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File: 1406079517791.png (386.67 KB, 1280x720, LoveShyDocscreen1.png)

No. 452

Would we be able to have a Marijan Š Šiklić thread, but one which he is not allowed to post in? Like, we would talk about him and all his BS, but any posts made by him would be mover or deleted. I think it would help keep everything in one place, so you don't have to dig through all his spam posting to find the discussion. If he has any comments on this thread, he could post them to >>92.

No. 453

Why the fuck are you giving this faggot attention? Some idiot already fucked up big time by linking his blog to this board and now we can't get rid of him. It took way too long to get that sick, ugly, rapists' thread moved over to /b/.

No. 454

No. 480

Oh, for fuck's sake, you guys. Just when he stopped shitting up the board, too.

No. 482

Ahahahahahahahaha no thanks

No. 484

>Actually going out of your way to read the TL;DR ramblings of a crazy, greasy rapist
>Not a moron

Pick one.

No. 486

Fucking hell not again. Marjan, just stick to your fucking /b/ thread. Stop shitting up this place
Not sure if sage works here, but just in case

No. 489

If everyone just ignores him and hides the thread he'll get bored anyway.

No. 491

Marjan Marjan Marjan Marjan Marjan

No. 495

Great, now he can be banned for spamming.

No. 497

Marjan, the reason you hate women is because most girls aren't into strange, greasy men with small schlongs.

C'mon, admit it.

No. 498

>another account

Wow, man. You realy don't know how image boards work, do you?

No. 499

Stop responding to him. If you have to do it, go to the thread in /b/.
He needs to go away

No. 500

At the end of the day this is just self-consoling rationalizations from a whiny omega. tsk tsk tsk

No. 502

You know there's always going to be someone who provokes him. That's probably why this thread was created in the first place. Might as well just wait until the thread gets moved to /b/.

No. 507

"Omegas typically lack drive to succeed in mainstream ways and have few social skills. An omega male often doesn’t know the line between appropriate and inappropriate or ignores it. Basically, Omega males lack common social skills, and have an inability to read social cues in others."

Sounds familiar doesn't it?
CoAlpha was made up by sad omegas that don't want to come to terms with not being alpha.

No. 508

"If the conversation turns really creepy and awkward very quickly, it’s likely an omega male at work. In fact, the word creepy is often used of omega males. They can’t pick up when someone is getting uncomfortable with them, and they don’t know how to adjust their approach to others, so they may violate body space, stare excessively, and so forth.

They don’t inspire. They’re not always polite. In many cases, they actually scare people (even if they don’t mean to)!"

No. 509

"In general an omega male has bizarre interests, like inappropriate (for polite society) fetishes. In some cases, these interests can be violent and sexually degrading. An omega male will usually dress or present in a way that isn’t mainstream too. Typically, he will draw attention to himself in ways that tell others he’s different. Often his “style” of dress isn’t even intentional, and may manifest itself as ratty hair, and dirty and frumpy clothes. Because Omegas may lack social awareness, they can ignore even basic hygiene concerns."

No. 510

"One type of omega male is much more sinister. He is creepy and weird, but confident and even aggressive about it. A lot of these guys don’t just think they’re the bounty hunter; they also collect an arsenal of weapons and fantasize about using it on their perceived enemies. The perpetrators of recent mass shootings were clearly overconfident omega males who took their warped fantasies and opinions to a new level."

No. 513

How about we all take a minute to realize that Marjan actually bothered to type all this up, and presumably read it, at one point or another.
Just let that sink in.

No. 514

Nope, keep grasping at straws.
I despise PUAs actually.

Anyway, I was just here to leave that tidbit before I ignore the rest of this thread so I don't encourage you any further. (Although if you are as intelligent as you claim to be and you ignore that you share any of those traits I almost feel bad for your willful omega ignorance).

No. 518

It's almost sad.
If he considered women as people (and not all lumped in as "sluts") in any of his dynamics I might've have given him more sympathy.

No. 519

No. 522

Okay I lied about not responding just one more time.
The only term I borrowed is one that you yourself use so that's sort of hypocritical. I wish I were surprised.

(hint, the word is omega)

anyway, good bye, I'm sure this thread will be gone before I get out of work so

No. 525

admin pls delete

No. 528


I only read the first two sentences. tl;dr

No. 529

Well, that's cause you're a child of a thug and a slut with chicken feces instead of brain.

No. 530

File: 1406143348168.gif (837.61 KB, 360x201, tumblr_n3inna1lJY1r8brruo1_400…)

Jesus christ, he's actually insane. It's a matter of time before he goes full Elliot.

No. 531


Ohhhh nooooooo muh feelings are so hurt Q.Q

You sound like a broken record. Those are literally the same insults you keep flinging at people. You're either autistic or you're the shit for brains.


At the end of the day you're just another loony concerned about evil western cultures when you live in a shit country that can't even take care of itself. If you don't like western women then date submissive Croatian women dumbass.

No. 532

File: 1406145683438.jpg (285.9 KB, 2020x1816, bingocard.jpg)

No. 533

You may wanna add a few gems such as:

"I stopped reading"

"I lack stupidity and immorality (when I'm really full of it)"


any mentions of "the fatal one"

Either way, 10/10. Will use.

No. 534

When called ugly, claims he is handsome and posts picture of a person that isn't him.

No. 535

Oh oh!! This is gonna be good:




Muh loveshy hugbox

"I only read two sentences."

How am I crazy? Prove it.

Rape all women

Omegas are Alphas

Alphas are Omegas

You're immoral and moronic!

I tried to have sex with my mom

Don't say my name.


He's almost like Beetlejuice. Except I would totally bang Michael Keatons Beetlejuice and kick Marijan in the balls.

No. 536


Oooooo I'm new to this, who is "the fatal one"?

No. 537

Oooh, don't forget "scum"!

No. 538

some poor croatian girl he is obsessed with

No. 539

File: 1406153802907.jpg (925.95 KB, 3319x2975, 5x5.jpg)

Feel free to add more.

No. 540

Please keep all threads about this person in /b/.

No. 542

Do you support women's suffrage?


You're just another American idiot who knows nothing about Europe.


It's hard to take this nonsense seriously when you mention somebody pointing out flawed logic. SHOW ME A SINGLE EXAMPLE WHERE THIS HAPPENED.


I don't claim anything. I claim looks are irrelevant, which they are. Of course, calling me ugly is nonsense since you have never seen me.


That moron who replied to you is wrong. Read the Darkness article.

No. 543

Ha, this reply was copy pasted from pt… Anyway, you'll figure it out.

No. 545

"Omegas are Alphas
Alphas are Omegas"

This is as insane as somebody wanting to state that another person is constantly claiming

snow is fire

rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products is fire

at the same time when they're not (nor would it be funny if they did).

I don't understand who can find this humorous? I mean even the complete morons like you can see that this is not what I claim?

No. 546

I removed all the spam bullshit. Further spam by "thatincelblogger" will result in a permanent ban. I have also banned him from posting in /pt/.

No. 547



What do you think of thatincelblogger? Are you incel? Do you want to smash womens teeth on tables because you believe they like it?
Do you believe the government should find you a GF because you might be to inept to get one yourself or are you a hardcore alpha?
Would you kill your GF if she broke up with you?
….Would you ask your mom to fuck you?
Inquiring minds want to know :3

No. 548

Admin-sama, you are best to ignore this person's questions.

Their second and third question don't have anything to do with my views or experiences and their fourth question completely dismisses an often mentioned context.

No. 549

Sorry, I meant second and third questions if you start with that women's teeth thing.

That question is correct about my views but note that this only applies to modern Western women. Sane women aren't like that.

No. 551

You have your own thread, >>92

No. 552

Rumor has it, if you look into lolcow.farm and say Marjan's name three times, he'll appear and start shitposting.

No. 553

So I can't posted about anything that has to do with me? Ok, I won't, if you stop talking about me on this thread, WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE AGES AGO.

Did you see what that moron was asking? They might as well ask someone what do they think about me going to the Moon. Their questions are retarded lies of such proportions.

No. 554

*can't post

No. 555

I stopped reading after the first line. You keep spamming this thread with things no one wants to read. You have your own thread, which is filled with you debating people. This thread was designed so we can talk about you without you copy pasting shit from your blog and spamming the fuck out of it. If you have a comment on a post about you here, post it in the other thread so we don't have to weed through all your spam to find the posts worth reading.

No. 556

No, I am not going to post it on the other thread. That's too complicated and retarded. If you want your own circlejerk ban me like many subreddits did. But I am not gonna stand being insulted by people with an IQ of goldfish who can't even read.

And who the fuck are you to speak for anybody but yourself, you fucking idiot. If I saw you I'd beat you into a bloody pulp.

No. 557

>your own circlejerk

Did you mean: Love-Shy.com

No. 558

Why not keep this thread in /pt/? He's banned from posting there, and he's defiantly lolcow worthy.

No. 559

Is this another one of your "b-but it isn' a threat because I probably won't ever see them!!!" threats?

No. 560

Actually, there is freedom of speech on that site, just like there are many opposing views (lookists, PUAs, those who think confidence matters, coalphas etc). It's no circle-jerk at all.

As for my blog, I'd never allow anybody to spread such idiotic lies about a single one of you. I wanted to kill TFO because she left me? Though two huge and extremely important articles claim otherwise? Jeez.

The only thing that isn't a threat to morons in the Anglosphere is probably an actual threat.

No. 561

Are these two "huge and extremely important articles" by you, by any chance?

You're the textbook definition of narcissistic personality disorder. I'm not even trying to insult you. It's just sad.

No. 562

So, Marjan, have you ever tried to do something productive with your life? Most people with mental illnesses try and find ways to try and cope. Is blogging your outlet?

Do you consider incel an illness?

No. 563

No, they're by scientists who have PHDs in TFOology. That's why they can talk about TFO and I can't. Next experts on the subject are you. I know the least about it.

Jesus fuck. Do you even know what you're asking? Ok, I'm definitely screen-capping this.

No. 564

Go attempt to dox and diagnose someone else, you cretin. I'm doing something productive by telling you to shoot yourself now.

No. 565

Ahahahaha wow
When have I ever attempted to dox you? You don't even know who I am.

I was just curious. You're interesting, in a modern-day freak show kind of way.

No. 566

All I was saying is you're not exactly the most reliable source, are you? Of course you're going to be biased. How do you not see that??

No. 569

If someone wants to make a new thread in /pt/ then I'm okay with that. He still will not be allowed to post in it, but he's allowed to try to defend himself or whatever in /b/.

No. 572

You are attempting to dox me by using a name you believe is mine. If you can't understand that I really can't help you.

Until TFO suddenly acquires enough English skills, cognitive ability and talent to write her own version (it is bound to happen any day now)I am the closest you will ever get.

I mean, what is it exactly that you want? I'd even let you ask her but if I gave you her info you'd show your true face by spreading it all around - that's how much you care about this woman you call "poor" or a "victim" here. Yuck.

I will not do that.

But I have a better idea - why just not ban all discussion on me? I am obviously a dangerous person (on this I agree with) so why poke me further? There's simply no telling what I might do.

For example, I am now planning to fuck up some people from Wikipedia.

No. 573

Also, to give you some idea of how personal and between us that is I'll tell you that TFO and me never spent a single second in company of a third person.

No. 574

Do you even know what doxing is? Calling someone by the wrong name has nothing to do with doxing. I don't really give a shit about your address, phone number, etc. Most people who read your staminarose thread know you're bullshitting a different name in a sorry attempt to avoid being doxed, anyway.

And why am I supposed to care about that? My point was that you're going to be biased if it's your word against hers.

No. 575

I don't know her. I wasn't implying for a second that she was a "victim". Why should I when I've never met her?

I'm pretty sure nobody here would go to the trouble of spreading anyone's dox around. Even someone like you.
But I'm sure you care about this woman. You're a colossal hypocrite.

No. 576

Generally if something is personal, only between you and someone else, you don't go around posting about it on the fucking internet.

No. 584

Marijan, what's your favorite movie? :)

No. 587

awww bby why so paranoid? we're just trying to get to know the real you.

No. 589

Why exactly do you even talk to us here? I'm genuinely curious.

No. 591

Alright fair enough. Thanks for giving a relatively normal answer.

What do you mean by slave labor to whores? Is that work in general or something else?

No. 593

I see.

Do you think it's fair that men in need get money form the government?

Oh, and I've read that actually. I had trouble understanding some parts but I have read it.

No. 594

Marijan, what is your favourite flower?

No. 595

Marijan, why do you exist?

No. 597

Marijan, which Croatian political party is your favourite?

No. 600

Croatian girl here.

Have you found any other girls to sleep with you?

No. 602

Is Marijan banned from both boards Admin-sama?

No. 603

No. 605

Please. Listen to the admin and talk to him elsewhere.

No. 608

Goodnight sweet prince.

No. 609

I told you he would end up being banned.

No. 610

What will we do without reading his constant co alpha copy pasta?!?! And other great philosophical undergrad arguments made by a guy who believes chimps are a clear social model for human beings. Its hilarious is he refers to Jane Goodall, one of the biggest media driven anthropologist instead of current less known researchers.

No. 611

Lol can't expect much from him in terms of actual intellectual conversation. Point out what natural selection is and how it's thankfully gettin rid of Incels and he responds angrily with, "NO, NATURAL SELECTION MEANS YOU'LL TURN INTO A FECES BRAIN!"

Fucking classic.

No. 612

co-alpha. co-alpha. co-alpha. co-alpha. Where men helped other men not be betas or omegas because they made sure women didn't have a choice to choose? And that's relevant for evolution or advancement in civilization? He spoke about Roman and Greek societies as being "co-alpha" but
1. he has no reasoning as to WHY it was other than limited female rights, except when considering the fact that The Roman Empire was pretty "feminist" and progressive for it's time.
2. These GREAT CO-ALPHA civilizations don't exist anymore so obviously they aren't successful.

It's so good not to have him in here because I'd get a tl;dr of blog copypastas about co-alphas and how some how he'd be granted a girlfriend. Except he's poor and no one would find a wife for some poor asshole who spends his days doing nothing, but making up excuses so he can sit in front of the computer and jack off to females complaining about how ugly he is.

No. 620

Funniest thing about it all was how he'd brag about being an incel that has 4 sexual partners. What I really don't get is why he bragged about it when he admitted that he can't last more than 30 seconds. WHY IS SOMEONE SO OBSESSED WITH SEX WHEN THEY ARE SO BAD AT IT?

No. 621

has had*

No. 622

he's not obsessed with sex. He bans people for even saying incel is just about sex on this blog…
as for that 30 seconds thing i think it only happened with the first gf he had sex with
and he seems to have had a really tough life, hasn't had a normal girlfriend or anybody since last year

No. 623

sup marijan

No. 624

"Tough life?" He's a whiney little pussy that thinks everyone should be responsible for finding him a girlfriend, calls his parents "murderers" for not getting him a chick, advocates the abuse of women, tries to push his stupidity as "intelligence", and is a huge social failure that's too lazy to get a job to improve his pathetic life.


No. 625

Marijan, 30 seconds? I hope you ate her out afterwards, that's just disappointing.

No. 627

Well, I am back now and don't intend to do any more spamming since this is the only thread where I am being discussed. Unless your mods prove to be cowards again.

No. 628

So I'll experiment by replying to this question - anon 622 explained it to you.

I f I think "everyone" should be responsible why did I go on over 50 dates in my life? Of course, that was a mistake but it shows shows what a moron you are.

My parents are murderers due to my LS, which you ignore.

You just insult me as stupid with nothing to back it up, though 99 percent of you are unable to even make an argument.

Abuse of women? You're a fool. Women love to be beaten and raped by thugs. If I advocated actual abuse of women I'd advocate that men treat them like human beings and be nice to them.

If you think a job would improve my social life you're wrong for one reason only - thugs are everyone around me. I am not a trucker who smashes women's teeth so I can't succeed.

No. 629

Anyway, I am definitely considering trying approaching IRL but in a way women would like - by going around and spitting in their faces or slapping them.

No. 630

So basically, after your 30 seconds of sex you didn't care about her pleasure. You sound like a terrible lover. Were those pity fucks, rapes, or paid prostitutes?

No. 631

I definitely cared about her pleasure and used my fingers and mouth to that end.

When I asked if she likes it I said "Can't you see, everything is wet down here?"

Of course, I was an idiot for doing that. If I had cut out her eyes with glass she'd have liked me more. The moment you show you want to do something for any modern women she despises you.

No. 632


No. 633

Jesus. 30 seconds? I'm a virgin and think that's sad.

No. 634

>If I had cut out her eyes with glass she'd have liked me more.

Spoken like a true psychopath. Try your assaulting women in public tactic. I'm sure that'll get you really far in the dating game.

No. 635

Are you male or female? Anyway, that was just the first time. I did much better later.

Of course it will. Also, that's not "assault" for modern Western women. For modern Western women assault is to be approached by a a polite, decent man who will treat them like they're humans.

No. 636

Look Incel (I don't know what moniker to use for you), no one here is a coward, we just didn't appreciate you copy pasting shit to piss us off (admit it you were spamming the thread over and over with the copypasta from your blog).

Some of us want to get to know you, some of us hate you, some of us are taunting you, some of us are just genuinely interested in your hobbies, your life (because lets face it no one here has come across and individual like you IRL), some of us want to give you advice and help you (which you don't like and it upsets you) annnnd some of us are trolling you.

Just take it easy, you know? Learn to tell the difference between trolls and people that are interested in what you have to say.

I was the one that asked you about your hobbies and what movies you liked. Why? Because I'm curious. I think that deep down there's more to you than just hate and bitterness. I believe there are things you enjoy besides lying in your bed raging.

I don't know where you get this notion that women like to be mutilated. Is there something you witnessed? Is there something that traumatized you to your core? Do you believe that you could genuinely rape a woman if you could get away with it?

There's other stuff I wanted to ask you, like if you drink occasionally, what's your favorite food?

No. 637

You have to understand that women naturally don't like to be raped or mutilated. It's just the modern Western women that like this, since their desire to be dominated can't be fulfilled by omegas, who are weak drug dealers, morons, burglars etc.

As for rape, you have to understand that rape, as seen today, is largely a myth. We are mammals and most mating mammals have resemble rape a lot. So women can't help being turned on by it somewhat.

Rape was historically a property crime against woman's father/husband and that was the sane approach.

Something about your post

1. I wasn't initially banned for spamming but for replying to a thread they wanted to have about me without me.

2. I didn't reply to your questions because they used some of the various names you use for me.

Regarding your question now, which doesn't, I don't really have a favorite food, film, song etc. But I'd say that GOT has become my favorite TV show.

No. 638

You see, the reason why people worry about me mentioning the fact that I'm considering punching random women in the face or that I'd rape a woman if I could get away with it isn't because they're concerned for women. Only morons who don't understand women think that women would be hurt.

The real reason is that most women and men who know how they work are worried that this would make me at least somehow attractive and that me talking about this would make more men realize how to make themselves attractive.(USER HAS BEEN SENT TO A FARM UPSTATE)

No. 639

Plenty of mammals have mating tactics that rely on female mate selection. Don't throw your evolutionary psych 101 here. You lack any scientific background to understand nuances of social hierarchies by intelligent design.

No. 640

So you can call me a thug if male or a slut if female?

No. 641


I'm a Western woman (USA), I'm not sure what you mean by modern. Driving cars? Having careers? By Western do you mean Europe? America as well?

How do you feel about Croatian women?

I was raped, and it was the most traumatizing horrible thing that has ever happened to me. I have PTSD, I have terror nightmares, I see a psychiatrist once a month and two different therapists every week, I suffer from panic attacks and I'm scared to leave my home, I sleep with a taser next to my bed and a knife under it.

I did not want to be raped, I did not enjoy it, I did not deserve it, it has shattered my world and I will never be the same and it breaks my heart that I will never be able to have children.

I don't wish this one anyone, not even you that advocates it.

Men get raped too, I just want you to put yourself in that position. You're powerless, you fight and you get beaten and beaten and beaten until you can barely move and then you get assaulted. I wont go on, you have an active imagination.

Why do you think I deserved this? I never hurt anyone. I just really want to believe that you're not like that monster that did this to me.

No. 642

You were banned from /pt/ for spamming it. Then you were banned from all boards for evading your ban.

If you really want to talk to these people, do it on your blog or something. Don't post here.

No. 644

so sorry, anon. You didn't deserve any of that horror. This psychopath is a pathetic pile of shit. Hating women and men are the only things from hating himself. Im sure mirrors terrify him.

No. 645

This just makes me want to cry. I want to give you a hug.

No. 646


That's very touching anons, you don't have to feel bad for me. I'm very lucky to live in a state that has free mental healthcare for rape/incest survivors.

As for Incel, I just wanted him to see that rape is devastating for both men and women, it's not like "lolz felt gud" afterwards.

I guess I'm just scared that he's actually going to go on a rage-fit and torture and or rape a girl/woman. At least I tried, you know? Even though I live all the way across the world. I hope he has a little good in his heart and wakes up.

And I'm sorry if my post was graphic for some of you, I know most of you are big boys and girls, and know there is evil in the world, but I don't want to make you guys have bad/sad feels in our hugbox full of cows.

No. 647


A-admin-sama, is he roaming in fields full of busty women chasing after him? Are his co-alphas running alongside him in duck formation with him in the lead?

No. 649

Admin, you are simply lying.

I was initially banned on pt simply because the idiots didn't want me to say anything there. I said I will not accept being lied about and slandered so when that did happen I spammed pt.

In any case, you're a liar and a coward. And "people" on this board will likely waste time coming to my blog since about 95 percents of posts I got here were breaking my comments policy in one way or another.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 650

Earlier in this thread you can see your initial ban reason:


You were still allowed to post on /pt/ before the spamming. You just weren't allowed to post your weird incel shit.

If you want to debate people, then set up another site or blog or tumblr QA thing so people can talk without breaking your "comments policy". I'll even let you link it here (once).

Otherwise, your posts here are breaking our own "comments policy". Do not post on this site.

No. 651


I'd like to visit his blog if he links it.

No. 658

No. Just google "that incel blogger" but DO NOT LINK HIS BLOG HERE. It baits him here and we're done with talking directly to him. He doesn't deserve to be heard. That faggot should get his teeth pulled out and I'd gladly piss in his mouth to wash the blood out.

Meanwhile, I did visit his shit blog and he posted some tl;dr about a fuckton of shit he pulled together with all that time he had while not having sex.

None of it remotely intelligent, exciting, reflective, well-cited, interesting, relevant, linear, well-written, or insightful. It's seriously a desperate attempt at intellectualism from a faggot who can only shit out his bitterness in obscure self-serving explanations.

The only hilarious things are his posting policy comments. Don't worry I have deciphered them!

Moderation notes

>NOTE 1: This text doesn’t claim to talk about issues and concept recognized by most of science. Some of the concepts mentioned here, like coalpha males, are completely unrelated to current scientific ideas and present an ideal type. That’s ok, since there is no real science on these issues anyway. This is why debating the scientific value of this article is pointless – it has no scientific aspirations, since it wasn’t written by a scientist, at least not in the field of anthropology, biology or psychology. In light of the facts mentioned, while I will allow discussion of concepts mentioned in the text I will not allow straight out denial of these concepts based on how much science has discussed them. This is a different kind of ban than the one on denial of incel/love-shyness. Denial of incel and love-shyness is a denial of some obviously existent issues whose own definition describes existent and easily imaginable issues. Ban on denials of incel or LS is merely an attempt to weed out imbeciles and lunatics. A ban on denial of concepts I’m talking about here has quite a different goal – it is designed to stop pointless discussions about things that can’t be either confirmed or disproved by hard science.

Translation -
Do not question my "pulled out of my ass" ideas. They have zero validity and I won't tolerate any real intellectual and critical scrutiny. I have zero creditability and will not allow you to post about these issues in the context of real logistics. Just take my word for it because it's convenient for me. Despite having all this time, I do nothing with it and cannot take the time to work hard at anything. So please do not post about how I'm not an expert because I thought it was obvious that I lack education and the philosophy behind ethical standards.

>NOTE 2: I will also not allow pointless discussions on what it means to be immoral, stupid, scum or any of these terms. I am applying their dictionary definitions. What matters are actions that constitute such behavior and these can be discussed.


From dictionary.com

[ih-mawr-uhl, ih-mor-] Show IPA
violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics.
licentious or lascivious.

[stoo-pid, styoo‐] Show IPA
adjective, stu·pid·er, stu·pid·est.
lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; dull.
characterized by or proceeding from mental dullness; foolish; senseless: a stupid question.
tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless: a stupid party.
annoying or irritating; troublesome: Turn off

[skuhm] Show IPA
a film or layer of foul or extraneous matter that forms on the surface of a liquid.
refuse or offscourings.
a low, worthless, or evil person.
such persons collectively; riffraff; dregs.
scoria ( def 1 ) .

How you apply these are apparently your own responsibility because once again, I am lazy and writing within context is not one of my strong points.

>NOTE 3: Understanding this text requires two things – some knowledge of history and, much more importantly, an ability to think outside of the box and have an open mind. If you approach what is written here from a position of ignorance and a blind belief in what I’ll call nowism ( a belief that things always were the way you perceive them to be now) you will probably make stupid posts which will get deleted/edited even if you have the best intentions. Take off these purple modernist glasses and put them next to your keyboard before you start replying. It will make you see things more clearly and write better comments.

Translation: Keep your mind open as long as you do not disagree with anything I have to say. That's what it means to be open minded. Please know something about history, but not too much because I got a shitty bachelor's degree in History without any sort of follow-up. 101 courses on "The History of Rome" were so enlightening. I'm glad actual intelligent people gathered data though decades of hard work and education so I can include pathetic snippets of its advancement without context to justify why I want to rape women since they think I'm a pathetic loser.

>NOTE 4: I will absolutely not allow a single comment mentioning “nerds”, “nice guys”, “entitlement”, “creeps”, or any of that crap. Nowhere in this article (or, for that matter, on this blog) have I used these terms outside of a context that spoke about how barbaric their usage is. If you mention them here you are gone. This is not an article where you are allowed to comment by spitting out your dumb memes and phrases. It is a bit too serious for that, with too much time and work invested in it for me to hear nonsense from pigs.

Translation: These terms hurt my feelings and I'm too much of a pussy to take it.

>NOTE 5: If you’re offended by my completely justified comparisons to Holocaust, slaughter of children or feces enough that it makes you extremely angry, angry enough not to be civil, go be angry somewhere else.

Translation: None


>NOTE 7: I don’t want to hear anybody using the term “conspiracy theorist”. It will tell me you’re a moron who needs to be banned. I am not talking about any conspiracies here but complex multidimensional events most of which span for centuries and some for thousands of years.

Translation: When trying to excuse my cluster fuck writing, I use the word "multidimensional." It allows me to pull quotes from various retards to re illustrate why I'm a fucking crybaby.

>NOTE 8: Any mention of “hate speech”, authorities and other nonsense will be immediately banned WITH YOUR IP AND ANY INFO I CAN FIND PUBLISHED. In this essay I explicitly say I don’t endorse violence. The authorities and info part stands for those outside the forum as well. And believe me, at least three people whose info I know will find themselves on this blog very soon for other horrors(having to do with Wikipedia) and even if it gets shut down everything is already backed up on Blogspot and on my computer. Think about if you want to find yourself on THIS blog.

Translation: I'm telling mom. Except Mother hates me after I asked her to let me fuck her in the pussy I came out of. I just wanted to revisit it one more time. For old time's sake.

>A more general advice: I can’t really predict what kind of reactions this post will cause. It seems too abstract, complex and long to go viral among those I repeatedly called low IQ vermin. However, it is absolutely essential and I will be linking to it a lot. In fact, this is the first time that I will visit some sites and link to it myself. Still, many modernists pigs will consider this post absolutely insane so I must be ready for a backslash. You might want to become acquainted with my Comments policy as well. There are several transgressions usually made by modernist pigs I ban for without warning. Aside from that, everybody is free to comment.

Translation: If you're a rapist loser, please feel free to comment and disregard my lack of scientific knowledge despite trying to quote it as evidence. When I say abstract, it's because I want to ensure that I explain why I cannot explain things clearly or provide credible sources. When I say complex, I mean you will have to dive deep down into my defeatist, whining psyche and be able to empathize with me and only me. My world view begins and ends with me. Also, I suck a bag of dicks. Disregard.

No. 660

Eloquently put, anon. 10/10

No. 661

File: 1406826550153.jpg (31.2 KB, 604x448, MarjanSiklic2010ish.jpg)


Holy shit anon, good job. What I want to know is what he looks like. I've gone through his FB and ED and it seems there are two different guys he claims to be.

Like exhibit 1

No. 662

File: 1406826702850.jpg (29.87 KB, 426x525, Marjan_Siklic_4.jpg)

And Exhibit 2

I've seen several pictures of this guy and he seems to have friends IRL. Sooo… I doubt it's him since Incels life revolves around the internet and hates going outside and hates men in general.

No. 663

File: 1406826829109.jpg (26.15 KB, 455x408, Marjan_Siklic_1.jpg)

Exhibit 3

Different guy?

No. 664

You're not wrong at all, but I think it's been plainly obvious for a while that this guy is mentally fucked up and irrational. There's no point deconstructing what he says because he doesn't reside in reality.

No. 665

so you're saying my post has no value? No shit. Deconstructing this faggots lol opus was about as worthwhile as the "article" itself. This was me having enough free time to take a giant shit on it. I hope he kills himself. The fact that I can write crappy comments regarding his tl;dr and he can't post anything about is a cheap laugh for me. Read at will but even my attempt at satire on this bullshit doesnt mean a thing. And that's okay with me. :)

No. 666

10/10. Accurate translation of this loser's "comment policy."

No. 667


Thanks, anons. There's no point in debating the content of his blog post. It'd be a joke if he didn't talk about disgusting violence toward women all because he's got a limp dick. I usually don't wish death on people, but I think he'd be better off dead.

No. 668

He really is better off dead, I agree. I remember on SR, there were a few girls that wanted to help him out and his response? "The only way you'll help me is to fuck me ;)" and "Will you fuck me?" This is the same guy that said "A good male psychiatrist is one that would agree with me. A good female one is one that will fuck me. That is the only way they will help."

He keeps saying, "INCEL ISN'T JUST ABOUT SEX!!!!" when the ways he acts says the complete opposite. He doesn't want a girlfriend because he doesn't know the first thing about being a good boyfriend. He just wants some girl who will always let him get his 30 second jollies off.

No. 674

I find it so odd that he has no hobbies, no favorite foods, just nothing. His whole life revolves around incel, it consumes him. It's sad really.

Can you imagine what his parents think of him? I always wonder if his mother told his father that he asked her to have sex with him.

Does he even live with his parents? How does he live by himself without a job? Croatia is a poor broken country, I can't imagine them handing out checks to disabled people, and Marjan is not even disabled. I think he's lying about living alone.

And why does he always get offended when someone tells him to get a job? Then he compares it to being a trucker scum that beats women. Like where does he even get that from? How can using his history degree be compared to being a violent truck driver?

He's such a wreak. He really needs to be institutionalized for a couple of years.

No. 675

Croatia does have social welfare system, though it's not much. He would probably get something for being unemployed, but it's not much.
Marijan mentioned, back on StaminaRose, that he is working in some foreign country for some project of his. It's probably Germany since he linked some German article where he supposedly got interviewed.
And yeah, he gets offended when someone tells him to get a job and yet he claims to work in some foreign country.

No. 676

Hi Marijan.

No. 677

File: 1407290090753.png (5.39 KB, 648x108, psychoshit.png)

I'm not surprised it's not a lot of money after seeing the rubbish dump of a house he lives in with his parents.

I also think he needs to be institutionalized for several years. Have you guys seen his stupid responses on the Jezebel article about him? It just further proves that he wants a stable fuck buddy and not a girlfriend. A snippet someone from the Jezebel thread pasted from his blog.

No. 678

File: 1407290291290.png (33.15 KB, 680x540, stillpsycho.png)

And another where he doesn't understand that just because you like someone does not mean they automatically feel the same way about you. He doesn't understand human interactions at all. The girl bailed because she got serial killer sex addict vibes from him. Good thing she left.

No. 681

Why would I be Marijan?
He is a hypocrite, claims to be too proud to work and yet he apparently claims he found a job in a foreign country.
And when his job ends, he will go back to Croatia and mooch money through welfare as if the country budget isn't in a horrible state and needs another faggot to mooch it off.

No. 682


I didn't think you were anon.

I can't really imagine him leaving Croatia, and how the hell does he get a job with a history degree (that isn't teaching)? Especially a foreign one? Is he fucking with the welfare system? Can he be reported?

These questions are all rhetorical of course. I don't think Incel could answer any of these truthfully.

I remember reading in the IRC chat, where he got doxxed, that he worked for a company in L.A

No. 683

Maybe he got some minimum wage job in a country with good economy - Germany, Norway, Sweden is where people from ex-Yugoslavian country usually go.

Minimum wage in Croatia is 2.30 euro per hour.
In Germany it's around 8 euros.

No. 684

I doubt it, honestly. He's been trying to deny that his name is Marijan despite it showing up when he stupidly doxxed himself, got arrested, ended up in police reports etc. while also trying to convince people he no longer lives in Croatia, and claiming various men are him whenever someone calls out his ugliness. He'd never get a job because it "supports feminism" although in reality, if he got a job he'd improve his miserable life. No woman wants a man with zero ambition. Hell, the majority of men don't want a woman without it either.

No. 685

The whining and desperation is so epic. It's not even believable. "NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THIS TO ME. THE FATAL ONE. I AM DYING. YOU ARE A MONSTER KILLING YOUR INCELS." : /

No. 686


Anon do you know which picture is him? Is it the picture in the forum where he says "They are murderers" at the top of the thread?

No. 687

File: 1407384139237.jpg (17.77 KB, 431x392, rapist.jpg)

Not sure. Found this picture of some other random photo of "him" on his Facebook account. If this isn't the face of a serial rapist then I don't know what is. Whoever this is, he looks fucking creepy.

No. 688

I think these two are him

while this
is just some random metalhead

No. 689


Thanks anon, I figured he'd be the guy that's alone taking web cam photos of his lonesome self

I'ma say, he's not that bad looking, I'm going to get shit for saying that, BUT he's just so fucking insane and ugly inside and devoid of real human emotions that he is truly unfuckable.

He's like a shell of a human being.

I'd rather fuck the ugly metal head because he seems to have an actual personality, interests, and hobbies.

No. 691

imagine how much better he would look if he just genuinely smiled.
assuming thats him of course

No. 957

Has anyone been keeping up with his blog?

>2013 was a pretty turbulent year for me. After almost dying due to depression and exhaustion in late 2012


>It was a disaster. I had over 30 dates, of which the only results were a short-term friendship with benefits I had with a woman who was severely problematic and unattractive and a single sexual experience with a slut I initially tried to blackmail but who then agreed for an exchange of sex for me buying her some crap.

Is he changing his story now? He was adamant before that he never blackmailed anybody.

>And by early 2014 I was beginning to understand. It took a lot of reading and investigation but I finally realized what the problem was. The problem was and always has been in men. Men, being physically stronger than women, can create any type of society they want to. If horrible societies exist it is because of men.

Oh Marj…

>I will now be called CoAlphaAntiModernistIncelBlogger.

It's like he's 12

No. 1096

No. 1119

I stopped reading™ after the first sentence. That guy is a lost cause and will never learn. He is severely brain damaged.

No. 1134

This kinda reads like he's writing this with one hand and getting off with the other. Fucking hell this is a window to insanity if I ever saw one

No. 1135


No. 1139

Guy never got over the high school hierarchy and hides his insecurities and failures with "I'M SMART AND WOMEN LIKE DUMB ASSHOLES." He's as repressed as the rest of the neckbeards but 100x more insane. I was absolutely fascinated with his ramblings, until you realize that he mutters the same things over and over and over and over without any willingness to apply reasonable logic or factual statements based on research outside of his pity party perspective. He's just obnoxious these days.

No. 1140

Ya, he's funny when you first discover him, but he's just not interesting anymore. He's a one trick pony.

No. 1145


>Your fathers were unknown thugs of previous generations. There was enough time for that, since the decline has been happening since the 1960s.

"Why can't you frickin' fricks ever acknowledge the 1950's!?"

No. 1472

He has a new blog for anyone keeping track of his crazy. I dunno if it's cuz he's trying to hideolder posts or what but.. http://caamib.wordpress.com/

No. 1476

If he's trying to hide his older posts of crazy and rape, he's doing a bad job… He should just find a moderately high place, prepare a noose, and get a chair already.

No. 1483

On his new blog he tells a story of him telling a friend of the things he would need to do to get sex and the friend was so sickened by his ideas he threw up…


Why does he share these stories. He's clearly super mentally ill.

No. 1485

I can't blame the friend for vomiting at that. The Croatian government is super shitty and won't do a thing about keeping a lawful eye on that nutcase. Marijan is a sex fiend, not someone who genuinely wants a girlfriend. Hopefully that friend is now a former one.

No. 1492

Oh my fucking god, have you read the comments on his blog posts? He's telling an "incel" girl that she's being ridiculous and her problems are all in her head when, well… we all know why he should be the last person saying that.

And lmao @ that dumb woman supporting hsi views complaining about getting hate mail whenever she comments on his posts. She's basically begging for it for encouraging his disgusting behavior http://jessuhlyn88.wordpress.com/

No. 1530

his blog sends me into a rage every time. I mean a real rage you feel deep down in your chest.
please, someone tell me his comeuppance is coming.

No. 1710

I knew this person IRL. AMA.

No. 1711

Pfft, yeah, and I rimmed the queen of england.

No. 1712

I don't know who you rimmed or not but I did know this person. Why would that be impossible? There have been people from Croatia posting here before and somebody who knew this man would be more likely to find it anyway.

No. 1714

Cool, where do you know him from?

No. 1715

How retarded is he when he's in public?

No. 1718


Si stvarno iz hrvacke ili zajebavaš?

No. 1719


Tell us about his brother. What's his deal? Does he know the extent of everything?

No. 1724

Follow up "I knew him" with information.

No. 1949

No. 1951

Of course he makes an account and replies in a second someone makes a thread about him

No. 1955

Kek, I feel kinda sorry for him. He must have major issues to be so obsessed about his e-peen/persona

He's become beetlejuice. I heard that if you say his name three times in the mirror, he'll appear in real life and lecture you on why women suck.

No. 1965

370+ pages and still going…

This guy is the basement dweller to rule them all.

No. 1968

Eternally retarded.

No. 1978

Mary Jane is a fucking moron and after reading his same incel posts over and over and over…you sorta lose your mind over the stupidity, but replies to him are usually gold.

For instance:
"Wow, you're back.
You really don't learn, do you?
Again, you're the lab rat who gets a electric shock when you try to grab the hunk of cheese, but you keep on doing it. Keep on trying to grab that cheese you crazy motherfucker, keep on trying."

No. 1980


You have to hand it to him, at least he never gives up.

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