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No. 514823

Happy Valentine's Day ladies!

>Are you doing anything special?

>What do you think of the holiday?
>What are your favourite pet names to be called?

An anon in the vent thread mentioned that it was her birthday on Valentine's Day, but since her birthday lands on a holiday, no one really remembers it until after Valentine's, so a big happy birthday to that anon! I didn't forget.

No. 514830

File: 1581700760200.png (1.15 MB, 2080x1300, 905514.png)

Happy birthday to that anon!!!!! Also this thread is very cute. You're very sweet anon!

Not doing anything special today (tfw no cutie gf ;_;) but I'll be taking advantage of it being a special holiday and buying myself a slice of cake anyway to enjoy lol. I'm meh about the holiday, but I guess I just say that because I'm always single for it. Better than being horribly depressed about it I guess. One day I want to go out and celebrate it with a nice fancy dinner, just once. Any time after that I'd love to just stay in and cozy up together.

I'm weak for any pet names… a cute manager at my old job will sometimes text me and call me 'lil bb' and it makes me so soft… My friends and I will call each other babe, baby, babby, beb, bep, etc and I love all of it lol. One specific friend used to call me sweet/sweetie potato and I'd call her my cutie yam. I always want to call my gf's cute shit like honey too (and my favorite condiment is honey mustard so I always say its short for that). My favorite is calling/being called 'my love'. God it's so fucking cute. I started calling out to my dog like that, like "come here my love~" because I have no one else to say it to lol.

No. 514842

File: 1581703488147.jpeg (908.79 KB, 1242x1233, 01DDBE13-3835-4033-B2F0-03AF4D…)

Happy Galentines, anons!

I had a delicious breakfast date with a good friend today. I might have some gfs over to drink wine and smoke a lot of weed later. Single as fuck and probably forever because the place I live is a dumpster fire and I can’t meet anyone worth a shit. Every girl I have a crush on has a bf or likes men. Every guy I meet is a piece of shit even when they pretend not to be. I’m bitter and it sucks but I have good platonic and non romantic relationships with coworkers and a good support system of friends so it’s ok. I also am loving myself more and more as time goes on, and I hope the rest of you can love yourselves as well. I know a lot of us have had hard lives, but we can really get thru it I KNOW WE CAN

Sorry to be sappy lmao

Plz anons have a good day and I want to hug all of your faceless faces. And share candy with you.

No. 514850

Thanks for the cute thread OP!
>Are you doing anything special?
Went to work and ate pizza with my youngest brother. I think I might have a bath and play vidya later.
>What do you think of the holiday?
I don't mind it. I think I would love it if I had somebody to celebrate it with! I like seeing people getting spoiled and gestures of love.
>What are your favourite pet names to be called?
I like princess! And baby. I promise I'm not a DDLGer, but I'm kind of a beast so it makes me feel cute for once. Like calling a British bulldog "princess" haha

No. 514897

me and my girlfriend had decided that today she would do something special for me, and tomorrow is my day for her. both are surprises

i was expressing some concerns over tonight that aren't relevant, but she ended up telling me what we were doing. it was the same thing i chose to do for her tomorrow! i think that's very cute and we're definitely gonna be one of those couples that propose at the same time

anyways, tomorrow is the day we're doing that thing (botanical gardens) and tonight we're going to a gaga themed event w drag and more

No. 514940

I’m single and lonely so today I’m gonna go to the mall and possibly eat at the Cheesecake Factory after buying my mom her lotion and body wash from bath & body works

…maybe I’ll have a glass of wine if I do decide to go to the Cheesecake Factory

No. 514942

Live your best life anon! It’s not cheesecake, but I personally loooove CF’s lemoncello cream torte cake.

No. 514949

I ate brekkie tacos today lol it was pretty good.
Made tortillas fresh, tabasco sauce,peppers,egg with green leafs mix in, eggs a little bacon and raw onion on top. It was most enjoyable. I forgot it was valentine day.

No. 514950

File: 1581732170170.jpg (21.06 KB, 400x400, 2140c128c5e40e847e902e7c46d68f…)

Happy san valentin's day anon!

>Are you doing anything special?

i did! i when out with a freind of mine it was fun, we talk a lot!

>What do you think of the holiday?

i think is a cute holidays as anyother it can be use for extra cute dates or gifs i really like it

>What are your favourite pet names to be called?

Honey, tbh i thing is so cute and it come out so natural.

Hope all the ladys had a very nice day and happy san valitne!

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