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How do I go about making friends that respect my boundaries, are honest with me, and don't use me for what I have but hang out with me just because they like who I am?

I'm sick of putting my trust into friends who betray me or aren't to be found when I need a helping hand, after I've helped them so so much.

Any tips? Where do I go to look for friends? I don't really know anymore and have been isolating for a while. I just work, and come home, and read books. That's it.

No. 39421

You won't. Welcome to adulthood.

No. 39429

Adults almost rarely have close friendships, the best you'd get is some work buddies to get drunk with from time to time.

No. 39483

Friendships are not planned. Just go out and do your favourite things and you'll meet people, then hang out. I'm in the same situation as you. It's very difficult but if you figure out what you like you'll most likely meet people doing that activity, whatever it may be.

Then I suppose when you find those friends remember not to make one person or one group your everything. Y'know, just develop yourself as a person and don't focus on others and they'll appear when you least expect it.

No. 39484

PS - treasure the people you have in your life currently because if you're anything like me, I spent all my time with one boyfriend and as a result only have one real friend and even then I rarely see them. I don't have a big family either, so be glad you're not me I guess.

No. 39832

anon, meet my parents. they gave me unrealistic life expectations by having tons of friends, many of whom they're really close with and they're not even status friends, my ma and pa are just genuinely friendly people, unlike me.

if you can't make honest, true friends, the problem is you. unless you live in a really sparsely populated area you can't escape or have social phobia or sth.

No. 194087


Well that's just depressing… I hope for my sake, it's not true

No. 194107

Rare but not impossible. School gives you so much time to socialize as kids but as an adult now you gotta put yourself out there. Good luck anon, I'm sure you will find people if you try.

No. 194140

Join a meetup group or take classes! Also join a friend finding website. It takes time to find people you connect with, but I promise this works.

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