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File: 1447598526549.jpg (14.05 KB, 215x185, daddy-grunge-money-pale-Favim.…)

No. 48134

Anyone on here got one?

What's it like?

What do you get?

Share ;)

No. 48135

File: 1447603628997.jpg (85.24 KB, 300x334, damnit goofy I didnt wake up f…)

>being half a step above a prostitute

fuck off slut

No. 48136

Not even a step above. Just a prostitute.

No. 48137


Aw c'mon, you get money tho?

There was a report about it here in the UK where tons of uni students are doing it £2K a month so they can pay their loans off quicker.

No. 48138

There is that mum and her daughter who do web camming together and doesn't mind her daughter having sugardaddies to fund their surgery.


No. 48139

>Whaaaat? You get money for being a prostitute?!

No. 48140

Ugly girls who can't get sugar daddies kek

No. 48141

do you really think only cute girls can get sugar daddies? lmao

No. 48142

So if people don't like X it's because they're jealous? I guess I just hate cancer because I don't have it. Damn.

No. 48143

I went through a phase of having one, even started txting him but I'm a fucking noob and chickened out and didn't meet up with him… You gotta be a real real materialistic person to have one lol then agian i was

No. 48144

you can get a sugar daddy even if you're not traditionally 'cute', but they'll definitely want you to do weird fetish shit like crush bugs or sit on them or something, and they won't pay you that well.
>source: my roommate is around 250lb and has had sugar daddies, but told me they were all total freaks & cheapskates.

No. 48145

>letting rich creeps to use your body as a cum dumpster
i'd rather be ugly

No. 48146

if you've ever been desperately poor, to the point that you couldn't afford to eat on a regular basis, pay your rent, or even buy medicine… you might feel differently. but it's great that you have your pride. A couple of years ago, I was just like you. You've probably been pretty sheltered up until now if protecting your own vanity is that important to you, though.

No. 48147

Being destitute to a point where you have no choice but to become a prostitute is different than what that person was replying to, shit like >>48140

But get real, I've been in that situation and I worked two shitty jobs instead of resigning myself to that. Getting a sugar daddy is the lazy way out.

No. 48148


Not her but choosing to slog your guts out for a starvation wage when you can enjoy pleasurable sex with a man who is willing to finance your entire existence doesn't make you dignified, it makes you dumb.

I know which I'd choose and I really don't care what anybody thinks about it.
Who the hell would choose shelf stacking or working at a drive thru', probably growing fat from depression, losing your looks to stress and never having enough money to do anything when you could instead live in luxury and pleasure, the only sacrifice being you have to rent out your cunt a couple of times a week.
Who knows, you might even grow to really like the guy too.

No. 48149


Forgot to add, I grew up in poverty, so I think the people in this thread accusing OP and others of being whores and shit are likely privileged, pony little upper-middle class wankers who have never had to experience real suffering or hardship before.

No. 48150

Actually most of the girls I've met with sugardaddies come from middle to upper class upbringing who have never suffered any hardships until suddenly their parents wont pay for everything and they aren't willing to adjust their lifestyles. It's rarely people who come from poverty who brag about this shit.

I dont care, I still judge you idiots for not trying to learn skills and make sacrifices instead letting some crusty old man use you for sex. But if it makes you feel better to think that other people are idiots for getting jobs or just taking out extra student loans instead of you, whose shelf life revolves around whether or not a revolving chain of men finds you appealing or not, then by all means…

No. 48151

Not the anon you're responding to, but as someone who has been in poverty, couldn't eat a couple days at a time and lost her home, I never went to have sex with some guy for money. Then again, I'd rather be a woman who respects herself than become a whore.

No. 48152

Every girl I've ever known who has had/has a sugar daddy has been materialistic, shallow and greedy. Also an attention whore. I'd imagine those are the kind of character traits required to even want a sugar daddy in the first place though

No. 48153

It's so funny to me how normalized it has become to just become a prostitute or a cam whore instead of sucking it up and dealing with shit like a big girl. I don't care if you're a whore, but don't act like you're anything but a whore.

>…when you could instead live in luxury and pleasure, the only sacrifice being you have to rent out your cunt a couple of times a week.
Except most of these bitches aren't living in luxury and pleasure, they're getting a basic amount of money just so they can get by and some spending money. And on top of that, they have to act like they like some gross man older than their father who will get bored of them and move on to the next girl. Yeah, sounds really luxurious and enjoyable. Wow.

>Who knows, you might even grow to really like the guy too.

Setting yourself up for disappointment since he only sees you as a fuckdoll.

No. 48154


You're being extremely narrow-minded in that you're not considering all scenarios and think it's just a case of people being extremely lazy.

Last year during my final 4th year of college my funding got massively fucked up and it became a case of me having to chose between questionable, very temporary life choices or dropping out of college altogether and throwing away my future forever.

What sacrifices could I have possibly made in order to secure that amount of money? How is a person like me supposed to magic that kind of money out of thin air? What life skills was it that you're telling me I lacked and what skills could I have acquired in a few days that would net me the 6 digits required to finish my degree? What? What could I have done?

It's nice that you've never had to be in a situation that virtually has no way out and a real risk of leaving you desolate, but not everybody is so fortunate.

Don't be an asshole.

No. 48155

Yeah, you really have to be like that. An old friend of mine had a sugar daddy. They weren't intimate at all, but she said it quite mentally exhausting. I must admit, looking at back at her, she was very very materialistic and shallow. She got gucci and all this fucking expensive shit, the guy was about 50

No. 48156

Take out a loan like every other student. Or drop out and go back later…you would hardly be throwing away your future forever. You're not special.

I like how you and other people who made the decision to whore yourselves out always assume that everyone who is against it has never been in a situation where shit got tough. Easier to justify your shit decision I guess.

No. 48157


LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL which fucking loans company is going to give me, a student with no assets, a fucking 6 figure loan?
Are you living in real world, or just the world where mommy and daddy bail you out of everything?

No. 48158

It's not respecting yourself it's thinking so highly of yourself that you rather live like that than put out for cash so you can be actually comfortable.

No. 48159

>or drop out and go back later.
But really, how the fuck do you end up needing 6 figures on the fly for a semester or even a year of school lmao.

If that helps you sleep at night.

No. 48160


Tuition fees + rent + living expenses.

Figure it out dumb-dumb.

No. 48161

Yeah, I've never heard of anyone except materialistic idiot students needing that much money for one year. You had other options than prostitute yourself but you chose the easy way out.

No. 48162


Public college tuition for a 4 year course is $18,943 per year and $32,762 per year for private what fucking planet are you living on?

Did you even finish highschool?

No. 48163

>It's not respecting yourself if you're working to fund what you need instead of spreading your legs for cash


No. 48164

Actually, I finished college. With no debt.

If you went to private college for $33k a year and still found yourself needing to pull 6 figures out of your ass to pay for that and your rent/bills I'm not sure how I'm the idiot here…

No. 48165


No. 48166


Confirmed for bank of mom and dad.
You have no right to judge anybody else when mommy and daddy are bankrolling you through life.

No. 48167

More like scholarships and jobs. I wouldn't judge people with student debt either. Better than being a whore with poor money management skills

No. 48168


kk JAP ; )

No. 48169

She obviously wasn't getting what she needs if she lost a place to live and went without eating.

No. 48170

As someone who finished a 4-year degree at a $46,600 per year school with absolutely no debt, thanks to having a sugar daddy (although I was also working part-time in addition to taking a full course load) I can say that I sleep far easier at night than those of my peers who are neck-deep in debt now, still working shit jobs, and will have paid off their loans approximately by the time that they're in their fifties.
Btw, I never used my funding on frivolous purchases, just basic shit like textbooks and rent.
It's not being lazy, I'm just not so attached to this meat sack that I'm walking around in to have the sense not to use its assets for my own benefit.

No. 48171

ITT: crusty women who mistakenly believe their cunts are made of gold and worth a lot more than they actually are.

No. 48172

ITT: prostitutes trying to sound like they're respectable people when they're nothing more than disposable fuckdolls

No. 48173

File: 1447711636479.gif (2 MB, 245x152, tumblr_n8erfiD0Lw1qlq3doo8_250…)



No. 48174


ITT: a bitch who's too ugly to acquire a man to lavish her with $$$ so she spends her days attacking women who make intelligent desicions to further in herself in life whilst she sits on a mountain of debt screaming about how her cunny is precious and made of diamonds.

No. 48175

File: 1447711843417.jpg (20.47 KB, 258x245, raffing pepe.jpg)

>she thinks some guy is going to want to be with her after she lets it slip she literally fucked an old guy for money

Enjoy your beta provider, no real man would want some used up slut pussy

No. 48176

>implying you have to be attractive to get a sugar daddy

No. 48177


>implying I don't have a fiancé who knows all about my SD

And kek, in terms of sex how is an SD any different from a regular bf? Or you just a pencil-dicked, frog-posting virgin who believes his puny cock can actually loosen a vagina :^)

No. 48178

It's actually multiple people in this thread replying to you.

No. 48179

File: 1447713034518.jpg (83.04 KB, 480x640, 0d2bb97a.jpg)

>being a prostitute
>intelligent decisions

No. 48180


Again, which one of us is going to be working decades to rid ourselves of debt, and which of us isn't.

PRO TIP: it isn't you :3

No. 48181

File: 1447713112297.jpg (11.41 KB, 250x241, 1353281844696.jpg)

>implying I don't have a fiancé who knows all about my SD


>has a cuckboi

Please stop, this is too much.

No. 48182

I'm not in debt though, anon. Nice try.

No. 48183


No. 48184

I wouldn't be a sugar baby either, but why do you think those girls don't have respect for themselves? Some girls like FILFs, and
these relationships will give them easy cash with no interest or debts attached. For girls who like those things, it sounds like a good deal.

No. 48185

Enjoy your lazy, low self-esteem fiance who would rather pimp you out than get a job

No. 48186

It really amazes me that people try to equate being a sugar baby with being a prostitute…that's one hell of a stretch. Prostitutes have to fuck anyone who comes to them with cash, or get their asses beat; SBs only have to 'date' one guy, and they're free to walk out at any time. Plus, your average prostitute is maybe making $100 per trick if they're on the street, whereas I've received up to $1000 before–not even for sex, just because it was my birthday and he wanted me to get something nice for myself. I've been given $300 just for dinner before. Holly Golightly, eat your heart out.
Have I mentioned that even when sexual services are exchanged, it's not all one way? Like, before I had this guy in my life, I literally could not cum during sex. I have had men try their damndest, guys who would finger me until their hands started cramping and go down on me for damn near 45 minutes. My sugar daddy's tongue can bring me to orgasm in under 5. I don't have a thing for older men in the slightest, but the years of experience he has under his belt make an undeniable difference. Plus, even if he's just using me as a 'fuckdoll', I'm just using him for his money. That's an exchange that's been performed for fucking centuries, or did you really think that the majority of married upper-class women prior to rise of the romance novel were actually chosen by their husbands because they were mutually in love?

No. 48187

Okay, slut.

No. 48188

Sluts give it away for free, they don't get paid.
Get your terminology straight, or maybe just go back to /r9k/ where you'll have plenty of forever ronery, neckbearded company to pitch impotent tantrums about us filthy, skanky bitches alongside.

No. 48189

>someone on the internet thinks negatively of me!
>must be a neckbeard from /r9k/!

There are several people in this thread, silly!

No. 48190

Not that anon but with the influx of robots lately, it's a plausible assumption. I only ever see FA men get so irrationally upset over other people's sex lives.

No. 48191


Keeeeek keep telling yourself that sweetheart.
Honestly I'd love to brag about his position in the organisation he works for but that would actually make him pretty easily identifiable with a few quick Google searches since it's national.

If you knew the reality you'd be sick with envy and that's the reason why I'm laughing at you right now you really have no idea lel

No. 48192

I agree that being a sugar baby is probably better than being a high-class escort, which is in turn, better than being a in porn which may or may not be equal to being a streetwalker, depending on one's perspective, but it's still a hierarchy of whores. A whoriarchy? Whatever.
Doesn't saying stuff like
>daddy's tongue can bring me to orgasm in under 5
make you feel gross? I mean, I know it's preceded by the word 'sugar' but still.

Still a cuck.

No. 48193

I never tried to imply otherwise? Just suggesting that you all might find it more worthwhile to sperg out amongst a likeminded audience rather than waste your time vainly attempting to insult people who couldn't give a fuck about your puritanical condemnation of a total stranger's character, silly~

No. 48194

It's more like dating somebody who gives you an allowance imo.
I don't call someone a whore if she allows her boyfriend to buy her dinner, but we're supposed to be ashamed because our SDs (although he does call himself my 'boyfriend' and refers to me as his 'girlfriend') have a higher budget than the average joe?
And while I don't care for the term 'sugar daddy' either, but it's not like we roleplay incest or ageplay. I haven't even called my own father 'daddy' since I was like, six.

No. 48195

The difference between a relationship with a boyfriend who buys you dinner and a man who only pays to have sex with you is pretty vast and it's incredibly telling if you can't see the distinction.

A rich boyfriend is different than a sugar daddy. Stop calling your rich boyfriend your sugar daddy. Totally different thing.

No. 48196

Then please explain the distinction? Because beyond how we met, there isn't much of one. We share interests, exchange 'I love you's, he takes me on dates, etc. He just also gives me around $300~$400 every time he sees me. Why do you think a sb/sd relationship has to be necessarily dysfunctional and all about taking advantage of

No. 48197

Hit 'reply' by accident.

Why do you think it's all about taking advantage of men?

No. 48198

I don't really. The men know what they want and have the money to get it.
I know you're a big girl and can handle yourself, but I'm more worried about you. What happens if someone falls in love?

No. 48199

Prostitution is being paid to have sex.
Having a sugar daddy is just going to restaurants or attraction parks and getting money just for being there.
seriously, nothing whorey about this.
might as well call strippers prostitutes lol

No. 48200

I started having a SD at 16 years old
i have no regret
although the main reason why i have one is to give money to my mom and help my family. it's amazing.
getting 2-3k$ per month just for talking and eating at restaurants is great

No. 48201

There is no romance nor lust (well there can be lust) in sugar daddies.
Seriously, sugar daddy /=/ boyfriend
sugar daddies are dudes that pay you because youre hot and can hold a conversation.
You have a boyfriend because you love him.

No. 48202

>being this mad
just admit you're seen as a slut or whore by people and move on

No. 48203

>being this naive
You KNOW the vast majority of sugarbabies are expected to have sex.

No. 48204

Well, we already tell one another we love each other. I do feel love for him, it's not earthshaking Twilight-style lustful passion, but I can see us being together for a long time. He talks about wanting to see what our kids would look like sometimes. Tbh I'm not sure how much would change. But if I fell for him hard, and he left me, I think I'd be able to pick myself back up just like from any other relationship, really.

No. 48205

go Back to 4chan anon u rude cunt just leave it

No. 48206

There are so many /r9k/ beta cucklets in this thread lol

No. 48207

you have a boyfriend. not a sugardaddy.

No. 48208

>everyone who disagrees is a beta cuck robot!!!
Because that makes you feel better, rather than considering that a lot of your female peers look down on sugarbabies, camwhores, prostitutes, etc.

We'll all pretend sexwork is empowering and "if it's their body who cares" to your face but deep down so many of us judge you guys for stooping that low and for what? Material objects? Sorry bout it.

No. 48209

>u mad
but the thing is, I'm really not.
People can think what they want about my relationship, the fact that a guy twice my age pays my rent and gives me spending money because he wants to make sure that I'm well taken care of. I really don't care if they think I'm a slut or a whore, because, again, I think the established definitions of those words don't really apply to my situation. And if they do think that way, well, I think they're idiots, and I'm willing to leave it at us both having very low opinions of one another as long as they don't use theirs as justification to openly attack me and try to ~shame~ me for however I choose to conduct my personal life.

No. 48210

"boohoo i got slut-shamed"

No. 48211

Lol no.
If you have sex with your SD then you're a prostitute.
Sugar babies dont have sex with their SD unless they're prostitutes. theres a difference

No. 48212

i doubt people here are from /r9k/
do you expect all women to be all dovey and caring for other women so they cant express their opinion? fuck off, you sound like a feminist.
/r9k/ mostly troll in /b/ and i though they quitted?

No. 48213

then you have a boyfriend. theres no romance involved between SB and SD

No. 48214

Again: please define where you draw the line.
To me, a sugar daddy is the same as a wealthy man who provides his girlfriend with financial assistance. I understand that there are men and women who use sites like Seeking Arrangement as basically a glorified Backpages, but that's not to say that's what every SD/SB is looking for…and if they are, they might as well just use Craigslist. It'd be a hell of a lot cheaper for the guys, for starters. Men are willing to invest in SD/SB relationships because they expect a certain amount of long-term commitment and intellectual stimulation from the woman, in a way that they don't expect it from a streetwalker.
So what, to your mind, separates sites like SeekingArrangement from traditional dating sites like MillionaireMatch or EliteSingles other than the transparency? Also, since when is it appalling, whore-like behavior for a woman to seek out a partner who is willing to support her financially? Most women think it's incredibly romantic whenever a guy surprises them with gifts, or splurges on a date, for no reason other than a way to say 'thank you for your companionship'.

No. 48215

Please specify where you intepret any of that post as 'boo-hoo'ing my situation.

No. 48216

That's not to say that it can't develop. Most SDs don't start off with romantic feelings for their SBs, I'm sure, in the same way that I usually don't start off with romantic feelings if I'm going on a casual date with someone. That's jumping the gun. There has to be a certain degree of attraction for me to get to the point that I will accept a date, but that's not the same as being 'in love' with someone. But love can grow out of an attraction. So again, where do you draw the line? Does a sugar daddy stop being a sugar daddy the moment that mutual 'love' is established, even if the relationship continues on identically to the way that it began?

No. 48217

There is no romance in sugar daddy.
Sugar daddy are guys that pay you because youre hot and they're lonely or w/e. they see you as objects. Are you telling me a boyfriend is the same as some guy buying you shit?
If theres romance then he's your boyfriend. stop arguing and learn the meaning of sugar daddy and move on. why do you want so badly to prove that your SD is your boyfriend?

No. 48218

If a SD likes their SB then alright but it needs to stay "professional"
if you start kissing your SD then it's pretty messed up. Sugar daddies see sugar babies as hot objects they pay, nothing more. they can be friends but that's it imo
keep in mind that it rarely happens because the reason why you know him is because you want his money. thats not the meaning of friendship

No. 48219

Calm your tits. I'm not trying to 'prove' anything, I'm just describing the way that our relationship is. You're the one who's insisting that NO NO NO HE'S YOUR BOYFRIEND…Is the idea of having a sugar daddy who's actually emotionally invested in the relationship is really making you that uncomfortable?
Again, if you didn't read closely, he calls himself my boyfriend. I don't call him that. I refer to him as my sugar daddy because that's how the relationship started off: we met on SA. We both knew full well what kind of 'relationship' we were establishing when we started off, and I don't think either of us expected to get attached to one another, but just because we did doesn't redefine the way that I refer to us. He's fine with that, I'm fine with him calling me his girlfriend.

No. 48220

See above.
By the way, just curious, but where are you getting all of this information about sugar daddies that you're asserting as fact? I mean, are you one? That's how you know how they think? Or do you just have one that treats you like that? In which case, you should probably ditch him and try for someone who sees you as more than a 'hot object'.
Although I guess being a sexy piece of furniture is easier than being expected to entertain a guy with conversation.

No. 48221

i'm not that anon but nobody cares about your story

No. 48222

i just wouldnt want a sugar daddy as a friend because friendship isnt based on money.
idk, i draw line from SD/"work" and friendship and boyfriends.

No. 48223

you need to be hot and know how to hold a conversation and thats it
now if a guy needs to buy a woman to be his friend thats very sad

No. 48224

Some guy recently offered to be my sugardaddy a few weeks ago. He wants to meet me and messages my kik all the time with desperate 'how are you gorgeous?' 'hi sweetie' etc etc. It's kind of getting on my nerves and already and we haven't even done anything sexual or beyond.

He's coming next month to meet me (he is into some sort of consultancy whatever) but if I'm annoyed now by his behaviour, do you think it's going to get better or worse? So far he has bought me a few things like lingerie and dresses, but eh. Doesn't seem worth it. I have a good paying job and I don't need the money, it was sort of exciting just to be fawned over for a little bit by an older man but now it's just irritating.

No. 48225

Does he have other gals or a wife?
Twilight-style love is mythical and fleeting.

No. 48226

He has an ex-wife and a kid.
The wife was apparently horrible and refused to so much as sleep in the same bed with him after they were married. She basically was just with him for the money.
It provided him with an incentive to look for a SB, anyways, so I guess I owe her one, haha.
& don't worry, I know the difference between fictionalized infatuation and deeper affection.

No. 48227

I can't see how anyone does this. I work taking care of physically impaired older people and some of the men are just gross sometimes. Having someone trying to grab your ass or saying you're sexy/asking shit like what colour your pubes are… just anything sexual at all is disgusting. The thought of getting money to go along with these slimeballs and pretend you like it… I seriously can't imagine anyone other than someone with serious mental issues thinking there is nothing wrong with doing this. I'm not trying to be offensive and I know everyone has their stories but I really cannot imagine a stable person engaging in this kind of thing.

No. 48228


Why do you think all SD's are gross old men with boundary issues?
Many if not most of them are respectable guys in their 40's-50's experiencing a bit of a mid-life-crisis and wanting somebody younger around to spoil and make their life that little bit more interesting.

It's not old guys in zimmer frames and liver spots kek

No. 48229

Just curious, do you guys consider a significant other a sugar daddy?

No. 48230

No. A sugar daddy is someone who pays you to be around him. If there were no monetary exchange, you would not spend time with him…simple as that. A significant other does not rest on those circumstances. If you have a boyfriend or husband who supports you financially that's not a sugar daddy.

No. 48231

Speaking as someone who has boyfriends and sugar daddies alike…no. The scale is nowhere near comparable. A boyfriend might pay for your dinner (around $35 at a nice restaurant) once a week.
A sugar daddy will pay your rent (around $500) every month, and then give you about $700 worth of spending money in addition.
Plus that generally, you don't spend as much time with a sugar daddy as with a boyfriend. My bf keeps me company 5/7 nights if not more. I see my sugar daddy once a week, tops, sometimes for less that 10 minutes.

No. 48232

go to community college and then get a scholarship to your state's flagship. it's not rocket science.

No. 48233

Has anyone here had any luck getting money just from talking with guys online? I think it'd be worth putting up with creeps for some beer money.

No. 48234


Wouldn't the robot response be to try and paint all women as worthless lazy sluts who take advantage of their bodies to get what they want and then complain about the patriarchy?

Like I know girls do actually get sugar daddies but I like to think that it's really rare and these people are all trolls. Our default destiny in life isn't just to be lazy and fuck the highest bidder, we're better than that.

No. 48235

it's not as rare as you think, imo. I know at least three other girls who, after I got into sugaring, I found out were also sugar babies. they were definitely not people I would have expected, either. One of them was my best friend at the time, she only did it a few times and then stopped because she worried about what her potential boyfriends might think, one of them was a girl I went to school with, BBW with a GORGEOUS face and a really sweet personality, idk how successful she was though, and another one was a serial maneater who went on multiple dates a week with multiple guys. she claimed she never fucked any of them, but my sugar daddy met up with her once (neither of us believe in monogamous relationships) and said she was very business-like about what she expected for compensation & what she was willing to do for it. she's a sweet girl if you're a fellow female, but she's absolutely ruthless towards men. kinda like that about her.

No. 48236

All these posts against whores bring my hope back and make me less paranoid about the girl I like. Thank you.

No. 48237

go away robot, I hope she's a huge slut.

No. 48238

Disgusting thread imo. Renting out your snatch because you're too lazy to work and expect things handed to you? This is why men don't respect us. Men of our generation have the same exact problems that we do (student loans, debt, living expenses) and yet somehow they're able to get by without selling their cunt to the first bidder. I'm honestly so ashamed of my gender because I know when people look at me they see another whore who is probably willing to prostitute herself for a new pair of shoes. It sucks that people automatically look down on women because of the shitty decisions of a few.

No. 48239


No. 48240

you sound butthurt that you're too ugly to get a sugardaddy

No. 48241

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel more special. Anyone can be a prostitute. Have you seen some of the girls on twitter with sugar daddies? They look like apes.

Some women don't need to sleep with desperate old men for money and self esteem.

No. 48242

>somehow they're able to get buy without selling their cunt to the first bidder
because nobody wants it.
i mean, come on, dicks are gross.
you have no idea the number of guys that I've spoken to on the subject that are like 'HELL YEAH I would be down to be a sugar baby if I could just find someone who wanted my dick badly enough to pay for it'.
But see, that's the catch; no woman wants to pay for dick when they can get it for free pretty much anywhere, anytime. Some women just have valued physical assets, and some men are desperate enough to pay for 'em. Personally, the johns gross me out way more than the sugar babies.

No. 48243


No. 48244

>implying I'm robot
I visit that board sometimes just for OC and laughs. I spend more time on other boards.

Gays and trannies are thirsty as fuck and crave straight dick. Don't ask me why, I have no fucking idea, probably something about forbidden apple, but I've seen it with my own eyes. Both IRL and in the internet. And once you reject because you aren't gay and find it disguisting, they start to beg and sometimes even offer money. The problem wth men is that:

1. There's pressure to preserve some "honour"/"pride" and to "man up", even though this slowly disappears generation by generation and men are becoming pussyficated, especially in the west. Apparently developed asian countries already are full of men who would seriously tell their women during dates that they won't go with them through that dark alley because they're scared.

2. You wouldn't be able to fuck someone you find unattractive to the point your dick doesn't erect.

3. Some men already feel bad about themselves after fapping/fucking certain people because our sexuality probably is much different than female sexuality and it can fuck up sober thoughts pretty badly. You fap to some porn and the moment your excitiment goes down after cumming you realize how shitty this porn is, how fake this shit is, how plastic and unattractive the woman in it is, how disguisting stuff it had in it and how retarded "story" was, and you start to feel bad or get mad about yourself because your instincts took the steering wheel again and you did something you think you shouldn't do. Big part of male sexuality is cancer so even if someone would say having sugar mommy is great idea while he's horny, there's rather big chance he would feel like shit when he calms down and decide to quit whoring himself with regrets

4. I've seen once website for male whores and female "sugar mommies". 90% of those women were either so disguisting it'd be hard to fuck them without any drugs to make your dick hard by force, or rich busineswomen in their 40s or 50s who looked not just for sex, but also someone with decent "acting skills" to make them feel special and loved, even if it's fake, to show off in restaurants and parties that they have "normal relationships". Not to mention they had also pretty high standards when it came to looks. Not every man can meet their standards. But apparently being male whore pays more because it requires both more skill and there's much less of manwhores.

So yes, women can get dick for free pretty much anywhere, like you said, but the difference is that women aren't looking just for dick. If it was truth, there wouldn't be so many desperate men. Women try to find the best males they can. Someone that can satisfy them not only with their dick but also with mental stuff and can provide resources decently.
And when man is horny and just needs to fuck, he just needs pretty girl with hole he can stick his dick in. When he is starved forcertain feelings, like want to be appreciated for caring about someone or something, once again he just needs pretty girl who won't completely suck at talking and might hug him. Men don't need much from women apart from looks and pleasant character because they're pressured to be breadwinners and to always handle stuff themselves anyway.

Man can do lot of technical or physical stuff himself to save money and be independent, he often isn't interested as much in pure consumption based activities so he needs less money to support himself, he doesn't get periods and mood swings to fuck up things so he can plan his money and future probably bit better, the only thing he lacks is sex and certain feels. And this is the only thing that really matters for a man in a woman. Most men doesn't give a fuck what education you have, what interests you have, how fashionable you are. He just wants you feel happier when he sees you and your support, love, to feel appreciated and respected, and sex.

No. 48245

oh, also forogt to add. Men are also much more objective focued. If they are horny, all they need is sex. If they want feels, they just need support or cuddling. It's easier to please them because almost everything is separate instance. Women on the other hand seem to usually want to have full package like someone who will be for both sex and cuddling afterwards or something.

So yeah, the only thing you are right about is that technically, women are able to get dick anywhere, anytime. But you have fucked up view on both differences in male and female sexuality and reality of manwhores.

No. 48246

Ok uggo, you keep telling yourself that.

No. 48247

this post is confusing as fuck. are you trying to defend men or argue that both genders are total shit? because you're doing great on the latter, but I'm not sure that was your intention.

No. 48248

Has it become so difficult to live that girls go on websites for advice on how to get into sex work? Is it so expensive to get into and pay for college that you have to sell your body I mean fucking christ girls are willing to rent their pussies out for shit on their amazon wishlist. What does that say?

No. 48249

Saying how it looks from male point of view to provide material to the scales so she could compare both views and straighten few things up because I think it's pretty biased, and being biased is never a good thing, no matter what side are you biased to.

I don't pick sides because frstly, I don't think there's "natural" good and evil, nothing is really wrong and you can't/don't need to defend something that isn't wrong. But the concept of good and evil as a human creation, as a tool, is pretty good thing, and having certain values just happens to work out and push people forward because of our biology/psychology.
Secondly, generalizing is easy but world doesn't work like that. You'll get both womanwhores and manwhores, some of them will do it out of shallowness, some out of need, some will be ashamed of it, some will be be trying to justifice it. It's more about proportions, statistics and probability insetad of generalizing and perfect formulas. There will always be "good" and "bad" people, but the fact is that right now there's much less manwhores than womanwhores and there're always reasons for everything.

Yes, it got much more compicated. Still, whoring yourself out for a gifts or college is just too much. I blame the media, idealists believing in utopias and bad parenting.

No. 48250

No, it hasn't become to hard to live. Men find a way to live and do just fine. These whores are literally just spoiled and stupid.

No. 48251

Everyone is quick to hate on sugar babies but the realproblem are the loser pathetic dudes who make the market. Don't hate the player hate the game. I can't be mad at or make fun of sugar babies, they make money from desperate degenerates, so good on them.

No. 48252

Any idea how to solve pathetic losers problem? Shifting the blame won't solve anything and only adds the fuel. I say, fuck it, if whores help someone - let them be. They just better not expect to be respected for whoring. Whoring is just like lesser evil. Can help some men but shits on certain values that turned out to work out.

No. 48253

The point is everyone is quick to throw these girls under the bus when it's wastes if space willing to pay $$$$$ for a girlfriend experience. they are the issue. So why not focus on all the short comings of the men who pay for this fantasy, instead of going 'kek whores', the blame is 100% on the men in this situation. Its not shifting blame, its identifying the problem.

No. 48254

File: 1448320355026.jpg (74.94 KB, 453x481, salty.jpg)

Nearly all men would love to be paid for sex, but most don't have the chance to.

No. 48255

It is shifting blame. Identyfying the problem would be saying both whores and losers are the problem. Both should be fixed at roughly the same time.

Also still I don't hear any suggestion how to solve it. Even if it's just solving losers alone.

No. 48256

Are you dense? Loser dudes pay chicks to act like their girlfriends ("whores"). Stop letting dudes act in such a pathetic fashion, no more market, no more whores lining up to take money to be a fantasy girlfriend.

Solve it? You tell me how calling a girl a whore is solving this problem. There will always be girls who don't believe sex/relationships are uguu~~~ purity kawaii virtue ~~ anime shit.

No. 48257

I didn't say calling girl a whore will solve the problem. I already said I blame bad parenting (solved for example partially by some lectures in schools for future parents, we already have classes for that but they're bullshit), media (solved by changing values they promote) and idealists who believe in utopias (solved by mandatory testing of every social engineering before implementing it and putting people who advocate for it in insolated place where they have to face the consequences of those actions before agreeing on implementing it).

Also would you kill or mutilate yourself if I paid you to do so?

No. 48258

Yeah okay so you're a mega autist.

Which is a more dangerous problem:

1) women who don't have your values (horrifying! terrible! awful! burn them) having sex with men for money.
outcome: women have sex with men for money. shocking.

2) a pervasive cultural pattern of dude entitlement to vaginas and girlfriends that creates degenerates like redpillers, r9k, wizardchan, etc
outcome: especially fucked up loser dudes kill women when they refuse to throw their vaginas at them, example: elliot rogers

See, the problem to me is a lot of men feel like they, as an inalienable human right, deserve to have sex and girlfriends. So when they are turned down continually by women for being reprehensible and disgusting, they become bitter dangerous fuckwits.

The least disturbed of them at least realize they are unwanted and use money to make women pay attention to them instead of just shooting up a sorority.

No. 48259

These aren't 2 different things. These things are tied. You get rid of both of them, not just one.

Once again: should we let killers for hire, marcenaries or any "immoral workers" let go off the hook and start to hunt down people who hire them or want to hire them?
It's not that fucking easy, honey. Firstly, as I've said, it's 2 sides of the same coin, both things are tied with each other.
Secondly, there's practical side - what is easier to get rid of: small amount of women who whore themselves out, who have to go to certain places or have stable places for this, or big amount of men, who often hide their desires? One hooker serves many clients. One is blamed for action, the other for something between thoughts and actions. Have fun realizing your utopia. I'd really want you to see solving the problem of pathetic losers.
But ofc I won't see it, you didn't even give a fucking suggestion. But it's not surprising considering you're woman who advocates for whores. Ever noticed that so many SJWs and other "progressive" cancer only bitch, but never do anything practical? They just bitch and demand others fix shit in a way they want. I'd say that's also pretty pathetic.

I'm off to bed because it looks like you have no fucking common sense and you're arguing just for the sake of arguing, without giving any suggestions and alternatives. No sense wasting time discussing with you when it doesn't lead to anything.

No. 48260

File: 1448322744055.jpg (81.32 KB, 269x446, 000017020708XSmall.jpg)

you are literally comparing hookers to hitmen.

you are literally retarded.

No. 48261

Sluts suck dicks 4 $$$$

No. 48262

If you encourage its position as a commodity like that, it's no better. People like you act as if those of us who oppose prostitution or sugaring value our vagina too much but in fact it's the opposite. I don't think it's anything special. I don't think I should continue the tradition of overvaluing my genitalia and putting my gender on a pedestal. It's still objectification. Putting monetary value on your vagina only furthers your position as an object intended for sexy. It's still a problem.

No. 48263

I obviously meant, intended for "sex," not "sexy."

No. 48264

knock it off with the tumblr

No. 48265

What's wrong with wizardchan? Wizards have resigned themselves to a life of celibacy and seek no association with women including prostitution… which seems to be what you want them to do.

No. 48266

You clearly haven't been on wizardchan for long because they're all just mad that they can't get any pussy. They haven't resigned from shit. They're just too lazy to make something of their lives and cry about themselves instead. Equivalent to the tumblr fat asses who are looking for sympathy and appreciation. Fuck off, newfag.

No. 48267

They spend their entire time bitching about women. So… no, they have not renounced women at all even if they have no actual irl contact with them.

No. 48268

I'm curious as to why pretty much any feminist view is considered "tumblr," now, even if it seems to be the view that sex work is good and feminist according to tumblr.

No. 48269

Let women be sluts, housewifes, gamergaters or whatever the fuck they want to be in peace. Why does everything have to be brough back to americancentric western feminism? It's a mockery today. If you care about social justice call yourself an egalitarian or a humanist instead.

No. 48270

The point is, encouraging behavior that encourages the idea that women are in fact not equal has a negative effect on the perception of all women.

No. 48271

what are these 'certain values that turned out to work out'?
If you're talking about confining yourself to a traditional monogamous life-long commitment solely in order to satisfy a man's inherent possessiveness & also biological imperative to unleash his genes upon the world… I don't see much of an advantage in that for the woman.

No. 48272

I liked 'object intended for sexy'.
The way that I view it is that these men are going to view females as sexual objects either way, but at least this way I get something out of it instead of just having to put up with sexual harassment and being the butt of dehumanizing 'jokes' for nothing.
Sugar babies cater to these kinds of guys, yeah, but I would criticize the market that creates a demand for 'object intended for sexy' more than the suppliers who fulfill the demand of their own free will & for their personal benefit. Men like that aren't going to rethink their view of women as 'object' simply because they're failing to get laid, they're just going to become resentful of the 'object' for not fulfilling what they see as its ~clearly~ intended purpose–catering to male desires.

No. 48273

so a coworker of mine has been a SB for the past year and some change and has gone from living with her parents to now living in house that he paid the down payment on. He has her pay the mortgage about 550 a month but thats it he pays for everything else, utilities, car note, living expenses while still giving her an "allowance" on top of extravagant gifts. Her most recent gifts being a Shi-poo puppy (he will pay all vet visits and any necessities for it) a 4k curved television (over three thousand dollars WTF) a five thousand dollar Fridge as well as a whole new living room and dining room set for the house. Its insane! but the scariest part is he doesn't want sex from her at all but he definitely dictates their relationship sometimes he hangs out with us just like if we were all normal friends and other weeks he gets off on having this 'stalker' type relationship where shes not supposed to contact him at all and a bunch of gifts will randomly show up at her work or at her house with slightly creepy notes attached. i mean she seems to enjoy the attention and of course all the perks but the guy doesnt seem stable i mean he was telling her he didn't care if she saw other people etc he just wanted them to be friends and hang out but when she did get a boyfriend he managed to get ahold of a bunch of our coworkers cells and started texting us offering us cash to send him pictures of her with her new guy or to give him updates on where she was at things like "Is she really working today, if shes off where is she/who she is with" just very very creepy

No. 48274


Yes, men wanting to fuck you must be such a burden for you to put up with. I can't imagine how you could take it without milking them for everything they're worth. Truly it's the only fair compensation for your plight of being sexually attractive to men.

You have no right to complain about ANYTHING when you can work a nice cushy office job part time and suck dick and make twice as much as a man who works 60 hours a week mowing lawns and or mining coal. Hell, strippers can make millions of dollars for essentially doing nothing but shaking their ass and taking off their clothes.

Men are the ones who have to pay for your body if women like you keep putting a price on it. There's no such thing as an entitlement to a woman's body, you need to earn that. Entitlement to men's money because of your sex on the other hand is a reality, a reality that you yourself exemplify. You're the one treating yourself like a sexual object when you start putting a price on your pussy for the highest bidder to buy.

No. 48275

its true. why won't these whores get that tbh? they whore around and the rest of us suffer the consequences. men look at ALL women and see them as for sale because of a small minority. i for one don't want to be seen as for sale. it's insulting. i want someone to earn my affection with respect, not by throwing cash at me and expecting me to open my legs…

No. 48276

If they are being bled dry because of pussy than they are idiots. Maybe if you had a different attitude you would get some. No one wants to fuck a misogynistic brat.

No. 48277

It's not just about a man. It's about childreen. Living in broken, one parent family is shit unless one parent was really heavy abuser, like s/he beat the shit out of others, drank nearly to death etc. You have to think about whole family. Not just yourself, not just kids, not just your partner. Whole family is important.

I was raised by single mother and really, it sucks. No idea how it works out for girls, but women can't raise boys for shit. I'm not even sure if I truly love her. I was fucking pathetic for most of my life and only around age of 20 I decided to man up because I was so mad at myself for being such pussy. I started to decide on my own, not give a fuck about lot of stuff, discard lot of her "teachings", thought about masculine ideal, something to aim for, and my life improved drastically. Even women started to become interested in me only after I took my life in my own hands.
And these kids from broken homes are also girls who will become adult women later.
And no, "new father" in form of second marriages etc isn't the same. In fact, lot of childreen can't accept it and rebel against the new member of the "family".

I have memories from really early childhood, when my parents were arguing, but we still lived together. I remember my father taking me to the basement where all the cool tools were and showing how you work with wood, he was interested in all my early building and crafting stuff and we talked a lot about it, he was playing games with me and climbing the trees to shake them to make the chestnuts drop from them so we could play with them. Which woman does that? They all say "I'm bad at math, can't help you" when you talk about tech stuff, they don't play games, they don't climb trees, they won't teach you how to operate chainsaw or change the tire. And all of this was taken away from me, making me for almost 20 years fucking useless pussy. I'm getting fucking mad at myself, at my mother and at the western culture when I think about that. The very few memories I have with my father are fucking precious and more important with any of those I have with my mother or her later partners.
Not to mention that single parent is almost always work > home chores > sleep and you don't even have the time for your kids. And you can't compensate that with expensive gifts and money. My mother tried that with my younger brother and he ended up even more fucked up than me, ran away from home, sued her for alimony (who knows, maybe you'll get to know how it feels to get sued for cash by your own kid if you'll make the same parental mistakes) and no one even knows where the fuck he is right now. And because I'm probably also broken, I don't even care where he is. But this apparently isn't "normal".

Then those broken kids become adults, get into offices and run countries, product goods etc. I as well suspect myself of being slightly broken because I noticed I have almost no empathy towards lot of people while everyone else seem to have, I'm almost aways found rude and crude by others, the kids I'm about to teach in primary school told someone they're scared of me and don't want to be taught by me. I'm not sure, but I might be that type of person dictator would make his "trusty right hand for dirty work" and leave me the job of pacifying protesters or watching interrogations with tortures because whenever I put myself in such situation, and I wouldn't feel bad about it. In fact, I feel excited at the thought of ordering some police force to mercilessly beat the shit out of certain groups of people or put an end to the wars to establish total domination by violence, most likely genocide because it simply seems like the fastest and pretty efficient way. But apparently these tendencies aren't valued in todays world, and I like the system. It isn't perfect, but living in the world with order, technology etc benefits me greatly. Most of the people against the system are fucking deluded and waste of air.

So yeah, would you want to live in a world ruled by broken people who might lack empathy, certain social skills or men being worried to get dirty and leaving you to clean the shitstains in the WC because toilet brush seems like something that is covered with bacteria (and women notoriously tell boys to not touch anything because there're bacterias and dirt everywhere, and they'll have more work washing their clothes again)? Do you want to fuck up life for your own kids? Who is more important: you, or your kids? Lot of these mysogynistic creeps and losers women complain about so much are products of single parenthood. You can't always think about quick profit. Right now lot of people, including our generation, suffer because lot of corporations and companies put bets on quick buck insetad of thinking about long-time strategy and profits. Even fucking vidya industry slowly collapses because games are getting more shit over time due to tendency to focus on quick buck by spewing lot of fucking reskins with dumbed down gameplay and copied mechanics and content from other games. Almost all new MMORPGs are awful and can't hold big population for more than 1-2 years.

If you only want to think about yourself, better become/keep being whore, just a hole to fuck, your whole life and don't ruin life for some man and your potential kids. And don't complain when you'll have hard time finding decent man who doesn't want to be with someone with such values.
I really wonder if the biological clock is a thing and how it'll affect your decisions in 10-20 years, and if you'll regret it.

No. 48278

>Men are the ones who have to pay for your body if women like you keep putting a price on it
>men have to pay

But they don't have to? If women don't want to have sex with you, it is your personal shortcomings, not hers.

But the fact remains that men do feel entitled to it, hence the fact why the will literally pay to have sex and to simulate a girlfriend experience.

They don't have to do this. They could just jerk it off into a sock, but no, they feel entitled to it so when they can't get it willingly from women, they buy it.

No. 48279

Those 2 things don't go in pair. If it was entitlement, they wouldn't pay for it, but demand for free, and who knows, maybe take it themselves by force. Those animals flooding the Europe are entitled. /r9k/ is entitled. Fucks like Elliot Rodger are entitles. People who pay for sex and "girlfriend experience" are either desperate, have shitty values, or don't give a fuck.

No. 48280

Nice projection you got there, robot.

>either desperate, have shitty values, or don't give a fuck.
They are all of those things, and yes it is entitlement.

They try getting it for free. They play Mr. Nice guy, and go "how dare she not reward me with sex for buying her dinner and taking her on a date and not treating her like livestock! where is my sex!" and "I listen to her feelings and thoughts, where is my sex!!!" and when this shitty attitude doesn't get them sex, they finally just buy it. It's still entitlement.

No. 48281

Both posts are mine. Do you really think I'd bash the board I'd come from? I'm not even a robot. But yeah, you didn't have to know that.

Also no, what you describe is giving up with entitlement out of desperation and making transaction, buying something. Learn the definition, you dumb slut
>The belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment
Click the link and check other hard words like "privilege" or "inherently", I think you might need it.

Are you entitled when you buy fucking rolls for breakfast or new clothes? No? Then guys paying for sex also aren't. They're desperate, but not entitled.

I don't know if some women are that stupid and deluded, or you're just baiting.

No. 48282

File: 1448480044196.gif (965.32 KB, 500x319, kojese.gif)

>I might be that type of person dictator would make his "trusty right hand for dirty work"
edgelord alert lmao like why are you even here, you sound like a total beta and super sexist. do you think us wimminz give a shit what someone like you thinks? nah.

No. 48283

So you're this anon
from 2 days ago.

You seem to have a desperate need to educate us sluts, huh. Move on.

As for me? I didn't have sex until I got married, and not because of some contrived belief in morals and virtues. I just didn't want to get STDs.

But you know who is even grosser than guys who buy sex? guys who obsess over virgins. Guys who want pure maidens. Because not only do they feel entitled to sex, they feel entitled with sex with only "clean" girls, because they're such worthy and good and chivalrous "men". They tend to be the biggest misogynistic neck beard sexists as well. Go figure. And from your posts, you 100% fit the description to a T.

No. 48284

Thanks for confirming what I said: something that I find like an exciting idea is considered "edgy" by someone who apparently thinks of him/herself as a normal. This is why I suspect I might be broken and that shitty childhood might be the the cause, especially that every now and then you get statistics given by police or something, stating that people from single parent homes tend to more often end up in jail, commit suicides etc.

Also nice debating/discussing skills you got there. So cool, such wow :^)

No one was saying anything about virgins. We were discussing whores. Sex is normal in relationship and sometimes shit happens and relationship can't handle it. The problem starts when all of your relationships break rapidly one after another. Then it means either you make poor choices and pick shitty partners, or you yourself ruin everything. I'd say that's a warning sign, no matter if it's man or a woman.

No. 48285

Serious question, why do you have such a hate boner right now. If you're so enlightened and progressive, just don't get into relationships with these types of women (assuming they'd ever even want to date you specifically in the first place).

Why do you want everyone else to hate them too? I don't believe a woman's value is based on whether she does or does not have lots of sex, so i refuse to demonize them on such stupid standards, so apparently that makes me a 'dumb slut.'

No. 48286

1. Because that's what people do: argue. If you treat everyone like "tastes" then it all comes down to
>I like X
>I like Y
then end of discussion. That's fucking boring. Arguing is fun. And when you manage to convince someone you get some extra good feels. Don't tell me you didn't convince anyone ever and don't know how it feels. Achieving goals feels really fucking good.

2. These are real problems. They have bad consequences that affect not only the ones who do this stupid shit. They affect lot of people. It's like saying "if you find people who overspeed so bad, why not just drive normal speed yourself?". The only difference is one is formally backed by power structure in form of a government and laws, the other isn't.

>I don't believe a woman's value is based on whether she does or does not have lots of sex, so i refuse to demonize them on such stupid standards

Relationships and attraction aren't one sided mechanisms. I can choose to not demonize men for bad decisions, ugly looks or other stuff as well and claim women are shallow for not wanting bad quality men. There should be balance between what you expect and what you offer, and people should stive to improve. It comes down to choice. And if you make a choice, you have to face the consequences. Yet, lot of people bitch that no one wants them, claims there's no good men or women anymore etc without refusing to improve themselves.
To you it looks like I want to spread hate. To me it looks like I want to make more people happy by facing the reality and adjusting to it.

No. 48287

Can't really argue with women, mate.
Their minds are similar to children and will start calling out ad hominems as soon as they feel threatened, and can't prove you wrong, like children.

No. 48288

Men wanting to fuck you to the point of harassing you on an every-day basis in the workplace is a fucking burden. Usually they get away with it because they hold a higher-paying job, higher social status than the young women that they target, and are seen as more 'credible' because of their age and/or work history (seniority). Nobody should have to put up with that shit.
Men don't have to pay for sex, but they choose to. They can just make an OKCupid profile or something & go out on regular dates like the rest of us. But the men who decide to pay for sex usually are forced to do so because their treatment of women is so offensive that nobody will put up with it without receiving compensation in return. Capisce?

No. 48289

But marriage has nothing to do with children. Children don't have to be a factor. If you're barren? no1curr. If you decide to have a child while single, and are financially able to support its existence? no1curr. If you're a homosexual with absolutely no interest in raising a family? Go ahead, get hitched, no1curr.
But me, if I found out I was pregnant, knowing that I do not have the means to support another human life in a financially stable environment, I would abort. Even if I lived in a state where abortions were illegal, I would starve myself until my body gave up the fetus. You do not have an obligation to raise a child just because you're married, either, if either partner isn't ready for it.
Sorry your mom sucked, but don't blame it on 'bitches and whores', you have to hold people personally accountable for their actions, as well as realize that the actions of one person do not speak for the gender that they represent. Just because your mom was a shit-tier single parent doesn't mean that there aren't single parents out there doing a great job. Sorry you blame her for being 'broken', but you also have to admit that you're approaching this issue with considerable personal bias instead of from an objective point of view.

No. 48290

Not everyone. When I discovered lolcow few months ago, I was surprised there are so many women with actually balanced, well thought out opinions. Usually you don't see women in the internet, partially because they hide well in gender-neutral language in english where both men and women use one word, while in, for example, slavic languages you can easily spot if it's woman or men by looking at the suffixes. The other reason the moment woman appears, instantly she's barraged with replies from thirsty fucks. I wouldn't want to be put in such stuations and be so "special".
And lot of the women you see are tumblr tier lunatics, probably because they're very vocal (which is the only thing they're good at: sceaming).

>If you decide to have a child while single, and are financially able to support its existence? no1curr
Read post you quoted again. I've written wall of text on how single parent homes are shitty despite trying to compensate by giving their kids expensive gifts.

>the actions of one person do not speak for the gender that they represent

This would be the case if it wasn't visible in many broken homes. Please google "single parent household effect on childreen" and pick your lecture. Almost every fucking article, on multiple sites shows you that these problems I mentioned repeat over and over again in single parent homes. There's clearly high correlation. Single parenting when there's no real abuse like beating the shit out of family members on daily basis, extreme alcoholism etc is putting kid into disadvantaged position at fucking start of its life. No money can compensate that. Money can't buy everything. Tell me: would it be possible for me to buy your love for example?

And my mother most likely didn't fuck up on purpose. It's just how things work. Just like you can't hit the nail with gas - it naturaly doesn't have abilities and characteristics allowing that.

You people have to realize we're part of fucking nature and there're natural, basic needs if you want your child to grow healthy. One or few of those needs are tied with having certain gender figures in your life, having both parents, having someone with certain, similar mindset, some biological stuff like being able to "sense" related hormones or whatever the fuck it is. I only know basics of psychology and have no idea in biology so I can't tell you what exactly it is, but there certainly is connection. Practics, reality shows it. And science is our tool to find out what exactly it is and make our lives better by preventing this shit.

>But marriage has nothing to do with children.

In theory, yes. You're right, marriage alone is either just formal agreement/contract/however you want to call it that might benefit you tax-wise or something, or just religious thing, but in practice most marriages were, and are having childreen. Life isn't game, you can't restart it and build everything from scratch. You have to build and change what was built before, what already is there, and this often isn't as easy. Marriages are still having lot to do with childreen.

And I wouldn't be so sure about abortion if I was you. Pregnancy and giving birth can really mess with the chemicals in your brain. I've talked with young, pregnant girl which wanted to commit suicide after her husband died in car accident. I ignored her moans about suicide, once told her that I have no intention in keeping her alive, I don't care about her, but as a citizen, I might be obligated by law to call police to make sure she doesn't kill herself which scared her and she put her plans of committing suicide away. I told her that when she'll give birth, she'll most likely change her mind. And it turned out I was right. Later she was telling me how happy she is, how hey son has lot of features after his father and how this child gave her sense in life.
Besides, we need childreen. Someone has to work to keep your ass alive when you'll be old, wrinkled, 80yo granny in a wheelchair.

Also I think right now many people in the west live overexpensive life. I noticed you can cut lot of expenses and find lot of fun and enjoyment in really simple things. I saw happy family of students, living in a university dormitory with their child. They didn't have their own homes, maybe they didn't have a car, no idea if they could afford expensive toys, but they gave the child enormous amount of non-material stuff that is also extremely important.
Also not that long ago, just 2-3 generations back big homes with 3-4 generations weren't anything incommon. Basically kids, their parents, grandparents who usually built the house, and grand-grandparents who were so old the rest of the family took them in to take care of them, while giving away their house to different parents within the family who happened to have the most kids or were best suited to take care of the home with its surrounding. Fuck, even my neighbours live in 3-generation house. It is possible to have stable family without your own house, car and really high paying jobs, which most people consider basics.

Fuck, I love lack of text limitations here.

No. 48291

There are plenty of people from single parent homes that aren't fucked and have empathy. If you lack empathy there is something terribly wrong. As crazy as I am I still have it. Stop blaming your home life that a lot of people have on being defunct.

No. 48292

Please, try to wrap your mind around the idea of statistics, proportions and probability.

No. 48293

Your experience in a single parent home was shitty. Not everyone's was. I know a number of people who were raised by single parents (usually their moms, because it's easiest for them to get custody) or shuttled back and forth between divorcees. They don't all end up 'broken'. In some situations, they even grow to respect the parent that sticks around because they realize, after gaining more life experience, that raising a child by yourself requires twice the effort as raising a kid with a partner. Not everyone can afford/is capable of putting forth that emotional effort, which is why it ends up putting stress on the child in many situations. I simply emphasis my own financial concerns in my former argument because I consider it extremely disadvantageous in a purely objective, materialistic sense for both parent and child in that situation if the individual who chooses to raise a child is not financially solvent.
But again, you're redirecting the original argument: getting married isn't necessarily about raising children. It's about commitment between partners. It used to be about survival, now it's a romantic gesture between lovers. If you make a lifelong commitment to another human being because you want a visa or fucking tax breaks or alimony something, there's something kind of messed up with you. There's way more baggage to that commitment than just 'pop out babies and clean up house.' You seem to romanticize the idea of idyllic family life because you consider your own experience to have deeply flawed. Even in traditional nuclear families, it's rarely as simple as you'd like to make it out to be. You know what your idea of a 'good family' looks like from the outside, but you don't know anything about what goes on behind closed doors: whether they fight, whether they're in debt, whether their kids are doing drugs or selling their bodies, whether the parents live in a state of oblivious denial or are actually engaged in the lives of the children that they raised.
You use these examples to try to prove your point about how great & advantageous marriage is (therefore how evil & worthless being a sugar baby is? idk how we even got off on such a tangent), but if everything else you related about your life is true, you're hardly in a position to give advice on how to properly conduct one's personal relationships.

No. 48294

This is why you can't get laid. You have to realize everyone is different. I am sorry you can't handle that the way you are isn't just because you were raised by a single mother. Maybe your mom sucked (I have no idea because you honestly are so fucked she might have been great and you just blame her) but there are plenty of great single parents.

No. 48295

Cool blog post but what does single parenting have to do with sugar babies? If they get preggo most will get an abortion.

No. 48296

Have you googled effects of single parenthood on childreen? Of course there will be some successful, but compared to normal families, single parent families very often are worse. It's unnecessary, high risk that fucks up people's lives.

I might romanticize, but as I've said my parents were living together while arguing before divorcing. They argued for few years. Of course I hated when they argued, but, as a boy, having father in home was something really important. I don't even remember times when they weren't arguing. I just know that even if you argue every now and then, but make up later, having whole family together is something you can't compensate with anything else.

Original argument was whoring yourself, not marrying =/= childreen. Someone was upset about what I posted and limited the wide range of values (because I was talking about values, pretty broad term which doesn't include only marriage stuff) to just marriage, calling it
>confining yourself to a traditional monogamous life-long commitment solely in order to satisfy a man's inherent possessiveness & also biological imperative to unleash his genes upon the world… I don't see much of an advantage in that for the woman
and I replied to that. It just coincidence that those values are also crucial for stable families. Whores simply aren't good wife material in man's eyes. Just you might think that certain characteristics and traits in men make them bad husband material and don't want to have anything in common with them, maybe even you'd be glad if they didn't exist.

By your logic, if you don't have your own kids and stable relationship, and I can bet high % of users don't have it because most of you are most likely young, western women which just don't have it often these days, you can't talk about relationships and stuff, thus your opinion might also be useless.
Also no idea about the west, but here when you're in training to become teacher, you get to learn about lot of stuff of that kind, also from people who actually have families on their own, are avaible to test massive amount of cases etc. So I guess I might be in position to give advices about it, because I pass it from people who professionally work with that kind of stuff.

But I have no problem getting laid. And if you read my posts, you'd know I said that my mother most likely tried her best and didn't want to do any harm, but she fucked up because that's how things work.

No. 48297

Please stop shitting up the thread with your blog posts. Your rants about your childhood have nothing to do with the topic. Go get therapy or post on r9k, they all think like you over there.

No. 48298

I want the pretentious robot fag in this thread to GTFO.

No. 48299

No. 48300

Ok? Good for you? If you don't like it just don't do it. Simples.

No. 48301

Your original argument was
>whoring shits on certain values that turned out to work out
anon's response was 'what, you mean marriage?'
>implying that 'whoring' threatens romantic monogamous commitments between women and men who choose to seek them out
>also implying that 'whores' are incapable of forging their own romantic monogamous commitments outside of their 'work life'

anon then asked you to elaborate on what advantages for women you believe exist if they choose to honor these 'certain values' that turn to 'work out'.
You respond by blogging about your upbringing in a broken home, dislike for your single mother, and inability to empathize with other humans.
Do you see where your argument doesn't exactly follow?

No. 48302

Blogpost is only anectodal evidence. What you should focus on are statistics considering massive amount of cases. I've already said what to google.

But I said what advantages for women exist. You don't fuck up lives of little girls who become women when they grow up (also think how would you feel as a child if other kids from your class would call your mother whore or jerk off to her porn and you wouldn't be able to deny that, because you'd know it's truth, tip: it happens and it fucks up peoples lives) and you're more worthy in the eyes of men if you decide to be with one, because lot of men don't want to risk marrying sluts or other women with shitty values that are more likely to leave them. By whoring yourself, it's you who make of yourself just hole to fuck, an object, not men. It's you who decides to quit the competition and become someone "unworthy" of love. So even if whores are capable of quitting it or leaving it at work and decide to seek romantic feeling, it doesn't mean they'll find it, or find it with men why'd want to. Not being a whore is simply good for woman in the long run, unless you don't mind being some lesbo or catlady. But then you're just another weight on society because you didn't provide the system with a child who would contribute and pay the taxes so you could live a better life when you're old. It's just selfish.

No. 48303

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.

No. 48304

Could you be anymore insufferable? Are you autistic? Have aspergers? Have a fedora sewn to your scalp? All of your posts here are 100% cringe. I'm so embarrassed for you that you can't take any hints. Fuck all the way off, for the love of god.

No. 48305

I think he's autistic. Inability to take cues, lack of empathy, essays about whatever the fuck he's going on about…his poor mother.

No. 48306

If it's your job to have sex, when you get home to your spouse, you probably aren't gonna be in the mood. You may be sore and emotionally exhausted. When sex is 'work' it takes all of the fun out of it. In a relationsip, men tend to take it somewhat personally if you aren't in the mood. When you're having sex all day long and aren't in the mood and just want to relax by time you get home, I imagine there's gonna be some bitterness there. Your man is gonna feel jealous and insecure, thinking things like 'What if that john is a better lover than me? What if his dick is bigger? What if she fell for someone else?' I feel like for guys, having sex deepens love and they assume its the same for women, which it should be, but doing it all the time decreases the significance of the act.

No. 48307

>implying that having children simply for the sake of having a safety net in your old age doesn't just burden society and/or yourself as well
>implying it wouldn't be better to abort or die alone if the alternative was having a kid who grew up like you
Just fucking save up for your own retirement like a normal independent individual, don't have kids if you can't take care of them, don't have kids with the expectation that they'll be forced to shoulder the burden of caring for your decrepit ass in their prime years of adulthood.
Btw, if someone didn't want to marry me because they thought I was a 'whore', I'd honestly consider myself to have dodged a bullet. I don't want a man who judges my value as a person based on my sexual history. Bodies are just worthless meat suits, it's only those who ascribe value to them based on their sexual 'desirability' that get as offended as you do when people 'misuse' their meatsuit (i.e. 'you're using your procreative assets for your own benefit when you should be getting MARRIED to good men like ME and making BABIES for ME or else you're a FILTHY WHORE')
Do you not see the hypocrisy in calling someone else selfish because they are not serving you in achieving your personal, selfish desires? You don't know what their motivations or consequence were for making those 'bad' choices, but you're all too happy to condemn them for it.
Btw, you'd be surprised how many men don't think the way you do, & are perfectly willing to forgive the women they love for the choices that you seem to think of as irredeemable acts of evil.

No. 48308

>implying saved money will actually do work
Coins and paper don't bake bread and perform surgeries.

>men having standards is bad

Well, then I guess women not wanting pathetic men are also shitty.

>implying it serves just me

It serves society. Both of us are part of said society.

If many men thought like you say they do, calling out whores wouldn't be so common.

No. 48309

File: 1448594737447.jpg (29.16 KB, 430x327, 4268677.jpg)

Holy shit there's so many salty whores in this thread. Must feel pretty bad knowing that you've sold your dignity for a few schmeckles.

No. 48310

Salty whores? All I see is one particularly lulsy robot angry that women won't fuck their pond-scum ass for free.

No. 48314

>coins and paper don't bake bread and perform surgery
actually, they do
or rather, they provide incentive for those services to be performed. Or do you think that we live in a society where everybody works for the common good out of the altruism in their heart? get real.
not to mention that it provides incentive to gain skills. most people, whether they admit it or not, who train for positions in highly skilled job fields do so purely for the comfortable lifestyle the paychecks in those fields provide, rather than because they're really excited about saving lives or defending justice.

>men having standards is bad

point out where it was stated 'standards are bad'?
everybody has standards, but some standards, such as those dependent solely upon personal bias, such as those that evaluate a woman's 'worth' based on who she's chosen to fuck in the past, are completely arbitrary and meaningless except to those who make the personal decision to adopt them.
you're trying to speak for all men by saying 'nobody wants women like this' when really you should be saying 'I don't want women like this'. Which is fine; again, standards aren't a bad thing, but don't pretend that yours speak for the rest of the males on this earth.
and just to reiterate: we wouldn't fuck you, either. not because of your sexual history, because who gives a fuck? but just because of your personality.
actually, you remind me a lot of the guys who end up becoming sugar daddies. they fail to realize that their own behavior is so objectionable that it is actually repulsive to women who are seeking real relationships, so finally they acknowledge that the only way they will ever experience even a simulation of a 'relationship' is by bribing a woman with copious amounts of cash.

>implying having children serves society

there are way too many people out there already, and far too few opportunities for them to 'serve society'. It is incredibly arrogant to assume that it is only adding your genes to the mix that will improve society. If you're that concerned about the world, start off with adopting or something if you really believe the 'but the children will save society!' stance has any validity. You think being in a single parent household fucks you up? Try having a no-parent household, raised in a system that shunts you from foster home to foster home without ever establishing real relationships with your caregivers. bonus points: you will always have something to guilt that kid with if they ever try to escape your planned intent of forcing them to look after you in your twilight years.

No. 48317


no one is going to marry you at this rate, senpai.

No. 48331

Well, I thought about having a sugardaddy at some point. I'm physically disabled and walking/standing for long periods of time are just not possible for me. As a result, I've been unable to work. Disability helps but not enough to move out of where I'm currently living. I toyed with the idea of having a SD but in the end I couldn't do it. I know my boyfriend would be really against it (he won't even agree with me camming.) He never really tries to control me and said I can do what I want, but I'd rather keep him happy. It'd be nice to be able to afford to live somewhere else but it's not worth putting any strain on my relationship. If I DID get into the whole SD thing, I don't think people calling me a slut and looking down on me would bother me much. I was a slutty teenager so being called a slut has never really bothered me. Whatever.

No. 48333

Can someone explain this sugar daddy business to me? Where do you find them? Do you have to have sex with them or not? Do you have to be outgoing and have charisma? Do you have to know how to carry a conversation without giving intricacies to your own life?

No. 48364

>or rather, they provide incentive for those services to be performed. Or do you think that we live in a society where everybody works for the common good out of the altruism in their heart? get real.
That's my whole point. You still need manpower. You need childreen. And you need them enough to replace dying generations. If you get 1 specialist for every few dozens of hundreds of people, depending on the job, there's possibility it won't be enough.

Me spewing out my opinions isn't that much different from women posting shit about males on the internet or social media. That's what people do: express themselves. And tbh, I find standards based on person's choice less shallow than standards based on something you can't change, like for example height, because one says something about personality of that person, gives you some hint what you can expect, the other is just something you're stuck with.

>there are way too many people out there already, and far too few opportunities for them to 'serve society'.

Wrong. There're too many people in Africa and Asia. In Europe and maybe NA you get turks, eastern europeans, asians and spics working in shitty jobs, in eastern europe you get for example ukreainians, belarussians and russians working these jobs. We actually have to import people to make our system stable. Civilized world actually doesn't produce enough people to sustain itself, and importing people from outside is bad idea because these people don't integrate and come from toxic cultures that are the reason their homes are shit in the first place. This just leads to dragging civilized world down to the level of all the shitholes.

So problem isn't with too many people, but with this consumerism pushed on people by corporation based media. Greedy fucks at the top want to maximize profits (and that's what people do if you look closer: maximize everything) and want to cut wages and make people to buy more. You're barraged with shit like fashion, cosmetics, changing car/phone/whatever every fucking year, consumption based entertainment etc. All of this requires money. What you mean by no opportunities is actually no way to match standard you see in TV series in which young people after uni get wel paying jobs, afford house and new car easily and party. Life alone actually isn't THAT expensive, people have been living without lot of shit we have today, and they had lot of entertainment. The difference is that this entertainment wasn't so consumption focused. Kids playing with sticks, board games for whole families lasting for years, drawing, crafting small stuff, often from leftovers or sticks and logs found outside, music, reading, sports, there were lot of activities that didn't require money (or required minimum amount) and lasted for long time. Now even fucking gym passes cost. You pay for nightclub entrance, pay for alcohol, and you throw away couple dozens of bucks just for 1 night. People in the west live in a bubble. They're too spoiled and too entited. They want to have everything, but don't want to work shitty jobs. And there's too many greedy fucks at the top of the economic food chain. These are the problems, not overpopulation, especially in the west.

As I've said, one of the things I blame are media turning brains into liquid shit filled with utopian ideas and inflated life expectations.

No. 48379

So you hate western consumer culture but then also think that immigrants from other, less consumer-driven cultures are going to 'drag us down' into a shithole, because no immigrant can possibly contribute any value to 'civilized' society, completely disregarding the possibility that they might bring any skills or assets with them, or the motivation to gain them.
so basically you're just saying that everyone is shit except for you.
you know, I was trying to debate with you like you weren't the autistic robot that everyone else itt wrote you off as, but I'm giving up. You are in desperate need of professional help if you see nothing wrong with the way you view the world.

No. 48380

File: 1448679106486.jpg (20.73 KB, 200x200, clorbob.jpg)

Could everyone stop replying to this guy? He's derailed the thread enough with his /pol/-tier muh degeneracy shit

No. 48391

most find them online.
whether you have sex or not depends on how strictly you set forth your own rules and whether you enforce them.
They will usually pressure you for sex.
If you're not having sex, excellent conversation/ego-boosting will be expected. They want companionship.
If there's ever a point that you feel uncomfortable, back the fuck out. Always have a getaway plan.
Don't divulge too much personal information (your full name, where you live, etc.) on the first couple of dates until you feel comfortable with your sd.
There was seriously a guy in my hometown who got arrested last year because he was luring 'sugar babies' to his gated estate, drugging them, raping them until they bled, and then threatening to kill them and dump their bodies in the woods if they went to the police.
The saddest part is that he's rich, so he can afford the best lawyers, and they're probably going to get him off scott-free for it.

No. 48392

Whoa, post sauce?

No. 48410

we should try mass reporting him, that's what I did. Maybe it'll work and he'll stop derailing the thread

No. 48427

West didn't get so far by whoring itself. Right now we're in the recession.
Other cultures are the reason these shitholes are so shit people want to immigrate to the west in the first place.
There's also topic of quality of immigration. Letting basically everyone come is retarded as fuck. Letting educated specialists isn't that bad. But unfortunatelly right now majority of immigration are primitive fucks who corporations hope to use as cheap manpower. This is the kind of immigration that leeches your tax money through welfare, rapes women, steals, create ghettos and act like cancer in general.

The point is to revert to the values that made west grow and develop.

No. 48432

Don't do that.

No. 48434

No. 48436

OP here

I've just looked through this thread now and actually whispered "What have i created?"

k well

have fun

No. 48449


Did you actually whisper "What have I created?" or did you just say it in your head but say you said it out loud.

Be honest now.

No. 48453

I would like to know this as well, young ma'am.

No. 48457

Is he breaking any rules?

No. 48465

Burn this thread to the ground. Release us.

No. 48493

>implying that I'm not rated 9/10 at 23, multiple dating options at my beck and call, while my ex-pretty-ex-classmates are pushing 190lb, fighting with their highschool sweetheart husbands and/or divorced, and pregnant again with the second kid.

No. 48597

In the process of getting one. I literally have SA open in the other tab

No. 48610

how is this even relevant?
look, dude, i get it, you're trying hard. but memes don't come around just because you decide to spam them across the entire board. you can't force it.

No. 48626

No. 49154


Yep. Became a cam-whore because of this.

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