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No. 42935

Old: >>4372

Old thread has been dying a painful death for a while. I'll start with a dump.

>Vic's Message at Supanova Brisbane 2012

No. 42937

>Cringe Otherkin

No. 42938

>John Egbert - How do I live CMV (Homestuck Cosplay)

No. 42939

>Music Video? LMFAO. I'm NOT a Weeaboo.

No. 42940

>♪ ♬~ Cosplaying at the Mall! ~♪ ♬

No. 42941

>Harlem Shake (Furry Edition)

No. 42942

>New Lolita Dress & Wrecked Car

No. 42943

>【Hetalia CMV】 「'This Is War' - WWII Tribute」

No. 43007

File: 1444797194871.png (847.98 KB, 1274x848, RIP Farmhand Beep Boop.png)

I know this is a cringe thread and all, but have some rage for good measure.

No. 43010


No. 43012

What am I supposed to be raging at?

No. 43015

A penciling of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, done by the original artist, was covered up by some intern's sketch who didn't give a shit and just wanted to doodle on the wall.

IF you haven't seen Cowboy Bebop, please for the love of god go watch it.

No. 43016

confirmed for underage ban

No. 43017

That's not very rage-worthy at all

No. 43018

It is when the drawing covering it up is complete generic shit.

No. 43019

No it isn't.

No. 43020

File: 1444802122470.png (10.02 KB, 271x286, 1432007653153.png)

>That's not very rage-worthy at all
Are you shitting me?

No. 43021

This is why nobody likes you weebs.

No. 43023

>Liking what is regarded as one of the greatest shows of all time is now considered being a weeaboo

How old are you?

No. 43024

I didn't say any of that, stupid retard

No. 43025

Your drawing is shit and you were a prick to cover up a drawing of Spike Spiegel by the original artist with it. Go home.

No. 43026

File: 1444803433464.jpg (125.68 KB, 500x500, 1 out of 10.jpg)

Literally the only anime I've seen outside of Akira.

Even on its base level, this was an unarguably shitty thing to do. This is covering a sketch that quite obviously had some level of importance with a 2 minute doodle that even the low end of deviant art would scoff at.

No. 43027

>some level of importance
Like fucking what? Holy shit are you all retarded? It's drawn by a character designer not God, and it already looked like a disposable half-assed one at that itself.I mean a simple side profile ain't difficult shit.

No. 43028

I'm with you mate! Art should not get any respect, if I don't think it's worth it!
I fucking hate art deco, i'm gonna go tear down and paint on some tamara de lempicka painting because who care? It's ugly and she is not god, eheheeh.

I'm so smart.

No. 43030

Fuck off retard

No. 43033

File: 1444805862338.jpg (852.71 KB, 1526x5174, Jeremy McFedora.jpg)

What a clear, eloquent way to put your argument across.

Anyway, to get this thread back on track, I present the Epic of Jeremy, Demigod of Second-hand Embarrassment and fedoras.

No. 43034

File: 1444806748343.png (356.45 KB, 1071x600, 1435932778288-2.png)

No. 43035

>What a clear, eloquent way to put your argument across.
Thanks. I learned from you.

I said everything I had to say already and your response was pure butthurt and nothing else.

No. 43036

>Thanks. I learned from you.

My strongest comeback when I was in 3rd Grade.

No. 43037

Keep shitposting. You've already lost so idc

No. 43038

File: 1444807296577.jpg (21.62 KB, 318x307, 1414873194831.jpg)

>Thanks. I learned from you.

>You've already lost so idc

This is fucking gold, please never stop posting

No. 43039

lol more butthurt?

No. 43040

and samefag on top of that, my sides

No. 43041

File: 1444808459533.png (169.74 KB, 556x378, 1436325602556-3.png)

>Laughing at idiots is now butthurt
>Only one person could ever disagree with me

Well, I suppose you're providing content to the thread, albeit unintentionally.

No. 43044

So you're not denying the samefag accusation, hm?


lol sure you are. You are literally crying here because someone doesn't care about a wall doodle as much as you.

>b-but its cowboy bebop and its drawn by teh original designer!!!eleven! HOW DARE YOU NOT GIVE A SHIT FUCK YOU

No. 43047

File: 1444811794790.jpg (431.15 KB, 1280x854, 1436322685708-3.jpg)

I'd have thought the maymay arrows would've given it away, but no, as far as I can tell at least one other anon is laughing at you as well.

>lol sure you are. You are literally crying here because someone doesn't care about a wall doodle as much as you.

It's rage inducing that somebody would give no thought to the significance of the art they were doodling over, particularly with something so fucking lauded and praised, but your sperging out is just funny.

No. 43048

>no I-I'm not the one upset you are!
Okay sweetie.

I ask again, what's actually, truly significant about it? You dodged the question the first time so I don't expect a straight answer this time either

No. 43054

File: 1444829234225.jpg (494.99 KB, 558x744, ma'lady.jpg)

Some OC

I'm in kansas, so the atheists here can be a little hardcore sometimes.

This guy profile was the oddest combination of self hate and distain for the world I have ever seen. This guy is going to fucking kill someone someday.

No. 43056

File: 1444830006398.jpg (206.66 KB, 750x1001, 1437891374514-0.jpg)

No. 43074

You know you have to be 18 to post here right?

No. 43078

I get the feeling this girl was vendetta'd.

No. 43083

>Nice guy
>hates most people and he hasn't even met them

No. 43087

>The Burdened
Christ almighty, my sides were not prepared for this

No. 43088

File: 1444851978549.jpg (918.63 KB, 900x2283, 2efb640de788cd05.jpg)

No. 43089

No. 43107

This is actually pretty well-constructed.

No. 43144

i don't get.. what's wrong with it?

No. 43147

Wa Lolita is always cringe

No. 43195

File: 1444973914058.gif (666.58 KB, 171x255, 1421736267318.gif)


No. 43202

File: 1444981942414.gif (987.75 KB, 294x224, ein-outofhere.gif)

My autism is real. Oh fucking hell no

No. 43203

If you're underaged, fuck off and be banned. If you're not, kill yourself. Either way, kill yourself

No. 43206

intern located

No. 43209

This hurts me on a physical level.

No. 43267

File: 1445038797889.png (152.57 KB, 503x363, Capture.PNG)

No. 43268

>truly significant about it?

I'm going to humor you and pretend that you're just underage. Cowboy Bebop is #24 on IMDB's top 250 TV shows of all time, and it founds much of its success in America directly through Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. It's pretty much universally revered as a masterpiece by anyone who's seen it.

One would think that an original penciling of Spike done by fucking Watanabe himself at the station that made his show hugely famous in America would at the very least have enough renown in the building itself to not be drawn over by some asshat that got their hands on a pen.

No. 43270

File: 1445039597253.png (578.33 KB, 963x611, Capture2.PNG)

No. 43296

I've honestly seen much worse Harley Quinn cosplayers.

No. 43302




Judging from the style the intern's some lackluster tumblrite which gives me another reason to fucking hate them to the depths of hell

No. 43303

This is the mindset that I hate in Cosplay and what's becoming more and more popular these days.

>I don't have the skills or the experience to create something so I dumbed it down to some generic cringeworthy design cuz COSPLAY IS FOR EVERYONE why should I practice and research things like everyone else does?! I should deserve the same respect by putting on utter 2005 hot topic shit!

No. 43329

What was it like running coffee at Cartoon Network?

No. 43333

prove it. post some pics we can laugh at

No. 43343

Yes let us all just doodle on original Disney animation cells. Plenty more where they came from, nobody's gonna use them anymore anyway!

No. 43541

File: 1445278616821.gif (1.96 MB, 320x239, 1436831639324.gif)

No. 43544

No. 43547

File: 1445293437241.gif (578.73 KB, 268x268, No..gif)

No. 43556

File: 1445300050413.png (81.13 KB, 266x198, M'lady.png)

No. 43566

I hope that bitch loose their internship.


No. 43569

Gross. Even as someone who likes slash/yaoi I never understood the appeal of this.

No. 43581

This could be alright/have potential if it wasn't attack on titan, the cosplays were half decent, the transitions were smoother and they at least tried to make their original clips look somewhat similar to the stolen ones lol. Otherwise I couldn't make it past the first 30 seconds.

No. 43582

File: 1445344479448.jpg (75.51 KB, 640x1136, 6a22ec1372350bb64757502d070d84…)

I'm just imagining what this would be like without the try-hard scene kid angst shit playing over the top at 1:15.
>"Are you okay?"
> "WAT?"

No. 43600

At first glance I had thought this was referencing the intern from >>43007

No. 44315

No. 44330

A very quiet rant. How come these geeks always do a half whisper when they complain about shit? This kid is so meek.

No. 44340

No. 44364

I know this is supposed to be cringe but I genuinely enjoyed the [s] file

No. 44413

For that guy it looks like he's in his kitchen but in general geeks that whisper rant are doing so because they're ranting about something autistic/geeky and don't want their parents/family to hear it.

No. 44416

He said they were out of the house though which is the part that's got me wondering why he's still whispering.

No. 44697

No. 44704

File: 1446251002113.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.88 KB, 1082x1500, HczID2g.jpg)

this ms paint g string

No. 69080

File: 1455228166889.png (156.97 KB, 500x280, reeeee.png)

m-my otp

No. 69124

>Kuroshitsuji cosplay
Always. I've never seen there not be a girl as something Black Butler in one of these, unless the video came before the series. The only random cosplay I've ever seen out in the wild personally, of course, has been Kuroshitsuji.

No. 69133

File: 1455236455858.jpg (67 KB, 610x838, 12669581_1045235068850969_7613…)

No. 69138

in your dreams fattie

No. 69140

Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh fuck no please let this be fake. Biowhore does not need any more fucking sjw writers. I haven't played their games since Mass effect 3, but still.

No. 69141

it's fake.

No. 69146

This made me laugh actually.

No. 69154

bitch, shrek is both thinner and prettier than you

No. 69156

No. 69196

File: 1455252781650.gif (3.16 KB, 70x20, tumblr_mcg6po7Mif1qid2nw.gif)

Jesus fucking Christ anon, don't do that to me. I don't need my two favourite series ruined by shitty SJW's.

No. 69202

File: 1455254753743.jpeg (124.55 KB, 540x810, img_5528.jpeg)

Think I'm going to vomit

No. 69204

File: 1455254829498.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.15 KB, 540x810, img_5535.jpeg)

No. 69205

File: 1455254849519.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 134.81 KB, 540x810, img_5539.jpeg)

No. 69210

Usuasually when I use the word horrifying, I don't mean it, but this is legitimately horrifying. Like, something that you'd see out of a horror movie or game. It looks like her skin has decayed and is going to explode outwardly in some gorefest on those chocolates. Some Silent Hill shit right there.

No. 69243

Are those stretch marks?

No. 69245

Anon, you almost gave me a heart attack. For a second I feared this was real.

No. 69953

Yes. Gaining weight so quickly that their skin couldn't keep up. People like that need mental help.

No. 70443

i just went on /cgl/ for the first time in months, it's pretty fucking cringe.

No. 70444

its here cringy too

No. 70445

oh it definitely is, but /cgl/ is borderline terrifying.

No. 71778

No. 71940

I seriously have to wonder… do they really think this is a good idea to put online if they ever do need to get a job?

No. 71947

This shit is so embarrassing.

No. 72001

omfg start at 6:16 for the biggest trainwreck I ever heard of.

Can this girl be in snow?

No. 72005

Looks like the girl that puts frozen marshmallows in her ass to stimulate incontinence.

No. 72016

File: 1455828660112.jpg (89.35 KB, 1024x819, fzcm0z.jpg)

Back in the day we used to make fun of these kinds of pics all day in our ~secret Livejournal communities~

No. 72017

File: 1455828716664.jpg (61.62 KB, 819x1024, 20seq88.jpg)

No. 72019

This was hard to watch. :o~

No. 72026

i am so disappointed in everyone right now

No. 72056

They are both so nervous and awkward. I also saw this video from the same girl several months back and it's always been clear that her bf is far from a dom and is just pressured into pretending to be one for his weird pastel-haired autist gf. He has no confidence, presence or authority and is even obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation of her trying to live out her internet escapist fantasies.

No. 72075

This shit is so retarded. Why would anyone upload this to Youtube?

No. 72076

Is this what scene kids of 2016 are like?

No. 72079

File: 1455853785828.gif (634.64 KB, 300x225, stewie.gif)

No. 72176

Her boyfriend should just come out of the closet and drop that crazy chick tbh

No. 72179

It probably is. Wish I could find the tutorial pic to compare.

No. 72180

These girls are a goldmine of cringe. I just don't get what their fucking deal is

No. 72182

Looks like Kiki with duck lips.

No. 72183

Why does she want to be a jail bait.
does she realize her boyfriend (I assume he is a 60 year old ginger with needles in his rectum) can get in jail
Does she realize this might scar her mentally since she is just 15/probably in a phase

I hope she is faking it

That premature whore is pretty tho

No. 72184

She's 15? I wouldn't have guessed, she looks quite horse-y.

No. 72187

Yes and the worst thing is (according to her last video): her dad doesnt know about her daddy. I hope to god a friend snitches her or something because whatever she is doing, shit aint healthy!

No. 72216

Guys do date anything that moves and has a hole, huh?

No. 72251

I'm getting second hand embarrassment from this. This is just strange and obnoxious.

No. 72254

that chewing make me wanna hurt her goddammit.

No. 72256

The Venus Angelic thread is pretty cringy.

No. 72257

I've seen real life bdsm doms and they were all this awkward irl if they arent an asshole. 'Guess when you cant be a dom in general life you dominate a pastel haired autist whore in bed..

No. 77361

No. 77424

I want to punch this stupid fag.

No. 77426

Is this a tranny?

No. 77440

No, she's just ~one of the guyss XD~ haha her name is ShoeOnHead too!!! must be a /b/tard :3

No. 77444

She got a lot of things right tho

No. 77460


i agree. she's not anymore cringey than buzzfeed lol

No. 79077

>It's rage inducing that somebody would give no thought to the significance of the art they were doodling over
What significance? No, stop giving sarcastic remarks and take a second and seriously think about this. It's literally little more than a plain ass shoulders up portrait done on a wall by a semi well-known character designer/animator. It's not a greek statue, the person who drew it isn't a king, holy shit. It's a fairly simple doodle commemorating a commerial product. It most likely took less effort to draw than a single frame in the show itself. I'm actually kind of angry you guys are angered by this.

No. 79080

You realize most of the time the studios throw away key frames when production is over right? It's funny how you value them so much when they themselves don't even give a shit.

Jesus christ, I know what the fuck cowboy bebop is. I don't believe it's as good as people claim it is, but that's another story.

The show is universally praised itself, yes. That doesn't make every single thing to come out of it sacred, especially when it's as low effort and spontaneous as this.

No. 79123

>huehue womyn who doesnt stick to superior politics like our feminism or sj just want 2 be one of the boiz lmao
Maybe one day you'll realize how stupid you sound implying ignorant shit like that.

No. 79159


No. 79170

Idk what's going on but his shit was hilarious

No. 80915

>such a beautiful whale sound.

No. 81002

fuck LOLLL

No. 81331

That was a hard cringe. All those glances to the camera. How embarrassing.

No. 81342

This is actually really cute

No. 81383

You haven't seen anything yet.
Remember your Quirky Tumblr phase? That time when you though you were funny and you were totally over your weeb phase?
Yep, I'd rather not remember it either.

No. 81393

you're kidding right?

No. 81781

You weren't prepared for what I had to offer.

No. 81806

The laughs of pity they give her, utterly disgusting. I wish she'd try this at a real open mic so that she could be heckled and forced to either become funny or give up, nothing good can come from being in a hugbox like that.

No. 82289

Pretty much every video posted in the Aspiring Aidoru thread belongs here.

The child on the couch is the daughter of the 27-year-old dancing weeaboo who is also unemployed and living with her parents.

No. 82294

No. 82300


I found her facebook and she is legitimately crazy. I don't understand why she isn't in a mental hospital or something

No. 82301


not even 30 seconds in and I had to bail
The nervous laugh after everything she says just gets me

No. 82316

I feel so bad for that kid. I can't imagine having a fucking weaboo as my mother.

No. 82329

I hope she doesn't turn out like the kid in the "My Mama's a Weeaboo!" webcomic…

No. 82379

I agree with her though. She's kind of endearing.

No. 82391

this woman is a mother…

No. 82392

I'm a mother and this gives me so much secondhand embarassment jfc

No. 82407

This video was taken down, some anon re uploaded it. It was posted on /v/ a while back.

Kill me

No. 82463

No. 82474

>every video posted in the aspiring aidoru thread belongs here

Boy howdy

No. 82520

No. 82526

how do they live on shit like that? gross

No. 82531

File: 1458562932069.png (182.5 KB, 1860x674, Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 11.2…)

I thought that was a guy at first.

obligatory cringe comments

No. 82536

File: 1458565077456.jpg (52.6 KB, 540x472, 6LaYBwr.jpg)

Why would anyone film themselves buying prepackaged meals at Walgreens

No. 82550

What's wrong with this, it sounds cute aOOOOOH NO! NO! NO NO NOOOOOOOO!

No. 82553

>goes to youtube channel
>one video is called 'good girl sticker system and haul'

i–i always thought anons were joking about 'princess points' and nobody actually did that in real life. fuck.

No. 82561

DDLG people are fucked, anon. but the 'princess points' thing is fucking stupid.

No. 82563

I use cute stickers to track my weight and fitness ;___; am I one of these people now?

No. 82564

This is the most cringeworthy thing I have seen in a long time.

No. 82794

File: 1458632366220.jpeg (190.69 KB, 801x2158, beta.jpeg)

Gonna need an Asian girl to confirm that this is the exact sort of gentleman who understands their special culture and needs.

No. 82822

Asian girl reporting. This sort of supreme gentleman is exactly what we want. >/sarcasm
Ugh sad thing is I've actually met guys like this and they're so fucking creepy.

No. 82824

>I'm going to be an animator in Japan
Please god tell me he has a fanime up somewhere.

No. 82849

those crashing clacking keys. too many

No. 82850

>bragging about a 2.1 GPA
Are there countries where the system is different and that is actually good, or is this dude just completely delusional?

No. 82851

>is this dude just completely delusional
>goes by fluttering
>thinks animators make millions
>desperate to prove his superiority over someone's boyfriend

Gonna take a shot in the dark here and say he may be a tad bit delusional

No. 83382

No. 83712

No. 84237

No. 84315

No. 84324

Why do black men feel so entitled to white women?

No. 84371

>white girl looked at me in starbucks
>this is proof that I can get any white girl
>white guy didn't look at me in starbucks
>this is proof that I can cuck any white guy

No. 84515

Holy crap, this was unreal. It's like a Harmony Korine film. Is this an exceptional troll?

No. 84518

>women don't give a fuck about appearance
>doesn't matter that I'm fat as fuck
Keep dreaming fat boy.

No. 84536

Pretty sure this guy is just trolling. He knows r9k is retarded and will eat this shit up

No. 84539

>damage control

He's legitimately not trolling. He got nudes off of one girl from 4chan a year or so ago.

Black people are just so theatrical to most white people that it appears they are "trolling".

No. 84575

No, you aren't. There is a huge difference between tracking personal progress in a cute way versus having your creepy boyfriend give you stickers for being a good girl.

No. 84666

No. 86505

No. 86551

these actually hurt to watch

No. 86569

Are they serious? I went to their channel and every video has to do with "the Jews"…

No. 86590

She's crazy as fuck, she also thinks the earth is flat.

No. 86618

Dear lord…

No. 86641

TOPKEK I love her!

No. 86642

Samefag but she can sing quite beautiful! Much better than marge!

No. 86755

All of those "my intro in nihongo" "me speaking nihongo" videos… I just can't stand this fake high pitched voice and the "trying to be kawaii uguuu" shit.

No. 86767

Holy shit, I clicked on the recommended video and her vocal pitch changes so drastically in french wow

No. 86786

uguu voice aside, at least she seems to speak it decently/practiced a lot. even worse are the cutesy weebs who can't even string together "my name is ___"

No. 86798

She comes off so much better when speaking French normally instead of doing that weird toddler-y act for Japanese

No. 86988

No. 87005

Man, I've seen that video before. Fucking niggers. The original had a description about how the nigger flipped out because it misunderstood some korean word and thought the lady called it a nigger.

No. 96332

Absolutely degenerate.

No. 96337

this gave me cancer

No. 96340

I normally side a bit with the melanie/ageplay haters but tbh this video made enough sense to not be cringey. The baby thing works as a good metaphor for the story of someone thinking they are smarter and in control of you, even if it's a little weird in the first minute.
The only cringe in this video are some of the knife shots, it's fine.

No. 96341

That's not cringy.

No. 96342

I have no idea who this person is but their ~kawaii uguu~ voice makes my ears want to shrivel inwards.

No. 96378

moon kana was pretty big with lolita and visual kei people in the early 00's. She's also a toy creator.

No. 96384

Damn that bitch ugly as heellll lmao!!

No. 96400

nursery rhymes made by third world-ers

No. 96402

One more.

This shit should be banned from youtube for the sake of children.

No. 96403

You're forgetting a classic.

No. 96404

I have discovered hell

No. 96430

This channel is a goldmine

No. 96437

I've wondered in the past if the guy who makes these has some kind of mental disorder because of the sheer number of "finger family" videos he has made.

No. 96439

Nah, she's actually an lolcow. All she does is parrot ideas of the alt right/pol for views and attention. Very big difference from other girls who actually believe it/practice it.

She is in fact trying to be "one of guizz"

No. 96440

Fucking this.

This trend of attention whores who pander to pol/mra shit on youtube lately is truly a cancer. "look at me guys im not like those feminist hoes look how le witty and smert look at me and how perfect i am xdd"

The "im not like other gurlzzz" of this decade to me.

No. 96441

Funny thing is her ex is a nigger and she deleted the video where he was featured because it received an overwhelming number of downvotes.

No. 96447

MRA stuff aside. Maybe some girls honestly dislike liberal policy on immigration and crime and feel some pride in their ethnic background, ever thought of that?

No. 96454

??? I didn't say girls like that didn't exist you goddamn retard. I'm fully aware there are full of women tired of neo liberal bullcrap, being one of them myself, and none of them have the need to make vlogs to gather attention nor they feel so speshul and unique. I'm just tired of cringeworthy youtube cows who milk politics for attention and views like >>77361

No. 96468

this entire girl's channel

No. 96470

The way she talks/moves is really irritating, but I can't stop watching her videos. To top it off, she's a ponyfag too?

No. 96472

File: 1465291160045.png (291.82 KB, 330x329, xEUprPlM.png)

That fucking dog cracks me up

No. 96503

she's 13 so it's still not ponyfag territory….?

No. 96509

For fucks sakes, you utter moronic whiteknight.

Let me break it out down for you, even more. Being a woman, with alt right views. It's easier to fucking tell when another girl is just trying to be a "one of guizz"

How can you tell these things?


>Doesn't go out of her way to find new stories, new content, new ways to explain things

>picks things like buzzfeed, easy things to make fun of
>No actual intellectual reasoning/evidence just in general to back her shit up. As much as sargon of akkad is a cuck, at least he researches and tries to present a well rounded idea/argument
>Jokes, that's all her shit practically is
>The usual attention whoring, more focused on her face than on what she's supposed to be talking about.
Excuse me, but if I'm gonna be making a youtube channel making fun of feminist, political ideas etc I want those to be the focus, not looking cute in front of the camera.

Is that explained enough, you simple, limp-wristed faggot?

No. 96513

she's 13? wtf, she looks 30.

lmao that little rat is so ugly how can she call it cute

No. 96522

Theres no need to be upset.

No. 96565

Too bad I wanna be and there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 96644

File: 1465417521023.png (503.72 KB, 662x778, 9a4e9c85035ae0eb87faaea710c916…)

Saw this in the ship hate tag.

No. 96657

>You gaze into the abyss and the abyss flinches
Cunt all you did was watch a tv show and thought about two characters getting together.

No. 96662

This girl was in Willam's Beatdown. I think this is the same video too. Didn't even know she was 13, she looks and sounds like an adult.

No. 96663

I'm pretty sure I watched some video where she scammed some girl during a swap.
Also her mum is a total stage mother.

No. 96786

No. 97175

These kids/pre-teens trying so hard to be like professional food reviewer…major cringe.

No. 97206

No. 97208

No. 98240

This fucking channel.


No. 98247

jfc what the fuck
why are so many ASMR people so creepy, the only ones I like are WhispersRed and ASMRrequests because they act very normal and don't look like a serial rapist is whispering into your ears

No. 98248

I don't understand ASMR at all tbh. The tapping, crinkling, and nasty mouth sounds make me want to rip my ears off, and lots of the videos have creepy sexual undertones.

No. 98253

Not everyone experiences ASMR actually, so that may be why. They're supposed to be relaxing, and different people have different 'triggers', some of which really are weird and sexual. I personally like hair brushing and soft talking and it really helps with my insomnia. Don't like videos where they're all up in your face though, different strokes I guess.

A lot of people who outright hate ASMR have misophonia too.

No. 98271

Whispers Red is lovely. I can't stand the "caring friend/girlfriend" role plays as they act so abnormal, and the ones where people eat deliberately with their mouths open to make as much noise, simply disgusting.

No. 98272


>nasty mouth sounds

jfc this, every 'whisper' one I've heard has that god awful lip smacking, weird saliva sounds every time they move their mouth. Grosses me the fuck out.

No. 101681

I've stumbled upon THIS recently, her videos are so cringy

No. 101691

Why does she look THAT oily?

No. 101692

There was a really sweet Greek girl who used to do ASMR videos I loved but some robots got a hold of her personal details, started threatening her with rape, hacked her channel and made her look like a slut so she basically fled.

No. 101695

>'people seem to forget that I have extremely extremely dry skin'
Kek, is she serious?

No. 101697

Silly anon, she's not oily, she's GLOWY!

No. 102028

It's such a shame that she's very pretty but the oiliness makes her look nasty and dirty. She should try the oil absorbing sheets

No. 102486

File: 1468292968520.png (62.43 KB, 936x656, neatt.png)

Found this gem on PoF

No. 102487

Nigga can't even get his supposed son's name straight.

No. 107786

File: 1471579797150.jpeg (86.64 KB, 480x553, image.jpeg)

A friend of mine who went full SJW like a week ago just shared this. This is supposed to be a "mommy cosplayer"'s cosplay positivity message. Not sure if the photo or text is more cringe.

No. 107960

File: 1471645089564.png (1.13 MB, 872x617, Tumblr.PNG)

From Kiwi Farms: Same girl before and after getting into Tumblr

No. 108121

Oh my god. I've done standup. She has 0 delivery, no punch lines, terrible annunciation, memes, no self awareness. I would have heckled the shit out of her.

No. 108233

No. 111117

Does anyone else feel like American society is quickly crumbling?

No. 111128

Yep. Sometimes I feel like I'm witnessing the fall of Rome.

No. 111129


No. 111135

no they just want you to think it is, you have to resist the spectacle

No. 111137

>>111117 It's not. Once you leave college, everything is fine. The real world doesn't care about things like this unless you live in a neoliberal place.

No. 111139

>goes into meeting to tell everyone they feel unsafe
>spends the entire meeting yelling and being aggressive

If they just went in and said "hey, we'd like a club with certain guidelines" then I bet they would have gotten what they wanted. I don't think anybody would have disagreed with the idea if they had framed it better. There are debate and dicussion clubs that follow specific rules and nobody complains about those because it's always been clear that the rules are for the purpose of facilitating meaningful conversations.

Anyway, I find it ridiculous that these people think they'd suit a safe space. They can't stop yelling, interrupting and insulting people. It's all well and good when they're united by opinion but what happens if two people from the same minority disagree? How safe is the space then?

No. 111167

sounds like some OCD shit

No. 111172

If you enjoy children yelling at video games.

No. 111226

File: 1475020421597.jpg (10.13 KB, 164x189, get the guns.jpg)

screw you losing a shiny is maddening if you've been searching for hours only for it
just fuck I mean I know its a game but anyone putting effort into anything only to fail after being so close will cause them to rage and get upset
I'll never get this fucking double standard to this

he didn't even rage too bad

No. 111288

File: 1475079463106.png (32.49 KB, 500x612, adulting is hard.png)

No. 111639

Fat whore kissing random jap boys in tokyo trying to make a 'statement'

No. 111673

What really pisses me off is these gender queer snowflakes act like they have it as hard as real trans people. No one knows you go by they/them just by looking at you.
What the fuck? Does this girl hear how retarded she sounds?

No. 111680

>This video is of me issuing random guys in Roppongi to prove that western women are into Asian men and to hopefully promote involving more Asians In the film industry! Enjoy!
>There are white girls dumb enough to fall for the r/asianmasculinity meme

No. 112058

This has got to be one of the most cringe inducing videos ever. When I see other foreigners act like her on the street, I get embarrassed even if I am no where near them physically. Ew. Expats like her are the worst.

No. 112061


Shit like this makes me realize that I'm more conservative about most issues than I thought. This is so idiotic jesus christ.

>muh I'm more victim than you

shut the fuck up

No. 112063

God, when she fell on top of that Asian guy when she put her hand around his throat and we almost saw her ham and eggs, I wanted to puke.

What an entitled hamplanet.

No. 112064

>could be transmitting mouth disease
>quite a few of those guys look uncomfortable
Oh my fucking god someone stop her…

No. 112070

Wtf I thought she was going to ask them for a kiss. She just attacks them.

Some of them look so awkward and it makes me wonder if they have a girlfriend/wife or even if they're gay. This is just so wildly inappropriate. Ugh.

No. 112083

She's not even an expat, I doubt she even has an ESL job over there.

God willing one day she'll look back on this shit and feel ashamed.

No. 112139

Dancing Gentleman

No. 112182

Found this gem.

No. 112185

WTF someone stop her

No. 112360

No. 112382

File: 1476315577849.jpg (239.13 KB, 600x620, 409.jpg)


No. 112457

File: 1476399585889.jpeg (15.43 KB, 300x346, im dying squirtle.jpeg)

Jesus christ

No. 112486

I'm pretty sure most people would be uncomfortable in that situation regardless of sexuality or if they're taken. That was so fucking difficult to watch.

No. 112542


How does she even have 8000 followers?

No. 112932

this bitch thinks she's deep lmao

No. 113035

File: 1476929209684.png (300.5 KB, 511x582, 1468962638102-0.png)

No. 113041

No. 113104

I don't think so.
JohnOfE is actually preddy handsome.

No. 113147

Let's meet Smugglypuff and Bill Nye the Pronouns Guy.
The future is bleak.

No. 113172

lol america, keep it up

No. 113218

Thats actually Canada, its UofT

No. 113276

File: 1477097938737.png (25.94 KB, 502x425, holyshit.PNG)

jesus christ

No. 113277

She's so fucking stupid. And also ugly.

No. 113282

She wanna be boxxy so bad.

No. 115376


It's why I want to move to Singapore or somewhere in East Asia.

>inb4 weeb

I know it's not an animu fantasy land. It's a socially conservative place that frowns on disorder. And that's the type of society I want to live in.

No. 115475

They're gonna hate you there. East Asians aren't big on immigrants.

No. 115537

File: 1478095442549.png (55.15 KB, 360x640, 0vdF7PVl.png)

No. 115539

This is not wrong, but it's pretty childish to read this much into a fucking Disney movie.

No. 115543

Maybe Japan and Korea, but Singapore is one of the most diverse "countries" in the world and Hong Kong is always looking for Western professionals and investors.

No. 118187

This is the most bizzare sjw protest I've ever seen at a Ben Shapiro presentation. This was at the University of Wisconsin a few days ago. It feels like ever since Trump was elected, these red guards have only doubled down on their insane beliefs.
Good stuff starts at 7:20.

No. 118188

No. 118194

File: 1479591265151.png (47.63 KB, 187x137, Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 8.32…)

they actually bought their children to this "protest"?
"look CJ, this what happens when da white man keep momma down"

No. 118218

He looks a bit like an older reviewbrah

No. 118238

>>118187 Kek. I wouldn't listen to anything this Jew manlet has to say. He's a fucking retard and was one of the original Never Trump guys. Fuck him. Listen to Gavin McIniss.

No. 118385

I fucking hate luxwing, she's such a tumblr cunt

No. 118498

No. 118793

File: 1480043793842.png (26.22 KB, 454x220, pepe triggered.png)

No. 118821

wow she just needs to go kill herself

No. 119533

>Cultivating a desire for semen
jfc this reads like one of those Stepford wife fetishist blogs

No. 119534

That's hot.

No. 119539

It's just like my Chinese cartoons

No. 119549

File: 1480468269153.jpg (749.83 KB, 3264x2448, C4AexJ6.jpg)

>we men like to mark our territory — and depositing his goo into your body is one of the primary ways your husband marks you

Marking your territory? Like a dog pissing on a fire hydrant? Sexy.

> If you reject his semen, you’re rejecting him as your mate and as the potential father of your children. Even though it’s your mouth, refusing to swallow is basically the same as insisting that your husband wear a condom when you have intercourse.

….That's not how biology works.

> drink it like a water fountain, swallowing and drawing more into your mouth at the same time

I literally threw up in my mouth reading this.

I have zero problems with swallowing, but the way this article is worded makes it seem so repugnant.

No. 119550

Tfw boyfriend refuses to go down on me but I still swallow every time.

No. 119554

Why tf do people tolerate this? He's gonna go his whole life expecting his dick to get sucked without manning the fuck up and eating some vag. Nah, that is selfish and you shouldn't put up with it.

No. 119556

If he won't go down on you, don't go down on him.

No. 119557

Make him go down.

No. 119579

>being in a relationship with a guy that won't go down on you
I wouldn't even give him a second look. You need standards, anon.

No. 119620

Guys who give head are weird and unattractive. It's too…. Submissive.

No. 119632

File: 1480556806660.jpg (69.28 KB, 400x225, uk0JPOa.jpg)

No. 119846

So jealous of your sexlife.
Is you being on top him being submissive too?

No. 119858

Obvious bait

No. 119859

That's pretty dom if you ask me

No. 172822


She says her nyannerz loli voice is her "real voice." Also check out her comment.

"hay, gonna disable comments for now cos too many UR VOICE FAEK!!1 comments. I never actually expected this video to get so popular tbh. and I used the ukelele song when i didn't know any better so sorry about that!

but yeah, it's my voice. i have a high voice. and a good range. take it or leave it. :P"

No. 172831

It's unbelievable how many people believe her loli voice is her real voice. She cracks so many times trying to keep it up, and if you ever heard her irl talking to people who aren't online fans it's just your average voice

'but gotta keep it up for neckbeards!'

No. 178021

No. 185505

File: 1491115943912.png (424.4 KB, 1311x703, icrievrytiem.png)

I was looking around for flats in my area and stumbled upon this little gem my favourite is:

>"I will be bringing some adult colouring books"


Is this cringe worthy of a Resurrection pham?

No. 185536

That's a man, right?

No. 186075

File: 1491661908700.jpeg (49.05 KB, 750x373, image.jpeg)

(literal) autism headcanons for real life people

No. 186764

holy fuck i'm dying right now. kpop idols have some of the worst fucking fans

No. 186901

File: 1492196712208.png (126.34 KB, 633x836, IMG_2757.PNG)

NOPE to this awful tattoo. and yes apparently it is real

No. 187103

this really screams vendetta, anon

No. 187107

tbh my panties are wet for her
love girls with buzzed hair

No. 187121

I'm cool with women ditching typically feminine things and looking like she does really. Good for her. It's better than women trying to pretend their eyeliner or heels are some sort of feminist statement "so sharp they they could cut a man teehee"

No. 187284

aaaah yes i absolutely agree with this
women who dress like an absolute prostitute """"for themselves"""""" ok sweety

No. 187451


>women who dress like an absolute prostitute """"for themselves"""""" ok sweety

gb2 /pol/ you retard.

No. 187476

dont you know? makeup is sinful and covers how u really appear. ITS FAKE and makes women look like PROSTITUTES. Heels??? Don't get me started! Women aren't really that tall when they wear them! I found that out when a lady at the mall was trying them on and I was on my way to get an Ichigo plushie at FYE. Fucking cunts

No. 187533

What? There's nothing wrong with those things but they're not feminist that's all.

No. 193054


She looks like an overweight tree

No. 193946

Is it me or does anyone else think this is just bad acting?

No. 193960

I think it's just you.

No. 196750

File: 1498720062767.png (85.51 KB, 497x927, japan's one child policy.png)

I love delusional weebs.

This guy has no life skills and is constantly complaining about money problems, but now he wants to move to Japan to start a new life.

No. 196870

The last comment holy shit. I'm trying to decide if this is actually real.

No. 196909

I wouldn't call it acting per se, but it's obviously dialogue she's thought about a lot. Which is probably why her story seems so methodical and forward, she's thought about the memory every single day.

The only cringey part was how–and I find many YTers guilty of it–she was all like "Oh I'm normally such a private person." No miss, you are not. Private people don't have vlogs about their lives talking about emotions with thousands of viewers. Let's just be honest.
It would be more accurate to say "I know for many this would be a private, sensitive subject but I wanted to share how I am feeling."

No. 196957

I think it's because she's half-smiling throughout most of it. She may just be feeling uncomfortable but shitty liars/actors tend to do that.

No. 197075

White guys who move to Asia, in general are pathetic lmao

No. 197125

White people who move to Japan and China tend to be pathetic. Not just the men.

The only worthwhile white immigrants in Asia are those in HK and Singapore who tend to be working in upper-middle class professional jobs (big four accountancy firms, lawyers, engineers etc).

The worst of all of them are long-stay white weeb girls in Japan. Has /pt/ taught you nothing?

No. 197128

>The only worthwhile white immigrants in Asia are those in HK and Singapore who tend to be working in upper-middle class professional jobs (big four accountancy firms, lawyers, engineers etc).
Lol those guys are a whole different brand of cancer
>Rent hookers every weekend
>Usually rude as fuck to the locals
>Blow their first paycheck on a shiny Rolex so they could pull impressionable chink birds in bars
>Basically frat bros in suits

No. 197132

lmao weeb girls…

The hookers thing is just common in East Asia as a whole to begin with, so I don't blame them for that. Singapore has rub and tug joints in upscale malls for example. Prostitution in many East Asian countries for married men is simply a matter of course, particularly South Korea where the sex-industry is gigantic.

Now. The worst breed are the white female weebs because they 1) give white girls a bad name abroad (they play into movie stereotypes they have over there of white girls being slutty and easy, and the newer breed of weeb will do the whole 'we all love asian guys!' thing of professing to speak for everyone in their group), 2) they're often literal whores for little more than a visa, as you can plainly see on /pt/, 3) they never have real jobs beyond bullshit like 'English Teacher' or some other dead-end job. And 4) they're always the most exaggerated asiaphiles you'll meet, fucking magibon, penus angelic and applemilk tier weirdos. Completely incapable of interacting in a normal way with local people beyond meme-tier entertainment, and completely dismissive of the wider expat crowd because of speshul snowflake status.

At least the expat crowd I mentioned are actually doing meaningful and productive labor of some kind. That's why they actually get good salaries in the first place.

>Usually rude as fuck to the locals

You know, we always used to say in HK "you can tell a westerner who has only been here for a week because he always reflexively says 'sorry' when a Chinese guy bumps into him while playing generic mobile game #3091834 on his phone."

In other words, long-stay expats are rude for a reason. HK and Singapore are, beyond service staff pleasantries, exceptionally rude places.

I will say this though: The most miserable people are those who have been married to locals for a long period and the culture differences have become completely apparent between both of them, this goes for both males and the odd female married to an asian local. Never met a more unhappy group.

No. 197133

Also, one last thing: I sincerely doubt someone working a meme-tier job in the Far East with a meme-degree actually interacted that much with bankers, magic-circle lawyers and engineers to begin with.

In all likelihood you just got second and third-hand tier knowledge of them through bitter asian dudes (Singaporeans emigrate all over the world yet still whine about FTs in a country that only became majority-Chinese thanks to the Brits anyway).

There's certainly a minority that behave in an abrasive way, but most are just normal people and their hours are usually much too long to do much partying and drinking in the first place (unless they're pilots, and pilots are pilots wherever you go). And they're certainly no more rude than the average Chinese is, actually in terms of your general pleases and thank yous they're usually a lot nicer. One thing I've noticed being out there is that Chinese will treat anyone they believe to be below them in terms of rank/salary/status like absolute shit.

No. 197156

>weeb girls
Who said anything about weebs? I work in finance, I've heard stories. Stop getting so defensive.

No. 197157

Actually nvm just noticed the second novel you wrote, you're clearly mental. Seek help.

No. 197169

>I work in "finance"

Kek. Sure you do. What part of finance and what role? Front office, mid office, back office? If it's trading what sort? Where's your company mainly exposed?

Weebs unironically pretending they have real jobs. Smh family.

No. 197171

Nigga no one in their right mind would say white weeb prostitutes were better people in any way than men who hold down real, demanding jobs. Get real.

Just face reality. You're the lowest of the low. Your entire life is based around a meme race fetish held exclusively by weirdos online.

No. 197247

god isnt this true. the amount of beta orbiters who fetishize asia and want to move to precious nihongo to become teachers - when we all know theyll never survive there - is embarrassing. i've had the pleasure of meeting these unfortunate souls and all they do is watch anime all day

No. 197785

File: 1499617461805.jpg (51.34 KB, 540x405, tumblr_o24j7rVVzT1tu9g5eo1_540…)


No. 197801

this is the only itasha I've seen that I actually like

No. 197994

No. 198028

>I want a girl to be like, wait, how are you till single?

>Skippy is a 34-year-old Mormon virgin

>Living in his parent's basement

I love this already

No. 198030

My joy has turned to ashes in my mouth, that was way more than a healthful dose of cringe.

No. 198071

This made me even more depressed somehow. Somehow.

No. 198094

I haven't cringed in years and I thought that maybe I had become desensitised but wow nope that was so physically painful to watch that I had to skip some parts.

Thanks anon.

No. 198102

It must be so embarassing to be around this guy for more than 5 seconds.

No. 198108

File: 1499882619385.png (56.71 KB, 491x510, favorite color.png)

No. 198109

Skippy has a few other videos out there and a youtube channel.

No. 198110

The best way to get laid is to make the girl uncomfortable before you even begin the date.

No. 198116

File: 1499888836192.jpg (118.05 KB, 1024x675, 1499309343989.jpg)

No. 198117

File: 1499888858910.jpg (245.96 KB, 1280x720, 1499332281027.jpg)

No. 198125

Looking for a lost cringe video involving a teenage house party, one kid gets caught fingering a girl outside and tries to play it casual removing his hand but it's covered in blood and a crowd starts screaming. Anyone have a link to this video? Think the original post got deleted.

No. 198127

Wait a sec, I'm not a native English speaker and I'm having trouble understanding 4:39… His belly button what? What's in those jars? I'm scared

No. 198128

No. 198189

omg start 1:10

No. 198191

No. 198199

>tfw live in utah but have yet to come across skippy

No. 198216

File: 1499955087571.gif (891.96 KB, 500x250, Your-Friend-Cant-Wait-Get-Marr…)

>over here is my belly button lint collection
jesus tapdancing christ

No. 198217

the girl he went on a date with looked like someone that was abducted by a psychopath and anxiously tries to keep the freak happy to be able to find a way to escape. I feel so bad for that girl.

No. 198219

jesus cocksucking christ, this could be legit a "before she was raped and murdered" video. It reminds me of a thriller or horror movie, but i cant remember which one.

No. 198275

This is strangely endearing. Only this clip tho yikes, at least he's somewhat self-aware ig

No. 198328

what the fuck
And here's something for me to contribute to the thread:

No. 198361

No. 198368

File: 1500044630576.png (51.75 KB, 275x268, 1497642013495.png)

I had a clue, but refused to believe it and naively thought "Nah, a guy can't be this disgusting on tv". Oooh well.

No. 198415

No. 198441

i feel you, I have a roastie so maybe thats part of it but I hate receiving oral. Most of the men that are vocal about "lovin to eat me sum pusspuss" are tryhard hyper-masc musclehead betas, virgins trying to look experienced, black men (???) or skinny twinks that like pegging and steal ur undies.

No. 198833

No. 198835

Every time I see his face I want to punch it.

No. 198836

Yay more submissive men for me! I find typical dominant men repulsive.

No. 198837

You wouldn't call her cringe if she was pretty. There is nothing bad about her except her manchild hobbies but come on.

No. 198982

Does anybody have the video of the Gorillaz cosplayers acting obnoxious filming in a public bathroom?

No. 198983

This one, right?

No. 199007

no. the shit acting. the scene hair. the obnoxiousness. the bracelets. NO. the person holding the camera actually looks okay, but please tell me this video is five years old minimum.

No. 199016

the real cringe here is the fact that that woman is letting her child run around a public restroom without socks or shoes.

No. 199084

Some real cringe: a bunch of "Kekistani" grown ass men hoisted their dumb flag in a kid's park and started screaming "REEEEEEE" and "GET OUT NORMIEEES" at the kids.

No. 199102

YES that's the video. Thank you!!!

No. 199775


No. 199776

It didn't post for some reason
gonna try again

No. 199777

File: 1500997102952.jpg (173.5 KB, 1080x1080, 19985597_450518848637747_40663…)

Fucking shit

No. 199783

File: 1501000199627.jpg (124.73 KB, 900x675, cosplay_kisame_itachi_1_by_nak…)

No. 199866

No. 200527


"Is the Virgin Killer Sweater Cruelty Free?"

No. 200623

File: 1501557623343.gif (1.38 MB, 200x150, laughing.gif)

Oh my god anon thank you for posting this

No. 200626

his mom must be dead inside

No. 200674

No. 200677

A classic.
I'm kind of jelly of how happy they are though. They're having loads of fun just with shitty foam.

No. 200682

genuinely one of the worst songs ive heard in a while

No. 200685

>Don't play with your ding-dong!

No. 200713

I never considered the ageplay side of Melanie Martinez. It's just another bunch of weird music videos that I just shrug off.

No. 200752

No. 200756

This is hilarious but also sad, the mother is reacting completely out of hand, she says 'you're not allowed to play with yourself' so I'm guessing its a religious household.

IDK I just think its a really bad idea to teach pre-teens that exploring their sexuality is wrong.

But it was also a good laugh thanks anon

No. 200763

yap. great way to make someone associate arousal with shame, dread, secrecy, and getting punished. what could go wrong?

No. 200778

"The rescue of a grocery store Lobster ( Lobby Joe)"

Dear God

No. 200809

what's so cringy about this? it's honestly kind of sweet.

No. 200845

have some next level autism.

>talks down to tinfoil hat theorists

>is a tinfoil hat theorist but twice as retarded and blind

No. 200847

batshit insanity

No. 200848

No. 200854

the decoder facebook group of 9 really makes this for me.

No. 200855

Hopefully most of them are just in it for lulz

No. 201149

File: 1502085548686.png (940.56 KB, 537x1398, ddlg cringe.png)

No. 201164

File: 1502110760814.png (Spoiler Image, 616.91 KB, 604x600, Capture d’écran 2017-08-07 à…)


Instagram "comedian" pee on a tenis court.

No. 201174

Jesus, her entire IG is awful. This is why no one respects women in comedy.

No. 201182

you CAN have funny females though–look at Kaitlin Olson, Margaret Cho, etc.

the mainstream ones, like amy schumer, ruin the appeal of female comedian with their copious vagina jokes. (i have a vagina, i really don't need an hour comedy special about one)

No. 201194

File: 1502158403871.png (823.05 KB, 1440x810, 2x07_Switch_Hitter_(12).png)

No. 201197

separated at birth

No. 201247

girl what… this is disturbing. this age gap thing is unhealthy and needs to stop.

shes cute too just why

No. 202836


No. 202854

You're probably the same anon from above who posted the lobster video. Stop posting animal rights activist videos, nobody finds them cringey.

No. 202938

"nobody finds them cringey"
um that's where you're wrong kiddo

No. 208952

File: 1507939424515.png (554.28 KB, 896x738, honest.png)

>when redditors think they're "good looking" and "fashionable"

No. 208954

No. 208972


His hair is already so fucking thin, haha, I wouldn't be too psyched if I were him.

No. 209989

File: 1509062991513.png (40.19 KB, 484x467, nigga what.PNG)

No. 209999

are you the mexican?

No. 210040

How is this cringe? The red person is dead right.

No. 210045

Are you the same person that wrote >>202854 ? lol fag

No. 210053

No I'm not. Sorry you didn't get the asspats you were looking for here, Consuela

No. 210054

Turn on closed captioning for lyrics

No. 210055

>Her English is not perfect so she is speaking closer to her cat language

No. 210061

>eating meat is in my culture
Eating meat is in every culture. What the fuck does that even mean?

Dahmer wasn't a psychopath and Red didn't even call them Chinese, they were just making an example. Is the person in blue socially retarded or what?


Which one is you? I sincerely hope you're the person in red.

No. 210063

s-sorry cousin

I'm neither of them, just saw it on a Facebook page where they promoted their post. The red person is what I thought was cringe.

No. 210066

File: 1509159037537.png (239.82 KB, 445x608, 19821623181.png)

No. 210071

This keeps poppin' on my youtube suggestions

No. 210073

File: 1509162516510.png (397.92 KB, 606x366, Nair.PNG)

That reminds me of this meme.

No. 210075

lol she has an update video and she says she put relaxer in her already straight hair whyyy

No. 210094

File: 1509175198791.jpg (71.6 KB, 539x960, 1507860143350.jpg)

I had no idea that term was even a thing.

No. 210102

looks better in the old pic tbh

No. 210106

In her old pictures, you can tell her hair was really fried. She was crying like her husband or mom just died or something. It grows back, dumb bitch.

No. 210115


No. 210140

File: 1509233180917.jpg (252.04 KB, 1013x1440, 0fgqb8elqd8z.jpg)

No. 210146

If this thread is just going to be the same person necroing it every now and then to post "vegan cringe", I'm out.

No. 210159

No. 210160

File: 1509244202004.png (50.64 KB, 255x255, 31.png)

No. 210163

Meh, don't leave. Just don't respond

No. 210171

She's just a dumb bitch who used a product before reading the fucking notice.
But she cry like if she was a patient who had undergone chemotherapy for cancer.
And stupid YT commenters are like "Wow! You're stunning and brave!"

No. 210178


No. 210192

It's just I get excited when I see there's an update and it's just some robot who thinks releasing a lobster is "cringe".

Cringe compilations on yt used to be amazing and now the people who make them are more cringe than the actual content. I don't think many really know what cringe is anymore.

No. 210197

Alright, sorry about being an ass earlier. Hopefully this video can make up for it?

No. 210250

A bit more unnerving than cringe, but still.

No. 210256

File: 1509343555439.png (4.96 MB, 1074x5453, EQ62Q.png)


if you wanted more. i totally forgot about these people…

No. 210272

Is this a joke? I'm laughing so hard.

No. 210293

I wonder what happened to him. He hasn't uploaded on YouTube in 4 years.

Apparently it's real, I was surprised.

No. 210314

to think that someone edited a commercial to fit with their foot fetish

No. 210319

No. 210320


No. 210324

English is not my main language but I truly thought I was listening some martian beatboxing. I did not understand ANY word. Can somebody give me some context? I'm so confused!

No. 210382

The topic had to do with presidential war powers. In the debate footage, I could only really understand the n-word and something about white privilege. Sorry. Honestly, subtitles would have been great kek.

No. 211134

File: 1510248523139.jpg (350.9 KB, 1360x2048, tumblr looks for a job.jpg)

No. 211223

are they autistic? so confused

No. 211224

They're just retards who think teaching proper english is racism because it erodes ebonics or whatever. Therefore they're trying to make "debate slams" or whatever a thing. Say what you will but Blacks have some of the greatest cringe around with the retarded shit they will believe. Nothing beats the Nation of Islam and the whole Yakub nonsense.

>Moses tried to civilize them, but eventually gave up and blew up 300 of the most troublesome of them with dynamite.[6] However, they had learned to use "tricknology" to usurp power and enslave the black population, bringing the first slaves to America. According to The Autobiography of Malcolm X, all the races other than the black race were by-products of Yakub's (spelled Yacub in the biography) work, as the "red, yellow and brown" races were created during the "bleaching" process;[3] however, the "black race" included Asian peoples, considered to be shared ancestors of the Moors. "Whites" were defined as Europeans. Elijah Muhammad also asserted that some of the new white race "tried to graft themselves back into the black nation, but they had nothing to go by." As a result, they became gorillas. "A few were lucky enough to make a start, and got as far as what you call the gorilla. In fact, all of the monkey family are from this 2,000 year history of the white race in Europe."[2]

No. 211233

I'm from the southern US and grew up around plenty of black people, obviously. I could transcript, if anyone cares enough, but but why are they trying to talk SO fast?

No. 214280

No. 217719

This is like an Eric Andre sketch

No. 243829

File: 1524161133954.png (220.98 KB, 744x420, eweweww3-26.png)

Is that Report of the Week's sister?

No. 243837

No. She's not as cute as he is

No. 244239

File: 1524346359485.jpg (64.43 KB, 540x960, 31043885_1807739119272279_8692…)

No. 244240

"my wifes boyfriend"
wh-what is this…this cannot be real…who is this poor person

No. 244266

it's definitely b8 written to go with the picture

No. 281791

The comments section is a goldmine of angry, lonely nerds who every waking moment wish to get laid.

No. 281794

this video is cringe enough. why were you watching it?

No. 281800

Tbh, I didn't watch the video. I was watching something completely unrelated and this was in the sidebar and I wanted to see what kind of comments there were and lo and behold, it's just a flock of bitter mgtow losers.

No. 281811

I couldn't make it past 3 minutes

>Man in his early 20s who does not know any 30+ women tells us what 30+ women think and want

>Man warns all other women his concepts of adult relationships are based on internet memes

No. 316993

File: 1540669602236.jpg (607.78 KB, 2448x3264, iywksqs4anu11.jpg)

No. 317047

Lmao anon tell us the truth, did you make this?

No. 317061

I wish lol. It was on /r/trufemcels

No. 317478

File: 1540772154886.png (41.28 KB, 499x838, yandere.PNG)

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