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File: 1537239958452.jpg (26.62 KB, 400x375, 7cdf69f2152792f0cdf3c2f949ce94…)

No. 296937

Do any of you have scars? I have a obvious scar on my neck from a injury, I feel self conscious cause people always stare at me and give me this weird look. It pisses me off how for guys it's seen as cool, masculine and bad ass and for girls it's seen as ugly and a problem. I can't hide my scar with makeup because it doesn'the stay on and cover it. I feel like people look at me like I'm a freak.

No. 296940

I feel like this would be a good subcategory for the skincare thread. Unless this is a thread to selfpost scar stories and pics you mean? As for your scar, try those wide ribbon chokers you can get for cheap on ebay.

No. 296941

>for girls it's seen as ugly and a problem.
I can almost guarantee nobody gives a shit about your scar and you're imagining the weird looks, unless it's legitimately disfiguring and on your face or more sexualized parts of your body not even men will be that judgemental. Actually, you can tell when people are really judging - they will actively avoid looking at deformed people because it makes them awkward.

Anyway I like my scars. I have a big appendix scar that I joke is from a stabbing, and a little scar on my bicep from when I accidentally punched a window in. They're both stories I guess, the appendix almost burst and killed me and when I punched the window I just meant to tap it and somehow had the foresight to wrap my arm in my pool towel. No idea what I was thinking or how I smashed it so easily.

The only scars I really hate are my deep, terrible acne scars and my stretchmarks.

No. 296959

I have self-harm scars all up and down my arms. I've tried covering a few with tattoos but unless I get full sleeves, they are still going to be visible. I definitely understand feeling like people think I'm a freak.

No. 296971

My scars aren't a super big deal tbh, they are mostly covered when I'm wearing clothes anyways. I have one on my left armpit And one on the left side of my chest, they were from when I was born because I was 3 months Early and my lung collapsed. I think scars are really cool on other people, same with facial moles, birthmarks, etc. I think they add something unique to that person. Although the one under my arm does make shaving more difficult so that's a downside.

No. 296972

Tbh, to everyone in this thread, most people are too oblivious to notice scars, ime. I have a number of scars on my face, I’ve often found myself a bit self conscious about them, and brought them up to close friends, but everyone says they didn’t know until I pointed it out. People probably aren’t staring at you, and they probably aren’t taking note of your scars. I mean, how often do you notice strangers scars? And if you do, how often are you judging them? Unless you’re throwing yourself into a critical sphere like YouTube or maybe a work environment, I think you’re wasting your energy worrying.

No. 296989

I have self-harm scars from when I was a teen and I kinda hate them and plan to cover them up by tattoos.
They're not obvious ladder scars, mostly random and uneven, so they don't look like your typical self-harm scars, but I think people notice. I usually say that I've got a particularly nasty cat, but it's a shit excuse.
I wish there was a way to get rid of them, but they won't fade anymore.
Basically I regret them a lot and I was a stupid edgelord as a teen and I hate myself for it.

No. 296999

I have a few, some on my knees from bicycle collisions, one raised one on the small of my back (I did the dressing myself so it healed weird), nexplanon reinsertion, some ironing ones on my arm I picked at, and a few faint ones on my face I can cover with cosmetics, got bit/dragged by a dog as a kid (I still like dogs though). Idk nothing too serious but the back one weirded my s/o out a bit initially. Some acne ones around my chin too, and one on the prominent bony part of my ankle from being bad at shaving lol. I’ve considered microdermabrasion to fix my face a bit but I’m still having routine zits appear so it seems pointless until my hormones chill out a bit and I’m in a more stable part of life. Idk, I’m insecure about some shit but generally not my scars. I think I’m more concerned about body fat in gross spots and wrinkles and even those not too much.

No. 297002

I have deep, disgusting acne scars from cystic acne in some parts of my body and I hate it so much. They seem to be impossible to get rid of and they're itchy and painful for a long time. I take care of my hygiene but I just happen to be prone to getting them under stress. If anyone has any experience with removing them, I'll be glad to take advice.

No. 297003

dermarolling and azelaic acid, trust me

No. 297006

I've heard about dermarolling/acid treatment but I haven't been sure about how well they work, but I'll try them out, thanks anon!

No. 297011

I have a lot of acne scars on my shoulders and arms, some on my thighs, and I've been considering seeing a competent dermatologist for that. The one I had when I was a teen was a huge incompetent idiot and my parents didn't or couldn't get me another one. Because of that I didn't dare put on swimsuits for years because I looked like I was diseased and my family would routinely make fun of me.

I also have scars on my face because of acne but they're because I've been picking on my skin for years and they're more like small holes or huge deformed pores on my face, so I have no idea how to hide them with makeup. Primer and foundation aren't enough from my experience, they only hide actual pores on me.

I've had two long vertical scars on my face, one on each of my cheeks, for as long as I can remember and I have no idea why they're here. I asked my mother once and she told I might have injured myself on a super dangerous piece of furniture when I was a toddler, and I can definitely believe them to be stupid enough to have metallic furniture around babies, but she isn't sure anymore. I find them ugly and very visible but they're less visible with foundation on. I find it weird than my friends never noticed them but they all have a really shitty vision, even with their glasses on.

No. 297029

I have several jagged rows of raised s/h scars from when I was a teenager on my thighs. I like wearing miniskirts a lot so it fucking sucks having to deal with stares and judgement when it's very obvious my scars aren't from some accident. I normally just end up wearing pants anyways cause fuck that shit.

In my teens, I always used to wear jeans and I wasn't into anything feminine, so after I stopped self harming, I just assumed that I wouldnt mind always covering them up. Well, I was fucking wrong.

I'd like to get a tattoo but I need to find a competent tattoo artist who has experience with covering up s/h scars. Not someone who'd make me hate my body even more.

No. 297031

I have scars from scratching my chicken pox off as a kid all over my face. One right in the middle of my nose and a huge one on my cheek. My face looks like the moon because of it. I forget about them but I do wonder if anyone else notices because no one says anything

No. 297036

I have red pitted scars all over my face from cystic acne I had as a teen (lol) and a fairly large scar on my abdomen from when I got my appendix out as a kid but it doesn't really bother me I guess..what can ya do.. Also some self harm scars on my arm from when I decided to cut myself in the heat of the moment a few years back. They are so fucking lame cos it was just a one time thing and its stupid now and cringe.

No. 297073

I have an unfortunate scar on my right foot, because the surgeon was a dumbass and closed his cut with three stitches instead of five, and did it poorly even, so now I have this teardrop shaped, hyperpigmentated patch of skin with a couple of bumps on it. It's been two years so I don't think it's going to fade any more.
A friend of mine instead has a scar on her chin, but hers is actually cool. It looks like a cut, dented inwards but it's the same color of her skin so you can only notice under certain lights. Scars like hers are attractive imo

No. 297083

i got a spring from a screen door through my face near when i was two, luckily it didn't rip (because my grandma knew how to fish) and it left a scar that looks like i have a dimple. i don't have it on the other side of my mouth so i guess it's like a beauty mark?

No. 297094

I have a huge scar on my face from a car accident, some ppl notice right away and some people say they’ve never noticed until I pointed it out. It kinda looks like acne or a deep smile line. I also have giant scars going up my wrist from trying to off myself when I was younger.

No. 297155

I have scars on both of my knees because i always scrape them everywhere i go when i was younger

No. 297185

File: 1537300625756.jpg (19.94 KB, 480x240, landscape-1506117161-derma2.jp…)

of course the best thing you can do for fresh scars is keep them moisurized etc.

but for anyone that wants to fade old fully healed scars look into derma rolling, it's not painful/scary like it looks and you can do it yourself.

ebay is the best place to purchase a derma roller and always make sure you get one with titanium needles as they stay sharp longer and don't degrade like stainless steel. shorter needles for face (.25mm) and longer for body (1 or 2mm)

No. 297190

I think it is badass on a girl too, but I believe you about the stares. I'm sorry, try not to think about it

No. 297201

I heard it was also good for producing collagen and thus anti-aging, is that true?

No. 297205

Yes. Different anon, but i used it for a few months and saw a huge difference in my acne scars and my face looking fresher. In my early 30s, so i try to use it at least twice a week or so as part of a routine. It def works. The time frame might be different for people , however

No. 297206

How do you clean the derma roller?

No. 297208

Awesome, thanks! Could you recommend a derma roller brand?

No. 297209

my preferred method is isopropyl alcohol in a little $1 mist spray bottle from target

spray it down before and after use and let it dry in the plastic holder with the lid off, put away after an hour or so of drying.

No. 297211

there's not really any preference on a specific brand per say (most come from asia and are resold in America) just make sure you're buying from a reputable well reviewed seller and that the material is titanium.

No. 297212

Thanks again!

No. 297213

Again to anyone interested in derma rolling I highly recommend doing some research and educating yourself just to make sure you know the proper procedures. there are a ton of informative videos on youtube and articles online. if done correctly with care it's perfectly safe and effective but there are some mistakes you can make. for example: don't ever use a derma roller that's been dropped. if you drop it the needles will become bent and will damage your skin. don't touch the needles with your hands or do anything that will risk the needles being bent. always roll in straight deliberate lines. the roller you purchase should have an insert with info too. facial skin is thinner and more delicate so a shorter needle size is recommended but on thicker skin like your legs/arms/stomach you can get away with longer needles and applying more pressure. never roll over active acne or unhealed wounds.

derma rolling can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars, surgical scars etc. i've been rolling some raised hypertrophic self harm scars and they've started spreading out and flattening so they're less apparent.

No. 297231

Is derma rolling safe to use if you have acne?

No. 297284

I have heard no. It will spread the bacteria all over.

No. 297290

No, it's good for acne scars, but not if you're actively breaking out

No. 297399

I have self harm scars that are old on my thighs. Funny thing is, I’m a sex worker and not many people notice, and those who do, even less people point it out, clients or otherwise (friends, boyfriends, etc). They faded but the skin texture is all rippled which is annoying. Maybe I’ll get laser scar resurfacing one day but they really just remind me how I’m doing a lot better now.

No. 297445

File: 1537351919625.jpg (37.77 KB, 640x640, 8BNTcs3.jpg)

I thought dermarolling was some sort of fad but it seems like there's some actual science supporting it, like:

> Dermaroller is relatively a new modality for the treatment of acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, facial rejuvenation inducing collagen induction by the use of microneedling. Two versions are available: (1) the standard dermaroller version and (2) miniature versions. The principle of using dermaroller modality is to provide collagen induction therapy. Dermaroller is more effective in rolling and boxcar type of scars. It has been shown that rolling with a dermaroller (192 needles, 200 urn length and 70 urn diameter) over an area for 15 times will result in approximately 250 holes/ cm 2 . Microneedling leads to the release of growth factors form new collagen and elastin in the papillary dermis. In addition, new capillaries are formed. The neovascularisation and neocollagenesis lead to reduction of scars. The procedure is aptly called "percutaneous collagen induction therapy" and is also used in the treatment of photoageing. Dermaroller is an extremely effective therapy for post acne scars, even trauma scars. Best results are seen in rolling and box type scars, and even papular scars respond to it.


> Results After four sessions of dermaroller and TCA CROSS each, marked improvement was seen in 40% patients in the dermaroller group and in 60% patients in the CROSS group. Moderate improvement was seen in 40% patients in dermaroller group and in 26.6% patients in the CROSS group and mild improvement was seen in 20% patients in dermaroller group and 13.3% patients in the CROSS group. Side effects were mild and infrequent in both groups.

> Conclusion Both treatments are equally effective and safe for the treatment of acne scars.


Any anons out there who have a better understanding of dermatology who can confirm that these sources aren't paid by some derma-industry company? I just quickly skimmed Google Scholar…

No. 297459

Would derma-rolling work for self-harm scars?

No. 297483

probably, it doesn't look like there's any reason it wouldn't! it's not gonna discriminate, anon~

No. 297790

The only 'cool' scar (aka, ones not from me being a dumbass that has to pick every goddamn scab/learning to shave/chicken pox) is the residual one from when I had heart surgery as an infant. It grew with me as I got older, so it basically goes from, like, the side of my boob to across the back of my rib cage. I'd say it's close to 10-12 inches.
I've never had anyone actively point it out and go 'wtf is that from'. I do, however, wonder if because it is partially on the side of my boob that's the reason why my left one is smaller than my right lol. (I'm pretty sure it isn't, but the thought has crossed my mind).

I guess I'm fortunate that they could do the surgery from the side and not have to go straight down the middle. That'd make wearing V-necks a little ehh. I'd probably feel more insecure about it if it were more out in the open like that.

No. 297815

Stretch marks all over my body.

One weird scar on one of my upper thighs when I accidentally fell asleep with my MacBook in bed and the charger burned me in my sleep.

Acne marks, some cystic, mostly on my back since it's harder for me to treat. Face is alright aside from a few pock marks and hyperpigmentation.

Raised dot on my abdomen from a laparoscopic surgery.

Raised dots on my upper arms from birth control implants and removals.

A very light dash on my thumb from when I was grating cheese and accidentally grated a chunk of thumb off.

Oh and there's a very faded scar on my ankle I got from when I was a child. I overskated at a roller rink and got a huge blister that scarred over. What I find funny is that the scar faded and moved up in position as I grew taller.

No. 297827

File: 1537405852227.jpg (63.88 KB, 576x597, 5e344f92b75d98e62372d107db3428…)

i thought i didn't have enough to post in this thread but i guess i've collected more than i thought, they're just small
>obligatory stretchmarks
>scar from falling into a river as a child
>scar from falling into a heating vent as a child
>accidental self inflicted stab wound
>botched mole removal scars that are way bigger than they should be
>small scars from shrapnel rejecting from my face

the old ones are white and i'm using silicone scar strips for the recent ones. they seem to be working OK but i'll know for sure when i've used them for a longer time

No. 297855

I hope this doesnt come off wrong but you sound like you've led a super interesting life, anon. Bless

(Also, best girl Hilda. )

No. 297914

I guess I've been "lucky" with my scars? I have one on my forehead but I use to hair to cover it up, though when I pull it back I do get self-conscious and even point it out to other people (coworkers) just to get it out of the way

I always get the "oh I didn't even notice" so I really have to stop doing that

The other is much bigger and wider on my leg, it looks like a bear got at me, but I always wear pants anyway. That one doesn't bother me nearly as much and I don't mind wearing skirts and shorts, even if it makes it visible, eh.

Burn marks piss me off the most, I have one on the top of my hand and it's probably going to take years to go away, like it did with my knuckles.

No. 297929

I have so many that it's kind of embarrassing but at the same time I don't really let it bother me.

I have

>One scar just under my right eyebrow from when my family member smashed my head against an open fridge door and I got lucky and bounced off the damn screw that holds the handle to the fridge.

>One on my left leg that is an inch at least from being thrown onto a wooden storage bench and the bench broke because it was flimsy and the wood scratched me up.

>Chickenpox marks

>Busted my head falling down deck stairs when I was little (twice LOL.)
>busted head on license plate after crawling under a parked car to retrieve a tiny basketball when I was young
>Scar on my lip from my one cat biting me when I gave him a bath he desperately needed.
>Discoloration all over my arms and legs from me picking at myself because I can't help it/coping mechanism.
>One on my lower back from a pair of scissors (it's small like 2cm at least.)
>Cat scratches on arms and legs from playing with my cats.
>I have a couple single toothmarks too from my old dog.
>I have some scars/discoloration on my face/neck too.
>Back as well from picking.


No. 297997


Idk I think they look cool on girls too, and I've never had a guy say anything bad about mine. I actually wish all mine were bigger and more pronounced.

One on my scalp from when a dog bit my head (completely covered by my hair, no bald spots luckily)

One about 1.5 inches long above my eyebrow from eating shit on a skateboard

One tiny in the corner of my eye from jumping off a couch and flying into the edge of a pingpong table

One about 2 inches long on my neck from removing a tumor

A kind of circle shaped scar on my tit from having a central line

another circle on on my forearm from some sort of vaccination (not sure why they injected it there)

One on my finger from when I was pretending to cut a classmates hair and she freaked out and I snipped myself.

Tons on my knees because I used to like trying to clear all the stairs in one jump

No. 298140

Who else here has upper arm self harm scars?

No. 298270

I do, anon. Are they not that common? I thought it was like, a ~safer~ place to scar. I could roll up my sleeves to my elbows and go "You see? nothing here!" if someone asked me.

Otherwise most of the scars I have were self-inflicted (mostly left thigh/left upper arm/left forearm both sides) and even if you have to squint to see them, with the tans i get they get more visible. I also have like. Pumice "burn" scars (also self-inflicted) that only really show when i have blood flowing to my wrist or when it's hot outside. Basically I was a self-destructive child and even if I managed to stop before it got too bad I still get squinty-eyed at.
I also have light acne scars and a bunch of smaller ones on my ankles from scratching mosquito bites until I bled repeatedly. These blood-suckers love me.

No. 298680

Not common. It's a good spot for hiding scars but most people go for the forearms, thighs/hips, or stomach.

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