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No. 396218

if you could have three wishes granted, what would they be? the only rule is you can’t wish for infinite wishes.

>want all my close family+pets to live in perfect health and happiness til the end
>enough money to buy a small house and live comfortably
>somehow reverse climate change

go wild

No. 396222

>economic stability for me and my family
>you sold me on the climate change, I agree
>small loyal bf to live out my days with
I'd wish for something bigger (like end of violent conflicts or a complete overhaul of shitty human nature) but idk how that would play out so I'm wary.

Selfish shit it is.

No. 396225

>a little more than enough money for me and my loved ones so we can be stable and some extra for things we like
>forever having a great metabolism to I can stay thin
>for anyone who has sexually harassed and/or raped someone to only speak the truth forever once the deed is done (basically liar liar but only it lasts forever)

No. 396229

>to live comfortably, as in have enough money to explore new hobbies, careers (acting and art), a cute little house, and travel
>perfect health
>a cat soulmate who dies when i die

No. 396238

>athlete metabolism
>brain that can absorb and retain a stupid amount of information quickly, makes learning anything easy
>good karma for my family

No. 396252

>All wishes considered separately for the purposes of granting.
>All wishes considered in absolute value
>Give me -10000 wishes

Or money, health, and happiness. I'd take those too

No. 396254

>never have to sleep again, i'd get so much done
>total financial security for myself and my mom
>death is what i want it to be

No. 396255

>ability to change my appearance at will with nobody noticing anything strange about it
>lifelong employment where I'm paid 100k a year to do whatever I want all day, every day, and it all looks legit and normal on paper
>my immediate family and I live long healthy lives and die naturally in our old ages

No. 396274

>guaranteed minimum $100k USD salary for any job I take on
>my children and partner never experience any harm or abuse at the hands of others
>those with political power (including big company donators or those with excess fortune) are all forced to take action regarding human right and environmental issues to better the world for everyone

No. 396284

Give me omnipotence, I can then grant myself any other power. Why depend on the genie when you can do everything yourself?
I'll save my other 2 wishes in case something goes wrong.

No. 397448

>never having to worry about living situations(Bill's, visas,etc)
>being fit forever
>having my cat with me

Moving overseas hurt me financially and I haven't recovered yet.. it's only been 2 months since I started working though. I just want to get back to financial security, even if I wasn't incredibly wealthy before.

No. 397451

That no harm ever is inflicted upon my brother, mother, and cat, meaning they all die of old age without pain.
That I have the financial power and security to support my brother, mom, and pets.
That I'm respected for my work in my dream career.

My first wish would be the most important one, and I can see most anons listed that one. As long as I'm healthy, I know I'll be able to create the financial security for my family.

Being respected and renowned for work would be my dream come true, but it's really nothing when comparing that to the happiness of the people I care about.

I'm surprised that I didn't consider anything appearance related important enough to make it in my top three, even top ten list if there was one.

No. 397452

>health, immortality and happiness for me and my family, SO included
>infinite money
>achieving all my dreams

No. 397462

>All of humankind starts working towards the greater good ; Environmental protection, redistribution of wealth and giving everyone access to shelter, healthcare and food.
>All rapists, pedos, abusers and warlords are teleported into a blackhole.
>Me, my family and my lineage get to live free of excessive stress, severe illness and abuse. (SO included)

No. 397551

>just enough money to buy a comfortable house for me and my boyfriend
>Never weigh more than 100lbs
>Family and friends to be healthy and happy

No. 397568

File: 1555002331686.jpg (92.46 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1553875212432.jpg)

>Absolutely everyone in the word have the same gigantic amount of empathy for their fellow human beings, animals and environment; in that no other human would even imagine of hurting others, it would be that unthinkable, and also abolishing any discrimination based on any other human characteristics such and sex and color.

>To every human in the planet to have access to decent living conditions for the rest of their lives; food, housing, medical care, entertainment, so on and so forth.

>For borders to be more connected; big railroads connecting the world, it's easier to travel and make cultural exchanges, and technology will flourish since no one is busy killing and torturing people for diamonds or some shit.

IDK, in my ideal post-genie wishes world, those who did bad out of pure perversion would be so guilty after the new acquired empathy that they would either: 1- off themselves 2- throw themselves in a prison or something like that to truly be reintroduced to society 3- come clean and start devouring their lives full time to help the world in the inicial phase of my perfect world's development.

No. 397569

>teleportation ability
>time travel ability
>ability to wipe the memory of my existence from the mind(s) of whomever i choose and restore it whenever

No. 397577

>forgive everyone's student loan debt
>peace, stability and equality in all third world countries
>cures for all terminal illnesses

No. 397580

I really like this anon. Developing true empathy is a key to solving world problems. Humanity would, in a way, turn into a real "mature" society that strives for the best.

Sadly, our current society is leaning towards childishness - egoism, need for exploitation and fear of the "other".

No. 397582

I have one wish, really, and that is when I die, I want to be able to float throughout time as an observer. I want to be able to go back and see things that happened but also be able to see the future.

No. 397583

1. Endless fries.
2. All dogs actually go to heaven.
3. To free Henry.

No. 397584

> End of worldwide exploitation
> End of sexism, racism, classism (any other isms)
> I want magic, witches, spells, etc to be real

No. 397588

1. World peace
2. For all my loved ones and their loved ones to never suffer.
3. Wealth

No. 397589

50 billion dollars
Absolute world domination
Great health and long life for myself and partner

No. 397591

File: 1555006163749.jpeg (8.43 KB, 275x220, 1545334997319.jpeg)

>To free Henry

ya damn straight anon

No. 397621

>world peace and everything that entails
>as much money as I need so I'll never need to work and I'll be able to spend everything I want on my hobbies and traveling
>perfect health for the rest of my life

No. 397659

>for my nan to beat cancer and also everyone whose loved ones are suffering from it
>endless money without making it look shady or weird
>being able to change the way i look as if i am creating a new sims character

No. 397686

1. environment is "fixed" and in its balance overall indestructable for humans, possibly a more humane and sustainable form of capitalism
2. world peace and end of hunger, preventable illness and poverty
3. for me to be healthy until the day I die

this genie gonna need some muscle

No. 397690

alternatively or if I could ever have more wishes:
>have a dick for a day just to see what it feels like
>colourful armpit hair is fashionable
>dogs can talk

No. 397714

>Private propriety now only lasts so long as the owner is alive, not to his children or spouse, and goes to a global fund that gives a just part of land to everyone that is born in this world, so everyone alive right now has a big enough piece of land to exist and do whatever at
>testosterone doesn't make men more violent of physically stronger any more
>All of my traumas, physical and psychological are cleared.

No. 397720

>magic is real
>there are monsters that need to be killed with said magic
>I'm good at said magic
just wanna die in glorious battle at this point

No. 397746

c..can i share? that is my dream. a badass mage fucking shit up in battle.

No. 397788

>go back in time to my first memory
>retain all my current memories and learning
>become immortal after peak physicality

No. 397805

>to have my family be super happy and healthy
>for humanity to discover quick/easy/safe spacetravel either on our own or through peaceful aliens
>to make it so I don't exist and am just an observer

No. 397817

>I want enough money to be able to live comfortably
>for my husband and I to live happily together for the rest of our lives
>a fresh start where people who’ve damaged me are completely erased from my mind and leave me tf alone

No. 397848

>complete power and control over my own and other peoples form/appearance
>Complete power over time, stopping time but I can move ect, (no ageing when I stop time)
>Sustainable living on this planet. No more exhausting resources but everyone can live conformably and can eat/drink and free healthcare

No. 397857

> A way to get rid of plastic permanently so that it no longer negatively affects the oceans/the planet
> Immortality
> $$$$

No. 397887

>unlimited money in all currencies
>10 more wishes

No. 398585

File: 1555255138453.gif (2.1 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif)

>Force all men who have ever uttered a pro-life opinion to experience 9 months of pregnancy
>a dog

No. 398594

Preferably a pregnancy caused by rape

No. 398605

ok this getting into weird fetish territories

No. 398624

original anon here: Nah, I'm just tired of men wanting women to be forced to endure 9 months of torture knowing THEY will never have to experience it.

It's easy to be pro-life when you will never experience pregnancy.

Tbh would be better if the hypothetical pregnancies happened through consentual sex - most women who seek out abortions conceived while engaging in consentual sex.

If this discussion continues I'd suggest we take it to the man-hate thread though, didn't want to derail, sorry anons.

No. 398631

>Fairy odd parents that don't go away no matter how old I get (so I can have infinite wishes and go on kooky adventures)
>Reverse global warming, and creating a lifestyle that people follow to stop it from happening again
>deus ex machina to prevent, astroids from killing us, supervolcanos from killing us, and nuclear war from killing us.

No. 398642


No. 398643

>tfw already posted and missed my chance to wish for widespread mpreg

No. 398768

Thread OP:
>Go wild
not this wild

No. 398775

>a house near the forest, idyllic and serene; I have a sexy, fit bod from chopping wood and physical labor; occasionally big, wild animals roam my garden
>undocumented, unbureaucratic, simple life
>a smart wife that loves me for some odd reason, even when I'm smelly from working; she is quiet and mysterious and pragmatic, I'll never know her thoughts

No. 398780

not OP
Please take your degeneracy somewhere else

No. 398791

please write a novella based on this, I beg of you anon!

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