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No. 557246

Sometimes you see your own mistakes in a cow and can't help but sympathise. (so you can stop shitting up shayna's thread with your suggestions).
>Who do/did you want to see better themself

No. 557249

File: 1590244856773.jpg (121.06 KB, 960x1200, EUxeXobX0AArLnk.jpg)

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
Luna Slater
I can really relate to her. I was like her, romanticising terrible shit like drugs, in an abusive relationship that went unchecked when i was young (with a guy born on the same year as Lurch and roughly the same age gap), interested in hello kitty shit and poetry and self-indulgent art of sad girls smoking. If I hadn't broken up with that man, I could have been going down a very similar path. It's also very hard to give up on somebody who's so young because if people had given up on me, I would be in a terrible place
This has been done to death in her previous threads but all she has to do to start is give up the dream and break up with Lurch. She could move back home with her dad and it'd be an uphill struggle for a very long time but at least it'd be uphill instead of straight to nowhere like she is right now. however it's hard to help somebody who won't help themself. it's bizarre to be so far gone so young

No. 557272

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
she's a nice person
get an education, move out, go to therapy etc.

No. 557279

Lillee Jean
She's being abused by her mom who's clearly pulling the strings and helped feed into her delusions
Thats a tough one. She seems pretty brainwashed so it would take a lot for her to walk away from a batshit stage parent.

No. 557312

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
Erin Painter
Erin is cringy, a notorious liar and obsessed with Photoshop. This caused an entertaining thread, but the anons there were way too nitpick-y and it was obvious that they were DDLG retards as well. What started as an interesting discussion of catfishing online and cringy kinkster communities quickly turned into endless discussions about her looks and how fat she is. People kept saying they want her to stop shooping and start showing her true self, but when she did, the bitter DDLG cunts had no mercy.
Erin infamously deleted her Instagram account (once again), but this time she was serious. She keeps a low profile now and just came back once to apologize for some things and let us know that she is doing fine. I am convinced that she can have a successful, fulfilling normie life and that she will quickly find a job and perhaps even a loving relationship. Social media was just not good for her and while I miss her antics, I am glad she left.

No. 557361

I don't take drugs and yet Luna is so relatable to me. I wish I had a friend like her, except not high on heroin.

No. 557368

can you stop lumping in actual farmers with shitty twitter crossposters who cowtipped and ruined her thread?

No. 557374

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
I don't think she is inherently a bad person, she has placed far too much value on trying to please men and not be like the other girls which is where she is now. I used to be an edgy anti-feminist before i realised how retarded it is to be that way. Many men treat women like monoliths and trying to be the exception is unbelievably retarded. Any instance of a woman asserting themselves or disagreeing with popular male opinions is always going to look like evil feminists trying to take away their rights and destroy nuclear families.


Break up with preg (tbh he's the true lolcow), though away the ddlg shit and learn to have some self respect. Even better would be to delete everything and try and live her best normie life. She would be better off with a man who doesn't have a major internet presence and should raise some kids instead of wasting her youth with a retard coomer.

No. 557389

File: 1590262232389.png (112.42 KB, 500x627, mc.png)

>Who do/did you want to see better themself

Simply_Kenna / CozyKitsune / McKenna Kaelin


I feel like she improved a lot in terms of her past mistakes, even though right now she keeps saying cringeworthy things, but I feel like as if she has some sort of a passion for things she enjoys and I like her photo aesthetic (and some new vids) in general. Ever since i've been following PULL thread (cause lolcow one died), I kept building more sympathy with Kenna thanks to PULLers doing nothing but nitpicking EVERYTHING she does.


I still believe she has a chance to fully redeem herself and become a fully pleasing person, but she really needs a nice therapist that would help her to get her crap together.
Really wish she fixed her hair and went back to being less SNOW filter-y, though. She is pretty without them and a heavy makeup.

No. 557394

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
Phoebe Thickner
I know a girl irl who’s just a little overweight (not even obese) and demisexual panromantic genderspecial or whatever who reminds me a lot of Phoebe. She posts a lot of the same “genre” of stuff (body pos, vague internet activism) but is nowhere near as vile, aggressive, or in denial about irl issues. It makes me wonder if Phoebe could have been a nice person if she never let the attention she got online go to her head or got some professional help.
Well she hasn’t posted and like most anons I really miss her antics but I’m unironically hoping she’s trying to be better now. I bet getting off social media did her good.

No. 557398

Pixie locks. Because I think shes actually nice and a lot of her cow behaviour seems to relate to her being overly dramatic as opposed to being a bad person.

No. 557399

I agree with this. I don't think she even deserves a thread in the first place a lot of anons come across worse than her with their nitpicking

No. 557402

She was the first one to come to mind. Of course her addiction and mental health issues are tragic in itself, but the way her thread drags on is just sad. Sometimes I take a peek and all they have for milk are screenshots of her art and poems, which aren't the worst. There's clearly potential for improvement there and there's definitely a decent person behind the drugs, she just needs rehab or something.

I also used to watch her PULL threads and I also ended up liking her. She is clearly not good at being a public figure and she certainly has issues with being insecure and arguing in comments… but there's still some kind of niche she can fill pretty well. If only she would be willing to settle in one identity/skill, she'd be fine. Instead I feel like she needs to be 12 things at once and constantly change and the issue is that's not how people make good money on YouTube.

No. 557403

>Who do/did you want to see better themself



Honestly I'm not sure because I don't find her likeable. There's something about some farmers and their intense hatred of her that makes me want to root for her. None of her bad actions are unforgivable. She wouldn't experience this level of hatred if she wasn't dating a famous youtuber they want to fuck.


Stop posting stupid stuff on the internet for attention.

No. 557404

File: 1590264771272.png (353.95 KB, 500x358, myqueen.png)

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
She never seemed like a bad person who deserved it. I wasn't an all-out whiteknight for her back in the day but I used to get chewed out on /cgl/ threads about her because GOD FORBID I didn't completely shit on everything that she did. Like I thought her kimono shoot and some of her fashion shoots were legitimately good but some people were dead ass wanting to nitpick everything. The whole reason why she caught so much shit was because she was the short, stocky fat girl of the early 2010s. She said some shit about small tits which made her public enemy number one. Nowadays, there are cosplay famous girls who are morbidly obese, and cosplayers shit on all body types of their rivals regularly. Sarah just made the mistake of trying to be before her time, I feel bad for her.
Well, I don't know. The fact is she'd have to move out and away from her mom in order to have a chance at becoming a functioning adult but it seems like she's either too mentally ill, scared, or still immature to do so atm.
I want to root for her but she seems like a person who isn't going to get better, she's too traumatized and can't do it alone.

>Honorable Mentions

Sh0eonhead-Pregory reminds me (shamefully) of a more attractive version of my ex. I dumped his ass awhile ago, coincidentally around the time when Preg started to get real shitty towards her. While I fucking hate Sh0e, her breaking up with Preg would give me a sense of closure too. Shit men don't deserve women who worship and do for them. They deserve to die alone and pornsick. Maybe I just wanna see manbaby Preg have a crisis kek.
Dolly/Shayna-She's a gorgeous and attractive girl who's throwing her life away by being a lazy, filthy fucking whore.
Momokun/Mariah-Genuinely attractive for her size but she's got a terrible, insecure personality that's enabled by her simps.
Luna Slater-Another attractive girl throwing her life away with drugs, bad partners, and being a lazy whore.

No. 557454

Apart from the first bit under "why" I agree, but she seems happy as she is so I doubt she will change.

No. 557480

I think she's a shitty person but even despite that, Preg doesn't deserve her. She's out of his league in every way, a complete and utter desperate pickme who degrades herself to put him on a pedestal, and he STILL treats her like shit. It's like, you do all that just to get a man and it's a fucking fat manchild who openly hits on ethots and won't commit? It's depressing even as someone who dislikes her, and maybe she deserves him for being so anti woman but I still want Greg to die alone fapping to tranny porn.

No. 557490

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
Venus Angelic
She's been abused, has obvious daddy issues and was never allowed to catch a break. Even though the a-logging anons in her thread try to convince everyone that Margo was just a pawn and Venus was actually behind everything it's pretty fucking obvious that she was completely screwed over by her mom and she never had a chance. I was heartbroken when I saw that Venus had become a sex worker, I really wished she would get better. I don't browse her thread but I see it constantly bumped on /snow/ and honestly it makes me sick.
Leave the internet, make female friends in her age group, get a job, maybe move out of Japan because she seems to have no support network over there.

No. 557803

I wouldn't say I root for phoebe because she's such a dick but I get cluster b vibes from her rather than aspergers and that's probably why she acts the way she does. I think therapy, if she actually put effort into it would be really beneficial for her. She has more potential to improve her situation than a lot of other cows do, which is part of why I find her so frustrating. I think a lot of the time when people speculate about cows having bpd it's pretty baseless but I do see it with her.

agreed. Margo did so much damage to her that I'm not terribly surprised she is the way she is. I had hoped her relationship with manaki might have been stabilizing for her. It's a shitty situation.
>Leave the internet, make female friends in her age group, get a job, maybe move out of Japan because she seems to have no support network over there.
that's the best thing she could do. Switzerland isn't in the EU but she's probably entitled to Hungarian citizenship through Margo, which means she could live in any of those counties, many of which have excellent state mental health care. She doesn't have to have a relationship with her family if she doesn't want, but staying in Japan isn't going to do her any good. An anon in her thread said something about her turning into Sere if she keeps going like this and they're probably right.

No. 557809

Came to post this. She was the first “lolcow” I knew about way back on YouTube. It’s sad seeing her decline more every time I check her threads.

No. 557810

agreed anon, venus is a cow that i just feel bad for. having a mom like margo is guaranteed to fuck you up. i really hope she gets out of japan and moves somewhere where she can get some decent mental healthcare

No. 557814

To get Hungarian citizenship, even with Hungarian family members, you need to pass a Hungarian language test. It's one of the hardest languages in the world to learn and pretty patently useless for most people who don't live or work in Hungary, so I'm pretty sure she doesn't know it and won't make an effort to learn it.

No. 557872

File: 1590335418404.jpg (57.93 KB, 424x640, 9ec17e9d8a697c272384c94714a0a2…)

>Who do/did you want to see better themself



Shes just… stupid. I dont think shes ever had bad intentions, shes just really really stupid.

Shes a classic emo teen. Anorexia and cutting as a teenager. Chubby rainbow bulimia phase at early 20s. will probably go goth in a few years. she seems so damn predictable to me. im not surprised at all that she got fat, or that shes wasting all her money on useless stuff or that she still thinks shes the most special trilingual girl in the universe. dumb is as dumb does… can relate in every shitty aspect of her dumb dumb life.

she needs someone to wake her the fuck up. maybe a partner or a friend, but the thing is she only surrounds herself around yes men that follow all of her orders, and when they dont she drops them. and if she remains that way shes literally never going to change. her mother is never going to say anything nor her brother or father they have never seemed to care. so the only person who can make pixie grow up is herself. and i doubt she can. i dont know what else could wake her up. maybe if she ends up in the looney bin after some attention seeking behavior (wouldnt surprise me if this happened in the future). maybe if she ever fell in love with a guy who actually says "hey. youre being a dick/stupid as fuck".

she needs to grow up. but shes stupid. very stupid.


Oh god. First of all, lose the fucking weight. And not in ana chan way or a bulimia way because that is never going to fix anything. I am completely aware that overcoming these illness is insanely difficult, yes. but damn bitch at least try. try to do some exercise, try to eat 1200 calories and not 2400. SOMETHING. im not saying she should ana chan herself, but a healthy bmi, even if its in the higher side of things looks nice on her.

i understand she wants to keep the whole colorful Japanese barf thing going. fine. but do it in a way that makes you look nice. i think she looked really nice with pastel haircolors! or the dark blue looked super flattering on her as well. i would suggest pink hair since its really "boohoo im so kawaii" shit while it doesnt look super insane or edge lordy in my humble humble opinion. disagree if you want, but anyway i sincerely doubt shed go for a black or a brown haircolor till maybe shes 30. so pink or lilac is FINE.

jill, im so sorry to be the one to break this to you, but youre kinda ugly and thats fine. most of us are kinda ugly. you cant pull off half the shit you try to pull off. that alternative Japanese fashion and stuff, it doesnt look good on everyone. in fact it only looks good in some. like i said, its fine being kinda ugly. youre not SUPER ugly or anything. with the right amount of (NORMAL NOT WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE DOES) makeup, nice hair and a nice body… you could actually be a catch. you would be so surprised. but you decide against this every single time.
stop buying so much useless shit. i get it. shopping gives you that instant boost inside. you feel good for some seconds. but cmon. whatever allowance she gets shes spending it the very first day she gets it. its insane. she absolutely has a shopping problem. i think she needs to work this out in therapy as well.

stop the whole fantasy world shit. youre not trilingual. you didnt invent a style. youre not the biggest fan of anything. just grow up. please grow up. this shit might be fine in high school, but its enough. it looks bad.

No. 557879

that sucks. She seems decent at learning languages but I'm guessing the standard would be pretty high.
I've checked the policies of a few EU countries and Swiss citizens can move to all of the ones I've checked without a visa. She could pretty much pick up and go whenever she wanted.

No. 557916

File: 1590341716336.jpg (807.67 KB, 1079x1439, 1589320831664.jpg)

She's just pathetic. I don't know. I don't sympathise with or like her but it fascinates me how she clearly follows her own thread but won't implement any changes. It's bizarre to me how public she is but can see how everyone rags on her and continues to put up the same content that gets her humiliated online. I just don't understand how she can live like this. Her life seems so terrible and lifeless but she keeps ticking along.
She just needs to delete her online presence and learn to act like a human. Find a personality outside of male attention. She's not good looking and she needs to stop kidding herself. Sometimes in pics she looks cute but it's terrible to see people whore themself out if they can't even pull it off. I love trashy women who are unashamed whores like Courtney Love or many other sex workers who look good and get money while still working on themself. It's just really strange, it feels like she doesn't like it and it doesn't fit her. She was only ever a cute tumblr stoner chick, why the hell is she going down this weird road when she's not getting anything from it? I'd like to just stop opening this site to see her sitting in her room in amazon clothes and looking awful. The tweets she puts out condemning others for her own behaviour is such an insight to me tbh. I'd love to know how she sees that behaviour in relation to herself. It's like she's brain damaged or something. An interesting cow

No. 557922

File: 1590343552045.jpeg (538.9 KB, 1079x1051, 5443C669-F43C-473C-BE09-F0331C…)

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
Abby Brown
Idk, I’ve got a soft spot for this one, maybe it’s the nostalgia factor. She’s not completely innocent, but she does not deserve the slew of trolls, fb hate pages and harassment that she’s been plagued with. Clearly she’s mentally unstable and not getting the proper help or influence from her family, therapists or friends and certainly not from Will or the other men that use her.
Her parents are enabling as fuck and I don’t see her moving out anytime soon, but staying the fuck away from Will and focusing on loving herself and working towards an independent future would help. It would be nice to see her get hyped and inspired to do productive things instead of rapidly changing her style.

No. 557995

Shay is one of the few cows I can consistently follow without becoming actually angry over dumb internet things because all of the shit she pulls only ever hurts herself. I can’t read sh0e’s thread because she genuinely makes me mad sometimes and it’s dumb to put emotional energy into that, but all of Shay’s stupidity is just her making an ass of herself. She’s so unassuming in a way where she can put lit fireworks in her asshole and no one cares. LC is the only place to really pay her any mind, everything else is just her screaming into the void. Even other sex workers barely pay any attention to her even though she says the dumbest shit. She’s so vapid though that she doesn’t realize that this is a blessing in disguise and that she could really quit right now without having her reputation ruined on a scale like PT or Moo.

No. 557997

yeah i also think it's funny how nobody really cares what she does anymore, she can do any outlandish shit and it just kinda gets lost. i guess because she's doing it all within her room and there's no real impact and she doesn't have enough influence to cancel

No. 557998

This so much, it drives me crazy how little she would have to do to improve. She literally just has to shut the fuck up and keep her head down. I hate "sex work" but I don't even think she would need to go as far as to stop doing it–all she has to do is stop publicly handing out her humiliating content for free and take care of herself a little. Instead of sitting on her ass tweeting and chugging rosé‎ she could simply take a skillshare course on how to photoshop her nudes better. I don't get her.

No. 558005


sage for IRL whore, but Shayna is what keeps me from going back to online sex work. Seeing her humiliate herself made me take a good look at what I was doing, and I was just as cringe as her. I am constantly seeing former mutuals interacting with her on the Twitter screencaps in her thread, and positive or negative interaction it just reminds me how uncomfortably close I was to a true blue cow.

No. 558017

There were girls fatter and uglier than pt making fun of her. But they were somehow liked, idk why. I hate people and their moods.

No. 558018

Since when should one need to get a therapist to please some autists online? I thought it was because they aren’t functioning? What the hell?

No. 558046

honestly i wish i could do irl sw sometimes. most of the sex i have is just going through the motions anyway sooo

No. 558083

Luna is probably the only cow I have genuine sympathy for, I think she could be a good person under the right influencers

No. 558095

I sympathize with all the cows and personalities on here with narcissistic/abusive mothers. And there are a lot. Yumi King, Venus, Eugenia Cooney, Lillee Jean, possibly more.

I see a lot of users also venting about their parents here in /ot/.
It's hard not to be emotionally and financially dependent on others but I know everyone has the strength to be on their own.

No. 558097

thanks for the last line. it gets very tiring hearing the JUST MOVE OUT when you're young, were not raised right and need to learn life skills while under the roof of the people that caused you so much distress. there's also a housing crisis in my country so many people live with their parents at an advanced age. independence would be good for every cow, you can take longer to spread your wings but everyone can and should eventually achieve independence

No. 558168

No wonder she was a stupid kid since she was actually encouraged to put herself out there by family on myspace/tumblr and egged on to act in immature ways. Wasn't mama ostrenga getting into tumblr drama herself back in like 2012 or so? With parents who willingly take 100s of "scene queen" photos rather than stop their kids' online presence when shit gets toxic, no wonder kota and kaka acted how they did. But kota hasn't done anything really milky or meanspirited for a long time imo. Alien shoops, terrible modeling shoots and awkward styles/haircuts is her fucking herself over trying to maintain a dead career but nothing special.


No idea. She's got nothing going on in the States to come back to, she's be starting from 0. Guess her best bet would be to try and leverage her connections, experience in modeling and language skills to get some steady work in Japan out of the public eye. Fashion/art industry as an international advisor/liason for companies? Don't think it's realistic though

Abby is my choice too. She isn't an angel by any means, but beyond being spoiled and completely unaware, her actual bad behavior seems mostly episodic when her mental issues flare up. Otherwise, looking like a rainbow emo isn't a crime. Tacky sure, but not badly intentioned. I wish she dropped Will once and for all, and took on a more toned down look. She could keep some emo elements but bring it into 2020.

No. 558181

Honestly, I find her situation so fucking sad. Just want her to be able to turn it around after growing up with a narc mom like Marge. I never post in her thread but I have been keeping up for a while now and it's just been downhill for so long.

No. 558207

File: 1590391747432.jpg (226.85 KB, 1500x1498, dakotarose.jpg)

>Who do/did you want to see better themself
Dakota Rose
Dakota never seems like she's ever shown her real self to the public in any way after the 4chan drama. Charms eluded to the fact she just doesn't have real friends and is kind of a loner among everyone, even other models. I think she's honestly kind of a bitch and that's why she's so sugary with her fake side, but I'd prefer to see that. She seems really hollow these days because her modeling life, who she was in Japan, and everything she's built up to is basically over now.
I wish she'd have just done a Youtube channel and tried to make fans in the West while she was in Japan. Not shitty hair tutorials, but really talking about her life and revealing herself. I never thought about it at the time, but I would've loved to have seen her vlog her whole life and modeling in Japan. Everyone was too busy criticizing her Photoshops, when in retrospect, she was very ahead of her time with filters and editing. We really should've been asking her to document her life over there, because she's one of the only weebs that ever "made it".
I think that ship has sailed, though. It's kind of funny Taylor R is her skinwalker, because she could've been like a significantly more interesting version of Tay. I even think most of her western followers would forgive her if she'd just talk like a normal person to us and finally explain her honestly very unique life, even though nothing unique happens anymore.

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