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File: 1450403925411.jpg (77.11 KB, 440x587, a56d911egw1eyyduovn89j20xc18g4…)

No. 52264

I wasn't even tripping, I was namefagging with 2 letters.

So ChineseGossip General: Suicide and ugly bitches edition

Can someone please send a shout-out for me in the gull general to get some traffic over here. I hate posting with no replies or interaction. Makes me feel like I'm talking to a wall.

The Baby teaparty dragged a lot of internet kawaii-chans into the open. Like Kiyohari. Everyone on lorp is saying she ain't to shit without shoop.

No. 52265

File: 1450404252530.jpg (75.17 KB, 440x587, 643f9745gw1eyzhq63lngj20xc18g4…)

The rest of her face is mostly the same. Her shoop is all in the nose, making it pointy and straight. I don't get why she doesn't get a nose-job. Also put on some falsies gurl, your eyes look bald.

No. 52266

File: 1450404346489.jpg (30.49 KB, 440x293, 66a1e67fjw1eyo0g3ktmpj218g0tmq…)

Next is a popular and famous photog, she used to be just shooting cosplayers but recently started doing jfash. Has 25k fans on weibo, very famous. This is how she looks under her own lens.

No. 52267

File: 1450404387868.jpg (52.34 KB, 440x440, 66a1e67fjw1eyygo9d4slj20qo0qon…)

And like this

No. 52268

File: 1450404421665.jpg (90.05 KB, 640x640, 6bbb8138jw1eyyzurvjz7j20hs0hs0…)

This is her from the teaparty candid selfie. Dat nose. weibo is 红少爷 if you're interested in seeing.

No. 52269

don't tripfag


Nevermind, it's fine. Sorry. See >>52313.

No. 52272


Different user here but I'm surprised, tripfagging has never been specifically stated as being against the rules has it? Typically those who do end up a source of ridicule so I really don't think there's any need to step in.

No. 52274

BUT CG is bae.

Sucks you got permabanned again, you were a helpful saint by CGL's standards.

No. 52276

I haven't been to /cgl/ in ages. Totally forgot how much I missed your ruthless catty gossip.

No. 52277

File: 1450407559093.jpg (57.63 KB, 440x661, 68015bcfgw1ez3527eiflj21kw2dgn…)

Long and sharp ears's owner is the daughter of a rich businessman, so she started a lolita brand as a hobby.

Comments from Lorp

>Don't you think that the L&SE's taste is really tacky and nouveau riche?

>I'm always wondering why nobody talks shit about them, sure the owner is rich as hell but all the materials for the dresses is hideous
>For the clock dress, it was pretty popular as a design. Then she ruins it with that street-market grade chiffon and the ugly as shit cut. When the preview came out everyone gave comments but she didn't take any of the suggestions. In the end nobody bought it.
>Her sub-brand as well, people say it just looks like pirate-style farmwear. Even villagers would pick on the material and cut.
>Also about the behind the veil print. The shitty kindergarten level art by 香酥小鱼 and the rubbish-like fabric. I can't believe it's a coveted item now.
>The fairy museum is alright, but that shoddy worn-velvet material used for the upper half. And the suspiciously replica looking lace around the waist. Nobody cares?
>Also this new pirate print, that shiny street-market material is what the fuck.
>Any people are saying this is going to join the ranks of KL as being the pride of China's lolita brands. Yea sure their prices and the stupid purchasing restrictions are following in KL's footsteps. How is this tacky as hell new-rich style representative of Chinese brands?
>The lolita circle is just about circlejerking and hypes. If a brand is hyped everyone will chase after it rabidly.

My own thoughts: Little rich girl playing with daddy's money. The prints and cuts are both ugly, and their MT Curlz font logo and Engrishy name makes it sound super low and tacky. Looking at the shoddy cut, and the money-saving flat lace on the bottom with the not-enough-fabric skirt. I wouldn't pay 100rmb for it.

No. 52281

Why do you keep getting banned? From what I've seen you haven't violated any rules whatsoever. It's super fucked. If you care enough you could try to talk to the mods in IRC or something?

No. 52282

File: 1450408870246.jpg (2.55 MB, 2448x3264, 559396cagw1eyy87m63amj21w02iok…)

Some shit about the baby tea party from lorp

>The organizer is a huge fan of Li Yi Tong from SNH48 and spent 100,000rmb just to invite her as a guest. The 400 attendees all like her, but no money was spent on the location

>Last year the tea party was at the Garden Hotel, a high class old Japanese heavy hotel. This year it's in the middle of bumfuck nowhere
>They were served 1 bottle of cheap orange squash per table, no hot water, no tea
>There was no heating so everyone was freezing
>The staff were terrible
>The bathrooms were so dark nobody could put on make-up
>The buying restrictions changed at least 5 times in the afteroon. From Shanghai limited to 1 color 1 cut each, to 1 cut each, then to you had to draw lots for a chance to buy
>when going to the AP teaparty everyone was guaranteed a dress. Baby you had to draw lots, at shitty chances too
>They promised free flow drinks. We didn't even have hto water
>The venue was so crappy my heart dropped as I walked in. There were way too many people for this shitty organization.
>the organizer's attitude was so bad as well

This venue looks so bare and sad

No. 52283

File: 1450409008178.jpg (384.11 KB, 639x2621, 0062PBRtgw1eyyxtcuhwmj30hr20t4…)

Comparison from last year

>2014 Garden hotel, price 658rmb a ticket

>2015 XXX wedding hall (unlimited drinks) 658rmb a ticket
>2014 Garden hotel venue, and the food
>2015 XXX wedding hall, some random brand of cheap orange juice?
>they served these prepackaged tea cakes directly in the plastic so classy

No. 52285

File: 1450409161557.jpg (167.74 KB, 690x1076, 0062PBRtgw1eyyxtdiw42j30n7106t…)

>There was no freeflow drinks
>Just some random orange juice
>No service staff! We had to pour it ourselves
>4 types of teacakes whatever
>but there was no cutlery
>That's right, no plates, no cutlery, no nothing
>only plastic instant forks
>and we had to ask for it repeatedly
>worse than a roadside cafe
>P.S. Everyone had to eat with their hands. You've seen lolitas tearing into food like barbarians?
>And the whole time. NO HEATING
>Yes the entire time
>Everyone in their winter coats, eating with their hands
>Excuse me?
>What did you do with our ticket money?

No. 52286

I was initially banned for being catty and supposedly "VENDETTA". Ridiculous because I don't know any of the people I'm posting personally, and don't witch-hunt individuals. If the mods had any sense they would see I post more good than bad. However since cgl's become a fucking cuddle-board, no can do. Now I'm being banned for ban evasion. Which is ridic because the ban is for the trip, which I wasn't even using.

No. 52288

I don't get why they spend so much money on dresses but don't do any makeup. Honestly..

All this gossip is fantastic. Love it. And kate thinks western comms are toxic.! Ha

No. 52289

>what did you do with our ticket money?

Used it to bribe that pop star to come apparently

No. 52290

File: 1450410041308.jpg (97.48 KB, 1280x720, laugh.jpg)

plastice instant forks

No. 52292

Naming specific people is singling them out and therefore vendetta. If you were banned and found a way around that ban, that's ban evasion. You're a nasty, narcissistic bitch. Enjoy your stay at lolcow.

No. 52294

File: 1450411218011.jpg (58.08 KB, 386x350, 005N2e0hjw1ez0hviqoayj30aq09q0…)

Not going to translate the whole thing because it's quite long. Here's the link if you want to read it in chinese. It's an attendee's general account of their experience.

>The location seemed in a nice area close to a lot of hotels so I chose one to stay in

>however it's actually an abandoned hall from the old World Expo in Shanghai
>My cab thought we were lost, the area was surrounded by construction sites and machinery
>It was only a few hundred meters direct, but actually 2km from the nearest hotel
>I had to use uber to call another cab, in a full coordinate and with a trundle case
>I finally got there, signed in, and went to find a seat
>big round tables of 10, covered in dirty oil stained yellow table cloths
>2 empty plastic jugs in the middle (pic related)
>We picked two less dirty looking seats and sat down
>Baby's CEO and the models had a Q&A, and the fashion show was quite beautiful
>It was 10C in Shanghai that day with a drizzle, even in the hall with 400 people it wasn't even at 20C
>We asked for heating repeatedly but the staff did nothing
>Most of the girls had been preparing since morning, and haven't had a bite to eat or any water. Being in the chilly hall with the dizzying lights was a bit much
>Remember - the plastic drink jugs were empty this whole time
>finally, halfway through the whole event the servers came with the food
>those plastic packaged cakes
>The server had them on a tray and literally THREW handfuls onto each table as he walked by
>This was supposed to be a wedding hall, it was like he was feeding chickens
>Before we could say anything the servers quickly disappeared
>Then we got 2 unopened plastic bottles of orange juice
>The cakes didn't actually taste that bad. But when you've paid so much, and have been freezing hungry in this room for hours, who the fuck wants to eat this sweet fatty crap?
>The photos started happening, we thought they'd bring us to a larger area, but everyone got squished into a tiny space
>Thankfully the abundance petticoats prevented a trampling incident
>Finally we returned to our seats and got forms for the reservation of the special dress sets
>Nobody knew what was going on, we were told 1 color 1 cut each was fine, so we all put 1, 1, 1, for everything
>After we handed in the forms, and prepared to leave, one of the girls who fought to the front came back and told us they'd changed it to 1 item each person
>Shock all around
>There was only 1 table for the sales, and 1 photo brochure for 400 people
>At this point it was 6pm, and we literally did not give a shit
>The area was so remote a ton of girls stood outside in the wind for ages trying to get a cab
>The next day on weibo, the Baby teaparty blog announces "Only 1 item each person"

BTW Baby has since remedied and issued and apology. Every girl who went to the tea party will get a reservation allowance of 1 each per color/cut.

No. 52297

I don't actually like myself as much as you seem to think. The ban was for the ChineseGossip trip, not against me posting. I could still post with that pass without the trip. I didn't use the trip, and was banned for ban evasion (of the trip).

No. 52305

They look fine to me.

No. 52307

Looks like that event was such a cluster. I feel bad for all the poor girls who bought tickets.

On another note, glad to see you again, CG. Hope you've been well and thanks for sharing the delicious Chinese dirt with us.

No. 52310


she looks cute if not a little wide-nosed. I wonder why she didn't contour more?
Not as impressive as her pics but still cute.

God that dress is heinous though

No. 52311


No. 52313

I probably should've said "don't tripfag in /pt/" (where this thread initially was posted).

It's not exactly a rule, but I consider posting a new thread in the wrong board with a tripcode while talking about yourself "extremely irritating behavior", which is listed in the rules. I didn't mean to say tripcodes are universally banned, just that this instance was annoying.

Admittedly, I was unfamiliar with this person, so I acted too hastily. If they're actually contributing content then I'm perfectly fine with them.

You can put your trip back on. Sorry about the confusion.

No. 52319

Fuck off. Even if that's what she was doing, it's not against to rules to talk about people by name, as long as it's relevant to the fashion/the community. Moot actually specified this years ago when the crackdown started.

No. 52320

File: 1450418051408.jpg (352.71 KB, 1000x711, 006iboqTgw1ez1tqa24kdj30rs0jrn…)

A supposed mermaid print from some new brand. People on lorp are saying it's really creepy and looks like germs or intestines

No. 52321

File: 1450418232510.jpg (6.36 MB, 3104x4128, 6fcd74dcgw1ez2uf1mfs5j22e836ob…)

Lorp ragging on some bitch who thinks lolita is like cosplay. Show tits get attention. Chinese lolitas really take the whole sexualizing thing seriously. Cosplay and JK uniforms have all gone mainstream with some gross sexy internet models using it for fame, so normies all think it's porn and sex stuff now. They work really hard to make sure lolita doesn't go down the same path.

No. 52322

she looks like she has to poo

No. 52323

File: 1450418910827.jpg (18.15 KB, 660x200, u=3681343994,3471635539&fm=21&…)

So this bitch Keyki, her dad is some famous Chinese music producer. Back in 2012 or something she made the internet angry by using her dad's money to publish a record. It was a shitty auto-tuned to hell stolen version of Miku's World's No. 1 Princess. As far as everyone knew Ryo got no royalties. It was pushed on the front page of NetEase music for a while until collective downvoting and rage made it get all taken down. You can listen to it here


The other parts are her rip-offs of other famous vocaloid songs, and the first part is a Wenzhou news channel reporting on her "talent".

No. 52328

File: 1450419160629.jpg (60.31 KB, 440x781, da1a3576jw1eh4bnww57kj20hs0vln…)

Recently Keyki, again using Daddy's money, started entering the lolita circle. Many quickly forgot about her terrible music-stealing past, and started 跪舔 (kneel and licking, Chinese internet slang for sucking up to) her kawaii-ness.

Unfortunately she has never apologized for the song stealing. The album was originally set to be sold online but was retracted following the outcry regarding copyright. Many Chinese netizens took to twitter to tell the original creators, and only 1 acknowledged it with a "received". No legal action was ever taken.

No. 52329

File: 1450419266269.jpg (79.21 KB, 440x587, 40ab0e76jw1erzhs4fy9gj20qo0zk7…)

My option: She's pretty cute in the face, but I can't stand the fucking stealing and how she gets away with it just by buying expensive dresses with daddy's money. Remember, she never actually apologized.

No. 52330

Unless you live in China none of these people are relevant to you.

No. 52331

>mfw that exact dress is my dream dress

I work retail in a high end flagship store in the US and ngl even though money from the nouveau riche Chinese tourists is how I pay my bills, I still hate them.
I'm one of the Chinese speaking associates so I have to help our Chinese guests and a lot of them are unbearable. No manners, think that whining will get them anything, one girl even dared to ask me if I knew who she was (ofc not!).
Thanks for your money but please learn some manners before you come back!

No. 52332

I'm sure you're not aware of this, but Chinese Gossip only tripfags because she has useful information about the Chinese Lolitas, which are usually full of drama and sometimes milk.

Anyway, glad to see you here CG! Be careful here at lolcow, anons will use any excuse to try to slit your throat for liking something they don't like/talking about something they don't care about. (OT: I do like lolcow, and I was really happy when it opened, but it's been degrading steadily.)

Are most 'successful' C Lolitas just girls mooching off their new money parents?

I go to school in both China and America, so they're relevant to me, anger-chan.

No. 52334

I hate them too. The worst part is they're so entitled and rude and have no manners. Usually super bumpkin types and so crass. At least you're raking in cash. They make all Chinese speakers more employable internationally.

Some of them are independent working women. However as I've said before the lolita population in China is generally a lot younger than the one in the West. This is due to how accessible SS's and internet shopping is, as well as the new middle class. Within the lolita circle, most respected well-known lolitas are professionals and have some sort of community contribution. Running a lolita brand, organizing tea parties, being an SS, having a DIY taobao store, making lolita apps, etc. Beyond the lolita circle, the well known ones tend to be the gamer-gurl/cosplayer/soft-sister types. Little substance and community contribution aside from 1million selfies, and just hopped onto the lolita bandwagon.

No. 52335


This is sad.

>You've seen lolitas tearing into food like barbarians?

囧 囧 囧 !

Oh wow, cool. I guess it's not very different from the west– there's Lolitas who actually contribute to the community, and ones who are just fame-hungry slags.

No. 52339

>You're a nasty, narcissistic bitch.
>Enjoy your stay at lolcow.
She is home here

No. 52342

>dream dress


No. 52343


CG, what were the other two special sets?

No. 52344

Tea Time Nostalgia JSK and Searching for Baroque JSK. They also said they're going to rerelease a bunch of popular past prints according to weibo surveys.

Probably Elizabeth Bride of Death and Angel of Music are up there. They can go for easily 1000+ USD

No. 52345

>tea time nostalgia


Now if they re-released Marionette that would be fantastic thanks

No. 52346

>Long and sharp ears
Is this the brand name? Wtf?

No. 52347

what dress even is this?

No. 52348

Why are your parents not allowed to buy you lolita ?

No. 52352

CG please tell me they're going to re-release these outside of China. Also, any weibo links to news of this release/reservations?

No. 52353

Anon do you work for Nordstrom? I used to work at a popular location that got frequent East Asian tourists. The Chinese were AWFUL, like Chinese tourists blow my mind. I read something a while ago about how a lot of countries, including ones in Asia, hate Chinese tourists and are quite open about it. It's fascinating. It's a cultural issue that I've never heard of.

Not sure if you're trolling, but just in case anyone else is unfamiliar with China:
A lot of people in China have gone from lower-middle class to upper class in a short period of time. We're talking millionaires. Because there's so much money, more people are getting into lolita, and more people are willing to throw ridiculous amounts of cash at it. Popular dresses in China will go for like a thousand US dollars. It's creating major inflation in the market for used lolita because most people can't spend a thousand dollars on a dress, and the growing Chinese lolita market is buying up new releases like crazy.

No. 52354

File: 1450432347189.jpg (21.02 KB, 180x180, 0.jpg)

That's not the point. With China's one-child policy and the new middle class, single kids are getting more and more spoilt materially now than ever. These girls then get hundreds of thousands in brand dresses, becoming internet sensations with their extensive wardrobes. Yammn, Keyki, Lydia are all examples of such. There's nothing inherently wrong with your parents buying you brand.

The current 2 are only for the teaparty attendees. I have no idea about the future releases.

Yes. So Engrish. Pic related their MT Curlz logo

Ohhhh yea. Some places love the Chinese and have a ton of facilities catering to them (think Japanese in Hawaii) but some places treat them like scourge of the earth.

No. 52355

>only for tea party attendees

ffs baby it's like you don't want my money either??

I wonder if the japanese tea party attendees got the same courtesy?

No. 52362

That's not a guy in drag?

No. 52366

I'm no lolita but I personally find foreign dramu, especially lolita dramu, to be fascinating.

Please continue everyone, A+ thread.

No. 52372

Hey ChineseGossip, I have a question to ask you. Are there any brolitas who wear frilly dresses in China?

No. 52430

Holy hell, her nose are completely different to her shooped pics. Though it may be a similar case to kooter, she's pretty as she is but contrasting with er shooped self she instantly becomes fug. A shame really as I'm sure tumblr wouldn't appreciate such ordinary face and her pics would get 10 notes max.

Ok maybe I have questionable taste, but their designs and cuts are very different to 99% other taobao brands. And their quality doesn't seem to be violet fane tier, so I don't get the hate. I've resrved the pirate print so I'll say I absolutely love the art, and while it may look like aatp, aatp won't make these cuts in a million years. I think the brand has added variety to the lolita world.

I've heard so many krad drama and their attitude towads customers both in and outside China is pretty horrific. They have nicer designs than LESE but I am not comfortable with how they create multiple hoops for everyone to jump through just to get a damn dress.

No. 52431

Where is the gossip about suicide?? Dont let me down now

No. 52453

kek so you picked up on it. A cosplayer-turned-lolita named Days_西爱 on weibo recently committed suicide. Her whole story is a huge clusterfuck so it'll take a while to compile pictures.

Only the otokonoko sexual fetish types. I recently answered this on cgl so go through the archives and look for keywords otokonoko.

I hope you enjoy your dress. I no longer buy any main pieces from Chinese brands because KL no longer appeals to me, and the general construction quality and choice of lace/ribbons/etc. is just so low quality. Even looking at the hem in the picture, the lace is flat to save money and there isn't enough fabric in the skirt. It looks like a cheap replica.

No. 52454

File: 1450496992589.jpg (301.35 KB, 533x800, 2248_3367267_643474.jpg)

So Days西爱 (Days for short) was a famous member of the cosplay scene in Shanghai. She became renown for cosplaying bikini Miku at anime conventions. You could buy her sexy cosbooks and take photos of her undoing her bikini straps.

pic probably not her but a close approximation.

No. 52455

File: 1450497347190.jpg (47.55 KB, 563x473, 195715nrhe3h3ce6mhccee.jpg)

Soon Days met Kid, a photographer in Shanghai. At this point Kid was already divorced once, and had a girlfriend in Shenzhen. Pictured is his post from an Otaku Singles blog

>#save the elderly otaku#

>32 years old, Shanghai local, 182cm, Aquarius, likes HD movies, anime and games. No smoking no drinking, like to play soccer. My pure heart was trampled by a dog (bitch) so I'm looking for a partner on weibo.
>My best point is my eyes, and my worse is my chin. It's too long so I like to wear masks when I'm out.

No. 52456

File: 1450497673451.jpg (72.49 KB, 600x600, 6e0531b7jw1dtd0d4vg6oj.jpg)

According to internet lore, Days and Kid hit it off straight away at an anime convention. Kid was still dating his gf in Shenzhen. Thta didn't stop the two from getting a room that very night, and Days immediately got pregnant.

Days had also been married once previously (she was born in 1989, this happened about 3 years ago?) but divorced due to domestic abuse. Nevertheless Kid took immediate fancy her, and began their long and infamous internet sharing spree.

pic seems to be Days from her early days doing swimsuits at conventions

No. 52457

File: 1450498058972.jpg (528.02 KB, 510x883, QQ截图20151218110613.jpg)

Kid was a prominent member of an internet otaku forum, and immediately began to show off his sexy geeky new gf.

Days had run away from home in highschool, never gone to college.

Amongst which the hadaka apron or naked apron photos were the most famous.

No. 52458

File: 1450498139118.jpg (382.31 KB, 473x631, QQ截图20151218110634.jpg)

During this time, Kid began using his ex-wife (or Shenzhen gf's, the rumours change) credit card to buy cheap lolita dresses for Days. Days now begins to enter the lolita circle with fukubukuro salos and 50% off dresses.

No. 52459

File: 1450498176053.jpg (403.83 KB, 473x831, QQ截图20151218110655.jpg)

At this point Days is already 2 months pregnant, so without further ado they got married 3 months after they met.

No. 52461

File: 1450498316806.jpg (47.09 KB, 556x553, 195715jup2w2lk70u9npu0.jpg)

When they got married, Days wore a Baby wedding dress. It was quite a big fuss because her naked apron photos were so famous online, and they'd met through the Otaku Singles finder blog. As a lolita wedding it also got quite a lot of attention. Overall the reaction was positive from all areas.

No. 52462

File: 1450498336327.jpg (308.02 KB, 352x667, QQ截图20151218111050.jpg)

No. 52463

File: 1450498414739.jpg (444.39 KB, 343x805, QQ截图20151218111226.jpg)

They went on honeymoon to Japan, and for a while there was a popular video on AcFun (a Chinese bilibili-type website).

Sorry about the pictures for ants, it's difficult to find images from a while ago.

No. 52464

File: 1450498623509.jpg (43.41 KB, 583x438, 195145okvsv0ssosggdksk.jpg)

Their baby was born soon after, a boy. Days began to become a regular and quite popular in the lolita circle. Sidling up to some of the more famous Shanghai girls. However Kid wasn't as wealthy as he looked. They still lived in an old apartment with his parents, and he didn't have a car.

>basis for marriage in China is the newlywed couple must have a house and a car for themselves

Somehow, inexplicably to everyone, Days had successfully changed her image. From a slutty-cosplayer-highschool-dropout-homewrecker, to a married and successful example of a lolita mom.

No. 52465

File: 1450498700178.jpg (218.06 KB, 960x1280, 67a85dc5gw1ewnzqfp26kj20qo0zk0…)

On the surface her life seemed good. Days bought lolita releases

No. 52466

File: 1450498767664.jpg (353.46 KB, 1024x1365, 67a85dc5gw1ews9ysm0xbj20xc18gd…)

Went on cruises

No. 52467

File: 1450498787128.jpg (404.96 KB, 1024x1365, 67a85dc5gw1ewoxt2rg3lj20xc18ga…)

Vacationed in Japan

No. 52468

>Tea Time Nostalgia
FUUUUUCK that's my dream dress
it was rereleased in all colors?!
did Baby/AATP say if they were rereleasing to the US/Japan too?

No. 52469

>kek'ng about suicide
idc who the person is, that's disgusting

No. 52470

File: 1450499067461.jpg (66.2 KB, 582x736, 1fbe67297ff5464e8426d4843f4b97…)

However Kid's true nature couldn't be stopped. Even after the baby was born, he continued to shop around for younger options. He found another girlfriend, 17 years old, when he was 35. Days at this point began to get depression.

Kid's job didn't make them a lot of money, so poor Days still had to take underwear modelling jobs 1 year after she had her kid in order to make ends meet.

No. 52471

It's a big clusterfuck in the Chinese comms now. All weibo people are going "oh no" but lorp is all "this bitch deserved it" "she was a slut anyway" etc. etc. etc.

I don't know her, I don't know any of the people involved. I'm just relaying gossip compiled on douban, weibo, lorp etc.

Oh Kate and you think Asians are nice

No. 52472

File: 1450499400167.jpg (280.14 KB, 440x4694, 0060lm7Tgw1ez2r95i52vj30c83me4…)

There were rumours of Kid abusing Days as well. Friends would see her show up with bruises and she'd just say "oh it was a shoe". They took her to a psychiatrist who diagnosed her depression, and asked Kid to go to treatments with her. Kid, with his new 17 year old girlfriend, refused.

Pic related, the chat log a friend put up after news of Days's suicide leaked. Days says mostly "yea he abused me, once he pushed me down the stairs and the neighbours called the police"

No. 52473


Hot pocket fan club deleted my post in the newest general about your ban. People are going to have to find their own way here.

No. 52474

File: 1450499924370.jpg (309.06 KB, 1200x800, 5928a448gw1dwrucw88h9j.jpg)

urgh thanks. It's really quiet up in here.

Found an old photo of Kid and Days in the old days.

No. 52475

How did she commit suicide?

Any information about Kid's reaction to her death etc?

No. 52476

At this point Kid has completely fucked off with his 17 year old gf. So Days found a boyfriend of her own. A famous hitozuma (wife) fiddler. Had already fucked 2 other cosplayer wives.

Rumours differ. Some say she jumped, some say it was OD, some say it was gas.

No. 52477

Fuck. That's some serious nerd drama. All we have is stolen chokers and JNig whoring around.

No. 52478

Fuck Kid deleted his weibo I can't find any archived pics right now. I'll just have to type what I remember and you'll have to take my word for it until I can find pics.

So the hitozuma fiddler (let's call him Fiddle). Convinced Days to divorce Kid so they could get married. Days successfully filed for divorce, but as she had no solid source of income, her kid automatically went to Kid. The kid's being taken care of by Kid's parents (paternal grandparents), and has pretty much always been. It's quite standard in China. Probably best with these fucked up parents.

Kid posted a bunch of chat logs between Fiddler and Days. It basically shows the two sexting, and fiddler's photo, and him boasting about how many other wive's he's fucked. "oh and there was a glasses chick as well". And then he tagged Fiddler saying "Was it really worth it to kill yourself over a man like this?" He also posted Days's supposed suicide letter.

No. 52479

yeah, I'm wondering about this too.
did Kid post anything about it (like, was he the one that informed ppl it was suicide)?
or did that info come out by some other means?

No. 52480

Days's suicide letter went like this

>Thank you for blah blah blah

>All my fault, don't tell people I killed myself, I just want to disappear
>I still owe X-chan some money, and A-chan has my dresses, she knows what to do with it
>There'e some money in my bank account, it should be enough to pay X-chan back

Days's friends are saying it's not the first time she's attempted suicide, she did it a few times before to try and force Fiddler to marry her. Unfortunately this time it actually worked. There's a lot of blame around Kid, and how he posted Fiddler and Days's chat logs to try and shift the blame off himself. IMHO if he'd taken her to get her depression treated she probably wouldn't have killed herself.

The friends are also saying that the suicide letter left behind wasn't the only one. Days's had written other letters before each time she tried to kill herself, Kid just picked the most convenient one for himself to post.

No. 52481

same anon, I posted before I read above.
Holy shit, what a vindictive dick.

No. 52482

He leaked her suicide letter?

>All my fault

Me thinks there may be foul play involved here.

No. 52483

Kid hasn't shown any emotion about Days's death except for posting the chat logs. I don't know how information about Days's death came out. It first appeared on weibo 3 days ago, when a couple important lolitas started blogging "omg I can't believe Days is gone, is this real?". Lorp also blew up at the same time, the front 2 pages are all about this stuff. Days's weibo account has been cleaned up as well, nothing left except for pretty vacation photos and her last weibo. Some text philosophical shit

>Comfort is only your own. It's like a warm blanket, the warmth is just your own body warmth.


Her weibo

Kid's account is gone, I think he deleted it or temporarily changed the name to avoid the huge backlash. I'll try to find it. In the mean time I'll post some chit-chat from lorp.

No. 52484

Damn, so are Kid's parents taking care of their child now? And is that 17 year old he was fucking living with them too?
I'd imagine all that kind of info is nowhere on social media, for obvious reasons… just really wonder what the hell their family situation is like now. Whole thing is fucking messed.

No. 52485

>It's just the story of a bitch and a dog. Why is Days becoming some poor victim now just because she's dead?
>if you don't have any actual content just stfu
>I'm shocked people are getting all emotional about her when she was such a scummy bitch, like she did anything good when she was alive. We're all here for this tragic comedy so don't try and pretend to be all moralistic
>Fiddler just fucked around with wives, how is it his fault? He couldn't have known she was a mental slag. She killed herself, nothing to do with Fiddler
>You know in the west Kid and the doctor could be charged if she killed herself as a result of neglected treatment?
>Women like this with low education and little bit of looks always end up like this. She was too dumb to think of a plan B and ended up driving herself into a corner with no family and no career.
>Looking at this thread, Days has suddenly been turned into some pure saint?

No. 52487

Wow, Kid is a scumbag.

Days wasn't a saint, but I do feel badly for her.

I hope their kid's going to be alright. I understand he's being looked after by his grandparents, but who knows how old and tired they may be at this point?

You spin a good yarn, ChineseGossip. Sorry this board is so slow compared to /cgl/.

No. 52488

The title of this thread is: Let's gossip about this bastard Fiddler, he's from Tongji? How can we let someone go who forced Days to suicide?

>How did he force her to kill herself?

>He's just a wife fucker

>He said from the beginning he's just into fucking wives, she's just a whore and knew what she was getting into.

>After reading the chat logs, you can see Days's mental situation wasn't stable. Fiddler was obviously trying escape the situation. Days just used him as an excuse to get a divorce. Finally, nobody in a healthy happy marriage would be looking to cheat, Kid's just trying to shift the blame.

>If you read carefully, Days's last QQ password was related to Fiddler. She'd obviously fallen for him for real, but she couldn't get a reply. She's old, has no skills, has no money; only thing she has is shit on her on the internet. A far cry from her early days of stripping down and showing off her happiness with Kid. Having fallen this far, I'm not surprised she got depressed. I bet you with this kind of woman, if another man had stepped up to the plate, offered her some material goods like a house, and even better swept her up overseas with a green card; her depression would have disappeared. Then she'd change names change accounts, and continue to show off. In conclusion: a worn out old whore with no money, no skills, and who liked to flaunt. One less and the world is better of for it.

No. 52489

Do you have any pics of Fiddler or Kid's 17 year old girlfriend?

No. 52490

These bitches are cold blooded. And I thought Farmers were bitches. Lord.

No. 52491

Haha, I know right? We seem downright sweet compared to "she's just a whore and knew what she was getting into."

No. 52493

File: 1450505203330.jpg (161.82 KB, 960x1280, 6b1f1d0ajw1ets9ji8e15j20qo0zkt…)


Found Fiddler's weibo. Days, Kid, and Suicide are trending terms on weibo and baidu lol

No. 52494

Hey CG. It's good to see you again. I can't believe /cgl/ permabanned you, of all things. Does Chinese gossip really affect /cgl/ and the Western world? I'd argue they're probably even more distant than Japanese lolitas. The mods also could've explained to you nicely the limits of what you could and couldn't do anymore, rather than just permabanning you, of all things.

But, whatever. I say good riddance. Half-chan and /cgl/ is usually garbage. I was disappointed they never made the jump to 8ch.

So, what do you think of this brand and the girl, CG? Are these lolitas just gossiping over nothing, maybe because she's nouveau riche, like other anons said? Or is she really a daddy's girl spending her excess money on a cheaply made brand? I've never bought from them personally, but the gossip changes my view of it. It did pop up out of nowhere.

Also, what would you say is the most highly held brand? Probably Krad Lanrete? Are there any other eccentric or gossiped about brand creators?

Sorry for so many questions! You just said you like people talking back and I realized I had a lot to ask that I couldn't on /cgl/. Mods delete practically everything there.

No. 52495

Hiiii I think the mod at cgl has a hate boner for me. I made sure to avoid naming people after my first month-long ban expired, and went for a Chinese comm general keeping with the rules about community relevance. However I still got banned. People who have posted about me or posted stuff for me have also gotten their messages deleted and short term bans.

I hate LS&E because it's tacky and cheap and ugly. She gets to do a lot of stuff usual brand who depend on income for survival don't. Like have a tea party in Hong Kong, constantly sponsor and show up to events, have booths at every anime convention even if it makes no money etc. I hate Neverland Lolita even more though, they used to be Souffle Song which was scammy and stole art. Their quality is also shit.

High held Chinese brand is probably KL. Actually brands that just do staples like pettis and blouses are probably more well-liked. Pumpkin Cat, Magic Tea Party, Classical Puppets etc. KL's owner had a big falling out with their artist a few years ago which led to the brands splitting. There was also an artist who did a bunch of commissioned prints and art for Nikkiup2U who was ousted for having stolen or overly-"referenced" a lot of her art.

Chinese girls gossip over nothing all the time. Most of lorp is just people saying "look at the baidu daily coordinates thread post XXX she's so ugly lol" "why is she showing her feet ew" "that room is so dirty" "nobody wants to see your big greasy face with no make-up". It's soo much pettier than cgl's CoF threads.

I love answering questions. Thanks for posting!

No. 52496

For providing some juicy narrative with pics I'll post on /cgl/ and get banned for ya.

No. 52498

I can't wait to see the results of this. /cgl/ mods are dumb as fuck.

No. 52499

No. 52500

and it's gone. I'll post in the morning since I'm not banned yet.

No. 52502

No. 52503

There were some brolitas at a big Chinese event a while back and were on video… Marché de Lolita event in Hong Kong

No. 52504

Theres actually quite a few brolitas in the HK comm

No. 52505

I'm >>52331. I don't want to go into too much detail about where I work but Nordstrom does carry the brand that I work for. It starts with a K if you wanna try to guess.

Yeah from what I've heard, a lot of nouveau riche Chinese are originally country bumpkins who made it big.
The thing that really bugs me is that they're EVERYWHERE! I couldn't even stay a night in a really quiet part of Shinjuku without running into a tour bus full of bumpkin types who spit on the ground and yelled loudly at each other.

I've heard places like the Louvre have put up signs in Chinese and only in Chinese saying things like "don't spit" or "don't leave trash here".

I remember when L&SE came out with that goldfish yukata print, everyone on Lolita Updates simultaneously had a boner for L&SE and there was a mad rush to get the JSKs.
I've heard nothing but positive reviews of PC, MTP, and CL. I've heard like one or two girls get wonky dresses from KL but that's nbd compared to how many good dresses they turn out. Even where I work gets one or two wonky pieces among thousands of good ones.

Just wondering but what's your opinion on Infanta? I bought a blouse from them recently and it seems ok for the price but I'm not entirely sure if I'll buy from them again.

I'm a fashion student and I used to sell in Artist Alleys so I'm really curious about everything related to indie brands, drama included.

No. 52506

CG, I got banned for responding to your posts in /cgl/ for "not using English" in my replies. Glad to see you here!

This Days story is intense. Does anyone have sympathy for her, or is she just viewed as a a whore who deserved what happened to her?

Hopefully the kid ends up alright. At least they only had the one.

I'm very curious about these daily coordinates threads. Are they really as petty as you say? I thought itas didn't exist in China, lol. I guess they just do not exist at the tea parties?

No. 52507

Thanks for replying so fast and answering my questions, CG! I always had a suspicion the Western boards were the true hugbox, no matter what anyone said. /cgl/ is quite squishy and I think even lolcow is never needless in what it gossips about.

Just a small backstory before I ask my following questions: I used to use proxy and even fake IDs to play on various foreign MMORPGs in the past, and it was one of my only ways to directly deal with some cultures directly. Koreans were highly xenophobic, much more than I ever thought, especially to the Japanese. (Their games would actually sometimes demand Korean social security numbers, just to keep people out) They were also highly vocal when they figured out I was a foreigner in their space. Their first issue was if I was Japanese, then Chinese. Some considered me being a novelty when they learned I wasn't from any Asian country. Although, some hated that I was American of all things.

Japanese tended to keep to themselves and were not nearly as vocal to me being a foreigner. In fact, I was generally ignored.

I never got as much time on Chinese servers, but overall they were the most friendly and open to me being overseas. Their English was also the only one decent of them all. In all these cases, the first thought was if I was foreign, I was probably a foreign asian. Once they learned I was just from the USA, they seemed much friendlier or sometimes just more apathetic.

The whole thing really shed light to me on xenophobia and the issues some of the Asian countries have with eachother and sometimes just foreigners in general.

So, that makes me wonder generally:
>Does China hold Japanese brands incredibly highly?
>Or is there some issues involved with being so loyal to a Japanese brand?
>Is there such thing as Chinese brand loyalty only?
>Has their ever been some conflict between the Japanese lolitas and Chinese brands or lolitas you're aware of?
>Is there any issues with other Asian brands? (Korean ones like Haenuli being a good example)
>Do you think in general, the Japanese lolitas dislike Chinese lolitas more or do the Chinese dislike Japanese lolitas?
>What about some Western indie brands, like Peppermint Fox?
>Has there even been much talk of Western indie brands in general and have you heard or seen people buying from them?

No. 52508

Especially with tour groups where you can go abroad for relatively cheaply, so the bumpkin types that would never have made it out of the country otherwise (language, visa etc. issues) go overseas and embarrass the rest of us. People always think I'm Japanese or Korean, it's quite offensive how shocked they are when I tell them I'm from mainland China.

On the topic of indie brands: they tend to use really cheap side materials. It always shows in the details. Even in some brand items when the trimmings are cheap it really puts me off. They also have shoddy unflattering cuts, because they don't pay professional patterners to do it properly. I had some Infanta cutsews and shit, and I wouldn't pay 50rmb for them on a street market. It's just hard to find lolita specific designs sometimes. I started with buying indie and shit, and just totally gave up and sold all of it when I moved up to brand. I had one of the early Chess Story jsk's and it was so shitty, like a cheap bedsheet, I almost threw it out the moment I got it.

That's a BS reason. They have all those hispanic/nordic/whatever non-English generals all the time. Outwardly all the big names on weibo are very sympathetic of Days, but who knows. They might be the same ones posting on lorp. She was always the butt of jokes and people loved to rip into her. There was another woman nick-named "mrs. fllute" or 笛子太太 because she got her bf to buy her lolita and fucked around and stuck a flute in her pussy or something. She's totally disappeared now though. If I ever come across picture evidence I'll be sure to post it.

You can find the daily coordinates thread in tieba.baidu.com, search lolita, and you'll find the lolita forum. Then it's the 每日装扮贴. Most of them are horrific, just super plain, greasy hair, no make-up, taken in public toilets.

No. 52513

>Does China hold Japanese brands incredibly highly?
Yes, there's a sense of respect for the meticulous nature of Japanese people and brands. Which is why the tourists are always baku-kai or explosive buying Japanese products. From electronics to baby foods to cosmetics. Chinese people tend to have a big distrust of their own country's brands and companies, because of the shoddy laws, blatant bribery, and the old communist tradition of over/falsely reporting things. However we do like to riff on the recently growing prices, and shoddy construction. Like Baby's constant failure to match seams, running dyes, and no/half lining.
>Or is there some issues involved with being so loyal to a Japanese brand?
Yes. You can look up online about the anti-Japanese riots that happen every so often when the National sentiment is high. People go around smashing Japanese cars (owned by Chinese people) and looting Japanese stores. It's just an excuse for the poor lower classes to steal shit and hate on wealthier people in the name of patriotism. Like there was a famous story of some construction workers going to eat at a Japanese restaurant (owned and run by Chinese) during the riots, and then began causing a scene and overthrowing shit when they finished eating a huge meal. Some replica-chans even use the excuse "well we're not giving money to the Japs! We're supporting our own countrymen!"
>Is there such thing as Chinese brand loyalty only?
No, most lolitas who can afford it will buy Japanese brand. However there's no sense of shame in buying Chinese brands. They're more accessible and most people depend on them for staples like socks, pettis, blouses etc. However a lot of brands like Kidsyoyo started out making replicas, and even now there is confusion between original and copy. It doesn't help that recently there was a big scandal of stolen stock images in Chines brand prints. Fortunately the (true) lolita community is very tight knit and sensitive to these sort of issues.

>Has their ever been some conflict between the Japanese lolitas and Chinese brands or lolitas you're aware of?

No, the Chinese lolita comms have as much contact between the Japanese ones as the Western comms do. So barely to none. Apparently soft-sister brand To-Alice's (which is universally hated by lolitas in China) apparel is very popular in Japan. Starting prices of 10k yen, and popular ones going up to 50k in second hand. This perplexes the shit out of us. We also dislike how the Japanese brands discriminate against us sometimes (AP & Baby mostly)

>Is there any issues with other Asian brands? (Korean ones like Haenuli being a good example)

No, we don't know or care about Korean drama. The majority of girls don't even know about Korean brands. They don't have websites or distributors that are accessible to Chinese girls. There are a few SS's who have done promotions for the latest Haenuli releases, but the prices are the same as Japanese brand. Most girls would chose to spend their money on Japanese brands instead.
>Do you think in general, the Japanese lolitas dislike Chinese lolitas more or do the Chinese dislike Japanese lolitas?
Japanese definitely. Chinese lolitas are mostly younger and very liberal, yes war is bad and we won't forget the atrocities you committed to our country. At the same time we can appreciate the pop culture and know most people these days are peace loving and had little to do with the war personally. You can't really be into lolita without being into Japanese ACG/Otaku culture, and the hardcore 'japanese-dogs-must-all-die' people would never even watch Sailor Moon. I actually know a girl from Dalian (port city, big Japanese presence) who would be about 21 now. She literally said to me without flinching "All Japanese should die, they are all evil". I was like wtf no race is completely bad ok, she without a pause said "yes but the Japanese are"

Japanese however still have a /very/ strong xenophobic sentiment, and mostly like pretend the war never happened. There's also a lot of sellers on yahoo auctions who refuse to sell to Chinese buyers, and blatantly put "no Chinese" on their images. In Japan lolita has no prerequisite of being internationally minded.
>What about some Western indie brands, like Peppermint Fox?
Nobody knows about them, because there are no distribution or marketing channels. Nobody has paypal and very few have credit cards. If you don't have a taobao store or payable by Alipay, you're not going to have a market. Overseas Chinese lolitas may buy from them, but these would be the ones who are also integrated into international comms. Believe it or not, Chinese lolitas have private comms even in very active countries like Australia and America. Some Russian brands with crazy crafts and design skills (Kato? and that leg-strap-leather-pouch company, and that steampunk-red-riding-hood) get a lot of hype and reblogs. But nobody can actually figure out how to buy from them.
>Has there even been much talk of Western indie brands in general and have you heard or seen people buying from them?
No. Not within China at all.

No. 52514

> We also dislike how the Japanese brands discriminate against us sometimes (AP & Baby mostly)

my sides, you guys literally got the chance to reserve three dresses that are high coveted in all lolita communities.

Although I am afraid when I go there in a few months I will be told to get out (Chinese, even though I grew up in a western country) because I've heard that they're quite rude to chinese customers (in the main city stores anyway). Anyway of stopping this? Going to the store in full brand? etc?

>. Believe it or not, Chinese lolitas have private comms even in very active countries like Australia and America.

Not new information. Everyone knows about the hidden chinese comms in their country lol

Pepfox is also a otome brand, not really lolita.

No. 52516

Why do Chinese lolitas hate To-Alice?

No. 52518

My great-grandmother used to tell me that a lot of these bumpkins act that way because they were raised in a "think only about yourself and what benefits you" kind of way so they just do what they need to get done and don't think twice about their actions.

The Infanta blouse I got was ok for the price (around $40) but yeah I don't think I'd buy from them again. There was a loose thread around a button hole that could've been cleaned up during the finishing of the garment. I've seen my friends' Infanta pieces and holy fuck their Snow White dress has the ugliest lace I've ever seen. It's way too chunky for the bodice. Another one of my friends bought a coat that came damaged and Infanta blamed the damages on them instead of trying to remedy the problem.

>Baby's constant failure to match seams, running dyes, and no/half lining
I wish this was addressed more by the Western lolita community. Sometimes there's threads about this on cgl but they usually sage around 40 posts or so.
I bought a Leif dress for less than $200 and it came fully lined and all the seams were perfect, yet I have half-lined Baby dresses with seams that look like they might pop and the print on one of my AATP dresses randomly bled in storage even though my closet is always dry and cool.

>I was like wtf no race is completely bad ok, she without a pause said "yes but the Japanese are"

My dad is like this. I'm really thankful that my mom thinks this mentality is outdated and dumb. Yes, what Japan did during WW2 was terrible but blaming Japanese people who weren't even alive at the time won't solve anything.
At the same time, I always see Senbonzakura cosplays, Hetalia cosplays, and other WWII era or WWII-inspired cosplays sold on Taobao. Senbonzakura literally has a line about how Japan is a peaceful, anti-war country and Hetalia's Japan is very specifically WWII Japan, so I wonder if the shops are even aware of that?
/sage for OT sjw rant

Probably because To-Alice marks a lot of their products as "lolita" like how random eBay sellers will mark any random item as "lolita" even if it's barely even related to jfash.

No. 52522

Wearing lolita or at least jfash will help. They won't throw you out. I've heard Harajuku CC is very racist.

It's a soft sister brand that was an off-shoot of a store that specifically made knock-offs of all kinds of J-fashion (Amo, Syrup, Candy, Katie etc.). The taobao store is mysis.taobao.com It's specifically associated with young girls who can't afford the real things, and have the stupid replica mentality and hate on girls who can afford the real things. The guy who runs the store uses the money of these hundreds of poor girls to buy real items for his little sister (siscon) and then sells them inferior copies.

Some of the post 90's and 00's generations are really retarded and very chuunibyo. They blindly worship Japan and the fetishization of history. Some older fans know that being a fan of something does not mean you have to be an apologist. A lot of it is also the same as Western love of Hugo Boss and Nazi Uniforms. It's all about the aesthetic. Also Senbonzakura was meant as a song of peace I think.

No. 52540

Harajuku CC is racist because the Chinese trample through knocking over racks and ripping dresses off the hangers and tossing them on the floor.

No. 52543

How do they feel about Chocolate Rosette? I keep hoping that they push for a MTO.

And I'm still holding out that baby will re-release Tea Time Nostalgia everywhere. Just using China as some sort of test market or something

No. 52546

>pumpkin cat
>good brand

Nice to see how out of the loop you are and spreading misinformation and everyone just believes you because you're apparently the only one who know about China, kek. Why didn't you translate the thread about PC ripping off AP BABY?

No. 52549

>Some of the post 90's and 00's generations
Retarded question but do you mean Chinese people or Japanese with that line?

I almost like your country talk more than your lolita talk.

No. 52554

idk I just heard about the bitchy blonde shop manager.

It's super popular, after this the only coveted AP prints that haven't been rereleased/MTO'd was Cinema Doll.

PC是谁? 你那么懂你来说啊 你行你上不行别BB 别开个谷歌翻译来糊弄我哦

Chinese. My Japanese friends also seem pretty liberal, except for a few right-wing 2ch types. However I'm not Japanese and will never hear their honne, so who knows?

No. 52557

Puppet Circus
Chess Chocolate
Star Night Theater
Honey Cake
I think AP needs to get their priorities in order.

No. 52591

I've looked at To-Alice a lot on taobao, I liked how simplistic some of their dresses were for daily wear but it sucks about the owner. Guess I won't be buying from them.

No. 52596

>I've heard Harajuku CC is very racist.
Really? I'm Chinese-American and they treated me very nicely when I went in. Speaking Japanese might've helped but I'm very obviously not Japanese.

Pumpkin Cat is a pretty good brand for basics like blouses or bloomers. Just because you don't like PC doesn't mean that PC is automatically a shitty brand.

Honey Cake didn't do well in Japan which is why AP won't be doing a HC rerelease. They only rerelease prints that do well in Japan like Holy Lantern.

Most younger Japanese are pretty liberal and aren't as xenophobic as older generations but the xenophobia is still there. Many Japanese lolitas hate Rinrindoll because she's a Chinese-American modeling for their precious Japanese burandos.

No. 52600

>Rinrindoll because she's a Chinese-American
Do they hate on other foreign models too? Like Dakota Rose?

No. 52607

The store manager has long dark hair

Everybody seems to love RinRin

No. 52618

GirlsChan used to mostly be split on their opinion of Kota but now it's changed to them flat out hating her.
I honestly think Kota is losing her charm and Japanese people don't care about her anymore.

>Everyone seems to love RinRin
In the Western comm, yes, but there are people who still hate RinRin like whoever started a thread for her in /pt/ (Rosaire?).
The reason for people who hate her is the same though: mostly because they're jealous that she's a kawaii burando model and they aren't. Girls on /cgl/ tend to nitpick her facial features ("wow she looks so ugly!" "Her nose is so long" "her forehead is huge" etc.) whereas Japanese lolitas on GirlsChan focus more on the fact that she's neither ethnically Japanese, nor a permanent Japanese citizen (or so the GC threads claim).

No. 52634

Is Rosaire still around? Like, active in any comms or still into lolita? Why the fuck would that cow have against RinRin?

No. 53562

Last I heard early this year she was on the West coast US and homeless. But who the fuck knows, she is completely insane and a pathological liar so

No. 53563

Oh man 红少爷. I heard from some girls that she's a terrible bitch. She cheated on her girlfriend with some rich guy, and they had a very messy break up.
But after the break up, she continued using her ex's place for photoshoots and as a studio, which they built together while dating. She treats her ex like shit but all is forgiven because she's a famous photog.

No. 53704

so juicy gossip my babe

No. 53705

yay I have never caught one of your threads before, I always wanna hear the gossip..

No. 53724

I know this is a Chinese gossip thread but do you have some dirt on Japan comms as well?

No. 53782

There really aren't Japanese comms

No. 53784

Maybe they might be referring to cliques? Like the group of people David/devoncuppycakes hangs with. I could be wrong, but I think he had a falling out with Rosaire a while back around the time AP's Cosmic series was released. Which was mino af.

No. 53834

>Naming specific people is singling them out and therefore vendetta.
I don't think you know what Vendetta means, because that is not what it means. Also, hi janitor chan.

No. 53835

Maaaan, I wish this were true with Western lolitas. Tried of people dragging their fetish into Lolita and all the slut shaming autism.

No. 53837

Chinese men are such scum, poor girl

No. 53838

Thanks babe, I know some chinese girls so I know some shit. I won't out them though, we're not close but I eavesdrop when they gossip.

They're either scum or beta as fuck. There are some good ones, but honestly the odds are pretty shitty.

No. 53844

So glad to see you CG !

on a semi - related note, maybe some of us should make a btb secret about this thread ? Hopefully drive more traffic towards here.

I want to but I'm not sure how to go about it without fully dropping CGs name.

No. 53845

File: 1450787293178.jpg (18.83 KB, 200x200, TB2XKTObXXXXXbRXpXXXXXXXXXX_!!…)

youve probably explained this before but what the hell is with GLUC and what is its purpose?

No. 53846


Yeah sorry anon but I'm a westerner and even I know Honey Cake wasn't popular in asia. Even though I personally would love it re-printed, I wouldn't hold my breath over it.

Also I dont think chess chocolate is that rare either? Honestly it goes for reasonable prices all the time second hand.

I really don't think many other older prints will get re-releases except maybe Cinema Doll. After that I think it will just be re-releases/MTO of current releases at the time that chinese lolitas demand AP to make more of.

No. 53853

I'd really rather not have more /cgl/ Lolitas on lolcow, tbh. This place is bad enough as it is.

No offense, farmers.

No. 53855

I was going off of the resale value. I paid a good amount for my Honey Cake JSK. Given how AP supposedly feels about scalping. That being said still no plans to remake Gloria or Puppet Circus I see.

No. 53882

Is there something like a chinese version of lolibrary?

No. 53903

That's such a good idea!

No. 53917

Not exactly lolita related but Chinese,

How is it that the Chinese suddenly got all this new money? I'm assuming its because they are a huge manufacturing country and with the worlds recent love of consumerism, thats why?

Would love to hear what you think

No. 53920


Most of the brands don't sit around and monitor secondhand sales. There's no real reason to. So as far as AP knows, Honey Cake did pretty badly when it was released, so they don't think it's in demand.

Additionally, in order to turn a profit on a $200-300 dress, what you need is not a handful of girls throwing money at one dress. What you need is a lot of girls, hundreds, who want to buy the dress, brand new, direct from their shop. And I'm not really seeing the latter for Honey Cake. At least not the way a lot of lolitas wanted Holy Lantern.

No. 53922


Different anon but I do think it would sell out, but I think its popularity would be among English speaking lolitas like North America, Europe, etc. But since brands dont care at all about international girls that arent chinese, I doubt they'd ever release it. Also I dont think it would be as popular to get a MTO, but a regular re-release would be alright. But again I doubt they ever would since they see it as a failure of a dress release.

No. 53956

I don't know how it works with personal wealth but from a bigger picture perspective I think it has something to do with the fall of communism and their shift into a capitalist economy. The same thing happened in Russia in the 90's.

No. 53972

Better than dumb makeup obsessed girls or the PULL type

No. 53977

/cgl/ was the original drama-haven for 4chan. lolitas are the salty, frilly bitches who started it all.

the legendary amount of sand within our vaginas could create deserts that would rival the Sahara.

how dare you disrespect your ancestors.

No. 53978

Ah, I've missed you, CG. I'll be moving to Taiwan within the next two years and I love reading all of this stuff, except Taiwan is probably relatively quiet compared to the mainland.

No. 53993

It reminds me a lot of the Roaring 20s in the United States and how much excess there was in a thriving economy centered around New York. A great book to read about it is The Great Gatsby.

No. 54011

Funny that you said beta as fuck. Noticed that about my male co-worker that's from China. Always refer to him as beta male to my friend.

No. 54013

Taiwan is disgusting as fuck enjoy your rape

No. 54015

Sounds like a salty main lander

No. 54144


No. 54145

What's 2 and 3?

No. 54148

Hey mainlanders, how's that government survelience going? Have the officials been over to check your water meter yet?

No. 54151

Take this argument somewhere else and please do not clog this thread up with your pointless arguing. CG's been gone for a long time and there are people who want to read her posts, not this useless shit.

No. 54153

File: 1450917894324.jpg (32.29 KB, 233x280, image.jpg)

No. 54171

I'm a westerner, try again nasty ass Tai whore.

No. 54199

Quality thread, thank you!

No. 54214

CG, thank you for this thread. It's not even relevant to my Lolita community and I'm still glued to the screen. I was wondering, do you even talk about Western drama on Chinese sites?

No. 54294

CG! So glad to see you've moved here from 8chan! Sorry 4chan has become too much of a hug box but really glad you've got the farm as an outlet now. I'm a western lolita but love reading your content. Thanks for this thread.

No. 54321

I'm a Westerner too, so try again.

No. 54341

File: 1451032132102.jpg (78.68 KB, 300x335, Internet_dog.jpg)

No. 54373

Please tell me that they are campaigning for a Chocolate Rosette MTO

No. 54410

I'd love that. Also why can't you drop my name? It's not like it's real. "come by b on lolcow for chinese gossip"

No, Chinese girls also use lolibrary. On a related note, why don't they let you directly save pictures? The main reason anybody uses it is to get stock photos for auctions or sales posts. I'm so tired of screencapping.

The government opened up 'new economic zones' in Shanghai and Shenzhen as part of a new economic plan. Basically controlled pockets of capitalism. It's gotten a little out of hand now, and the entire country is basically one big new economic zone. Nationalized education and the internet has pulled a lot of people out of immediate poverty like farming, and into trade and office jobs.

I loved cgl in the pt days. Bitchy free-for-all. Now it's like tumblr with saltier mods.

Yea this. The stock market's just taken a huge crash because the government's been inflating it so much. The housing market's not far off too. China is heading into a financial catastrophe. The government's trying to do a controlled deflation, but I have no idea if it's going to work or not.

Super beta. Beta and much more self-entitled than white males. I'll elaborate on the classism and sexism that makes the majority of Chinese men pigs if you'd like. Horrific stuff.

Yea they started letter writing as soon as the release was announced. It doesn't seem to be as hype as Celestial, and lots of girls are complaining about the lack of green colorway and the quality.

There's some shit going down in the cosplay community right now. Will compile and post later.

No. 54423

>I'll elaborate on the classism and sexism that makes the majority of Chinese men pigs if you'd like. Horrific stuff.
I'm interested in hearing this

No. 54436

Love reading you, CG! Hope you can go back to /cgl/ (and with that, it being less tumblr more salt and sand)

I'm curious about the other japanese brands popularity in China. You always talk about AP/Baby, but what about Innocent World, for example? Do chinese lolita/SS cares about that?

No. 54491

me too

No. 54582

i want to apologize for fucking up /cgl/ a few years ago

cgl was like 90% drama and 10% content back in like 2012 and a lot of "off-topic" threads pertaining to non-lolita j-fashion, make-up, hair etc were constantly deleted, so i took it upon myself to literally IM moot on aim about it. i suggested there may be relatively less dramu and shit-posting on the board if the allowable content on /cgl/ was expanded to include all j-fashion subcultures and not just exclusively lolita and cosplay. moot said if i created a thread about it he'd sticky it and see what the public opinion was, so i did and it was mostly positive and in favor of the expansion. however a consequence of that transition meant implementing janitors that literally pretty much deleted anything drama/entertainment as it was now "targeting." i IM'd moot asking if we could at least have one thread specifically for drama he said no lol. so yeah i have felt directly responsible for making /cgl/ a way less fun place; moot honestly gave no shits about /cgl/ until i directly brought to his attention there was some semblance of a problem at the time. i've resigned to posting on here now as i'm sure many others from /cgl/ have done as well lol. anyway idk if anyone will believe me but for years i've felt like i literally fucked up /cgl/ and whoops im sorry

No. 54583

wow i've been drinking and i didn't even realize this thread wasn't about /cgl/ LOL whatever

No. 54598


I find the lolibrary thing really annoying too. Instead of screen capping, what I do is drag the thumbnail into a new tab and then save the picture.

>open image url basically

No. 54599

File: 1451279905831.png (71.99 KB, 600x600, china.png)

Sorry CG, I was so busy with the holidays I forgot to send my secret in. I'll be submitting in this week though!

No. 54611

Great. Now there will be a fresh wave of moral chain newfags in lolcow. Can't wait.

To Chinese Gossip: this may sound like a stupid question, but what are the characters for "Lolita" or "Lolita fashion in Chinese? How is "sweet Lolita" or "Classic Lolita" written, if you have the 汉字 for that. Or any other search terms related to Lolita and j-fashion in general.

Additionally, are there any magazines geared toward Lolita in China? Girlism is one, correct? Thank you.

No. 54612


What an interesting story.

No. 54613

You, it's all your fault.

LO娘=Lolita 甜LO= sweet lolita 哥特LO=gothic lolita CLA=classic

No. 54614

lolcow(')s babe thanx

No. 54615

Thank you so much!

Also, is there any more of that delicious cosplay dramu you mentioned earlier?

(p.s. 圣诞快乐!)

No. 54643

File: 1451323670017.jpg (49.37 KB, 412x550, image.jpg)

To Alice has recently become popular thanks to Qun.To who sell fairy kei clothing. They're a typical taobao reseller store but due to the famous names within the community supporting the brand (もこ,せななん) they've become more well known. It isn't worn by lolitas though, only only fairy kei and other Harajuku fashion styles.
Maybe that clears it up a little.

No. 54644

Also, mysis is related to To Alice? I know they sell replicas, but To Alice is tomybear on Taobao, not mysis. It also looks like mysis has closed down after a huge clearance sale.
Sage for double post.

No. 54687

>There's some shit going down in the cosplay community right now. Will compile and post later.

Please post. I'm bored and I have nothing better to do than to read about drama.

No. 55866

CG you're awesome!! I came here just to see what was up with you guys

Honestly fuck half chan /cgl/ people shitpost there all the time and nothing happens, you post good shit and the retard mods ban you

No. 55867

I got permabanned from cgl for "doxing" because I self-posted in the (drum roll please!) self-post thread.
The /cgl/ janitors are shit. They won't delete obvious thirst threads if the title is "sexy cosplay girls" because having cosplay in the title makes the thread 100% relevant to cgl.

No. 55874


I made a small post telling: "CG is in lowcow" on lolita general thread and mods just deleted it in minutes.

Cgl is becoming full tumblr tier.

No. 55912

/cgl/ literally has a full blown Tumblr thread right now and it's not getting deleted because ~it's cosplay related~

No. 56056

Help argue in that thread with me. I want it derailed so badly it's deleted. There's literally no reason for it to exist and other threads cover all topics in it.

No. 56149

File: 1451932134300.png (298.82 KB, 479x410, pumpkincat.png)

I saw this in lolita updates. Do you know the real reason why Pumpkin Cat is taking a random haitus? Is there any talk about the brand in general or shop owner?

No. 56830

I bet all the mods are cosplayers, that would explain a lot. Every time I go to one of their threads, they constantly misuse words like vendetta and have petty bickering that contributes nothing. I've been seeing this shit in the lolita threads, too lately

No. 56831

I'm pretty convinced that the janitors on /cgl/ are all cosplayers and/or thirsty neckbeards.
That's why random lolita threads get deleted in an instant whereas it takes forever for thirst threads and self-posts outside of the self-post thread to get taken down.

No. 56969

Soooo is CG only going to post once a month or what?

No. 56973

CG is probably too busy selling her stocks rn. Markets are going down mad crazy in China.

No. 57016

So will all these new money chinese lolitas lose everything then? How bad is the market going down in China?

No. 57020

well, it's the second crash in less than a year

No. 57073

China just implemented a system where if the stocks fall too rapidly, the government will shut the stock market down to give investors to think and then resume trading the next day.
Don't get your hopes up too high.

No. 57202

They're actually turning that system off tomorrow.

No. 58241

Is it bad I want them to lose money?

No. 58248

Nope. I want the unreasonable and rude nouveau rich Chinese to lose a ton of money so that they'll finally get their heads out of their asses.
A lot of them tend to act like the world should revolve around them since they have money now and losing a lot of that money will give them a nice dose of reality.

No. 58869

Underrated post

No. 58870

About bloody time.

No. 91569

>CG posts on /cgl/ about AP Shanghai Tea Party
>thread get deleted, CG banned

Way to go. Wonder if she'll come over and post again.

No. 91581

Selling your stocks in a bearish market
Gurl no

No. 91586

Shit dude, forreal? I was reading that thread before it got deleted, it was awesome, and there was no "singling out" being done.

I'm fucking tired of the cgl mods. They're all pieces of shit.

No. 91588

You guys did it wrong, it's better if you go into a relevant but fast moving thread and make a post there whilst quoting as many relevant other comments as possible
Throws the janitors off because it looks like an ordinary post, gets the attention of those people that were also talking about something similar, and sounds less like an eleven year old posting epic tollol mayays

No. 91594


so retarded. Why do the janitors hate her this damn much.

No. 91595

I applied to be a cgl mod and I really hope I get accepted. I want to see the shit that goes down and hopefully represent the lolita side more
>and be unbiased unlike the current mods

No. 91600

Nah they're only given to friends of current janitors. That's why the past few we've had have all been trips/friends of trips.

No. 91601

ChineseGossip is an archetypal irritating rainie.

No. 91602

>cheating on his wife with teenagers and prostitutes

Typical Chinese man.

>"She deserved it!"
>"She's a slut!"

Typical Chinese women.

Honestly, you fucks deserve one another.

No. 91603

That tripfag God is def friends with the janitors and mods. Same with Anon's Sister. They can post as much racist bait as they want and not get banned.

No. 91624

Keeek this is so true

No. 91645


Fucking animals and yet people like to sugarcoat asians into being all innocent, quiet and polite.

lol no

No. 91648

Yeah the current main janitor is good friends with God/the Cali trip group. I have some suspicions on who it is because of what they let slide and what gets banned quick.

No. 91649

CG seems ok.

I've also met Asian girls who are specifically with white guys because they don't like the misogyny in Asian cultures.

You'd be surprised how many self-hating women there are in Asian cultures though. One Chinese girl was telling me that there's some well known psychologist or marriage counsellor or something who advises married women whose husbands cheat on them to "strongly reflect on what they may be doing that makes their husbands dislike them".

>sugarcoat asians into being all innocent, quiet and polite.

I get that. The appeal of Asian guys to a lot of weebs comes from the idea that because they're less obviously macho and aggressive, they must be a lot kinder and more sensitive. The reality is that underneath they're a shit-ton more sexist than even the most obnoxious fratboy.

No. 91707

You can talk about it in the cgl thread here, just not on actual cgl. Idk any of the trips irl so I have no idea who it is.

This. Not to mention that they're just as capable of being discriminatory, slimy, back-stabbing pieces of shit as other races. People LOVE to pretend that all Asians are meek, law-abiding do-gooders when many, if not most, are nothing like that.

No. 91842

File: 1463092628713.jpg (86.59 KB, 699x576, ss (2016-05-12 at 03.32.58).jp…)

Saw this article and lol is this a thing in China? Instead of booby twitch streamers, banana eating streamers

No. 91932

Please don't submit this, the kinds to attention it will receive from btb will be that of little whiney babies.
I'm pretty sure the quality of cgl lolitas lowering correlated with how much cgl was mentioned in sectets and explained in the comments

No. 91935

It's too late now because that post was made 4 months ago

No. 91954

China often says they ban x but don't actually care enough to enforce it. Besides, Chinese people will find a way around it.

No. 91964

I'm an idiot and thanks for pointing it out anon, saged

No. 92033

File: 1463151963070.jpg (40.95 KB, 600x304, 119626134_13940154654051n.jpg)

>don't actually care enough to enforce it

No. 92064

They don't need to enforce it. Every major company either kowtows to them or, if they're an SOE, has party reps embedded inside to ensure compliance.

No. 92125

CG, could you tell us more about the most popular dresses in China please? Curious to see what might get rereleased in the future.

No. 92141

They do enforce it though. There have been news stories of women getting arrested for publishing BL fanfiction to the internet

No. 92387

Is CG still posting? If so, what site?

No. 92459

It was /cgl/ before the Mod permabanned her frilly Chinese ass again.

No. 92465

/cgl/ is a fucking mess. I got some warning for calling someone retarded in a post. it wasn't even as if I only said "you're retarded" or something I just happened to use the word.

No. 92470

Cgl has really gone to shit. It's so depressing that it's become a cosplay hugbox.

No. 92474

It's basically PC. All these trigger warnings will send you to bantown.

No. 92569

Agreed. Anything slightly interesting = bantown there

No. 92578

No. 99246

Bump for CG and spoonys samefagging

No. 99546

File: 1467005586403.jpg (32.69 KB, 550x822, CkcNSzwVEAU9Vgq.jpg)

CG, what are Chinese (and I guess other Asian) men like? I get that all men are sexist, but can you give me more perspective on how they differ from white men specifically? Also, does it change if the Asian men in question are living in the West?


No. 99549

Not CG but I am Asian. Asian men (especially those who live in Asia) expect perfection and nothing less from women. You must be beautiful, sexy yet cute, able to entertain them, amazing at housework, great with kids, etc.

Asian men in the west depend on how long they've been living in the west and how they were raised.
1st generation (just moved to a western country) tends to still be like Asian men in Asia.
2nd generation is a mixed bag. Some will be more lenient about how waifu you are, but some will follow in their parents' footsteps and expect a perfect wife.
Anything after 3rd generation tends to be completely westernized.

No. 99550

File: 1467009933882.jpg (53.17 KB, 670x440, men.jpg)

Not CG, I feel like you're already making the assumption that all white guys have identical personalities and all asian guys have a different and also shared personality. You have to remember all people are individuals. There are white jerks and white role models, same with asians or any other ethnic group for that matter.

I'm sorry I am not able to provide you a nice little stereotype to take home like >>99549 here. I don't recall any of my friends being insufferable cunts (I run in fob and banana circles), but maybe that's because I'm pretty asocial.

t. chink guy

No. 99558

Confucian culture is historically and contemporarily more sexist than western culture though. I mean some of that neo Confucian shit actually makes the position of women in middle ages Europe look progressive.

No. 99706

I wonder if CG is going to chime in on the AP boycott the Chinese lolitas are attempting.

Summon CG.

No. 99711

Dear CG, you saved my marriage.

I'm a serious drama addict and If I can't get my daily dose of saltyness, I start making drama. My husband is very grateful because when I read chinese gossips, I can't stalk his phone.

No. 99735

Isn't it different if they're your friends? You can be a nice guy to your male friends and turn around and expect xyz from your wife. Not to say that you aren't right, in that it will invariably differ on a case by case basis.

No. 100205

Goddamnit, CG. You damn bitch. Why do you even go back to half-chan if all they do is ban you?

salty af bc i just want to read some CG anywhere but the shitstain that /cgl/ turned into

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