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File: 1581083683448.jpeg (725.96 KB, 3024x4032, rg8y4sppxxc31.jpeg)

No. 512431

>feel sick
>drink a liter of water
>feel better

>feel depressed and listless

>drink a liter of water
>feel better

>angry and irritable, snapping at everyone and everything that pisses me off

>drink a liter of water
>no longer angry

>random aches and pains in body

>drink a liter of water
>they disappear

It seems like a lot of "health problems" that normies have is really just caused by dehydration. They feel like shit then drink a coffee, tea, or Coke and get even more dehydrated so it gets worse.

Drink your water ladies

No. 512435

I wish it was easier to drink water outside of home. There's barely any drinking water taps in my college and I don't want to carry around a big drink all day. Drinking really does help though ur right.

No. 512438


No. 512440

Ugh I try all the damn time to get my friends to drink water. One of them "doesn't like the taste" and the other just prefers not to. I drink it at every opportunity. For one, it's cheaper when you go out to eat since it's, you know, FREE. There's nothing that tastes better than a fresh glass when you're thirsty or dehydrated or it's hot out. The friend that doesn't like it is constantly complaining about migraines and not feeling good and how much weight she's gained and I'm just baffled. Like, drink some fucking water! Damn!

Whenever I travel or fly I take an empty tumbler with me and fill it up in a bathroom or water fountain. Maybe the initial empty bottle would work since you're not having to travel to campus with a heavy water bottle and you drink at your own pace?

No. 512641

Should I drink water and post the results?

No. 512645

yes. i hate water too much to drink it as religiously as op is suggesting and i hate having to go downstairs to get water. let us know if it's worth it

No. 512652

File: 1581107870996.png (527.61 KB, 537x540, ccvbn.png)

i drink the water. i drink it from bottle from sink from tap from hose from sky all of it water water. it keep me water. no more tea no more alcohol no more soda you get a water

No. 512658

I can only drink water if it's ice cold or otherwise from a bottle.
There's nothing that makes me rage more than tepid tapwater.

I didn't start drinking water frequently until I was an adult. Growing up tapwater would taste off or it smelled, grew up around well water. It would smell like shit and rotten eggs.

No. 512662

Getting one of those reusable plastic cups with the straws was the best thing for my water drinking habits lol. I realized I just like to drink out of straws more, so I'm more likely to regularly drink water if I have my water cup, plus if I have to drink tap water and its funky taste I can just put the straw farther in my mouth so I don't have it running over as much of my tongue lol.

No. 512666

File: 1581108714574.jpg (14.89 KB, 300x300, dri7u.jpg)

yes more water water drnk the water. never too late to have more water we all get water.

No. 512673

The sole reason that I am now drinking more water then before is because I bought a vacuum insulated bottle that can keeps my water icey cold like I prefer, for 24 hours.

Love your water images

No. 512680

File: 1581110171506.jpg (51.19 KB, 600x600, 55_0.jpg)

Which one? Please recommend.
I keep reusing/refilling plastic bottles that are small but thick and can hold 1l but it gets lukewarm fast.

Also agree with the other anons, tapwater is disgusting and I only ever drank it when I was forced to.

No. 512681

File: 1581110607543.jpg (202.54 KB, 1300x1388, fdvbgtrf.jpg)

the tap water never judge only need frozen water to bring it better more water. no judge only more water water.more bottle more water. but less plastic more water

No. 512686

Carbonated water is just as hydrating, right? I like drinking water but when I crave something else sometimes I'll drink some like Perrier or something.

No. 512710

Most drinks are as hydrating as plain water, and some are even more hydrating (like milk or electrolites solution). Plain water has bad retention. People are drinking liters upon liters on empty stomach and pissing everything out lol.

No. 512711

I love a nice icy glass of the old H2O. I've cut down on my soda/sugar intake significally by keeping a selection of zero calorie cordials around.

No. 512713

File: 1581116025185.jpg (22.02 KB, 627x409, 4352984554325.JPG)

I use a 500 ml chillys water bottle because as I feel secure that I won't drop it while holding it along with the fact it had various colours, prints or even matte options for the bottle.

However there is a lot of choices for vaccum insulated bottles so you should pick what appeals to you like wheather it has a handle or a straw

No. 512717

for some reason I grew up only drinking water, I guess it was a weird senses thing I had. i will not drink any soda when offered when I’m thirsty but i understand how appealing it looks. now I only drink coffee, tea and ice cold water. I’m always hydrated but I have to pee about every 1-/2 hours. Got me thinking if this shit is worth it

No. 512719

Having to piss so much is one of the main reasons I probably don't drink that much water.
I wish there were a better way to have better bladder control.

No. 512724

File: 1581117999086.jpg (51.17 KB, 660x413, Capture.JPG)

You'll grow accustomed to your water intake after awhile as long as you don't over do it.

For better bladder control I would sugggest doing core and kegel exercises

No. 512740

I used to drink 4+ liters of water a day and it didn't do much except make me have to pee constantly. Now I only drink 1-2 liters a day and nothing has changed healthwise.

No. 512743

Reminder this "remember to drink X litres of water a day for your health!" is entirely an American thing to sell you bottled water, which would only work in a country where the tap water tastes like shit.

Obviously drinking water instead of sugar filled soda is better and if you are actually dehydrated that's bad but you'll naturally be able to tell when you feel thirsty.

No. 512744

Lmao kinda like over here we had all those milk industry fueled "DRINK ALL THE FUCKING MILK, SUCK ON SOME COW TIDDY, YOU ABSOLUTE WEAKLING" no wonder I'm a farmer now

No. 512747

> nestle has left the chat

No. 512751

clear pee isn't optimal?

No. 512754

Was just doing some googling and apparently coffee technically counts toward your water intake???? I was told all throughout school that caffeinated beverages "cancel out" the hydration from the water in them and you have to drink an equal volume of water to make up for it. Where do Big Bottled Water's lies end????

No. 512765

>mfw there are still people not drinking chilled filtered tap water
Not only does most bottled water taste like shit, how do you not feel guilty about the amount of pet bottles you throw out??

No. 512768

I use a brita pitcher, I never buy bottled water. Dunno if the brita actually does that much filtering to the tap water but it makes it taste better so whatever.

No. 512778

that meme is because there was a study that shows that coffee makes people need to pee more, but it hasn't been shown to actually "dehydrate" the body any more than drinking a liter of water and then needing to pee more "dehydrates" the body. it's not like coffee is a sponge that soaks up the water in your body but the way the phrase "coffee dehydrates you" is constructed makes people assume it's that way.

clear pee could indicate too much water intake or abnormal electrolyte levels.

No. 512779

I mean a lot of people don't get enough water every day and could drink more, but you definitely don't need as much as people act like you do. I've heard weight loss advice that says drink more than a gallon of water a day and honestly that's not gonna do anything. Supposedly drinking a lot of water can curb hunger but it's never done that for me.

No. 512781

File: 1581130779599.jpg (22.7 KB, 396x691, baghead.jpg)

I almost exclusively drink tap water. Sometimes my hot water comes out brown (I don't drink that obviously and who drinks hot tap water anyway) but the cold water is usually fine. Even clear tap water tastes weird and chemical to me though especially if I'm not drinking it directly from the sink using my hands as a cup. For some reason putting tap water in a glass makes it taste worse. Reusing disposable water bottles definitely seems to impart a chemical flavor as well. Am I going to get cancer from this? Should I invest in one of those Brita things that go on the faucet so I can continue drinking from the sink like an animal? Right now I'm basically drinking pool water out of a smartwater bottle that has been sitting in the sunlight all day and I think this is going to end up killing me.

No. 512786

>how do you not feel guilty about the amount of pet bottles you throw out??
Throw out? You don't recycle them?

No. 512789

Recycling is still bad for the environment tbh. It takes a lot of energy/resources to make the plastic in the first place and then a ton of water and energy to recycle it, and even then plastic can only be recycled once or twice before going to a landfill. Sometimes it can't even be recycled once.

No. 512804

If you can find a sale on a decent Brita pitcher that fits your space, I find those seem to work better than the faucet filters.

No. 512821

Lukewarm tap water is the best. I'm not a fan of filtered or bottled water.

No. 512824

it’s weird whenever I go somewhere and they politely apologise that they only have tap water, like, cool, I look like tap water is beneath me? These places aren’t well-to-do either, just regular businesses.

My parents come from a shithole country that made them nutty about finding clean drinking water so we had a system where we occasionally top up a jug with tap water that’s been previously boiled. Tbh in comparison regular tap water tastes like the tears of a mountain god so when I had fancy bottled water that blew my fucking mind into orbit. Seriously, they tut in horror when they see me drink from the kitchen tap so I drank liquid sadness for over a decade.

No. 512831

This. I don't live in America and you never see this DRINK WATER UWU shilling because our tap water tastes good and doesn't make you sick. It's 100% the bottled water companies doing the marketing with exaggerated facts about how you'll die if you don't carry a water bottle everywhere and take a sip every 10 minutes. Some people do that to be trendy though and it's laughable to see someone carry a huge fucking water bottle everywhere, especially at work, and taking sips like it was oxygen to them.

No. 512838

Eh. Not all of the tap water here taste like shit. Mine taste fine. It depends where you are. But other than that, I agree.

No. 512841

anyone else drink a tonne of water in the shower? apparently it's bad for you cos bacteria can grow in the hot water pipe but I just love a glug glug in the morning I can't stop. best way to wake up and rehydrate

No. 512842

File: 1581154243236.gif (1002.37 KB, 250x140, 124565.gif)

fuck I used to love catching the water in my mouth and then spitting it like a fountain, haven't done that in years. next time I shower I'm drinking like a fuckin gallon of it in your honor, anon.

No. 512844

What's wrong with that thumb?
I confirm kegels work but I hate doing them daily, so I'd go with >>512724 and do core.
It's terrible for you, but depends a lot on the nozzle type. So are breeding grounds for precisely the kind of stuff that will nuke your lungs.

No. 512850

I live in a country with perfect tap water aswell and young people/students like me carry (refillable) waterbottles everywhere. I'm in school and lots of people have waterbottles on their desks.

I think it's more of a social media thing with all these influencers pushing to drink as much water as possible.

No. 513023

Have you drank your water today ladies?

/sip/ up

No. 513151

Water is life

No. 513759

have you had your daily /sips/?

No. 513762

I just learned that tap water is drinkable so I'm trying out some tap water. It's delicious. I mixed it with vanilla chamomile.
ahhhhhh tastes like leafs…

No. 513766

that sounds really yummy. you just mixed pure chamomile leaf and vanilla extract, or what?

No. 513855

File: 1581427156032.jpeg (85.54 KB, 1080x1080, 5lyyy0lawwp31.jpeg)

No. 513872

felt very sick and miserable there, drank an entire glass of water, now feel much better. Thanks be to water!

No. 513890

File: 1581432963567.png (418.12 KB, 800x800, 2d8d4791d6c1cf581269b33927daec…)

All i do is drink water and pee, that's my life now. My skin has never been better and I can hear the ocean every time I move.

No. 513916

File: 1581436675707.png (198.96 KB, 446x444, 1577385745310.png)

The country and city I live in has the cleanest tap water ever and our water comes from the Alps, so I am very blessed to be able to drink delicious water daily. Even taking a sip as I type this.

No. 514145

/sip/ up ladies

No. 514147

Lmao anon we're the same
Though I'd be lucky if I made it to a full gallon without being sick of pissing

No. 514149

/sip/ is 4chan shit. Scrot alert.

No. 514150

I thought it was a twitch meme.

No. 514158

This thread has seriously helped me. I have this new routine where I take some melatonin and l-theanine powder mixed into a glass of water before bed. I wake up feeling way more refreshed and energetic.

No. 514208

Imagine being such a fucking retard you think women can't use 4chan.

stay dehydrated x

No. 514213


drink more water regardless. as soon as you get up if you drink a glass before anything else (piss first obvs lmao lil water balloon watch out) you'll feel a shittonne better.

No. 514217

I don't get why saying "drink more water" is so controversial/scrotebait. This is basic shit even your doctor will tell you.

No. 514219

>your doc is a male and men want to see you fail

No. 514228

File: 1581513568832.gif (983.57 KB, 320x240, drinkwater.gif)

idk seems like an innocent thread to me. let the anons drink water

No. 514247

anons will fight over literally anything

No. 514253

I went to check my old college's instagram for shit's and giggles and they apparently cancelled all classes between yesterday and next week monday because of contaminated water. I remember harmless brown water coming out of the bathroom faucet during freshman year but apparently that was just a normal thing that happened sometimes, now it's apparently an oil spill or some shit in the town's water reservoir.

God what the fuck. Gonna chug an extra glass for all those poor students who can't get off campus and get some clean water (my college is super hippie and didn't sell bottled water on campus).

No. 514418

thank you anon, i hope you stay hydrated.

drink your water today ladies!

No. 514428

Every once in awhile I pop open an overpriced spring water and I feel that indulgent bougie nonsense that hipster beer drinkers have but with hydration.

Also YMMV but I find room temp water is best. Especially with a meal.

No. 514449

Room temperature water tastes the best even by itself. I can't taste cold water and hot water tastes like steel.

No. 514756

Have you drank your water today ladies?

No. 514763

Room temp is superior and best for you! Room tep gang gang

No. 514809

wash your hand

No. 514817

Does coffee really dehydrate a person?

No. 514825

I drink a couple of strong coffees in the morning and weaker diluted coffee as the day goes on. Dilute it enough and it's fine

No. 514868

No, it's a myth. It's hydrating, but slightly less efficient than plain water, difference is not noticeable in everyday life.

No. 514982

Have you had your daily /sips/ ladies?

I like putting a slice of lemon and cucumber in my glass of water

No. 514994

I'm drinking orange water rn

No. 515056

File: 1581776531941.jpeg (13.82 KB, 474x315, jnbv.jpeg)

im drinking all the water. you see this grab glass of water more water water who can deny the good cold water hydrate

No. 515086

this thread made me start thinking of drinking more water again.thanks op and fellow ladies

one thing i do is squeeze some lemon into my first glass of water in the morning.aside from the fact it's supposely beneficial for the body,it cleans up the mouth so i dont have nasty morning breath and eat my breakfast without having to brush my teeth

No. 515090

Lemon water doesn't do much for you at all. If you like it for the taste then that's great ofc. You should probably brush your teeth first however if you want to drink it everyday in the long run.

No. 515097

Lemon water ruins your teeth enamel, doesn't matter if you use a little bit or a lot. Anything acidic is bad for your teethw

No. 515145

Wow I had no idea.All I kept hearing about was the health benefits and shit.Thank you for enlightening me anons

No. 515177

this isn't true.
>The acid in lemon juice can damage the enamel of your teeth. Enamel is the protective covering that defends your teeth against all sorts of things. When it becomes eroded, it can leave your teeth at risk for cavities and other damage. Weakened enamel is also a leading cause of tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, enamel is one of the most durable substances in the body, and it takes a lot to damage it. While lemon juice has an extremely high acid content—higher than soda, wine, coffee, tea, or even vinegar—you’d need to consume high concentrations of lemon juice over a prolonged period of time to do much damage to your enamel.

No. 515274

File: 1581838498313.jpg (86.49 KB, 1024x1024, hat.jpg)

No. 515447

NTA but another tip is to brush your teeth at least 20 minutes after drinking/consuming something acidic–if you do it too soon you could damage enamel.

No. 515991

dont be dehydrated, drink some water and play the drums

No. 516259

Most dentists I've asked say you should wait at least an hour.

No. 517328

File: 1582454909385.jpeg (44.39 KB, 640x744, rm11x5y3u1941.jpeg)

No. 517333

I really need to drink water everyday, rather than only drinking tea or chocolate milk.

No. 517358

How do most people not realize they're dehydrated? Do they just turn into auto-pilot zombies and not even pay attention to their basic needs?

No. 517404

How can you know if you are dehydrated? I mean I know yellow pee etc… but isn't that after being dehydrated for quite a while?

No. 517425

I read that how to tell you're thirsty is if you feel hungry and how to feel you're hungry is if your stomach is rumbling.

No. 517433

By paying attention to your body? I have a natural urge to drink water. Do people really not have this?

No. 517438

Dehydration can make you feel nauseas, dizzy, give you a headache, and mess up your vision - makes it kind of blurry or splotchy. So if you suddenly start feeling weird ask yourself how long it’s been since you had something to drink.

No. 517439

many natural?/normal urges can easily be lost if you learn to ignore them. eventually your body will just stop sending you the signals to do things you arent doing. some people forget about things like drinking water during their routines, so their bodies will just learn to regulate function with less fluid intake even if it impaires function of other parts of the body. most people genuinely dont realize theyre even dehydrated. or theyre subbing what should be water with other small beverage intakes and equating all fluid intake= hydration

No. 517440

Wow that makes sense. When I was a kid I used to get unbearably thirsty if I didn't drink water for a few hours, now I can't even remember the last time I felt thirst. The only sign I get that I need water is if I feel dizzy and weak.

No. 517465

>or theyre subbing what should be water with other small beverage intakes and equating all fluid intake= hydration

Because all fluid intake (except alkohol), and also eating juicy fruit and vegetables or soup, is hydration and water is not even the most hydrating beverage aviable. It's a common sense. Or at least it used to be lol.

No. 518980


No. 519020


No. 519036

File: 1582876774121.jpg (65.16 KB, 610x343, love.jpg)


No. 519037

I'm the opposite of this. I never felt thirst as a kid but feel it now. I grew up in a house where I was taught not to have needs so that equally makes sense.

No. 519063

File: 1582888501484.jpg (147.2 KB, 900x599, monkey-drinking-water.jpg)

Just woke up and I feel like a raisin, time to drink WATER

No. 519071

Waking up and getting that W A T E R R E P L E N I S H

No. 519079

Hungover and just drank a glass of water, feeling much better.

No. 519355

water is a placebo effect and y'all are falling for it like the dumb little fools you are

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