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File: 1541536350725.jpg (49.92 KB, 640x480, donald-trump-18-sotu-mike-penc…)

No. 321219

Its election day! Did everyone make sure to go out and vote R today?(Shit thread)

No. 321230

That's a terrible joke you've got there, OP.

No. 321237


is that the response you wanted

No. 321272

Uh…not really. I didn't have time to vote because I was fucking working all day.

No. 321279

File: 1541544676732.gif (4.6 MB, 480x269, 1D05DE6C-FB19-4703-8B8E-D7A0A3…)

No. 321318

I was gonna be an ass but then I googled and found out way too many states don't even have early voting and require excuses for absentee ballots. That fucking sucks.

No. 321323

I'm out of my home state. So, no. But I wasn't going to vote anyway.

No. 321328

I didn't vote (R)etard.
I ended up voting early but all my candidates were dumbasses. Our governor choices were a sexist retard or a virtue signalling billionare. Both want higher taxes, which will only worsen the sustainability of the working class and indigenous communities.
In the future, I hope we can choose to have voting reminders all across the internet optional.
I'm also sick of people acting like not voting means you're lesser than everyone else. Some people simply can't vote due to uncontrollable circumstances, like work.

Can't wait for the push for a smaller government, like that's ever gonna happen though.

No. 321334

Yup, me and the fam voted. Lots of smaller positions to vote for which can get confusing.

No. 321337

It really is nice living in a state with mail-in ballots. I keep hearing horror stories about waiting at polling places or having to drive an hour to vote. But changing that would mean people in power might lose it, so it won't happen.

My district is running two moderate women candidates on both sides so it doesn't really matter who wins. I just voted D because GOP has gotten too smug lately.

No. 321338

Be an ass about what? Someone working all day? Sorry people have real life to attend to instead of lazing around on a Tuesday.

No. 321340

You could easily infer from her post that she was going to say sth like "hurr why didn't you mail in". Learn do read context before you get too triggered

No. 321348

Our polls were open from 7am to 7pm which is really nice. I decided to vote in the morning rather than deal with the lines after work and I still had to wait in line for almost half an hour.

I don't think anything is going to change for my state, unfortunately.

No. 321353

> Lots of smaller positions to vote for which can get confusing
My state had an amendment with positions on offshore fracking and vaping-in-the-workplace together, alongside other weird bundled amendments.

No. 321357

>I just voted D because GOP has gotten too smug lately.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who flips between sides depending on who's pissing me off lol

No. 321361

You're from florida, did you vote gilum/ desantis?

No. 321363

Gillum. I don't know if there's enough unreported Dem votes in the largely blue districts to inch him over the winning line, but the cynic in me says this is gonna be 2016 all over again.

No. 321366

bless you Anon, Pray we still take the house

No. 321374

Yeah, I voted for the incumbent R the past two cycles but I don't believe in career politicians and the other candidate seems really promising.

That and I've gotten no less than 12 flyers in the mail from GOP pacs telling me if I don't vote republican Antifa will burn down my house and Nancy Pelosi will personally cannibalize my unborn child. That's hyperbole, but not by much. These ads are seriously ridiculous.

No. 321377

I didn't vote, I have horrible social anxiety so going to the polls makes me want to puke, and I don't know where or how to get a mail in ballot. I got a sample one in the maul, but even trying to read it while looking up what amendment is which number and who is for what was too much, so I gave up and went to work. Everyone urging me to vote keeps telling me to look stuff up and make my own decisions but I'm crap at this, I hardly understand anything and it feels like wverything is intentionally worded to be confusing. I'm stupid and I need help with this crap but my family is too scared of "influencing my vote" to dumb it down for me because they don't want to paraphrase or put words in anyone's mouth. I might just skip it tbh, I hate Trump and shit needs to change but I work so much and have so much shit to do that trying to make sense of vpting feels like I need a degree or something. I'm in Florida too btw.

No. 321381

I don't care if you're voting R or D. If you don't vote you're a lazy, pathetic, useless retard. Voting by mail is not hard you lazy fucks. And same with OSEV. Being required to work IS an accepted excuse for requesting absentee ballots.

>>321377 (you're probably a troll, but if not, especially you, you retarded fucking autist)

No. 321382

Fellow swamp person–there's basically only 10 people at early voting stations (especially in the mornings) and they're always old people in sandals and socks so who are they to judge you, so that might help out your anxiety for the next election.

Ballotpedia.org breaks down a lot of amendments (especially the confusing ones mentioned ITT which are meant to be confusing) and if you look at local news sites, you'll occasionally see op-eds from different political stances discussing what they're likely to vote for the amendments. I'd recommend Ballotpedia the most, though, since they also show you nominees' stances and prior votes and stuff like that.

Some people's approaches to bundled amendments are just to vote no, since it retains the status-quo, so that could be an alternative.

And remember, you can always skip voting on stuff, so if you just plain-out don't understand an amendment or don't know anything about a judge listed, just vote for governor or senator or even just local school board seats.

No. 321384

My friend’s little sister doesn’t vote because she doesn’t want to pay taxes. My friend gives her shit for it, so that’s something at least.

But yeah. People who don’t vote are idiots. Especially if they’re black or female, considering that people have often have risk their lives in the past to make sure every adult citizen can vote, regardless of race or gender

No. 321386

I voted all R. My state is a swing state so the results should be interesting.

No. 321389

File: 1541563460995.jpg (89.71 KB, 700x650, aQexKDK_700b.jpg)

Anyone else find libertarians really annoying and edgy about not voting

Not voting is ok but why be so proud of it lmao

No. 321391

In my opinion voting should be compulsory. I'm sick of people saying that voting doesn't matter and that Democrats and Republicans are the same. Midterm elections are honestly more important than presidential elections because they're direct elections, not electoral college. State and local politicians probably have more of a measurable effect on your day-to-day life than the president does. Not to mention voting is a habit developed over time (one of the reasons older people vote more) so it's important to vote every year. I've voted in every single election since I turned 18, even in primaries and odd-year elections with only local candidates.

Disappointing news in FL in particular, but great to see Dems take the house. Didn't expect Beto to win, although it would've been great to see. Hoping Beto will run in 2020, only Dem I could see possibly winning against Trump (although I'm fairly certain nothing will keep Trump from winning).

Sry to sperg politics is my job and I'm not allowed to have a partisan Twitter account lol

No. 321394

You don't get time off to vote? In Canada your employer has to give you 4 hours to vote. If you work 8 to 4 it doesn't apply because the polls are 9am to 9pm, but if you work say, 10 to 8 you're entitled to 2 hours off albeit unpaid.

No. 321398

All my local polling places are churches, and every one I've driven past today has been PACKED. The public library was the only place I saw with available parking because barely anyone was there. I hope that isn't a sign of how shit will turn out, but I also know Florida will stay a Republicunt pillmill wasteland forever because of the white trash hillbillies who only vote for candidates based on skin color, economic class and religious preference.

No. 321401

All this election drama makes me so glad I don't live in America anymore lol. What a fucking mess.

No. 321405

That's what early voting is for. And yes florida will stay republican unless democrats go and vote. There are more registered dems than reps in the state.

No. 321406

Australia has compulsory voting, right? Sometimes I think the U.S should have it too but I really don’t trust a lot of Americans to vote responsibly or intelligently lol.

Where do you live, if you don’t mind me asking? Sometimes I think about moving to a different country but I can’t think of any place other than Australia (and even then, it’s only for like a year).

No. 321411

File: 1541565873309.jpg (43.84 KB, 700x467, 7547066-3x2-large.jpg)

>Australia has compulsory voting, right?
Yes and ngl I was shocked when I found out it's not compulsory elsewhere and that people support that because they don't want to be forced to choose. The thing is, nobody actually has to VOTE. You are forced to turn up and sign yourself in, but it's confidential so you can draw a dick on the ballot paper for all they know.

No. 321414

Hey me too anon. I love that I left that awful country

No. 321438

Most libertarians are annoying and edgy 24/7 it's not that surprising tbh. They act like their decision is the galaxy brain choice. Of course, voting is a right that people may or may not take advantage of. I almost didn't vote, but I decided to since I got to vote by mail. But even then there's legitimate libertarians who run for office and end up on the ballot so these guys bragging about how they didn't vote fucked up their chance at getting their party more recognition KEK.

Overall, vote or don't vote. But don't brag about it, you just sound like a sperg.

No. 321440

>you are forced to turn up
well.. nobody knows this but the fine for not turning up is $10 lmao

No. 321446

Republicans keep hold of the senate and Democrats take the house. Nothing too surprising tonight?

No. 321447

kek, I actually never bothered to look it up but I think it varies by state and if you're a first time offender. It's $55 in NSW so… yeah still not that big of a deal.

No. 321453

I was seeing people in my state which is not even close to Texas shilling for Beto. I have no idea who he is, but a quick look at his Twitter and other social media, he's definitely exploiting non-white people for his campaign.

No. 321531

File: 1541588257772.jpg (125.17 KB, 1920x1080, 1541579110940.jpg)

So convicted rapists will be able to vote in Florida's next election.

No. 321535

File: 1541589402713.jpg (22.01 KB, 444x322, 1432418377132.jpg)

Get your fucking shit together Florida

No. 321538

c'mon anon, you know rapist make a tiny percentage of felons. Rapist almost never get caught.
Forbidding felons to vote is also a getaway to political prisonners/

No. 321540

Sex offenders aren't included but nice try

No. 321541

I think a majority of the felons would be those jailed for possession of marijuana

No. 321550

Can't mail in if you're working all day. You don't even know what their job is.

You sound batshit. Lots of people don't give a shit about voting and that's fine.

No. 321558

I'm so proud of my state. Get fucked Scott Walker.

And I'm disappointed but not surprised by Florida.

No. 321561

It doesn’t matter what their job is. There’s no excuse to not vote. There’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to fill out an absentee ballot, unless you’re homeless or a lazy fuck. Election season I usually go to work at 9 AM and leave at 11 PM and still found 5 minutes to fill out an absentee ballot.

No. 321564

wow that sucks
In Belgium we are obligated to vote but they always do it on a sunday so that most people can go. If you're still unavailable (for a good reason and proof is required), you can let someone you trust vote for you.
Yes the obligated part gets a lot of critique but the reason for that is so that no one would be forced not to go. (for example women being forced to stay home by their men on election day)

No. 321572

I'm homeless. I live at work.

No. 321579

Anon, shut up with the guilt tripping you sound fucking autistic.
I fortunately live in a state where they allow early voting, but I work security. I watch an area all by myself and cannot leave my post until I'm relieved. I worked a 12 hour shift yesterday from 6am to 6pm. I live an hour away from work as well so that's 14 hours away from home. If I lived in a state where early voting isn't implemented, I wouldn't have been able to vote. It happens. Get off your high horse.

No. 321591

That has nothing to do with absentee voting by mail, which every single state has.

No. 321599

I said I was working. I live at work.

No. 321665

I absentee voted a month ago but I noticed they made all the buses free in my town so people didn't have to pay to vote which was nice. Didn't vote R in my state because Corey Stewart is a retard. Fucking idiots voted for him in the Republican primary when there were multiple good candidates that focused on our embarrassing infrastructure, but 'muh wall' is more appealing than fixing the crumbling walls we already have I guess.

No. 321667

i don't vote period. the less i have to do with this shithole country the better.

No. 321674

File: 1541618778420.jpg (70.43 KB, 750x780, 45487166_10215377461821309_739…)

this lazy pathetic retard is doing a semester overseas and forgot to do the absentee ballot thing so whoops one less vote. maybe not voting means that the us will burn to the ground and I won't ever have to go back

No. 321677

Wow that's annoying. In my country the polls open at 7am and close at 10pm, plus your employer legally has to give you time off to vote on top of that.

No. 321681

No. 321682

In many states your employer is legally required to give you time off to go vote if your work hours would otherwise prevent you to

No. 321729

America sucks but you’re still a retard for not voting.

Besides I much rather live here than Saudi Arabia, Iran, North Korea or any place were you’re treated lower than dog shit for being a woman.

No. 321736

same anon, same.

No. 321739

Exactly. or some stupid petty shit. Most people get caught for 'possession' which needs to be overthrown anyway because it's bullshit.

No. 321759

Marijuana is good.

No. 321812

i'm a rich white passing woman who's moving to another, country full of rich people. don't need to vote.

No. 321815

Now's the best time to be an expat, really. I left about 2 years ago and the quality of life is just so much better in Europe.

No. 321841

What part of Eu?

No. 321922

So true. I actually never visit the USA anymore because all the cars and violence give me anxiety lol. It’s wonderful here compared

No. 321925

I always find it funny how much Americans seem to hate the US. To others your country is still "the dream".

I live in Germany and know 2 girls who married a guy for a green card. Both are not poor, from "good" families and go to college there, so not completely stupid either. Nevertheless, they love it so much that they were willing to marry a guy they only knew for a short while right after they graduated high school to be able to live there.

No. 321932

I'm an American, and I've always found the self-loathing a lot of people here have really odd. I admit that my country is very flawed, but the weird self-hate is lost on me. It just seems like a miserable way to live.

No. 321935

is it ever real? isn't it just people showing off their virtue by wailing how much it hurts them that 'we' do x to the ys blah blah

No. 321936

I listen to a 90 day fiance podcast, and theres one idiot host who always has to go on about the broke ‘fiances’ from poor countries living in run down conditions. “omg they have such a good life in Nigeria/Brazil/the Philippines! Why would they give it up to live in this shithole! BTW i totes took a trip to England once, do u know that all brits hate us and could never fathom evert talking with us American plebs amd would rather die than interact with us?? ‘Cept me of course I’m so well traveled ~~~”

No. 321937

File: 1541671902908.png (285.31 KB, 1150x1038, Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 6.09…)

What? I don't understand this? I consider America, a third world shithole.

No. 321938

>inb4 I'm a virtue signalling American.

No. 321941

From my point of view, the quality of life in America is a lot lower than the country I live now. I have free health care, 4 weeks paid leave granted automatically, and maternity leave. I have chronic illnesses and pay far less in both medication and doctor's visits than I did in the states, and don't pay out the ass for having pre-existing conditions. I can take leave whenever I don't get guilt tripped by my superiors for it. I make almost twice as much money. I don't have politicians constantly debating whether to take away my right to birth control or abortion because muh christianity. I don't have to worry about my kid getting shot up in school. In general, I feel much safer and more taken care of than I ever did in the states.

I don't hate America. I'm glad I was lucky enough to be born there instead of like, the middle east. But I like living overseas way more, and by the standards I live now, America isn't good. And I think it's something you won't realize unless you move to a really good country, just how backwards it is in comparison.

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