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No. 67924

So I see a lot of bandom talk all over here, different boards different threads, so why not start a thread!

Talk about bandom fics, music, issues, the fandom, shows, whatever you want! As long as it's on topic.

No. 67925

Anyone have a top list of bands they're on rn?

I'm currently mostly listening to fob, mcr, and 21p.
I also write a lot of fob fic followed by only a handful of mcr fics

No. 67927

Bands I usually consider bandom are Panic! At the Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, The Academy Is…, Gym Class Heros, Paramore, and Cobra Starship. Anything I'm forgetting?

No. 67929

Twenty One Pilots is definitely bandom by now

No. 67933

So maybe this is an old classic, but if there's anyone new to bandom (like I am), I just read and throughly enjoyed Bexless' Unholyverse on AO3 and rec it to anyone who likes longer stories with paranormal and Catholic elements. It's technically MCR, but it's a completely non-band AU so even someone unfamiliar with the characters can jump right in and enjoy.

No. 67935

>catholic elements
dear lord im going to hell but this fic is so good

No. 67937

Ever read Anatomy of a Fall? It's an MCR fic and it's really fucking good, paranormal shit and creepy small towns. http://archiveofourown.org/works/155168/chapters/223206

No. 67940

Ikr? But I can't help myself; I really love reading religious themes in slash fics and Bexless writes it masterfully.

Bless you, kind anon. This story looks like it's right up my alley.

I have not read any bandom fics since over a decade ago so if you have any other AU recs to toss my way I'd appreciate them.

No. 67941

Does anyone have any ideas for AUs? I'm itching to write but none of the prompts I have saved are speaking to me

No. 67947

>Catholic highschool
>Catholic highschool students plus Hot Teacher
>Middle Ages or Renaissance or Edwardian period or 1940s-50s: someone's a priest or will be entering the priesthood. UST which may or may not ever be resolved depending upon devotion to love of Christ or transient love of the flesh. (Hey, we're all human…) Bonus points for guilt.

Sorry, anon, I've got religious fics on the brain. What about having some characters work at small town waterpark or amusement park and one character's new in town?

Which fandom are you writing for?

No. 67948

File: 1454983779598.jpg (35.83 KB, 500x333, sleepover_princes_vs.jpg)

>Fueled by Ramen pretty much created every band you worshipped and adored back in 2005+

Man, I miss 2005 so much. Aside from My Chemical Romance, Fueled by Ramen introduced me to so many bands. Pete Wentz was like a music/producer mafia boss.

No. 67949

File: 1454983938090.jpg (43.48 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lgl6kdiXYV1qeclci.jpg)

I've been hardcore getting back into The Academy and Panic! At the disco. I was able to catch TAI last December for their 10 year Almost Here reunion tour by sheer luck. I think I'm listening more to pre 2009 Panic though since I dislike a lot of their new music.

Still listen to new Fall out boy stuff though. I really miss Cobra Starship. (RIP Fangs up.)

No. 67950

Anatomy of the Fall is the ONE MCR rec I give to anyone in the MCR Bandom. It's probably one of the best written Frank/Gerard fics out there. I really adore the writer's way out building atmosphere especially.

No. 67951

I typically write for FOB and sometimes 21p or MCR
But now I'm kind of in love with the 40s/50s or the Edwardian period…. I might be writing something MCR about that then bc gosh I love some religious toned MCR

No. 67964

What FOB pairing do you like? I mainly love Pete and Patrick, but sometimes I like Pete with Mikey Way or Gabe Saporta.

No. 67965

Lucky! I bought tickets to see TAI on the reunion tour right when the went on sale, only to end up not being able to go due to work related issues. Seriously, one of the biggest let downs of my life.

No. 67970

I'm basically obsessed with Peterick, once in a while I write some stuff that's Pete/Mikey, but Pete/Patrick is something I just keep coming back to. They're just too perfect

No. 67975

>Fueled by Ramen
I was just thinking this earlier today–back then I knew that if a band were associated with Fueled by Ramen I'd probably love it. I'm so glad I was a teen back in 2005; there was a lot of good media, I was lucky enough to have spare cash to fund my obsessions, and social media wasn't so big so I didn't make an immortal fool of myself in public. Older music from a decade ago is just so nostalgic for me.

I am on a huge Panic! kick right now, but like you I prefer older Panic! Pretty. Odd. was my favorite album.

My taste in music has greatly changed since most bands in bandom came out. I've been having a nice walk down memory lane since I saw anons mentioning many of the bands in this thread about a month ago. It's been interesting to see how lineups have changed and which groups are still around… I hadn't realized MCR was gone and Panic!, too, in all but name.

I'm >>67940 and now I am even more excited to read this fic! Thanks for adding your thoughts on it.

If you do write a period piece (especially one with religious tones), please do drop a link once you're through. If you're shy about being associated with lolcow, feel free to pretend to be a kind passerby who just so happened to come across a new fic you think we'd like to check out…

No. 68029

File: 1455003644842.jpg (44.29 KB, 500x335, 14942_original.jpg)

Pete and Patrick are the couple that just WORKED. Even after FOB went on hiatus, they still came back strong. Gerard and Frank didn't work out and neither did Brendon and Ryan. (I still can't get over them, really.)
But Pete and Patrick have a chemistry and formula like those old married couples that have been together for 35 years.

I really love FOB in general. They seem like such cool dudes to hang out with.

No. 68031

File: 1455003963951.jpg (183.08 KB, 1024x729, 000cea80.jpg)

I was a teen in 2005 as well. I believe I was 19 or 20? I really loved that era of music. Basically 2004-2010 was just the best music wise, especially if someone was a fan of Fueled By Ramen band.

I'm so glad to meet other Panic! and FOB fans on lolcow. I dropped my email in the other thread, but always willing to drop my burner email again. It's the one that I mainly use for chatting with anyone outside of work related stuff. If anyone wants to exchange emails as well, that'd be cool.

No. 68057

I don't know what makes them so perfect. It's amazing. I don't think I've ever seen two guys who just like love each other so much and show it and have that chemistry and it works

No. 68058

I wish I was a teen then (that's a weird statement). Bands nowadays just don't seem to be quite the same even though so many of them nowadays are still amazing

No. 68060

I spent a good chunk of last night watching those dumb "funny mcr moments" videos
no regrets

No. 68090

File: 1455036210567.gif (976.14 KB, 245x273, tumblr_n45e0zQUn41sxl3rro1_250…)

Those are my guilty pleasure!! I have the Life on the Murder scene DVD and tend to watch it from time to time to just laugh at the ridiculous stuff. The Youtube videos make it easier, but it's insane when I see a lot of them posted from 6-7 years ago, like damn!! I usually download the videos in case they ever get deleted or taken down.

I know. I can't even describe it, but they are the perfect dynamic duo.

No. 68091

File: 1455036428459.jpg (64.42 KB, 500x544, tumblr_ldwcjosyli1qcf77go1_500…)

It's okay, anon!! You can't help when you were born, but you can still kind of enjoy them now. The bandom is still active on IG, twitter and Archive. Just have to sift through the retards.

There will never be another band like MCR or Panic! or even FOB. I'm glad FOB is still around with all the original members, so at least you can enjoy them. They still to be leading the cause for great band with great members and chemistry. I still miss MCR though so much and have hope they'll do a reunion sometime soon or even get back together.

No. 68092

File: 1455037050670.jpg (70.3 KB, 500x333, 230363_original.jpg)

Anyone here ship Gabilliam?

No. 68095

File: 1455037929271.jpg (38.08 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nrqzg3Sw4X1uzlzjpo6_500…)

UM, Yes! Gabe is a beautiful manslut and I love him with William.

(I usually pair William up with Gabe, Mike Carden, or Travis Mccoy.)

No. 68096

File: 1455038000665.jpg (26.07 KB, 640x480, travisbeckettgrope2.jpg)

And Bill with Travie is adorable.

No. 68098

File: 1455038717940.jpg (40.56 KB, 500x388, tumblr_kogl7hCVXd1qzm5jjo1_500…)

Bill/Mike is an underrated ship, they have such a good dynamic.

No. 68099

File: 1455038830238.png (317.85 KB, 500x333, wow.png)

Mike Carden is really attractive in person too, like goddamn. When I saw them in December, I was right in front of Mike the entire time and just stared at his beautiful green eyes and tan skin. I like him with longer hair more, but he's super cute with his recent shorter hair. Mike and Bill are a super cute pairing.

No. 68112

File: 1455040423934.gif (469.03 KB, 250x160, tumblr_mscyxuYbIu1qav663o2_250…)

Hell yes, anon. Mike Carden has been my bandom crush forever, he deserves way more love. Also Michael Guy Chislett gets over looked a LOT. I recently found out he does guitar for some big Australian christian church band these days and laughed my ass off. He totally didn't seem like the type back in his TAI days

No. 68114

File: 1455040827907.png (321.55 KB, 320x213, CardenEdit.png)

I don't know. I never liked Michael Guy Chislett. He always seemed so out of the loop when he was in the band, even in the TAI TV episodes. He's definitely cute, but never stood out to me and seemed boring. Mike Carden's shy personality (obviously a cute bookworm) always made me have a fondness for him. Also, green eyes are hnnng.

No. 68116

File: 1455041080827.jpg (42.07 KB, 690x460, Guy-Ripley-guy-ripley-2559800-…)

TAI Tv was so funny and creative. I loved watching it and I'm glad it's still on the FBR Youtube channel and on other fan channels. The Academy is was a great band, but mainly Pete Wentz is a genius for making the Guy Ripley character. Ryland is so cute.

No. 68117

File: 1455041185595.jpg (8.5 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mnf16q4PHc1s3x35do9_r1_…)

Mike Carden love!
And yeah, definitely didn't expect to hear that about Michael Guy Chislett.

No. 68124

File: 1455041594492.png (128.36 KB, 402x266, tumblr_nv5wp8WUxN1sp56eio1_500…)

Ryland is THE cutest ever. Also he's crazy funny, like you said the Guy Ripley character was the best. Ever heard This Is Ivy League? It was his indie band with Alex Suarez during the early Cobra days. Both of them are really good singers.

No. 68125

File: 1455041712493.gif (390.63 KB, 450x338, tumblr_lxk5bz9aWx1r9cd1to1_500…)

Carden is seriously the whole package. Beautiful eyes, sweet hair, tan, buff, cute as can be, remind me again why he's overlooked so much?

No. 68128

No, I have never heard that, but I will certainly check them out!! Thank you, anon.

Ryland is actually really fucking smart too. I need to find the video, but FOB pulls this prank on TAI during a concert and Ryland is helping Pete out. he goes on the loud speaker and is speaking fluent Japanese the entire time. It's too funny.

Ok, found it. It starts about 3 minutes in. I was laughing so hard at Ryland, I was crying. Pete Wentz does the best pranks.

No. 68131

File: 1455042106680.jpg (48.96 KB, 500x375, 258580_original.jpg)

Bless you, anon. Mike Carden really is the entire package. So glad to see him get some love here. He really likes his books too, so I can see him having a nice study in his house where he just sits there and reads.

I think Mike gets overlooked because William is really pretty and has a very 'look at me!' personality. Mike is more reserved and shy. He can definitely get wild with his bandmates and friends, but most interviews, he is really shy. He even has this gesture where he is constantly touching and rubbing his arm when he's nervous. It's so cute.

here's a photo of Mike with baby Panic! at the disco.

Glasses are my fetish, so I picture him wearing readers as well.

No. 68132

File: 1455042249090.jpg (24.26 KB, 400x300, God_Created_Mike_Carden--large…)

Mike's body is so hot. Don't get me wrong, I'm usually more into the William Beckett, Ryan Ross body types, but Mike's is so solid. Like he can easily pick you up and fuck you against a wall.

Mike would be the dude to come home sweaty after a workout and just kiss you. I don't know… I think he'd be a good boyfriend.

No. 68136

File: 1455042736069.png (337.49 KB, 633x418, siskagetsbeaten.png)

William's "look at me!" personality is hilarious, he's a card. It makes great contrast between him and Mike. Especially considering they were the main writers for TAI's music.

and >>68132 Mike SERIOUSLY can fuck someone up. I remember back in the day he threw or hit Sisky with a 2 liter bottle of water or something when they were fucking around (pic related). That man is nuts, but I kind of like it…

No. 68139

File: 1455043052662.jpg (26.83 KB, 500x523, william-beckett--large-msg-119…)

I actually love the dynamic between Mike and William's personalities because Bill is so out there and Mike is more reserved/shy.

haha, I've seen that photo before. Apparently Mike got on his knees and apologized profusely to poor Sisky.

William is kind of a ho and I like it. I'd be a ho too if I looked like him and were a guy.

No. 68142

File: 1455043198820.jpg (84.75 KB, 495x700, tumblr_lgw02zUC3Y1qzcn9n.jpg)

Meant to post this photo, but I suppose the one I posted still counts.

No. 68152

Hell yes! TIIL are crazy underrated bandom wise, and I never saw this video! Ryland speaking Japanese was fucking hilarious, I miss the old antics that came with the close knit-ness of old FBR

No. 68154

File: 1455045183215.jpg (94.8 KB, 770x1155, 22299f1505f2486886bba38c561513…)

Any other Alcest fans here?

No. 68158

Holyshit, this is great. Ryland and Alex really do have great voices on top of already being talented guitarists. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

I'm so attracted to Ryland here, goddamn.

No. 68162

File: 1455046711345.gif (464.66 KB, 480x270, tumblr_lg6pltIod41qc2uemo1_500…)

Ryland is just amazing and talented.

No. 68174

There's great things about being a teen now, too, anon. YouTube is a godsend. You're probably not traumatized by 9/11.

I think it would've been kickass to be a teen in the '70s before AIDS hit or in the '90s before all the insane security standards post-9/11 hit.

Such a smart idea to back those vids up! You never know when something may be pulled from YT and those may be a bitch to find again.

No. 68176

I was in kindergarten when 9/11 hit. I remember watching it on the news in my classroom. It's nice being a teen now I guess because it's definitely a lot easier to watch band interviews and it's nice to follow them on social media and just know how my favorite musicians are

No. 68182

File: 1455051884546.jpg (70.78 KB, 425x600, 509658-217040.jpg)

Can you not bring up 9/11? it has nothing to do with anything.


Whatever age people are, you can still enjoy stuff. Obviously being there at the times the bands were together and seeing them is a whole different experience, but it's also fun to share bands you loved years ago with newcomers as long as they're respectful of them.

No. 68185

That's something that really sucks about new bandom, it's filled with SO many kids in the 12-16 year range that they do stupid shit. Tweeting the milk fic the Brendon and Ryan, insist Gerard is transsexual, yell about triggers, it really sucks. I've experienced current bandom first hand and it's a shit storm.

No. 68186

File: 1455053173638.jpg (124.82 KB, 426x568, tumblr_ncmcjwBeJn1sqfpuzo4_500…)

Is anyone in here into Twenty One Pilots

No. 68206

File: 1455057874965.gif (593.03 KB, 500x281, ech.gif)

>The Milk fic
Man, it wasn't even that bad.I read it and I was expecting so much more than a simple enema fic. I mean, I know enemas aren't most peoples things, but I have read worse and it wasn't badly written. I will agree people should not have tweeted him, but he went off in a really shitty rant about and insulted the girl who wrote it calling her a sick and twisted individual. it was actually messed up of him.

Bands like FOB and MCR tend to acknowledge fanfics about them and encourage their fans to keep writing but that's it. Brendon lost his temper and it was pathetic to watch.

People who insist Gerard is trans actually do need to kill themselves. He's feminine, but not trans. I hate these idiots.

No. 68211

File: 1455058257024.jpg (77.68 KB, 438x600, tumblr_lvfz1vosrU1r41leuo1_500…)

Fob's general attitude towards fics is "we don't really want to see them, but it's ok if you want to write them."
As for MCR Gerard was grossed out by waycest mostly from the interviews I've read.

I remember someone asking Gerard about his gender identity recently on Twitter and he said he identifies as a man, he just has feminine traits and doesn't dislike them. I find it more disgusting when people try to force a gender on someone like when people try and force Trans!Gerard as if it's reality or using "she" pronouns. He's said he prefers male pronouns and some idiots think they get to ignore that….

No. 68213

File: 1455058300519.jpg (34.58 KB, 500x750, BURNT.jpg)

New bandom is shit. I don't care if I sound like an old elitist or whatever, but I went to a show recently with Frank iero of My chem in his new band and more than half the audience had Xs on their hands meaning they were under 21 and pretty sure more were 18 and under. It was filled with kids who had this "I'm better than you" arrogance about them and thought they were the biggest MCR. A few people even straight up went to the show in Black Parade cosplay which is massively disrespectful imo. I mean, Frank was a huge part of MCR, but that wasn't an MCR concert.

Also, I've seen the freaks who want to write Panic! and MCR as trans people. I want to throat punch each and every one of them. They don't know the line between fantasy and reality. Whether Ryan and Brendon dated irl is their business and irrelevant. I hate new bandom. I'm sure there are a few newcomers who aren't lunatics, but I tend to only speak to people around my age range (at least 25/26 years old and above.)

No. 68216

File: 1455058520660.jpg (67.89 KB, 381x504, 943c950965bcc48c7914bfe115a47b…)

Mikey tends to be the one who even brings up the incest, which is hilarious to watch in interviews. No one is even talking about it and Mikey is suddenly like "but me and my brother." and it's like wtf Mikey.

But yeah, both FOB (Mainly Pete and Patrick) talk about the fics and go "yeah, keep on writing" and in MCR, Ray and Frank are like whatever attitude towards it. Ray even has encouraged the fans to keep writing, which is cute.

Even in Cobra Starship they talk about fics. I think Alex was only like "yeah, I don't mind if write about me, but do I have to be bottom?" which was pretty amusing.

Trans Gerard is literally retarded. He's stated before that he doesn't really believe in gender and he does see himself way more feminine than masculine, but that was it. It's like god for fucking bid Gerard just wants to be more girly than masculine. It's obvious in his gestures, hair, clothes, etc, but he has never once said he was trans or felt trans. I hate that bullshit. Glad there are some sensible people here on lolcow. For real.

No. 68218

Yes like I'm mostly in bandom on tumblr and while I'm all for other people expressing their own fucking gender identities I get so disgusted when people are like
"Gerard is trans! He IDs as female!"
And I would call them out and tell them to shut up but then the gender police would come after me and call me transphobic (even though I don't even conform to gender norms myself)

No. 68219

Trans people are sick in the head and while Gerard has a history of depression and other illnesses, he is not trans. It's bullshit and it's incredibly disrespectful.

I would recommend not being on tumblr at all tbh. That shit is toxic.

No. 68231

That's why I mostly stay out of that bullshit. I just enjoy my bands and reblog gifs and photos and make a few friends who aren't insane
I worry a lot about Gerard honestly

No. 68236

Just got into mcr BIG TIME last year, my last year of high school. I think being a young kid in 2005ish, thinking "emo" was the coolest thing cool kids did, but being too young to participate, led to me having what would probably be termed "an emo phase" in the year 2016, to live out my childhood idolisation of the older kids, haha. I really enjoy p!atd and fob's older stuff too, however it reminds me of being 7-8, rather than a teen.

No. 68237

Gerard's twitter is weird and he just got two cats out of nowhere back to back. He barely does music anymore and he's just generally uncreative. I really wish he'd just get MCR back together. Both him and Frank aren't doing anything. Frank's new band is shit and he's an awful singer/frontman.

No. 68238

HA, I actually have had trans bandom members (or more so kids with the tumblrina complex) come after me for saying Gerard isn't trans and to say he is is disrespectful as fuck. Their main reasoning was "Well if we know someone we look up to is trans it validates us!" or something along those lines. Like, Gerard is a real person, not your fucking doll.

No. 68239

File: 1455060427386.jpeg (80.77 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

This thread makes me so happy. I'm glad to know that there are other emo kids who never left their love for MCR. Bless.

I'm also recommending Anatomy of a Fall. Probably one of the best fics I've read. But now I have to go read Unholyverse finally!

I also listened to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out for the first time in years yesterday. Where did all the emo electropopdance albums go??

(Also, it makes me so happy to see some of my MCR reaction gifs getting posted here. Bless you.)

No. 68240

Really sucks to be you, honestly. There's nothing left but new Fall out boy.

No. 68241

File: 1455060504416.jpg (53.32 KB, 600x433, 33e04ko.jpg)

I will never leave the 2006-2007 era of Panic! I swear.

No. 68242

Gosh, you youngins. It's makes me happy that there's a bit of an emo revival of sorts.. There are people young enough to carry on the torch.

No. 68243

Frank's band is alright but the fans it attracts makes me break out into fucking hives, but I agree it's obvious he's not comfortable being a frontman.

Gerard on the other hand just seems to be Mr Relatable Meme Man on Twitter to everyone. I remember he said something about a new album last year? But he's also trying to do more comics rather than music. Which sucks. Not that I don't like Umbrella Academy or Killjoys, but I don't get hype for it like I did Hesitant Alien. Also what the fuck is up with the Lola Twitter acc? I never understood it.

No. 68244

I believe he got the cats because Bandit wanted them?
I also believe he's doing a lot of comics/writing?
I like Frank's new stuff but I really admit it's not for everyone.

That's bullshit. It's one thing to write trans!gerard fics or something because hey, thats an au whatever. But to just force it on him is bullshit

No. 68245

File: 1455060704236.png (19.14 KB, 547x107, what the heck.png)

Please don't do this to me
I just want the Black Parade to exist again ;-;

No. 68246

File: 1455060735929.jpeg (78.11 KB, 640x656, image.jpeg)

I miss MCR all the time. Feels like a part of myself died after they broke up. Everything about them was so influential in my life from the time I was 10 years old. It's just so depressing tht now all there is, is a shattered, splintered group of aging men and bitter memories.

No. 68247

Are you me? I got into all the "emo" bands when I was in my senior year too which was 2014. I might be in my "emo phase" rn, but I love it and I'm reveling in it.

No. 68248

File: 1455060789102.jpeg (87.86 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

Just for you, anon.

No. 68249

File: 1455060790576.jpg (91.55 KB, 720x540, c1a9547456f79a69e28e91430c3a6b…)

Gerard's writing for Umbrella Academy is pretty good. I just wish he did more art. I bought all of The Kill joys and UA comics last year and the Kill joys once super disappointed me. I mean, it took place after both Na Na Na and SING so all the main members were 'dead.'

I just miss Gerard's voice and MCR's music. Frank is such a talented guitarist and it honest to god feels like his talents are going to waste with his current band. He's a decent back up vocals, but he is a terrible frontman. And the new Frank fans are repulsive.

No. 68250

Gerard, get MCR back together. I hate his twitter. It's obnoxious 'lulz so random' humor to appeal to his 13 year old fans.

No. 68251

Holy shit. I was 10 when this was released what the fuck.
I remember them being on the news as the scary band that was freaking parents out

No. 68254

I was hoping The KillJoys comic was going to be about well. the Kill Joys. It ended up being ok but it wasn't what I needed

No. 68255

Wow, I cannot be the only person above 27 in this thread.

No. 68257

10 year reunion tour when? I mean, if TAI ill do it for Almost Here, surely MCR will…r-right guys?

No. 68258

I wish but if we havent heard about it by now I doubt we will.
Danger Days 10 year tour though maybe????????
I hope……..

No. 68260

File: 1455061157744.jpeg (28.92 KB, 500x293, image.jpeg)

It's really strange being an "old" fan in this bandom. I remember when Revenge came out… God, I miss those days.

It's weird that all the new fans hanging off Frank are just weird teenie boppers. I went to one of his concerts last year. I met a few new friends who had been with MCR since the beginning and were nice and level headed, but there were so many like, 15 year old assholes screaming and cutting in line.

Idk. It's a weird place to be in if you're still a fan rn.

No. 68262

Here's hoping for 2019.

No. 68264

I promise I'm not a teenager. its weird that my youth is now a fashion statement and "so old" to these kids…

No. 68265

Gerard's current art style isn't for me. I loved the stuff he did for the MCR albums, especially Revenge, but the stuff he's done for his solo stuff and what not seems so…different? I don't know, it just doesn't feel as him.

No. 68266

I havent gone to a frank concert since he's never been near me which sucks when I'm a major city…
But I've gone to a few other concerts for fob and TOP and I cant stand these 13-15 year olds being so cringey. Like I'm just about as psyched to see them as you are but I'm not being an asshole and pushing and shoving and refusing to let people who are about to pass out leave the pit

No. 68267

File: 1455061335047.jpg (64.58 KB, 555x290, gerard_Cover_K1520-555x290.jpg)

I got into MCR a year after Revenge was released. I have never been so in love with a band in my life. I was pretty into Gerard's whole corpse-like makeup back then as well. What is everyone's favorite era of Gerard?

It's always Revenge era for me or nothing. Even though he was beautiful in Danger Days.

I'm 30 now. I just want to meet people that aren't fetuses. haha. I still sometimes do my makeup like revenge Gerard.

No. 68268

This stupid little girl kept shoving me to get closer to the front when I went to the show in NJ. It was really annoying. i ended up chilling with a lot of the older dudes near the pit to get away from the children.

No. 68269

I'm still into the whole "corpse-like" makeup.
Go to make up look since I'm still in the emo phase.

No. 68270

I don't think I'll ever get out of my 'emo phase' to be honest. It makes me happiest when I have dark hair and pale foundation with the red/pink and brown eyeshadow.

No. 68271

File: 1455061533129.jpeg (63.93 KB, 499x686, image.jpeg)

Revenge Gerard forever.

No. 68272

That's bullshit. At two top concerts (i went both nights) I swear like ten girls had to leave the pit because they were passing out and no one let them through. Me and my friend locked arms and pushed back against the people behind us in order to let them get a little path most times. And we nearly got crushed a lot. No one would give an inch

No. 68273

Haha!! Looks like it! I think I was just listening to some playlists and Welcome to the Black Parade came on which I shockingly had no memories of. Blew me away. I feel I'm stuck in an emo time capsule now. Does 2005 emo even exist untouched by a good dose of self awareness anymore?

No. 68275

God, I saw Frank back in November and this little girl (and I mean little, probably no older than 11) shoved to barrier. It was weird to imagine her actually listening to Frank's music.

No. 68276

It's classic. I like doing dark red lips with it too and it always makes me happy when someone compliments me or when they're like "you look really goth and it's neat" Like thank you

No. 68277

File: 1455061680292.png (230.95 KB, 500x301, tumblr_mad05htoMF1qj0r54o1_500…)

Always Revenge era. Also chubby Gerard is best Gerard.

No. 68278

File: 1455061743315.jpg (23.62 KB, 313x470, image.jpg)

He's like a vampire prince. Revenge is everything.

No. 68280

File: 1455061812540.jpeg (29.28 KB, 401x265, image.jpeg)

Look at this goober. He ruined all other men for me.

No. 68281

I like it too!! I get a lot of compliments about my eye makeup and I'm like "Yeah, it's from My chem 10 years ago." lol!

It really sucks but I feel like I don't want to attend a show unless it's 21+
When I saw TAI, i got lucky and the audience was freakin sweet and even though some people shoved to get closer to William, no one was outright rude or dangerous. I even asked a dude to watch his elbow since he was closer to hitting my fiance in the face and he apologized and we were both like "Yeaaaah, TAI!!" it was a good experience.

No. 68282

Who here would date "basement Gerard"?

No. 68283

>vampire prince
There have been so many times when I (in my more loser-esque moments) have imagined Gerard to be a vampire and we could run off into the sunset like Twilight. Almost wrote fanfiction about it too…

No. 68284

File: 1455061890807.jpg (34.52 KB, 720x536, tumblr_mxxe36VkoT1qzybyco1_128…)


Me. I would watch all the Hammer style horror films with him on his old tv and cuddle up in his bed with a large comforter.

No. 68285

Why not write fanfiction now? It's a lot of fun! I'm working on some fics at the moment about ghosts since ghosts and My Chem seem to work together irl. Anything supernatural really.

No. 68286

I dream about dating basement Gerard. 10/10 boyfriend material, tbh.

No. 68287

I wish I could say I would, but I don't know. Honestly he seems like the kind of nerd I used to date in high school though.

No. 68288

Basement Gerard is literally the only basement dweller I'd fuck hardcore.

No. 68290

Seriously, I'd makeout with him in his basement and listen to Iron Maiden all night.

No. 68291

I asked this because he is somewhat of a dream boyfriend to me too. I just want to give him cuddles and tell him everything is okay. He looks so soft and warm to hug.

No. 68292

I would makeout with him and gently hold his hand

No. 68293

File: 1455062413310.jpg (48.06 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_9i…)

Yes, he is so a vampire prince.

No. 68294

I'm going to art school, and admittedly a part of my heart made that decision because I wanted to find my own Gerard Way to cherish and love. I don't know if I should be embarrased.

No. 68295

I feel bad for the author since I'm assuming she wasn't the one shoving it into his face, but I can't blame him for getting upset about it–it wasn't really out there for an enema fic, but it is really disrespectful and creepy to shove sexual fantasies about strangers into their faces.


Based on previous conversations, I think there's several of us.

Re: concerts: I just cannot stand being in the pit anymore. Last time I went to a general admission concert one of my friends was knocked in the head by a mosher, another was legit humped by this weird guy twice her size who kept putting his arms around her, and we had a hell of a time fighting our way out of the crowd when we had had enough. Can't enjoy the music if you feel like you're fighting for survival.

No. 68296

File: 1455062573811.jpg (89.11 KB, 500x333, 110675_zpsnwfue8jl.jpg)

Definitely not, anon. I think it's sweet and I wish you lots of luck and positive vibes on your journey. Art school is competitive and art is a difficult career, but I hope you can get where you wish to be.

No. 68297

File: 1455062736773.jpg (93.15 KB, 638x800, 0000yaf7.jpg)

I think some retarded fans asked him about it on periscope when he doing it live in June or July 2015, but he didn't have to go off on the writer, which he did. It's fanfiction and he should have just ignored it or acknowledge it exists and nothing more, but he totally went savage and it was disheartening to watch. I am a Ryan and Spencer fan, but Brendon used to be a sweetheart and I honestly feel like he's changed a lot in the last 5 years especially. He's become a typical dudebro from LA and it's sad to me.

I will always love innocent and pure Brendon from the Fever era of Panic.

No. 68298

I don't know why people have to be such pieces of shits!! I mean fucking honestly. If you're paying to see a show, why do people think it's okay to crowd surf and mosh and just shove each other violently?? It really sucks when you have to watch out for your safety instead of enjoying the show. I never had any incidents with dudes in the pit, but I do usually keep a very small knife on me in case of anything.

No. 68299

File: 1455062813842.gif (427.17 KB, 500x389, tumblr_m7k55dshR91rxs5qbo1_500…)

Oh my gosh, are you me? I feel the same.

No. 68300

File: 1455062902513.jpg (88.05 KB, 374x750, c68a3bfbbef24918abde5cd416521d…)

Different anon but he looks so soft and warm.I just want to wrap my arms around him and lay my head on his chest. He'd be such a sweet boyfriend. Basement Gee is awesome.

No. 68301

File: 1455063073047.jpg (33.94 KB, 500x766, cutie.jpg)

I'm so glad other anons understand my love for chubby basement Gerard. He's been my biggest crush since 2005. <3

No. 68302

File: 1455063101485.gif (979.63 KB, 500x267, tumblr_nyhkgpUzOG1ubji5wo1_500…)

I love Basement Gee and revenge Gee too, but Frank is just a tiny little man who seems really powerful and fun and I want a piece of that, haha.

No. 68303

File: 1455063134340.png (95.54 KB, 579x571, my heart is broken.png)

Gerard why do you hurt me like this </3

No. 68305

Ahh, I'm getting emotional!! I guess I never thought I could ever amount to anything chasing after my artist dreams. Gerard taught me that it's possible. Best wishes to you too, anon.

No. 68306

File: 1455063190087.jpg (26.1 KB, 460x604, cfd9cfcb42e657a718627840b06e7b…)

>Conflicted because you want both Frank and Mikey

Can we get some Mikey Way love up in here, Banons?

No. 68307

File: 1455063216364.gif (468.53 KB, 500x281, giphy (3).gif)

Frank's a total babe.

No. 68308

Gee, what are you doing. Stop.

No. 68309

I feel sorry for Ryan more often than not. That guy's been through so much shit, and he barely gets recognition and when he does it's by underage fangirls screaming about "THEIR SWEET CHILD!!".
Brendon you're right about. He was adorable until Vices, but he's slowly become a real dick the past years. Did you see him go at that guy on Twitter who made a simple video talking about current Panic!'s problems? The guy didn't insult anyone or anything, he made serious valid points.

No. 68310

File: 1455063299951.gif (627.39 KB, 500x259, Gerald-Way-gif-my-chemical-rom…)

I'm getting emotional now too. MCR fans are so great. At least all your anons are great people. Thank you. I want you all to have the best month ever.

No. 68311

Agreed, Frank seemed to give off that "bad boy with a heart of gold" sort of vibe in a way, at least to me. Maybe it was the piercings and tattoos. Nonetheless, VERY cute.

No. 68312

File: 1455063408799.jpg (28.33 KB, 500x375, 59c1a3460d4545f5d441b5a61dd837…)

No, I didn't, but do you mind filling me in please? I agree as well. My two biggest bands have always been Panic! and MCR, but I definitely fell out of Panic! very shorter after Ryan and Jon left the band.

What did Brendon do? He's even got the douche hair now and I don't care for his wife. She seems odd to me.

(I miss innocent 2005 era Brendon.)

No. 68313

File: 1455063474973.gif (494.68 KB, 500x250, hug.gif)

I'm pretty emotional about all this MCR and bandom love as well. I'm so happy to see people who still find happiness from these bands. You guys are amazing. <3

No. 68314

The guy made a video about it summing up what happened, just as I was starting to like him as a person again, too. :/

No. 68315

File: 1455063662070.jpg (35.09 KB, 397x500, frankie-176.jpg)

I think the main reason I like Frank is because he has the tattoos and piercings and awesome hair but he is genuinely sweet person. You can tell he's honest and really is a friendly guy. He also has such a golden smile. Those dimples.

No. 68317

Thanks anon. I'm reluctant to watch since Brendon has been grating on me in the past year, but here goes nothing.

No. 68319

File: 1455063856603.gif (366.13 KB, 350x203, tumblr_nnhv2oFnf71t51okto1_400…)

I met him a few months ago at a show, and I can attest he is 100% a lovely and sweet person. You could tell he was so tired and worn out (and even sad,) but he stood and met/signed autographs/took pictures with every single person there after the show. I was waiting outside the venue for 7 hours before doors opened and I saw him come in and out of his trailer a few times. He always smiled and waved to the people waiting outside. I died inside when he made eye contact with me and waved… he'll never remember me, but I will always remember that. </3

No. 68321

File: 1455063922926.gif (998.57 KB, 500x320, tumblr_lym5xkIzNt1ql94rjo1_500…)

Ray also seems like such a genuinely sweet guy. He seems so down on himself and yet he's always kind and positive and he's so fucking talented.

No. 68324

Yeah I went to a Frank show last summer because he was touring with Against Me! and i love both of them and so many kids were there head to toe in mcr merch
And the saddest part is that a bunch of kids left after Frank's set (he was one of the opening acts) and didn't stay to see Against Me!, who were the fucking main act

No. 68327

File: 1455064377954.jpg (71.28 KB, 197x467, 2dsjkud.jpg)

This guy is really respectable and puts his point across very calmly. The fact that he's a P!ATD fan makes it even worse. I know it's not the same thing, but imagine the girl who write that fic basically had someone she probably used to look up publically humiliate her.It's on Youtube now, so it's basically on the net forever. The fact that Brendon treats his fans this way, trying to be an edgelord is really repulsive and it has honestly made me lose all respect for him. I only really listened to Panic up until the Virtues and Vices album. After that Brendon became less and less likable as a person.

Thank you for showing this to me, anon. It sucks a lot, but I'd much rather know the truth than remain ignorant in the dark. Brendon Urie is no longer the singer and person I used to admire all those years ago.

Just gonna listen to Fever and Pretty Odd again, relive that era and look at my old Ryan Ross photos, haha.

No. 68328

That's so sad. I wouldn't dream of wearing MCR merch to Frank's show (or even a Gerard show, but he doesn't come to my state for some reason.)

Kids can be so goddamn disrespectful.

No. 68331

I don't think it's disrespectful to leave after seeing the band you want to see. I've done it before and I think it's better for the real fans of the main act, haha. However, I do think it's very shitty to wear MCR stuff to a Frank shirt. I wore a pin of Fun ghoul to the show I went to, but it was a small pin I always wear on my hat. Other than that,I just wore mainly black and a leather jacket. I saw a kid in full on Black Parade makeup and cosplay and another really obnoxious bitch who was straight up revenge era frank with the faux hawk and everything. It was tactless.

No. 68332

Meant to say *Wear MCR stuff to a Frank show

No. 68335

My first concert I left after the opener because they were all I cared about. I was a row back from the barricade and I'd rather a real fan get closer than me just stand there. I know I'd prefer that

No. 68336

I know right? So many kids were wearing MCR shirts that I wondered if something was wrong with me for thinking it was disrespectful. I made a conscious decision to not wear any MCR merchandise even though I own a ton. I really shouldn't be calling them kids, I was 17 then, it was a few weeks before my 18th birthday, but there were so many kids younger than me
Speaking of age, even earlier in 2015 when I went to that free earth day concert that FOB performed at, I saw kids that were about 10 wearing FOB shirts. I can't imagine someone so young listening to their music considering how often it contains sexual themes

No. 68337

File: 1455064883155.jpg (183.75 KB, 500x670, gee-ray.jpg)

Ray is the most underappreciated member of MCR but he legit seems like the sweetest dude. I honestly love all the original members. I stopped caring about Bob left though.

No. 68338

Same. That's how I feel. I'd be pissed if someone who didn't want to be at a show just stood there taking up space. Nothing unusual with people going to see their acts and leaving afterwards.

No. 68339

File: 1455065149856.jpg (32.99 KB, 375x500, ryansmessyhair.jpg)

It's shitty, Vices was a good album. But it'll never contend to what Ryan did for Panic!. And same, anon.

No. 68340

I've read a lot of fics where Mikey gets paired up with Ray by default.

No. 68343

File: 1455065596186.jpg (35.47 KB, 415x600, 5-1.jpg)

Ryan's lyrics and music in Fever and Pretty Odd can never be replicated. Brendon has a beautiful voice with incredible range, but that's all he is; a vocalist. Ryan is actually a talented writer and musician. I'm listening to Mad as Rabbits right now actually, haha.

No. 68344

File: 1455065744510.jpg (16.93 KB, 300x400, gabe_mikey_grinding.jpg)

Really? It's usually Frank and Gerard and Mikey and Gerard and Ray and Bob end up paired by default. Haha. Sometimes Mikey will get Pete (and rarely Gabe) if it's a fic that takes place during a tour.

No. 68346

File: 1455066016041.jpg (33.85 KB, 500x335, thebutcherandsisky.jpg)

Who here ships Butcher and Sisky? I recently was on a TAI TV kick and they're too cute.

No. 68349

File: 1455066571127.jpg (57.95 KB, 800x600, e7ded0b8.jpg)

Are you me, anon?
These two are just freakin adorable. After they played in NYC in December, Sisky updated his IG that he was in Brooklyn alone with The Butcher. They definitely have this adorable 'bff' or even 'boyfriend' chemistry. I definitely ship them. Have you seen the Gift giving/Xmas with The Academy is.. on TAI TV? It's one of my favorite episodes.

No. 68352

File: 1455066930774.jpg (64.93 KB, 500x667, orig-5089971.jpg)

They're fucking cuties and I only want the best for them. Too bad I haven't really found any good fics with this pairing. In general, it's hard to find decent The Academy is fanfiction.

I love The Butcher's tattoos so much.

No. 68353

File: 1455067067620.png (209.81 KB, 440x344, tumblr_l70iit66GE1qb36rx.png)

I've rewatched it many a time over the years. They are adorable. Butcher also made a tweet about how much he missed Sisky right after the reunion and it seriously made my heart burst, SO cute.

No. 68355

File: 1455067389108.jpg (46.65 KB, 469x579, tumblr_kybp98PKTz1qzvfs4o1_500…)

His tattoos are gorgeous, I especially love his chest piece. (bonus Bill)

And you're right, finding actual good TAI fics is hard as fuck. Anyone got any recs?

No. 68359

File: 1455068104382.jpg (93.89 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mlmp9ffFuA1qzlxl1o1_500…)

I saw that tweet! The Butcher is sucha sweetie.

Man, I wish! I can try to find some on Archive and report back.

No. 68360

File: 1455068650440.jpg (47.68 KB, 1024x673, 145b0af1.jpg)

I want someone to write an AU in the "About a Girl" mv universe so badly.

No. 68378

This reviewer isn't wrong. I really wish Brendon would drop the Panic! name and just go solo. Panic! is dead.

I didn't appreciate Ryan enough when he was still a bandmember. Anyone know what he's up to these days?

No. 68379

He's not wrong. He made a lot of very valid points about Brendon and the P!ATD name. I also wish he'd drop it and go solo. The band is basically just Brendon!At the disco now.

No. 68380

File: 1455071403585.gif (940.44 KB, 250x250, large.gif)

Ryan isn't doing anything musically as far as I know. He is kind of a recluse right now. The last time he even updated his Twitter and IG were months ago.

No. 68384

Started writing a 50s AU MCR fic, http://archiveofourown.org/works/5965618/chapters/13709992
I don't know where/if it's really going to go. I dunno.

No. 68386

He actually updated his instagram a couple hours ago https://www.instagram.com/p/BBld0O1NCDZ/?taken-by=thisistherealryanross

According to his manager he's going to release new music this year, but it's hard to believe.

No. 68391

>1950s Catholic school AU + rebellious tattooed Frank
YES. Very promising start, anon!

I want to believe.

No. 68395

File: 1455074446543.jpg (52.63 KB, 800x600, 1htv03.jpg)

Shit, pardon me then. The last time I checked his IG was a week or two ago.

I don't like his new manager, but I hope Ryan will be releasing new music. I seriously miss his lyrics and songwriting skills. Ideally, I wish him and Brendon would make up with each other, but I can't see it, esp with how Brendon's ego is right now. Thanks for the info, anon.

No. 68396

Wait, where does it say he's releasing anything? Nothing says that on his IG or twitter. Not doubting you, I just want to see it myself.

No. 68400

No. 68408

Thanks a lot for the link and info, anon.

No. 68409

This is the same douchenuzzle manager who tweeted at both Brendon and Ryan last year and put them in a weird spot? Something about pushing them back together and letting Ryan back into P!ATD. Either way, it was awkward for them both and I really dislike this guy.

No. 68417

This month!? Please let this be true!

No. 68455

File: 1455083643936.jpg (48.5 KB, 400x600, 9a2c400e.jpg)

I'm going to take this real tongue in cheek, but if he does release something, I'll be happy. We'll see…

No. 68742

File: 1455149358389.png (100.05 KB, 286x303, stfu.PNG)

JFC, this is a real thing.

No. 68744

this is disgusting
poor gerard

No. 68750

I hate these sjw pieces of shit. What the FUCK. Gerard is a real person, not your damn fantasy. He has stated before that he is NOT TRANS.

People like this need to hurry and off themselves and never reproduce.

No. 68751

They do realized that 99.9% of the world is cis, right? ….right?

No. 68765

According to these kids everyone is trans and gay. Some just "don't know it yet".

No. 68766

That's what they're brainwashed to believe

Very few people are cis in reality xd

No. 68790

File: 1455155197221.jpg (43.38 KB, 600x750, Ca5bD_7WwAEv5jm.jpg)

I would like to inform everyone that 2k16 Mikey Way has stolen my heart

No. 68792

I don't know what this hair style is called, but I usually hate it so fucking much. Mikey weirdly makes it work, though.

No. 68798

Some sort of mohawk bastard child, but on mikey i think just about everything could work

No. 68803

Gross!!! He looks like a fuckboi or dudebro. What the hell happened to him??

No. 68804

I'm gay and cis. You're only NOT cis when you're trans and trans people make up 0.02% of the population, even less than the gay population.

No. 68807

File: 1455158483853.jpg (24.33 KB, 358x476, orig-17846411.jpg)

It's Black Parade Mikey or nothing.

I have a fetish for his fangs.

No. 68808

holy shit that photo of mikey is doing things to me

No. 68815

File: 1455159486567.gif (861.38 KB, 500x375, tumblr_m94ozmEAyd1r9nhebo1_500…)

Right?? He's so damn cute. I love his teeth and his little sideways smirk he does sometimes.

No. 68816

He is just too precious it is so unfair. I'm now having all sorts of Mikey emotions and its no fair

No. 68817

File: 1455159839104.jpg (476.22 KB, 900x1206, 01-gerard-and-mikey.jpg)

Mikey was always my favorite MCR member since Revenge, but he really grew up during Black Parade, like daaaayum. He has really, really nice sharp features that contrast his older brother's more round face.

This is a real photo from a magazine shoot btw. haha

No. 68818

I'm always partial to Frank
mostly because i'm a huge slut for tattoos and piercings
But my Mikey appreciation is going through the roof lately. I'm so happy he's doing well honestly

No. 68820

File: 1455160431513.jpg (33.09 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n79n6bmaSi1rhabkto1_500…)

Have some Frank in bunny ears then.

No. 68821

when was this

No. 68823

frank is just too perfect damn. the fact he's covered in tattoos is just amazing. I really wish there were decent photos of them all

No. 68824

I used to think Gerard was "the hot one" but after seeing Frank live last year I like them both equally

No. 68825

i want to lick his tattoos

No. 68826

File: 1455160641133.jpg (30.15 KB, 396x594, father.jpg)

To whichever anon recommended the Unholyverse fic:

Thank you. Thank you so much. I feel like converting back to Catholicism. Priest Gerard is my new fetish.

No. 68828

File: 1455160745633.gif (999.8 KB, 500x214, losers.gif)

Goddamn they are both so perfect.

I ship it

No. 68829

File: 1455160804143.png (456.71 KB, 443x566, fraaaaank.png)

I have a few decent photos of Frank's tats, but I tend to like all the ones he got before Danger Days. He got a bunch of new ones after the band broke up and they're cluttered and bad now imo. He even put some new ones around the Scorpion tattoo and it looks odd.

No. 68830

File: 1455160833213.jpg (8.21 KB, 75x83, 1455160641133-1.jpg)

Ray looks a little lost

No. 68831

I wish I knew! I found it one night doing a Google search and can't seem to find the context.

No. 68835

Poor Ray. He always looks a bit out of it.

No. 68837

File: 1455161128451.gif (496.8 KB, 500x375, frank-is-thristy.gif)

No. 68839

File: 1455161321154.jpg (43.87 KB, 500x500, gerard-makeup.jpg)

Gee looks so damn good here.

No. 68840

Ray looks like he's seen things.

No. 68841

you and me both anon

that arm and that ink like please. frank is going to kill me someday

No. 68842

File: 1455161441174.png (109.93 KB, 389x284, gerard-way-and-frank-iero-gall…)

Fuck my life, goddamn

No. 68843

File: 1455161554539.gif (631.39 KB, 320x240, btfo.gif)

poor, sweet baby ray.

No. 68847

This is the best movie. Yes!

No. 68848

File: 1455161851654.jpg (158.49 KB, 601x389, My-Chemical-Romance-Spin-Magaz…)

Frank's arms and tattoos makes me feel things.

No. 68849

File: 1455161940363.jpg (18.7 KB, 400x533, fuuck.jpg)

too many feels.

No. 68850

File: 1455162166166.gif (506.23 KB, 400x250, justsexinyourface.gif)

Mmm hmmm

No. 68852

Noting Frank's very obvious boner.

No. 68853

File: 1455162304215.jpg (53.98 KB, 500x219, 4349587697_c6c649999a.jpg)


No. 68855

Holy fuck can he please wrap those arms around me????

No. 68857

Haha, Frank gives zero fucks as he's humping Gerard's face live on stage.

No. 68877

File: 1455163994075.gif (1.72 MB, 372x262, 1449893325193.gif)

No. 68878

File: 1455164276068.jpg (70.39 KB, 600x900, CaayMJHUsAE0cCC.jpg)

Just saw this, anon. Just.. fuck. I guess this was recorded on the same day as Cancer was for the BP album?

Also, anyone else gonna watch this?

"Big Worm
It's time! @gerardway and i would like to invite you to "Gerard and Worm's first annual charity stream!!!!"

No. 68880

I am. Warning though, Worm's stream chats are cancer. I've seen 2. and both times I got yelled at by chat mods for using caps cause I could have triggered someone.

No. 68881

File: 1455164555871.jpg (32.28 KB, 500x303, fuck_zpsfucbeqgy.jpg)

I work both days. FUCK.
At least it's West coast time so I can still catch a little bit of it.

No. 68882

Oh fuck, are you kidding me?

No. 68883

Wish I was. It's a joke. I asked "How are caps triggering??" and then proceeded to point out there was caps on the stream… All I got was people going "UM U CANT SAY WAT TRIGGERS PPL >:("

No. 68884

God fucking dammit.

Gerard, stop pandering to tumblr pls.

No. 68885

Does anyone here want to start a skype group for bandom? Especially MCR. It'really difficult to find people who still care about them anymore. Let me know.

No. 68887

Not his fault, he didn't chose the mods. I don't know if Worm knows that they're doing this or not but it's still retarded.

No. 68889

Gerard's twitter is filled with tumblrinas. Now I'm afraid for this fucking stream… Damn. He has been pandering to them lately.

No. 68890

I'm up for a Skype group.

No. 68891

I hope I don't come off as an idiot, but who exactly is Worm?

No. 68895

File: 1455165097874.jpg (48.17 KB, 474x320, mcr_gerardworm1.jpg)

He used to be the security guy for MCR back when

No. 68896

Wow, he's gross. Why would anyone want a fat sack of shit as security? I'd rather have a guy who actually works out and can run longer than 1.5 minutes in case something happens to the band. Does Gerard not have real friends anymore? I'd even take him streaming with his wife over this dude.

No. 68897

Hey now, Gee has his cats for friends. That he's actually allergic to. And this situation is nothing like Monty and Sheena. Not at all.

No. 68900

He's got a lot of friends I'm sure. Worm though has turned to Twitch streaming on the regular (donations and all) and Gerard joins him sometimes.

No. 68902

Fuck meant to reply to >>68896

No. 68903

Worm sounds insufferable.

No. 68904

Is Gerard seriously allergic to his own cats? Jfc.. Then why did he get two?

No. 68905

I thought he said these cats were okay because they're a breed that doesn't aggravate his allergies?

No. 68906

I'm allergic to both cats and dogs and i know people say there are breeds that don't irritate allergy sufferers but I have never met that breed. I feel like once you're badly allergic, without medicine, it's hard to cope. I'd rather just not be around cats and Gerard is an idiot for getting two cats back to cat if he's an allergy sufferer.

No. 68908

Meant to say *back to back

No. 68912

File: 1455167589849.gif (1021.31 KB, 500x297, tumblr_m0w2xqfJI51rovjdho1_500…)

Who /gerbert/ here?

No. 68915

File: 1455167852280.jpg (23.27 KB, 480x304, BertGee4.jpg)

Oh! Me! I was just about to post this.

Those two were so fucking during Warped.

No. 68916

File: 1455167991504.jpg (118.79 KB, 500x666, ca67c21b61e5caa6ac1e8ec7878904…)

Apparently it's okay because they are short haired cats.

You take that back! Haha, just kidding. I just don't want to accept it happened, because I ship frerard with every fiber of my being. pls no bully

No. 68917

File: 1455168246650.png (210.21 KB, 633x641, stop.png)

right in the heart

No. 68920

File: 1455168551235.gif (925.85 KB, 500x271, tumblr_nmn7nsMo6c1u54j4ho6_500…)

Oh my god!!! Sweet Ray!

No. 68923

File: 1455168838871.gif (911.76 KB, 245x245, tumblr_msx3qawlcm1rfoctdo1_250…)

this precious babe

No. 68927

>The Bullets era gif
Holy fucking nostalgia, Batman!!

No. 68972

Gerard just lets him do it too

No. 68975

I'd be up for it too

No. 68985

I bet Gerard let Frank do a lot of stuff

No. 68997

i would let frank hump my head too

No. 69010

File: 1455211414829.gif (988.89 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mgfu9zC0Le1r3dcnko1_r1_…)

It's William's birthday!!

No. 69016

File: 1455213499432.jpg (278.97 KB, 900x1350, william_beckett_ten_by_elluh.j…)

Oh my gosh,it is!! Happy Birthday, Billvy!

No. 69017

That gif is beautiful. rofl

No. 69018

File: 1455213710716.jpg (200.27 KB, 500x500, K3mNGPhX1iozr5eu2eNwVFRRo1_500…)

I keep forgetting him and Sisky's birthdays are a month apart. Happy birthday, Bill Beckett.

I need to know the context of that gif.

No. 69250

Cool, glad to hear it man. I'd be glad to host a group chat. I know one of my very good friends would also (probably) be into it as well. I'll pop back into this thread when I sign in on skype again (on mobile now, don't have my laptop yet.)

No. 69297

Awesome. Hope to hear from you again, Skype anon.

No. 69706

Is anyone here watching this? I just got home from work and it seems boring as fuck.

No. 69714

Fuck, I forgot about it! I've been working all day. It goes throughout the night, right? I'm an insomniac so maybe I will be able to watch it in the wee hours of the morning.

No. 69719


These boys are hot! Who are they?

No. 69724

I just logged on. Where's Gee, man? No idea what's going on tbh.

No. 69732

He's on now!

No. 69749

Except not anymore. It's just two random dudes and some power tripping mods. I'll try to post here again when it's actually Gee on the stream.

No. 69752

File: 1455327258842.jpg (11.52 KB, 236x231, 2175e57fcf62c2946027eab7049e09…)


fuck, I totally forgot about the stupid stream tonight. Yes, please let us know when he's on again. I work 10 hours tomorrow and might be too dead to catch him then.

No. 69754

File: 1455327386750.jpg (53.45 KB, 400x268, 20120930-141725.jpg)

William Beckett and Adam T Siska aka Sisky from the band The Academy is.
They formed in 2005 signed under Fueled by Ramen by Pete Wentz and were together for about 9 or 10 years before disbanding. William still does music solo and has been doing Warped Tour every year as well.

No. 69755

File: 1455327542354.jpg (42.53 KB, 500x333, tumblr_mm79d68fln1qzlxl1o1_500…)

Another photo of William and Sisky with Pete being cute and short in the middle.

No. 69757

Damn, you're right, Gee's not on. Wormy's fat and disgusting and looks like a typical basement dwelling neckbeard.

No. 69759

File: 1455327851016.jpeg (103.81 KB, 640x361, image.jpeg)

No problem. I'm watching documentaries right now, but I'll keep checking the stream and post here when Gee is actually on. I guess they will be playing candy land later!

No. 69761

No. 69763

File: 1455328126928.jpeg (74.69 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)


No. 69764

File: 1455328151923.jpg (39.1 KB, 845x585, MAGIC-THE-GEETHERING.jpg)


No. 69768

He just said he uses manic panic Pillarbox Red. That's probably the color in this photo. Haha, omg Gee.

No. 69773

Guys, this is basically basement Gerard. Omg.

No. 69774

File: 1455328522253.jpg (25.06 KB, 522x482, IMNOTOKAY.jpg)

YES IT IS. Look at his hands. He's so cute.

No. 69775

File: 1455328643694.png (901.77 KB, 1360x768, Screenshot (14).png)


No. 69776

That's what I use when I'm doing red hair I am so in love

No. 69778

this is the closest we'll ever get to basement gerard again ;-;

No. 69781

He's such a dweeb. I love him.

No. 69783

I'm so proud and happy and he's just so perfectly nerdy. He's talking about Bandit going on stream tomorrow but he's nervous because she's young

No. 69804

File: 1455331418695.jpeg (27.35 KB, 500x498, image.jpeg)

>tfw you donated just to have Gee say your name and senpai didn't even notice you

Candyland is coming soon!!

No. 69811

It's time!!
Gee has such perfect hands
I want to hold them

No. 69813

File: 1455332013370.png (371.87 KB, 500x525, gerd-6.png)


I love Nerdy Gee so fucking much.

No. 69814


S-Same tbh anon. I want to hold his hand while he plays a board game.

No. 69816

File: 1455332117847.jpg (11.74 KB, 195x320, 794171n2g2gu0yp9.jpg)

I'm so sorry babe. Worm is an idiot who can pronounce even the simplest names.

No. 69817

I would like them to brush mine as he hands me magic cards

No. 69821


H-hold.. hands? sweats nervously

Thanks buddy <3

No. 69822

You're right anon, holding hands might is too big of a step. I'll settle for a brief five seconds of embarrassed eye contact

No. 69825

having your knees briefly touch while sitting next to each other playing D&D

No. 69826

touching the same dice as him during D&D

No. 69836

File: 1455334132422.png (70.73 KB, 400x279, image.png)

i approve

No. 69846

All hail Candy Lord Gerard Way

I want his candy

No. 69847

File: 1455335861926.jpeg (60.03 KB, 242x540, image.jpeg)

All Hail the Candy Lord

No. 69849

Precious Candy Lord

No. 69850


No. 69855

File: 1455339520369.jpg (113.06 KB, 500x368, Frank-iero-frerard-gerard-way-…)

Candy Lord!!

Frank Iero is an amazing human being.

No. 69863

File: 1455344051777.jpg (36.09 KB, 599x447, BaFyTtgIcAAamQj.jpg)

Ahh! That stream was great. Thanks to everyone who saw it. It will be on Gerard's youtube in case you missed it.

Still can't believe Frank's donation and the Candy Lord madness. Gerard is such a sweet lil cutie.

See you all tomorrow!! bless

No. 69864

File: 1455344096195.jpg (28.68 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nuypugZFtV1uxen41o1_500…)


No. 70061

File: 1455401171422.png (1.08 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (764).png)

Stream is up again, Gee's in it playing Ticket to Ride.

Donations have reached 20,000 dollars!

No. 70066

File: 1455401964650.png (1.19 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (775).png)

>tfw gerard is whistling "superstar"

just keep breakin' my heart fam

No. 70151

File: 1455408357960.png (575.47 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (802).png)

Jimmy is here now, Lyn-Z is also here but she's no on screen atm

look at that sweet little goober

No. 70152

This thread has rekindled my love for MCR and I am so sad that they've disbanded all over again. I don't care if they're in their 40s and 50s singing about Teenagers… I just want to see them perform one more time. I will never stop hoping for a reunion tour at some point.

No. 70154

We're all hoping for a reunion tour at some point.
2019 Danger Days Reunion I hope

No. 70163

File: 1455409390758.png (769.04 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (806).png)

Gerard is winning the love for the Princess in Love Letters. He looks like he's having so much fun. God, he's so adorable, I love this.


No. 70184

what the hell did i miss

No. 70185

I want to hug Gerard

No. 70187

File: 1455413059853.gif (692.39 KB, 354x231, large (1).gif)

i want to hold his hand while i blush awkwardly

No. 70197

Gee has the pure heart of a princess. His brother is a unicorn after all.

No. 70198

File: 1455416353783.jpg (30.24 KB, 490x377, desolation-row-frank-iero-gera…)

Same, anon! Same! I hope they reunite soon though. I think gee and Ray are the oldest at 37 or 38. They need to get back together this year.

I miss Bob.

No. 70202

File: 1455417394580.png (878.67 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (823).png)

update on the stream:

there will be candyland, Pie in the Face, and D&D!! get ready for it guys. p sure Gerard will be dungeon master.

>everyone else is talking but gee is just absorbed in his d&d book

No. 70203

File: 1455417496954.jpg (36.91 KB, 500x351, young-chemical-romance--large-…)

If MCR reunited, my life would be complete. I feel terrible sadness thinking about what they were together and how much they meant to me, and how much they mean to me still. They're all so talented, but they are at their best together.

No. 70204

What does everyone here think about Lindsey/MSI in general?

No. 70205

I really don't pay attention to them. If Lindsey makes Gerard happy that makes me happy

No. 70210

MSI is good people. Jimmy, Chantal, they are both genuine and funny. I used to listen to them in middle school.

Lyn-Z.. well, she seems nice. And if Gerard loves her, and she makes him happy, then that's just awesome. I will admit that because I'm a diehard frerard believer, I do feel a bit bitter toward her; but I know that Gerard and Frank's inability to apologize and talk to each other isn't her fault.

I don't dislike them at all.

But Worm is horribly annoying, imo.

No. 70211

I'm a diehard Frerard believer too. I just can't believe that there was never something there

No. 70215

File: 1455420235230.jpg (46.3 KB, 500x500, cuties2.jpg)

I really like MSI and Lyn-Z as a bassist.
My feelings for her and Gerard? I guess if they're happy. Even if I think gerard was really dumb for rushing into marriage right after a fight with Frank, but whatever.. i suppose.

Nothing against her as a person though. I feel like she's the victim in all this half the time.

>But Worm is horribly annoying, imo.

Yes, he is so goddamn insufferable.

No. 70216

>I will admit that because I'm a diehard frerard believer, I do feel a bit bitter toward her; but I know that Gerard and Frank's inability to apologize and talk to each other isn't her fault.

Amen, anon. Frank and Gerard need to suck it up. They obviously still speak to each other and are at least on a friendly-ish basis. Frank has to be watching gee's stream for AT LEAST 3 hours to donate only $1,999 and not outbid the fan who donated $2,000.

No. 70217

If only they had been able to get over their argument
I would be so happy if frank and gerard could be together, theyre just so perfect

No. 70247

File: 1455425953215.png (1.04 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (845).png)


candylord 2k16

No. 70251

File: 1455427622570.png (1.37 MB, 1348x1064, fuckinhardcore.png)


No. 70274

File: 1455432567751.png (1.14 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (883).png)

it's basement gerard playing D&D

No. 70280

God can this chat be anymore cancerous? Also fuck that one mod who blocks out caps, what a fucking baby

No. 70290

File: 1455440281075.gif (490.12 KB, 500x435, uhhh.gif)

I've just had the stream on fullscreen this whole time, so I didn't see the chat. But I checked it out now, and Jesus. Cringe.

No. 70296

File: 1455441786430.png (819.11 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (925).png)

wow guys! what an awesome livestream. they said they would do it again next year. i'm so happy i stayed in and stayed up to watch it.

crying forever. goodnight sweet prince

No. 70423

File: 1455480857679.jpg (291.1 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nhlkf96Fi81t2cxcuo1_500…)

wait did frank and gerard have a falling out? im lost someone please help
I thought MCR broke up because of Gerard's addiction

No. 70432

File: 1455485309596.jpg (36.73 KB, 512x512, CXSAovtUwAAy112.jpg)

That is the reason.

Back in 2007 during the PR tour Frank and Gerard use to kiss and hump and all sorts of shit on stage. This led to a lot of people thinking Frerard was real and that's why G broke up with Eliza Cuts (his gf before Lyn-z). One night they had a small "fight" (not even sure if it was one, you can barely tell) and then a few days after Gerard married Lyn-z only after dating her for a a few months.

Some people think G married Lyn-z out of some sort of spite in relation to the on stage "fight" he had with Frank. The whole thing makes no sense when you think about it, Gerard even came out about a few months after the full on kiss he had with Frank and said it was just for show.

As to Frank and G's current relationship they're obviously on good terms. Frank donated to the stream last night and G went to Frank's show in LA with a bunch of friends (including Ray and Mikey). Not to mention Gerard went on to talk about how someone apologized for wearing Frank merch or something he said it wasn't a big deal and he hates when people assume shit. https://twitter.com/gerardway/status/556932262672207873

TL;DR: Gerard and Frank are fine and on great terms.

No. 70455

File: 1455493163528.jpg (41.13 KB, 500x513, 517371-9-1254646984422.jpg)

I did all caps by accident last night and got banned for like 5 mins on top of the already obnoxious 200 second per post rule. That chat was awful.

No. 70456

File: 1455493290693.jpg (54.32 KB, 500x646, tumblr_m8h7ivRu291r0xvwpo1_500…)

I'm SO upset I missed this because of an almost 12 hour work day on top of PST time zones, but fuck. Gee playing D&D and being the Dungeon Master is the closest we'll all get to basement Gerard again. Is he reverting back to his adorable basement ways?

No. 70458

File: 1455493667118.gif (447.32 KB, 250x163, lick1.gif)

It was a little bit of both. Frank was one of the few people who really helped Gerard through his addiction. You can see it through out all of LOTMS when he's really in the lowest points of his life.

Frank and Gee got really close during Bullets era but during Projekt Revolution (2007 summer) Frank got his long time fiance pregnant and then married her. This caused a lot of tension and they got into a skirmish on stage. (You can youtube the fight during Projekt revolution. )
They were touring with MSi with Lyn-Z as the bassist, so her and Gerard has a small but for a few months. Directly after the fight (i've heard it was a week and some say it was only 4-5 days) Gerard proposed to Lyn-Z and got married backstage during the tour. Frank and none of the other MCR were even invited. Mikey was sick and they had a temp bassist at the time, so Mikey wasn't even there to stop any of this.

After Lyn-Z got pregnant and gave birth to their daughter, Gerard got depressed AGAIN and began to drink heavily once more. That's when he decided to break up MCR to try to be with his family, but a lot say PR2007 in general was the defining moment when MCR changed forever as a band. You can even see the tension in the beginning of Danger Days, even though Frank and Gee did make up later and are friends now.

It makes me sad, really.

No. 70459

>so her and Gerard has a small but for a few months
I meant to say "Her and Gerard had a small, maybe casual thing going for a few months…"
Fuck me, I'm tired.

No. 70460

Reading this summary makes me so sad. It makes you wonder what would've happened honestly

No. 70461

File: 1455494520062.gif (384.3 KB, 108x160, awwwwe.gif)

I apologize it's it a little jumbled. I'm sleep deprived and terrible with words half the time, however this is everything from the top of my head in the last year I really sat down and researched more about why MCR went south after Black Parade era.

Frank and Gerard were best friends and even more so. You can see so much evidence they weren't just 'stage gay.' And it sucks since it seems Gerard really broke down during 2007 after the fight and Frank went into a depression himself. During 2008/2009, he really ballooned up and got fat. And both him and Gerard wrote cryptic shit on their twitter accounts.

Mainly, Gerard rushing into marriage and not even inviting his own little brother is a red flag imo. Mikey wasn't on the PR tour because he was either sick or in rehab at the time, so they got a temp bassist: Mike cortez. It says on wiki Mikey wasnt there because he just got married, however before Mikey got married, he fell into a deep depression (during the recording of BP) where he needed to see three therapists and had a cocaine habit, so… (tbh I think Mikey's wife is sleazy as hell, but that's another story.)

TLDR; Gee rushed into marriage, which was something that no one saw coming and he never invited any MCR members, including his bro.

Gee used the marriage as an escape route.

No. 70464

I just want him to be happy.

No. 70478

Same like I just really don't think they were only stage gay and that was it. I just can't believe it.

No. 70521

File: 1455504983186.jpeg (51.77 KB, 720x576, image.jpeg)

>TL;DR: Gerard and Frank are fine and on great terms.

That's just like, your opinion, man.

I love Lyn-Z and I think that Gee and Frank are both wonderful fathers and husbands, and I also think there was a lot of tension building up to the break up of them band before it happened. Every one of them was struggling with some aspect of being in MCR, and both Gerard and Mikey were struggling with some severe addiction problems. I don't think they could have kept MCR going in the state they were all in. Tbh, no matter how sad the break up is and no matter how much I wish they would get back together, I know that they did what they felt was right for them and I'm not going to be angry at them about it.

However, I do firmly believe that there was more going on with Gerard and Frank than they both admitted. Call me a fan girl if you want, but their relationship wasn't staged. You can't fake the way they look at each other.

And I have discussed this a lot, along with another person. Watched every interview we could. And I agree with anon that there was something more and they are still hurting because of it. And I think that their unresolved issues was part of the reason why MCR broke up.

I mean, I don't know the full story. There are only 2 people in the world who do. So this is, I suppose, speculation on my account. But I still think there is something more to their relationship with each other than meets the eye.

I think they still care about each other a lot. Seeing as Gee did go to The Cellabration show in LA, and Frank donated almost $2,000 to the stream two nights ago (which meant he had to have been watching some of it.) I mean, there's no denying they are friendly. But still, I sense some bitterness. Reading the lyrics to Frank's newest album really gave me a lot of feels. I'd bet you at least one of those songs is about Gerard.

Anyway, that's my two cents. I could be wrong. Like I said before.. Only two people know what really happened. And they aren't gonna tell.

(I have a lot of really cute pictures of Frank and Gee from the bullets era on my laptop, but I'm on the road right now, so have this instead. Happy Valentines Day.)

No. 70523

File: 1455505117500.jpeg (51.09 KB, 458x321, image.jpeg)

I just want both of them to be happy, you know? Gee seems okay. I think he will be okay. I'm worried about Frank, though. He just seems so much sadder than he ever used to.

And of course Ray and Mikey. They are all so precious. I just wish them the best in everything.

No. 70539

File: 1455506227817.gif (779.44 KB, 500x382, _n6oql3vZyj15tql.gif)

Happy Valentine's Day, fellow MCR anon!

And, I'm the anon who posts both of these

I do firmly believe as someone who got into the band around 2004 that Frank and Gerard definitely had something way more than simple fanservice. Like you said, the way they looked at each other, anyone who is very good at reading body language can put two and two together. I honestly do also believe that they want their friendship to work out very much, but there is a longing and bitterness still attached to the fact they are both married with kids now and their relationship just did not work, even though it must have been intense and said.

Like you stated, only Frank and Gerard know the truth and they aren't telling. Gerard's addiction and Mikey's depression would have eventually ended MCR unfortunately. Just looks like it ended soon than later.

And the worst part for me is, even as a long time fan who desperately wants them to get back together, they probably won't even sound how we all want them to.

I really wanted that third KillJoy music video after SING, but whatever…

No. 70543

Honestly I'd be happy with just about anything. Most people bitch about new fall out boy stuff and I like it, it's not the same as TTTYG or Folie but hey, they're still making music thats really good.

mcr please reunite before i die of despair

No. 70550

File: 1455506979562.jpg (45.54 KB, 620x413, tumblr_static_2ritfap4druow8og…)

I like Fall out boy a lot, but lately their music has had a really big drop in quality for me. I mean, when they did that Remix album? I mean, no fucking thank you. Not to mention, they ruined one of my favorite newer songs (Irresistible) with that Demi Lovato ver they felt they had to release twice. Patrick is a talented vocalist and in general, FOB is a very strong musical group, but their constant collabs lately are killing me. Stop.

No. 70553

File: 1455507087035.jpg (64.41 KB, 782x512, image.jpg)

How weird, I don't remember quoting you on my posts! But I still really appreciated your posts a lot. I feel the same way, you know? I got into them around 2005, so a little bit later on than you did. But I still feel like there's something more to them.

I'm not sure if I would have a problem with any music they made if they ever got back together (here's to hoping for 2019!) I mean, I'm a big fan of everything they have done outside of MCR, and a big fan of everything they did in it as well. So I'm not really hard to please, I guess, haha.

No. 70556

File: 1455507295578.jpg (14.19 KB, 236x290, 12202039_976557122403147_16139…)

Don't get me wrong, I definitely want them to get back together, haha. Considerably before 2019.

I don't like Frank or Gerard's solo music, but as MCR, I do miss those bastards and think they need to get back. I hope they even get Bob. He was the best drummer they had. (Nothing against Matt, he just didn't stick around.)

Fuck, I miss Ray's mad shredding skills.

No. 71037

What happened to the 19-year-old single mother that Mikey cheated on Alicia with? Did he go back to using meth?

No. 71042

OMG Sarah Em! I saw her old Twitter a while back, early last year? But she had a few recent tweets indirected at Mikey and Kristen. It was pathetic.

No. 71047

File: 1455606682860.jpg (267.48 KB, 406x1920, tumblr_mkjl6vRfIr1qh2qqno1_128…)

Agreed, it all seems too rushed. I'm not going to lie, the whole post-hiatus thing has been. They've done 2 albums, an EP, a remix album, and God knows how many collabs. It makes me sad. I know they were rushed as fuck pre-hiatus, too, but at least it was good… maybe it's a preference thing.

AB/AP was bad, no guitars, which is weird considering there's 2 guitar players. The title track in itself genuinely hurts my ears.

Previous anon said that a lot of people bitch about new FOB, but it just doesn't feel as genuine. Folie was the last album I can say I constantly enjoy listening to. It felt so real, I remember when it came out. The whole era was fun, despite the backlash. Anyone remember the CitizensFOB mixtape?

Sorry for the slight rant :/

No. 71053


Who is Kristen? Damn I've been out of the loop.
I'm lurking now, sorta OT but I was always more interested in who these guys were dating bc I didn't have any girls a little older than me to look up to and emulate.

No. 71056

File: 1455610565521.jpg (87.86 KB, 500x624, tumblr_nm06ewqO1Y1skd2q8o1_500…)

oh wow mikey, fucking woof.

No. 71090

>that pic
Oh boy was that a great period in time.

No. 71105

File: 1455638454312.jpg (21.07 KB, 500x375, tumblr_mi0f6e3VRk1rg30pxo1_500…)

Probably tossed her to the side. But I do love that the Valentine's day cards never forgot.

No. 71106

I have no idea if Mikey is still using. (It was cocaine though, not meth.)
but seriously, he's only 35 and he not looking good now a days in his recent IG uploads.

No. 71107

File: 1455638580715.jpg (55.35 KB, 600x800, MikeyWay17.jpg)

…Ew, no…
He looks like such a dudebro now. I miss nerdy Mikey. Just lose the facial hair at least, man… and get a better hairstyle.

No. 71108

File: 1455638803654.jpg (23.28 KB, 500x335, 114aa8f90f4dd68b61bf8905380483…)

I don't remember the CitizensFOB mixtape, what was that?

I will definitely say Folie a deux was the last good album they released. AB/AP in general had maybe one or two good tracks but it doesn't even feel like it was made for the FOB fandom. At least Save rock and roll is pretty fun, even though it was literally an album filled with collaborations…

No. 71109

….Why is Pete such an attractive nun? I'm confused forever now.

No. 71140

Before Folie came out FOB did a huge complation mixtape with a bunch of Decay Dance artists, it even had the demo for Nearly Witches by Panic on it! Also it's where Cobra's parody of I Kissed a Girl came from. You can listen to it here: http://www.datpiff.com/Fall-Out-Boy-CitizensFOB-Mixtape-Welcome-To-The-New-Administr-mixtape.19197.html

No. 71202

File: 1455653825480.jpg (54.86 KB, 540x780, 768c5f0a5f20162799271efb59c8af…)

You are golden, anon! Thank you very much!

No. 71235

aw hes cute

No. 71244

I <3 this Mikey. I love nerdy mikey but I doubt we'll ever get him back…

No. 71507


Is that a terrible cover up of the forever tat I see? :(

No. 71571

File: 1455727704279.jpg (27.57 KB, 500x643, Mikey_Way-3.jpg)

Holy shit!! I think you're right. I'm looking at it immediately and it looks like when people get really colorful and intricate tattoos and regret them later but can't do a real cover up, because it's too big and colorful. if it is a cover up, why didn't Mikey just get laser?! He has the money. Laser is much more common now in dermatologist offices for tattoo removal. I don't get it.

So, if he not with Alicia anymore? Hmm, so many questions

No. 71588

I know it's his body but I really wish he went with the laser removal! He can afford it.

No. 71644

Yeah, the black spotch just looks obvious and BAD. Come on, Mikey, I know you're on meds and depressed but that was a bad move. Maybe he can still get laser? It would just be harder to remove all that excess ink.

No. 71845

The only thing I can think is maybe he didn't want the pain of a laser? But it still looks really bad as a big splotch….

No. 72364

Now that I look at it closer i think maybe it's not a splotch but an actual design and we just cant tell because it's dark and the photos filter

No. 72564

File: 1456100837643.gif (824.85 KB, 245x208, image.gif)

If anyone wants to talk about /b/andom related things, here's my Skype:


We could start a group chat for it if you're interested! Just shoot me a message. Thanks friends.

No. 72667

File: 1456173387188.jpg (127.98 KB, 500x576, mikey-way-mcr-grammy-museum--l…)

Either way it's ugly now and he's a coward and idiot for not doing laser removal. From the wiki it says he is with some woman named Kristen now. He's engaged, but it doesn't say he even got divorced. Mikey's got issues.

No. 72670

He left his wife for a 19 year old groupie a few years ago. She's a "model" with a child i think

No. 72753

File: 1456195373202.jpg (25.63 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n0mzr0LXsi1s4we6go1_500…)

He posted a Twitlonger a while ago explaining he never left Alicia for anyone, they were separated in private and they hadn't announced it to anyone. Which I guess would explain why Lyn-Z went off on Mikey when the whole thing broke out.

That model though, Sarah Em, was pure garbage. When she and Mikey split in early 2014 I remember she made a bunch teenager level tweets about how he was a coward and spread some pretty personal shit, pic related.

Next thing you know Mikey reveals he's in rehab and tried to kill himself shortly after the break up with Sarah Em. Gerard's song "Brother" is actually about Mikey's attempted suicide, It's quite sad.

Hell, if you wanna really see the whole thing detail for nasty detail there's this blog: http://mikeywayyouscandal.tumblr.com/

Keep in mind I'm not fully defending Mikey, I'll admit there's a lot of weird stuff when it comes to his and Sarah's relationship. But I do think he's better now in all aspects, at least he comes off as such. His current fiance Kristin seems like a really nice girl.

No. 72754

was also meant to be a reply to >>72667

No. 72932


Holyshit, Mikey Way is scum.

No. 72933

File: 1456268344069.jpg (766.01 KB, 2701x1960, rAu8K.jpg)

Honestly, they're both scummy. She slept with a married man and he left his wife for a teenager, so they're both gross. Yeah, she acted like a child but she technically is one from the looks of it.
Thanks so much for the info and links, anon. You are golden.

I will forever miss Mikey being an adorable and sweet little dude

No. 72946

That Mikey was just too cute!

No. 73228


Mikey used to be so cute and sweet. What happened? For a band advocating about not sleeping with groupies and treating women with respect, they really fucked up with Mikey.

No. 73282

>But I do think he's better now in all aspects

He looks like he still enjoys the casual opiate or six over in this picture. >>68790

No. 73290

>Gerard's song "Brother" is actually about Mikey's attempted suicide, It's quite sad.

I had no idea.. Brother is one of the few songs I liked on HA. Mikey, what happened to you??

No. 73350

Oh my god does anyone remember Chris Gutierrez, or HeyChris from live journal/the guy Grenade Jumper was written about/Pete Wentz's ex best friend?

He still writes and is DeadxStop.tumblr.com, and I spent like a few hours getting lost reading his new work and ngl I hate to admit I kind of love it. He writes some great stuff about dating/self esteem/etc. Shit is such a trip.

No. 73351

I've been staring at this picture for ten minutes, Frank fucking Iero back then pretty much defined my sexuality.

No. 73355

File: 1456397202804.gif (1002.67 KB, 500x338, tumblr_n8n0ioLNed1t6t2fho1_500…)

frank is perfect in every way.

No. 73357

Sorry, what happened between Frank and Gerard, why wouldn't they be speaking?

Seriously so fucking sweet Frank donated, but deliberately didn't outbid the fan. It's awesome that most of them stayed the kindhearted outcasts they were from the jump instead of turning into LA banddudes.

No. 73358

File: 1456398305706.jpg (31.86 KB, 500x374, tumblr_m4i57jwpf81qae8x0o1_500…)



Basically, some of us speculate that apart from the other issues in the band, Frank and Gerard may have had a relationship with each other before they both got married and had kids. And they had a pretty huge fight on stage during Projkt Revolution in 2007, right before Gee married Lyn-Z after knowing her for like, four months. (Same concert where Frank sang "Lie to me" instead of "Trust me" during I'm Not Okay, is that right?) And maybe there's still some bitterness and sadness there because it didn't work out, and maybe they still have some sort of feelings toward each other. But, this is speculation on the part of the fans (as they've never confirmed anything officially.)

Yeah dude, Frank is a sweetheart from the ground up. He's got a heart of gold. And Gerard's still a nerd who plays D&D in his kitchen at 2 in the morning.

No. 73359

This is totally Personal Blog, but I still have a difficult time with MCR after my best childhood friend committed suicide. She'd say she was the Frank to my Gerard, I remember us being twelve and fawning over her new MCR calendar and hanging G posters on the ceiling above her bed. Frank was her favorite. We had our own little "and then there's bob" joke because you know we were preteens. It's especially hard for me to look at revenge era things because of this, I see so much of her. Just seeing dumb pictures of frank on here is bringing tears to my eyes lol fuck.

No. 73360

File: 1456400076814.gif (845.83 KB, 498x281, tumblr_inline_n9spgw4CXP1r38bl…)

No. 73363


(video related at 1:37)

No. 73377

Is there any play by play about the on stage fight? I never heard about it (I wasn't a HUGE mcr fan but I liked them).

No. 73394

Gosh, dude, that's so fucked. I'm so sorry to hear that. I.. I can't really even imagine how painful that must be for you. I'm sorry man.

You know, a lot of people say they were saved by MCR. But we don't always think about the people who weren't.

I don't know what to say except that you can personal blog as much as you want about this, that we're here for you if you wanna talk about it.

No. 73396

File: 1456416533079.gif (217.36 KB, 500x225, tumblr_inline_njmhv7oMgY1ryesi…)

nice gif, damn

I'm not 100% on the fight actually because I was too much of a pussy to watch the video of it, but one of my good friends told me about it and it's not very pretty. They'll prolly come through this thread soon and explain it/link it. The fight's pretty heartbreaking tbh, bothered me for a good few weeks after I heard about it.

No. 73397

god dammit anon, that video gave me too many feels

No. 73444

Not too bad, basically at the end of The Sharpest Lives Frank tackles Gerard and they do kind of a girl fight thing where they're grabbing each other's hair and shit

No. 73447

>girl fight thing
It's more like Frank goes to hug Gerard (a rather apologetic looking one from his stance) and Gerard freaks the fuck out and shoves Frank off of him, or rather tries to. Frank clutches onto Gee's arms and they struggle for a while and then Gerard shoves him (hard) again and Frank loses his balance with the weight of the guitar on his back and falls down hard. Then Gerard proceeds to throw a fucking tantrum, while Frank moves to the other side of the stage. It's hard to watch.

No. 73449

File: 1456433462203.jpg (29.35 KB, 500x356, tumblr_mjxci7dFrt1s4cuico1_500…)

So mad i know which part of LOTMS this is from. lol! It's when Mikey chose the name "My Chemical Romance."
Ah, Mikey used to be so cute and not a lying, cheating, drug using, scumbag.

No. 73450

That was a lover's quarrel. Excuse you.

No. 73490

File: 1456449639906.gif (548.88 KB, 245x208, tumblr_m7p40hc4UY1qci3wro1_250…)

Gerard agrees.

No. 73492

File: 1456450784511.gif (962.34 KB, 245x177, tumblr_n4xwet5Gvx1tusj5ro1_250…)

Haha me too, I remember watching LOTMS in middle school thinking they were the coolest people ever. I forgot about it until maybe a year ago and rewatched it after focusing only own life for so long and cried haha. Honestly thank god they tried to protect and stay true to their image of being the "talented underdog/outcast" band, it incidentally played such a huge role in me growing up not hating myself for being a weirdo.

Except for Mikey now, I can't imagine younger fans getting into them and seeing this joker. I think the glasses came off and he didn't want to be the dorky little brother anymore. That and from my own experiences coke destroys anything good about a person.

No. 73500

File: 1456455170986.gif (263.38 KB, 500x514, image.gif)

I have way too many feels for this band, guys.

it's not a band, it's an idea

No. 73513

>Ray in the background
I want to hug him tightly and stroke his afro

No. 73518

Genuine Ray love makes me so happy, he seems like the sweetest person on Earth and he never had a lame haircut.

Is he married, is some woman loving him up and bearing his little angelic children?

No. 73519

File: 1456475023041.gif (1.17 MB, 245x164, image.gif)

I'm pretty sure Ray has a wife who is really sweet. I can't remember except through because he's always been very private about his life.

Unrelated kind of, but does anyone have those pictures from Frank's wedding? Where Gerard was completely plastered?

No. 73602

What ever happened to Bob man? I loved that guy

No. 73610

File: 1456531323060.jpg (122.35 KB, 590x393, 2Vvvt.jpg)

Ray married a woman named Christa back in 2008 and is still with her. I don't know if they have kids, but they're super freakin cute together. I love Ray and all i want is for him to be happy.

No. 73612

File: 1456531848286.jpg (322.53 KB, 2560x1709, Bob-Bryar-drums-24418831-2560-…)

Is this Bullets era Ray and Mikey? You're killing me, anon!
Now all I can think about is innocent, unicorn lovin Moikey.

Bob and Mikey had a really bad falling out after Mikey cheated on Alicia. Not to mention Bob was really bitter about having his leg severely burned during the making of "Famous Last words."
It was burned so badly, he got gangrene and had to be hospitalized. I don't think he even drums anymore, which is seriously depressing as Bob was their best drummer. I'm honestly not sure what he's up to now a days, even though he still posts on twitter from time to time.

No. 73613

No. 73614

File: 1456532213556.png (545.15 KB, 800x600, tumblr_lpoqmg0ACJ1r0w34so7_128…)

Nice sleuthing, anon!! Aww, baby Toro. I bet he's adorable and has a tiny fro too.
He most be the most precious husband and dad. damn it, I love Ray Toro.

No. 73637

File: 1456545025980.jpeg (37.55 KB, 500x309, image.jpeg)

It is bullets era! Toro still has short hair.

Why is Ray such a precious little bean?

No. 73708

File: 1456603986716.jpeg (40.95 KB, 392x284, image.jpeg)

your daily dose of old school mcr

No. 73772

File: 1456633355193.jpg (83.36 KB, 620x400, RayToro-2015.jpg)

Looks even better after glasses - which never happens.

Bob was the realest and I miss him. I remember in LOTMS he hated be filmed so much to the point of slapping the camera away, it was refreshing. I had so much love for him when he gave Mikey shit for cheating - because it obviously got so public it was cool he stuck up for Alicia so their younger fans didn't grow up thinking that treatment was ok. It was super fucked up that Mikey got to be so publicly obnoxious about how "happy" he was with his young girlfriend while Alicia got humiliated.

No. 74501

File: 1456692533642.jpg (8.97 KB, 236x296, cd508d76acbbd67269c633699b2331…)

Excuse you. Glasses are always hot.

No. 74505

File: 1456692785708.jpg (25.71 KB, 470x349, mikey-foreverwristtattoo.jpg)

The younger fans are literal cancer. Even to this day, you can find old tumblr entries from when Mikey first cheated on Alicia with Sarah and fans were DEFENDING HIM, saying it wasn't our business to judge because he was an 'adult.'
In my experience, anyone who speaks this way is automatically a damn child. He cheated on his wife of 7 years. He got engaged to a teenager a week after doing a family x-mas dinner. Mikey is scum and even if I liked him during MCR, it doesn't make him a good person. He cheated and it went public. It doesn't matter if he's an adult or not. I'm an adult too, but if I go around murdering in private, is that really my business?
He even got a new tattoo over his forever one after meeting Sarah, then covered it up AGAIN after their engagement fell through.

His younger fans are the worst and still defend Sarah over Alicia, saying Sarah is a good person, etc. It boogles my mind.

No. 74558

I know Mikey claimed that they separated in private. But if they separated so privately that even his own sister in law did not know than why was he taking all those loved up pictures with the new teenage fiance? That shit had to have hurt Alicia horribly recently separated or not! How can anyone defend Sarah here? She looked like she was smirking in those pics, maybe she just has a smug face though.

Do you have any pics of the first coverup? I didn't know he had more than one.

No. 74619

File: 1456701434023.jpg (46.33 KB, 275x259, image.jpg)

No. 74627

A lot of the old tweets were deleted, including Sarah's twitter. Mikey deleted pretty much ALL sarah related tweets.

I only managed to find a few screen caps from older sites.

this post explains a lot. Might have to zoom in since none of the photos can be enlarged, but it's a good timeline of the affair.

No. 74641

File: 1456706522188.jpeg (26.4 KB, 224x225, image.jpeg)


No. 74642

File: 1456706982028.png (93 KB, 352x368, image.png)

This isn't okay. I had no idea how deep his scummery went. Oh my gosh, Mikey… I truly thought he was better than this. I know Bob was pretty outspoken about how he thought Mikey's cheating was bullshit, but what about the rest of the band? What about Gerard?

I guess you could say I am…


No. 74652

File: 1456710890213.png (482.72 KB, 500x504, tumblr_ncmsr7fol41r78p6zo1_500…)

Yeah the younger fans are pretty fucking gross, I think it's the time their growing up in where divorce is just "expected" and kids are trying to be edgy by being as disconnected as they can be to the point that they're deeply scared of abandonment from being emotionally stunted. I've read fans being like "lol look at Alicia why would''t he cheat she was probably a bitch".

His secret instagram and Sarah's go waaaay back, Alicia got really fucked over. Luckily on instagram she seems to be rolling with the punches, but still.

ia, even if he respectfully separated it's in the poorest of taste to handle it the way he did. I definitely noticed her constantly smirking, it's so fucking vile. I was actually p happy he fucked her over since this girl was a willing accomplice to adultery, and she was dumb as shit with nothing to offer the world besides starving herself to be a model. And now Mikey is engaged to another woman, but she looks like an insufferable woman who wants to sell you Shakeology so that's always a good laugh.

Pic related bc I'm a player hater. I think he doesn't want to be alone because his new girl is the style ambassador for Old Navy, and all these basic women pictured all look related. Maybe she's dating him to get to Mumford & Sons or pretends he's Dave Matthews when they're fucking I don't even know I don't relate to women that look like they get excited to go to Starbucks.

I was their fan since Revenge came out, which is clearly a theme I enjoy haha. Mikey being so lame makes me appreciate the others even more by contrast.

No. 74653

File: 1456711146565.gif (491.22 KB, 470x241, tumblr_inline_n9spgqdYdn1r38bl…)


Lord and Savior, Gerard Christ.

No. 74656

File: 1456712436221.png (844.46 KB, 612x613, tumblr_mjmwkulBPF1s4we6go1_128…)

>Fan since Revenge era
Bless. Same here, anon. Yeah, I don't see anything interesting about the women he's been dating/engaged two after Alicia. At least Alicia was involved with music, being a merch table person and guitar tech. Sarah was a creepy fangirl who looked like a fish (and a 30 something year old man dating a teenager is some telling signs of mid-life crisis.)
Kristen looks like some basic bitch who sits around drinking starbucks, wearing yoga pants. Then again, Mikey seems boring as fuck outside MCR. All of his IG and twitter posts are about sports. He even got a nose ring when he was dating Sarah.

Much disappoint for Mikey Way.
tw: her nasty fingernails

It's so much worse than I originally thought. It saddened me to go through all the info and timelines.

No. 74676

So he got engaged to her within weeks of a family Christmas with his wife, whom he was still legally married to? Wow, he just didn't give a fuck did he? There's only so much you can blame on drugs…

No. 74681

File: 1456718480917.jpg (60.47 KB, 500x418, tumblr_inline_mh868reiyt1qz4rg…)

Idk if it was ever mentioned, but the best part was that Sarah and her best friend were SUCH my chemical romance fangirls it's too good.

Sarah actually at one point went by the nickname Sarah Dope, Alicia's best friend. Pictured is Sarah's best friend Angie who's mirroring a picture Gerard's old gf Eliza took while name dropping Mikey's wife. If my best friend outed my psycho fangirl past by breaking up a marriage I would be so pissed lol.

No. 74682

File: 1456718583875.jpg (55.59 KB, 500x448, tumblr_inline_mh864dJy1s1qz4rg…)

And another because it's gold.

No. 74683

I have an irrational hatred for women who look like this.
God, I just want to punch them all in their stupid faces.

No. 74688

Sarah's friend also claimed she looked just like Mikey Way's wife Alicia. It was really creepy.

No. 74712

File: 1456740500601.png (56.27 KB, 500x407, tumblr_lsmbr27Kbf1qibjako1_500…)


No. 74799

File: 1456772716229.gif (888.89 KB, 500x281, image.gif)

:,) why, God

This makes me extremely uncomfortable. I used to really like Mikey.. Now this, coupled with his weird new persona. I'm not so sure. I thought that MCR was against fucking groupies? But I guess Mikey's the only person who has done anything like that.

I love My Chem, I've met some really fucking awesome people who like them too, but some of the fan base is absolutely revolting.

Sorry for rehashing it over and over again. I guess I'm just kind of flabbergasted.

New talkin point: do you all follow the guys on Twitter and Instagram? What do you think of their posts? Isn't Frank just adorable?

No. 74974

File: 1456794640938.gif (1.35 MB, 509x372, tumblr_ncmfvgWYuB1smsmqro1_128…)

Goddamnit, I really did.

Yeah, I'm certain all the other members still hold strong with their values against groupies and objectifying women. Gerard, Ray and Frank especially seem very pro-women's rights and equality. It just sucks Mikey is the bad apple.

No. 74980

Frank is forever adorable, thanks for sharing that gif!

No. 74999

File: 1456803775546.gif (479.73 KB, 390x271, tumblr_lpvucwRaz81qci3wro1_400…)

u mean frodo here?

No. 75006

File: 1456804610238.jpeg (124.31 KB, 516x640, image.jpeg)

I love you guys. This thread is amazing.

No. 75064

File: 1456815106751.gif (836.16 KB, 500x319, tumblr_o26gjqCRQK1tzjcb8o1_500…)


I really just think it's a combination of Mikey being a cokehead and now living in LA, probably also why he settled for his current gf/wife because she's so harmless. Addiction runs in their family, he's probably having a really difficult time balancing his sobriety and personal life post-MCR break up. I don't think he's doing anything with his life now, and to be honest he was the bassist and learned for his brother so I doubt he has anything else to contribute to the world now.

I rehash it too honestly :/ He's only human, but no matter who you are what he did is unforgivable, it just makes it worse given the context. It sucks that he didn't make a statement given his age and how black and white adultery is, but whatever. It's not like anyone wants to fuck with him now haha.

I never lurked their social media past Myspace (lol) because I'm afraid of people judging me for my past fangirl ways. But I just looked up Frank's instagram and oh my god adorable is an understatement, he's always been someone who seemed amazing but I think now having kids he's like iconic as a human. How he treats fans and their fanart is a high standard, being so sweet and encouraging. A+ human.

Also discovered the nickname Fronk and I'm elated.

No. 75066

>I don't think he's doing anything with his life now

He actually has his own band, Electric Century. They're good, he does bass and writing and David Debiak does vocals. Their first album is out on the 9th, I think.

No. 75067

This is 30 second to mars, willing to bet money it's produced by similar suits. Plz don't tell me anyone here buys this.

No. 75098

>Electric Century
>Backwards R and C
Mikey, you're almost 40, stop this.

No. 75101

File: 1456824420297.gif (1010.93 KB, 400x257, frank-glasses.gif)

Yeah, Mikey being a cokehead and living in LA is definitely a bad combination. Not to mention the women living in LA …are well, you know.
Either basic bitches or plastic bitches or both.

Frank is precious. He is always very open and encouraging to fans. And overall seems so genuine.

No. 75105

Frank is some kind of superhero to make the stereotypical sjw/haes warrior glasses look good. damn.

No. 75440

File: 1456870218300.jpeg (50.27 KB, 632x438, image.jpeg)

Frank is my fave. I was listening to Pencey Prep today, it's pretty amazing how talented he is. I think both him and Ray are very talented musicians, and you can tell that from the start what has been important to them is the music.

I wish that they would team up and do something together. I mean, I wish that everyone would get back together and make some music, but I think that Ray and Frank could do something super cool.

if only Gee breezy would lend his vocal talent too since him and Frank are a perfect match for each other musically fuck

No. 75491

Honestly, the main three Gerard, Ray and Frank should get back together. I miss Bob a lot, but they might be able to manage without him. Mikey- they just need to replace entirely.

Gerard's voice paired up with the two guitars is just wonderful. Soloing isn't working out for Frank and Gerard musically, so I wish they'd just kiss and makeup and get back together musically.

No. 75638

File: 1456903427168.gif (481.27 KB, 500x250, tumblr_lkjj9o0eIm1qin7pso1_500…)

Frank is just a beautiful human in every Way.PUN INTENDED TEEHEE

Agreed; Gerard, Frank, and Ray need to do something and just let it be a different band. Any combination of even just two of them would be better, Gerard needs to be held down, Frank is not a frontman, and Ray is a literal gentle man that needs a catalyst. I can't tell if them coming together in the first place was a perfect balance, or they made it work then forgot how to be individuals after being in their role in My Chem for so long.

No. 77032

File: 1457094969213.gif (995.29 KB, 250x223, nope.gif)

Hey everyone– just a warning, but there appears there is some autistic farmer on the warpath against all things MCR related. They get their fee fees hurt by this band, and subsequently they are reporting anyone who posts MCR gifs or pictures. I wouldn't be surprised if they reported this thread as well. Just so you guys know.

I kind of wonder why people still hate a band that doesn't even exist anymore. What could cause a person to be so assblasted by something they supposedly dislike? Mind-boggling.

No. 82894

File: 1458675899808.jpeg (53.8 KB, 480x270, image.jpeg)

Happy worst day of the year, guys.

No. 93752

No. 93766

He's not even that attractive. Why does he get all the bitches?

No. 93801

He sure has a type.

No. 93805

because he's from a well-known band with a cult-like following

No. 93948

Jeezus, Mikey.

Cool to see this thread again. How are my fellow bandom farmers doing?

No. 97559

File: 1465888542667.jpg (605.29 KB, 2448x3264, Twentyone_Pilots_at_Press_conf…)

Much disappointment, Mikey Way.

Wondering if any band farmers are still about? I recently got into 21 pilots and really digging their music so far. Would love some recs.

No. 97562

Still here, but my tastes have changed quite a bit.

I could never get into 21 Pilots - their whole look feel so gimmicky and pandering to preteen girls to me. Just my opinion, though.

Not sure if you're into metal or not but there's a band called Darke Complex that I love, they have a lot of rap in their songs. And Frigid is a banger.

No. 97565

I could never get into 21p either for the same reason. I want to like them, but they just don't hit me like the golden era bands do. Though I did see them as an opener once, and they were pretty good.

No. 97660

File: 1465944285630.jpg (24.86 KB, 500x333, 124130383_l.jpg)

Thanks anons!
I'm into all music, so I'll check out Darke Complex. I've also been listening to some Travie Mccoy lately. I like his collabs with Brendon Urie. I honestly miss Cobra starship the most though.

No. 97672

File: 1465955992346.jpg (273.46 KB, 524x810, SPG.jpg)

Was anyone else ever a fan of Steam Powered Giraffe at one point?
I used to be a huge fan, but they fell apart and went downhill so fast.

I have a lot of beef with them but I don't know where to start and don't want to ramble if no one else cares.
Only two of the original members are still in it, they replaced the third robot with their drummer and the best robot character had a gender change and the whole feel of the act has changed because of it. I was fine with the gender change at first because the plan was to just change the gender and keep the character the same, but that didn't last long.
There's been a lot of drama within this bandom due to social justice warriors and the band making shitty decision after shitty decision. What started out as a lighthearted steampunk band has turned into a wannabe childrens' act with shitty music and cringe worthy performances.

No. 97673

File: 1465958019617.jpg (102.33 KB, 918x675, rabbitchange.JPG)

example of how the character changed drastically after the gender change

No. 97679

if you're a steampunk robot character (??? gonna be honest here anon, this is 100% a lost cause already) how does gender factor into anything…

oh right! put a fucking wig on = gender fixed! because lady steampunk robots have, like, long hair and lipstick. perfect.

No. 97684

Damn, that make-up on the left is incredible. What a shame. I'm not a fan of this band, but I'm always up for milk. Dish it, anon.

No. 97685

My friend was into this band. I never really got it that much.

So did the guy become trans or what? Just replace him?

No. 97703

File: 1466008952165.jpeg (54.35 KB, 550x367, image.jpeg)

I miss The Jon.

No. 97707

fuck i just typed out a ton of drama and then the page reloaded before i could post. i'll try again.

So some back story on the band
>started out busking in balboa park
>originally had five members, then six
>three male robots, one female robot, a musician, then a drummer
>the two main robots, david and bunny bennett, are identical twins
>the twins have a shitty habit of making their girlfriends a part of the act/dating any female that they hire then shit hits the fan once they eventually break up
>that's what happened with the original female robot, erin
>then the twins kick the third male robot, jon, out of the band because they disagreed with him drinking and smoking weed
>huge prudes and holier than thou straight edge
>they then make their drummer sam replace him as a new shitty character
>bash jon all over social media
>a year later they get rid of their musician micheal reed, who played all of the instruments and all the harmonies and is probably the only reason they sounded as good as they did
>say it's because they don't want to seem like a 'band'
>they now sound like ass and can't harmonize for shit and play a recorded track for live shows
>constantly filtering through female members because the bennetts can't keep their relationships professional
>sam stays out of all the drama while the bennetts fight non stop with social justice warriors on tumblr and are constantly defending themselves
>christopher "bunny" bennett comes out as trans
>now goes by bunny/Isabella and swears that her gender identity won't get in the way of the band
>turns around and gives everyone's favorite robot character, rabbit, a gender change
>then promises that the characters gender change won't effect the character at all and everything will be the same
>then changes the entire personality, makeup, and voice of the character while making the entire act form around her now being a lady robot
>anyone who criticizes is called transphobic is ridiculed by the band and crazed fans
>now they have a giant giraffe puppet that they use to sing with them on stage ????
>none of them have the passion for the group they originally started and are just going through the motions and it is strictly a job for them now and they don't even hide it

example of them in the beginning:

and the shit they're up to now:

also, i attached a screenshot of a SJW blog the twins used to fight with and eventually blocked

No. 97709

File: 1466012098147.jpg (1.32 MB, 773x598, fuckingsjwbs.jpg)

dammit dropped the pic

No. 97710

I can appreciate how offensive this David guy is to tumblrinas, but he's seriously fugly without all the make up. How does he keep getting girlfriends? He must have truly stellar dick game or something. Guy looks like a straight up pedo.

No. 97713

his girlfriends havent been very cute either, and neither have bunny's although she now has a decent looking boyfriend and decent looking girlfriend on the side

No. 97724

I remember when they were still new and I really enjoyed the robot gimmick. Kind of a shame things went south.

Bunny also had a brief run-in with the Monster High fandom after making some kind of "they look like whores" remark. I forget how it all panned out, though. I only remember it being funny because a fan eventually made a Bunny custom with a MH doll.

No. 97765

File: 1466038006130.jpg (68.17 KB, 630x440, tmp_16221-Taking-Back-Sunday-3…)

You ever just get really nostalgic for the bands you were obsessed with when you were much younger and pull an old favorite song up on YouTube, BUT NOW IT SOUNDS LIKE ABSOLUTE GARBAGE to you? I guess some things should just remain memories, never to be revisited. Pic related, I was obsessed with TBS back when Louder Now came out. Now, I wonder what the hell I was doing.

No. 97767

>Taking back Sunday

Yeah, they're awful now. I had the unfortunate chance to see them back in Dec 2015 and i stood in the back of the venue most of the time until I watched out midway through the set. It was incredibly disappointing.

Nothing disappoints me more than what Mikey Way has become though his new trash band: Electric Century.

No. 97768

Meant *walked out. Apologies, I'm tired from work.

No. 97771

To me, all of those old songs still sound golden and I listen to them now and then. But their new stuff is garbage to me, no charm at all.

No. 97772

Louder Now is one of my all time favorite albums, has been since it came out really. Hell, I love all their stuff pre Louder Now, too. New Again is okay, has some catchy songs but nothing that sticks with you. Everything else they've released since though has been garbage.

Yeah, Electric Century sounds like super contrived indie radio garbage. It sucks.

No. 97773

File: 1466041568760.jpg (61.08 KB, 636x639, the_used.jpg)

Anyone here who liked The Used? I still love them, at least their self titled and In Love and Death. Also Bert was pretty cute back when despite looking like he smelled like shit. It's a shame he went the DUDE I'M PHILOSOPHICAL AND SMOKE WEED LMAO route.

No. 97778

File: 1466044578984.jpg (114.64 KB, 1024x768, 00004gkb.jpg)

Yeah, nothing wrong with listening to older stuff. A Fever you can't sweat out will still be one of the most listened to Panic albums in my cd collection. It never gets old imo. And not to mention Bullets and Revenge from MCR.

No shame in liking TBS' older stuff.

I miss Bert's greasy longer hair. He just seems so burnt out now. Like the drugs caught up to him finally. And his guitarist balding looks awful.

No. 97793

I listened to their album "Tell all your friends" and especially the song "cute without the e" so much because I had a depression and could totally relate haha.
Listened to them again recently and realised I really was an angsty teen punk. I do still like them for nostalgic value, haven't listened to anything new.

No. 97797

File: 1466060295220.jpg (432.03 KB, 894x894, po.jpg)

Hell, that picture brings back so many memories. Such an iconic Panic moment. AFYCSO definitely stands the test of time, but PO is still my favourite Panic album. I can't get into anything post V&V, and I don't want to be one of ~those~ fans, but I'm not a huge fan of the direction Brendon has gone with.

No. 98065

Fucking yes this album. Tbh I think Death of a Bachelor is shit. I miss the use of strings/piano and videos that told a story or at least weren't just glamor shots of Bren with the other guys in the bg in a few shots.

No. 98401

I read this thread on a total whim and came to the belated realization that Gerard has one of the cutest faces I've ever seen, can any sweet MCR anons recommend good interviews or behind the scenes videos or performances or whatever so I can stare at him some more? I watched the life on the murder scene doc already, they seem like nice kids too.

I dunno how I missed it when I was younger, I never even really listened to MCR even though I was into Panic and FOB and so on. Maybe the emo stigma was too strong at the time.

No. 98430

File: 1466438195380.jpg (95.47 KB, 531x800, Brendon-brendon-urie-2233718-5…)

You're all good, anon. I can't listen to anything beyond Vices & Virtues either tbh. You can tell how the music direction has gone to complete shit since Spencer's departure. I am big Ryan Ross fan and really loved his writing style and composition. He knew how to use Brendon's voice to sing his words. Brendon isn't a terrible writer, but he's nowhere near as good as Ryan was.

Honestly, Panic should have just broken up after Vices. The new album (DOAB) is shit aside from maybe…one song? It feels like it was written just to get on the radio and no real thought was put into it. I'm not a musician, but it feels cheap and hollow to me.

I will always love AFYCSO and Pretty Odd era best, even if Pretty Odd was in fact a total 180.

No. 98431

I've been into MCR since 2004, so if you want to email me, I'll give you some decent recs. I'm not home now, but once I'm back I'm sure I can think of some off my pc.

No. 98432

File: 1466438618956.png (251.91 KB, 584x270, MissJackson1.PNG)

New Panic is trash. It's literally just Brendon plus other session guys. Hell, Dallon Weekes has been with Panic since 2009 and still is NOT considered an official member by Brendon. I believe he gave him the title temporarily but took it away from him again. It's pretty cold.

Brendon knows he can use the Panic name for points and coverage and all the new fans will follow him blindly. I didn't get into Panic until the Pretty Odd era, however A Fever You Can't Sweat Out will always be the peak/golden time for them imo. The writing was new, raw, however it worked so damn well for them.

Brendon has a beautiful voice still, but between his twitter, instagram and periscoping, he's basically a media slut now who lives off attention from the new, younger fans who weren't even into Panic until way after Vices era.

Also, fuck him for ever thinking this hair looked good. Brendon looks so gorgeous with longer/shaggy hair. This haircut is an abomination.

No. 98442

File: 1466442362091.jpg (79.13 KB, 500x213, large.jpg)

This this so much this. I honestly think Brendon doesn't care about the actual music anymore, he just cares about getting shit out there as fast as he can so it can get popular. No substance. I mean fucking hell, all of the DOAB videos came out within barely months of each other. It all felt so forcibly shitted out.

As for Dallon that dude deserve soooooooooo much better than being a bassist for a band that doesn't even appreciate him. Dallon is actually an amazing song writer (see The Brobecks) and he has a great singing voice as well, but Brendon's head is so up his own. I think Dallon said one time that he was basically told he doesn't have anything to offer to the band is can't contribute to writing.
It's quite sad to see Brendon go from a quiet guy who was just out there having a great time to being an egotistical dick.

No. 98463

File: 1466449169007.jpg (36.09 KB, 491x479, 3be67ce5a3ec8feec34eb50051baee…)

I honestly think that without Ryan's writing, Brendon would still have been singing for tips at the Smoothie hut. He has a beautiful voice with a decent range, but his personality went from being a super cute ex-mormon going out into the world for the first time to an over-inflated dickhead.

I used to want to give Brendon the benefit of the doubt, but I also heard the whole speech he gave about Dallon being a member without nothing musical to contribute to the band. Does Brendon just write all the songs now? At least in Vices & Virtues, you could hear the Fever influence with him and Spencer Smith. Now it's all Brendon and it sounds like your generic LA trash pop radio music. I feel bad that I never went to see Panic during Fever era or even Vices era. They really peaked after that third album.

No. 103035

Been a couple months since I was on lolcow. In the meantime I've become completely reobsessed with MCR'S music. I didn't like it much around 2004, but I completely love Bullets now; it's been my go to album for the past few weeks.

On the flipside, I've revisited P!aD's Fever and I'm disappointed that I can't actually enjoy it anymore. It's weird; I love it, but I think I seriously burnt myself out on it years ago. When I try to play it now it's like my brain can't focus on the music.

No. 103922

I haven't been on lolcow in almost a year.
I come back to find that PT lost weight and there's a bandom thread on /b/?
So, how's about that #mcrx, guys?

No. 103942

My friends and I think MCRX is going to be an anniversary tour, and if so thank fuck they aren't actually announcing anything until Septembers because I am broke right now lol

No. 103992

I'm intrigued. Cynically I'm thinking it may just be an anniversary cash grab with new merch.

No. 104016

A tour would be cool. I'm just hoping it's more than a simple reissue and new merch.

No. 104023

File: 1469119301764.jpg (10.27 KB, 314x161, issues.jpg)

Issues, anyone?
They used to be a joke to me, all that bizarre time signature crunkcore nonsense, but after 'Headspace' I'm actually listening to them seriously.

On the other hand I'm getting a bit disappointed with Bring Me lately, I thought Sempiternal was a real sweet spot, but they just keep getting increasingly soft. Fair play to them to keep changing up their style and I'm still listening to the new stuff, but if it goes any further then SwS will be heavier than they are.

I hadn't even thought it could be a merch drive. That would be depressing.

No. 104027

I have nothing to contribute, but I love that you mentioned issues. I feel like no one's taking them seriously.
>hurdur Bieber voice XD
>hurdur rap XD

As for bmth and sws, I'm a nostalgia emofag and I don't like the softer sounds. James Dean era sws, best era sws. Same with mcr, I'm going to get hate for this, but I have a hard time listening to DD. I'd still love a reunion though.

No. 104035

I was introduced to them through the Black Diamonds EP which I thought was terrible and like any other generic metalcore band, but their self-titled album warmed me up to them a little bit and I thought Headspace was a great album. Plus, Sky is an amazing bassist and from what I've seen, they're all pretty good live.

I haven't been into BMTH since Sempiternal came out, Antivist and House Of Wolves are the only songs on that album I can stand. I gave That's The Spirit! a listen and I honestly thought it was bad in just every way. And the drama surrounding them and the stories I've heard of them being dicks to people for no reason is enough to put me off them. When Jona from I Killed The Prom Queen was still in the band was their peak quality-wise.

Me too, for SWS and MCR. I've always though Danger Days was overrated because it was their last real album and as a stand alone album, it didn't even compare to The Black Parade and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge.

All of these artists who are considered emo now like Twenty One Pilots and Halsey make me depressed, like there's nothing about them really has any trace of what emo used to be. I guess the genre changed with time, but fuck, it's sad to see gendervoid foxkin kids say that they're emo because they like mainstream artists.

Is there anyone who listens to Nortlane in this thread? What do you think of Marcus and Node? I actually liked the album and there's some catchy easily replayable songs like Rot and I like Marcus' clean vocals more than Adrian's but I still think Adrian was a better performer live and brought a certain irreplaceable energy to the band.

No. 104076

I knew mcrx was just a reissue. Glad I wasn't too hype.

No. 104078

I didn't have the full story and now I'm sad as fuck :( I knew there was beef with jon but I didn't know about what.
They even deleted Ju Ju Magic which i think was a Sprague's song? or they were just mad. oh well.
and the bunny being trans thing really fucked up the band even more, sadly.

man now this is depressing

No. 104090

Oh god, so it's been confirmed. I know I said I was cynically expecting a merch release, but I am actually really disappointed. My don't-hope-for-too-much cynicism failed me. I'm glad they snuffed this rumor quickly instead of letting it fester.

No. 104109

Yeah that was Jons song, I think he does photography now and he has an instagram account. Glad to see he didn't just vanish after spg.

No. 104146

Me too, honestly. I figured it wouldn't be something so extravagant as a reunion tour like some people were gunning for, but more than 'reissue of TBP with demos and some new shirts' would've been nice. Oh well.
It is good they nipped the rumours in the bud, though. I can't imagine how apeshit everyone would've gone in September if they'd still been holding out for more.

No. 104197

File: 1469266966405.jpg (34.99 KB, 412x500, orig-1926091.jpg)

I thought he had a window of hotness around TBP but that seems to be over now.
Damn, that's what I suspected sadly. They gave a date only about 2 months ahead and it didn't seem likely that they would have an album put together or a tour ready to go in that time frame.

No. 104263

File: 1469339297301.gif (486.22 KB, 500x270, tumblr_nvdaxb3k5f1uf3fcko1_500…)

Yeah, but why did they create a whole new logo for it? Really pisses me off. Like, they did a nice vinyl release of Revenge and never made a huge deal other than basic info on their twitter page.

They made this vague as hell 30 second flag clip with the first few notes of Black Parade and random date. They knew what they were doing. A lot of fans are pissed off now. I certainly won't be buying any reissue shit they're leasing. They got nerve, even putting out a new shirt design. It's playing on the fans who still had hope for some kind of reunion tour like The Academy did last year.

Glad they nipped it in the bud early as well, but I still can't help but feel very disappointed and upset.

Gif are my feelings towards the MCR site managers and merch team.

No. 108639

File: 1472453647528.jpg (44.07 KB, 500x295, a frown gerard.jpg)

tfw mcrx killed the bandom thread

No. 111106

Leaving a rose on the grave of this thread to say Living With Ghosts is actually pretty cool.
I'm digging it.

No. 111119

So I'm stuck in a timewarp and still listen to MCR and Panic and shit. Do bands like this even exist anymore? I miss eyeliner-wearing faggy qtpies.

No. 111352

File: 1475166930927.jpg (12.69 KB, 306x399, 00000000000000000000-1.jpg)

Honestly, I still listen to MCR, so I was hyped for the 10th anniversary of the Black Parade, hanging on to a thread of hope there would be a reunion tour, but… sucks man. Feels bad there's just a horrid cover album no one asked for and more money fishing from the record company.

I still listen to Panic!, especially the first two albums. I might even go to the Death of a Bachelor tour next year, even though I'm wondering what the set list will be.
I really want Brendon to retire the song 'I write Sins.' He's been singing it for what– 11 years now?

No. 111353

I know this post is months old, however has anyone seen the new video that just came out for LA Devotee?? Brendon got obsessed with the show Stranger Things and basically stole the kid who plays Will Byers for views.

I'm truly hoping the next new set of songs/next album Brendon releases will be closer to Vices & Virtues or Fever because everything after the third album is really not great.

No. 111378


Don't get me wrong the latest album has grown on me like herpes but the one before was godawful. You know you're in trouble when This is Gospel is the best song you have to offer.

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