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File: 1446112609310.gif (442.6 KB, 500x243, 2acfef6da7aa64b4d4e036dc3352e1…)

No. 44450

Since this was brought up in another thread, why not start our own thread dedicated to music?

Post anything related to music: bands you like, genres you listen to, instruments you play, any musical pieces you're working on, that one time at band camp…..etc.

No. 44451

reggae, dub, hiphop, funk, jazz.
anything that is interesting to listen to

No. 44452

90's hip hop is best hip hop

No. 44453

I'm gonna sound edgy saying this, but I'm serious when I say that I like:

Classical, Symphonic metal, Thrash metal, Power metal, Heavy metal in general. Alternative rock, pop rock, Hard rock, Goth rock, Punk-rock, post-punk, Post-grunge.

Old school hip-hop, Underground hip-hop. Japanese hip-hop, "J-Urban". R&B, Visual kei, J-pop, K-pop, pop.

Synthpop, Futurepop, Electronic dance music, Electronic body music, electro-Industrial and all that other neat Cyber-goth muzik.

Ambiance, New Age, folk. Instrumental/acoustic, Jazz, Big band, Electro-swing, Downtempo, showtunes.

So pretty much almost anything, really. I’m a classical musician but I’ve learned to appreciate many forms of music, and have a wide ' 'taste' for it as a result.

No. 44454

also coheed and cambria. claudios voice was so hot when he was younger. also creating an entire comic to go with all the albums is fucking awesome

No. 44455

good will be good no matter the genre

No. 44456

ooops lol

No. 44458

Rock in to 00s was the best. Nothing can convince me otherwise.

No. 44459

Lol that's okay anon; I got a chuckle out of that.

Thanks; yeah, I think all the fusion genres, sampling, backing tracks, mixes and whatnot that people do with classical music help me to discover stuff that I never thought I'd be into.

>also, no one at band camp would've tagged me as the metalhead

>or well more like orchestra in my case lol
>I was the Asian kid that played the piano and was into vidya game music, kek

No. 44461

video game music is cool, have you seen deadmou5's version of the castlevania theme?

i want his studio

No. 44462

File: 1446113842101.jpg (2.35 MB, 3267x2450, heres-the-straight-outta-compt…)

Straight outta Compton, damn straight

No. 44463

No, but now I gotta take a listen to it brb

>okay, I just listened to it holy shit

>I want his equipment now, too lol

No. 44464

Oh MCR… That was my junior high and high school lol

No. 44465

hes seriously talented.

have some kashmere, such smooth lines

No. 44468

eric the red has a really interesting flow.
leaf dog is also super nice, as is the rest of the high focus crew

No. 44469


last one, sorry for the spam. id be suprised if anyone else is into these.

No. 44471

i lied.

i have the biggest lesbian crush on badu

No. 44472

File: 1446116733176.jpg (58.28 KB, 604x385, q1336156665577295_16.jpg)

LOL oh my gosh, yes! Music anon from the JNIG thread. Thank you for makin this. I've been listening to Bullets and Revenge lately. I seriously loved those albums so much in my late teen years and early 20s.
I don't know why, but going back 10 years is just really a thing right now for me. I'm also into Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Interpol and early Bowie.

Damn, Helena is still my favorite video next to Vampires will never hurt you.

No. 44478

I love this guy.

No. 44479


and I fucking love this album

No. 44480


I need to find more trippy bands.

No. 44481

No. 44482

No. 44484

I love you. I've actually been listening to Bullets and Revenge a lot lately as well, and I think I've been able to seek out and download every rare/hidden/demo track I've been able to find from that era and before as well, and those are my favorites.
I also really like LeATHERMOUTH (fuk yea) and DeathSpells, but I can't find DS's music anywhere. I just picked up Gerard's Hesitant Alien album and I gotta say.. I honestly enjoy it a lot. (some days I feel like frank and then some days i feel like gerard, ya feel me?)

Other than being a giant emo loser, I'm mostly into bands that aren't really bands anymore. I really like The Misfits, Choking Victim/Leftover Crack, the Dead Kennedys, the Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, AJJ, the Animals, JHatFT, Joy Division, Black Sabbath, Die Antvord, Danny Brown, Triple Six Mafia, Grimes, the Raincoats, Salem*
I'm honestly sorry for my shit music taste. I'm desperately trying to hang onto the days when I would drink 40s and go to underground punk shows with my brothers.

>going through this thread to find new things to listen to

Here's something /mu/ somehow snuck onto my ipod.

No. 44485

No. 44486

No. 44487

No. 44488

No. 44489

No. 44490


No. 44492

Thanks for this. I've been looking for new music to listen to when I go running.

Here is some music I've been getting into. The uploader has similar stuff on his page.

No. 44493

No. 44496

I gotta listen to LeATHERMOUTH still. Frank is such an amazing fucking guitarist. Honestly, the entire band is so talented, which is why I can listen to "Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us" over and over. Frank and Ray's guitars together are so golden. I heard some of Hesitant Alien and I don't really like it, then again, it took Black Parade YEARS to grow on me, where as Danger Days was immediate.

I'll check out LeATHERMOUTH later on tonight. And jfc, this entire list. Joy Division is still one of my favorite bands out there. Same with Velvet Underground. Just like MCR, No one really captured that same tone as Joy division, especially after the vocalist's death. A lot of these tragic bands have that sound that once put out there during their golden era, cannot be recaptured.

Anon, your taste in music is very similar to mine and I have no shame in saying I'm turning 30 at the end of the year and it's kind of awesome. I was able to get into a lot of good fucking music younger.

This is the music thread, so I don't think it would be an issue at all dropping my email in the box in case you want to go into more depth and not just have us go too back and forth in the same thread. I'm loving this thread so far.

No. 44498

emailed :^)

No. 44525

Gonna guess one of you was the anon that told me I had good music taste from the Jnig thread, hurr.

Aside from the Misfits, Dead Kennedys omg yes. And Joy Division oh lawd. I'm also the anon earlier in this thread that said I'll !listen to pretty much anything >>44453 so yes…love me some punk and all that post-punk goodness.

Sex Pistols, Ramones, Black Flag, AFI (especially the early stuff), Bad Religion, Bad Brains, NOFX, The Offspring, The Exploited, D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies (love the crossover Thrash stuff, too). Post-pink stuff like goth rock bands: Joy Divison, Sisters of Mercy, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and then punk veering off to more experimental grounds… Like early Industrial (Front 242, Front Line Assembly, etc.)

>alsp love music history too, btw,. Very fascinating to see how genres evolve.

No. 44526

>*post-punk wth, stupid autocorrect

No. 44527

File: 1446139840196.jpg (107.73 KB, 1024x768, raw-1290444957.jpg)

Speaking of Dead Kennedys (like them, too):

I was listening to this the other day. Thought it was appropriate for the season, lol.

No. 44535

Just going to drop this here.

No. 45179

File: 1446598343887.jpg (15.11 KB, 300x236, pav-pagliacci.jpg)

I've been really into some obscure niche. I guess I'd describe it as Southern gothic rock or maybe bloodgrass or killbilly.
>tfw living in New England, knowing that no one will ever recognize my band t-shirts

No. 45229

OMG! Yes! <3

No. 45230

File: 1446648306304.jpg (19.03 KB, 175x193, 132565419819.jpg)


>mfw someone knows moondog

No. 45233

We're one in the same. I guess most of my playlist is rock and hiphop but literally anything that sounds good gets a spot.

No. 45236

this sounds wonderful

give me some bands/links

No. 45269

Why don't people like dad rock anymore?

No. 45271

No. 45272

No. 45273

No. 45275

Angry Johny and the Killbillies
(This is the song that got me into them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6Q65yNStcM and here's one that reminds me of the walking dead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opPVh9xwF5k)

Those Poor Bastards is my overall favorite. It's hard to pick just one. Every album and song is so unique, so here are some catchy ones:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mM16I_HADe4 (This one is harder rock)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSXfHaWQk8k (Gloomy country)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RznWJUkwXEM (Spooky story)

I like Sons of Perdition a lot too, but they're probably a little too.. I don't know, lyrical and religious for here, so here is a neat little urban legend song by them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQTLTKAIKvw

No. 45277

No. 45278

No. 45293

this is amazing, thank you

>/cgl/ offshoot board about dumbasses and retards has better collective taste in music than /mu/ and any other board I've been to

holy shit why is this place so fucking based

No. 45294

you might like this

No. 45297

Seriously. I'm pleasantly surprised with lolcow.

No. 46232

Glad to know that there's people out there who like a wide variety of music, too. Makes me feel less alone or weird about it.

No. 46233

This is also one of the most civil boards I've been to about music tastes.

>I'm proud of u farmers

No. 46242

This album by Foster the People is always my jam

No. 46252

Omg can we be best friends?
Rainbow is the best ;-;

No. 46254

File: 1447080271958.jpg (240.82 KB, 698x466, tumblr_n65w24THmd1r3fy5to1_128…)


Alcest <3 The most relaxing and beautiful music.

No. 46267



No. 46271

Whoever posted this, I love you so much.
As for "relaxing metal music" (lol)I reiterate with this:

No. 46272

File: 1447093747071.png (502.64 KB, 608x600, emptiness_nothing.png)

I love Cynic ;-; You might like this. It's really chill, but in a different kind of way. For some reason it reminds me of the bubonic plague paintings


Stargazer is the best Rainbow song aside from Catch the Rainbow. I really wish Rainbow got more attention as far as classic rock goes.

No. 46304

I loved that album, thank you Anon.

No. 46322

I've been listening to a lot of Slothrust lately.

No. 46324

No. 46325

No. 46326

No. 46327

I feel like I have an eclectic taste in music.

But old school country holds a spot from when I was younger, and time spent on my granny's farm.

No. 46329

No. 46330

Shapeshifter is so ridiculously comfy.

No. 46331

No. 46338

The new grimes album is out already right? Is it any good?

No. 46350

This is great, thanks for sharing!

No. 46351

No. 46353

my fellow black american

No. 46359

>snowing outside
>listening comfy stuff
>tfw extremely comfy

No. 46363

File: 1447186468296.jpg (29.1 KB, 540x359, 11863467_10153296719557529_475…)

ITT: Anons having great tastes in music.

No. 46370

File: 1447187260944.jpg (50.82 KB, 393x460, a2ab0c60c1816f585fd7e3159dc346…)

What the shit. I was just looking at bleeding heart doves for sale.

Great taste in music and birds.

No. 46374


aaaand now I feel depressed, why do I always get extremely depressed at night

No. 46375


fuck time to get comfy again

No. 46376

No. 46377

No. 46378

Death is my all-time favorite band in the world. Great taste anon, you deserve a virtual hug

No. 46379


thanks anon

No. 46380


this album is so fucking comfy

No. 46391

I dip into pretty much every genre, except I cannot into jazz. Sorry, dad…

Jay Munly is really fucking weird, but I'm infatuated with him and his music. I'm a big fan of gothic country (music, lit, film, whatever), so shoutout to the anon above who mentioned Those Poor Bastards.

My parents got married to Talking Heads, I grew up listening to them, and David Byrne is still one of my all-time favorites. "Stop Making Sense" is, IMO, the ultimate concert movie. Byrne is nuts and I love it.

Metal of the sludge/doom variety (and "atmospheric sludge metal" ~omg don't you DARE call it post-metal you plebs~) is probably my favorite genre in general. I can't decide on a favorite, but Neurosis is a classic.

Earth is my go-to "I'm fucking stoned and I want music to massage my brain and make me feel tingly" band. It's repetitive, but it's nice to fall asleep to, especially when high.

Menace Ruine is kind of drone-y, too. Female vocals.

I love Pallbearer. It's doom metal with clean vocals, so I guess it's probably "pussy metal," but whatever.

40 Watt Sun and Warning are also in the same vein of doom metal with clean, heartbreakingly sorrowful vocals.

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats is fun shit - stoner rock/heavy psych/doom.

St. Vincent is my guilty pleasure that I'm not sure if I should feel guilty about. I've got a bit of a crush on Annie Clark.

Also, I don't know a word of Swedish, but I love Garmarna. It's fucking beautiful neo-folk.

No. 46481


More comfy stuff

No. 46487

No. 46492

Same, when I saw your post. Got Cosmic Meditation playing rn.

No. 46493

File: 1447353478182.jpg (1.19 MB, 1280x1405, sunra.jpg)

How about…Sun Ra?

No. 46495

oh, come the fuck on, clair de lune? check out the rest of his oeuvre.

pelleas et melisande is one of my favourite operas.

No. 46496

File: 1447354120882.jpg (238.41 KB, 768x768, LoveForeverChanges.jpg)

No. 46718

No. 46728

It's honestly baffling to me why we have to feel weird about it. Nearly every one of my friends sticks hard to their own preferences. Mentioning you like something outside their bubble gets you strange looks. Really? You feel like listening to metal and only metal anytime you start up your playlist? There's too much great music in the world to only limit yourself to one style.

No. 47063

Shoot me some good shoegaze/dream pop bands, I liked Souvlaki, Loveless and some The Mary and the Jesus Chain songs so far, want to get more in to it.

No. 47106

I'm not too clear on my genres but you might like candy claws and sleep party people.

No. 47131

Some Japanese bands I know are Airmail, Cruyff in the Bedroom, Clams, Sugarplant.

Snow (not snow again) by Coaltar of the Deepers is up that alley too.

No. 47143

wow this is worse than panoptishit and that's really saying something.

No. 47148

I love Shojoskip, my favorite song from their album is the one that starts playing at 19:48.

No. 47485

File: 1447943764478.jpg (172.95 KB, 1500x1479, 81QFbQw E7L._SL1500_.jpg)

You should try Alcest. They are fantastic french band that has mostly shoegaze/dreampop influences.


No. 47727

Bowie is my musicfu.

No. 48437

>those fucking guitars

Literally the perfect shoegaze track.

No. 48454

File: 1448770070582.jpg (506.9 KB, 2000x2000, 8gODDGb.jpg)

Astrobrite, The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, A Sunny Day in Glasgow are some of my favorites.

Cocteau Twins are essential dream pop listening if you haven't listened to them already. Long Season by Fishmans is also really amazing.

Here's a handy chart if you want more.

No. 48481


Thanks, I'll look them up when I get home.

No. 48483

You all have really bad taste.

No. 48484

>>Goes into a music sharing thread saying everyone has really bad taste
>>Doesn't post links to show off their good taste in music


No. 48485

No, like seriously. Fucking Leftover Crack? What kind of poser shits are you?

No. 48486

Dude, no one cares about what you hate and no one gives a fuck what you think about other people listening to bands you hate either.

Either post links showing off your ~superior~ music taste or stop shitting up the music sharing thread with your bullshit, yeah?

No. 48487

You sound like you care.

No. 48489

>>Posting as if they didn't need the reminder on what this thread is actually for.

No. 48497

I've been into dark circus shit lately. I can't get enough of that accordion/calliope/organ sound.

No. 48556

I'm sorry, my comments earlier were very harsh. I was just being a bitch.

No. 48573

I listen to Leftover Crack and other 'shitty' punk because it reminds me of the time when my brother was still around. It reminds me of someone who isn't there anymore. So judge me all you want for that.

Oh, and only pricks with shit taste call other people 'posers,' js.

Anons, if you love something, don't let someone else try to take it away from you because they are insecure with themselves. If you feel passionate about something, run with it. Don't let other people make you feel sorry for what you care about.

No. 48609

File: 1448917652386.jpg (28.91 KB, 299x300, (1997) Jack Off Jill - Sexles…)

my high school years consisted of me driving my dad's element out into some empty parking lot, laying down in the back, and playing this album on loop

No. 48612

You know where it's at bb.

No. 48622

File: 1448931124131.jpg (79.27 KB, 300x300, Serpentine_Gallery_(album).jpg)

Fuck yeah, Girlscout was constantly on repeat. Between them and Switchblade Symphony I'm sure I drove my parents nuts.

No. 48659

If you dont care why do you feel the need to explain yourself on here? We really dont care why you listen to shitty punk. If you are this easily offended, get off of lolcow. You seem to have forgotten what this imageboard is.

No. 48660

What crawled up your ass and died?

No. 48661

Are you gonna cry?

No. 48662

File: 1448963069756.png (494.5 KB, 521x645, 12249774_928255007229586_64081…)


No. 48663

Thank you for confirming that you're gonna cry.

No. 48664

You really need some help, buddy.

No. 48665

Are you going to help me?

No. 48670

File: 1448981015064.jpeg (245.03 KB, 600x591, (2006) Jack Off Jill - Humid T…)

Oh wow, I've never met another JoJ fan, irl or online. I never understood their classification as riot grrl because the subject matter in most of their songs isn't political enough. from the footage of live performances I've seen though they did a lot of things for shock value so maybe that's why?
anyways humid teenage mediocrity is a phrase that i think described my later high school years pretty well, growing up in the south and spending summer afternoons avoiding my parents so i could listen to music that would offend them

No. 49002

No. 78686

Only song to make me legit cry ;_;

No. 78701

This band is crazy underrated.

No. 78837

No. 78844

No. 78846

i really liked this

No. 78937

Really loving the lostprophets/geoff rickly (from thursday) new band, no devotion

No. 79063

No. 79126

I saw Silverstein with Emarosa last night. I'm pretty happy aboot that. Made me feel like I was in high school again lol.

No. 79393

No. 79659

File: 1457656070566.png (491.67 KB, 562x564, tmp_14702-Screen Shot 2015-08-…)

Can anyone reccommend anything similar to pic related and the Drive soundtrack? Really into nu80s vibes lately.

No. 81386

GDR had some rad music

No. 81461

File: 1458179061380.jpg (113.43 KB, 706x746, tumblr_o2navk5psV1u2gtk4o1_128…)

>pic related


i don't even want to think about the shit ethan kath & ~edith~ are going to churn out now they've started touring again. crystal castles died in 2014, man.

also 'stop making sense' is one of my favourite albums - that version of 'girlfriend is better', though:

No. 84025

I just watched this performance and I'm in love with the vocalist voice. I like this type of voice and song, very deep at first, but then gets higher and raspy, aaaah…gonna check the band more for sure.

No. 84041

Anon, I think you'll be surprised by their original work as a lot of it is nothing like that Conan performance.

No. 84119

It's okay, I've prepared my heart, hehehe…I just know they are a heavy metal band before I watched the performance and to be honest, heavy metal was never my cup of tea. But I checked them out after the Conan video, turns out I enjoy them more than I should. Like this one music video I attached (warning: involving suicide), sooo gooood! I'm a fan now! Still, my favorite is the vocalist's voice in "The Sound of Silence", for me.

No. 84140

I like Disturbed a lot. The lead singer seems like a genuinely good person.

No. 84144

Personally, the lead singer seems to have a liiitle bit of ego. I've heard stories about him calling out non-fans (who I'm guessing were tagging along their significant others) for texting throughout their performance in several concerts. I understand where he's coming from though, it sucks to get up on stage, perform your hearts out and be ignored, but still, the non-fans were like a tiny percent of the audience, the rest of the people seems to be their fan and having fun. That's a pretty dick move to call out and humiliated the non-fans when they still paid for the concert, in my opinion.

No. 84305


No. 84306

Pendulum's return at Ultra Music Festival this year was amazing and makes me sad that we'll probably never get another album from them since they're making shitty dubstep/trap/whatever as Knife Party now (and probably making more money that way too)

No. 84332

crime, cocaine, fast cars, palm trees

No. 84471

i like you

No. 84480

Anyone into old(er) Jpop? Posting some Pizzicato Five.

No. 84484

Been listening to this one a lot lately.

No. 84501

that dark haired guy, the singer, is fairly good looking, thanks for sharing
also what is that thing he's holding? it looks like a guitar but doesn't have any of the tuning pegs

No. 84508

Ginger Bronson?

No. 86483

I really like the life is strange sound track.. I would love if anyone could give me similar indie music recs.

No. 86485

I watch the cartoon and I honestly don't know how it hasn't blown up. I really like it and most of the episodes are really funny!

No. 86493

anything by Alt J

No. 86506


Get Up and Go - Broadcast 2000

No. 86507


Run - Broadcast 2000

No. 86508


I Feel it All - Feist

No. 86509


Coming in from the Cold - The Delgados

No. 86510


Keep on Breathing - The Delgados

No. 86511


Suburban War - Arcade Fire

No. 86512


Duvet (Acoustic) - Bôa

No. 86513


Comme des enfants - Cœur de pirate

No. 86514


Place de la République - Cœur de pirate

No. 86515


What Else is There? - Röyksopp

No. 86516


Shut Eye - Stealing Sheep

No. 86554

I really love angsty stuff like this


No. 86644

File: 1460825784837.jpg (172.98 KB, 333x500, 5618838857_a2bff02292.jpg)

That's because it's not really a guitar, it's a midi controller shaped like a guitar called a Ztar

No. 86647

My favorite album since forever.

No. 86648


Another one of my favorites.

No. 86649


I love how Turkish music blended right in with funk in this one.

No. 86778

that's a retarded name

No. 86781

I fucking love these brasshouse faggits.

Supposedly all their live performances are improvised too.

No. 86785

mac-san <:3

No. 86861

if you want acid techno, detroit techno or garage or grime i can help with tht

No. 86862

Einstürzende Neubauten - Was Ist Ist

No. 86863

Laurie Anderson - Sharkey's Day

No. 86864

omg, thank you for reminding me of them!
haven't grooved so much in a long time!

No. 86871

I was only 10 when this was released but I remember it being played fucking EVERYWHERE when it was.

Anybody else get major nostalgia off this track?

No. 86872


And fuck, shit like, I remember my older "cool" sister listening to this shit at max volume in her bedroom, the CD's no doubt nicked from HMV earlier on in the week.

God, it was such trash and I loved it.

No. 86882

GIGI!! Someone else knows this song! I love late 90s and early 2000s techno music, its pretty much all I listen to. No one ever likes it.

No. 86885

D-Does anyone else like visual kei? I know a lot of times they get called twinks here. Please tell me I'm not the only one!

No. 86886

Versailles is my absolute favorite band.
I'm still, unfortunately, a vkei fag. but, like, probably more mainstream stuff (Gazette, Kaya, D, d'espairsray… stuff like that.)

No. 86888

I like Versailles and some of Gazette, the other ones you listed I have not heard of, I'll have to check them out

No. 86891

Yessss, Versailles. So sad about Jasmine. :(

No. 86900

I will never pass up an opportunity to share these guys. Love them or hate them, I absolutely adore them and feel like they're really doing something special with music. I've harbored a little obsession with them for several years now.

Oh man, I used to love these guys. I remember how upset I was when they split off into Jupiter and Kamijo's solo act.

No. 88609

I don't usually listen to musicals, but I got to admit, Hamilton songs are really good. My favorite is the one I linked above, and "Satisfied". And personally, with other musicals I have to dig into the back story or the original work first to understand the songs in it, but not Hamilton. Even though I haven't seen the musical, the songs alone, when I listen to them in order, are enough to tell the whole story. Very fascinating, at least for me.

No. 88836

No. 88839

Don't know why the video won't post properly, maybe it's because it's a private one. Anyway, skip to 4:00 for music.

No. 88862

Austra. Probably one of the best bands that emerged during the last 5 years (New Wave, have to listen til 0:35)

No. 94349

Stumbled across this today and it's one of the most beautiful tracks I've ever heard.

No. 94350

I've been following Death Grips for a while and this song makes me want to drive dangerously or destroy property

Thank you so much for reminding me, I forgot all about them. I miss the spooky feelings I got listening to it.

You also have reminded me of a band I used to listen to a lot. I have an old VHS of them just fucking shit up in a junk yard and making mouth noises.

No. 94353

Can someone explain the Melanie Martinez obsession to me? I've listened to a couple of songs and while I like her voice, she's just not my style. Which is weird because a lot of people compare her to Marina and Lana (both of which I love).

No. 94357

gives me goosebumps every time I listen

No. 94395

File: 1464304927151.jpg (1.96 MB, 4138x4000, tmp_1938-White-Hinterland-main…)

How do you guys feel about White Hinterland? Does anyone know who I'm talking about or should I take this to /mu/?

No. 94399

I see you read that pitchfork article too.

No. 94401

How to clams casino, in case you were wondering

No. 94404

It's her "aesthetic" probably. I don't like her music either, but I get why she appeals to edgy, left-over scene babies.

No. 94405

Yeah, I have to admit I've never heard of her before she decided to try to sue JB. Good luck to her, I guess, but I did like her song that he "allegedly" (blatantly) sampled.

No. 94555


I like a few of her songs and her voice is nice. I wouldnt compare her much to Marina or Lana tbh though. I also hate how Melanie constantly uses age play themes

No. 94556


Early 2000 late 90s happy hardcore shit is my guilty pleasure. Someone send help

No. 94558


A lot of E-rotic songs are nostalgia for me because I remember a lot of them were in stepmania packs I had.

No. 94560

No. 94561


Fuck I remember doing this for even a single 1 min 30 seconds on hard would have me sweating and panting like a pig after, DDR/Stepmania is SUCH good cardio.

This was another of my favourite tracks.

No. 94562



No. 94563


fucking FUCK I loved playing this track. Also Aqua is pretty A+ in my books

No. 94564

No. 94565

Fuck I can remember wanting to throw up after whenever I did this one because it was so fucking fast.

No. 94566

More Captain Jack.

No. 94567

But I won't cry for yesterday, there's an ordinary world, somehow I have to find


No. 94568

I remember this one was fucking solid. I never could get through all of it before my legs seized up.

No. 94569

Fuck now you guys are making me sad for the old days when I was just some silly, carefree teenager dancing on her cheap USB dancepad hooked up to her laptop in her bedroom. With her nice, unscarred skin.

No. 94570


I loved this song so much… My mom hated it lmao, she said it sounded like a monkey squawking

No. 94572

going to dump random stuff i like

No. 94573

No. 94574

its weird when you get older, and you first liked a band. Others would be like "ew newfags."

but years and years go by and now ur the oldfag. feels weird mang. I remember when jimmy urine first got married and when the bassist girl married that guy from MCR

No. 94575

No. 94576

No. 94577

No. 94578

No. 94579

No. 94580

No. 94581

No. 94582

No. 94583

No. 94584

No. 94585

No. 94586

No. 94587

No. 94588

No. 94589

No. 94590

No. 94591

No. 94592

No. 94618

No. 94706

Future funk anyone?

No. 99181

No. 99200

>tfw none of my friends like swans
>tfw had to go see them live alone

No. 99210

Man I used to listen to them so much in high school, shame they degenerated in to a pop rock band. They were the only decent metal band in Turkey.

No. 99211


Fuck I was in this show, feeling so nostalgic now.

No. 99580

This one is for the anon from the shitty music thread. Unless you just don't like the vocals, Hellogoodbye's newer stuff is at least 80% better than their first album.

No. 99657

I'll listen to anything I like. I primarily listen to post-punk, industrial, 80s/90s ebm, and new wave. But lately I've been really into hip hop. Can anyone recommend me artists like Dälek? Or Japanese post-punk?
Bless you, anon. Neubaten is my favorite. I have the original pressing of both halber mensch and haus der lüge.

No. 99685

this sounds like a male anon selfposting to get validation for his basic bitch taste

No. 99688

LMAO he deleted his post. guess it really was.

No. 99909

More like this please.

No. 100225

Anyone else got love for Yellow Magic Orchestra or Japanese 70's synthpop in general?

No. 100511

YMO is the shit.

No. 100513

Oh man, I've just been getting into Siekiera! Fantastic taste. I absolutely love anxious/dark stuff like post-punk, early goth rock and coldwave.

Do you like the Sound? This song is so beautiful and bittersweet.

As for Dalek… difficult to say, I haven't found anyone quite like them. Maybe try Food for Animals, they have an interesting industrial sound.

Here's a neat 80s Japanese goth band that you might like:

No. 100514

Ok, one more thing I really wanted to share.

This is from a fantastic compilation of Turkish, Japanese and Chinese folk songs called "International Sad Hits". Incredibly emotional.

No. 100744

File: 1467837110056.jpg (1.74 MB, 1000x4167, redflags bingo.jpg)

let's play

No. 100746


>Bülent ortaç and fikret Kızılok

Damın makes me happy that non Turkish people enjoy them

No. 100747


Not 70's but I fucking love Junko Yagami, YMO is great too.

No. 100749

No. 100750

But why Papyrus?

No. 100755

lmao so true. this chart applies to basic bitch guys too. mostly guys who play video games and arent really into music.

No. 100770

Absolutely one of my favorites, hopefully of you farmers here like it too!

No. 100771

No. 103133

>tfw never gonna see them live

No. 103134


Prog rock is just so comfy.

No. 103136

I've never heard of over half of this shit. How was this list decided? Some of it's /mu/ core shit, some is "pop" (I assume) so what is the basic common denominator?

No. 103137

You might like Kygo.

No. 103555

Is anyone here a Fiona Apple fan? Paper Bag isn't so great since it was adopted by anas but I love the majority of her other stuff.

No. 103747

Do they each have a song that's in a soundtrack for something, maybe? I can see how some are related (based off of artists), but it is a bit of a weird mix up.

No. 104157

The rare Rolling Stones film "cocksucker blues" is going to be screened in full soon, but parts are on youtube. By god does is shatter the illusion that Rock N Roll is glamourous and fun. We see Keith being shot up by a groupie and then spending the rest of that video clip passing out on another groupie and getting his back rubbed.

Seeing that film and the toll they were all taking on their bodies it's surprising how good shape they all still are in!

No. 104767

File: 1469503889437.png (1.67 MB, 3055x2320, RedFlagMusicForGirls1.png)

No. 104768

File: 1469503956466.png (1.7 MB, 2946x2400, RedFlagMusicForGirls2.png)

No. 105785

I've become completely obsessed with Shura. Does anyone else know of her/like her?

Also, anyone else have music similar to hers? I'm usually not into synthpop but hers is chill enough that I'm really liking it.

No. 105819

No. 105834

oh man, my all-time favorite album on the first line?

To be fair though, Tallahasse probably isn't their objective best. All Hail West Texas seems to be the most popular.

throw in some older folk, modest mouse, silver jews, califone, and lana del rey and this chart would pretty much cover my tastes. I wish more guys were turned off by it tbh familia, most either don't know what the hell I'm talking about or instantly label me a "zomg so cool girl!1!!", as if my stuff isn't just completely accessible music that's not even that experimental or obscure.

No. 105840

I honestly don't get what compels people to care enough about the music taste of others to make charts like this. How does what sort of music they listen to say anything about their personality, assuming they're not people that just make music their ENTIRE personality.

Every time I see one of these I always just assume it's that the person got dumped by a girl who listened to these bands.

No. 105867

Same. I cant take them seriously, most of these people have the mentality of a 16 year old teenager. I listen to everything from Katy Perry-tier radio pop to the most obscure Turkmenistani synth folkmetal shit, why should that determine my worth as a person? They're all just trying to out-edge each other for Internet points.

No. 105868

Sorry but I'm confused on what that graph is supposed to express.
Could you enlighten me?

No. 105871

It's a "red flag" chart of music tastes for women, so it's implying that if you listen to those bands, you're somehow trouble or crazy or will be a poor person and should be avoided.

It really is the mentality of a 16 year old, it's judging a book not just by it's cover, but by a tiny section of the cover that you can't even tell what's going on in the rest of it, then calling yourself enlightened and intelligent for doing so.

No. 105872

No. 105876

I like how Elliott Smith and Weezer is on there, like good luck finding anyone who doesn't like at least one song from those three albums.

No. 105877

I think it's hilarious that most of that shit is stuff /mu/ loved until it got mainstream/any sort of traction.

No. 105878

Any other dempa music/APOP music fans here?

No. 105879

Half of them make no sense honestly, like, how is listening to OK Computer or In Utero somehow a red flag? Same goes for Blue Album. I think you'd struggle to find people that don't enjoy stuff from those albums honest, there's a reason they're considered to pretty much define alt rock in the 90's.

The Elliot Smith one is hilarious though, because figure 8 is way more cheerful than some of his other stuff.

I'm convinced they just took things that have any themes of angst at all and just shoved it on the list.

I honestly find it hilarious that people act like Radiohead is somehow underground, or that it's been that way for decades now. They pretty much always sell out venues, and any music related media goes nuts whenever they release anything new. Their most recent album was in the top 10 in like 20 different countries, and it's their 6th album that's done that. Yet everyone seems to think that they're some under-rated gem that only their community REALLY likes.

The hypocrisy is pretty impressive though, you're right. It's a sign of good taste when /mu/ posters put up lists like that, but if other people do, it's a red flag and you should avoid them.

No. 105880

Hotline Miami Soundtrack?
The Beach Boys?
Motherfucking Nirvana?

No. 105898

How is Sufjan Stevens a red flag? You gotta love the Suf!

No. 105899

i lost my ex to a guy who plays double bass, after they met, he went back to his native country, my ex is quite a nasty witch ever since they met

No. 106396

i feel like this must be some kind of joke, because nearly most of these albums are pretty much entry-level /mu/core shit if not "entry-level-to-serious-music-listening" shit and then random video game soundtracks

anyway, i finally watched the movie Love & Mercy with Paul Dano & John Cusack as Brian Wilson, who's one of my musical heroes, and I liked it a lot more than I thought.

does anyone else here like the beach boys? i feel like everyone enjoys at least one of their old "formula" girls-cars-surfing singles, or at least has some kind of childhood memory attached to one of them, but i think i'll always find this gorgeous https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ybvruzd3XE0

No. 106397

No. 106398


I love this guys music. It's amazing

No. 106403

/mu/ in itself is a joke. Or at least a congregation of immature retards who think that listening to ~avant garde~ shit like rabbi chants with screamo playing in the background will make them seem more intelligent instead of just creepy and weird.

The only person I know who thinks that way is a 30-something metalhead manchild who reminds everyone that 'music is his lyfe' (doesn't play any instrument tho) on a daily basis

No. 106408

It's not even avant-garde stuff, I don't think I've ever seen a legitimate discussion of art music or anything there, not even more than a couple threads about more experiemental stuff in the style of Sunn or Merzbow, and even then it's just whatever their most recent album was (not saying these are exactly super obscure though, don't get me wrong) It's just a bunch of people listening to slightly uncommon stuff, but not so uncommon that you'd have issues finding people who know what you're talking about. It's not even about the music really, just the ability to pretend you're better than everyone else for listening to it.

>who reminds everyone that 'music is his lyfe' (doesn't play any instrument tho)

People like this are so fucking annoying. If you're not actually living off music or don't base your life around trying to get a career in music somehow, it's not your life, it's just a hobby.

No. 106412

God Only Knows is the best Beach Boys song, no question

No. 106453


I can never get into Modest Mouse despite liking Radiohead, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Microphones, Mountain Goats, They Might Be Giants, The Smiths, and Deathcab For Cutie


No. 106458

I have a problem with Modest Mouse too. I like to listen to Float on from time to time, but the singers voice is just … not really my cup of tea

No. 106460

You just might prefer softer folk tbh! I would try out something like Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine, or if you really want to go oldschool (and don't mind a lead singer who's a bit of an asshole) check out London Wainwright.

Another thing I noticed about your list is all of those singers are very good at annunciation (you can clearly hear what they're saying)

This bothered me a lot when I started listening to them, but after looking at the lyrics once or twice I could fill in the blanks. If it's not your thing though, don't worry, there's plenty of other stuff out there you might enjoy.

Suggested Listens:

Loudon Wainwright: Swimming Song, Tonya Twirls

Iron and Wine: Trapeze Swinger, Jesus the Mexican boy

Sufjan Stevens: The predatory wasp of the palisades is out to get us!, Casimir pulanski day

Modest Mouse: Bankrupt on Selling

No. 106475

I find modest mouse boring tbh.

No. 106476


Thanks. I do like softer stuff like Iron and Wine and Sufjan Stevens. I'll check out the suggestions.

posting some music I like:
Elizabeth on the bedroom floor - Eels

Stars Eyes (I Can't Catch It) - Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse feat. David Lynch

Take You Away - Angus and Julia Stone

Meteorites (acoustic) - LIGHTS

Human Kittens - Andrew Jackson Jihad

Crystal Meth Blues (song about forgiveness) - Patron Saint Of Bridge Burners

Circuit Spread - Automine

Time Has Told Me - Nick Drake

Sylvia - The Antlers

Kill Yourself (Part III) - $uicideboy$

Helicopter - Deerhunter

No. 106485


Radiohead is "underground" in the sense that normies aren't too familiar with who Radiohead is other than the guy who wrote 'Creep' . Radiohead is like Mazzy Star, Sufjan Stevens, Fiona Apple, Elliot Smith, David Bowie level of obscure according to normies. They may know them by them name, but get turned off by their music because they're afraid of being associated as artsy weirdos.

No. 106498

It took me seven years to like Modest Mouse. I remember when I first listened to Float On (and also my first listen of MM) I was like "this is terrible, this is all terrible", now I really love them.

No. 106500

Songs: Ohia/Jason Molina

No. 106508

Really? In the UK Radiohead and David Bowie are pretty mainstream. OK Computer was huge!

Anyway, I've gotten back into Pulp :)

No. 106512

Even that I think is kind of proof of what I'm saying. Sure, most people won't know much of their music, but both of those are huge bands that sell incredible amounts of records, and their shows pretty much always sell out. It's like saying that Black Sabbath is underground because most people only know a couple of their songs. Or even the Beatles.

Most people just don't listen to that much music, but they're still going to know their names and a few of the songs. Especially from OK Computer.

No. 106541

File: 1470379230765.png (862.34 KB, 942x853, porter.png)

I've been stupidly obsessed with Porter Robinson since I got to see him live during SDCC.

No. 106543

You have good taste. How do you feel about YUNGDEATH/LILLIFE? I liked that some of the songs were more chill and less edgy than their other songs.

No. 106682


The album is nice BAD DAY music. One of my favorite sad rap albums.

Gave Loudwainright a listen. Made me realize I never had any FOLK music in my library, just sub-genre of FOLK. He seems like a more comedic folk version of every folk-punk musician I listen to. He's nice.

No. 107933

Any other Hole fans. Their unplugged show was great.

No. 108013

Ahh Hole is always good to blast out when I am in an angst angry mood.

No. 108076

Pretty excited for his tour with Madeon.

No. 108078

Frank Ocean is back and i think the wait was worth it

No. 108091

Not sure if anyone here is familiar with Patrick's music - I saw him in May and it was a fucking beautiful gig.

No. 108092

Some classic Nick Cave

No. 108100

Marry me, anon? I love me some Nick Cave. Was just listening to Murder Ballads a few days ago.

No. 108101

oh my gawd yes!

so i've been heavily fucking with everything that got released by nagomu records in japan, particularly this track. dog in boy dog in boy

No. 108135

Murder Ballads is the best! I was going to post Stagger Lee, but thought farmers wouldn't appreciate it.

No. 108195


Stagger Lee and Where the Wild Roses Grow are my favorite songs from that album.
It's so creepy, but awesome. I really love Kylie and Nick singing together.

No. 108197

Was totally obsessed with this a few months back

No. 108256

It's a wonderful track - I remember my Dad playing it me when I was about 9 and it stuck with me for years. Now at 19 I am a massive NC fan.

No. 108264

You might like these bands, which have a similar sort of sound/feel.

Peace - Bloodshake

Glass Animals - Gooey

No. 108265

I liked his wind in the wires, waifish wandery boy with a violin, english folk vibe. I always appreciated his songwriting and his acoustic renditions especially.
Then the Bachelor came out and I was not into the new direction. The electronic elements were poorly done he was projecting this fierce vibe that I didn't believe and it made me sad.
Then Sundark and Riverlight came out and it was exactly what I wanted! He's an amazing instrumentalist.

No. 108266

I agree with all of this, I read some pretty bad reviews for Sundark and Riverlight when it was released saying it was dull. But tbh I think it is the best album he has released even if it is instrumental renditions of older songs.

No. 108268

Well they were excellent songs that deserved revisiting. Not all artists could do that. His voice really comes alive when it's with all acoustic sounds I think. Plus his arrangements were gorgeous.

No. 108270

I think the electro style songs distracted from his voice, this genre was also not showcasing his talent to the fullest. I think his new album he is working on (which he's been doing for timmmeee and only sang two songs from it on the tour he just did for it) will be instrumental based from what I heard. Watcher In The Woods was very emotionally felt and beautiful. Should be a good album seeming as he's spent lots of time on it (or he's procrastinating who knows).

No. 108271

I would adore to see CocoRosie live. Unfortunately they only really play in America and European countries like France or Czech Republic. I will be snapping up a ticket if they ever come to London. Such bizarre but captivating performers.

No. 108277

He looks and sings like a middle aged man cosplaying a Peter Pan drag queen.

No. 108280

Middle aged? M8 he looks in his mid 20's to me.

No. 108282

He's still too creepy to be playing an innocent English farmboy

No. 108284

Would you rather him be a Fuckboi, wearing dem Nike kicks and making shit Grime music?

No. 108292

He looks older than that to me but still not middle aged.

I was kinda disappointed but I think it was because everything got hyped up

No. 108303

I'm a fan but I know what you mean. It's because he's like 6'4" and has a really big face. If he was a sensible size his aesthetic would be fine. You can tell how awkward he is about being massive lol

No. 108308

There's a lot of other options beyond those two though? He could dress normal and have normal hair, for starters

No. 108764

I've been really into this band and song lately. Can any of you rec something similar? They're like emo/indie/folk/country.

No. 109415

I saw his summer tour and whilst his music was really good live, his constant ~muh deep emotional tangents~ were so laughable. He's adorable but his cliche game is too strong.

No. 109451

anyone here like Ben Folds or Semisonic?

No. 109567

I agree, he was really quite miserable when preforming, stunning voice but really does pity himself too much. Watcher in the Woods - he likes to get pity points for that before he preforms it. Did he do an encore at your show? He didn't at mine, idk if he never does them or was in a mood.

No. 109802

I love Ben Folds, Bend Folds Five was one of my high school jams, so I'm glad he's still making music/touring.

No. 110424

File: 1473952323333.png (949.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160915-181142.png)

Stop! Show me what you're listening right now!

No. 110427

File: 1473956698402.png (2.32 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20160915-112347.png)

Are you a /mu/tant or something?

No. 110429

File: 1473958880227.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160915-200047.png)


Nope just a normal guy who likes good music.

No. 110432

File: 1473961925668.png (146.72 KB, 473x206, 2Capture.PNG)

No. 110433

r u talking to urself

No. 110442

File: 1473968123709.png (327.26 KB, 1440x1276, 20160915_143254.png)

Sure you're not.

No. 110443

anyone remember a music video of a goth claymotion girl that she's laying down on a spinning wheel and getting her clothes damaged or ripped?

No. 110444


I never been to there.

No. 111177

Can anyone explain this "shadilay" Pepe song meme? I can't find anything about it, or is that just because no one cares about it?

No. 111224

Someone discovered that there's an 80s song that prophesises the rise of Pepe, meme magic, and the return of the Elder God Kek.

No. 111234

File: 1475028507921.jpg (49.26 KB, 750x600, k on.jpg)

I'm wondering, does anyone else here play any instruments or in a band, even?

No. 111235


I've started playing guitar a while ago, just for fun, sadly I don't have time (or skill, or musician friends) to play in a band.

No. 111257

That's cool, I've been playing guitar for about 4 years now with little progress but it's been fun. I also tried playing with friends once but it was a total wreck XD

No. 111320

Ahh, thank you. It makes sense now.

No. 111321

I pretty much only listen to late 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, and early-mid 90's music. I like disco, funk, house, rnb, metropolis sound, new jack swing, miami bass, and all sorts of fun stuff. I try to listen to new music every once and a while and I can't help but notice A LOT OF IT samples beats and percussions from 80s and 90s music. Hell even video game music is throughly influenced by that 80s and 90s new jack swing/house style. I dunno man, sometimes i'm worried if we actually are going to go above the threshold the 80s and 90s got to since we experimented with different music styles A LOT back then

If its not 80s and 90s, then its that 60's slow soulful music. If its not that, then it has no style at all and its assorted mess

No. 111365

It brings me back to middle school, ok?

No. 113343

I saw TBS live 2 weeks ago and the show is still stuck with me. Adam has the best stage presence I have ever seen, not to mention how amazing of a talent in general he is. New album is good, best one since Louder Now in my opinion.

No. 113373

Lead guitar and occasionally bass (I'm not a bassist, just end up stuck with the bass when we can't find one, because it's easier to work without lead than rhythm for a while).

I've played in a couple groups, one at like 15 that never left the garage, one at like 17 that was so fucking unorganised, but we managed to put together enough material in a couple weeks to get into a state wide contest, and did okay, but didn't really place, but I was mostly happy we got in on such short notice there honestly.

I've played a couple pub gigs since then with different groups, but nothing solid. Got turned off playing long term in bands for a while due to a bunch of bad experiences, so have just been essentially a fill in member for whoever needs it.

19 now by the way, but I only consider myself having three years of playing, because I've had lengthy periods with no practice due to personal reasons.

Best bits of advice I've give to anyone is to not spend too much on your first guitar, just get something you like and upgrade it as you go on, make sure to not just play tabs (learn your scales, enough theory to know what a key is and what key you're playing in) and to learn to fucking solder if you want to ever play an electric instrument, because it's a waste spending $100+ getting someone to fit a grounding wire back on or something simple you can learn to do in like an hour yourself.

Oh, and don't feel bad if you suck. Almost everyone thinks they suck, and you will for your first few years playing compared to most people you meet. Once you've hit two years you should be around intermediate level I'd say.

No. 113374

Kek, sorry, got my posts mixed up, I was half replying to yours and half to another one on a different site.

Feel free to ignore the advice part.

No. 113405

My favorite band since forever has always been Avenged Sevenfold. I'm not sure how I feel about their newest single, though. I don't think I even made it all the way through.

Since getting into music I was always a big heavy metal/rock girl. Attended huge shows, loved it. Then I started to develop debilitating anxiety and then epilepsy. I can no longer listen to that kind of music because it stresses me out :/ so I turned to 80's, 90's music, or ambient music if I'm overwhelmed.

I'm sad because for the most part I can't listen to music anymore. I wish I could enjoy it like I used to and go to huge shows, with all the high energy and shit. Oh well…

No. 113422

>I was always a big heavy metal/rock girl
>Avenged Sevenfold

No you aren't.

No. 113425

That's my favorite band, but that's the genre I was mainly into. What crawled up your ass and died? Are you one of those people that don't take other girls announcing that they like heavier music seriously because you're the heavy metal guru?

No. 113427

Not that anon but A7x isnt heavy music its hot topic trash. Im a hiphophead and even i know that. Jfc

No. 113428

Yeah, Avenged Sevenfold is babbies first mall goth band. Although, Sounding the Seventh Trumpet was a pretty good album.

No. 113429

Learn how to read. I said they are my favorite band but the genre of heavy metal/rock was MAINLY WHAT I WAS INTO. Not that THEY are that genre. Fuck you guys are illiterate

No. 113436

nice backpedaling

No. 113445

I'm not ashamed of what I listen to, it's just that you guys need better reading comprehension. Everyone has a reason for liking their favorite band. It holds memories for me that a cherish. I never said they were in the category of heavy metal/rock, which is why I mentioned I liked that kind of music in a separate paragraph.

Not like it really matters since I said I can't listen to that type of music anymore, but whatever.

No. 113462

They're probably one of those metal elitists who forget what metal originally was, and that bands like Iron maiden are considered metal.

Not worth replying to them in my opinion, you'll just get condescension and an assurance that your tastes are wrong in reply.

No. 113468

True, I just get annoyed when people don't actually read into what I'm trying to say. It's what I grew up on…so like idk. I'm not offended that they don't think I'm serious, but it does get frustrating. I'll just ignore it from now on, thanks for being understanding. Some people will just pick any aspect of someone's life to nitpick on -_-

No. 115646

Can we bring this thread back? I loved it.
Song related cause I'm looking for other synthfags.

No. 115682

I have incredibly good taste (video related)

Too bad this thread is dead! I'm happy to know other people still love Smashing Pumpkins and Tom Jobim.

No. 115765

I love this version, find it better than studio even.

No. 115775

It is. You have incredibly good taste, too.

No. 115849

A friend of mine is really trying to get me to like dubstep for some reason. I've given it chance after chance, but every song he sends me… it's so hard to force myself to listen to them all the way through. I like some electronic music, but dubstep just repulses me for some reason.

No. 115856

99% of it is fucking terrible

Burial - Untrue is a good album, but it's pre-US corruption dubstep so it might not sound too similar

No. 119564

the one and only musical i can actually tolerate (and love)

No. 119608

I blame skrillex for ruining dubstep

No. 119640

No. 119661

Yes love smashing pumpkins! I kinda got into them a little late though my first album of theirs was the everlasting gaze and have been collecting their back catalogue.

Great to see another anon who likes burial!

No. 119765

>tfw music will never be like in 90's in your country

No. 119790

Yessssss I love this

No. 119839

I love this song with a passion holy shit.


I can't get into dubstep either. If there's like a tiny dubstep break in a song that's fine but as a whole the shit is awful. I got a family member and a couple friends who love it and I wish I was deaf everytime they show me it.

No. 173499

I can't believe this song is from 1988.

It sounds so modern.

Been listening to it all day

No. 173507

I really enjoy this band, my favourite genres are indie rock, shoegaze, dream pop and psychedelic also Lo-fi is pretty good too.

No. 173682

i know this is an old post, but pls, techno-chan, more!

god, yes

confirmed gr8 taste, hello friend

anon this is really good, thank u

been very pleased to see everything from teenage faves (mcr, smashing pumpkins, slowdive, hole) to ymo and kate bush, to swans and alcest and all types of great stuff in between

let's keep this thread alive, farmers
enjoy some darkwave

No. 173726

I want to keep this thread alive too, I've found good stuff here, like >>173499

As your typical snappy Smiths fan I'm the type who doesn't like covers, but if you do, maybe check out Lily Hates Roses and Supergrass covers. I think LHR is better but the send me a pillow part was destroyed by a dude with an unpleasant voice…Why? Ugh.
Anyway, I found this cover a while ago. I thought I'd hate it but somehow i love it, kek. Dunno why. Maybe it's his voice, maybe it's the fact that he wears funny socks and has stickers everywhere, or asks people to like his Facebook page. I think everything about it is charming. Anyway, I like this odd gem. I know a great instrumental too.

No. 174866

File: 1483313379568.jpg (167.19 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-140124090621-634.R…)

What is her best album? I've actually never heard a song by her until recently and found it pretty pleasant.

No. 174870

meeeeh, I don't particularly like one album more than the other because each album has a couple of my favorite songs. This is the first song I ever heard from her and is still one of my favorites. I also recommend Fidelity, Better, Us, The Call and Eet.

No. 174895

I am curious to know what farmers think of Björk.

I love her. I confess I don't like a few of her suuuper experimental songs, but I think most of her discography is divine, and I love her writing, creativity and unique voice. I also think she is aging beautifully (most people will probably disagree because we've been so conditioned to think older people can't be beautiful if they have wrinkled skin).

I understand that, in general, most people will never like and/or understand her music, but I know people who have never listened to her music hate her for being oh so quirky… If you are curious to give her a chance, try the albums Vespertine and Biophilia first.

(Sugarcubes is also a nice option though I'm not that much into them)

Music video is a classic from Vespertine, Pagan Poetry. The music is gorgeous, but I understand some won't like the video because errrr… but I think it's fucking beautiful.

No. 174918

Björk is everything, so good

i like this girl and legowelt a lot

No. 175255

I can't help smiling and singing to this cover of It's Oh So Quiet by her ♥

No. 175256

I don't know how anyone else feels about rap but there are a lot of meaningful songs that speak to me. Like this one, if you've ever worked retail you can relate.

No. 176324

>tfw probably never gonna see them live

No. 176325

No. 176327


I really love HANA'a Chimera, I also like Grimes and Purity Ring. I think the genre I listen most to is eletronic, synthwave, shoegaze music. Although in general, I just prefer to listen to music without lyrics, if these trees could talk is a good example of the genre I like.

No. 176591

No. 179641

Old school Lana <3

No. 179643

I secretly love unreleased Lana del Rey and Mac Millers new album.

No. 179646

I just can't stand May Jailer. I feel like the industry missed out on her by a few years and because of that her poppy era will be mostly obscure forever.

No. 179653

I probably have "basic" taste or whatever, but I really like these guys and can't wait until they finally come out with an album.

No. 179675


She was Lizzie Grant here :)

No. 179702

Pre-Fallen era Evanescence

No. 179716

I guess it's pretty basic but The Cure are my favorite band. I just massively admire bands that do their own thing and don't stick to one genre. Strange attraction is my favorite song of theirs (right now anyway) I love how it sounds so pleasant but when you listen to the lyrics its pretty sad. My favorite line is 'She'd pulled me in I answered her, a Christmas card, in sepia' it flows so nicely

No. 179728

No. 180009

I was making a general remark

No. 180294

>tfw no one knows about morphine

No. 180375

I fucking love art rap. Busdriver is absolute king.

No. 180380

Samefag to drop this song he did. I found it's a common feeling amongst his fans, but it blows my mind that he never got big. I thought this would've caught on at least.

No. 180420

He is talented but idk never got into his stuff. You would like open mike eagle

Some backpacker rap is okay

No. 180464

Yeah, I went on a little binge of his and essentially anyone who collaborated with him's music sometime last year, so good. Open Mike goes well, I really love Milo and NoCanDo. Flash Bang Grenada only released one album but I'll miss the duo. The entire scene is <3

No. 182180

Does anyone else here like stuck in the sound? Their an indie rock/pop (albeit slightly generic at times) group from france. They released a new album recently that caught a bit of attention, but no one in the UK has heard of them yet still :(

No. 182551

Dude anon this is great. New fan for sure.

No. 182905

Some of y'all have great taste.

No. 182976

everything about this band is gr8 but no one i know irl gives a shit about pretentious artsy rock so

No. 182978

I thought if hate this from your description but this song is grand

No. 182979

No. 183624

When I need to get shit done, I put on a soundtrack, usually the Doom or original Half-Life soundtrack. Both had great soundtracks imo

No. 187791

I'm bored. Anyone want to link what they've been listening to lately?

No. 187796

The Hunchback of Notre Dame has the best soundtrack of any Disney movie, imo. I always get really into this song.

No. 187797

No. 188516

No. 188520

Completely agree with this. They put so much into it, it's fantastic,

No. 188526

this just dropped and its catchy af

No. 188555


Yes!!! I would kill to see it as an american stage Musical!
Too bad it kinda flopped :(

No. 188584

I like music and I like singing songs.

No. 188598

Me too anon. I also like to whistle, but i'm scared of getting mouth wrinkles so usually I just hum.

No. 188599

tbh i wont even hum incase of that slight chance i get lines

No. 190145

Came across this song the other day and it's been vibing with me since.

No. 190152

No. 191208

anyone else into new wave? it's easily my favorite "genre" (more like the clumping of any alt music that wasn't disco or rock in the late 70s or really early 80s). my favorite new wave band is probably the b-52's

No. 191232


i'm completely obsessed with loretta, she's probably in my top 5 favourite musicians. dolly as well

No. 191243

this song came out just before i went to university, i'm so fucking old.
sage for no content.

No. 191598

ever since i moved i've made a bunch of friends who only really like mainstream pop/pop-punk/alt. so if anyone can recommend solid anti-folk/girl punk/lo-fi bands i'd appreciate it

No. 300614

File: 1537978555051.jpg (Spoiler Image, 65.73 KB, 1024x577, aphex-twin-come-to-daddy-650-4…)

yo so im necroing this board bc I'm looking for an artist that I used to listen to like 8 years ago and was wondering if any anon would/could help.
The only info I have to go off of is iirc they're a Scandinavian singer that's very recluse; they've never preformed live and even refuse to do so. I don't think they use male or female pronouns either (but they're predominantly female??). Physically, they're pretty skinny and in all the pictures of them they're head-to-toe stark white, bald, and has creepy long ass nails. A lot of the photos of them are partially naked too and they're all skin and bones. Pic related bc it almost closely resembles the singer from what I can remember. spoiled for those who don't like creepy shit.
Music is generally dark, ambient, very creepy and almost echo-y?? Its been so long since I've listened to them but Im dying of curiosity to find them again

No. 300623

File: 1537979653218.jpg (112.82 KB, 770x1159, 83a271dafe3f43bc86f081ff1fb6e1…)

Omg I think I can help you. Is it Sopor Aeternus? I never listened to her but people recommended her music as I love Emilie Autumn and that's how I was able to find her name on the net.
She's German tho, according to info on the net.

No. 300625

omfg,yes!!! thank you so much!! oh god, okay that's probably why i couldn't find her then. i was searching in the wrong countries.

No. 300642


No. 301444

Are there any other artists like Mika that make really upbeat music and have a great vocal range?

No. 315699

File: 1540366361132.jpg (114.04 KB, 800x800, 8xchpwc01mp11.jpg)

If you're into synthwave/outrun , Meteor just dropped a new album. It's a very "typical" synthwave album but it has so mf great tracks on it

No. 315703

No. 315705

wow, I like almost nothing itt

No. 315713

(I'm >>315699 )
my go to song at the moment. I might share a playlist later today, I'd love to see your playlists at the moment anons plz share

No. 315862

I'm not even sorry for posting repeatedly but damn the new Greta Van Fleet is fucking AMAZING. I'm so in love with this album fucking hell

No. 320514

It was boring when Wolfmother did it, they're a LZ cover band without the covers

No. 320524

I think they're very talented but I can see how people just wanna bash them (that Pitchfork article was fucking stupid though)
I really like their sound, despite it not being new.Brave New World and Age of Man are my favorites, and the album itself is too long. I'll admit their new "sooo spiritual" shtick is bit cringe.

love Blackberry Smoke, just recently missed them in Paris, ugh

No. 320580

why would you listen to them when you could listen to real led zepplin?

No. 341062

File: 1545168479317.jpg (86.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Can you guys recommend some cute japanese music that isn't overly campy j-poppy and anime-esque? I'm not looking for that boring 80s "city pop" shit either. I want stuff similar to Soutaiseiriron. Anything chill and upbeat.

No. 341073

If you're into vocaloid, check out Jin

No. 341742

bampin with some music. what have you anons been listening to lately?

No. 341986

No. 341990

We have a more recent music thread, too.


No. 342001

It doesn't matter how old it is if you can still post on it. Why did you bump the other one when this was already bumped? Retard. And your taste in music is absolutely boring. You are garbage.

No. 342014


Where did I say anons couldn't or shouldn't post here?

>absolutely boring

Must be why so many bands like Radiohead cite Throwing Muses as influential.

No. 342030

Why are you such a bitter fucking cunt, anon? Jesus

No. 342035

File: 1545344559589.gif (348.76 KB, 500x309, F7CDA47E-18BB-42DC-82CD-871A38…)


Does everyone on this board have synced up periods or something? Why the unnecessary bitchiness? Sheesh.

No. 342056

Nta but she does have a point. Why bump two of basically the same threads with the same post? Makes the first page more boring.

No. 342066

>Defending your awful music taste and being mad that others dont like it
Stop shitting up the thread(s). No one cares, evidently, and no one enjoys looking at the same two threads hogging up the front page. Chill out.

No. 342083

I wasn't the anon who posted music in the other thread, freak.

>Chill out

You're one to talk

No. 342232

NTA but it was different songs.

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