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File: 1539466164846.jpg (88.92 KB, 600x334, gSLXH3x.jpg)

No. 309234

>do you still play them now and hoe often?

>what were your favorites and why?
>which ones had the best charcter designs and customaziton options
>did you mostly spend your time questing alone or did you try to start and or join a party?
>if you had the time and opportunity would you ever play any of them again?
>if you do still play mmorpgs do you just stick to the ones youve played for years or do you try and check out new ones?
>what were your favorite mmorpgs that have since been shut down?

No. 309262

I used to be addicted to online MMOs but nowadays they are all so boring to me.
Though I still wish they made a proper sequel to Mabinogi, I'd give it a try.

No. 309272

Sorry to be a retard but what is the game in the picture?
I think it's because everything has been overdone. There's no really new concepts coming to MMORPGs, they're all just "go here, kill this" and are grindfests.

No. 309274

I stopped playing all mmo when mabinogi turned into a who has the biggest and rarest wings contest. Wings were the death of that game.

No. 309284

File: 1539472305389.jpg (111.91 KB, 640x320, fiestaonline.jpg)

>do you still play them now and hoe often?
Haven't played in over a year

>what were your favorites and why?

Fiesta Online, because it was the first one I was introduced to so it just kinda stuck with me idk

>which ones had the best charcter designs and customaziton options

Tera Online was pretty neat for character costumization, also the look of FLYFF was cute

>did you mostly spend your time questing alone or did you try to start and or join a party?

Spent most time in PVP areas and with kingdom quest (timed instances with ~20ish people). Sometimes also just hanging out in the cities.
But Fiesta Online has been dead for a while so all of those are pretty empty now. Nowadays I just do questing whenever me and the one friend I know irl who likes this game as much as me have time (which isn't often sadly)

It's kinda sad being nostalgic for mmorpgs. With other games you can just come back to them and they're still the way they always were, but with online games the experience really is lacking once they lose their player base.

No. 309292

net game sekai wa kyou mo
kakuri aware habikoru kouritsujuu, chuu~

No. 309295

File: 1539472926523.jpg (165.88 KB, 1280x1521, ZJmZTDr.jpg)

Played WoW religiously for a bit. WotLK so I haven't played in a long time.
Horde blef arcane mage(it's mostfitting). I farmed alot of rare armour too.
Also a horde troll hunter for PvP.
I also played an alliance druid for the best leveling experience. You can tank, dps, and heal for any dungeon or raid. It's really dope.

No. 309300

I still play mabi myself from time to time it has its issues but the sprites and costumes are cute and the talent system seems neat enough. However i see how the wing thing can be an annoyance maybe its because nobody plays as much but i never see wings around really. The ninja talent is shit tho.

No. 309317

I haven't played in a longggg time I get so bored of mmo fighting mechanics. The last game I played religiously is pso on the dreamcast. I've tried pso2 but my pc can't handle it right now.
I'm looking for mmos to try that don't have pvp and focus on dungeon crawling. Haven't found one yet that I like.

No. 309344

File: 1539477967284.jpeg (28.9 KB, 360x640, images (16).jpeg)

I've been playing WoW since launch so 14 years. It was my first MMO and I have a lot of fond memories of it from vanilla through WotLK. After Cata everything seems such a blur, the game changed so much after that one and not in good ways. MoP was decent, WoD I hardly played, and Legion was ok, did quite a lot of raiding there. BFA is a bit disappointing. I will probably keep playing it regardless because I've invested so much time in it and even though there are prettier MMOs, their gameplay is subpar in comparison IMO.

I usually try new MMOs as they hit the market but none of them hold my interest.

No. 309353

File: 1539479177468.jpg (60.29 KB, 413x232, maplestory.jpg)

I still play maplestory till this day, I either play both GMS and private servers but I am willing to try out MS2 since I recently installed it

No. 309365

File: 1539481023341.jpg (196.93 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (11).jpg)

My main MMORPG I play is Phantasy Star Online 2 with the English patch, if I'm at my PC. Otherwise I just wing it on my PS4. I used to play PSO2 on my Vita but the app is so big now it doesn't fit anymore, like 24GB, which is insane since its 70GB on PC and it also sucks because Vita memory cards are so expensive.
The only other MMO is PSO Blue Burst in the Ultima server. It's a little dead, but they have some nice specials.
Did anybody else play the phone app that was similar to PSO, Galaxy Frontier? They shut down the server years ago, I think in 2013. I expected that app to last a while.

No. 309368

Sigh, me too anon.
Free me from this heck game!

No. 309387

Holy shit I used to be so into fiesta online. I used to spend way too much money on costumes

No. 309394

My god I miss the old days of MMOs. New ones just don't have the same charm.

No. 309400

File: 1539504720012.jpg (42.5 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n753xhesGM1qigy4zo1_500…)

I used to be super hooked on Ragnarok Online and I probably still would be if I had a guild to play with. No other MMORPG has been able to suck me in so hard as it did.

No. 309401

Recently started ms2 and it's great. I love the no grindfest, it allows you to level and fight monsters without too much difficulty.

No. 309406


I just don't want to log in anymore, haven't in a week maybe. BfA is bland as fuck, I regret buying it.

No. 309409

remember AION online? They spent a quarter of their budget on shitty CGI cutscenes. They also made the free trial period 2.5x regular XP.

Yes I am still mad.

No. 309426

Dude I fucking loved AION. I didn't get as far as the huge raids, I remember losing interest around level 55 way back in like 2014. The chat was a cesspit and it was ridiculous having to pay to trade. It was my first MMO so I have nostalgic feelings about it but even after 6.2 it doesn't seem worth coming back.

No. 309429

What's a good MMO with a detailed character creator? I love when you get tons of customization options.

No. 309431

File: 1539523311008.jpg (469.13 KB, 1280x1024, perfect-world-international-2.…)

Perfect World International was my first MMO. Played a venomancer (basically a human with fox/cat ears and tail) and had a bear cub pet since the beta days, idk how many years I spent there, maybe 4-5? It was really good for an asian grind fest mmo until they introduced packs and started selling gear in the shop. I also met my now bf in the game.

Right now I'm playing Guild Wars 2 and love how casual friendly and non grindy it is. Since I work I don't have too much time for mmos anymore and missing like a month or even a year doesn't put me behind so I love it. Been playing for 3 years and still got a lot of stuff to do.

No. 309437

File: 1539525335521.gif (562.41 KB, 500x500, 1507588544823.gif)

Any of you guys on Euro sever?
I'm level 54 and would love to play with some farmers. I don't mind power leveling you or doing daily dungeons.

No. 309468

i'm lookin for anons to play with.

my irl friends keep dipping out on me cause they get bored.

No. 309495

Well, what game?

No. 309521

Do people still socialize much on MMOs? I feel like the communities are different than they were 10 years ago.

No. 309522

File: 1539538391717.jpg (26.86 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I played WoW religiously for years, but went through some stuff and stopped playing. I still love WoW, but felt kinda disappointed when I tried the free trial a few months ago. The game has changed a lot, and I can't justify the stupid monthly sub fee anymore.

No. 309525

I don't play ms2, yet!
and I only play reboot NA! sorry, but if I do get to play ms2, ill let you know

No. 310053

Ffxiv because I’m a scrubby weeb

No. 310056

The pro players don't. Everything is a fashion contest or who has the rarest armour and accessories and then people just stare at each others avatars. Noobs talk to each other which is nice tho

No. 315375

I've been thinking about getting back into WoW recently. Maybe if there were enough of us who played we could start an all girl guild or something? It would be fun. The best part of MMO's are the people you play with after all.

No. 315394

I'd consider joining. I've been really missing WoW too, but when I tried going back to it all my old friends were gone so it just sucked trying to start over.

No. 315397

That was basically my experience too. All my old friends are gone, which is also why the guild might be a fun idea. If we get a few more people interested maybe we can take this somewhere. Would you prefer Alli or Horde?

No. 317467

hey, if you're still playing I could add you! I've been playing ms2 since the headstart on eu

No. 318359

File: 1540931745451.jpg (71.83 KB, 480x480, 1540623134676.jpg)

Yeah please do! Sorry I didn't check the thread.
I'm Hinna in-game.
I've just been grinding for trophies since I've hit the dungeon cap.

No. 318371

File: 1540934365050.jpg (76.69 KB, 640x273, 133.JPG)

only mmo i play is oldschool runescape

No. 318377


Ha me too. Comfy game, except that interacting with others is mandatory to advance the storyline. Ugh.

No. 318414

Ooo I do love this game! I'm going to out myself as an oldfag but in this regard ffxiv isn't too bad in comparison to ffxi. In its peak years, you couldn't even get past level 10 without a full party of 6. Somehow someway I managed to cap 3 jobs at 75 but I also dropped out of college to play almost my entire waking life lol ~memories~

I feel like there's a fuckton of solo content in ffxiv.

No. 318455

same I love old school! hope it gets a boost in the playerbase once mobile is out

No. 318724

everything here sounds just like me; playing since launch and not caring for everything past wotlk
bfa is boring as hell and the game's become too casualized for me to enjoy it anymore (which says a lot because wow was "the casual mmo" when it first came out). i'm just going to cancel my sub whenever classic comes out.

No. 318730

Do you want 8mill? Been trying to get rid of it for like 3 years now.

No. 318778

mobile is super comfy!! handheld grinding is the way to go.

No. 320125

File: 1541303609686.png (334.56 KB, 338x750, vanilla.png)

Anyone playing MS2 in Paperwood server? ^^ I would like some friends to play with!

No. 321261

I’ll join you! You can add me in game as “ChocoPie”. I mostly do dungeons and our guild is looking for semi-core players.

No. 321311

what game is this? the avatar is cute

No. 321325

File: 1541550523394.jpg (517.73 KB, 1024x768, Login_Screen.jpg)

Flyff will forever be the best MMORPG I've ever played. I miss this game so much. It went to shit and now it's like a mobile game or some shit. There are a few private servers scattered around the internet maybe but the official game isn't worth anything anymore. They changed the name to like Flyff Gold or something but I doubt anyone really stills plays it.

No. 321573

are 'sexy' big titted 'moe' avatars cute? more like lowkey pedo shit with nice shading/coloring to disguise how sexualized it is imho

No. 321602

NTA but I think its cute too anon lol

No. 380692

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