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File: 1442193387119.jpeg (116.79 KB, 620x372, a.aaa-lady-bear.jpeg)

No. 35957

What do you reckon Brit fags, shall we let them in or nah?

No. 35979

They're just going to scrounge off the government and commit crimes. They also have high rates of mental illness and other bullshit from their third world shithole.

I say let them rot.

No. 35983

Those ones look pretty pale. I'm out of the loop a bit, are any of them going to be dark skinned?

No. 35985

yeah. that guy on the left looks like he's really fearing for his safety.

No. 35987

Where the fuck are we gonna house them?

No. 36001

That porker sure looks like he's had enough aid fuck

No. 36009

a lot wish they never had to leave in the first place, saying that if there was no conflict with other countries they'd gladly stay or return the next day

No. 36012

Mmmmaybe they should stay and fight

No. 36053

With kids to look out for? For a war they never wanted? Most people are not even involved in the conflict that started it. That doesn't mean I don't get why people don't want them in their country though. I'm just saying it's terrible that they're being displaced and moving to other peoples countries in search of refuge.

Honestly I wish all capable countries would unite to end the bs going on in these countries so that they won't have to deal with more immigrants. WITHOUT ruining the immigrants country by forcing them to give up their natural resources or force cheap labor on them because then they won't want to stay anyway.

No. 36056

I'm sick of these shitty countries who bring their issues into other places. Like, sorry you were born into this situation but bringing into another place with their own housing and economy issues isn't going to help anyone.

No. 36057

They want to complain about Britain? Let them fuck off back to their own country

No. 36089

It's so cowardly that all these men run away from their problems instead of fighting for their nation. If your homeland is in trouble, fight for what you believe in instead of fleeing like a cowered. Muslim idea of an afterlife is to sit under a tree and do nothing but laze around and rape virgins. Norse afterlife is to prepare for battle. Also, why can't they go to other sandnigger countries? They're all dressed too nice to be real refugees anyhow.

No. 36100

Amerifag here, but it seems to me that there's already too many Muslims in Europe as it is. I know a couple countries agreed to only take in Christian migrants, which is pretty smart. It always seems like the Muslims aren't interested in integrating themselves into European society and see it as competition or something.

I agree with >>36089. Why aren't the other Islamic countries stepping up to take in their ~brethren~? Saudi Arabia? UAE? Kuwait? Everyone knows they have more than enough money to fix the situation, why aren't they doing it?

No. 36101

>Norse afterlife

Yeah, they look like dudes I'd see floating around the Apple store.

No. 36102

Agreed. Why don't they turn to their neighbors? Stop bothering Britland and America with their problems. They're the first people to badmouth both countries but want to flee when shit gets tough. They think the issues in their own country are going to fix itself? ugh.

No. 36108

File: 1442218591949.png (41.04 KB, 230x266, 04_58.png)

There aren't actually a ton of Muslims in the US, most of the Arabs here are Christian of some kind.
I suspect Muslims are hesitant to immigrate here because they know how much we despise them.

No. 36133

Because Saudi Arabia issued a public statement saying the refugees aren't Muslim enough for them. Anyway Europe can wipe up the mess as usual.

No. 36140

Glad this thread exists, keep seeing the holier than thou on tv and social media saying how welcome the Syrians are and how we've lost the moral highground to Germany blah blah. Sorry but we've got our own problems, fuck off Channel 4, fuck off BBC, I dont care how many times you show me the picture of the drowned boy, I just don't care

No. 36147

Good to see there are actually some western women who care about our countries.

It's sad as a white guy how many seem to hate their own race.

No. 36152

it's mostly uhmurricans that hate their own race. They have that whole weird lack of culture thing going on, so they cling to blacks who have hip hop culture.

No. 36192

itt: racist-chans and daily mail rejects bitch how people fleeing a war aren't abandoning their children to fight or have the good decency to cry and look depressed 24/7 on their way to countries they won't get killed in

No. 36200

It's sad they had this happen in their country, and I wish them the best, but my economy is already fucked and I don't want it fucked even harder. The unemployment rate is sky high right now, it'll just get higher.


Fuck off, we're full.

No. 36206

>my economy
>implying I'm not a britfag too
>also implying that refugees (because that's what these guys are, not fucking "migrants") are somehow incapable of setting up businesses and help in creating jobs that way
>also implying that this shit state of affairs isn't largely due to Cameron's austerity horseshit

No, you fuck off

No. 36207

You can take them in then, anon. You're so charitable.

No. 36212

You do realise migrants are coming in with the refugees, as in taking advantage of the situation in order to get into England.

No. 36217


>countries they won't get killed in

Don't count on it, they just bring their tribal bullshit here and pick up where they left off.

No. 36237

I was walking down the street today in manchester and a bunch of foreigners were preaching the Quran and handing it out.

Is it me or are Muslims trying to take over england?

If you say anything about Muslims or migrants people say "you're racist" when it's nothing to do with race… Fucks me off.

And idk where these are all gonna go and live either

No. 36249

I don't want them here.
I do feel sorry for them, but that doesn't change the fact that I don't want them coming in droves and further messing up the housing and economic crisis.

No. 36265

>>also implying that refugees (because that's what these guys are, not fucking "migrants") are somehow incapable of setting up businesses and help in creating jobs that way

With what capital? Do you have any fucking idea how expensive it is to start a business? If they're that rich, they don't need to come through the refugee route and can emigrate legitimately.

Oh, and people with refugee status are banned from working. So, no. They're not refuges if they can work, and they don't contribute to the economy if they are.

Islam is ideologically incompatible with the west. They cannot integrate into our society and should be disallowed based purely on that premise.

Also the image of the drowned Syrian boy? His family had been safe in Greece for three years, he died because his dad took him on a boat trying to get into Canada illegally to get new fucking teeth. And he's going to do it again with his other son.

No. 36266

Reminder to you cuties that Japan accepted just 4 refugees out of 5000 applicants last year. It is only western countries who fuck themselves like this.

Stand against liberalism and for whiteness.

No. 36272

Why can't those pieces of shits just integrate into the country? Isn't England most atheists at this point? Don't bring that religious crap here.

No. 36273

I actually agree with Japan not taking in refugees. Fuck them. If a country is already overcrowded and suffering (economy wise) why take in more?
That's like maxing out your credit card and then applying for a new one to buy more shit you don't need.

No. 36284

dons tinfoil hat
my theory is that they all move into these countries and have like 28 children because they're trying to out-populate the religion demographic and make islam the dominant religion so they can start their sharia law and just turn these countries into yet another steaming heap of shit.
It's going to happen if we don't cut the PC bullshit.

No. 36285

Oh, I didn't know that. What a fucking pathetic excuse. And Europe is just like "no prob i guess we'll somehow handle this massive fucking problem that ur backwards religion created lolzzz"

No. 36323

True, because every other religion makes sense compared to Islam, right? LOL

No. 36330

Compared to the way Muslims behave, yeah

No. 36332

White men hate their race more than white women. White men hate white women especially, they go to great lengths to insult them while simultaneously complaining about white women hating white men.
Gidding me? Germany is, by far, the most cucked nation in the world. They put their women up for sale in brothels so sandnigger men can fuck them. That's literal cuck shit.

No. 36343

File: 1442296622128.png (195.03 KB, 398x275, 403302.png)

No. 36344

I feel the same.

No. 36346

I'm afraid of that too in a way. I can seriously see them having kids and then that kid is a citizen, so even the refugee parents can't go back because 'muh citizenship' and why bring your shit religion into another country?

So many of these people flee their countries bullshit to bring it with them into a new place. Like those women in Australia who don't want to remove their jihad or whatever to show their ID to a highway cop.

No. 36347

white men hate women but they dont have the power anymore to abuse them or they take their anger out on poor non-white women because they know no one will look for em. in all cultures and countries men have an issue with women, who knows why.

No. 36348

All religions are shit, but Islam is literally the worst of the shitpile.

No. 36417

>White men hate their race more than white women.

No we don't. Speaking as someone who has dated other races of women, it made me appreciate white women more.

I can't stand white wiggers who go on about how much better black men are, more masculine, bigger dicks and that kind of shit, and the small number of white weebs who do a similar thing with asian men vs white men.

No. 36535

File: 1442337999610.jpg (115.8 KB, 780x438, 150515111852-13-rohingya-migra…)

The thing is that majority of these migrants aren't even from war-torn places.
Media is trying to force them on us, but people are against it.

In Poland, some "refugees" were given free food, home and the locals even managed to get them a job. And yet, overnight, they escaped to Germany. Without even saying thanks to the people that helped them.

So much about "running from war."

No. 36549

They need to stay in their own countries.

No. 36608

running away from you shitty country is a fad rn. feels like tons of people are jumping on the syria bandwagon without being at imminent danger in their homecountries. we can't just let everyone in, the majority of these fuckers needs to be weeded out and sent back is what i think

No. 36652


Exactly, notice how other countries would say "fuck off" even Japan polite as they are. Britain is a soft touch, allows anything and anyone into the country.

No. 36654


I agree, I think their mission is to convert every fucker muslim.

No. 36655


They're already doing it in England. Muslims and Africans, all come over and have a fuck ton of kids so they can stay in the country. Then nana and granddad come over.

People argue "well dey r workin the jobs british dont wanna work" and "ur racist omg"

fucking hell is anyone not an asslicking soft cunt these days?

No. 36656


There is NO room for them here. 50 years time idk what is gonna happen.

No. 36908

Refusing to hire them is probably the only solution at this point

No. 36912

>It's so cowardly that all these men run away from their problems instead of fighting for their nation.

thats funny coming from someone who most likely sits in front of a computer eating fast food all day.

I bet if you were in that situation youd be crying and pissing yourself everyday.

No. 36916

You are retarded.

No. 36922

The same PC bullshit is happening right now in North America with mexico. I'm sick of this shit. Our economy is in the tanker and more than ever people are working 2 jobs just to stay afloat.

No. 36942

>Smaller number
Bullshit, all white men are like this. Like, 90%. It's pretty much the norm among white men. I have probably met about five white women who had jungle fever (though it's very prevalent among hispanic women).

No. 36944

File: 1442385878124.png (41.76 KB, 310x781, PF_14.07.16_interreligiousRela…)

I think most Americans are against benefits for illegals, and I'm pretty sure the majority want tighter border control.

But honestly, the truth is that it's way easier for the US to take in Mexicans than it is for Europe to take in Syrians. It's much easier for Mexicans to adapt here and they're not Muslim which is a huge plus

I think Obama said the US is going to take in some migrants but we probably want them even less than the Europeans do, considering our opinion of Islam

No. 36948

A lot of mexicans are running awayfrom their country because of the druglord issues, but trust me when I saw they don't want to intergrade. A lot of them refuse to even learn English, which is why Spanish has been pushed on americans a lot harder in the last decade. I don't mind immigrants as long as they do through the legal system and become a citizen and intergrade, but the majority don't and refuse to.

I know CA has it the worst with children who attend public school and their parents can't help them with their homework because it's either too difficult for them or because it is in English.

Obama is a hack who wants to pardon the hundred something thousand illegals in this country because he wants to be a popular guy and muh PC oppression

No. 36949

>Jews at top of list
of fucking course.

No. 36951

there it is

No. 36952

I live in LA and I hate seeing how cities are now. Everything is either in spanish or neighborhoods are full of mexican thugs who hang outside all day. I don't mind foreigners, I think it's a problem when people come here illegally, don't even try to learn the language, take up jobs that would've gone to teens, do hit and runs, increase the drug and crime rate.

No. 37001

Europeans are being over dramatic babies but I can see where their coming from. White Americans kind of have no right to complain at all.

No. 37002

It's not really a case of being over dramatic, we're just rightfully worried about the sheer scale of the net inflows, especially given how non-western nations refuse to take in even a dozen, let alone naturalize any of them.

No. 37003

And here's why you have no right to complain. When white Americans came here they didn't try to learn the language, they just took over and killed off the native Americans and then put them all on tiny reservations.
America didn't start off as a white country but for some reason white Americans feel white people are entitled to everything here.

Europe I can understand that's their country but I don't get why white Americans feel all the entitlement.

No. 37007

If you aren't a delusional racist I can understand where you're coming from. These immigrants need to at least assimilate and be greatful they're in Europe.
But I'm not for listening to a bunch of Americans whining about a country that they stole.

No. 37019

Native Americans: White Europeans were wrong. But now a days, they aren't illegal and already live here, while getting b3nefits from the government (or so I've heard). So they are a different story, sorry.

Mexicans: Gave us/up the land. We didn't steal it. Now they are coming in literal droves. They talk shit about the country but make they get any benefits they can while bleeding the economy dry. Mexico's own immigration laws are tough as shit, and they refuse anyone living below them, but if we do the same, we are the bad ones right? Proabably if they came in legally, no one would give a fuck. What people don't understand is that, most don't have a problem with them beong immigrants. America was built off of immigrants and human migration for Pete's sake! Most people have a problem with ILLEGAL immigration.
Don't even say bs about the legal process is a long wait. Well if other people from the same place can wait, why can't they do the same? Probably if they came in the legal way, the current wait wouldn't be so congested.

And why do y'all say white like it's only white people complaining? Its not only whites, it's people who want and need jobs to keep their own (legal) family afloat, taxpayers, students, blacks, Asians, and even other Hispanics.
Don't you think we hav3 a problem when people who aren't legal a part of the government or at least distributed to it can't get benefits, but illegals can get them all with no worry?
>inb4 welfare rwdnecks and blacks who live off free government things and beat about it
I don't think they should get it either unless they really need it, but hey, at least they are legal, and some of the money they spend will go back to the economy.
Don't worry though, this whole free immigration thing is going to bite every country that accept almost of them in their juicy asses. At least, with the current way the economy and money is worked. Then, y'all will find anyway to cover it up, or straight up find something else to blame for the already falling economies.

Saging because this thread isn't about America, but about Europe.

No. 37022

There are plenty of white people who talk shit about America. Why is it ok for them to do it?this isn't their country either.

No. 37023

No. 37024

You're retarded. The world is so different now. It's like you're tying to compare apples with oranges.

No. 37025

That doesn't make it right either, but Im not talking about them, I'm talking about people who move here illegally, use a bunch of sob stories, real benefits, and then talk a bunch of shit while they are the problem. But then again, what does race have to do with anything?

No. 37026


No. 37100

Undocumented immigrants come to the U.S> because of how difficult for them it is back home. Idk how many of you have grown up or have known someone who lived as poor as you can be and in a dangerous neighborhood, but it's horrifying. People would do anything to escape from that and to ensure their families don't suffer the same, including risking their lives trying to make it across the border.

When they get to the u.s., attaining citizenship is no easy feat, and you don't get benefits right away, if you're not doing shit or have been incarcerated. Some places do help out single moms, but not with much, and the numbers are limited.

The vast majority of the times they can only attain the shittiest jobs available, without complaint because they know that they can't say much being that they are undocumented. That does not mean that they deserve to be treated like shit because they are undocumented though, and do have a right to be treated like a human being who is doing the job they were hired for, especially for those that are already being underpaid or overworked.

Not only that, but they pay taxes, idk how many times people have to provide links for this shit on this site, but it's a quick google search.

To the others who commented about them not wanting to integrate: that is the biggest load of shit. First of all, learning a new language is not easy, particularly at later stages in life, but primarily when you have been dealing with as much shit as they have. Secondly, they're sending their kids to school and working in a predominantly English speaking country. If they crossed the boarder for their benefit, don't you think they'd learn English to as well? They want to keep a lot of their culture alive to sustain some sense of identity, that doesn't mean they're trying to enforce their values on anyone else. I'm glad they know two languages, it's a good thing.

A lot of people who move from the U.S. to non-English speaking countries don't learn the language used their and expect everyone else to bend over backwards for them (something I notice Asians complain about the most).

No. 37103

>Undocumented immigrants come to the U.S because of how difficult for them it is back home. Idk how many of you have grown up or have known someone who lived as poor as you can be and in a dangerous neighborhood, but it's horrifying. People would do anything to escape from that and to ensure their families don't suffer the same, including risking their lives trying to make it across the border.

While I'm aware that their living situations are terrible, how did other legal Mexican immigrants come here? They worked their asses off to get here legally, and that's who's pissed that these people come begging. Its almost the same for every legal immigrant that come here that wants a better life. Its called the American Dream. Just because they live next door, they feel they can just waltz right up, give their sob stories, and sway the people of America with sympathy pictures and the likes.

>When they get to the u.s., attaining citizenship is no easy feat, and you don't get benefits right away, if you're not doing shit or have been incarcerated. Some places do help out single moms, but not with much, and the numbers are limited.

What? Some illegals have no intentions on becoming legal anyway, and try to skip out on court/citizen dates. What do you mean they don't quickly get benefits? As soon as they get here, and they go to the immigration offices, they get relocated to apartments, and are eligible for care checks and food stamps. While Americans who have been waiting for months aren't getting shit. For God's sake, they're even trying to give them driver's liscenses.

>The vast majority of the times they can only attain the shittiest jobs available, without complaint because they know that they can't say much being that they are undocumented. That does not mean that they deserve to be treated like shit because they are undocumented though, and do have a right to be treated like a human being who is doing the job they were hired for, especially for those that are already being underpaid or overworked.

Shittiest jobs? Like what? I didn't know a construction worker was a shitty job? Or a plumber? You know….trade jobs that Americans who can't get a higher degree usually take, but can't now because corporate found someone cheaper (that's both of the boss and illegals. More on the boss). Oh, In sure some teens that need to help their families would love to have extra cash to help their own expenses and their families. Like that bagging job, burger flipping, and price checking would went great to the entry level people! Oh but….they're shitty jobs Amwricans don't want….

>Not only that, but they pay taxes, idk how many times people have to provide links for this shit on this site, but it's a quick google search.

Explain how someone you claim is dirt poor and is illegal so not even in the system able to pay taxes.

To the others who commented about them not wanting to integrate: that is the biggest load of shit. First of all, learning a new language is not easy, particularly at later stages in life, but primarily when you have been dealing with as much shit as they have. Secondly, they're sending their kids to school and working in a predominantly English speaking country. If they crossed the boarder for their benefit, don't you think they'd learn English to as well? They want to keep a lot of their culture alive to sustain some sense of identity, that doesn't mean they're trying to enforce their values on anyone else. I'm glad they know two languages, it's a good thing.
I've seen people flat out say they have no intention on learning English. They try to impose their ideals, values, and culture onto us under the guize that we are offending them (not being able to fly the American flag in school anyone?). Not all, but a vocal minority I should say. We must respect their culture and values (which they we're running away from), but they can't respect American values? Okay. English is said to be one of the hardest to learn, so sometimes I excuse them, but how can you learn when you surround yourself with people who speak only Spanish also all day? No one is saying that you hav3 to do everything like an American robot, but because immigrants in the past assimilated (while still keeping up with their traditions if they wanted to), they were accepted easily and people were happy to welcome them(depending on the ethic/national background. We all know there were some exceptions.). No one is saying that there is something bad about being bilingual, as it is encouraged in schools, but there are people who are fine with just Spanish and expect our mouths to wiggle right to their asses.

>A lot of people who move from the U.S. to non-English speaking countries don't learn the language used their and expect everyone else to bend over backwards for them (something I notice Asians complain about the most).

Stop pointing fingers, this is not about them. They are not going to Asian countries in literal droves. I'm not talking about them so I didn't mention them, but you think that I think that because they are American everything they do is right? Bullshit.

Really, I hope you're not a regular middle class or lower middle class, because those same people you re fending for are the same people too who are going to push you down if youre not careful in a couple of years. That's if, we keep letting them move in with people as large as colonies, and not regulate anything because the sore , are taking over a Eurocentric hearts of Americans feel bad.

Saging because us Americans, again, is taking over a Eurocentric thread. Sorry again.

No. 37104

>To the others who commented about them not wanting to integrate: that is the biggest load of shit. First of all, learning a new language is not easy, particularly at later stages in life, but primarily when you have been dealing with as much shit as they have. Secondly, they're sending their kids to school and working in a predominantly English speaking country. If they crossed the boarder for their benefit, don't you think they'd learn English to as well? They want to keep a lot of their culture alive to sustain some sense of identity, that doesn't mean they're trying to enforce their values on anyone else. I'm glad they know two languages, it's a good thing.

Tell that to everyone living in the state of California right now. I dare you. They are making no moves to obtain legal citizenship half the time or even trying to learn English and do things. You can keep your culture alive, but so many of them are lazy and don't even want to try. I can sympathize for their country's bullshit, however i dont know why that is suddenly okay to bury your way into another area illegal and expect no consequences.

No. 37145

>They are making no moves to obtain legal citizenship half the time or even trying to learn English and do things

how would you know the motives of people you've never even spoken to?you said they don't speak English and i doubt you know any actual Mexican immigrants.

No. 37148




No. 37154

this is a thread about the UK, fuck off americunt, nobody cares about hamburgerland

I can't wait for you all to drown in trayvon martins DIN DU NUFFINKS and recession.

No. 37168

At least we aren't ugly with bad teeth

No. 37176


This is actually a UK thread. Please go away and take your duppy stereotypes with you.

I did clearly say "SYRIAN MIGRANTS BRIT-FAGS" not American-fags ty.

So nah, go away.

No. 37211

File: 1442526233448.jpg (24.41 KB, 346x216, 1442422243821.jpg)

I just can't believe this shit is actually being pushed.
The brazen lies on the news, the namecallings, the unwarranted appeals to emotion.
God, if you want to be proud of your ethnicity and country you're a "Rich, racist, white xenophobe nazi"

What the FUCK is wrong with this world, were we can tolerate human displacement warfare, the raping of European girls, the drain of the host nation's wealth, the out-breeding… I mean jfc.

Most of these "refugees" are economic migrants coming from shitholes in Africa and other terrible muslim countries.

Makes me fucking sick the Europeans have to be burdened by these pieces of human garbage. And if you say "no" you are smeared as an evil person!

No. 37212


It's not just 'whites' blacks born in the UK, asians don't want them over either.

UK is getting too overcrowded as it is. I'd rather they take in the children and leave out the adults to be honest. I don't wish this on anyone.

But all these do gooders going on how we need to take them in should be the ones to give up their beds and food since they're so up for it. Fuck knows where they're going to work or anything.

No. 37220

I think a lot of people have logical reasons not to want them there but then there are people like the one you replied to who are just afraid of them taking all the white women

No. 37221

File: 1442528955351.png (43.95 KB, 1099x650, 1441511189568.png)

>then there are people like the one you replied to who are just afraid of them taking all the white women

Taking white women? I am a white women. I don't like seeing other white women get brutally raped.

You're so quick to throw out insults and assume things about my life when I only want to protect the place where I grew up from mostly economic INVADERS.

No. 37222

If you're on here you're most like fat, ugly with a range of mental illnesses. Don't worry, no one is going to be after you.

No. 37224

If rape is your only concern in this situation, would you be ok with them only allowing women and girls in? But I guess you'd still have to worry about middle eastern girls who are prettier and in better shape than you "stealing" white men from you.

No. 37234

File: 1442534159586.jpg (262.01 KB, 1002x1002, 1441763421704.jpg)

>thousands of girls being raped
>lel ur a fat bitch tho, lol XD
>If rape is your only concern.
It is not, idiot. Read my first post.
Economic migrants who leech off the government tit, draining resources for future generations, making it harder for European youths/children to succeed.

And don't worry. With 85% of your "refugees" "feeling war" being male, unless I am lusting after homosexual men, it is not an issue.

Can you people seriously rake the "muh feelings" and "muh humanitarianism" out of it, please? god, do you think anyone should take your opinion on the matter seriously if your only retort is to ignore facts, deflect the argument, and sling personal insults at your opposition?

I'm Glad Hungary and other Easter European nations remain uncastrated by you uneducated "progressive lot. The last bastion of western culture. I'm sure they know far to well the plight of "minorities" when you look at what happened with them and the gypsies.

No. 37235

fleeing war

No. 37236

File: 1442534749519.png (273.04 KB, 542x804, 1442326587034.png)

>logical reasons

Like, facts?

No. 37237

>It is not, idiot. Read my first post.
Its not only white people against this but when people like you start crying about rape and white genocide, then it takes away your credibility and outsiders start assuming its just nutty white people being over dramatic.

>I'm Glad Hungary and other Easter European nations

move there then.

No. 37238


Europeans have every right to be mad,
whose paying for all those immigrants? They are.
The ones who are scared of the white race vanishing are funny though lmao, you can't stop evolution!

No. 37239

File: 1442536733923.jpg (3.2 MB, 1164x7227, 1442471166758.jpg)

You're probably an American.
This "miltikulti" mindset is prevalent with you people.

I cry about rape and white genocide because the Africans/Muslims are targeting white women. Virtually of rapes in Sweden are by Muslims/African men on native Swedish women.
White genocide, ethnic displacement, is a real thing happening. People turn the other cheek because to acknowledge any victimization of whites is "insensitive" and "racist".

It should not be "nutty" when you want to protect your race and culture. If you go on to say "Native Europeans are not ethnically white" you are stupid. This is like saying Chinese are not ethnically Asian.

it is. Before rampant immigration starting around the 80s, places like Sweden were 98%+ white.

This is not "evolution", this is orchestrated ethnic displacement. There is noting "evolutionary" about importing millions of an outside group into a host population, without integration, without responsibility.

No. 37241

I like talking to crazy people.
If all white people go extinct, why should I care?and how will that impact me?
I genuinely don't understand why the thought of there being less 'white' people is of such anxiety to some people.
>orchestrated ethnic displacement
orchestrated by whom?let me guess…the jews, right?

No. 37242

File: 1442537636626.jpg (162.17 KB, 747x639, 1442088939503.jpg)

Orchestrated by your governments. They're all in it to get the favor of their newly imported voter block.
They leech off or your tax dollars and stay in office. Once critical mass hits, they'll run with the money with a broken country in their wake.

I care if white people go extinct. White people care. most people care. It's not just the skin color, but culture gets overwritten and edited as well.
Some of us enjoy what Europe is and was, and do not want it to become a brown Muslim-ruled state.

Just because you can say without guilt that you ignore the extinction of a race, doesn't mean that people will agree with you, or see you as a "tolerant progressive"

Say you don't care if blacks go extinct, and see how quickly you get socially ostracized.

No. 37243

Race is social construct, so, if white people go extinct (or any race for that matter) it wouldn't be a bad thing. I don't care if black people go extinct and they are going extinct btw.
Who cares though?by the time it happens you, your future children and their children will be dead. Most people will be mixed in the future, so so sad.

No. 37244

File: 1442538308515.jpg (454.39 KB, 950x605, 1442044933475.jpg)

>Race is a social construct
lmao, and this is how I know you're a middle class white American who spends most of their time on Tumblr.

You conveniently ignore "culture" as well. White people do not magically disappear or turn brown. There is a cultural and genetic usurpation. If you promote the Muslim/African immigration in droves, you are permitting the death of a culture, as well as its people.

If you claim you do not care about race, would you object to Whites invading Africa in the millions? You know, because African heritage and culture and skin color just don't matter to you.


No. 37246

File: 1442538509294.jpg (60.54 KB, 627x663, 1442076838894.jpg)

I'd also like to add with the growing Muslim demographic (aka, voting block) and in a few decades if things continue the way they are, native Europeans WILL become a minority.

This means the Muslim interest can gain a stranglehold on the government. There are already many "no-go" zones all across Europe. Places governed ONLY under Sharia law.

You think getting 50,000 immigrants a day will not effect Europe? If not now, it will in less than 50 years.

You are making Europeans strangers and criminals in their homelands.
Stop European displacement, stop European genocide.

No. 37247

>If you claim you do not care about race, would you object to Whites invading Africa in the millions?

would you be helpful to them and coexist peacefully?if yes then no I wouldn't mind.

In this situation immigrants are just causing more problems for the natives than good it seems(higher taxes, not wanting to assimilate etc) and thats the problem I see with it. I dont care if they all mate with white people and give birth to cappuccino colored babies.

No. 37248

>"no-go" zones all across Europe. Places governed ONLY under Sharia law.
>You think getting 50,000 immigrants a day will not effect Europe?
I hate the fact that Muslims come to Europe and dont want to accept the culture and make things better for themselves.

I think these things are problems but if you are just asking me do I care of white people go extinct, no I don't.

No. 37249

File: 1442539100123.png (79.03 KB, 932x502, 1442220976284.png)

>I dont care if they all mate with white people and give birth to cappuccino colored babies.
The interracial birthing rate is extremely and insignificantly low.
No one cares about the interracial babies. Regardless of the astronomical numbers of Africans/Muslims coming into Europe, the largest interracial marriage constituent is East Asian/White.

They do not integrate, and this also includes breeding and intermarrying with the natives. If you did not know, it is very much against Muslim religion (and is a punishable crime) to marry outside of your religion.

Unless you count rapes. I'm sure there are more half-brown rape babies than there are non-rape babies.

Muslims are breeding at a rate significantly higher than Native Europeans. So much so that in a few decades white children will become an extreme minority.
The Europeans are heavily taxed. They do not receive as many grants, housing benefits, free food… whatever. They cannot afford to have children, and the "protected" immigrant class, who gets catered to with European money is free to have as many children as they please. They get more money that way.

A perfectly constructed race replacement system, under the guise of being "tolerant" and "humane".


I am not asking you to care, I am asking that you understand that most people care.

No. 37252

File: 1442539328903.jpg (335.99 KB, 1046x809, 1441452053142.jpg)

Again, I would really like to emphasize that there is no significant demographic of "cappuccino colored babies".

European men going to SE Asia and having babies with those women is INFINITELY more common than a Muslim and a European creating a child together.

No. 37253

>most people care.
Your proof?
>So much so that in a few decades white children will become an extreme minority.
aww too bad so sad. dont care.
>The Europeans are heavily taxed.
I said I think that's a problem.

>than a Muslim

since when is muslim a race?

No. 37254

File: 1442539875099.jpg (184.4 KB, 651x634, 1430141368723.jpg)

>Your proof?
lel. I wish I could say "common sense". I don't think a government agency anywhere has ever asked a group of people whether or not they "cared about race" in such an abstract way.
I will say that most people stick to what they know and what they are familiar with. People segregate themselves. This is also along racial lines.
>aww too bad so sad. dont care.
I can tell.
>I said I think that's a problem.
You will confess to their being economic strain but refuse to see the cultural implications?
At least you acknowledge there is an issue. But this brand of "omg I can't even see color!" cultural relativism is bullshit and you and I both know it.
>since when is muslim a race?
Since when what anything a race, miss "social construct"

No. 37255

File: 1442540131037.jpg (861.37 KB, 1011x5000, 1432126654260.jpg)

Also, nice deflection.
"cappuccino" babies are barely a considerable demographic.
Saying "Muslim isn't a race" doesn't detract from you yourself saying a child of a European and non-European will have darker skin.

Please argue against my POINTS. Your deflection and snide passive-aggressiveness doesn't make me take anything you say into serious consideration.

No. 37257

File: 1442540474867.png (302.24 KB, 800x455, bq69nmq5pqmgrxy4s7jc.png)

>lel. I wish I could say "common sense".
Even when talking to my most racist friends ive never heard anyone say "In 6000 years there will be no whites!". The average person doesn't care what will happen after they're dead.
>Since when what anything a race, miss "social construct"
a white person could be Muslim and there are a lot of Malaysian Muslims.

>You will confess to their being economic strain but refuse to see the cultural implications?

I acknowledged there are cultural problems, like them not wanting assimilate but as far as caring if European white people become the minority, I dont really care about it.

on a funny note i found an article from 1910 saying there will be no white babies by 2015 lol

No. 37259

You know damn well where the Muslims immigrants are coming from. The Middle East and Africa.

Please spare me the "b-but sometimes…"
Because this isn't the case.

White children are already a minority in America.

It was nice talking to you, as you don't seem like a fully insane progressive like most people are.
But I have to go.

No. 37260

>Your deflection and snide passive-aggressiveness doesn't make me take anything you say into serious consideration.

mmk because my life is really effected if some random person on lowcow doesn't seriously consider my opinions.

No. 37265

>You know damn well where the Muslims immigrants are coming from. The Middle East and Africa.

You should say that then and stop talking as is Muslim is a race/ ethnicity

>as you don't seem like a fully insane progressive

I said I don't care if black people go extinct either but because im not a nutty with a tin foil hat screaming "THE WHITES WILL BE GONE 2 MILLION YEARS FROM NOW AND IT WILL BE YOUR FAULT!" I must be a "progressive" crazy person. I can be reasonable without being a crazy sjw.
Race does not matter to me, what does is their willingness to assimilate. If an immigrant is opposed to the values and principles of European culture, they should not come there. Not only because they will not find success, but because their presence harms Europeans.

No. 37277

File: 1442552101981.jpg (76.91 KB, 986x537, dnfmdm.jpg)

most people wouldnt look at her and know shes a syrian migrant

No. 37308

>but as far as caring if European white people become the minority, I dont really care about it.

I think this is because you don't really see the symbiosis between yourself and your group, since your country has been at peace for so long. You think it doesn't exist. Make no mistake, the welfare of individual whites depends on the ability of whites to remain masters in their own countries. When whites become a minority things will get progressively worse.

As for me, I will do everything possible to preserve my people.

>race does not matter to me

Race matters to virtually everyone else in the non-western world, and by virtue of that alone it is important to you.

This is something liberals have trouble wrapping their heads around. Yes, you can say "race doesn't matter" till you're blue in the face, it won't make race any less important for the rest of the world and it won't do anything to stymie the racial nationalism of non-white groups in western countries.

No. 37323

Race might not matter to you, but it matters to them. You seem to be under the impression that everyone who wants to move to Europe thinks this way, but they don't. They've been raised with a completely different cultural narrative than you have; always look out for people the same colour as you before anyone else, regardless of anything else. Whites are the only group raised to look at a person's value independently from their race/ethnic group, and when you combine that with people who do not, in any circumstance think like that, it goes awfully for the white people.

People from places like this cannot assimilate into Europe successfully because of this. They will always put people from their "own group" Whatever it may be, before the rest of wider society, because they're not the same.

No. 37332

>Whites are the only group raised to look at a person's value independently from their race/ethnic group

As someone who has actually lived abroad, I can't emphasize this enough.

The problem with western altruism is that it only works if the compassion you show is reciprocated. In the case of say, Pakistanis in the UK, they basically owe the existence of their state and many of them, their lives, to the UK's decision to split the Indian subcontinent up - The inter-communal violence would have probably exploded into full-blown genocidal warfare were it not for this.

How do they repay Brits? Through being the most radicalized Islamists in the country, grooming thousands of white girls and turning inner city areas into shitholes.

No. 37344

>Race matters to virtually everyone else in the non-western world
so?just because other people are stupid doesn't mean I have to join in.

>As for me, I will do everything possible to preserve my people.

No you wont. what have you actively done to preserve the white race besides talk shit online?

>They've been raised with a completely different cultural narrative than you have

I said there is a cultural difference but as far as race it doesn't matter. If an Arab child is raised by a European couple they're not going to be inherently different.

>Race might not matter to you, but it matters to them

Race does matter to most people but the average person doesn't not care if their race goes extinct. All humans will go extinct eventually, get over it.

No. 37347

>As someone who has actually lived abroad, I can't emphasize this enough.
are you that person who was hating on Asian guys not too long ago?

why do you always assume that you're the only person who has lived abroad?its a big world out there, you aren't the only person who has gotten on a plane.

the fact that you have lived abroad doesn't make your opinion anymore valid, just because you went to china and hated it doesn't mean there aren't other white people who didnt love it.

No. 37355

>The average person doesn't care what will happen after they're dead
And that's the biggest problem

No. 37359

>And that's the biggest problem

No its not. There are enough problems to worry about when you're alive, no point in driving yourself crazy over things that will happen after death. why does it matter if the white race goes extinct when all humans will go extinct eventually?

No. 37386


Suppose you woke up one morning and decided that the concepts of "men" and "women" didn't actually exist. Does this mean you now inhabit a world where these isn't real, important, biologically hard-coded sexual dimorphism within H. Sapiens?

>If an Arab child is raised by a European couple they're not going to be inherently different.

Yes they are. The vast majority of different-race adopted children are far more likely to suffer from psychological dysfunctions.

>but the average person doesn't not care if their race goes extinct.

This simply isn't true for non-whites.

No. 37390

>I said there is a cultural difference but as far as race it doesn't matter.
This is wrong but I can't be bothered arguing it. Race is not a social construct, it exists biologically, and races are different from one another.

>If an Arab child is raised by a European couple they're not going to be inherently different.

But they're not being raised by parents of a different race are they? They're being raised with the same cultural values as their parents, and instil the same values in their children.

>Race does matter to most people but the average person doesn't not care if their race goes extinct

Yes they do. The average person is not white globally, we're the minority. The reason there are so many strict marriage laws and customs in other countries is to make sure their race is preserved. Asian countries abort female foetuses and kill baby girls en masse just so their family name wont die out. Do you have a problem with empathy or something? Just because you don't care about it doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't. These things are really important in almost every culture and race, and they care about them deeply.

No. 37421

>proud of your ethnicity
lel, how the fuck can you be proud of something you had no choice in being
>but there's not enough roooom we can't fit any people in at all!
The 61,000 empty homes in just the region of the UK I live alone says you're a fucking moron

No. 37426

Also I can't quote, that last bit isn't aimed at >>37211
I just think it's fucking hilarious to have pride in something you didn't do anything to get. Like the royal family, if you want to start talking about scroungers

No. 37437

Also the Syrian immigrants compose most often of Kurds who will later not identify as Syrians so dont wonder why you as a German will later not notice any Syrians. Arabs arent (despite being retarded too) going full retard like the kurds. Most Arab Syrians go to either Turkey or Saudi Arabia if they have family there. Just wanted to clear this up.

t. neutral Sandnigger

No. 37455

>Asian countries abort female foetuses and kill baby girls en masse just so their family name wont die out.
Killing children=/=not being concerned if 1 million years from now there are no white because because they don't want to have babies.

>The vast majority of different-race adopted children are far more likely to suffer from psychological dysfunctions.

Probably because they're being bullied because they're different and they feel like an outcast.

No. 37458

Usually when you're a pathetic person with nothing special about yourself, you can at least take pride in the fact that you were lucky enough to be pushed out a white woman's fuck hole.

No. 37463

Partly that. Partly because they don't connect with the host culture as their obviously NOT German, French etc.

No. 37464

>The 61,000 empty homes in just the region of the UK I live alone says you're a fucking moron

Guess any surpluses this country produces should be sent to niggers amirite?

No. 37465

If they have never been around other Arabs how can they connect to the culture?
The problem with most adopted kids is they feel ugly and like out casts but that isn't because they're a different species, it's because theyre around people who remind them they're different everyday. If no one cared about race or mentioned it that kid would be like his/her peers.

No. 37466

Yes it is. If none of our ancestors cared about the future after they're already dead, we would be living in far worse conditions right now.

No. 37467

The conversation is about Syrian immigrants but I guess you just can't help bringing black people into the mix

No. 37468

You're hilarious. Do you realise how many non whites are already in Europe?

Do you realise second and third gen Pakis and maghrebis are more radical than their parents?

>muh… Muh liberalism! Muh white privilege!

No. 37469

Except a good portion of these "asylum seekers" are from sub Saharan African states you fucking delusional pooskin

No. 37470

They didn't care. Which is why so many young people can't find good jobs, there's pollution, many animals have gone extinct because humans killed them all for funzies etc

But those are bad things, I can't see why a race going extinct would be bad.

No. 37471

>They didn't care. Which is why so many young people can't find good jobs

You mean boomers (the first generation of hardcore libs) didn't care. Good point actually. Liberalism is a disease.

No. 37472

I'm talking about adopted children though.

No. 37473

>Liberalism is a disease.

a world where anything other than white males have rights is just insanity. All the women of all races should stay in their countries but be easily accessible for sex tourism and white women shouldn't work.

No. 37474

Shut the fuck up pooskin. We've always had a better record of treating women than Islamic or Asian societies.

No. 37476

Can't you come up with a better insult than poo skin?

I bet you're such a sweet and gentle guy. The kind of guy who shitposts online and calls people poopoo skin must be a real sweet heart.

No. 37477

Lel you can't contest that assertion

No. 37478

I love how the only argument this 'tard seems to have is "ew ugly ugly brown people!". You know, like they somehow aren't people in need when they're the wrong shade of beige

Pretty sure ancient Islam was almost egalitarian compared to the rest of the world, but sure keep living in your little bubble there

No. 37479

>ancient Islam

Islam is a middle ages thing. It didn't exist in antiquity


Lol. Read the quran please

No. 37480

>Lol. Read the quran please
That's funny considering you most likely haven't read it either

No. 37481

There is no way you actually understand Islam if you think it was ever more egalitarian towards women than European societies were.

Remind me how many female caliphs there were again?

No. 37482

Have you read the Quran?

No. 37483

Yes. And a good part of the orthodox sunni hadith canon too. Why are three female witnesses worth one male witness in the shariah again, incidentally?

No. 37484

I said "almost" you fucking spacklord, and that was compared to other theocracies of the time.
Also you're fucking wrong, Islam began around late antiquity/early Middle Ages if you're going to be a pedantic fuck

No. 37486

Islam isn't a race or ethnicity. Just because someone is Arab, doesn't mean they're Muslim.

No. 37487

>Mohammed said, "I was shown the Hell-fire and that the majority of its dwellers are women."

How can any self respecting woman believe in this shit lmao

No. 37488

What "other theocracies" are you talking about? Germanic common law where women were of equal weight as witnesses? Byzantium, which had female heads of state? Lol.

No. 37489

Of course the fucking chinese aren't concerned about whether or not there will be white people. They care a lot that Chinese people, with their surname exist in the future.

No. 37490

No they don't. Which is why they have a one child law, make it very hard for poor people to succeed, most of their population is old people. If we're stereotyping people the Chinese don't give a shit about white people but they also don't care about other Chinese people either.

No. 37491

If the average white person doesn't care about it, why should anyone else?
Even the ones who complain about white genocide aren't doing anything to stop it.

No. 37492

This isn't true. In China, and even in greater China, racial pride is the default.

Of course this doesn't stop them from treating each other like shit, but they WILL unite in the face of perceived foreign aggression.

Get into an argument with a Chinese mainlander, even a pickpocket who has just tried to fleece you, and two dozen other Chinese will instantly crowd around and start shouting at you and backing him up.

No. 37493

Sure they might be proud to be Chinese but that doesn't mean they care about others. Chinese people are raised to mind their own business and worry about those close to them, if they see a woman being beat up on the street they'd keep walking and ignore it.
It's not only the special and beautiful white people who don't care about their own.

No. 37495

They care about the Chinese group. It doesn't mean they're any less cut-throat, but it does mean they view foreigners as a greater threat as they're the existential threat.

You're referring to ingroup altruism, which they lack, true. The real thing that will make you think is, if they saw a foreigner beating a Chinese woman they WOULD intervene.

No. 37497

They have a one child law because they have a culture that emphasises the importance of having heirs. The one child law is a very recent response to an existing propensity towards having lots of children. They wouldn't have needed to introduce the law in the first place if they weren't already having too many children, would they, you utter spastic.

Your nation becomes your family on a global scale.

No. 37499

Probably not. Another reason Chinese don't intervene is because they can be sued and fuck over for it.
"The Chinese courts set a precedent in 2006 when a young adult trying to help an elderly woman who fell was sued for $6,076."

No. 37500

>Probably not.

Absolutely yes. That's the only damn occasion where their non-intervention attitude takes a back seat, actually.

No. 37501

Give me an example of this happening

No. 37502

Why am I even humoring this guys obsession with Asian males?
I'm bored and the thread is way off topic now.

No. 37570

File: 1442606678801.jpg (39.33 KB, 526x572, 1432377694407.jpg)

>lel, how the fuck can you be proud of something you had no choice in being
You're right. And I guess that justifies me giving everything away to brown people?
If I do not deserve my "privilege" than they don't either

sucks to suck

No. 37571

>like they somehow aren't people in need

what, people in dire need of European wellfare money?
most of these "immigrants" are not coming from war. Most are not even Syrians. Most are adult males.

If you look at a boat of fucking black-as-night Africans and tell me they are "poor syrian refugees" you are a
l i t e r a l

No. 37573

Syria is 90% Muslim.
Most north African nations and Middle eastern nations are usually around 80-100% Muslim.

Don't ignore the majority just because "w-well sometimes they aren't!"
That's like saying not all Africans are black because some are albino. Yes it exists, but it sure as hell not the majority.
"non Muslim" immigrants are negligible.

No. 37577

File: 1442607356736.jpg (96.22 KB, 1024x577, 1442068822828.jpg)

You do realize Chinese people kill Muslim extremists, don't you?
You know in Asian countries (like Bhutan) the natives kill Muslims? Even Buddhist monks?

In Japan it is illegal to practice Islam. They deported nearly 5000 immigrants in the past few months. In fact, if you are Muslim you are almost guaranteed to not get asylum in Japan. 98% of Japan's population is native Japanese. They want to PROTECT their culture.

"asian countries don't care about Asian culture!" fucking bullshit. You are a retarded white liberal who sees the world with rose tinted glasses, and ignore the genocide happening right in front of you.

Asians care about their nations and culture. Fuck off, you stupid white cuck.

No. 37594

the Japanese are expected to go extinct in the future too,they don't seem concerned about it. They'd rather go to host clubs and jerk off than have kids.

No. 37596

I'd rather piddle out of existence than be overcome by a sea of shitskin, too.


No. 37600

We aren't even on the topic of "shit skins" anymore. I was just saying that white people aren't the only race going extinct.

Also Koreans and black people are expected to go extinct too. O well who cares.

No. 37602

File: 1442609865583.jpg (22.92 KB, 460x460, 1442552305547.jpg)

Can't wait for the only two races making progress in the world to die out because of their apathy.

I'd love to see a world ran by Africans, Muslims, and other misc. shitskins.

No. 37604

Black people are expected to die off too. You won't see it because you'll be dead.

No. 37605

File: 1442610252629.png (453.71 KB, 626x363, 1438410068065.png)

Too bad they're breeding like rabbits in the meantime.
I'd really love to see what they do with the world once their enablers and tard-wranglers have all gone extinct.

If asians and whites die off who will give them they programs

No. 37609

the entire human race will all die out eventually. None of this really matters.

No. 37694

Fuck asians(both south asians and east asians can suck it). They are basically the better treated slaves of humans. Who needs them besides white Jews? No one.

No. 37695

>of humans
Lol i meant white jews.

No. 37708

>giving everything away to brown people
You aren't giving shit you fucking mongoloid, where the hell are you getting this
Before you say MUH TAXES R THEIR BENEFITS, most of the budget for that shit is towards pensions in the UK. So no, you're wrong.
You remind me of a fuckwitted relative of mine who bitched constantly about a neighbour being provided a van to take his crippled son to school. Didn't matter that loads of other families get the same, no, this guy was brown so he's obviously getting a free ride from the government. He's exactly as much of a tool as most of the thickies in this thread

Not seeing any fucking darkies in OP's pic, are you?

No. 37712


yeh maaaaaan lets just blaze it and do what we want because were all just dust in the wind maaaaaan

please take your totally-not-disinterested-not-impartial nihilism elsewhere.

No. 37714

why would I care about something that's not going to happen in my life time?or even my children's or their children's life time?

No. 37716


because it's ridiculously reductivist nonsense.
i suggest you get off your computer and go dwell in a cave until you starve to death, because nothing you like really matters, right?

it's also incredibly selfish. "it may not be happening to me, so i don't care".

No. 37718

I care about things that effect me now. Also, I'm sorry to say it but it's no ones fault that white people have weak genes and don't want to have children. Mother Nature and evolution does not care if you want to wait to have a good career and stable home before popping out babies. It's the battle of the fittest pretty much.

No. 37719


it actually does affect you. now. and it will get worse in future. and you can't blame "white people" for being weak while demonstrating an equally pernicious streak of apathy.

also, genes don't have much to do with it at the moment. it's excess and wealth, and it won't last forever. once that bubble well and truly burst, just wait until white families go back to the way of having a dozen kids, 7 of whom survive etc, then the violent competition with migrants for resources will /really/ kick in.

No. 37720

"Weak genes"? Come on, you know that's nonsense. Having fewer children is associated with advanced education, male-female equality, and a high standard of living. It has nothing to do with race.

No. 37753

File: 1442635068044.jpg (297.66 KB, 1516x810, 1430053395647.jpg)

>>white jews.


No. 37754

File: 1442635237314.jpg (720.06 KB, 1088x4032, 1441774538998.jpg)

>comparing a crippled (native resident) person getting benefits to hundreds of thousands of Africans and Muslims pouring into Europe to collect gerMoney


r u perhaps seeing darkies in this pic?

No. 37770

I honestly don't get it, if a country is literally blocking you from their country, and the majority of its residents obviously don't want you there, or they are not financially stable enough, why the fuck are you protesting, or trying to fight your way in?
Its not your country, and you can't do whatever you wantarmy just walking right in. Hell, you even LEFT your country to find another one that will even consider you, so why act so ungreatful, do things you know are illegal, and act so damned entitled?
For Pete's sake, there are even other countries that would literally overpopulate some areas just to make room for you.

On another note, sadly some countries won't even consider what Japan is doing, by not paying them any time of day.

No. 37793

They're entitled because they're men and on top of that, they come from countries where men get everything they want, they get the final say, they have the power. So, even in war times and in times of need they will still feel entitled to have everything their way.

No. 37828

While what you said is and may be true, it's not only men doing the this. There are women (more men, but still women). They are not physically fighting, but they slander the country to the death when they aren't kept.

No. 37919

File: 1442712293425.jpg (139.94 KB, 600x430, gary_varvel_gary_varvel_for_09…)

when political cartoons get real

No. 37931

That wave should be brown lol

No. 37932

Most of them just look African tho

I would have no problem at all if they all looked like her, but they DONT

No. 37939

yea europeans dont care about the economy or if they even bring in criminals(there are plenty of white criminals, what is the difference?). for us the only thing that matters is if they look attractive/white.

im sure if most of them were the white Arabs most Europeans would gladly give up everything we have and take the criminals too, criminals can be reformed.

No. 37940

And If one of them rapes a white woman it wouldn't be so bad. Their genes would kind of blend together, making a mostly white child and it would be just like if my own brother were to rape her, which is why its not as bad.

No. 37946

Would you rather take in non-white Christians or white Muslims

No. 37949

White Muslims

No. 37956

Oy vey. The staff is only slightly less Jewish than I thought it'd be.

No. 38084

File: 1442835007258.png (41.36 KB, 704x249, 07_08.png)

No. 38088

>implying the Chinese or black south Africans would welcome refugees if a different races
>implying its just a white people thing

Din du nuffin detected.

No. 38100

This could be Trojan horse 2.0,
How can they expect our countries to give them a house, visa and job if there's no jobs for the people of the country? They expect too much. They don't even speak our language and are shitalking about the government. If you don't like how things work here go back to your country. I'm just tired of this situation. Hope something happens in the world so there's something more to talk about on the news.

No. 42094

File: 1444205478056.png (21.83 KB, 320x242, 1350464382442.png)


>A secret German government report has been leaked to the Bild newspaper in which it is admitted that the true number of nonwhite invaders set to enter that country this year will be nearly eight million—while the head of police in Germany has warned that invader violence is already a daily occurrence and “out of control.”









No. 42105

Poor Germany. They need to close the gates already.

No. 42106

That's terrifying. I hope my friends in germany are going to be okay.

No. 42122

German fag here and I swear to god I'm so pissed off about some of those refugees. They literally act like they own this fucking country and everyone who doesn't kiss their asses is a Nazi. I got called a Nazi for not giving up my seat in a crowded bus like dude this has nothing to do with your ethnicity i just sat here first piss off. I live in a city with a high rate of foreigners anyway so you normally shouldn't be able to tell who's a refugee or not but you fucking can because they act so damn pretentious.As soon as they have to wait for smth or don't get smth their way they get extremly insulting and aggressiv.
They have to accept that nobody gives a shit where you came from and that you have to play by the rules but they will not learn that by getting everything shoven up their asses.

>rage mode off

Sorry for my rambling, I just needed to let that out.

No. 42125

I feel you. I personally can deal with singles or couples, modern and educated people, who do everything they can to get work and learn the language. What really grinds my gears are those large families, religious retards and all that shit that comes with being from a backwards country. Unfortunately most of those fuckers coming here are like that.

No. 42185

>I dont care how many times you show me the picture of the drowned boy, I just don't care

This. I know someone who takes surveys for some extra cash and one of the surveys was a picture of the drowned boy and asking if that would make her want to allow refugees into America.

Yeah, it sucks the kid died. Kids in Africa are dying too. Children in the US and Europe are dying. Kids are dying all around the world. It's just the media shoving this shit down our throat to feel bad for the poor, innocent, non-raping, totally not economic refugee. :^(

No. 42187

File: 1444261718639.jpg (11.23 KB, 255x201, 1442620677737.jpg)

>Germany has warned that invader violence is already a daily occurrence and “out of control.”

This is ridiculous. Media has been covering all the rapes and violent crimes, or even trying to paint the police as abusing the refugees. There was one video of a man who pushed his wife and young child in her arms on the train tracks and held her down as she screamed because they wanted to be allowed into the country. The police were trying to get them off the tracks. Media portrayed the cops as the ones who pushed them on the tracks because they're evil islamphobic racists!

It breaks my heart that there are young school children being raped and Germany blamed the parents for not being around. They're not placing blame on the refugees who did it. There were also flyers sent home telling girls not to wear mini skirts and shorts to school despite it being summer, so they don't ~offend~ the Muslims.

No. 42200

Those pieces of shits are roaches in your country. You don't have an obligation to be nice to them. Sorry you're going through all this bullshit, German anon.

No. 42201

Maybe I'm just stone cold, but I felt the same way. Kids die all over the world. That one kid isn't going to make me shed a tear because they're still a bunch of people fleeing from their country and invading others instead of solving their own problems. People like that bring problems into the other countries and the cycle starts all over again.

No. 42202

tbh we should just pile all the muslims back onto a boat and send them away. I don't understand why this is tolerated. If people come in from another country and cause violence, they need to be sent back. Muslims are the worst kind of victim blamers. They need to control themselves.

No. 42338

Well its germanys fault for losing the war, now we're fucked because of multi cult.

No. 42346


I feel sorry for you guys and your country. RIP Germany

No. 42373


Lol anon let's see what you would do If your neighbours\family gets murdered and you know your turn is next.
These people flee from death , they dont care about your fee fees.

No. 42384


>fleeing from death and violence in their own lands

>bring death and violence to other more advanced nations


No. 42386

>herp a durr dey gon killrape us in are beds!!!
Give us sauce that isn't daily heil or get the fuck out bitches

No. 42400

According to my country's statics, refugees are 17 times more likely to rape than the natives. They're also a lot more likely to commit violent crimes.

No. 42419


>daily heil

As opposed to what, the Grauniad with its near-canonisation of the poor, benighted migrants?

No. 42434

I'm German, too and I don't even know… I try to help them when they ask and I'm able to. Like if they are searching something at the market or being lost at a train station. But today a family sat next to me at the station and the man spit at the ground before my feet and the child repeated it and all laughed and I'm just like wtf that is gross

I will still volunteer to teach them German because tbh if they want to they should get a chance. I'm just pissed of at the rude and entitled ones

No. 42438


I would say not to bother with them.

If Britain is any kind of example, even if the first generation are decent, the second generation tend to grow up disgustingly entitled, especially the males.

No. 42446

No. 42509

No. 42510

What do jews have anything to do with communism.

Also many of these clips aren't of syrian immigrants, am I missing the point of this video or something

No. 42520

File: 1444555128314.jpeg (32.03 KB, 400x400, 1443189391989.jpeg)

>What do jews have anything to do with communism

No. 42524

Maymay arrows and a reaction image! What a quality post!

No. 42525

don't be surprised anon, a few others have already used this thread as an excuse to show off their anti-semitism

No. 42562

this thread is basically racist-chans r us

No. 42880

>wahwah it's been proven that these refugees are violent and causing trouble
>you guys are still racist though!

No. 42882

>>wahwah it's been proven that these refugees are violent and causing trouble
Funny you say that, just when we're all making fun of that hilariously retarded and nonsensical video you're posting as "proof".

No. 42885

These poor hungry people http://youtu.be/NY9HYV3ZNgA

No. 42889

I know, right? Did tumblrinas sneak in here or something.

No. 42906

I didn't post that. Nice try though. :^)

No. 42909

Funny thing, some migrants actually went to protest in front of a police station over the free food they got over here in Finland. The food being the very same school food that we use in our educational system. And a decent chunk of the migrants have decided that they've had enough and suddenly, Iraqi embassy in Helsinki has run out of passports. Something like 85 percent of all these "refugees" are Iraqi and from that, 90 percent are adult men.

No. 42925

My friend who lives there told me about this shit. That the refugees refuse to eat the food because it's not "good enough". Fuck off. You're getting free food.

There's a video of refugees complaining that they have to walk a whole 1km to get their free food. Then they complain about how winter is coming. There are signs they make their kids hold that read they're hungry and want food and "peas". If I knew I could get free food, I'd run that 1km.

No. 42928

another finnfag here and yeah, those iraqi guys are fucking assholes. They've popped up EVERYWHERE in my city. Their complaints about the free food are the epitome of dickery. People say that "yeah well they said that the milk fucks up their stomach" but seriously those people "protesting" for better food were complaining how the food is "horrible" in general and they "wouldn't feed this to their dogs". And they weren't asking for improvements for the food, they wanted MONEY so they could buy their own food from restaurants. Fuck you, I go to work and even I can't afford eating out every day.

90% of them aren't even actual refugees or families, they're all 20-30 year old guys who have been taught how to play the system. I hope we send these bastards back.

No. 42929

They've been around for a while now, it all started after threads in /pt/ featured some lolcows from tumblr and their whiteknights and haters joined in and brought their tumblr mindset with them.

No. 42952

>I hope we send these bastards back.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem like that's going to be the outcome. There's going to be millions more introduced into western countries. RIP beautiful Europe.

No. 42954

General Winter will decide on who's going to stay here. They got sold a whole load of bullshit by the traffickers and now they are regretting their decisions. I would not be surprised if some left-greens were involved in it.

No. 42961

I'm an immigrant from eastern europe and before we went abroad I would often have nothing to eat and go hungry. It made it difficult to concentrate on schoolwork.

When I got to the west I had so much food available to eat, I was infinitely grateful.

Oh but I'm white so MUH PRIVILEGE

No. 42967

File: 1444765487977.jpg (20.21 KB, 291x300, muslim-vi.jpg)

The thing I don't understand is why does the regressive left want these people in their countries? 90% of these "refugees" are young men of fighting age. If they are in such desperate situations, why are they leaving their wives, mothers, sisters, nieces and children behind?

Why do the left want these people known for treating women like objects that must be obedient to them? I thought the left enjoyed the modern woman who is independent. These people are known for attacking and raping women who don't have a male chaperon by their side. They're known for hating and executing homosexuals. They're known for restricting free speech to prohibit speaking ill of their pedophile prophet Muhammad.

Why people expect us to shake hands and miraculously become one is ludicrous. We live in two completely different societies. We're not going to see eye-to-eye. Since most of us here are women - If someone told you to cover up, respect and serve your husband and father as if he were a king and to convert to Islam or they'll rape and kill you, you wouldn't stand for it. So why do these lefts expect these "refugees" to change their mindset? Because it's "the right way"? That's not how it works. They're not going to change. Before someone cries out that this won't happen, there's already a place in France that is ruled by Sharia law.

Europe is fucked.

No. 42973

Everyone should copy what the Visegard 4 are doing: tattoo the fuckers with ID numbers and send them to forced labor camps.

No. 42977

Something, something, morals, love, and kindness….Something.

No. 42978

What do muslims even fucking do that's productive?

No. 42981


1000 mudslimes to be settled in german village with 100 inhabitants

>The backwater village Sumte houses some 100 old retired people and local farmers

>The next super market is 4km away

>There exists only one police station for the whole province



>Migrants should get jobs first before Dutch nationals

>600K unemployed nationals

>No jobs plan for unemployed nationals

>"Migrants should be helped first"

>land seized from farmers and the poor to house asylum seekers

>all public housing go to asylum seekers by decree of the PVDA


No. 42983

I'm just an American and don't keep up much on British news, but Jesus Christ, I'm sorry Brits. I have never seen such entitled creatures. You genuinely have some of our sympathy.

No. 42984

I'll also add my sympathies to Germany and Europe in general. Fucking deport them if they're going to cause problems like this.

No. 42992

But anon, that's racist! It's islamphobic! These people DESERVE the jobs more than the citizens that already live there. If you disagree you're racist, islamphobic and probably a CIS white male!

No. 42993

>sending 1,000 mudslimes to a village with 100 retired old people and farmers
There is no way this isn't a social experiment, or the beginning of a genocide. These refugees cry and make signs when they have to walk 1km. They're going to kill those farmers and old people to steal their food because Allah forbid they walk 4km!

No. 42994

>complaining about slow internet
>complaining about how their free meal is too small
>complaining about how they're not given as much free clothing as they'd like
>complaining about how they're not receiving language courses because this was an emergency situation
>complaining that he wants money to smoke
>complaining about "no service" despite the fact they're not doing anything but demanding for free shit

They're getting free housing, free food, free clothing, free phones, free shoes, free televisions, free everything and yet they complain. Did they think Europe was some magical land where people bow down in awe at Muslims and pick electronics off trees?

No. 43005

>Did they think Europe was some magical land where people bow down in awe at Muslims and pick electronics off trees?

That's the picture that human traffickers and the American left like painting the average European welfare state as.

No. 43045

This makes me so mad. Im moving to Denmark soon at it's an infestation of them there aswell, they want to fucking bad free speech!!!! In a few years no one will be allowed to talk bad about islam, not even fucking stand up comedians!!! This is so fucking ludacris! They are abusing the very system they want gone, islam should be illegal, even for moderate muslims, they are worshipping a pedophile savage and that does not belong in a civilised society!

No. 43046

No. 43049

>that guy saying the food isn't good enough for dogs, only women
I'm surprised he's a refugee at all and not ISIS

People are all like that. I've seen before hostages grateful for the tiniest scrap of food immediately after they're rescued but after two weeks they're complaining that their instant noodles aren't in the flavor they wanted.

No. 43050

There were pictures of immigrants in italy throwing away freshly cooked noddles because they were "disgusting"

No. 43051

I really don't wanna know how many refugees are actually ISIS members

No. 43068

To be honest it's not that far away from the truth. The working class gets shit on constantly and freeloaders and muslims are treated as the holy beings above all criticism.

No. 43101

File: 1444861021276.gif (2.13 MB, 400x300, 1436756057144.gif)

>A school in Germany has asked its students to cook and clean for migrants at an asylum centre as part of “practical work experience”. Parents are furious that children will be changing bed linen and working in the kitchens at an asylum system, calling it “servitude”.
>Parents were told about the school project in a letter, which was then posted to Facebook. The parent who posted it wrote:
>“I am definitely not a hater and am really tolerant, but this is taking things too far. Is there a new subject in Lübeck’s schools called servitude?”
>The post now has over 2,000 shares and 1,000 comments, many of them asking why the migrants cannot make their own beds and do their own cooking.
>Initially many thought it was a joke, but local newspaper SHZ got in touch with the school who then confirmed it was real.
>Kiel’s Ministry for Education confirmed that 13 to 14-year-olds from a school in Lübeck will changing bed linen, helping in the kitchen and sorting clothes. A spokeswoman said that the school had the idea because some migrant children sit in the class, and insisted the students themselves thought of the project.

No. 43103

So, what I understand from this is that the migrant children suggested the German children (and probably some do gooders) change their beds for them, and the schoolteachers were okay with that?

Do they have the choice not to do it?

No. 43104

The school claims the children insisted they wanted to do this, which many call bullshit on. The fact that the children don't have a choice and parents are angry about it reflect that.

In other news, refugees scare Germans into not leaving their homes by shouting 'Allahu akbar' as they take to the streets with pipes and sticks with masks over their faces.

No. 43106

File: 1444864262925.gif (2.94 MB, 640x360, 1444825879724.gif)

Harmless! They're poor refugees who need a better chance at life.

No. 43111


hope that fucking brat and his family die

No. 43113

File: 1444882597068.png (1.26 MB, 1430x836, sandnigger.png)

Lol, I just noticed that.

No. 43114

Their complaint wasn't even that the food was disgusting, just that it wasn't the food they eat in their own countries.

No. 43115

No. 43116

assimilate or fuck off

No. 43117

If you want sandniggers to pollute your DNA through assimilation, then you are the enemy just saying.

No. 43132

Fucking ungrateful. Damn.

No. 43133

File: 1444901242056.jpg (26.14 KB, 435x326, absolute-disgust.jpg)

Why are we helping these pieces of shit? I would send them back.

No. 43137

I meant culturally

No. 43146

Because white guilt.

No. 43148

No. 43155

I seriously don't even know anymore. Most of my friends are still defending these pieces of shit despite all the damage they cause to the society. It's been proven by statistics and even my real life encounters that they're a menace and contribute nothing else than negative things to our culture, can't control their impulses and demand shit at our expense. Our country is pretty much broke and there are no-go refugee ghettos forming around our low-income areas yet still people defend these freeloaders.

Why the fuck is this happening? Why do people demand more of this bullshit? Why isn't anyone doing anything? Some of the people I know are seriously considering moving abroad to avoid the incoming race war.

No. 43163

> Most of my friends are still defending these pieces of shit despite all the damage they cause to the society.

The media won't portray the refugees as trouble makers and if you dare to say anything negative about them, you're "racist!!!!!".

No. 43168

Propaganda and brainwashing.

No. 43169

This might seem kind of out of left field, and I'm probably overthinking the fuck out of it, but I feel like white people have this naive nature to us where we want to do good and change the world. I think part of it comes from us feeling superior. For example, thinking these people are doomed without us, thinking our investment in other countries is always good for them, wanting to "civilize the savages" ect. Colonialism was partly justified by claims that these cultures would be better off with our influence. You would think that by now we would have learned to just keep to ourselves and stop sticking our fingers in everyone's pie, but no. We still insist on butting into other peoples affairs to make ourselves seem charitable. Most white countries are better off than the rest of the world so we don't learn much about hardship and think that bad things could never happen to our countries. Hardship brings people together, which is why we're so individualistic and naive.

No. 43197

No. 43198

It's scary and I don't get it either. I don't get why people kiss their asses. If you help someone with nothing and they are ungrateful, you throw them out. A country shouldn't be giving free hands out if they can't afford it. A country's own citizens should be FIRST priority. It really saddens me what's happening to this world.

No. 43216

Welcome to white man's burden. It's all about viewing those poor browns/blacks as children who demand your philanthropy constantly. If you don't participate in it, you are a racist turbo-nazi and deserve anti-fa to go fair game on your ass.

The easiest way to solve this problem is turning off the aid income to Africa and the Middle east. Let them be and don't interfere no matter how bad shit goes down there.

No. 43223

This is pretty much true. I think white peoples superiority complex will be the death of them. These people will eventually short their mess out, they don't need you to be better.
They pretty much see themselves as the right way to be and they need to fix everyone else. it's kind of like those white feminists who feel they need to "save" Muslim girls from wearing hijabs, when most of those girls want to wear them and the ones who don't eventually stop themselves.

No. 43227

People need to let them sort this shit out in their own countries. Maybe take in children and abused women but not able bodied men who want to force their beliefs.

No. 43253

File: 1445033502517.png (256.89 KB, 314x575, ZZy94eE.png)

No. 43254

You know what's bad, there is this woman here in the UK who was brought over at 4-5 years old (shes mixed thai and white) by her mother who's thai, her mother got herself a visa but never her daughter. It's been 50 years, the woman has been here in the UK working and living normal everyday life thinking her mother got her this visa and only just now, plus having breast cancer the authorities have dragged her up on it and are trying to deport her back to Thailand. Thing is, she doesn't know anyone there, how it works there or anything. Now there is a petition to get her to stay in this country, she's more british than she is thai.

It's sad because that is happening and yet you've got random fucks coming into the country sponge.

No. 43255

to sponge*

No. 43256

I'm going to be honest, I don't dislike muslims I just don't like how they force their shitty religion on others. By 50 years, England will be ran by them probably.

No. 43259

Serves he and her nasty ass mother right. I hate people who go to other countries and try to make it their home, her people are Thai. Mixed race people have no place in the world. These race mixing scum can't just dump their mongrels onto us and expect us to be the ones to accept them and treat them as our own.

No. 43260


It was actually her mother's fault, she didn't get her kid a visa and people can't help it if they're mixed nazi-chan

No. 43261

Stories like this piss me off. The people who are actually good and adapted into society always get picked on - meanwhile the roaches and violent thugs get to stay.

No. 43262

The little girl was 5 though. How is that her fault?

No. 43273


No. 43286

File: 1445051305029.png (18.81 KB, 835x107, lol.png)

>Those comments
Lol, get a load of these faggots.

No. 43287

jfc, that's absolutely disgusting. This is why no one wants these savages.

No. 43292

File: 1445052181990.png (12.09 KB, 769x114, lol.png)

>Woman takes their side
>Shit all over her anyways
Kek, they really are worse than SJW's.

No. 43417

File: 1445200845494.jpg (86.98 KB, 800x447, flensburg-01.jpg)

>police in the northern town have confirmed that an “arson attack burned out an apartment in a vacant—but planned—“asylum seeker accommodation” in the early hours of Friday morning.
>the invaders were due to move into the apartments next week, but this plan will now have to shelved.

Good job, Germans!

No. 43418

>In Germany, a 31-year-old Moroccan “asylum seeker” has been arrested for raping a German woman in the city of Dresden.
>The victim, a 31-year-old woman, was climbing the stairs from the Zwickau road to the bridge, when the invader threatened her with a shard of broken glass and dragged her into the nearby bushes where he raped her.
>The woman was able to provide a description of her attacker, and the suspect was arrested shortly afterward in the vicinity. Police said the woman was injured in the attack, but declined to provide further information.

They're not criminals at all. :^)

No. 43419

Politicians have finally admitted that most people oppose the refugees entering Germany.

71 percent of Germans opposed Third World immigration outright, and 45 percent wanted illegal immigration into the EU “counteracted at both EU and national levels.” The same opinion poll found that opposition to Third World immigration was even higher in Italy (75 percent), Latvia (79 percent), and Slovakia (74 percent).

The German reaction on social media against the refugees caused Merkel to personally ask Facebook to act against those making derogatory comments about the invaders.

No. 43425

source for this? Sounds interesting

No. 43429

For those who don't want to/can't watch the video

>Arabic-fluent woman trying to get on train

>refugees won't let her get past the entrance
>shouted insults in Arabic and tried to take her luggage
>shit at the station
>women there beaten by their own kind, the police didn't touch them
>90% of the refugees there were healthy men between 18-45
>used random children as shields to get on the train
>only 5 other Europeans, not including the Arabic-fluent European used tickets to get on the train. Refugees flooded in minutes later
>in a relaxed tone the guys were speaking Arabic, considering whether or not to rob the other 5 Europeans in the train
>claimed this would please Allah since they're infidels
>considered raping the Arabic-fluent woman and claimed it would be really worth it because she's not dressed as a proper woman
>the train stopped and the refugees refused to let the Europeans off, saying in Arabic they should use them as hostages

>refugees threw bread, fruit and biscuits on the path and trampled on it

>they kept shouting "MONEY" as in "give us money"
>kept grabbing at people to tear away their valuables and kept insulting them
>woman says they only want welfare, not to learn any trades or get involved in anything
>aside from hatred and ill-will, they have nothing to give to European people
>"Those people are the same ones that Europe accepted in the name of tolerance"

Better enjoy your tolerance pie, Europe or that will be racist!

No. 43475

Not saying she's lying, but that would be really easy to exaggerate or make up.

No. 43491


Nigger rapist got his dick cut off by Chinese crowed. Why don't we whites do this?

No. 43495

I say yes!
I am thankful that the refugees are coming to Europe, I wanted to go back to my country but couldnt because of all the damn minorities there who basically ruined Syria for hundreds of years. In 3 years if Syria is only populated by the real Arab sunni or Shia Syrians - not the brown dark evil violent Palestinians and hairy dark violent Kurds and slutty hairy Armenians and stinky ISIS cruit - . Maybe we can even take back our lands but maybe that is just a dream only those vile Semitic anglos fuxons can achieve. Also, the gas we have belongs to Russia not to fatty Semitic America or Ugly SemiticWestern Europe because America and her middle aged slut mother are ugly and disgusting and Semitic. Anyways thank you miss Merkel for willing to make Syria beautiful again by sending animals to Europe. Yes minorities destroy countries for people in daily life but in my opinion this is Europe's and America's fault for stealing countries and using minorities as slaves in the first place which they are still doing. Syria has done nothing wrong but good to get these damn unthankful minorities so Semitic ugly pedophile lesbian Europe hu akbar! Thanks for cleaning the feces up in our country, janitor!

Also please take back our Christian and Jewish entertainment stars too, jeez they run the industry here too and we dont want them, at least I dont want them if I come back when its the right time.

>tfw not sure if I am even serious

No. 43527

>Mudslime detected.

Good, go back to your shithole.

No. 43529

That happened

No. 43543

Never trust a bleach bottle blonde.

No. 43549

Marxists destroyed europe. Hitler was right.

No. 43568

Anyone who has any experience with sandniggers knows it's true.

No. 43576

File: 1445321735186.jpg (115.19 KB, 479x555, european-life-died-in-auschwit…)

No. 43584

Fuck no.
Look at them, healthy, well-fed 20-30 year old mudslime men with good clothes and latest iphones.
Refugees my ass, it's a fucking invasion.

No. 43598

And France and Germany willingly let them in.

No. 43601



You misspelled "Sweden".

No. 43613

This. I live in an area inhabited by those 20-30 year old Iraqi men and I have no trouble believing the story.

No. 43926

No. 43930

I don't understand the Jew hate. They're a million times more advanced and peaceful than Muslims will ever be. I'll take Israel over some backwater Muslim shithole anyday.

Also look at this:


>Destroy our precious farmlands to house shitty leeching immigrants :^)

No. 43935


>Like those women in Australia who don't want to remove their jihad or whatever to show their ID to a highway cop.

Genuinely lol'd

No. 43936

Jews are the whole reason these immigrants are flooding in to begin with. So much blood was shed so they could have their own country, and yet, these American kikes don't even live in it. They obsessively try to destroy free speech to silence anyone who calls them out on their shit. They use Their wealth and power to silence all opposition and finance buttfucking crazy watchdog groups to harass anyone who thinks critically of the SJW culture (like tumblr). They're responsible for the degeneration of American culture through their media power and propaganda. This whole anti-white batshit insane PC bullshit is because of the jews, they're insane corrupt assholes. They're at the head of the FDA, control all media, and halt research and science to support their own interests. They need control over America because we fight all their enemies for them.

Also, look at this video. Look at how paranoid and crazy they are. They're one of the most wealthy and powerful ethnic groups on the planet and they have the nerve to run around pointing fingers at everyone screaming oppression.

No. 43974

File: 1445671089002.jpg (102.06 KB, 600x584, CSEEUJZVEAIjrtS.jpg)

No. 43975

>SWEDEN: Horrific gang rape of 29-year-old white mother of two by Muslim asylum seekers in Swedish refugee camp.

>Seven-hour non-stop gang rape by 12 Afghan MUSLIM refugees was the 'most gruesome rape marathon in Sweden's history,' say prosecutors. The rape was oral, anal, and vaginal, with up to three rapists in her at the same time. Only 7 of the 12 rapists were convicted.

The other Muslim onlookers were clapping and cheering and calling the woman a "whore" and a "slut," how Muslim men describe unveiled women. The victim is now confined to a wheelchair, suffering severe mental distress. The Swedish media concealed the ethnicity of the perpetrators and quickly removed the story. Swedish socialists say it would be "racist" to deport the rapists. No wonder, Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the world.

I fucking hate Sweden so much

No. 43977

This seems like some crazy propaganda story.

No. 43983

Sweden is already ruined, probably forever. They're so deep in their own self-deception that even though a muslim refugee kills their whole family, they're still going to believe that their country is free of danger and the criminal refugees are "just a tiny percentage". There are ghettos in Sweden that have 90% refugee population and they're pretty much no-go areas in which a whitey gets beat up for coming to their turf. The police and the ambulances refuse to enter the area because the mudslimers will pelt them with rocks and attack them. During a half a year course this year 30 refugee-made grenade attacks took place in there. A few months ago a muslim refugee stabbed two random people in the middle of an IKEA store.

yet people still think the "racists" are the biggest problem of the country. I know Swedish folks who are terrified of going out after dark since they fear of being attacked, yet they still firmly believe there's nothing wrong with their refugee situation.

No. 43984

>Only 7 of the 12 rapists were convicted. But now, one who wasn’t convicted, but passively participated by masturbating next to the woman’s face while his comrades raped her, is going to get more than $20,000 in compensation because of a clerical error.

>The man was acquitted although he passively participated in the gang rape and stood by and masturbated next to the woman’s face while his comrades raped her. Because of an error by the Prosecutor not entering the correct prosecution rubric, the accomplice was acquitted and now has been awarded damages of SEK 130,000 (US$20,000) for the time he was detained.

No but seriously, fuck Sweden.

No. 44013

Canadafag but now that Trudeau Jr. Is our PM we're probably going to get an extra heaping load of refugees.

I'm so sick and tired of people being for refugees because
>where is your humanity
>where is your empathy
>we should welcome them openly their country sucks


It's not practical to shit up our own country with it's own pre existing problems. I'm all for legal immigration where they can contribute to our society and desire to do so, but I'm not willing to accept floods of people we can't even background check who are only here because the alternative is worse - they don't want to be here and aren't going to contribute.

I'm so fucking tired of people being all a bloobloo my empathy. Get fucking wrecked.

It's become trendy to be a bleedheart justice warrior, without thinking of the consequences of naively letting people in just for refuge.

And yes you stupid fucks on Facebook, if I was in their situation I'd want to come here. That doesn't mean I should be allowed to.

No. 44021

So which western countries are staunchly anti-muslim fucks? I wanna know which ones to praise for not being kowtowed into submission

No. 44022

Seriously, are there even any English-speaking states or countries that are safe anymore?

No. 44024

I actually want to vomit. fucking jesus christ, this is beyond awful…

No. 44025

How is this even a thing? how does this fucking happen still in the world? it's not like sweden in a shit country with zero security and just fuck, i feel so sick. It breaks my heart and soul to read about a rape of anyone, but especially something as soulless as this. All of these people need to be murdered or jailed– SOMETHING.

Sweden, what the fuck are you doing?

No. 44026

sorry to samefag, but Sweden is really damning themselves. Sandniggers should seriously be wiped from this earth.

No. 44052

Most of the Slavic countries in eastern Europe don't take their shit since they're poor and have their own problems to take care of. The well off first world countries are so up their own savior complex that they're going to be ruined by this invasion.

No. 44148

In recent news, Muslim migrants DEMAND sex


"Migrant Thinks That It Is Ok To Say On Camera That 400 Men Can Have Sex With One Girl"


‘No Borders’ Activist Gang Raped By Migrants, Pressured Into Silence To Not ‘Damage Cause’

>One Saturday night, as loud music played at a nearby party, the woman was reportedly trapped in a shower block set up near the camp in a pine forest know as Red Leap.

>A gang of African migrants allegedly raped her there, and her cries for help are said to have gone unheard because of the music.

>La Stampa reports that the woman, around 30 years of age, would have reported the horrific crime were if not for her fellow left-wing activists, who convinced her that if the truth got out it could damage their utopian dream of a world without borders.

No. 44151

File: 1445803248513.webm (3 MB, 716x404, 1445470611310.webm)

No. 44154

Where's a mass shooter when we actually need one?

No. 44190

Nobody's stopping you.

No. 44195


Careful what you wish for. We don't want Breiviks springing up all over the place.

I say endure a little longer. Give these savages enough rope to hang themselves.

No. 44212

File: 1445835685363.jpg (19.66 KB, 520x324, 3180244_f520.jpg)

You'll only get ten years in a lovely prison if you're a swede

No. 44224

Like it or not, there will be many Breviks.

No. 44227


My point is more that Breivik-style shootings (so soon, anyway) will lead to a backlash like they did in Norway, which will only further isolate the "Patriots" and have everybody else come out in solidarity with the poor migrants, which is exactly what happened after the 2011 shootings.

No. 44240

Do they furnish their prisons with Ikea furniture?

No. 44241

that prison room looks better than my apartment… too bad i live in america or i'd bomb some sandniggers asap

No. 44266

No. 44271

As far as I've seen, what he did struck fear directly into the hearts of the leftists and now they are thinking twice about policies that they go ahead and pass that directly effect the quality of life of the Norwegian people.

The thing is, terrorism works. Violence is the only thing that Muslims respond to, they couldn't care less if we don't want them here. Terrorism is being committed against us every day. They rape white women and kill white children, what is the result? We're afraid of them and we're afraid to speak up against them. We need other races to fear us if we want to secure the lives of white people living in our countries. Otherwise, we are going to be exploited and taken advantage of.

No. 44299

I think people are starting to realize how Europe is going to get fucked by this rate, in my country they quickly declared Somalia and Iraq to be safe enough to return to so they can kick people off our borders.

No. 44300

>I think people are starting to realize how Europe is going to get fucked by this rate

I sure hope so. I feel so bad for Europe. There's been cases of refugees burning down their own tents and Germans burning down buildings meant to house refugees. Now the government took over a 4 star hotel, fired 100 people ( some of which were working there for almost 40 years ) and kicked out all the visitors so they could house 700+ refugees in it. Looks like they're going to be cozy this winter!

I want to be an economic migrant! Get to sit my ass in a comfy 4 star hotel, get free food, free money for being lazy and I wouldn't get in trouble for raping women and children and robbing families that offered me a place to stay! Being a mudslime refugee sounds neat! :^)

No. 44301

> Now the government took over a 4 star hotel, fired 100 people ( some of which were working there for almost 40 years ) and kicked out all the visitors so they could house 700+ refugees in it.

This can't be real. Tell me it's not real.

No. 44302

No. 44303

How can this be legal? How can they do something like this? This is fucking SICK.

No. 44308


I know exactly what you're saying, I just think that this is all going to get bloodily worse before it gets better.

I do think Europeans need to get organised, because this can't go on with the intellectual shrug that is the response to this situation. Our zeal really needs to match that
A few thousand armed Muslim fanatics have thrown the entirety of the Middle East into chaos. Can you imagine what a few thousand dedicated and armed Europeans would do?

No. 44310


>Germans being kicked out of jobs to house migrants

B-but this can't be real! Everyone knows that migrants do the jobs lazy eurotrash white people won't do!

No. 44319

This is terrifying.

No. 44336

Gross. Nowhere is safe.

No. 44667

Germanfag here. This happened in my shitty city with little tourism so the hotel was going to close this year anyway. The only confirmed crime of any refugees is the rape of a girl by two Somalis. I haven't heard of a confirmed crime of Muslims or Middle Eastern people. However, there have been over 500 crimes of Neonazis in this year alone. Especially here in East Germany (we are less educated and have more inbred retards than the West Germans). It's weird that nobody here talks about the horrible crimes that the Nazis and right-wing do in this country. The latest crime that shocked all of us was the rape and murder of 4 year old Mohamed in Berlin by a 32 yo German man https://anony.link/http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/justiz/mohamed-taeter-gesteht-sexuellen-missbrauch-a-1060411.html only a German link, sorry. Posting here for the first time. I used to hate on the immigrants lowkey but I realised whose fault this really is (our government and social system) so I woke up and am trying to be rational and smart, not blindly hate the wrong people. I'm still pissed about the situation in my country, our government and Sweden are shit.

No. 44672


>The only confirmed crime of any refugees is the rape of a girl by two Somalis. I haven't heard of a confirmed crime of Muslims or Middle Eastern people.

If the Finnish and Swedish media, police, authorities etc. are anything to go by, no news is not necessarily good news. Think on.

>It's weird that nobody here talks about the horrible crimes that the Nazis and right-wing do in this country.

"Better the devil you know" comes to mind, really.
I don't in the least sympathise with nazi retards, but I can understand why people are less agitated about them causing trouble, especially in the "in-bred, retarded" east of Germany, which is as far as I can tell not as wealthy (ourisde of Berlin) as the rest of the country. Poverty might thus have something to do with it.

> I used to hate on the immigrants lowkey but I realised whose fault this really is (our government and social system) so I woke up and am trying to be rational and smart, not blindly hate the wrong people. I'm still pissed about the situation in my country, our government and Sweden are shit.

Also, it is OK to dislike them both, because both groups (migrants and native authorities) are committing serious damage to the native people of your country by abusing their trust and generosity, amongst other things.

No. 44674

you are right. I agree with pretty much everything you've said. But I'm still really pissed about the government because they have the power to stop it. They knew it was gonna happen but they didn't do anything. Some immigrants coming behave very strangely. Like a lot of guys (it's annoying that the majority are men) think they can get a local girl to marry them so they can stay forever. They cat-call girls all the time thinking it will work. They are very naive.
And something I forgot to mention was that only a few of them are real refugees. Even people from Syria or Iraq come to Germany because of the money. I've heard this from Middle Eastern people themselves and they should know their people the best.
The facilitators give them delusions, they tell them that they will live in luxury.
I'll be honest. The immigrants that worry me the most are the Africans. They commit every crime you can think of (drug dealing, stealing, robbing old people, sexual harassment) just today I saw some hippie girl walk hand in hand with a very dark skinned black guy. Probably one of those girls with white guilt and left-winged. Another kind of retard.
And the people with a heavy tan and Indian accent claiming to be from Syria… it's ridiculous.

No. 44699

>If the Finnish and Swedish media, police, authorities etc. are anything to go by, no news is not necessarily good news. Think on.

Exactly. In Finland, the police force has been confirmed by an ex-cop to stay silent about the crimes the refugees have committed to avoid making "uncomfortable" assumptions. The journalists often censor themselves and don't mention the ethnicity of the offender, not even if they're asking for eyewitness accounts. Additionally not every crime makes the news either, just the most gruesome ones. My friends have been harassed, even mugged by refugee bastards but naturally they don't call the news outlet about it. It's all what you see around yourself. The people who are the most accepting of the uncontrolled refugee invasion are usually the ones who live in a very white neighborhood, have a cozy indoors job and rarely encounter the less pleasant type of immigrants. They're also often male which means they don't have to deal with the catcalling and harassment.

Every time I see a white girl converting to Islam, they'll start pushing a mixed baby in a stroller while dressed up in a full niqab attire, and the dad is usually gone by then. I feel sorry for them, but usually they're so deep in their self-deceptive state that they refuse to accept their naivety.

No. 44708

This. All of this.
Fucking mudslimes degenerate. One said to my father one day that they will invade our country with the womb of their wives. Truly disgusting. And their children are disgusting trash most of the time.
I am seriously scared for Europe. These savages keep invading and tje governement let them in bc muh humanity or else it will be so racist amirite? All the guys can get fucked anyway theh barely ever bring something besides trouble. Fucking disgusting. I am not even from tumblr or anything but these men could die in front of me i would probably just walk away.

No. 44724

No shit, the government and the media covers up crimes carried out by muslims. There's massive propaganda and crackdowns against Neo-nazi in Germany, it's illegal to even be one, so of course there's going to be lots of "crimes" committed by them. They're committing a crime just by existing.

No. 44727

>I am seriously scared for Europe. These savages keep invading and tje governement let them in bc muh humanity or else it will be so racist amirite? All the guys can get fucked anyway they barely ever bring something besides trouble. Fucking disgusting. I am not even from tumblr or anything but these men could die in front of me i would probably just walk away.
I honestly feel the same way.

No. 44736

File: 1446269830951.png (436.49 KB, 619x599, tsang.PNG)

No. 44744

No. 44748

File: 1446280810069.png (876.98 KB, 1275x1841, 1446256746983.png)

Let is snow

No. 44763

>Comments are not available for this article
lmao the media censoring the discussion at its work

These people are savages. Truly disgusting. Everyone who's still desperately defending them should be put right in the middle of them and see for themselves what noble beings the precious refugees are.

No. 44809

Winter means nothing anymore, anon. These "refugees" are being housed in four star hotels and it's been reported they're escaping camps.

No. 44874

German children have to say muslimic credo (Schahāda) at Halloween

No. 44919

No. 44928

File: 1446446620050.png (22.25 KB, 648x197, 01_12.png)

No. 44946

Not even christian either, but i agree- this is bullshit. Why are they being so accommodating to these pieces of shit?

No. 44974


A German Muslim warned a local German man recently.
“Islam is coming and your daughter will wear the hijab.”

From the video: (translated)
“Islam is coming to take over Germany whether you want it or not…not through war but by the fact that Germans don’t reproduce and Muslims have 7-8 children each…but not only that, your daughters will marry bearded Muslims and wear the hijab, their sons will wear a beard! The Muslims will have four wives and 27 children and what does the German man have? One child and maybe a little pet dog! The German has taken advantage of the Muslim for too long, just so he can drive his Mercedes… now Islam is coming and your daughters will wear the hijab! Ha! I can see the look of hate in your eyes!”

No. 45115


Lol that's what some jews thought too

No. 45276

It would take all my strength not to curb that motherfucker.

No. 46383

No. 46384

Damn, didn't take long for that one to get removed.

No. 46410



No. 46411

this is absolutely terrifying

No. 46421

Damn, 330,667 views already, nice.

No. 46430

It's actually forbidden in Islam to have more than 3 wives iirc. (Lunatic sub-Saharan African nobility break this rule all the time, but it's pretty much law in the Middle East.) A man should only marry a second or third if he can afford to support them all, so most marriages are monogamous. They're encouraged to marry widows or (in olden times/remote places) orphans since they'll be destitute otherwise because of a woman's low status in society. I'm not sure how closely this is followed but, as I said before, polygamous marriages are uncommon anyway.

Not going to argue with the birth rate, though. The high percentage of young people in Arab countries is partly to blame for all the violence there, and it would be in their best interest to invest in a few quality children instead of 10 neglected kids who throw rocks for fun. Unfortunately, that's often what you get with members of ultra-religious groups. They're like the Quiverfulls. Their birth rates would most likely go down if they assimilated into a post-industrial society like Germany, but it seems like most of them won't.

It sucks that there's no way to keep the economic migrants out, at the very least until the crisis in Syria stabilizes. I'd assume that most of the lone males aren't war refugees, unless they're sending for their families once they arrive or something.

No. 46441

I like the music, but jeez, talk about fear mongering.

No. 46442

But Islam also allows sex slaves.

No. 46443

Come on, all they're doing is showing them as they are.

No. 46450

It's showing some people as they are and trying to generalize that to all Muslims or all immigrants. And quoting snippets of some multiculturalists out of context.

I could make a video showing like 400 bitchy women, quotes from some radical feminists about destroying men, testimonies from men assaulted by crazy women and say "WOMEN, NOT EVEN ONCE". Or do the same for men, or Protestants, or anything.

Radical Muslims and mass uncontrolled immigration can both be bad for societies, but not because Muslims or third world country citizens are inherently violent nutjobs. There's no point trying to argue about that with neoreactionaries, though.

No. 46451

>Radical Muslims and mass uncontrolled immigration can both be bad for societies, but not because Muslims or third world country citizens are inherently violent nutjobs.

That's one of the main problems. They come from a place where compared to western society, they're uncivilized and ass backwards.

No. 46452

Let's ignore the fact that valuing individual freedom and human rights is a soly western value. Everythin you said about Muslims can easily be disprove by doing a little research, not from libtard cultural studies classes, but simply by observing them. Islamic culture goes by "an eye for an eye" while we go for "turn the other cheek". Muslims live by their religion, it rules their laws and it's the center of their lives. The average Muslim would be considered a religious fanatic by our standards and Islamic fanatics are considered terrorists. They value Jihad as a way to promote their religion and are much more accepting to violence, it's what we call an "honer culture". Aside from that…


>Nearly 90 percent of Afghan women suffer from domestic abuse

>66% of Iranian women, at the beginning of the marriage have been at least physically abused once.
>91% of university students polled by the Jordanian Human Right Center approve of wife beating. An earlier study by another organization found out that a majority of WOMEN also supports the right of a husband to beat the wife

According to the [National Family Council] report:
83% of Jordanian women approve of wife beating if the woman cheats on her husband
60% approve of wife beating in cases where the wife burns a meal she's cooking
52% approve of wife beating in case where she's refused to follow the husband’s orders

>A study published in June 2006 in the Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, based on interviews with 300 women admitted to hospital for childbirth, said 80 percent reported being subjected to some kind of abuse within marriage.

>120 women from refugee camps, villages, and cities in the Gaza Strip to determine the incidence of gender-based violence. The preliminary results are alarming: half of the women interviewed to date have been victims of violence

>London-based Refugee Workers Association Woman’s Group (GIK-DER) revealed disturbing news last week [in November, 2006] that up to 80% Turkish and Kurdish women are victims of domestic violence and sexual harassment. At the same time 70% of Turkish and Kurdish husbands cheat on their wives.
>Violence against women in the home is the main emergency needed to be tackled by the Mediterranean's southern shores. The phenomenon affects between 40% and 75% of married women, who suffer mainly at the hands of their husbands.

You're applying western morality to Muslims and closing your eyes to their culture and society for the sake of ideology.

No. 46454

File: 1447301418355.png (59.64 KB, 800x498, A_comparison_of_acceptance_of_…)

Also, this

No. 46457

First off, not all Muslims adhere to fundamentalist beliefs. There are many (relatively speaking) major "liberal" clerics in Muslim countries.

"Eye for an eye" punishment just means things like kill murderers, maim maimers, etc. It's barbaric to a degree, but it's not terribly dissimilar from Western ideas of justice. Other ideas of Sharia law are very different from Western philosophy, but many Americans hold some sort of "eye for an eye" beliefs.

And here we're getting closer to the root of the problem.

Your graphs show that a lot of domestic violence is correlated to quality of life and average education, not just religion. Poor, uneducated people in third world countries will cling desperately to fundamentalist religious values.

Egypt is 95% Muslim, Maldives is 100% Muslim, etc., but they have considerably lower rates of domestic violence. They also happen to have a general higher quality of life, and stronger economies. Countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are also extremely Muslim, but have higher quality of life, and also have much lower rates of domestic violence. It's still a problem there, partly due to Islam, but not nearly as much.

The Quran does mention "lightly" assaulting women, but not very often and as a "last resort". http://www.answering-islam.org/Authors/Arlandson/beating.htm

Obviously, that is still horrible, but the Old Testament also has many verses about assaulting and raping women: http://feminismandreligion.com/2011/09/08/using-the-bible-to-promote-and-impose-terror-on-women-by-michele-stopera-freyhauf/

Liberia is extremely poor, 85% Christian, and has a 77% domestic violence rate according to the World Health Organization: http://www.voanews.com/content/liberia-vows-to-end-violence-against-women/1612577.html

Other poor Christian countries like Kenya and the Congo have no laws or regulations against domestic violence, and have major issues with it.

>Article 444 of the Congo Family Code states that a wife “owes her obedience to her husband”

The actual religion doesn't matter much when it comes to these issues. It's that these countries are shitty, and many people grow up in terrible environments. Clashes occur when people from a seriously poor third world country try to migrate en masse to a first world country, not because Muslims are evil. I don't like Islam, but I also know many Muslims are normal, kind people. The only time I think a Muslim should really not be allowed to assimilate is if they're calling for sharia law in the country they move to.

You can't really broadly classify someone based on what country they're from either. But it at least makes more sense to set immigration quotas and adjust how scrupulously you look into people based on what country or region they originate from, rather than their religion or ethnicity.

No. 46460

Not trying to defend anyone or argue but after looking at the link in your post I'm having trouble believing it's a credible source.

No. 46464

They site their sources within the article. Also, the picture in >>46454 is from wikipedia


No. 46466

>They site their sources within the article
I realize that. Actually, what made me question the page you linked is exactly the fact that I went and had a look at the sources down at the bottom.

No. 46473

Communism was made by jews, read history of Russia of early 20 century.
oy vey, tumblrina

No. 46474

Elites sincerely hate other people, they want to ruin their world, that's why they want to bring in muslims and other scum. There was a book of one british politican who confessed why they were pushing multiculturalism and immigration.

No. 46475

To the left, they decrease numbers of white people, to them it's very productive.
Europeans should consider immigration to Russia, Putin won't let such shit happen there.

No. 46476

That's the least of their atrocities, my child.
Moron, you really believe all that shit, don't you faggot see what's happening to your country? When will you wake up?

No. 46587

File: 1447451155740.gif (480.29 KB, 250x309, 1442775625532.gif)

1,000 refugees will be flown to Canada every day, with considerations for ‘lodging sites’

>1,000 refugees will be flown to Canada every day, with considerations for ‘lodging sites’

>Refugees will then be flown to Toronto, Montreal and the military base in Trenton, Ont., the planning document shows. The internal aid agency report comes from a group tasked with helping fulfill a Liberal campaign promise to get 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada by the end of the year.

I can't stand this shit anymore.

No. 46588

Another shooting in Paris, undoubtedly perpetuated by you-know-whos. There is a war against white people.

No. 46589


>There are many (relatively speaking) major "liberal" clerics in Muslim countries.

Islam now about where Christianity was 500 years ago. That is, it's better than it was 500 years prior still, but its still barely tolerable. A lot of people say that Islam needs some kind of Reformation. I think what is happening in the Middle East with ISIS is exactly that. That is their reformation right there.

>a lot of domestic violence is correlated to quality of life and average education, not just religion. Poor, uneducated people in third world countries will cling desperately to fundamentalist religious values.

You're basically making a case why they shouldn't be here at all. Their cultures are entirely at odds with our own.

>Egypt is 95% Muslim, Maldives is 100% Muslim, etc., but they have considerably lower rates of domestic violence.

Maybe because:
1 - It's such a norm that it's seen as irrelevant to even report it
2 - women don't report it for the same reasons beaten women in the west don't
3 - women do report it, and the police either don't give a shit and don't follow it up, or they cook their figures.

>b-but christians!

This is less changing the goalposts and more of a reason why we shouldn't let any third worlders into Europe.
In the UK witch hunting was pretty much dead for centuries until we started getting west African migrants coming here bringing their wacky voodoo christian shit with them.

No. 46595

I just read all the Paris news and my hearts go out to them. COUNTRIES, STOP TAKING IN REFUGEES AND MUDSLIMES NOW

No. 46597

File: 1447460125190.gif (485.78 KB, 500x234, 1385853705281760_animate.gif)

You know a lot of people have been talking about this wave of mass economic immigration and the increase of Islam as if it's been designed and intended to wipe out European and the West, but you know, I actually believe that the exact opposite is happening here.

I believe this is all a conspiracy to rally Europe to destabilise and effectively wipe out the Middle East for good, or at least reduce its population and subsequent power enormously so, enough to bring it under total, permanent control.

Compare this to 9/11, back then people, very, very powerful people wanted something from Iraq, but they had neither the reason nor means to rally their little pawns into taking it, so they staged an enormous false flag that successfully fooled an entire country into joining together for the sole cause of wiping out their phantom aggressors.

So, what does an organisation do when they want to attempt something bigger, something grander, say… to destroy an entire transcontinental region and seize its lands and assets?

What would you do /b/? Would you stage something exactly like what's going on right now, and continue to escalate it and escalate it, increase the attacks in frequency and barbarism until virtually every citizen of the West has been touched by it in some way and is reduced to foaming at the mouth and baying for blood?

What if 9/11 was just a test run for something of a larger scale?

Right now, everything that our leaders are doing in standing by and allowing this to happen makes absolutely no sense does it? Maybe it's because it was preordained decades ago and entirely by design.

I genuinely think WWIII is on the horizon my friends, but not for the reasons most believe.

No. 46607

I think both of those conspiracy theories are stupid.

There's no grand plan. Muslim extremists want vengeance for perceived sacrilege and corruption of culture. That's it.

They always will, unless extremists magically vanish one day. Maybe in like 300 years education will improve enough such that extremism and fundamentalism is barely even a thing anymore, but until then, this problem will remain.

The biggest threat is a group of extremists who are organized, educated, intelligent, and resourceful enough to start doing weapons research and development like Aum Shinrikyo. I empathize with the victims in Paris, but as heartless as this is, attacks like these are a drop in the bucket compared to 9/11-style attacks. And 9/11 nothing compared to hypothetical chemical, biological, or nuclear payloads released in populated areas.

I don't care that much if Iran gets nukes, because their president and ayatollah have too much to lose if they use it. Even North Korea, as crazy as they are, understand the consequences of launching a nuke aren't worth it.

But a small jihadist group has absolutely nothing to lose. Research methodologies for WMDs will continue to get better, and costs to produce weapons will continue to shrink. We're not quite at the stage where any group seems like they're coming close to this level of advancement, but in 30, 50, 100 years, it's going to be a huge risk.

No. 46619

You can thank Le Weed Man

Anyways, I hope the shootings in Paris at least put an end to this accommodating nonsense.

No. 46626

I like the way you think, and that's actually a great idea…But then if that's what's going on why is europe's standard of life, economy and birth rates falling?

On the one hand your theory makes sense, but on the other…Iono, things would be better if europe really was topdog

No. 46627


>I think both of those conspiracy theories are stupid

Jet fuel can't melt steel beams.

No. 46629

That was my exact thought when reading your post.

No. 46630


My boyfriend is a forester and conservationist and also pointed out that if global warming were to continue, which it inevitably will because humans are hell bent on their own destruction, that the Middle-East and Africa will eventually become the most habitable places on earth.

That one may be a bit if stretch but so many people really don't seem to want to believe that these kind of fucked up things are going on behind the general populace's back daily.

The truth is probably that whilst a scenario like this may seem unbelievable and horrific, worst had probably occurred and is occurring under the guidance of the people that currently hold power over this planet and its eventual course.

I'm not surprised given that we're effectively trained from birth to deride anything that isn't public knowledge and government sanctioned as "craziness" and "paranoia".
It really is the best control tool, getting the people to fight in amongst themselves about what is right and what is wrong.

No. 46631


>but then if that's what's going on why is europe's standard of life, economy and birth rates falling?

Who're going to be easiest to manipulate towards change in the long run?
Well-fed, well-furnished, rich, happy Europeans with large families and greater qualities of life, or Europeans who have watched their country and themselves grow poorer within their lifetime, who own little and have fearful aspirations for the future of the children they do produce in a country in which they're increasingly threatened by things such as assault, rape and murder from invaders.

An animal always fights fiercest when backed into a corner.

No. 46666

This video has been spreading around facebook. What's your take on it?

No. 46687

Secretly I think ISIS has something on the UK. All these fuckers they're letting in…

Most white British haven't a job. Muslims? Yes.

Benefits Britain, Benefits street, Skint ect all white faces. You don't see a Muslim in sight.

No. 46688

File: 1447473566206.png (2.81 MB, 1920x1080, 1447454414425-0.png)

No. 46689


>immigrants cause less crime than the native population

Literally jew propaganda.
Nice how didn't even bother touching the rape stats around these degenerates.
77% of reported rapes in Sweden last year alone ew committed by its 2% immigrant population.
In Norway 100% of the rapes reported we found to be committed by "non-natives".

Not even lying or exaggerating. Google it.

No. 46693


My favourte piece of doublethink in all of this is that such "facts" come from government departments or civic/legal authorities.

You know, those same bodies which clearly lie about police brutality, perversion, corruption etc. …

No. 46697

Everything in this video seems accurate, except that they kind of gloss over how or why immigrants are less likely to commit crime than native populations. I don't think the jury is out on the real statistics for that.

But of course, it will vary heavily based on what sort of migrant population you're dealing with. Which is why that part of the video is a bit disingenuous.

According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_and_crime, immigrants in the US are less likely to commit crime, but immigrants in several European countries are more likely to commit crime. It generally comes to the conclusion that the immigrants' nation and region of origin is what matters most.

So, the real empirical challenge is determining the education and crime rates of the Syrian and Iraqi populations.

No. 46737

That's fucking awful. What the fuck.

No. 46854


Read this before asking why jews are bad.

No. 46859

Remember if your husband is beating you and fucking whores in your home, just stick it out for 10 plus years, maybe it'll get better. Remember you can't get a divorce without sharia approval and the penalty for leaving Islam is to be murdered!

We need to respect there tolerant culture!

No. 46972

lol praise allah

No. 46990

What a peaceful and loving religion we should all look up to!

No. 47051

For real though and not being sarcastic, why do people defend Islam? They always claim to be the religion of peace, but the way they treat their women is so incredibly low and disgusting. I have never once seen this so called religion promote love or peace and yet all the sjws and tumblrinas will defend it to the ground.

No. 47054

It makes them feel good. It makes them feel good to feel superior to some "oppressed" group and "help them out" by being a butthurt activist. They might be bitter against their own community or resent it for other reasons, and thus support anything that's different and exotic to "get back" at their own. Or maybe they're plain and boring and want to feel special by "taking part" in the exotic culture. I've met numerous SJWs and I was a retarded social activist during my teenage years so this sick mindset is very familiar to me.

No. 47066

There's a term for them. They are called "Useful Idiots"

No. 47068

Their women aren't entirely innocent either. Stuck up, jealous bitches the lot of them who wish that they were white because their habeebs have the boner for white girls.

No. 47070

No. 47073

Lookie what "refugees" watch on their phones.

No. 47074

Those "refugees" sure have nice phones!

>life does not matter to these people, death does

And our governments are inviting them to our front doors and opening them for these animals.

No. 47075

Muslim "refugees" demanding apartments from Germans.

Notice those starved bodies, totally covered in rags.

No. 47076

No. 47079

"Refugees" throwing supplies away after being given them, denying them from the women and children in the cars.

No. 47080

Italians in poverty who are forced to live in the tents provided for the "refugees", while the mudshits live in clean, nice quarters.

No. 47081

Using children as shields.

No. 47085

File: 1447723726216.png (70.36 KB, 1512x1454, statesrefugee.png)

Is your state safe?

No. 47086


No. 47087

I'm sorry but Syria is Syria, its population can't run away from the country and expect to land in another one like nothing happens. I can't find a fucking job in my country, not even weekend jobs, and they all are going to get jobs and pay 80€ per month for the flat when I'm super fucked without a job and I have to pay 300€ for sharing flat.this is not fair, it's not our war. France is standing up and with a "I'm going to keep living my life" attitude. They all want to protect the country and fight for its safety, they're not running away. My country doesn't look like my country, I barely see people from my nationality. I don't have anything against it, but people come here and think they own this fucking country and upsets me.

No. 47089

My bad, found it


>But "when push comes to shove, the federal government has both the plenary power and the power of the 1980 Refugee Act to place refugees anywhere in the country," Appleby said.

I hope the closed and deciding state put up a serious fight.

No. 47090

File: 1447725053965.jpg (47.29 KB, 480x358, tumbleweed-empty-desert.png.jp…)

Forgot to add, the article states that 22 million Syrians have fled from their homes.

>The total population in Syria was last recorded at 23.3 million people in 2014

And people actually believe all these "refugees" are Syrian?

No. 47095

There's nothing wrong with how you feel, anon. They're incredibly arrogant people who think that they're "chosen" and all are beneath them and going to hell. It's pretty fucking arrogant to just come to someone else's country, not learn their language, not respect their customs, and then demand them to change in order to accommodate you.

What's more, what they did to Sweden and those fucking rape gangs? They fucking raped a seven year old in Germany and got away with it. There's too many of these filthy fucking sandniggers all over and they're utterly barbaric. Immigration only works when the group coming in is fucking civilized.

No. 47099


This so much

No. 47102

Yet those homeless persons manage to take care of their hygiene, don't let their kids roam like roaches and keep the place clean.

On the other hand, that building will look and smell like a pig pen within the first week.

No. 47115

No. 47134

my father is a lieutenant colonel and told me not to believe those videos of 'fathers holding their sons' because they're fake. Once the kid is on the ambulance, the recording stops and the kid stands up and cleans the blood. But what we see is a 'desperate father crying the death of his son". They're not their sons too. If they are so afraid that France replied with bombs and innocent people are dying, then you faggots take the terrorists yourselves and kill them, report it and your city will be free of innocent deaths.
Oh, and y y'all don't now, ISIS planned another attack in Belgium, at a football match (Belgium-Spain) but one of them confessed and tha match is cancelled.
If muslims that live where terrorists are and they don't do anything about it but later they complain about Europe attacking them, I feel no mercy for them. If you let them live near your children, you're also an accomplice. And having kids doesnt mean you're free of shit.

No. 47135

if y'all don't know*

No. 47156

Good. The people of Germany are finally taking matters into their own hands after the government has repeatedly shat over them, esp. in the cities taking in the most refugees, with way not enough infrastructure and supplies to take care of them

also I wouldn't be surprised if the refugees burnt it down themselves, a bunch of illiterate syrians, an ethiopian with HIV and 5 criminally violent somalians do not go well with kitchen stoves.

No. 47226

Not the poster but if you scroll down in the link you'll see which governors/states won't take in migrants.


Sage for should be in Amerifag thread.

No. 48015

the reason to never allow any muslim in England EVER:-
“The vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values including democracy, that places every single Muslim in the category of extremist you know why? Because the statement “Lá iláha illallah” [there is no god but Allah] that statement that makes you Muslim, that is a rejection of democracy and the rule of law. Because that statement says la – you reject all other any ruling any legislation, you’re rejecting to obey anything other than Allah.” source http://www.channel4.com/info/press/news/channel-4-investigation-uncovers-the-british-women-supporting-isis

No. 48048


Bavarian school warns girls should dress ‘modestly,’ due to Syrian refugees nearby.

>“These boys, who come from a culture where for women it is frowned upon to show naked skin, follow girls and bother them without realizing. Obviously, this is a matter of concern for us,” he continued.

No. 48091

They claim Britian is waging war against Muslims and yet, these extremists are the ones starting the shit? How fucking dumb can these savages get?

No. 48096

As dumb as the media and the people drinking the koolaid are

No. 48097

P.S you linked to Channel 4, they're radical, cancerous lefties. You know the drill with BBC too and all that crowd.

No. 48098

This makes my blood boil.

No. 48099

there's the Mecca and Medinan parts of the Quran. Mecca = Peaceful and Medinan = Bloodthirst Mohammedan savages. Us in the West live in Dar al-Harb of the land of war. Islam wants conquest because Mohammed was a king son of a bitch who wanted to be worshipped. He bastardized a once peaceful group of Quraysh who dealt with other cultures for his own sick desires. No Muslim can speak against those who willingly commit atrocious crimes in the name of the book, because the book is still the untainted word of "God". To demonize the actions mean to demonize the Quran. Only a small minority will speak out, and those Muslims are threatened by other Muslims for their bravery to speak against such deplorable actions.

No. 48350

File: 1448661012733.png (25.44 KB, 1003x205, 16_57.png)

No. 48355

I spent a few years working in a muslim country. Before I went I had no prejudice toward muslims or arabs in general, but after 6 months of being there, I would of pulled my cock off just to fuck these cunts over.
They were, across the board, rude to anyone who wasn't a muslim and the way they treated people they considered beneath them was rough (somalis, indians….bascially anyone darker than them).

I once asked my boss why he treated the tea boy so badly and he laughed for about 10 mins and said that because he gave his weekly charitable donation he could treat them however he wanted.

They would scold woman for not wearing head scarves, being alone around men or talking to anyone who wasn't muslim openly in public. Then the men would go on about how they treated women the best because they didn't sexualise them openly. That was the entire philosophy behind it. We don't sexulise them, the west does, we are better.

I was doing a school inspection and a boy had been rude to me, so I took him to the headmaster's office. I explained what had happened and the headmaster called the boy's father in. About 30 mins later a dishdasha wearing, 30 stone, stinking man entered. The headmaster spoke to him for a few minute in whatever language they used and then they both reverted to English, for my benefit. The man told the child off and everything was fine, but as we were leaving the man asked the child "who is your mother?". I had never heard anything like it. I even asked the headmaster and he said that it was common for the men to have several wives and many children.

The thing I de despised the most was how they were in shops. For some reason they would not wait in line. If they entered the shop and their was a foreigner being served they would literally push them out of the way and do their business. There was no way around this. The shopkeepers wouldn't serve you before them. To make matters worst they wouldn't usually get out of their cars, but stop outside the front door and honk their horns. The shopkeeper would drop what he was doing and run outside to serve them.

Fucking hated every minute I was there.

No. 48358

not really, no

I feel so tired. It's like europe is dying, our futures are dying, our children's futures are melting before our eyes, and all we can do is put blinkers on and nod readily that yes, islam is good, and islamophobia is baaad. I'm so tired of the rapes, the murders, the robberies, even those gypsy beggars. I'm sick of all this degeneration.

I'm sick of how pedophiles get sentenced to 1 year probation, I'm sick of how refugees get more money than most pensioners do, I'm sick of privatised healthcare and everyone fighting to be more progressive, more intelligent, more this that or the other rather than fighting to improve learn and grow

fuck haes, sharia, socialism and pedophile rings

No. 48359

I don't get the waiting in line thing, why wouldn't they want to cue in an orderly manner? It saves time and effort. It's more efficient to just do that rather than to bicker.

No. 48366

Because they didn't want to wait in line. They felt they were too important. Honestly, anyone who stands up for muslims should go and live in a muslim country for a while. The fucking call to prayer at 5:00 every morning is a solid cunt. They make everything taste like pork, but you can't eat pork and in some small areas you could go to prison if found with alcohol, but they rarely mentioned this when entering these places. A college did a few days inside before they deported him for having a bottle of wine in his car boot.

I long for the day I can make one of the middle eastern muslims life more difficult.

No. 48384

>I'm sick of privatized healthcare
>Fuck socialism

No. 48387

Which country was this? Sounds like one of those Gulf countries that has a bunch of stupid wealthy princes and gentry running around. (And probably funding terrorism.)

No. 48411

>implying that if I like one aspect of something, present in other political dogmas, then I have to like the whole thing

No. 48417

Most of the people who defend muslims have never either met one (or have met very westernized muslims) or have only been to very sheltered parts of a muslim country. I live in an area that's inhabited by a lot of muslim refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia etc. and they have no concept of civilized behavior whether it's waiting in line or respecting a woman or someone not their race or religion. Every conflict has to be solved with as much yelling and shouting as possible or if that doesn't help, violence. They would be the lowest of low for me but even below them are the ultra-welcoming natives who think there are no problems at all with them and we should take in as many refugees as possible. They're usually the ones who demand ridiculous bullshit like shops to take off their christmas decorations to avoid offending the "guests of honor" of our country.

No. 56585

File: 1451976000938.webm (7.66 MB, 1280x720, 1451969800307.webm)

Happy New Year from your friendly Muslim neighbor!

>German police in the city of Cologne have finally admitted that the mass sex attack on German girls near the city’s famous cathedral on New Year’s Eve involved at least 1,000 nonwhite invaders, that at least one rape occurred, that the crowd hurled incendiary devices at the German public and the police—and that they were made up of recently arrived Arabic-speaking “refugees.”

No. 56606

Whats so horrible about this is that only a few people dare to write about this because everyone is scared to be called a nazi.
Especially feminist "activists" disappoint me. Remember how Brüderles (white, german politician) sexist comment caused the #Aufschrei (outcry)? Now none of their webites would even touch that topic.

No. 56636

Just a friendly reminder these are the same women who are getting "Refugees Welcome" tattoos and are pushing for opem borders.

No. 56651

File: 1452023963038.jpg (77.53 KB, 960x720, not_terrorist_deso_dog.jpg)

It's not rape if they are committed by non-white people.
Sexism only comes from white males. Being placed under a burka or becoming a war captive sex slave is the pinnacle of female empowerment

>pic: pro Muslim advocate who later died in Syria serving with ISIS

No. 56653

>Stop victim blaming!

Oh wait, those guys who raped her are Muslims, therefore this time it's 100% the victim's fault

No. 56657

Most of the Muslims I grew up with were black Muslims. While some were very devout most were really westernized and American because they were born here.

The few middle easterners I knew who were Muslim had westernized themselves and wore western clothes and went to clubs.

Because our cultures are so different they just don't blend well at all. They are completely incompatible. The Muslims that come to the west don't know who to act in our countries or how we treat women. I really think that they need to be educated on how to blend in properly. When you go to a new country you need to learn the culture enough so that you will act in a way that's acceptable to the local people.

But they will never learn if we keep letting them get away with everything and bending to their will every time they get offended. You came to us. We did not come to you.

No. 56694

I really think they need to be shipped back where they came from before more people have to suffer at their hands.

No. 56700

yeah sure, because these bitches represent all german women. get a grip.

No. 56723


>Refugees refusing to leave bus in 'too cold' Swedish village to be removed

>Fourteen people have stayed on the bus since it reached Limedsforsen three days ago, saying the village is too cold and isolated

No. 56752

File: 1452039818336.png (101.67 KB, 321x326, luJhE3e.png)

>go to Sweden in winter
>complain about it being cold

Maybe winter-chan will succeed in freezing them to death.

No. 56801

File: 1452052124430.png (55.23 KB, 808x286, germans.png)

>"They had encircled and began to grope us us. They were with their hands everywhere. I had fingers on all body openings. When I screamed for help, they laughed. Suddenly they had took off my coat. They tried to reach for my phone. Spasmodically I have my cell phone and wallet detained. Other, such as lipstick off my coat pockets, was away."

>"The women have just screamed. I tried to protect my girlfriend from the men. The other men around me were only busy to protect their women. Nevertheless, some women were attacked and grabbed between their legs. The women distributed slaps, and the men were trying to keep at bay."

No. 56809

File: 1452054569622.jpg (120.6 KB, 656x847, 1452041011774.jpg)

No. 56824


Thank God for Breitbart

No. 56841

If only. Those ungrateful pieces of shit.

No. 56870

yeah this is written as a click bait, "wow look at these ungrateful muslims!!". The truth is that the houses were a couple of kilometers away from any busses or stores, and no doctor close by. They had to buy food so they had to be able to walk to the store. Most of the people who didnt want to live there were familys with young kids and pregnant women. Keep in mind that most of these people dont have any clothing warm enough for a cold klimate.

My family works at another living facility for refugees seeking asylum here in sweden. Some of refugees, mostly syrians, act a but ungrateful but after spending a lot of time with refugees i start to understand them. Many syrians had very good lives in syria so they are used to good living standards. We have a lot of refugees from eritrea and they are usually used to worse living conditions so they dont complain at all.

Most people just want what is best for their families and children. They have been trough so much so if they think that staying in that bus for 2 days might help them, its worth it. And if it doesnt work than its no harm done, so why not try.

Syrians are very posh people so they annoy me. But they really are in a crisis situation so i think we should help them. Most want to go back to syria but they cant. A lot of those who have the money to come here are well educated and we need doctors, teachers in sweden.

The real problem is people from albania and marocko. They are really shit people who does nothing but steal. And its not like there's a crazy war in those contries either. Sweden is just really bad at deciding who can stay and who can not because we are pussys. A family at our place from syria, with small kids who were sick, had to leave the contry. Meanwhile some albanian young man who kicked one of the workers in her crotch gets to stay.

No. 56874

Yeah a lot of the syrians used to be middle class before they became refugees so they're less likely to tolerate a lower living standard than those who were already living in poverty. I understand them complaining about living in a cold climate with vulnerable family members and not enough warm clothes. I'd probably be concerned for vulnerable family members too. I'd probably just ask for help with warm clothes and travel though, I don't think I'd just say "no, I'm not staying here" because the truth is, the most comfortable living places will already be taken up by the denizens of the country and you get to a point where you have to take what is available for your own good.

No. 56879

They get free food from the center you dumb fuck. They just wanted to fucking bawl about their free housing in typical sandnigger fashion.

No. 56895

well they might at least get vitamin d deficiency, get depressed and kill themselves.

No. 56896

Then why don't they go inside the fucking building instead of sitting on the bus and demanding tropical climate? Fuck you sandnigger enablers who let them get away with this bullshit. I don't care where these "poor refugees :( " go so long as they aren't in my country, they can go into a grave for all I care. They're taking full advantage of you dumb fucks and your too stupid to even realize what they're doing.

No. 56909

>your too stupid
Get your shit together before you start getting salty.

No. 56910

This photo was so ironic that I actually googled it because I thought nothing could line up quite like that and damn, it's real.

No. 56913

How does a refugee apply to stay in a country if they've come from a safe one? I never understood how refugees flee to France and then get to the UK as an asylum seeker. Surely, if you're safe in one country, then you shouldn't be apply to another on the basis that the one you originally fled from was dangerous? Does anybody say "no, you didn't flee from Syria, you came from another European country that you were safe in"? That's past the point of seeking asylum imo

It's one thing to flee from danger and a completely different one to run to the country that benefits you the most.

No. 56921

It is not only the cold that was the problem. The problem was that the store was quite far away, and old people/kids/pregnant women may have trouble walking some kilometers. Im not trying to excuse their behavior im just trying to explain it from another point of view since the article shared doesnt tell the whole story.

No they did not. At the facility my family work on we cook the food for them, but at this particular place the refugees had to cook and buy the food themselves. They do recieve money to do this but they have to literally buy the food themselves.

>Det är självhushåll men…
means they take care of the house themselves with cooking, cleaning and so on.

In sweden the asylum service is very badly organized and they have not hired enough people. So if you come here and say you are a refugee you get to live at an asulym facility until your case is looked upon and it often takes a year. If they decide you can not stay, they buy you a plane ticket and says "Please leave :-)". A few people i know have been told that they have to leave but they didnt. After many tries the police might force you out but it rarely happens.

Sometimes they are in danger for other reasons. Some might be gay, and one said the mafia was after him. We had one family from Ukraine and it is a war there i think but they seemed pretty well off. I dont understand why people like them can not just move here some other way. But it seems like its not possible. Some syrians even have nice cars. I find it weird that those people cant just pay someone and get to stay here.

No. 56924

A lot of people have to live far away from the facilities in the nordic countries because they're so scarcely inhabited and living near the services is expensive. What gives the refugees the right to something a lot of natives don't have?

No. 56942

Don't worry, Norways got this under control with epic plan. Just teach the Browns to be civilised, it's so crazy it's genius, crisis averted, well done Norway.


>"To force someone into sex is not permitted in Norway, even when you are married to that person.”

Common sense is not that common is it? You'd think these grown men would realize that sharia law is not global, and that cultural norms are different across the world. Do they really have to be taught like children that rape is not okay like it is in their shithole of a country? And these are the people who are gonna save our pensions and ensure our future prosperity? Give me a fucking break.

No. 56944

>You'd think these grown men would realize that sharia law is not global
The problem is that they WANT sharia to be global law

No. 56950

The EU doesn't restrict movement to any of it's citizens. If you're granted asylum to one country, you basically have a free pass to go wherever you like in the EU. Which is one of the main reasons why the UK's population is really keen to either leave the EU or negotiate special treatment.

No. 56956

No. 56964

File: 1452131212282.jpg (40.38 KB, 443x553, ..jpg)

My blood is fucking boiling. This is disgusting.

No. 56967

Yet women in these countries will still find a way to blame white men for causing these poor oppresed souls to rape those women

No. 57017

yeah but most swedes have cars. refugees from out of EU are not allowed to drive here

this sounds good. but classes like this should be offered for every man. i find it funny how right wing conservatives/racists who hates muslims usually are about as sexist as muslims.

you can stay in an EU country for 3 months then you have to move. unless you are studying or working

No. 57019

Moderators on the link-sharing and discussion site Reddit deleted dozens of links and comments about immigrant gang violence and sexual assault in Cologne, Germany in an apparent attempt to clamp down on “vileness.”

Moderators on /r/worldnews, a subreddit with over 9.5million subscribers, repeatedly deleted links to stories about the recent New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne, which saw over a thousand Arab and North African migrants engage in hundreds of acts of sexual assault and robbery.

Users made a dozen attempts to post links to the story on /r/worldnews, where they were promptly deleted by moderators. It was only when German Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on the attacks that one news link was allowed to be posted. Comment from the German head of state made it impossible for the moderators to deny the story’s relevance to world news.

Even then, user comments underneath the news link faced mass censorship as well as a temporary lockdown due to what one moderator called “vile rule violating.” Go1dfish, a site which tracks censorship on Reddit and maintains a permanent copy of deleted comments, reveals that users had their comments deleted simply for asking why others had been deleted.

In another case, a user was censored for saying “I hope this story blows up. People need to see this.”

There have also been reports of censorship on /r/news, a default subreddit with over 7 million subscribers. Over 500 comments were found to be delete underneath a story on the Cologne attacks on /r/news.


No. 57064

>>56956 That's not a refugee you moron. He is turkish and was born in germany.

No. 57066

White men defend sandniggers way more than white women do, it feeds their cuck fetish. Notice how no white men were protesting the shitskin assaults? This makes white men happy to see the white women they hate so much getting raped.

No. 57067

Shut the fuck up you stupid Muslim enabler. Stop making excuses for their behavior, there is no excuse for rape. You're either a swede or a shitskin, for real. White men don't commit rape nearly as often as sandnigger invaders do. Muslims come from countries where rape is acceptable and they view women as tools. Sitting then down and saying "plz don't rape :(" isn't going to do shit. It won't undo their entire upbringing, it's rooted in their culture and you can't change that. Also, stop trying to eliminate their culture you fascist dickhead lol.

No. 57071

>Muslims come from countries where rape is acceptable and they view women as tools. Sitting then down and saying "plz don't rape :(" isn't going to do shit.

Exactly this. They've been brought up in a culture that encourages rape and feels it's completely acceptable for a muslim man to rape a woman not wearing a headscarf, not enough clothes or practicing the wrong religion. If some wrong-believer tells them not to rape, they're not going to listen. I've seen muslim activist advocating against rape and violence etc and then getting caught raping someone themselves.

No. 57096

File: 1452195803704.png (39.82 KB, 636x364, 1452184769217.png)

What an insane cunt

No. 57100

>White men defend sandniggers way more than white women
As someone in university I cant even tell you how wrong this is. There's a good example itt in fact. Are you actually implying thay women aren't more liberal and more acceptinf of refugees? Hell i just watched a video from Germany interviewing women on the street and most of them said they thought the story wasnt that important and was being used by nazis to stop those poor refugees from coming in. I saw a similar video from Sweden and many women said their governments weren't doing enough for refugees and that they needed to take more in

No. 57101

That's even more worrying tbh
It seems these people are impossible to integrate

No. 57111




Women are more likely to oppose immigration than men.
Aside from that, I white men enabling shitskins all the fucking time. Even on supposed "right wing" sites like /pol/ I see white men saying that they're glad it happened because they hate white women. They want women from other countries to be imported because they're "tired of our shit" and they like shitskins here because they attack us the way white men would like to do. Also, LOL university. White men would be saying the same shit they were allowed. You can't just say "well I think it's great that this happened lol fuck those whores."

No. 57113

>It found that women in Scotland were more likely to want immigration cut (69%) than men (60%).


>Preferences for reduced migration were equally common among men as among women among UK-born white respondents

No. 57115

File: 1452200229492.jpg (107.82 KB, 640x640, 1447188853192.jpg)

>I see white men saying that they're glad it happened because they hate white women.
That's not all white women that /pol/ holds that opinion for I don't believe

I think that only goes with the cruel irony such as with the incident with Swedish woman who was pro-open borders and made a music video fucking an African to the Swedish national anthem, and encouraging Swedes to blanda up. However, a few years later she herself was raped and murdered by an African immigrant.

I'll just assume your stats are correct and true for most women, but in my experience women are far more left-leaning. The Black Lives Matter protests in my city are entirely Black and brown men and women, and then a shit ton of white women. Same goes for the pro-refugee movement rallies I see on TV and in person. It's largely white women supporting these things. Maybe silent majority or whatever though. I haven't met many American women who want MENA refugees in the states outside of those rallies. I also have yet to talk to many European men online who support opening borders to refugees, but I have met many women who do support this.

No. 57121

>who wish that they were white because their habeebs have the boner for white girls.
No they don't lol
They view white women as sluts for their taking and not as wives. It's kind of fucked

No. 57128

>Even on supposed "right wing" sites like /pol/ I see white men saying that they're glad it happened because they hate white women
Where the hell have you been seeing this shit? If you're talking about 4chan's /pol/, that's because 4chan is literally Reddit now and they're all r9k-tier basement dwellers who try too hard to be badasses online. Therefore, they hate anyone who isn't a lonely, white male.
8chan's /pol/, fascist Tumblr blogs (yes they exist), and Iron March all put white women on a pedestal and always talk about saving the white race by procreating, the 14 words, and finding a traditional white woman to have a family with. If you say you hate white women or say you like women of colour, someone would call you a degenerate. Hell, on Facebook, there are right winged nerds who share stock photos of blonde women carrying babies in wheat fields with a sunwheel symbol over it. It depends on where you go. Either way, these board/forum hiveminds don't make up the opinion of every single user and if you go on both pols, there are people constantly arguing over many things but 8ch usually has decent discussion/debating unlike 4chan which is meme hell.

No. 57143

You're stupid, white men rape every day. 1 out of 5 women in the states will probably be raped in their lifetimes because of white men. And usually white men rape the women they know because they're fucking cowards.

No. 57161

>means they take care of the house themselves with cooking, cleaning and so on.

you say that like it's a bad thing?

majority of them are grown up people, no need to spoonfed them.

No. 58037

I know it's reddit, but holy fuck. Heres all the sexual assaults in one place

No. 58038

Its contradicting with what /pol/ says though so are men rapists or not? It seems they are

No. 58050

Muslims seem pretty rapey I'll say that much

No. 58057


The really interesting thing is that these type of stories have been rumoured (and "reported" by the right wing press) for 10-15 years. So if the dam is broken we will now presumably hear these stories all the time. Yes, the left wing press will say it's not "immigrant related" but how does that excuse the last 10-15 years of ignoring harassment from Muslims?

At this point I'm pretty convinced that the powers that be are devoted to making Europe go full fascist whether that's their intentions or not.

No. 58215

Doubtful. I dont see Europeans changing their migrant policy ant time soon. 2016 is going to have almost 3 million come in

No. 58528


Swedish police face allegations of covering up mass sexual assaults.

>we didn't want to report it because then it would help sd

How the fuck is that legal?

No. 58594

A total of 71 000 children and young people came to Sweden last year, and in some municipalities are now up against every other student newly arrived. The large influx increasing shortage of teachers with an additional 17 000 full-time, the government estimates.

School Authority's recent analysis shows that last year the 31,000 children aged up to twelve years, and 40,000 young people aged 13-18 years.

The older cohorts newcomers is therefore significantly bigger and biggest is born in 1999, with almost 13 000 pupils. Overall, the boys are in the majority among the teenage newcomers, and precisely in this cohort is 89 per cent boys.

National Agency analysis also clearly shows that Borgholm, Ljusnarsberg, Åsele and a number of other small municipalities that received the most children and young people, in relation to its population. In Borgholm on Öland are now newly arrived 16-18 year olds 50 per cent of all young people in that age. Newly arrived six year olds represent over 40 percent of all six-year olds in the municipality.


No. 58883

File: 1452591795876.png (37.45 KB, 570x347, 1.png)

Found this gem on a youtube video

No. 58886


>German police deployed water cannons against protesters at a rally against sexual assaults committed by suspected asylum seekers on New Year's Eve.

>This comes after Ralf Jaeger, German interior minister official said that saying mean things about “refugees” on Facebook was “at least as bad” as a massive gang-rape and fireworks assault involving a thousand foreign men.

No. 58895

And it's not just in sweden. They tried to cover up the 1000 man rape gang in koln too.

No. 59076

It's really really worrying. I'm afraid what will happen in the US. I've heard like 12 of our state governors don't want to let any refugees in.

I already live in a high crime city and we don't need any more.

No. 59132

File: 1452679505287.png (26.03 KB, 639x223, 1452659470502.png)

Just to let you all know

No. 59135

If they are allowed in let's hope that they are only allowed in AL,AZ,MS and WV aka states that won't tolerate that shit aka redneck states. Actually as xenophobia as we are I doubt any state as from CA and CO would tolerate it.

No. 59138

No. 59140

Could you fucking imagine if this shit happened in America? We'd go fucking crazy.
Armed militants would be patrolling the streets.

No. 59141

>world economy about to crash
>probably on purpose so the 1%ers can take whatever they don't own yet away from the other 99%
>right before the economy crashes, 1 million ISIS terrorists shuttled into Germany

Eternal jew just wants to make sure that during the Second Great Depression, Germans don't dare to go Reich again.

It's the same thing the banker Jews tried in 1929, that led straight into World War 2, they had globalization and global free trade to back them up and the entire idea behind crashing the world economy (this was done on purpose by the central banks and jew owned private banks), the entire plot was to swallow up as much private property from the goyim as possible. They have already had the tools for that in place, Credit Default Swaps and CDOs.

I'm afraid Germany is going to be out of the picture this time around, they're gonna be a little busy fending off muslim rape gangs and the genocidal german Zionist occupied government, so the rest of you fag nations will have to take care of the eternal jew problem this time, on your own.

No. 59142

No. 59143

I'd like some advice.
Since October 2014 I've been preparing to apply for a Masters in Sweden (I'm from UK).

The time's come, and I've put my application in, yet to hear results.

Now I've traveled alone around Europe and generally the west plenty, I'm aware of myself and of potential dangers, but this mass rape thing has put me off kilter.

Is Sweden REALLY that bad now? Would I have to be afraid of going outside? I mean not that I would since a masters is pretty intense, but I'm very uncomfortable with the idea of being in a country where I'm under threat because I wore a skirt with no tights or something. That sort of shit is the reason I'll never visit Turkey or Egypt.

To go there has been been a life goal for a while now. But all this shit's come out and I'm wondering, is it time to give this dream up?

No. 59144

Yup. It'll be just like what happened right after 9/11 except way worst. I mean there was a lot of prejudice after 9/11 that we're just getting over so if they allowed the refugees in America and they fucked up that bad oh boy…it would be horrendous.

No. 59148

File: 1452686462305.jpg (79.18 KB, 600x600, Envirosax-shopping-bag-reusabl…)

It's dangerous to go alone, take this.

No. 59149

Not from Sweden, but I live in Cologne so take it from me:
Everybody in this Thread is unbelievably exaggerating.
As long as you stay away from night clubs you should be fine, no one's going to rape you in bright day light while everyone just watches. Don't worry about it too much and make sure that you can call help in emergencys with f.e. pocket alarms and stuff.

Dude chill, not everything's a conspiracy theory conducted by ~the jews~ you know?

>1000 man gang rape
653 sexual assaults are reported, most of the perpetrators are suspected to not be refugees but immigrants who have been living here for quiet some time now.

I'm not gonna judge you for not knowing this, but pegida are literally just as dangerous as refugees kek.
I can't find a english news report about it, so here's a shitty google translator version of a recent german articel about them:

No. 59151

>Just as bad as refugees
>Nothing to back it up except a riot
Could you be any more brainwashed by the media? You're basically getting mad at people for reacting to the wrong doing of others. Of course this story was probably all the rage in your country, huh? Meanwhile, police and reporters are specifically told not to report crimes committed by sandniggers.

A summary of what has happened:

>alt right media "Nyheter Idag" reveal how established media and police have collaborated to not spread massive sexual assaults on Cologne levels taking place two summers in a row on a Stockholm festival as to not "benefit far-right groups like SD"

>lügenpresse panicking as they get attacked left and right and as a result throw the police under the bus to move focus

>turns out the police have been given explicit orders to cover up immigrant crimes and in some cases not even arrest immigrants if it could benefit the Sweden Democrats

>lügenpresse keep claiming it is the police's fault and not theirs and it seems to work, focus is shifted towards the police

>alt media don't let them get away as easily and reveal e-mails and text messages between established media and the police that they have now ousted as corrupt and anti-white

>they lose it completely and starts sperging about how you can't trust alt right media as it is owned by Russia

>completely fabricated bullshit and the stress is noticeable

>biggest bomb dropped today when yet another scandal is revealed, not only was the police aware of the massive sexual assaults, Stockholm CITY was aware of it yet covered it up



I'm not supprised they would be pissed. I'd be fucking mad too if a bunch of filthy shitskins raped girls in my own fucking country.

>suspected to not be refugees but immigrants who have been living here for quiet some time now.

>no source, just claims

Your whole post in a nutshell.

>Everybody in this Thread is unbelievably exaggerating.

Yes, it's safe so long as you cover up from head to toe and make no eye contact, right? I've heard other people saying that they can't go outside without Muslims trying to pick them up, which makes me wonder if your full of shit.

No. 59153

No. 59157


What do you expect, they're a PC, brainwashed Sverige cuck who probably lives in the North and have no idea the true extent of what's going down.

I lived in Sheffield for a year just after the Rotherham Muslim rape gang shit went going down in the UK (Rotherham is just outside Sheffield), I had a lot of people ask me "is it really as bad as it sounds?" and my answer was and remains a firmly resounding YES.

I don't know what it was like for other women in the area but I'm Caucasian, blonde and blue-eyed, a prime whore in the eyes of these sandpigs, so virtually everyday I was harassed just walking the streets doing average, everyday things in average, everyday clothing. It became a normal thing for a white van to drive past filled with Asian guys screaming at me making kissy noises or following me up the street, and yelling things like "eyyyy' bby u r very beautiful u come back with me yes?".
Fortunately I only experienced one putting his hands physically on me, but once was enough.

Before I went to uni I was as liberal as it gets. It took me to move to a city and experience the "cultural integration" for me to become a racist.
I also have some Swedish friends that I play video games with online and they are all racist as hell which is pretty indicative of the current sociopolitical climate.

No. 59303

File: 1452741367934.jpg (9.74 KB, 320x240, 1413752903184.jpg)

No. 59395

Yep. Whites are scum to them. Makes me wonder why they come in the first place if they think all western women are whores and our values are bullshit.

No. 59401

Sweden is long gone now. I just can't comprehend why they keep doing this. What purpose do they have?

No. 59404

Concerning Sweden, it depends on where you go. The no-go areas are just as bad, or even worse than you'd think. A couple of liberal refugee-hugging reporters from my country went to Sweden's Rosengård in an attempt to write an eyewitness account on how the media overplays the immigrant chaos and it's not nearly as bad as the racists say it is. They got mugged there and their camera equipment was stolen, kek.

No. 59433

File: 1452797297793.jpg (10.84 KB, 184x184, 1424143023164.jpg)

No. 59436

Cologne Sexual Assault Victim Called a Racist and Harassed After Identifying Her Attackers

Cologne Rapefugee Victim Doxed, Called Liar in 250,000 view Viral Video

Taken Down After She Threatens to Sue When It Appeared on Imam's Hate Site.

>She began getting threatening calls at work and people were attacking her on Facebook as a racist and a right-winger.


No. 59455

How is this real?? Wow, I try really hard not to judge a large group of people, but honestly, i want all arabs and syrian refugees to go back to their own country and fuck right off. this is getting worse.

No. 59457

same. I live in a pretty poor part of NYC and have to deal with enough. i dont want these sandniggers let in.

No. 59458

fuck… i hate this world.

No. 59475

>tfw 80% of the posters are either white or hindu men

No. 59482

I'm a mulatto woman and some Syrian guy started talking to me and flirting with me. Should I go for it? I mean, they seem to only want to rape and brutally abused blond hair blue eyed girls.

No. 59483


>I think that only goes with the cruel irony such as with the incident with Swedish woman who was pro-open borders and made a music video fucking an African to the Swedish national anthem, and encouraging Swedes to blanda up. However, a few years later she herself was raped and murdered by an African immigrant.

This was proven false, faggot.

No. 59487

Well go for it! Your white trailer trash mom was raped by a nigger chimp after all huh?

No. 59489

File: 1452808872914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 583.16 KB, 1515x1600, LsfVs.jpg)


o rly.

No. 59495


>white mom

gross. im mixed through family tree not by a direct white parent. all the white genes in my family comes from the men, thank god.

No. 59496


Yes, I saw that picture. It's not the same girl. Metapedia even debunked it.

No. 59501

>I call myself mulatto but I'm only 3% white/other
You're not mixed you're a blacka blacky black black bedwench with probably an eye for skinny tall liberal white men. sandnigger men don't like black women though so your chances are 0. Even if they wanted a real mullatto looking girl, they have enough of them in their homeland but most of them are running away of that lel.
Samefag anon plz dont you have a white man to rape to make humanish babies?

No. 59525



>all the white genes in my family comes from the men, thank god.

You sound like Asha.

No. 59539

Either way I believe that anon's point still stands; the example was just false

No. 59541

>Even if they wanted a real mullatto looking girl, they have enough of them in their homeland but most of them are running away of that lel.
I don't think there are many mulatta women in Syria and Iraq

No. 59542

I said mulatta LOOKING girl. As in bushy loose curly hair, tan skin, dark eyes or light eyes, full lips etc…

No. 59543

Do you have proof that the example is false?

No. 59580

Well, their faces are completely different. There's also no proof that the girl in the video is the same one who got killed, all they have for evidence is a picture of two pretty white girls together and a claim that they're the same person. The girl in the vid has a more beak like nose and a rounder face. The eyebrows are also very different and it's obvious that one is a natural blonde while the other is not.

No. 59581

>I give statistics
>your only comeback is "muh experience"
You're experience is shit because you see what you want to see you fucking faggot ass white bitch. You're a white faggot who can't get white women so you blame it on them being too liberal for your "redpilled" self. You see women being more liberal and I see men being more liberal, show me some evidence to support your views or stfu.
Men want freedoms and liberty, they would never be part of something that didn't revolve around them. This is why they're liberal, they want the freedoms to do whatever they want without law and order getting in the way.Men are a huge advocate for the degenerate culture due to their natural selfishness.

No. 59609

>the nose knows

No. 59669

>Parents: 15-year-old was murdered because he protected a Swedish girl from sexual harassment from an Arab student


>The Lithuanian boy Arminas Pileckas, 15, was stabbed to death on Monday by a student from the Arab world after protecting a girl who the killer had harassed. Now the victim's parents speak out about the murder – and harshly criticize the Swedish media for portraying the murderer as a victim.

>– In Lithuania, we are talking openly about the refugee problem. In Sweden, everyone is silent, he says.

>– The Swedish press writes that Arminas assaulted [the Arab student]. But that is not the case, according to an interview with father in the Lithuanian newspaper lrytas.

>According to the father, the real background to the assassination at Göinge School in Broby, Skåne, is that Arminas had been in a minor brawl with the Syrian student in December. The Syrian had sexually harassed a girl and Arminas came to her defense.

>– A week later, we went to the school for a meeting. The boy swore he would take revenge on him, and that is what he did, says the father.

No. 59670

No. 59709

The woman in the music video is actually a (somewhat known) comedian, and the song is 'Blanda Upp', a satire poking fun of Sweden's immigration policy. It's only simulated sex

The leftist girl raped and dumped in the woods is in fact real. That image needs to be edited for accuracy

No. 59710

>Made back in 2010, a more innocent time

Also redpillers seem to lack the ability to identify satire, although this is no longer as funny in light of recent events

No. 59728

Word, they though video related was real, too. Number one sign of aspergers.

No. 59955


I'm at least 50 percent white. But whatever, I'm not bragging because I have white blood.

Also I don't like white or black men nice try m8

No. 59962


No. 59963

>recent events
This is hardly anything new, it's just that the media is covering it now

No. 60275

This is an interview an anonymous, probably young female social worker.

This interview was published in the magazine "WELT" today. A popular, mostly reliable, usually leftist online magazine.

So according to her and her colleagues, following memes are actually the cold, hard truth about refugees.

These are translations of her statements, nothing else.

>She has been eager and idealistic about her new job as a social worker at a refugee camp.

>Literal quote: "90% of the interactions with refugees were not of the pleasant kind. Not like i imagined it."

>Around 70% are young males, between 20 and 25.

>Female co-workers experience misogny and "light" sexual harassment on a daily basis.

>They are openly demanding "an apartment, a nice car and a good job". Little acceptance when those wishes are unfulfilled. Threaten to kill themselves - or a colleague.

>People lie about their background and citizenship. Bureaucracy performs laughable when dealing with those lies. People just get new papers - under the supervision of social workers - and avoid being sent back to their countries by passing as another person.

>Refugees show no responsibility when attending meetings.

>Misogny and "light" sexual harassment were common for months. But everything changed - to the worse - when Morrocans and other North Africans started appearing in the camp. They were more aggressive.

>The higher-ups couldn't or wouldn't help the woman, who so was harassed so often that she started hiding in her office room. Thr German Ministry for Migration would completely ignore her calls.

>She will quit her job, as will many female colleagues, despite her liking the refugee kids. "Can't stand it anymore."

No. 60277

No. 60286


Why are Moroccans/North Africans appearing in those camps?

And why are they more aggressive than Syrian/Levant men?

No. 60291

Moroccans go anywhere their rowing boats can get them, always following their dream of making money without having to work

No. 60302

lol bitch deserved it. I hope ALL leftards get 'culturally enriched' like this

No. 60303

I have an asylum centre close to where I live, and they mostly look black to me. Iono why, they sure don't look syrian to me. I think the stats also back this up, but maybe it's just my area?

also I think in north africa they have lower literacy rates and more culturally ingrained misogyny etc. than in syria, but again, I'm not sure anon, maybe someone else can shed some light on this?

No. 60327


The next elections are going to be interesting. The party that can make concrete promises to kick these savages out will be collecting votes like beads on mardi gras.

No. 60541

File: 1453166300316.png (378.43 KB, 505x605, 1453132723290.png)

No. 60542

File: 1453166322145.png (48.46 KB, 491x625, 1453132738861.png)

No. 60543

File: 1453166625316.jpg (211.91 KB, 600x437, 1453074082419.jpg)

No. 60548

File: 1453167018969.jpg (268.35 KB, 954x990, it's time.jpg)

No. 60550

File: 1453167543345.jpg (34.45 KB, 417x417, 1450677917454.jpg)


Oh, another blond hair blue eyed girl! Well, they should start hiring women who look like this (pic related) to take care of the refugees since they only seem to rape/assault white girls.

The second alternative can be Asian women.

No. 60557


Pretty much.

No. 60559

File: 1453168505975.jpg (30.59 KB, 469x700, y7wrMR4.jpg)


Yup I agree. We should start hiring black/mulatto women instead because obviously Arabs can't control themselves over blonde women.

How sad

No. 60572


>a refugee assaulted me! be careful around refugees!

>if you're anti-refugee don't get the wrong idea, he's just a bad egg, don't judge
>but srsly be careful specifically around refugees guys

No. 60596

Black/mulatto don't want/need to be doing these jobs what with affirmative action. And they never volunteer to work for free, so there's that too.

No. 60597

You missed the point anon. Go back and re read the post until you understand, and take a lesson on reading comprehension.

No. 60605


Bullshit. A lot of black/mulatto women are in caring services (like nurses in hospitals or caring for elderly people, ect)
affirmative action memes don't exist in Europe, faggot.

They're the most suited for situations such as these because Syrian refugees won't be tempted to rape them since they only desire white, blonde women. Now do you want to watch your sisters be raped or do you want to keep being a jaded cunt?

No. 60607

>take a lesson on reading comprehension.

From how many people tell you to do this I'm surprised such lessons don't exist yet.
Come on, it's 2016 people!

No. 60608


Sry I meant stop being a jaded cunt since both of the options were the same.
Forgive me.

No. 61006

No. 61007

lmao in my country the police said that the refugees aren't causing any more sexual crimes than the native people yet still told young girls to keep off from them to avoid more harassment/rape cases

No. 61023

File: 1453310324430.png (74.26 KB, 1063x416, 20160120_095201.png)


No. 61031

In Sweden, crimes involving refugees are now classified.

"More crimes occurred in Sweden in the wake of refugee flows last year. But how many crimes involving refugees have police classified."

"There is more crime, there are new crimes and perpetrators. There are simply many more people, says Thomas Mellberg"


No. 61033

File: 1453311241320.png (72.36 KB, 300x307, 1445659358583.png)

>White men vote to bring over a million rapefugees
>White men take pleasure in watching the rapefugees they let in rape their girlfriends and wives


No. 61422

Except all the refugees welcome cucks I see are mostly women

You dig this hole yourself

No. 61462

I hope Germany takes legit action. Come on, Germany. beat the shit out of these 'refugees' and chase them back to their shithole country

No. 61464

File: 1453411129253.png (50.5 KB, 654x390, 1453373115896.png)

Just keeps getting better

No. 61623

Refugees bitching about having to work in the refugee center:
- Some prankster has shot one new year's leftover firework towards the center, it hit the window which did not break
- Refugees now want to return to Iraq
- Refugees disappointed in Finland, for instance they are asked to put together the new furniture (beds) for the center, participate in cooking and so on.
- "We are not used to be treated like this, we wash our own clothes, make our own food, suffer all kinds of things and people still don't like us"
- "We don't want to eat the free food. (The same food that is served in schools all over Finland). In addition we only get 92 euros (USD 100) so our families have to send us money to buy food from shops.
- There is no health care (Except that there is a nurse present full time and a weekly visit by a doctor. Free).

No. 61624

Except all the refugees welcome cucks I see are mostly men

No. 61627

File: 1453441891858.jpg (752.04 KB, 2048x1536, refugees-welcome-dresden.jpg)

Exterminate the white race and all of its faggotry

No. 61629

Why?/ What is the advantage of this? What horrible people. the backlash should be incredible after finding this out.

No. 61631

So sick of this. People aren't against the refugees because racism, they are against them because logical they WILL bring crime and become a great drain on the country's economy. UGH. If people want to house them so much, they should let them into their own homes and pay for the sandniggers themselves.

No. 61645

File: 1453443483344.jpg (58.93 KB, 776x509, refugees_welcome_berlin.jpg)

I'm slowly starting to hate all white men with a passion, but for the opposite reasons of Tumblr. What can I do to stop it?

No. 61699

How does it feel to know no matter how much you hate them coming to your country they will anyway and there's nothing you can do about it.

No. 61721

Find yourself a nazi boyfriend or someone with similar ideologies.

No. 61744


y do i see more arab immigrants harassing local woman than i do black ones?

even on websites more comments come from arab women on white girls pictures than from black men

i talked to both groups and arabs have a stronger and more unhealthy obsession with white girls and sex.. why are black men said to be more like this?

No. 61745


i met come from arab men

No. 61775

Why are you bringing black guys up? This thread is about Syrian Migrants if you want to discuss BMWW relationships then make your own thread but don't derail.

No. 61804


random train of thought
i dont want to discuss BM/WW. fuck that over-used, beaten-horse relationsip

No. 61808

Another finn here, we also got our share of taharrush during the new year's eve. At first the media tried to cover it up but the police spilled the beans. I'll translate a brief description of one of the worst cases, sorry for the shitty translation but I'm doing this in a rush

>The police of Helsinki is investigating a sexual harassment case from the new year's eve

>According to the information received by Ilta-Sanomat a group of men of immigrant background surrounded a mother and an underage daughter while they were walking down the street near the Unioninkatu and Senaatintori in Helsinki.

>The men separated them from each other and started to lick the daughter's face and neck. When the mother tried to stop them, she was beaten up in front of her child.

>The Detective Chief Inspector Teija Koskenmäki-Karaharju verifies the fact that the police force of Helsinki has received a report concerning this case.

>As for now, the case is being investigated under the labels of sexual harassment and assault.

>- We will investigate more, the case is still alive and the labels might change along the way.

>Koskenmäki-Karaharju says that they haven't caught or arrested any suspects. The number of men involved is unknown.

>- We don't have any suspects. We're talking about multiple males.

>She has no comment on if the case is linked to the sexual assault phenomena (note: Taharrush gamae, the same thing that happened in Cologne) mentioned by Ilkka Koskimäki (the head of the police force in Helsinki).

>- I won't be linkinking this case to anything, the higher-ups will have to do the phenomena-level analysis, Koskenmäki-Karaharju says.

>The question has been in the news during the last weeks since the police of Cologne is suspecting that groups of men from immigrant backgrounds have harassed even hundreds of women during the new year's eve. The authorities are investigating this. Even hundreds of police reports have been made about the case.

>There has been speculation about the same phenomena happening in Finland.

No. 61809

Why do muslims love to rape?

No. 61810


They're normal men as with any other man but they develop in a nation of cultural and social repression where the only women they ever really see on a regular basis are their mothers. All their own women are always so convered and couple this with a culture that teaches them that women are naturally below animals and don't even understand the concept of respect and you have a recipe for disaster.
Online is really the only place they get to explore their sexuality which is why you see so many of them being rampantly filthy in their language, they go wild.

All the British born Muslims I know are normal, respectful young guys so it's definitely not innate, it's bad people teaching children to become bad people and so on.

No. 61813

Not the anon you're replying to but it feels shitty and if the situation gets too bad, I'll find work abroad.

No. 61814

So people don't get butthurt and want to take in less of them

No. 61815

They basically only respect muslim women. They view European women and other kuffar women as immoral sluts asking to be raped and used

No. 61893


>respect Muslim women

LOL. You seriously believe that? Women, regardless of religion or race, are beneath them.

No. 61922

They're just a lot more vocal because, believe it or not, they're voicing status quo opinion (or a polarized form of it) that says being as open and altruistic as possible is the best way of grandstanding your morality.

The vast majority of people in Europe, men and women, are against this inflow - But it's just something you don't really openly talk about. It marks you down as "one of those people".

At least if there's a silver lining to these events, it's that a) a lot of the cover-ups have been exposed (this has been going on for years, it's not just Cologne and Sweden) and b) people are coming over to the far right in record numbers.

No. 61924

They do have a modicum more respect for muslim women than they do western women, since muslim women are viewed as behaving in a way befitting their "proper" status.

>All the British born Muslims I know are normal, respectful young guys so it's definitely not innate, it's bad people teaching children to become bad people and so on.

Statistically muslim men have been getting inter-generationally more radical here in the UK. It's not a case of "oh past the third generation they'll all be ok". Just look at Paris' Banlieues, and before you try and pass the buck on that and claim it's economic hardship and "racism" that causes them to behave that way, no it's not - it's that France liberalized its immigration and asylum laws in the 1970s to allow for things like family reunificaton. Before that point immigrants to France (largely Greeks, Italians and a few North Africans, not many) had the same rates of welfare dependency and employment as native French.

Both groups are bad and both view white women as a fetish at best or a piece of trash at worst.

People should stick with their own kind for marriage. Divorce rates, abuse rates etc all bear this out.

Most white men aren't like that.



Eastern/Southern Europeans are protective of their women. Some Russians killed a couple of Korean students years ago because the Koreans drunkenly started calling Russian women whores.

No. 61931

>Both groups are bad
That's a rather general statement and just as bad as saying any black man that wants to be with a white woman is trash.

I thought the UK was more progressive than the US. I'd hate to see how you view mixed race kids.

For all you holier than thou attitude you guys seem to have towards race you're just as bad as we are in the States, but at least we're honest about it over here.

No. 61933

She likes the non-cuck variant: National Socialism, where you can protect your country's industries, wages, jobs and provide your people with decent standard of living WITHOUT letting in a sea of subhuman foreigners.

National Socialism is literally the real third way.

No. 61937

>That's a rather general statement

Black men are bad. In London they commit something like over 50% of all gang rape according to Operation Sapphire. They're disproportionately represented as criminals regardless of where they go in the world, whether it's West African chattel slave descendants in the United States, Nigerians in Japan, Africans in Guangzhou, Africans in Paris… The common thread here seems to be black people incapable of creating any sort of respectable standard of living for themselves wherever they go and instead becoming a bunch of net recipients (by far) from the system.

How you can surmize that white people, especially in European states which are historically ethnostates, would not have a problem with that is beyond me.

>I thought the UK was more progressive than the US. I'd hate to see how you view mixed race kids.

Well, I can't speak for anyone else but I see them as just further watering down the English identity. They're also more likely to have physical and mental health issues. And the mulattoes are much more likely to identify with their black, usually absent fathers and promulgate black tribalist politics.

So yeah, you can kind of imagine why a significant portion of white people object to mulattoes when a good chunk of them grow up to have a strong racial animus against their mother's race and agitate against it politically. Can't imagine how crushing it must feel to push something so foreign out of your womb.

>For all you holier than thou attitude you guys seem to have

You're not speaking to a liberal, I've never made any pretense at altruism towards non-white people. My priority are my own kind in these turbulent times. They are who I most care about.

No. 61957

For the record I'm black and come from a well off family. Both my parents have respectable careers and no criminal records. My brother is in law school and my sister is military. So please excuse me if I don't believe your shit.

By what you saying then some black people in America are just in their view of whites in America. No speaking about slavery we can keep it with just incidents in the last 100 years. I forget your keeping you facts based in Europe right? Then keep it there and stop talking about America as if your point of view is any better than any good ol' boy from Alabama.

No, most mixed people I've spoken with have identified as both races. There are 6 interracial couples in my neighborhood (BMWW/WWLM/LMWW/BWWM/BWWW/AMWW). The oldest have been together for about 15 years judging on their oldest kids age. They seem like any other couple. So please keep trying.

You entitled to your own opinion I'm not one a chan to argue moral and whatnot, but if you make blanket statements then I'm going to need proof. If you make statements like that with no proof, then it no different then the shit statements people on tumblr make.

No. 61974

>don't believe your shit

Believe what? Everything I said is 100% backed by fact.

>By what you saying then some black people in America are just in their view of whites in America.

I don't give a fuck what you think of me or white people in general, I'm just doing what your people do and have been doing for centuries: Putting their own people first.

Why do you expect white people to play "race blind universalist" when every other race uniformly asks the question "is X good for blacks/asians/latinos?"

>No, most mixed people I've spoken with have identified as both races.

Among mulattoes this simply isn't true. They not only identify as black, but identify as black in an often very militant way, despite the fact their black father was almost always the absent one. How fucked up is that?

>There are 6 interracial couples in my neighborhood

The plural of anecdote is not statistics.


Interracial marriages are more prone to divorce. Interracial marriages involving White Women are the most prone to divorce. This is fact.

>with no proof

Proof is above.

Want the data about how spousal homicide is most common in marriages between white women and black men too? And domestic violence?

Relationships built on race fetishes rarely last, let alone marriages, I'm surprised that you're surprised, to be honest.

No. 61977

What facts? What you posted would be considered you opinion without a source? Got any links to back your statements?

I have no issues with white people, they have done nothing to me personally. I don't have a chip on my shoulder and don't hold grudges. I don't expect white people to play anything. Never implied that.

>Among mulattoes this simply isn't true. They not only identify as black, but identify as black in an often very militant way, despite the fact their black father was almost always the absent one. How fucked up is that?

Yet another general statement. There have been a few mixed people that have come on this board and point blank said they identify as both.
>The plural of anecdote is not statistics.
How is me using the 6 interracial couples I know different than your general statement regarding how mulattoes identify as? At least I have a source where you going from your opinion.

You saying it's a fetish but if the couple isn't a fetish when what?

You think what you want. Like I said your entitled to your opinion. Doesn't effect me, so have at it.

No. 61979

>What facts? What you posted would be considered you opinion without a source? Got any links to back your statements?

I just posted a source showing the three most divorce-prone racial pairings all involve WW with non-white men.

>I don't expect white people to play anything.

Then don't act surprised when you meet a white person whose politics are merely what the average non-white persons are (wanting what is best for his or her group).

>You saying it's a fetish but if the couple isn't a fetish when what?

On the rare occasion they aren't. I have no issue with it, but I'm against demographically significant immigration so if I were in charge of my country it wouldn't really be happening much in the first place.

No. 61987

>I just posted a source showing the three most divorce-prone racial pairings all involve WW with non-white men.

One source. Wow so much effort to back what your saying.

>I don't expect white people to play anything.

I don't expect anything. Their entitled to their opinion and I won't try to convince them of anything. As long as it doesn't effect me directly they can do and think however they like.

>but I'm against demographically significant immigration

There's nothing wrong with believing that.

No. 61990

>One source.

Gotta love the varying standards of proof people have. If someone had come along and posted a source saying that interracial married couples have divorce rates exactly the same as same race couples, would you really be engaging in this… selective empiricism?

>There's nothing wrong with believing that.

We're agreed then.

No. 61993

>Gotta love the varying standards of proof people have. If someone had come along and posted a source saying that interracial married couples have divorce rates exactly the same as same race couples, would you really be engaging in this… selective empiricism?

Actually I would. I like proof and sources. I try to stay as neutral as possible and like evidence that can backup a statement.

No. 62011

The only people who say this shit about mixed people and interracial couples are the ones who have never experienced an interracial upbringing/have never intreacted with a mixed person before. I'm mixed black & white and identify as both. All of the mixed people I know (not just b&w) do the same too. For some reason this throws people through a loop and they assume that all mixed people are poor confused souls who never know who they are, when that has no basis in reality. The most annoying thing about being mixed, isn't being mixed—it's all the ignorant people that constantly try to tell you who you are and how confused you must be because they can't wrap their heads around the idea that someone can be two races and be perfectly okay with it.

Picking sides when you're mixed is impossible. Blacks give you shit because you're white and whites give you shit because you're black, you can never win. The ones who identify strongly as one or the other have been mislead into believing the nonsense of the racist retards on either side. Just because some mulattos are militant and over identify with being black, doesn't mean we all do.

My father is black and lives across the country and would statistically be considered an absent father, but statistics give you a number and nothing else. It's really easy to make assumptions based off of numbers, but what the numbers won't tell you is that my white mother kidnapped me as a toddler and ran all the way across the United States without telling my father where she went. He had to hire a P.I. just to track her down and eventually tried to take her to court over it. He ended up dropping the case because my mom turns everything into a dramatic shit fest and he knew that the court would take her side. She also leeched a ton of money off of him so she could buy stuff for herself and 2 college degrees, all on top of the child support and extra shit he was giving us.
Do statistics take any of that into account before writing my dad off as an absent black father? No.
So please stop generalizing because people's lives are way more complicated then some stupid numbers on a page.

No. 62018

No. 62021

>Do statistics take any of that into account before writing my dad off as an absent black father? No.

And they don't take that into account when aggregating out absent white fathers either, so the putative margin of error is the same for both sides, which renders this point moot.

It's not just absenteeism though. It's everything. Divorce rates, spousal homicide, spousal abuse etc. They're all higher in BM/WW relationships.

Do you really think the fact BM/WW is the most divorce prone racial pairing of them all has nothing to do with the reality of black men not really loving white women beyond as a fetish or a way to get back at white men?



Note how many comments are "I'm biracial and was raised by my white mom".

It's just sad at this point. Black men are just complete fucking trash. Why do you think Asian girls, the most astute, future-orientated girls around, hardly ever hook up with them?

No. 62026

Also see:


Remember this is the natural state of people. You black people complain about Hollywood and the American Entertainment Industry, but without them, you are NOTHING. All the positive stereotypes associated with you come from entertainment and media, without it, there is nothing to make excuses for your failings.

No. 62027

File: 1453506014812.gif (43.93 KB, 226x176, 1451547833912.gif)

Holy shit you are a disgusting person.

No. 62028

lol, this coming from someone who most likely excuses actual violent criminals with bullshit about their upbringing and "socioeconomic background".

Saying mean things on the internet > Actually physically maiming/harming people, amirite?

No. 62030

File: 1453506445900.jpg (78.74 KB, 640x573, 1wCc2t5.jpg)

That's true, for example babies display racial preferences at their earliest ages. That's because while racism is natural and innate, "anti racism" is unnatural and artificial and must be indoctrinated into people from birth. Look at the attempts by the media in Europe to cover up the rape crimes occurring all over Europe for example.

Anti-racism is a charade maintained by a belief that is a "noble lie".




Blacks have never been more than 13% of the population btw.

No. 62031

But Anon so what about serial killers and mass murderers…pretty sure the majority are white men. Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Dean Corll. There death toll in the clearly shows that white men are dangerous and shouldn't be allowed into normal society. Want a list I can provide it.

No. 62032


Literally blown the fuck out.

Black men are much more likely to be serial killers than white men.

Hollywood bullshit strikes again eh? Just like all blacks are noble downtrodden men whose faults are purely the result of some nebulous "system" that "keeps them down".

No. 62033

Grow up. You don't know half as much about people as you think you do. I'm not going to waste my time arguing with a stubborn racist idiot.
I hope one of your future precious pure white children marries a black person and you have a ton of violent, confused, mixed grandbabies.
Seig heil.

No. 62034

Let's compare list name black serial killer and I can guarantee that white outnumber blacks.

No. 62035

File: 1453506739969.png (52.62 KB, 711x551, t.PNG)

No. 62036

File: 1453506829066.png (18.62 KB, 1025x452, t.PNG)

No. 62037

>Wishing harm upon some random person because somebody said something mean and wayciss to you

Like I said, you're mentally ill. You're exactly the same kind of person that writes off violent criminality with some bullshit rhetorical flourishes about "muh poor childhood", but starts ranting and raving about wanting to destroy someone's life when they say something off color about blacks.

>Let's randomly list people when we have a statistically verifiable dataset

Why can't you just accept you're wrong?

I mean, where did you even get the idea that white men disproportionately were serial killers from? Certainly not from exhaustive research but rather from the news, films and TV.

>rampage killers

What's a "rampage killer"? It doesn't exist in any DoJ statistics.

>unironically using the term "privilege"

Ah, ok then.


You do realize this dataset also shows blacks commit a disproportionate amount of serial killings, right, and that it just an aggregation of the one I provided above?

No. 62040

>Black 40.3%

Blacks are only 13% of the US population.

No. 62042

File: 1453507102619.jpg (40.01 KB, 600x450, D0xku2d.jpg)

No. 62044

File: 1453507177860.png (33.76 KB, 1023x441, t.PNG)

So do white men just kill and keep killing. Is that why they have such high amount of victims. Dean Corll and John Wayne Gacy were killing up to 2 men a night. What's you response to that?

No. 62045

File: 1453507232978.jpg (211.81 KB, 852x797, 1447470721010.jpg)

>b.. better pretend I won

lol, what's next? "Terrorism has nothing to do with Islam"?

>four of the top five are spics

ok then

No. 62046

File: 1453507341924.png (16.24 KB, 609x153, d.PNG)

Check you facts fag, they make up 17.9%

No. 62047

File: 1453507346145.png (31.98 KB, 640x400, 1422040090857.png)

>Literally seven of the top ten aren't white

Are you trying to prove my point for me?

No. 62048

File: 1453507445968.png (578.43 KB, 2195x834, 1451788637684.png)

>By the year 2060

Every time I try to give black people the benefit of the doubt, they end up proving every stereotype.

No. 62050

Is this a joke post? Did you even read what you just sourced? It says that in 2060 it will likely be 17.9%. It's not 2060, anon.

No. 62051

None of them are black either. I'm convinced your a troll and I won't spend any more time on you.

No. 62053

>None of them are black either

Ok, so you haven't broken into the top ten of serial killers yet. You still commit serial killings at a grossly disproportionate rate.

No. 62055

Welp you got me. I'm trolling, damn I can't believe you guys didn't catch on sooner. Does this mean I can't still mess with you guys?

No. 62056

No. 62058

File: 1453507687512.gif (257.55 KB, 250x141, tumblr_mrwlfkNBr81rd1qi0o1_250…)

No. 62061

File: 1453507793558.png (332.75 KB, 729x1416, 1451786009784.png)

No. 62062

>not knowing most terrorist groups are funded by the west

Most of those are state actors, not terrorist groups. Regardless, that's not the point - Why would you expect any state to behave in a purely altruistic way? States support their clients, be they democracies, kingdoms, military dictatorships or whatever. The less scruples you have, the more room for manouevre you have (see China in East Africa). It's frankly ridiculous seeing all of these people who are actually surprised at the fact the US has supported "dictators".

Also, another protip: Just because they're a "dictator" and are "authoritarian", doesn't make the populist alternatives any better. Look at post-Saddam Iraq and Syria without Bashar Al-Assad filling the vacuum.

I'll take a Baathist, secular "dictator" over some Muslim Brotherhood retards that the average Muslim idiot on the street wants to vote into power (see Egypt) any day of the week.

No. 62127

No. 62130

>scarequotes around "dictator"

Saddam was most definitely authoritarian and a dictator, as is al-Assad.

You're right that populist religious fanatics aren't any better, but neither is an authoritarian psychopath. One isn't better than the other. Religious governments are fueled by insane beliefs, and dictatorships are fueled by megalomania and desire for power and conquest. It's just flipping a coin between whether you want to be fucked over by malice or by stupidity.

It's true that a dictator is easier to contain on an international scale, because despite being psychopathic, they're rational and won't do anything that goes directly against their country's interests. If they were in a position of true power, they'd go full Hitler at a moment's notice, but they're smart enough to know they can't. Whereas with a more religious country, it's difficult to predict their true motives, and they may do things outside their own rational best interest out of service for what they perceive to be a much higher cause. And I suppose some people fall into both categories, like if they legitimately consider themselves a prophet or something.

But still, they're all terrible governments led by awful people who would kill us and invade our countries if they knew they had a chance at succeeding.

No. 62297


You should read stories about Arab Men-White Female marriages, they are disturbing.

No. 62298


I would have no problem with them killing us if they got rid of some of the lolcows in this thread

No. 62305

>Hey, you see Y? You see it? That means X doesn't matter.
>Ignoring the obvious racial animus involved in all of the cases I listed, which even the judges commented on.

No. 62306


Please stop using this word. By these standards virtually every single ruler of note prior to the 20th century was also a "psychopath", from Augustus to the KangXi Emperor.

I'll agree that Iraqi is something of a pseudo-state, but that only plays into my hands, since it shows nations should be based around ethnic boundaries and that mass immigration and diversity are bad things.

>But still, they're all terrible governments led by awful people who would kill us and invade our countries if they knew they had a chance at succeeding.

No they wouldn't Al-Assad and the Alawites are just markedly more secular and less fanatic than the average Sunnigger. Shia Twelvers have always been a bit bettter.

No. 62315

>Operation Hydrant
A general investigation operation concerning stuff that happened over decades. Not necessarily recent.
>Elm Guest House
Happened in the 70's. Not recent.
>Jimmy Savile
One sick person whose actions have spread through decades, not a systematic CSA ring.
>Jersey child abuse investigation
A handful of sick child abusing people.
>Plymouth case
Five people working a private paedophile ring.
>Kincora Boys Home
Happened in the 70's or earlier. Not recent.
>North Wales case
Spanning from the 70's to the very early 90's. Not recent.
>Westminster case
Again happened in the 70's to early 90's, not recent.
This is just the Jimmy Savile investigation case, you included the same person twice you cucknut.

All the cases >>62061 listed are from recent 2 to 7 years and there are hundreds if not thousands of victims, the functionality has been systematic and the purpose has been to groom young kids into sex workers and run a business. In most of them drug trafficking is also included which ups the level of severity of these crime rings.

No. 62317

Islam also directly sanctions rape:

> Abu Sirma said to Abu Sa’id al Khadri (Allah he pleased with him): 0 Abu Sa’id, did you hear Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) mentioning al-’azl? He said: Yes, and added: We went out with Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) on the expedition to the Bi’l-Mustaliq and took captive some excellent Arab women; and we desired them, for we were suffering from the absence of our wives, (but at the same time) we also desired ransom for them. So we decided to have sexual intercourse with them but by observing ‘azl (Withdrawing the male sexual organ before emission of semen to avoid conception). But we said: We are doing an act whereas Allah’s Messenger is amongst us; why not ask him? So we asked Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him), and he said: It does not matter if you do not do it, for every soul that is to be born up to the Day of Resurrection will be born. (Sahih Muslim 3371)

No. 62318


The victims definitely number in the thousands.

What annoys me is the completely impotent reaction from white men. As far as I know, some white kids gathered and burned down a couple of kebab stores after the news about Rotherham came out, but nothing beyond that.

That's why they treat white women in the way they do, because every act of clemency, every act of kindness in the eyes of a Muslim, is a weakness to be exploited.

No. 62412

Not really
Quite a few women like being submissive to their husbands. Nothing wrong with that

No. 62413

>all white people
>in a country upwards of 95% white at the time they happened

Same shit happens all over the world, but western countries take the biggest stance against it

No. 62426

I assume anon is referring more to actual abuse. Arab men are pretty disgusting after all.

No. 62441

Tbh all men are disgusting. I dated an Arab and he was abusive, but so is my white boyfriend. I need to become a lesbian lel.

No. 62461

You probably have a problem if you're consistently getting with abusive guys tbh

No. 62465

>rabidly shit on race mixers
>Asian girls are best girls
Lol white men

No. 62466

It's funny because niggers can't do math. How many Americans are white and how many are black?

No. 62467

You mean Saudi Arabia?

No. 62472

Lulzy video

No. 62474

Japan apparently only accepted 27 refugees. Kek

No. 62482

Whereas Saudi Arabia and all the other insanely wealthy gulf states right next to Syria have accepted ZERO

No. 62483

I still don't understand why countries think that taking in as many refugees as there are willing to come solves anything. It's like having a fire in a house with 100 people and taking only one of them out of the building instead of putting out the flames. A shitty allegory but you get the idea. The same amount of people will die nevertheless whether we take refugees in or not. It's not helping anything.

No. 62489

Why would they go to Japan lol its an expensive shit country

No. 62490

>men 90%

And I still do not know why we arent hating on men.

No. 62492

How does it even work? Do you choose like a top 3?

No. 62497


No. 62512

It's a lot more common for a man to feel alone and as a complete outsider than a woman

That in conjunction with many other things

No. 62522

>Asian girls are best girls

I didn't say that. I said they're the most future orientated, which is true of their race in general.

White girls are still the best looking, but I just wish they weren't so fucking gullible. It's in all walks of life too, every time you hear about some retard "backpacking across India" it's always a white chick.

Just try to be more careful. Not everything your men tell you is some sort of "patriarchal conspiracy".

No. 62524

Less than that. And the way the system works in Japan is like this.

>Get refugee status

>No route to citizenship
>Status is reviewed every 3 months
>If locale you are from is safe to go back to, you are sent back there

This is differen to the western system where just about anyone who rocks up on our shores can claim citizenship through some enterprising lawyer.

No. 62531

File: 1453607769575.jpg (155.36 KB, 992x989, image.jpg)

No. 62537

I would hate Jews but they gave us Larry David so….

No. 62539

File: 1453611130548.png (57.48 KB, 1112x736, 1234.png)

No. 62540

Really scary how many feminists have been trying to downplay it by claiming "there were only X number of reports of sexual assault!"

Would they do the same if it were a 1000 white fratboys reported to have gathered and systematically started abusing?

No. 62542

I'll never understand the massive boner the left has for Muslims when, in fact, Muslims are staunchly opposed to just about every ideal liberals stand for

No. 62543

They're brown and there's a narrative of them as contemporary victims.

Which, given their history is pretty ridiculous. Ask any Christian from the Balkans what they think of the concept of "Muslim victimhood", lol.

No. 62545

Youre a retard. I never victimblame. I blame the perpetrator, and they were ALL men. And before this incident white men have been raping too, yet /pol/ never gave a shit and now you suddenly pretend to care just because the rapists are dunecoons?! I'm not here for it.
Well, then the only thing we can do is kill all men who exhibit abnormalities as autistic girls rarely are crazy killers.

No. 62546

File: 1453612996693.jpg (13.67 KB, 236x354, 18b402c605df0387ee011f740d8b85…)

I have nothing to contribute; I just love posting this.

No. 62547

>yet /pol/ never gave a shit and now you suddenly pretend to care just because the rapists are dunecoons?! I'm not here for it.

Guess what, calling yourself a "feminist" doesn't give you ownership over the concept of caring about women's welfare, you useless, partisan piece of shit. Plenty of us have mothers, sisters, female cousins and we worry about what this mass influx is going to mean for them, especially those in Germany.

You attempting to silence the very obvious racial-cultural element of this problem is only going to make it worse.

Finally. I'm not going to sit down and take lectures on caring about women's wellbeing from some liberal fucktard who probably agrees with early release schemes for prisoners, making it impossible for employers to check someone's criminal background and so on.

For all my adult life I've supported the death sentence for particularly egregious cases of aggravated rape. Regardless of the perp's race.

So fuck you. And fuck liberalism. And fuck your xenophilia.

No. 62548

That pic is as old as he is. He's hot because he's hilarious.

No. 62551

>associating hatred of Israel with hatred of jews

Fucking fuck this cunt

No. 62553

i'm a jew myself and i can't stand that. i detest israel's government and their policies and always laugh when people throw up the anti-semitism card as a shield against israel criticism.

No. 62554

File: 1453616043384.jpg (31.02 KB, 780x438, 150819225407-black-lives-matte…)

Shut the fuck up you stupid white faggot ass bitch. Everyone knows that shitskinned subhumans target white women for their crimes, yet you stupid white cucks will always side with the shitskins over your own women. White men care more about being liked among the cool shitskin rappers than they care about their wives and daughters being raped. Why do you think MRA faggots are always white men? White MRA faggots made a rapist nigger into their poster boy with the claim that he didn't do nuffin and the girl he raped was lying. They even went on to compare it to KKK lynchings of black men for "fabricated" rape accusations. (Because lynchings were NEVER justified, right?)They're fucking cucks who defend stupid shitskin lives just because they're men. They don't give a fuck about rape, both on the left and the right. They only pretend to care when it fits their own interest. White men are cucks who defend rapist niggers with all their hearts so they can be "down with da gangstas dawg" or whatever. Why do you think it is that white men are least likely to take race into consideration when selecting a partner? The average white man would go out with any shitskin who showed some form of intrest and you can't deny that.

>most future oriented

Fucking lol. They cling to some of the most buttfucking stupid traditions and close their ears to all logic and science so they can keep the delusion up. How is that "future oriented"? You're dumb filp whore is gonna grind your dog up to make a stupid bullshit traditional medicine drink that doesn't work. Oh, and they're also responsible for a good deal of species extinction and produce pollution like none other. Now that's planning ahead. Gooks are incapable of giving a single fuck about anything. You're a lame white boy who idolizes gooks because they smile at you without realizing you're being mocked. Gooks are shit at planning ahead. They put poison in baby formula to temporarily increase profits without considering the fact that they would go to fucking jail for it. You worship people who bath their own babies in shit because they can't think ahead to consider that maybe you shouldn't have kids if you're starving and eating dogs. Japan and Korea are the only decent Asian countries and that's due to heavy western involvement, the rest is a stinky overpopulated shithole that can't forge a decent society despite their fertile lands and rich shores. They're cunts who torture their own children.

No. 62578

holy autism

Would this yield me some sweet (You)s on /pol/?

No. 62579

For example babies often shit themselves at their earliest ages. That's because shitting yourself is natural and innate, "using a toilet" is unnatural and artificial and must be indoctrinated into people from birth.

This is exactly how retarded you sound with that point, to be honest.

No. 62580

Someone got their boyfriend stolen by an Asian girl.

No. 62581

Our biggest national paper (Helsingin Sanomat or just HS) in Finland is going on full speed with the "look at these poor refugees" stories. The funny thing is that every day they're releasing stories about healthy young Iraqi men in their 20's to 30's talking about wanting to get to Europe to look for a better life, but at the same time the press doesn't realize that this only pisses off people more because they're clearly not war refugees, they're just looking for an easier life. It's just ridiculous. People moving to the United States in the early 1900's to find a better life weren't called refugees, they were immigrants who came there out of their own free will and were responsible for their own well-being.

We have a huge issue with unemployed youth in our country because the older generation refuses to retire and at the same time their old posts won't be filled after they're gone. Even a proper degree won't guarantee you a good life because most recent graduates and young people have to work short-term jobs they're overqualified for. The average situation is that you work for 6 months for a company during a trial period, get laid off with a few day's warning, spend a few months seeking for a new job, start all over again. And this is only if you're lucky. Getting a steady job is an impossibility for everyone under 30. Now imagine if you're a Iraqi guy, coming here, don't speak the language, don't know the culture, don't have a local degree etc. Do you think you'll have things better than our native working generation? These people are so fucking dumb to believe everything the smugglers say and when they end up here having nothing else to do than hang around the refugee reception center and complaining about shit like this here >>61623 . If you don't like it, get your own apartment on your own and find some work if you can, you fucking bums.

The worst thing is that our government actually claims the country's profiting from them because they employ so many accommodation and logistics companies and people selling real estate since the state needs more places to place the refugees in. You know where the money that pays for all that comes from? The country itself, its taxpayers, nowhere else. It's like pouring water from one barrel to another to get more of it.

This situation makes me so damn angry.

No. 62582

So sad, so true, white men have become such pussies

No. 62634

You can sputter as much bullshit if you want but ehm…
I'm still waiting for /pol/ to hate on men though, as the stats proof almost 100% of the serial killers and rapists are men. If /pol/tards wont hate their own small balls than its proof /pol/ is no better than ISIS or JIDF and that they are hypocritical rapists, pedophiles and warlords (you guys like to generalize too right?)

Also, I dont like feminism (its not very effective), but if there's truth to be told its that most men commit crimes, wars and other troublesome shit. I dont defend refugees when they are getting "lynched" because I know its bullshit. I correct shit when its necessary, they raped because they are men. If its because of their cultural aspects WHERE ARE THE WOMEN THAT RAPED THE MEN HOE? Suck my puffy hairy bloody ugly wrinkly lips bitch!

P.S The germans and dutch raped after WW2 so many innocent women….they didnt do it because they were white but simply because they were men and they just could.

P.S women arent exactly innocent either, but thats another story to tell.

P.S I have my doubts about this story, but that doesnt mean refugees arent annoying.

P.S I am against interracial marriage/relationships so dont call me liberal

No. 62660

Look at how fucking disgusting white men who travel abroad are.


And yet, these same white men flip their shit about white women who racemix. When white women racemix, it's because she's naive, but has good intentions. When white men racemix, it's because they're abusive assholes who want to exploit a young girl from a poor background. And yet, white men defend the later because they think it's "manly" to fuck the women of another race. (Yet they freak out over sandniggers doing the same thing to their women? Lol)

Check out this video. Look at all the white men defending this piece of shit and shitting on the Asian man for telling them what they already know. (5:31 is best part)He's getting his ass handed to him, so what does he do?
>I-I have a youtube channel
>Honey, are you recording this
>Whaa whaa bullying
>Why u so racist :(
You're in another persons country and you're fucking their women, if you can't stand up for your ass, you're going to have a bad time. I love how satisfied the other passengers look to see a white man getting what he deserves. I wonder what it felt like to be that girl and to record your ugly white faggot boyfriend getting owned while he tells you to keep recording. This wouldn't piss me off so bad if it weren't for the fact that white men are defending the white racemixer. Again, they don't care about respecting women, they're just jealous that they aren't in the shoes of the abuser. God, I fucking hate white men so much. The more they try to justify their behavior and the more they try to defend themselves the stronger my hate gets.

White men are naturally insecure and thirsty for power over something. They're filled with nothing but hate and resentment. The gook whores who date these white men deserve what's coming to them. Hope all the stupid gook whores who date these scumbags get raped and beaten by their husband every night and I hope their husband abuses their ugly mongrel kids.

No. 62662


>tfw I have given up on white men

>tfw I went to the next best thing (still apart of the Caucasian race) arab men

southern european men dont have gookfever like that either

No. 62663

Thank you!

No. 62664


White men's yellow fever has gone on long enough

Even people who aren't white or male are getting disgusted by it

No. 62665

I agree I'm female and not even European and I am getting freaked out by it

No. 62666

>When white men racemix, it's because they're abusive assholes who want to exploit a young girl from a poor background.
no its because they can't get laid back in their home countries
3rd world women will marry and ugly 1st world man because marriage will lead to citizenship

also this isn't only a gook problem sex tourism is also prevalent in eastern europe. white Ukrainian women will marry an ugly 1st world man.

No. 62678

>When white men racemix, it's because they're abusive assholes who want to exploit a young girl from a poor background
>When white men racemix, it's because they're abusive assholes who want to exploit a young girl from a poor background
I cant handle all these implications lol

This is a quality shitpost

No. 62683

Did your bf leave you for an Asian girl? Wew

No. 62686


Lol I made a thread on /pol/ and they're saying I must be an asian man because I hate white men. Typical.

No. 62694

>The gook whores who date these white men deserve what's coming to them.

No. 62707

Financial stability and a loving relationship?

No. 62717

and you also just gave /pol/ a new place to shitpost

No. 62718

I'm not the one who posted the link

No. 62720

you're a retard for going there period, everyone, enjoy getting triggered PTSD and shit

No. 62723

So OP of the /pol/ thread, since it is evident you desperately want some white dick. What state do you live in?

No. 62728


/pol/ here, you dun fucked up

No. 62730

File: 1453676695626.jpg (232.15 KB, 1600x2000, 0110 - 30vid6P.jpg)


white man here,

white guys racemix because we can't get white women. I could go on about >opinions but that's the short answer, we racemix because we can't get a white woman.

we go with asians because we want good genes for our kids, and asians are pretty much the only race other than white people who can manage to hold a civilization together. There's arabs yea but their religion is regressive and destructive ie bad stock. blacks are just lel.

No. 62732

Do you hate your father too?

Most white men love and care for the white women close to them.

No. 62734

Thats the obvious part and why she can't follow a mans simple directions such as stating what state she lives in.

No. 62745

Anyways AZfemanon, make another thread, and list your state and i'm sure you can find some man who will repeatedly call you an insufferable cunt till you learn your place, since that appears to be what you want.

No. 62759

You do know that most of /pol/ is white males who hate race mixers, correct?

No. 62764

Yeah they hate racemixers alright, but they would kill themselves for a 12 year old japanese girl in a school uniform. Disgusting tbh

No. 62767

>getting trolled this hard

No. 62769

File: 1453679777925.jpeg (93.72 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)

Can we all agree that most white men are ugly unless they are mixed with asian, black, arab or are a dark Russian/Spaniard/Italian/so mixed?

I mean if they procreate with the Asians the children might end up cute. I am so not attracted to pure white men. I am Eurasian :3

No. 62774

Elliott Roger plz go

No. 62775

Same, white men ain't shit

No. 62776

Most of /pol/ are not into shitskins. Sure there are a few beta weebs there, but that is the minority.
Dropping my anonymity, i am one of those pollocks. I have only been and will only be with a white woman, and id rather die alone than be a mud shark.

No. 62777

I'm a girl :D. I have a boyfriend who is mixed and I love him so much <3

White men are meh and boring.

No. 62778

Nyet. Is this about you, senpai?

No. 62779

File: 1453680160677.jpg (28.04 KB, 570x300, thor.jpg)

The darker the uglier imo, i like my men white as snow

No. 62780

Marry me <3

No. 62781

You dont have to drop your anonymity idiot. We can spot the /r9k/tards and /pol/tards with our eyes closed.

If you can find a white woman (you cannot): you'll get an ugly poor child, she'll be jealous of the girls with the lips, bodies, tan, thick hair and eyebrows. Well, if you pimp her out she might have enough money to copy the women from more prettier races :)))

No. 62783

Elliot, we all know there are no grills on the internet.

No. 62785

I thought /pol/ was against homosexuality?!
You're in the wrong place then…this is not 4chan. You are my bitch now. Show your white ugly small penis or gtfo.

No. 62787

Hahaha that guy in the picture related has a tan

No. 62788

Its a universal rule across all the chans. Now Elliot, plz stop being mad that you're not white.

No. 62789

Ewwww white names are disgusting. I dont have a white name yay! I dont want to be white : 3 I have a cousin who is 100% white and she is sad that she isnt exotic like me :D I am so proud of my features.

No. 62790

Surprisingly enough, i have great genes, so i know my kids will be beautiful.
I also have no problem finding white women, its just that most of them do not have their head on straight and are not marraige material. I will never settle for a mediocre wife or life.

No. 62791

File: 1453680668761.png (536.98 KB, 904x403, 1453674970164.png)


Here's why white men hop on the Asian train

Tl;dr translation
Black swedish rapper gets his white gf knocked up and his next single os called "Black Baby" and the cover will be his gf's bulging stomach

White women pride themselves on racemixing and leaving white men. I'll pass and stick to asian qts please

No. 62792

I know this is all probably b8 but i just had to put in my 2 cents.

No. 62793

If you are great looking what are you doing here.

No. 62794

I'm Korean and I dont want you.

No. 62795


Sweden: Welfare migrant cuts throat of host family’s 7-year-old daughter

No. 62796

Blondes have the most hair out off all, its a proven fact, and no one wants shit skin and man brows, only other women find that shit attractive

No. 62797

To all the white men,

Please do not think that we Asians are interested in you. We prefer Asian men! White men are odd, stink and scary….


No. 62798

Can everyone just shut up
This is how the world is now with the circle of cuck being as follows
White woman go for Black men now
Black women go for Asian men now
And Asian women go for white men now

No one loses

No. 62799

File: 1453680947761.gif (9.87 MB, 800x450, rJensus.gif)

No. 62800

I think that means everyone loses

No. 62801

How so? Everyone gets matched up

Just how it is nowadays

No. 62803

I was refering to the genes, everyone gets a tan if they are out in the sun, except for gingers, they get red

No. 62804

Not great looking, but im fairly attractive.
I go on /pol/ to talk with like minded individuals, and get away from the liberal bullshit of where i live.
Also, from what ive seen here, i like the way you all think.

No. 62805

shitskin mixed blood confirmed

No. 62806

>10MB gif

No. 62807

I'm white actually

No. 62808

dat HD

No. 62809

Probably a "sink" lol

No. 62810

Lol! So I guess women look better with yakuza eyebrows
Why do white women tan so much then? Why do white women fill their eyebrows so badly in then?
And again…nope. Straight haired people might have more strands technically, but it still looks greasy and flat. If it isnt voluminous like a mermaid, no one gives a shit. Baldy.
He looks like he had a spray tan though lol!
And this is why they say that white people age like milk, the sun is killing their skin… Apply your sunscreen and stop tanning! If you aint got it dont fake it!

No. 62811

File: 1453681218084.png (2.04 MB, 1354x1050, Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.02…)

>I'm white
you wish you were anon

No. 62812

Why do coalburners just parade themselves around like this? No other race of women does this. You have a preference and you date them, end of story

However, white girls go on social media and constantly blog about how white men suck, are boring, and have tiny dicks

No. 62813

File: 1453681250336.jpg (24.11 KB, 600x550, 1452783368740.jpg)

>Sheboons think they're pretty
Light skin is universally considered beautiful and feminine, the whole tan shit is pushed by kikes and most men don't like it.

No. 62814

File: 1453681260433.jpg (50.81 KB, 360x450, smiling-gorilla-5151301.jpg)

No. 62815

I'm a black girl and I find white men boring too

No. 62816

Who is she?

No. 62817

Why did her makeup artist apply bronzer on her face then if pale skin is butiful

No. 62818

Fake tans are the absolute worst

No. 62820

No. 62821

She is still white as fuck? Also its called blush, its something young people have

No. 62822

A good thing naturally sunkissed skin is rare in Europe while naturally pale skin is everywhere in Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

White women are boring fam

No. 62824

Still looks pretty pale to me. What bronzer? How can you tell? I'm not a sheboon, so I can embrace my natural beauty because I actually have it.

No. 62825

>he doesnt know how makeup works

Tip: they did it because pale skin is uneven as shit. You'd be scared of her veins and perhaps cutting scars as most girls who cut themselves are white hahaha

No. 62826

I didnt know what a sheboon was but I'm not a sheboon or black cumskin

No. 62827

This blog is obviously run by a guy tbh

No. 62828

File: 1453681605651.jpg (72.64 KB, 490x333, 1446149356840.jpg)

Only insecure faggots with a low IQ care this much about race. Go back to /pol/

No. 62829

File: 1453681680296.png (107.53 KB, 602x372, Unlabeled_Renatto_Luschan_Skin…)

>nigger logic
"Sun kissed" is another way of saying "damaged". Your skin doesn't tan unless it's damaged. Natural pale skin is beautiful, gooks bleach like it's no ones business while kikes try to push the whole "dark is beautiful" so ugly races don't get insecure.

No. 62830

That's what white dudes say about everything that threatens their delusions.

No. 62831

Stop being so insecure

No. 62832

I just get on better with most white women and I find them more attractive, hence I agree with the other anons in that hearing your own women berate you is demoralising.

Similarly I don't agree with all the angry non white women who hate white people. Whites need to start thinking of ourselves as a tribe because the US is only going to progressively balkanize.

No. 62833

Do you really think a woman runs that blog? Same as most cuck blogs are run by men pretending to be women
Skin bleaching is also sadly pretty common in Africa

No. 62834

File: 1453681800076.jpg (11.09 KB, 288x300, goshjolly.jpg)

My face when people say white women arent the most beautiful

No. 62835

File: 1453681864597.jpg (128.31 KB, 500x726, tumblr_ntfjnzvAHb1tb6vkvo1_500…)

Doesn't look like bronzer to me. Try again nigger, pale is pretty.

No. 62836

Just move to europe, the american media is making people insane, we have tons of great proud white women here, who love white men

No. 62837

Seriously, white women have en masse walked out on white men and it's depressing. White men find white women hugely attractive but the road just doesn't go both ways anymore.

No. 62839

Most non western peoples care a lot about race. Including smart races like the Chinese and Japanese

No. 62840

Again, I'm not black and I know a whole lot more about skin care than a fat guy from /pol/. I said NATURALLY sun kissed skin, as in slightly tan. Only reason why you hate tan skin is because the only sunkissed skin you have seen is that orange spraytan shit.
The gooks might bleach but the north east Asians, mongols and middle easterners have plenty of NATURALLY pale skin without the bleach, while europeans in general, unless they have admixture, are pale as shit.
I'm actually pale myself tbh so thats why I know it. It suits me because I have crazy big hair, eyebrows and full lips but if I'd look 100% european I'd look boring.

No. 62841

Looks like a man tbh

No. 62842

File: 1453682026364.jpg (22.82 KB, 500x334, 2d8cb93161577996d08fec1f4223d7…)

Dont like white men pocs? Good, stop ruining our genes

No. 62843

File: 1453682058586.jpg (37.71 KB, 422x600, 1453546709556.jpg)

>Just move to Europe
You all are even worse off in this regard

No. 62844

I'm from the USA and prefer Asian men. I'm anglo saxon.

No. 62845

Mystery what the fuck is wrong with you? This shit is pathological

No. 62847

No, you'd just look more feminine, which is ugly to you ofcourse, because you are a woman. Men prefer more feminine women.

No. 62848

File: 1453682094379.png (18.17 KB, 541x428, white.png)

White women leaving white men is the result of white men turning on us first.

No. 62849

Well as a white women I just think those pewdiepie types are feminine…I'm not straight so thats why I'm not into twinks.

No. 62850

File: 1453682150088.png (18.7 KB, 541x405, white.png)

No. 62851

There are very few white men who would actually choose an Asian over a white woman. They choose asian because they cant get with white women in the first place

No. 62852

I don't know any men that prefer other races, only old men that go for thai mailorder brides, because they are neets that are awkward and cant score

No. 62853


What do you mean? How do you know this is mystery?

Yellow-golden toned skin is very attractive

No. 62854

Well I have pink nipples a small nose and green eyes so I look pretty feminine imo.

No. 62855

You prefer 5'3 niggers with no facial hair?

No. 62858

This shows white men prefer white women though

No. 62859

File: 1453682265204.jpg (15.87 KB, 185x254, absolute-madman.jpg)

7 posts in one minute? Is this samefagging or are is lolcow being raided again?

No. 62860

Why are there so many trolls trolling trolls?

No. 62861

Tall tan muscular Brazillian men are the best!

No. 62862

File: 1453682342869.png (31.01 KB, 446x557, whitemen.png)

No. 62863

Ofcourse, they are white

No. 62864

My Asian mother told me I should marry a white man to get his money and then I should get back to to an Asian man to make babies.

No. 62866

Pretty much this

Every white man I know prefers white women with the exception of a few who prefer latina (the type that's pretty much white but with a tan)

No. 62867

W-w-well they are actually mixed

No. 62868

Someone made a thread on /pol/ and they found there way over.

No. 62870

Yes, with white

No. 62871

My boyfriend is Moroccan and he matches this description, I just think Brazillian sounds fancier.

No. 62872

File: 1453682571785.jpg (105.77 KB, 500x622, tumblr_lecq0jodAG1qg0ufto1_500…)

My type of man, and no one can tell me this shit isnt the best

No. 62874




No. 62875

Ugly af. His face looks like a cement block and his hair is the same color as his skin.

No. 62877

This is just a meme. I'm Greek and I've never met an girl into southern European guys. Even in Greece the beauty standard is very similar to western Europe. Girls who like black or Arab guys are extremely rare among southern European people.

No. 62878

;______; I'm mtf and I wish I had his face, would make the transition easier

No. 62879

You're clearly man posing as a woman

Women hate blondes. I was actually on the train a few days ago listening to a group of women using tinder and they said "Ew he's blonde" when they came across a blonde guy and then started laughing

No. 62880

are you offended by them claiming lolcow gets butt hurt about whiteys who want asians?

No. 62881

Most greeks I've seen dont look typically white so I like them in general if they arent short and hairy like the Armenians.

No. 62882

File: 1453682777433.png (923.01 KB, 1342x655, jellynigger.png)

No. 62883

Fucking kek

No. 62884

File: 1453682839754.jpg (128.62 KB, 634x1025, 1410186813133_wps_23_Mandatory…)

He used to date a niggress tho

No. 62885

excuse you, anon

No. 62886

Kek I feel honored. I dont mind it that you call me black but you forgot the part where I mentioned that I'm pale….thats where I got my source from!

No. 62887

Primitive low people no respect for women

No. 62888

She looks like an alien/gorilla tbh

No. 62889

File: 1453682899472.jpg (117.41 KB, 1019x675, polfags2.jpg)




No. 62890

Their babies must be so pretty

No. 62891

File: 1453682910643.png (149.18 KB, 300x250, superthumb.png)

I'm guessing you are one of those women these types of guys didnt give the time of the day in school, this might be more your type

No. 62892

Post timestamp of skin right now

No. 62893

File: 1453682964551.jpg (266.53 KB, 960x652, pol people.jpg)

No. 62894

Mullatos are the ugliest mix on earth

No. 62895

Lol nope, i'm a girl, i had my "omg white men are dumb" period in highschool tho, but i grew up and started liking men who look like viking gods

No. 62896

File: 1453683003192.jpg (36.12 KB, 480x700, tumblr_lnlon352WB1qjm6tmo1_500…)

Wow this thread is moving pretty fast for lolcow

Luckily I dont think they have any

No. 62897

We are insecure and consider ourselves as white more forcefully than you. Greeks get angry about it.

Actually we fight against shitskin for Europe

No. 62898

Its night over here, pale skin looks yellow on photos taken with flash.

No. 62899

File: 1453683032166.png (44.19 KB, 706x674, arguing with pol.png)

No. 62900

Why does every white girl go through this phase?

No. 62901

File: 1453683074145.jpg (33.4 KB, 554x554, likedis.jpg)

Something like dis

No. 62903

Trying not to be racist because its edgy

No. 62904

To be Edgy 1

No. 62905

Depressing tbh

No. 62906

no, this site is now bookmarked.

No. 62907

This makes me weep

No. 62908

not that girl but my type personally is olive skin tall and muscular
Thats the con of dating a greek guy I guess, they are everything I want on the outside but they have the
personality of a white man…
Not in highschool for a couple years already but I still am not attracted to cavemen. Give me a sophisticated ceasar.

No. 62910

Because white men are brainwashed by the media to hate their people and to act like shit. I went through a phase of hating none-white men through HS, but that's because I went to a minority majority school and they acted ever worse than the white men. These girls need some exposure to shitskins so they can see what they're really like and don't assume that white men must be the worst.

No. 62911

That's so gross
Not even because she's black, but she just isn't attractive at all

No. 62913

File: 1453683383777.jpg (135.96 KB, 694x529, dolph-lundgren-grace-jones.jpg)

No. 62914

You can keep that ceasar, gimme some of that viking brute D

No. 62915

File: 1453683450630.jpg (Spoiler Image, 287.33 KB, 1280x871, grace-jones-11.jpg)

Looking on the bright side: If Dolph dated this thing for like over 4 years, it means we all have a chance.

No. 62916

Please stop. I'm gonna puke

No. 62918

File: 1453683478692.jpg (67.84 KB, 500x750, 1dfc2ae2b61df3cecc939148ecaeb6…)

Like this

No. 62919

Maybe he was gay? She really looks like a man..

No. 62920

We will never identify with"poc", we were ruled by them for 400 years. We hate Islam Arab pakis maghrebis etc. All deserve to die.

No. 62921

Only redneck I like is that guy from the walking dead..Darrel.

No. 62922

File: 1453683611920.jpg (36.48 KB, 604x403, TCfwizIn0AI.jpg)

Fuck off nigger, I'm a white woman who loves blondes. Enjoy your ugly primitive shitskins and enjoy having butt fucking ugly gorilla babies. You're probably a Instagram matte lipstick whore TBH FAM

No. 62923

File: 1453683618976.jpg (241.78 KB, 1280x960, lfkL1zA.jpg)

Nah, suffer some more

No way, he dated (white) women as well and had kids. Maybe bi at most?

No. 62924

So true, Western society started to go down the shitter when they started importing them..

No. 62925

Who is this? o_O

No. 62926

Well I agree the turks ruined Greece and despite the fact a lot of you behave like rednecks I like you greeks more than the real rednecks

No. 62927

I'm a different girl but Hahahaha its so funnt how you are intimidated by normies on instagram lol. I dye my hair and eyebrows brown every month because I just look better brunette. I prefer my men brunette too

No. 62928

File: 1453683811719.gif (1.86 MB, 306x230, 1440672514850.gif)

>those nipples
Fucking eww, they look like rubber

No. 62930

Jealous she fucked your husbando, racisthomosexual-chan?

No. 62931

File: 1453683874628.png (1.28 MB, 1024x1387, kill self.png)

No. 62932

File: 1453683914523.jpg (335.65 KB, 1920x1080, Candice-Swanepoel-body.jpg)

Have fun with that

No. 62933

Ewwww you watch anime

No. 62934

>intimidated by normies on Instagram
>I dye my hair btw
Wut, how fucking old are you? Are you autistic? I bet your hair looks like shit if you dye it that much.

No. 62936

File: 1453683977066.jpg (37.16 KB, 393x293, 1453472308136.jpg)

No. 62937

Angry that your nipples look like construction material, nigger?

No. 62941

You are a disgrace

No. 62944

No I just redye the roots. My hair looks great actually, I use a vegetable dye so the dye is actually nourishing. Also, the brunette version of candice is Miranda Kerr and she is prettier. The most beautiful women ever were brunnetes. If Candice dyed her hair brown she'd go from an 8 to a 10.

No. 62945

Will you become /pol/s ally in our never ending fight?

No. 62946

Not dark skinned or black at all, nice try.

No. 62947

See? You are pointing out the whites things about you to claim femininity!
Pink nipples = White
Green eyes = White
Small nose = White

No. 62948

We will never.

No. 62950

Shes cuter because of her face, but Candice is the hotter one, she has sex appeal Miranda could only dream of. Miranda is that qt next door, Candice is the hot cheerleader everyone wants to bang.

No. 62951

File: 1453684413829.jpg (18.8 KB, 133x135, Angery.jpg)

The amount of retarded newfags infesting lolcow, derailing and making pointless threads is ridiculous now. Can we just stop engaging them so they go back to wherever they came from?

No. 62952

Calling others newfag wont make you less of a newfag. Gtfo plz and go back to the kitchen. And I'm not from /pol/.

No. 62954

And give up my voting rights? No.

No. 62955

Gingers are a doomed species anyway

No. 62957

We wont, we're a bunch of kissless virgin beta NEETs, you're now stuck with us forever.

-Sincerely /pol/

No. 62958

We could take down any opposition.
Join us, and together, we can rule the internet as equals!

No. 62959

Ok rednecks and pastelweebs, it was very fun but I'm going to bed now. I have to take a shower and start the day nice and good. Thanks for entertaining me everyone! I felt very…lonely. Now I feel better.

No. 62963


No. 62967

Pls end your life on your way out

No. 62969


No. 62970

Good riddance tbh

No. 62971

Did you just agree with yourself?

No. 62976

We have found you and will never leave. Accept us

No. 62978

The one race that's undesirable world wide, gingers

No. 62981

but gingers have fair skin, so gtfo nigger

No. 62982

Yeah, we add you to the boy collection. If you behave you can stay.

It also helps if you're a cutie

No. 62984

File: 1453685257826.jpg (109.32 KB, 337x500, 1449622537073.jpg)

Will posting cute anime boys get /pol/ to go away?

No. 62985

This is also why I tell all my White girl friends that if they aren't running into a nice White man who treats them well, they should look into non-White men. I haven't been in a relationship with a White man in almost ten years. There is a sizeable minority of White men who are upset and confused right now and I have friends who fit in this category. I am happy to be their friend and help them out until they start taking it out on women and other people. Then my kindness ends. And I have noticed that liberal White men are the angriest and meanest behind closed doors. They're the most insecure in their masculinity. So I don't date them. And Los Angeles is full of these men so I basically just date non-White men for the most part. Why not? I am just going where the nice men are.

This idea of going after the poorer women, the women with less education and opportunity, and then elevating them and trying to make other women "compete" with them is a classic divide and conquer tactic. This is why eastern Europe, south America and less developed Asian countries have the "best" women, according to these men. This is why their American diaspora women also have to bear the weight of White men trying to classify them as a woman from their country of ancestry and then being so disappointed and furious to find out that a Thai American woman is not a Thai woman. Or being disappointed when a Thai woman is a human being with flaws.

They're going to need to sort themselves out. I'm willing to help, like I said, but it's not my fight in the end. This is their responsibility. Eventually, it will settle down. And a lot of White men seem to have figured it out already. I think if I lived in an area with more White people and more moderate people, I would run into more of them for dating purposes. But the White men who have their shit together have no problems dating and marrying White women, honestly.

And until this vocal minority gets it together, I will keep avoiding them and encouraging all women to avoid them.

No. 62986

>boy collection


probably not, i'm guessing i've got 10+ years on you (see >>62811) and have psoriasis. only redeeming factor is that i'm 6'4" but that doesnt count on the internet.

No. 62988

File: 1453685310504.jpg (270.83 KB, 853x640, 1452344885282.jpg)

Maybe erotic cuties?

No. 62989

File: 1453685314494.jpg (166.19 KB, 600x800, 1446074194335.jpg)

No. 62990

File: 1453685344500.jpg (Spoiler Image, 505.98 KB, 2787x2091, kARq6eQ.jpg)

Do you realize how much /lgbt/ spams pol with board tan porn? If that doesnt make us go away, anime wont

No. 62991

what part of boy collection don't you understand?

No. 62992


No. 62994

The invaders that never leave get added to the boy collection, for us Farmer-chans to play with.

No. 62996

File: 1453685604682.jpg (319.71 KB, 1027x1500, tkjdf.jpg)

No. 62997

Hahaha loyal to the tribe. I feel no loyalty to White men as a whole when the group is allowing a vocal minority of White men to trash White women to satisfy their own inferiority and cognitive dissonance. Wake me up when White men as a whole begin speaking out against these men. And I'm not the only White woman who feels this way. Just because we don't blab our mouths all over the media doesn't mean we aren't noticing and starting to turn the other way.

I'm loyal to men who treat me well and are loyal to me. I don't care what color they are or where they're from. Other men can piss off haha.

No. 62998

Then ill fit in here fine.

No. 62999

File: 1453685701038.jpg (798.08 KB, 5024x2480, uIiQBHz.jpg)

>implying women aren't the biggest lolcows of all

again, pic related doesnt make us leave, your anime wont

No. 63001

File: 1453685753061.jpg (40.3 KB, 600x408, Owari.no.Seraph.600.1962942.jp…)

No. 63002

I really don't like this attitude. White women non white men marriages are the most likely to end in divorce. Stop giving us shit for the behavior of liberals when you encourage liberalism.

No. 63003

File: 1453685821494.jpg (483.82 KB, 771x4585, XlV6nGn.jpg)

do you have any idea how much OC /lgbt/ created about pol-tan?

>White women non white men marriages are the most likely to end in divorce.
and end up as single mothers assuming there was no marriage

No. 63004

File: 1453685827351.jpg (463.15 KB, 600x849, Kei.(Ken.ga.Kimi).full.1962914…)

No. 63008

File: 1453685885366.jpg (685.19 KB, 854x4878, L3xwMlC.jpg)

I can continue as well

No. 63012

File: 1453685988560.jpg (38.06 KB, 600x540, Archer.(Fate.Grand.Order).600.…)

No. 63013

File: 1453686001914.jpg (91.28 KB, 567x600, Kagamine.Len.600.1962615.jpg)

No. 63014

File: 1453686036443.jpg (399.61 KB, 626x2452, n3Jqw9u.jpg)

No. 63015

File: 1453686045957.jpg (58.82 KB, 600x556, Yato.(Noragami).600.1962670.jp…)

No. 63016

File: 1453686062887.jpg (47.22 KB, 371x600, Yuugo.(Yu-Gi-Oh!.ARC-V).600.19…)

No. 63017

File: 1453686096147.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.16 KB, 985x944, laRSU2u.jpg)

No. 63018

File: 1453686115190.jpg (447.78 KB, 2444x2260, PJSUA6w.jpg)

No. 63019

You are the reason white men are dating gooks and gorillas, traitor

No. 63020

File: 1453686154643.jpg (107.67 KB, 578x446, WJzFQVx.jpg)

almost forgot you

No. 63021

File: 1453686175621.gif (1.96 MB, 500x281, 1451423734207.gif)

Is tay tay here?

No. 63022

File: 1453686230040.jpg (254.55 KB, 600x776, Sinbad.full.1962552.jpg)

No. 63023

File: 1453686260854.png (293.67 KB, 1000x1000, FONsA6D.png)

No. 63025

I hate men tbh

No. 63029

File: 1453686481003.jpg (597.79 KB, 2472x1744, WLALmgX.jpg)

>my dad walked out on my mom because she was an insufferable cunt

No. 63030

File: 1453686500821.jpg (85.1 KB, 500x535, 1404890278182.jpg)

If you're not fazed by it, why do you keep trying to get us to stop?

No. 63031

File: 1453686635016.jpg (106.91 KB, 445x550, 1405700939430.jpg)

No. 63032

File: 1453686678596.jpg (597.4 KB, 3248x1736, IST8qB1.jpg)

>implying i'm trying to get you to stop
>implying i'm not dumping /polgbt/ porn to make you think /pol/ is full of fags who have given up on men

Anyways I gota go take a shower, i'll be back to recommence the dump in 15 or 20 minutes femanon.

No. 63036

Ill treat you right. Ill call you my lady, and ill be your man.

No. 63037

File: 1453686711836.jpg (105.02 KB, 610x545, zXuwRu9.jpg)

>given up on men
meant to say women

No. 63038

Why do none of the retards have any decent art? Men are so uncultured.

No. 63039

File: 1453686762884.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 4584x2344, hRwBvpx.png)

white knight plz stop humiliating yourself, if you want to get friendzoned there are easier and less embarrassing ways to do so

No. 63041

File: 1453686812320.jpg (478.87 KB, 2500x1552, Ts1mGPs.jpg)

fuck if I know, this isnt even our offical board-tan, its just something /lgbt/ came up with

No. 63045

>agrees it sucks
>saves and posts it anyway

It's okay, anon. We'll accept your terrible taste and try our best not to judge.

No. 63046

Nah, the friend zone isnt real if you arent a beta cuck.

No. 63058

unspoilered nsfw deserves a ban, right?

No. 63063

File: 1453687952149.png (305.37 KB, 500x405, 1419122328373.png)

>Spamming a perfectly good thread to make /pol/ go away
Can you not? There wasn't a problem until you made it a problem.

No. 63068

File: 1453688419641.jpg (220.45 KB, 3439x2707, uXr48UC.jpg)

>asks a autistic grill on a chan to marry him
>not a beta cuck

I'm just dumping a imgur album. Why would I save this shit? I'm /pol/, /k/ and occassionally /g/.

Silly grill. Men understand IT, and i've worked in it for the past 18 years. I have a full Cisco network at home (ASA 5510, Catalyst 3560G, 2x Aironet 1141, 1x Aironet 1142). Bans are easy to evade, dont you know what DHCP is? Oh noes, I had to change the MAC address on int e0/0 on my ASA, it took all of 15 seconds.

No. 63069

I think TRP (and the 'dark enlightenment' wing of white power) and Radical Feminism / SJW are all part of White Anglo sexual dynamics that have developed over the past 100 years. Not non-WASP and not POC related. A version of this goes on in the Black community as well but it is slightly different. Dynamics in Asian, Hispanic etc cultures are postcolonial in origin and come from cultural and actual colonization which are slightly different.

It is all about White Anglo men vs White Anglo women not immigrant origin, not Eastern European, not Jewish, not minorities. Who becomes a Sexpat in Southeast Asia? That's right WASP men (blonde hair blue eyes fat and beta).

No. 63070

As an anon from /pol/, i will say you are correct. The only way to defeat /pol/ is to ignore them. The trolls feed on any type of reaction.

No. 63072

File: 1453688574544.png (234.54 KB, 1040x1076, Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 8.22…)

pic related

No. 63073

This site isn't as big as 4chan. A rangeban likely won't inconvenience that many posters. Are these (You)s from girls making your unused dick hard?

No. 63074


No. 63077

Hey shitt for brains, i didnt ask her to marry me. If you knew anything, you would know i was telling her id dick her down then never call her again.

No. 63078

>A rangeban likely won't inconvenience that many posters
So all of Comcast?

>i dont know what a proxy or vpn is

>Are these (You)s from girls making your unused dick hard?

yes, like the diamond which will never be on your finger

No. 63081

File: 1453688778826.jpg (222.03 KB, 1300x1300, 13940089-pretty-girl-laughing-…)

>Men understand IT, and i've worked in it for the past 18 years.
Let me guess, failure to compete with sandniggers driven you to /pol/?

No. 63083

File: 1453688849173.jpg (1.15 MB, 2448x2448, Workstation.jpg)

>sand niggers in IT

No. 63085

No. 63086

>Posted in the African-American Forum

No. 63088


non-WASP white men are god-tier though
Southern French, Italian, Portuguese, Spaniard, ect don't have yellow fever like shitty WASP men
they are also way more masculine and qtier

No. 63090

No. 63091

File: 1453689118743.jpg (58.72 KB, 680x652, laughinggirls.jpg)

>he only knew how to ban evade due to working in IT
>he flaunts something that is common knowledge

No. 63095

File: 1453689219253.png (56.88 KB, 646x675,