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No. 657905

What has been the highest point in your life?
Are you living through it?
Are you doing something to achieve it?
What's something you're very proud of?
What's the happiest memory you can recall?
How do you imagine yourself in the future, what would your highest point in your life be like?

Share the highest point in your life. It can be from a silly happy memory ("I got icecream with my dad and felt happy") to a very cool achievement ("I won a medal in sports", "I lost a ton of weight"), to your dreams and hopes for the future, or your lifestyle (how to maintain that high point), etc.

No. 657920

File: 1602952231313.jpeg (31.25 KB, 500x326, 3FA5DE7A-D8FF-476F-8960-D2473E…)

Good bread OP ♥
Yes I’m going through ~*~it~*~ right now in spite of how this year turned out
>lost 40lbs
>dumped abusive ex, ghosted crush who used me, now they’re both in my DM’s being constantly ignored
>moved to a new city
>made friends at work
>rediscovered love for hobbies
>haven’t had a panic attack in months
>talking to this very pretty girl who thinks I’m cool
I never want to forget how good life can feel in the moments it’s extra bad

No. 657930

File: 1602953136777.jpeg (96.5 KB, 469x479, 1697A924-BC1C-4A61-B58B-554952…)

This is an awesome thread!

No. 657936

File: 1602953494073.jpg (252.93 KB, 590x428, CANS_dogsmiling_379727605.jpg)

I like to think that I'm living through it right now. It's not like I'm living the super high life where I'm making bank and travelling out and whatever, but I'm at peace with myself at how things are right now.

>work super chill job (not high paying, but it's chill and stable)

>paid off student loans, have comfortable amount in the bank
>have a movie night on discord with friends every other week
>travel into the city to take morning walks by the water on my days off
>indulging myself in old hobbies like sewing and watercolors
>have lots of time to spend time with my old dog and family

I feel like my emotions have really mellowed out over the past year as I recovered from depression spurred on by a break up and quitting my retail job that was pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I don't feel super intense happiness, but I don't feel overwhelming sadness that consumes me and drives me to want to cut or kill myself.

I think there are things that can be improved in my life, but for the most part, I think in the future I'd like to live a similar version of what my life is right now- where I have time to do the things I want, surrounded by people who love and care for me as much as I do them, and enjoying the peaceful passing of days.

No. 657977

Love this thread!

I believe most of your present can be the high point of your life if you focus on what you’ve gained rather than lost (extreme circumstances notwithstanding of course). I used to lament over leaving university and drifting apart from the friends I’ve made there, but in the past year I’ve gained a lot of maturity, independence and financial freedom and that’s opened so many doors for me that haven’t been open before. I’m excited to pursue new hobbies, explore my city and meet new people from different backgrounds. Also, my hair and skin have never looked better kek

No. 657984

File: 1602957904106.jpeg (20.05 KB, 320x320, F6A27A93-8C86-4A93-869E-3D0CDF…)


No. 657999

File: 1602959293637.jpg (85.32 KB, 542x619, 75645.jpg)

interesting to contrast the low point thread. I'm not sure what my peak has been so far. everything has been really mixed. when i was a kid i was very carefree but that's also the period i was enduring the most abuse. in my current situation I have an extreme amount of luck and privilege with my living space, but am now trying to address a decade+ of damage and the world outside my apartment also feels really bleak.

my hope is that I will be able to mark a clearer high point in my 30's.

good luck out there.

No. 658052


Reading this makes me happy for you, anon.

No. 658056

The highest point in my life started when I stopped giving a fuck. Until a couple years ago I was a complete doormat. When people took advantage, I would reason I was somehow wrong and needed to become even more of doormat. My boyfriend was abusive, I wasn’t allowed a social life. All I did was go to school, work, and listen to my bf tell me I was worthless

I always had this thing about needing to prove I was worthwhile. I tried everything to be the perfect girlfriend. Eventually found out my bf was spreading lies that I was abusive and after the initial sadness at being betrayed and relapse into being a huge doormat, I got really fucking angry

Suddenly I didn’t give a shit what his friends thought about me because it was based on lies. I didn’t give a shit about his opinion either because he wasn’t the type of person I should care about pleasing. And if I didn’t give a shit about what he thought (the supposed love of my life, lol), why should I care about what anyone else thinks?

So now I do what the fuck I want. I live for myself. I don’t put up with anyone’s shit. If I want something, I’ll go for it. Life is so much better

I wish I’d grown up with this mindset but at least I’m there now

No. 658125

>doing great at school, honor student
>science club president
>hot body
>creative hobbies
>cute bf
>confident, good mental health

things started going downhill after i turned 16

No. 658136

Good for you man, happy to hear :)

No. 658177

Bitch I'm at my lowest but let me tell you, anons. I'm gonna come back in a year and I will be at my highest.

No. 658182

I’m eagerly awaiting for your update post anon. Not even trying to be a snarky bitch, I genuinely hope and look forward to you living your best life.

No. 658191

Very well said anon, very well said. I wish all people had this attitude when it comes to these types of things. Optimism is key my friends, you can accomplish it all if you're optimistic enough.

No. 658261

The highest point of my life is in this quarantine, solely because I got to better my relationship with my mom. All the brainwashing I got from r/raisedbynarcissists was just actually me throwing fits about not being raised as a spoiled child, so I grew the fuck up and started communicating with my mom more. I also dropped a group of friends who kept shitting on their parents and expected them to hand them everything in the world. My mom and I started understanding each other more and I’m happy she forgave how bad I was in the past.

No. 658305

> r/raisedbynarcissists
OT but I've never seen someone criticize this subreddit although I can tell that the majority of the users on there are just bratty teens. That subreddit among other online 'support groups' for kids of narcissistic parents make me enraged because it's so obvious that 90% of these people don't have narcissistic parents but parents who are occasionally assholes. These people seem to forget that narcissistic parents will not be in your life unless they have something to gain and yet their stories are always about parents that remain in their lives and are relatively stable.
Relationships with your family are so important and are so often undervalued by people who don't have absent parents. I'm really glad that you learned that, anon, and I'm sure that your mom is overjoyed as well. I've always wanted an actual mother figure (my mom left or 'ghosted' me once I hit adulthood). When I see how people treat their mothers I get pretty upset often bc kids don't value that they have a stable-ish parent.
But anyway, I'm really happy for you anon and I hope that you two continue to strengthen your relationship!

No. 658366

I hope I haven't had my highest point yet, because then everything after that is just downhill. I'm on a meh plateau right now, not the best but not the worst, just trying to layout plans to figure out how to make my life better in the future.

No. 658385

Aw, so wholesome

No. 658479

Finally someone said it. The misuse of the word in general annoys me. That disorder is extremely rare too yet apparently every single parent a child gets annoyed with has it.

No. 658484

(blogposty but a high point also)
Had similar experience, Im happy for us anon. In my view its complicated. Family is a blessing generally. I realized that they love me unconditionally and if the world turns on me, they're the ones on my side. No ones family is going to be perfect. like most people's parents have shit politics or are annoying or whatever. but they make do. mawmaw, peepaw or whoever may be kinda wonky but theyre family lol
my mom is genuinely weird, invasive and doesn't apologize properly. But I had to reconcile that with those times she helped me through my tears and pain, how I know she has done all she could to get me help. She wants me happy, tries to make life easy… Lots of people dont have that. Theres definitely been dysfunction and things I still have boundaries for. We'll see how it goes but I am in a similar boat as you. My personal view is you can only work with what you got and people are shitty sometimes. But Im not truly getting abused or abandoned and the love I know is there matters. My sister doesnt feel the same but I respect that shes different… Idk its not bad as I thought to open up to my mom. Its done wonders for my happiness

No. 658486

>These people seem to forget that narcissistic parents will not be in your life unless they have something to gain and yet their stories are always about parents that remain in their lives and are relatively stable.

No. 658508

I can't tell if it was 4 years ago if if it's coming up right over the next few months.

I studied abroad, and there was a 6 month window where everything was just…optimum.
>activist friend to dumpster dive with and talk shit about capitalism
>introvert friend who clearly visited either here or cgl, we'd bake together and talk shit about men
>conversed daily with a 10/10 male, I acted a bit of a pickme but honestly the sexual tension was top notch and I don't fucking regret it. We got close to fucking twice but I'm glad it never happened, would've killed the illusion.
>several other friends who were good company and had interests other than drinking
>did research in a genuinely interesting topic to me
Those social experiences were all new to me. Unfortunately I got fat af because a lot of the friendships were heavily food based kek

I think the next little while will be bad but I'm framing it as a transitionary period.
>temporary, high paying, unstable job that leaves me around 2 hours free time on weekdays
>broke up with bf who just wasn't that into me
>distanced myself from my lifelong bffs because it became obvious that I gave a lot of my energy for nothing in return
It will be monotonous and lonely. But once I'm out of it I'll have hopefully healed from those severed relationships and on my way to making healthier ones, on top of having more money than I'll have ever had in my life before, giving me the freedom to explore and have fun before finding a job more suitable with better times, thanks to having had my current job. And I think THAT will be the highest point.

No. 658796

File: 1603049938364.jpg (8.38 KB, 534x271, FB_IMG_1577196658740.jpg)

Now. I have a stable job in my dream field with a clear career plan. I am in a loving relationship. I am in peak physical shape. I have a great relationship with my parents. I came to accept myself and my flaws. I have a beautiful clean home where I live with the man I think is the love of my life.

I am constantly anxious that something is going to go wrong and I will lose everything, but such is life with generalised anxiety lol.

No. 658806

>it's so obvious that 90% of these people don't have narcissistic parents but parents who are occasionally assholes. These people seem to forget that narcissistic parents will not be in your life unless they have something to gain and yet their stories are always about parents that remain in their lives and are relatively stable.
That's a good point. I don't have anything against people using that sub to process any issues they have with their parents (in small doses), but I agree that most are probably not full-blown narcissists, and rather people who have narcissistic traits due to another personality disorder, or due to their own trauma. Whenever I've lurked that sub, I've always found myself thinking that the average parent discussed on there has traits more in line with BPD, not NPD.

No. 659124

I also think I'm at my highest right now despite current year events.
>Stable job, they made it clear I'm gonna be here for a very long time unless I quit
>Exactly the type of relationship I wanted, I've never been so much into someone
>Made ammends with my past after 15 fucking years of suffering
>Found new hobbies I can be passionate about
>Living the comfy life surrounded by friends (not many but quality people) and cats
>Overcame anxiety and started to view the world another way
>I can finally help myself and help other people

No. 659374

It's now
>earning enough money to pay my rent with minimal government assistance or interference
>Able to treat myself to a coffee or some other kind of luxury grocery store food item once a week
>Finished with any form of study for now
>Only debt that remains is student loan
Before this the height of my life was back when I was in highschool because at least people praised me then kek, I get worried this is just the calm before a storm but it sure feels nice to finally be doing okay as an adult. I will never be shamed for having an "unskilled" minimum wage, this is a good life.

My next step is to have a social life when covid ends, start putting away any scraps I can into a savings account and to actually enjoy a hobby. I also enjoy imagining what kind of fierce cranky old woman I'm going to become.

No. 660077

Yeah I was a really bad case of a bratty teen and it didn't help that I blindly believed everything on Reddit. Reddit is terrible for such impressionable teens and it sucks that subreddit taught me how to "grey-rock", it stunted my growth in expressing myself to everyone since I kept practicing it at home.

I wish I found a middle ground support group online because everything is so black and white for family support online and causes you to believe you have the same severity as everyone else.

I found that opening to family helps and makes your at home life so much better! I hope your sister will learn to open up to your parents as well, maybe outside influences are discouraging her but only time will tell.

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