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No. 38642

Are you religious? Do you belive in a non-traditional sense?

No. 38736

Im roman catholic, so yep I believe in God~

No. 38812

I was an athiest throughout most of my adolescence but converted to Islam a year or so ago.
I haven't told anyone I know, aside from my father and bf, because I don't want to deal with the ignorant bullshit. I'm a closeted Muslim lol.
I still don't live a very "Muslim" life (hijab, praying 5 times a day, the bf and I still smoke weed etc.) but I definitely believe in God, try to be the best person I can, and understand the value of religion.

No. 38823

kinda dumb

No. 38834

I'm an atheist. I don't believe in a theistic god. There's a tiny chance a deistic entity exists, but I don't believe in that either.

No. 38893

Left Christianity three years ago. Currently agnostic for the time being.

No. 38899


No. 38900

Ew. Why would you go from neutral to absolute shit?

No. 38901

My whole family is religious and I hate it. They aren't super pushy but the religious overtones are there. I've been atheist all my life and haven't had anyone show me proof of a god yet. I honestly dont care if people want to believe in a god, I just really don't like when people use their religion to put down others, shame them or even use violence. Religion feels very non-progressive.

No. 38931

Well i was an atheist, now im a Christian, and like the poster above im not loud about it. My family is Christian as well.

No. 38932

I agree, it keeps progress at bay it seems.

No. 38934

Asatru is only true religion.

No. 38953

What progress?

No. 39058

I'm Jewish and my parents want me to find a Jewish guy to marry because muh halakhah.

I'm benevolent to finding a regular guy, but he will need to respect my religion. For example, we would need to pitch a tent for Sukkot and he would no longer observe/celebrate Christmas.

No. 39060

>For example, we would need to pitch a tent for Sukkot and he would no longer observe/celebrate Christmas.


I'm going to put money on both you and your parents being hardcore liberals when it comes to immigration and things like that.

No. 39061

>but he will need to respect my religion. For example, we would need to pitch a tent for Sukkot and he would no longer observe/celebrate Christmas.

You don't seem to understand what respect is. What you mean is you want him to observe your religion, not respect it. Respect doesn't extend to having to stop observing his own cultural practices to appease you.

No. 39066

I'm atheist. But I am pretty interested in non-theistic religions, like Buddhism. I like the therapeutic aspects of some eastern religions. Different ways of looking at the world.

No. 39102

I was raised protestant/pentecostal christian, but now I don't associate with any religion or believe in god. I'm a filthy heathen.

The one thing I miss about being religious is feeling like I belong to a group with a common goal. The people I knew in my church were delusional assholes, but it felt nice to just be included without question. I work so hard to maintain friendships these days and I miss that "community" feeling. I also like little ritualistic type things like nightly prayers or giving thanks. Positive habits keep you sane. I replaced religious based ones with things like cleaning my home and admiring nature.

No. 39129

My family isn't rellious but I consider myself to be catholic. I starting to to church with a friend just for support and I ended up enjoying going.

No. 39152

I was raised Catholic but I don't really know what to believe, honestly. I've been thinking about attending services at the temple here because I'm interested in Judaism. I don't think I'll ever officially convert to any religion, but I'd like to be apart of a community.

No. 39217

good post.

No. 39435

I'm an agnostic atheist in the sense that I don't believe in any of the religious gods. I feel we can't prove whether or not there is or isn't a totally omniscient being controlling our world, but I think it's also possible to name the entirety of nature to be god in a sense. Either way, in the end, what I believe isn't relevant. My beliefs can't change reality. They're merely speculations based in my experience and my understanding of the world.

No. 39813

File: 1443347321323.jpg (97.87 KB, 800x600, 1433369951774.jpg)

My religion is science

No. 44447

Same here anon. I stick with the more sane brethren, like CS Lewis or Francis Collins. I go to a non-denominational church, too. Really opened up my eyes to any misconceptions I had beforehand.

>speaking of which, I get second-hand embarrassment from things like Westboro Baptist or that one Bible camp documentary

No. 44448

Hey, at least anon isn't like Ellejay the hijab Lolita…

No. 44634

Also an agnostic atheist (I don't believe in any gods, but I don't claim to know whether or not any gods exist). I think I am slowly starting to become an anti-theist as well.

No. 44678

I feel like I am a spiritual person, but I don't really agree with any religion. I think that most religions are very corrupt and I would never align myself with any church. I don't think that any group of people can claim knowledge of these things.

I think if you look at all religions, they boil down to the same moral principles, though. The only way to true happiness is through love, honesty, and selflessness.

The problem with christianity is that it tries to teach you these things through the character Jesus, but when people read it they fail to see the point. When Christians do good things only so they can be accepted into heaven it is very self serving because they are expecting an eventual reward for their actions.

If you just try your best to leave a positive imprint on peoples lives, then it doesn't matter if there is a god or an afterlife. You have lived a good life and perhaps will live (many?) more. Perhaps 'heaven' and 'hell' are the memories that people have of you. Or perhaps the internal struggle you have to live with when you do good or bad things. Who knows. I don't think we are meant to know. Simply to live out our lives the best we possibly can.

No. 44687

I'm in the same boat as you anon so I feel for ya

No. 44723

you don't need to be spiritual to have, or preach, morals

No. 44734

You can be a good person and do good without the guise of religion or spiritual bullshit.

No. 44738

I am a christian. I am happy being a christian however, a lot of the times i feel conflicted because of my beliefs and feel guilty for following them.

No. 44747

You can be Good without a God , but you cant justify your Good actions.

You believe gassing people is wrong, Hitler believed it was right.

Its just your opinion against Hitlers, you are not right or wrong.

You like strawberry milk, Hitler likes cacao. That's it.

Its just your taste, because an atheist doesn't have a moral standard.
You only have your own SUBJECTIVE morality.

You say "Good" which means you also say "better" or "less good".
This means you are applying to a moral standard - The thing is : Your moral standard HAS to be supernatural or transcendent.

No. 44760


No. 412354

I don't believe in God.

No. 412360

no. my entire family is non religious too, save for great aunt who's very hardcore doomsday prepper brand of catholic. I think God exists only in people's minds, which of course cannot be underestimated and can be argued as God "existing" proper. Maybe you can call events proceeding as they do God even if it truly is random, random being God therefore.
to be perfectly honest and candid, whenever I discover that a person is actively religious, my opinion of them instantly drops and I grov very cautious lol. organised religion really creeps me out.

No. 412382

I consider myself a non-denominational Christian yet attend an evangelical Christian church, though I don’t like like the idea of showing up at other people’s houses to preach as if feel like I’m invading their privacy lol.

As of last month, I got baptized for the second time after years of low-key doubting followed by inner-turmoil (I started legitimately believing without question as I’ve seen miracles during my inner-turmoil days) because life. After my second baptism, everything is starting to make sense to me on how the world works in a spiritual sense, I don’t feel like I want to kms to get out of problems or because I’m done with life so much and I now want to abide by God’s word - I don’t feel as empty as much as I used to; even when I got baptized the first time where I felt like nothing really happened. However, old habits (being prone to anger, pride, etc.) die hard and I’m currently working on that.

tl;dr: I converted to Christianity since 2008 yet feel with the second baptism that God/Jesus has given me a second chance to start anew and has given me answers and tribulations to follow.

No. 412460

I believe the existence of god is possible, but am not a believer in god. Organised religion, however, is dumb as fuck. All religious texts have been written by human beings, which essentially means that anything that anyone says is potentially the word of God.

No. 412470

I observe my cultural traditions which are largely based around religion, but most people where I'm from (Balkans) aren't very religious outside of those celebrations and customs, myself included. I don't believe in much of anything.

I think religion is an important way of preserving history and culture, because my culture survived precisely thanks to monks in monasteries, priests in churches and villagers in small communes who followed traditions even when they were under Ottoman oppression. It also has a strong political element, which is why so many of them resisted conversion to Islam despite severe intimidation, torture and pressure.

I think the main reason why most people from here tend to marry each other or other Orthodox people like Greeks/Bulgarians is because there's a tendency for Western Protestants, Muslims etc. to be disrespectful of our religion which is intertwined with culture and local customs. They don't understand it and will sometimes make fun of it or write it off as silly and dumb. We don't have missionaries and don't push our worldviews on anybody, and we've always lived peacefully with Jews and most other local religions (Islam is tolerated but not very accepted though) so it's not fair.

No. 412475

That line of thinking is called moral relativism and is batshit insane. If you need a god to be good, then you're not really good to begin with. In the same sense, someone believing in another god might find it good to decapitate innocent children for being non-believers, because their god "said so". He's still a homicidal maniac and really no better than Hitler.

No. 412482

lmao Jews always do this shit. Respect my religion aka convert to my religion basically. You're not the most important thing in the world, bucko.

Religion is big cope. It's stories people tell themselves bc they can't deal with mortality.

No. 412508

I do not believe in God and I'm not shy in saying so to others if asked but I'm still strongly traditional (in the sense I practice traditions, not being politically conservative) since our culture is slowly dying and I wanna help keep it alive somehow. So I take part in religious celebrations, conscious that I do not believe in them. They're still fun tho.

No. 412512

eats acid

No. 412676

I was always atheist, my parents were also.

During my teen years i though about spirituality and such but i the end, for me, there is no point.
Spirituality, gods and stuff don't give answers (not the ones that i seek) but create more headaches.

On the other hand I fucking hate when evagelists come to my door or stop me in the street so I keep my fedora talk to myself.

No. 412698

Raised Mormon til 8, now just agnostic. In the end I just don’t know. Family doesn’t practice anymore anyways so it’s fine

No. 412700

>If you need a god to be good, then you're not really good to begin with.

Exactly. This line of thinking scares the shit out of me. To think you’d need the threat of damnation, or reward of paradise to not act like a fucking psychopath is a huge yikes.

No. 415046

The other way to look at it is that for a lot of theists, God created good in the first place, so in a sense, yes, they do need him.

Although anyways, that line of thought seems to miss the point of a lot of theist religions espouse, which is that doing/being good just to avoid damnation and/or earn God's favor isn't really practicing the religion.

But to the thread's point, yes, I do believe in God. And quite frankly, I find "non-theist morality" to be some of the most absurd bullshit floating around.

No. 415047

File: 1558952308662.jpg (1.87 MB, 1812x2828, 1qf7bsmdg1.jpg)

>I find "non-theist morality" to be some of the most absurd bullshit floating around.
More absurd than morality dictated by an old book written by a bunch of men making shit up? Including plenty of straight up evil shit? Makes sense.

No. 415071

Even if we were to assume there is a God, why do you believe that you have interpreted God's will to it's fullest extent? I feel as though religions are so arrogant to believe that only THEY have found truth in this seemingly divine being. If God is as powerful and omniscient as his followers make him out to be, how are mere humans the center of his morality and somehow able to fully understand him?

No. 415869

The way I see things, supposing there is near omnipotent and omniscient being that exists the next question would to ask what motivates it. Why create a world with humans on it at all? To this I'd answer that it wants to be known, and it wants to be loved, and it maybe even wants another being to its equal.. because a trillion and one eternities in however many dimensions is a heck of a long time period to be living on your own. So with this as my conclusion it's easy to be that IF there's a God then he or she genuinely wants only the absolute best for us for only we have both intelligence and free will to express true love and true understanding.

No. 415963

File: 1559155228256.jpg (4.39 KB, 201x251, download (6).jpg)

Ever since I've started having seizures, I've started feeling the divine and the transcendent.

I consider myself now a stoic, I read and study Epictetus like most people do the bible. It calms me and makes me feel like a better person.

No. 416527

had a friend with severe epilepsy whose prodromal state involved what she described as a feeling of perfect religious bliss, and it was such a good feel that she would, sometimes, neglect to take her meds. she was spiritual but not tied to any one religion.

i def believe in god and am a member of the orthodox church. i was raised by atheists and they're always so aggressive and angry about other people, whether religion comes into it or not. being an atheist comes with its own set of commandments and sins that are frankly, just as restrictive as any religion out there, i'm happy where i'm at.

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