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No. 409674

Focus on femmes:
I haven’t seen any gay male threads that focus on criticism of their cultural trends and etc.
but here are some of the things I dislike about the stereotypical diva type of gay man:
>get a pass for being bitchy bc it’s “sassy” (SPILL THE TEA SIS xD) but women who do the same would get canceled very quickly
>have weird obsession with straight males
>imitate black women and constantly use their vernacular
>very self absorbed and narcissistic
>can be extremely judgmental and rude to others in a way that crosses the line, but gets excused just bc people enjoy gay men living out the sassy diva stereotype
>many are blatantly racist especially on apps like grindr
>many white gays feel comfortable addressing black women like they’re the same ex: talking about their wigs or them being ashy
>very valid and shallow, constantly put down women
>some act as if they can be better women than biological women
>emulate the most hated traits in that people despise in women but get a pass for it: Being bitchy, over sexualized, gossiping, being shallowly judgmental
>very oversexualized sometimes and will interject personal details of their sexual encounters despite no one else in the room doing so
>There are videos of gay guys getting into physical fights with women as if being gay makes them any less male and any less stronger than the woman they are beating
>very very promiscuous, hard to settle down in the gay community
>cheating is very rampant
>common age gaps in relationships, many weird old gay men and young twinks
>get a pass for saying racist and misogynistic things
>very fake and gossipy, narcissistic

anyways this is most of what I can think of from the top of my head.
I’ve met a few very lovely gay men but so many of the typical femme ones are insufferable people

No. 409676

Valid is supposed to be Vapid.
as many gay males are

No. 409686

so James Charles and Jeffree Starr essentially? I still have no idea why people stan them so hard, they're exactly like op says "Being bitchy, over sexualized, gossiping, being shallowly judgmental" can we not make traits like this more famous

No. 409690

I feel like this is a right wing psyop thread.

No. 409695

not op but are you really saying any criticism of gay male culture is a right wing psyop? really?

No. 409700

I feel like this is an SJW cop out.

No. 409701

I hate it when a gay man thinks he has some special right to speak on feminism (or women's rights/issues in general) just because he's "femme". On that note, I also can't stand it when a white gay man tries to invalidate discussions about racism targeted at anyone who's not white with "Trust me, I understand discrimination. I'm gay". All forms of discrimination are not interchangeable and do not manifest in exactly the same ways, so no, you don't understand. Why is this difficult to understand?

It's also really shitty when gay men make a big show of being disgusted at vaginas. No offense, but I don't think the vast majority of female humans are exactly offering ourselves up to blatantly gay males (if only this was true the other way around, re: the cotton ceiling debate).
Straight men have never been in short supply. The amount of female sexual harassment needed to justify the current level of vitriol from some gay men just isn't there, and unlike men, women typically aren't sex-obsessed, knuckle-dragging neanderthals, so I really don't think it ever will be, lmao. Worship dick all you want, but constantly screeching about how awful vaginas are out of nowhere just makes you sound vitriolic. Maybe a little envious, too.

Finally, the entire gay male community has an unspoken pedophilia issue. I understand why it's downplayed, but it honestly needs to be talked about and dealt with. Lesbians were the first to speak up against NAMBLA marching in pride parades. Gay men were a bit more hesitant, even though the NAMBLA are/were all gay male pedophiles, which means the group was far more of a threat to gay men's image (and also to the safety of gay male youths). The only reason I can think of that they wouldn't rail the hardest against them is that there is/was some kind of clandestine crossover between the two, and they didn't want to attack their own, they just didn't want them to come "out out" like that.

Otherwise, I don't have any specific problem with gay men. I don't see much of a reason to hate/bash them in particular, as opposed to just…all men ever. Their flavor of misogyny is typically a bit different, but in the end, it's all the same male BS.

No. 409702

I hate how much straight women celebrate gay men. Absolutely anything they do women will celebrate, I hate the idea that all women need a gay best friend to ~guide us~ through fashion. Like, mate, have you seen how they typically dress?? It’s fucking atrocious and gaudy.

Don’t get me started on women celebrating drag queens when all they do is mock us.

No. 409724

Thing I ate about gay man is that you realize they are still a man first.
Some of them can be sexist af. I heard SOME hate women and everything bout them and describe them as disgusting, then go on about how gross the vagina is.

Also Gay men are so sexual. People try to deny it but they can take anything and make it sexual, it gross. Like I remeber I knew a gay guy who try to get a relationship on some apps, and he was so frustrated that 90% just wanted to hook up and not make something. He said he hated being gay sometimes. (Like yeah, sometimes apps are known to be turned into hooking up but that's not all it's for)

Also I hate the pedo like shit they do. Like MUCH older gay men having a thing for teens and like lil 17 year olds. It's as bad as straight men and them being into teen girls.

I ain't hate gay men. But they need to chill.

No. 409736

why does it feel like a scrote posted this

No. 409737

think this is honestly in response to the James Charles drama in the snow thread cuz a lot of anons have been going off on how annoying gay men can be not just pissed scrotes

No. 409738

Are gay men even human? They seem to have no other interests than sucking dicks and being dicks.

And no way gay women are getting scot free from this. A lot of lesbians are basically diet version of the above, extremly slutty and loose creatures like there's no tomorrow. Also they're the main cause of the pedophile percent among women even existing.

No. 409739

I don’t mind gay guys in general. Some of the nicest and friendliest people I’ve ever met we’re gay men. But dear lord, gay men who also happen to be assholes tend to be really insufferable and terrible in general. I think it’s be a they usually got the catty schoolgirl trait while still having aggressive male energy. These same guys are also pretty misogynistic and racist while using their homosexuality as a shield. Homophobia sucks, don’t get me wrong, but being gay isn’t a good excuse to be a bigoted asshole.

No. 409752

Settle down homophobe, are you the same rart from the kinkshame thread that asked if homosexuality is a kink

No. 409763

Couldn't all of this just be discussed in the male hate thread?

No. 409765

Yeah, it should be self contained.

No. 409767

This thread is not a good look. These issues are based around maleness, not sexuality - it's another way of being male. There's plenty of good gay guys the same way there's plenty of good straight males. Let's not focus on sexuality when it's male entitlement and aggression we're actually talking about.

No. 409775

Yeah they don't need their own thread,their problem is being men, not being gay. And they're still less of an issue for women because they inflict their garbage male sexual aggressiveness and sluttiness on each other rather than us.

No. 409783

No. 409791

Wish this thread existed earlier.
I know so many toxic gossipy awful gay guys.

No. 409852

It would be practically impossible for there to be no issues arising from the intersection of being male and being homosexual, the two are diametrically opposed thanks to inherent homophobia in masculinity. Criticism of gay men is completely ~valid~ because they definitely exhibit behaviour that straight men don't/can't, but get away with it because gay men are still seen as being separate from straight men. Denying this is ridiculous. If there was a TV program full of straight men putting on dresses and makeup then acting like stereotypical bitchy idiots it would be screamed off-air; make the men gay and call it drag and women will get these men tattooed on their bodies. Absolutely bizarre behaviour.

No. 409856

This thread is redundant when we already have a MUA and Jeffree Star thread.

Also, it makes us look bad. 90% sure this was created by the same person who made a post bashing gay people in the GC thread.

No. 409857

So take it to the man hate thread, men aren't important enough to have two threads like this. We don't keep a separate celebrity thread for talking about the gay ones

>lesbians are extremly slutty and loose creatures
Unbelievable. I hope you're a scrote, for your own mental wellbeing

No. 409865

honestly, 90% of gay men are normal people, i see no reason to "bash" them. i think people just hold these views like op because they watch too many tv shows/mua's/etc. obviously some gay men can be predatory or things like that, but i really dont see a reason for this thread because you could have just posted this in the man hate thread.

No. 409869

This thread is on par with racebaiting in the "it's going to go to hell" category. I recognize the things anon is listing in her OP and agree with some of them, but it stinks of an excuse to be homophobic. Most of this behavior exists only in the beauty guru community where everyone is a vapid piece of shit.

Exactly this. It's just male entitlement in a rainbow package, not limited to just gay guys in general.

No. 409879

Hey OP here, honestly I am not homophobic at all.
I fully support gay rights and I would never assume these traits to be true of any gay person I meet.
I specified “femme” in the description because this is more about the tendency for these sorts of characteristics that I see more often in gay men.
I have been close friends with multiple gay men and although a few of them were wonderful some of them turned out to be the most gossipy drama queens I’ve seen in my life. So I suppose this thread is PERSONAL, I was pretty mad when I wrote it.
I definitely maybe shouldn’t have put “Gay Men” as a general thing in the title.
And my criticisms of gay men honestly have nothing to do with who they’re fucking.
I genuinely do not give a shit who they have sex with
honestly don’t even care if they discussed their sexual relationships or sexuality because I am not the type of person to complain whenever gay people mention their relationships and experiences.
I just find that I’ve met irl and online many gay men who go above and beyond and discuss such things in contexts that are inappropriate for everyone else.

The reason why this is a separate thread is because these issues don’t pertain to general men.
They get a pass because they are gay and because in reality everyone loves seeing stereotypes played out and excuse this behavior in prominent gay men in the media because deep inside they think it’s perfectly fine and natural that a gay man would be like that, which in my opinion reveals more prejudice. Same as a bunch of people finding that the most hilarious black people are the ones who make an effort to act like stereotypes by talking about how they love watermelon or blah blah blah.

No. 409880

also i didn’t fully answer my own question bc im a retard, but i just think that gay femmes have a tendency to act a certain way and get a pass for it.
Ik not all gays are like that OBVIOUSLY but this thread along with any “X hate” thread talks about trends.

No. 409881

This thread is just proof that gay men are off limits and women will trip over themselves to protect them. You guys really think they give a shit about us and when they’re publicly misogynistic? Please. Just because they take it up the ass doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be criticised for the shit that’s pervasive within their community

No. 409884

the thing is tho.
this is about gay males.
it isn’t about their SEXUALITY but it’s about the tendency for gay men specifically to get a pass for toxicity and also for the tendency of these personality traits to show in femme gay men.

This topic does not include straight men AT ALL because straight men are not in primarily female spaces, nor are they protected by women.

No. 409886

forgot to add, but straight men also do not get a pass for being racist, toxic, or misogynist like gay men do.

And this thread btw is not about James Charles or Jeffrey Star because those are specific ppl and discussion about them belongs in PT or snow.

And noah fence but acting like james charles and jeffrey star are like rare cases is complete BS and if you know it

No. 409902

bullshit it only exists in the beauty community, I've dealt with gay men like this in my own family let alone my friend group let the fuck alone on youtube casually watching.
just because you haven't experienced it doesn't mean gay scrote assholes dont exist. stop being so fucking precious and virtue signally, you're happy to tear down literally anyone straight but uwu lesbians and gays are too soft to touch~~
this is lolcow, this is an imageboard. "this reeks of homophobia" okay beat it back to PULL or tumblr then.

No. 409908

>straight men are not in female spaces
>straight men dont get a pass

Anon, they sure do when they claim to be MtF trans "lesbians." I agree with everything in the OP but I'm just glad I can trust a flaming homosexual not to rape me.

No. 409912

You say this as though it isn’t pretty common for closeted gays to marry women and treat them like brood mares, only to divorce them once they’re comfortable to leave the closet and have bio kids and it turns out they’ve been cheating on said wives for years.

No. 409914

Tbh, what is it with so many (mostly straight) women and defending the honor of
>drag queens
>femme gay men
It's bizarre and makes no sense, they do nothing for us. The most gay men and drag queens have ever done for women is probably be a part of fashion, but we don't owe them shit for that, lmao. They choose to do it, most likely because they seek to control and live vicariously through us.
Like, you do know they're actually slightly more likely to hate us because they want to either skinwalk us, or are at least a little bit salty that we have access to straight male dick and they don't, right? They are not us just because they call themselves "the girls" or "sisters".

No. 409919

many women are just happy to see males validating their hobbies. the real question is, why would anyone expect a straight woman not to defend males? what benefit would being women-oriented give to straight women?

No. 409922

What gain is there to be male-aligned, even as a straight woman? If it's a boyfriend, husband, or father you're being loyal to, it's good because it strengthens bonds and generally gives you a leg up in a male-dominant society.
If it's just any Tom, Dick or Harry from who knows where, who might want to literally rape, murder and subjugate all female humans for the sin of being born with two X chromosomes….for what, lmao? Being nice and defending those kinds of men won't make them see the light, so what else is left? Potential for sex? Attention? Not to be crude, but dick is disposable, because men are obsessed with sex. No matter what we do, they will still be the main ones doing literally anything in their power for sexual and emotional access to us. It's not worth fighting or working hard for, because it's so easy to get. Also, men like feeling like the "special exception", so most won't even bat an eyelash if you shit on their whole gender as long as you praise them.

It's infinitely more effective in general to band together with other women and drive out shitty men whenever possible. It's honestly just working against yourself to be a handmaiden of any sort.
I have men in my life who are kind and caring to me, so I treat them with kindness and care in return, but I don't have it twisted about their gender. I know exactly what men are like, I recognize their overrepresentation in crime, and I pay attention to the ways they think and behave. I would never hesitate to take a woman's side in things, because men can be the worst animals alive. There is nothing to be gained from caping for men, because they aren't honorable beings who will pay you back for your deeds. In fact, they should actually be caping for us whenever possible so we'll award them with recognition, but pick-mes kind of ruin that in all their desperation and confusion.

No. 409928

>I feel like this is a right wing psyop thread.
>why does it feel like a scrote posted this
>Settle down homophobe,
>Couldn't all of this just be discussed in the male hate thread?
>This thread is not a good look. These issues are based around maleness, not sexuality
Why do SJWs feel the need to be handmaidens for their pet faggots? They don't even leap to the defense of lesbians as readily as they do with fags.

Call me as many buzzwords as you like, but if you're gay it means something has gone wrong in your head. Its the same deal with troons. There isn't anything wrong with wanting to reduce your interactions with defective people to as little as possible.

No. 409932

Why do gay males need their own special thread

Like what's about gayness that makes them especially bad compared to other types of men? Why don't we have fat man hate thread since fatty men can be whiny and entitled because of their fatness?

Sorry edgy kid but this thread seems like a bait or by some homophobe

No. 409933

Wait no wrong anon your shit about gays being wrong in the head is something to just ignore you're an idiot bigot who's not going to change your mind piss off

No. 409934

You say "homophobe" like it means anything. It doesn't. A lot of people don't give a shit how others feel about gay people.

No. 409936

Too much empathy and ingrained need to get male validation, I think. We are emotionally developed and want to uplift oppressed groups bc we can relate to them and it bites us in the ass all the time. As for the queer eye type stuff, men are presented as the competent ones in every skill even when they're just mediocre. Some women just accept that and don't question it enough, then you get handmaidens.

Gay men embody the worst traits of men and have social justice immunity to boot. They are extremely dangerous.

No. 409945

Me asking why this couldn't all be contained within the male hate thread somehow makes me a sjw handmaiden. Ok

No. 409968

>Call me as many buzzwords as you like, but if you're gay it means something has gone wrong in your head. Its the same deal with troons. There isn't anything wrong with wanting to reduce your interactions with defective people to as little as possible.
Well, this thread is officially confirmed as homophobic baiting.

No. 409976

There's Turd Flinging Monkey on YouTube who claimed he can't hate women because he's gay. Then proceeded to claim women as useless, believes women shouldn't vote and only be used to make babies and stay at home.

We need to stop excusing people who think gay men can't be misogynistic because they're gay

No. 409995

There is this guy that was my colleage in a few courses in uni that is a super femme gay boi.

He is very smart (as in, is really good in uni, we are master's students in a STEM field) but acts like a retard and I don't know why. On instagram it's all
>selfies everyday and bad makeup looks
>tmi and oversexualized shit
>"omg this is soo me sistars" memes
>omg im so gay i love dick!!! bullshit
>ariana grande stuff
>posting how much he cries all the time on his stories and is like, so depressed
>dates a different guy every 3 days, talks shit about them and refers them as "exes"
>"spilling the tea"
>also "im such a libra" or whatever star sign memes

And just attwhoring in general, he really acts like a 13 yo girl that is trying to make it on instagram, it really puzzles me like, it's so stereotyped that I can't believe that is his real personality.

It's so weird. I know a lot of gay guys and most of them are not like that. I can't help but feel a bit ugh about him, even though he likes me and talks to me on social media etc. I am nice to him because in the end I do like him, but I get annoyed at how he presents his persona, it is super weird. I hope he grows out of it, like gets a bit more comfortable just being himself.

No. 410005

Being smart isn't a personality, and I wish more people would realize that. There are a fuckton of weirdos that are good at higher educations. I know a person with a phd and who does outreach for nasa that is a furry and spergs out on his youtube channel like a 14yo with fanfictions.

No. 410006

Lmao that james charles drama really pushed you guys to make Homophobia - the thread.
I agree on a lot of these things but like some point arent even valid criticism


I mean sure but like… so what? That really doesnt mean they're bad people. Mentally unstable? Sure but like whole LC userbase is mentally unstable.

Also the chasing after straight guys never happens in real life. My social circle is composed of like 60 to 70 % gay men (thats what you get when you're an art student i guess) and the closest to that that I've seen is a couple of my friends being into discreet masc (gay) guys which is the same as lesbians being into lipstick femmes.

No. 410011

There was a gay guy I went to school with who would consistently sexually assault me. Grope me and stuff. Never stopped when I told him to. It seemed to be something acceptable in the eyes of many because he’s gay, and I never made a formal complaint because I didn’t want to be called homophobic. I recently contacted one of the teachers who would witness it a lot and never say anything and I confronted him. Totally ignored me. Funny because he’s always positioning himself as a ally to women. Oh well

No. 410015

dude, tfm isn’t gay - he pretends to be a transgendered lesbian (as a joke) as a means of using post-modernist rhetoric against radfems.

No. 410038

Because male-aligned women want to find men to marry and have kids with. Isn't that the base arrangement that gender roles are constructed on? If women pander to men well enough, they might get a decent man. Supposedly.

No. 410046

That's why you pander to men who actually have something to offer you, and why I mentioned boyfriends, husbands and fathers. Not the whole gender, kek.
Acting like Shoe0nHead and tirelessly defending all men ever nets you absolutely nothing in the long run. At best, if you're a public figure, they might throw some coins for being a good dancing monkey, but you're not about to find a good marriage or lifestyle that way (which is why Ashton Birdie's life is in shambles, Lauren Southern is as of yet still unmarried and childless, etc etc and the entire "alt right" "trad" movement is a shitshow).
Even in "traditional" terms, men are supposed to reach out for any and all women who will have him, while women are to keep up high standards and only pick the best-behaved and most worthy mates to marry and procreate with, not the other way around. With the added advent of women being able to support ourselves financially, it's even more evident that's it's them who need to do their best for us, not the other way around.
There's no logical reason to mess with this balance by panhandling for any and all male validation, because we can't (and shouldn't) be procreating with any and all males, just the quality ones.

No. 410053

>Even in "traditional" terms, men are supposed to reach out for any and all women who will have him, while women are to keep up high standards and only pick the best-behaved and most worthy mates to marry and procreate with, not the other way around.

sounds like a fairy tale. in traditional terms, women paired with a man of the highest status she could get – nothing to say of his temperament or treatment of her.

people like shoe and lauren do find value in pandering to garbage males. feeds their ego, validation, money, whatever. also pandering =/= procreating. you can pander to the lowest denominator and still procreate with a top tier chad, technically.

No. 410066

If this fairytale is true why are most women dating way below their league lmfao

No. 410072

>in traditional terms, women paired with a man of the highest status she could get – nothing to say of his temperament or treatment of her.
We don't have to do that anymore, though. Since we can support ourselves, we don't need to deal with awful temperaments or abuse in a purely utilitarian sense. We just choose to put up with them, because many of us are dumb and don't think we deserve better.
If it's about children, if we're unable to find a halfway decent mate, we can find the best sperm donors and keep it moving. There's probably a few social repercussions to that, but it fulfills the kid side of things.
That woman who suggested a sex strike until pro-lifers shape up actually had something of the right idea. Even if we all enjoy sex, men are the only ones who can be controlled with it because they're basically mindless in that sense.
>people like shoe and lauren do find value in pandering to garbage males. feeds their ego, validation, money, whatever. also pandering =/= procreating.
Even if they like it, it's just pathetic and unnecessary to pander to low-value males, which is why I said there's no point. It also rewards piss-poor male behavior with validation, which lowers the overall quality of the male population for all women. It's hustling backwards.
>you can pander to the lowest denominator and still procreate with a top tier chad, technically.
The lowest denominator are a waste of time, is the thing. It's better to keep your eyes on the top-tier guys from the jump.

No. 410082

Their excessive promiscuity is literally what caused the aids epidemic

No. 410102

Oh my god, have you seen all the supposed radfems crying about the mere idea of a sex strike?

No. 410143

What is this stupid shit supposed to mean?

Are you going to start pretending that homophobia isn't an actual thing? Gay men are some of the most persecuted people on the planet and no your nice middle class life isn't good take on what life in general is on earth. In lot of countries gay people are fucking killed

No. 410144

Also straight radfems proving once again they're bunch of homophobes. Yeah call me handmaiden or whatever but I know that homophobic radfems don't think that as a lesbian I don't suffer from homophobia and are probably going to start lecturing me how actually there exists some sort of lesbo supremancy they're oppressed by, somehow a scenario that is more real to them than admitting that hey gay people get inappropriately hated for our gayness.

No. 410283

>Feel strong urge to play with poop
>Know that in your country you can get killed for playing with poop
>Play with poop anyway
That isn't persecution its natural selection.
>Also straight radfems proving once again they're BASED
Be gay in your own time. Nobody wants somebodies fetish forced into their face. Gay people are like furries if furries refused to wear anything but their costumes and demanded everybody act like its normal.

No. 410291

^Double digit IQ right here

This thread has potential but instead it’s just full of retard homophobes who don’t understand sexuality or fag hags who think gay men can do wrong

No. 410293


You're entirely right anon, being smart does not determine your personality at all. I just don't expect anybody with an IQ over 70 to act like a pre-teen girl. It's a bit embarrassing.

No. 410298

My gay friend walked in on my then-boyfriend while he was taking a piss and proceeded to aggressively try to kiss him. I found out by the very pissed off expression on bf's face when they came out.

Would openly ask women, even if they were just acquaintances, if they did anal, when they last shaved, etc etc.

Same friend later on went to make fun of my sexual assault the day after it happened and onward.

but teehee, so much fun, it's forgivable

No. 410302

I hate that gay men can throw around female centric slurs all they like and no one will bat an eye but if we were to call them a faggot in retaliation we’d be socially ostracised

No. 410354

how about you stop fucking too if you hate men so much, become a celibate too or is that just my predatory lesbianity trying to steer you away from good pure heterosexuality?

god i hate you meme conservative bitches

No. 410357

File: 1557929257907.png (18.98 KB, 225x225, stonelosss.png)

by the way, just you know, all the stoneloss-reader level and other meme conservative guys won't respect you any better no matter how much you try to emulate them. you can keepo on sucking the /pol/-dick as much as you want but they will still hate you

No. 410361

I don’t mind gay men but something that has bothered me is the hyper sexual scene that looks like it’s in California? I was browsing Instagram and came across an account for a gay artist and it was filled with photos of glory holes at nightclubs, weird masks of women, and guys in sexualized fursuits (they did not look like the doofy sports mascot ones people usually wear). It was really bizarre.

No. 410368

i find it funny when people complain about gay men being hypersexual is that have you seen straight people and what is straight women's feminism these days? full off bdsm shit you have bdsm movies going mainstream and have you ever heard about porn in general?

look like i really don't wanna be a huge handmaiden but this hypocrisy is what pisses me off about man lovers especially.

it's hilarious to me as a lesbo to hear some dick sucker telling me that i am dirty because i am gay, when we lesbians have least stds of any sexuality. man lovers on the other hand keep eating cum and all the disgusting shit that comes with that.

not to mention that man loving women are some of the biggest supporters of patriarchy. you can whine about being brainwashed but it isnät gay men or lesbians forcing their daughters have their genitals cut up, it's manlover women. who brings their shitty boyfriends to feminism? manlovers. who are the biggest fag hags you complain about? manlovers! asa lesbian i have the practical understanding that having an alliance with gay men can benefit me, but manloving women are the ones who wanna keep gay guys as pets.

manlovers are sexually predatory towards other women, they're the ones who have dreams about having daddy dom and kidnapping other women to serve him, they're the ones who puch bdsm shit on other women they're the ones trying to kep lesbians into threesomes with their men.

manloving women don't have any kind of real solitarity between them, they're ready to drop everything for males if they gets a change.

No. 410385

>be female
>so socialized to defend men like a dog, you do it instinctively
>even without wanting to fuck them, raise families with them, etc
>so dedicated that you'll even shit on other women in male service
NTA, but like why, lmao? For what purpose would anyone be both a lesbian and a handmaiden? Especially on anonymous, female-oriented imageboards where you'll get absolutely no social capital for whiteknighting them? Do you think gay men make a habit of defending lesbians online, or…?
Even straight women aren't this fiercely protective of them. Only the dumbass homophobic OP was bashing lesbians, no one else called them "dirty".
It feels like I'm learning that some women's incessant need to defend men no matter what even transcends sexuality, jesus christ. Our gender is so cucked.
I almost want to say the only reason to get this angry over someone shitting on gay men is that you're a transbian who feels personally attacked because you know you're male and your obsession with taking over the female form is often billed as "gay" by some homophobic people, but I honestly can't even tell right now.

No. 410416

This thread is a mess

No. 410430

Some people see any criticism of a marginalised group as hatred, and then someone who does outright hate said group comes in and goes way too far. There's a weird mix of people on this site.

No. 410438

No. 410443

So I guess even lesbians will forever cape for men huh

No. 410447

>Caping for men while getting angry at women for caping for men

It's like a mobius strip.

No. 410450

I just think it's really not a good look for a board that is already GC. Now people are going to assume we're all homophobic assholes and attract the real tradthot/conservative crowd.

No. 410455

It's strange any criticism of gay men gets labeled homophobia immediately, in a female space nonetheless. They're not grouped with straight men because they have their own set of problems, and their own way to express misoginy. Most pedophilia being RAMPANT in that community; even movies that have a teen boy/old man relationship are celebrated by the general public as "queer positive". Many gay men say they've been fucked by older men when they were minors and think it's normal. That shit is not okay

No. 410456

I don't know, I think we've been good at shutting down those people, since they always make themselves known sooner or later. Don't forget, conservatives and tradthots are inherently male-aligned, which means they're at odds with any sort of feminist, pro-woman code. They're just handmaidens who want to pander to men in a different way from libfems.

No. 410458

I still don't understand why this needs to be a thread of it's own. Criticizing gay men's misogyny should put it in the pink pill thread. It just seems like there are people who want to call gay men gross for their sexual orientation in this thread

No. 410459

Fuck off transbian

No. 410462

You can criticize gay men in the pink pill thread. No one ever said you can't.

No. 410463

This thread is clearly a scrot raid.

No. 410466

File: 1557940398538.jpg (166.27 KB, 1250x650, lemons.jpg)

No. 410477

>REEEEEE everyone who says something I don't like is a man or a handmaiden!
This bullshit again?

No. 410520

Imagine being a dyke and caping for fags, the people who probably care about you the least.

No. 410533

It's really that hard for you to imagine not being a total hypocrite?

No. 410849

Yet straight women act like fighting dogs for men who rape you and kill you aka straight men

No. 410850

Did you even fully read my post cock mongler

As a lesbian, I have an practical alliance with gay men. Straight women? Not so much yet still they keep licking gay men's ass.

Straight women can screech about gays as much as you want but you're some of the biggest dick riders of all and biggest suppirters of shitty men and patriarchy.

No. 410851

Me: I am wary of straight women who hate gay men because I suspect they might hate me for being gay too
You: call me a dyke

Thanks for proving my point!

No. 410854


No. 410856

Did you even read my post? You're both idiot handmaidens. The difference is, you think yours is okay because #gaysolidarity!!! and straight women think it's okay because #notmynigel.
One more time: Do you think gay men make a habit of defending lesbians online (or IRL)? Where and when? They're misogynists, just like the rest of their gender. You look dumb as fuck taking bullets for them and jumping on this "When they cut you, I bleed! Alliance!" nonsense when no one even called you out except the OP we all told to piss off.

No. 410857

this is what a post from a clueless middle class white girl who's never had to deal with any adversity looks like.

No. 410861

Lmao. You are wrong on literally all counts, from class to race to adversity, but good strawman.
Keep handmaidening and screeching at other women for not being kind to men who are gay. That will surely help the world.

No. 410862

This just proves to me once again that straight women shouldn't ally with lesbians. As a radfem I tried to please them for years, but as a dumb straight girl I of course was never good enough anyway.
It seems as if being attracted to women also comes hand in hand with taking on male characteristics - not only do dykes style themselves and take as little care about their appearance as men (just look at lesbian obesity statistics), they also take on their personality traits. That is if being an aggressive misogynistic hypocrite counts as "personality" lol.
Rape and domestic violence between lesbian partners has always been ignored and underreported - and I'm sure that's not gonna change any time soon either, because many lesbians are so set on trying to prove that they're as women and their form of a relationship are superior.

Not saying that men who are attracted to men are better, they're just a different kind of evil.
Something I've noticed lately, is that many gay men are able to gain fame and/or are shielded when doing wrong because a huge percentage of their preteen female followers actually are attracted to them. Hell, even JS has fans who admit to "actually finding him a bit hot, hehe".
When the movie and music industry is trying to push hairy dad-bodied men onto you, when very voung girls might search for an alternative, somebody who's younger (looking), less manly, less intimidating - for example gay yotubers (this could also explain the rise in yellow fever, with kpop etc).

That these gay youtubers earn (more than just) a living while being just as bad as scary looking straight men, somehow goes unnoticed. Why do they get cheered on for throwing around words like bitch, cunt, etc? But wait, they're gay, that makes it okay, amirite? Just like being Korean makes it okay for you to be racist to black people…

There's this guy who I constantly get in my recommendations, "jerm bot", he's as faggy as one can get, but his female fans eat it up. I haven't been able to finish a single one of his videos, but as usual it revolves around making "sassy" statements, usually at the expense of women.
If they're such "unbothered kings", then why don't they dare to also make fun of men?

No. 410863

>I am wary of straight women who hate gay men because I suspect they might hate me for being gay too
That isn't even what you said. You wrote a disgusting, hateful tirade against other women in defense of scrotes who take dick up the ass.
I'm glad most lesbians aren't anywhere this retarded (or at least not in my experience). I really, really do wonder if you're actually a gay man calling himself a lesbian so you don't get banned for maleposting.
t. bi girl

> It seems as if being attracted to women also comes hand in hand with taking on male characteristics - not only do dykes style themselves and take as little care about their appearance as men (just look at lesbian obesity statistics), they also take on their personality traits. That is if being an aggressive misogynistic hypocrite counts as "personality" lol.
Nope. Fuck off with this bullshit.

This was meant to be women shitting on gay men's unique iteration of misogyny, not straight women vs lesbians. I'm so tired.

No. 410865

Yeah some lesbian radfem hate straight women for loving some men, but what can we do? Just like they can't help loving other women we can't help loving some men… I think we should still stick together.

No. 410866

Same anon as >>410863, I also want to add
>Rape and domestic violence between lesbian partners has always been ignored and underreported - and I'm sure that's not gonna change any time soon either, because many lesbians are so set on trying to prove that they're as women and their form of a relationship are superior.
This is actually not true.
The reason lesbian couples have an inflated rate of domestic abuse victims is because lesbians are more likely to report abuse they face.

No. 410867

*domestic abuse victim reports

No. 410868

Why are lesbians inserting themselves into a thread about gay men, this isn’t even remotely about you

No. 410871

File: 1558001002979.jpg (310.79 KB, 1920x1080, 09i98098uiu.jpg)

Honestly I do kinda love the solidarity lesbians and gay men can have with each other
Its like seeing cats and dogs getting along

No. 410876

Honestly, fuck off. This thread is about the sexist shit grown ass man who happen to like dick pull. Then some raging lesbo comes in and decides that she has to shit on us to defend them. They're not cute animal babies.
That's exactly the problem, being gay does not equal being good or harmless.

No. 410878

They seriously believe just not being straight absolve them from being shit people.

No. 410882

File: 1558002590861.gif (1.98 MB, 304x226, 1544551525209.gif)


No. 410885

File: 1558003100539.jpg (17.89 KB, 483x368, 33083898_10209690798706818_762…)

I don't hate gay men, I just hate faggots.

No. 410900

I'm not defending sexist gay men either I'm just saying I find it cute when I see gay men and lesbian women getting along

No. 410901

It's not cute when it's lesbians defending sexist gay men by virtue of being gay.

No. 410909

Drag is the worst. Straight and gay women who celebrate drag culture boggle my mind. Gay men put down women even more than straight men. And women who are obsessed with drag queens dont usually like other women. is it self hatred?

No. 410911

You’re dehumanising them by equating them to uwu cute baby animals that you wouldn’t think to get along but they totes do!!~

No. 410915

this topic needs to be talked about more and i'm not saying that in a "gays deserve no rights reee" way. with this whole politically correct wave you can't criticize the problems with gay men without being labeled as homophobic. a lot of people in my life are lgb and literally every gay guy i know have been encouraged by other fellow gay men and trannies to hook up with older men when they were underage. most of the homophobia they face comes from other men and they always forgive them but turn on female friends for the smallest shit. their lingo is also extremely annoying and fake, like no actual human talks like that unless they want attention. there is a difference between being feminine and being obnoxious. i don't know how wanting a dick in your ass causes you to talk like an annoying retard.

No. 410941

This discussion can be taken to the pinkpill thread.


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