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No. 658494

Hi. I’m not from around these parts and I wanted to say looking around this whole site has been really surreal and interesting. I’ve really only ever used regular old 4chan, and so I have a certain perception of how imageboards work. But so much around here is weird and new to me. I used to go on /r9k/ a lot and so I’m really used to nonstop threads about tfw no gf and how women suck, etc. So I suppose I’m interested in seeing how this board is kind of the inverse of that.

I guess what I’m getting at is, what all do you make of the sort of “parallel universe” nature of male-dominated boards vs. female-dominated boards? I see so much here which is directly equivalent, with subtle differences within, but also things that are strange, like an overall way more positive and friendly vibe.

I guess just feel free to share any of your thoughts and observations on these types of comparisons.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 658503

Male boards are really hateful and monolithic, there’s actually more diversity of opinion here and it’s also more friendly without being a twitter hugbox. That’s just my experience.

No. 658505

it's because we aren't hateful on women on purpose. Gossip is one thing, wishing rape and death on women is a completely other one.

No. 658507

male boards a shit, Lolcow GOAT

No. 658509

In particular I’ve really been shocked by uh, not seeing everyone telling each other to kill themselves for literally no reason. Yknow, a guy on r9k admits he once held a girl’s hand and everyone descends on him with no restraint. And maybe you can chalk that up to a difference in moderation, but I’m not sure of that.

I feel like I’ve internalized the idea that board cultures will always be super hostile but, now I’m kind of reeling at the possibility of that being bullshit.

No. 658521


No. 658522

lc can be hostile too but I think most of the posters have morals lol, normal ones. I even see farmers who sympathize with cows a little. we tend to call out other users if they're being too hostile when its not deserved. Anons will complain but its a healthier mindset here than other places

I first found this site through the dumb bitch memes thread. Initially i assumed it was misogynistic from the op. But I was shocked that there was discussion about that very thing in the thread. that led me to look around and learn. I never thought a board like this existed

No. 658525

I just sincerely wonder what leads to male incel boards being abominable cesspits of hatred, whereas female incel boards are, at worst, somewhat unreasonably bitter about some things but not necessarily packed with horrible people. Not exactly a balanced equation.

No. 658529

>female incel boards

No. 658530

Is this some advanced PP bait? I'm sure you can figure out that line of thought yourself, anon.

No. 658531

>female incel boards
Actually most women hate men to some degree, i hear it from normie women. "they wont fuck us" isnt the reason scrote

No. 658532

Bad choice of words, I mean moreso in the sense of introverted people who often feel they have poor social skills, that sort of thing. Kinda goes to show how my personal definition and usage of “incel” is warped by seeing everyone call people “incel” every two seconds to the point the meaning changes.

What I mean is, a guy posting “tfw no gf” seems a lot more likely to be a shithead than a girl posting “tfw no bf,” if you see what I’m struggling to explain.

No. 658534

yeah… I dont know how to reply to this without going full PP/radfem. its because of male entitlement and other things where women aren't coddled the same way.
I mean we can act entitled too but its gonna be mostly acting because uh we live in a society and dont have peens

No. 658535

Well there are differences between how men and women are socialized, look into that.

No. 658538

Entertaining a mans thread? How about no.

No. 658542

What's with all these new threads being started by randos who sound like men. I hope the mods can check if it's the same IP

No. 658543

I mean yeah I know THAT, I’m not THAT much of a brainlet despite what I come off as. I just wanted to see if there was some more specific insight in regards to board culture as opposed to the clear-cut, feminism 101 answer. Given that I’m not keyed into this very particular form of female space, it can be hard to look at a particular nuance and determine if it’s a culture of like, this particular site, or if it’s simpler than that. Culture shock and all that. I’m a newborn stepping into unknown territory.

No. 658544

File: 1603028094824.gif (1.12 MB, 540x390, 21FC4B33-16F3-4C75-8327-A15FC6…)

fair point queen goodbye sir. back to the misandry grind

No. 658546


No. 658549

Bye, thanks for humoring me.

No. 658551

>abloobloo spoonfeed me

And once again the moid wants us to do the hard work for him while he sits back and cooms.

No. 658555

Fuck off tard

No. 658559

That one pedo tranny linked his friends from twitter here a few days ago. But honestly almost any other cow/snowflake username search leads to LC on the first page of google nowadays. I'm pretty sure the increase of threads about male youtube critics/gamers/commentary-channels on /snow/ in the past year or so also attracted some kiwifarmers and 4chan scrotes.

No. 658561

I just wanted to try and ask directly so I could learn without misinterpreting things. But yeah I get the message I’m out, apologies for getting up in the space.

No. 658573

>apologies for getting up in the space


No. 658576

I’m starting to think there’s no winning here

No. 658578

This, basically. I'm pleasantly surprised it's not worse.

No. 658579

How hard is it to understand you're unwanted here

No. 658581

dude, this is a board for women. you are not welcome

No. 658582

How is this thread not locked yet?

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