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File: 1432156041496.jpg (86.02 KB, 642x390, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 6167

What really shit music did you guys listen to back in the day? Maybe from your scene kid era or high school or whatever…

Confession, I used to bash 'The Millionaires' now I look back and weep

No. 6168

Their music got better, though. Drinks on Me actually sounded almost like a Kesha song. And they both lost a lot of weight and toned down their scene style. Now they're more normal alternative. I loved the Millionaires and Tila Tequila too.

No. 6169

File: 1432156438603.jpg (77.1 KB, 576x864, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

Can't forget Jeffree star!!!

No. 6177

Paris Hilton's album was not that bad.

No. 15095

Blood On The Dancefloor was my shit.
It secretly still is but I don't like to admit it or talk about it

No. 15107


I used to love breathe Carolina, which i thought was the cool kids version of BOTDF

No. 15109

File: 1436740753718.jpg (9.94 KB, 290x174, download.jpg)


No. 15124


No. 15131

Amy Can Flyy

No. 15139

omg all this cringy scene shit comming back to me… nooooooooooooo

No. 15141

i fucking kek'd. 2006 in a nutshell

No. 15145

I Set My Friends On Fire – Things That Rhyme With Orange.

No. 15148

Jarrod matthews anyone? ugh

No. 15153

i cant believe i was addicted to a woman beater song

No. 15155

any british former scene kid should know this pile of shit

No. 15157

(insert anything by Owl City here)

No. 15171

Owl City actually wasn't bad, as far as that generation of music goes.

No. 15186

No. 15188

I think disgusting/vulgar lyrics juxtaposed with a Hello Kitty background should become a very real aesthetic element.

No. 15192

I used to really like Hollywood Undead back in the scene days, and embarrassingly enough, I listened to them way after the scene days too. I think I stopped listening to them in 2013.

I also was obsessed with that Uffie song Pop the Glock.

No. 15195

holy shit i can't stop laughing
the mid-2000s were an embarrassing but hilarious time

No. 15204

aye aye ayeeee im ur little butterflyyyyy

weeb songgggggg

No. 15209

european girls with afro braids singing a weeb song
didn't realize this group was so multi-cultural

No. 15211

No. 15215

toy-box was just like the poor man's aqua let's be real

No. 15217

Hey Monday were like the poor man's paramore

No. 15219


No. 15220

some 000's hilary duff xo

No. 15221

i think keekz used this in a video

No. 15223

y'all kno this

No. 15224

Oh god I hate that trope

No. 15228

Dolly Style's "Hello Hi" is a shitty modern day version of Aqua's "Barbie Girl"

No. 15229

It fucks me up that the song is so sad and slow in contrast to the music video.
Why is an Avril Lavigne song/video making me feel

No. 15231

No. 15233

No. 15254

agreed. this is easily Avril's least horrendous song and yet she chose this cringe-worthy music video to accompany it? whY

No. 15277

I listened to this song a lot in HS

if it was sad and depressing and melancholy yeah i prolly listened to it.

No. 15588

Not gonna lie, I'm still a big MCR fan.

No. 15606

I'm 22 and I'm still a big fan. . .
>tfw you will always have mcr feels

No. 15653

I still listen to music that I first heard in my MySpace-era scene days, especially crunkcore.
>Dot Dot Curve
>Hollywood Undead
>JJ Demon

However, I can't get into this "post-scene" music like Beartooth, Issues, Of Mice & Men, etc. It all seems too serious and drained of fun.

I love this group!

No. 15655

you need to reevaluate your life

No. 15659

>listening to core anything
pls go

No. 15673

I loved that song from Lizzy McGuire movie

No. 15708

haha, I miss these early 2000's movies.

No. 15709

I fucking loved (and still do) Sugar Ray

No. 15710

WRONG VIDEO OOPS haha, I like Barenaked Ladies too

No. 17558


No. 17603

Her new song Sparks is pretty cool

No. 17639

I love trash music like, it's legit my biggest weakness.

anyone remember J-bigga?

No. 17908

I scrolled through this whole thread squawking YES

No. 17930

mmm yes BOTD had the right thing going
sadly too few realized the beauty of that aesthetic

No. 17940

Mindless Self Indulgence. I still sometimes will listen to them, but man…I was obsessed and I have honestly no idea why.

No. 17981


My middle school music obsession.

No. 17983

I never managed to stop loving Hollywood undead. Even knowing they're shit. It feels like dumping my own baby

No. 18028

Get rdy for the new old album coming out in september :^)

No. 18059

i feel that
too bad Jimmy is SJW now

No. 18063

You aren't alone.
Also tfw you won't ever get to see them in concert.
man I remember back in 9th grade when my friend burned the cd for me, and popping that bitch in my portable cd player on the bus ride home.

No. 18066


Oh fuck.I still don't understand why I listened to that crap.

>be 14 yo,only edgy on the inside

>browse youtube on my mom's PC
>forget to log out
>a few hours later
>sit in my room
>suddenly I hear something in my mom's room

-10/10 would not recommend
I also loved Chiodos.

No. 18070

My all-time favorite genre of music is nu-metal. I try really hard to "own it" and give off a "fuck the haters" vibe. But, damn, I sometimes just don't have the energy or motivation for that conversation and just say I like alternative rock.

No. 99556

Bump for the scene thread in /snow/

No. 99557

Ugghhhh God I had such awful taste

No. 99575

That album was garbage. The rest of their discography, however, is amazing, imo. I love them. (Just not that awkward phase they went through at first.)

>terrible music thread

>no Nickasaur

No. 99576

You tried so hard and got so far, anon
But in the end, it doesn't even matter

No. 99577

Sing it with me bitches

No. 99579

In fact, I'm going to bump the general music thread for you.

No. 99585

I'm ashamed to have been a fan of Tokio Hotel from 2007-2010ish

No. 99588

These guys…I feel really embarrassed for myself just looking at the video again.

No. 99593

Weren't they Christian on top of being awful at music?

No. 99602

Yes, they're labeled as a Christian bad. My god I'm imploding with all the cringe.

No. 99603


No. 99616

File: 1467052317614.png (2.77 MB, 1270x1270, Swan_Songs1.png)

Fuck it. I still love me some Hollywood Undead. Especially their super dated MySpace songs like No 5.

I know they're bad but listening transports me back to simpler high school days.

No. 99619


No. 99642

Janoskians are pure unfiltered cancer. I'm glad that their limelight lasted only a month or two back in 2012, but sometimes I'm reminded of them and want to kill myself.

No. 99643

oops didn't mean to reply to the previous post

No. 99648

Yeeeeees! I still sing along like a fucking tool every time I listen to them too.

No. 99649

I was into VK. Shitty indies VK.
I have no idea what the bands that I listened to were called anymore, but I had the rarest shit.

Have some old Dir en Grey as a stand-in.

No. 99655

I grew up on good goth and punk music. But I went through a cybergoff phase where I listened to really cringey ebm-esque bands like angelspit and blutengel.

No. 99656



>mah niggie

No. 99660

I went through a phase where I listen to a lot of girl christian rock bands like this Superchick, Barlowgirl, and Flyleaf.

No. 99662

Christian rock was my entire childhood…much feels…

No. 99663

High school consisted of nightcore, techno, and Hatsune Miku.

No. 99705

this thread is nostalgia. haven't read through the whole thing yet, but blood on the dance floor. bitches get stitches… my brother and I made fun of their shit music relentlessly but we always found ourselves singing along or playing it as background music while on Runescape.

No. 99707

I used to be really into The Midnight Beast. nostalgic sigh

No. 99708

Holy shit they still put this song in those shitty cheap hot pink plastic kids toys from China.

No. 99709

(Oops I forgot to take the youtube link out. Awkward… I meant the song in the reply!)

I used to love this song too back in my weeb days.

No. 99719

Keaton Henson - Lying to you

Giles Corey - A Sleeping Heart

Patron Saint of Bridge Burners - Crystal Meth Blues (About Forgiveness)

Deerhunter - Agoraphobia

Acid Ghost - Overthinking

Jeffrey Lewis - Heavy Heart

teen suicide - the same things happening to me all of the time, even in my dreams

Varsity - So Sad, So Sad

$uicideboy$ - kill yourself (part III)

Andrew Jackson JIhad - Human Kittens

Ramshackle Glory - Never Coming Home (Song for the guilty)

Eerie Summer - weird around you

No. 99780

hello /mu/core faggot, you posted this before

No. 107263

You brought me back there, anon. Here's another one I really liked from that era of my life.

No. 107265

Nothing beats the weeblicious Butterfly mr samurai song

hello 2006

No. 107266

Is it sad I actually liked this song from Danny Phantom?

tbh i still do

No. 107276

Dem graphics are so bad they make me happy.

And then this happened…

No. 107277

Dis was my jammmm aged 13, fucking hell I still have the Album in my bedroom somewhere. So cringy.

No. 107280

Fuckkk this song seriously pops into my head at least once a month.

No. 107287

i was in my hardcore emo phrase. thinking about it makes me cringe

No. 107292

That song pops up into my head on rare occasions still to this day.

I wanted to be Ember back then, I thought she was so pretty.

No. 107300

I can't imagine a kid this young being exploited like this without outcry in 2016

No. 107301

No. 107302

No. 107303

No. 107306

My guilty pleasure

No. 107308


No. 107309

does anyone remember bew*itched or whatever?
this is them post-gaga

No. 107312

Queen! I loved "Reality."

No. 107313

Omfg thank you so much for reminding me this exists

>>aspiring vo artist

>>Courtney's vapid teen sugar baby voice is perfection
>>not even into impressions but I want to copy and paste it into my vocal chords

No. 107314

What the fuck I was gonna reply with a link to the video of her Edward Cullen boyfriends song and I just found out the character actually has an active YouTube channel now

No. 107339

I'd never heard of this before but now it's firmly stuck in my head.

No. 107344

never forget this gem

No. 107349

This was my jam in 7th grade. Still is.

No. 107355

File: 1471077522442.jpg (77.76 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ltjt4vwKlg1qb6u4uo1_500…)


No. 107357

omg I remember going into the computer rooms on lunch break and going to like hamsterdance.com because it was literally the only thing uploaded to the internet yet

No. 107358

fun fact: tokio hotel is still a thing. (i'm a closeted fan since 2010 kill me please)

No. 107388

File: 1471109188809.jpeg (19.36 KB, 500x375, received_10156992461020467.jpe…)

I gotcha blowin up my phone and o know that you're lookin' right

No. 107390

This is such a guilty pleasure lmao

No. 107392

She is truly an unsung(errr..) talent.

No. 107405

File: 1471125602290.jpg (3.51 KB, 135x90, lolitas.jpg)

Anyone remember Miss Lolitas and their video for Party Staters? It's like they disappeared from existence

No. 107414

Jack Off Jill

No. 107424

Not bad, just edgy.

No. 107426

never heard of them, just watched it what a nightmare

No. 107427

i actually love her blackout song that taylor momsen (lol) wrote

No. 107431

Bless this thread

I believe this was the anthem of finnish emos back in the day

No. 107441

Ah, I remember that one! It's a bit newer though, I think it showed up just around the time when most emos were sort of growing out of it.
Nightwish, HIM, Evanescence and Cinema Bizarre were still the golden classics.

No. 107493

holy shit, this. I think I discovered them from deathnote fan-fiction

>you will never be an edgy 13 year old again, listening to emilie autumn and jack off jill.

Holy shit, it was during the height of the whole scene era too. I used to get so mad when people would call me scene or emo.

No. 107497

>That super thick Finnish accent
This really takes me back to the early 2000's.

No. 107502

Oh my god I had forgotten about this haha.
My old youtube has all the shitty music i used to love.

No. 107518

This is awful.

>"Some people say I look like me da" "Wha? Are ye serious?"


No. 107519

Why does she say 'rill' like that?
What munters lel

No. 107525

I'm having MySpace flashbacks

No. 107528

No. 107529

No. 107530

No. 107560

Wow, emo Chinese cartoons. Oppressive parents, conformist school, only my bf understands me, beautiful.

No. 107592

This song still gives me feels.

No. 107593

nevrar forget

No. 107594

No. 107606

Kek, I used to read WikiHow guides on 'how to be emo' and they said real emo kids never admit to being emo (otherwise they're poseurs) so I'd always act offended even though it's what I wanted to hear.
>"I fight like me da as well!"
ahahaha christ

No. 107613

I am personally offended, even if this is one of their worst songs. Jimmy composed so many catchy tunes and lyrics that were ahead of their time.

No. 107627


When I was teen this is what I used to listen too. It's still nice but I realize now how commercialized it was.

Also. What's the difference between lolcows and the chans? I just found this site

No. 107630

We focus more on a handful of topics rather than a wide range of endless shit. We are also mainly female posters rather than male.

No. 107635

Strange. About your second statement. I'm in foreign lands.

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