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No. 425743

I looked in the catalogue but I couldn't see a thread on CBD oil. Do you use it? Have you used it? Is it worth the hype? Did it work for you?

No. 425748

I don't use it personally, but I have several friends who use it for anxiety that say it works very well for them.

No. 425765

I've been using it for about two years. It isn't a miracle cure but I feel like it helps me to feel calmer, so I don't overthink as much. It's definitely worth a try.

No. 425766

a friend of mine sells it for one of the top leading companies and i get it for free, but i would buy it otherwise. it's really great for me because i have anxiety in large crowds so i take some before i have to leave for the day.

also kind of OT but apparently CBD has really opened up marijuana sales in states that can't sell it. i constantly hear stories about how states like iowa have mall kiosks that are selling rebranded blunts, it's great.

No. 425770

I tried it out last year out of curiosity to try and help symptoms of my depression and anxiety. I bought a small bottle of oil from a reputable company, and overall I noticed some subtle calming effects but nothing really significant, although I've heard it works better if you take it consistently every day and let it build up in your system. I was really shitty at taking it consistently so that might have affected my results, but who knows.
I also tried vaping CBD flower since I heard a lot of people say it was more cost effective and you could get quicker results which is more what I was looking for. I didn't notice much difference though, and the effects were still really subtle for me. I ended up giving all my CBD products to my mom since I thought it could help her with her vertigo and headaches, and it worked out so much better for her. She absolutely loves it and has been singing the praises of CBD to all our family now haha.

I had a pretty neutral experience but I would still recommend others to try it if they're interested. Obviously it's not ever going to be a miracle cure that fixes all your mental and physical illnesses instantly, but it can be a nice help and with the market growing and products getting cheaper and cheaper it's worth a shot.

No. 425776

I stopped making my anxiety meds once I tried cbd. it’s also nice not having to be talked down to by a psychiatrist just to get medication. I started off taking it everyday in place of the meds but it’s improved my anxiety so much that I sometimes don’t need to take it for days.

No. 425777

How does this compare to smoking/consuming thc?

No. 425783

>>425777 i'm also curious about this. Right now I'm using codeine as prn, as I have pretty bad PTSD. I've used xans in the past, which were great. I would obviously prefer using something legal, but I think i'm expecting too much off cbd?

No. 425785

I havent tried it personally but a guy i saw at work was using it and i was told it has helped him with his parkinsons

No. 425786

also what doses dose everyone use? The place I work have just started selling it. The range from 12000 to 50 in strength.

No. 425791

I've read that most CBD things are effective at much higher doses than most people are prescribed or tend to take.

I've tried CBD pills - varying dosages, and I am not sure if it just had a placebo effect for me. If anything I felt maybe a bit more relaxed? But only marginally. That or just didn't quite cut it for the amount of anxiety I have, I have full on panic attacks with throwing up and stuff sometimes, so it's a lot to handle.

My mom uses it for Fibromyalgia and she says it really helps her with her symptoms. Sometimes she uses things with THC as well though. She swears by it.

I think it can definitely help other people, and it's definitely less harmful than other medications, but I don't think it works for everyone.

No. 425795

1000 for vape juice (Koi brand, tropical Popsicle flavour is bomb) but i dont really notice anything unless i hit it really hard. that being said i have lung problems so i take pretty small breaths otherwise i have coughing fits but the KOI juice is pretty punchy and even my husband who has smoke regular cigarettes since he was like 17 coughs when he hits my vape lol.

I also have some "just CBD" brand candies that make getting to sleep really easy. theirs 1000 MG in the whole container but like 10-13mg per candy. the directions say not to eat more than 2 in a 6 hour period but i only really feel anything if i eat 4-5

you dont get high from CBD at all, even if you consume a ton of it the only thing ive ever noticed is a really slight bit of that tingly skin feel you get from thc. i also find that regular CBD is a lot more effective if youve had thc within a couple days.

over all it makes the pain i feel in my joints and migraines feel a lot more "superficial" like i could totally ignore it instead of being wracked by it. it also makes me less jumpy which ive only really noticed when playing video games. and it makes sleeping through the night a lot easier.
its a pretty subtle change though, it doesnt feel like youre "on" anything it just kinda mutes pain/stress or "flattens" it if that makes any sense.

No. 425821

I asked somewhere else, but are any of you taking CBD oil while on contraceptives? I want to try it for anxiety but I'm not risking pregnancy for it.

No. 425822

I love it. I use purekana and it works for my anxiety like a charm. Some drops under the tongue help my ptsd too.

Not comparable at all. Thc is still way better than taking only cbd in terms of medical issues.

No. 425863

i take CBD daily and im on the pill and i havent noticed any changes in bleeding or cramping, no spotting, no breakthrough bleeding, and no accidental babbies

No. 425907

I love it. It slows me down and I feel so sleepy and relaxed. I stop feeling tense and feel able to focus a little better too. I usually take 40mg capsules since it's what is cheap and available at my weed store but I'm thinking of experimenting with lower doses for social situations.

No. 425978

I do vape the oil, but I have to vape way more to get any kind of effect compared to smoking CBD flower. CBD flower, basically weed without THC, is way fucking better and is carried by your local weed shop

No. 426061

Is that the combined or mini pill? I've read that it's less of a problem if you're on the mini pill.

I'm also thinking about it for my bf but some sources online say it could potentially increase suicidal thoughts and that terrifies me. Should I really try something that has so little information out there?

No. 426159

im on a combination pill, specifically aviane.

i havent noticed any change at all in the occurrence of my depressive episodes, they still happen once every few months and last about 2 weeks with no change in intensity.

of course that could just be how my body reacts to CBD. if you have suicidal thoughts just stop taking it. it could really help you if you experience a lot of pain or panic attacks but you'll never know if you dont try it.

just keep a healthy mindset of "i am trying something new that can cause harmful thoughts, if I experience those thoughts i have the knowledge to know whats causing it, and i can remove it from my system by not taking any more."

No. 426374

File: 1561507756412.jpg (118.5 KB, 1200x1500, iolite_vaporizer_iolite_25.jpg)

For anons looking for a vaporizer rec, I got an Iolite a year ago. They ran a 50% off sale for the 4th of July (despite being in Ireland).

I needed a new vape for flower. Butane power is actually much simpler than fussing with chargers and batteries. I ordered a quality grinder and extra screens since everything was on sale.

I don't have experience with their pens.


I chose it on rec from one of our semi-reg cows. And here we are full circle.

No. 426466

Damn, and I just bought an Arizer (I think I only paid like, $87 so I guess it's ok) because my bullshit Magic Flight Launch Box broke (again). This looks so cute and like a walkie talkie. Kind of kicking myself now.

Heads up to anyone buying a vaporizer, don't buy the MFLB. I bought it many years ago because of their excellent warranty but they reneged and now their warranty only includes the replacement of 2 boxes, and now I've used up all my warranties because it's garbage with 0 temp control, so if you're looking to benefit from certain terpenes, you can't do shit. It's the rinky-dinkiest shit and the batteries take like, 20 hours to charge. Their profit margins must be absolutely insane.

No. 426539

That's all good to hear anon and thanks for the great advice! I'll pick up some next time I'm out and I'll probably update you guys in a month or whenever I finish the bottle.

No. 426598

I love my cbd oil, I started taking it for the first time a couple months ago for anxiety. It works soooo well. I wish I would have tried it sooner but I guess only recently has it become easier to acquire, PA anon and there's shops popping up everywhere now!
I got the $40 charlotte's web one.
I think it helps with my depression as well because it takes the weight off of my chest and makes you feel less heavy, if that makes sense (prob will to depressed anons)
It hasn't cured it or anything, because I'm going through a bad bout of depression/anxiety right now, but it definitely makes it a lot more bearable.
Plus helps to take it before something you know will set you off. Definitely, definitely worth the money and one bottle lasts a long time. I only take one drop a day usually unless there is some other reason I want to take another.

No. 426609

File: 1561564743366.jpg (75.5 KB, 600x450, 67b.jpg)

I did try it for a few days, since I am trying to deal with anxiety.
But the taste is absolutely disgusting, my plan was to take it for about a month, but I ended up dropping it because I needed a fucking ritual to have a few drops without wanting to puke. I would have the drops under my tongue for about 90 seconds while breathing through my mouth, and then drinking a LOT of water to swallow and right after having a strong minty candy. It's that bad.

For that reason, I would recommend getting capsules.

Anyway, I did not really feel anything much different. Sometimes I would feel a bit more relaxed but sometimes I think it's kind of a psychological placebo effect. To be sure, I would have to try to take a capsules for a few weeks to say anything. But I think it is worth to try, it's pretty safe and the most that will happen is that it won't work.

No. 426735

My fiancé has a traumatic brain injury, and he has been able to come off of his anti anxiety medication as a result of CBD oil. We buy it from Medterra and it’s not cheap but it is lab tested. It helps with his anxiety, depression, ptsd triggers, and anger. I have also tried it and while it definitely helps (we don’t have the same diagnoses), I have the same issue that I did with anti anxiety medication where it takes too long to kick in… unless I vape it. So I stick with weed primarily because that tends to work better for me while he primarily uses the CBD oil now.

No. 427373

I use it for anxiety and pain, and it works great. The taste is completely dependent on brand as well as CBD product.

I order online from some site called like genesis cbd vape juice, but I get tinctures. Do not recommend the actual genesis brand however, that actually tasted bad. I've also gotten some disposable vape pens.

No. 427417

Sounds like you tried a shitty brand. It doesn't taste bad at all but rather the opposite. Have you ever smoked weed before?

No. 427453

I do smoke weed from time to time. But you’re completely right, I just got a shitty pharmacy brand.

No. 427471

Anon, don't buy cbd from the pharmacy. Who knows what they put it in and they're selling cbd products for twice the price man

No. 428228

I use weed regularly to self medicate my adhd and anxiety. I got proper medication too. My doctor does not know about my habit. Marijuana is illegal where I live and I could lose my job and say good bye to my entire career.
It’s still makes me feel better so it’s worth taking risk. I can either have a job and risk losing it for weed or be incabable to have one because my anxiety.

I vape in weekends. I have sort of ritual for relaxation: I switch off my phone, smoke some weed, masturbate, eat good food and follow every step of my beauty routine. Works for me.
This is possible only in weekends when I’m alone.

I’m considering trying to CBD oil for weekdays when I can’t smoke but need something for stress.
Problem is my country’s law hemp products is complicated and even officials are nit sure if CBD oil is legal or not.

No. 428280

Just started using it the past few days for back pain. It worked okay for the pain, but I noticed my anxiety was significantly improved.

No. 428303

Idk girls, I bought two strains of CBD flower from different vendors and it isn't doing anything positive.

No. 441025

File: 1564412500931.png (524.13 KB, 800x887, Screenshot_2019-07-29-07-58-00…)

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