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No. 410346

Post about a shitty day you had.

>have to leave school early for orthodontist

>arrive there at the clinic in the right time but have to wait like 10 minutes for the orthodontist to come
>menstrual cramps, sitting on the cold floor
>when she attends me, period comes, bleeds like hell
>I shake a lot because of the very strong cramps
>putting braces also hurts, some of them got like, "bent" on my teeth because I wouldn't stop moving
>ortho gets angry at me
>I leave the ortho but instead of going back to school I decided to go home
>have to walk to the bus point, stops everytime to sit on the street because couldn't handle the pain
>menstrual diarrhea time
>enter a random store to use the bathroom, but didn't poop yet wanted to
>arrive at the bus stop
>at this point, couldn't support standing
>take the wrong bus
>cried in the bus
>after taking longer than normal, take the right bus
>cry more
>arrive home, almost vomited on the way
>have diarrhea and vomits at the same time (at least I was in my house)
>cramps still there, had to skip my job
>vomits every time I ate something
>gets better only at the end of the day
I hate being on my period

No. 410356

I'm so sorry anon. That is the worst. I've had first-day-of-period days like this too. Once I passed out trying to mow the lawn when my period started.

But I've been told that if you're like, not in the first few years of getting your period, but you're still having this level of pain every month, there's something wrong. you shouldn't be passing out and vomiting every time you get your period. I fixed this by going on hormonal birth control. If you have access to a doctor (who will actually listen and take you seriously about excessive period pain) you might wanna check in with them.

No. 410369

Thanks anon. It is not my first years, but not every month is like this, just 3 or 4 times in a year. Once I had to go to the hospital for vomiting so much, they insisted it could be pregnancy even tho I was a virgin. I still am, actually, I went to the doctor, made exams, I had a cist in my uterus. Took birth control for a couple of months, untill it gave strange simptoms, then I made exams again and the cist was gone. I have a boyfriend now but I prefer not to take birth control pills untill I have an active sex life. Noow I just take a painkiller when I know my period will come and it helps.

No. 410394

this could go in the vent thread. why do we need a whole new thread for your shitty day?

No. 410452

Agree with this tbh. How is this any different from a vent thread?

No. 410464

Go to a doctor kid, this is not normal.

No. 410479

Use the Vent Thread.

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