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No. 302021

For better or worse, the farms may have affected your self esteem.

On one hand, observing the shitty life decisions of other people makes you feel better about your own. Like, "whew, I may not be perfectly happy, but at least I'm not a camwhore, mutilated with plastic surgery, bankrupt, etc." We all know the mood.

On the other hand, though, I think it's impossible not to hear cows get torn apart for their breasts, (often mild) acne, noses, and so on and not internalize it at least a little. There's no way everyone who posts here is a perfect skinned, perky-boobed, tiny-nosed, 18 BMI model.

What I'm basically asking: has anybody here ever read an aesthetic insult towards a cow and died a little inside because they have the same flaw?

No. 302028

Haven't we already got a thread with this exact topic? I'm experiencing extreme deja vu right now.

No. 302037

>>>/g/80033 is similar.

On-topic, I generally disagree with the nitpicks and farmers' collective beauty standards so it doesn't bother me on a personal level. But I'd be uncomfortable personally knowing another girl who frequents here since I suspect she'd be judging me all the time lmao.

It affects my view of the average user than it does my view of myself, basically.

No. 302048

(OP) I considered posting this in that thread, but I felt like it didn't gel with the topic.

Also, this seemed a little too feelings-y for general.

Anyway, I don't think I would judge someone for posting here. We do pretty much the same kind of gawking TMZ and TLC do, but we at least have the decency not to be making money off of it lol.

No. 302058

I'm not going to lie, LCF has made me hate my face a little more. People calling cows unhygenic for having acne is what stings for me most.

I've had acne my whole life- I was literally born with neonatal acne. I'm also extremely meticulous about hygeine- I have a panic attack if I go a day without showering. I've used almost every commercial remedy for acne except acutane, which I refuse to take because of how dangerous it is. I currently take tretinoin and supplements. But I still have acne. It makes me want to cry, because now that I'm in college almost no one has it anymore.

So when someone calls a cow a disgusting pig for having acne, it really hurts, even if the cow in question is a total bitch. Studies have indicated that acne is not directly caused by hygeine or diet- it's chiefly genetic and hormonal. I'm not saying acne is entirely out of soneone's control, but for a lot of people, it's difficult to combat, and makeup only makes it worse.

No. 302076

Not directly the critisism of cows.

I find what has affected me most is the GC thread.

The tearing apart of long faces/square bodies made me extremely aware of the fact that for a cis woman I have a really long face and not a lot of curves.

Sometimes I'm scared that people irl might think I'm a tranny, never worried about this before I started reading the GC thread.

No. 302083

Yeah, I'd feel more insecure around people who read/watch those gossip things, too. Unless they clarified their stance (as in, they're in it for the drama).
What I meant by judging them, is that I'd assume they'd be nitpicking me in their head and I don't want pals like that. I'm kind of uggo and I love and support other uggos.

There are so many "flaws" people care about here that I never even noticed in real life. I've never cared if someone had acne, linebacker shoulders, a less than perfect body, N A S O L A B I A L F O L D S, or FAS face lmao. As long as someone smells alright and is pleasant, why get caught up with that?

I mean, most of the cows who are picked on live off their looks (like June), but are the farmers in those threads also disgusted by average girls they see in their daily lives?

No. 302093

I hate to say it, but if you’re posting/lurking on lolcow, you’re feelings will probably get hurt every once in a while. Never take these lovely bitches too seriously. Nobody here is perfect.

No. 302097

It hasn’t really affected my self esteem much. A lot of the appearance-based insults are really obviously exaggerated so I often don’t take them seriously.

I actually feel lolcow has improved my self-esteem because since discovering it, I barely ever browse 4chan (which is 100% worse for your self esteem, especially with the boards I was visiting, lol).

No. 302110

compared to literally anywhere else on the internet, not really. it’s a board for catty bitches and nobody irl that isn’t a freak is going to break down your appearance the way anons on here do. if anything, it’s actually given me some tools to love myself more (skincare advice, style advice for my body type) but then again i don’t go on /snow/ too much lel

weeb centric beauty is always going to be shit and unrealistic don’t beat yourself up over fucking nasolabial folds

No. 302127

I was thinking about this while reading the ideal body thread on /g/ specifically the anons going on about how a >22 bmi is practically obesity lmao luckily I'm older now and just chuckled but a few years ago it would had destoyed me. The same happens with the over the top criticism in the cows thread.

A good thing to keep in mind IMO is to know that petty and mean comments about appearence are the fastest way to hurt women since our appearence are tied to our value in this sexist society. I think it gets easier to ignore these comments when you know that their sole intent is to destroy someone's self-esteem and not to enlight us with some sort of true.

No. 302128

File: 1538171653355.png (365.22 KB, 1280x720, y.png)

i try not to focus on the insults unless it's super funny and just stick with the milk… but the saggy tits comments sting me a little with my boobs that are sadly starting to sag. feels bad sometimes

No. 302148

Honestly, I don't take most of the insult based comments seriously on this board because I feel like a number of farmers are convinced that everyone they don't like must be ugly regardless of what they actually look like. Everyone is a fat potato nosed ugly bitch.

Some things are a bit personal but it's not directed at me and every time a farmer fucks up and doxxes themselves they're average looking.

No. 302154

it did at first. in fact i had to take a break from this site because of how harshly i started to nit pick. then i realized i dont really give too much of a shit and that the reason cows are nitpicked so harshly is because of the fact that they're cows. yes, some of the users are nictpicky regardless of whether youre a cow or not but i also assume those are the anons that have a hard time interacting with people in the world lmao

No. 302161

I agree with most of the farmers itt, LC doesn't effect my self esteem. This is slightly ot, but I sometimes question if other women in my work environment are farmers because they love to gossip, and I wonder whether it's at all common for people who post or lurk here to have irl relationships with other farmers

No. 302162

I get calling some of the subjects in ot and snow ugly, fat or old looking (also because they are bad people or "deserve" it like e.g. June who constantly shits on other women herself), but the latest influx of so many farmers calling other's chests "udders" really shocked me. That's honestly something I haven't even heard males say, that's just so disgusting and dehumanizing.
Goes to show that being obsessed with anime girls/barely legal kpop idols has very negative affects on how you see your own and other's bodies…

No. 302164

On an average day the comments here don’t bother me. But when I’m already feeling down I’ll punish myself by reading the threads of cows skinnier than me and see how many posts call them fat or chubby. I’ve started calling myself chubby irl even though I’m average just skinny fat. Sometimes I feel worthless because I don’t have thin legs or a small waist but I still wear ~kawaii jfashion because it makes me happy.

When I feel like that I just need to unplug for awhile. It helps to remember that we’re all fucked uo bitches using this site. No one mentally healthy cares about the drama of internet strangers as much as we do.

No. 302165

Since this is an anonymous gossip board, I think I'd be put off by someone talking about being a farmer irl. It'd be like bringing up 4chan

No. 302180

No. I don’t see why you’d browse a gossip board if you internalize things so easily. Most of the cows’ looks are just scrutinized because
1) the cow insults other people’s appearances when they’re ugly themselves and it gets addressed
2) the cow photoshops their images or is deceptive about how they look
2) they’re shitty people and it’s fun to nitpick their looks

I have shitty skin and other flaws but i know farmers wouldnt criticize me for them because i dont act like a spaz on the internet

No. 302335

well, seeing what happened to people that accidentally doxxed their instagrams while posting caps, some farmers are shitty enough to tear down a random person.
At the same time, lolcow made me realize it does not matter what other people say. I see cows or random models, celebrities etc. called ugly, but as I disagree, I see how true it is that beauty is subjective.

I hate how bitchy and ready to infight anons are as it triggers my anxiety even though I know it does not matter but at the same time it works like exposure therapy so it's fine lmfao

No. 302341

File: 1538187783518.gif (14.78 KB, 600x600, 64d.gif)

Honestly it's helped my self esteem because there are always nitpicky toxic anons but seeing other anons call them out on their retarded standards makes me feel better.
Feels good to know some people here are reasonable and see beyond a cows dumb appearence.

No. 302366

I've been on 4chan long enough that I don't understand how a board can effect you on a personal level

No. 302372

I post both here and on Kiwifarms, and I have to say, Kiwis are a little bit better at sticking to milk and avoiding appearance insults. This isn't to say they don't do it- they certainly do- they just do it a lot less.

I think it's because LCF is like 95% female, whereas KF has a pretty even male-female ratio. Let's face it: chicks are way more critical of peoples' appearances than guys are.

Also, when people are too harsh on cows, it can be really counterproductive. For instance, Vamp is an awful person, so the last thing one of us would want to do is make people feel bad for her. But when people bitch about her nose, it makes me sympathize with her. Anons, if you're making a rape apologist look sympathetic, you're doing something wrong.

My personal rule of thumb is that it's only okay to nitpick a cow's looks when their looks is what they make money off of. Moo and Shay, for instance.

No. 302385

>Also, when people are too harsh on cows, it can be really counterproductive
Agreed. And it's not because I feel particular sympathy for any of them, but because it makes our legitimate criticisms lose credibility. If there's a pretty, skinny cow and anons are harping on about her nasolabial folds and how fat her 100lb body is, how could anyone possibly take arguments against their behaviour/personality seriously? If that cow read the thread, they could easily think 'these bitches are just jealous' and disregard all criticism.

I don't agree with your last point at all though. Camgirls, costhots etc don't need to meet lolcow's standards to earn the right to make money off their looks. I saw someone call Shay flabby earlier and just… what the fuck? She's thin af, she doesn't owe the world a perfectly toned athletic body just to be a grotty camwhore. Even if she's a bit skinnyfat what's the point of shitting on her for it when there's so much other shit to criticize? It seems like some people just can't help themselves, they compulsively find some flaw in a woman's looks and HAVE to post on it, as if them being a bad person means they must also look bad.

My exception are girls who photoshop excessively and misrepresent themselves.

No. 302388

Oh yeah. Let me add an addendum to my rule of thumb:

It's only okay to nitpick a cow's looks when their looks is what they make money off of… and your criticisms are within reason. I.e., nothing that involves surgery or ana-chans.

No. 302409

tbh I agree with you on some of it anon. Some of the nitpicking is downright retarded, I prefer to make fun of the stupid shit they say and do. Some of the appearance-related criticisms are warranted though, like 'muh Disney princess waistline' shuwu deserves everything she gets lmao.

No. 302416

It's not a matter of what they 'deserve', it's a matter of what's true or not. Really, all cows with nasty personalities deserve to be as ugly on the outside as they are on the inside. But that isn't necessarily the case, and we still sound bitter and lose credibility when we make unwarranted cricisms of a cow's looks.

Shoe is thin and has a decent body. I wouldn't say that if you didn't specifically bring her up, because I don't have any desire to praise her. But I'm not going to be the delusional bitch who calls her chubby just because I don't like her and find her bragging obnoxious. I just won't mention her body and will talk about her being obnoxious, because at least that's true.

No. 302425

File: 1538198931719.jpeg (243.77 KB, 600x620, 1530789893021.jpeg)

why is always shuwu that brings in these whiteknights over her appearance? her body looks nothing like what she brags it looks like and she's known for bullying girls who are at a normal weight, calling you then fatties and landwhales. It's totally warranted when she is a. getting fatter b.full of shit about how 'smol' she is and c. shouldnt dish it out if she can't take it

No. 302431

Your logic is retarded. She bullies girls for their weight, so the best course of action is to attack her weight, thus reinforcing that the worst thing a girl could be is fat? And insulting her in a way that won't even affect her because she knows damn well she isn't even remotely big? She deserves to be hated for what a shitty person she is, but giving her a taste of her own medicine is just a knee jerk reaction. It won't actually hurt her and does nothing for our overall arguments against her.

No. 302440

She does think she's fat rn, that's why she's embarrassing herself with asspads to make up for it. All of our criticisms have gotten to her, tbh. I think her body is fine, but pointing out that she's normal and has a normal waistline isn't shitting all over her. People are mostly pointing out discrepancies between her pandering-ass self image and her real appearance. Even when she was thinner, she never had a disney princess uwu waistline. There's nothing wrong with that, but don't go shitting on girls that look just like you or have different bodies just so you can build up this fantasy image of yourself to male assholes online. Just like her "my tits look exactly like that" posting and calling women with normal tits saggy. She deserves to be told she looks N-O-R-M-A-L, and there's nothing wrong with that, but she isn't a stunning fantasy manic pixie unachievable princess that all of us are jealous of.

No. 302523

the nose comments and the jabs at girls daring to not have a bmi under 18 sting the worst for me and i feel like some farmers seem to hate women more than incels do…

but then i remember the types of people who get nitpicked and how the hate directed at them is really just a response to their actions and personality and the comments about their looks are just an extension of that. some people just want the people they hate to be ugly and at the end of the day those same jabs aren’t directed at random girls on the street, at least not in the same sense.

No. 302530

Lolcow is less about "milk" than it is about keeping up with the cows and hate-watching them. There are cows who have almost zero milk but they have active threads because people love keeping up with them and will find any excuse to make fun of them. Most anons aren't being objective; they're often harsh on cows because they personally hate them. Keep that in mind when reading insults and try not to take it personally.

No. 302591

>i feel like some farmers seem to hate women more than incels do…
Those ana-chans absolutely do, no doubt about it

No. 302645

I avoid almost all camwhore threads because it's all crying about the looks. It's insanely boring. KF is much better in talking about lolcow actions, but I wished to see more female perspective on things, and most of the perspectives offered here is "she's ugly"
I really don't understand what is this negative obsession us women have with looks. Even if we're not ourselves ugly we might have "ugly" friends or family members but we still love them for how good they are. Why can't we apply this logic to bad people we hate?

No. 302658

Women tend to be judged by their looks above anything else and many internalize that attitude. Calling a woman fat and ugly is the first line of attack rather than going for their character, and even then it's still a way to further devalue someone you deem a shitty person. A good chunk of threads on snow are just "she's ugly/fat/shoops herself" over and over again.

No. 302743

I think a large majority of this sites userbase just enjoys being mean. Either they don't take the insults they use seriously, or they do and use this site like an outlet for all the terrible things they can't say in real life. Anonymity brings out the worst in people. Look at the kpop critical thread, what started out as a place to talk about the dangers of the kpop industy just became a place to make fun of plastic surgery, looks, and weight loss/gain. That happens with most threads on /snow/, what starts off as rational criticism turns into "fat! ugly! potato nose! nasolabial folds! repeated ad-nauseam. same thing with he man hating thread, and the dog hating thread, and the gender critical thread.

No. 302800

I don't think lolcow has negatively affected my self-esteem. In a weird way it actually helped my self-esteem. Some of the threads and topics in /ot/ helped me rediscover feminism on my own which led me to think more critically about my thought processes that led to low self-esteem. I don't neglect my appearance but I no longer have any anxiety over not looking like a flawless waifu. I just do what makes me comfortable and accept myself for who I am.

If I was a lot more thin-skinned then maybe the nitpicky anons would get to me, but the most annoying part of that is how much it degrades thread quality. Like the Shoe thread always turned horrible every time those anons argued over what her real height is. It's just annoying and unnecessary.

No. 302803

Lolcow has actually helped me a lot.

I grew up without a lot of parental guidance & have always felt like I've raised myself in a lot of ways. My parents never taught me proper hygiene, cleanliness, or really any social behavior. As a result, I've had to learn a lot of hard lessons in hard ways and can be pretty socially inept at times.

Being able to read through these threads and hear the kinds of unfiltered, raw & honest judgements people will make about each other has helped guide my social behavior a LOT. Instead of me having to stumble over myself, I get to watch cows do it & see how people respond. It's hugely beneficial. Not to mention all the advice that gets thrown around, as an example I've learned a lot about basic skincare just through reading peoples criticisms of cows that do it wrong.

This site can be pretty harsh, and like >>302743 said the discourse tends to devolve into stupidity and shallowness quite rapidly. But that's just human nature, and I'm not afraid to see the ugliness of our species for what it is. It doesn't hurt me to see the truth of our ugliness, in fact, it really helps.

No. 302811


trans women are really easily clocked but not only because of their squarness and height. Its just a plus. I have in the past mistooken a man for a woman and vice versa but it was mostly a butch lesbian vs twink situation, never a "tall cis woman" for a tranny situaton

No. 302823

tbh it doesn't really bother me? maybe it's just where i live, but it's almost like people are afraid to say anything negative? like everyone's ~~a beautiful angel who deserves only the best~~ and i'm kind of tired of it, because no, not everyone is a great person who deserves this and that. idk, i kind of enjoy being a little bit petty once-in-a-while, even if it's just over some slight nasolabial folds or whatever. obviously too much negativity isn't good, so i don't really take this site extremely seriously or let it affect my mood, but i don't think a little bit is bad.

i will say that i think the extreme hate-watching is kind of creepy and weird; i don't really go outside of the off topic and general threads, because snow or forums dedicated to people always devolve into some lowkey creepy jealousy/hate-fests. they always say they aren't really bothered by them and that they're just "calling them out," but it's so obvious they are extremely bothered by some irrelevant big-tittied bitch who gets paid to shake them by some NEET losers lol.

No. 302824

>it's almost like people are afraid to say anything negative?
More like sane people don't notice each others nasolabial folds or give enough of a shit to point it out

No. 302826

its not normal to think that random strangers deserve to know every petty thing you think about them. there is a happy medium between thinking that everyone is beautiful, and going out of your way to be mean to people under the guise of "honesty". nasolabial folds, wrinkles, someone not being >18 bmi isnt stuff normal, adjusted people care about

No. 302827

haha sorry, i must've worded it wrong. that's not really what i meant; maybe i can explain it better? more as in, i think a lot of people are afraid to possibly accidentally offend someone, therefore over compensate it by being overly nice–more than they should tbh. my nasolabial fold comment was meant in reference to just saying petty shit online. i wouldn't just go straight up to somebody in real life and say "hey, you're nasolabial folds are rather deep" or "i really think you should lose some weight," that's just rude. i'm just not that bothered by people feeling themselves a little bit with anonymity on a random image board online and being petty.

No. 302828

Can't say it has, all it's done is make me slightly TERF-y

No. 302833

not really. what's really harmful is shit like r9k for women. i fully accept that most of the nitpicking here has to do with the quality of the cow or flake's character and generally is a reflection of that, but even if not, i don't really take the silly nitpicks you girls say to heart because i feel you guys don't believe them all that much yourselves or you're just mentally ill or having a bad day or something.

what i don't like seeing though is when it starts sounding like shit men would say, like, straight from their mouths, or stuff that's overly sexualized combined with insults, but i generally assume that's just men anyways.

like, some of the worst nitpicking, imo, is on the onion thread, but i don't think most people in there are even real farmers, and some are men, so it's like, eh.

No. 302837


I think that you're also forgetting that having a long face/square body and being female will always look completely different than having those characteristics and being male. If someone is a tall, stocky woman it's not the same image or silhouette as being a tall, stocky man etc. etc. even if it's described in the same way.

Honestly, women shitting on males for looking male has nothing to do with you. If you are not male, you will not look male to others. I've seen both troons and ladies of your body type IRL and it's very obvious which one's which.

No. 302839

i think these are men, tbh, or just retards. they seem to have really pervy pic dumps of shooped asians every time they talk about 'udders'. don't worry about it.

No. 302843

same. before lolcow, i never wore makeup or cared what i looked like… it's had a huge positive impact on my life. i had lots of mommy issues growing up and didn't make many female friends, so i missed out on the opportunity to learn about things like washing your damn face. no one ever taught me that shit. thank you guys so much, honestly.

you have to know what bad looks like, to know what good looks like, imo.

its impact on my mood and general hatred of humanity, however… i guess that's for another thread. lol

No. 302865

You really shouldn't worry about it, like other anons said, a masculine looking woman and a man look completely different and everyone can make the difference by looking at people for less than a second.

Same for me, it helped me in a lot of ways. I like that everyone is speaking their minds here since we're all anons. People are too polite or nice to tell you the truth irl so I never really knew about some of these things either, which is something I always hated. So, thanks you girls for helping me becoming more of a normie I guess. Actually I wish lolcow.farm existed way before now so I could have had these advice about skincare before it was too late. There are times when anons accuse each others of humblebragging or straightup insult each other in /ot/ or /g/ and I can understand why it could hurt feelings but I find it funny in a way.

No. 302880

Sometimes LCF feels like a giant sleepover to me.

The fun part of sleepovers is the gossip, sharing interests, and learning about makeup/fashion. The not-so-fun part is the infighting, materialism, and people who get carried away with their physical critiques.

In middle school, it you had a sleepover with more than three people, someone was going at cry at some point.

No. 302889

i definitely feel the same, i always felt a bit masculine but now i feel like there’s even more features on me that women are going to read as male. i’m in a lot of feminist circles irl, most are pretty neutral on trans stuff but usually they lean towards agreeing with GC stuff and i’m more worried now that any new women who join could think i’m a man trying to fit in their spaces. i know posters are saying there’s a difference between a man trying to look like a woman and a masculine woman, but honestly i think sometimes parts of me do look just as masculine as the people who get posted there. LC hasn’t made me worried about things like my weight or skin but i worry now that my shoulders are too broad, my brow is too prominent, a lot of things i didn’t worry about before. i guess because even when other things nitpick features i have, the GC threads are the only ones where i see features i have get responses like “unironically hope he kills himself”. not gonna cry about it or something but i always stay away from those threads now when at first i was interested in what they were about

No. 302895

Damn, I read this and immediately had thoughts of like, scheduled sleepover threads/chats in /g/ where anons stay up late on their latops drinking hot cocoa and hanging out "together" to feel less lonely.

No. 302908

Great idea tbh, let's

No. 302953

I'm 100% with this, maybe start a server or a Rabbi.it?

No. 302964

Ntayrt but imo a big part of clocking a tranny is way more than just their appearance, it's their voice, the way they talk, it's the way they move their limbs, everything. A very masculine woman who passes as a man in a picture is 99.999% always going to be recognised as a woman out in real life. In my experience even a woman who sits and moves in a more masculine way is STILL recognisably a woman out in the open, I don't know exactly how a person can tell, but it's virtually always possible to tell. Please don't stress anon.

No. 302972

>i don't know how one can tell

cause trannies are acting unnaturally, both male and female trannies. an insecure, shy, masculine or aggressive woman or a feminine, shy, childish man, both will still be exhibiting their natural behaviors. they're not mimicking anyone, that's just how they are.

it's like seeing a druggie, you know something is off because they're acting unnaturally, and then it clicks.

No. 303045

File: 1538340910795.jpeg (60.47 KB, 613x640, 9B1B773C-BF29-460D-8EE3-1FD945…)

whenever farmers ridicule cows for having large/aquiline noses I die inside because I have a large “Roman” nose and so badly wish I had a cute upturned one

No. 303049

I have the same kind of nose but honestly I think it’s because said cow always brags about their looks, demeans other girls or shoops that their nose gets ridiculed. Most anons here would not think your nose looked bad if they saw you on the street. I hope anyway

No. 303060

That sounds so cool, I would love to watch stuff with other anons…

No. 303061

I feel the same whenever jabs about weight are thrown around, but like other anon said, farmers aren't trying to personally attack other posters here. They just care about attacking the cow at hand because they feel the cow deserves the treatment.

They probably have friends and loved ones with larger noses, bad skin, fat, shapeless, flat chested, etc. but they don't say horrible things to them because they're good people in their lives. There's no reason to treat them badly.
Maybe farmers themselves have the same issues and take out their frustrations on the cows because they remind farmers of their own flaws.

No. 303068

I have noticed since i started going on here more i did start to realize i might have a big fucking forehead.
I'm not sure if i really do to be honest but its something i have been upset about every time i take a photo or something.

No. 303069

It made me more self conscious about having a larger cup size than I'd like to admit.
It's not just insulting cows, some anons attack other anons if they state they have anything above a b cup size.

I know it's stupid but it did affect me.

No. 303103

why are tits such an awful thing on this website? if you attack someone for having big boobs it just makes you look like a jealous weirdo. it’s desirable pretty much everywhere else

No. 303106

literally anorexia

No. 303167


because people with abnormally large breasts deal with extreme problems like chronic back pain and it's difficult for people to afford breast reduction surgery, as it is expensive, and also requires taking a medical leave since you can't move your arms for a few weeks.

back on topic, I think this site has really helped me put shit in perspective. a couple years ago i had a psychotic breakdown and ended up in hospital for an extended period of time. I still take medicine and go to therapy, but I've gotten a steady job and have hobbies that engage me and good friends. Sometimes I get these intrusive thoughts and think I'm a failure and a lost cause and that I'm this huge loser who is never going to be even a mediocre adult.

then I look at luna slater, and shay/fupapa and things feel OK. I could be doing better but I could be doing SO MUCH WORSE. it's really motivated me to stay on top with therapy.

No. 303178

File: 1538362133457.jpg (343.88 KB, 1149x1523, Kleopatra-VII.-Altes-Museum-Be…)

It's okay Anon, I have a similar problem. I have Croatian and Polish heritage, so I have a big nose, too. The key: don't wear bangs, use bold eye colors, and experiment with contouring.

I don't understand the hype about tiny noses. I'm not even sure why noses matter to begin with.

Part of Cleopatra VII's legacy is how sexy she was, and look at her nose. (pic related)

B-cups seem ideal to me because they're large enough to be attractive, but small enough that you can go without a bra occasionally. I personally think that boobs are cute regardless of their size, so long as they're shapely, perky, and not discolored.

Granted, I'm kind of a tomboy, so "boob-size" has never really been on my radar much, anyway.

No. 303179

I tend to care less about farmers nit picking. There are things I find beautiful that other farmers don't.
I find larger breasts that sag erotic. I love aquiline noses I think they look exotic. Even some extra weight is cute to me.

I'd say any farmer who is having self esteem issues take a break from lolcow and maybe think back to the beauty that you loved before opinions of others mattered and then stop putting others opinions infront of yours. Beauty is subjective. Don't be too hard on yourselves anons because nobody is perfect and that's what alot of nitpicking here on lolcow is striving for. It tends to be unrealistic. You do not have to take part or agree in any of the tough nitpicking. You have a right to think differently.

No. 303181

File: 1538362451298.png (388.95 KB, 500x333, batman thumbs.png)

This place could use more anons like you.

No. 303191

Actually,it gained me wayyy more confidence than i had before now that i have something to say,to confied in without people nit picking my personal profile.It gave me a sense of anominity and a weirdly huge sisterhood here on lolcow,i felt happy,warm and welcomed.There was a time i was on 4chan (My deepest apology) and lost most of my confidence because of those degenerates kept shitting on women because they cant attract one irl

No. 303208

I had a breast reduction from a 32H to a B, I agree completely. B cup is best cup. Perky enough to go braless, full enough to cup in your hands when you're bored/cold, mmm. Sage for blog

No. 303228

I personally haven't felt my self esteem get affected since using this site.

I understand the reason most cows are nitpicked for their appearance is because of their laughable personalities, so it would sort of make sense for others to try point out the sourness in their appearance as well, like all the Photoshopping or getting caught up lying about features of themselves while they put down other people for their appearance or something else. It sort of becomes fair game.
I know tons of friends & family who have features anons nitpick about cows, but I rarely ever think about my family and friends when I read stuff people say of certain cows or celebrities.
I happen to be a bit on the big side too and I've been like this my entire life. Sure, I have my insecurities, but I developed those way back I was in middle school and I've accepted them as a part of what makes me… Me. I would be a whole different person if I didn't have my shallow breasts, belly apron, flat and wideish nose, mental issues, and incurable skin conditions. I CAN, however, try to control my skin, weight, and hair issues, but they're not my main priority. I have more important things to worry about like financial stability, job, relationship, pets, getting enough sleep… I could go on lol. I try to sneak in a few things to try to relieve my appearance issues, but, again, as long as I can feel comfortable with what I have, I won't worry about it. Being a poorfag really helps with my perspective.
Lolcow is a place I don't take seriously when it comes to others talking about appearance and mental health. I've seen some of the profiles of anons who accidentally forget to hide their powerlevel when posting screenshots in threads. The thing is, anons aren't the cows and none of us go after their anons appearances. We mostly warn anon for their safety and then continue discussing the cows.

Overall, I like this place. It's less harsh than other places on the internet where people gossip and chat.

No. 303230

I don't know. I get that people have preferences and you may consider something less attractive than the other, but calling anything above a b cup size cowtits/udders and calling anons that have it hamplanets and such is really disgusting and humiliating. Because it isn't playful playground calling. You can sense immense hatred from those anons and you can see it's done by several anons that will go out of their way to call you such things.

I just once innocently stated that I have a c cup size but not in a bragging way (I don't consider it that big or bragworthy), and I got several anons out of the blue spitting venom at me. And quite often I see anons being done the same thing. I've never seen other anons attack anyone with a smaller cup size, at least not with that amount of vitriol.

I know this is an anonymous imageboard and it can get the worst from people, but you would think you could talk openly on a female oriented imageboard about bras and such without someone derailing with insults.

No. 303249

im not more insecure because of this site, but it certainly has had a negative effect on me. like, when anons infight, or are just really rude to each other, it kinda brings my mood down a bit, but its ok, i just turn away from it for a bit and come back when im feeling better.

ive never been one to nitpick any cows' bodies, just that they use photoshop or how bad their makeup is. i dont see why looks matter in a cow. it should be about how poorly they take care of themselves and how poorly they treat others, not "she should get a nose job omg she has such a huge ugly honker". to each their own, i guess.

No. 303251

same here anon. certain cows have so much to make fun of–looks are like the lowest hanging fruit. i get so annoyed when i see anons sperging about momokun being fat. WE KNOW. she's also a shitty person who does shitty things, maybe focus on them first?

same with luna slater–we get she isn't skinny, but she's so unhealthy and slobbish that there's other aspects of her and her life to comment on rather than her weight.

No. 303254


i think someone said it earlier, but most anons making fun of those people's bodies are doing it because they usually think they're hot shit.

like luna posts the same damn selfie every fucking day and even tried to do shitty selfie porn, yet she looks like a strung out potato.

i agree that sometimes it is petty, but most times it's for cows like luna or moo or onion who already have inflated opinions about their uh, looks.

No. 303258

while i totally get that, we don't need each thread to delve into a body image discussion on the cow. i think yesterday it was like an hour of anons debating cellulite in tuna's thread, it gets annoying when she is literally a walking trainwreck that has so many other aspects to mock.

No. 303367

I think people who poke at Moo's weight are greatly exaggerating her "hamplanet" status.

Just because she likes to string herself up like a Christmas ham and take unflattering lewds with her cakey makeup doesn't mean someone else with the same body wouldn't look decent in everyday wear and better hygiene. Just because Moo is a shit person doesn't mean everyone with that body type is as hopeless.

The way farmers carry on about weight in general is really sad. Like they seriously believe being fat is the worst thing a woman can be and that they might as well neck themselves if they ever fall into the plus size range. Get a fucking grip.

No. 303370

>an hour of anons debating cellulite in tuna's thread

And of course it's not going to be the abhorrent drug use, mental illness, or living in abject filth that will kill her. That darn fat and cellulite will just be the death of her for sure!

No. 303379

File: 1538412536648.jpg (84.14 KB, 900x997, 5c22e0bc1528cb8dd5ea5956ec7a35…)

anon…even at the weight she claims to be, she would be well into obese territory. moo also thinks she looks like fucking pic related IRL so…

No. 303390

So obese people can never look well-dressed and are deserving of the horrible shit farmers say because Moo thinks she's an anime and that upsets you?

No. 303581

i saw a lot of people say before elsewhere that they have worse off self esteem issues from being here but i dont get it. even if it is about looks, people nitpick cows' appearances ultimately because theyre ugly on the inside and tend to do the same shit to other girls. if you meet a chill nice fat girl with a big nose, obviously you wont say shit about her appearance and let it slide because shes cool but we all know what the cows posted on this site really act like so its a free for all. anyone personally offended shouldnt be browsing here period until they get thicker skin. i think this is only a problem with newfag expats because if you came here from cgl or been here since stamina rose days, you should be used to this sort of catty ridiculous imageboard culture by now.

No. 303589

Same, I used to hear the phrase “even men are better at being women than actual women!!1” and hate myself for not being hyper feminine 24/7. Now I hear it and hate trannies and their orbiters.

No. 303616

i agree.

No. 303619

No matter how good a person dresses they will look gross at moomoos weight

No. 303625

File: 1538446394192.jpg (37.38 KB, 340x499, plain.jpg)

I've been on LC several times a week for a few month now, and I already had really low self-esteem. Now I definitely think more about trying to lose weight and being more discerning about how I dress and groom myself. I imagine a perfect life where I have a perfect wardrobe, elaborate skin/hair/bodycare routines, workout every day, and eat very healthily. Like, wow, could I actually be pretty then? It so feels tantalizing.

I imagine pretty, well-dressed girls behind LC posts who are experts in all things aesthetic/style/life in general. I know that's not the case, but sometimes I feel like I'm eavesdropping on the popular girls' lunch table.

No. 303628

she's normal fat. plenty of normal women are her weight and look good as a whole. maybe their bodies aren't anything to be envious of, but they still can look good overall. she's, imo, not so heavy that everyone with that body looks disgusting. that's TLC-tier.

No. 303630

No one looks good that fat. It just normal to you because it's common for women over the age of 18 to be on the low end of obese these days.

No. 303640

shes absolutely not "normal fat". she's definitely obese anon, cmon…

No. 303666

they can't. obese people can never look good.

No. 303671

well yeah, that's everyday fat. it's not so fat for it to warp bodies so severely like you guys are acting. it's definitely not ideal, but women can still look nice at her size. i see plenty of women that look nice at her size. she's just gross.

No. 303673

Everyday fat is near obese though if you live in the USA. People in America are so fat that you think people aren't obese until they're bed/wheel chair bound.

No. 303675

whatever, medically obese or not, i don't care. from an aesthetic perspective, women like her are in the range of looking attractive, though they're obviously unhealthy. you guys are so dramatic.

No. 303676

In some ways yes. I sperg in a few threads about overly nitpicking fat bodies for no other reason than being fat or not fitting a style that isn't "meant" for fat bodies, but there's some things about peoples bodies that they don't care about that they clearly should.
Examples being shay's fucked up nipple and saggy vulva, these are the result of her neglect. Moo's ripply gross body, that no other fat person would have, because it's also the result of her own choices and neglect.
If moo learned to clothe herself and actually exercise she'd look almost nice. Her stomach is fairly flat which is something 99% of fat women aren't going to have, and she still fucks it up.
The site has possibly made me a bit more hateful than I thought I was before, but the key word is probably "thought". I'm also 99% more critical of supposed trans people and camgirls I see on the internet who just use these things to get people to stop bullying them for other justified reasons, which is probably a bonus lol.
That all being said I know if my body was posted on here I'd be ripped to shreds in seconds, without anyone having to justify it based on anything else. Some people do go too far, I probably have too.

No. 303678

>women like her are in the range of being attractive

No one believes this except people with fat fetishes and fattys. Moomoo is like 20 lbs away from being 300 lbs if she isn't already.

No. 303712

>shay's fucked up nipple and saggy vulva, these are the result of her neglect
Not really. Her acne and stuff is, but neither of the things you mentioned are her fault.

No. 303781

her nipple is weird because of a shoot she chose to do and went immediately back to abusing her body herself is it not? & her vulva is saggy because of how she constantly spreads it and abuses it and has refused to get whatevers wrong with her treated. at any rate you get my point

No. 303783

I feel a little worse about my tits every once in a while when a cow or flake's saggy tits are brought up. I never liked them to begin with, though.
On the plus side, being on LC hasn't worsened my ED in any significant way (though I've had to hide the ana thread once).
At worst, I get annoyed when I see farmers shitting on J-fashion as a whole, but I still wear/buy it because it makes me happy.
I don't think nitpicking is that bad. It can make a thread boring when it makes up the bulk of posts, and sometimes it's obviously exaggerated (let's face it - most cows/flakes aren't the profoundly hideous creatures some posters make them out to be. They're usually average or below average looking humans. Some are even kind of pretty IMO, but it's understandably haram to say as much in threads), but it's nice to be able to freely say things that aren't smiled upon in polite company. I like that I can come here and say "This person's face is so off-putting to me" without being accused of jealousy, and I wouldn't want to take that comfort away from anyone else.

No. 303792

No, how would that even happen? She's always had a weird nipple.

>her vulva is saggy because of how she constantly spreads it and abuses it

Meh, I'm not sure if I buy that. Reminds me of the roastie meme.

No. 303922

Same! At times I’ve felt really bad because I’ve realized that aspects of my behavior or attitude are pretty off-putting to others. Admittedly I’m prob on the spectrum and culture has so many unspoken rules that people are too polite to criticize you to your face for breaking, but you still get ostracized for doing it. I’ve learned a lot by trial and error and it’s actually kind of nice to have a place where I can actually read the stuff people think but don’t say. Even if it is hurtful at times, at least knowing lets me change things.

No. 303927

>her vulva is saggy because she constantly abuses it
wow you're not an incel at all huh

No. 303936

I wouldn't say that it's made my self esteem worse but it's made me much more aware of my body/image. It's also made me aware of how stupid some women can be about their own anatomy. When it comes to spotting plastic surgery vs natural anatomy vs photo editing, sometimes the threads derail into stupid games of back and forth.

I used to be sad reading the meganmarie cam girl thread because she has the breasts I used to have before I had my surgery, it's just a natural breast shape and I disliked people picking her apart for it. I stopped reading the thread and caring about it in general, but I still find it odd that people often vent about the unrealistic expectations set by popular media but also shame people who deviate from it.

No. 304413

As a victim of rape, who then developed binge eating disorder as a coping mechanism (and am now a obeast hamplanet), sometimes it does hurt when people nitpick about slightly chubby girls calling them fat.

Besides that, not really. I know I'm a fat piece of shit and I need to lose weight.

No. 304547

Not really, if anything LCF made me more self aware of how i act around people to not come off as obnoxious and sperg-y as some cows.
Also i owe thanks to PT for not letting me pursue my dreams of weebdom at 14. Really.

No. 304550

You sure know everyone's mindsets in the whole world to think that. I'm not in the USA and women with her body type, of less fucked-up lipo-induced proportions are considered attractive. If anything, they're shunned by the teen enthusiasts who prefer a cute twiggy look rather than the milf one.
Also remember beauty is subjective, which means some people found PT attractive. Some people think Pumpy is attactive. There's no "ideal woman" and every woman who's average looking can be considered attractive.

No. 304806

File: 1538622167895.gif (639.67 KB, 245x137, officewtf.gif)

>saggy vulva
…the shape/size of your labia is genetic, anon.

If they were chapped or injured in some way it would be her fault. But otherwise the "roastie" thing is an urban legend.

No. 304809

Obesity is a problem in many countries, if momos body looks normal and good to you then you most likely live in one of those countries.

No. 304811

I'm sorry to hear that, anon. This is why it's important to do our best not to assume things about peoples' lives.

Like, we know why Mariah is fat- she's indulgent and she wants to get back at her dad.

But you can't just look at a random person on the street and assume that they're overweight for the same reasons. The process of losing the weight may be different for people who use food as a coping mechanism, because it involves accepting and coping with trauma before the typical weight loss processes can begin.

No. 304839

>There's no way everyone who posts here is a perfect skinned, perky-boobed, tiny-nosed, 18 BMI model.

I'm the above except my BMI is 19. I don't criticize cow's looks and do think it's nitpicking unless they've had plastic surgery fails or bad wigs or something.

No. 304840

Yep, this site has helped me to pinpoint my own cow tendancies and work on ways to reduce or eliminate them.

No. 304877

no one said her body looked good. can you people read? saying there are women her size that look good overall =/= "her body looks good".

sorry that people commit the grievous crime of thinking fatties irl can still be look good/pretty/not disgusting overall, despite being fat.

No. 305163

Are you dumb? I never said Moo's body was okay, she beyond fucked it with plastic surgeries and shit diets.

That said, larger women do exist and don't need to get thin to look good. Body types and different metabolisms are a thing. People think women like Iskra Lawrence, Barbie Ferreira and Ashley Graham are pretty enough to be models. Asides from the ps-induced deformities, their bodies are close to Moo's size. Get over it.

No. 305516


Any women her size definitely needs to lose weight to look good. No one looks good that weight. All the models you posted would for sure look better if they lost weight.

No. 305529

Slow metabolism is a meme. Weight is 100% related to intake.

No. 305541

32-inch waist chan detected

No. 305544

The humble bragging is insane. How insecure do you need to be to tell strangers that you’re actually a total babe and they’re all just bitter about it.

No. 305547

They don't actually sound bitter about it.

No. 305550

I like the irony that a thread inquiring how Lolcow affect our self esteem has delved into hating on women for their physical flaws.

No. 305551

It’s the strangers that humblebragging anon presumably thinks are bitter. Reading comprehension is hard but I’m sure if you keep trying you’ll get it.

No. 305561

anon everyone nitpicks you regardless of reading gossipy stuff. everyone talks shit about everyone. you have been, and are, and will be talked about behind your back by people. it's a fact of life. don't get hung up on it.

No. 305562

lmao i got told to fuck off one time for talking about how avoiding smoking, drinking lots of water, and using sunscreen makes my skin look nice. the context was some cow's skin looking like shit or something. it was a harmless comment but apparently that was 32 inch waist chan~*~*. those anons sound way more bitter than anyone simply trying to prove a point.

No. 305563

Most farmers have pcos and are fat or ex Ana chans who fucked their looks up after years of drugs and starving. To them saying anything good about yourself is humble bragging.

No. 305564

You got told to fuck off because you were talking about your own habits in order to inform strangers that you’ve got better skin than the cow featured in the thread.
Holy shit you humblebraggers are a sad bunch.

No. 305579


i see your point

No. 305580

imo, no one should be talking about themselves in threads for cows, because we are all supposed to be here for fun drama. when you start drawing personal comparisons too much, it makes your posting seem fueled by jealously

just look at pull, where every thread about a snowflake just turns into people talking about how they wouldn’t do X, Y or Z in that situation and talking about how they’re so much skinnier or dress better, or have better boyfriends than the person being discussed

No. 305582

It doesn’t help when the same anons posting about themselves to compliment themselves automatically play the ‘ur a haggard old jealous fatty’ card when they’re called out.
Just look at

No. 305584

The whole site could be summed up with this video.

Anyway, I definitely think participating here has taken a toll on my self-esteem. I find myself making more nitpicky judgements about myself and random ass strangers more now than I did before I discovered this place. I’ve concluded that people on here who make fun of lolcows for the smallest slights usually have lolcow tendencies themselves (me included). It’s important to take breaks from perusing gossip forums and focus on real-life relationships. It can can be unhealthy to regularly substitute caring real-life presences with the limited and vile social interaction that you’d get from here or many other online spaces. At least that’s how it is in my case.

No. 305585

The no blogging rule really is great, after seeing PULL threads a few days ago. The blogging and backpedalling really neuters the point over there.

If you go to /g Anon, you will see nobody has a problem with sharing beauty advice and personal stuff.

No. 305588

Anons' knee-jerk froth-at-the-mouth reactions to someone complimenting themselves is a good testament to how shitty everyone's self esteems are. Makes me think most people here look like actual shit.

No. 305589

But nobody cares when the self posting is in a place it belongs. When discussing a cow, why would anyone care how good some stranger says her skin is, or how much fitter and cuter some random says they are when everyone else is discussing something else.

It’s not self hatred on the part of the people saying to stop, it’s that self posters don’t seem to understand that their self importance is unwarranted and only enjoyed by themselves.

No. 305600

it's completely irrelevant to the subject matter, basically. also it says way more about what kind of person would feel the need to compliment themselves on an anonymous forum where a. you can't prove it and b. nobody cares

No. 305605

Tbh I don’t think the people posting their humblebrags are capable of understanding that they aren’t interesting or important to anyone else.
If theyre the kind of person who NEEDS strangers to know that you you have much much better XYZ than some other woman, they’re not gonna understand that they don’t matter to anyone else. Besides, they outed themselves pretty well by accusing everyone who didn’t think they’re amazing for their brag is a jealous pcos riddles fat former anorexic who’s busted from drug abuse.

It’s disheartening to know that those girls hate themselves so much they need to impress strangers with brags, then also try to make strangers feel inferior and unattractive for zero reason.

No. 305618

Same. I think the thing that set it off for me was that time a picture of someone was posted who actually turned out to be biologically female, but the poster claimed she was a TIM so anons went with it.
Fuck troons for this tbh, if it weren't for them these thoughts wouldn't even exist.

No. 305649

File: 1538829553609.png (416.08 KB, 540x809, cat getting ready.png)

I first exclusively lurked in /g/ and /ot/ when I found out about LC, because I didn't follow any actual lolcows.

I think LC userbase is pretty dope and it had a great effect on my self esteem.

- It's great to be amongst lefties that actually care about women rights and not just try to be whatever is deemed as prog atm. A lot of women here are very articulated and smart and totally not OnE oF ThE GuYs handmaidens.

- LC helped me understand the woman experience better. I seriously did not think my past problems were SO generic. I'm referring to the vent/ex bf/sharing secrets/stalker threads

- LC helped me with my skin. It has brought skin care routines to my knowledge, so now i use BHA's, SPF's etc and have nicer skin

No. 305661

Sometimes the constant nitpicking of looks bothers me a bit, especially as it reminds me of shit men say (calling less than perky breasts "udders", shaming women for not looking like teenagers etc) I see that shit enough from men, I don't want to see it on an image board for women.

No. 305683

This thousands of times.
Why would you just perpetuate something here that is plentiful and harmful irl and across the internet?
I'd like to think those are incels and robots because girls would at least know how hurtful and damaging such things can be, and it seems that several anons seem to be extremely passionate about making everyone know about their personal preference of their ideal female body.
Then again, it's stupid to assume that girls cannot be as vile and toxic as incels.

No. 305709

Being here made me more cautious of white women

No. 305761

I see your point, but the fact that we have entire threads tearing down other women's physical appearances doesn't help the shitty self-esteem issue.

idk anon, aren't we tearing on lolcows to feel better about ourselves in the end anyways?

No. 305764

I often seen lolcows who are far more attractive than me get absolutely torn apart in their respective threads. Everything from their waist size to their makeup to their nose shape is mocked as hideously wrong. I pray to God I never draw the attention of a site like this.

No. 305895

The nitpicking is retarded in my opinion. I come here for the milk (when there is any). I think some crticism of looks is warranted when their job is literally model/cosplayer and they don't try (eg Momo) but apart from that hearing about NASOLABIAL FOLDS for the hundredth time is boring. Doubly so for humblebragging, no one cares.

No. 305918

Imo if anyone’s self esteem is genuinely effected by strangers who scream deliberately OTT nonsense about people into the void, they’d get their self esteem hurt by just about anything.

The nitpicking is so petty that it’s hard to imagine anyone could take it seriously enough that it makes their daily life worse.

No. 305920

>What I'm basically asking: has anybody here ever read an aesthetic insult towards a cow and died a little inside because they have the same flaw?

Yeah, sometimes. It's why I don't go to /pt/ or /snow/ that much. I know, LC is a gossip site blah blah, but I grow bored of the nitpicking here pretty fast. A chick having a gut or a weak chin or whatever physical imperfection is not milk. The only time it is milk is if the person in question bases their whole identity around their appearance, like pro-anachans. Otherwise, it's just a big fat nothingburger. Some of the fashion threads on /g/ are absurd too, full of bland fashion and people who shit on everything while simultaneously having bad taste themselves.

No. 305921

YES for the worst my little shit of a niece, posted a pic of me and her MOTHER in some kind of sex workers thread, we are both in our 40's only have FB and NO social media following, all because she got into trouble by both of us. Her friends read LOLCOW despite being underage and the little shit is to fuking dumb some people in her class our whatever may think that her mother is a prostitute or my daughter who is a little young for LC, will now have friends that think I am her prostitute, If that happens I will grab the evil wench and drag her door to door apologising, I will make sure I will not be seen giving her a good old fashioned spanking, and starve her for a few days. Lil KUNT.

No. 305923

the "haggard" comments hurt me a bit. I'm only 21 yet I feel like i'm starting to be less cute and young (not that i really was to start with). I always had self esteem issues and i try hard to work on them. I use this website to evacuate my salt about costhots and as much as i despise them,i wish i was as pretty and confident as some of them. Except i would still have self respect.
I also feel too big yet not curvy enough while being at average european weight and height. Going here might evacuate my salt but it also makes me a bit bitter at times. That and I feel like i'm more judgemental which is bad

No. 305926

same here but it's good to remember that people here are full of insecurities that they project (like i do sometime) or just plain bitchy and actually bad persons

No. 305932

Aquiline noses are far more attractive than upturned ones, in my opinion. Don't take the shit here too seriously, some people here just take the pettiness too far.

No. 305945

it makes me sad that even /g/ isn't exempt from cruelty and nitpicking. someone posted ashley graham to the ideal bodies thread, and someone had to reply with a photo of her having gasp cellulite? i dislike how some anons here have the same ridiculously high standards for women as men do. it just would be nice to have one place to escape the male gaze.

No. 305960

no but it's making me crazy. i almost just asked my boyfriend if the mma fight he was watching was "milky" tbf mcgregor vs khabib turned out to be extremely milky but still

No. 305961

Not really, because I know the unreasonably mean comments about cows' appearances come from people who are jealous, so if they saw me IRL they'd say the same things about me. Their opinions don't really matter

No. 305966

It's disappointing for women to perpetuate that behavior but it's not exactly surprising. We don't live in a vacuum. Women internalize that kind of criticism, and we also have the added pressure to meet those standards unlike men. I'm not saying that as an excuse though. People who perpetuate behavior they know is wrong have no backbone, but some people genuinely put zero thought into their beliefs and actions.

Anyway, those of you who struggle with self-esteem should watch some of Deborrah Cooper's videos on the topic. She's a very confident woman so it's refreshing to see her attitude after browsing a board like this after awhile. It's also why I've come to prefer watching her videos on topics related to misogyny, men, dating, the transgender debate etc. over browsing lolcow most of the time.
You can tell some anons here stew in insecurity, really brings down the entire mood.

No. 305977

Same. I started to feel insecure about my skeleton, it's just so far from dainty. Broad shoulders, humongous ribcage, just very sturdy in general. I've actually started to avoid wearing anything feminine because I'm worried people will think I'm a tranny.

It's made me wonder whether I need hormone replacement therapy or something to literally look like my biological sex, because I really can't help having my skeleton and having no feminine secondary sex characteristics.

I don't even act natural because I feel like I am putting on a 'human' act since the 'tism makes me feel alien.

No. 305986

Before LC I had no idea that being self-conscious over your godamn skeleton was an issue

No. 305988

Lol. I’m that anon. I posted it because the anon I replied to posted a shooped picture. Most “”plus-sized”” models need to rely on photoshop and angles to appear conventionally attractive, so I wanted to post her candids.

No. 305991

If you see anons calling a cow's their build, their skeleton, which they literally can't control, constantly 'unfortunate', all of the sudden yeah you might recognize you have the same build and go oh shit. And it's not something you can change by losing weight or anything so yeah it's an aesthetic insult towards a cow and it made me die a little inside because I have the same flaw which is literally unchangeable. I don't pretend to be uwu smol but I wonder if people make fun of me too for my linebacker shoulders when I dare to wear a fucking dress.

No. 306023

File: 1538909515631.jpeg (34.97 KB, 398x596, images (14).jpeg)

thin people can have cellulite too, not sure what you were trying to prove.

No. 306027


I'm a total lolcow irl, I say and do stupid shit all the time, I'm self-aware of it though and try not to take anything here to heart.

No. 306028


I'm a total lolcow, I say and do stupid shit all the time, I'm self-aware of it though and try not to take anything here to heart.

No. 306039

Isn't that Heidi Montag? That bitch is known for her excessive plastic surgery. That "cellulite" could possibly be from shitty lipo.

No. 306045

File: 1538917516633.jpg (13.87 KB, 300x200, thin-woman-with-cellulite-300x…)

You literally can have cellulite and be thin though. Idk about the cause of Heidi's but all you have to do is be skinnyfat and you'll have cellulite. I'm thin but have a lot a fat on my thighs and relatively no muscle and I have cellulite. It has to do with your fat/muscle ratio. Obviously those that are super fat will have more cellulite because there's only so much muscle you can reasonably have as a woman to stabilize the fat, but skinny people can have cellulite, absolutely.

No. 306051

You can be thin and have cellulite, it's not some unfortunate physical thing that is restricted to the evil fatties. Generally, in shape women will not have cellulite, but yes, thin women who aren't super in shape can get it too.

No. 306064

>It won't actually hurt her and does nothing for our overall arguments against her.
With how insane most cows are, I'm sure we could nitpick and criticise the most bogus shit like "her skin isn't greenish enough" or "she has too much submuscular fat and not enough subcutaneous fat" and it would still get to them

I don't really get you anons who care about our *~arguments~* and the validity of our points though, as if we're here out of some higher moral purpose to call out people for their bullshit. I mean, it is our main justification, but we all know that's not what drives us to type "lol…" on the address bar.

We're carry bitches, that's the whole point. Trying to sanitize our behavior is what I expected PULLtards to do, not farmers. It's fine if you personally think it's shitty to nitpick (I think so too) but if you think it's bad because you're concerned with the effects said nitpicking might have on others' perception of our ~arguments~… I have some bad news: people who think we're bitter and jealous won't change their minds because we keep our criticisms reasonable.

No. 306067

>if you had a sleepover with more than three people, someone was going at cry at some point
You actually had real sleepovers in real life when you were in fucking middle school? What a turbonormie lmao

No. 306070

hahaha you bitch

No. 306095

I consider my self an introverted loser and even I had sleepovers during high school.
Or maybe you were sarcastic in your post. I can't tell anymore.

No. 306106

cellulite isn't even bad. it's literally just the appearance of fat pushing through the tissue that connects muscle and skin. it's a feature of how that tissue in women is vertical (it's crisscrossed in men which is why they don't get cellulite typically). you are less likely to have it the more muscle you have, but anyone with a healthy or even lower BMI can (and usually will) get it. it doesn't mean you are an evil fatty or gross for having it, it's literally anatomy.

the 18 year old anachans on here have such a warped perception of the world, it's sad.

No. 306111

i'm aware of how dumb this is gonna sound, but LCF doesn't make it easy to love my body. specifically my breasts. every female lolcow gets her "saggy tits" insulted at least once, and hey, i know my type of chest isn't very sexy or attractive. that's perfectly understandable. i just have always been self conscious of my breasts so i try to avoid reading stuff about heavier cows or camgirls since the breast comments are inevitable.

No. 306119

Yep. the same with stretchmarks too. Most women have them on their boobs to some degree, and you can get them from growing in height as well as gaining weight or working out. Men tend to get stretchmarks on their arms if they work out a lot, but I think those types of dudes are usually roided.

No. 306121

>be a huge bitch
>someone DARE posts a slightly unconventional body in the ideal body thread
>immediately dig up candids on said body of a "flaw" that like 90% of women have at some point in their lives just to be a cunt

everything wrong with lolcow's underage & mentally ill userbase in one post lmao

No. 306133

I used to be personally bothered by the ana-chans harping on the cow for their normal weight/even thin body. Now I really don't care because I know they're just mentally unstable young girls who come here to lash out and feel better about themselves.

The only thing that annoys me is the derailing. Like instead of focusing on how june/shoe is a retarded fencesitting handmaiden people come in to post about how "fat she is getting" presenting some unfortunately angled photo as a "proof". Yeah I know it's to harp on her constant bragging of her "disney princess waistline" but if you want to rip her appearance apart at least focus on the fact that she's almost 30 and dressing up like a 15-year old who won a shopping spree at hot topic and ordered the cheapest thot gear from aliexpress.

As for other features I just don't think it's fair to make fun of someone for having a big nose, small/saggy tits or crooked teeth. It really serves no purpose. The cow is a cow because of their awful behavior, how about focusing on that first?

No, it's a bannable offense because it's blogposting. Nobody wants to read about anon's kawaii skin care routine.

All of this. LC definitely made me love my gender and respect women even more.

No. 306138

I've had sorta saggy tits ever since I was 16. It's just a genetic thing, combined with body weight. So yeah, I feel you. When this place starts to work my nerves, I just leave or go to other threads. There's lots of underage and admitted anachans here. And a lot of people come from a jfashion/weeb background, so they think tiny Asian girls are the ideal and norm everywhere.
The tradthot thread is like that too. Like I get it, to some degree. Cows like Lauren Southern use their looks to reel in loser alt right men and other incels and betas. But I really don't care about reading hundreds of posts about her looks and how old she looks for her age. I'd much rather talk about her garbage politics and hypocrisy.

No. 306141

Yeah, same. I make a point to keep in mind that it's just farmers being fucking retarded or underage (or both) but it's really annoying to read about how Dakota or other cows look "so old and haggard" when, really, they might not look good but they definitely don't look old. Nobody would look at them and guess they're 30+ or anything like that.

I'm glad I actually go outside and talk to normal people who have normal reactions and normal views about how young a 25 yo really is and how you're not suddenly a saggy wrinkly granny once your age no longer ends with '-teen'. Can't imagine this is very healthy for more recluse anons…

No. 306145

>be a huge bitch
>someone DARE posts a slightly unconventional body in the ideal body thread
it was a heavily photoshopped body

I agree with >>306064
If you internalize criticism of other people’s appearances so deeply, while on a gossip site, then maybe you should use a hugbox like PULL instead. I have terrible acne and some cellulite myself but I don’t care when anons criticize those same flaws on a cow because I understand context (as long as it’s not extremely nitpicky, which i haven’t even seen).

No. 306170

The age thing gets to me a bit because I see so many 19-22yos on this site outright panicking over aging because they read the dakota&co threads one too many times and honest to god started internalizing the "everyone over 16 is spoiled goods" thought. It's massively poisonous and makes girls do hastily done decisions because they're so obsessed with "living out their youth" like there's a bucket list for being young. Someone needs to teach these girls that you won't turn into a wrinkly old bat the moment you turn 25 and your life is just beginning when you turn 30.

No. 306177

they refuse to listen, kek. but really, i wouldn't want to be below 25 ever again, it's just too gross

No. 306221

most of the bodies in that thread are Photoshopped tbh. every woman has some cellulite, stretchmarks or other flaws that get edited out no matter how thin or fat they are.

No. 306290

File: 1538962477041.gif (90.99 KB, 269x222, 1522097604361.gif)

This place has had both good and bad effects on my self esteem, but generally good I'd say.
The bad mainly being the obsession over age. I'm barely 20 and this place has made me feel like an old fart already lmao. But the whole excessive nitpicking about looks never really got to me since my self esteem over my looks was in the pits before coming here anyway.

But yeah, the best thing about this place is how open and frank posters here can be about themselves which you don't really hear from people irl, so it feels like a huge relief and a confidence boost to find out that other girls have the same insecurities/issues/opinions as you when you felt like you were alone in those aspects. Also, can I just say how refreshing it feels to have a mainly female board after browsing 4chan for so long. If anything that's the place that really eats your self-esteem with how judgemental and woman-hating it is 24/7.

No. 306291

>If anything that's the place that really eats your self-esteem with how judgemental and woman-hating it is 24/7.
100%, and at least on here we can attribute nitpicking to insecurity and jealous a lot of the time. On male dominated websites there's no excuse, they just honestly consider 25 year olds ugly old hags and are repulsed by minor flaws.

No. 306320

Why is being jealous an ok reason to insult someone?

Also I don't see most guys insulting on the internet women for their looks. If anything they have what we call "low standards". lmao.

idk I don't really care when guys call me ugly but here I got more self conscious. I realized it's all bullshit though. Doesn't make women tearing down other women's looks more ok for some reason.

No. 306355

Don't get me wrong, I've made a tonne of posts criticizing this place for the retarded nitpicking. It bothers the fuck out of me. It just doesn't hurt my feelings because I see it as a projection of their own issues. Someone being jealous, insecure or bitter diminishes their credibility and the strength of their words - you can't take an insult seriously if you assume the poster is bullshitting to make themselves feel better.

On the other hand, men are my dating pool so if they insult me (or people like me), it has much more of an impact on my self esteem. It's just an expression of what they feel and how they select partners, nothing deeper than that. The degree of their nitpicking varies, I don't think they get as specific as us. But they always talk about how entire races of women are ugly, any woman over x age has hit the wall, plenty of '2/10 would not bang' posts about supermodel looking girls, etc.

No. 306380

what i don't get about this place is the insistence that certain women are 'always ugly and no one finds them attractive but fetishists' or whatever. like, above, i said people as fat as momo can still be attractive, which is why there are plenty of men that aren't even fetishists that fall in love with fatties and truly are attracted to them.

incels and retards have exacting standards and are entitled, but there ARE plenty of men in the world who don't have 10/10 supermodel standards and are attracted to normal, pretty women, even if they have tons of cellulite or nasolabial folds, etc. i hate the insistence that certain women are never attractive when that's obviously not true and i know tons and tons and tons of men that are madly attracted to women i would think are average to below average.

like, this shit is just serving to make men more picky and make women feel shittier about themselves when they don't need to.

No. 306389

File: 1538983240607.jpg (615.42 KB, 1920x1402, toro-1-960x701@2x.jpg)

People who comment on the appearance of a cow completely misunderstand the concept of milk and anything that is funny or interesting about a cow.

That's why threads which are majority about that are such cancer, like kota's. They're full of weird screeching obsessers on an endless quest to declare someone OBJECTIVELY ugly. It's just boring to read.

No. 306394

Yes. I think farmer's are too critical of things that cows cannot change like the shape of facial features. I also think the aggression levels here, like all imageboards, are way too high. It's a really difficult and vulernable thing to reach out for advice on embarrassing things like weight and acne (even anonymously) and to have people respond really aggressively or to be mocked like one of the cows is genuinely really upsetting and I'm not sure if people realise that. Or maybe they do and they don't care, which is worse.

No. 306396

Male standards are kind of strange, in that they barely have any and will fuck almost anything, but beauty is still their ultimate obsession and they spend an inordinate amount of time discussing, debating and critiquing women's looks. The gap between their words and actions sends mixed messages, and it's really hard to make assumptions about a guy's standards based on who he will sleep with or date - the amount of times I've seen guys talk about being with women they aren't attracted to just to get laid is disturbing. I've seen them be genuinely attracted to girls lolwcow wouldn't think much of as well, but those posts are forgettable just like any posts defending girls looks on here are probably forgotten too.

No. 306398

men that aren't weirdos on the internet aren't going to cry about an attractive woman's cellulite tho anon. as long as she's thicc, they really don't care

No. 306416

>Male standards are kind of strange, in that they barely have any and will fuck almost anything, but beauty is still their ultimate obsession

believe it or not those probably aren't the same men

>they spend an inordinate amount of time discussing, debating and critiquing women's looks

take a good look at the threads on here guess what our majority demographic is

No. 306423

I do not understand the appeal of threads of the Ostrenga sisters. They are so boring. They do not pull off any outrages shit. I understand that people follow them because there used to be drama, but seeing people sperg about their looks is eyeroll worthy (and yes, I have thise threads hidden, but I happen to stumble upon them when I accidentally go to lolcow on incognito).-

No. 306437

This site doesn't effect my self esteem, the only thing that bothers me is the nit picking at looks ruins threads and makes them boring. Most of this site is just calling boring girls with nothing interesting going on ugly. In mean there are much funnier cows like Chris chan or hiding in my room but no one on here talks about them because they're male. All you people care about is shit talking girls you feel you're better than or are cuter than you and you're jelly because they got to the top being bitchy. Yeah skinny girls do look better, yes small noses are cuter, yes wrinkle free skin looks better…I'm not going to sit here in denial and act like they don't but it's boring if the whole thread is about that. If all you can do is attack a cows looks then they probably don't have any milk. Also, this site kind of drifted away from its original purpose, at first it was to laugh at people online doing dumb shit but now it's just to go after boring people who do bad shit. Being a bitch or a scammer is not funny or interesting.

No. 306439

i probably shouldn't browse here if this is the case but it's made things worse, not by much since i'm extremely insecure to begin with. i try to remind myself that most likely nobody's as harsh about looks irl as they can be on here and it's often just cow specific, but it doesn't do any good. shitting on how women look isn't surprising to see on male imageboards and even though it's not surprising anywhere… it still stings more coming from other women, the biggest effect it's had is making me more paranoid about spending time with my friends because when i'm not around they could be talking shit about how hideous i am. i know that's stupid, but my appearance has always been something i'm sensitive about.

No. 306448

silly you, at first it was juwuns containment chamber

No. 306462

i think there need to be a lot more male threads. i personally cant even start with hiding in my room because he's just so fucking gross and creepy to me and it depresses me.

No. 306472

>Male standards are kind of strange, in that they barely have any and will fuck almost anything, but beauty is still their ultimate obsession

lolcow says this but i was practically invisible to men when i was chubby, no one wanted me. i lost weight and i still feel invisible to them now.

No. 306484

>This site doesn't effect my self esteem, the only thing that bothers me is the nit picking at looks ruins threads and makes them boring.
>this site kind of drifted away from its original purpose, at first it was to laugh at people online doing dumb shit

For every one post mocking a flake's behaviour and stupidity, there are three posts talking about her forehead lines or fat hands. They don't really bother me because many people have imperfections but it's boring to see the same physical flaws pointed out over and over again.

No. 306493

I feel like men online are actually more milky than women.
If this site wasn't so obessesed with nit picking other women they'd pick up on some good milk. Even if a male has good milk the thread isn't going to be as popular as avthread nit picking some lame display thot so why even put the effort into making it…

For example this guy who is a jobless neet who advocates eating raw meat and was recently hospitalized after nearly starving to death trying to live off sunlight. A lot of men online are totally insane.

No. 306495

Lame Cosplay thot*

No. 306497

I agree, I would love to see more men on lc. That's why I pop over to /cow/ and kf sometimes, though I'm only active here.

As far as how lc has affected my self-esteem, it's been more positive than anything. It's nice to know that I'm not the only crazy bitch who loves to cackle at stupid internet strangers. The fatty-chan and ana-chan wars are just so dumb to me, and the nitpicks are usually indicative of a babby farmer. I tend to just ignore all of that.

No. 306512


ok ana-chan go back to self harming in front of the fridge

No. 306526

You don't need to be anorexic to see that a person Momos size is obese and obesity is not attractive.

No. 306540

women who are obese can still look attractive despite their weight.

No. 306544

Yes they can look good to fat fetishists just like Ashley teir boneys can look good to ferishists. Any sane person can see how gross and unhealthy it looks.

No. 306545

you girls are fucking retarded, legit. people are not JUST their obesity or JUST one feature. they can be attractive beyond that. and i just said 'despite their obesity'.

No. 306547

There are plenty of pretty obese women but that doesn't change the fact that they're unhealthy and look gross. For example Eugenia cooney has a pretty face but her body makes her look gross and disturbing, this applies to overweight women as well.

No. 306557

>thinking having an imperfect body or having medical issues or both makes one irredeemably unattractive

I feel sorry for you farmers.

No. 306564

Stop with the pitty party. You can be as obese as you want but you can't expect people to find it attractive just because it hurts your feefees. Unfortunately, that is how the real world works and it is unfair but fortunately for you it is free to lose weight unlike other traits people have that can't be easily changed without plastic surgery. Your only options are love learn to love yourself and not seek validation from others or lose weight.

No. 306565

you're annoying. i'm not even a fatty. i just think there are plenty of attractive fat women in the world and they aren't completely hideous just because they're obese. they can still look attractive despite their obesity.

this black and white thinking makes you guys really sound retarded and nasty to be around.

No. 306566


not really. most farmers are neurotic and stunted. there's too much irrational nitpicking going on to take any of the replies here seriously

^^^ literally just look at the people above who have spent 7 days posting ad hominem arguments regarding the attractiveness of fat people
(hint: it's subjective)

No. 306567

Why quote me?
I didn't have a "pity party" for myself. I said I feel sorry for you farmers who think that medical issues or bad bodies wipes you from the dating pool and robs you of the chance of ever having a decent partner who finds you attractive.

Who really has the hurt feelings?
Just because you think you're saying something popular doesn't negate the fact that plenty of obese women find people who are attracted to them.
As much as you'll shit on Moo, she's done precisely that and monetized it. Maybe if she weren't such a shitty person (the actual trait that should make her unattractive), she'd make even more.

I think you're projecting and again, I'm sorry for you.

No. 306569

>As much as you'll shit on Moo, she's done precisely that and monetized it.

As I said before there are people who find boney women like Eugenia cooney and Ashley attractive as well but that doesn't mean they look good to sane people. These are fetishists and they don't represent the majority. Just accept that.

No. 306570

pretty sure even greg, mr. skinnypact, has a slight thing for momo. people dont have to have a fetish to find certain people attractive every once in a while that don't fit their type or aren't conventionally attractive. it happens and it isn't necessarily indicative of a fetish.

No. 306571

Why are you equating her to Cooney?
Why does anyone here have to accept your contrived equivalences?

Eugenia suffers from an eating disorder that could kill her within a decade. Anorexia is extremely morbid.
A better comparison would be Tess Holiday, an extremely morbidly obese woman whose ailments include mobility issues.

I feel sorry for you that you think overweight, or even obese, women suffer the same struggles as someone with extreme anorexia.
Again, I feel so sorry for you. I will also not continue your game of you picking out a single sentence while disregarding everything else I've said. You must have an axe to grind and I hope you find love someday.

No. 306572

You don't need to be conventionally attractive or thin to not be obese. Obese people are not only an eye sore they are also an issue for society and their families.

No. 306573

>eugina cooney has an eating disorder

Obesity is also a result of an eating disorder and mental illness.

No. 306574

t.you’re both retards
The self awareness on this board is non existent

No. 306575

>obesity is always the cause of disordered eating and mental illness

Need a source.

No. 306576

And you're the ankle biter wasting time calling people tards when nobody knows what you're on about or cares. Sounds like you belong with us.
Have several seats.

No. 306577

Obese people can not lose weight because they cope with their problems by binge eating and they are addicted to food the same way a drug addict is addicted to meth.

No. 306579

>all obese people have binge eating disorder

Still need a source.

No. 306582

How do you know eugina cooney has an eating disorder then?shes never said she had one but It's called having common sense. Very few people get to the size of Eugenia and momo and don't have some form of an eating disorder.

No. 306586

Because she's below the BMI to qualify for an anorexic diagnosis.

People are diagnosed for binge eating disorder by a checklist of certain behaviors regarding food.
Some, but not all, fatties have it. An obese BMI alone does not a diagnosis make. Thin women can have binge eating disorder too.

It's more complex than that. And I'm really tired of explaining this.

No. 306587

Yeah I don't know why anon is comparing Moo to Cooney. Cooney is more akin to Tess Holiday, and anon knows most fat people don't even look like that.

No. 306589

Just because she's at a low bmi doesn't mean she has an eating disorder. It could be caused by health issues or environment. Not all underweight people have an eating disorder but most do, just like not all over weight people have an eating disorder but most do. Most over weight people have undiagnosed eating disorders because they don't care about their health, they don't care how uncomfortable it is to drag around extra weight, they could be on their death bed from all their fat and they will continue to order pizzas until they take their last breath, all they care about is eating. They know eating less will improve their quality of life but they don't care because They're addicts and they're mentally ill.

No. 306590

>Cooney doesn't have an eating disorder

Post disregarded. Meanwhile anon is trying to say someone overweight is secretly having a ten pound Twinkie binge and that's why men don't date them except when they do lmao.

Man this goalpost changing is crazy.

No. 306592

>men won't fuck you
Most American men have eating disorders as well. If you eat for comfort and you can't control yourself from eating 3000+ calories a day then you have an eating disorder and you need therapy to get that issues sorted out.

No. 306593

>quoting something not mentioned in the post at all

Why? Projecting again?(derailing)

No. 306595

If you don't have issues with food why is it you can't eat a normal amount of calories everyday? The average American woman is 5'5 and to maintain the weight of 130 she would need to eat 1800 calories a day, that is a healthy amount of calories and 1800 calories a day is a lot of food…I can't imagine how much food fat people stuff into their face everyday to get so large.

No. 306597

If you overeat by 500 calories a day and gain a lb a week, though most people don't gain weight that regularly and overeat consistently, every day. You can slowly gain weight, retard.

No. 306598

Then why not just skip that extra 500 calories? I find it hard to believe most overweight people just accidentally eat an extra 500 calories and aren't sitting in front of the tv at night eating whole bags of chips and cartons of ice cream after eating out at restaurants 3 times a day…there must be something wrong with you mentally if you know all you have to do to be healthy is eat 500 calories less but you still refuse.(derailing)

No. 306599

i hate defending fatties but a lot of them don't eat a particularly huge amount, just extremely high calorie high carb foods for each meal, even if they have 2-3 meals in a day and no snacks. they'll tell you it's because they have no other options, and if they live in a food desert and the only restaurants are fast food, then even though they could always take the initiative and change their lifestyle, becoming fat will always be the default easy thing.

you don't become fat by only eating healthy meals under your caloric limit, but you can definitely become fat even if you don't eat a huge quantity of food every day.(derailing)

No. 306658

The idiotic fighting in this thread just proves how unnecessarily aggressive farmers are.

No. 307317

Yea I've been on this site too long. Going to take a break. Wish me luck.

No. 307324

I feel like I should do this too, I like many things about this site but I am so tired of anons attacking everyone and everything… Maybe I am just not cut out for this kind of harsh space.
I wish there was an alternative which is at least as lively as lc but less negative. I could never get invested in cc because there are so few anons there.

No. 307337

Not really, but I do feel guilty about some of the stuff I've said here. I find myself being more negative which I don't like but that's my own fault.

Not a bad idea. Good luck anon.

No. 307338

Not really, but I do feel guilty about some of the stuff I've said here. I find myself being more negative which I don't like but that's my own fault.

Not a bad idea. Good luck anon.

No. 307342

sorry for the double post, it won't let me delete

No. 307408

>This site doesn't effect my self esteem, the only thing that bothers me is the nit picking at looks ruins threads and makes them boring. Most of this site is just calling boring girls with nothing interesting going on ugly. In mean there are much funnier cows like Chris chan or hiding in my room but no one on here talks about them because they're male.

This. The altcow thread on /snow/ is so boring, because most of it is nitpicking and anons whining over what is and isn't goth. The only person who gets posted there with any genuine milk is Kat Von D, because of her retarded anti-vax shit.

No. 310091

I feel like it's improved my self-esteem but I probably wouldn't have admitted that at first, since I'm not really into critisising looks or calling people ugly, but I think that that way of thinking also made me insecure. I consider myself feminist and I wanted my feminism to be inclusive of everyone, so I would never have criticised sex workers or plastic surgery culture etc because who am I to say what a woman can and can't do? If they say they feel empowered when they fill their faces with botox and fillers, who am I to say they aren't? I don't get out too much, so never seeing "real" women but always being exposed to photoshopped models with surgery made me brainwashed, it made me think I was ugly because I don't have baboon ass lips and a unnatural smooth forehead, and that I could just "fix" it with PS, which luckily never happened. Lolcow helped me see below the surface, that these people are mostly not as confident empowered as they claim, and that they don't look the same irl and in candids. My toxic view of beauty has totally shattered and I'm able to see myself as pretty again and now I'm just so sad that I ever thought that I wasn't. I have friends who are the same as I used to be and they'll talk about how they want this and that fixed because it's asymmetrical and uneven and I can never even see what the fuck they are talking about. I would not be surprised to hear that a lot of women have developed BDD in recent years due to 'on fleek' picture perfect IG culture that no one can live up to irl. I'm just grateful to have found lolcow, because I think I'd be slaughtered if I dared to say anywhere else that PS isn't empowering for women.

Then there's the critics and nitpicking of how people look naturally, without surgery, but I feel unaffected by that. I guess my newfound confidence is solid enough that I'm not going to let it get shattered because people criticize nasolabial folds, which everyone will get as they age and mostly thread subjects who do gets criticised and nitpicked for such things, are photoshopping and trying to appear as if they don't have nasolabial folds, and that false picture they show off is exactly what made me insecure in the first place.

TL;DR lolcow has helped me appreciate my looks more and has helped me decide that I want to age with grace and not try to cling onto youth

No. 312526

At the beginning I began to see myself as boring and uninteresting to look at, plain and simple. It bubbled into a hatred of my appearance, but for no apparent reason other than common sense I got over myself. Looks don't bother me on myself or anyone else, fat or bad wigs aside. It's just somethinc I myself wouldn't do to my own appearance. I think it also helps that I've only posted a handful of times, and never about appearance. Mainly jumping in to explain generalized confusion between two anons as an unaffected third party, per se? Like when someone confuses a photo for another person is the only time I'll post yet I still come across feeling very attacked, even though I live a very quiet, unfunny lifestyle. I still tread lightly in public and in appearance now for fear of being outted as a spaz for some of the minicule reasons others have been. I consider it now a filter of sorts to how I behave? I can't complain.

No. 312535

You can't affect what never existed ahahahaha

No. 312543

File: 1539909678230.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.86 KB, 422x750, lys.jpg)

No. 312554

File: 1539910459355.png (Spoiler Image, 478.56 KB, 510x858, Ice-T.png)

Done. Also, who is the person in your image? They look familiar….

No. 312733

This place is so divorced from reality that it's literally impossible for it to affect my self-esteem. I hope the girls here who feel bad eventually realise this. You guys are more beautiful than you think you are.

No. 315572

Late as fuck, but he looks like famous dex

No. 316545

I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder and if I spend too much time on here, I find the flaws I fixate on are similar to the ones that the cows are nitpicked about. I wouldn't really blame that on lolcow though, because if it wasn't this site it'd be something else fueling it.

On the positive side, this site has helped me realise how fake the images people portray on social media sites are.

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