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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 44770

Anyone else spending it indoors? Anyone else not been invited anywhere either? What are your plans fellow farmers?

No. 44771


probably just gonna study and cry interchangeably, and sleep.


No. 44774

My school's having a haunted house. I'm going to dress up as an evil bunny, eat food, enjoy the atmosphere and then go home and watch movies. Maybe catch up on some homework and chat with online friends. Maybe just sleep.

No. 44782

I'm pretty sure I'm staying indoors. I was invited with people a week ago and suddenly everyones plans have changed.

I'll probably hand out candy with my family. Kinda bummed out because I spent this past week sewing my costume and am pretty proud of it. Hopefully something comes up.

No. 44791

Fun fact - If you are not of English, Gaelic or Brythonnic descent, you are guilty of cultural appropriation (◡‿◡✿).

Enjoy your stolen holiday.

No. 44792

File: 1446321245314.png (367.47 KB, 449x647, 1405825958897.png)

I'm being a shut-in for Halloween. My friends who I usually party with aren't getting together this year and I didn't get invited anywhere else. I'll probably watch spooky anime by myself and storytime something on 8chan.

No. 44793

Shh don't tell people what the Christians and Jews did to white pagans. Whites were never enslaved and can't be oppressed, remember?

No. 44794

Happy Samhainn

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