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File: 1427952268530.jpg (75.17 KB, 598x495, BaxCGd0IUAAu15L.jpg)

No. 3837

Does anyone else remember Sconex?

No. 3845

File: 1428043605774.jpg (38.71 KB, 757x409, Myspace.jpg)

Nope, sorry. I remember MySpace though. Good times.

No. 4068

File: 1428800332842.png (720.74 KB, 800x600, Now.png)

VMK, anyone?

No. 4069

File: 1428800354051.jpg (29.07 KB, 498x191, header-main1sts.jpg)


No. 4070

File: 1428800569848.jpg (49.84 KB, 763x403, pagina840c8fbf35.jpg)

No. 4071

File: 1428800607541.jpg (5.64 KB, 268x268, WhyvilleLogo.jpg)

No. 4076

oh my god i remember playing the shit out of this
and my computer was a piece of crap so it took like half an hour to load a new area every time
good times

No. 4077

I miss this!!

No. 4089

I actually missed when Gaia was like this, it was a lot cuter back then.
Now it's just ugly as fuck, and the currency has gone to shit too

No. 4091


Oh my god everyone was such an asshole in this

No. 4108

guilty of being an asshole

No. 4114

File: 1428900630525.jpg (205.76 KB, 1021x704, smeet12.jpg)

Any oldfags familiar with virtual chat room programs from the late '90s?

One I believe was called Pop Chat/Chat Pop that looked similar to pic related, just with older graphics.

THEN there was an anime-styled one with chibi avatars that could change into animals. That's really all I remember.. anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 4117

Yes holy shit

So much nostalgia I'm almost dying.

No. 4392


THERE WAS ONE CALLED robbierocks? whyrobbierocks?

No. 4414

kek. I remember those shitty little things. Those avatar chats? Yeah, those were the shit back in the day.
There were too many I visited back in the early 2000's
>all this nostalgia right now

No. 4415

Zwinky is the only one that's coming to mind, or that one where you could walk around the internet? Like you character went through different portals on your browser.

No. 4539

File: 1429305846626.png (169.67 KB, 600x464, bdbc23b192f2e9fbd01b2e474af86c…)

rip in piece kiddonet/girlsense

No. 4543

File: 1429343214018.jpg (106.1 KB, 1024x767, 501617-583306_20030516_003.jpg)

No. 4544

motherfucking toon town loved that shit goddamn

No. 4545

I used to play this one, very small and pixel. I forgot the name. But it was dead when I played again :(

And another one was like on floating boards…

No. 4547

File: 1429363304797.jpg (127.22 KB, 800x600, maplestory.jpg)

i used to weeb it up in maplestory

game is still alive, downloaded it this summer for nostalgia sake but nobody talks to anybody anymore

No. 4548

>mfw i was playing this a few days ago
still annoying as ever, but at least people tried to initiate conversation back then. Now they're all self centered.

No. 4566

I used to play MS all the time.
The only two MMOs I play now are Magaboobie,and Tera. But I mostly stick to playings sims3 and killing people off.

No. 4617

Yeah, everyone is just leveling now.
Before it was full of annoying kids, attention whores, scammers etc but it felt alive.

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