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File: 1447548712400.jpg (104.17 KB, 640x342, 1447525845485-0.jpg)

No. 46824

Fellow Americans, the refugees have arrived in New Orleans. All of them are men 18 - 30! Those poor, poor defenseless refugees!

They're being spread across the united states. Mostly in Texas and California, but some are going to Alaska, Arizona, New York, New Hampshire, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, and many small towns across the United States.

Check the link below to see if they're coming to a city or little town near you!



No. 46838

>New Orleans
Hope the niggers bust a cap in they asses

No. 46842

They're being spread all over the US. I found out they're going to a city where my sister lives and she has to walk by this refugee center as she walks to work. She walks to and from work in the evening - early morning. I'm freaking out.

No. 46846

Wow, this makes me really uncomfortable. There's gonna be so many of them in florida.

God, I would almost just vote for Donald to ship all their asses back.

No. 46851

Looks like I'm fucked. So many in my area that it makes me sick.

No. 46853

I'm actually pretty worried they're spreading these slimes to Maine. This state was once almost completely white, but they've started shipping in Africans and now these guys. I thought this was the only safe state left.

No. 46856

They're going to be so close to where I live, fuck.

No. 46861

No. 46864

Oh the fuck well

No. 46868

File: 1447562011686.jpg (2.66 KB, 160x160, AbeOik6.jpg)

You dip shit I'm not even from storm front.
I'm sorry if I don't want another 9/11 let alone just a bunch of fucking men. Women and children I get but there's no need for 100,000 men to be shipped over.

No. 46869

Links to conservative sites don't really help that particular point, but anyway why are they mostly male? Did all the women and children die???? Im all for refugees and immigrants and whatever but it does make me wonder.

No. 46870

Huh, so there's one of these centers about two miles away from me, and two more located about three miles away. Am I supposed to be scared and outraged now?

No. 46871

This shit is not going to end well. The majority of these organizations are Christian or Jewish. We all know how much these savages hate them.

No. 46872

The women and children are waiting in the camps in the middle east, I guess. Once the men get housing etc and get proper paperwork they can bring the women/kids over.

At least that's how it works with the migrating refugees in Europe. Not sure if the American cases are different regarding timing and provision of paperwork etc needed to bring family over.

If these are all single males, I got nothing.

No. 46873

One of these is near my college. An all woman's college. I can't wait to get to use my pepper spray and taser to fight off rapists.

WTF is this country thinking?!

No. 46883


Count yourself fortunate.
In the UK pepper spray and tasers are illegal and will send you on a merry trip to ye ol' gaol.

No. 46894

What the flaming fuck? How in the hell do they expect you to defend yourselves over there? Pepper spray and teasers aren't exactly guns.

No. 46903

Finland reporting, pepper spray and tazers are illegal here too and defending yourself most likely gets you convicted for assault. Europe is pretty fucked up when it comes to self-defense laws. The easiest route is to have something in your purse that isn't really a weapon but can be used as one (such as scissors) in case someone attacks so you can't be claimed as the initiator. Or get one of those alarm keychains that start beeping loud as hell when you press the button.

No. 46904

Usually these guys hit it off with some desperate native woman and get married. As soon as they got their visa from the marriage, they get the hell out and invite their actual family over.

No. 46909

Hah ,10.000 ?? Im living in Germany and they will admit 10.000.000 refugees until 2020

No. 46910

But wouldn't USA do a good background check on those people?
I mean it's not like our European politicians who said "Everyone come to Europe, the door is open for you" like the retarded Merkel & co.

No. 46916


They don't expect you to defend yourself, they expect you to cower into a ball at the mercy of your attacker and just cooperate in the hopes they don't try to escalate it.

You should Google the UK case of the farmer who, subject to repeated burglaries from the same gang, bought a shotgun to deter them.
Well the next time they came he was waiting, and he fired in their direction. He accidentally caught one in an artery in his leg who later died, and the farmer was prosecuted for murder, later reduced to manslaughter, and served 3 years in prison.


UK a shit. The bigwigs in their ivory towers don't give a fuck about us peasants.

No. 46917


Oh and the burglars? Ducking filthy travellers/gypos.
The farmer now lives in a secret location because theirs a price on his head from the "travelling community" who's son it was that died.

No. 46933

I can vouch for this. I had a mentally disabled cousin that married some old ass Egyptian man who she stupidly believed loved her when everyone else saw otherwise. He was a shitty person overall, verbally anusive, controlling, the whole package. He was waiting by the mailbox almost everyday after the 3 year mark waiting for his green card and then she finally realized she was being used after he brought his wife, children and other family over to live in the other small house she has behind the main one. Everyone in the family kept trying to talk her into a divorce because she was being used but she wouldn't listen until her retarded mind finally saw him for what he was. Sadly, she died shortly after but her brothers and cousins were finally able to get immigration after his ass for deportation since before she passed, she was starting the process to divorce him for a sham marriage. Shipped him and his family's ass back to Egypt and from what I've heard, he has come back trying to try it with another unsuspecting woman and is stupidly wasting money trying to get his now deceased wife's property. Needless to say, his ass got eaten alive in court,

The hell?! Good god. I'm going to try getting my boyfriend out of the U.K. ASAP once he's done with university. He lives in a nice area near his university and I never felt unsafe while there on vacation but still man, going to try finding him a software internship ASAP since this is his last year.

No. 46935

don't you need to wait like five years to get a visa? you also need to do an interview. it's not an easy process. believe me, i've done research on it.

No. 46936

Depends on the country. In mine I think you need to be married to a native and nothing else is required.

No. 46937

10,000? You amerifags are getting off lightly. You won't even notice them.

No. 46939

>You won't even notice them.

It's not only 10,000. They shipped in the first 10,000. Obama released a tweet that he wants to get 100,000 in the US soon.

No. 46971

It's 10,000 a year, so basically nothing compared to the swamp euro is swimming in.

Don't worry my american friend, you guys will be fine.

No. 46980

File: 1447636001536.jpg (95.22 KB, 781x779, wheel's feels.jpg)

>Obama released a tweet that he wants to get 100,000 in the US soon
Why does Obama hate the US?

No. 46981

File: 1447636377107.jpg (61.53 KB, 657x572, potus-syria.jpg)

Because ~it's the American way~ to help everyone except their own citizens.

I'm furious that these sand apes are going to receive benefits, but my disabled mother with MS and various other problems cannot.

No. 46982

Im really sorry about the situation with your mother anon. I hope it'll improve for you.

No. 46983

That is bullshit. I hope things get better for your family.

So when this backfires and US citizens are harassed, raped, and/or murdered by these sacks of shit, will Obama care then? Or will it be the American duty to carry the rapebabies and see them as a blessing?

No. 46984

Obama is a goddamn lunatic. I bet his administration is shitting themselves over their decision after the recent Paris attack.

No. 46986

Dear god, someone I hope this shit somehow gets blocked. I'm a liberal but there's a point where this shit goes way too far!!!

No. 46992

Yep, my mom has been fighting her disability for 2 years now, and to think we're importing people over to pay for. How progressive!

No. 46994

Unfortunately things won't change where I live. She used to receive checks, but those got taken away because where I live if you want disability checks and/or food stamps you have to have to have a job on the side or do community service for 20 hours a week. Even a doctor's note didn't help. You have to go to a doctor assigned to you, which was at least an 8 month waiting period for her. When those 8 months passed, they either didn't answer her calls, or kept her on hold until they hung up and wouldn't call her back.

Yet these people are going to get free shelter, free food and possibly someone to help them find a job while my mom had to sell her deceased mother's jewelry and treasured possessions to afford food and shelter. I know it's frowned upon to post personal stories on threads not meant for it, but yes, I'm fucking mad that someone who cannot get out of bed most days is told to get a job/do community service to receive benefits while some lazy shit gets money for doing nothing. Fuck Obama and fuck this ~we'll take your poor and needy, but we won't take care of our own people~ country.

I hope your mom doesn't lose hers. It's a terrible feeling watching your parent suffer when you can barely afford to take care of yourself.

No. 46997

I feel you. I really do. I suffer from several seizures a week, was diagnosed and they still won't give me disability despite the fact that I can't get out of bed a good amount of the time. I applied and they said, "If you can go to school, you can work full-time" School has leniency toward handicapped students, you stupid government fucks!

I'm so pissed that these mooching asshats are going to get a free ride for doing absolutely nothing. Watch communities have increased spikes in crime. It's the same fucking thing that happened with Hurricane Katrina. As soon as they shipped refugees into my former (keyword: former) neighborhood, it became one of the most dangerous areas in the valley.


No. 47000

Most personal journals are frowned upon because they are typically insignificant problems. I genuinely feel for you and your mother. I understand your frustration and hope she gets the assistance she needs.

No. 47004

dumb niggers, dumb niggers everywhere
>>Jindal’s letter came at the end of a day in which multiple blogs reporting that 10,000 Syrian refugees had already made their way to New Orleans went viral. Many of the blogs were published earlier this month but appeared to gain new life following Friday’s terror attacks in Paris.
>>There have been 1,809 Syrian refugees, seeking to escape a 4-year-old civil war, admitted to the U.S. since January, according to data from the Refugee Processing Center.
>>Those who have been granted access to the U.S. have been placed in 130 towns and cities, according to a report in The New York Times. And most of those people have been single mothers and their children, religious minorities, or victims of violence or torture, according to The Times.
>>According to The Times, refugees trying to gain entry to the U.S. must first apply through the United Nations.

Before being accepted to the country, the FBI screens each applicant and completes background checks using databases run by the Defense Department and other federal agencies.

The 10,000 refugees expected to be allowed into the country in 2016 would come from 18,000 referrals the United Nations has already submitted.

More than half of those referrals are children, according to the State Department.

No. 47010


lol, but officially a child is anybody legally below the age of 18, and these migrants are absolutely notorious for lying about their ages pretending they are 16-17 years old in order to slip through the system faster and get greater benefits.

No. 47018

one of those that shop up paris was 17 I believe, so he would have been counted as a child

also they are NOTORIOUS for lying about their origins and age, because they know if they say they're under 18 they'll have an easier time with the paperwork. It's a well known issue. Guys hitting 30 pretending they're 17 and chimping out when an aid worker dares to question it.

No. 47023


That's code for a 20something dude who pretends to be 17.

No. 47025

In my country they conducted biological age tests on the refugees and about 60% claiming to be underage were caught being over 18. The shitty thing is that you can refuse the tests if you want to, they're not mandatory. It's completely fucked up. These people obviously over 25 are claiming to be 17. One dumbass who was claiming to be 17 to the reporters even left his real age on Facebook and turns out he was 21.

No. 47026

Fuck, fuck fuck!! No, keep those sandniggers out of NYC. Thank you.

No. 47027

That makes zero sense. I would rather have a way of defending myself against these mudslimes

No. 47028

This has to be a joke. What kind of fucking world do we live in when the attackers have more rights than the victims?!

No. 47029

I'm glad i didn't vote for this nigga. He's going to destroy America in his last term. I knew it.

No. 47039

>What kind of fucking world do we live in when the attackers have more rights than the victims?!
One full of regressive lefts where everyone else's feelings and rights matter more than your own. We wouldn't want to offend the attacker!

No. 47040

Governors of Texas, Michigan, Alabama, and Arkansas are all refusing to take in refugees. Wonder how far Obama is going to push this.

No. 47047

I was somewhat relieved to hear about that. I'm hoping all the other states follow suit and refuse to let them in. We don't need anymore economical leeches that'll increase the already high crime rate in this country.

No. 47048

For once, I agree with Texas and Alabama.

No. 47050

Agreed. Our economy is still in the shitter. I can barely find a part time job where I live and now we want to take in leeches to what– raise the taxes citizens already pay? Fuck this bullshit. We're becoming the land of refugees and illegals by this point.

No. 47060

Didn't some illegals try to write a new constitution to allow them rights and tried to get it passed? I may be wrong about part of that, but I remember a bunch of illegals gathered in one spot and not a single one was deported. Only in America!

Either way, watch this if you haven't yet fellow Americans. This video got copyrighted by some angry jewish company, but thankfully Gex ( the creator ) got access to it again. It's been proven Youtube even tried to cut the views in half at one point after it reached 1.2 million views. This is what we might have to deal with very, very soon.

No. 47141

File: 1447785311572.jpg (37.56 KB, 502x335, good-dontletthemin.jpg)

fuvk you, Obama

No. 48017

if you think opposing mass immigration and the destruction of western nations = stormfront you're in for a wake up call

a lot of people hold these opinions, people you know in real life

No. 48032

File: 1448410131500.jpg (88.46 KB, 800x485, -1x-1.jpg)

Why do they ignore our voice?

No. 48035

Because the government and media know better what the people should want.

Media is owned by a handful of people, it's not a far stretch

No. 48051

Muslims also pose as "Christians" in order to gain entry as well.
However, they ignore the people's voice obviously because they, nor the media, give a shit about "the people".

No. 48052

More than just a lot oppose the mass immigration honestly, it's people who welcome them all with open arms who are fueling the fire which is quickly destroying Western countries. Rape is pretty well known to have shot up 300% in Sweden and they've closed their borders at last. Now Germany's facing a heck of a lot of rapes now as they follow in Sweden's footsteps.

It's worse for Germans opposing the immigration crisis as well, what with that nazi guilt. They'll just get told they're a nazi right off the bat.

No. 48054

>It's worse for Germans opposing the immigration crisis as well, what with that nazi guilt. They'll just get told they're a nazi right off the bat.

Then maybe they should have the balls to say "ruining our country, exposing women to more rape, exposing innocent people to more crime isn't being a nazi". People cower when they're called a racist instead of standing up for themselves.

I do find it funny how it's the liberals who want the refugees here the most. The same people who think women deserve equal rights are the ones welcoming in people who think of women as less than dogs.

No. 48065

*not risking ruining our country

No. 48067

Sweden have no nazi guilt and look how they ended up. Eventually got the balls to tell them to fuck off if they couldn't find a place to stay when IKEA ran out of bed stock.

Germany hopefully will get the balls soon enough, yet even during otherwise peaceful protests, it's liberals who start fucking shit up and the "nazi's" who were protesting peacefully were the bad guys even though they weren't the ones throwing rocks.

Hopefully Angela Merkel will fall down a hole one of these days, that's a step in the right direction other than the aforementioned. They're expecting at least a million to come now, saying that their estimates were possibly wrong.

No. 48068

Also, ever noticed the SJW's and feminists never attack the refugees when they commit crimes against women or their "otherkins" or whatever the fuck they might be?
Even media try to cover it up with "Swedish national(s)" in articles even though they might only have been living there temporarily or carry dual passports.

No. 48069

That's not a fair accusation. I'm a raging feminazi and I say take in only women and young children, fuck the men refugees. bunch of rapists.

No. 48070

The kids have been trained in one way or another, there's even photos of them making their beheadings for the camera. Ahmed's first beheading birthday surprise.

And the women blow themselves up anyway, remember Paris? They also act as informants so either way, if you can keep them all out, do, because they're all a liability.

No. 49217

To be fair, that's a pretty cool birthday surprise

No. 49232

Can't they just try this shit in sandland? These refugee men are so demanding and willing to be violent.. I'm sure they could start a revolution if they really got together and worked on it.

Any man who abandons his family and country in times of war is a coward.

No. 49246


>attorney general

>i will prosecute anyone who uses anti muslim rhetoric which could inspire violence

Thought crime has finally made its way to the US!

No. 49250

i'm not sure you know what thought crime means…

No. 49254

>Arresting someone for not liking sandniggers
That's pretty thoughtcrime

No. 49256

It's already illegal to say things that incite violence. That doesn't fall under free speech. It's not illegal to say you hate Muslims, and never will be.

No. 49264

It's illegal to make a threat of violence, it's not illegal to say something that might motivate others to take up violence. "which could inspire violence" is the key word here, she's trying to prosecute all anti sandnigger rhetoric on the grounds that it could "inspire violence".

No. 49265

File: 1449288410903.png (471.25 KB, 592x263, 1449121756237.png)

>insane white kid lights up a church

>instantaneous uproar and "national conversation about racism" and confederate flag burnings and outrage

>all white people be rayciss

>people I know going on and on about gun control and racism and "I can't believe this is happening in this current year"

>obvious as fuck terrorist attack

>three days of "gee whiz, I don't know much" from government

>refuse to jump to any conclusions despite being quick as fuck to do so in other cases, even though the motive is obvious as fuck with this one compared to others

>no one I know is saying shit

>news sites suddenly a lot slower too

No. 49281

I have liberal friends who literally call every white crime an act of terrorism, but apologize every time an OBVIOUS member of the Religion of Peace-icide commits murder. Ironically, the same people, who are so not racist, declare these facts from their home which is gentrifying a once pre-dominantly black neighborhood in Manhattan.

I can't believe after the number of states that came out against taking male refugees, the federal government just let's em on in anyway. I really would've been on the confederate side.

No. 49304

They left them to fend for themselves in a war-torn country instead of committing jihad and fighting for their land like they were supposed to. That's why muslim countries like Saudi Arabia don't want them. They aren't muslim enough. Women are like dogs to them anyways.

No. 49673

File: 1449631232544.jpg (1.01 MB, 1256x2750, peaceful rebugees.jpg)

No. 49710


No. 51471


Fuck off cuckhold. You should be gassed along with the muslims.

No. 51472


He's a muslim.

No. 51488

File: 1450170925728.gif (83.2 KB, 480x270, image.gif)

Wow, holy shit. You're so cool and edgy! I wish I could be cool and ignorant like you! Contributing to the world one idiotic comment at a time. In all seriousness, I highly recommend you travel to Europe and visit a few concentration camps, might help you reflect on the poison you're spewing. People like you honestly baffle me. How old are you? I just can't understand how a person who more than likely had access to history lessons in school can let themselves stand behind the same bullshit racism that has the world lowering their heads in shame in regards to what happened last time. It was only about 60 years ago, and lots of "dirty filthy jews" that fell victim to your exact ideology of "othering" are still alive. You should seek them out. Tell them how you feel about muslims. Here what they have to say.

No. 51493

I'm iffy about it, I mean not all Arabs are Muslims… but a-lot of them are. It must suck to live in a war zone but America has those gun laws which would make it so easy for those damn terrorists to acquire guns, kill people, you know. But i do think it's assumed that all Arab refugee's are Muslim which is not the case. My father immigrated from the Middle east when he was 3 with his family and they were christian.

No. 51496

Oh please. All this shit has done is make Hitler winning the war the preferable alternative in the eyes of many people, even those who would be in the camps. And if you yanks try interfering with European affairs again, DC and NYC get the thousand sun treatment.

No. 51500

I'm Norwegian you idiot. Seriously, what the everloving fuck is wrong with you? What happened to make you so evil? Siding with Hitler? What a damn shame.

No. 51502

Go back to 4chan

No. 51503

You should be the one learning about history. The EU is one big Weimar republic, waiting for a charismatic leader to take the reins once and for all.

There was a point where this could have been stopped but your short-sighted ilk insisted upon this multi-cultural experiment. You reap what you sow.

It's ridiculously easy to get some Warsaw Pact guns and explosives in Europe when you know where to look.

No. 51517

Are you fucking serious? We're not in the EU btw. Dear lord. I want to keep fighting you because I want a better world, and I keep telling myself that if I keep talking to warmongers and racists such as yourself I might be able to help you sort your fucking priorities out, but I'm starting to realize that you angry little balls of hate won't change. It's so fucking sad. I'm so sorry for you, it must be extremely hard to live in your reality.

No. 51519

The only thing you are fighting for is a comfortable lie. It won't matter if Norway isn't in the EU because this shit will spill over there.

No. 51527

Pls stop making us Norwegians look so salty

No. 51528

How is it salty to be angry with people siding with hitler?

No. 52532

>treats the working classes like shit
>wonders why they've left for the only part of the political spectrum that actually treats them like people

It's like you people never learn.

No. 52590

I'm really amazed more people aren't mentioning the complete lack of women and children in any of these huge groups of refugees

No. 52631

File: 1450589498279.gif (902.1 KB, 400x328, naziwheel.gif)

u mad cuz we stylin on u

No. 52635

>right wingers don't treat the working class like shit
lol, the situation in the UK says you're a retard
Even the DEY TUK R JERBS fuckwits understand shit like making the elderly pay an extra falling-over charge when they need care is total insanity

No. 52636

Our country is apparently only taking in women or families because of this, no single men, and the MRAs are up in arms about it now. Kinda funny cause they didn't give a shit before.

Kek, keep up the good fight

No. 53573

Learn the difference between the real right and a cuckservative, it might help you.

No. 53691

The Holocaust never happened.

No. 53726

So unelectable retarded skinheads are the "real right" now? lol

No. 53911

Then stay ignorant, but don't be surprised when the "unelectable" ones gain power.

No. 56593

>Refugees mass sexually assault women in German city
>"We have to understand that the way our women dress while out partying is not the norm where these immigrants are coming from," says Jürgen Asch, Minister of Incoming Visitors for the area. "These women have to take some responsibility for how these men react."

What a bunch of scumbags. I really cant understand the mental gymnastics self proclaimed feminists do to try to justify bringing these animals here

No. 56637

>"I cant believe western men are such shitlords that they spread theirlegs on a train"
>muslim immigrants sexually harass and rape scores of women
>"Maybe you should respect their culture and wear a burqa"

No. 56640

File: 1452021057785.gif (480.29 KB, 250x309, 1442775625532.gif)

>women go out wearing anything but a burqa
>"These women have to take some responsibility for how these men react."

No. 56645

That moment when the far right respects womens rights more than the supposedly progressive left

No. 56680

>For this purpose, there should be about "codes of conduct" for young women and girls, "so that such things do not happen to them," says Reker with respect to the sexual assaults in New Year's Eve. There were already a code catalog, which would now be updated and will soon be available online.

>Among the rules is to maintain an arm's length distance to strangers, to stay within their own group and can not be separated from this to ask in an emergency concretely bystanders for help and intervene as a witness or to inform the police belong.

No. 56682

I'm fucking done.
The west is fucked. This is progressiveness gone too far. Guess mass-rape by a group of people is okay cause they are too stupid to assimilate and not rape.
I'm sorry, Germany. This is fucked up.

No. 56683

The left has always been anit-woman.

No. 56684

Get this going on Tumblr and shit under victim blaming tags or w.e, leftists should in theory go apeshit over this even if they love to defend muslims too.

No. 56693

I think both movements care very little about women's rights unless it furthers their respective agendas.

But all of this is fucked up beyond belief.

No. 56701

This crime most likely wasn't committed by the refugees but rather people who have been living here for a longer time, and are probably citizens/2nd generation immigrants.
But instead of admitting that immigration politics in Germany might be shit, and that integration often doesn't work (especially for 2nd generation or people of certain origins/religions) they'd rather blame it on the new refugees. Because that is much easier than admitting the faults in our system. And much easier than admitting that if we keep pretending that we don't need to do shit to integrate people, this WILL be the current refugees in a few years.

No. 56716

Nonwhite men are not capable of raping white women. White women owe their bodies to nonwhite men as reparations for the crime of imperialism by their forefathers

No. 56722

At least you tried, anon. That's what counts.

No. 56725

I saw it on tumblr and thought you'd enjoy

No. 56729

Honestly, we had quite a bit of Bin Laden's family members at my school. (They were sent there for protectin. Changed their names and everything.) And they were mostly quiet. You have to remember that if the Syrians country wasn't in turmoil they probably wouldn't even WANT to leave. Don''t get me wrong, in a group of 10,000 people there's going to be a few trouble makers. But it's unfair to say the whole group is bad. But I'm also a libfag in California, so this doesn't directly affect me.

No. 56730

>But I'm also a libfag in California, so this doesn't directly affect me.

oh, fuck right off then.

No. 56731

My state is pretty multiculteral though. I just think everyone in this thread needs to stop watching Fox news.

No. 56733

Not even a lefty and I know Fox News is shit. After seeing several reports, video footage and pictures that mainstream media won't even air, I don't want these fucks anywhere near me.

No. 56735

Considering much of the media is playing it down I'm skeptical. Even if this wasnt as large and widespread as reports make it sound I still dont want millions of them coming into Europe and America

No. 56742

links? because I've seen a lot of videos from non-related incidents that people are relating to Syrians.

No. 56744


Some of these people are absolutely insane. Hurr reddit I know, but I'm glad it's getting exposure

No. 56746

File: 1452039513417.png (35.15 KB, 1051x542, 1452036462554.png)

No. 56750

>fox news meme
Sorry to break it to you, but this actually happened whether you like it or not

No. 56753

>There were thousands of perpetrators, witnesses and police desribe them as being primarily middle eastern and north african in ethnicity, this crime is new to law enforcement in these areas, a group of detained suspects were all carrying refugee papers.

Were there really thousands? That sounds like bullshit.

No. 56756


> The Mayor of Cologne said today that women should adopt a “code of conduct” to prevent future assault at a crisis meeting following the sexual attack of women by 1000 men on New Year’s eve.

> Mayor Henriette Reker attended an emergency meeting with Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers and Wolfgang Wurm to discuss how to deal with the attack, where dozens of women were repeatedly touched and groped, with one case of alleged rape in the center of town.

> “It is important to prevent such incidents from ever happening again,” said Mayor Reker, as reported in German by RP Online. “We have heard by now that they [the attacks] have occurred in other cities. This of course is not comforting to us.”

> Hamburg also received complaints of sexual assault.

The crisis management team said prevention measures should include a code of conduct for young women and girls, and Mayor Reker said the existing code of conduct will be updated online.

> The suggested code of conduct includes maintaining an arm’s length distance from strangers, to stick within your own group, to ask bystanders for help or to intervene as a witness, or to inform the police if you are the victim of such an assault.

No. 56758

I can't find a source on that quote, Googling it only brings up an /int/ thread on 4chan made a few hours before this post with the same content and no source. Jurgen Asch doesn't seem to exist either. A "Minister of Incoming Visitors" doesn't exist either and brings up the same results when Googled.

I'm sure this is exactly what Merkel & friends are thinking, but still I can't find anything to prove anyone said this exact thing.

And this confirms this is what Merkel & friends are thinking. This is so fucked up.

No. 56764

It's culturally enriching :^)

No. 56782

Unrelated video, but this shit happens all the time with mud people in general. If they have as many sandniggers in their country as they say they do, then I don't doubt that the numbers were in the thousands. They come straight from a part of the world that teaches that none-Muslim women are up for grabs.



No. 56791

LOL now leftists are saying that the women were faking it to make the refugees look bad, I keep seeing it on reddit.

No. 56954

Muslim rape gangs have come to America ~<3 At least they'll get a lengthy sentence and lots of prison ass rape.


No. 95590

Only have yourselves to bpame tbh

No. 95594

Liberals are the scum of the earth. They are the most anti-women movement out there. It's really upsetting.

Son of a bitch…

No. 95625

It's only in america where you can protect yourself legaly.

No. 95646

10k? That's nothing. You won't even notice them hamburglars so quit crying. Europe on the other hand, we are drowning in these buggers.

No. 95688


Doesn't Australia have a law where if you were evidently provoked into attack you can get away with it?

No. 95690

Bridgeport New Haven and Hartford! Top three cities eith the highest crime rates in all of Connecticut. I am okay with this. Mightv'e been safer staying home though.

No. 95695

File: 1464749778195.png (646.87 KB, 1194x376, 1.png)

Are all of them unaccompanied minors?

No. 95696

So sick of that dead kid photo. It was so annoyingly used to push the agenda that Europe and the US should accept muslim practicing refugees.

No. 95699

>Sadly, she died shortly after but her brothers and cousins were finally able to get immigration after his ass for deportation since before she passed, she was starting the process to divorce him for a sham marriage.

I hope there was nothing suspicious about the timing and cause of her death.

No. 95709

They are still humans in need ffs. Also, not that it matters but Syria is quite a diverse place, not all refugees are muslim.

No. 95711

Holy shit the amount of FUD in this thread. America has a vetting process, no?

>it's like europe all over again!!

Fuck off

No. 95714

Then you take some in and house them. No one wanted this shit.

No. 95723


You act as if human life is particularly special or sacred. I would be more kinder to the notion of allowing thousands of non-natives sanctuary within my mother-land if it weren't for the fact they as a culture possess a lengthy history of women's rights abuses and a blasé attitude towards rape, among others.
Putting your native population in harms way in the name of fluffy political humanitarianism is fucking retarded. If it meant even one child being assaulted or raped on account of a single savage being allowed in, which it would inevitably come to pass because it's already happened on numerous occasions in other countries such as Germany and Sweden, I would rather see them all shot at the gates.

I've already lived in one "culturally enriched" city. I entered as a placid liberal and after 9 months I left as a seething, vitriolic racist. Would you like to guess the race/religion/culture of the people that made me this way? They can get fucked. Saudi Arabia can fucking accept some of them instead, they're closer to their way of life.

People who say this shit have guaranteed never actually lived amongst these people. Most of them are fucking animals.

No. 95729

that god damn brat died thanks to his father's stupidity. And they weren't even in danger since they already were settled in Turkey after fleeing from Syria. And yet the asshole dad blamed his son's death on Canada govt for not letting them mooch their welfare system or whatever they have over there

No. 95730

this so much

who let wolves live among the sheep and naively hope they will coexist peacefully?

No. 95732

File: 1464766100197.jpg (94.04 KB, 636x848, yhpslajppfpf9ioys8ik.jpg)

>huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrr duuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrr what the fuck is a vetting process lol

No. 95736

Although I would love to discuss, I hate summer and newfags. Enjoy the discussion until the he did it for free folks and/or admin sama will lock this thread after they are finished with their ice cream.

No. 95740

Overseas Greek here.

Could tell you stories about them on places like lesbos that would horrify you. There's a systematic attempt to cover a lot of what they do up.

Even the prostitutes hate them.

No. 95741

Someone not having a criminal background in their home country does not mean that they aren't dangerous, especially if the police force can easily be paid off in said countries.

No. 95743

When you start talking about numbers in the tens or hundreds of thousands then all talk of vetting is ridiculous. Vetting is what Japan has, temporary visas for skilled workers in demand and fuck all else. I also like their system of returning refugees to their place of origin once it has determined to be safe. Why the hell should they gain an avenue to citizenship/perm res?

No. 95744

Also note that criminal background in their own country as a cause for deportation or refusal of refugee status can be appealed under human rights legislation.

Also the simple fact is absolutely none of these people are refugees under the two relevant UN treaties. That's a fact.

No. 95751


kek because that totes worked out for all the other countries, the result being that they ended up with all their adolescent holding centres filled with adult men claiming to be children.

No. 95752


Spill the tea pls.

No. 95764

>I still don't know what the fuck a vetting process is hahaha I'm retarded

No. 95765

File: 1464775001687.jpg (41.06 KB, 615x409, PAY-Youssaf-Khaliif-Nuur.jpg)


>I'm conveniently ignoring cases such as the murder of Alexandra Mezher who was stabbed to death at the 'child' migrant holding centre she worked at at the hands of an, at the time, assumed child by the name of Youssaf Khaliif Nuur who had underwent a similar vetting process but turned out to be an adult man under the guise of adolescence to gain fastrack access to Sweden

Haha, like, ha, what could wrong, like.

No. 95767

>something that happened in sweden
Tell me, what does the swedish vetting process look like?

No. 95768

There is no legal mechanism for removing these people. The appeals processes are so long and there are so many grounds to delay the process itself that it's essentially impossible.

I'm a law school grad. So explain exactly what you mean by "vetting process" anyway. Do you think there are an army of efficient bureaucrats at work scrutinising every aspect of their claims?

Let me give you an example of how badly Europe is fucked: The police in Belgium are so stretched that virtually every single detective in Brussels is working on what they call "proactive prevention" against returning migrants. There are so many that are considered dangerous that the police simply doesn't have the resources to follow all of them, which is partly why saleh was able to evade capture for so long. That and the fact his community protected him in the heart of Brussels.

For one. They prey on each other like animals. Muslims will gang up on the statistically insignificant numbers of Christians at detention centers and de facto religious separation is common. There's also a huge pedophilia problem, kids without ample male protection are fucked by adult males simply because adult males make up the lions share of the migrants to begin with. When they're out and about they prey on local Greek or tourist kids.

They also have a symbiotic relationship with journalists and will threaten to bring in journalists to conjure up the same old "abusive authorities" story you hear every day, the journalists of course ignore every case of immigrant crime in the interests of "not inflaming racial tension" but are quite happy to demonise cops relentlessly. I believe you guys have the same thing in America.

Since Syriza started allowing them out of detention centers there's been a massive uptick in drug trafficking and of course, rape. One girl on crete was approached by a Pakistani on a beach while sunbathing, he smashed her head with a rock and raped her. Her brain damage is so severe she still can't talk today and had to go to America for medical treatment.

Note that many well meaning female aid workers on lesbos have simply left because sexual abuse and harassment is so common.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg of course. In reality we have no idea of the true scale because the cops are under orders not to go public with immigrant crime from the highest levels of government.

No. 95773

>Let me give you an example of how badly Europe is fucked
Why would you do that? This is about america, where the policy for refugees is wholly different to europe. That was my entire point. I seriously can't imagine lacking this much in reading comprehension. Fucking law school my ass, you should feel bad for wasting your parents' money like this.

No. 95775


Sandnigger detected.

No. 95777

Calm down for a second. I understand you support these people for whatever reason but you're behaving in a very emotive way. Calling people "evil" for not wanting to make themselves a minority in their own country being just one example.

Yes. America is not Europe, but no, your policies are similar to ours. Western European and North American countries are generally more alike than people who haven't spent extensive time outside of the West realize. If you want proof of this then you need only look at the average rate of refugee acceptance by country. Europe and America are roughly the same. Places like East Asia and the gulf, India etc are near the bottom with rates of 1% or in some cases.

This is what a real difference in policy looks like. Just because you have accepted 100,000 rather than 1,000,000, it doesn't change the fact both numbers are huge when taken with the fact that virtually none of these people qualify as refugees under the two relevant UNHCR treaties that govern refugee status.

No. 95785

Quality post. Would read again/10

>Calling people "evil" for not wanting to make themselves a minority in their own country being just one example.
Literally what the fuck are you on about? Are you just making shit up as you go now?

>America is not Europe, but no, your policies are similar to ours.

My sides. Guess that answers my question above.

>they have responded to this concern already by instituting a refugee vetting process that is significantly more thorough than any currently practiced in Europe.[2]

>To start, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees refers all Syrian refugees based on "vulnerability" - those that are considered most vulnerable are recommended for the program. This can mean LGBT individuals, female-led households, victims of torture, or those who need higher levels of medical care. Most of these end up being children, with only two percent of the total referred by the UNHCR being males of combat age.[3]

>From there, they begin a process that can take anywhere from 12 months to over 24, involving the State Department, the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Department, the National Counterterrorism Center, and the FBI, among other departments. In-person interviews are conducted, biometric data is compared against numerous federal databases, and background stories are researched to ensure that they do not mean harm to the United States. Deputy State Department Spokesman Mark Toner claims that it is "the most stringent security process for anyone entering the United States."[4]

It literally takes refugees at least a year for the process to complete. Tell me again how this is similar to whatever European country you have in mind.

>If you want proof of this then you need only look at the average rate of refugee acceptance by country.

I'm assuming you mean accepted applications:rejected applications. I'll have a look at it when you post it. And when you give a good reason why acceptance rates by themselves are an accurate indicator of anything.

No. 95788

They are refugees once they're in the neighboring territories of Turkey and Lebanon. In camps which the international community has spent billions providing facilities and trained professionals for. Once they cross the Aegean they are not, since they are not fleeing from immediate danger but to achieve what they perceive as better material standards of living.

I'll post the refugee acceptance rate stats later but are you seriously so clueless about why this is important? It underscores the rigor of the system. Japan will only accept those who fled in imminent danger with Japan as their first destination, then when the point of origin is safe, they are returned. Which doesn't happen in the West, as they're all guaranteed settmement and with that, rights to family reunification which by itself renders the vulnerable persons criteria to begin with.

>more than a year

Likewise in Europe. And all of this sounds great on paper but that's not how it actually transpires in reality. For example, suppose the FBI actually dispute a background story, this is subject to appeal and the refugees own word is normally enough to guarantee at least an extension.

You're mistaken in thinking America is strict in general as far as immigration goes. No country outside of Western Europe and North America would consider giving 10,000,000 plus illegals a "route to citizenship", the fact this is even being mooted in the first place shows the comparative liberality of the American "system" compared to the likes of East Asia and the gulf.

>calling people evil

So this nonsense about Hitler (the liberal version of Satan) >>51500 isn't you? Follows the same reply chain.

No. 95789

*renders the point of the vulnerable persons criteria null

No. 95790

Oh and it's incorrect to assume that there aren't at least on paper similarly rigorous processes in place in Europe. In fact the UK technically has such provisions, but it never actually works out as it's written down in guidelines and legislation. Especially in common law countries where case law provides a litany of exceptions and silly "reasonable person" tests.

No. 95791


Japan rejected over 99 percent of all applications in 2015.

No. 95796

Why they voluntarily seek Asylum in Turkey? Turkey is a supporter of Daesh and is committing a genocide on the Kurds!

No. 95797

It's irrelevant where they want to apply. The camps in the Southeast are a place of safe refuge. Once you move on from that point you forfeit your right to be considered a refugee since your primary motivation for travel is better material standard of living. Exactly like Kurdis father believe it or not. Who killed his son because he wanted Canadian dental care.

Now fuck off

No. 95798


>genocide on Kurds

>believing western propaganda

We're only fighting with PKK, all cities are evacuated and PKK is the ones using civilians as meat shields. My brother in law is Kurdish and he and his family are awesome, no one has a beef with Kurds but nationalistic retards, we only have a bone to pick with terrorist scum.

Though our government is full of Islamic nutjobs and support daesh scum for real, hopefully a day will come where day all hang from trees.

No. 95799

>I'll post the refugee acceptance rate stats later
I can wait.

>Likewise in Europe. And all of this sounds great on paper but that's not how it actually transpires in reality. For example, suppose the FBI actually dispute a background story, this is subject to appeal and the refugees own word is normally enough to guarantee at least an extension.

Do you have citations for anything?

>You're mistaken in thinking America is strict in general as far as immigration goes. No country outside of Western Europe and North America would consider giving 10,000,000 plus illegals a "route to citizenship", the fact this is even being mooted in the first place shows the comparative liberality of the American "system" compared to the likes of East Asia and the gulf.

This has nothing to do with anything. Either prove the American refugee system is as ineffective as Germany/Sweden's or shut your mouth.

>So this nonsense about Hitler (the liberal version of Satan) >>51500 isn't you? Follows the same reply chain.

No it isn't. There's more than one person disagreeing with your retarded posts unfortunately.

No. 95800

Is your point that America's immigration system is as that of Japan, South Korea etc or simply that it is stricter than that of Germany? Because that isn't much of an achievement.

No. 95802

*as strict. Fucking phone.

No. 95804

Use the other thread.

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