact this thread and the thread before it don't have a "Previous Thread" link in the OP post. What happened.

No. 714027

I hate having to pose for pics and seeing them, I truly have that autism stare I can't get rid of no matter what.

No. 714169

yes thank you for understanding me

I know it also is a verb ("my arm is itching") but yeah I meant when people say "I'm itching my arm" or something

No. 714170

if I don't smile in pics I have the autism stare, if I try to smile I genuinely look like your retarded downie cousin. can't win

No. 714190

the only good pics of me are selfies and rarely does anything otherwise look good

No. 715485

The word "plump"
When jpegs turn into jfifs
Anons who screech about "femcels" over every little thing for 50 posts

No. 715491

> I know it also is a verb
>uses an example where it’s an adjective
(Don’t ban me I don’t want to fight it’s just funny)

No. 716049

Simple online games that have chatboxes so players can talk to each other, even though there's no reason why the players would need to talk to each other.

These are only and exclusively used for 1. a player to complain about another player doing better than them, or 2. to spam it or ask "r u a girl?". There's no reason for chatboxes to exist in 99% of online games like these. If it's not essential to gameplay, remove it.

No. 716575

People who use ellipsis… they all say the dumbest shit.

No. 716625

File: 1610949854967.jpg (15.21 KB, 300x300, 31qnPq RalL.jpg)

This shit

No. 716743

I hate this.

No. 716774

honestly it seems fake and this girl is fucking annoying

No. 716800

she's one of those people who's probably funny in face-to-face conversation or generally deemed the "comedian" of her friend group, but in a public setting she comes off as annoying and fake. Not only that, she's shit at acting.

No. 717118

she honestly has a lot of cow potential

No. 717131

That "drivers license" song

No. 717142

Zoomer pop music. Its so boring, super basic acoustic guitar string backed with the most bare bone minimal production being sung by some emotionless mop headed teen talking about how much their life sucks because of x-reason. Even the hipster indie shit from 2010-2012 had more energy than the music now.

No. 717147

Sounds like a song from Lorde's Melodrama. I even heard she dropped it during a drama with her ex bf or whatever.

No. 717149

I hate boomer comedy films like airplane, the national lampoon films, and all the other dozens of unfunny shit everyone shills as "classics" and top rated comedies. Most of the jokes are the same shit you see in "adult" cartoons.
>lol SEX
>lol BEWBZ
>peepee poopoo vomit haha
>bad things happening to people for no reason haha randum
>did I mention SEX
and throw in the occasional woman getting sexually harassed, incest, and/or borderline pedo jokes
Also I might sound like a tumblrtard but honestly I only like mean spirited humour when it happens to characters that are already assholes, otherwise it comes off as too edgy and kind of depressing.

No. 717152

eh lorde would find some way to make it sound more interesting, as it stands I couldn't even finish drivers license on first listen. at least lorde has interesting vocals

No. 717160

File: 1611012195083.png (738.81 KB, 964x339, 5279241e9744ea3f1ee9217e2243c1…)


No. 717162

No. 717168

nta but what does the L mean in Coomers Posting Ls?

No. 717169

I agree (with most of this; sometimes random bad things happening to characters I still giggle at because I think that's a lot like real life).
I also HATE scenes in old "comedies" where women are being sexually harrassed/exploited. It really makes me feel physically ill. Especially if the woman character responds with giggly/ditzy reactions. Very very much not funny.

No. 717173

kek thank you anon
it means Loss or Lose, like losing a game, people would say "take the L bro" as in "take the loss" usually in a mean spirited way to make fun of the person

No. 717177


No. 717186

I feel like media in general has gone down hill throughout the 2010s. A lot of music, films, and books I've consumed from the mid to late 2010s are just bad. I guess some would say it's just because all of the equally shitty stuff from the past isn't remembered so there's a bias, but I really do feel like it's getting worse and I've seen a lot of people express the same feeling.

No. 717399

God yes, I’ve known a lot of younger scrotes who lap this shit up too and it’s so insanely boring, they literally only have two brain cells to rub together. When will they ever learn that “harhar (oppressed group) is dumb!” is not a punchline? There’s literally nothing clever about it, it’s just a boring white dude harassing someone beneath him for shits and giggles, which is dumb at best and sociopathic at worst.

No. 717493

Men aren’t funny. All they know how to do is punch down.

No. 717608

People who break and throw things when they're angry. Nice job letting everyone know how much you don't value stuff and how much of a retard you are because you cannot control your own emotions. This includes parents breaking their kid's games/pcs instead of just putting them away.

No. 717824

File: 1611087414473.jpg (89.61 KB, 827x641, tumblr_b973c214c5a45b9f1eef0e8…)

Holy shit kek I hate social media

No. 717826

File: 1611087445574.jpg (214.87 KB, 1125x1448, tumblr_37bbff316dd66177be8cf12…)

I hate porn websites

No. 717828

No. 717830

is that abby brown

No. 717831

I think they know what they're doing with these thumbnails lol

No. 717839

I dislike these videos in general, I don't think that they're a good format for debating the sensitive topics that they choose for these videos. The "do all x think the same" series is a bit better, but I feel like the people in those videos might be hiding their real opinions to avoid getting hate. I also hate how this channel platformed an incel, I think that was really irresponsible for them to do, you shouldn't be giving incels the attention that they want.

No. 717856

I'll never forget my mom throwing my DS (which I earned by having good grades) against a wall because she was mad at me. What does that teach an 11 year old exactly? Plus it still worked afterwards even though the top and bottom screens were almost totally disconnected at the hinge. I don't even remember what I was in trouble for, just that I should never trust her with my things.

No. 717857

Here's the video if any farmers would like to discuss their thoughts about it

Something that struck me is that all of them have social media actually, lol. But on the pro side there's a troon and a tik tok c list girl.

No. 717885

File: 1611094099420.jpeg (45.61 KB, 750x761, 5AF71AA3-ECEC-4C0A-8EAD-0581C5…)

Balloon dogs. Supposed to be funny and cute and whatever but something about the look of them is so fucking annoying and repulsive and reminds me of some kind of a gross fetish. Balloon animals in general but dogs especially. Even as a kid they grossed me out and I don't really know why.

No. 717899

I was scared of balloons in general as a kid. Why the hell could adults in my life never stop forcing me to interact with fucking balloons?

I don't think it's uncommon to be scared of them popping at that age but I just remember all the times I was pushed to be close to popping balloons? I'd be shitting myself anticipating the loud noise and adults would be like "no you have to stay next to lil Timmy as he bursts 20 balloons and gloats about how fearless he is" Like just let me leave the room people lol

No. 717922

I'm not sure I'd call it a phobia, but I used to feel a discomfort around helium balloons as a child; I was always worried that I would let go and they would fly away. I think it was something to do with the notion I'd never be able to get it back once it had gone.

No. 717926

File: 1611097336559.jpg (60.93 KB, 960x828, 1bfc35902b02a864a659ae24dcdf35…)

a lesbian couple I know have recently got a dog, and started an instagram account for him, replete with them writing everything from his point of view in baby-ish speak. Anytime I think about it, this tweet comes immediately to mind.

No. 717939

I'm a tard who collects plushes and I even look through plush tags on insta… I'll never understand these people though. The ones where the toy 'runs' the account and they bring it out in public and interact with normal people who must be left baffled by it all..

oh and 'emotional support plushies' is a new thing I'm seeing listed in bios. What is that autism related? or for trauma?

No. 718093

When in TV shows or books they describe people in ways that go directly against their actions. A recent example, for me: She (let's call her Ava) tells him ("Ben") how he could never be "Chris" (even though Ben is Chris), because Chris would never use someone's weak points against someone for his own gain like Ben has. Even though just last episode, Ben/Chris had a fight with Ava's boyfriend "David" about how Ben/Chris just used Ava to get back at David (which Ben/Chris confirms), and Ava knows about it. This seems so specific, but I've seen this so often. Another example would be when Best Friend 1 tells Best Friend 2 sh knows she'd never talk badly about someone even when shit talking seems to be their favorite past time activity. Or when Love Interest tells Protagonist they always put other people's feelings first and how this is their biggest weakness when all the drama that's happening in the first place is because of Protagonist being egoistical as fuck.

No. 718163

File: 1611125857414.gif (7.73 MB, 640x388, CHEEEEEEESE.gif)

autistic seethe coming in but I genuinely hate people that smile like this

No. 718202

Hard agree.
I hate specifically people who are both foot fetishists and furries. Because they're bad enough separately, but anyone who's both is just vomit inducing.

No. 718227

This, it's so embarrassing when writers can't even keep their fictional characters on model
On a related note I'm the anon that keeps complaining in the protest thread whenever one of the capitol hill trumptards gets described by their family by being any adjective that goes against being xenophobic. I feel like it's the same problem of lazy writing

No. 718341

I hate yuri. I used to like it when I was younger and figuring out I liked girls but nowadays whenever I see any hints of a girl liking another girl in anime, movies etc I can only picture an ugly troon fetishizing them and it makes me so fucking disgusted. Like, I know men have always been the target audience for that shit but it makes me even angrier now to think that those shitheads think they can call themselves lesbians cause they find that sorta thing hot. Men really ruin everything.

No. 718404

I hate the fact that whenever a man has good handwriting or does calligraphy he's considered a "master penman". But whenever a woman does the same no one bats an eye because women are just supposed to have perfect handwriting, or they get made fun of for spending too much time on trivial things (like always ugh).

No. 718425

Can you explain what this means?
I mean I can kind of hear a smack noise when she opens her lips in my head, is that it?

No. 718431


Anon you’d be the same type of person who gets annoyed over AMEN by the sounds of it

No. 718434



Yuri was never as popular as yaoi but I agree with you. It’s full of troons who fetishise lesbianism.

Like a guy jerking off over lesbians and then there’s going that extra mile

No. 718436

I figured it was just about the retarded looking teeth smile and biting cheeks

No. 718460

the one person who was the most obsessed with yuri and the loudest in my local country's fandom was a gross metalhead scrote obsessed with Ami Mizuno (and of course the lesbian sailors). He was more well known as a yurifag than actual lesbians into manga that tried to interest people into the more realistic, mature comics. He always gave me the creeps.

No. 718480

One of my fb friends posted a picture of her setup and she had an anime boob mousepad and her keyboard looked like this. I immediately unfriended her.

No. 718491

anon please explain I smile just like this……

No. 718493

File: 1611172273876.png (108.45 KB, 500x384, 1610571552002.png)

Nta but you stick your tongue in between your teeth and bite down on your cheeks?

No. 718508

I'd rather foot fags than fat fetishists tbh

No. 718574

Oh you mean that? No I don't, I thought she meant the cheeks and showing your upper teeth

No. 718593

What's that? You mean like saying amen after prayer?

No. 718605

File: 1611180737679.png (Spoiler Image, 535.11 KB, 1060x637, public interview.png)

These types of youtube videos. It's basically sexual harassment.

No. 718615

I know people always talk about the alt-right pipeline (which is definitely a thing that's happening), but I can't help but feel like videos like this are adjacent to that in the sense that they're just less trad versions of Ben Shapiro or Steven Crowder. They only work as entertainment for people who want to continue homophobia, sexism, etc.

No. 718632

Would you rather have a thot daughter or a gay son

No. 718815

Im not into bullying but I genuinely wonder what would happen if you called her baby yoda Glup Shitto

No. 718817

>glup shitto
wtf is that

No. 718822

File: 1611195298599.jpeg (24.51 KB, 680x300,