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File: 1444504659309.jpg (47.47 KB, 341x660, 914455_304482629733142_2097752…)

No. 42448

Basically people are arguing over the new princess "Moana" because she looks like Rapunzel.

Also Moana may be the new Disney feminist thus looking a "real woman"

tumblrinas are all over this shit

btw if you aren't brown you don't get a say

No. 42449

I wonder how many black women are gonna cosplay this

No. 42450

I'm tired of this "princess of colour now lets make a big deal out of it" shit

No. 42451

Why do adults care about Disney anyway?
I never liked their movies even as a kid. They're boring.

No. 42453


No. 42454

But that's cultural appropriation, she's Maori

No. 42455

This is the type of shit that people are PASSIONATE about now? The depiction of a fictional character in a KIDS movie? That's just so pathetic I can't believe it.

No. 42456



No. 42457

No. 42458


Yeah but African Americans will still go "Well she black cos aborigines were black so therefore she a black gurl liek us <3"

despite them not even being fucking the same


they'll do it

No. 42465

I don't mind black women displaying her since some black people (mostly Caribbean and South and North American blacks) look like her somewhat. Now on the other hand, if they are the type that yells out "ERASING BLACK PPL" or "CULTURAL APPROPRIASHUN" at everything, then yeah I got a problem.

52nd I'm going with what another anon said, you can tell most blacks on Tumblr would claim she is black when, no, that's just her color and hair texture. Despite having 'black features', girl is Asian a'f.

My mother actually thought she was another version of Lilo or a spin off of Lolo and Stitch.

No. 42466

Just want to add on, I don't mind anyone cosplaying her.

No. 42471

Isn't she too black? Maoris today look kind of swarthy but not like that?

That said I would love to be able troll them about why there weren't any whites in the movie, because Spanish/Portuguese/Italian/Dutch explorers were in that part of the world at that time so its not fair what about diversity hurr durr.

Don't be silly, it's only CA when white does it. Power + prejudice etc.

No. 42473


She's supposed to look like lilo or whatever, she looks too… thing is Moana isn't African American lol. She's Polynesian. I want to see Polies cosplay her, not blacks thanks.

No. 42474


it'll be a ton of ghetto ass african american girls with weave cosplaying her basically

No. 42475

i don't get what's everyone's problem with this? lol.

No. 42477

Literally already complaining about shit that hasn't even happened. You sound like SJWs.

No. 42489

You guys are mad at people for things that haven't even happened yet? How about you stop being obsessed with kid shit.

No. 42491


Are there even that many black girls into cosplay for this to be a legitimate concern?i went to youmacon 2 years in a row and I almost rarely saw any black cosplayers(even fewer Asians) it was mostly white people cosplaying. Hell, I didn't even see any black girls cosplaying as princess tiana or w.e the fuck it's name is. You'd think because Detroit is a majority black community there would have been more black cosplayers but nope…

No. 42516

There shouldnt be a limit on cosplay anyway. Weight, you can change. Skin color? not so much. I don't even give a fuck if people wanna use makeup to tan. I do it every time I cosplay Fenris from Dragon Age. People need to stop taking cartoons and fictional characters so seriously. If you like a character, you should be able to cosplay them. tumblr is going to be a shitstorm for a while now. I'm glad I stay off that site.

No. 42517

I just got back from NYCC and there are tons of black cosplayers there doing all sorts of non black characters. So yeah, they're out there.

No. 42519

I'm really bothered by her cankles.

No. 42539

Do you guys realize by arguing that someone shouldn't cosplay a character because of race/skin tone and being anal about fictional characters you're doing the exact same thing as the tumblr sjw's that you claim to hate?

No. 42540

yeah. what i don't get is why they don't make movies with kids as protagonists if they're moving away from the "traditional" fairytale stuff.

No. 42541

maori culture is amongst the most misogynist there is yet i'm sure tumblr is all over representing this shit correctly. some traditions aren't worth preserving.

No. 42542

it's like if an italian looked at someone from sweden and went "we're totally the same" idfg

No. 42543

I don't see the problem with cosplaying someone of a different race, if you can convincingly make yourself look like that.

No. 42545

I thought cosplay was about cosplaying a character you love? No it's not because most cosplayers are all about getting fame and attention. Cosplayers need to understand that getting anal about people's costumes is kind of like being butthurt if someone wears a shitty Halloween costume.

No. 42546

Yeah, but no one except white people notice or really care about the difference between Italians and Swedes tbh. It's splitting hairs unless you yourself are part of that culture.

No. 42549

Would anyone of value notice if a black person cosplay a fictional character?

No. 42587

Why is it that even when they get what they want, Tumblr still manages to find something to whine about? I hate how soft society is becoming. Everyone is starting to get so hypersensitive about the most tiniest things. Nobody has to really fight for anything anymore (for the most part). Everything is kind of just handed to us. Rarely do people have to struggle for things the way they had to in the past. It's really gross to me. Rather than being satisfied for how far we've progressed, people continue to look for flaws in every nook and cranny just to stir up things that don't need to be stirred up. Tumblr is so "one step forward, two steps back," if you get what I'm trying to say.
(Sorry for my shitty english/semi-rant.)

No. 42659

And this is why nobody in their right mind shouldn't give in to the tumblrites. People freak out when they're suddenly met with hate and people yelling racism/sexism/whatever at them and cave in under their pressure, but seriously, they will never be satisfied. They will always find "offensive" things to bitch about. There is simply no pleasing them.

No. 42665

Agreed. Look at most asian traditions where women are still nothing but housewives.

No. 42666

Cosplays don't care. Tumblr are the only idiots making a big deal out of this.

No. 42669

Meant cosplayers don't care^

No. 42672

Well it makes sense considering how important representation is. Having someone you can connect with is special, even if it is a character. For kids it's important. Many studies have shown support for kids learning even more from animated media than from watching people interact on screen.

I don't think it's a big deal for them to ask for a disney character who is middle eastern, asian, black, hawaiian, maori, etc especially if those groups watch disney movies/shows in large numbers within their communities.

No. 42674

jfc… Why is nobody bashing Ghibli for their japanese characters? Because their not white so they dont need to.. It's like white people are forced to babysit all other races or something. Like kids dont give a fuck what colour the princesses are, and they dont have to be their colour to be relatable.. I LOVED Mulan, and i thought i was just like her and wanted to do karate and shit, yet im white?

No. 42676

Jesus, I think this will become a mouthful.

Exactly, representation is important for most younger girls, and not trying to be racists here, but it's kind of different when some white kids say that they didn't care about what color the princesses were.

Yes, everyone can hate their skin, but most younger black girls (children, but in this case, girls), are taught (subconsciously or not) that their skin is ugly or they are not pretty due to their features. Not only blacks, but minorities/POCs living in more Eurocentric/White-centric/Americanized areas.

With some (yes some, before some of you come in here talking about other areas than America where standards are different. Disney is American, I'm American, so I'm saying this all from a POC-American view) white children, the beauty standard is already there for them, and they aren't considered ugly. So they can enjoy their princesses, and other minorities princesses without a worry. Whites are/were the majority in media whether we like it or not. While most black girls would be all like, "Oh! Yay, there's a princess that looks kinda like me!!"

Most of this comes from the fact of observing most of my friends and myself. Our parents grew us up with Eurocentric beauty standards (straight hair, light eyes, light skin), without focusing on what we could have and what we are, and what we cant change.

Of course times are changing with the younger generations, and more representation, but things would only gradually better. Plus parents are learning not to let their kids worry about shit like this. Also, please dont think I'm only focusing on blacks. This was the group that some people in this thread didn't want cosplaying so I kinda focused on it.

Now, the fact that grown ass people are "passionate" more so than the ones who are mothers of young kids is actually pretty sad. lmao.

In the end, any little girl could cosplay her if they wish. And honestly, she's adorable, and I wish I could keep her. But something looks sort of odd in OP pic. She kind of reminds me of those old time BRATZ baby figurines, except with a smaller head. Kind of unsettling the more I stare.

No. 42677

Ah so basically my opinion doesnt matter because im white?

Pff, not all white people have light hair and eyes(+Straight hair) most dont, yet they dont complain about the looks of a childrens cartoon, and yes it is adults brainwashing these kids to care about looks before it is even natural for them to do so.

And its stupid that they have to make up princesses that wouldnt even exist in reality because "princesses" are a european thing, maybe empress and pharo etc, could work. But idk just seems stupid.

No. 42678

You think anyone on here will really be able to understand this?

No. 42679

I guess Disney movies shouldn't exist at all because 95% of these things wouldn't happen in real life. And in real life that princess wouldn't live happily ever after she would be murdered for not giving birth to any sons….yeah let's make movies for children realistic, I'm down for it.

No. 42681

You're fine with a talking lump of snow, a woman who is half fish and dragons but a non-white Disney princess for children is a crazy idea for you?

No. 42684

Most Disney movies are based of off old european folklore so that is why their white, and we have lots of non european/white prinsesses as Well with Disney becoming more modern, my point was that its stupid to make a movie on the sole purpose to feature a Dark skinner princess, like they just Said "Who needs a plot!"

No. 42685

Do you realize you're using the same arguments tumblr sjw's use? Can you not see the irony?

No. 42686

You're basically implying that there being non-white Disney princesses is cultural appropriation, these are the same arguments timblr sjw's use. Don't you realize this?

No. 42687

Both of you know thats not the point that anon was making. It's about the fact that kids that look different (it doesn't have to be an issue of race, think of the Croods movie) want to have a show or movie that they can look to and feel that they're being recognized too. Obviously not in terms of lifestyle, but in relation to how they feel and look. It can be enough for them.

Children love movies like Cinderella not because they all have evil step moms and sisters, but because they've also been victims of abuse/harassment/bullying and wish they'd had a fairy god mother.

Yeah, the story line is enough for some, but to kids being able to relate visually is important too. Not only that, buy variety is fun and educational. If disney princesses really were all blonde and blue eyed, there would be a ton of white kids feeling left out too. There is nothing wrong with them asking for a red head, brunette or black haired princess too.

People make this about race to a disgusting degree. Asking for a charcter of a different race is fine, since it often comes with a culture or tradition the story line can focus on, but to think that the racial aspect of it is all that matters is wrong, from all sides including the poc.

No. 42688

File: 1444616897246.jpg (308.05 KB, 800x600, moana-04-800.jpg)

Thoughts I've had on this:

1. I keep seeing people in this thread saying that she's Maori, but the people behind the movie have said that she doesn't represent one culture in particular. She's a mashup of different Polynesian cultures, which is pretty smart imo but probably still won't be enough for SJWs. They'll criticize it for being stereotyped and not including [insert obscure island]. There'll be controversy about whether she looks too white and/or not she looks Polynesian enough. (And by Polynesian I mean black.) Besides that, they'll probably criticize it for not having any trans people as they always do.

2. I was disappointed to find out that this was going to be in CGI. As usual, the 2D concept art looks much livelier.

3. Disney's had a problem with sameface syndrome lately. All of their female characters have short faces, huge eyes and noses that come far too close to their mouths. Rapunzel was cute but it's getting old now.

No. 42689

*and/or whether she looks Polynesian enough

No. 42704

I grew up watching disney and never knew that Princess Jasmine and Belle were different races. I just knew that I liked them as a kid. Kids of a very young age don't care as much as parents think… It's always the annoying parents and tumblrinas who care.

No. 42705

I honestly miss Disney's 2D art.

No. 42708

Just salty cunts who are either SJWs or are bitter about SJWs and want to "get back at them". Or racists.
So nope.

No. 42709

Look, if you're honestly going to play dumb, check out the white doll/black doll experiment.
Kids are literally taught that they are ugly or "bad" because they are black (or otherwise not white) subconsciously, whether you choose to see it or not.

No. 42715

I have a bit of a different take on this as a PoC… My dad is older and grew up through the civil rights' movement and all that so he has always been very aware of black representation and he and his side of the family went through actively giving me the black barbie doll etc. stuff as gifts and I remember just being like "why can't I have the white barbie. I don't give a shit if she looks like me lol I don't identify with barbie". And I've never identified with how a character looks, just how they acted. Idk I was always a weird kid.

No. 42716

I think you either straighe up missed the 'some' white people in my post. And the whole, 'anyone can hate their skin'. Did you see that, or did you purposely pass that shit?
Never said white people's opinion was invalid, just that most of them aren't treated as if they are ugly or different from a young age. Of course there are the exceptions which I pointed out, but I did say most parents expose their kids to a Euro centric/Americanized beauty concept subconsciously or not. Never said that every white person have these traits either. For example, bueaty ideals call for big youthful looking eyes, does that mean everyone is born with them?
Of course, not all POC parents as some of them teach their kids about different standards from young(living their skin and working with what they got and loving those too).

I used my friends and I for an example and never made up any statistics about what I wanted to convey so you can't say I was just saying random numbers. In the end, if you really wanted to analyze my piece on the issue and notice I not was trying to be offensive in anyway, you would think that I didn't generalize anyone, and only mentioned a specific group of people.

Here is my point again, representation is important for most black girls because other than personality, it gives them something to look up to because they know they are different. I then said that white people are the majority in the media not that POC never get airtime. White people's representation are already there. Therefore, most little white girls do not care about a princesses looks, because some don't have the bueaty standards pushed on them. Most aren't told (or subconsciously told) their skin is ugly.

Finally, I said this is changing meaning most little girls are starting not to care with the rise in POC dolls and media, but we do have a long way to go as I mentioned. For example, there are some countries that are still very colorist and it's sort of the norm for residents to bleach their skin and hair.

Listen, I didn't want to make it too much about race, as there are many races, but I wanted it to be about appearance for the most part. Which is why I said black. Moana can look like a dark skinned Pacific Islander, or she can look black.
I did mention in the end any little girl can dress up as any character they want, their choice, can't stop them.

No. 42717

Saging but also, saying an empress or pharo is almost the same thing. However I believe an empress/pharo is a bit higher than princess since a princess isn't ruling anything, as of yet.

As I mentioned before in my first post, Disney is an American company, so to make things easier they call anyone who is in a royal family and in the main focus a princess (except Pocahontas, and I think Mulan? I believe they didn't have Phocahontas as a princess, but considered Mulan one right?).
Technically, they had no queen main protagonist character as yet, and that's where empress could come in.

Also, I would like to add on that I don't think Dieney should use POCs just for the sake of it, but do it because you have a good storyline where it may fit.

Not every storyline has to have white people right?

No. 42729


You think this would change because of cartoons? Yeah its sad but cartoons arent gonna change it.. Like fat people trying to push "haes"

No. 42738

cartoons aren't going to be the only factor that changes it but it's a step in the right direction. Why not? I mean why not?

No. 42740

anyone who thinks representation isn't important is retarded, as is anyone who thinks frozen chars are feminist

No. 42741

Bless this post. I loved Mulan as a kid. I knew she was Asian and I wasn't, but it didn't bother me at all. She was a girl who was courageous and strong. Something that I really admired. That's the type of representation kids should fucking have. Different personalities, experiences and character traits, not fucking different races. If all the characters are just going to be either traditionally princess-y or the "quirky" rapunzel/anna type, it doesn't matter what their skin colour is, they will always be the same cookie cutter Disney princess. I was drawn to exotic looking characters as long as they were a character I could admire and feel a connection to. Too bad people are always only skin-deep and only see a person's race before their personality while claiming that race shouldn't matter.

No. 42742

Uhhh. The "traditional" beauty standards are really fucking shallow and so are you if you think PoCs are the only ones who feel they don't fit. A lot of white girls stress about their weight, body shape, skin condition and breast size because like every other ethnicity, they're taught they're not good enough until they're a perfect replica of a photoshopped model.

No. 42743

>Besides that, they'll probably criticize it for not having any trans people as they always do.

I kek'd. If everything else can be crossed off the list when it comes to representation, they can always bitch about not having canon trans/genderqueer/nonbinary/whatever characters.

No. 42747

For black girls it's more personal, it's pretty much "you're ugly because you're black and nothing you do will change that" for white girls it's "you're fat and ugly but maybe if you lost weight and put on some makeup you could be attractive"

No. 42748

>"Yes, everyone can hate their skin"
>"With some white children"
>" Also, please dont think I'm only focusing on blacks. This was the group that some people in this thread didn't want cosplaying so I kinda focused on it."
>"In the end, any little girl could cosplay her if they wish."

But yknow, let's just skip over things, you know? Beauty standards are shallow, but most (or some, whatever you feel fit), will always notice that they are different. Kids dont often look for elaborate personalities. Good for the kid if they do, but honestly, other kids dont, which is what representation is for.

Also, Im not talking about body shape, skin conditions, and breast size (most girls I expect to be watching Disney are six or 9? They would quickly think more about skin color than breast size, Jesus), if you want to have that conversation fine. But the discussion at hand is looks (skin color wise, and somewhat race).

Disney and other media has already demonstrated plump characters, so that's not an issue strictly at hand?? Anyone can be fat or have body issues, however, not everyone is black or white. And people can't change their skin color unless they bleach and tan to all hell. And when darker skinned girls arent seeing themselves in most places, they start to emulate looks they cant have.

Dont get me wrong, every group can have representation, but white people have the most already, what's so bad about blacks/asians/latinos getting some airtime?
I don't believe people should force darker skin/minorities in shows for no god damned reason, but does every storyline need whites?

A little more representations for little girls to be a bit happier isn't going to change much.

No. 42749

riiiiight. No white girls ever become anorexic and/or resort to self-harm.

>Although initial studies suggested that African-American children had low self-esteem, current research suggests that the self-esteem of African-American adolescents is comparable to if not greater than that of ethnic majority peers (Harter, 1990). For instance, white girls currently appear most vulnerable to a drop in self-esteem in adolescence, as compared to any other group (Harter, 1999). Studies of African-American girls indicate that they are not generally subjected to the same vulnerabilities because they do not experience the same decline in body image as their white female peers. In other words, despite encounters with racism and prejudice, many African-Americans do not experience a drop in self-esteem in adolescence.

No. 42751

So? Weight, hair color and some features can be changed with makeup. Most people aren't saying white girls are ugly because they're white, if they're fat they can just loose weight. For black girls it's pretty much "you can have a great body, amazing hair and perfect skin but you are black so you're ugly".

No. 42753

Except fat people are objectively ugly parasites on their own body, whereas there's literally no reason for non-white children to be made to feel inferior.

No. 42754

I can't see a logical reason for people to be against this

No. 42758

White kids are more likely to commit suicide than black kids. White kids experience a drop in self-esteem more than black kids. Yet still you insist that WHITE GURRLS HAVE IT SO MUCH EASIER THEY GET ALL THE DISNEY PRINCESSES

No. 42761

Black kids self-harm more than white kids. Black kids are more likely to be autistic than white kids.
In a general sense, white kids have it a lot better than black kids, especially when you take into account things like household/lifestyle in places like America with lots of ghettos and bad influences.
>White kids experience a drop in self-esteem more than black kids.
Source? Black kids (and adults) are less likely to talk to therapists or psychiatrists about their feelings because seeing them is not only frowned on in the black community for all sorts of reasons (ie "it doesn't even work", "if you go to one you're crazy", "it's too much money and a waste of time", etc) the entire psychiatric field is very much centered around white people, so any information saying white people are worse about things like depression or low self-esteem is likely to be suspicious.

No. 42762

I think it's because in the black community mental illness isn't coddled or seen as cool. If you're depressed you're told to suck it up and shut up. If people like ash had black parents she would have been kicked out long ago. suicide rates for African Americans are on the rise though.
"Suicide rates are almost always lower among blacks than among whites of any age. But the study, published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics on Monday, found that the rate had risen so steeply among black children — to 2.54 from 1.36 per one million children — that it was substantially above the rate among white children by the end of the period. The rate for white children fell to 0.77 per million from 1.14.

It was the first time a national study found a higher suicide rate for blacks than for whites of any age group, noted"

No. 42764

I remember when I wanted to go to therapy my step dad ranted about how only crazy people go to therapists and I shouldn't go and when I got to the therapist they said it'd be 500 for a session and everyone was like "nope"
Also, my mom is crazy and acts like she's confident, she talked to a doctor and he said maybe she should get on medication for her depression but she declined because "that's for crazy people and she ain't crazy".

No. 42765

the source is right here goddamn do you even read >>42749

No. 42766

Black youth suicide is on the rise and white youth suicide is declining. Do black kids deserve a Disney princess now?

No. 42767

What!!?? 9/11 confirm illuminate!! No but srsly.. Those Numbers are sad and all but Wtf does it have to do with Disney princesses? Lmao

No. 42769

>black community has self destructive predisposition

No. 42770

Don't act like you're dumb, it's not cute or funny.
It can be gleamed that black kids will be a little less likely to get to the point of killing themselves if they have more positive influences, are convinced they can "get" somewhere and generally have good representation in media/are made to feel better about themselves. That obviously won't solve all the problems, but it's something.
If you disagree, you're probably doing so for foolish reasons.

Literally who is blaming white people in that entire post?
Your victim complex and stormfaggotry are showing.

No. 42771

Its the parents fucking fault dont go blame disney wth

No. 42772

Your whole post was victim complex whining

No. 42773

Disney is killing black people guys!!! Make a black princess or more Will die!!

No. 42774

Are you fucking stupid? Who's blaming Disney?

How so? All I did was point out facts, and I've blamed no one.
Stop plugging your ears and screaming "STOP BLAMING WHITE PPL!!!" just because you're hearing things you don't like.

Kill yourself, shitposter

No. 42775

But its true!! If we dont make moar black princesses black children die!!

No. 42776

>no counterargument
>resorts to posting dumb shit until the other person leaves
Every time.

No. 42777

File: 1444677033474.jpg (4.68 KB, 251x201, gud boy roll modals.jpg)

No. 42778

Wow, a picture of Trayvon Martin. You sure showed me.

No. 42780

Most adult black women don't care about cartoons and cosplaying. This is just for kids, what's the problem?if you don't like it just stop watching stuff for 8 year olds.

No. 42781

But you are saying blacks would commit les suicides if we have more black princesses, how am i supposed to take you seriously lol

No. 42782

She's saying black kids would feel better if they had more representation but you're not a smart person.
Also, Disney know people want non-white princesses and they want to make money. They care about what kids and moms want, they don't care if someone online thinks having non-white princesses is cultural appropriation.

No. 42784

File: 1444678402605.jpg (245.38 KB, 857x1280, kike chink spic beaner.jpg)

yfw even niggers think niggers are gross

No. 42785

You're retarded and not contributing shit to this thread, pls go

No. 42787

File: 1444679868775.png (124.14 KB, 339x323, 1393896397636.png)

The only people i see complaining about bullshit like "representation in media" have been girls.

Why are girls so insecure they they need their ass kissed 24/7 even in media.

Shit I'm mixed race and I've never once given 2 shits about a fictional character not being the same race as me or whatever. Sure diversity is nice but if you honestly need more fictional characters to look like you so you'd feel better about yourself then you are bat-shit crazy and an insecure sack of shit.

Do humanity(and yourself) a favor and end your life

No. 42788

Oppression Olympics?

No. 42789

>This just in: Anon thinks children who are already implicitly being called ugly by society are bat-shit crazy sacks of shit who should end their lives

No. 42791

>Hurr it's society's fault

If you're weak and insecure to the point where you think society is out to oppress you and call you ugly then you are bat-shit crazy.

Nobody gives a fuck about you snowflake.

No. 42793


>no representation on tv = u r ugly

That's clearly the logical direction to go with that.
Too bad such logic doesn't cut mustard with e.g. the freaks on TLC, Jeremy Kyle, embarrassing bodies etc. But I guess chav- and trailer-trash are ~*~beautiful~*~ because they are on TV.

Nice weasel word.

No. 42794

So literal seven year olds who would be happy to see someone who kinda looks like them in cartoons and movies are now "insecure snowflakes"? I think you need to get off lolcow, it's clearly fucked up your perspective on others (though it was probably pretty shit to begin with).
Like I don't give a fuck about Disney personally, I just don't see any problem with little black (or Maori) kids having representation. If it makes them happier, why the fuck not? It's just a movie.
Tumblr womanchildren who get their panties in a knot and are obviously supporting it for ultimately selfish reasons are definitely creepy, but to write it off as the only reason anyone would have to support this sort of thing is just fucking stupid and you should feel bad.

See >>42709
This doesn't just happen for no reason. It's not even a weasel word at this point.

No. 42795

I don't think kids give a shit what race a character is i certainly didn't and my role.

Your argument is retarded and is just a projection of your own insecurities. When i was a kid i was watching bugs bunny trolling the shit out of a nigger duck i didn't give a fuck that james hawkins(treasure planet) was white or that Cloud from FF7 was jap with blonde hair. They were cool characters and i liked them for their personality. Not their race.

No. 42796

>I don't think kids give a shit what race a character is i certainly didn't and my role.
Then why is there shit like the video I just linked to? Magic? Please. Just because you don't go through shit doesn't mean nobody else in the world does, and to even go by that line of thinking makes you sound like a narcissistic, solipsistic cunt.
>I don't think kids go missing, I certainly didn't
>I don't think kids get hurt really badly physically or mentally, I certainly didn't
>I don't think kids scrape their knees, I certainly didn't
>I don't think kids eat stuff they shouldn't be eating, I certainly didn't
Shitty logic.
>Y-Y-You're just projecting your own insecurities
Okay. Let's say this is true. If it were, why would I want a Disney princess? Why not a black female president or something even slightly more tangible than a cartoon character?
>[a bunch of random shit about your childhood and what cartoons you watched] They were cool characters and i liked them for their personality. Not their race.
Cool, no one cares. The fact is that kids who are already basically made to feel a certain way about themselves would probably feel better if they were told for even a second that there's nothing "bad" or "ugly" about them. You can't deny that.

No. 42797

There's no point in arguing. They know the point you're trying to get across.

Anyway I wouldn't have even known about this new Disney princess if I didn't see it on here, how old are you people?

No. 42798

That's cause the "geek scene" is still largely white.

I live in the south and you do see a few every now and again.

No. 42800

I don't think people need to worry about seeing a black girl cosplaying this character unless it's a 7 year old on Halloween or her birthday

No. 42801

I alwasy love concept art.

I think Disney is just going through a phase right now.

No. 42802

libtard propaganda. I can also promise a kid candy and film it picking up the doll i told it to pick up and say the words i fed him before i started filming. Kids don't see race. If they do it's a side affect of bad parenting. Not society oppressing you.

>Okay. Let's say this is true. If it were, why would I want a Disney princess? Why not a black female president or something even slightly more tangible than a cartoon character?

Because then you'd seem like a crazy sjw or some shit. Like i said diversity is great and everything but it''s not so great when you're forcing it into a kids movie because "muh society oppressing us poor black folks".

>The fact is that kids who are already basically made to feel a certain way about themselves would probably feel better if they were told for even a second that there's nothing "bad" or "ugly" about them. You can't deny that.

Ok but nobody is telling these kids that there is anything bad or wrong with them this is just more projection of your own insecurities and "hurr them whitey's nd de media".

>Tl;dr your argument still looks like a projection of your own insecurities about your own race

No. 42803


Wow, a heavily edited video, two parts of which are from MSNBC, which totally doesn't have a dog in this fight … I'm convinced.

No. 42806

Race aside here. Can some explain to me how having non-white Disney princesses is forcing diversity? If they don't want their kids to see it, they could just not take them to see it.

No. 42807

>I-It's totally fake! Libtard propaganda!
>Why? Because I say so!
Right. Got any proof?
>Kids don't see race
Actually, babies are shown to smile more when they see people of their own race, there are countless news stories of kids getting bullied or victimized ver skin color all the time, kids sometimes say/do racist shit without realizing the gravity of their words (like I've read one story about this guy's kid seeing a black woman, pointing at her and saying "Doggy!"), etc. So no.
>Because then you'd seem like a crazy sjw or some shit
Um, no. I'm pretty sure being above the age of like 11 and still caring about Disney princesses makes you proper crazy. Sorry.
>it''s not so great when you're forcing it into a kids movie because "muh society oppressing us poor black folks".
How is it "forced"? It's just a movie. Disney shouldn't make movies with non-white people now?
>Ok but nobody is telling these kids that there is anything bad or wrong with them this is just more projection of your own insecurities and "hurr them whitey's nd de media".
Seems like even if I did prove you wrong (which I basically already did with the study I posted), you'd still spew this shit and insist I must be "insecure" because I'm not crying and shitting my pants over a Disney movie.

Alright, wise guy. Here's the same study carried out by a student for an assignment.

No. 42808

That's a product of bad parenting. Nothing to do with media.
I've had it done to me but I'm not asking the media to cater to me

No. 42809

You're seriously dumb if you don't think media plays a role in shaping peoples' perspectives, thoughts and how they think.

No. 42810

or just let artists and people freely express themselves and not be pressured by a society that only sees race and differences in humans

No. 42811

Great work dodging the question. How is it forced?

No. 42812

They're not being pressured. They're business people who want to make money and they want to dip into more pockets. Cry moar.

Are we really going to start pretending like Disney care about true art and not making money? You are a true retard.

No. 42814

Disney is making a movie in hawaii with a Hawaiian girl …

Why is everyone freaking out? Seems pretty logical to me. Seriously, what the fuck is goin on with you people?

No. 42815

You got any proof that it isn't? You're the one making the claim that it's not staged so i'd love some proof from you.

Product of bad parenting. People are gonna point out differences. Animals are gonna exclude animals who are different. Learn to avoid ignorant people maybe?

If it makes you crazy then why do you care so much about what colour a disney princess is in a kid's movie?

>How is it forced?!


>I-I already proved you wrong

All you did was show that you're insecure about your own race and want to force people into accepting you rather than winning them over with your own actions and personality.

No. 42816

Only idiots let media dictates what they think i don't really surround myself with idiots who believe whatever is on TV and go by whatever they see.

Maybe hang out with people that can see past race? i don't know i'm honestly just amazed by how insecure most of you anons are

No. 42817

They are worried because she has some black features that black people will cosplay her because cosplaying other races is cultural appropriation

No. 42818

How did i dodge your question? It's forced because people like yourself are demanding to be catered to rather than working and making it themselves. I don't see any other race demand representation.
>They're a business therefore they must do everything i demand
I don't think disney really gives a shit what you want they just make shit for whatever is the latest outdated trend. Can't wait for their new pepe the frog movie

No. 42819

Black girls have the biggest victim complex lmao

No. 42820

The higher ups want there to be more diverse princesses because they'd make more money. It's called supply and demand. Go kill yourself because money greedy Disney is doing what they have been doing for decades.

No. 42821

>Implying i care
Go cry about oppression of black wiminz or something

No. 42822

You do care that's why you have been arguing in here.

Do you realize you're an adult arguing about a Disney princesses?
O shocking, Disney is doing something to make more money. Didn't see that coming.

No. 42823

>You got any proof that it isn't? You're the one making the claim that it's not staged so i'd love some proof from you.
That's….literally not how it works.
What makes you believe it's staged? It looks pretty legit from here. Give me some evidence that calls its validity into question (and no, "I liked Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck as a kid!!1!!1" is not evidence), and then we'll talk.
>Product of bad parenting.
I hope you realize that doesn't suddenly make it not racism any more than saying "Oh, my broken leg? That's just a product of not being careful when walking down the stairs" doesn't suddenly make it not a broken leg.
>People are gonna point out differences. Animals are gonna exclude animals who are different. Learn to avoid ignorant people maybe?
So, you admit "Kids don't see race" is a retarded statement and that you're wrong?
>If it makes you crazy then why do you care so much about what colour a disney princess is in a kid's movie?
Literally all I did was point out that there's nothing wrong with it, and it may make kids of that color happy. You're the one insisting it's "forced" because _______.
No one said this, though. You're trying so hard to hide from explaining your shitty reasoning, and it's probably because you know you're wrong, but don't want to admit it.
>All you did was show that you're insecure about your own race and want to force people into accepting you rather than winning them over with your own actions and personality.
And now you're just repeating yourself even though I've already refuted this. And what does any of this have to do with me? I'm not suddenly going to be popular and cool just because of a fucking cartoon, and it's because I'm a real human being. I don't get where you're finding this "Oh you're just insecure" BS.
Actually, never mind. At this point, I think I'm talking to a real idiot. When you misinterpret the simple logic behind the phrase "The burden of proof is on the one who makes the claim" or try to twist it to make yourself look better, you lose all credibility in any argument or debate. Next you'll be saying "Gnomes aren't real? Well, give me proof that they aren't! You're the one making the claim".
Fucking embarrassing. Don't bother responding (though you can if you want the last word that badly), I now realize I'm wasting my time. This will be my last reply to you ITT.

No. 42824

File: 1444684613953.jpg (52.44 KB, 500x375, barbie-basics-2-the-whole-grou…)

I've got a kind of related by unrelated question (related to race representions in media but not related to disney). I was wondering how other races feel about white people making games, stories, etc with other races represented. Like, I can't pretend to know what being a black woman is like, or asian, etc, but I'd like to make characters of those races as a way of adding representation… but will it be interpreted as phony? I don't like when female characters are basically just male characters but gender swapped. Is there a sentiment like that for different race characters? Like "oh that's just a white character that's been made a different race"


No. 42825

Nobody aside from crazy sjw would care. go nuts

No. 42826

Tl;dr i'm done arguing with professional victims who can't stop feeling sorry for themselves

No. 42827

Basically what >>42825 said.
The only complaints would come from bitter bitches who think their experience = everyone else in the entire world who has the same race as themselves' experience. I get called "basically white" all the time even though I'm black and was literally born/raised in Africa, it's retarded.
IMO it's cringier when people who aren't from [x] culture or race try really hard to make things "accurate" and just end up making themselves look like racist knobs who push stereotypes because they actually don't know anything about it.

No. 42828

Yeah see like, I don't wanna be like ~lol I'm coloblind~ cause I know race is a big impact. and I really want to create a story that focuses on female characters, and other races, as just my way of trying to contribute to something. But I am really afraid of writing say a black or asian character and people being like RACIST!!!!11! because I didn't write them a certain way. But I also feels isn't it kinda racist/stereotyping to write different race characters 'a certain way'?

Thanks you for your comments!

No. 42829

So what? Disney is going to continue having princesses of other races and other forms of media will too because it's all about money. Deal with it or kill yourself, It's not like some ceo at Disney cares anyway.

No. 42830

Look as long as you do you research about the culture and it's not too stereotypical nobody will care. Look at games like Prince of presia for a good example.
Race doesn't have to impact the character much the characteristics of the character can be whatever you want. Trust me, No normal person will care and the only criticism you'll get will be bitter sjw

No. 42833

File: 1444686743076.jpg (97.87 KB, 516x513, B0019D546C-1-l.jpg)

>Disney creative team intentionally trolling sjws

No. 42837

The only way that would be a problem is if the nonwhite characters were super stereotypical or one dimensional or their entire identity was based on being [race]. Make a normal person then make them brown no one cares.

No. 42891

black people are against black people getting professional help. How is this a white person's fault? lol

No. 42892

No. 42893

I grew up with X-men as a kid and there were no hispanic lesbians on there, but I didn't complain because Gambit was my favorite and I didn't give a shit about representation as an 11 year old girl.

No. 42895

If black people want more representation, they should make their own shows. Oh wait, they do– and then you get shit like Bebe's kids. Good stuff.

No. 42897

Who said it was? Show me where in that post it reads "This is white peoples' fault". Or "This is [anyone's] fault", really.
Stop projecting your victim complex, thanks.

No. 42898

This isnt Disneys responsibility… Artist should be allowed to make the shows they want to make, dont like it? Make your own.

No. 42905

File: 1444734269154.jpg (240.97 KB, 500x750, tumblr_n3d90n7bSp1r0wd59o1_500…)

>Technically, they had no queen main protagonist character as yet, and that's where empress could come in.

No. 42945

Why are you so convinced no one wanted to make this movie? Because you're racist and wouldn't personally watch it?

No. 42946

File: 1444757113223.png (15.14 KB, 297x320, johnflynt.png)

You sound like the type of person who thinks gen zed is a great show because trannies

No. 42959

that … is so fucking dumb oh my god why is this a conversation? so what if black people cosplay this character? Let me guess … the term "reverse racism" has been used in this thread how many times?

No. 42960

It's a shit show because literally all it has going for it is "representation", and it even fails at that on top of literally everything else. It's an abomination.
Keep strawmanning because you can't admit seeing more nonwhite fictional characters in media irritates you for some reason, though

No. 42969

File: 1444766523427.jpg (144.92 KB, 641x550, 14442999.jpg)

Honestly I'm more concerned about the how they will portray polynesian spirituality.

Judging by their portrayal of the demigod (Maui) as a brute with a big weapon.
In actuality he was thin enough stow away in boats,(and thin enough to try climb up though deaths vagina and back out her mouth to achieve immortality) and his enchanted hook was made from his grandmothers jawbone.

The same thing that happened to greek mythology in disneys Hercules is going to happen to (the lesser know)polyesian mythology, only people were familiar with greek mythology and could see through they bs picture disney painted(Hades for example).

No. 42970

I hate to speak the cold hard truth, but she's going to be like Pocahontas and Mulan. Those ones are so intensely focused on RACE and FEMINISM, no one can play with them as actually little dolls or toys. They're too hard to incorporate into a Disney Princess lineup where being traditional and effeminate and disconnected from real world issues is what the story is about. Some of the designers have even said this before.

Black dolls (Even if she's Maori, she's going to be championed as a "POC" and black women will latch onto it) infamously sell horribly. Seriously. They do not break sales anywhere near that of most non-black dolls.

Why? Because "POC" who fight so hard for these and more importantly, SJWs are NOT buying these and putting their money into what they say they will. They know how to whine and NOTHING else. They know nothing about business and sales figures and what people actually buy.

The proof is in the money and sales. Here's the cold hard figures:

>1. Elsa (Frozen): $3,397,816

>2. Cinderella (Cinderella): $2,504,259
>3. Snow White (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs): $2,301,831
>4. Anna (Frozen): $2,165,120
>5. Ariel (The Little Mermaid): $1,483,384
>6. Rapunzel (Tangled): $598,056
>7. Aurora (Sleeping Beauty): $215,856
>8. Merida (Brave): $282,188
>9. Jasmine (Aladdin): $253,102
>10. Tiana (The Princess and the Frog): $84,882
>11. Belle (Beauty and the Beast): $6,867


No. 42971

File: 1444767518477.jpg (76.54 KB, 421x520, QZ-076_1z.jpg)


I only know some Greek mythology from a shit load of bitchin' mythology books I had as a kid but yeah, even at a young age I was displeased with how Disney portrayed Hercules and Hades, because if my memory serves Hades was actually a pretty amicable dude with a sense of compassion and love of the arts, whereas Hercules was kind of an asshole who murdered his own wife and child.

Also picture related if any of you have kids/young relatives BUY. THIS. BOOK. FOR. THEM.

No. 42972

i might read it myself tbh

No. 42974

You're the idiot if you really think media/advertising doesn't affect you to some degree. Everyone thinks media doesn't affect them. You aren't a speshul snowflake immune to advertising.

No. 42985

Be real though, Frozen made more dolla because little girls are interested more in super powers, pretty dresses, sister bond ect than they are a girl with a spear, rags on and tikki creatures tho.

If I was little I'd obv have chosen frozen.

No. 42986


Agreed, no one gives a shit if they're POC or not. Black women will latch on to it, they love having a bitch not white because it's another thing where they can be like "omg yh she black she like us! we going up in da world".

Frozen had the full package, musical, dresses, powers, bonds ect.

I love Disney tbh. I love Pocahontas, Mulan and Frozen. Now that I'm older I appreciate the true stories behind Pocahontas and Mulan. It's only when you get older do you start looking into the back story. Whereas when you're a little kid it's all about dresses, toys ect.

It's the truth.

No. 42987


I miss 2D art too. Everything is 3D now… and I cringed seeing there is gonna be a Toy story 4 D:

No. 42990

File: 1444782546696.jpg (125.42 KB, 800x503, Atlantis the lost empire Kida …)

literally nobody cares about the only QUEEN that matters. QUEEN KIDA from atlantis.

racially ambiguous and ruler of a mythical kingdom. like fuck

No. 42991


I actually liked this film a lot, it was unusual and I like that part especially with the gods and the blue glow. It was so weird… But I liked it!

No. 42995

also everyone forgets about the one Disney movie that could possibly placate sjws and that's The Hunchback of Notre Dame

why can't they be honest, they just care about being princesses

No. 42996


Milo is my dream nerd husbando, seriously. I loved Atlantis when I saw it, I think it suffered because the marketing wasn't very focused. Like when Titan A.E. came out (though arguably not as good a film) people saw it was animated, but the more adult elements threw people off, so they weren't sure if they should take their kid to see it or not.

People get confused when they see Disney's name on a movie with no singing and talking animals.

No. 43000

I'm waiting for disney to make their first anime princess

No. 43003

Does anyone wish Atlantis was more a fleshed out series than a movie? I still enjoyed a lot of elements from the movie, but they introduced a (really surprisingly) cool diverse cast that wasn't mega tropey and I didn't get enough of each character. So much wasted potential with this movie.

No. 43011

Is this true in all Polynesian cultures? I can only find sources that describe him that way in a Maori context.

No contest on Greek mythology, though.

No. 43013

People actually buy Cinderella dolls? That's news to me, it always seemed like the shittiest Disney movie.
Anyway, if "black dolls infamously sell horribly", how do you explain Tiana dolls selliing better than Belle dolls?

No. 43014

great read. For me it rivals 'the monster at the end of this book' in terms of most influential childrens book.

>Is this true in all Polynesian cultures?
not all but many. Tongan, Hawaiian, Raro-tongan and Maori Mythology deviate relatively little.
It is certainly true for Raro-tongans, and based on the tribal tattoos on disneys Maui, Raro-tongan is my closest guess as to which polynesian culture this film is representing.

No. 43058

What I gathered from that list is that characters who are more interesting were higher on the list.
Belle is pretty boring and tiana was a frog the whole movie so yeah….

No. 43061

Then why are Cinderella and Snow White so high on the list? They're boring as fuck. I have seen so many more girls list Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle as their favorites than Cinderella or Snow White, from when I was a kid in the early 90s to now.

Oh, here's why:
>Here’s how the Disney princesses rank in terms of the amount they’ve earned on eBay since May 2013

Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty came out in the 50s and Snow White came out in the 30s. Their merchandise is probably largely antiques and worth a lot of money – no wonder their numbers are so high. Not to mention they are considered "classic" Disney Princesses, so any Disney Princess merchandise is guaranteed to have at least one of them on it….but that doesn't necessarily mean that the person buying it is a fan of the character.

Are we really surprised that the newest princess/queen (Elsa) would have the highest sales on ebay within the few years she's been around? Same for Anna. I wonder if you could make the same exact argument for any given princess in the years that their movie was released. You talk shit, but I know I had shitloads of Pocahontas and Mulan merchandise in the late 90s and so did my friends.

Also considering the sheer volume of Frozen merchandise, these numbers are not surprising.

It's pretty well-documented that The Princess and the Frog was pretty famously under-appreciated and most people didn't even seem to be aware that it was out. It was not advertised nearly as much as other movies, mainly due to controversy. She was a frog for most of the movie, which pissed off a lot of people. I don't necessarily think that this is a good example of diversity on Disney's part, though I think the movie and the character will be more appreciated as time goes on. That said, the merchandising for that film was not even REMOTELY on the level of Frozen. I don't even think TPatF had enough merchandise to produce those numbers of sales – and I think you could say the same about many other movies starring white princesses (Tangled, for instance).

The 90s were a great decade for Disney as far as nontraditional movies and princesses and diversity, and pretty much ALL the movies had some level of popularity that still stands to this day. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan, Hercules, Mulan, as well as The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. They were mostly white, yeah, but they were all a departure from the typical Snow White and Cinderella narrative, and people liked it because it wasn't boring.

Beyond that, there are like 15 white princesses and 4 nonwhite ones (pulled these numbers out of my ass but they are somewhat accurate). So yeah, the sales on the white girls are going to be outnumbering the nonwhite ones. Basically, you're saying that because The Princess and the Frog was not popular and Tiana was not a popular princess, then there is no way a black character could ever be successful. If anything the list also shows that white characters like Belle or Merida or Aurora or the ones that didn't even place aren't necessarily interesting either.

This list is kind of useless, but nice try.

No. 43063

They're classics. Everyone knows Snow White and Cinderella.

No. 43064

Did you read anon's post?

No. 43066

She asked me why they're more popular

No. 43067

It was a hypothetical question, which you would have realized if you read two more sentences.

No. 43071

Sorry I didn't care enough

No. 43102

I'm the anon that posted that list. Disney is not giving their own sales so this list IS a good indicator. eBay shows both how adult collectors AND parents for their kids so it's a good audience to judge.

In fact, you contradicted yourself. You say "Frozen is modern and new so of course it sold a ton!" Uh, so is Princess and the Frog? Tiana against Elsa and Anna is a perfect way to show if "POC" princesses win against white ones. Frozen wins by a landslide in absolutely every single way. Period. There is no competition. Since you think eBay sales is a bad indicator, here's box office records:

This is Princess and the Frog in the year of 2009, the year it came out:
http://www.imdb.com/search/title?year=2009,2009&sort=boxoffice_gross_us,desc A movie which is supposed to add a new addition to Disney Princess movies is barely 29th in it's prime.

Let's compare this to the new Cinderella, since Cinderella was another princess which also scored high on that eBay list:
It ranks 7th in 2015 so far and the year isn't even over.

Now, let's finish this with Frozen:
Frozen is 8th on the list of highest grossing movies of all time. All. Time.

It doesn't matter if there's like "4 nonwites and 15 whites". All the so-called POC princesses never even compete.

No. 43120

>Uh, so is Princess and the Frog? Tiana against Elsa and Anna is a perfect way to show if "POC" princesses win against white ones.
Not that anon, but they pointed out that Frozen was marketed to fuck, while PATF just wasn't. Some people didn't even know it was out.
Anyway, Jasmine, Pocahontas and Mulan were POC but their movies sold really well, so I don't even know what point you're trying to make anymore.

No. 43124

it also had the added competition of being released within the same timeframe as the second twilight movie, 2012, and avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time.

frozen was released within the same timeframe of catching fire and the hobbit, but it had way more advertisement to push it + the snow theme fits the season + catchy songs = huge box office success.

princess and the frog, big hero six, wreck it ralph, and tangled all got shafted when it comes to how it was advertised, in comparison to frozen.

No. 43134

Not to mention Frozen was advertised EVERYTHING. I have trauma from every store I went into had the songs playing after the movie came out. before the movie, there were ads, commercials, posters everywhere. Disney paid big bucks for advertisers and it did paid off. I fucking hate frozen. Mediocre piece of shit movie.

No. 43135

tumblr is always out for blood, even when you bring out the logic.

No. 43143

I think there was an Atlantis TV show that aired for a bit? Ah, nope just the sequel.
>Due to the film's lackluster box office performance, Disney quietly canceled both a spin-off television series and an underwater attraction at its Disneyland theme park

Honestly you're probably not going to get much more than generic "polynesian" culture.

No. 43156

Really?! I like secretly hate him and am jelly of his position as the queen's advisor/partner. Beta fuck boy. :'(

No. 43158


Disney already has prominent PoC characters. Esmeralda, Kida, Jasmine, Tiana, Pocahontas, Mulan probably more that I forgot. Jasmine, Pocahontas and Tiana (and Mulan sometimes as well) are a part of the official Disney Princess line. Moana will be too.

The truth is, the SJWs will forget about this in a second after the worst hype is over. They don't actually desire more PoC characters, they want to have a chance for self-importance. They complain about not having female main characters, Disney gave them Frozen with one of the main women being a queen. They complain about not having a black princess, Disney gives them Tiana with a PoC Prince I might add. They want another PoC princess, Disney gives them Moana and they're already finding faults with her. They will never be satisfied, it's like a bottomless well in which you can throw water all you want, it will never fill up. It's a complete waste of time to try to cater to SJWs, if you give them something they want, they will find another thing to whine about. Either your depiction of a selected ethnicity isn't good enough (Like the sami debate in Frozen) or your movie is sexist/transphobic/erasing/whatever.

And in the end, they will flock around something lackluster with good-looking white cis hetero guys. All your efforts to be "diverse" and "inclusive" were for naught.

No. 43160

PatF was marketed just as much as Frozen, but it wasn't a great success. Most of the Frozen marketing came AFTER the movie was released and its timing was brilliant as well - it was a winter themed movie released around Christmas time. People will take it to heart. Before Frozen there was also Tangled which was a huge hit and Frozen pretty much followed its formula. PatF came after years of not making princess movies and its princess wasn't the quirky wide-eyed petite one like Rapunzel. PatF had a jazzy soundtrack made by Randy Newman that's not as catchy to kids, Frozen had an iconic but generic power ballad sung by Idina Menzel. There are many more factors that contribute to Frozen's success over PatF than "hurr people don't like PatF because of a black princess".

No. 43164

Tangled was forgotten pretty quickly though and didn't get frozen levels of success. I think Frozen was just pure luck.

No. 43170

>PatF was marketed just as much as Frozen
Anon, stop. You know you're wrong.

No. 43174

If anything, they hyped the hell out of PatF much more for all the wrong reasons.
>look, we really brought back traditional animation! please like us again!
>oh man look at this jazzy soundtrack and amazing characters they're so quirky and diverse and fun A++

Frozen wasn't marketed like that. Tangled did well, but it wasn't over the top. They probably thought it'd do as well as it. They didn't market Frozen as ~special~ and yet it went through the roofs. Frozen wasn't really supposed to add any new big Disney Princesses like normal since Elsa was a queen and Anna was a side character princess, yet they're some of the best selling characters now.

You can argue "the time of year was good!" but seriously, the money keeps rolling in from it. Do you really think there's crossover with little girls watching Avatar and Princess and the Frog? Absolutely not. They just didn't care to see it as much.

People also do not have anywhere near the same desire to buy Tiana merchandise or side characters in the movie. (For example, Olaf sells a lot of merch even if he's not Elsa. No one cares about the firefly or gator character in PatF)

Plus, Frozen is just a better movie. Half the cast in PatF is forgettable while everyone knows every character and sometimes a bunch of iconic lines in Frozen. Nobody quotes or cares about much of anyone in PatF outside of ironically the white girl and the villain.

No. 43177

Pocahontas was shiiiiiiiiit.

No. 43183

Man, I tried watching Frozen one night and it was just so boring, I ended up skipping through most of it; to date I have NO idea how it managed to reach the heights that it did.

The entire film was just so…. mediocre.

What's weird is how nuts Asian people were for it, especially the women.
My degree is in Japanese language and it means I get a lot of exposure to native Japanese and fucking hell if they aren't ever obsessed with this movie. I don't know why. WHY. IT WASN'T GOOD.

No. 43188

Everyone loves that "let it go" song. I don't get it.

No. 43196

false. avatar was a historic film event. showings were sold out for weeks. it was hyped as the best 3D film ever. just because it wasn't directly a kids film, does not mean entire families weren't seeing it.

and frozen being "iconic" is moreso due to cultural osmosis than it just being a better movie. if you compare IMDB ratings and rotten tomato scores, frozen is only marginally above PatF.


Metacritic: 74%
Rotten Tomatoes: 89%
IMDB: 7.6/10


Metacritic: 73%
Rotten Tomatoes: 84%
IMDB: 7.2/10

Also, it being a better film is entirely subjective. I don't like frozen- I only know the songs so well and recognize the characters because they are everywhere, even now, two years after the release of the film. this could have happened with PATF if it achieved the same level of success. Is PaTF perfect? No, the songs are overall weak, with the exception of two. But I don't see how its any better/worse than frozen.

Also, audiences really don't give two shits if a movie is horrible. The Transformers movies make a killing despite everyone hating them.

This argument also extends to big hero 6, which was a fantastic movie that disney gave up promoting 4 months after release. now there is nothing big hero 6 related in the parks or disney stores.

No. 43200

Atlantis was my favorite thing disney ever did and they just so casually ignored it. And then we get garbage like Frozen that blows up huge when the plot and story are absolute shit. I hate it.

No. 43201


Frozen is awful. I honestly think the people who worship it are braindead.

No. 43207

I really enjoyed Frozen to be honest..

But I'm a total loser, so you might want to factor that it.

No. 43208

>They're too hard to incorporate into a Disney Princess lineup where being traditional and effeminate and disconnected from real world issues is what the story is about.
what is Jasmine
what is Belle

No. 43212

What did Belle actually do aside from enjoying her kidnapper and having stockholm syndrome?

No. 43213

>sacrifices her own life for her family's
>refuses to date a man who only sees her as a beautiful object
>enjoys hobbies considered intellectual

No. 43224

I always felt like if it weren't for the let it go song frozen wouldn't have been as big as it is/was.

No. 43225

>reading and valuing intelligence over anything else
>wanting adventure and didn't want to be a little wife

most disney princesses had feminist themes, mulan/pocahontas/tiana aren't the only ones.

No. 43230


Japan likes white people, so there's that. Elsa is probably top tier design wise with her super pale skin.

That's really all I got though, mediocre movie, with mediocre songs. Try asking a Frozen fan to sing any other song that isn't Let it Go in full, they probably won't be able to.

But I also didn't care for Patf or Tangled, just mediocre films all around. They don't call the golden age of disney the golden age for nothing.

No. 43233

>thinking black people in general are going to cling to moana
>wheb they barely even cared about tiana

Honestly though, why do you guys forget that tumblr is a minority irl? I doubt moana will be cosplayed to hell and back by black girls when they had an actual black princess to dress as.

No. 43239


What made me kek was when people went mad because Frozen wasn't "they used white ppl agen".

I'm not even white and it's common sense. The movie takes place in fuck knows what era (a long time ago obv), in Norway where MOST people would have been white lol and the average woman is probably aryan. Thus being a snow queen… I think elsa being pale and fair kinda suited the role lol.

No. 43240


What is weird though most Japanese girls I've spoken to who like Disney don't care much for Frozen. Most like Cinderella, LM or Snow white tbh.

No. 43241


It's because Elsa represented a "white queen". So Japanese think it's pretty cos pale and white obv.

No. 43242


I think Dakota should cosplay as elsa tbh. She'd suit it more. Especially after watching this traditional let it go version in Japanese.

No. 43243

File: 1445030631987.png (521.4 KB, 500x707, tumblr_n6v012iTZh1rdecglo1_500…)


Then again I think Peachymilktea did it well too.

No. 43244

File: 1445030658758.png (498.71 KB, 500x755, tumblr_n6v012iTZh1rdecglo1_500…)

No. 43245

File: 1445030740356.png (866.68 KB, 550x782, tumblr_n6v012iTZh1rdecglo1_500…)


she pulls it off fairly well

No. 43246

File: 1445031005143.jpg (859.82 KB, 4285x2953, 535px-10 - Copy.jpg)


I wish Gracie gold would cosplay as elsa tbh because I actually think she has the "features" for it. Peachy and Gracie are the only two I think who look like the character.

No. 43250

I think Frozen is mostly for the young kids. I've always been under the impression that older Japanese girls like Alice in Wonderland the best, at least its aesthetics.

No. 43251

Sage for OT but what irks me that I didn't even like Let it Go or Do you wanna build a snowman that much, Love is an open door was the best song in the movie yet it gets completely ignored.

No. 43257


I think the OSTs are nice, no singing, just the instruments…

No. 43258


Disney is how you take it really. I'm 21 and I still love it! Don't go crazy but I do love it still.

No. 43263

Love is an open door was my favorite song too tbh

No. 43264

Wow, she's so petite and pretty.

No. 43265

How dare they not have blacks and mexicans in 18th century Europe

No. 43274

No. 43275


I know but I think she is somewhat pretty and only pretty with make up and shoop tbh.

No. 43277

I should watch frozen. I wanna see what women and girls all over the world are having an abortion over.

No. 43290

back to your containment board.

No. 43304

More like EVERYONE in Norway who actually lived there where white. Norway is a really fucking far off location and it's very cold and there really wasn't much reason to travel there, usually, Norwegians travelled south if there was going to be business.
It's not until like, very recent history that Norway started having a non-white population, I would know because half of my family were immigrants and the native Norwegians were shocked and appalled when brown people started living in their neighbourhoods some 40 years ago.

No. 43312



I mean, I'm mixed and it did my fucking head in when black people complained about Frozen not using more poc. But it IS in some fuck knows what era yons ago, I doubt slavery had even taken place yet and Norway is cold lol.

I mean say for e.g they did a movie called "Melted" and it was about a fire queen. If the location was say India because hotter location, it being set back in a time (lol or even now) where women really did have little to no say and could be killed for being wise or having 'powers'. Fire theme because it'd be red and that red meshing in more with darker skin tone, fabrics, dress style ect.

It's just what fits basically.

I mean I know someone drew Elsa being black… and it's good art! Don't get me wrong I thought it was pretty. But… there is no blacks in fuck knows what century Norway, maybe some strays or something but definitely no black royalty. I mean c'mon.

No. 43314

File: 1445102162412.png (878.64 KB, 545x656, tumblr_nstb8uWUBr1qjov86o9_250…)


What irked me about this art was the hair. If she's black then why is her hair brown and loose? Realistically Elsa would have had an afro or something.

No. 43322

Black hair comes in more than one texture. Don't be a faggot.

No. 43323

The whole SJW racebending thing is irritating to me. They want to have their cake and eat it too.
They want to mainly consume media that's composed mostly/only of white characters instead of supporting media/fiction made by PoC just as much, but they'll try and pretend they're not hypocrites by drawing the characters as black or Asian or Indian or whatever.
You drawing Elsa black does not help anyone. You're not supporting black characters or black people, you literally just changed an existing character's skin tone for no good reason.
If you can't find a movie with non-white characters you liked as much as Frozen, learn to animate or make games or write. Make your own shit and do what you want with it. If you can't even attempt that, you are not in a position to criticize writers for not taking your advice.

No. 43325


Only if they have some Caucasian in their hereditary makeup :^)

No. 43332

File: 1445113219415.jpeg (53.89 KB, 500x364, image.jpeg)

Anyone else bothered by the fact that Elsa eyes took up 95% of the space on her face?
Real people do not look like this. I wish they would have made her eyes look like a real girls eyes so girls won't have low self esteem about their eye size. Also, frozen takes place in the 1800s, why does elsa do her makeup like an ice skater from the early 90s? I doubt many people wore makeup then, it would have been more realistic if she wore no makeup. Don't even get me started on the clothes they were wearing, 100% historically inaccurate and unrealistic. These are the movies we let our children watch?not me

No. 43334

File: 1445113791561.jpeg (145.87 KB, 1152x856, image.jpeg)

More examples of elsas eyes. What 21 year old woman has eyes this big?

No. 43335



No. 43337

How do you know that drawing did not go get her hair dyed and curled at a salon before that picture was drew?

No. 43339

File: 1445117696475.jpg (67.59 KB, 600x558, B7TPNAcCIAAzwGY.jpg)

History doesn't matter to SJWs. Scandinavia was 100% white up until like 1980 or so it makes sense that there are no black people in Norway set in the 17th century.

Reminds me of that one American SJW throwing a bitchfit over a game set in the medieval Czech Republic (Kingdom Come: Deliverance) and how it only has white characters and no PoCs, trying to represent "proof" that the 14th century Czech Republic had plenty of black people in the form of a painting done of a fucking African queen in Africa, only the painter was Czech. The person developing the game was actually a native Czech himself and too bad eastern Europeans don't really give a shit about your precious western social justice after having to deal with soviet bullshit, so the developer pretty much told the SJW to fuck off. For this stunt, he got loads of hate and shit flung at him. He didn't care though, and that's what you should do. Not care what a loud minority is demanding because no matter how hard you try to please them, they will NOT be satisfied. It's your artistic interpretation and you have every right to make it look like whatever you want.

But seriously though, imagine growing up in a soviet country that actually doesn't allow you free speech like the Czech Republic in the 1980's. Then 20 years later some asshole from overseas, grown up in a very modernized western country, starts telling you to take responsibility for actions THEY made in their history and cater to THEIR agenda.

Are you done with your sperging? If so, get back to tumblr you underage cunt.

No. 43341

Norway didn't have black people but is it true that they had talking snow men?

No. 43344


>hurr y brave have no blacks but it has talking bears?

>lol white people reality XD

God forbid a film or comic or game or whatever be made based exclusively on a certain nation's mythology, while trying to remain vaguely "historic" about it.
Also, true to Tumblr's eternally contrarian style, even if the filmmakers did put in to Brave or Frozen, say, an Arab trader, then they would probably tear him to shreds for being a diminutive caricature or an example of white-washed cultural appropriation or some shit.

This is literally like saying that Mulan was racist because it had talking dragons, but no white people in it, even though in China at that time there were actual native white Europid people in the west of the country.

No. 43345


I know that asshole, but I've yet to see a FULL BLACK with loose curly ass hair like that. I know it can be looser if they're mixed but it just doesn't seem realistic. It should be more coarse. Lol unless this elsa has weave.

No. 43346


I agree, it isn't doing shit at all.

It bugs me when they cry "I want a gay princess" like oh for fucks sake

No. 43347


I hated the purple shadow, it doesn't go for fucks sake.

No. 43348

I'm not saying that but you think youre smart and edgy trying to argue about the historical accuracy of a children's movie. 90% of the events in frozen would have never happened in reality but who cares, it's not real. In real life I have never met anyone complaining about all the characters in frozen being white. You sounds just as dumb as the tumblr sjw's you're so obsessed with.

People like you just want to suck the fun out of everything and make it serious.

No. 43349

How do you know the drawing isn't mixed?

No. 43350


>but you think youre smart and edgy trying to argue about the historical accuracy of a children's movie.

It's not "accuracy", it's authenticity.
If you are going to mix different peoples with a certain other people's culture and folklore, then it devalues the folklore, and just becomes another derivative mix-n-match piece of garbage such as Frozen was. If you're going to throw in blacks into Medieval Scotland, then what's really to stop you throwing in shit like Amaterasu or Isis and Djinnis? You've already broken a fairly simple and credible link of a people with their culture, so why not throw in other irrelevant stuff too?

>You sounds just as dumb as the tumblr sjw's you're so obsessed with.

Says the person with the literal Tumblr argument of "Norway didn't have black people but is it true that they had talking snow men?".
Fun fact - Pretending not to be partisan does not make you automatically correct or your points more valid.

No. 43351

For someone who thinks they're smart, you have the worst reading skills.
I don't think there's a problem with all the characters being white, I don't understand you people who seriously get into heated discussions about accuracy in mythical worlds or get angry if someone draws a character sexy or a different race. The best response to sjw's would be "its not real, how about you grow up and stop being worried about movies for children and get a life" but you are just as dumb as them and probably need to take that advice yourself.

No. 43352


Oh, I'm sorry.
Anons can be confusing. I didn't realise you were joking with that other post :(

No. 43354

Also, I really hate the direction this thread took.
1. Do any of you actually know any black people? How many of them really complained about frozen having no black people in it?
2. And even if you don't know any black people, you need to stop acting like tumblr are the opinions of the average black person.
3. This thread is about princess moana, who isn't even black but because she looks slightly black we have to bring black people into the discussion for some reason. If Disney was answering to black people demanding a black princess, why would they not make moana black?
4. Why do you all assume because this princess is not white that Disney is being forced to create her because of pressure?there aren't even many people in America who are of the same cultural background as moana for this to be something that people would demand.
You're all retarded

No. 43355


>If Disney was answering to black people demanding a black princess, why would they not make moana black?

Because Maoris aren't black.
Making her black is ~*~erasing Maori culture~*~.

No. 43356

That's my point. If this princess was made to make black people happy, wouldn't they just have made a black princess instead of moana?

No. 43365


cos the artist said "I drew elsa and anna as black women"

and no black isn't mixed and mixed isn't black

no slave mentality tyvm

No. 43366

File: 1445136878557.jpeg (30.75 KB, 236x337, image.jpeg)

So what?elsa isn't real.
O look a white woman cosplaying princess Tiana. It's the end of the world because someone of a different race is representing a black cartoon character for kids.
When you argue about these things it's stupid and you sound just like those tumblr sjw's who get mad about the same shit.

No. 43374

She's not white, she's half black

No. 43375

Where do you think the gene for straight hair and lightly wavy hair came from? We all descended from Africans

No. 43378

> You've already broken a fairly simple and credible link of a people with their culture, so why not throw in other irrelevant stuff too?
How does including other races/cultures "break a link of a people with their culture"? Mulan would still have been Chinese and based in China if there was a cast of Euro characters at some point during the movie.
Lmao you're mad as fuck

No. 43393


To be fair, this is just the natural reaction to Tumblr's sustained hypocrisy about what they want in pop culture.

>movie set in god-knows-when Scandinavia with all-white people cast

omg where is the diversity? white-washing, erasing etc.
>movie set in ancient New Zealand

I can see why people think this, but it's not correct and just adds to the problem.

No. 43394

Norway didn't have black slaves either, they had white slaves, usually from England.

No. 43399

a lot of people care

No. 43401

No, it wouldn't have happened in real life, but it takes place in a real place, the characters have defined nationalities, "Arendelle" is a real location.

Frozen had a LOT of mistakes, and none of them were the exclusions of African Americans. Because that's what the complainers want, African AMERICANS.

No. 43403

Nice strawmanning.

No. 43404

I don't think you know what the word "strawman" means.

No. 43406

I've never heard anyone in real life complaining about it. I didn't even know it was a problem until I came to this thread.

No. 43620

I'm not into dissecting stupid shit like disney movies but I am kind of excited for this lol

No. 44063

Gee no one complains when not quite black girls want to start cosplaying Garnet/Ms. Fortune/Storm etc. I get it that there aren't that many brown/black characters to begin with so Im more tolerant of non-whatever cosplaying as a character that isn't there own ethnicity as long as they're still within the spectrum of darker skin.

No. 194003

All 3D Disney princesses look like spoons with googly eyes

No. 194017

Way to necro a year old thread, A+ observation you contributed there

No. 194154


Feel better about yourself now, big shot?

No. 286121

File: 1535400035755.jpg (32.02 KB, 798x421, Little-Mermaid-Movie-Remake-Di…)

Zendaya apparently will play Ariel. Thoughts?

No. 286136

File: 1535401360473.jpg (115.55 KB, 670x460, littlemermaid.jpg)

Racism! Cultural appropriation!
Ariel is supposed to be Danish!

No. 286141

Im sure it will be just as shitty as Beauty and the Beast.

No. 286142

Why? Ariel isn't supposed to look like some average bronze skinned instagram ho which is exactly what Zendaya looks like if you didn't know she was an actual celeb.

Pic is cute

No. 286152

This. Ariel's whole character was to be naive and youthful. I guess they picked Zendaya for the ~wokeness~ of it.

No. 286160

Is there conformation for this? All the headlines I've seen just say it's a rumor.

I don't care who they cast, but I can see them not casting anyone brown in a main role because China is their second most important market and they don't like black people.

No. 286182

Most Chinese people wouldnt assume zendaya is black anyway, she doesn't even look black because she's not. She doesn't look white but she doesn't look black either.

No. 286187

She's black enough for racists to get pissy about her. I'll take it you missed the shitstorm over her being cast in Spider-man?

No. 286192

File: 1535405517346.jpg (63.59 KB, 644x460, ZENDAYA.jpg)

can you not tell that that picture is heavily shooped with some HDR bullshit on top of it? zendaya, without instathot styling, still looks youthful bc has wide features and a wide face. imo, the instathot makeup on her looks stupid bc she does look young and doesn't have super chiseled features. she's perfectly youthful looking enough. she's just not that pretty, or nearly as pretty as the cartoon ariel. she's kind of dweeby looking, plus, she's not fully white, so people are going to flip

No. 286228

Next, let’s have Scarlet Johansson play Princess Tiana!

No. 286271

Nta but no shit its photoshopped. She still looks like an instathot even in the picture you posted so you're just proving anons point even more. Looks nothing like ariel.

No. 286292

File: 1535416514178.png (487.95 KB, 640x640, Yara-Shahidi-Teen-choice-award…)

I agree, anon. They should've used someone more doe-eyed and cutesy, like pic related or even Amandla Stenberg.

No. 286314

Yeah Ariel being white isn’t essential (she’s not even human) but Zendaya’s harsh features don’t fit. I genuinely don’t really know why she gets all this positive attention. She seems talentless?

No. 286365

Disney's probably trial ballooning it

No. 286407

People argue white girls already having enough representations and that Ariel isn't even human, so nobody can tell how she looked like anyways, but I do remember thinking of her red hair as her main trait back as a child.

I really don't get why it's so hard for Disney to simply get actresses who 1. Look like they did in the animation and 2. are of the same countries origin as the princess they play is, to prevent anybody from getting pissed. They don't even need some super famous one, their brand name is enough to make a movie successful, so why can't they just give more unknown but better fitting girls a chance?

No. 286410

She will still have red hair though. Ariel's nationality is "Atlantican", she's not from any real country. There's no reason why someone non-white couldn't play her, Zendaya is still very light skinned.

No. 286414

Her red hair is iconic and vital yo her design. My main issue is that I doubt her bright red would suit Zendaya, if they made the overall colour scheme more toned down and made the red less bright it might be a good compromise though.

I thought Zendaya was crazy pretty in Greatest Showman so I wouldn't complain. But I mean, it seems like they're just making it harder on themselves by not casting someone who blatantly, obviously looks like Ariel.

No. 286416

File: 1535439720915.jpeg (161.44 KB, 962x962, 81DF77FC-CDB0-4B23-B872-55BCB0…)

Agreed. Not a steven universe fan but it would be like a white actress playing garnet (pic related) whose characteristics are, well, “black”. Even if she’s ~technically~ an alien, it’d be weird. Ariel has white characteristics and it makes no sense for some black instathot with sitcom-level acting skills to be casted in this role for any purpose other than ~wokeness~

No. 286417

Sjw who harrassed Scarlet Johnson but are cheering on Zendaya playing a red head mermaid from the northern sea are hypocritical af

No. 286418


No. 286419

Lol wtf so Ariel looks like an insta thot now? Ariel had really cute rounded eyebrows and big eyes and them instagram brows + seductive smizing eyes look ridiculous.

No. 286421

Only white people can naturally have red hair, it just looks super unnatural on others.

On another note: "skin as white as snow" somehow also no longer means that snow white was white…

No. 286423

Snow White was a trans disabled sex worker black woman fyi

No. 286428

I don't mind Zendaya but imo she doesn't fit the role at all.

The little Mermaid is a fairy tale by a danish author released in the 1800s. There is no reason to cast her other than to be able to say ''look how diverse we are!''.

I think non-white and biracial people should have more media representation but I'm not sure if this is the right way to do it.
The princess and the frog is a traditionally german fairy tale as well but disney at least did a clever spin on it that made sense.
Since this is supposed to be a live-action remake of the original animated movie, it's so obvious that they only chose her for ''wokeness'' brownie points.

No. 286429

You're right.
Ariel is supposed to be a naive 16 year old, not a sexual instathot. She won't be able to believably portray Ariel's personality.
Even this girl's face >>286292 looks more believable and she could potentially handle the red hair. Her skin has more cool undertones that could handle bright red. Zendaya already looks orange so she just looks weird with the red.

No. 286430

Well black people should realize Disney doesn't like them. Sure in the live action of Beauty and the Beast, there were a lot of black people but the two main black characters aren't human for 95% of the movie. Same with Princess and the frog. It's a way of being woke that hides great disdain

No. 286431

Lol grown women worried about cartoons for children

No. 286435

Lol posting in 2 threads about the same thing

Our issue isn't the movie itself, it's the wokeness that gets shoved into everything nowadays.

No. 286499

File: 1535454264990.jpg (27.75 KB, 526x350, main-qimg-747a2401522d591c6940…)

People from all races can be born with red hair, it's a genetic mutation that's most common in white people but pops up all over the world.

No. 286500

So, gamergate for women?

No. 286539

>To be sure, a lot of the language of Snow White is Eurocentric and racist. The queen asks her mirror who is the "fairest" of them all, "fair" meaning pale-skinned and therefore beautiful.
These people are too far gone to return to sanity.

No. 286566

>Why Are The 'New, Modern' Interpretations Of Snow White So… White?
This entire site reeks of American entitlement and ignorance. The author know nothing about what she's talking about. Hell, she didn't even bother to spell the original German name of Snow White properly. Takes like two fucking seconds to look that up.

These are the same people that scream ''Cultural appropriation!!!'' when a white girl wears hoop earrings but demanding european culture and history to be altered for the sake of muh diversity is okay?
I can't believe people genuinely take this seriously…

No. 286606

File: 1535465303252.jpg (36.21 KB, 330x426, download.jpg)

I guess we have different understandings of what counts as red…

Especially since Snow White is is very likely based on a real girl who suffered a lot; doesn't that make "culturally appropriating" her even worse according to sjw? lol

No. 286643

I'm Irish and have red hair. The girl in that photo and I have the same genetic mutation. I'm very interested to hear what your idea of red hair is.

No. 286647

Nta but the picture is obviously related to anon's pointed about snow white…not red hair.

No. 286657

I was referring to the first part of that anon's post replying my post >>286499 of a black girl with ginger hair.

No. 286659

Oh, I see. I was a bit confused, sorry.

No. 286673

The hair of the girl you posted honestly just looks brown to me; many people have that colour and certainly wouldn't get classified as ginger.
But it doesn't matter anyways, since Ariel was drawn as redhaired and white.

>I'm Irish and have red hair.

My condolences.

No. 286706

Her hair is actually a brighter shade of red than mine and I'm ginger by every metric there is.

It's a decent country and not to sound arrogant, but I have really nice hair. What's your point?

>But it doesn't matter anyways, since Ariel was drawn as redhaired and white.

She's also drawn as an inhuman mermaid.

I'm going to guess there's more to this than your eyesight. Ariel was my favorite Princess as a child and I could not give less of a fuck about who plays her in what is bound to be a shitty movie and I don't understand why there are adults who do.

No. 286732

I don't care if Ariel is white but I just hate how everytime something like this happens people get angry at black people like we are the ones who casted her and start bashing us and calling us ugly etc lol

Get angry at the WHITE directors who casted her.

No. 286772

If you go on youtube you can find thousand comments of black people praising the choice of using poc actresses, who call anybody a racist for disagreeing with them, there are articles that demand more poc actresses (in originally white roles) and so on. If there wasn't a demand, nobody would make those decisions.
And if these white directors cast a white actress for a poc role, it's also poc (and some white sjw) who get angry. It's the double standard that rightfully pisses many of.

Besides, one could argue that a large amount of the hollywood elite is actually jewish, not white… and people also do get angry at them.

Anyways, as a child Snow White was always my favourite movie, so I'm excited who's going to play her in the new adaption.

No. 286779

Be pissed at the white directors who want to attention whore and cause a scene by casting someone not white. Don't take it out on all black people lol
Most roles for black female characters are played by white passing mixed girls and no one gives shit that's why they keep doing it.

No. 286786

>Only white people can naturally have red hair,
This is wrong, factually. Anyway, Ariel's hair isn't "naturally occurring" red, it's fire hydrant/tomato ketchup/Manic Panic/alt girl red. This is because she is a cartoon character, a mermaid and her nationality is Atlantican, not any country in Europe. She has no race, and at no point in the Disney movie is being white actually relevant to anything. She could be Asian, brown, white or even black. It's up to the interpretation of the producers.
>it just looks super unnatural on others.
This is just subjective.

No. 286820

File: 1535492769613.jpg (65.39 KB, 585x490, DU3JsI7UQAAML76.jpg)

>I can see them not casting anyone brown in a main role because China is their second most important market and they don't like black people.
Black Panther also didn't do too well in China, so I wonder whether Disney would risk that happening for woke points…

No. 286832

Meh. Zendaya isn't even fully black, and she's pretty pale, so I think it'll be fine.

No. 286834

East asians even shit on south asians with comments like their skin not being pale, so I guess she's probably "dark enough" for them to dislike

No. 286837

>Be annoyed that something that's always been familiar and nostalgic to you is taken only to be re-branded as some retarded virtue-signaling cash grab that wants to make a quick buck on the current PC movement/mindset instead of people creating new original ideas and genuinely wanting to tell a good, inspiring story
>all these racist snowmen be pissed ariel is black fuck your white tears fam LMAO #WOKE

I mean I'm a woman and I welcome female protagonists and wholeheartedly appreciate them but all the reboots of a male character being turned into a woman is just giving us the table scraps while making money on an established brand because that's all we're good for. Think back to that awful Ghostbusters 2016 movie.

No. 286842

File: 1535494975659.png (856.6 KB, 500x753, tumblr_mog8pdvUda1qlkgafo1_540…)

But actually, why do you care? Disney made a version of Cinderella where Cinderella was black, the prince was Asian and there were other racial liberties taken in 1997, and nobody reeee'd. It's literally just a movie. Whose life will be ruined? Whose childhood destroyed?
Besides, black girls have to deal with roles written for 100% black girls being given to biracial girls constantly.

No. 286856

>harsh features
Lmao she's literally off-white
If that's being harsh idk what to tell you

No. 286860

I know this thread is just another excuse for white people to bash blacks because they are the main character in something and not a sterotypical mammy in the background

No. 286861

Since the frog prince was originally german, was there any backlash or criticism when they came out with a black princess?

No. 286863

Exactly, they didn't even use a dark-skinned black girl and white women are angry. Imagine is she was dark-skinned.

No. 286864

More like a chance for black girls to sperge because some random af princess from some made up story set in medieval europe wasnt black and therefor she couldnt ~relaaaaaate~

No. 286865

Actually those articles were fake but ok.

No. 286867

File: 1535496246986.gif (1.27 MB, 500x300, 03C65FD3-7C3A-4232-99F6-85138C…)

No. 286869

Um hello? Who necroed this thread to complain about black women? It wasn't a black women I can tell you that lmao.

No. 286870

I never saw any black girl lobby for Ariel to be cast as a biracial girl. This was a decision by white people, so that they could collect attention and money from making other white people angry with irrelevant BS.

No. 286879

Maybe people from the European countries these fairy tales hail from just don't like it if some Americans make money of them, change up the story lines, want to place non white people in medieval, baroque or whatever settings and on top of that call you racist for pointing out that there were no black people in Europe until a short while ago etc.
And no, "it's not real! she's just a fish!" doesn't change anything; if you want to keep all the other historical details, then please this as well.

Nobody here was bashing black women to begin with. People pointed out how zendaya is completely unfit, since everybody imagined ariel to look like she did in the original movie and then randomnly you decided to feel offended by this, defended her by saying it doesn't matter and now try to make it into a "everybody always bashed black women" issue. Nobody in this whole thread ever said black girls are ugly, so quit saying we're all racist white girls.

Being red, pale and freckled is something kids get bullied over, so why can't you let them have their "representation"?

No. 286886

It earned 100 million at the chinese box office and it's the 16th highest grossing movie of the year there.

No. 286888

NTA, but it just strikes me as very womanchild-ish for grown women to be mad about a Disney movie's casting, honestly. It's for children. Fairy tales are not important history, they're stories for kids. If a live action version of Anansi stories (aka African children's stories about an anthropomorphic spider) was made by Tim Burton with a white guy cast as Anansi, I wouldn't be mad. I'd think it was an interesting concept since I grew up hearing/reading Anansi's tales, and maybe go see it. You just sound oversensitive to be this bothered.
After the Spiderman thing came and went, I'm convinced Zendaya just collects money from making low-key racists mad. It's hilarious how all these anons are falling for it, and will probably go pay to see the movie so they can complain about it on Twitter or something.
>Being red, pale and freckled is something kids get bullied over,
Biracial kids with red hair, pale skin and freckles exist too, you know. That's not a white-only struggle, and Zendaya looks pretty white anyway, so I don't see how that would erase that representation.

No. 286892

Nobody cares about the movie itself, the double standards of sjw are just super annoying (same as "racism!" always being thrown around when somebody dares to voice anything critical).

No. 286893

Except SJWs aren't behind this movie. It's the same studios owned by white older men that cast Scarlett Johanssen as Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in The Shell, or that one no-name white actor as Light Yagami from Death Note, or Amandla Stenberg as the 100% black girl from The Hate You Know.
Why are you mad at random black and brown people on the internet for what white producers with money do? If they want a non-white Disney princess, they'll have one, see >>286842. I don't think SJWs time traveled and forced Disney execs to cast Moesha as Cinderella or Whitney Houston as a fairy godmother at gun-point.

No. 286896

>Fairy tales are not important history, they're stories for kids

Andersen fairy tales are a real cultural treasure and they deserve to be treated with respect. But I bet you dgaf cause fuck white people, right? Plenty of wise people wrote about the cultural importance of fairy tales, I recommend you educate yourself before you open your mouth.
Obviously the Disney version of Little Mermaid takes many liberties to make the story less bitter-sweet and spiritual. The mermaid was a metaphor for Andersen feeling like an outsider due to homosexual love being forbidden and socially unacceptable, not just some fantasy fishgirl.
Andersen tales are usually pretty sad and morbid, but you wouldn't know that if all you know is Disney. Making the protagonist half-black is another point on the list of bullshit changes to appeal to Americans.

I wish we someday got the Little Mermaid movie we deserve, animated or otherwise. The Japanese version is ok but too disneyesque (ironic, since it was first) and cuts the spiritual ending. Need to see the Russian one to judge.

No. 286898

When white girls and mixed girls are casted for roles meant for non-whites(for example white girls getting roles for Asians or mixed girls getting roles meant for dark skin black women) if anyone says anything they're being overly sensitive and need to get over it but when it's white people their culture is being threatened by mean old blacks kek

Take your own advice and stop being so sensitive.

No. 286901

I really hope you're not trying to convince me to consider a fucking Disney movie as an important tenet of white culture, because you'd honestly just be proving all the "White people have no culture!!1" trolls right, lmao.
No one is rewriting the original story and adding "btw she was half black, not an Atlantian mermaid", it's a remake of a remake that omitted important plot points, like the mermaid turning into seafoam. That sort of thing should be what really pisses you off and puts you off anything related to it if you're so wrapped up in its integrity, but I guess a fictional mermaid not looking exactly like a 100% European white woman is the really important thing. /s

No. 286902

Anon what are you on? Its only ever been the opposite of that

No. 286904

NTA, but just read the thread. It's full of exactly that.

No. 286907

Read my post again. Andersen = / = Disney.
You stated that fairy tales are not culturally important cause they are for babies. If you meant cashcow Disney movies, I agree, but you should have worded that better.

Getting back to the topic of PoC in movies: people here in Eastern Europe laugh every time Americans pull of something like black Ariel, black muses from Hercules or whine about no PoC in Witcher (not that there couldn't be according to the novel lore, but I digress): everything has to reflect the American society, even when the story takes place in Greece or the game was made in a ountry half world away. I get now that it's for representation or ~wokeness~ but it might seem really self-centered for someone who is not aware why Americans shove Black people everywhere whether it makes sens or not.

On the other hand I will accept PoC (so not only Black actors, sorry) being casted as anyone from the Santa Claus to the King of Russia if it ends the autistic sjw screeching.

No. 286908

I meant Tzar obviously.

No. 286909

>You stated that fairy tales are not culturally important cause they are for babies.
In the sense that it's dumb as fuck to be upset about casting in a movie adaption from another country, ie something that doesn't affect the original in any significant way? Yes, absolutely. Maybe I should have worded it better, and for that I apologize.
Otherwise, what are you upset about? That kids of the future will start thinking of the mermaid as looking like a biracial teen girl, much like they think of her as having red hair and not meeting a tragic end? Oh, how horrible.
Some people have war in their countries, anon.
>here in Eastern Europe
So, you're not even from the origin country of the story, and it's not even remotely "your" culture? I still don't understand why you are upset. Just don't see the movie if the artistic liberties of America are so horrifying to you. No one is dying. It's not illegal for cartoon characters in the US to have brown skin. They are cartoons. It's childish to let it worry you.

No. 286911

I wish Americans would just stop touching anything from other countries in general

No. 286913

You say this, but you probably wear jeans, listen to American music, enjoy hamburgers/fast food in general, keep up with trends pushed out by America, etc.

No. 286916

why are europeans so damn lame? stop bitching all the time, no one cares.

No. 286920


the disney version is quite different from the original and I guarantee 80% of the general public outside of danish people don't even know that the original story exists, and the disney version lacks a valuable message, imo (it was still my favorite disney movie as a child and holds a special place in my heart). the original story is obviously too dark for an animated movie for kids.

honestly if you're so concerned with preserving danish culture you should probably worry about the plethora of shitty sequel and prequel movies they've created, any nod to danish culture and underlying themes of forbidden sexuality were lost long ago. not lack of representation for pale people with red hair and freckles.

No. 286921

Oh stfu. I get not liking water down, sugar coated versions of fairy tales that Disney puts out. But the Disney version of The Little Mermaid doesn’t erase the existence of ththe original story. I grew up watching the Disney version but I was also aware of the original Andersen story. I actually always thought it was a melancholy but beautiful story. If I pisses you off, then don’t watch it. It’s not that hard.

No. 286937

And Aladdin was full of 80's pop culture references that would not have existed in it's setting, but hey, let's stop and seriously discuss inaccuracies in casting.

The great thing about an adaptation is you can do whatever you want and that's exactly what Disney does. Their job is to entertain children and if they think a gospel choir in a Greek story or a Jazz interpretation of a German story would be fun, fuck you, it's happening. If it bothers you so much just watch movies from your own shithole.

No. 286944


If you all understand that this is for a American audience and the majority doesn't give fuck about the original "danish" story, then why does the idea of a non-white character, in a AMERICAN portrayal of a movie get you upset? You cunts don't cry when these fairy tales leave out morbid shit that was in their original scripts, but you decide to cry out in pain the second a non-white appears. We get it. You don't like non-whites ruining "muh Aryan aesthetic". I get your priorities now.

No. 286958

lol seriously. i don't see any adult womanfags who still like disney into their 30s crying about incest being erased from cinderella.

No. 286981

They just don't want the pale white princesses they self insert as to be ruined for them. That's really what it comes down to kek

It's hard for people to relate to those who look different from them. It's easy for some 30 something femcel to Imagine she's the pretty white girl then it is for her to self insert as some mixed chick. For kids it won't really make a difference because they aren't they aren't super aware of race yet and zendaya doesn't look that black for them to notice a difference.

No. 286985

As a white girl, it’s less about that for me (I always thought Ariel was overrated. She was selfish and had the IQ of moldy cheese) but the fact that racebending a white or white appearing character seems like such a half assed attempt at adding more diversity in media. I didn’t mind it at first but it’s done a lot now. I don’t get really spergy over it but I feel like it’s taking the short cut and still patting yourself on the back for a job well done. I feel like producers, writers, etc should push for already established POC characters for more media representation instead. I know it’s less realistic and Hollywood doesn’t exactly work like that but at least that option has more integrity imo.

That’s how I feel and I don’t claim to speak for anyone else.

No. 286987

yea no one's arguing that tho and idt anyone would be upset with that criticism. it's when the criticism is BUT MUH TRADITION or some shit

i like the anons complaining that red hair won't look good on her as if there aren't stylists that will figure that out…almost as if it's their job, and not anon's.

No. 287006

>While it's unclear how the part of Ariel was written in casting descriptions, Zendaya talked in Marie Claire's September issue about how she purposefully goes out for auditions for white roles. "Most things I go out for" aren't written for black girls, she said. "I always tell my theatrical manager, 'Anytime it says they’re looking for white girls, send me out. Let me get in the room. Maybe they’ll change their minds.' And, honestly, if there’s a part that I didn’t get or that I really wanted at the time, shit always ends up working out."


No. 287007

This. I couldn't give two fucks about disney princesses or if a white character was made black but when you know it's obviously to work some cheap WOKE angle into the movie to sell more tickets it's frustrating. I remember medieval TV shows with black actors in the 90's and I never minded them because they weren't played as some massive marketing scheme. It's all about the context.

No. 287018

I like how (Black?) anons come up with imaginary scenarios why people don't like the fake woke Ariel. kek
Yeah sure, it's about us being femcels and needing to see the white girl get the man cause it never happens to us in real life and we cry into pillow about our loneliness. Where do people get the forever alone farmer idiocy? Pretending farmers are the female copies of 4chan robots doesn't make it any more true.
Also aren't Black women always crying on the net about 'their' men running off with white chicks? kek
Maybe that's why you are so happy about being able to see yourself in a pretty mermaid princess who gets the men. ~Representation matters~ uwu

No. 287029

File: 1535536837663.jpg (594.53 KB, 850x1135, Bella-Thorne-Shake-It-Up.jpg)

She's so conceited man. It's funny because Bella Thorne whom she had a show with would be perfect to play Ariel if she hadn't become degenerate.

No. 287030

Kek agreed, reading this
>They just don't want the pale white princesses they self insert as to be ruined for them. That's really what it comes down to kek
made me roll my eyes. Oh no! My 2D husbando, prince eric, with.. a black? I can no longer live vicariously through disney princesses, like every white girl does! My life is ruined.

No. 287031

No way, her face is not cute enough. She's not unattractive but she has very mature, strong features, Ariel does not.

No. 287032

I don't see a problem with this, honestly. She's half-white. That's 50% of her ancestry.
If black people have to deal with getting lumped in with biracial people, it won't kill the white race to have one pale biracial girl in some movies.

No. 287035

So then what's your excuse? Because the whole "B-But the traditional Dutch tale is being destroyed by those horrible Americans! First they made the story child-friendly, and now a filthy MIXED actress??? As a Russian, I am offended (even though this fairy tale has nothing to do with me or my culture)…>:(" got debunked pretty fast.

No. 287036

>Pretending farmers are the female copies of 4chan robots doesn't make it any more true.
Ironic coming from someone who's parroting some of the same racist shit you'd expect to hear from a robot.

No. 287042

Kek, those types always default to "Something something we take all the black men!!" as if the world isn't literally full of black people reproducing, or like any farmer (black or not) would actually feel entitled or protective of any men.
I bet that anon is the type to get in her feelings and yell about plastic surgery if someone says "Asian girls are pretty", too.

No. 287053

Tell it to the Black feminists/women that write essays about how they support their men but they do not do the same for them and find white women 'better'. Maybe they have internalized racism, maybe they have a reason to be pissed about it. They do seem to think that there is no Black community cause the men dgaf about them.

Lol you amerifags always think that all Eastern Europe is Russia. Besides, I literally grew up with those fairytales. They are much more part of your culture than yours.

I don't see how you debunked my points by screaching about muh american adaptation. I'm entitled to my opinion and seeing super woke half-Black Ariel as another shit aspect of the adaptation. While I enjoy Disney from time to time, it's sad that so many children do not know the real stories, just the sugary, technicolor bullshit.
I think you are on the wrong site if you don't like people seeing through the SJW pandering.
Go to tumblr to celebrate another acomplishment for the PoC community kek
Try harder, your assumptions are really off the mark. But whatever makes you feel better, I guess

No. 287054

lol don't try to pull the ugly black woman card in this situation because genetically zendaya is just as much white as she is black. She's not black, she's mixed. Plenty of mixed girls take roles away from black women because they're half black, I don't see what's wrong with them doing it to white girls as well.

No. 287057

>implying I'm American
Oh, okay. Not Russia, just some other, far less relevant shithole. Watch your own movies, I guess. America does not depend on you.
>G-G-Go back to Tumblr
Caring about casting in an American children's film is some real Tumblrina womanchild shit, and >>286981 is obviously spot on. No one else gives a shit. The mermaid was never given an official race, and it's irrelevant to the story what she looks like. Maybe you need to head on back to your blog, no one here cares for your tears.

No. 287060

It's funny how you don't recognize the hypocrisy in assuming black farmers are supposed to share the opinions of random black "feminists" you probably found cherrypicking on Jezebel, but I'm way off the mark for (probably rightfully) assuming you're one of many bitter white farmers with a hateboner for Asian girls. Keep crying, though.

No. 287062

File: 1535542795873.jpg (156.23 KB, 602x830, IMG_4416.JPG)

Is like to add that most roles for black women are played by mixed girls and you don't see us whining about it. Storm is a dark skin black woman played by a almost white mixed girl, amandla stenberg was supposed to play the role of the little sister in black panther but she turned it down.

No one cares when it happens to us so I'm not sure why I'm supposed to care now lol
Going by everyone else's logic it's ok for them to play roles meant for black women because there half black so the same should apply to them playing roles for white girls. Mixed girls are a way to promote things as woke while still maintaining the pretty white girl image, it only makes sense that they'd start replacing white girls in movies because it makes sjws happy and most people find mixed girls cute because they're black enough to be exotic but white enough where they're not scary.

No. 287063

>a filthy MIXED actress
Stop accusing us of shit nobody ever said here.
Multiple anons posted their reasons why they think Zendaya isn't a good choice, yet all you do is accuse us of being racists who think of black people as lower - which nobody did.
You sound pretty insecure. Most white people don't think of black people as ugly, yet you continue pushing that narrative.

Deny it all you want, but fairy tales that are centuries old are some sort of culture and therefore also important to some Europeans. If sjw argue that hoop earrings are hispanic culture then some stories from 1800 or even older are culture as well. Pointing this out has got nothing to do with all of us being old femcels.

No. 287065

Zendaya is just as much European as she is African. Half of her heritage is white. What's the issue?i can understand if she was full black but she's not. Why cant she take part in her own culture?

No. 287066

She's neither European nor African, she's American.

No. 287067

Lol being white or part white doesn't make you european AT ALL.

No. 287069

If that wasn't your reason, the quote was obviously not directed at you. A hit dog hollers.
I never said anything about black people being "ugly" either. Not sure if you're confusing me with another anon, or just projecting.
>Deny it all you want, but fairy tales that are centuries old are some sort of culture and therefore also important to some Europeans.
The only confirmed European ITT is from a culture that has absolutely no relation to the original story, but nice try.
>If sjw argue that hoop earrings are hispanic culture then some stories from 1800 or even older are culture as well.
Who cares what SJWs think aside from people with the same mindset?
>Pointing this out has got nothing to do with all of us being old femcels.
Oh, so you're just SJWs, but with your logic the other way around. That's so much better. /s

No. 287070

White people don't see mixed people as remotely white. Disney is the only company who cares more about virtue signalling than profit lol.

No. 287071

Yeah but that doesn't stop you all from grouping mixed girls in with black women, now you want to have a fit because they're being grouped in with whites. One drop rule, she has white blood which means she's white. She's not black she's mixed. If anything she's more white than black.
Going by that logic then you should have an issue with an American white gurl playing the role too kek

No. 287072

So, you wanted Disney to fly in some no-name European actress for the sake of your feelings when they could have someone with actual popularity and relevance? Kek.

No. 287074

White American ancestry = European ancestry
Black American ancestry = African ancestry
Culture is different, but genetics don't lie. Sorry.

No. 287075

Zendaya looks more white than black. The average white person would have no issue with her. She's just a cute exotic girl to most of them.

No. 287077

No. 287079

Compelling argument. Go share your findings with Twitter or something.

No. 287080

The One drop rule isn't a real thing. She's just as much white genetically.

No. 287084

Why must black people make everything about their race? Zendaya isn't even black lmao, she just pretend she's full black for SJW points, she isn't a good fit for the role because she look like an instathot, not because she's "black".

No. 287085

File: 1535544823246.png (71.76 KB, 1584x864, cc7.png)

No. 287088

Many anons are saying she isn't black though.

No. 287089

No black person ITT has called Zendaya black, only angry white reverse-SJW anons pushing the one drop rule. We've all been pointing out that she is literally 50% white, so there should be no problem for the European heritage side of things.
I don't think she's a good fit, either, though. Both she and Bella Thorne are too hard-faced. Yara Shahidi or Amandla would've been better.

No. 287092

But I don't understand. She's not going to bother people in Denmark, she's acting in an American-made adaption of another American-made adaption. She's just reconnecting with her European roots while still showing love for being American-born.
Why don't you want people to be happy with their culture? Are you an SJW?

No. 287093

File: 1535545253073.jpg (279.36 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_4424.JPG)

Her features look pretty soft without the instathot makeup. I think they could make her look cute.

No. 287095

>She's just reconnecting with her European roots
Can you amerifats not do this shit please?

No. 287096

Right. Anons are being just as bad by trying to tell mixed girls they can't embrace their European heritage and that they have to be lumped in with black people even if they don't want to be. Zendayas mom is German.

No. 287097

Why does zendaya have to be grouped in with black people?

No. 287099

I'm not American, but why can't Americans with white, European ancestry enjoy their origins if it's not harassing anyone? It's just a movie of a movie, what's the problem?

No. 287100

Zendaya was born and raised in america she has nothing to do with europe, she will never be european, she is american.

No. 287101

So then no American white actresses should be allowed to play the role either?

No. 287103

File: 1535545621733.png (343.17 KB, 500x401, ricardo15-3437751_500_401.png)

This is probably an old pic, but she looks so pretty when she's fresh-faced, not gonna lie. Hopefully they go light on the makeup.

No. 287105

I don't care who play the role, I find it retarded when americans claim to "embrace their european heritage" when they have none.

No. 287107

And I find it ridiculous that anons claim that a mixed girl is black. No one would be screeching about culture if it was some full white American girl.

No. 287108

If you don't care, you shouldn't be this pressed. Just don't watch the movie, or any media based on/in Europe that comes from America. No one is holding a gun to your head.

No. 287109

Not even invested in this Disney argument, but they don't have American heritage either unless they're Amerindian. Since I imagine you wouldn't consider a black girl whose parents were born and raised in Sweden to have Swedish heritage.
So what are they?

No. 287111

ITT american admitting they have no culture.
This is why SJW can get away with saying white people have no culture in America.

No. 287112

Would you be ok with a dark skin black European playing the role then?basically she is more European culturally then a white American girl.

No. 287113

I just said Idgaf about who plays the role.

No. 287114

File: 1535546240818.png (171.13 KB, 1118x591, 1518866389184.png)

Wrong, she's actually German, Irish, English and Scottish! kek

No. 287116

Then why are you still here arguing?

No. 287117

She's embracing the white side of her race. She's not black and she shouldn't have to be lumped in with black people.

No. 287118

Why should she be lumped with white people and not black people?

No. 287119

Not that anon (or even American), but modern culture is basically American culture. You piggyback off Americans every day. Every time you slip on a pair of jeans, wear certain fashion or listen to jazz or rock, you are celebrating American culture. It's multiracial and globally expansive.
You cannot escape this fact with memes.

No. 287120

Because she is 50% white, and obviously proud of it, or she would not have dared to play Ariel.

No. 287121

File: 1535546519859.gif (2.02 MB, 343x200, 200.gif)

Hope I'm not appropriating american culture by using a reaction pic featuring an american woman"

No. 287122

I was talking about her mother, Zendaya is even more.

Jeans were actually founded by a German guy lol Also, not everybody likes your music.

No. 287123

File: 1535546548287.jpg (651.36 KB, 1400x1800, IMG_4423.JPG)

She has the option to do both because she's mixed. if she wants to embrace her European side she can and if she wants to embrace her African side she can. The one drop rule is bullshit, she's not black. She's basically just a tan white girl.

No. 287124

I'm actually not just "American" I'm of the aforementioned Aboriginal descent and in the end somewhat agree.
Some Americans are such a mix of things, even just European ancestries, that they have no single heritage to look back to and might as well embrace the current culture. Which, while flawed, has some neat contributions like >>287119 mentioned.

It's a bit complicated for people of, say, exclusively French ancestry though. I imagine there are certain traditions that would have been passed down since the first gen of immigrants in their family. But clearly they have also integrated and created somewhat of a culture of their own. I know this something big in Canada.

No. 287125

>your music
I'm not American, just playing devil's advocate, lmao. And I'm pretty sure no one thinks of Germany when they see jeans. Maybe liederhosen.

Why not use gifs from your culture, anon? Do your people not make gifs?

No. 287126

Jeans literally are from Genoa you retard plus denim = De Nîmes a french city. Also "wear certain fashion" nice way of saying nothing in particular, kek.

No. 287128

No one attributes either of those things to anyone but Americans (and America in itself is multiracial).
Also, the internet was invented by Americans, so you better turn off your router, anon.

No. 287129

Just because you don't think of Germany when seeing jeans (but "liederhosen"), doesn't change the fact that Levi Strauss was German.

No. 287130

>Levi Strauss was a German-American businessman
Oh, so now Americans can be European…

No. 287131

I think zendaya is the perfect choice because she's mixed and she represents both sides of the coins. She's black enough to make sjws wet and she's still white enough to fit the European standard of beauty. Disney is actually making a fantastic choice business wise…

No. 287132

Lol I would love to see the state of the US if every european inventions were taken away from you.

No. 287134

She has no european or african side, only an american one.

No. 287136

What are caucasians living in America then?

No. 287138

Uh? If they were born and raised (or raised for most of their life) in america they're american.

No. 287139

I had my suspicions but the way this thread has gone in the past eight hours confirmed it. It's just a bunch of pathetic europoors in here being mad that their shithole doesn't have the global reach that Hollywood does.

No. 287140

He was born in Germany to German parents and moved to the US as an adult, so yes.

No. 287141

Weren't you arguing Americans can't be European? You just declared they're not European, just American, but you're changing your story. I'm still not American, either, I'm just not too retarded and nationalistic to recognize America's reach (for better or worse).

No. 287142

Did you reply to the wrong post? This makes you sound batshit.

No. 287143

He moved to the US and made being American part of his identity. Jeans never would've been a "thing" if he hadn't become an American and started his business there.

No. 287144

no they're immigrants with family that traces back to Europe. Unless they are Native American Indians then they aren't true Americans.

No. 287145

Reread the conversation. If you weren't involved, you should've said "Not that anon".

No. 287146

You do know that there are plenty "Europoor shitholes" that are a lot wealthier than the US…?

No. 287147

>Tfw the greatest pride of your country is a pedophile and rapist infested money machine

No. 287148

Are those the ones shitting themselves and complaining about an American movie no one's forcing them to see? Because one of them admitted to being from some unimportant Eastern European country, but declined to name which one.

No. 287149

>Let it's people die of preventable illnesses and get shot for walking in the wrong neighborhood
>Call "shitholes" countries without armed civilians and with universal healthcare

Never change amerifats

No. 287150

It's interesting how anons moved the goal post to "well she's not European" after it was brought up that she's half white lol

Now the issue is that she's not European because they can't claim she's black. We wouldn't even be having this discussion right now if some American born white chick was playing the role.

No. 287151

It's hilarious. They're going to argue themselves blue in the face trying to pretend genetics aren't real, only their feelings.

No. 287152

Genetic =/= culture.

No. 287153

I can only speak for myself, but I'm german and I'm fairly sure our living standards are higher than yours. Not exactly "unimportant" either.

No. 287154

Culture isn't the issue, as this film is an adaption of something already acclimated to American culture. It has nothing to do with the original story, so what's the issue?

No. 287156

>acclimated to American culture
Nice way of saying "we took something from you, so it's ours now and we can do whatever we want with it".

No. 287157

>wahhh she's ruining European culture and folk lore because she's black! This is social justice pandering!
>well anon, actually she's half white and looks more white then black. She's not black or white.

Get real. If a dark as night European girl played a white Disney princess you'd be even more pissed off than if it was zendaya.

No. 287158

What does an American movie made for an American audience have to do with you? Watch German movies and stop sticking your nose into the USA's media if you hate it so much and want to divide yourself.

No. 287159

eurofags are annoying as shit and the entire concept of cultural appropriation is retarded

No. 287161

So, are you going to sue? Become a terrorist and start dropping bombs on LA for Mother Europa?
Millions of European children and old people love Disney and don't think anything has been "taken" from them, sorry. You're in the spergy, lame minority.

No. 287162

The argument started become some amerifat claimed Zendaya is embracing her european heritage, she isn't, cause she has none, period. Now go put an overweight black woman to play Cinderella if you want to, nobody cares.

No. 287165

Except she does. She has German and Scottish ancestry. You can not argue with genetics.
>Now go put an overweight black woman to play Cinderella if you want to, nobody cares.
Would you be happy if that overweight black woman was born and raised in a European country?

No. 287166

>overweight black woman

This discussion isn't about black women, it is about a mixed girl. Stop trying to group us all together. Zendayas genetics trace back to Europe, she is just as white as anyone else genetically.

No. 287170

You can't embrace something you have nothing to do with, she has nothing to do culturally with those country or with Europe, therefore she has nothing to embrace.

You sound like you hate being black.

No. 287171

And you sound like you hate being white because threatened by mixed women.

No. 287172

File: 1535548689221.jpg (130.44 KB, 600x412, zendaya-coleman.jpg)

I'm going to be honest:
Zendaya is fucking ugly.
I don't care if she's half white or whatever, to me she looks black, so I don't want her to play a white girl, period.

Sorry of that hurts your feefees. But seeing what black posters write in this thread, they already consider all white people racist anyways, so might as well admit it.

Also, unless you're born there, nobody considers you European. "Identifying" with a culture is bullshit.

No. 287173

File: 1535548737906.jpg (22.74 KB, 466x422, conceit.JPG)

>threatened by mixed women

No. 287174

It's not about culture, as it's an American film. No one is going to Denmark.
Why can't you answer a simple question? Would you be happy if that overweight black woman was born and raised in a European country?
Also, NTA, but pointing out that a mixed person is not your race is actually the opposite of self-hate.
Otherwise, this poster >>287172 must REALLY hate themselves.

No. 287175

File: 1535548828922.jpg (1.96 MB, 4600x3067, IMG_4425.JPG)

You're on drugs if you think this looks like a black woman kek

No. 287176

I already said I don't care about who play this role, I'm only arguing about amerifats claiming european heritages.

No. 287177

>I don't care if she's half white or whatever, to me she looks black,
So, you're admitting you're trying to use your own fee-fees as a weapon against hard genetics and reality?
I dunno, that sounds very SJW to me.

No. 287178

Okay, anon. But answer the question: Culturally speaking, would you be happy if an overweight black woman who was born and raised in a European country played a character from a European story?

No. 287180

If an overweight european black women played Cinderella I would find it 100% retarded.

No. 287182

Nobody considers black people European, even if they were born there. Call it racist all you want, but that's reality.

No. 287183

But anon I thought it was about da culture

No. 287184

Why? It's the culture. If an American white person cannot be European, that logically means a European black person has more of a claim.

No. 287185

File: 1535549213291.jpg (107.47 KB, 737x1200, IMG_4427.JPG)

Zendaya is racially ambiguous. She doesn't look black at all. Her hair texture and features are closer to white.

No. 287186

I'm sorry I guess black people would be 100% okay with Nelson Mandela or fucking Kunta Kinte being played by a white dude next time we make a movie about him.

No. 287187

I would be fine with a half black man playing those roles. Again, zendaya is not black she's mixed.

No. 287190

If it was a South African who was half-white/half-black playing Mandela, it might actually be fascinating and a refreshing look on race relations. Same goes for Kunta Kinte.
See, when you're not a (wo)manchild, the world looks a lot different. It's funny that you're equating a fictional mermaid and a fictional princess to an actual historical figure and a character based largely on factual circumstances, though. It shows how infantile you really are.

No. 287191

Nelson Mandela isn't a fictional character and Kunta Kinte's ethnicity is extremely relevant to both his character and the plot, unlike Ariel. This is such a shit argument.

No. 287192

It's because there is no culturally relevant children characters like the one from the Andersen fairytales coming from black culture.

No. 287194

File: 1535549927491.jpg (2.07 MB, 2802x3260, IMG_4429.JPG)

It always makes me chuckle when white people try to claim these tan white girls with wavy loose curls are black and not white kek
These same idiots would claim Meghan merkle is black.

No. 287195

It's more like you personally are ignorant to African folk tales, didn't care to Google, and are also juvenile enough to mentally equate actual people to fictional characters, because all of this really does mean more to you than you want to openly admit.
The thing is, though, I also wouldn't care if a half-white/half-black person were to play a black children's fairy tale character in an American adaption. This is because I am not a childish loser obsessed with fictional characters. I recommend you try growing up one day.

No. 287196

Makes you wonder why nobody wants to be lumped together or associated with black people…

No. 287198

As I said before I don't care who play Ariel I don't even know why I replied to your shitty racially charged bait, my only point is : Zendaya is an american, idc if she's black or white, she has nothing to do with europe. The Andersen fairytales can be declined in any way shape of form you want to, all the characters can be from a Zulu village for all I care, just don't go around claiming that Zendaya is the perfect fit for a Danish mermaid character because she really is half european when she isn't at all.

No. 287200

File: 1535550163859.gif (1022.93 KB, 245x170, tumblr_mf38deh3NB1r01703o7_250…)

Anybody knows this superior non-Disney movie?

No. 287201

I'm glad you've evolved from the "REEEE STOP CALLING US RACIST" nonsense to showing your true colors.
It was never about the culture. I hope Zendaya and other mixed women continue appear in the American media you're so tsundere about and make you cry even more.

No. 287203

File: 1535550245923.jpg (127.07 KB, 750x919, IMG_4428.JPG)

It's not my problem if people are racist and immature and don't want to be associated with mixed people. Just stop claiming that these tan white girls are black because it's getting ridiculous that in 2018 the one drop rule is still a thing. You've got to be blind to look at this woman and tell me she looks black.

No. 287204

She is half-European. She is German and Scottish. These are established facts, no matter how long you scream.

No. 287205

No, you aren't "from random country" if you didn't grew up in this country. You can't just claim an heritage that you have nothing in common with.

No. 287206

Genetics =/= culture.
You already admitted here >>287180 it's not about culture. This can only mean it's genetics that are the driving point. And Zendaya's genetics reflect European ancestry.
This is reality.

No. 287208

My point wasn't at all that genetic is the driving point, culture is absolutely what makes you european or not. The fact that I would find an obese black cinderella weird and retarded doesn't change that.

No. 287209

If culture makes people European why can't fat black women be considered just as much European?

No. 287211

A black woman can be european. You can't understand why I wouldn't be interested in a movie featuring Oprah as Cinderella?

No. 287212

Why? The original story never describes Cinderella's appearance in detail.
In fact, the "declined" Disney version is what explicitly made her thin, white and blond.

No. 287214

Because that's my opinion and tastes. Stop trying to go for a GOTCHA moment.

No. 287215

No, why? You said culturally speaking, you would find it retarded.
Cinderella is just supposed to be "a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances, that are suddenly changed to remarkable fortune". What's the problem?

No. 287216

File: 1535551039888.jpg (78.81 KB, 960x921, IMG_4430.JPG)

What about a cute and skinny dark skin black girl playing the part?(someone with features like pic related). I'm sure you would be ok with that as long as they're European :)

No. 287217

Because the average European simply doesn't like black people.

No. 287218

I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just curious about the reasoning behind your opinions. If everyone is wrong about you, you wouldn't be so cagey.

No. 287219

I never said "culturally speaking I would find it retarded" and said "I would find it retarded" cinderella is supposed to be pretty I don't find overweight black (or white) women pretty.

Yeah, I legit don't care about who play Cinderella or Ariel.

No. 287220

Not even when they're their fellow Europeans? Gosh, I think there's a word for disliking people simply for having a different racial phenotype. It starts with an "R", right?

No. 287221

Just because Europeans don't like black people doesn't mean they're not culturally European. Feelings don't have anything to do with facts, you're sounding like a sjw who act like their feelings dictate reality.

No. 287222

NAYRT, but this can be flipped on you so easily:
Just because a European by ancestry wasn't raised in Europe doesn't mean they're not genetically European. Feelings don't have anything to do with facts, you're sounding like a sjw who act like their feelings dictate reality.

No. 287223

You can't be european by ancestry only.

No. 287224

Scientists, geneticists and all sorts of scholars disagree with you.

No. 287225

The only true Americans are native Indians. Everyone else is immigrants. You saying that Americans can't celebrate their European heritage is like telling a 3rd generation Japanese person they can't celebrate their culture. Zendaya is a white woman celebrating her white culture. Get over it.

No. 287226

You can believe whatever you want, I think the opinion of natives about their own culture and who belongs to it is more relevant than the one of foreigners.

No. 287227

European geneticists still disagree with you. You know all the qualified scholars in the world aren't made in America, right?

No. 287228

How does one celebrate heritage?

No. 287229

You can't escape your amerifat status.

No. 287230

She's embracing her European side by playing a white character, nothing is wrong with it because genetically zendaya is white.

No. 287231

Why did you feel the need to add black to the statement then?you could have just said you wouldn't want a fat woman to play the role.

No. 287232

I'm not American, but even if I were, I wouldn't be wrong, and you wouldn't be any less delusional.

No. 287233

You're not european if weren't born and raised here.

No. 287234

So how should non-celebrities celebrate/embrace their heritage/sides? lol

No. 287235

Because we were talking about black people and you were accusing me of being racist so I said I don't care she can be black and fat for all I care.

No. 287236

Genetics are real. Ask any educated person on the matter, American or European.

No. 287237

For example a Japanese person who was adopted by white people can learn more about Japan and the culture. By your logic Koreans, Chinese and Japanese who have lived in the west all their life can claim to be these things. If someone has genetics that trace back to Germany they are genetically German. Sorry that's reality.

No. 287238

We aren't talking about black people we are talking about a mixed people.

No. 287239

Genetic is irrelevant, what makes you German or Russian or English is being surrounded by this country's specific culture.

No. 287240

Not the same anon. Who was accusing you of being racist? Nobody used that word.

No. 287241

then Koreans who have never been to Korea and have only been surrounded by white people arent Korean?

No. 287242

>Genetic is irrelevant
Science disagrees. Reality disagrees. Any learned human disagrees.
Just because you move away from your family doesn't mean you no longer are a part of them.

No. 287243

Yeah? They're from the country they grew up in, obviously asian tend to retain a lot of culture from their original country but they still aren't like the ones who grew up there.

You are still part of your family but not of that culture.

No. 287245

>You are still part of your family
Good, you admitted it. Now, why can't someone go back and revisit their family?

No. 287247

How are they from Korea if they're born and raised in America?going by your logic they can't claim to be Korean.

I know a Korean adopted by white people and they don't know shit about Korea, nor were they born in Korea…by your argument this person isn't Korean.

No. 287248

Wtf are you on about? I think my point is clear.

I never said that.

No. 287249

>I never said that.
So, you have no issue with Zendaya revisiting her European familial heritage by acting in this film based on a European fairy tale. You are allowing her to be a proud European-American woman in peace.
Thank you, we're on the same page.

No. 287250

She isn't european.

No. 287251

No it's not clear. white people in America aren't European because they're culturally american(despite the fact their great grand parents etc migrated from Europe), by that logic Koreans and Chinese kids raised and born in America can't claim to be Korean or Chinese because they are culturally American.

No. 287252

But you already admitted she's part of the family.

No. 287253

Her genes trace back to Europe….So yes she is. She is Of German and Scottish decent. Nothing is wrong with a white women choosing to play a white character.

No. 287254

Yes that' what I'm claiming. If you grew up in America you're american.

You are just playing dumb or legit retarded, I'm tapping out.

No. 287255

So what are American born Koreans and Chinese then?should we just pretend that their genetics don't trace back to these countries?

No. 287256

So to play a Disney princess you not only have to be 100% white but you also have to be born and raised in the country that said Disney princess orginated in?

Boy those sure aren't crazy insane standards lol

No. 287257

Only a true retard tries to argue with the reality of genetics, then admits genetic relation still counts as relation, then backtracks on themselves.
You just keep contradicting yourself. European-Americans are allowed to celebrate their lineage, it's their right.

No. 287258

They won't stop until they themselves are cast as the Disney princesses, lmao.

No. 287259

Lol americans hate themselves so fucking much.

No. 287260

My great grandmother was born and raised in Germany and our family migrated here from Germany. I am genetically German, get over it.

No. 287261

File: 1535553850555.gif (106.76 KB, 400x385, 804688887_1544280.gif)

No, Americans seem pretty proud.
>revolutionized old dusty fairy tales so kids from all over the world would love them
>cast proud European-American women in their movies
>the entire world remains obsessed with their every move, their media and celebrities
>American passport privilege
>created the internet for ungrateful folks from The Old Countries to shitpost on
Brunhilde and Svetlana can remain pressed and eat their carrots.

No. 287262

Damn those are the greatest american accomplishments? WEEEEW

No. 287263

Truth is no one would even know about these European stories if Americans didn't make them popular and better. No one cares about Europe. Even the haters know more about America than the average American does, they're obessesed lol

No. 287264

These niggas are weird, talking about Zendaya is white and so is Meghan Markle, lmao. Zendaya and Meghan are neither black nor white, they're biracial. Why is this hard for them to understand?

Anon doesn't get that German-Americans, Korean-Americans exist. They just aren't from their motherlands or whatever, it's just the racial/ethnic difference, and American is a nationality anyway, it's not a race (you know this, I'm just saying).


No. 287265

>she says, from her Mac or PC created by Americans

No. 287266

She says from her country founded and then saved and freed by europoor.

No. 287269

But you've been insisting Americans can't be Euros. The moment they set foot on that land, they relinquished that identity, according to you.

No. 287270

Sure retard, I believe that when europeans tourist set their foot on the US land they automatically become american too.

No. 287272

File: 1535554686916.jpg (258.32 KB, 1280x1925, zendaya-2016-golden-globe-awar…)

So, Americans can be European. Thank you for understanding. European-Americans are strong and beautiful.

No. 287274

This thread is a trainwreck. Anyway I don't want to see or hear about Zendaya ever again because it reminds me of my little sister watching her shitty Disney tv show when she was younger and I had to babysit her and I can't unsee it.

No. 287276

>idiots trying to argue that zendaya isn't European

Uneducated swine who know nothing about genetics.

No. 287277

ITT American who hate being from a country known for guns and McDonald claim they really are from superior European countries.

No. 287279

File: 1535555283263.png (106.96 KB, 208x304, aryanking.png)

I believe you now anon, European-Americans are black or biracial people. This European-American dark skinned man (clearly, he is Italian-American) is Zendaya's, white Aryan father.

No. 287282

>Tfw you're an europoor and your ancestry lead to multiple european countries

Does that mean I get to say I'm German-French-Switz-Italian-Spanish?
It's like America is another alien world when I read shit like that.

No. 287283

You're American now, anon.

No. 287288

>pretending that the USA shoving their popculture down everyone's throats isn't a thing

No. 287289

File: 1535556493879.jpg (97.57 KB, 612x612, zendayamother.jpg)

Why do you only post 50% of her lineage? That's very disingenuous of you.
Do you think the woman on the left is no longer white or something?

No. 287290

Being white or half white doesn't make you european, having european ancestry doesn't make you european either, otherwise most of the US would really be european and they're not.

No. 287292

It's funny that you randomly brought up a black person (as if you weren't the one arguing that that man would somehow be more European than >>287289 if he was born in Europe). No one was talking about black people. What is your obsession? We are talking about someone who is 50% European, directly, and is helping tell a European-American story. Did a black kid bully you in school or something?

No. 287293

Scientists from all over the world disagree with you.

No. 287294

No she isn't directly 50% european, her mother is an american woman too.

No. 287295

The only Americans are Amerindians. She is a European immigrant. Deal with it.

No. 287296

You should check your obsession with Asian girls, anon.
You are the only one who constantly brings them up. I have no idea what is the triggered white woman creature you talk about, but it ain't me kek

No. 287298

Lol no, she was raised surrounded by american culture, that makes her american.

No. 287299

Your weird fixation on men is reminiscent of the white girls screeching about Asian women in other threads. Everyone has seen it in /ot/, especially the unpopular opinions threads.

No. 287300

American culture made by Europeans like Levi Strauss. She is a European immigrant, European by genetic lineage, and her daughter is 50% European.
The only true Americans are Native Americans. Science and reality have backed this up.

No. 287301

No. Nobody in europe would welcome you as an european, no matter how much you hate yourself and your country.

No. 287302

I'm not American or European, I'm just relaying factual information.
Take it up with every geneticist on earth. Your feelings don't trump reality, sorry.

No. 287305

Are you autistic? So if I have a south american ancestor that makes me a latina even if I have nothing to do with any of them culturally? Am I a black woman if I have a sub saharian ancestor? Try using your brain anon.

No. 287306

File: 1535557507801.png (219.72 KB, 458x313, karynparsons.png)

>Randomly brought up a black person

That's her father. I'm just pointing out that she's biracial, she's not white or black. Where are y'all from? I'm from the south and see biracial girls who look like Zendaya all the time, hell even some who look like Karyn Parsons, whose daughter is mostly white but looks albino. Genetics are really weird in general.

Her mom is white, but Zendaya is just biracial, not hard to understand. Also, I thought Zendaya was Pacific Islander when I first saw her.

No. 287307

You're the one who's autistic if you're unironically trying to argue genetics aren't real.
This isn't about some faraway ancestor, this is about a direct parent. She is 50% European, like it or not.

No. 287309

She's 50% white, and she has played black girls in movies, so why can't she play white ones?

No. 287310

Even if you have european ancestry that doesn't make you european. Culture > genetic in the real world anon.

No. 287311

You're clearly not living in the real world if you think >>287279 could ever be more European than >>287289. Genetics do matter, and they are what make you European, Sub-Saharan African, East Asian, etc.
If a white person moves to Japan and has kids with another white person there, those kids are not suddenly Japanese.

No. 287313

I'm not the weird anon sperging about her playing in movies, I'm going to assume it's because she doesn't "look right" she has obvious black facial features. (because she's biracial and all) All modern day Disney movies are diverse, if anon doesn't like it they should go watch older Disney movies, it's not that hard, lmao. They're probably trolling anyway, or they're from Stormfront and just like to whine in general.

No. 287314

>If a white person moves to Japan and has kids with another white person there, those kids are not suddenly Japanese.

No they would be japanese if they grew up in japan.

No. 287315

>No they would be japanese if they grew up in japan.
Nope. Japan disagrees, and it's reflected in their laws. Wasn't it you that said "I think the opinion of natives about their own culture and who belongs to it is more relevant than the one of foreigners"?
This isn't mentioning that every geneticist and general non-delusional person on earth disagrees with you, too.

No. 287316

Japanese people don't even accept biracial Japanese people who're born and raised in Japan as Japanese, why would they accept Becky Sue because her weebs parents moved to Japan?

No. 287318

But they would be what then? Nothing? Just because japanese are extremely xenophobic? You think you can claim being from a country you never lived in but that some people are not from the country they grew up in? It doesn't make ANY sense. You are delusional.

And do you have any of those geneticist studies to back up your claims?

No. 287321

I get what you mean anon. You confused a lot of people in the thread, though. You're strictly talking about culture, not race/ethnicity. You're right, culturally they're Japanese and that's all they know, but racially they're European and ethnically they're idk, Irish or some shit for example.

No. 287322

>But they would be what then?
The country/countries their parents are from. That is reality.
>And do you have any of those geneticist studies to back up your claims?
Yes. Get any American to take a DNA test, or watch any video about DNA testing. No matter what country the person is from, their lineage percentages will be split into European, African, Asian, etc. It won't be "Brown American", "Blue American", "Pink American". You know why? Because DNA doesn't give a shit if you grew up on a deserted island. You are what you are.

No. 287326

I don't care about your lineage, it doesn't make you european to have european ancestor, being european is about culture, period.

No. 287327

That anon is arguing that someone who is racially European and was raised in America should not play a European person in an American movie, because their culture negates their race, kek.

No. 287329

Can you strawman any harder? I never said that, I actually said multiple times I don't care who plays Ariel or Cinderella.

No. 287330

Reality says no. Science says no. Common sense says no. You can stay delusional, but don't try and push it on us.

No. 287332

Not a strawman. We've been talking about the movie all this time, and if you didn't care, you would've left long ago, or not gotten involved to begin with. You even slipped and admitted to not liking to with your dumb comparison here >>287186.

No. 287333

No, you're the delusional one, try to go to "your" european country and tell them you really are a part of their culture, guarantee a great welcome.

No. 287334

I didn't care who ended up playing Ariel when this thread got bumped but now I want it to be Zendaya just so I can watch you retards reee about it for the next two years.

No. 287336

I already said I'm neither European or American. I'm sitting in my country right now, happily. All I've done is point out the truth as every sane human sees it.
You literally deny reality, even in imageboard posts. It's sad and pathetic.

No. 287337

I am Green-American. Check your privilege.

There is no such thing as European culture. There is such a thing as European cultures, however.

Who'd be a better actress than Zendaya to play Ariel anyway? A lot of the mainstream white actresses to me look very manly in the face, or just mature looking in general.

No. 287339

If you can't get how an american born and raised person isn't european you must be severely retarded and nothing can help you.

>There is no such thing as European culture. There is such a thing as European cultures, however.

Yes and being an amerifat isn't part of any of them.

No. 287341

I like how you assume I and other anons are black. Tells a lot about how white women secretly think about black people, specifically women.

No. 287343

M-muh yooropeen herituhj

No. 287345

If you can't accept the reality of DNA, you're both severely delusional and retarded.

No. 287346

Most europeans have heritages from multiple european country, yet they only claim to be from the one they grew up in and got their culture from, DNA doesn't give you any of the social codes and cultural norms that give you the right to call yourself german, english, american cuban, etc… Do you get it?

No. 287350

Because of America's historical "one drop rule"

The idea that if anyone in your lineage is black you are black by extension. America has a racist history that people like to pretend it doesn't exist. More at 11.

No. 287353

idk why people are saying she looks like an instathot. she looks like a child in overly dramatic makeup to me. looks dumb and doesn't fit her face.

No. 287354

Too bad, tell that to the rest of America! That's why American anons are having a fit. If you look/ have immediate black ancestry you are black.

No. 287359

There's no special wand of social/cultural involvement that grants you the "right" to call yourself according to your direct genetic lineage. You are what you are, as your DNA says. If you are 50% European, no one can "revoke" that by insisting you haven't done enough. Sorry.

No. 287360

You can say your ancestors were germans or whatever they happened to be, but it doesn't mean anything about you and it surely doesn't make you german. It's not about you not doing enough, it's about who you are, your genetic will never trump the culture you grew up surrounded by, sorry anon.

No. 287361

I think it's from slavery, actually. Black people accepted them because their mothers were usually victims of rape.

Anon is only thinking culturally. If someone found some African dude's bones in Germany I highly doubt he would be classified as German.

No. 287363

>Comparing historical figures to fairy tales.

No. 287365

I love it when racist expose their true colors.

Pack it up guys, this thread was shit was the beginning.

No. 287366

Have fun telling every geneticist and established scholar on earth they're wrong because "uwu did those ppl even rly participate in the culture??? uhm…….".
German is German by blood.

No. 287369

Just because you ameridumbs refuse to expand your horisons and pick up a book does not mean no-one knows those fairy tales.

No. 287370

So why are all those TRUE PURE BLOOD GERMAN PEOPLE living in america not speaking german and not voting in Germany?

No. 287371

Anon is probably that 14% "black" girl from the right wing thread, she was calling herself a mulatta negress and all that, it was really weird.

No. 287372

You don't need to do anything but be born as German to be German. It's not a club, it's a genetic category. You should've paid attention in school.

No. 287374

File: 1535560831000.png (225.99 KB, 720x816, genetic-map-europe.png)

>Being german is a genetic category.

Lol wtf. That's not a thing anon. It's way more complicated.

No. 287375

The why if an american bitch that's white plays her we wouldn't have this 'European' argument in the 1st place?

No. 287376

Germans online sound like Hitler

No. 287377

I was speaking in general terms. Either way, though, that's way more concrete than the "Genetics are irrelevant!! A 100% Ugandan man can be more European than a 100% European American if the former was born in Europe!" stupidity.

No. 287378

culture and genetics are different.

No. 287379

Maybe anon means Germanic people in general? That would include Scandinavians and people from the UK too. (Are Celts Germanic tho?) Shit, some more people in Yoorop are Germanic too, forgot all of them though.

They pray to him every day.

No. 287380

no you weren't. that makes no sense anyways. being european in the cultural sense isn't what people are talking about when they talk about skin color. you're acting as if america doesn't have former slaves identifying themselves as african american or something.

No. 287381

Jesus there's a right wing thread? No I have to check it out kek

No. 287382

I understand americans wanting to cling to their 3% germanic or saxon blood tbh…I would legit hate being from such a shithole country.

No. 287383

Americans online sound fat

No. 287387

File: 1535561797484.jpeg (11.5 KB, 166x212, 7FD660DC-B3F1-4F9C-AFDF-3DA5E0…)

No. 287393

Eurofags online sound like bitter, insufferable cunts.

These superiority complexes are embarrassing. Just go to /pol/ if you want to cry about m-muh cultral 'propriation and circlejerk about how much better you think your shithole is than USA.

No. 287395

yesss i watch this every christmas, it's my favorite "princess movie"

No. 287400

Except a black dude born and raised in Germany is indeed more German than some 'murrican whose great grandpa happened to be German and who has never actually set foot in the country. Nationality is not purely genetic.

No. 287405

europeans arent the ones sperging about muh heritage lol

No. 287406

you dont exactly sound un-bitter when you call europe a shithole either.

No. 287407

What's the title? I wanna see it!

No. 287409

three nuts for cinderella? i only know the euro title lol but you'll probably find it if you search for three nuts for cinderella

No. 287414

Uh, Megan Markle IS black. She’s half black because her mother is black..

No. 287416

Her father is white, so she's white. She is literally as white as she is black, so why argue?

No. 287417

do you seriously think the "murricans aren't yuropoors" anon isn't doing that cause she doesn't want americans to sully her countries good name?

No. 287418

We've been talking about ancestry all this time, you sperg, not nationality.

No. 287421

You sound legitimately retarded. Point blank: Being European is down to blood and racial makeup. The only real Americans are Native American, the rest are immigrants. You are delusional if you try to insist otherwise.

No. 287422

did you respond to the wrong person? your comment is in agreement with mine.

No. 287425

Americans can't be european, they can't be "american-european" just like "african-american" is bullshit, black people from america have literally nothing in common with african people.

No. 287428

This thread is a dumpster fire, Jesus Christ.
Also why to Europeans on lolcow get so assblasted over Americans? Like half the threads on here get turned into Europeans bitching about Americans. Americans can be annoying, sure but aside from being genuinely ignorant about other cultures, I don’t see why it’s so rage inducing.

No. 287429

black people in america were called african-american because they didn't know what country their ancestors came from because of slavery, you braindead europefag.

No. 287432

Most euro countries are shitholes, sorry. Even the ones that aren't are in the shadow of Uncle Sam's big, fat ass.

No. 287438


>1/3 of amerifat are obese

>Thugs walk around with gun shooting people at will
>Killed by their own cops
>Random people shoot kid walking in the street
>Incels shoot people because they can't get their dick wet
>People die because they don't have enough money to treat preventable disease
>Has to pay thousand of dollars just to be taken to the hospital
>Elect a literal retarded rapist president
>Attack countries, destroy their economy and then leave it for other nation to take care of the mess they made

>Call other countries shitholes

I can't wait for their goddamn yellowstone volcano to erupt and nuke them.

No. 287449

>Thugs walk around with gun shooting people at will
nani? they just kill eachother.

>Killed by their own cops

>Random people shoot kid walking in the street
suddenly caring about black people now that you need them to make a point, eh?

>Attack countries, destroy their economy and then leave it for other nation to take care of the mess they made

this isn't bad, this is hilarous. anyways, you really don't know dick about 'murika if you think losing wyoming would be a big deal. I can't wait for the rapefugees to fuck your shit up. in time, you'll be mutts, just like us but with less rights. goodbye autobahn, hello designated shitting highway!

No. 287451

Stop projecting your ideas on me. YOU (or another anon) started sperging that lonely white farmers need to project themselves on the happy love story and that's why they are triggered over Ariel being (half-)Black. That's why I mentioned Black women whining about interracial couples. Idgaf personally about either white women getting w/ Black men or Asian girls.

No. 287453

>wishing rape on eurowomen cause some of them disagreed w/ you on an imageboard

No. 287454

settle down, autistic amy. it's just banter.

No. 287457

>you really don't know dick about 'murika if you think losing wyoming would be a big deal

Another great demonstration of america's amazing education system.

No. 287458

this thread just proves that adult women who like disney are fucking insane

No. 287459

hehe, okay, you got me there. I don't know dick about that whole situation.

No. 287460

I was going to add an image to that, but apparently, someone posted the same image. SAD!

No. 287461

I meant sage. I am doubleposting. pls forgive me!!

No. 287462

banter is supposed to be funny

No. 287463

You randomly brought up "taking black men" when interracial relationships weren't even remotely near the topic of the thread, accused strangers of being black because of your own neurosis, and everyone is supposed to think you're not some unhinged weirdo who's probably been shitting up other threads with your racial complex? Yeah, okay. Seek therapy.

No. 287464

Which is why the right wing thread needs to be bumped so they can go back there and get their sperg out. Anon probably cares, why is she lying, on the internet of all places…

No. 287480

Seriously, I'm tired of being gaslighted by right wing anons when I call out the bullshit and then their only retort is to bash blacks when I and other anons might not even be black.

No. 287509

I want to read the autism but can't find it in search can you link

No. 287521

If it did it right, it's here >>89438 if I did it wrong try this: >>>/ot/89438 thread, imo, wasn't even that bad, just got derailed with debates and self-hating poc

No. 287537

So much autism in one thread. It's always the ones sharting themselves in anger about "SJWS!1" and what they supposedly believe that end up being their own breed of SJWs. These live action Disney movies are based off the animated films that the "Amerifats" created which were based off of older stories. How can one be shitting themselves in anger about some light-bright mixed chick playing Ariel in a live action movie based on the already watered down animated film?

No. 287550

This. /thread

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