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File: 1452045254398.png (32.9 KB, 600x476, Betterthan.png)

No. 56778

Why do certain people on parts of the internet such as 4chan's /r9k/ think that being female is an automatic easy pass in life and all sunshine and rainbows?

I've been shat upon by people my entire life. Even in first grade it was noted in a report card that I was a loner and preferred to play by myself. I didn't want to be a loner back then, but nowadays I've accepted my lifelong status. I'm very ugly, so much so that random people remark to their friends about how ugly I am as I pass them on the streets. I didn't choose my appearance and I'm not fat either. I have no friends IRL and people automatically dislike me and avoid me immediately for reasons that I can't entirely identify. My best guess is that I send off weirdo/creep/abnormalfag vibes and my aforementioned ugliness exacerbates their effect.

While I do agree that a man in my situation would probably have it worse due to social expectations for them to "man up" and "b themselves", just existing as a femanon doesn't mean that I constantly get lavished with praise and support due to being of the female sex. In fact, most of my life both have been few and far between, and the odd time I did get one or the other it felt empty, as if it was only given because they pitied me.

My own personal theory is that robots have seen the instances of Stacy getting special treatment and then generalize that to assume that all women get that. If you're ugly, however, men will ignore you and shit on you the odd time you do come to their attention. You only have value to men once you reach a certain threshold of attractiveness, otherwise you're subhuman.

No. 56784

Men and women both have unique advantages in certain aspects of life. Neither innately have advantages that cancel out the other bad parts of life, unless someone is absurdly attractive.

No. 56787

Agreed. A lot of people I know will claim that the opposite gender has things so much easier. In reality the fact that so many people of both genders believe this so strongly is really just proof to me that we each have our own advantages and disadvantages, overall (it can differ based on the individual and their situation of course).

No. 56788

It's literally tumblr but inversed. It's pretty much the idea of white/cis privilege, but held by men about women
Pretty much this

No. 56803

Basically true except when it comes to reproduction, women are fundamentally disadvantaged by periods, pregnancy and childbirth.

No. 56805

What are the perceived benefits we are getting as women? Besides a free roofied cocktail?

No. 56808

You have to recognize the comfort that robots find in the CherryKoolAidPill
It's like SJWs blaming the white cis patriarchy for all the world's ills
Or BLM blaming white people (including women) for their misfortunes
Or /pol/ blaming the 'global jewish conspiracy' for destroying western culture

Everyone thinks the grass is greener on the other side and feels better when there is a specific people they can blame instead of themselves and/or bad luck

No. 56810

Indeed. It always seems that someone ends up getting more attention than most regarding their personal experiences so people tend to think that's the norm.

No. 56811

to be fair most of their bitterness comes from the fact that the girls they go after tend to be generic insecure white girls who like chads in order to feel better with about femininity. and these guys would infact also be chads by default had they been blessed with good looks so they, themselves end up acting insecure and bitter which still being douche assholes. then they end up blaming the women for their own faults because they would never admit they're at fault for looking for the wrong girls.

No. 56812

it's not so much that, it's more that the idea of 'privilege' has turned into a sort of stereotype so people just base their opinions around that, coupled with anecdotal evidence which is acceptable when being used to one's own advantage, it makes this untouchable warped sense of victimhood. on both ends, not just sjws

No. 56813

robot complains about Stacy and female privilege
femanon complains about Chad and male privilege
everyone talks past each other

Either way, being a internet shutin means the world treats you like shit

No. 56815

I've said it before, but all the legbeards and neckbeards need to stop bitching and fug eachother, then the world would be a lot happier and less stupid.

No. 56816

Sure. I should have said men and women have unique advantages and disadvantages.

No. 56817

The thing about having it easy as a woman is that you only have it easy as a woman if you actually know how to, idk how to phrase it but like, manipulate your circumstances. If you're smart, confident, social, attractive and you know how to get what you want and know what to say, sure, you'll have it easy as a woman. But then the same goes for men, this can be just as easily played that men have it easy too when they can manipulate their circumstances and have all the positive qualities above. The genders can achieve their means in different ways, women will offer sex and emotional comfort while men will offer commitment and strength. Men can lift and dress well, women can lose weight and use makeup, in either case both can perform some specific actions to improve their circumstances. Ultimately it just comes down to knowing how to "play the game".

/r9k/ sees women like Zoe Quinn using her gender to her favour and think every woman does that, but they forget a key element: people like that are also skilled players. Zoe has to use charm to find out whose dicks to suck to get a nice game review, and do it well. tumblr sees men like Cyrill (or w/e his name…he basically fucks drunk women in clubs and posts them online) and thinks all men are misogynistic lowlifes, but they also forget that people like that are just skilled players. Cyrill has to master his PUA game to pick up drunk women to fuck them. It's not a gender thing. 99% people of either gender do not play the game and act like this, most likely because they don't even know how to. Most women are just as mediocre as most men.

fujoshi = neckbeard
average fem = average male
stacy = chad

No. 56819

Thank you.

No. 56826

File: 1452057712223.gif (997.22 KB, 500x278, tumblr_inline_muhln4bFEh1rymbr…)

No. 56883

>Why do certain people on parts of the internet such as 4chan's /r9k/ think that being female is an automatic easy pass in life and all sunshine and rainbows?

1. They´re not women, so they don´t experience the shitty things most women experience.

2. They have little social interaction with women, and so don´t get how they actually live. They only learn about women´s lives through passively watching the prettiest girls in public, though media and from what other neckbeards write on the internet.

3. They only pay attention to attractive women, who may or may not have it easier than they.

4. Robots lack basic empathy.

No. 56892

I'm attractive and have been told so on many occasions. Life is still shit. I might kill myself in a few years. If I was a guy I might go and fuck some hookers or sth, being a girl I can't even hook up with strangers because I'm afraid of getting raped or impregnated.

No. 56893

Well said.

No. 56927

>4. Robots lack basic empathy.

It's actually true that those with autism lack basic empathy.

No. 57530

Well technically you could find ppl who you would consent to therefore making it not rape, and bring y your own condom/birth control.

But then again it's just as much a waste of time for me to tell a shut in who complains about not meeting girls that his chances go up if he leaves the house.

No. 57602

Men are disadvantaged by their overbearing sex drive making them do stupid shit, easy to manipulate among other things, unwanted boners, such things.

No. 57624

Women have no social pressure to be a success at all. Men literally do not give a fuck what your job is or how much money you make. You can even just find a guy and leech off of him and no one will think this is out of place. Men on the other hand are judged based on actual results in life. Women judge men's value as a partner based on his status in society and his wealth. Easy mode is being able to get a guy and start a family(which is literally the meaning of life) with literally no effort. Men will be the ones to face rejection and ask you out. Men will tell jokes and be witty and seduce you. Men will pay for the dates. Men will kiss you first. All a woman has to do is sit back and choose which guy's advances she likes best. Additionally men will just be really nice to women because they want to have sex with you. This might seem like kind of a shitty thing to women until they stop to consider the treatment men get from other men instead. They will not even fake being interested in you. They will jump on any weakness and exploit it whereas when a woman shows weakness she receives support. A woman can never be lonely because all she has to do is create an online dating account and she will be showered with attention, compliments and have tons of people willing to spend time with her. They actually have the gall to complain when someone does all this and then leaves after fucking them. That is 100000000 times better than never getting any of that ever. Loneliness for men and loneliness for women are two entirely different things altogether.

I could go on and on because I've barely even scratched the surface of the subject but I know it's useless because women just lack the ability to empathize with men and will just complain about things that men would kill to call problems.

No. 57635


No. 57637

Wow >>56883 was right! This guy just showed up and proved all of her points lol.

No. 58032

Oh and men are just these sweet innocent babbys who take in these lazy leech wymyn. Im sure if an overweight woman approached you and demanded you pay for her for the rest of her life youd jump for the chance right? Because that totally happens for the moderate-unattractive part of the female population. Cuz wymyn live life on ez mode!

No. 58033

>While I do agree that a man in my situation would probably have it worse due to social expectations for them to "man up" and "b themselves"
They can always hit the gym and look intimidating so no one will have the guts to call them ugly even if they really are. Their dating chances will rise higher. They will be happier. But what can ugly girls like you and me do? Bulk up? We dont have the test for that.

Also, I'd advice you to pay no attention from anonymous "people" from 4chan and /r9k/. Entire 4chan is literally a pile of shit with shit people. And men are secretly misogynistic and have always been and you'd expect nothing more of an anonymous message board. Period. The degree in their hate for women just grows the more they fail in life. I noticed a lot of male posters who hate women regardless of race are fatherless, yet they keep on hating the woman, even though most of them had a good woman in their life and she took/takes pretty good care of them, just because no one except a bear wants their twinky dick.

I admit though that a lot of female posters are annoying, whorish and attention seeking, so maybe its better if we get bullied away when we reveal ourselves to be female. It is a shit board no one uses unironically anyways.

No. 58046

No, what actually happens in real life is women take alimony and child support from men. All it takes is the power to convince a man to nut in you and considering how that's men's primary function in life and alcohol exists, that's not exactly a rare power. Then the women have their pick of the beta providers who have gone through life being rejected by women (or too afraid to make the moves necessary) and instead have focused on their careers. Not all of them have kids before they go for the beta provider. Some of them go from Chad to Chad, always thinking they can get one to commit, until tragically they realize they need to settle for a beta provider. Those are the ones who end up with the double whammy of alimony and child support. The courts universally rule in favor of women in both divorce proceedings and in determining custody of the children.

And let's not forget Women Infant's and Children. Or any of the myriad organizations and government services that provide specifically for women and children. Men are always excluded. People will let women into their homes–complete strangers–just because they're female and have a sob story. Hitchhiking is the same deal. Everyone thinks men are some sort of dangerous monsters (because sadly for some men that's true) and we're treated like pariahs.

Men may earn more money because they work more overtime and are often better at STEM jobs that are more valuable to society, but women control more wealth by far. They do much more of the purchasing.

If you think men giving their money to women doesn't happen, you should take a look at the sugar baby thread around here. Lots of women will tell you their bf or lover provides for them. It's just how life is. I'm not angry or bitter about how the world is, personally I like being able to control my own destiny and be able to gain the power and status, but I just don't see why you would try to deny reality, and the reality is that women have a life that is by all definitions of the word easier than men's. They might not be any happier for it, but that's the truth.

No. 58047

You know literally nothing about me. You've never talked to me, and to claim that I exhibit those qualities simply because I'm male and disagreeing with you is downright deplorable.

Who lacks empathy and understanding? The one who dismisses what others have to say out of hand, or the one who listens to how others view the world and what they've learned from their experiences?

No. 58048


>The degree in their hate for women just grows the more they fail in life.

This is absolutely correct. Men are overtly misogynistic because anonymity brings out the worst in people. A lot of them resort to building up psychological defense mechanisms that shield them from the realization that everything is their fault. They try to deflect blame anyway they can and have and incredibly defeatist attitude.

Much of it stems from an inability to see things in shades of grey. They see that a woman hurt them in the past and as a defense mechanism they label all women as bad. It's a splitting technique you see in people with low emotional intelligence ie emotional baggage staring in childhood.

I like to think of myself as waaaay less delusional and misogynistic than most of them although I have certainly been hurt by a woman before.

No. 58051

Also, one important detail I left out: one of the main reasons men earn more money is because they're simply more motivated to do so. It's largely a sex thing. I mean look at financial domination. Capitalism has always been kind of like a human mating ritual. Guys earn money and buy things for girls and she settles down with him. There's even a nuptial gift (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuptial_gift).

It causes problems when the girl earns more money than the guy. Both men and women agree that that would be a turnoff. It's one of the major issues I have with feminism, and one of the things that gets most robots down. When women will only go for someone who is better than her in all ways, including financially, it means that the bar has been raised for all men. The more time you spend on the internet and the less time you spend flirting with girls, it can seem like an insurmountable task. It's why they think women only want "Chad". That's why a lot of men revert to these defense mechanisms that deflect the blame and project it onto women and keep them wallowing in a pit of misery, convincing themselves that they've been fucked from the start because of X,Y,and Z.

No. 58053

alot of this is more about upper class issues being incorrectly applied to lower classes(which is my issue with the feminist aspect of it) things like wage gaps and gender stereotyping only really exist in more high paying jobs.

until 70k+ it doesn't really matter but with the higher paying jobs you start getting into people who run our economy.

people working at starbucks and entry level office jobs aren't being paid less based on gender, because the people hiring them aren't the ones controlling the money. men in higher paying positions who are hiring into high paying positions will be biased because they want to keep the 'game pure' so to speak.

sorry for the rant but i hate how most feminist issues pertain to higher classes but have the lower classes at eachothers throats as distraction. nothing gets done and they preserve their shit way of life.

No. 58055


idk about you guys but as the woman in my relationship it's my longterm goal to end up earning more than my male partner.

Nobody else want a qt stay-at-home bf you can come home to who'll have prepared a delicious meal and folded and hung your washing and whom you can present with gifts of cologne and Helmut Lang attire and can treat to expensive dinners and exotic getaways?

Just me?

No. 58056

my bf makes a bit more than me buy i pay for more shit cause i'm dominant.

i'm taking my bitch to japan with me for my bday. i ball hard.

No. 58066

I doubt you really want that

No. 58068

You sound like a busy lady. Don't you have places to be?

No. 58069

This is all bullshit. It is redpill garbage.

No. 58070

I would hate to be so insecure that my partner's income, relative to mine, would make or break my relationship.

No. 58075

>Why do certain people on parts of the internet such as 4chan's /r9k/ think that being female is an automatic easy pass in life and all sunshine and rainbows?
Grass is greener mentality + externalization of their own faults.

>it's not because I'm a shitty and unpleasant person, it's because I have a dick! If I was born with a vagoo, everything would be different

It would be exactly the same.

No. 58090


>you don't want to financially support and spoil the man you love

And why not.

No. 58092

Plus, all of their explanations for why they aren't getting with women are external:
>women don't want me because they only want Chad. It is in their nature.
>women don't have to "succeed" in business. It is in their nature to leech off of men/get child support/get alimony
>womenn get pregnant to trap men. They naturally want to be provided for.

There is always an excuse that is outside of their control. According to these robots/redpillers whatever, women ~naturally have a lot of negative factors. I'm sure that takes a lot of pressure off them to actually make a change in their lives ("I'm fine. It is everyone else who is fucked").

No. 58141

Because that just isn't what women are wired to do, it goes against natural instinct. I bet you'd get sick of providing for a manchild stay at home dad pretty quick.

No. 58148


>because that just isn't what women are wired to do, it goes against natural instinct


Listen here Cupcake, you don't get to voice your opinion on what is and isn't against a woman's "natural instinct" until you try going into a woman's vagina and not just out of it.

No. 58161

You must have done some serious book lernin to come up with that

No. 58166

The right girl just hasn't come along yet.

common knowledge

No. 58168


>the right girl just hasn't come a long yet

>my repulsive and dictatory standards of control around how women behave and function in life has thus far repelled every woman in my vicinity so I'm going to masque my unpleasant personality in a shroud of psuedo-morality and higher standards than I deserve whilst simultaneously foisting the damage of my emotional insecurities regarding failures in life onto women online in an attempt to make myself feel superior

If you're so into the whole "nuclear family x gender roles" 2 for 1 Jew package why aren't you married? Why don't you have your own place? Your own car? A thriving career and loving kids?

No. 58173

I don't ask women out or anything, and I'm still very young, so I'm working on that stuff.

What's so repulsive about men and women having different roles anyway?

Also, you're very quick to attack me for a perceived lack of sexual success. It's almost like you know and admit it's much harder for guys.

No. 58183


>what's so repulsive about men and women having different roles anyway?

You tell me, you're the one that replied:

>because that just isn't what women are wired to do, it goes against natural instinct. I bet you'd get sick of providing for a manchild stay at home dad pretty quick

Answer your own question.

No. 58184

Lol @ this manchild comming here and thinking he's going to give the women here any lesson about how they work and who are they supossed to be.

Why do virgins think their shitty opinions are of any relevance to anyone but themselves seriously.

No. 58186


It isn't much harder for guys that actually try.

For centuries men were used to never having to never having to put any effort into their sexual engagements because of the result of women being considered the property of the male gender.
In the past typically a marriage would be arranged for you, or you could take a woman by force if you so desired.
The only women that weren't expected to submit to this system are the ones fortunate to be born into a wealthy family, and even then they lived in the shadow of political-matchmaking so that their fathers and brothers and uncles could acquire higher social status.

Cue the modern era and today women have more rights than ever before, including the right to actually decide whom they deign appropriate to couple with.
And then we have you, the "modern man", who whines and cries and bitches about the degeneration of the female gender and social morality, how much simpler and easier and less complicated back in the old days, how unfair it is that your actually expected to compete for a partner and whilst knowing absolutely nothing about women believes it's his right to dictate how we're "hardwired" to behave.

If you're such an expert on female behaviour, where's your girlfriend, Princess?

If you believe you have it's harder acquiring a partner in present society it's because you're not fucking trying.
You don't put effort into for appearance. You don't make an effort to educate yourself to make yourself academically appealing. You're not worldy, you have no ambition nor desire to improve your standing in life or make an impact in the world.

No, you're a "modern man" who comes to female orientated image boards to whine about how unfair it is that you actually have to try to get women to like you.

God men are fucking entitled.

No. 58187


>women are wired/supossed to be/do as I believe BCUZ SCIENCE!! (that I've learned from some doubtful source that told me what I wanted to hear anyway)

>Eeeehhh why do you seem to dislike gender roles so much now??
>hurr durrr you guessed right i'm a virgin, you are automatically admiting it's much harder for guys!!11
>in top of all of that, probably underage.

You stink so hard of fucking robot it makes me laugh. The best part is you expected people here not to realize. It isn't even worth to debate anything with the kinds of you. Fuck off to r9k from where you most likely come.

No. 58188

I don't think that situation is repulsive, I just know it wouldn't work because the woman would find something to be missing in that relationship. She'd probably end up fucking a more dominant male on the side, or just leave the relationship altogether.

Probably because whether or not I've stuck my penis in a woman doesn't matter. I've had the opportunity, if that means anything to you.

I'm not complaining, I'm just stating the way things are. I have and still am putting in effort to improve myself as a man should.

Not underage, and the only thing I could really get out of that whole post is that you're upset with me.

No. 58192


>she'd probably end up fucking a more dominant male on the side, or just leave the relationship altogether

Hurrdurr because dominant women are a thing of myth and legend and all women are delicate, fragile beings that desire to be mollycoddled by penis-bearers because /r9k/ told you so, amirite?

No. 58193

I'll believe it when I see it.

No. 58194

You wont when all you do is browse r9k and cri about how hard life is for a straight white man in a first world country.

No. 58195

>In the past typically a marriage would be arranged for you

>Implying arranged marriage are something beneficial for men.

lol, what?

No. 58197


You're talking to one right now you cuck, but according to you I'm "hardwired" to want to stay at home and cook and clean and rub my bf's feet.

Tell that to me when I'm fucking him in the ass and suffocating him with my glorious posterior.

No. 58199

I'm simply pointing out the status quo. You're making a lot of assumptions.

Penis envy: The Post.

No. 58200


Arranged marriages are always benificial for men because even if you're a butt-ugly, middleaged fuccboi cuck your fam would still endeavour to find you a beautiful bride.

No. 58201


>d-dominant women don't exist!

>y-you're just jealous of my tiny penis!

Honey no…

No. 58202

You claim to be dominant, and that's fine. But do you respect your man? Have you cheated on him?
My guess: No, and yes.
Sounds to me you're just taking out your frustrations on him.

No. 58205


Do I respect him? Well, we've been in a relationship for 9 years now so you tell me. And no, I've never dreamed of cheating on him. We're not all feeble and weak willed like you men.

Stop getting relationship advice off /r9k/ when most of the guys on their haven't touched a woman in years.
Your lack of maturity or understanding of relationships today fit outside the nuclear mould is both stark and embarrassing.

No. 58206

File: 1452454669811.jpg (80.42 KB, 480x640, stark.jpg)

A bold claim, and I'm not buying it.

I'd rather be stark and embarassing than cucked and chucked with alimony.

No. 58208


Of course you don't believe it, you've already been cucked by /r9k/ :^)

Now shoo Neckie shoo.

No. 58209

It's not a belief that stems from r9k, it's just common sense, like I said before. I knew that kind of relationship was a pipedream before I ever even touched r9k.

No. 58210


lol m8 you asked me a question and I responded with the absolute truth.

I love my boyfriend from the bottom of my heart. He is everything I could ever desire from a human and more. I love his cock, I love his stupid puns, I love how revoltingly tooty he gets after pizza and how rancid his farts stink. I love how everytime I bend over to pick something up he never fails to spank my ass, and how later he'll request the presence of that same ass on his face later on.
I love his dazzling smile with the one crooked tooth at the bottom and I love the fact that he didn't seem to care that my own mouth is Lisa-needs-braces tier of fucked up.

And yet you belive I'm lying, because within your narrow little worldview a relationship like this in which the gender roles frequently reverse couldn't POSSIBLY function nor survive.
So yes, you are absolutely mind cucked; you just don't know it yet.

No. 58211

>I love how revoltingly tooty he gets after pizza and how rancid his farts stink.

Gross. Well, you have a vivid imagination, I'll give you that.

No. 58218


Keep telling yourself that cucky and enjoy your hand :)

No. 58219

You're a meanie.

(thanks I will (^: )

No. 58221

We mock your obvious lack of success with women, because based off your comments about them it is clear you haven't seen an IRL tit since you were breastfed.

No. 58222

In before "actually I am a female"

No. 58223

Its always back to the old "women will cheat with Chad" song-and-dance

No. 58226

/r9k/ is just the flip side of the coin of fat Tumblr SJWs. They both blame everything on society and "ghenetiks!1!" instead actually doing anything. They believe they are entitled everything just for merely existing and having the will to whine on their Internet circlejerk of choice.

I don't know why people bother to reply to robot b8 knowing full well that these idiots are so stuck in their ways and so convinced they understand how the world works for everyone, when chances are they never traveled outside the safety perimeters of their home computer.

No. 58227

Lbr, if you know so much "common sense" info about women, why are most of the women here laughing in your face?

No. 58228

At least genetics can be responsible for actual illnesses IRL

It is funny to actually hear from robots that they literally believe women are genetically wired to want a submissive lifestyle. Like "much genetic COMPEL me to do my bfs laundry and not have a job".

No. 58238

File: 1452463265299.jpg (56.62 KB, 942x306, 1452386627183.jpg)


Girls like you still give me hope and makes me suicidaly depressed at the same time.

No. 58252

Because they're "not like the other girls" and think it doesn't apply to them

No. 58255

Well it sounds like you got it all figured out. It sounds like you know women better than they know themselves.

No. 58257

If you already know everything so well, why do you come here for women's validation? Maybe you are right and someone like you will never have a good and honest relationship, but in that case why bother shitting up the board when you could just end yourself already? :^)

No. 58259

That's the whole point: Women generally don't know what they really want.

I'm on topic here. Not sure why you'd say I'm shitting things up, OP asked a question and I'm bringing in a different perspective.

No. 58260

>that's the whole point: Women generally don't know what they really want

Hahahaha, men really do liken themselves to Gods and Kings don't they? My goodness they're pathetic.

No. 58263

A lot of women even joke about it, because they know it's true. It's not an r9k thing, that's a very mainstream belief. It doesn't take a god or king to realize it.

No. 58264

God men are pathetic.

No. 58265


Where's your statistics and fully referenced analytical thereom on this statement.

>b-but /r9k/ t-told me so

No. 58267

I don't need to prove common knowledge.

No. 58269


You know this is probably the same person that baited everyone on misandry thread, probably one of ours.

No. 58270


Er but yes, you do.
It's not common knowledge unless you can offer some kind of evidence backing your statement.

Did you even attend college?

No. 58271


Probably but it's funny insulting him and watching him dance like the monkey he is.
Not like there's much else going on in lolcow atm, might as well let myself be entertained by this clown.

No. 58272

>allowing yourself to be baited
>thinking it's funny
this is what's wrong with lolcow

No. 58274


>implying it's not the other way around

No. 58275

It isn't. But if that makes you feel better go ahead.

No. 58280


I don't know what's wrong with you if you don't derive large amounts of malevolent pleasure from watching these betas stumble over their lists of fallacies and justifications kek

I visit /r9k/ everyday just to get my daily dose.

No. 58281

The mind of a robot is kind of interesting. Its like endless circular logic
>women are too stupid to know what they really like
>however they don't like me
>I long for the days when women didn't get married for love, but they married for necessity because they didn't have rights/opportunity to generate income
>women were happier in those days after all, because they naturally want to stay at home shitting out kids
>women today are secretly unhappy, because they are living against their nature by being independent
>but they are too dumb to know what they really want anyway

It really sets things up to always be right, all the time.

No. 58283

Its so weird watching so many experts at the feeeemale brain circle jerk in one thread about how much they hate women, and how lonley they are in the next.

No. 58284

Not all men are the same, and surprise, surprise, the worst ones are overrepresented on the internet, especially imageboards.

Seriously, people need to stop trying to categorize people and prejudge them based on their intrinsic and often immutable traits. They see someone being an asshole and then say all people who share X characteristic with that asshole are also assholes. The whole identity politics thing where everything is about who you are and how much you've been disadvantaged by society is fucking ridiculous because it's a bunch of spoiled upper-middle class white girls (and guys too) who invent new ways to associate themselves with an oppressed group.

That's what MRAs and feminists both try to do. They feel threatened and alienated and oppressed by the world because they're not happy and they attribute this unhappiness to all sorts of (totally incorrect) things.

Wait to judge people until you get to know them. Realize that the internet has a way of sensationalizing everything by allowing people to cherry pick the very worst information from all around the world. People who spend too much time on the internet become convinced that the extremes of the world are reality, since the extremes of the world are what's presented on the internet.

No. 58285

It's important to remember that chans are not necessarily hiveminds, could be different people.

No. 58287

I know, I was referring to robots posting on /r9k/.

No. 58288


There were some alright ones in containment threads, this one is probably just baiting no one can be this retarded.

No. 58295

fine, do that on /r9k/ then. don't keep dragging it out on lolcow.

No. 58296


Jesus christ ikr.
I want to get inside the head of a /robot/ just to experience whether it's a low buzzing of white static or a cacophony of angry, screaming voices.

You could write a book on this shit.
Do /robots/ Dream of Electric Sex Dolls?

No. 58297


It's funny.
Fuck you.

No. 58317

I don't follow your reasoning here. You're saying that now things have changed, and women have the power of choosing whom to couple with. This means that you admit that the men all need to compete against one another, and that all the women have to do is choose.

I mean no one who has spent any time on Earth can not see how fucking thirsty guys are all the time. They'll fuck anything with tits.

How does any of that mean that men don't have it harder? You're ridiculing anyone who even dares to mention this obvious fact for his inability to get a girlfriend. That means you're literally one of the people judging him by his sexual worth, ie his status and wealth, height, physical looks, intelligence. All women do it, they all want the best guy and because pussy is waaaay more valuable than dick, and one dick can fill multiple pussies, they get access to guys who are out of their league.

They get "access" which means dates, fucks, betrayals when he cheats on Stacy. Women all think that guys are like the Chads that they all compete over because they don't even see average to below average guys until they've realized they're too old and ugly to ever make a Chad settle down with them and they pick up a beta provider.

Once again, all we (or at least I) am saying is that women have it much easier in life, especially when it comes to finding a partner. It's just life. Any animal species is the same. The men compete for dominance and the right to mate with the females and the females choose the best guys. Not having to be part of this competition and reaping the benefits of men trying to woo you (buying you shit being an obvious one) is just easier. Why would you disagree?

No. 58320

butthurt because you're gonna be an eternal virgin? don't worry maybe you can save up for a dakimakura

No. 58323

I'm a female and I have an overbearing sex drive. The only thing that ever stopped me was the desire to live and not being hit on by my type. Sure I could've hit on them, but I'm preoccupied with looking innocent and not like the whore that I am.

No. 58327

File: 1452476118692.gif (1.88 MB, 540x300, tumblr_nzdmqmBbIR1u1ljrzo1_540…)

If women were given no choice, they'd still be unsatisfied because what they're chasing is an emotional, not physical fulfillment.

And it circles back to: No one wants to choose them.

They either:
1. Go for girls way too out of their league
2. Project a soul onto a particular girl and get frustrated when the living, breathing human on the other side doesn't play into the projection

ie, "She's a nice, sweet, nerd but she only likes SwagFag Johnson"
Reality: She's a clingy "nerd" who was already only going for SwagFag Johnsons.

3. Decide that everything/society is too unfair, but really just because they're still a virgin

They have just as much emotional baggage as damaged chicks, but the difference is a guy will still use an emotionally damaged vagina because physical interest, but no girl wants to hop on the mentally distressed D.

I give the same advice to girls as guys, which is if you want a relationship:
1. Get Your Shit Together
2. Work for something other than just being in a Relationship
3. Once you have some stability and focus, then consider your dating options
4. Most people fucking suck, but you have to work at it. You're not going to meet someone by sitting in your basement.
5. Stop going to bars.

And if you're still single because you haven't met the right person, than congratulations on not trapping yourself in a shitty relationship for the sake of feeling "normal". Take a break, and then try again.

I can say through being single, dirt poor, with no friends that enabling myself to feel sorry for me on 4chan did not help. Which is the last point I'll make, which is most /r9k/ers don't want to have to help themselves, and nothing drives the ladies wild like having to be someone's Mom out of the gate.

No. 58328

Right off the bat you sound like a moron. Let's ignore history and the fact that women were forced to play the shit role. Let's pretend that men invented the majority of shit because they're the smarter sex and not because women weren't allowed to have an education.

No. 58331

Because men never got a dowry for marrying

No. 58337

Its just sad to be honest. These robots are clearly unhappy, but instead of talking about what to do about that, they find comfort in an elaborate redpill conspiracy theories.

No. 58340


Most of us are short, balding and just plain ugly, no amount of progress will fix it. Hating something is easier than killing ourselves I guess.

No. 58341

Women were not forced to play the shit role, they were given the privilege of doing housework instead of work work.

Traditional gender roles were based on the inherent differences between the two sexes. Women are weaker and if pregnant can't do physical labor and would be easy targets for hostile predators. Women stayed home because they were more suited physically to raising children and cooking and making/mending/washing clothes and doing a shit ton of other work that running a household used to take before technology and capitalism came along and removed that work and left women with nothing. Women used to be judged by their femininity and traits that would indicate that they would be a good mother, a good healer/nurturer, someone who would be the gentler side to balance the negatives of the man. They weren't denied an education out of some sort of plot by the patriarchy because all men hate women and always have. (this is fucking ridiculous btw, men love and serve/protect/provide for women). They simply learned other things that had to do with the very important work of raising a family.

The bored housewife stereotype of the upper/ upper-middle class woman who had every modern convenience has existed since the industrial revolution and even earlier among nobility and old money. This is where feminism stems from. It's very much a movement of the petty-bourgeois socialists.

When the traditional role of women was destroyed by capitalism, the capitalist pigs brainwashed women into believing that they should be judged by the same standards as men ie by how dominant they are, how much money they make, how much stuff they have. Materialism is at the heart of the issue. They tricked women into becoming wageslaves and made them think that their unhappiness was from men keeping them down, not from being fucked in the ass by the wealthy like everyone else.

No. 58344

They've just given up on life and the only thing keeping them from killing themselves is the ability to shift blame elsewhere. It's not a great defense mechanism, but I can see why some of them would turn to it. It's still tragic though.

No. 58345

You're an idiot. Obviously when we entered a civilized state, where we didn't have to worry about predators, it was still imposed. You can't argue this animalistic argument when the species isn't like other basic animals.

No. 58346


>women were not forced to play the shit role, they were given the privilege of doing housework instead of work work

>he believes that being denied a choice in your fate and barred from any opportunity of education and forced to stay home as a domestic servant cum breeding sow is a privilege

This is the best example of how out of touch /robots/ are with the real world I've ever done across, my god… .

No. 58347

Sorry, I didn't specify that when I said predators, I meant 90% of those to be men.

Women are weaker. They are defenseless. This is a basic biological fact. They needed protection and someone to provide for them up until recently when capitalism and society have made it possible for women to live independently on their own.

There's a basic schism between the traditional way where women are generally submissive and dependent and focused on the home and family, and the new way where they're wageslaves that abandon their children for work and fuck them up in the head.

No. 58348

Lmfao for real. I think it's the cuck in him. If you see such a benefit in being that, I'm sure he envies it. Future tranny.

No. 58350

Poor defenseless me. Wish I had a keyboard, autism, and my mom's basement to make me as strong as a robot.

No. 58351


>they are defenseless

If we went at it in a knife fight I can guarantee you'd be the one to lose lel

No. 58353

Do you not understand that up until recently, work meant putting yourself in harms way?

Men died all the fucking time working while women sat back cashing checks and raising the kids. Work was never a privilege, it was and still is today, something you need to do to survive.

Take the whalers of the 19th and 20th centuries. They would go off on dangerous grueling multi-year journeys where many would drown or die from disease and come back to spend a few months with their families and give all their money to their wives.

Any sort of physical labor, be it factories, railroad work, mining, drilling for oil, etc was dangerous and sucked fucking dick. Work still sucks fucking dick for most men and is much more dangerous than the cushy jobs females get to choose.

No. 58354


Omg, your e-penis is too big for me. Your mighty sword would surely cut me down. I've been totally scared by your internet posturing and submit to you o-glorious knife-fighter!

No. 58356

Give me 10 common jobs of the magnificent olden days you so pine for where workers faced consistent danger? Your whole recently argument doesn't specify a time and place.

No. 58357


Do you not think that rape is a problem or that it exists? Do you not think that domestic abuse and battery exists and is a problem?

Men are big strong brutes that can completely overpower most women, and women who have never actually been at the receiving end of the full hostility of an actual man might not understand that, but I assure you, many women do.

It's not wrong to want a big strong guy who knows how to fight and who loves you to watch out for you in a scary, hostile world. I don't understand why feminists try to convince women that it is.

No. 58358

File: 1452478792196.jpg (15.93 KB, 236x354, 6f51a9784d893f05a5055decc2881f…)

Please help me lolcow, this strange man… I don't know who he is but he's telling me that Capitalism has tricked me into pursuing academia.
He's telling me that deep in my heart, as a woman, that I don't desire the right to vote, own property, drive a car and forge a successful career…

He's… he's telling me that instead I'd be happier at home serving him in all domestic duties, procreating against my will and dying nameless and forgotten whilst men go on achieving greats in the world and have their names put down in history!





No. 58359

I wonder who was behind this post.

No. 58360


At least now we get a choice in our own destiny.
All you freaks desire is control over another living being now fuck off.

No. 58361


This is /r9k/'s wet dream oh lawd.

No. 58362

No, I'm literally LITERALLY not telling you that. You're strawmanning and completely misrepresenting what I have to say. And by totally, I mean you're making shit up that I LITERALLY did not say and attributing it to me.

No. 58364


Good to know you've finally accepted the reality of female superiority.

Now fuck off.

No. 58365

File: 1452479136641.jpg (366.85 KB, 1703x800, 1445352234359.jpg)

Feminism also invited Alimony and eliminated as many men's rights in Family Court as possible so when they're single with 3 kids in the divorce they intiate (at a rate of 70% compared to men), and they suddenly have to make MORE money to pay bills guess who has to enter into the Workforce?

I can also say with confidence, despite what options were available to women in the past, given the choice today women LARGELY do NOT pursue non-liberal arts based careers. They do not voluntarily train to lift 50lb boxes, or operate heavy machinery on loading docks. They do not involve themselves with mess work that's not coming out of another human. They, until recently, did not even have to meet the same physical requirements to join the armed forces and even today they lowered the bar so women can now pretend that they can drag a full grown man and his gear out of danger in middle east conflicts. Today, women still do not have to be in the draft, and this is not an issue that "equality" activists pursue. Women will largely be awarded child custody and set the tone for their children.

No see, fellow femanon, this is what's funny. It's that even when you have the choice, you don't want the other option. You just wanted to bitch about it until you had it and you don't care what minority or right you take from someone else.

Typically anti-housewife garbage spewed by archaic women who honestly believe anyone cares about how they don't want to have kids on Facebook.

No. 58366


That's a good thing and I don't disagree with you on that and no rational person would. Stop trying to assign positions and beliefs to me that I don't hold and haven't given any indication that I would hold them.

No. 58369

File: 1452479360499.jpg (23.54 KB, 267x400, The-Stepford-Wives_7744_11.jpg)





No. 58371

And let me be clear, I take issue with feminists trying to rewrite history and act like there is some giant conspiracy against them.

Men and women are just different and those differences made them suited to different kinds of equally important work. Now capitalism and cheap mass manufactured good have destroyed that old way of life, mostly by destroying housework and replacing it with materialism and capitalist consumer greed.

I'm saying that things have changed, and that we need to adjust accordingly and you need to stop assuming you think you know what I think those adjustments should entail.

No. 58372

>today, women still do not have to be in the draft, and this is not an issue that "equality" activists pursue

Because we don't believe there should be a draft full stop you collosal moron.
I don't think men or women should be forced to die for some rich man's war.

No. 58373

Please tell me more about the privilege of housework

No. 58374


p.s. I'm totally not mad and I don't want you to get back to the kitchen and you seem like a real cunt for assuming that I do.

No. 58375

Seriously! We're hitting all the manosphere talking points tonight. Is there really anyone out there who wants the draft??

No. 58376

It doesn't involve being killed or maimed. You get to spend all day at home with your family.

Those are like kind of big plusses to be perfectly honest. That's what most people slave away to be able to do now. An early retirement is a good thing, remember?

No. 58377

Uhhhhm gurls, uh HUH, I'm fucking hoovering up right now and I feel so FUCKING PRIVILEGED!


No. 58378

Wants the draft…

You act like we can just choose for other people to not attack us. It doesn't work like that.

Resources are scarce and people compete over them and all sorts of other shit and men are always the ones who die to protect the women and children. That's the undeniable reality of things.

No. 58379


lol ikr? I was waiting for when he'd pull up the draft?

Who's taking bets on the next one? That men are the biggest victims of domestic violence? That most of all rape reports are made up? That women are the borne from the seed of Baphomet?

No. 58381


Sounds like somebody hasn't been redpilled yet…

Pro tip: most of these conflicts are engineered by your governments under the influence of a larger, more powerful conglomerate to keep you fearful, keep you stupid and keep you working and spending like the good little commodity you are.

You don't have to fucking do ANYTHING unless you're some cuck who believes in some bullshit like the pledge of allegiance and "loyalty 2 muh nayshun".

Somebody pass the sick bowl jeez…

No. 58382


Okay, now this is really funny because again, you're proving my point. You're looking to a post industrial revolution era housewife, the bored housewife that I mentioned. This is a bad thing btw if I didn't make that clear. What I'm talking about is a whole fuck-ton of real work that raising children and running a household used to take. Everything used to have to be mended, you couldn't just buy a new one. There were no appliances to help you with the work, it was backbreaking. Beating rugs, washing clothes on a washer board, churning butter, harvesting eggs, cooking, cleaning, making the children's meals. Arranging play dates and activities for the children, the list goes on and on. They also have always done certain kinds of work, like nursing, cooking and sales.

No. 58383


>they also have always done certain kinds of work, like nursing, cooking and sales

What part of "we were forced to, we weren't given a choice" are you not getting here…

No. 58384

I'm aware. That was under the bunch of other shit category I was referring to. People are explotative. All of nature is. It's just how it is, that doesn't mean that knowing that means we don't need a draft in the eventuality that one of these conflicts gets bloody again. The korean war, vietnam, these wars weren't that long ago.

No. 58386


And men were forced to do dangerous shitty jobs. What's your point? The things women were forced to do were objectively safer and easier.

No. 58388



No. 58390

That's mostly because men are physically stronger than women. They're usually more apt at doing dangerous jobs.

No. 58393


That's completely irrelevant to the point of the thread which is what is easier. Having everything provided for you is easier than having to earn things.

Now women have both the option of taking the traditional route and being dependent, and the option of controlling their own destinies. Again, easier than having to man up and make something of yourself.

What part of this aren't you getting?

No. 58394

Exactamundo. Now you're catching on. Men and women are different and those differences have caused them to (OMG) be different and assume different roles in society throughout history.

No. 58396


What the fuck since when is having control of your own destiny not connected to "manning up" and making something of yourself?

I'm up at 2:27 in morning writing my dissertation whilst juggling the GIS forestry mapping I've been hired to do, bitch what the fuck are YOU doing with your waste of space life? Stop stealing the oxygen of your betters and get the fuck out. You're just boring now.

No. 58398


You can stay in your neanderthal way of thinking whilst all the women go off and modernise that suits us just fine.

No. 58399

1. Shopping
2. Getting attention from Chad
3. Getting gifts from orbiters
4. Chillin with girlfriends
5. Netflix and Chill with Chad
6. Shower, clean out Chad's creampie
7. Sleep
8. Repeat

No. 58400

So what jobs maimed and killed men? Give me ten common ones

No. 58401


>What the fuck since when is having control of your own destiny not connected to "manning up" and making something of yourself?

Since never.

You're obviously sleep deprived and just not picking up what I'm laying down. You should take a nap since we're not even disagreeing anymore, you're just mad and projecting things upon me which you have no logical reason to believe are true.

No. 58403

Yes, it does suit women just fine. Which is support for the entire point I'm trying to make, which is the answer to the question that OP asked. That point is again, women have it easier than men in present day society. Thank you and have a nice day.

No. 58404


>poor, inferior woman, too sleep deprived to possibly understand nor comprehend the deep meaning of my words

I'm happy you're alone and always will be alone. I receive sexual pleasure from this knowledge alone.

No. 58406

File: 1452481523994.jpg (40.26 KB, 360x479, rationalization.jpg)


No. 58407


Don't let door hit your gargantuan NEET ass on the way out bitchboy.

No. 58408

>thinks they're making a logical argument
>no sound basis
>repeats refutable points over and over again


same stupid troll from the other thread.

No. 58409


Again, you revert to ad-hominem attacks on my sexual value, and societal status. Thank you so very much for providing deliciously ironic examples that prove points I've made earlier.

No. 58410


I thought you were leaving.

Men really can't help themselves, toss one little insult their way and they come running straight back loooool

No. 58411

If the points are refutable, why don't you refute any of them instead of just resorting to name calling? That means you've lost the argument and you're trying to save face. You're stooping to 4chan /pol/ levels here.

Again, the robot/stormfag/MRA is the flipside to the Tumlirina/feminist/SJW. It's so fucking hilarious how similar you really are to each other.

No. 58413

Because you're a troll. I really don't give a shit if you think you're armed with your bible of fallacies to call everyone out on. All you do is spew your shit out and reply to whatever is convenient to your frail argument.

No. 58415

you're the same troll from the other thread who didn't want to be recognized as a robot but somehow deem it's ok to compare me to a tumblrina/sjw/feminist. I don't think being a feminist carries a bad connotation but it's clear you do by the way you lump all three together.

No. 58416

None of my arguments have been fallacious. They've been straightforward, logical, and cogent. I've responded and successfully refuted any and all criticisms, and now you're resorting to flinging shit because you've lost the argument. You have failed to provide a single valid counterpoint, you've failed to provide any evidence or even a chain of logical reasoning. You have nothing and it shows.

No. 58418

So what are 10 jobs that put men at consistent risk of death in the precious olden days?

No. 58419

Nope, not me.

Again, you fail to realize that individuals have differing beliefs and opinions on some things even when they share the same gender, race, sexual orientation or share some similar views on some things.


No. 58420

I never said your arguments were fallacies, I said that you want to call everyone out for using them, such as ad hominems.

No. 58421


So if you can't then how bout you look at your entire fucking argument?

No. 58423

Well, if I had a bible of fallacies I'm sure that I'd be able to list the one you're guilty of for saying that when I've listed literally one fallacy (and one of the most obviously recognized ones at that), but I don't.

I guess I could just call it hyperbole. Yeah, that works.

No. 58424

No. 58425


I love how he's ignored this 3 times in a row now kek

No. 58426


>nope, not me

Yeah, it's you alright.

No. 58428

Jesus christ guys he's been here 5 straight hours trying to proselytise us >>58259

This guy really has no life…

No. 58429

Right? Let's talk about all the hard work men had to do back in the day ladies…like fighting dinosaurs to make sure they protected their seed, I mean, us.

No. 58431


Railroad worker
Factory worker
Carpenters and shipbuilders
Messengers/Delivery men

Literally 95% of jobs from any time period in history. I could go on and on, but really it's beneath me to tell you shit you could just google, but should already know enough about history that it should be uneccesary.

If you can name 10 jobs men did that weren't dangerous and weren't reserved for the educated upper class, I'd be impressed. I'd be dumbfounded if you could list ten jobs women had to do that were half as dangerous.

No. 58432


Women are capable of doing so if those jobs so your point is defunct.

No. 58433

That's not being put in consistent danger though. So no.
And you're completely ignoring the fact that women weren't allowed to be many of these things or beyond being cows that spit out children and everything that goes along with raising a household.

No. 58434

>it's beneath me
>is still here 5 hours later
Lmfao, if you really think your opinion is above factual shit, why even come in here and try to spew your trash? Cause you're a troll.

No. 58435

No, my point remains completely intact because what actually happened in reality is that many many more men die in work and war than women. Any statistics from any point in history you look up will confirm this. Even genetic history shows that over the course of history only one man has reproduced for every four women (and at some points it's been much much more skewed). More men are born than women because more die.

No. 58436

Welp, I've convincingly won the argument and I really should be packing for vacation, so see ya.

Next time don't ask the question if you can't handle the answer.

No. 58440

More men die because women weren't allowed in the work force.

No. 58441

Ugh, a man won an argument, what will I do now? Much anger. Need vengeance.
Guess I'll just rape my six figure provider into submission since I envy his cock.

No. 58444

Why do you even bother? You only believe your own truth, which is unreliable since you have no experience. Hopefully one day you'll see the light and stop being such a cuck.
>& if you had 5 hrs to dedicate to shit posting here, I'm sure your vacation is an anime convention where you unfortunately can't fuck the 16 yr olds

No. 58446

>more men are born than women because more die
Get your fourth grade ass logic outta here

No. 58447

lol he finally ran away then?

No. 58452

Praise the lord. He probably had to jack off from too much female attention

No. 58475


I wouldn't feel so smug about a shithole of an argument that took over the thread where both sides sounded fucking stupid and were full of plotholes about modern society and historical employment.

But yea, you "got him! lol little penis, amirite?" Strong women!

No. 58510

Lol the robot is still here

No. 58514

jesus christ this thread is autistic

No. 58527

If I were you I'd consult a psychiatrist, you've got some severe narcissistic tendencies. Infantilizing half of the population and thinking you know better, you sound so full of yourself ffs.

No. 58611

>fickle modern women, with their appliances and jobs
>you wouldn't have time to complain if you were outside, washing your family's clothes against a rock
>PS: maybe you could be a nurse. Idk.

No. 58620

File: 1452529059827.gif (1.58 MB, 480x270, 1451193556218.gif)

Omg I love you anon

No. 58648

File: 1452534486594.jpg (205.77 KB, 610x915, overanalyzine.jpg)


A woman commits blasphemy, again!

No. 58668

Lol no one mentioned a small penis. You're so insecure robot.

No. 58680

the "small penis" argument was indeed used at one point or another in this thread.

No. 58696

>>arguments full of plotholes

So what's the plot?

No. 58710

So if a completely different person you were arguing with didn't use it it befalls on me?
Keep your penis to yourself please

No. 58712

No. 58713


No. 58718

Either way, that doesn't befall on me, I wasn't either anon but you still chose to bring it up. Stop being bitter about it.

No. 58728

>The things women were forced to do were objectively safer and easier.

Really? Because all women were expected to have children, and giving birth is dangerous. It is still dangerous now, and it was even more dangerous back then.

No. 58738

No. 58841

>mfw a feminist writer for one of the major liberal newspapers in the country is literally saying men should give money to women for their hard work of scheduling and listening and staying at home (ie, not working).


This is getting ridiculous. They're not even trying to hide the hypocrisy of their argument. They're literally saying we sit at home all day so give us your money because you're oppressing us.

No. 58847

File: 1452577505346.jpg (198.8 KB, 436x538, Zl05dWz.jpg)

If you see a man post online about how women have it easy, there's a 50/50 chance he'll eventually become a tranny.

No. 58848

That's stupid, trannies have it even harder than normal men do.

No. 58849

How so? They didn't grow up female, an important aspect of the female experience.

No. 58850

I'd say losing your masculinity to become something despised by most, and not even a real female is even worse than just being a regular old guy.

No. 58856

File: 1452579292513.jpg (10.42 KB, 278x300, 776441_black_kettle_1.jpg)

I like how you guys shit on /r9k/ers but anyone who doesn't just blatanly agree is so obviously a robot. It's like a mirroring thread.

No. 58859

Meme meme meme, nobody gives a shit. Half the fun is shitting on robots. Nobody pretends to be above shit posting.

No. 58872

Says the literal shitposter with NOTHING to offer to the conversation, but you just HAD to spew your autism out, didn't you?

What part did you miss about how they CHOOSE to masquerade as ridiculous zombie women, and then off themselves at an alarming rate because surprise surprise, fetishising only the exterior of the woman isn't really satisifying when your "identity" hasn't and doesn't change it all. They didn't lose anything, they just gained a new costume for the same set of challenges and perspective they had before. I don't feel sorry for people making it worse for themselves on purpose.

No. 58876

kek, how daft are you? Did I not just state that nobody is above it?
Wtf is your point anyway? All these assholes are robots in the making

No. 58897

>consent with someone
>do the dirty
>he starts to get too rough, tries anal or w/e
>NO stop
>he doesn't
>Ta Da

No. 59155

How come in the advanced societies with more perceived gender equality the women are actually drawn more towards traditionally girly subjects than in the less well off societies?

It seems like it is the choice of women, both historic and contemporary, to prefer nursing occupations.

No. 59160

No. 59193

We haven't seen a huge influx of women going after STEM degrees in societies with higher gender equality. In fact the opposite has happened - women have shied away from technical subjects in favor of people related sciences because they're free to pursue whatever they're genetically more drawn towards.

I would imagine that you would have taken being a housewife over any other job in these times. Poor slave.

No. 59208

Because they want to believe they have it harder so their anger is justified. Also a lot of them just hate women.

No. 59212

Anon have you ever been the only person of your gender in a class full of people who are the opposite? Most of the time guys in those class, including the fucking teachers, make that shit unbearable.

First most of those guys think they're special snowflake geniuses who are above everyone. Second they all take a chance trying to get their dick in you. Yeah sometimes the fucking teacher too. You have to do twice the work and sometimes they still don't respect you.

Women use to have the majority in a lot of those fields, but as more guys pushed their way in they made things really uncomfortable. Since most women are raised to not start trouble and always be polite it stands to reason that they just avoid being in that sitiation rather than confront the problem.

No. 59213

Jfc this rant made me feel like a fucking sjw. Sorry anons!

No. 59217

Are you mentally challenged? I wouldn't expect you to understand what it's like to grow up female, but guess what, it's hammered into our brains to be everything but that. It's stupid people like you that believe women naturally pursue some subjects rather than others.
And fuck you, I'm instem

No. 59313

on lolcow there's multiple threads about having a bf
on /r9k/ there's is multiple threads on how to commit suicide

No. 59342


>listen here Cupcake


No. 59350

This pretty much

No. 59456

File: 1452802742435.png (55.66 KB, 505x800, Cis scum bear2.png)



Also if I remember correctly, Hjernevasken (Swedish documentary) also had some stuff on the topic of women, if given the choice, would rather go into people work than thing work.

No. 59474

ok, but your article mostly blames social culture for the lack of women in "thing" work

>Ironically, the freedom of choice that’s so celebrated in affluent Western democracies seems to help construct and give agency to stereotypically gendered “selves.” Self-segregation of careers may occur because some believe they’re naturally good at gender-conforming activities (attempting to build on their strengths), because they believe that certain fields will be seen as appropriate for people like them (“doing” gender), or because they believe they’ll enjoy gender-conforming fields more than gender-nonconforming ones (realizing their “true selves”).

No. 59476

You a defect female and very beta lol you deserve a beta male

No. 59477

Supper as in "super" assessment. Obviously you were raised by a cunty mother that was too fucked up on qualudes to give a fuck about you.

No. 59498

And it also mentions income as a "cause" for this. Like, if you live in a wealthy country, and don't have to personally worry about money, you might be more likely to choose to take on a less high paying job if you find that it fulfills you in other ways.

It doesn't say anything about robo-anon's point about it having to do with biology.

No. 59499

>It turns out that people’s beliefs about men’s and women’s different natures lead them to assess task performance accordingly, even in the absence of any actual performance differences.

Look, the article is describing you!

No. 59579

>Women were not forced to play the shit role, they were given the privilege of doing housework instead of work work.
Wow great argument fagtron you sure convinced us with those hot opinions.

Do you not understand that up until recently, women had higher mortality rates than men?

>I would imagine that you would have taken being a housewife over any other job in these times. Poor slave.
Women had higher mortality rates due to giving birth prior to modern medicine. No I wouldn't.

>on /r9k/ there's is multiple threads on how to commit suicide
There's one every few days and it's always an attention whore who didn't get enough (You)s for the day.

No. 59668

File: 1452876420403.jpg (141.47 KB, 640x1136, rape racks.jpg)

Not >>59155, but do continue with the namecalling, it's making me moist.

I think that the income angle is rather important, as money is usually associated with independence, therefore going for big bucks STEM jobs over medium bucks social jobs hints towards wanting to be more independent from other people / society's rules.

Now consider that the West tells women that they should, no, even HAVE to be independent from men. Ingroup approval of being a stronk indypendent wymyn who don't need no man to do STEM should make this very appealing. Yet this doesn't happen. Either the aspect the author mentioned outweighs this (about as much backing as my musings here) or there is a tendency towards certain types of work, if only ever so slight. Even slight tendencies (such as baby girls looking more at people's faces, baby boys looking more at toys) can lead to heavy segregation:

No. 59672

I don't enjoy the way animals are treated in the food industry and have my own problems with it, but that's really more of a vegan thing than a feminist thing. Male cows are killed for meat, but it's not a MRA thing either.

No. 59674

I think it is more that the women described in the article have the opportunity now to enter whatever industry they want. That they aren't boxed into only having the option of being homemakers or nurses. They also aren't dependent on their spouse for income, so their level of economic freedom can also shape the direction of their lives.

However, social attitudes, finances, and opportunities can effect a person's choice of employment.

No. 59675

Ya I have no idea what that pic is on about, either.

No. 59676

I mean, the article specifically mentions personal biases about gender effecting people's choices, regardless of the presence of any true differences between the genders. See >>59499

No. 59764


It's not uncommon for men to be ugly, while it's actually pretty hard to find a truly ugly girl. Also, men can get a perfect body and no one would care how their face looks. As for girls, even if they have the perfect Victoria's Secret model body, they still won't be considered beautiful with a bad face.

The only solution for ugly girls (who care about being ugly) is to get plastic surgery.

No. 59766

A new breed of troll arises

No. 59780

fat chicks can get guys
fat guys can not get girls

No. 59782


Girls can do something that boys( usually) can't. Cake their faces with pounds of make up until there's nothing of her real face showing.

No. 59783

fat guys can lose weight like everyone else so your point is moot.

No. 59785

But fat girls don't have to lose weight. They can even get decent looking guys since some guys are into chubby or even obese girls.

No. 59787

Depending on how bad you are your skin may be fucked up after weight loss, and you might end up even more repulsive than you were before. But at least you're healthy, right?

No. 59788

It's not a woman's fault that depraved men exist that will fuck anything and fetishize it.

No. 59790


LOL I was in a class of 25 people where me and a friend were the only males. It was disgusting, a bunch of bitches backstabbing each other and then the quiet ones.
The quiet ones ended up being worse, since they were frustrated because of the bitches teasing them.

No. 59793


There's girls who like chubby guys too. Also every week in this someone opens a thread to drool over kawaii teenage looking guys, so fetishize shit is not exclusive to men

No. 59848

Firstly, point me to this kawaii Asian boy thread. Secondly, kawaii Asian boys are fucking hot and not a depraved thing to fetishize. Third, chubby guys aren't the same as obese bitches that have feeders.

No. 59852


Never said "Asian", your depraved lustful mind is playing tricks in you

No. 59853

File: 1452915095991.jpg (8.64 KB, 184x184, 4915d2c2f32f7eeec7ddec8c4401dc…)

No. 85083

File: 1460004167835.png (759.97 KB, 1150x820, 1460002899941.png)

Life is easy mode when you're a cute little girl. You lose your market value super fast.

No. 85088

Why did you bump this thread?

No. 85096

Pathetic. Why do you guys bump these old posts just to bitch about women?

We get it. We already know you have werid-ass beliefs about women and relationships.

No. 85133

>Life is easy mode when you're a cute little girl. You lose your market value super fast.
Do you only find little girls appealing, anon?

No. 85134

Something something biological imperative, I bet.

I give that robot a month until he's emptying his ballsack and glueing it back together.

No. 85135

Honestly the amount of guys online who genuinely seem to discard any woman above 25 for being an old washed up hog is pretty disturbing.

It's really weird seeing people seriously discuss how 16 year old girls are the best age for pregnancy and how after 21 all girls get ugly.

No. 85140

That's true, though. Nature isn't fair. At least there's plastic surgery now, so you can trick men into thinking you aren't as old and used up as you really are. :)

No. 85145

It's because of that old "men age well but women don't" lie. It makes them think they're too good for women their own age, but everybody ages and starts to look worse, even men. Imo women tend to look better because at least they don't just give up and I think they're more likely to continue putting effort in.

No. 85146

I love that the castration thing is now their thing lmao

No. 85163

Not just online but irl too. I've always wondered why men always say shit like that even though most women don't hit menopause and lose their ability to breed until 50. Plus, 99% of men age like shit too. They go bald, get wrinkly, develop a dad bod, erectile dysfunction etc.
Guys will make any excuse in order to justify fucking women much younger than them. Kinda like how some will use "spreading their seed" and comparing themselves to animals in the wild as an excuse to be a raging man whore.

No. 85170

Honestly, I think it all plays into their inferiority complex. These guys are holding out hope that the women who reject them will feel their pain, once the women reach some arbitrary age and they turn into crones. Because naturally, when men hit some arbitrary age, they all turn into a sexy silver fox.

The way these guys talk about women over 25 always has an air of "now you'll feel my pain…soon I will be sought after, and you will be the unattractive one".

Guys who talk about this shit, the ones who are waiting to turn into sexy George Clooneys while women turn into toothless hags, they're still your garden-variety robot. That whole fantasy is based on insecurity, and the idea that women will get their comeuppance in the future.

No. 85172

Plus, younger women with less relationship experience will be more likely to tolerate their bullshit.

No. 85178

File: 1460060831527.png (173.72 KB, 917x871, 6357830438604861891709995390_7…)


Tick tock robot, it's the sound of your biological imperative impeding your free will :^)

No. 85180

Omfg those peeled lychee testicles will haunt me forever, won't they?

No. 85181


Oh I'll ensure it.
So many meemees to be had.

No. 85182

>brb to take pics as I squeeze the nuts out of my sack

No. 85201

I don't HATE big girls. But little girls are strictly superior.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 85204


>do not post sexually suggestive 2D or 3D images of minors, or any other image that could be construed as serving to appeal to pedophiles, even if the images are not technically illegal in the US. This obviously means no nude images of people under 18, and also includes clothed "child models", and nude or clothed "loli" and "shota".

No. 85231

File: 1460095008692.png (414.43 KB, 800x720, 1458755652328.png)

I'm going to give the perspective from a frustrated guy
guys are worthless, we are told we are worthless, we are replaceable, we are meaningless to society unless we do something, unless we prove ourselves.
we are reminded this in every aspect of modern western society.
we understand that there are advantages and disadvantages, or there were, and they evened out mostly, but then there was this wave of new feminism that is hell-bent on removing every downside to being a woman and leaves men out to dry. You can say they are radicals and crazy, but feminism is really too big to regulate who represents or doesn't represent their views.

So what they see is they see the advantages to being a guy slowly going away, mostly financial advantages, but they still feel the pain of the disadvantages like low worth on the sexual market and being worth much less socially, we have to sign up for a draft to get the right to vote or get medicare for fuck's sake, which is something women are born with. We see simultaneously our advantages going away and the advantages of the other side rising and we feel left in the dust.

Many of us also feel completely unwanted, I for example, have almost completely gone insane in the last few years, I have not had a single IRL friend in 3-4 years, I have to resort to talking to myself and considered making a tulpa to deal with the loneliness. Any form of games groups or forum I turned to turned me away because they really just wanted girls, there were too many guys and no one cared. Which is the main reason I think, most women I have seen have no trouble building a decent to large support structure while there are countless guys on r9k and similar who feel completely worthless and all alone, which I can say is the most soul-crushing thing I have ever experienced. The feeling of mattering so little and being so worthless and replaceable in people's eyes that you just want to sit and talk to someone and cry it all out, and then you realize that literally no one cares about you and no one has any indication of doing so. This is something that we look towards women and never see. We see women who always talk about "haha me and my bf…" they always talk about their hundreds of friends they text or talk to throughout the day. We see people like the farmers here who are lonely come to 4chan and claim to be in the same position as us, and within a few days, they have hundreds of people begging them, buying them things, trying to get to know them. This is extremely depressing and why this exists

thanks, and don't ban me, you asked the question, and I answered it

No. 85232

>Any form of games groups or forum I turned to turned me away because they really just wanted girls

What are some of those places? I want to make friends online

No. 85234

>in-game clans and premades
>reddit meetup subreddits
>twitch chats for various games
in particular, there was a forum for a competitive format of a game I got hooked on that multiple teams I played on cut me for "a more feminine influence" which basically meant they were kicking me so they could get a 15 year old girl they wanted to bone in there
really, take your pick, I remember I used to have some girl on steam who added me and she claimed she would get 50-100 adds a month from randoms after she posted on a lfg forum for tf2
gaming is such a male dominated hobby and most online guys are so desperate that if you have a halfway feminine voice you could probably get a decent sized group of friends built up in a few days to a week

No. 85237


So you're saying you're ostracised in real life and online in many different settings, but that's not your problem, it's cause girls are better?

Do some soul searching 100% you sound like the sole cause of all your problems

No. 85238

Ok in-game clans sound most likely for me cause I don't watch streams and don't want to meet anyone IRL. What are some mmorpgs where it's easy for girls to meet people? I'm gonna exercise my female privilege and start building that support structure you mentioned

No. 85239

It sounds like you're a little upset that the world doesn't revolve around you.

>games groups kicked me out for girls!

How is that the women's fault? They didn't put a gun to the head of the group leaders, and say "Hey, kick anon out and replace him with me". I'm willing to bet, especially since you say you have gone insane, that it was just an excuse to get you out of a group.

>thirsty randos want to buy girls this, but not me!

Do you really want creeps offering to buy your friendship? Do you really think that the dudes offering to buy some random chick shit online have positive intentions? Or do you think they are hoping if they throw that girl some bath products from amazon that they might see the shadow of an areola? Do you want true friendships, or do you want to be bought by gifts?

What is the point of your rant?

No. 85241

Seriously! The mental gymnastics are amazing.

Like anon needs to see the common denominator here.

No. 85242

They're no better than blacks and sjws who blame an otherwise diverse group of people for being born "privileged."

basically this.

No. 85244

I'm not seeing what you're talking about, you seem to be attacking me for no reason and sticking words I never said into my mouth
is this how you all treat someone who comes in and gives a genuine answer to your question?
or was this simply a thread to shame and bash men who feel like they have been given a raw deal in society and social situations?

No. 85248

the point of the post was to show what is going through my head and the heads of like-minded guys who see themselves ostracized and shut out time and time again
>is it the women's fault?
no it's not, but that doesn't make it any less of a shit deal for me that something gets taken away from me because someone with a vagina wants it
>do you want true friendships, or fake ones?
I would honestly take a fake friendship at this point, that seems like it would be better than sitting utterly alone and being told and feeling completely worthless, to have some worth, even to "creeps" would be preferable
>you're upset the world doesn't revolve around you
to the contrary, I'm upset the world, or at least the world of under 30 year old people revolves around the whims of women, and I am frustrated at the thirsty guys and the system that seeks to prop women up above men for some arbitrary reason when I have been told since forever that women jus t want to be equal

>The problem is girls are better?
that's no the problem at all,but that attitude is, when women seem to excel, there's this sense of "girls are better than boys haha xP", but when men excel, "it's the evil patriarchy".
the cause is 100% clear without soul searching anon, and that is that the societal expectations are far greater on men, you can talk all day about the glass ceiling, but a man who makes a small amount of money or is bad with women is the lowest of the low, he is seen as subhuman, a "creep", human garbage, and even the people slightly above him are seen as completely worthless and replaceable

that's the whole point of what I'm trying to say and convey, is this sense of complete helplessness and solitary confinement that some guys have to go through, and the opinions that they form after having gone through.

I'm sorry, but you're going to have to explain more if you want to have any kind of discussion, simply stating that you think I'm crazy or wrong is not going to prove me wrong or make me see the situation any differently and is really just textual garbage in a discaussion like this

No. 85249

Dude the things you described aren't hardships. It seems to me that you're struggling with the fact that the real world doesn't care about you, as an individual.

But everyone is in the same boat. The real world doesn't care about me either! But the things you are describing aren't hardships. They aren't the fault of women, either.

>girls get more adds in games than me

Fucking seriously? Read your five paragraph essay up there. I'm not sure what you want us to say or do with any of the information you have us. It isn't women's fault that your game leader replace you with them. It is the fault of a bad leader. Or they were looking to get rid of you, and made up a shitty excuse.

No. 85251

It sounds like you have problems with self esteem.

>feeling completely worthless

Again, how are women responsible for your personal feelings?

If you really want a fake friendship, then stop feeling sorry about yourself and catfish someone or whatever. I mean, it will be a fake friendship, so who cares.

No. 85252

>simply stating that you think I'm crazy or wrong is not going to prove me wrong or make me see the situation any differently and is really just textual garbage in a discaussion like this

Did I call you crazy, or was I remarking on your mental gymnatics?

No. 85253

>a man who makes a small amount of money or is bad with women is the lowest of the low, he is seen as subhuman, a "creep", human garbage, and even the people slightly above him are seen as completely worthless and replaceable

According to who? This sounds like fuckjng r9k or some red pill bullshit. Stay away from those places, man. They will make you feel more depressed.

No. 85254


Literally no-one in the real world gives a fuck about "the evil patriarchy" that's all internet/tumblr bullshit.

My boyfriend is unemployed and terrible with women, but you know he's a good person and is better at other parts of life. If you're being called a creep it isn't because you're "bad with women" or have a "small amount of money," it's probably because you've done something really fucking weird and not okay within society.

Stop looking for a scapegoat and own up to the fact that you're probably a little bit weird, then work on fixing yourself. Seriously you sound like you need a lot of help, I'm not saying that to offend I'm being serious. See a psychiatrist and work through all these feelings because from your 2/3 posts you sound like you have a lot of deep rooted issues.

No. 85273

that was not the point, the point was the large support structure and social circle taht women have compared to men and the frustration that comes when someone who is completely isolated sees that and wishes they could have had anything like that

>self esteem issues
yeah, maybe, idk, probably it, but it doesn't refute anything that I've said that people are programmed to treat men as worthless and replaceable, which is the root cause of why so many people have this sentiment
and that sentiment is what I was trying to explain, nothing else

>you're insane, go fuck off and see a therapist
no, I've been blaming myself most of the time and now after I stop doing that you're telling me to go right back to blaming myself fr everything and go back into that darkness? no way
>my bf is totally awkward and makes no money
that seems really convenient for your argument, but besides that it's probably likely he's much younger than I am and not as awkward or bad with women as you claim, hell if he has a girlfriend he's about 10 steps ahead of me
>you just did something weird
I don't think so, telling the guy next door I can hear him and his gf having sex through the wall doesn't seem weird, especially not weird enough for me to get reported by her and written up for it
sitting next to some woman at a movie theater and not even looking at her doesn't seem weird, but I still got called a creep and a freak for it, and she still said very loudly to her boyfriend that she was scared I was going to put something in her drink

it's all pointless though, you have already decided that I am mentally insane because what I say doesn't fit your world view and what you all are saying in this little echo chamber, so you're going to write me off, write me off as a creep, write me off as a robot, write me off as insane, whatever it takes so you don't have to listen to a single word I say
it happens every tie I post here, I wish I would just stop

No. 85279

>the point was the large support structure and social circle taht women have compared to men

But you do realize that none of the "support structures" you have described offer any support, right? Like game leaders kicking out dudes to make room for a chick, or thirsty randos offering women presents. That isn't real friendship. That isn't real support. There is an alternative motive there. Do you really want empty interactions like that? Don't you think that the girl who took your spot in the game group is worried about being replaced when someone cuter comes around? Do you really think those gifts are offered in true friendship?

Do you want unsolicited attention, or do you want true friendship?

No. 85280

>you're insane, go fuck off and see a therapist

Dude, the comment you referenced didn't even say the word "insane". You are so prepped and ready to be a victim that you aren't even reading our comments.

No. 85282

>probably it, but it doesn't refute anything that I've said

I disagree. Your perspective is clearly messed up, and you are so starved for attention you think that women being offered presents by strangers is a "support system". You sound jealous (for the wrong reasons), and it is coloring your entire perspective.

No. 85284

unsolicited attention is very much preferable to nothing in my opinion, even if it isn't genuine
lie I said, when you have nothing, when you have no friends despite making attempt after attempt to fit in anywhere, you have no relationships despite attempt after attempt, you start to hit a point where anything looks better than what you have now
a non-genuine support system, even one where it is a bunch of thirsty guys who just listen to me talk about my problems for no reason other than they want to bone me sounds preferable to talking to yourself and having conversations with yourself to try to deal with shit that happens to you
having the wrong thing is preferable to nothing, at least you can kid yourself into thinking thirsty guys care about you as a person for a little while

I may have read too much, but that seems like a pretty cut and dry attempt to write me off as being insane or having "deep seated hatred' instead of thinking about or attempting to reason with anything I've said
which is where it comes from, it's like a big "fuck off, I think you're nuts because I don't agree with you"

No. 85287


Anon you said in your original post that you "have gone completely insane in the last few years." - You're admitting to your own mental health issues. You also mention "creating a tupla" which is not a normal coping mechanism - it's actually, in the real world, for a sane and healthy functioning human, pretty fucking crazy and weird.

>blaming myself most of the time

You didn't blame yourself at all in your post - you literally came here to say that you feel like you're being denied multiple things for multiple different reasons but you haven't once actually said "Hey, I done something that's pretty weird and fucked up, maybe that's why x happened" - you instantly have looked for a scape goat. Even when multiple different people told you to look at yourself first you immediately said you don't see where we're coming from and claimed that you were being attacked.

My BF, by normal standards, is terrible with women. But here you go again looking for a scape goat or a reason it isn't you "it's probably likely he's much younger than I am." What I said in my post was that he's terrible with women, however in other aspects of his life he makes up with it. He's got redeeming qualities.

>Telling the guy next door I can hear him and his gf having sex through the wall doesn't seem weird

That seems weird as fuck. What is your relationship like with your neighbour? You can't bring up to a stranger that you can hear him having sex. Just because you live near each other does not mean you're able to say things like that. What context was that even brought up in? If it was anything other than "Hey, listen this is embarrassing but I heard you doing the dirty last night and I'd really appreciate if you could maybe be a little quieter?" I'd be weirded the hell out if I was his GF, especially if it wasn't the first time something inappropriate like that had happened.

>Sitting next to some woman at a movie theatre and not even looking at her doesn't seem weird

Again, yes, if there are plenty of free seats with no-one around them then why would you choose to sit beside said woman? If the theatre was packed and there were only seats beside people, then that's understandable and the woman was out of place for being cruel. But if there were lots of free seats it's pretty weird. Like you don't sit next to a stranger on an empty bus, you sit on your own.

You don't seem to have a very clear grasp on the way society works and what are "good" and "bad" social cues. I again, suggest that therapy would be good in better understanding this.

Also on both occasions you refer to that you've been called weird or singled out, you take issue with the woman. Like you have some underlying problems with women that aren't healthy.

No. 85288

It is clear that you have extremely insecure if you want fake relationships like that.

People are telling you to see a therapist because of that. Your entire perspective on life is skewed.

No. 85291

>My BF, by normal standards, is terrible with women. But here you go again looking for a scape goat or a reason it isn't you "it's probably likely he's much younger than I am." What I said in my post was that he's terrible with women, however in other aspects of his life he makes up with it. He's got redeeming qualities.

please take a nap, these mental gymnastics must be exhausting for you. :(

No. 85293


I just get so flabbergasted by this mindset I feel like I have to beat it out of people

No. 85294

I said almost insane, not that I am insane
one in rhetoric to get a point across, and the other is a mental disability
>weird to tell them
how? they're fucking every night at 2 am
I told him to keep it down and she acted like I was jerking off to them
that's a complete overreaction and uncalled for, I just want to be able to sleep without some dumb cunt fake moaning all night
>sitting next to someone is weird
really? in a packed theater it's weird to take one of the last available seats?
and I'm sure you're going to tell me that sitting in my seat and quietly watching a movie is creepy too and totally warrants being accused of trying to drug a girl in public?
>you single out the woman
they are the problem in both situations, they seem to take offense that I exist and take up space
they seem to find me doig everyday things creepy
they seem to find it weird that when I have a problem I directly tell the person instead of passive aggressively telling my bf or telling an RA and running off before he gets there
in both cases, the woman is in the wrong, I was doing nothing in either case to warrant any accusations of being creepy or a freak

like I said, I blamed myself too much
in the theater especially, I couldn't take it, I broke down crying during the film when I heard her sound so disgusted that I existed near her and that she found me so repulsive that she would invent a situation where I attempted to drug her It damaged my self esteem
that's what I mean, I'm this way because time and time again, women and men have torn me down with no concern, because I don't matter to anyone, men don't matter in this world
the fact that there is a person arguing right now that I shouldn't have sat in a packed theater for the fear of offending some woman is evidence enough of it
and from then on, I decided to stop blaming myself and find the real reason behind why I keep being treated like this, and when I finally do think I understand it adn try to voice it, some random group of girls decides they're going to shut it down, and spend a whole night accusing me of being a woman hater and being insane

like I said, when you have nothing, even a fake relationship looks better than what you have
you have no idea what I'm talking about because you have the luxury of talking about how you have these guys chasing you while you write them off as being "fake" I don't have that luxury
the closest I has was when some 13 year old autistic girl added me on steam and tried to date me for about 4 days before getting jealous I didn't talk to her enough and making deviantart fanart of her killing me over and over
and to be honest, I would take that relationship a thousand times over sitting by myself for 24 hours a day with nothing but loneliness and my own thought pounding around in my head
you and the others may say I'm messed up, that's nothing new, but no one really cares, I'm not going to be fixed any time soon

no woman wants to fix a broken guy, or even be near him if any of this is remotely true, I don't have enough money or time to fix myself anymore with a desperate need for money and a job and food, and no one else gives a single shit about me. but that's life, that's the life of a guy, count yourself lucky you won the coin toss at birth and were born with a vagina so you don't have to deal with the shit I do, that you have friends, that you have the luxury of calling some desperate lonely sack of shit worthless and insane on the internet while you have your boyfriends with 8 inch penises (that's what you all say right?) take care of you and listen to everything you have to say and tell you how amazing they think you are all the time

No. 85295

you mean you have to shout "no u" until someone comes and tell you you're right?

No. 85297

If you're looking for a pity party, you aren't going to get one here.

Look man, there are rude people everywhere, but most people don't break down and cry in public because of it. You need some perspective and self esteem.

If you want a fake relationship, then catfish people! Be fake yourself, and get that sweet, sweet attention.

No. 85299

Here's the thing, if all of these unique individuals are calling you a creep, then maybe they are onto something.

Like, complaining to your neighbors about them being noisy isn't creepy. Its how you bring it up that could be creepy. Did you knock on the door and tell them to keep it down? Did you call the building manager and make a noise complaint? There are socially accepted ways to do that.

You say that you'll talk to people directly about your problems, but again, there are socially accepted ways to do that.

It sounds like you don't understand normal social interaction, and that you have no self esteem. That isn't women's fault. They can't fix that for you.

No. 85300

>you have no idea what I'm talking about because you have the luxury of talking about how you have these guys chasing you while you write them off as being "fake" I don't have that luxury

Fuck, man. If you really don't get why fake creepers offering gifts for friendship is a bad thing, then I don't know what to tell you.

You seem to be more concerned about the quantity of attention, instead of the quality.

Do you know who will give you attention and not judge you? A therapist.

No. 85301

>no woman wants to fix a broken guy, or even be near him if any of this is remotely true,

Since when did your mental health become my responsibility?

No. 85303

Never, I never said "hey anon, please fix my problems"

No. 85304

No, but you did say that no women want to fix a broken man.

I am a woman.

Why is it my responsibility to fix you?

No. 85306

>it's bad becuase it's bad
This seems like seriously dangerous thinking
Despite me saying it's better if there is no better alternative
Would you honestly say you would rather go for years without friends instead of having a few fake friendships?

Should it really matter, it's not like I interrupted them in the act, I asked him the next day and she got really flustered and embarrassed and kept calling me creepy for listening

You see typically when you get into a long term relationship with someone you care about them and help them though things
Which is my point, women are flighty, at the earliest sign of instability or problems on my side they'd go running off to find a replacement and dump me so relationships and using them to fix my self worth and problems with women are clearly out of the question

No. 85307


>women are flighty, at the earliest sign of instability or problems on my side they'd go running off to find a replacement and dump me so relationships and using them to fix my self worth and problems with women are clearly out of the question

And you know this from what? All your relationship experience?

Maybe they just didn't want to be your unpaid therapist, and realized you were using then to make up for your poor self esteem.

And yes, I would absolutely rather be on my own than surrounded by fake people who were only around me because they are hoping to trick me into fucking them. I respect myself, I have standards for myself, and I have self esteem. I think I'm an awesome person. Why would I want fake people who are only using me in my life?

No. 85308

>that's a complete overreaction and uncalled for, I just want to be able to sleep without some dumb cunt fake moaning all night

>I directly tell the person instead of passive aggressively telling my bf or telling an RA and running off before he gets there

in both cases, the woman is in the wrong,

>I broke down crying during the film when I heard her sound so disgusted

>the closest I has was when some 13 year old autistic girl added me on steam and tried to date me for about 4 days before getting jealous I didn't talk to her enough and making deviantart fanart of her killing me over and over

and to be honest, I would take that relationship a thousand times over sitting by myself

>you have the luxury of calling some desperate lonely sack of shit worthless and insane on the internet

and you wonder why people don't like you and you don't have any friends? It's not because of you have a dick (emasculated as it is), it's because you're a blunt, rude, socially unaware person who clearly is very insecure and yet likes to debase the normal, functioning people around him. Even on an anonymous message board you can't help youre shtick of pretending to be nice and self-deprecating to try score brownie points and when people see you're still a creep, start foaming at the mouth and calling all women sluts and projecting that we're the issue.

No. 85309

>Should it really matter, it's not like I interrupted them in the act, I asked him the next day and she got really flustered and embarrassed and kept calling me creepy for listening

Um, yes. The way you bring up a problem effects people's reaction to it. For example, having an noise complaint visit from the superintendent of my building isnt creepy. That's the super's job. It is an official warning, so I would know if I didn't keep it down, I could get kicked out fof my building

If some guy knocked on my door and said "I heard you having sex last night…" I'd be like "wtf. Why didn't you call the super? Or knock on the door and tell us to keep it down? Why did you wait until the next day to confront me in person?"

I would totally be flustered and embarrassed, too!

No. 85310

If I was with my boyfriend and another man approached him to start 'asking' him about the sex he was listening to us having the night before, I too would be fucking creeped out and flustered.

No. 85311


And then when that's pointed out, the anon is all "should it really matter how I brought it up?"

Like WHAT!

I just want to shake this guy.

No. 85312

Not asking about it
Saying "hey, just so you know, the walls are thin and I can hear you and your gf, can you keep it down?"
There should be nothing wrong with telling someone a problem face to face
The fact that I bring it up means I'm not enjoying it or fapping to them, no matter how silly she wants to drag it out

I guess I'm getting the feeling that this board and chan is full of her type of people
Fat teenage girls who like to think they're more important than they are
Honey, no one cares about your sex life, in fact, I'd rather not hear it, especially since most of the noise is some ridiculously loud moaning that everyone knows is fake, even you be knows

No. 85313

Dude, there are appropriate and inappropriate ways to make a noise complaint. The fact that you waited until the next day, and didn't even do something basic like banging on the wall is creepy.

>you're just like her!

Buddy, you're the common denominator in all of your interactions. If all of these unique strangers are picking up on the same thing, then it is pretty clear that you have some obvious problems.

How old are you? Are you on the spectrum?

No. 85315

>especially since most of the noise is some ridiculously loud moaning that everyone knows is fake

Confirmed you have never given a girl a pleasurable sexual experience

Whatever the circumstances are, people are urging you to look into therapy because of some pretty obvious and intense self-esteem issues, depression, and bitterness towards those who are doing well in their life. If it comes across so very blatantly on an anonymous image board, I think they've got a point. Do try to get some help.

No. 85316

She's not being silly. She was embarrassed somebody heard her having sex, which she evidently did not intend, and then brought it up to her face. It's a normal, human reaction. Maybe it really was the best you could do, and you did do the right thing by letting them know - but you seem to think her being embarrassed is supposed to insult or degrade you or some way. It's very natural and sometimes people will get embarrassed when confronted or chastised. You really do have some social/esteem problems…

No. 85317

I don't care that she got embarrassed
I care that she called my RA and reported a fake claim of me "jerking t to them" because she was embarrassed
Just like the girl in the theater I posted before
It's not that she was offended by me sitting by her
It was that she manifested this by accusing me of putting something in her drink, by making a false accusation because some gross guy sat next to her and her bf

No. 85318

Sweetie no one moans loud enough to be heard through a poured concrete wall unless they're faking and acting it up for their bf

No. 85319

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?

If you had self esteem, you would be able to shrug off these two incidents and move on.

Again, we aren't going to encourage your low self esteem. And I'm willing to bet that you give off an aura of creepiness given that you don't understand normal social interaction.

No. 85321

So file a noise complaint. At the time of the incident.

They weren't having sex to spite you. You need to get over this.

No. 85334

Yeah, something's telling me the real issue at hand here is you.

No. 85335

>comes to a female chan because he feels entitled towards attention and pity from total fucking strangers
>posts in a thread that has been dead for 2 months and that has been revived to shitpost
>gets offended when he's not only given what he wanted but he's told to fuck off.

Kill yourself, seriously. With those dynamics I doubt there is even hope for you. People like you make me feel phisically sick.

No. 85339

File: 1460123397110.jpg (221 KB, 2048x1365, kadampa-joy.jpg)


You know I can actually sympathise with this.
On a biological level the majority of men are effectively worthless to the continued furtherance of our species. If we're talking le biological imperative xD, for every man that removes himself from the gene pool there will be a million more men ready to take his place, but for every woman that removes herself, society consider this a loss of a precious resource.

It's true. It couldn't be anymore true because it's nature and there's nothing more honest nor so pure as instinct, but herein lies the problem in that it appears that the majority of robots are basing their worth on the reflection of how society views them as an individual. In your life the only thing that should matter to you is your own personal happiness and it's up to you how you achieve that.

You want to live in a society that values you as special? The only way you're ever going to achieve that is by working to make yourself exceptional in some or many ways. Your other option is to stop sourcing your personal fulfilment from the feedback of the masses and start making your own happiness.

This applies to both genders too though. For however so much robots like to complain how women have it easy, how we could just marry a millionaire and live our lives in comfort (you guys seriously overestimate how easy it is to snag a millionaire btw), most of us don't want to be considered as 'just' a resource, and for those of us who fight through academia and struggle to be recognised as an independent, intellectual being we're forever plagued by the perception of us being little more than a resource on legs, and that our thoughts and opinions are invaluable.

Society think you're worthless as a resource but valuable as a potentially intellectual being.
Society thinks we're valuable as a resource but worthless as a potentially intellectual being.

Where I live is like a national park, and there's a monastery which functions as the epicentre for Kadampa Buddhism. People are allowed to live there and are housed and fed (all vegetarian) in return for their labour, things like doing linens, repairing the grounds, washing up, cleaning, gardening etc. There's monks that walk round in their orange robes and their shaved heads. None of them are particularly pretty, some of them probably have low-level skills, some probably have high-level skills, but you know what? Those are some happy fucking monks, and they're happy because they dropped out of the rat-race altogether, became introspective and found a source of happiness in spiritualism AWAY from capitalistic necessity.

We have to make our own happiness in life Anon.

No. 85341

I'm just really curious why this robot is suddenly realizing that the real world doesn't care now, instead of when he was in high school like the rest of us.

Like, this isn't a profound realization. Everyone discovers that they aren't the center of the universe at some point. In the grand scheme of things, nobody matters.

But why do these robots blame women for that feeling instead of capitalism or social structures?

No. 85342

File: 1460126139234.jpg (58.25 KB, 620x468, eqwe.jpg)


I also want to share a story with you as a female that plays vidya regularly, because you need to understand that the things we're granted in exchange for our presence as women is not always what you might expect.

I used to part of a gaming clan that would play things CS:S and TF2 (not long after it was released, back when it was good) semi-competitively. I was pretty young but had already technically been gaming since I was around 4 years old and so I knew, that as a woman on the internet, there were rules and regulations as to how I presented myself - the golden rule being never allow people to discover your gender.
With this in constant mind I operated under a gender neutral alias and a wooden drawer played home to my desktop microphone. I'd been in this clan for about, 5 months by now? My teammates were aware that I was young, but because obviously it was assumed that everybody online that wasn't outright presenting themselves as females was, by default, male, the question of my gender was never once brought up. For 5 months I dodged every single request to speak on Ventrilo.

>"I don't have a microphone"

>"Oh I bought a microphone but my PC won't recognise it"
>"Uh, the port broke"

One day I decided to finally suck it up. "These guys are my friends, I've known them for 5 months, I KNOW things about them, they're not going to treat me any differently lol".

I was wrong.

The initial reaction was at first, laughing about how I was a "prepubescent boy", and then when it clicked, mayhem.
From then on every time I tried to log into Vent my teammates would begin making masturbating noises down the mic, whenever I fucked up a kill in game it would be accompanied by a snide, passive-aggressive comment about how "lol girls can't play games", questions about my breast size, whether or not I'd had sex yet. Every time there was a semi-serious discussion going on and I attempted to join, I would have my opinions batted down with comments like "Hey Zero, you made me that sandwich yet?".

I know a lot of guys are like "Oh that's just internet hazing, everybody gets it. People call me a faggot all the time online", but it's not the same. When it's gender specific every single little comment or quip only serves to remind me that your separate, that you don't belong, that I'm not as good as them because they're male and I'm female and that's all there is to it, devoid of all reason and rhyme.
My penance for being born a gender I never chose was that yeah, I was surrounded by people, but I possessed not a single real friend. I quit the clan a month later.

But oh god, I was so lonely. I was only 15 turning 16 and already I was learning my place in the world, that the vast majority of men valued me only for the entrance to the rolled up muscle situated between my legs, but very little else. Worthless.

My point here is that I know that you believe that as women we have access to a continuous stream of social opportunity, but it's not the case at all. None of these people actually want to be your friend, they don't really care about your opinions or what it is you have to say, they only want you around as either a novelty or an opportunity for a sexual scenario to play out.
For this reason I am today a highly repressed individual. Most of my friends today are male, but I very rarely actually talk to them about my thoughts and my opinions because its been ingrained into me now that everything it is that I feel is worthless. I am very lonely.

Sad thing is I'm not even a unique case. There's gonna be so many other women reading this right now who parallel my situation to a T.

No. 85344

A+ post. I agree completely and have experienced similar things.

No. 85345

It's either constant negative "lol fuckin stupid girls" harassment or constant aggressive sexual harassment. I can't begin to count the times people have gone from a good friend to me, to a drooling horndog the moment they found out I was a girl.

They've hit on me, made disgusting sexual advances even if I've expressed I was uncomfortable, and in general treated me like I was there only to give it up. Even if these guys were good friends to me for months before I told them my gender, they'd drop the friend label and tack on "walking pair of tits"
God forbid you get angry and tell them to knock it off after you've tried to be polite.

>God I was just being nice, don't be a fucking bitch

>I'm not even hitting on you why are women such bitches
>You're a cunt anyway, fuck off

Most of the time it's one or the other and it's ridiculously annoying. You've either gotta deal with it, or pretend to be a guy and hide that you're not for as long as you can.

No. 85348

This. Times a million. And if you're reading it, robot, going "bu-but how many of these girls play games online and had a hazing–" A) A lot. And just as importantly, B) YOU GET THIS REACTION ALL OVER THE PLACE. It's not just in games or online, it's there when I go to work in a more male dominated industry or when I go to the doctors and it's a guy. You have no idea how much of what we do/say/think gets tossed aside and compartmentalized into "that was the slut part of her talking" or "that was the bitch part" instead of just hearing our words and thinking, "gee they sound upset". Bahaha no way you'd be more likely to get roasted over being a crybaby over-emotional waste of flesh.

No. 85351

File: 1460130094639.jpg (47.36 KB, 852x480, dsfdf.jpg)


>unsolicited attention is very much preferable to nothing in my opinion, even if it isn't genuine

Well you say that but in many ways it's more lonely than not having friends at all.
When a person has no friends at all it's not an unchangeable scenario. Usually it's a result of a problem that can be removed or improved at a later date. You can fix it.
When a person is on the receiving end of unsolicited, fallacious amounts of attention on account their sex that means they're embedded in a sociocultural system of which there is no method of escape and your only option is to play a long and be a "teehee grill xD" or fight back and be "the uppity bitch". You can't fix that.

You know Anon, I sympathise with your situation entirely, I really, really do, but you take for granted having the ability to voice an opinion and have it taken seriously as having come from an independent individual. Nobody takes what I have to say seriously online.
You're getting shit on here too, but still there are people trying to communicate with and work through this shit with you. If I made a similar post to /r9k/ do you know the responses I would receive?

>stop bitching, your life is on tutorial mode

>just hook up with a hot millionaire. Problem solved
>women don't have emotions
>women aren't capable of experiencing depression
>women can't be lonely, all you have to do is walk outside and open your legs

I'm not trying to say anybody's situation is better or worse, but that there are good and bad to both sides that each of us take for granted.

No. 85365

I've grown up with mainly male friends, but always desiring female friends as I feel with a lot of my male friends there's certain topics or subjects I feel I should avoid, and sometimes I want to feel girly and talk about girly things without the awkward jibes and comments about being "a typical girl".

However, expressing you wish you had female friends or have no female friends translates to "I only hang out with guys, all girls are bitches" and your viewed the same as "gamer girls". On that note, even just mentioning you are female and play video games, you are slapped with being obnoxious and attempting to attract attention.

Anyone else in the same boat with the desire to find female friends and having difficulties, but ashamed to admit or feel the need to pretend you have female friends just incase you're viewed as obnoxious and attention seeking?

No. 85369

File: 1460139496168.jpg (109.75 KB, 582x430, item_detail_image_02.jpg)

Why not make friends with other girls in the games you play? I raid semi-seriously in FF14 and there's 1 other female in the static, and honestly, me and her hit it off right away because obviously we have a lot in common to even be playing the same game and want to raid. The dudebros in our static are all mid to late twenties, and only 1 of them is an annoying sex pervert, making lewd stupid jokes all the time, that seem to goad the other guys into commenting who are otherwise… palatable.

Honestly, I used to only have guy friends because, ya know, vidya as a hobby, but since making more female friends, especially female vidya friends, I'm a lot happier and able to be more myself around them.

No. 85370

File: 1460139736019.gif (2.64 MB, 264x240, laughing-hyur.gif)


>tfw been farming FATEs for 2 hours now and I still can't get that last crystal to drop in Azys Lla

No. 85371

File: 1460140005137.jpg (205.56 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nilcoj7gP91u923ego2_128…)

Apparently it has the lowest drop rate of all the regions (some crazy went around and farmed 200 crystals in each area to determine the %s), that's why I always started my FATE grinds there for crystals so it can be all downhill from there

fuck unidentified items though…

No. 85372


We should make a FFXIV thread!

No. 85373

I like that idea! We can bitch and post glamours!

No. 85374


I want to play this so much but my computer is a toaster and the GCD totally killed it for me.

No. 85375

The GCDs can feel reeeeeeaaallly slow at first, but once you hit max level you'll wonder how you'll ever properly weave your oGCDs and GCDs seamlessly, so it starts to feel way more fluid and not like you're sitting around waiting. Scholar and summoner are even more intense, with weaving in pet skills!

No. 85376


I played WoW for years but now that it's shit and TERA community is awful I want to get in to this but like I said GCD just feels so slow. I want to play a monk/martial artist but it feels so slow.

No. 85380

Monk is definitely a class at max level that you won't notice the GCD because you're busy shoving in your oGCDs in the meantime. But yeah, I feel you, getting there can be painful. If you can stomach getting it to 50, I'd say you might actually enjoy it. I agree the GCD at low levels is really slow though.

No. 85400


I see, I'll ask my questions in the FF thread from now on.

No. 85940

Anyone else sick of seeing anything related to custody or rape charges turn into how women always get believed, men are always harassed and at least 3 guys trying to get others to join their MRA club?

I mean custody is one thing, I do agree that shit's heavily skewed towards women but they act like all man who want custody are nice guys who got robbed of their children by mean evil women.
It's the same reason why single mothers are looked down upon while single fathers are looked up to.

No. 85951

Those are both myths, anon. Why do women get custody more than men? Because men don't WANT custody (but that doesn't fit into the MRA narrative of poor nice dad getting shafted). However, in the rare instances that men fight for custody, they get it MORE than women: "fathers who custodially challenge mothers win their cases 50%-70% of the time, regardless of proof of paternal domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, child abuse, or sexual abuse."

So, actually, it's heavily skewed towards men. Abusive men! Surprise!

As for believing rape victims more than men, also a myth. About 2% of rape accusations are found to be false, which is on par with how much people lie about other crimes. That means 98% of rape accusations are true. However, only 10% of women report their rape due to a variety of factors (you know, people saying she deserved it or she's lying, etc). Furthermore, ONLY about 30% of rapists actually go to jail when brought to trial.

But let's worry more about those very very very very few men who have a false accusation than about the very real majority that weren't lying but are too afraid to come forward, or do and then are treated like shit. Also, recanted does not instantly mean the woman was lying. Would you recant your confession if you were drug through the mud and saw no end in sight? Probably.

Fact is we live in a shit tier society that hates rape victims more tha rapists. Being raped ruins your life more than being a rapist. Remember the Steubenville rape case? "Oh these poor guys have their whole future ahead of them, don't ruin their lives" They're out in college getting football scholarships now, when that girl who was raped was being threatened, and afraid for her life. totally lopsided against women, yeah, and not in their favor.

No. 86054

File: 1460489933414.jpg (356.49 KB, 892x1146, 1457995906473.jpg)

Why are women so hypocritical?

No. 86070

>Redpill men aren't misogynist
funniest thing I've read all week

Don't even try discussing statistics with them, because obviously the rape statistics for false claims are low because people just believe them, and the custody ones are because the women pricked holes in condoms and got themselves pregnant to keep the guy. So when the guy leaves it's justified.

No. 86072

lmao the guy's fucking username

No. 86074

>women want to look up to men and you can't have empathy towards a powerful being you look up to
KEK! These same guys wonder why women don't want to fuck/date them wow their lack of self awareness is something out of this world.

No. 86076

Women give as much of a shit about your problems as any random man you were to pull aside off the street and tell them about your problems, which is not much at all. Children get it drilled into their heads that they are special somehow and their feelings matter. When they grow up they become bitter when reality hits them like a shovel. Nobody gives a shit and aren't going to bend over backwards and cater to hurt feefees. This man sounds like a whiny child. Reminds me of robots. You honestly can't expect strangers to fix your problems, or give you the same support and self-esteem that your parents were supposed to give you. Being a woman doesn't mean we are obligated to care.

Just do what the lot of us mentally ill adults do: focus on self-bettering and pay a therapist to listen to your problems. Blaming strangers for your emotional damage, or expecting them to repair them, won't help change anything.

No. 86118

>I'm studying female biological nature

Of course.

No. 86119

Its like in that one thread about the castrating robot. Suddenly these douches came in and were all "I thought women were supposed to be empathetic!"

It always baffles me. Like why would I, a random internet stranger care more deeply than any other random asshole? Just because I'm a woman?

No. 86130

That thread killed me lol. The robot trying to guilt everybody into being nice and acting like they were letting the gender down for not giving a fuck about a guy who cut off his own balls because he didn't like women

No. 86216

Which thread was that in? I don't usually pay attention to the robot threads, but I need a good laugh.

No. 86219

>While I do agree that a man in my situation would probably have it worse

How is this not admitting you're playing in the easy mode as opposed to a man?

No. 86235

File: 1460572229030.png (35.77 KB, 636x230, 1459661328291.png)

>female pedophile: loses her job
>male pedophile: loses all his rights and goes to jail

No. 86238

>Female who condones pedophilia
>Loses job
>Male who actually molests a child
>Goes to jail

Are you mentally disabled? It's not illegal to be a pedophile, it's illegal to molest children.

No. 86248

What's with these guys posting random screencaps with no explanation, and basically saying "checkpoint, females"????

No. 86249


Right here:


No. 86259

Thanks Anon.

No. 86748

>just world fallacy

It's very easy to dismiss other's problems as a result of their own choices.

No. 86749


Anyway, people need to stop bumping this thread, it's a robot magnet

No. 86768

>implying that robots aren't/haven't BEEN plaguing this chan already

No. 88070


These groups are being hyperbolic mostly. I'm sure some of them buy into it. But if you were to browse r9k and look at when they're being more genuine they're often dismissing complaints on the ground that they have it worse. Not that the issues mentioned are non-issues.
>My own personal theory is that robots have seen the instances of Stacy getting special treatment and then generalize that to assume that all women get that.
My personal experience is that all women are Stacies effectively. But I've posted class photos where people say everyone in class is hot except me.. Didn't even disclose who i was.

I can't remember anyone being treated poorly.
>however, men will ignore you and shit on you the odd time you do come to their attention.
You're probably in the wrong circles. Seek out niches rather than a general group.
>You only have value to men once you reach a certain threshold of attractiveness
Depends. I mean I couldn't deal with someone completely disfigured but excluding "google ugly girl"-tier there hasn't really been anyone I'd consider too ugly.

But as mentioned, I'm ugly. So it goes both ways I imagine and that means I'd be excluded from your measurement. Which I don't blame you for. I also excluded girls right.
I dislike arguments like these on principle. What this is is saying "I don't know enough so I'l pretend it's even".
Just shut up instead. It's like the modern application of cultural relativism. It makes incredibly little sense to not hold people to the same ethical standard for things because their upbringing was different.

No. 88371

File: 1461662854630.jpg (124.47 KB, 1024x600, 6f1f4b_3458685.jpg)

Women face much lower requirements than men.

No. 88385

Why can't you losers ever realize that you're being trolled? Like, that post is the perfect bait for insecure robots.

No. 88438


And your evidence to this is a post written by….. a man?

And ofc if your only requirements in a life partner is tits and cooking ability, you don't deserve a mate. Leave the women to the men that actually have a change at continuing their genetic line.

No. 88449

>implying that the male anon has any idea what standards are
m8 if you are a virgin or cant get laid you are desperate and dont really care about soul mates

No. 88450


So there's my problem.

No. 88452

Personally I strike this point extremely easily. You could say it's not a requirement but I just don't want to see pecs rather than breast tissue.

I have more requirements than what's listed obviously.

No. 88453

It was sort of a joke, but even just an a-cup is a standard requirement and a very reasonable one tbh. It being reasonable doesn't help me much though.

No. 88454

Yeah ok. I get the impression women really underestimate how much guys care about how they are personally. Maybe it's the fact that for men sex can just be sex. Women almost always require a connection. So when in a public situation where attraction is shown a woman would think all men care about in a relationship is looks. And men think it's just about sex still.

No. 88455

There's a difference between physical attraction and only wanting 10/10s. I definitely don't believe men go for the latter at all but being flat chested is almost as bad or on the same level as having a dick to the vast majority of men. I don't think it's shallow or anything it just is what it is.

No. 88456

>but being flat chested is almost as bad or on the same level as having a dick to the vast majority of men.
That's pretty hilarious to me. I'm not a large enough group of people to be the vast majority of men obviously but I can't imagine this being true.

Also men have 4 major sexual queues. Boobs, Ass, Feet and Dick. How they weigh this varies. But if men stopped being afraid of being gay convincing traps are definitively top tier as purely sexual partners.

No. 88458

In a completely monogamous relationship yeah. It's not just purely about the physical aspects either. It'd be bad enough never being able to interact with breasts at all for the rest of their life, but having to deal with a gf that gets upset over the fact that they drool over breasts all the time while having no attraction to their chest is just going to make things so much worse.

And the vast majority of people are normies remember? If you even know what imageboards are you aren't anywhere even close to the average guy.

No. 88460

>It'd be bad enough never being able to interact with breasts at all for the rest of their life, but having to deal with a gf that gets upset over the fact that they drool over breasts all the time while having no attraction to their chest is just going to make things so much worse.
Yeah sure if a guy who's really into breasts get with a girl who's got terrible breasts that's a major issue. But even in that case they could probably get a boob job. Which is certainly a bit excessive but it's not unfixable like with a short guy.

>If you even know what imageboards are you aren't anywhere even close to the average guy.

Maybe in the past. I'm not saying I'm a normal guy but I never got the impression I wasn't considered normal by other people until after highschool. Regardless it has very little to do with my sexual preferences. It's not like I go to imageboards because I don't mind flat chests.

No. 88463

I mean people into "nerdy" things are way more likely to be into traps and not care as much about flat chests. Both are very niche things outside of places like these. Like how very few people percentage wise know what boku no pico and shota are.

But why would someone want to be in a relationship with someone that isn't attracted to them and thinks about other people? I'd rather die without holding someone's hand then have a relationship like that. Same for someone that expects you to get surgery because they were selfish enough to get into a relationship they knew would never work.

I'm a bit confused about what you're trying to say tbh. I just dropped by to make a joke and now I see it's the women don't have problems thread. Is that what this is about?

No. 88464

I probably shouldn't be posting right now.

No. 88465

>Is that what this is about?
Nah. I'm just arguing that flat chests aren't that problematic in isolation.
>I mean people into "nerdy" things are way more likely to be into traps and not care as much about flat chests.
More accepting on traps, being more social outcast than complete normies.
>But why would someone want to be in a relationship with someone that isn't attracted to them and thinks about other people?
I don't know. Some people get attached very strongly. You suggested it lol. I considered it rather unrealistic to have someone that thinks something is very important go out with someone that doesn't have that important thing.

All I'm really trying to say is: I think chest is overrated by women.
It's only a deal-breaker for few guys. And that's just my experience talking to guys about this stuff.

Face is stupidly important though. It's not a sexual thing but you just can't deal with an ugly face.

No. 88468

What did I suggest? I said that relationships with a flat girl most likely aren't going to work out unless the guy has a strong fetish or genuinely doesn't like breasts at all.

I never once said or implied men are breast obsessed. Wanting at least something isn't having impossible standards. It's just a normal thing like women expecting men not to have dd-cup man boobs.

When I said drooling over boobs all the time I didn't mean repeatedly telling their gf they wished they had boobs and pointing them out. I just meant being attracted to them like the vast majority of guys. Although even that isn't uncommon.

You can think it's unrealistic if you want but if you search up any kind small breast "support group" or community it's almost more common than not. And that isn't even touching completely flat girls.

Just because you say you don't care doesn't mean other guys don't. I don't mind and even like things other women hate but I'm not saying most girls don't care.

No. 88469

>Wanting at least something isn't having impossible standards.
I don't quite see it that way. You could picture it more like a gf score from my pov. Some have requirements on the boob stats. I have requirements on the face stats. But if someone is a great person I wouldn't be dissatisfied with how their boobs are. Same with other rather high standards I hold for smarts and interest. "requirements" are bullshit. I see that being a lot harder with face and I'd probably not give a girl with an ugly face the chance. But I certainly don't think a girl can't outweigh their lack of boobs. And in my personal case it happens to not be hard.
>Just because you say you don't care doesn't mean other guys don't.
I'm not saying I don't care. I'm saying it's not nearly as bad as being a trap (girl with no reproductive system) for long term relationships.
>I don't mind and even like things other women hate but I'm not saying most girls don't care.
Yeah but that's because you know they hate it. I know quite a few guys who don't seem to consider it that important because they're complimenting girls with very modest breasts in private. I'm of course more sure on my own preferences. But I don't extrapolate that.

I thought we presumed we were talking about the standards we see others hold as the default and our own preferences explicitly.

But perhaps that's just me being very presumptuous and I should be more clear.

This is getting too wordy for me now and we're basically just disagreeing.

No. 88470

Exactly "outweigh" if someone is already lacking and the thing they have is considered a flaw it isn't going to work out if the person has any real interest in it. It's not about ticking boxes or racking up a certain amount of points. You aren't going to stop wanting something else or start liking something you didn't before just because a girl isn't a huge bitch.

And yes if you're saying it can be ignored you're saying it doesn't really matter.

Again how you feel and how a few other men doesn't mean anything. 1,000 men out of billions still doesn't mean much. I'm speaking from my personal experiences, other women's personal experiences, and what I hear and see guys doing irl. So far the only people I've seen say it doesn't matter are average and busty women and a few men with the majority of men saying "only if you aren't actually flat". Go google "what do guys think of flat chests" if you can't believe wanting something is the majority.

Say whatever you want but one guy saying that not every man isn't completely disgusted by them isn't going change everything else I've experienced. It was never once meant to be an attack on men or to say I'll never ever find a guy that won't at least give me a pity fuck.

I still don't think I understand what you're going on about. That you think a flat girl could possibly be dateable? Good for you but I wasn't arguing that at all.

No. 88475

>Again how you feel and how a few other men doesn't mean anything.
>I'm speaking from my personal experiences, other women's personal experiences, and what I hear and see guys doing irl.
We're back here then. Ok, well we're presuming it's more long term than just a one night stand, which flat girls would be very disadvantaged for. So I argued that I think your perception of how men see things is wrong (see >>88454 )
>I'm speaking from my personal experiences, other women's personal experiences, and what I hear and see guys doing irl.
Ok so your experience is more valuable yet you don't have any base to compare your success to because you don't know what men say in private? I'm fully aware that girls wouldn't tell me I'm too tall or too short to my face if we're talking about that. I judge that the same way you do. But I have a male perspective on what other men prefer and you have a female perspective on how well things are going for you. If I'm correct in my assertion at >>88454 where you likely confuse guys looking for casual sex and guys looking for relationships. You wouldn't know. Of course you could know. But your point of view is certainly not proven to be better than mine just because you say I'm not a relevant person who doesn't know enough people. I think you have a rather high selection bias though. Do a search now. Because from what I find there's perhaps 1 guy in these forum threads which says "some huge percentage of guys hate flat chests". And the rest deny it. At most I can probably (based on those stats) say that guys in general do prefer bigger than small. Some really prefer flat, some really hate it.
But if you do a general search on attractiveness you find that in general intelligence is usually the biggest thing.
Is anyone expecting perfection? Are you looking to be a guys 10/10? Get over that or find someone that loves the petite form. It's an unrealistic expectation imo.
>1,000 men out of billions still doesn't mean much
This is likely your problem though.
>It was never once meant to be an attack on men or to say I'll never ever find a guy that won't at least give me a pity fuck.
I don't get why you're saying this. Because I never said anything I thought could be interpreted this way.
>I still don't think I understand what you're going on about.
I'l try again I guess. You're underestimating small breasts and flat chests potential or alternatively your standard for how perfect you should be for a person is too high. The rest of the stuff in this post is just answering why. Because I don't believe in just opinion, argument is more important.

No. 88479

It's more valuable because I am a flat woman. Just like a woman can't say most women don't care about height and that the norm is for them to not care over a short guy that gets shit for it. Just because you don't see people talking about how disgusting something is doesn't mean they don't care. It's similar to what I was referring to, I honestly don't care if a man is 5'0 at all, but I know guys that short will have a much harder time finding partners even if I don't care and quite a few girls I know don't either. How is that any different from being flat?

I'm not looking or taking hookups into consideration at all. This is all purely based on relationships. If anything I'd say it matters way less for one night stands. I don't see how flat girls would be any different than obese ones when it comes to a quick fuck.

All I've been saying this entire time is that it isn't some tiny thing absolutely no one cares about. Bring up your personal experiences all you want. Just like you seem to think I'm exaggerating and not seeing clearly I highly doubt you're going around asking what guys think and judging by how they act instead of what they say. You'll find tons of guys saying it doesn't matter just like you'll find tons of guys that say they don't care if you're a single mother, fucked tons of black guys, or have had 20 partners in a few years. Both men and women like to seem tolerant especially on the internet and some actually do feel that way. But that doesn't mean it's a normal view to have.

What do you want out of this? For me to say flat chests don't matter at all and I could get pretty much any guy? Unless you can send 100s of guys that don't care to my doorstop my opinion isn't going to change.

Also here https://www.reddit . com/r/relationships/search?q=flat%2Bchest&sort=relevance&restrict_sr=on&t=all

(NSFW) http://theittybittytittycommittee . tumblr . com/

http://bust . com/lounge/index.php?showtopic=32037

http://www.girlsaskguys . com/search?q=flat+chested

On the ask website most men are saying they can't be attracted to flat women, a few ask about bra wearing, and the others feel like a weirdo for being ok with it.

No. 88487

>those links
You can't just search like that and take the OP comments. OP is obviously concerned.
>What do you want out of this? For me to say flat chests don't matter at all and I could get pretty much any guy?
I just want to have a constructive argument. If I were to try and convince you i'd use rhetoric rather than pointing at things.
>This is all purely based on relationships.
You mean you actually get into relationships with guys and then they break up because you're too small?
>Both men and women like to seem tolerant especially on the internet and some actually do feel that way. But that doesn't mean it's a normal view to have.
But why did you recommend
>Go google "what do guys think of flat chests" if you can't believe wanting something is the majority.
If everyone lies? If you look at reddit you see that there's those boob fanatics who are seriously suggesting a woman he wants to get married should get a boob job first. Do you think that's a normal man doing that?
Then there's tons of insecure girls and a few guys that feel bad for caring so much. Yes, this is of no statistical significance because they're not in a controlled environment and we're without context. I agree completely. It's not as relevant as what we both experience. But to discard what I'm experiencing just because your experience differs is weird when I'm arguing that you're not being realistic and you don't even arguing against it. You're just arguing that for some reason my guy friends would lie to me about their preferences. I don't seek out to ask them about it, it's topics that come up.
>Unless you can send 100s of guys that don't care to my doorstop my opinion isn't going to change.
Yeah I know. Because you're absolutely bias. Due to low self-esteem is sounds like.
I'm not aiming to change your mind I'm arguing. But I'm really getting quite concerned here because every link you're posting is either people who are asking because they dislike flat chests, or girls with flat chests asking if it's bad or not.
It tells you nothing other than that there's girls that are insecure and guys that don't like flat chests. Just like there's guys that have an upper bound on boobs (practically all do but we're talking D-cup maybe).

So yes. WE have our own perceptions. Mine is based on me and my friends. Your is based on whatever you base your opinion on.
>On the ask website most men are saying they can't be attracted to flat women, a few ask about bra wearing, and the others feel like a weirdo for being ok with it.
You see how you didn't consider their comments relevant until you got your bias confirmed? They only lie when they oppose you.

Like, I'm not judging, we all have our biases and they're hard to escape. But it really seems like an issue you should deal with somehow. At least from what I can see here. I don't know you.

No. 88488

I was posting in case you would say you didn't feel like looking. A lot of people say they don't. I recommended it because I've been arguing that some people do feel that way and you've been arguing against saying I'm making it up. I haven't been disregarding your experiences, I've been saying they don't override mine. Keep posting if you want nothing you say will change my mind unless you can give actual proof from people who don't have their reputation at stake or are desperate for a gf. You aren't going to "save me" from anything. I've even got a bf who says he doesn't care. What I am saying is that it's really stupid to say everything is all in my head and is made up.

Go ahead and tell black people racism never existed just because tons of whiny crybabies call everything racist now. That's basically what you're saying "I don't think this happens and you have a victim complex if you think it's ever actually happened outside of a few rare cases."

I'm not gonna bother responding anymore so congrats you "won". You're obviously never going to admit that it's not a highly desirable trait and can affect relationships just like being obese, ugly, or having a micro penis can and that it's not any more or less common.

No. 88494

You still don't get it.
>I was posting in case you would say you didn't feel like looking.
Except you said >>88470
>Go google "what do guys think of flat chests" if you can't believe wanting something is the majority.
So either you hoped this would convince me in spite of knowing that if I googled I'd find it's telling me the opposite but then
You post these links as "proof"
While simultaneously contradicting yourself since you discarded internet opinions just a few lines up.
>Both men and women like to seem tolerant especially on the internet and some actually do feel that way.

>Go ahead and tell black people racism never existed just because tons of whiny crybabies call everything racist now.

Except if you read this situation I should be telling black people it doesn't happen according to me. And they disagree. That's what we have here. We're both discrediting online shit. I was pointing out the contradiction.
>Keep posting if you want nothing you say will change my mind unless you can give actual proof from people who don't have their reputation at stake or are desperate for a gf.
That wasn't the goal though. And now you're claiming there's no guy who prefers the petite form? Pretty sure that's not what you mean.
>You aren't going to "save me" from anything.
Yeah don't flatter yourself anonymous person on the Internet who has been insulting me throughout a discussion while I try to remain reasonable. You're really not particularly attractive right now. And as I started out saying, I'm not even interested in the petite form, I just don't mind it. So I don't get why you're assuming here except you assume that every person who goes to imageboards are lonely virgins or something.
>What I am saying is that it's really stupid to say everything is all in my head and is made up.
No it's more about how you're underestimating flat chests, as I have said multiple times now. And likely you're blaming issues on that instead of looking for actual problems. I know it's incredibly rude to say but I think it's worth considering if you're mentally deficient. I'm not intending to be insulting completely honest. It's just that to me this is obvious bias and very poor reading of what I'm saying. So it's only reasonable to assume.
>I've even got a bf who says he doesn't care.
Yeah he's not to be trusted obviously. Not if you're showing anything of your real personality here anyway.

>You're obviously never going to admit that it's not a highly desirable trait

Except I have. I've said multiple times and started out with:
>Personally I strike this point (flat chest) extremely easily. You could say it's not a requirement but I just don't want to see pecs rather than breast tissue.
So yeah, not highly desirable. I'd have said that then.
>it can affect relationships just like being obese, ugly, or having a micro penis
Never argued it was completely irrelevant. Personally I think obese people are gross, I would feel incredibly insecure with a micro-penis and ugly is in the face. I don't want ugly. But I think all of those are worse than being flat chested. And you obviously disagree.
>and that it's not any more or less common.
I don't have a clue. I'd probably consider it less common though. It hasn't been part of the discussion.
>I'm not gonna bother responding anymore
That's fine. This did start getting a bit frustrating. I rarely post for others sake. Suggest you do the same at least on imageboards. It would drive me insane to have to continue a discussion because I feel obliged to or something.
>you "win"
I agree. Nobody "wins" if not both of us.

No. 88499

I know I said I wouldn't respond but are you ignoring what I say completely? Or are we both arguing the same thing just with you saying it's not as undesirable as you seem to think I think it is? I never said there aren't guys that don't like flat chests and especially not small breasts. I know there are at least a few hundred, I'm even a bi woman that likes small breasts and flat chests.

For the hundreth time I'm talking about my irl experiences. I'm showing you examples of it just existing at all because before this it sounded like you were saying no one but maybe 2 guys thought this way and I obviously can't go back in time and record my experiences.

>it really seems like an issue you should deal with somehow

Makes you sound like a self righteous soccer mom telling me I need jesus. I didn't mean save me in a romantic or invested way at all. That seems a lot more like flattering yourself imo. I meant it in a "show me the light" and a "let me show you why you're wrong" way. And telling me I'm delusional isn't being reasonable. I'm not being anymore insulting than you are. Nor am I forcing myself to respond or hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for a reply. I'm just trying to stay up and talking is usually more reliable than anything else for me.

I also didn't say it was worse, I said people can and do react to it in the same way.

How about you listen to what I actually say instead of what you think I'm implying. I'm being as blunt as possible and you're still looking for hidden messages and what "I must feel deep inside~"

No. 88506

>I know I said I wouldn't respond but are you ignoring what I say completely?
Are you reading what I post is a better question. I don't have time to read this now, I'l read later but I said:
>>I'm not gonna bother responding anymore
>That's fine. This did start getting a bit frustrating. I rarely post for others sake. Suggest you do the same at least on imageboards. It would drive me insane to have to continue a discussion because I feel obliged to or something.

No. 88507

You pretty much just pulled a bunch of shit out of your ass and said I thought you were hitting on me and that I must be a huge bitch everyone including my bf hates. Then said I was being insulting? wtf

No. 88591

lmao chestlets

No. 88602

I bet i literally have the worst life here. Fucking males have it easy.

>have no friends (my 3 different large sized friend circles don't count, i totes hate them plus we have sooo much drama together anyway)

>no bf (just broke up with him because his mom died and he cried in front of me… turn off amirite ladies? soo beta and gross!)

>spent 20 minutes without sex before walking out into the street and asking the first hot guy i saw.

>but that time was totes awful, i was super isolated

No. 88604

File: 1461761074109.jpg (54.75 KB, 625x626, dude.jpg)

No. 88790

Well women can always rely on men, that's why Easy Mode.

No. 88902

Like when you rape and or beat us? Speak over us? Try to police how we act and dress?

No. 88939

wish someone told this my man-child boyfriend. he'd be dead in less than 24 hours.

No. 88965

File: 1461945289263.jpg (36.96 KB, 375x312, why-god-why.jpg)

Even if this isn't entirely scientifically accurate, I was brought up believing that essentially all people are blank slates and morph into whatever their habitus provides them. Their habitus includes all aspects of social upbringing, like parent status, socioeconomic status, race and its relevance to your particular society, gender and its relevance to that particular society…

I grew up in a totally white town in the north east US, and my mom is the breadwinner (for the most part). I was always raised to be a hardworking independent woman, I was never told to use my gender to manipulate my circumstances. However, I never got asked to do bullshit yard work or more laborious chores, despite the fact that I never refused to do any of it, especially based on my gender.

My brother was raised to respect my mom and other women, his sister (me), etc. He has a girlfriend that is a manipulative bitch who has him waiting on hand and foot for her.
I've had boyfriends where I've had to physically put a toothbrush in their mouth to "kindly" encourage them to be hygienic without hurting their feelings.
I've met men that are sex-anxious because of past emotional and physical abuse by girlfriends or family, and I've met women that I literally want to shake to death because they won't leave their asshole, stupid boyfriends.

I don't think that anybody has it easy, and as some other poster at the beginning of the thread mentioned, people who use their gender to manipulate circumstances around them are playing a clever game they probably established so very long ago.
I think that there are a lot of shitty people in the world, and the only thing that's perpetuating these beliefs that one has it better than the other are the actions people take to manipulate others based off their gender. If you keep reading stories or have experiences where women are the abusers, or child molesters, or murderers, or manipulative abusers, it colors a very particular picture which then amplifies your anger when you see how, on the opposite end, women are treated as fragile, unable to do any task a man is assigned to, too dainty or too above a particular task or action.

Shit, it's like every person has autonomy and we don't have a clue.

No. 88997

Excellent way to put it, anon.

No. 89414


>Listen here Cupcake


No. 90654

the whiteknight arrives
we're not going to fuck you

No. 90656

Did you really just bump this thread just to call someone a whiteknight for a post he made 3 months ago? Are you trying to attract more people from 4chan?

No. 90658

Male detected

No. 90659

File: 1462607638967.png (154.64 KB, 472x4256, females actually think this is…)

Funfact: Guys get pushed around by other men all the time. Men are far more likely to get murdered than females are. Violence is king and nobody is spared.

Females have a much harder time when it comes to certain things, but they also have a significantly easier time when it comes to other things. Most of the guys talking about how females like on "easy mode" do not consider female gripes to be a big deal, since they feel like they suffer them themselves.
Females have a difficult time getting respect from men. The sad fact of the matter is that most guys will automatically assume a female is stupid or incompetent until proven otherwise. Females are rarely intimidating, and this goes a long way. A guy who asserts himself can gain respect or make others fear him. A female that asserts herself is just seen as an annoying bitch 90% of the time.
The people who often say "females live on easy mode" get no respect from anyone and they aren't intimidating in the slightest, so they don't see this as a big deal since being treated like shit by others is nothing new to them.

Females do have a much easier time when it comes to certain things though. The aforementioned assumption of incompetence is occasionally helpful in the workplace. I have seen female coworkers fuck up countless times in ways that would likely result in a male worker being fired on the spot. The females in most of these situations suffered little to nothing in the way of negative consequences. This is partially because of the mentioned assumption and also partially because a lot of guys just don't want to be too hard on the girl. This goes quadruple if the boss is an older guy and the girl is young. Extra points if she's pretty.

Charm plays a HUGE role as well. Females can get a lot just by smiling and asking nicely. Especially if they target a beta guy. They don't even have to be pretty. Just as long as their not a mutant or hamplanet this will work wonders. You might not believe me, but guys rarely get shit from other guys just for asking nicely. It simply does not work that way.

When it comes to sex females really do have it on turbo easy mode. There are few girls who are interested in a guy who isn't assertive. Same goes for guys who suck at socializing and have no friends. Obviously looks and shit play a role here, but you have to agree with me that males are expected to do 90% of the work when it comes to approaching a potential partner.
Now the rub here is that guys (often) just want to fuck while girls are (often) looking for some kind of relationship, so you don't see this as a positive because you think that a guy fucking you and then leaving is a bad thing while the "females are on easy mode" believers see the ability to get laid whenever as a dream come true. The fact of the matter is that a guy who can't score some strange probably isn't able to find a relationship, while a girl who has difficulty finding a good partner for a relationship can usually get laid without much effort.

There's plenty of other things I could mention, but I don't want to write a novel. One of the frequent complaints is the fact that women get preferential treatment when it comes to criminal and civil cases. A female who commits a crime is less likely to do time than a male who commits the same crime, and if she does she is probably going to get a much shorter sentence.

Obviously there's a bunch of shit that plays into everything I mentioned. Looks make a huge difference for both genders. Good looking people almost always do better than their ugly counterparts.

No. 90660

4chan, go home

No. 90662

Why do these 4chan morons think they know so much about women, or that we care to hear it?

No. 90664

Damn, I feel like I shouldn't be posting at all since I'm intruding from 4chan's /fit/– but holy shit. It's all the same shit. Liberals and conservatives, /pol/ and tumblr, /r9k/ and lolcow. It's like browsing Stormfront then going to black supremacy forums after; the same people masked in different skin.

It's all so similar it's actually hilarious. The same comments about the opposite party, same rationalization, same logic, ect. Probably even the same type of people responding after getting baited by [opposite party ectectect].

You're all just broken people.

No. 90671

you're here too faggot

No. 90676

Lol k

No. 90703

different 4chan moron here, people tend to form opinions without really listening (especially on 4chan).

No. 92906

File: 1463519324159.jpg (275.79 KB, 397x4080, ugly-souls_o_1141889.jpg)

Partially its because we beleive people who feel pain joy and sadness exactly as deeply as ourselves are merely actors in that show that plays in everyones heads called "my life is all that matters" in which every person can only be either a helpful side character or a villan.

The other half is just: ugly souls

No. 92907

File: 1463519429726.jpg (125.02 KB, 620x466, 1459101941181.jpg)

Exactly. We're all just broken people doing our best

No. 92914

File: 1463522498544.jpg (244.01 KB, 1296x972, 1463411604017.jpg)

No. 92919

File: 1463523489563.png (392.75 KB, 540x444, 1456891894779.png)


we just can't win

No. 92923

Why does a random woman's dating standards send them into such a suicidal rage/depression?

Like, everyone has certain traits that they find more attractive than others. This isn't revolutionary information.

No. 94836

What's wrong anon? Did the pretty cashier not smile back at you? Did a neighbor reject you? Did a girl in class move seats after you sat beside her?

No. 94845

Awww this fucking picture.

No. 94847

File: 1464546065427.gif (1.27 MB, 698x676, 1452458193055.gif)

That's not even remotely anything resembling an argument.

He brought up the fact that workplace and military standards are lowered just for you so that you can be included. This endangers men's lives for the sake of your vanity and arbitrary diversity quotas. You did not address this.

He brought up the fact that the legal system heavily favors you in that it gives you less harsh sentences than men for the same crimes, gives you alimony and custody even when you don't deserve it, treats male on female rape as a horrible sin while treating the reverse as a joke, and so on. You did not address this.

He brought up the fact that any minor achievement by a woman is heralded and praised because "GIIIIRL POWER XD" even though men who do the same receive no recognition whatsoever. You did not address this.

In fact, you didn't address a single point he made, you just decided to be a snide cunt and imply that he's lonely. Is this how you argue? Is this how you address veritable, substantiated criticism?

No. 94848

Tell me who creepshamed you, anon. This is a safe space.

No. 94849

According to robots, women always get attention from Chads. So how could I die alone if I am surrounded by chads?

No. 94852

Oh okay. Sick burn, bro.

No. 94853

I'm going to go on a limb and imply that you're lonley, too.

Might I suggest /r/Trucels or /r/ForeverUnwanted?

No. 94863

Such inequality. You can't even be a sought after prostitute in this feminist-hell.

No. 94864

LOL the okcupid study. Yep. Better apply THOSE results to the entire female population. Because it is representative of women as a whole. Yep.

No. 94865

She's actually quite pretty, I know she's an absolute bitch and has mental issues out the wazoo, but she's cute.

No. 94866


Loving the fact that whoever put this little infographic together shooped the fuck out of the woman to make her appear uglier. Men are p. sad tbqh smh senpai.

No. 94867

Maybe you should start fucking men, then?

No. 94868

File: 1464549207270.jpg (43.94 KB, 533x598, rapp-1459379236672-preview.jpg)


Oh my, look at that, I found the original photograph :^)

Men throwing their toys out of the pram as usual, kek

No. 94870

It's Alison Rapp, she's completely fucked up. Went as far as working as an escort. I feel sorry for her.

But yeah, she isn't average, she's cute.

No. 94872

How can you guys get so fucking worked up over a shitty ms paint pic? It is the most bizarre thing about robots.

>I know what will convince them

>word salad in ms paint!

No. 94873

Pewdiepie is the most popular let's player. And he is a man.

No. 94875


This is fucking beautiful. Beautiful.

You have men in this thread whining about how the capitalistic pyramid model our society operates around is intrinsically reliant upon the worship of youth and beauty and how because of this they're neglected as members of said society.
Because they lack the sufficient proof to provide an argument that sways in their favour, they proceed to play into that model by selecting an image of a woman and Photoshopping her uglier, and subsequently lowering her worth as not only an individual, but as a female, therefore further contributing to the system.

Men are so fucking dumb it hurts kek

No. 94877


That's how nature works faggot. The males flock around the female and vie for an opportunity at coupling with and impregnating her. The successful males succeed at furthering their genetic line, whilst the unsuccessful males die out, thus removing their undesirable genes from the overall pool.

If you want an opportunity at procreation make yourself more desirable you neckless slob.

No. 94879


Nature even went ahead and made it even easier on them by providing a female to male ratio of 51% to 49%, and yet these morons still fail.

No. 94880

How can you post that image unironically when trying to prove a point?

No. 94884

What is the point is this? What do you want me to do about all that?

I just don't want you to shoot up a school.

No. 94886

You're totally right, anon. She doesn't deserve to find happiness and love. I totally get it. A+ point proven.

No. 94887

Why are you arguing with them?

Even /pol/ tells MRAs to fuck off for goodness sake.

No. 94889

>a person I find undesirable is confident in their appearance
>time to hate all women

No. 94892

And thus the single male of the species continued to scream into the void, unawares that no potential females were listening.

No. 94895

File: 1464550458089.gif (370.67 KB, 500x281, 4cxdMJY.gif)

>women and affairs.png
>Female Privlege.jpg
>Easy Mode.jpg
>Deaf girl.jpg
>Female and the Betas.png
>Women rating.png
>buy a gf.jpg
>Peeking but not speaking.jpg

I can't stop laughing that there's a guy out there that has not only saved all this shit to a folder on his HD, but he's actually gone ahead and categorically labelled them for ease of access.

Men are a meme.

No. 94897


>no arguments.jpg

No. 94910

Hahaha youre hilarious

No. 94915

File: 1464554044590.jpg (17.44 KB, 684x395, 2016-05-26 14.05.40.jpg)

>tfw don't want to be a bitter hating asshole
>tfw too angry, depressed and frustrated to stop

No. 94919

Then get a therapist.

No. 94920

Lol cry moar

No. 100638


No. 104972

The grass is always greener.
A low status man can't understand unique struggles women face in the professional world etc, but he is intimately familiar with his personal struggles in the realm of dating.

Women have an advantage in the mating game compared to low tier men.
Based on genetics it's been determined that in history 80% of women reproduced compared to 40% of men.
You're more likely to fall within the acceptable range if you're a woman.
You can say that there's more to life than sex or relationships but it doesn't make easier to swallow. Like George Orwell said
>there is the degradation worked in a man who knows that he is not even considered fit for marriage. The sexual impulse, not to put it any higher, is a fundamental impulse, and starvation of it can be almost as demoralizing as physical hunger. The evil of poverty is not so much that it makes a man suffer as that it rots him physically and spiritually. And there can be no doubt that sexual starvation contributes to this rotting process. Cut off from the whole race of women, a tramp feels himself degraded to the rank of a cripple or a lunatic. No humiliation could do more damage to a man’s self-respect

No. 104973

File: 1469643486958.jpg (68.06 KB, 360x360, 139186813956.jpg)

I wonder how you did in your childhood when your clothes and dishes washed themselves and you magically fed yourself.

No. 104984

File: 1469649398270.jpg (90.73 KB, 640x626, 0a1049c9-3902-44a8-b7da-99e4b3…)

No one cares.

No. 104986

Feeling is mutual.

No. 104990

>Why do certain people on parts of the internet such as 4chan's /r9k/ think that being female is an automatic easy pass in life and all sunshine and rainbows?

because it's true

No. 104992

File: 1469652239852.png (142.96 KB, 600x600, 1424530350442.png)

>a bunch of fat NEETs with 0 life experience and mostly suicidal are the oracle of life


No. 104993

You can get a bf I can't get a gf.

No. 104994

Jokes on you, I am a married woman.

No. 104995

Please get off r9k and get a therapist.

No. 104996

That is honest to god my favorite part of robots. Their entire board prides itself on being NEETs and "TFW no gf", but I, an actual woman, is supposed to believe what they say about women and relationships????

No. 105001

Sounds like easy mode to me.

No. 105002

The ability to get married means her life is easy?

No. 105005

A robot would do anything for a companion.

No. 105006

Okay? That still doesn't mean that married-chan's life is easy, just because she got married.

No. 105007

If a major problem in your life is loneliness and inability to find a companion then being married seems easy.
Also marriage means you have a partner who can help support you financially. This is still commonly seen as the job of the man in society.

No. 105008

Your jealousy about her life still doesn't mean it is easy.

Get a therapist, develop self esteem, and maybe you will have some more perspective.

No. 105010

Then maybe you're the problem.
All the married people here have worked for their marriages, it's not like men just ran into you on the street and proposed.
Life is easier now because at some point we worked for it to be this way.

No. 105011

An unattractive man would have to put in much more work to find a partner and marry.

No. 105013

Yea, because for an unattractive woman everything is so easy. Fucking robots, thinking that ugly/fat women have it easy when they get so much hate for not looking anything like the norm. With guys there's so many fucking ugly ones who can still lay back on money or being funny or whatever.

No. 105016

Yah, no. You just need to be funny or kind and have ok personal hygiene, we have to be practically perfect. Go home, robo.

No. 105017

File: 1469661678875.jpg (37.66 KB, 426x960, altrightchatlogs.jpg)

Why do people even reply to robot posts? Just treat them like real life creeps

No. 105021

If you're ugly women won't laugh at your jokes they'll laugh at you.

No. 105025

lmao this delusion, it's men that have to be perfect.

The only thing that's expected of a woman is… I'd say not being fat, but not even that. I guess not being horribly disfigured by something contagious.

No. 105037

File: 1469670345881.jpg (10.06 KB, 285x177, 1467008643470.jpg)

I'm not even a robot in the slightest and even I agree with that lad. I've shagged and had pillow talk with plenty of women. Attractive, ugly, a juggalo, there was even one at my college who was a 6'2 freakbeast.
Most, if not all of them have talked about going through like twenty men and having a hard time finding one who has enough money so they could have children.

It's easy as shit for a woman to get any man, but getting one that's good for them is hell.
Meanwhile, men have an easy time finding a good woman but fucking lots of women isn't easy.

No. 105040

File: 1469673445650.jpg (19.83 KB, 306x306, 1444237667984.jpg)

>men have an easy time finding a good woman

No. 105044

File: 1469675990180.jpg (231.2 KB, 642x642, 1466425082943.jpg)

Try dating instead of just bringing the regular drunk pub floozies home and you'll see what I mean, my man.

As men we're almost terrifyingly efficient at hiding our true feelings. We're kind of conditioned by society to be that way, with the "man up" thing.
With women, it's easier for them to let go of their feelings. While this is actually a good thing in some ways, it makes spotting symptoms of not being a very good partner VERY easy. The women of this board have confirmed many times that it's easy for them to spill spaghetti.

>i'm not like other girls

>i gave my blowjob neighbour once…
>can i call you daddy?
>is it true what they say about (your ethnicity here) men?
>won't let go of their previous boyfriend
>temper tantrums of any kind

If you listen closely and start to get worried you can just bail on the first few dates. Unfortunately for women, they won't truly know just how terrible a man is until the very last moment.

Make the most of that power and you'll find a real needle in the haystack. I'm currently dating this girl who's a real cutie. She writes stories and fanfiction and quite likes the whole lolita fashion scene. She likes BDSM but is utterly disgusted by ageplay. Plus she's a real blast to watch 80s action movies with.(AS A MAN - not your blog)

No. 105050

Except for changing their views or anything about their lifestyle, right? Those dang sluts should all just love me for who I am, I don't need to be a good human being who people enjoy being around and doesn't create biased worldviews off MSpaint infographs.

No. 105074

I'm just like, so glad that this female-orientated board is finally being overrun by males, so that they can explain how our female lives and brains work.
It's not like the site was previously catering to male users which didn't see us as another species before, or anything. God can you imagine? Males that actually post on a drama site without having to MALE HERE and talk about cucking or women? Unimaginable.

No. 105080

File: 1469725830868.jpg (74.17 KB, 640x640, 1451857654960.jpg)

Hold your horses. Pretentious passive aggressiveness can't fix all your problems or drive the meanies away, sweetcakes.

There's more male lurkers on this site than you'd like to think and sometimes you have to help a brother out when he's become a retarded robot who reads too much /r9k/ and redpill comics and can't help but see all women as crazy money-guzzling, souless demons who won't date them because muh misandry.(AS A MAN - not your blog)

No. 105081

We don't have to do shit. Piss off.

No. 105082

Aren't you a fucking saint. Enjoy your ban.

No. 105084

But why would they even listen to us? Why would they even come to a board of feeeeemales to talk about relationships if robots believe that women dont even understand what they truly want, and that someone being married means that they have an easy life?

I am happy to offer advice to the robots that seem sincere, but that is often not the case.

No. 105085

>female advice
lmao, full mom tier

No. 105086

File: 1469728003303.jpg (60.6 KB, 960x720, 1467315027190.jpg)

>But why would they even listen to us? Why would they even come to a board of feeeeemales to talk about relationships if robots believe that women dont even understand what they truly want, and that someone being married means that they have an easy life?
Simple, they don't. Just as we've seen with >>105074 They sometimes, if not most of the time just want to vent their frustrations on what's bothering on them and prove everything they say wrong - women in this case. It gives them some sort of feeling of revenge mixed with a little bit of superiority.
>I am happy to offer advice to the robots that seem sincere, but that is often not the case
Robots aren't always completely unsalvegable, but it's going to be a losing struggle most of the time since they have a worldview that's easily shattered. They're not going to lose it without a fight.
Doesn't bother me. All I do is lurk threads and keep that visitor count going strong.

No. 105111

File: 1469746897819.jpg (11.95 KB, 300x225, 1451304567116.jpg)

Can we just lock this thread? It's run it's course and now all it does is attract robots.

No. 105112

Can't handle the truth?
Schopenhauer was right.

No. 105115

I hate this thread.

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