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File: 1443392357890.jpg (133.34 KB, 1000x585, New-Rule.jpg)

No. 40341

"Kawaii/attractive white/black/asian/etc. girl" threads are now designated hugboxes. This means negative racial posts or images are no longer allowed in those kinds of threads. This includes posting blatantly unattractive people.

Examples of posts that are disallowed:

>>40242 (elderly black woman with teeth missing; deleted)


No. 40343

Urgh yes ty.
Now can you erase all of the existing posts from the threads or do we have to start new ones?

No. 40344

Also is they are now designated huboxes can we not have these in /g/? The entire tone of the threads are totally unsuited for /b/ as they pertain not only to women but beauty in general.

No. 40346

>/b/ - random but no stuff that hurts feelings
Seriously though stop interfering so much with /b/, let people self moderate/ignore things they don't like

No. 40347

All of me wants these types of threads to die out.
I'll take what I can get.
It's /b/, not shitpost central. Don't mix up 4chan's /b/ and /b/ in general, anything goes in /b/, just don't shit up the place. Same thing happened with the r9k infestation.

No. 40348

and who decides what a shitpost is? If we're gonna ban people for different/unpopular opinions this won't be any different from reddit.

No. 40351


Racist-chan shitposter is that you.

Also this needed to be done. Admin obviously has some kind of aversion to moving these threads to /g/ and just because they're on /b/ it doesn't give people licence to run riot, destroy perfectly good threads and bring the overall quality of the board down to cuckchan's level.

No. 40352

The problem in this case is that people make threads with a certain purpose and don't want to see them filled with lots of spam. You can't really expect them to hide their own thread.

Rules around race-related threads and comments in other /b/ threads are still relatively lax.

I'd prefer to keep them in /b/, since the specific nature of the thread subject is more likely to incite drama. A general purpose "all kawaii girls" thread can go in /g/.

I'll delete the spam in the black girls thread.

The examples in my OP should make it clear what is and isn't allowed.

No. 40354

Threads that attract a large percent of shitposting should just be deleted, not turned into hugboxes. No "safe spaces" on lolcow, please

No. 40355

/g/ already is a "safe space", sort of.

I may change my mind and just lock all "kawaii X girls" threads in the future, but I'd like to try this for now.

No. 40356


>I'll delete the spam in the black girls thread.

Urgh ty I really appreciate this actually because I like to scroll through those opening up random pics and saving them if I find them inspirational and it's awful having to dodge all of the spam pictures.

Also fucking kek that racespamming shitposter sat and wasted 3 hours straight doing that today and now all of their work is about to be undone.

No. 40358

thank you based admin

No. 40360


No. 40369

every time i see admin posts my heart starts pounding and tears of divine inspiration stream down my face
he is the messiah who leads us through dark times and into the light
praise be to st.admin, all-wise angel of justice and reason

No. 40392

>are now designated hugboxes

You really should just get rid of these threads instead. They scream of insecurity.

No. 40402

racist-chan i know you're upset your posts were removed but pls

No. 40405

>waah how dare you not like my shit threads das racist
>implying you posters from one "kawaii" race thread aren't actually the ones simultaneously shitting another one "kawaii" race's up because they don't like competition
I've never, ever fucking made a post in a single one of these threads. All 3(?) of your threads are shit and full of passive-aggressive attempts trying to one-up another. The admin is already considering locking them. Fuck off, cancer.

No. 40406

Calm down autism, posting cute girls and making threads for them isn't passive-aggressive. I'm sorry you feel that way, but you can just hide them if you don't like it.

No. 40407

No worries cancer-tan. I'm already hiding them

No. 40467

you can't sage stickied threads

No. 40473

Someone give captain obvious here a medal!

No. 40486

How about getting rid of all the /r9k/ faggots and we wouldn't have this problem. They're the only people causing moronic shit like this for lulz and all the newfags are stupid enough to respond to the constant bait.
Everytime I visit /b/, I can smell reddit through the screen.

Gas all robots.

No. 40509

File: 1443483219231.png (120.13 KB, 500x357, uJu0Q.png)

ugh, this place is literally becoming pull.

No. 40515

Nearly 100% of the race-baiting posts are from users who have posted here for at least 4 months. In many cases, over a year. It's not the robots.

You can be as racist as you like. Just make your own threads instead of spamming other people's.

No. 40560

There are people who keep the same IP for 4 months?

No. 40587

So now we can't post unpopular opinions? Why are you policing things that don't need to be policed?

I always thought knowing when to butt in and not was what made you a great mod.

I can't believe you let people crying about their feelings dictate how you moderate.

No. 40588

File: 1443532227874.jpg (67.78 KB, 900x900, shit.jpg)

I agree.

No. 40589

This. I know you mean well admin but you should just let the users be free to post whatever they want. Especially on /b/ of all places

No. 40592


Unhappy you gusy can't shit up other people's threads with unnecessary, deliberately inflammatory spam? Tough luck.

You're not banned from posting racist shit all the time, just in these threads specifically, which is the last place they belong, so shut the fuck up.

No. 40593

The fact that you need 'safe spaces' on a random image board is even more pathetic.
Get some thicker skin you whiny bitch or go to reddit/pull/tumblr where you have bitches sucking your clit 24/7

No. 40599

ITT: leg beards sperging out
First they cane for the racist-chans, but I didn't say anything because I'm not a racist-chan…

No. 40603

I would hardly define it as coming for the racist-chans, after all you can still happily go to /pt/ or /snow/and call someone an ugly nigger, and there's even right now a "racism general" thread right here on /b/.

This is more like saying "quit being a cunt and stop shitposting in these threads."

No. 40632

>Racist-chan whining

No. 40633


It's not about you shit-gobbling cunt, it's about not letting some idiots run around bring the entire quality of the board down to your insect level.

How the fuck does it benefit the board shitting up a reasonable and perfectly good thread with irrelevant opinions?
You fucks complain about selfposting all the fucking time, how is barging into a completely random thread and spewing about how much you hate black people not selfposting?

Babbies sad because Admin won't let you turn this into /r9k/ or Cuckchan's /b/ 2.0? Cri moar faggot.

No. 40635

File: 1443544711703.jpg (15.42 KB, 635x414, Alg-crying-baby-jpg.jpg)

No. 40638

OK it seems I'm not a very effective communicator, legbeards = rascist-chans
The whole thing kind of reminds me of gamergate-"it's not about sexism, it's about ethics in video game journalism!" Similarly, everyone's flipping out and going "it's not about racism, it's about freedom of speech!"
I'm sick of these people shitting up threads as well with anti-black sentiment as well.

No. 40712

admin-sama do you ever get sick of my bullshit

No. 40800

Admin-sama is impervious to your bullshit. Admin-sama is transcendent.

No. 41237

So where am I allowed to post racist stuff? /snow/?

No. 41275

No. 41286

In your own thread, cancer.

No. 41393

get back to tumblr holy shit

No. 41404

Not her but why don't you go to 8gag if you value your right to make low quality shitposts then?

No. 41425

Seriously the tumblrinas are invading. Just don't have 'race beauty' threads at all then. Needing "safe spaces" on lolcow is fucking lame.

No. 41484

File: 1443908690374.gif (578.73 KB, 268x268, No..gif)


What's fucking lame is not being able to have a nice, normal thread revolving around beauty and inspiration without having you faggots continuously fucking invade them to spread opinions nobody ever goddamn asked for in the first place.

If you morons could execute even a modicum of self control we wouldn't even have this problem in the first place.
Censorship like this thing I hate the most but it was actually me that petitioned Admin this in the end because I was sick of you fucks inability to keep your retarded, pitiful emotions inside your head where they belong and instead felt it necessary to have to come into other people's threads, open your mouth and start projecting textual diarrhoea every where.

No. 41486

You can have nice and civilized threads.
Just not on /b/ - RANDOM

No. 41487


Yeah well we're not allowed to make the kawaii <insert race here> girls threads anywhere but /b/ so tough tiddays.

I personally want admin to move them to /g/ but he won't for whatever reason.

No. 41488

File: 1443911518808.jpg (69.8 KB, 810x780, 1443382472672.jpg)

Actually with this new rule you CAN have them on /b/.

Also, it's really not that big of a deal. Just post your racism somewhere else. Simple.

No. 41501

why can't you just make a new one in /g/? i don't get it. no one is stopping you.

No. 41519


Admin and the mods will stop me.
All racial discussion is banned within /g/.
It is frustrating that Admin won't make this the exception tbh because these threads do not belong on /b/ at all.

Maybe I will try and take it up with him again but he seems to be a stubborn guy.

No. 41527

>a nice, normal thread revolving around beauty and inspiration
y-yeah th-that's totally what those threads are for, heh heh har har

No. 41583

Lol why not just have an any race 'attractive women' thread? Post as many niggers/whites/asians as you want in it. But black women are too ~*speshul desu*~

No. 41586

File: 1443972963585.jpg (45.46 KB, 800x600, the_big_lebowski3.1[1].jpg)


also this >>41583

No. 41597

Pretty sure we had that before, but then Racist-chan started screaming because "no way niggers can be pretty!!!!", then went off and made her own "Kawaii White Girls" thread.

No. 41613

no but nice try negro lol

No. 41616

whatever you say kkk-kun

No. 42707

I intend on changing this rule.

Please provide your opinions on the following subjects:

>Allowing "kawaii X girl" threads in /g/

>People posting repeatedly in other people's threads with the sole purpose of inciting the OP and others in the thread, in /b/. Both for posting ~5 posts per day, and posting 15+ posts per day.


No. 42720


>Yes. I think they belong there more than here to be honest

>To address this, you could apply the /pt/ rule about extremely irritating posts to /b/ as well

No. 42734

I've said what I had to say in >>40405. I for one do not believe those threads are honestly just about "appreciating beauty" or whatever they claim, I think they're desperately competing with one another. But I might be wrong and you'll definitely know better than anyone else.

I feel like they're slowing down now though, or maybe I just got used to and don't notice the threads as much anymore. So while I'm definitely not against banning them still, I don't care to desperately beg you for any bans now.

No. 42759

>Yes, but they also should be allowed on /b/

>it's /b/, this stuff is to be expected. It's the choice of the community to ignore or engage them.

No. 42786

Eh, I agree they might fit better in /g/. Would hopefully mean less shitposting.
I personally think there should be a rule against this because it's irritating as all fuck, but people will probably think the board is too strictly moderated if it actually gets made. It's /b/, after all.

No. 43400

Fuck you admin you arent my love anymore how can I be racist then bitch

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