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File: 1606784441835.jpg (194.13 KB, 1432x780, gluglu.jpg)

No. 685143

Specific Thread for an Italian Cow, if you know italian/are learning it/want to watch trainwrecks for practicing conversational italian, this is for you. Hope you're ready for a wild ride, my listeners.

First of all some info, then will put a tiny timeline to make things smoother.

Chiara Dalessandro is a 42 year old youtuber, very well known for her drama, overexposing on the internet, suffering from narcisism, her attention seeking behaviours such as cutting herself and making sure it shows and being a literal leech, aside the fact she's VERY unfortunate looking and doesn't have a nose bridge. She's also known for chasing mentally impaired men to manipulate (his current husband has a psychological age around 12-14, can't eat -he sucks the food like a baby- and has a weird obsessions with teenagers, meaning he wants to be like them) and when faced with people with a working brain, she cries that everyone misunderstood her.
But now, the time line!

>Chiara started off as a "beauty" youtuber and while she's not the best looking woman around, her videos were lighthearted with some regular vlogs

>For shit and giggles, she made her previous husband dress up and humiliated him on camera and used him to beg around in Milan
>Cheated on him before his very eyes
>One night, his ex runs the fuck away from home and never comes back (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll5_92GLgCY )
>His ex ran away to the other side of Italy, immediatly Chiara reached out to some strangers to take her there, since she wanted him back but trains make her having "panic attacks" and claimed she was pregnant with him, even faking who the fuck knows to get into the ER and say "See?? I'm doing pregnancy tests!! Haters!!"
>Didn't find the loved one, so she came back
>Found a new man on a dating site, with some mental problems (some say he's on the spectrum or abuses benzo, either way, he looks retarded, no joke intended)
>After 2 weeks, got his name tattooed on her boob
>After 1 month, she MOVED into his house, a "people's house"
I'll explain briefly: In Italy, if you're not doing so well money wise you can get a "people house", a home given to you by the city, with a lowered rent, but you need to prove you're struggling financially. This will be relevant later.
>Moving into his house, which was composed of his husband, his parents and his granny
>Chiara yeeted the poor bedridden granny to the parent's room and painted the walls pink, filled them with the furniture she had in the previous house, filled it with Funko Pops, filled it with Hello Kitty plushies (current room state video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNnycdCS0y4)
>She claims she got pregnant and the previous pregnancy was fake, this is one is TOTEZ REAL U GUYS!! and they're twins, boy and girl.
>Guess what, yes, she had a "miscarriage" but didn't go to a hospital because she absorbed them into her uterus (You know the sex at 4-5months preggo, you can't reabsorb TWO fetuses that big but her followers and her family eat that shit up)
>Davide (his husband) made a crying video (this is when fans started to think he was retarted) saying "We lost our kids….I was so happy, when my wife said she was pregnant I immediatly bought the test and it was positive and she told me they were too! We rushed to the hospital but they said to come home…after that Chiara miscarried… (most likely was her period but he's ignorant)
>Now she uses this lie to get this family tied to her
>She goes monthly, basically everytime the youtube money kick in, to primark to buy useless junk for 400-500 euros at the time.
>They make "Grocery Haul" videos 2-3 a week, spending 200-300 euro at the time, claiming that they enjoy having a full pantry everytime. Lies, lies, lies, they're just obese.
Remember the "people's home" stuff? She's illegally there. She doesn't pay the rent and she buys stuff. If you show anywhere (even online) if you live in that kind of house but spend thousands a month in useless shit, the police can come to your home. She's risking heavily.
>Makes friends but the time they don't agree with her, she drops them. One time she wished death to a 17 year old boy just because he didn't want to invite her at his house.
>Made a post on insta saying "My love, having sex in the hotel pool was magnificient" to which people responded "Fucking disgusting, you know kids in the hotel could've bathed in that water after you?"
To which she replied "YOU ARE ALL BIGOTS! EVEN MY DAUGHTER HAS SEX!! (Her daughter is 23, and she's a clever and elegant woman but this is not about her)"
People responded "That's not the fucking point" and her daughter unfollowed her everywhere
>Poor Granny died and Princess Chiara was not having her hubbie's attention that day so what did she do? She went out, bought an armani watch, vlogged it and even vlogged her crying husband that was only saying "Why are you doing this?" and she replied "This is for remembering your time with your granny" while fake sobbing.
Imagine the fucking backlash.
>Davide's sister got preggo. Hurray for another member of the family! But Chiara was livid. So she ordered a "reborn doll" which is just a Baby Alive doll and a shitton of baby clothes to make reborn videos. She stopped these videos once the family stopped caring about the baby for being a baby.
>During the pandemic, she shouted online that you MUST!! FOLLOW!! THE!! RULES!! but she went out with Davide with a "mask" made of surgical cloth. If you don't know, as Italy was heavily hit by Coronashit, only one family member was allowed outside. She pretended Davide was not her husband so they could shopping together.
>Holiday time, she goes to the hotel and just steals from the buffet. She brings a bag and stuffes it with food to "eat outside"
>Beach time, instead of putting on sunscreen, she just puts Johnson baby oil, basically frying her skin but claims to have a healthy tan.
>Fries her hair by bleaching it twice a month but "it's not fried!! I have naturally dry hair, that's why!! HATERS!"
>Overall disgusting, farts and burps proudly in videos, cockroaches can be seen in the KITCHEN and pic related, when eating, they all drink from the same bottle (she, him and their parents)
>She says she's dieting while making disgusting mukbangs (in her head mukbang means "just filming while we eat" in far-far shots and her video thumbnails looks like Saturn Eating His Children, the painting)

There's so much other shit to write but right now I'll just leave this stuff here.
Her channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChiaraDalessandroChiaraSweetheart
Couple Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/DavideChiaraChannel

No. 685225


No. 685228

File: 1606796392292.jpg (38.25 KB, 720x418, chiara-dalessandro-e1554157230…)

i'm so curious about how someone like this would look if they weren't fat. she has such piggish features but nobody is born obese.

No. 685232

She's the most unfortunate person I've ever seen.
Aside from being obese, she's, as said before, doesn't have a nose bridge, the cheekbones are high as fuck like they're stuffed with meatballs, the mouth is missing some teeth and has little to no lips (Mediterranean women such as Italian Women usually have some nice lips) and little hooded eyes.
What the fuck. She's inbred or just has the most ugly genes out there?
Obese people, like Hamberlynn Reidd at least have a cute or decent fate but this……

No. 685234

She has the swollen facial features of an alcoholic and heavy smoker, if she stopped putting toxic garbage in her body she'd look less Bog'd.

No. 685237

The funny thing is that she's just like this. She doesn't drink or smoke, hell, neither drinks coffee because she says it gives her "panic attacks" due to the caffeine when it's just her blood pressure skyrocketing because she's obese.
Also, OP here, forgot to mention she calls the ambulance or goes to the ER even for the most minor inconveniences.
In this video, she had a mild allergic reaction to the fuck what the hell that was and can be seen, in a thumbnail, as she was dying, in the video you can see her in the ambulance and costantly checking if her lip is still swollen.
Translation for non the nonpizza speakers:

C: "It's getting worse"
Ambulance-r: "Chiara, to me it looks the same"
C: "I feel it getting worse…"

In this second video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKPVn5jWYFc
With the most shit eating grin ever, she says "Welcome back to the hospital! New hospital vlog!"

No. 685246

TIL Italy has Primark
I don't know why that surprised me but it did

No. 685248

They're literally 3 stores tho, two in Milan and one in Rome
Maybe a fourth one will open in Turin soon but who knows, corona slowed everything down

No. 685296

Maybe I’m too charitable but I think she would look like a normal ugly person without all the fat exaggerating her features. The only feature that would remain notable is her weird nose, the lack of bridge and how bulbous it is. At least it kinda fits her obese face.

Grazie mille Italian anon for translating all this. May be time to revisit my very basic Italian.

No. 685357

Anytime My friend, this Is the most milky cow that we have, I don't kind translating everything if you come across a video you kinda find interesing. I Will once in a while bump this thread with the most bizarre stuff lol

No. 685400

grazie fellow italanon, i didn't know her but she sounds hilarious. I'll look into her

No. 685556

File: 1606843993486.jpg (132.6 KB, 1777x768, screenshots.jpg)

This thumbnail scared the soul outta me

No. 685558

Forgot to drop the video, but his mum has a moustache and a beard and eats with only her lower jaw looking like fucking Popeye the Sailor Man, jesus

No. 685559

I love this cow already

No. 685775

New video! Of course, the day the lockdown is over, she goes shopping and gets bumped by a stranger and the title says "WE ALMOST GOT INTO A MASS FIGHT IN A STORE!!!!"
And she's mad because she had to left all of her shopping items there because she was offended by this man who bumped into her saying that everyone in the store is a bad person.
Love her.

No. 685789

Ah hell yeah baby, I've been hoping to find a quality Italian cow so I can refresh my Italian.

No. 686134

File: 1606898813902.jpg (65.38 KB, 792x670, screen111.jpg)

His ass is too fat for the costume I'm dying

No. 686144

It looks like she has no teeth.

No. 686160

She doesnt have them, in fact.
Chiara and Davide instead of taking care of her (she has some mental problems too and acts like Barbara Chandler) they Just buy useless crap

No. 686187

Idk why I laughed so hard

No. 686265

that's the italian sound for drinking
Yes, I know, we weird

No. 686409

There you go, an usual grocery haul

No. 686499

Is that the entirety of their diets? No fruit or vegetables? Damn…

No. 686502

Literally most of this was snacks, what do they eat for meals?? I'm American and even I don't eat this bad.

No. 686516

Why do they post videos like these? Are they so poor they think this is impressive, yea they used a lot of money yet only got unhealthy shit

No. 686585

To all of you: yes. They actually are proud of being unhealthy.
"Porcelloso" in the title means "Piggish" literally lol

No. 686832

No anon, they're not poor, the make thousands on youtube, they're just obese and poorly educated on food.

No. 686849

Kek, I watched until I realised they had bought shitloads of processed pork products and then skipped through the rest to get the gist. Porcelloso indeed.

No. 687032

So is this basically straight Italian AmberLynn

No. 687049

yes, also she always teases her followers saying "Yeah, I'll weight myself on video!!"
It's been more than a year lol

No. 688018

File: 1607169497040.jpg (69.05 KB, 797x657, teeth.jpg)

His pattern of missing teeth is really something, how the fuck you lose (or get extracted) both canines, he's like a reverse vampire

No. 688021

There's a morbid theory about she's just waiting for his husband's parents to die (the mom is barely 60 and it's very obese) so she will get that house with a lowered rent since it will remain to davide and she will continue to live while spending a lot in useless shit. She even decorates that home the way she wants it and they just let her, my boyfriend's mom would never let me paint a wall in her house and she would be absolutely right

No. 688269

It's her way to say "we disagreed with the UPS guy"

No. 693165

She's the spiritual mother of Amber Lynn and Nikocado

No. 694737

Jesus Christ how horrifying, look at that pie

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