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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 324832

Let's just discuss all things drag race. Favorite queens and seasons, drama in the drag community, memes, upcoming All Stars 4th Season opinions etc. Anything that has to do with drag in general, fits here.
Did I make it clear?

No. 324848

1. We already have a drag queen thread
2. Ew. This site isn't full of 15 y/o sjw white girls and faggots, pack up your shit taste and gtfo

No. 324856

yet you have 50 threads on /ot/ talking about kpop and all kids of cringy shit non stop. stfu retard and stop mini modding. there's no active drag queen thread, they have been dead for months/a year.

No. 324866

NTA but why not use the old threads? Months without a reply is not that long for an /ot thread. It's not /pt or /snow, it's not a necro if you restart the discussion

No. 324882

Doesn't matter, you should've bumped an old one instead of making a new one anyways, newfag.

But you honestly shouldn't even bother doing that. No1curr about these obnixious, unfunny dickheads here but you. Go back to IG.

No. 328164

Why dont you use the 3 other rupaul threada we have? Use the fucking catalogue, its there for a reason.

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