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No. 392219

I know it’s ironic to post on this board alongside the MH, gender critical and radfem general but I feel that my misandristic sensibilities are starting to get a little out of hand - put simply, I feel that I’m getting too old for this shit. Having a healthy suspicion of males is normal, but I’d really like reel back this mindset to a degree. The only problem is that every time I step outside or go online, males ruin my progress agin and again by showing how shit they are.

Does anyone else struggle with this?

No. 392223

>The only problem is that every time I step outside or go online, males ruin my progress agin and again by showing how shit they are.

Kek. The sad truth.
Anyway I knew a lady age 90 who was a real manhater, or rather she had no tolerance for male bullshit, having survived both WW2 and abusive husbands. I don't think you get too old for it, just experience more and more of male bs the longer you live.

No. 392242

well, if you don't want to be a misandrist.. dont interact with men kek

No. 392244

>The only problem is that every time I step outside or go online, males ruin my progress agin and again by showing how shit they are.
Why do want to hate them less when this is your experience? I mean are you ‘misandrist’ in the sense that you purposely seek out men and start shit with them for no reason? No? Then your disdain is perfectly justified. Refusal to give their kind more benefit of the doubt more than they deserve, to tolerate bullshit bc society thinks it’s nbd isn’t “unhealthy” or whatever and we should stop feeling guilty about it.

No. 392247

Why? Who cares? Men are mean and cruel and deserve our wariness.

No. 392255

I'd like to cut down, mostly for my mental health but also because the men I'm closest to are actually good people.

I'm prone to getting fixated on shit and this has been my recent thing since it's based in truth and gives me that good anger high. I spend way too long each day considering a new thing men do and upset myself with it. Sometimes it gets serious and I feel like dying lmao, mostly because, though I hate them so much, I really desire partnership with a man.

I'm guessing that changing it is like changing any mindset. I used to hate women too but stopped that, so there may be hope for men too.

No. 392259

I've felt this a few times but then I remember that men never feel guilty for trashing women even in real life so it doesn't matter. They seriously say the nastiest, meanest shit and do not hesitate to stalk and beat on women.

Be aware of their bullshit but don't let it consume your life and seep into everything little thing you do. You're just feeling guilt and empathy when there's no real reason to because men absolutely do not return the favor.
Take a break from /ot/ if you think it's consuming you but calling out men on their bullshit is perfectly justified.

No. 392281

I don't understand the complete and under hatred of men. Maybe I benefit from them? Most men have only ever been good to me. Save for one guy, but he was a shitty person, just as there are plenty of shitty women I have to deal with every day. The majority of great bosses I've had were male. The most supportive and encouraging people have been, too.

If I had to count, the amount of positive interactions I've had with men compared to women are probably 5:1.

No. 392284

File: 1553883766149.jpeg (51.74 KB, 720x720, 2D0B31B9-8B03-41E9-A0E5-45BACE…)

Maybe because you’ve only had good experiences of them? I think you’ve wandered onto the wrong thread. I’m not interesting in hearing the tedious fucking takes on how to recover from a debilitating hatred of men from sheltered people who can’t even understand misandry to begin with.

No. 392285

My hatred of men has made me cherish the good ones in my life more than I feel the average person cares about their loved ones. It probably has a lot to do with my area, but it really wasn't that hard for me to find a wonderful man to marry and a great set of male friends. I think women in certain areas have a harder time because misogyny is more socially acceptable there.

The important thing is to not subscribe to the idea some anons have that there are NO lovely men out there and anyone who seems good is a ticking time bomb. And if you live in a particularly bad area, consider moving if it's an viable option.

No. 392301

Idk, sounds like you folks are the sheltered ones imo.

No. 392305

… have you read the man-hating threads ever? Most of the participants hate men because they've been severely abused by them. Fuck off with calling rape survivors "sheltered", you ignorant cunt.

No. 392306

Pretty much this, men as a whole ARE trash but a small handful are ok.

I guess the only thing I should watch is my edgelord humor when I'm talking irl. The decent guys in my life take part in discussions about gender equality and jokes about toxic masculinity , but if instead just ranted that I was literally just waiting for them to rape and kill someone because no man can ever be redeemed, then that's not gonna help anybody lol
I don't think we need to worry about this though, even in the pinkpill thread people are mostly on board with the idea they're discussing the shit majority and systems of masculinity rather than every single guy including your brother… Unlike on redpill forums that are just generalise literally all women.

No. 392308

>i haven't experienced it so I don't understand it
Take a look at any news source and tell me what you see.

No. 392309

Please, you already have like half a dozen threads exclusively for misandry. You don't need to make this one the same.

No. 392311

Yeah, cause those are shit men. And actually I was sexually assaulted. He was a shitty person. I've had plenty of great experiences with men and I've never experienced misandry because of my experience.

Most of the shit in those threads sounds like LARPing and people coming off of reading threads in /r9k/. In fact those threads remind me of the same shit, just reversed.

>fuck off with calling rape survivors "sheltered"

>ignorant cunt

Absolutely toxic, lol.

No. 392312

This tbh

If you have nothing of value to add, you could at least sage. OP is not looking for your blogpost about how men are very kind to you specifically.

No. 392315

Everyone else is blogposting continued misandry so, why the fuck not

No. 392318

I don't hate men for being male the way they hate us for being female, I just hate misogyny. Too bad they can't see us as human beings and this is all too evident online, so whenever I'm here I hate them. But IRL I find it easy enough to be normal about it, I just tell myself "innocent until proven guilty" but also proceed with extreme caution and keep my distance.

No. 392332

Indeed, then read a couple of books about history, religion and different cultures and notice a few patterns.

No. 392338

Nta but
>men may be evil but they invented EVERYTHING!!!
We know. They're so polarized that it really rattles me. It's like how they're either geniuses or retards while women are mostly average.
They're both the worst of the worst and the best, but would I trade it for a society of only gentle averages? Perhaps.

No. 392346

If you want it to calm down, cut yourself off from places and sites where manhate is talked about 24/7. After a while you will begin to relax your stances on men being trash, if that's in fact what you want. People have innate differences, yes, but mutual respect is not impossible or even improbable.

No. 392354

Not OP but each time I relax about men and think they are not so bad there is some new atrocity commited by men against women and children in the news, or some man IRL turns out to be a huge misogynist wanker.
While yeah, this is an overall quite negative site to spend time on (lots of focus on bad stuff) but at the same time it's generally what men actually do IRL that breeds resentment.

No. 392356

I meant as in male violence, need of being in charge and shitting everything up with warfare, misogyny and general retardation around gender roles being patterns.

No. 392367

I find it helps to remember to have some empathy. As a woman I don't like how men assume that all the bad stereotypes about women are true, so I shouldn't expect a man to like how women assume that bad stereotypes of men are true. There are shit men and there are shit women. I feel that when these people get called out and are forced to face the consequences of there actions, it's focused around gender rather than being about them just being a bad person. If a man commits a crime against a woman, it's used as justification to hate all men and when a woman commits a crime against a man, it's used as justification to hate all women. The whole debate about men and women in general seems like it's framed by the extreme fringes of either side while most people stand confused in the middle.

No. 392390

This isn’t even remotely true, women have made huge advances for societies with men taking the credit and even now continue to do so - look at all the women who excel in academics, we greatly outnumber men, and yet you’re trying to telling me that we’re all mostly average? Yeah nah, that doesn’t add up. It’s almost as though it would be skewed to seem that way because women up until very recently weren’t allowed the same academic resources men were.

No. 392392

I don't even understand this blind hatred for men. Each person is an individual, there are men I like and men I dislike, just like there are women I like and women I dislike. I believe this sort of toxic mindset is lack of empathy, thinking the world is black and white and that there's a clear enemy out there. Everyone feels pain, everyone feels lonely, everyone feels scared from time to time. Leaving behind the "us vs them" thinking and learning to see them as individual human beings is the best thing you can do.

No. 392419

Sitting on the fence being comfortably moderate is all well and good until you look at actual statistics and see that real life isn't so conveniently simple. If you want to stick your head in the sand, fine, but don't act like most misandry isn't rooted in deep empathy for the gender which is overwhelmingly harmed and oppressed by the other.

No. 392441

Then keep on disliking them? OP said she wanted to try and ease back into a more even keel, if possible. My response was directed to her and frankly I don't know why you'd bother restating the point that men are shit. Yes. They are shit. Still, if you want to hang with mixed groups in the real world then my advice stands.

No. 392445

Think of the fact that men do most of the heavier, harsh, dangerous work. Remember that most of the people who built our progress and advanced our society are men. And remember that women rights wouldn't exist without the support of kind, benevolent men who see us as their equal. That's how I move on

No. 392453

>Think of the fact that men do most of the heavier, harsh, dangerous work.
Because they want to. Getting dirty + showing off how "strong" you are = cool and manly.
>Remember that most of the people who built our progress and advanced our society are men.
Because we were reduced to birthing machines who were kept inside the house.
>And remember that women rights wouldn't exist without the support of kind, benevolent men who see us as their equal.
Those exact same rights that they kept away from us for millenia.

No. 392457

Men's willingness to do manual labour, especially ourdoors, is their main redeeming trait to me. They are stronger than us and that is very valuable. I would never try to say we're better off without them due to that fact alone, but it doesn't exactly compensate for how they actively held women back all throughout history to keep us home, instead of in academia and the workforce doing more for society.

Men are not benevolent. They only do what helps them and their lineage, and most of the time that is exerting complete control over our reproductive systems.

No. 392466


I honestly just don't think much about people in general in my day to day life. I distrust most people. I'm a pretty fair pessimist in that regard.

Yeah lots of men suck, but men are human, and humans are terrible and I have very low expectations of them to begin with.

No. 392467

>Sitting on the fence being comfortably moderate is all well and good until you look at actual statistics and see that real life isn't so conveniently simple. If you want to stick your head in the sand, fine, but don't act like most misandry isn't rooted in deep empathy for the gender which is overwhelmingly harmed and oppressed by the other.
We've come a long way as a society. None of my ancestors lived safer lives than mine. I choose to focus on the progress we're making. I know men are better today than they were yesterday and I know tomorrow they can be even better. That's why I don't hate them as a whole.

No. 392472

you can argue with the misandrists of this site as much as you want, it's like trying to convince a poltard the holocaust is real. They don't care and will go on living in their tiny sad bubble.

No. 392481

Same here, OP. It's gotten way worse once I discovered some "interesting" manosphere forums where men show what they really, truly think of women.
Realistically seen, not all men are like that but I doubt even the better ones can resist being influenced by their vile, prejudiced peers.

No. 392482

What do you argue about? What are you trying to convince us of? That men are good? I don't get what your goal is.

No. 392484

>it's like trying to convince a poltard the holocaust is real
How fucking retarded are you? The misandry at least comes from a real place, often traumatizing personal experiences. How the fuck can you seriously sit there and compared people who distrust men due to THINGS HOARDS OF MEN ACTUALLY DO/HAVE DONE to people who deny the holocaust?

No. 392487

This thread has the worst handmaidens I have ever seen anywhere on this website

No. 392489

Aren't you in the wrong thread? OP just wants to lead a life with less hatred. It's not complicated.

No. 392490

>Remember that most of the people who built our progress and advanced our society are men.
>Because we were reduced to birthing machines who were kept inside the house.
How is it that so many people ignore this fact?

No. 392493

Yeah, but OP also acknowledged it's pretty hard to do that considering how men often behave. Forcing herself to pretend men aren't awful isn't going to fix her problem. Accepting there's decent men among the garbage pile is the only rational way to alleviate the hatred.

No. 392496

Right? Jesus christ they must have been rearing to go at the first chance they get to defend men.

I empathize with OP and don't blame her at all. It's hard to cope with male bullshit when they're so closely connected with our lives, and we could have some constructive discussion on how to deal. But nope, it's creepy handmaiden 'women wouldn't exist without male benevolence' arguments.

No. 392498

>it's like trying to convince a poltard the holocaust is real
calm down anon, you forget to take your autism pills this morning

No. 392524

Guess who were mostly responsible for holocaust by the way lmao

No. 392526


No. 392533

I mean thats a tough philosophical question
was the Average German civilian involved for the death caused or was it just the men giving orders
If your life and your families life depended on you executing the "Untermensch" would you do it ?

No. 392537

Some people will reach to the heavens and beyond just to absolve men of blame for absolutely anything, lmao.

No. 392538

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in the OP, but I just wanted to clarify my position that I think misandry is completely rational and morally neutral. It’s for my own personal health that I want to stop being misandristic, but because I feel it’s unfair to males (in fact, they deserve much worse).

No. 392539

*not because

No. 392540

>If your life and your families life depended on you executing the "Untermensch" would you do it ?
Please say you're joking and don't actually believe shit this dumb. The reasons why nazis succeded in getting this much power are deeper than this comic book villian level of reasoning.

No. 392541

I mean, what exactly are you gonna get out of hating some random guy who's not a criminal and never raped anybody? It's like people seek out reasons to get mad at everything. That's not good for your mental health.

No. 392547

File: 1553913540983.gif (29.17 KB, 150x90, 1298301273.gif)


>tfw even lolcow has "NOT ALL MEN" apologists

No. 392549

You're gonna end up ulcers and hemorrhoids if you don't stop being angry at all men you come across.

No. 392551

a lot of us have men in our lives who we love and cherish sorry for that

No. 392553

No one cares tho

No. 392554

Riding the high horse called dick huh

No. 392556

This is the most idiotic bait thread. It's obvious. It's also lame.

No. 392557

I have great men in my life too as friends yet I absolutely hate men too because I recognize that the men I like are exceptions and not the rule

No. 392559

Almost every person in my life I cherish is male and I'm not enough of an idiot to think men as a whole haven't given women damn good reason to be weary and distrusting of them.

No. 392560

Being a misandrist doesn't mean you automatically hate every person with a penis regardless of what they've done. It means the actions of men as a whole have lead you to be extra cautious, have trust issues, and acknowledge that males in general are extremely fucked up and typically far more sadistic and evil than women. There's very few outliers even in the man-hating thread who blindly hate all men with no exceptions.

No. 392562

weary is tired, wary is fearful.

the more you know.

No. 392566

To be fair to anon, many of us are also tired of them.

No. 392576

Everything you said is pretty fair besides the idea that "men in general are extremely fucked up". I don't buy that one, sorry.

No. 392602

would it help to admit that half the shit we accuse men of applies just as well to women? like robots love to bait us with the graph that shows men attracted to young teens but like, this site is full of fujos and it's not just fantasy. my bf said that he got hit on at like 6 times by adult women when he was under 15 and he's not some model he's a a nerdy slouch

No. 392614

but are all fujos into young boys? being a fujo doesn't mean young boy, necessarily. not a fujo but like, i admit i am into a certain type of man (very skinny, facially feminine, fragile) but it doesn't mean young. men have an obsession with age. a girl could literally look 44 but actually be 17 and men will fetishize that shit because she's literally 17. i don't think so many women have a hard on for being young or barely legal.

i see so many marriages ruined by men going after 20 year olds that look, really, hardly, or no younger than their ex wives. i think a lot of these women you're speaking about are just into feminine men and typically this is something boys and men don't want and they actively try to look more masculine, because it's not very acceptable in society for men to be androgynous, so it's associated with men being young. i don't think it necessarily means young though, it's just the only time when being/looking feminine as a male (without being like, troon-y) is acceptable.

No. 392667

Yeah this. I have and have had positive relationships with men as individuals.
It's sane as a woman to be weary, wary and angry with men as a group though.

Op if you feel to stressed, may I suggest the usual like meditation, mindfulness, working out, etc. Spend more time hanging out with women and helping other women.

No. 392689

>Now fujos are perverts hitting on young guys because they like reading fanfics of 2D shounen characters
Are you that sperg who keeps directing every discussion to how fujos are practically the Hitler of 2010s?

No. 392695

no wasn't even meaning to directly link the two it was more like 'fujos and btw also there's this'. but i mean
>it's only 2D
is still a silly thing to be promulgating because you know that you won't wave away lolicons the same way

No. 392701

There's a world of difference between a pedo male whacking it to an obviously 6-year old little girl and a fujo girl getting off to an ambiguously drawn 16-year old boy that can be interpreted just as well as a 25-year old if you don't read his wiki page, dipshit.

The "women can be just as bad as men!!" claim is retarded as fuck to begin with, a male often has 8 inches and 50-60 pounds on an average woman and men still commit 99% of all rapes and make only 9% of all rape victims. Some hag hitting on a young male is in no way comparable to an old geezer harassing a young woman. They're both being sexual harassed, yes, but statistically the young man was never in any danger and is way less likely to experience it. I know this is a "how to stop being misandrist thread" and all but drawing false equivalences and ignoring facts is not going to get you there. Admitting statistics =/= misandry.

No. 392725

not to be.. i dunno whatever, but you're just saying that women want to do as much as men but they don't as much, and aren't as scary when they do, because they're not as strong aren't as brave. Which to me is an argument that men are not morally worse just, you know, happen to be strong.

No. 392730

How would a fujo not know they're 16 if they're obviously reading/obsessing over shit? Dude I don't even like men but you're literally doing a "they're not the same so therefore it's ok" like Christ just admit you're a fujo and mad someone brought it up

No. 392731

>aren't as brave
This just in, raping people is now considered bravery!

No. 392736

Just stop wasting time on the MH thread. Every time I scroll past that thread I feel secondhand embarrassment because of all the victimism.

No. 392738

sorry, i meant bold. physically confident

No. 392739

starting to feel like this is a male

No. 392740

They’re not bold, they feel entitled to our bodies and know that most women wouldn’t be able to fight back without a weapon of some sort. Jesus, who the fuck uses the words bold and brave to describe rapists, what is wrong with you.

No. 392741

Either a man, or someone brainwashed.
>Only men are bold, brave and confident enough to kill and rape! Women are totally just as bad, but they're too weak, stupid and incompetent to reach our level.
is a way misogynistic men defend their insane crime rates. They re-define it as a point for them, rather than acknowledge it as fucked up. Sadly, some of us buy it.
Women straight-up are not as bad as men, on average. There are exceptions, but there's a reason you'll instinctively feel a lot less endangered in a room full of women than in one full of men.

No. 392749

you are twisting my words. What is the right word then? Whether you agree it's like this or not: if you have and male and a female with equally bad morals, the man carries out a murder because he knows physically can whereas that woman doesn't try because she knows she couldn't - the man has more __? what am i supposed to use

No. 392753

File: 1553952690786.jpeg (441.71 KB, 1600x900, 1B7E061C-2BB8-4999-805B-869BB7…)

It’s similar to how white people justify genocide against people of other races by claiming that other races would have done the same if they had the technology to do so. Scrotums really have no place commenting on this thread.

No. 392755

When it's solely about having bad morals, men still have us beat in that regard on average, lmao. That's just life.
In fact, if it was just about strength, lots of women would be taking steroids and getting strong solely to get a leg up and be able to do all the things they wouldn't otherwise be physically capable of. But that doesn't happen. I wonder why.

No. 392759

The availability of knives and guns has put male and female killing ability at a parity almost, and yet the ratio of male to female violent crimes is like 11:1. But I’m still pretty sure this is a male (fucking lol at calling rapists bold and brave).

No. 392760

That is a disgusting image.

No. 392762

this is the fantasy i'm trying to address. The woman with a gun or knife is still no match for a man because of exactly what i'm trying to say -the knowledge that you are probably going to get hurt more than you hurt them even if you have your knife. You don't just stab a guy and they fall down dead instantly

>brave and bold

what is the fucking better word then? nobody has said a better word!

No. 392764

youre thinking strength but even that doesnt hold up since theres nothing stopping a woman from targeting other women. despite women being le smol and weak uwu, we still have our taller,shorter, thinner and thicker types, theres nothing stopping a strong woman from victimizing, robbing, and assaulting another weak woman, or even assembling girl gangs to target other women, like how men do to other men all the time. yet you still dont see this happen.

even with the advent of guns, a weapon that requires 0 effort or physicality to shoot, we still dont see women committing as much crime as men do.
at some point you just have to ask yourself whats really going on here? is it really about the "capacity" to commit crime or is there something more?

No. 392772

that's true. this has all got a bit off track from what it was a response to which was the statements
>There's a world of difference between a pedo male whacking it and a fujo girl getting off
>The "women can be just as bad as men!!" claim is retarded as fuck to begin with, a male often has 8 inches and 50-60 pounds on an average woman and men still commit 99% of all rapes and make only 9% of all rape victims.
because the point is simply that by bringing size into it this post itself contradicts the idea that there's a moral disparity. Maybe there is, but this disgusting fujo isn't selling that idea

No. 392775

I read that women are actually better shooters than men because of our lower center of gravity.
So, if we were just as bad as them, we'd most likely be over-represented in gun crime. Still, that's not happening. It's almost like male violence isn't actually the default of humanity, but an issue with themselves that they've simply refused to fully acknowledge all this time.
This thread is really going the opposite way. Anyone who considered stopping being misandrist is literally just getting more reasons to continue ITT.

No. 392778

NTA, but I'm not really seeing a contradiction. It can be both. Both size and moral disparity explain why we're not as bad.
Men are worse off morally alone, but even the few among us who are as "just as bad" as any man simply aren't as much of a threat because we're not as strong (and since we already aren't as bad, we're also not trying to get around our physical weakness en masse by using guns, heavy lifting, drugs, etc to make ourselves strong enough to commit evil acts).

No. 392781

>This thread is really going the opposite way
If people are 100 against this thread and just want to convert OP instead of discussing get ideas they should leave OP and her thread alone, at the very least hide it after making a first and only post if publicly disagreeing is so important
We don't like it when scrots invade feminist spaces and can't stop themselves coming back to reply, so it's kind of hypocritical to not let her have her containment thread

No. 392783

We are discussing, though. All we've done ITT is debate bad arguments and fallacies.
I don't think OP wants some kind of "Man Love Containment Thread", she just wants to chill out about disliking men so much. The only problem is, all the "Men aren't that bad" or outright male defense/handmainden-ish talking points that are starting to pop out of the woodwork are just wrong when you look at hard reality. Once you wake up, you'd have to turn off your brain or literally become delusional to go back.
The only way out is probably to accept that men are pretty bad, but try not to let it get you down somehow.

No. 392792

File: 1553958590683.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 71.76 KB, 650x400, 4826E3AF-83DC-45B4-BD26-F754D3…)

The fucking state of this thread. I’m with the ultimate Nigel and I still don’t shill men this hard.

No. 392795

You want to stop hating men? Just get off lolcow.

It’s that simple. The real world panders to men at every instance. Lolcow is an abnormality and doesn’t represent the real world at all. Just stop going on here, problem solved.

No. 392799

There’s a difference. When a fujo is fantasizing about some teenaged anime boy, is she imagining that she’s in highschool along with him? In my experience, that’s usually how it goes. Men into loli and other pedobait get off on the power balance and fantasize themselves as the older man.

No. 392802

But I didn’t get my hatred of men from lolcow! If anything, being on female spaces like this helps to ease my misandry because it offers me a temporary retreat from male presence and the misogyny which accompanies it. Misogyny is everywhere is mainstream society and I feel that it’s gotten exponentially worse with ironic meme culture.

No. 392806

>Once you wake up, you'd have to turn off your brain or literally become delusional to go back.

I consider my men are great, maybe one of them will love me and we will have a fulfilling and fun relationship phase as delusional. There's no way I'd go back. My opinion now is something like men can be good when they try really hard, but even the best men can't be trusted and you should prepare for disappointment at any turn

No. 392808

To add to that, I think men as a gender are all flawed, maybe testosterone is a poison idk. But the idea of a man loving a woman the same way women love, is insane to me now. And actually men have admitted to me that they don't love the same way women do.

No. 392819

>the idea some anons have that there are NO lovely men out there and anyone who seems good is a ticking time bomb

I mean…that's a fact. I've been (and am currently, without my consent) the "backup plan" for too many men to count, men with long term relationships who will keep either chatting to me constantly, meeting me, or just stalking me online…this has gone on my whole life. I have only viewed them as friends but it's quite clear what their interest really is. Even your "lovely" man has a backup plan or two. The worst men will outright cheat, see escorts, whatever, but the best will have "backup plans" which are extremely active and tended to on a daily basis. By the way once I realised this was happening, I stopped talking to the guys, I was a little too trusting and innocent when I was younger. But it still happens (and is currently happening to me still), and I would absolutely describe all these guys as kind, thoughtful, caring and so on. I mean maybe you have ongoing backup plans too, but I find that to be shitty behavior and the "best" ones all do it.

No. 392822

OP, honestly this is something you have to learn to live with if you value your self-preservation as a human female. I've been in your shoes, I've gone through the "I don't want to hate males because it makes me feel terrible and hopeless since they are like the other half of the population" phase and I can assure you I tried to focus on the "good ones" in my life but honestly I think the best way to cope with that feeling instead of drowning in self delusion like het women and handmaidens do is just to understand that they aren't really jackshit, and that it isn't really very hard for us to be better than them. Don't be in a constant state of hatred/fear towards them but never expect too much from them neither, and keep a security distance from them emotionally speaking since you'll have to deal with them anyways. Be nice to them, be a nice decent person which is just the way to go, but don't let them take an advantage of you or to manipulate or control you and you'll be fine.

Most of my "meaningful" relationships I've had since my teens have been with males and I can tell you, they aren't the same as us, they'll never be. That doesn't mean they have automatically to be bad, but hell, even the most decent ones are 9/10 times extremely retarded and you need to constantly make sure they don't fuck up things and mommy them. They just require a ridiculous amount of attention and validation from females all the time it blows my mind. There is a reason why men tend to vastly die and kill themselves in such ridiculous ways so often when they are left to their own.

Fuck off retard. Go outside and actually attempt to have meaningful and trustable relationships with them outside the "teehee my toyboy friends/bf" and try to say again they "aren't that fucked up". That if you aren't another male larping for a chance who felt called out. This also goes for the rest of you in this thread, fuckers.

No. 392830

>I mean…that's a fact.
Except it's not. Your anecdotal projection proves nothing.

And no, my husband definitely doesn't have a back up. He has no friends and I'm a housewife, so I know for a fact that when he's not at work (which I drive him to and back from) he's at home with me. And he's never on the computer, so I know he's not secretly chatting with anyone.

No. 392832

>even the most decent ones are 9/10 times extremely retarded and you need to constantly make sure they don't fuck up things and mommy them. They just require a ridiculous amount of attention and validation from females all the time it blows my mind.
This is my relationship with my best friend. He's emotionally dependent on me in a very "mother/child" way to the point where my husband took serious issue with it and I've had to pull away a lot. I think it stems from mommy issues and the fact he's been a magnet for extremely toxic emotionally abusive women.

No. 392834

Everytime I start to think that this world would be better without men in it, I just think about the 4 years I spent at an all-womens college and how much I hated it. That experience is truly what took me from "all men are trash" kind of feminist to "feminism means men and women are equal"

No. 392835

>But the idea of a man loving a woman the same way women love, is insane to me now.

Same. I've realized that my idea of love aligns more with other women's idea of love. I look at some of my friends who still live in the delusion that their boyfriends will one day match up to the "female" idea of love and just want to laugh. Men as a whole are completely different from us, but in more negative than positive ways.

Wish I could go back to when I was more naive about men or we could change our sexuality, kek. Sorry OP for the lack of advice.

No. 392840

I hope to god your trolling

No. 392849

I think you should spend 4 years at a maximum security male prison and come back to me about how awful your college years with women were.

Better yet, even an all male college would probably make you want to drop out after the first month.

No. 392854

OT but oh my God when I was applying to colleges one of my safety schools was 75% male (small STEM school). You could really tell they wanted to balance out the gender ratio because they hounded me with emails and letters trying to convince me to enroll. I shudder to think how fucking miserable it would've been to go there.

No. 392872

File: 1553970026326.jpg (442.86 KB, 580x1449, soldakiedit_20print6thundersto…)

i struggle with this all the time

i know logically not all men are shit, but it's hard to trust them in current society when it seems they have inborn hatred of women. constant microaggressions and sex wars are tiring.

i have resigned to care about fictional husbandos because i'm just too tired to want to reveal myself to a man only to be hurt by him and his bullshit. fake men won't cheat on you because they need more pussy. fake men won't start to lose interest in sex with you because they watch too much porn. fake men won't suddenly snap and kill you.

i care about equality, though it's very hard not to constantly be disgusted by the things men do based on sexual urges. men ruin trust, rape, torture, and kill based on sex. it's just the worst.

No. 392877

File: 1553970960984.jpeg (230.71 KB, 985x896, 42A7DC14-9291-4F85-9A3B-2079BA…)

This, who is that guy in the picture by the way? My husbando is Eren Jaeger.

No. 392878

This is the fact that unironically makes me want to kms.
Sometimes I'm fine with the fact that men in relationships are essentially just pets, but it also really gets me down a lot, too.

No. 392881

NTA but isn't it Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear?

No. 392900

I'm pretty sure it is

The art direction on that game is great, everyone looks crazy bombastic.

No. 392962

My girl. Looking at attractive husbandos knowing they will never hurt and betray you is the way to go. Reality and relationships with men is fucking boring anyway at least the ones I've had.

No. 392965

what was bad about the women's college?

No. 392977

frankly i'm not sure what a real-life man has to offer me that i can't achieve on my own using my imagination and a dildo.

No. 393013

File: 1553986975944.jpeg (292.42 KB, 848x1199, E4FFB0FD-11AB-4B21-B188-E906C8…)

Most men are broke, dusty and worth fuck nothing, but I’d still deviate from my celibacy if a cute and nice guy wanted it tbh

No. 393045

i wish i could get into casual sex but i'm too scared of STDs, rape, and having to guide a stranger on what feels good to me every time. too much effort. men have it so simple.

No. 393048

Has anyone else grown up as a kid with all boys as friends, and not liking "girl" stuff, so not having a lot of girl friends? And being kind of annoyed with girls because "they just cause drama". This carried on through high school/college, then at some point there was some rude awakening that by around that age, guys turn into literal demons.
I didn't see it right away, I only did when I moved back to where my original friend group was. Guys I've known for 10 years, "good guys", just didn't care about me anymore. They wanted to see what sexual things they could get out of me.
Obviously not all of them were bad, but very very few I was able to keep. It's weird to come from a place of only wanting guy friends, to now only (mostly) wanting girl friends.
Guys don't have to be total woman-hating rapists to be pieces of greedy, selfish shit. You also don't always know right away if they will be (come on.. 10 years…). It's so hurtful.
So whatever anons want to, idk hate men less or something, please still be extremely wary. Yes you can give guys a chance, but drop them right away after any sign of something being wrong. Even if it's something that just hurts a little bit emotionally.
Mine, and probably most of the other anons here, wariness of men has come from my own experiences and came before these threads.
I've also had no experience with a relationship with a good guy, because they've all just wanted sex. Most of them don't give a shit.

No. 393066


>Grow up as tomboy with only male friends

>Suddenly male friends show romantic interest if you
>If you don't reciprocate they ditch you, essentially placing you in the 'fuckzone' where your only value is as a romantic partner
>Can't into female friendship because you're retarded
>Come on lolcow to pretend to participate in female discussion but actually just lonely and suicidal

No. 393084

I already posted this on reddit
Why I am afraid of men or why being afraid of men isn't irrational

My parents were good people, they loved my sister,brother and me equally,My father had some benevolent sexist attitudes but he was a good guy and still loved and supported my older sister when she came out
I have never been assaulted or raped so on paper I should have no reason for fearing men
though the time I started fearing men came in my early 20's
I got into fitness when I was younger, I started lifting religiously, and after three years I felt i was invincible and honestly believed I could beat 2-3 guys on my own (at this point I had never been in a fight in my life),my delusions of strength were shattered when my elderly father,a man with a beer-gut who had become inactive decided to get back in shape and I helped him on his journey of getting fit however with in 2 months he surpassed my three years of hard-work
the biological reality became clear and I truly started learning how weak I am,I started hating my body and the limitations it had
now I don't hate men,some of the people I love most in this world are men but I am more cautious around men then women and this isn't irrational fear
I only hope in the future though genetic engineering both men and women have equal physical strength

No. 393092

they probably never even played storymode.

Hot design though

No. 393108

>until you look at actual statistics and see that real life isn't so conveniently simple.
When you say this you're no doubt talking about the statistic that most violent crime is by men.
I won't deny that, it's obviously true. But you're the one sticking your head in the sand when someone tries pointing out to you that even if most violent crime is by men, most men don't commit violent crime.(ban evading incel)

No. 393112

>Hot design though
i swear sometimes that you girls dont even have eyeballs

No. 393116

File: 1554005723018.jpg (169.96 KB, 954x766, sE1qctpu3o1_1280.jpg)

There are many other damning statistics out there. But either way, it's true they don't all commit violent crime. But almost all of them watch porn. Most of them hold sexist views, whether consciously or subconsciously. And if men don't like being lumped in with rapists and abusers, they should be more vocally opposed to rape and abuse. Too bad their first inclination is always to defend each other and question or condemn female victims.

No. 393140

Yeah I'm not gonna be mad because guys like to go on pornhub and watch Overwatch animated porn.
It's like some wanna live in a permanent state of rage.

No. 393180

Too much hate will make you susceptible to manipulation.

I mean, look at the incels and terfs, just say anything that can resemble a conspiracy theory to a non-incel/terfs and incels/terfs wouldn't question it.

No. 393183

File: 1554013275054.gif (179.23 KB, 500x403, 9B1DB6CE-E3F4-4FBC-A9E7-11B390…)


No. 393186

I don't think there's anything wrong with what was said?…

To add in more, hate just makes you become paranoid and believe anything that is said about the opposition as long as it speaks ill of them.

No. 393188

Lmao you lumped terfs and incels together.

Women who don’t believe men in dresses are actually women

Men who viciously hate all women to the point of dehumanisation because they believe they are entitled to our bodies

How are these two even remotely similar.

No. 393191

What on earth do incels and terfs have in common? One group is viciously anti women, the other is anti men who are viciously anti women even if they pretend to be one.

No. 393193


While I was looking through some posts in Reddit (r/braincells and r/gendercritical), they share the same semblance of hatred and that's the only similarity that they had.

No. 393199

r/gendercritical is full of women who’s safety and rights are being taken away by trannies, I’d say their hatred is pretty justified given the current ‘progressive’ misogynistic political climate.

No. 393209

Honestly hope this thread gets locked because all it did was make the rejected PP anons who got the MH thread locked in the first place come here

No. 393213

By that logic, nazis and people who hate nazis are similar because they both have hatred for a group of people.

No. 393221

> I mean, look at the incels and terfs
> terfs

leave, please

No. 393232

Well in the case of antifa and most neo Nazis it's kind of true. They're both morons.

No. 393234

just here to say I'm in the same situation and it sucks

No. 393238

Same, it really does

No. 393243

yeah… if you don't like terfs this site's probably not for you

No. 393246

Did you give any of them anything sexual? I'd feel so used if I did.

No. 393249

These types of posts always make me feel "bad" for all the wrong reasons
None of my male friends have ever shown any sexual interest In me and It messes with my self esteem and makes me think I am so undesirable that they don't even view me as female

No. 393262

You don't feel tired because of misandry, you feel tired because society is full of shit.

No. 393276

Your feelings are valid, you're allowed to feel that way no matter what people say, but also keep in mind that to be on the other side of the glass isn't nice either. There are often anons disclosing that they know catcalling sucks but they can't stop themselves from feeling rejected by never having been catcalled.
Forgive me for going full throttle gender studies here but I think both results come out of the same issue, a society where men are pushed to only see women as potential sex and women are pushed to only see their worth as sex.

I've been thinking about it a lot I guess, since I've cut any "orbiter" types of guys out of my life over the past few years. Now my esteem needs to come from within myself instead of from guys who just think they can compliment their way into my vagina.

No. 393308

You've got to work on your self-esteem a bit so you don't rely on attraction or sexual advances from other men to feel good about yourself. Your friends don't exist just to fulfill your egotistical need to feel pretty.

No. 393316

Most men are not watching animated porn. That would be better, no sex-trafficked women getting gang-banged and having to act like they like it

No. 393318

>I've been thinking about it a lot I guess, since I've cut any "orbiter" types of guys out of my life over the past few years.

>Me realizing that I used to have multiple orbiters I called "friends" and cut off too

oh shit

No. 393325

honestly I thought it was normal that my male friends used to treat me as one of the guys and never made any romantic gestures at me but seeing so many posts on lolcow and reddit about how male friends always devolved romantic for anons made me believe their is something wrong with me

No. 393335

How do you guys respond to the argument that men make, usually with sources, that women sometimes orgasm from rape and are more likely to get pregnant from rape? One of my discord friends claimed this.

No. 393339

simply use the fact that male rape victims usually orgasm and manage to stay hard when they get raped by women

No. 393342

This dude is using it to justify his insecurity claiming that if women cum from rape it means you'll lose your girlfriend if she's raped because shell experience "amazing sex" with her rapist and bullshit like that. He screen capped a rape survivors forum where a lot of the girls apparently fantasize about rape. He claimed it destroyed his self confidence.

No. 393350

again use the male rape thing
you have use their talking points against them to get them in a corner

No. 393354

Wasn’t that source debunked? The one which claimed that 40-60% of women orgasm during rape?

No. 393357

i would look for scientific studies on the correlation of orgasm and pregnancy.

women fantasize about rape because it is taboo. there are deeper issues at play obviously but that is the basis of it. it's the same reason that step-mom porn is so popular. if he's insecure about what women fantasize about, so be it, him having sexual hang-ups is not really a thing to argue against imo as long as he's admitting it's his problem and not using it to generalize that all women secretly wanted to be raped and enjoy it. in that case you can just tell him he's generalizing.

No. 393402

Pfft, that anon is right. You've got bigger fish to fry if your self-esteem takes a hit just because your male friends have never wanted a relationship
or sexually harrassed you. You should grateful that you don't have the same experiences as those anons.

No. 393430

I don't know if this is relatable, but i went to an all girls secondary school and got a lot of shit from other girls for being not being charismatic and outgoing and being fugly. I left with no self-esteem left. All i know is that if i went to a mixed sex school i would be crying myself to sleep everyday. Young men/boys are fucking evil if you don't conform to how they think you should be and will use it to tear you down, tbh kind of like women, except they don't care to be slick or sly like women are. I got heckled by random boys from other schools for my appearance, they gave no shits. Even if i hated secondary school, i can rest easy knowing it could have been worse.

No. 393432

Not that anon but I bet it was. I called hard bullshit on it the moment I heard it, without having seen the source or anything. You can tell it's made up by a male because he's assuming being aroused (the real accusation they're aiming at rape victims) correlates significantly with certainty of orgasm. It doesn't matter how turned on you are, doesn't even matter how good the dick feels, if someone isn't dedicating serious time and attention to consistent clit stimulation, it's not that likely to cause an orgasm for most women. Most guys can't manage to give a girl an orgasm even when they try, the chances that a rapist will do it effortlessly is… absurd.

No. 393451

I thought it was based off of the faulty assumption that women are like men. Men don't need to be mentally aroused to get hard and orgasm. They can do it from physical stimulation alone.

No. 393499

It was literally made up on an alt-right forum by a troll called "The King of Niger" and of course all the manosphere brainlets believe it.


No. 393506

Exactly, the majority of women - 75% -do not experience orgasms during vaginal intercourse.
And obviously a rapist do not care about arousal, lubrication, g-spot and clit stimulation…

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