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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1561483456440.jpg (992.32 KB, 2160x2880, 1561304473453.jpg)

No. 426204

were not necessarily preparing for a disaster, but learning ways to become more survival skills and self-sufficiency

No. 426208

File: 1561483611520.png (63.17 KB, 400x400, makeshifttent.png)

dumping some survival infographics

No. 426209

File: 1561483652754.jpg (345.09 KB, 1151x1579, fire.jpg)

No. 426212

File: 1561483684406.jpg (47.3 KB, 720x540, planter.jpg)

No. 426213

File: 1561483778155.jpg (1.63 MB, 797x3901, compost.jpg)

No. 426214

File: 1561483824403.jpg (60.23 KB, 546x720, plantingcalendar.jpg)

No. 426216

File: 1561483855362.jpg (345.12 KB, 564x4445, make-drinkable.jpg)

No. 426218

File: 1561484084290.jpg (80.8 KB, 700x670, Animal tracks.jpg)

No. 426220

File: 1561484198090.jpg (268.99 KB, 1024x782, morsecode.jpg)

No. 426221

File: 1561484267597.jpg (726.6 KB, 2176x1408, map-reading.jpg)

No. 426413

File: 1561513967682.png (827.23 KB, 1032x1690, sky-reading.png)

No. 426434

I can't even make a paper airplane, you expect me to know how to do all this bs

No. 426436

i'm honestly interested in trying the compost one but idk how to do it in my tiny city apartment lol

also the campfire one was really interesting.

No. 426440

File: 1561520425896.jpg (492.15 KB, 859x859, 33 Uses for a Shemagh.jpg)

start with the small stuff like this

No. 426479


this is actually super interesting - thank you anon for all the info graphics!

No. 426481

File: 1561532070637.png (779.45 KB, 792x1188, swissmintsurvival.png)

start with the small stuff like this

No. 426482

File: 1561532103318.jpg (774.25 KB, 787x964, knots.jpg)

start with learning small stuff like tying knots

No. 426502

File: 1561540034602.jpg (299.84 KB, 750x1199, survival_1200x1200.jpg)

No. 426515

File: 1561543041805.jpg (495.43 KB, 600x851, Tent Types.jpg)

No. 426558

we should have a general how-to infographics thread

No. 426643

Survival Lilly is a great female friendly channel to learn about prepping

No. 427447

is the 27 lb bucket of Mac and cheese Costco sells corporation of prepping culture?

also, would any of you eat it?

No. 432869

File: 1562838981477.jpg (620.93 KB, 1080x3225, regrow.jpg)

No. 432902

File: 1562849034377.jpg (121 KB, 960x774, mosquitoplants.jpg)

No. 452048

do you have a balcony? get some plants

No. 452666

this sounds disgusting. If I'm gonna live through the apocalypse I'm gonna eat clean af

No. 452714

Can you stock medicine? Like anti-inflammatory, pain/fever, cold meds etc?
I would like to have those in case society collapses, or my country becomes Venezuela2.0, but I'm not sure it would be dangerous to have old pills.

No. 454974

Medicine, pills, etc. have expiration dates. If you buy medicine right now, they will expire in 1 or 2 years.

No. 456421

Most medicines will retain most of their potency after passing their expiration date, so things like ibuprofen and paracetamol will be fine for years and years. You'll need to watch out with things like insulin, though, since it definitely become ineffective soon after the expiration date has passed. EpiPens are a bit less useful after expiration but would still be better than nothing in a pinch.

No. 456450

It'll be slightly less effective but it'll be be far from useless, depending on the medication. Store away from direct light.

No. 456453

Does this go for antibiotics as well? Been thinking about buying some off of IndiaMart, it seems like it would be good to have as a prepper.

No. 462678

What's everyone's thoughts on Survival Manual Offline by Iigi on the google store? It looks pretty good so far

No. 467183

If you wanna be a lazy bitch, you could also just offer sex to some random guy that knows it. That could be slightly better than dying horribly.

No. 467199

Sounds like a male prepper fantasy.

No. 467219

I'm sorry, but the only thing I feel towards this video is "get a life geek-a-zoid"

No. 521897

well since Coronavirus happened, I think this thread is duly needed, I'm moving to the woods for a couple weeks

No. 521899

Most killer viruses come from wild life,
The woods are not safe.

No. 521947

They come from wildlife retard humans keep in tiny cages with tens of thousands of other animals pissing and shitting and bleeding on each other so they can eat them uncleaned and uncooked at the same place lul.

No. 522351

It's mostly bats who carry deadly stuff like Ebola, SARS, Marburg, Nipah and more.

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